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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

The General awoke to a burning sensation that awoke every nerve in his body and shocked him into consciousness. 

He exhaled with shock, his eyes opening wide. The first thing he noticed was the steam that formed in front of his face as he exhaled into the still air around him. 

The second thing he noticed was that he was lying in his ripped, bloodied casual clothes and surrounded by food. It was at this time that he realized he had been dumped by the pirates and left for dead in a freezing unit. 

The General forced himself to sit up, pain shooting down his back, his neck on fire. The General screamed and held tightly onto the shelf beside him. 

“Is someone else there?” 

A small voice called out from behind the dairy goods. 

The General leapt to his feet and walked around the corner, he ignored the pain filling his feet and tried to see through the searing red that coursed through his eyeballs.

Hais rounded the corner and stopped in his tracks with shock, what he saw was his small prisoner, curled up and shivering on the floor. 

Without thinking the General slipped off his shirt and pants and laid them underneath the boy to protect him from the harsh flooring.

The boy watched through groggy eyes as the Generals strong arms lifted him into the air. 

The General then laid down onto the freezing floor, giving in to his pain. He brought the boy down to rest on his powerful torso.

“Your going to get cold”

The boy looked up at Hais with large eyes, his face showed genuine concern for the Generals wellbeing. 

“Whats your name?” The General enquired of the prisoner with a hoarse voice. 

“I’m Tim” he replied softly. 

Tim gripped the bottom of the shirt the pirates had dressed him in and lifted to reveal his pale slender stomach and chest then lifted the shirt off over his head. He leant over the General’s face to place it underneath his shoulder blades. The General smelt Tims soft neck on the way past and said nothing as Tim sat up once again.

Tim now gripped his pirate-issued track pants and slowly slid them off, over his knees and past his feet revealing lovely, hairless and pale thighs. As the pants came off and as Tims thighs separated, Hais was finally greeted with the prisoners cock as it rested on the General’s strong chest. 

Tim leant down once again and placed the pants under the General. This time he didn’t sit up right away, he leaned forward and began kissing Hais deeply.

Hais pushed his long tongue into Tims mouth and held his soft face with his left hand, kissing him intensely while running his other hand down Tims back. Tims cock very quickly stood up and was now hard and resting in the centre of the Generals chest as he sat on Hais with both knees on the floor either side of his body and his feet up and inside the Generals thighs.

Tims penis head was now sticking outside his soft foreskin and had hardened like a rock. It was beginning to leak small amounts of clear liquid as the kissing intensified.

Tim then began to slide backwards while kissing the Generals neck and then chest and eventually stomach, grabbed the captains bare cock in his hand and rubbing it against his tight asshole.

The General groaned with pleasure.

Happy with his reaction, Tim slid down to the floor and bundled some of the clothes beneath his subtle ass and grabbed the Generals cock with both hands.

He took a deep breath and forced all 10 inches down into his throat.

The General gasped as he felt Tims warm throat envelop and massage his penis from all directions. The fleshy inside of his throat was so wet and smooth it made his sensations go wild.

He lifted Tims hair from his forehead with his right hand and gazed as Tim looked up and into the Generals eyes, tears streaming down his face and a thick cock between his lips.

The dick was so thick that it was making an indentation on Tims throat, the General could see it moving as he gobbled deeper and deeper. Tims usually smooth neck now had the outline of a strong dick pounding through it. 

Suddenly Tim stopped and moved back back a few feet on the ice cold floor.

The General forced himself to his feet, then picked Tim up and placed him on the clothes that were now radiating with heat.

Tim was now lying naked on the clothes, his tan colored dick resting up on his small stomach. The Generals eyes drifted lower, down the soft balls that hung beneath the dick; then to the perfect, hairless asshole sandwiched between two perfect cheeks. 

The General knelt down, completely unable to feel the floor through his passion. He then pushed Tim’s thighs up until the boys knees were against his ears. 

His mouth then fell onto Tims asshole and forced his tongue inside. Tim moaned loudly and began running his hands through his hair.

The General searched every corner of the inside of Tims asshole with his tongue and widened it as much as he could. He then took it out, licked two fingers and pushed them inside.

Tim moaned out load and curled his toes with pleasure. The General widened his fingers inside Tims ass and stretched it, Tims moans grew louder and his toes kept curling tighter and tighter.

The General put Tims left foot in his mouth and began licking between each of Tims toes as he gapped Tims ass with his fingers and got him ready for sex. He forced Tims foot into his mouth all the way to the heel before he finally stopped, pulled his fingers out, then thrust his dick in.

Tim screamed and continued to scream with pleasure as the General pounded his ass with all his strength.

He placed Tims legs onto his shoulders and continued to pound as hard as his could. Tims face began to turn red, his eyes closed with elation.

They continued to fuck inside the freezing freezer unit. The General noticed his arms beginning to turn blue as he held the boy down, the cold beginning to take deadly hold of his limbs. 

Suddenly, something strange began to happen. The boys entire body starting glowing a deep orange as the General continued to thrust his dick inside. The entire freezing unit began to shake violently, and Hais gasped as the boys eyes opened and they burned like fire. 

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The team arrived back aboard the ship in a beam of blue light, materializing in front of a very surprised crew who’d not expected to see them back so soon.

“Is everything alright General?” The communication private stood to his feet concerned.  

“No need for alarm, gentlemen” The General began, 

“We’re back under very extraordinary circumstances.”

The boy that they’d found on the sun’s surface materialized in mid-air before dropping to the ground, clutching the hook that had been shot at him. He rolled across the ground before leaping onto his hands and feet and growling at the crew, baring his teeth and staring angrily in all directions. 

His long black hair hung in strands across his small, smooth face and his dark eyes flashed with hate. 

Captain Charleston didn’t waste much time. He unholstered his tranquilizer gun and shot the boy in the arm with a tri-dart that sunk a centimeter into the boys soft arm. 

The boy promptly yanked the dart out before screaming and making a run for the Captain, but after only a few steps he fell down unconscious. 

The General picked the boy up from the ground, placing a strong arm under the boys upper-back and another under his knees and carried him to the detention bay. 

The boy awoke a few hours later, groggy and with a pounding headache. 

He sat up slowly, holding the back of his head with his left hand. He was lying on a concrete slab that jutted out from the wall in a small containment cell. 

Outside the bars to the cell sat General Hais. The General sat wearing a casual button-down shirt and slacks. He wasn’t on duty right now, but he’d wanted to keep an eye on the prisoner and be on hand if something were to go wrong. 

The ship sat in low orbit around the sun while they formulated a plan and waited for the boy to speak up and give some useful information that could be game changing for the mission. 

The boy slowly rose to a seated position and sat with his back against the wall and both feet up on the slab, his hands rested next to him. He shot daggers at the General with his eyes, his mouth was a closed snarl. 

Looking at the boy it was easy to tell that his body was completely hairless. The hairlessness looked natural, it appeared that perhaps exposure to the sun’s heat didn’t allow even short or thin hair to grow anywhere on his legs, arms or underarms. 

The boy wore a short, brown loincloth that was now laying against his crotch, only covering the crotch and ass area. 

His legs sat upright, completely exposing his milky thighs.

His small, bare feet were were a dark tan colour, this colour lightened running up his legs. 

