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 Overview of the ZENY Heat Press Reviews Pro 6in1 Combo Heat Press Machine Sublimation Printer

This ZENY Heat Press machine is for more professional t-shirt printing machine to use as its use is diversified. The heating plate of the t-shirt heat press machine is thicker and evenly distributed heat on the flat surface is achieved.


ZENY Heat Press Combo 12 x 15 Pro 6 in 1 - YouTube

Machine price

The current price of the heat press machine at Amazon is reasonable with free shipping. The manufacturer provides 6 months warranty from the time of purchase.

Details of  ZENY Heat Press  

This ZENY t-shirt sublimation printer is the best heat press machine for t-shirts. This digital t-shirt heat press machine has efficiency nearer to a digital t-shirt printing machine. This professional t-shirt heat press has built with a heat plate of 15″x11.5″ and its adjustable height is 13.5 inch to 17 inches. This cheap heat press machine comes with the selectable Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. The adjustable multi-spring balancers of the ZENY digital t-shirt heat press helps to distribute pressure to be more evenly across the entire platen. To maintain flatness, you are getting a  4/5″ thick heating board that supports to heat evenly. The Brand new heat press 6 in 1 comb is packed with an upgraded aluminum alloy cradle of the mug elements. The size of the ZENY t-shirt Heat Press sublimation printer is compact and lightweight as compared to standard mug cradles


Package Details        

Each package contains a fully assembled t-shirt printing machine with 1 hat press, 2 mug presses, 2 plate presses, 1 silicone pad, 1 cotton pad and a manual.

Main Features ZENY T-shirt Heat Press 
  • This t-shirt printing machine has a voltage requirement of 110V with US grounded plug and 900W power.
  • Machine temperature may rise up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimum heating time is within 10 to 15 minutes. Cord length is 4.5 feet.
  • It is available in black color.
  • It has 4/5″ thick heating board and even heating system exists.
  • It is available with upgraded aluminium alloy cradle.
  • Options for selecting any temperature scale from Fahrenheit and Celcius.
  • Contains an adjustable multi-spring balancer.
  • Heating up is very fast.
  • Offers the scope of printing mugs by detached cradles which is compact and lightweight than other mug cradles.
 Customer Feedback ZENY  Digital T-shirt printer

This heat press machine is used for different material printing purposes. As it heats up very quickly it requires extra attention and it is advisable to follow the temperature range for each type of material. 56% of users gave the five-star rating at Amazon after using this product.

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Product Overview of Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15  Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press 15×15 B/BLK

This Fancierstudio Power Heat press 15×15 B/BLK digital press is an industrial-quality heat press machine introduced by Fancierstudio. This digital heat press 15 x 15 is the updated version of the previous model with sheet and coating on the heat plate. Its current price at Amazon is reasonable with free shipping only inside the USA. The manufacturer provides 6 months warranty from the time of purchase of this t-shirt printing machine.

Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press 15×15 B/BLK

Fancierstudio Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Review - YouTube

Details of the Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation (Voltage: 110 volts; Power: 1800 watts)

This t-shirt heat press machine has a heat plate of 15″x 15″ size providing 225 sq. in. printing area. Its shipping weight is 50.7 Lbs. The Brand new t-shirt printer 15-by-15-inch sublimation digital heat transfer press in included Teflon sheet. it provides a voltage of 110 volts the Power of 1800 watts. The Temperature Range press machine is 0-699 degrees Fahrenheit and the time range is 0-999 second. The digital heat press machine is digital time and heat controlled. You can set up a precise time. The Fancierstudio Power Heat press is packaged with a Silicon-gel baseboard and adjustable pressure knobs.

 Main Features of Fancierstudio Rhinestone Heat Press
  • It requires a voltage of 110V and 1800W power. The temperature may rise up to 699 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimum heating time is within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The provision of heat and time control system makes it unique.
  • It is possible to set-up the time precisely.
  • The pressure is adjustable.
  • Its board is silicone-gel based.
  • It is an upward-opening model and space saving.
  • T-shirts, garments, bags, etc. can be printed with transfers, numbers, and images by this t-shirt heat transfer machine.
 Package Details:       

Each package contains 1 set of 15″x15″, Sublimation Heat Press Machine. Its Packing dimension is 30 x 19 x 17 inches.

Customer Feedback 

This Fancierstudio Rhinestone heat press machine is very suitable for both beginners and intermediate business persons. But, some customer complained about it as a little bit heavy. 66% of users find it flawless and on Amazon and gave 5star feedback for this product.

