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You’ve probably heard of the B-vitamin shot that helps to burn fat… it exists! However, it’s not magic, but it will improve your body’s ability to use fat for fuel.

Lipotropic B- shots are unique in that they help to boost fat metabolism, by helping the liver to metabolize fat, and the muscle cells to use fat for energy.

Lipotropic B- shot Benefits:

  • Increased fat breakdown via better use of fat to make energy for your muscles and brain
  • Improved detoxification process in liver and cells
  • Increased cellular energy, increasing your mental and physical energy
  • And long-term use has shown an increase in your muscles ability to burn more fat during exercise
  • Especially beneficial for people with methylation defects, such as MTHFR or COMT
  • Can also support cognitive function, such as improved learning ability and memory

In addition, our shots are special in that we use the best, most absorbable forms of B12 – Methyl B12, Adenosyl B12, and Hydroxy B12 – the powerhouses of B-vitamin energy production.

Our Lipotropic B-shots include:

  • L-carnitine
  • Methionine
  • Inositol
  • Choline
  • Adenosyl B12
  • Hydroxy B12
  • Methyl B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B1

Most people begin to see a difference in energy by the 3rd or 4th injection. Shots can be done one to three times per week, and typically the closer together the shots are performed, the faster the results.

If your main goal is weight loss – a comprehensive approach is the best approach.

We find the Lipotropic B12 shots to be a great addition to a well-thought out diet and exercise plan, such as Keto diet with Intermittent Fasting, or Paleo diet, or a version of Whole 30. The best diet approach is the one that truly works best for you. We are here to guide you with this process – help you review your options, to optimize your health, weight loss and energy.

Sometimes there are other factors at play here that need to be addressed related to hard-to-lose weight.

For instance, maybe your thyroid needs support, or maybe you are moderately gluten intolerant, and this is causing gut inflammation and weight gain. Or maybe you’re exhausted due to low adrenal function and have a positive MTHFR gene that has not been supported. These things can be tested for, and this is what we love to do.

We offer personalized medicine, tailored to your goals and health needs.

If this sounds interesting, check out our special on Lipotropic B shots – which includes a complimentary consultation with one of our Sage Med doctors.

Special: Buy 5 shots, receive 20% Off; Buy 10 shots – Receive 40% Off. 

Additional interesting information on the ingredients in our metabolism-boosting lipotropic B12 shots:

Carnitine – to shuttle fat into the mitochondria to help use fat to make energy, also helps to make ATP, to burn fat. Also helps to expedite the removal of waste from the metabolism process, and antioxidant.

Acetyl L-carnitine – helps with brain energy, reduces cognitive decline found in aging, other medical conditions. L-carnitine expedites the use of fat for energy. More carnitine in the muscle equals more energy that comes from fat burning, as opposed to glucose/sugar burning.

In 2011, Journal of Physiology – supplemented L-carnitine for 6 months, the muscle had a gain of 20% carnitine – increasing fat utilization by an additional 20%. Also increased work output by over 10%, resulting in stronger muscles.

Taking Acetyl – L-carnitine for 4 weeks in one study, reduced the effect of age-related carnitine decline in the brain and liver, and its ability to use fat.

Another study showed a direct ACL to improved memory function, possibly due to an increase in Aceytlcholine – a brain NT that helps with memory, especially short-term memory.

L-carnitine is an amino acid which supports athletic performance, conversion of fat to energy, improvements in cardiac muscle function, and cellular metabolism. It also has been found to benefit energy levels, reproductive health, appetite control, and carbohydrate metabolism.

Vitamin B12 is given in the form of MethylB12, which is an ideal form of B12 for the creation of energy, lean muscle, detoxification and improving brain function. Methylcobalamin is also involved in cardiovascular function, sleep, blood cell formation, and nerve function.

L-methionine is an essential amino acid that supports cartilage building blocks and numerous pathways in the body including the formation of SAMe, which is fantastic for joints and the brain alike. Studies have shown that l-methionine promotes healthy cellular metabolism, enzyme activity, and glutathione concentration (our super antioxidant). Methionine also supports cholesterol metabolism and detoxification.  

Inositol is a component of the B-complex family. Inositol supports healthy mood and emotional wellness, and reduces tension. It does this through supporting our ‘feel-good’ brain neurotransmitters. There is research Inositol may also support a healthy reproductive system.

Choline is an amino acid which assists in fatty acid metabolism, healthy nervous system performance, and brain health.