His stomach was a milky light colour, his arms slightly darker leading to darker hands. 

His neck was soft and showed no bumps or marks, only soft folds where his skin creased. 

As the General stared, the boy reached up with his hands and gathered his long hair slowly behind his head. As his arms reached behind his head the General saw that the boys underarms were definitely the same smooth colour and texture of the rest of his body, it seemed he didn’t grow body hair at all.

The boy clenched his hair tightly at the part where it came together against his scalp and squeezed. 

In that moment his hands glowed a faint orange colour for a second, then the next second returned to normal. The General sat up quickly, he couldn’t believe what he’d seen, he leaned forward and watched closely to see if it happened again. 

The boy lowered his hands, but his hair didn’t drop. The hair stayed up in place, connected by whatever process had taken place when he’d squeezed his hair together. 

It looked strangely as if the few inches of his hair that grew close to his scalp had somehow melded together. The boy continued to stare at the General, his eyes glaring and his near naked body leaning forward. The two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity until their ocular bond was shattered by the sound of the cell door screeching to life and jangling against its track as the door slid open. 

The prison doctor had come to fetch the boy for his admission physical. 

General Hais volunteered to escort the doctor back to the medical bay, so together the two men walked the prisoner to the medical bay on the east side of the ship.

The three men walked in a triangular fashion, the prisoner kept upfront and the two officers treading carefully behind him, ready to strike if anything were to go wrong. 

When the three arrived at the medical bay the boy mounted and laid down onto a white, cloth covered bed underneath an enormous light. 

The light flooded the boys entire body with a wash of warm glow that illuminated every pore across the canvas of beautiful skin laid out on the starched white sheet. 

The doctor adjusted his glasses, applied disposable gloves and proceeded to squeeze different regions of the boy’s body. He squeezed his thighs, arms and checked his pulse. He then took a swab of the boys saliva by rubbing a cotton swab against the inside of the boys cheek. 

The exam was going smoothly until the doctor lightly took hold of the boys loincloth. Fast as lightning the boys hand grabbed the doctors wrist and squeezed hard. The boy snarled, baring his teeth and squinting his eyes. 

The doctor let go and looked dismayed towards the General. 

“I’d have a better idea of what I’m doing if I’m able to look at him completely naked.” 

The General stepped forward and cleared his throat, he began to search for the words necessary to convince the boy to undertake the exam when 


An enormous explosion rocked the wall beside them, the three men hurtled into the other side of the room. 

The General crashed against the adjacent wall, hitting his head. His vision was blurry and his forehead ran with blood. He reached up and held his throbbing forehead, then squinted his eyes to see through the blur into what was happening. 

The wall had been completely blown out and was looking out into open space. The ships air field had extended to cover the space where the hull of the ship had been, but this was a temporary measure. The ships lights darkened and red lights flashed as sirens wailed and the ship ground to a halt in mid-space. 

The ship was still in mid orbit, so it halted for only a moment before it slowly began to lose altitude and fall towards the suns surface. 

The General had no time to think about the ships position in space, the hole where the ship’s hull had been was now filled with strange men dressed in all black and armed to the teeth. 

They had rocketed in from their ship which was sitting only a few hundred feet away from ‘The Swallow’ but was covered with an incredibly sophisticated cloaking device. 

The men stepped into the medical bay with the unmistakable look of glee plastered over their faces. The General tried to yell out at the intruders, but managed only a whisper before his vision turned red and he passed out.

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It was a snowy Christmas Eve and Santa was alone in his workshop putting the final touches on all the toys he was planning on bringing to all the good little twinks all over the world for Christmas this year. 

He had dildo’s, vibrators, whips, chains and many more goodies prepared for all those who hadn’t cheated without permission, lied about their status, catfished on Grindr or committed any of the other capital gay sins throughout the year. 

Santa was about halfway through the nice list when suddenly the room filled with the deep smell of fucking an unwashed asshole. 

A crater ripped itself into the floor of the workshop and smoke poured into the room, filling up every corner with a dark, thick haze. 

Santa coughed and spluttered, covering his mouth with his gloved hand and using the other to try to see through the horrible darkness. 

All of a sudden there was a thunderclap and an explosion in the middle of the glittery workshop that threw Santa back against the wall. 

Out of the smoke stepped Belsnickle, Santa’s oldest rival and archenemy. 

The smoke cleared from the room and Belsnickle cackled with glee like an old queen running over a twink with his jet-ski.

Santa gasped in shock, he couldn’t believe his old enemy had returned once more. 

Belsnickle stepped forward out of the darkness,

“Hard at work making shitty trinkets for my shitty asshole?”

Santa slowly stood to his feet and shot a piercing glare at his old enemy,

“You aren’t putting your sweaty asshole on any of my beautiful toys.”

Santa was enraged by the audacity of Belsnickle to turn up like this in the North Pole unannounced. 

“How are you even here?” Santa asked.

“I have magic preventing this.”

Belsnickle laughed again at Santa’s confusion, his eyes burned red as his smile spread like wildfire across his face, 

“Do you really not remember?” Belsnickle asked with a deep wheeze. 

Santa still looked confused, Belsnickle continued. 

“You were given reign over the world for ten thousand years, after which rulership was to be turned over to me!”

Santa’s face lit up in horror as he remembered the Secret Magical Court ruling that had taken place at a time when the world was much younger. 

“I was a young man when I agreed to that!” 

Santa said, stammering,

“I was foolish, I fucked around a lot; I could barely hear anything at that court date past the hangover or the cum in my ears…”

“Nevertheless” Belsnickle cried out, cutting Santa off. 

“You’ve had your turn, and now your time is up. 

How could you have wasted all this time aging horribly up in the shittiest part of the world; shivering your ancient ass off while seven billion pigs live the high life down in the sunshine.”

Belsnickle began walking around the workshop, his footsteps burning holes into the floorboards, his dirty black cape leaving soot in his wake. 

“How could you not have used this time to rule over the world properly?! You could have commanded the slobbering masses rather than sit up here sweat-shopping their shit!”

Santa stood up and looked Belsnickle square in the eye. 

“We were not purposed to dictate life or call judgement; we were meant to serve.
We used to be the greatest of all creation, gays even named themselves after us fairies. How would they react if they knew what we’d become?”

“What you’ve become old man” Belsnickle spat an inch from Santa’s nose, his mouth dripping with saliva, his eyes burning with rage. 

“You’ve ruined the fairy name, you sat up here ballooning in weight and turning yourself into the world’s pet Coca-Cola mouthpiece.”

“I will not sit here and listen to anymore shit from you” Santa said, making a claw-shaped motion with his hand. Sparkles began to materialize around his fingers as magic formed in the air around them. 

“Oh my god, that is the gayest shit I’ve seen in a thousand fucking years” Belsnickle groaned as Santa pulled his hands apart and the room shook around them. 

A blackhole ripped the air an inch from Belsnickle, sucking him into it and out of the room. Wind whipped furiously through the workshop and dildo’s flew everywhere. 

Santa braced himself and wrapped his arm around a nearby pole before clapping his hands together. Immediately the black hole slammed shut and vanished. The room quietened down immediately and everything was still. 

“I’m fucked” Santa said out loud to no-one. 