5 Best screen printing press reviews

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This power heat press machine 15″x15″ heat transfer professional heat press is easy and simple to operate. It heats up within a very short time and adjustment is easy. But, this heat transfer machine doesn’t have any mechanism for measuring applied pressure. In amazon’s review, one customer commented that with a onetime investment of $260 he has been earning $8000 per month for the last 2 years. 72%reviewer gave 5star feedback for this best heat press machine for t-shirts.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15″x15″, Black

Cheap Heat Press Machine for T-shirts

The Power Press Heat Press is the best heat transfer machine for shirts at a cheap rate. The heat press industrial quality 15″x15″ is the worlds number one best-selling heat transfer press. This Power Press Industrial model digital t-shirt printing machine has been updated from its previous one bringing some modifications. It has Teflon on its heat platen. This model is specially designed to save space. The customers love this for its versatility and the perfect size. The manufacturer SC Outlets offers 1 years warranty on this product. This tee shirt heat press machine is famous for its durability, quality, and efficiency. The PowerPress brand is one of the top brands in today’s market.

Details of the PowerPress Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press Machine 

This power press sublimation t-shirt heat press machine has a heat plate of 15″x15″ size providing 225 sq. in. printing area. The shipping weight of the t-shirt sublimation equipment is 55Lb and the Voltage is110V and Power is 1800 W. The temperature Range and the time Range of the power press heat transfer press are 0-750 F and 0-999 s. The sublimation machine comes with the replaceable fuse that protects the t-shirt heat press from the electric short and overheating. The silicon-gel baseboard of the power press is adjustable and the heat press size is suitable for heat transfer vinylThe power press heat press machine for t-shirts is well-known for its longevity and reliability.

Package Details of PowerPress 15″x15″ T-shirt Heat Press       

Each package contains 1 set of 15″x15″, Black, PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine. Its Packing dimension is 26.5 x 17.8 x 14.8 inches.

Key Features 
  • This PowerPress heat press machine for t-shirts requires a voltage of 110V and 1800W power. The temperature may rise up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimum heating time is within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Its replaceable fuse protects the heat press machine for t-shirts from overheating and electric short circuit.
  • This model of power press heat press machine has individual safety control chip ensuring better safety of the user.
  • It is providing a Teflon coated heating plate which is safe and easy to clean after usage.
  • With the LCD control board, it is possible to control time and temperature digitally.
  • T-shirts, garments, bags etc. can be printed with transfers, numbers, and images by this best t-shirt press machine very effectively.

Learn more from Bestadsisor.com

 Power Press Heat Press machine Reviews.

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In spite of having several printing alternatives, screen printing, an ancient printing technique, is dominating the world of printing still now. This most popular printing method requires a simple printing device and minimum expertise. You will find a lot of screen printing machines in the market of different brands and models. You may pick up the best one from numerous models if you follow a well-guided checklist. This article will guide you on how to find out the best screen printing machine based on some indicators like cost, size, durability etc.

Screen Printing Machine Cost

Cost is an important issue to be considered before purchasing a screen printer. You will find screen printing machines of different price in the market. From them, selecting one within the budget with quality is a great challenge. If you wish to have a screen printer with advanced options and high productivity then it is obvious that your budget should be higher. On the other hand, for start-up level business, you may select screen printers within medium to low prices. You will find many screen printers for beginners in the market.
There is a trend in the price of screen printers. With the increase of the number of color stations price increases. For example, Superland 4 color 4 station screen printing machine cost $309.99 while Ridegeyard 4 color 1 station screen printer costs only $152.99.

The versatility of Screen Printing machine

You can get high-quality printing on different materials like glass, fabric or metal with a screen printing machine. If you need printing on multiple types of materials you should opt for a screen printer that can fulfill your purpose. Different models are available in the market among which some are expert in certain types of screen printing. For example, Superland 4 color 4 stations screen printer is really efficient in flat printing.

Color Handling Capacity

Screen printers are efficient in handling single or multiple color printing. With the increase in the number of stations, the capacity of multitasking of a screen printer increase. For example, Superland 4 color 4 stations screen printing press has the capability of printing 4 colors simultaneously. Screen printers can handle 4 to 8 colors. Some brands are capable of providing excellent output and handling multiple colors. For professional use, you should select this type of screen printers.
So, choose a screen printer which can handle printing tasks of varying color easily. It will help you to achieve a good turnaround from your screen printing business.

The Lifespan of a Screen Printing Machine

As a user or businessman, your natural tendency would be to select a model of a screen printing machine whose lifespan would be longer to achieve sufficient benefit or profit from it. Though the lifespan of a machine depends largely on the mode of use and maintenance, you can assess the usual lifespan of a screen printer if you collect information from the market.

The Warranty While Purchasing a Screen Printing Machine

While purchasing a screen printing machine keep an eye on warranty or guarantee period provided by the manufacturer or seller. Warranty conditions are not the same for all sellers. You should choose a brand which provides a warranty for a long time with flexible warranty conditions. It will lessen your hassle in the post-purchase period.


Some screen printing machines are easy to carry anywhere and some are not. If you need to change your working place very frequently, then it is reasonable to choose a screen printer which can be carried easily. But, if your printing business does not demand any shifting of screen printing equipment then you may choose heavy screen printing machines too.