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It’s common to do a spring clean for our home. After a long dark winter we want to open all the windows, dust out all the cobwebs, and let the fresh air in.  
Why not do the same for your body?
During the winter months it’s easy to eat heavier foods and exercise less.
Which is why the spring is a perfect time to lighten up and shed some of that those toxins that have hibernated in our cells over the winter.
There’s many reasons for a cleanse: increase your energy, shed a few pounds, or get your brain firing on all cylinders. The key is to decrease the amount of toxins coming in while ramping up the amount going out.
All the avenues of detoxification need support: Liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and colon. The following tips can guide you into feeling great.
9 Naturopathic Tips For a Spring Detox & Holistic Cleanse
Although we cannot control everything we’re exposed to we CAN control what we put in our mouth.  
For 7 to 30 days ELIMINATE the following: All Processed Foods (if it comes in a package and has a lengthy ingredient list it needs to go!), All Gluten and any refined Grains/Flours, All Sugar and artificial sweeteners as well, Alcohol,  Dairy, and non – organic and processed meats. Some people will also remove all grains, meats, and legumes as well.
Fresh fruits and Veggies, Sweet Potatoes, Nuts and Seeds, Good quality fats like Avocado and Coconut Milk, and high Omega Fish like Wild Salmon. Some of the best cleansing and rejuvenating  nutrient dense foods include: Beets, Dark Leafy Greens, Crucifierous vegetables like Broccoli and Cauliflower, Dark berries like Wild Blueberries and Blackberries.
3) Drink Lots of WATER
Clean, filtered water-  if you think you are drinking enough – drink more! Add lemon juice or a splash of apple cider vinegar to help stimulate digestion and the detox process.
Once toxins are released from storage in the liver and cells  they need a way out. Good soluble and insoluble fiber helps bind those toxins and remove them though regular bowel movements. If you have sluggish digestion or constipation – the toxins can get reabsorbed. Consuming lots of raw veggies and fruit isn’t enough. You need to add more fiber such as acacia, flax meal, pectin or a combination fiber supplement.
5) Dry skin brushing
This technique is easy and quite pleasant and will get your lymph (the sewer system of our body) moving.  Using a natural brush gently stroke your skin in long motions moving toward the heart. I have people do this while listening to a nice meditation and deep breathing.
6) SAUNA or hot epsom salt baths
At SAGE we love our Infrared Sauna but steam or dry saunas are great as well. 15-20 minutes 3 times per week a great starting place. If you do not have easy access  to a sauna try a warm bath filled with epsom salt and cleansing essential oils such as juniper,peppermint, or frankincense. After your soak wrap up and sweat for 30 minutes to open up those pores and draw out the toxins.
You want additional liver and lymph support. Some excellent ones  are dandelion root, burdock, nettle, chickweed, and garlic.
There are some great pre made teas available and several cups per day are recommended to support. Bitters such as gentian and angelica  stimulate bile which is also important not only in fat digestion but in binding toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides.
Supplements that are great to increase those Phase I and Phase II liver pathways include NAC,turmeric, DIM, molybdenum, selenium and methionine.   TCombination formulas often work great to support both pathways.
Depending on your fitness level this can be your usual routine or if you’ve also been sedentary through the winter start light with about a ½ hour of brisk walking. Moving your body will move your lymph, get you breathing deeply, and hopefully help you break just a little bit of a sweat.
Toxins come in many forms and stress is big one. Add daily  meditation with deep breathing: to exhale carbon dioxide and toxic thoughts and stuck emotions simultaneously.
Turn off the news and limit exposure to place and people that are toxic. Instead turn on some nice calming music or put on a guided meditation or uplifting podcast. Vagal reset or box breathing can help guide you into a parasympthetic (rest and digest) state.
BONUS OPTION: Once the good stuff is in place and the not so good stuff is out- you may consider doing a fast or semi-fast mid way through for a few days. This can be as simple as doing herbals teas and water. I like to add bone broth to get a little bit of protein and gut healing collagen.
Finally remember to be gentle with yourself. There isn’t one perfect cleanse and the first few days of detox can be hard.
Here’s the good news…if you persevere, you will likely feel so amazing  the rest of the cleanse will be easy.
If you want a personalized plan that incorporates these 9 tips make an appointment for a consult by calling the front desk.
Our expert doctor team will build you a detox plan based on your state of health, genetic conditions and desired results.
We’ll support you with ongoing testing and plan modifications…plus we can accelerate progress with treatments like Ozone Therapy, Nutrient IV Therapy, and Infrared Sauna sessions.
Call Today To Book Your Spring Cleanse Consultation
Time For A Detox? What's The Best Detox? How Can a Cleanse Boost Health? - YouTube

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Is Round Up The Reason You're Sick? - YouTube
As a mom, I’m always worried about the toxins our children could accidentally get exposed to…

One of the most common and dangerous environmental toxins is the popular weed killer Round Up.