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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

General Hais stepped onto the burning surface of the red sun with simulated confidence. He wanted to appear bold to his team and give them the confidence they needed to also venture onto the star with him, but he was secretly filled with fear and dread. 

The suns surface crackled beneath his solar boots and he could smell the burning gases from within his helmet. 

The surface was a moving pool of gasses and chemicals that shone like mirror-balls on Mardi Gras. The boots the General wore allowed him to stand on the surface because of a property within the soles that stimulated gravity by forcing electrons beneath the boots to cling tighter together. 

The General moved slowly across the suns surface, gazing around the incredible formations that surrounded him. In every direction were fire formations, cliff faces made from gaseous lava and pits that spat flaming liquid hundreds of feet into the air. 

The General and his team were responsible for finding a subterranean canal, holes that stretched far beneath the suns surface and would lead to the natural minerals within that could be mined and used as fuel. 

The search would be exhaustive because the team had no idea how many of these holes were on the surface at all, let alone on the part of the sun they’d chosen to land on. 

The team searched for hours, the process slowed down further by the need every 40 minutes to be beamed off the star and back inside the ship to change suits. 

The suits they wore for this kind of exploration burned out quickly and needed to be completely replaced often. Their only hope was to find the hole they needed before they ran out of suits and the mission was lost. 

The team continued to look furiously, searching around the fire formations and battling the heat that crept into their suits and made them sweat out of their assholes. 

Greggory scratched at his asshole, it itched behind the sticky materials the suit was made of.

His hole was still gaping from the fucking he and Henry had just received, but worse than that was the cum that was still dripping out of his asshole and was running down his leg. The cum was heating up against his skin and causing him to itch like crazy. 

Greggory bent down to scratch his leg properly when he suddenly noticed a dark flash whizz by his visor. 

Greggory stood back up and looked around, his eyes wide as saucers. 

“Hey guys, I think I saw something!” He called out, the General became excited. 

“Oh thank god, you’ve found a hole?”

“No” Greggory replied sheepishly, 

“I think I saw something.”

The General looked mad,

“You think you saw something and that something was not hole related?”

Greggory stared down at his shoes. 

The General didn’t think he could get too mad at the Private. Only hours earlier he had been holding this boy down against a metal table while he’d fucked him senseless. 

Greggory had screamed and groaned in a high pitched whimper, something he didn’t think he’d like but had turned him on at the time. 

He remembered his tan colored hand, rough from years of asteroid mining had pushing against the boys soft, baby-like stomach. 

He coarse hands covered the boys belly-button and applied pressure, the boy’s hard penis resting on the top of his hand while his own penis was deep inside only a few inches below where his hand was pressing. 

Greggory had been biting his hand while he whimpered, the other hand behind his head protecting him from the metal table as Hais had fucked him intensely, pushing him further and further back on the table.

The table landed with a thud every time the Generals balls smacked into Greggory’s ass, his dick the entire way inside. 

The inside of Greggory’s body felt warm to Hais, and he knew the boy was squeezing his little bowel muscles to make the event even more pleasurable for the General. 

In this moment he chose to remember the boy who had squeezed his muscles for him and decided not to get angry, so instead he gave him a nod and continued back on his way to keep searching.

Greggory started walking once again, eager to put his mistake out of his head when the flash whizzed by his visor once again. Greggory whipped around gasping, he turned and ran after the blur. 

Greggory ran ten paces before rounding a bend behind a fire formation where a foot came out of nowhere and struck him in the head. Greggory flew backwards and landed on the ground.

For moment he could see nothing out of his visor, the glass in front of his eyes filled with readings and emergency warnings. Greggory reached for the control panel on his wrist and turned off the computer. He sat up and once his screen had powered off he was able to see through the glass to a boy crouching on the fiery surface wearing nothing but a loincloth. 

The boy looked no older than he did, but he also didn’t look anything like him at all.
The boy had large but pinched eyes, the eyes themselves were a deep brown and looked feral and furious. 

He had long, black hair that ran a little past shoulder length. His face was small and smooth, it didn’t look like the boy had ever needed to shave. 

His skin was a light coffee colour, and a consistent tone across his entire hairless body. 

The boy crouched a few feet away and circled Greggory fiercely, as if guarding his territory. Greggory moved his hand to the communicator on his belt when he heard the sound of the others rushing to his position. 

“What the hell happened Private? Your damn computer is o….”
The General stopped in his tracks, his sentence caught midway through. He stared disbelievingly at the boy wearing almost nothing in front of them. The boy was breathing deeply, but the General had no idea what was going into his lungs. 

The others arrived and in turn deeply gasped in surprise.

Whoever the boy was, he was beginning to feel outnumbered. His eyes darted around between everyone before turning towards the fire formation and leaping up onto it, determined to scamper away. 

“Oh no you don’t” 

The General whispered, a fierce determination in his eyes. 

He grabbed a teleporter from within his belt and fixed it with a 15 second timer. He then stuck it onto a grappling hook he kept onto his back and shot the hook towards the formation. 

The hook sailed through the air before sinking itself into the side of the fire formation a few inches above the boy. It immediately started melting under the pressure from the fire, the boy turned and looked back towards the General, his face a deep scowl. 

He then reached up and pulled the hook from within the fire and reached up to throw it back. In that second the timer ran out and in a blaze of blue light, the boy was gone. 

“We may have blown the lid off this entire search gentlemen” 

The General announced smugly before beaming himself back onto the ship. 

Henry turned to Greggory and sighed. 

“Great. No fucking way he’s fucking me now with that new toy on board.” 

Henry then disappeared with a flash of blue. 

Greggory looked gravely concerned, things were not working out the way he had planned. 

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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