If you closely observe the available screen printers of the market then you will find that most of them have an all-metal construction with advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating. It saves the product from rust generation. Select a durable screen printing machine so that it runs over the years with minimum maintenance requirement.

Space Consumption

There are some screen printing machines which requires a large operating space and may not fit at your workplace. Some models have table type combinatorial design which is space efficient. For no space restriction, you may opt for free-standing type screen printer. They are easy to handle and efficient in printing.So, be careful while selecting a specific model and be ensured about the required space of the screen printer.


A perfect screen printing depends on several factors. But, the role of the printer is prime here. A well-designed screen printing machine can give you perfect, precise, and lively output. To find out the best performing screen printing machine of the market you may analyze the reviews and ratings of products from online purchasing platforms like Amazon. High-productivity, maintaining a consistency in the quality of printing is very important in screen printing business because without it client satisfaction is not possible in any way and it is directly related to your profit margin in the business. So, if you wish to achieve an animated printing and fast output, then choose a screen printer having such qualities.

Work Volume

For the beginners and mid-level business purposes, printing output requirement is not so high in number. But, for pro-level screen printing, you must be choosy as you are going to face additional workload from the clients during different occasions. Moreover, bringing variation in screen printing work you may make yourself demandable in the market.

Mode of Printing

There are two types of screen printing machines available in the market. Automatic and manual. Manual type screen printers are efficient in handling small orders but they are labor and time intensive. They are also incapable of handling huge workloads with a huge variation in color. In that case, you may take the assistance of an automatic type screen printing machine. They are fast, maintains consistency, and expert in precise printing. But, automatic printers are comparatively higher in price than manual screen printers. For example, you can get a 4 color 1 station screen printing press at a price as low as $150 while an LTA-5060 automatic screen printer machines cost$30000-60000 per set.

A screen printing machine may aid you in establishing a business sitting at your home. You may also think for making it bigger. But, all that you need is the perfect selection of the screen printing machine. From a lot of variations of product and brands, you may get confused. If you follow the above-discussed points and collect some information from the market, you will be able to select the best screen printing machine for your business. And proper selection here will ensure you a better product which will end with a better profit margin and of course a nice printing experience.


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All set for the sassy t-shits and tiles printing with your very own Screen Printing Machine? Here’s how and why to buy the best one for your business or you are just going to use for daily fun. Before buying your screen printing machine for the fun and joy you are going to get, we have all the reasons here to let you know of what to and what not to buy. The reasons to consider before buying a Screen printing machine may be your usage and magnitude of your printing business, or a smaller and better one if you are buying for occasional usage, it’s all advised here. Here the utmost important thing is you always need to follow the buyers trend or the market trends in printing niche. You need to see what types of machines nowadays people are using or meeting the need and requirements of people. It’s your machine must be uptodated with new technology.

Here below is a quick guide about screen printing and the things you need to know before buying it. The screen printing machines are somewhat different than the traditional heat transfer machines in their longevity and quality of the imprinted colors. What distinguishes them from the heat transfer machines that are too old to use now are their endurance to the washing cycles, they last five times more than the former ones. Also, the heat transfer machines have poor quality images. They are going out of fashion and people have to start sacking them for good to buy the more updated screen printing machines. Here is why you should sack your old one for the newer screen printing machine:

  1. Power of the Brand

Yes, buy from a brand, they are the most suitable and safer options to choose as brands offer a full guarantee if the product fails to start at all or if it is not responding as described. You can change it or get your money back when bought from a recognized seller, or else, all your money is lost already with no warranty or claim options from a less recognizable manufacturer. 

  • Manual or Auto?

Manual is inexpensive and accurate for small-scale usage.  Automatic screen printers are for small to medium business or home use. For businesses, an automatic machine is recommended as they tend to grow with time and the manual won’t be of any use when you are going to expand your small business to medium scale. If your company has grown to an extent to hire a worker for printing, why not buy an automatic one and save the hassle? It will save you a lifetime salary you have to give to workers, plus it will remain with your forever.

  • Choose the Number of Stations

The number of colors and stations is important; you have to look at the workload before buying or upgrading your screen printing machine. The more colors mean lesser period to complete, the more channels mean more shirts or tiles simultaneously. It is recommended to buy 2 or 4 color nozzle printing machine; it will be good for the years to come. If you are buying one for the next decade or so, go for the 4 or 8 color screen printing machine. For four color machine, two stations are enough to meet the need or buy a six color four station machine; it will last for a lifetime, potent enough to print thousands of shirts in a few days for your business. For beginners or household users, a 1-color 1-channel screen printing machine is more than enough to imprint your t-shirts, posters, and other things in minutes with perfection.