It could actually be sabotaging the health and wellness of you and your family (children are especially vulnerable).

Recently I discovered research that linked the main chemical found in Round Up (as well as GMO foods) to severe health impacts in adults and children.

I wanted to share what I learned in the above video so people understand how dangerous Glyphosate is, how to avoid ingesting it via food or absorbing it through the skin, and what to do if long term exposure has occurred.

The post Is The Weed Killer Round Up Making You Sick? appeared first on Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic.

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Five Fast Ways Busy Mom's Can Naturally Boost Energy, Banish Brain Fog & Feel Fantastic - YouTube

Moms. We start early. We end late. And when most people see us in action, they assume we’ve got super powers, and super energy to go along with it.

But most mom’s are living the well-known maxim, ‘Fake it til’ you make it.’.  Although the ‘make it’ might be everyone eating leftover spaghetti, wearing crumpled clothes from the clean laundry basket, and reading half a book as you quietly read yourself to sleep.

If this is you (and it has been me), I’m here to tell you that there are tools to help us feel like the super moms we are.

Here’s five fast ways you can naturally boost energy, banish brain fog and feel fantastic!

#1 – More B please

Number one of our top five ways is one of the simplest and effective ways to increase our energy. Most people have heard of B12 and its energy-giving properties, but not all Vitamin B12’s are created alike.

Your best choices are two B12 energy powerhouses – Adenosyl B12 and Hydroxy B12. These two types drive energy production, repair and metabolism. HydroxyB12 helps us work on detoxification and energy production. AdenosylB12 assists with carbohydrate metabolism and boosting mitochondrial energy.

You may have heard of the MTHFR mutation, or methylation defects… this relates to evaluating our genetic information to help us understand our energy production and B12 needs, and this is where these B12 vitamins shine… And if you haven’t? That’s ok, it will still help to clear your mind, add some pep to your step, and increase your physical energy.

There is a combination that I love to use at the clinic that is a nasal B-vitamin spray. It’s fast, easy to take and absorbs quickly.

Tip: Start with a low-dose – 1mg per day. If you get a headache, or feel tired, you are likely detoxing, and have a genetic methylation SNP that needs to be identified.

Call us to get your B-Spray and we can also talk about testing options!

#2 – Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate

While many of us would like to put a number of things in this category (dishes, bills, the catbox), starting with an elimination of energy-draining foods can be incredibly helpful to taking another step towards super-mom energy.

Most people have heard of the famed ‘gluten-free’ diet, which seems so common these days – and it might be easy to write it off as fad. Sadly, it’s real. Gluten has a pro-inflammatory element within (called lectins) that stimulates inflammation, and irritates our gut, which then takes energy to repair.

This is also the case with other big food favorites, such as corn, sugar, dairy, egg, and wheat (which contains gluten). And while they are not all high lectin, they are at the top of the most common food allergies that tend to wear people down.

So, do you best and start small, or jump right in with both feet and find replacements for these groups. Be committed for at least 2 weeks of clean eating. You might detox a little within the first 2-4 days, but after this, most people notice that they start and end the day with more energy.

Tip: Once you’ve done your 2 weeks of elimination, you can get more information from your body by ‘testing’  these foods separately at the end. You do this by eating 3 servings in one day (of the food you’re testing), and note how your body feels.

#3 – Nourish Your Adrenal Glands

The adrenal glands are small glands that have a big job. They release a hormone called cortisol which spikes in the morning so we bounce out of bed (um, or roll), stays steady through the day so we can #GSD (Get Stuff Done), and slowly goes down in the evening so we can relax and eventually go to sleep.

For most busy moms, your adrenals cried Uncle and tapped out awhile ago. Just sayin.’

Most moms can remember the good ol’ adrenal days – when you could stay up late, get up for school/work early, heck, even miss sleep, and it was all good. But once you add years of go, go, and more go, they will squeeze out a little cortisol here and there for you to keep putting one foot forward, but they need a little help. This is where one of my favorite herbs comes in, called Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola has been studied extensively, and research shows it will increase cortisol longevity in our body, enhance muscle recovery and repair, and improve mitochondrial function (our cellular energy generators). Overall this means more and better energy for you.

Some people do best with twice a day dosing (morning and noonish) to keep the energy sustained. However, if you are a once a day gal, morning is a fine place to start.

Tip: Curious about your actual cortisol levels? This can be measured, so you have an exact idea of where you need the most support. Check out our cortisol test here.

#4 – Get a super boost of vitamins

Sometimes when you’re tired, and you’re busy, it’s’ hard to get off the wheel and find time to regenerate. I think many mom’s are amazing at extending themselves to help others, but often put themselves at the back of the line. And once your there, crawling your way back to the front is hard.