Captain Charleston, Private Ryan and General Hais joined Private’s Greggory and Henry in the Mission Bay.
Greggory and Henry had volunteered for the mission, knowing the dangers and everything that was risked by taking part. The glory however, sense of discovery and possible commendation were upsides too good to be ignored.
Despite the upsides they were scared, and as they walked towards the Mission Bay they hoped their fear wouldn’t show to the Officers.
The two boys arrived at the Mission Bay to see that the other three had beaten them.
Greggory was a red headed Private, something very rare in the faction. He had brightly colored red hair that he had tried to darken with product, then slick down so that it seemed more subtle. What wasn’t subtle was his paper-white skin and deeply freckled cheeks.
Henry had black hair and was one of the very few Privates to have hair on his chest. The hair on his chest was a point of pride for the Private, so even now on the brink of a mission he had it displayed by having his mission jumpsuit unzipped halfway down his chest.
As the two men entered the room, the General soon made mention of his clothing choice.
“No use even having that zip halfway up Private, you’re going to need to sign the cum contract before you can leave.”
The two boys eyes widened, Greggory’s mouth fell open. They had learned of cum contracts while at college, but for some reason had thought of them merely as myth, or as a relic of the past.
“The Faction has strict rules of mission engagement boys” The Captain chimed in,
“So you can either disrobe yourselves or we can help you.”
Both boys were scared of the undertaking required for the mission, but neither of them wanted to back down. Greggory felt the most uncomfortable though, had a nagging secret that he couldn’t stop from blurting out to the entire room.
“I’ve never… done anything… of this nature sir” Greggory stammered in a high voice.
The recent college grad was a virgin, he’d prioritized his books and had never turned his head once during his years in school.
“Well we’ll soon fix that” The General replied softly, then began unbuttoning his Officer shirt.
Henry didn’t waste any time, he was only too happy to be fucked by the two strong, high ranking officers in front of him.
The General had already taken off his shirt to reveal a chiseled six pack underneath. His pecks gleamed under the fluorescent lights, his biceps looked as though they could crush his entire body.
The Captain had a leaner frame, his strong neck ran down into a barreled chest and beefy arms. His stomach was flat and sported a cut V shape that ran down his pants and signaled a growing bulge concealed within his stressed pants.
Henry ripped his zipper the entire way down his body, then stepped out of his jumpsuit.
Underneath his hairy chest led down to an equally hair covered stomach that sat above black briefs.
In that moment he ripped the briefs off his hips and sat down on one of the blue, plastic chairs beside the wall.
Henry had never had a problem with confidence in his life, he had always known and believed that he was sexy and desired by all the other men around him.
He pushed his lower-back forward in the chair and opened his hairy legs. His face screamed of confidence as he placed two hands behind the back of his head and smirked at the two men looking at him.
His large dick hung to the left of his lower stomach, the tan colored beautifully cut penis lay on a soft bed of pubic hair that layered the area above his shaft. His large balls hung low, almost entirely covering the subtle asshole underneath.
Captain Charleston couldn’t take it, he ripped off his pants and advanced on Henry with his hard, swinging dick fully loaded and an intense look in his eyes.
Henry readied himself by placing his forearms behind his knees and pulling them back beside his ears. His asshole now displayed itself proudly and openly for the room to see.
The Captain grabbed the cocky boy by the shoulders and with a single thrust jammed his dick inside of the asshole.
Henry gasped and tried to bring his knees down, but they landed with a thud on the Captains shoulders. Charleston then pushed again, forcing the dick deep inside the Privates soft interior.
Henry gasped again, squeaking involuntarily. He reached out and grabbed the Captains pectoral muscles, seemingly begging for mercy. But no mercy would be afforded him, the Captain pulled back before ramming him deeply again. He held Henry down by his shoulders, his legs either side of his neck as he rammed the boy again and again, Henry’s wailing fueling his lust.
In the meantime, General Hais and Greggory had also become naked.
The General stood toward the left of the room, the light casting shadows from his pecs and his abs.
Greggory stood a foot away, his slender white body not casting much of a shadow of any kind.
Greggory didn’t have much hair, his pinkish white cock was crowned with a thin layer of blonde, red hair that stopped short of covering his pink gentle balls. General Hais encouraged him to step back and lie on the table behind him.
Greggory stepped back and felt the cold edge of the table press against his lower back. He then pushed the table down, climbing backward on top of it. The boy lay down on the table, revealing a glowing white freckled ass.
His asshole was pink and almost flawless, the General noticed a freckle on the left side of the needle tight hole in the dead centre.
Either side of the hole were two freckled white ass-cheeks that looked as fresh as the day they were born.
His thighs were snowy white and were thick from exercise. Greggory lay back on the table, his white, smooth body felt cold on the bare table surface.
His freckled arms made triangular shapes as he placed his hands behind his head to protect himself from the banging he knew was coming.
General Hais looked down Greggory’s face and torso and for a moment thought that the boy didn’t have any armpit hair at all, but it was only the fluorescent light drowning the light blonde hair out from the high angle he was looking down at the boy from.
Greggory was nervous, but he was ready. He was ready for the mission, but he was far more ready to sign the fucking contract.

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The Swallow groaned as it was pulled reluctantly into a lazy orbit with the red sun.

The ship had reached its destination a week ago and Zach had woken everyone in time for them to recover before they began strategizing their plan of descent onto the suns surface.
As everyone sat around the conference room table, they looked a combination of drunk and aggressively fucked.
Zach however looked fresh and wide awake, the General gazed at him with admiration.

“How you managed to survive those 11 months without losing your mind is a commendation to you, private.” The General beamed in his direction.
Captain Charleston stood to address the room.
“As Captain I always hate to be placed into Stasis-sleep, it drives me wild with worry.
I’ve seen the very best sleep monitoring professionals lose their minds while waiting and practically destroy the ship. But you’ve done yourself proud Private.” Zach felt sheepish with all the attention, he forced a smile but internally wanted to disappear.

“Come see me in my office later” the Captain concluded before taking his seat.

Ryan looked over at Zach from across the room and gave him a smile. He still looked extremely fatigued from his sleep and had barely spoken to Zach since waking up.
Zach wasn’t too alarmed, this kind of effect from a sleep this long was to be expected from a certain percentage of people, but it was hardly ideal.

“Now to business”, the General stood.

“I’ve assembled a team to join me in beaming down and searching the surface of the sun. We can search in 45 minute shifts before needing to change our reflection suits, so relevant personnel need to be at my reconnaissance meeting later today. The meeting was dismissed and Zach got something to eat from his cabin before heading to the Captains office.

“You wanted me sir?”

Zach knocked on the Captains door before opening it and letting himself inside.
When he entered he gasped deeply at what he saw. Captain Charleston was standing in the middle of the room, leaning against his desk wearing only his Captains hat and his long Officer White’s shirt.
The shirt was covering an enormous erection that was holding the shirt out like a tent pole. Zach badly wanted to lift the shirt and see what was underneath, especially since he’d gone so long without a real dick and badly needed relief.

“I can’t sir, I’m somewhat spoken for” Zach stammered, his cheeks flushing red. He was completely unable to fein a disinterest for the incredible display in front of him, but he knew he’d hate himself if he was ever disloyal.

The Captain seems unfazed by the development, he picked up his radio and called over the receiver,

“Will Private Ryan please make himself known to the Captains office, thank you.”

Zach felt immediately panicked, he never wanted Ryan to find him in such a compromising situation. He didn’t know whether to run from the office or to hide. While he stammered and tried to make up his mind, Ryan walked through the door.
Ryans eyes widened as he saw the situation in front of him, he grabbed at his dick through his sweatpants as it shuffled in place, blood flowing into it with arousal.

“I want to fuck your boyfriend son” The Captain began,

“But he thought you should be present, and rightfully so.”

Ryan opened and shut his mouth, unable to comprehend what to say,

“Sir, I haven’t been myself lately” was all he could manage.

“I’m sure your boy here can fix that for you”

With that the situation seemed pretty clear to the three men.

All Zach wanted to do was take care of Ryan, all Ryan wanted to do was regain his mojo after all the time he’d spent asleep. All the Captain wanted to do was to fuck the shit out of Zach’s adorable young ass.
Zach looked into Ryans eyes and took off his shirt, then his track pants and his underwear; standing in the office completely naked.

His small penis hung majestically as the only one to have revealed itself, his whisp of pubic hair a crown of pride.
He got to his knees and pulled down Ryans track pants, an eager, half-erect penis flung itself out and into Zach’s face.
Ryans far larger penis hung in midair in front of Zach, his thick black pubic hair a proud reminder of the manly edge he had over Zach.

Zach tasted his dick, the smooth clean taste of fresh skin mixed with the salty, savory taste of the pre-cum spilling out of his urethra.
Zach looked up at Ryan as he gobbled the entire thing down into his throat, his big blue eyes wept as he took the entire thing in and out, holding his mans hips while he gurgled and gagged.