  • Dryer Size

If your dryer size is not capable enough to meet the production strength, buying a larger screen printing machine with a smaller dryer is synonymous to a bad and clueless investment. You have to keep a check on your dryer size, either buy an upgraded dryer if your business is growing leaps and bounds with a biggerinvestment, or carry on with the same machine if the investment can’t be generated from the business or anywhere else. The other things are exposure unit for your screen printer; if it’s not larger enough to meet the needs of an upgraded setup, there’s no point in making investments on larger equipment.

  • Mind the Space

Ok, now you have decided to upgrade your outdated manual screen printer to an automatic one or the already bought 1-color to a newer and faster 2- or 3-color and channel machine. Before buying a largermachine, have you considered your space? If you haven’t, it’s of no use buying a bigger machine for a smaller room. If it can’t accommodate the upgrade, look for another shop or place, and then buy your machine if you haven’t already.

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Technology is moving forward every day and also changing our personal life, working policy and circumstance of the workplace. Now we have more access to information. New and newer technology is transforming business and policy in every industry. It affected and improved the working system in all sector.

Impact of Technology in Workplace

In this piece of content, we will describe the impact of technology in the workplace. Though technology not only affecting our working place, it is changing our lifestyle. You know it well. We will describe a few great examples in industrial work, what reduce our time, and a lot more opportunity to work with that technology.

Benefits of Technology in the Workplace

We work on different kinds of industry. For example, first, we can talk about the garments sector. Do you any idea of how rapidly working condition changing on garments industry. You may know about t shirt printer or heat press machine. Both devices are essential tools. The manual method has gone old long ago. Now every month we are introducing with great features on these devices. Digital machines have great features and produce a quality t-shirt automatically. Here you can check here latest t-shirt printing machine.

Impacts on Different kinds of Industrial Factory

We can see the significant impact of the latest screen printing and heat seal technology on print on demand business. Depending on the great t-shirt printer, big companies like TeeSpring, Printful, Redbubble, etc. changes the business model at all. Now you can choose your t-shirt design, and after your selection, they will print it out for you. Can you feel the revolution of screen printing or t-shirt printing? Here you can check the best screen printing machine for shirts. With a quality screen printer, you can make a multicolor t-shirt.

We provide an example with a t-shirt printer, but all other industry has changed in the same way. For example, we can explain different kinds of cleaning technology. Modern technology has worked fine in the cleaning industry. We don’t wash most of the equipment like the manual process.

We have a few great techniques. We are applying steam technology on our cleaning workout. Not only steam technology is perfect, a lot more way we are implementing in our working place. Ultrasonic technology creates a revolution in our manufacturing business. Even you can wash out your screen printing or t-shirt printing machine using ultrasonic technology.

More beat about ultrasonic technology

Ultrasonic technology basically generates sound waves and washes the targeted object without damaging the substance. If you look, you will find the ultrasonic technology is fast growing technology. We see it changes the jewelry cleaning industry. Before ultrasonic cleaners, professional jewelers used traditional techniques to wash valuable metals. It was harmful. That’s why ultrasonic jewelry cleaner takes the place of the conventional cleaning process more comfortable.

You will see the appliance of ultrasonic technology in the gun cleaning industry. It doesn’t do any harm that’s why instead of a gun parts cleaning kit, the ultrasonic gun cleaner is going popular. Not only these, this technology vastly used in the vinyl record cleaning, different kinds of industrial equipment cleaning, lenses cleaning, eye-glass cleaning, car parts cleaning, etc. Here you can check best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner in 2019.

Modern technology is also influencing in creative works like the music industry. In the music industry, now digital instruments impact is everywhere. Now the entire music instrument computerized.

Smart appliances are a big deal in newer technologies

The smart appliance will change the art of your home decoration. The smart device is standard, and you can co-operate it with a smartphone or computer. These device use network so you can use them in useful ways. Some smart appliance is a family hub refrigerator, smart range, smart laundry machine, etc.

Implementation of the Medical and Health Department

Medical science is passing the best time in history with the most significant technologies. Now we perform robotic surgery. Technology gives us access to a wireless brain sensor. Cancer Nano therapy, cell-free fetal DNA testing, food scanners, etc. are a great example of technological use in media and health department.


Technologies do a lot in the agricultural field. Modern technology is shaping the future of this industry. Farmers are getting the latest device, obtaining an advanced transportation system, update forecast systems, etc. Probably the next step would do away with a human from the machine. Genetic engineering is doing a lot which makes plants resistant to insects and other condition. Furthermore, some plants are produced genetically which make them genetically resistant to insects.

Final Word

We can see and feel the impact of technology in our lifestyle. Here we describe a few sectors, but it changes all the segments. If we can use it to develop our lifestyle, we can grow up. It will bring more pleasure to our life.

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We can see each House member lead their daily life routine by using airtight food container. Recently almost few years the want of airtight container has enchanted a lot of because containers made from today’s modern era are more proficient and available.