Everything discussed here is important to consider to help increase energy, but in my years of practice I’ve found that sometimes a therapy with a bigger impact is needed.

One of my favorite of these types of therapies is IV Vitamin Therapy, and in particular, one that focuses on vitamins that supercharge and revive you (see our Boost IV here).

Here are reasons why you might consider IV vitamin therapy, as opposed to just oral vitamins:

  1. You have tried oral vitamins, and your energy is not changing.
  2. You have gut issues (eg, IBS, Crohns,) or leaky gut, and are likely not absorbing your vitamins properly.
  3. You have had chronic fatigue for a long time, and it is not changing with diet, vitamins or exercise.
  4. You have a diagnosed chronic illness (eg, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, etc) that is also pulling on your available energy.  I have seen an amazing shift in people who begin IV Vitamin therapy, which tends to happen rather quickly. And many times, it is the boost they need to finally have the energy to make other life shifts happen as well – such as an exercise plan, diet changes, etc.

Tip: If you’re curious about IV Vitamin therapy, check out our special on our super-energy Boost IV here – plus, for a limited time we’re offering 50% off your first treatment.

#5 – Increase Your Quality Sleep

While not the sexiest of energy boosters, improving our sleep can make a enormous difference in our stamina through the day. During sleep, we release growth hormone to repair and rejuvenate. If you’re struggling in this area, there are a couple simple sleep hacks that might make the difference.

One gentle approach is a trial of L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea which is calming to the mind, and relaxing to the body. It has also been associated with decreasing anxiety and irritability. A good starting dose is 400mg taken 30 minutes before bed. To help further relax the mind, also try adding a sleep meditation from one of my favorite meditation apps: Insight Timer.

Tip: If quality sleep has been an area that you’ve struggled with for a long time, and you snore or stop breathing during sleep, you should consider talking with your doctor about a sleep study. And know that if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, there are alternatives to C-pap machines available for some through a qualified ‘sleep dentist.’

Starting with one or two of these energy-boosting tips could make the difference between struggling and taking control of your energy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or would just like guidance on more specific ways you could optimize your energy, we would love to see you!

Visit www.sagemedclinic.com

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5 Ways Ozone Therapy Can Heal Your Body - YouTube

Ozone Therapy is an almost ‘magical’ sounding treatment that most people haven’t ever heard of.

Which needs to change because Ozone Therapy can help improve so many conditions including inflammation, infection, gut health, athletic performance, brain function and more!

Tune in and learn about the top 5 ways Ozone can help heal our bodies.

Want to ask Dr. Angila or Dr. Anastasia a question about Ozone or make an appointment? Click below to visit the booking page.

Show Notes:

– Welcome, I’m Dr. Angila Jaeggli of Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic, here with my great friend and colleague, Dr. Anastasia Jones, who’s recently joined the Sage team.

– Hey there.

– Today we are super excited to announce the first show of what will be a weekly series on health tips and solutions on optimizing health and wellness. The first topic today is going to be on ozone therapy which I love, and we’re going to explore the top five uses of medical ozone on reducing pain and stimulating regeneration in your body.

– I think that’s a great topic. Pain is something that everybody can relate to, at least I would say most people over 30 or 35 have been affected by pain in some way, whether it’s a sports injury or some kind of a chronic recurrent injury or arthritis.

– Right.

– If it’s anything that’s keeping people from doing the things they love, this is a really good topic.

– Yeah, right agreed. You know, what’s really amazing about ozone is that when we get it into the body and into the joints, the way that it works is that it actually has a pain relieving affect while working on regenerating your cells. So for instance, can actually regenerate cartilage in the joint space, as well as increase antioxidant activity in your body, and within that joint, which speeds healing. So it’s pretty incredible.

– That’s really amazing actually, because it seems like so many things that people do for pain, for pain management, actually just numbs the pain, but the damage continues to happen. So, it’s not actually helping the body to heal itself or repair the way it sounds like ozone does.

– Right, exactly, yeah, and that’s why it’s listed in one of the regenerative therapy or regenerative medicine. Why it’s in that class, even though you can definitely use it for pain. So, launching into number one, number one use for ozone is for knee pain. I would say this is probably one of my favorite joints to actually treat because, it is such a good responder to healing, so the healing of injury, as well as the reduction of pain long-term.

– And that’s actually something that I can totally attest to. So ozone was fairly new to me, and I had heard great things about it, and seen other people have really good results with it. So I had a knee injury last fall, and it just wasn’t getting better, it wasn’t it wasn’t like this major blowout, but it just hurt all the time, and anytime I tried to do anything, and I was kind of worried that I was gonna be, Oh no, I’m one of those people that’s going to have chronic knee issues, one more thing, I’m getting old, yada, yada, and so I finally came in and I got an ozone treatment. And I would say within 48 hours, because I’d tried everything else already, right.