The Captain wasted no time, he lifted Zach’s torso up onto his desk so that Zach was still in line with Ryans penis, but now lay stomach-down on the desk, his legs either side of the Captains torso.
The Captain spread Zach’s cheeks with his left hand while he took a glop of lube with his right hand out from a jar inside his desk.
He slathered his dick with the lube and slowly began forcing it inside Zach.

Zach felt the thick cock push its way into his inner canal. He gurgled on Ryans penis as he felt both dicks explore the deep recesses of his body.
He’d never felt two dick enter him from both sides before, the feeling was like nothing he’d recreated over his 11 months spent forcing spoons and electrical appliances inside of himself. With the spoons he still held all the power, but now he could feel two separate torso’s ramming giant battering rams inside of him from two sides and was overcome with a feeling of powerlessness that for some reason turned him on further and make his dick harden while being pressed against the edge of the desk.

The Captain began to force his dick hard into Zach’s ass while Ryan continued to ram it down his throat.
Ryan could see the outline of his dick against Zach’s throat, the sight of which encouraged him and was beginning to break him from the spell his slumber had held him under.

As the spell loosened, he lowered both of his hands to behind Zach’s head and, while holding firmly, began to skull-fuck his mans gurgling mouth. Zach buckled under the pressure from both sides, his stomach ached and his legs spasmed wildly. Eventually Ryan pulled out of Zach’s mouth and went around to the back and out of Zach’s view.

Zach lay on his stomach, gasping and breathing deeply while the Captain continued to pound. For a moment there was nothing, the Captain pulled out and Zach lay there alone.

He felt the cold air on his wide-open asshole and felt almost abandoned. This feeling didn’t last long though as he now felt the sensation of two dicks pushing against his already stretched asshole, banging against the door and begging to be let in together.

Zach screamed out and held the edge of the desk with white-knuckled determination. He screamed as the two men forced their dicks through the doorway together. The Captains dick lay resting inside as Ryans dick began to pound hard and deep inside of Zach’s torso, sliding against the Captains dick and pushing against Zach’s G-spot.

Zach began to moan deeply and just focused on staying on the desk as the fucking forced him ever forward and towards the floor. 
Eventually the two men couldn’t take any more, they both forced their dicks forward inside of him and screamed as they shot duel streams of cum inside of Zach’s body.
Zach felt like he was drowning as the two men filled him with hot liquid, he choked audibly as he felt the liquid run through his body.

Zach stretched out his aching right arm to his open, flapping asshole and took a sample of the cum that was pouring out of it and onto the floor. Using the slippery cum he began jacking his own dick, using the memory of what just happened as fuel for his energy.

In that moment the door burst open and the General stomped forward. Without saying a word he swooped around the side of the desk and inspected Zach’s open, pink hole. He saw the cum drizzling out and onto the floor and witnessed the moment Zach shot his load down the side of the desk.

“Is that both of your cum inside that boy?” That General asked the two men.

“Yes” they each replied, knowing what it meant.

“Suit up then men, the contract is signed.”

The three men then walked out of the room and headed for the Mission Bay, along with all the other men who had just filled a specialist with contractually binding cum.
Zach licked his fingers and wished Ryan well, before trying to stand up onto his jelly legs without face planting. He did not succeed. 


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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

Zach slowly sat up in a groggy, sleep induced haze and gradually opened his eyes, looking around at the room he was in. Staring through his eyelashes, all he could see were the dim blue lights that surrounded him in all directions. He rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair as he sighed deeply and tried to think a coherent thought. The journey so far had been ten months long and he was nearing the end of his isolation. For the first eight months he had slept in the sleeping quarters down the hall, but a couple months back he’d set up a bed in the stasis-sleep chamber where the rest of his crew were unconsciously waiting for the ship to arrive at it’s destination. He had originally felt far less lonely while he slept in this room with the others, but recently that effect had turned and he was becoming more and more aware of how alone he was and it was beginning to drive him mad. He was beginning to have to force himself to think complete thoughts throughout the day. Without forcing himself to do it, he could spend entire days simply experiencing emotions and sensations rather than having coherent thoughts and ideas. He was able to do the job of keeping the others alive and monitoring the ship mindlessly, so not even his tasks forced his mind to stay active. While at the beginning of the trip he’d talked to himself constantly, he was now going weeks at a time without saying a word and finding that when he did talk he would have to cough and splutter first to make his throat open up enough to form the words. The only time he really felt anything anymore was when he masturbated, and because of this his masturbation had become more and more extreme. He had been pushing the limits of what would fit inside his ass and for what length of time. His goal most of the time was to try and make himself orgasm without touching his penis at all. The most extreme object was a clock with a large rounded face and a slim body that opened up to a thick base. Zach had managed to slowly force the entire thing inside of him. For the first fifteen minutes he’d gotten off by keeping the clock face inside of him, then pulling and pushing the clocks body by it’s base so that the clock face would ram up against his asshole entrance and his prostate. The asshole had closed around the clock’s body, so the far larger face inside him felt incredible as it pushed up against his tightened asshole doorway whenever he pulled, then brushed against his G spot whenever he pushed it in further. He was enjoying himself immensely with the clock when suddenly the face broke off the body when he’d tried to pull it back out. The asshole had closed too much, which caused the clock to break and send the face deep up inside of him. Zach had panicked badly, and even intended on waking up the crew. But he knew that this was not how he could bring the crew back, these circumstances would be remembered and talked about forever. He’d rather die than experience that. So instead he’d found some large kitchen tongs and carefully and meticulously, reached in and pulled the clock face out. Zach intended to never use any foreign objects again to masturbate his ass. Unfortunately, his penis never brought him to orgasm without involving his ass. He’d tried a few weeks earlier to masturbate only his dick. He’d laid at the front of the bridge and stared into deep space completely naked and slowly jerked his hard dick up and down. He pulled the foreskin back and let the sensitive head show it’s tender face, then push the foreskin back into place again. He’d do this over and over trying to bring himself to orgasm. He tried playing with the whispy pubic hair that grew in a thin patch above his dick, he also tried playing with his balls. It was all a waste of effort that was drowned out by the screaming agony his ass was in whenever he neglected it. It would throb and beg to be touched. If he masturbated his dick for a lengthy time, then even touched his asshole lightly, a bolt of electricity would shoot through his body and he would scream and roll onto his side. His ass was demanding, and like a General it called the shots. Zach was desperate for human companionship again, and was just as desperate for real sex with someone rather than something. Zach had spent most of the the journey doing little more than masturbating all over the ship, shoving absolutely anything into his asshole and doing whatever maintenance the ship needed to keep it on it’s intended path. He’d resisted the urge the entire time he’d been waiting to look into the small window of the stasis-sleep pod holding Ryan, despite how much he’d wanted to. The reason he’d stopped himself is because of how much worse it would have been to wait for him once he’d seen his face again. However he was now unravelling and he felt like it was time, but he didn’t want to see Ryan in the state he was in. So the first thing he did was slowly traverse the ship and disinfect the surfaces of everything he’d cum on or shoved inside his ass. This included all of the utensils in the kitchen, the equipment in the medbay, everything on the bridge and most things in the cleaning closet such as brooms, mops and other devices. Zach then took a shower, washed his hair, and made an attempt to shave. Only the mustache area under his nose grew any facial hair, but he liked shaving the entire face and feeling like a more macho man than he actually was. While in the shower and surrounded by steam, Zach looked down again. He could barely see his body, but what he did see looked good. He still didn’t love his body, it was far less developed than he’d like it to be. He wished he saw rippling muscles, giant swaths of hair, and a massive throbbing cock hanging between his thighs. But the white, shimmering, skinny body with trace elements of hair was the body he’d been given. Zach sat down in the shower and laid his chin on one knee, the other leg he let flop to the ground. Water was dumping itself on the back of his neck and running down his chest, stomach and through his pubic hair. His penis hardened as he stared at it, so he lightly gripped it with his left hand and started slowly masturbating it. On cue his ass began to burn and demand his attention. Jack didn’t at all have the energy to finger himself so he grabbed the shampoo bottle and lifted himself with a deep groan. He clung to the wall with his right hand and lifted his body, placed the bottle underneath himself and sat back down again, this time on the bottle. The bottle was shaped like a missile with a pointed top, so the top portion easily slid inside, then stopped about a third of the way in. Zach sat in a frog-style position, his legs either side of the bottle as he crouched with the bottle partially inside him. Zach continued to masturbate without thinking or feeling much at all. Time slipped by and Zach suddenly came back to himself. He had a habit of zoning out and wandering away from his mind, then time would pass and he would snap back to reality. Zach decided to stop masturbating and to not try to push the shampoo bottle inside of himself. He reached down to grab the bottle and hit his hand on the tile floor. Zach hadn’t realized that he was now sitting on the floor, the bottle was entirely inside him. His first instinct was to panic, but before he lost it too much he got a grip on himself, then on the bottle by pushing two fingers either side of the bottle, holding it tightly and pulling it firmly out. As the bottle came out it felt incredible, it pushed past his G spot and gripped the walls of his inner-canal, slowly sliding against it. He groaned in pleasure for the first time in weeks and finally felt awake. Feeling inspired, he washed his face and his hair, then got out and dried himself. For the first time in months he put an entire outfit of clean clothes on, including shoes, and walked back to the stasis-sleep room. He decided that what the men, and Ryan, was going to find when they woke up was not a psycho zombie who’d gone out of his mind with boredom. Thanks to his cleaning spree, they were also not going to find a lube and cum covered ship either. They were going to find a Military Private who’d done his job and stayed at his post. Zach walked into the stasis-sleep room and up to Ryans sleeping pod. He opened the window to the pod and stared lovingly at Ryans face. Inside was the beautiful face of the one that he missed. Zach went to talk but coughed and spat instead. He wiped the spit off the window and tried again. “See you soon my love.”   – Hooked? Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment. And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment.
And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