Use of airtight container for food storage comes with some advantages. Following are some of the primary benefits of using airtight food storage containers.

Help to keep food fresh & safe.

Air is the main problem of food. An airtight container will keep food from drying out, developing freezer burn, getting soggy and absorbing odors.

Collaboration in preventing RANCIDITY.

It means the food has gone bad.Airtight best food storage containers help food in preventing rancidity.    The container doesn’t permit air (oxygen) to come in a container and also no contact with the food with this prevents oxidation of food. That’s how the food never becomes RANCID and its smell and test remains the same.

Prevent spoilage

The airtight food storage container can prevent spoilage of food by the microorganism. Because, microorganism like bad bacteria, germs are present in air and fungi can also grow on food in a certain condition which is really nasty.

Recently an experiment showed

A good plastic airtight food ‍storage containers keeps your food safe from fallen down even if it liquid also!

Second thing, it keeps the steam gas of food inside the box even it is a gassy food. Cause gassy food is risky to carry. That’s why airtight food container is suitable.

The identity of this researcher or experimenter is located in Boston’s seaport district in the historic innovation and design building called “America’s test kitchen” features 15000 square feet of kitchen space. It is a home of Cooks Illustrated magazine and cook’s country magazine.

They said,

other food containers and airtight food storage container have a lot of difference like,

Durability, Design, Odors, Leaks etc.

After all those experiments we choose the airtight food storage container.

Be organized

If we keep food inside the container it will look beautiful, organized and arranged. As well as it is easy to put the food inside and easy to bring out the food.

In our daily life, we can see foods are the most sensitive thing. Cause people don’t eat what they only like to!  But also it is safe for our body! They think about it.

So now if you use a container which is airtight you can think your food and your body will be safe and okay.

Similarly, nowadays it’s a part & parcel of our Daily life. It keeps the food organized like our daily life. It shows a person how much smart he is!

Prevent fats & oil problem.

We keep food in an airtight container because The food contains fats and oil. As oils and fats get oxidized they become rancid. The smell and the test changes.

This is called rancidity. This, to avoid rancidity we use an airtight container.

Since the food is completely sealed, we can store it for a long time without spoiling. Food remains fresh in the container without losing its moisture to the air.

Secure hygiene and Health.

Airtight food container can ensure our health by giving the best quality product. 

The food and health department recommends using airtight food containers. The good quality container provides protection from 3 great major types of external influences; chemical, biological and physical.

Prevents contamination.

Contamination or pollution is very dangerous for food. If you use airtight food container there is no chance of a foreign substance entering in the food. Thus preventing contamination.

Food containers always come in handy

Whenever we are out for a picnic or while traveling and camping, food containers like disposable meal trays with lids, drinking glasses, paper plates, etc. always come in handy.

Not to mention, it is always smooth and easy to eat food from the container.

Enhance Food Flavors

It’s another benefit of using airtight food containers.     

Food containers to enhance the flavor of that are kept in. Glass containers are set up to store grocery items and even milk, since food is found to be simply better and fresher when stored in glass containers. Glass food storage containers mostly have a glazing surface which helps in annoying food smell and all remaining food flavors.


Snacks parties, picnics, and get-togethers would never be as pleasant without food storage containers. How would you carry your favorite pasta or sandwich to outside if you did not have the right container? Airtight Food storage containers are easy to carry to different places. They are easy to carry in bags as per convenience. Being lightweight and portable makes them easy usage.  – children can also freely carry them wherever they go to.

Plastic and Glass are some of the most common materials for airtight food storage containers. Here are some more benefits associated with glass and plastic food storage.

Glass Food Storage containers look excellent and can make your kitchen look smarter. Being transparent, it is easy to see what is stored inside which adds to the convenience of use. These are available in interesting designs and sizes. This is one of the primary reasons why glass storage containers make great storage options in the kitchen. The main benefit of using glass storage is that the crystalline attractiveness never loses its charm. Glass food containers have a non-porous surface which does not absorb colors or dyes, helping to keep food in its best condition for a long time.

Food safety Assured

 Airtight Food Containers are completely safe, because they are of the approved variety and are of high quality. Airtight glass food containers make a perfect choice. They have a nonporous surface which does not absorb germs and for that it’s totally safe for food storage.

Read More: Best Screen Printing Supplies & Best Screen Printing Kits

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Having a t shirt screen printing machine you can print t-shirts very easily and conveniently. In fact, it is one of the easiest methods of t-shirt printing. But, with a screen printing machine, there remain some responsibilities to its users. It is maintenance. It is one of the most overlooked issues in this screen printing industry. A well-maintained t-shirt screen printing equipment can only ensure you a smooth production with a high rate of productivity with a prolonged lifetime. There are some rules and tricks to conduct the maintenance of your t-shirt screen printing machine. Today, we shall discuss this topic.