– Yeah, right of course.

– And it helped a lot, but I still just at this point where it just wasn’t completely getting better. Within 48 hours it was pretty good, and I tested it out on a run a couple days later. It was good, and it stayed great for like six months, and then, I had another little tweak. Came in and got a second treatment, and it’s been good ever since. So I’m totally convinced and sold on it.

– Yeah, yeah. It’s incredible. I had that same experience, actually. Different circumstances, ski injury. And within two treatments it was completely resolved, after having pain for months. And this is what I see in people, whether it’s an acute injury, or chronic, from chronic arthritis, chronic long term multiple injuries on the knee. We can get a shift into a place, with most people. I mean of course, nothing is going to work for everyone. Unfortunately, but with most people we can actually get instant, once someone has the treatment, instant reduction of pain. As well as stimulating the regeneration process, which actually continues for months after you have the injections.

– So I know that, for example with like the knee pain, a lot of times it’s just really a localized injection, right into that joint. What if somebody’s got pain throughout their whole body, like both knees, shoulder? That would be a lot of injections.

– Right. Exactly.

– Is there another way to..

– Not many people want that.

– No. So if somebody’s dealing with multiple point, like multiple areas, multiple joints that are inflamed, that are painful or are damaged. Is there a way to address that?

– Absolutely yes. So we can actually do ozone systemically, and it will go to all of the joints, and start working on healing all of the joints. So this is typically our approach, right? So because, as Dr. Anastasia said, we really don’t want to be, most people are not excited about having every single joint in their body injected. So, what we do is several treatments of systemic ozone, and really with that, we can see incredible reduction in pain. And then, there are situations where maybe one particular joint is having a harder time, and we will work on that one joint. And actually I have a great example of a woman who came in with chronic degenerative arthritis. Bad arthritis in every single joint from her neck to her back, her knees, her shoulders, her wrists, her feet..

– That’s terrible.

– Yeah, she was in a lot of pain and on a lot of heavy duty pain medication. And so, within one treatment, she noticed a difference. And anyone has that severe of pain, you’re looking at multiple treatments. But, by treatment three, we were down quite a bit in pain, and by treatment five, she was already working with her pain doctor to reduce her pain medications by half.

– That’s really great. Cause there’s so many people on really heavy duty pain meds that may or may not even be really working any more, but it’s also compromising their quality of life. And so, I’ve had so many people say like they don’t feel like themselves anymore, or people talk about their loved ones, that they’re just not the same on pain meds. And this does not, ozone does not affect people’s function or cognitive ability, their ability to do things.

– Exactly. No side effects like that. And in fact, this is another topic, but ozone can actually improve cognitive function, or functioning of the brain, and thinking, and focus. So you get other benefits beyond your joints, which is pretty cool.

– Yeah, we can talk about that on another show.

– That’ll be another show. But the next area that people struggle with quite a bit is back pain. And there’s another technique for this as well, but we get into working on the muscles around the spine, through a therapy called trigger point, and can also get directly into the back, or the area around the back, with ozone. And we have the same types of effects.

– Yeah, I’ve been doing trigger point on my patients for years, and I just recently added ozone into it. And it is like, just taking it once again to a whole different level.

– Right.

– Like a therapy that was already really, really good and effective. It’s just to see that, just improve the outcomes, just from such a simple addition, it’s really cool.

– Right. That’s a really good point. I mean it really does move it to another level. Yeah, another level of healing. So another area that, so for number four on our list of five, I’ve used it quite a bit also for fibromyalgia. And this is a tricky one.

– Yes it is. It’s a really, really challenging sort of syndrome to work with with people.

– Right.

– There’s so many different causes, and it manifests in so many different ways. And then people get a diagnosis of it, and some people are great, at least I have a diagnosis, but other people just feel really hopeless, because they think there’s not a lot that can be done for it.

– Right. And as you mentioned, there are many factors that go into fibromyalgia, and all of them need to be addressed, like nutrition and inflammation. But, with doing all of these therapies, again it’s almost like a leveling up again. When we add the ozone, all of those processes seem to work so much better. And we get systemic or full body healing, which is pretty incredible to watch. And lastly, our last area of pain that I just wanna touch on, and again this could be a big subject, is actually helping with nerve pain. Which can be quite devastating as well.

– Oh yeah, it’s definitely debilitating for a lot of people.

– Right. And a lot of people experience that, maybe after a shingles outbreak, or having MS, or Multiple Sclerosis, or having some type of herpes outbreak, can leave lasting nerve pain.

– What about diabetic neuropathy?