2 months passed and Thanksgiving was threatening to arrive in only a couple days.

The last 8 weeks had passed pretty uneventfully. Zach had spent most of the time masturbating while forcing a number of objects both big and small into his ass all around the ship.

There had only been a couple pieces of debris making contact with the ships hull and although another ship passed by them a fortnight earlier, that ship had failed to detect anything on their scanners so it continued on its way without even a second thought.

Zach had just recently managed to fall into a routine. Every three weeks he cut his hair, every 5 weeks he trimmed his pubic hair. The job barely took more than a few minutes because in that time he’d really not grown any, but he enjoyed the task and it passed the time.

He showered every 5 days because onboard the ship it was almost impossible to sweat, and it took time for the ship to recycle the water he’d used.

He never wanted to use more than a very small amount of fresh water, he hated the idea of the others waking up to find that he’d chewed through a significant amount of supplies on his own. Zach was as considerate as he was quiet, so this made his outrageous sexual urges all the more surprising to the men that crossed his sexual path.

Zach had become use to talking to himself out loud in an effort to feel more like he wasn’t alone and that his mind wasn’t slipping off it’s axis.

Zach eyed the turkey-making utensils his mother had sent with him aboard the ship for use during the impending holiday.

Humankind hadn’t actually possessed any turkeys since the day they’d left Earth, but the simulation, watermelon sized food-balls supposedly tasted and felt exactly like the real thing used to. Of course, no one had any way of knowing whether this was true, but everyone ate them anyway because this was tradition and was expected.

Zach knew that he didn’t intend on actually cooking anything special for Thanksgiving. Each day he’d take a sachet of ration-mix, poke holes into it and throw it into the foodpreper and pressed a button.

In an instant the package would balloon up into an apple-sized bread-type food that could fill his stomach all day.

Food wasn’t the kind of stomach-filling he was craving as he wandered into the medbay for his weekly health check.

The med check was simple, he’d take a cotton cylinder and spit into it. He’d then jam it into the machine and the machine would search the cotton for any foreign materials, analyse them and report via the screen what it’d discovered.

Zach remembered the time he’d played a joke on Ryan by reprogramming the machine, telling it to keep scanning until it found gold within the sample. Ryan was kept waiting while his sample was scanned for more than 20 minutes before he figured out what was happening. He’d only figured it out when, in a fit of rage, he hacked into the machines software and saw the change.

Zach stopped in his tracks as he was pulling the cotton swab out of its holder.

He looked down at the soft device in his hands and gripped it tightly.

It was roughly the size of his dick.

He’d always looked at his small dick with disdain in the past.

The small, fragile shaft hung uselessly in front of two naturally hairless balls. Each of these hanging under only a whisp of pubic hair. The whole crotch infuriated him.

This failing in his mind motivated him to be a better bottom while making love. He felt as though he had something to prove, or at least something shameful to make up for.

He placed the cotton stick down onto the counter and opened the receiving module in the machine.

Inside was a soft canal filled with millions of tiny, sensitive arms that would search all through a cotton swab and find foreign materials.

Zach re-set the machine to look for gold once again and slowly, carefully inserted his penis into the machine.

Zach flipped the switch and immediately felt the canal tighten on his dick.

Millions of tiny hands set to work, they immediately forced back his foreskin and scoured the sensitive skin beneath.

Zach moaned deeply with pleasure and lay against the machine, unable to keep his legs from buckling beneath him.

The tiny hands continued to search his shaft, rubbing intensely and holding tightly. It wouldn’t stop until it found gold and it figured the foreskin was an annoying hinderance that was blocking its way.

Once it forced the foreskin back and found nothing, it would pull the skin back into place and search where it had been.

Because Zach had programmed the machine so that it was unable to stop until it had found what it was told to find, the machine would pull the foreskin back and search again and again and again.

This resulted in an intense handjob that had Zach moaning and his eyes rolling back in his head.

But Zach wasn’t done, his asshole was aching and begging for attention.

He punched the machines big red stop button and pulled out his red, throbbing dick.

His dick has never been so hard, so as he walked to the kitchen it ached and smacked against his thighs, begging for more attention.

Zach grabbed the turkey-stuffer from under a pile of utensils and pulled the wooden spoon off its mechanical holder.

The spoon was coated with a carpenters glaze and would never splinter, he laid the spoon down on the bench and reached underneath for the large jar of vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil was produced far thicker when it was made to be used intergalactically, the density was necessary for the pressure brought on by space.

Zach was thankful for this as he dipped the spoon all the way inside the oil to its handle. As he pulled the spoon back out, the oil gripped to the spoon like honey, then trailed in a long suspended line between the spoon and the jar as he pulled the spoon away.