4 color 4 stations t-shirt screen printing machine
Use Different Technique

There are many types of t-shirt screen printing machine in the market and you need to fix the techniques for each printing equipment sincerely. The maintenance technique for a 4 color screen printing press is different from a 4 color 2 stations screen printing press or a 6 color screen printing press. So, think and decide wisely.

Establish the Machine in a Controlled Environment

To achieve a perfect performance from your t-shirt screen printing equipment, set it up at a place where you can control the temperature and humidity easily. Because your press and screen’s performance will be affected seriously due to uncontrolled temperature and humidity.

Emphasize on Keeping the Machine Clean

It is a very important but neglected issue to keep the t-shirt screen printing machine neat and clean. You will experience a huge amount of lint, dirt, debris accumulation if you use screen printing machine for shirts and it will affect the printing quality heavily. So, you should clean them from time to time. It is advised to do this at the end of everyday printing. It will not let the wastes to be accumulated. You should use vinyl or latex gloves during cleaning the machine. Keep the things accordingly in a sequence maintaining an inventory. It will help you to do the cleaning in a short period of time.

Lubricate Regularly

Platen heads and arms should be regularly lubricated. If you keep your machine unused for a long time then, of course, lubricate it before again going to the printing operation. You need to find out the places of your t-shirt screen printing machine where lubrication is necessary. To do this, you may take assistance from the manufacturer’s guideline. It should be noted that over and under lubrication both are detrimental to your t-shirt screen printing machine.

Always Follow the Manual

Before doing any major maintenance at home, you should stick to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer in the provided manual. Generally, all manufacturers provide required instructions regarding what to do and what not to do during maintenance of the equipment. It will save your t-shirt screen printing machine from any probable complexity during the maintenance operation.

Keep Backup Parts at Hand

It is possible to occur any accident and you may need to do some urgent t-shirt printing task. You may face such an incident when you are feeling to stop production and do the maintenance but you are in short of a part. So, always try to keep a backup or spare parts at hand so that you can replace the damaged or to be damaged parts before possible breakdown.

Keep a Maintenance Log

You can maintain a log attached to the machine telling the schedule of maintenance and assigned persons. Updating and monitoring it is very important. It will help you to track the maintenance work of your t-shirt screen printing machine. If you have a lot of screen printing machines then you can assign a person to inspect this task. To keep your valuable production equipment in sound condition providing maximum production this task is very crucial.

Regularly Inspect the Squeegees

It is advised to build a habit of inspecting the squeegees daily. There are some factors which affect the performance of squeegees. They may be dull by the abrasion from the screens. Some inks contain chemicals of harsh in nature to make the squeegees degrade. It is very important to replace a damaged squeegee as soon as possible. Sides of a blade should be altered and not be used more than four hours at a stretch. After cleaning a squeegee it should be stored at room temperature. If you do the required inspection of the squeegees of your t-shirt screen printing machine then you will experience in the boosting of production and prolonged lifetime of your equipment.

Tune Up the Arms

You should be very careful of the arms of your t-shirt screen printing machine. Bearings should be kept free from lint and dust and they need to be lubricated from time to time. If needed, they should be changed once a year. Very closely observe the lower off-contact bolts. If they are not in the perfect condition, fix them. Platen lock handles should be in such a condition that it would not let the platen move during the printing operation. Check at least once a month and bring the required adjustments to this if needed. To check the leveling of the platen use bubble level.

Monitoring the Heads

Head is a crucial part of your t-shirt screen printing machine and you should monitor this part of your printer very carefully. Get ensured while checking that whether the springs on the heads are tight enough to hold the completely loaded screen in the air. If the spring shows any damage or defect it should be replaced immediately to avoid a further accident from it.

Apply lubrication to the front and back off-contacts with suitable lubrication at least once a month. During this job don’t forget to check the level.

It is also important to lubricate micro register adjustments once a month. This is also valid for locking handles. Replace any part if you see them stripped or broken.

Hex bolts should remain in tightened condition. This should be included in your daily maintenance schedule to check this. If it gets loose fixing is essential.

Check the Level of the Platens Regularly

For getting a perfect finished product the platform on which you are going to work should be leveled. Otherwise, you are going to print on an inclined surface. So, keeping the platens in a leveled state is very important. With the available arrangements, you can check the level very easily. And, this task should be done at least once a month.

Sorting and Storing Screens

Though screens are not a direct part of yourt-shirt screen printing machine, it is essential to use good quality screens to keep your machine in perfect condition and to get a perfect output. Always try to sort the screens alphabetically and it will help you to find out your desired one within a very short period of time. Always try to store them after doing the required cleaning. It is the best practice to do this cleaning task at the end of everyday printing.

Use an Exclusive Place for Storing

Screen printing needs a lot of manual tasks and also there are many tools are involved in the printing process. You can manage them all if you use a dedicated place for storing. Tools like ink scoops, squeegees, tapes etc. should be stored at a fixed place sequentially so that you can handle them easily.