– Absolutely.

– That’s one that I see in mine as well.

– Right, right. Yes, again you know because of the regeneration aspects, and the antioxidants aspects, we can get a shift there. And it happens typically pretty quickly. So, yeah.

– Is there, so it sounds like a really great option for most people, a lot of people. Is there anyone who wouldn’t be a good candidate for ozone?

– Yes. Fortunately not very many people can’t do ozone, which is great. But we do have to do some screening before we can do the therapy. So the things that we look for are G6PD. I know that sounds like a strange condition, but actually it is extremely rare, but it is something we have to screen for. Through a simple blood test. Then we have to look for elevated iron. If that’s there, that also could be treated, and people can still receive therapy. And then, low platelets.

– Is that cause it’s a blood thinner? Ozone can thin blood a little bit.

– Yeah.

– Which is typically a good thing for most people.

– Yes, yes. Just for a very rare few that.. Yeah, so we check. We do a little bit of blood, and usually all of those are covered by insurance, which is great.

– Yeah, and we’re typically gonna do a basic blood panel on people anyway, when they’re new patients, so it’s not really anything extra out of the norm.

– Right. Exactly, yeah. So.

– It sounds like incredible medicine. I know it is, but I think other people watching this, just to know that there is another option for pain reduction or resolution, instead of like popping a pill that might kind of help them get through the day, is really exciting.

– Yeah, it’s extremely exciting. And of course you know, we love talking about it. We love educating people on ozone, and we’d love to have a conversation with you. We offer free fifteen minute consults, for people that love to come in and just have a conversation if ozone therapy is right for you.

– You can get on the schedule, best thing to do is Sagemedclinic.com. You’ll be able to check out some of the specials we’re offering, some ozone packages.

– Right, right.

– And also get our information to call and schedule a consult.

– Right. Absolutely. Well thank you so much for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

– We’ll see you soon.

– Thanks.

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Join Dr Angila on the SGTV Heatlh Booster exploring different energy killers…this week she talks about sleep, it’s importance and how to get more health benefits from bedtime.

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Join Dr Angila on the SGTV Heatlh Booster exploring different energy killers…this week she talks about sleep, it’s importance and how to get more health benefits from bedtime.

The post SAGE TV: The Truth About Sleep and Energy appeared first on Sage Integrative Medicine Clinic.

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It is estimated that over 14 million Americans have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, one of the leading causes of Low Thyroid function, and yet this number is only a small fraction of those who actually have the disease.   

Are you one of these people who experience symptoms including extreme fatigue, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, dry, brittle skin and nails, irregular or heavy menstrual periods, constipation, depression and/ or anxiety…and being told your thyroid is “just fine”?

Though some thyroid diagnoses go completely missed you may also be one of many who have been told they have just “low thyroid”, given a pill and sent on their way while symptoms persist and the body continues to attack itself.

In this article, we cover the fundamental causes behind thyroid dysfunction and what you need to know about treatment options.

What is Hashimoto’s?

In a nutshell, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition in which our immune system forms antibodies against the thyroid gland and over time gradually destroys it. Early on there may be no overt symptoms.  It is not just an endocrine disease but one that affects several systems in the body and is highly connected to many other autoimmune conditions as well. If gone untreated it can lead to or exacerbate many other health concerns as well. It is a multi-systemic disease and must be looked at from that perspective.

Why are so many people going under or un-diagnosed?

Simply put, most people are not being tested for it even though it is very common – it is like the elephant in the room that no one is talking about.  It is not because it is hard to diagnose, in fact it can be surprising simple. Initially it involves working with a practitioner who is insistent on running the right tests.

In addition to a TSH, a simple screening tool that is all too often the ONLY test many practitioners run, it is imperative look at a comprehensive panel including Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroglobulin (TG) and Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) antibodies.  The presence of these antibodies in elevated numbers provides the definitive diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, yet in a truly integrative approach we must also look at other markers of autoimmunity and systemic inflammation; as well as Lipid panels, Vitamin D and even Genetic Profiles.

Once Diagnosed What Can You Do?

Many healthcare providers still erroneously believe that thyroid hormone replacement therapy is the only treatment available for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This however is far from the truth.  While thyroid medication is often part of a comprehensive treatment approach it does not treat the disease itself but rather the symptoms of low thyroid. A functional medicine approach is one that has the potential to heal the thyroid as well as the immune system.  By identifying and treating the root cause of disease, the body is given the opportunity to heal.

Possible underlying factors:  

There are many things that may be causing or contributing to Hashimoto’s disease. Usually it is not just one thing but rather a perfect storm that has left the body in a compromised state.