Zach returned the oil to the space under the counter and re-attached the spoon handle to the stuffing device.

He then laid the device on its back so that the device forced the dripping spoon straight up, then he placed one foot on either side of the device and slowly lowered his body towards it.

By the time his ass reached the spoon his legs were bent enough to open his asshole ready. He placed his asshole down onto the top of the spoon, landing it with a glooping sound.

Zach then began to push and moaned as the thick end to the spoon slowly opened up and stretched apart his tight hole.

The spoon was wide and worked to open his ass, Zach continued to moan and yell through the stretching process, oil slurped and sloshed everywhere and the machine groaned under the pressure as it was forced harder and harder into the ground.

After a few minutes Zach was through. The wide end of the spoon was in and now the skinny part was going deep.

He almost fell when the thick part finished going in, nearly losing his balance.

He was now able to bounce easily on the spoon as it fucked him and scooped out his insides.

Zach lowered himself with the spoon jammed inside him almost its entire length, moaning loudly as he did.

He grabbed the device with his left hand and picked it up carefully.

He then gingerly walked his way back to the medbay and placed the device on a holder that would normally hold the doctors notes.

Zach then turned the device on, allowing it to whirr to life and begin plunging into his body, stirring, pulling and pushing.

Zach screamed with deep pleasure before forcing his dick back into the med machine and punching ‘Go’ once again.

Both machines worked at his body, doing their jobs while Zach left his body in ecstasy.

He screamed and moaned as his body lay against the machine that was sucking him off while the other machine fucked his brains out from behind.

The machine that thought it was stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey did it’s job well, it had no way of knowing it was actually fucking a horny boy.

Zach’s legs swung maniacally and his toes curled as he rode both machines, a ménage à trois of metal and flesh.

The holiday didn’t seem so lonely anymore, nothing seemed like anything. Zach was blacking out with deep, otherworldly bliss.

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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

Zach closed the lid to Ryan’s sleeping pod with heavy hands, sealing the pod and turning around to an empty room filled with glowing lights.

He performed a final check on everyone’s vital signs before slowly walking out of the room with his paperwork and an assortment of shoes, pens, and other things people had brought in but didn’t want to sleep with.

He walked down the main causeway of the vessel, dumping items in various places while heading for the bridge. When he arrived he jumped into the captains chair, put his feet up on the control panel and slid down the faux leather lining slowly until he was resting with the top of his shoulders pushing into the chair and his feet resting on the top of the panel.

He looked out of the glass and into the deep vacuum of space and sighed as he wondered how the next 11 months would feel.

He’d never imagined that he would actually get to fly a mission as lengthy as this one. He had majored in stasis-sleep sciences because the subject matter fascinated him, but the fact that the job came with months of boredom in enormous stretches hadn’t really occurred to him while in college studying for it.

He stared at his shoes as they rested on the panel for the first ten minutes of the journey before kicking them off and placing his bare feet back onto the panel.

He never saw the appeal of feet. He stared at his own and made a mental note of what they looked like. They were white, not especially large or small; and had pieces of lint in places around the toes where the cheap socks had shed.

He had a few hairs growing out of a couple places on the tops of them, and one of his toenails were chipped from when he’d stubbed his toe the day before.

He couldn’t imagine anyone getting sexual pleasure out of them. So next he got up, kicked off his pants and sat back down, once again putting his feet back on the panel and stared at his legs.

The hair on his legs were standing to attention because of the static electricity he’d charged by ripping his pants off so fast.

He could kind-of understand the sexual appeal of his legs. He could certainly understand them better than he feet.

His legs were long and pure white due to a lack of sun exposure. They were covered in a thin layer of white-blonde hair and looked hairless from a distance.

When he ran his eyes up to the top of his legs he saw a small lump hanging to the left of his underwear and scowled. He’d always wanted a bigger penis.

Next his ripped off his underwear, jacket and shirt and sat back down completely naked. He put his hands behind his head and stared at his entire body, judging it.

He stared at the “freak penis” that lay its head casually on the top of his left thigh, just south of the whisp of light brown pubic hair that grew above and around the base of his penis.

His penis was a very rare exception in the Otter Faction because it had not been circumsized. This was because he had been born while his mother was being raced home from an intergalactic research station during his birth. He had been born while on the journey back and didn’t make it home within the two week ceremonial blessing period. A baby that isn’t circumsized within this time can never be cut because of strict faction body mutilation laws.

Because of this, he had been the laughing stock of his school.

High school and college showers had filled with boys wanting to watch the freak clean himself. Guys pretended to be interested in him so that they could touch and taste the strange abnormality.

He lay here now and looked at the appendage that had caused him so much trouble. It was a light tan colour and free of visible veins and imperfections. It wasn’t large though, and seemed to contrast his long legs. Zach filled with self loathing and shifted to get out of the seat and put his clothes back on when he slid on the chair and nearly fell off.

“Oh my god” he said aloud and lifted his ass to see the mess he’d made.

Zach had forgotten that Ryan had fucked him before going under and filled his ass with cum. He’d been holding it in and had meant to go dump it in the toilet, but had accidentally released it all over this important and valuable chair.

Zach panicked, he reached out and grabbed the shirt that he’d flung onto a nearby control stick. He placed the shirt on the puddle and lifted himself over the central consul so that he could reach down and wipe the seat.

Zach wasn’t very coordinated, he’d tried to skip as much sport as possible while in school to avoid being seen showering. While wiping the mess with his left hand he held the top of the chair with his right for balance.

As he reached further he slipped and landed with his asshole taking in the central consul directional stick.

Zach screamed as his asshole absorbed the top third of the stick.

The stick was only activated and used during evasive moments when the ship was being pursued by enemy combatants.

His asshole was perfectly lubed by the enormous amount of cum that had been shot inside him and was now dripping everywhere. Because of this, even though the stick was thick, it slid inside him easily.

Zach slowly pulled his body up and off the stick while grimacing and trying not to think of the pain he was feeling. Once he was free he swiftly stood up, grabbed his shirt and walked a few steps in the direction of the washing unit.

Three steps later he froze. He stood still for a minute before turning around and looking back at the directional stick.

It sat in the centre panel glistening from cum and bent slightly on its axis. Zach stared and thought to himself for another few minutes before slowly and gingerly walking back to the dripping captains chair and grabbing the top of it with his left hand.

With a graceful swing of his right leg, Zach put his bare foot down onto the puddle of cum in the middle of the chair with a large squelching sound and his other foot on the opposite side of the centre console.

Taking a deep breath, Zach then lowered his torso down onto the directional stick until the mouth of his pink asshole lightly kissed the knob that adorned the top of the stick.

Zach then looked to the ceiling, praying to a higher power; before pushing his asshole down onto the stick and screaming as the stick entered his body.

Zach once again felt the pain he’d experienced earlier, but pain wasn’t the only sensation. The knob had brushed past his prostate which had felt incredible, and the ridges of the stick now hugged the sides of his tight inner canal.

Using the power in his thighs, Zach began to raise and lower himself onto the stick, moaning as it fucked him just the way he liked it.