Keep Eye on Warranty Conditions

Daily maintenances are minor in nature like cleaning, removing dirt etc. But, if you want to conduct any major maintenance tasks with your t-shirt screen printing machine, then you should definitely follow the warranty conditions. Because, if you breach any condition required to get the warranty facility then the service provider will refuse to give warranty support. In fact, periodic maintenances are rigorous in nature. Before doing this, instruct the person who is doing this very carefully. If you observe any part to be damaged during any part of the warranty period don’t do it yourself.

In fact, maintenance is an issue which is neglected in general cases. Screen printing is a very common and familiar method of t-shirt printing and the persons involved in this sector have to pass a very tight work schedule due to the hugeworkload. So, conducting daily maintenance is a challenging task. But, it must be ensured to prolonging the life of your t-shirt screen printing machine.

In addition to the above, periodic maintenance should be done at weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. It will ensure the smooth performance of your machine over the years by rectifying the errors and faults that your machine gains by performing continuous production.

So, our above discussion is solely intended to enlighten your idea on maintenance of commercial screen printingequipment. It would only be fruitful if you really take the necessary steps to perform regular maintenance tasks at your workplace. It would not only save your t-shirt screen printing machines but also make you benefited by boosting the production.

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A pressure washer machine is really a powerful tool of removing dust, mud, or dirt from the surface of walkways, cars, fencing etc. with the application of pressurized water flow. It can not only be used for cleaning small places but also for large commercial spaces. Industrial grade pressure washers are of special capacity and specifications. They are different and powerful than their counterparts which are used for household cleaning purposes. So, it is very important to notice some factors before going to purchase pressure washer machines for commercial use.

Necessary Power for An Industrial Pressure Washer

Industrial pressure washer machine requires handling heavy cleaning tasks. For this, their power requirement is higher obviously. For cleaning a big commercial space, a pressure cleaner of 10~12 HP is recommended as they are capable of conducting the cleaning operation efficiently. While dealing with heavy powerful pressure washers, utmost safety should be adopted to avoid any casualty from it during use as more power brings more possibility of danger.

Industrial Pressure Washer Price

There are many industrial grade power washers available in the market. But, you must balance your budget and the price of the product. For most effectiveness, choosing a brand with the maximum offer and minimum price is important. Analyze the market price and decide which one is the closest to your budget. For example, Generac 6654 commercial pressure washer machine can produce sufficient pressure as much as 3800 psi, 3.6 GPM water flow. This gas-powered pressure washer costs nearly $1300. If your budget is not higher like its price, then you need to opt for a lower price washer of the market like Simpson PS3835 which costs nearly $780.

In fact, with higher psi and larger engines price of pressure washers raises. A very advanced and high-power pressure washer may cost as much as $3000. If you look the price of a pressure washer on amazon then the overall scenario will be clear to you. You may also look at the pressure washer reviews.

The pressure of Pressure Washer

Pressure is a very important point to be noticed. For pressure washers, it is expressed in psi. If you want to clean things at a small scale then your pressure washer should be able to generate pressure between 1000 to 2000 psi. But, for industrial space cleaning purpose requires extra pressure. An ideal industrial pressure cleaner should have a working pressure between 3000 to 5000 psi. So, choose the pressure washer whose pressure lies between this limit.

Gas or Electric Pressure Washer

Generally, industrial space cleaning is not similar to cleaning cars or your house. It needs cleaning a large space for a long period of time. For this reason, gas-powered pressure washers are preferred for industrial usage. Usually, gas-powered motors are powerful than electric motors. And industrial pressure washers need heavy powerful motors. Another reason for prioritizing gas-powered pressure cleaner over the electric-powered is movability. Gas-powered pressure washers need not be plugged-in and it is not confined to any places. You can move it to any direction and its maneuverability is superb.

But, if you need a quieter operation and less spending on your pressure washer then you may opt for an electric-powered one.

Pump Quality

Without a good quality pump, the pressure washer machine will be useless after some days use. So, the pump is a very important part for an industrial pressure washer. A pump needs to be durable and strong so that high-pressure water coming through it does not do any harm to it. Pumps with triplex design use three plungers instead of one which ensures the longevity of the pressure washer. Professional grade pressure cleaners use this design. Another important thing for a pump is its piston. Ceramic pistons maintain the temperature inside the engine at a minimum level.

The weight of Pressure Washer

Most of the best quality industrial pressure washers are gas-powered and they are heavier naturally. Industrial washers are capable of producing excess pressure and this requires heavy motor which adds is a reason for its extra weight. Usually, they are 80 to 100 lbs. and with power, their weight also increases.

Wheels and Carts

To handle a heavyweight pressure washer machine, sufficient arrangement is expected to be provided with, like wheels and carts.