The 5 main areas to evaluate are:

1) Genetics:  Are there genetic factors such as MTHFR and others that prevent the body from synthesizing necessary hormones or detoxifying harmful substances from the body that may be toxic to the immune system as well as the thyroid gland.

2) Nutrition:  Testing for and then correcting underlying nutritional deficiencies can be tricky but is crucial. This may include minerals like selenium and zinc, amino acids like tyrosine,  and Essential Fatty Acids that modulate inflammation.

3) Environment: Past or ongoing exposures to toxins such as heavy metals, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, as well as solvents, plastics, and even pesticides such as Glysphospate (Round-up) which is found pervasively in our food supply. Such chemicals can put tremendous stress on our bodies detoxification systems as well as being directly harmful to our nervous and endocrine system.

4) Infection:  Viral infections or bacterial infections such as Epstein Barr or Lyme can create a situation called molecular mimicry in which the immune system, attempting to fight pathogens mistakenly identifies our own tissues as the foreign invader and mounts an attack on it.

5) Gut Health:  The gut is our barrier to the outside world as well as a critical mediator of our immune system.  If it is out of balance or damaged due to chronic exposure to medications such as antibiotics and acid blockers, pro- inflammatory foods such as gluten or lectins,  and even stress then it cannot do its job effectively. Ongoing stressors can lead not only to dysbiosis – too much “bad” bacteria and not enough “good”, but also to a chronic state of damage and inflammation in which the lining becomes damaged. This is often referred to as intestinal permeability or “leaky gut” and allows proteins into the bloodstream that may trigger inflammation and/or an autoimmune reaction.

Hashimoto’s Can Be Reversed!

Though these may all sound a bit scary, the good news is they can through some good detective work on the part of your Functional Medicine practitioner, Hashimotos can be identified.  With a comprehensive teamwork approach utilizing lifestyle modifications, diet, nutritional supplements, and other modalities, the root causes can be treated and it is possible for the body to return to a state of health and balance.

In Summary

  1. Get the right tests to find out if you have low thyroid vs Hashimoto
  2. Find a Doctor that accounts for all the complicating factors
  3. Don’t settle for just treating the symptoms, find someone who can help you heal

At Sage Med Clinic we specialize in a comprehensive approach to treating low thyroid and Hashimoto’s with an aim to solve the underlying conditions to promote healing.

To schedule your free consult, just call the clinic at 425.835.0359.  

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Our bodies have natural mechanisms to regenerate and renew themselves.

This is the single most important aspect that keeps us, young, healthy and energetic. However, we fall sick because our body’s potential to regenerate itself has been inhibited.

Fortunately, there exists a little known medical procedure that can help restore this vitality. It is referred to as Ozone therapy.


What Is Systemic Ozone Therapy?   

Systemic Ozone therapy is a medical procedure that that uses a highly reactive form of pure oxygen referred to as medical grade ozone to trigger the body’s self healing mechanisms. The reactive nature of the ozone therapy powers the body to detoxify, thus allowing it to heal naturally.   Although Ozone therapy is not well-known in mainstream medicine, it has been in use for over a century now to treat various conditions. Christian Schonbein discovered Ozone in 1840, and Nikola Tesla built the first US ozone generator in 1986.

The actual use of ozone can be traced back in 1902, as a treatment for middle ear deafness. It was also largely used to treat various types of infections during the World War I. Since then, various types of research and clinical trials have been carried out to maximize the use and effectiveness of ozone therapy.   Benefits of Ozone Therapy include increased energy, immune support, cellular regeneration, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity, and antioxidant stimulation. Ozone helps with the rehabilitation of dysfunctional or damaged mitochondria to boost energy levels and push cellular regeneration in the body. It takes energy to get healthy and remain healthy.

As such it plays a crucial role in the healing of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Macular degeneration, Lyme disease, and viral infections such as Hepatitis, Herpes, and Epstein-Barr among others.  


Proper circulation and utilization of oxygen in the body is the most significant factor that contributes to optimal health and anti-aging. Ozone effectively optimizes proper delivery and utilization of oxygen by the cells.

This effectively allows the “cells to breathe” creating  a fountain of youthfulness.

Pain reduction   

One of the areas that ozone excels in is pain management, with many clinical studies attesting its analgesic and regenerative properties. Ozone therapy effectively reduces and in some instances eliminates chronic pain by acting on pain receptors. Moreover, chronic pain is an indicator of poor utilization of oxygen in the body. Its ability to deliver abundant oxygen in those sections effectively combats and eliminates pain. This is the reason why it is effective in treating Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Joint Disease, Arthritis, Chronic tendonitis, Bursitis, and Fasciitis.