Because this was a directional stick for steering the ship, Zach was able to angle it in any direction he wanted. First he shot an eye over to the right side of the console panel where a red light reassured him that the stick was absolutely non-functional, then after he felt safe he leaned the stick forward while it stayed lodged inside of him.

Zach grabbed the panel in front of him with both hands, angled the stick inside of him and began to ride the panel, using the stick as its dick.

Zach screamed with pleasure and rode it like a lover.

Once again Zach looked down at his body like he had earlier, he stared at the entire thing and judged.

However this time what he saw was a sweating young man who was full of slim muscles that tensed around a thick fuck stick that was tearing him open on the bridge of a fucking intergalactic warship.

He saw his rock-hard cock swing up and down with each of his thrusts and his thighs powering through the pain and the pleasure. He realized what a prize bottom he was, he was proud for the first time.

Then in that moment, he came.   – Hooked? Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment. And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment.
And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

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Salty Milk Story by Julien Chen - 6M ago

General Hais made his way back to his room and closed the door behind him. He knew that in cumming all over Andre’s face he was signing his acceptance to the mission.

He had no desire to fly into a dying sun in order to find the remnants of a fuel source that would be scarce and probably not prove to be their salvation.

He knew however that it was his duty to ensure the survival of the Faction. Other Factions weren’t going to have mercy if they ever found Otter, and he didn’t want a massacre.

The General half-heartedly packed his military issued suitcases and allowed the Private in charge of luggage administration to retrieve them without even so much as flirting. He knew at this point that his heart wasn’t in it and that he was going to have to do something to make his crew believe that he believed in the mission.

Hais stumbled into the shower and proceeded to wash days worth of cum, lube and sweat from his exhausted skin.

He tried to wipe it all away with the flat of his hand, but the caked on substances wouldn’t budge. After trying at his stomach with his palm, then his fingernails; he then grabbed Hendry’s loofa and scrubbed at himself with all the power his muscles could muster.

“Come on you bitch!” The General yelled as he scrubbed.

This was finally the point at which Hendry woke from his deep, sex-induced slumber.

“Where are you going baby?” The Private called out with a groggy morning voice.

‘The damn kid has become far too familiar’ the General thought to himself as he hastily toweled himself off, threw on a uniform and opened the door.


The General flung the door shut, pulled on the cap that had been the centre point for the previous night’s love making and made his way to his designated space craft.

The General strode onboard the ship and made his way to the bridge, tipping his cap politely each time he met a member of the new crew.

Although he intended on keeping his dick to himself this time, he couldn’t help noticing the abundance of new and sexy talent that the Academy had produced this year.

Hais’ crew was mostly made up of recent Otter University graduates who were getting their service hours as part of their post study conscription requirements.

Hais wasn’t the only one noticing the talent all around, the crew were also noticing each other.

The ship this crew was taking on their mission to the distant sun was the Swallow, a small but capable long distance vessel. This was a vessel that was custom built for a journey of this length, which was necessary as the crew would need to travel 11 months before arriving.

The Swallow was crewed by 12 service members who each specialized in something specific.

Since this was a long distance mission, the crew were going to need to be kept in stasis-sleep for the duration of the trip on both the way there and back.

The downside of a mission like this would be essentially losing two years of their lives, something that felt completely life-ending to young people recently graduated from university and ready to tackle their new lives.

The upside however was that conscription was a two year requirement. This meant that a quick  sleeping trip to a faraway sun and back would mean they could serve their entire service contracts while onboard, then come home to an honorable discharge and the beginning of their new lives fulfilling their career dreams wherever they wanted within the Faction.

Zach was the private in charge of stasis-sleep, so it was his job to ensure that everyone’s sleeping-pods were scientifically and structurally sound and ready for the voyage.

Unfortunately for Zach, being in charge of stasis-sleep meant that he himself wouldn’t get to experience any. For the entire 11 month voyage there, and the trip home, he would have to stay awake and monitor everyone’s vitals.

He would make sure the ship stayed on course, everyone stayed alive and that in an emergency everyone else would wake up on time be able to respond quickly.

Zach moved from pod to pod making sure that everything was still humming along and ready for the voyage as all the commotion of excited young privates skipping in the halls around him filled his ears.

People moved luggage up and down halls, kissed their boyfriends goodbye, cried in fetal positions and ran up and down what would be their new home for the next two years.

Zach was deep in thought as Ryan crept up on him, so he screamed when Ryan grabbed his hips from behind, causing him to drop his spanner.

“Dammit you bitch” Zach called out as he whipped around and smacked Ryan in the shoulder.

“Hurry up privates” Hais called out as he whipped into the room. Ryan and Zach stood to attention.

Jason emerged from behind the General and started counting heads and assigning privates to their sleeping pods.

“Are the pods ready?” Hais called out to Zach, shooting over a strong blue eyed stare.

“Yes General”

“Thats good then,” the General said as he cleared his throat.

A line of privates moved into the small room wearing comfortable clothes and holding small items of personal significance that they planned on sleeping with for the next year.

“I know this is all new for you” the General said with a blank expression.

“I know you must be scared, but this is the time to show who you are and set yourself up for what you will become for the rest of your life. So nut the hell up.”

With that, Hais leapt into his pod and waited for Zach to come and activate it from the outside.

The room held 11 pods that when activated, rose to an assigned position against the wall and slid into a purpose built containment hole. Once the pod was in position, a soft blue light would glow to show that the subject had been rendered unconscious. After securing Hais, Zach secured everyone else into their pods, but left Ryan for last. After 20 minutes they were left alone in the small room, surrounded by ten little blue lights.

“Are you gonna miss me?” Ryan joked as Zach prepared his pod.

“No” Zach coolly replied as he continued to input the pods information.

“You know what happens to liars in this fleet?” Ryan said as he began slipping his hand into the back of Zach’s standard issue pants.

Zach didn’t say anything, mostly because he didn’t want to justify Ryans response; but also because he was really enjoying the feeling of Ryans hand prodding at his asshole.

Once Ryan reached the entrance to his hole, Zach groaned. That was all the encouragement Ryan needed, so with that he ripped Zach’s pants off and opened the top of his own.

Zach turned his head to see Ryan’s fat dick being lifted out of the top of his pajama pants, past the patch of pubic hair that ran up into the thin snail trail that leaked down from his belly button.

Ryan saw Zach looking, so he pushed Zach’s upper back down so that he was bent into the top of the sleeping pod.

He then spat on his dick and pushed it into the opening of Zach’s asshole.

Zach gasped as the dick entered him. He gripped the other side of the sleeping pod and cried out as, in front of 10 sleeping service members, Ryan fucked his ass from behind.

Zach’s intention was to continue working on the pod as Ryan got his sexual energy out of his system, but this it proved impossible as Ryan’s fucking increased in speed and ferocity.

Ryan put his foot up on the pod to stable himself, held Zach’s hips, then began to fuck with increased force from an angle.

Zach put his forehead onto his arms and tried to ingrain this moment into his memory so that he could hold onto it while alone for 11 months.

A few minutes later Ryan couldn’t contain himself anymore and came, pumping his cum into Zach’s torso. Zach screamed and clenched his ass shut, wiping off Ryan’s dick as he pulled it out and holding onto the cum before it spilled onto the ground.

Ryan pulled up his pants, kissed Zach on the cheek and jumped into his pod.

Zach sighed. This was going to be a long year.

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