Wheels are a very important thing for an industrial pressure washer machine. Without it, you would not be able to handle it effectively. It makes transportation easier. Wheel tires should be such that they can be moved on smooth or rough terrain smoothly without affecting the stability. Pneumatic tires are preferred. Avoid tires of a flat type as they do not help in maintaining stability. Tires with shock absorbers are also good for this purpose. Carts should have shock absorbers to resist unwanted shocks.

Hose Tips and Hose for Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial pressure washers deal with the high-pressure washer. So, they need to be sufficiently strong to handle high pressure. Hose tip allows versatility and flexibility for various types of cleaning tasks. Tips of different angles like 0-degree, 15-degree etc. With the increase of degree, the water areas increase too. Quick-connect tips are very useful for fitting and use. They are provided for performing specific cleaning operations with maximum control over the speed and effectiveness of the pressure washer. For bringing more diversity in usage 5-in-1 functions are provided with some hose tips.

Look for long hoses, if you need to use the pressure washer in a long radius. Many washers are provided with hoses more than 50 feet long. The ability of hose to convey high-pressure water is very important for heavy powerful washers. High-quality pressure washer hose includes the steel-braided design which keeps the structure of the hose intact at high-pressure also.

So, with more power and pressure, points to be considered increases. Pressure washers of commercial type should be chosen selectively because they are not to be chosen simply. It needs a combination of power, price, accessories, and mobility. A well-chosen pressure washer may assist you in cleaning your large warehouse within a very short time very efficiently over the years with least maintenance. On the other hand, a wrong choice may affect you financially and mentally.

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Hello readers, welcome to this article. Bulk food storage containers buying process is easy. If you want to buy it then you can do it very short way. Because nowadays many reputed e-commerce websites sell this types of containers with shipping facility within a short time. Many people face some problem in the period of time to buy it. We write to them. In this article, we try to present how to buy the best bulk food storage containers for your food in the home and commercial kitchen.

When you are shopping around for bulk storage containers or other containers, you will need to ask yourself the question. What will you be using the food storage containers for? Will you be using those for food storage purpose only, or perhaps for taking lunch to work, suitable for microwave, or for non-food items. so you can improve your space usage at home or commercial kitchen?

Many different types of food storage containers are designed to suit different needs. These containers also come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Each of these types of containers has its own distinctive features. For example, a plastic round container is suitable for food storage placed in a fridge since it improves the airflow of the fridge.

But because of its shape, it may lose up to 33% of its storage efficiency while taking up the same physical space of its square containers. Apart from shape, you also need to be aware of the size.

The most important factors of the best containers

Pay attention to this features such as airtight containers, color-coded lids, sliding lids, etc. Though they may cost you a bit more you will not only save in the long but also get the most out of your containers.

There are bulk storage containers which are normally used for storing raw ingredients as well as fruits.

Another important factor to consider is the material of what the containers are made up . The most suitable containers for microwave are undeniably the glass-based ones. They have a very high heat resistance and will not release any harmful chemical when coming in contact with food.

Airtight: Airtight is a feature that makes a container tightly sealed so that no air can get in or out or too strong or effective to fail or to defecate. You can even get airtight storage containers that vacuum-seal of plastic vacuum-seal technology. These types of products are airtight, smell proof and even water resistant. The manufacture claim that cereals, coffee, dried fruit and more will stay fresh as long as one year in their containers.

Lids: Lids is a removable or hinged cover for the top of a bulk food storage containers that keep helping food safe. If lids are colorful then the shelf will be good looking with the best food storage organize and pantry look colorful.

BPA Free: Plastic bulk food storage containers must be a concern with the BPA (Biphenyl A) free. In plastics has been found to mimic estrogen, and may be a potential cause of cancer and prostate cancers as well as dysfunction. The manufacturers are racing to replace BPA used in plastics with other non-toxic components.

The best material of bulk food storage containers

Best material of bulk food storage containers is glass, BPA free plastic, Stainless steel etc.

BPA free Plastic: If you’re concerned that you will buy some plastic food storage containers that may contain BPA, avoid heating leftovers in any plastic containers. The heating process seems to permit the chemical to leach out of the plastic containers, rather than the age of the plastic.

Glass containers: Advantages of glass and stainless steel storage containers include the fact that glass and stainless do not absorb odors or colors from stored food. Glass material is mostly nice since you can see what’s in the jar!

Stainless steel containers: benefits of stainless containers are that they are dishwasher safe in most cases and are also easily recyclable. Storing your food in these bulk food storage containers metallic beauties will also not change the quality or taste of your good like some other materials can.

You must be careful about buying bulk food storage containers are a flip lock food storage system, Different size canisters, Use for storage in the kitchen and around the house, Sturdy heavy-duty food storage containers made with high quality durable 100% BPA-free & food grade materials to strict FDA guidelines.

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