Systemic Ozone Therapy for Fibromyalgia   

Fibromyalgia is a chronic rheumatic disorder, with its major symptoms being, generalized pain throughout the body. The pain is mainly felt in the muscles, tendons and ligaments and  is often accompanied by various disabling disorders such as sleep disturbances, persistent fatigue, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. There is also heightened skin sensitivity, prolonged muscle spasms, ashiness in the muscle tissues, and weakness in the limbs. Moreover, patients experience brain fog – a cognitive dysfunction characterized by short-term memory consolidation, impaired concentration and performance speed, cognitive overload and inability to multitask.

Fibromyalgia Cause   

Although the root cause of fibromyalgia is yet to be established, it is suspected to be caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors.  Studies indicate that fibromyalgia patients have low levels of antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase. As such, the underlying factor seems to be the weakened natural antioxidant system and the increase in oxidative stress.    

Treatment – Systemic Ozone Therapy   

The greatest benefit when it comes to using of ozone is that it rekindles the body’s natural healing mechanism. Once administered in the body, the ozone breaks down into simple oxygen elements that contact anaerobic microbes and viruses. These microbes and viruses thrive without air. The ozone bombards the diseased tissue cells with oxygen, oxidizing them without affecting the healthy ones. As it exerts a transient, mild, and controlled oxidative stress, the viral infection and other disease carrying microorganisms are killed.

The end result is the modulation of the immune system and regulation of the antioxidant system which can effectively reduce or eliminate chronic pain in many cases.   Systemic Ozone therapy is an affordable and safe treatment tool, which can be easily administered by a trained professional. It is important to note that, Fibromyalgia treatment should be multidisciplinary. As such, the use of Ozone therapy is most effective when combined with other nutritional, lifestyle, and physical therapies custom tailored by your integrative physician to achieve optimal results.


Ozone therapy: an overview of pharmacodynamics, current research, and clinical utility                            Noel L. Smith,1 Anthony L. Wilson,2 Jason Gandhi,2,3 Sohrab Vatsia,4 and Sardar Ali Khan, M.D.2,5,*                                                                   https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5674660/ Ozone therapy: A clinical review                                                                                                                A. M. Elvis and J. S. Ekta https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312702/ Mechanisms of Action Involved in Ozone Therapy: Is healing induced via a mild oxidative stress? Sagai M1, Bocci V. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22185664/

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Every spring, do you get itchy or puffy eyes? Sneezing and runny nose? Itchy throat or ears? Cough, irritability and fatigue? If you answered yes to any of these, you may have seasonal allergies!

What is Seasonal Allergies?

Also known as hay fever, seasonal allergies occur when mold release their spores or pollen is released by trees and plants.  When this occurs, 10-30% of individual’s immune system in the United States react and release histamines which causes the typical allergy symptoms (UpToDate).

Have Allergy Symptoms? What you can do to help!

Natural Treatments

Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) has been studied to show anti-histamine effects without any side effects (Bielory, 2014), however this is a short term herb, meaning you should not take it long term and herbs are medicine, so like any medicine, ask your doctor about your seasonal allergies and if Butterbur is right for you.

Tinofend (Tinospora cordifolia) is another herb that is great for seasonal allergies. In a double-blind randomized trial, they found that it significantly improved symptoms of itchy nose, sneezing, and nasal discharge compared to placebo (Bader et al; 2014).

Why You Don’t Want to Take Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to seasonal allergies, the first treatment that may pop into your mind is Claritin! But Claritin, and all the other pharmaceutical drugs have many side effects that can cause long term damage to our body. According to Lexicomp, Claritin has a huge warning associated with hepatic and renal impairment, not to mention a giant list of drug interactions. But now that you know there are ways to treat your allergy symptoms naturally, you don’t need to take drugs like Claritin! There are so many more things that you can do to help with your symptoms, but everyone is unique, so make an appointment with your Naturopathic Doctor to get a specific treatment plan that is right for you!

 Prevention is the best cure!

What’s even better than having a natural solution to your season allergy symptoms, free of awful side effects? Its not getting it from the first place… and guess what! There’s a way! Try these simple things 1-2 months before allergy season!

Things you can do to prevent seasonal allergies:

  1. Eat 1 tablespoon of local honey every day 1-2 months before allergy season! You need to make sure it is local, so you’re consuming the pollen that is in the honey that is around you so your immune system can be exposed to them and not react to them when the full blown allergy season begins.
  2. Add probiotics into your diet! You can either take probiotic supplements or add probiotic foods to your diet such as yogurt or pickled veggies like kimchi.
  3. Exercise! In a study, they found that steady moderate exercise significantly decreased circulating IgE (immune cells that increase with allergy) concentration in volunteers wiwth known allergy compared to those who did not exercise (Aldred et al; 2010).

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