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Most of us get nose bleeds now and again. They’re usually pretty mild and quite easy to stop. That’s not the case for everyone though. Most people don’t know the proper way to stop a nose bleed. As a parent it’s especially important to know how to properly handle nose bleeds in kids.

Nose Bleeds in Kids

As a teaching major there are many things that I have learned over the years. Not surprisingly there were things about first aid that I needed to know. One of the things I learned was how to properly stop nose bleeds.

Nose bleeds in kids are quite common. Spend time working with a group of kids and it’s something that will come up. Sometimes it’s from small accidents on the playground. Other times they come out of nowhere.

Even though teachers are trained in how to stop nose bleeds the typical response is to hand the student a tissue and to send them to the office. That’s usually all that is needed.

As a parent though it’s a bit different. You are the one in charge and you need to get the bleeding under control. It has been many years since Nick has had a terrible nose bleed, but it used to be more common. Nick never got small nose bleeds either. When he got them there was always so much blood it looked like a scene out of a horror movie.

I’ll never forget the first bad one he had. We were on vacation at my grandparent’s cottage in Florida. In an instant blood starting dripping out of Nick’s nose and then it started coming out heavily.

Even with my training I found my own head went fuzzy while I watched all that blood coming out of my son. I got myself together though and was able to help him. Luckily I knew what to do.

How to Stop Nose Bleeds?

When it comes to nose bleeds the first thing everyone wants t know is how to stop them. There are a few steps to take. Especially if it’s a really bad nose bleed.

Before I get into the steps though I want to stress something. Many of us were told in our childhoods that if we have a nose bleed we should lay on our backs to help stop the blood from flowing out, but this is not what should be done at all!

*No matter what you might have been taught to do in the past don’t lay your child on their back to stop their nose bleed. This can cause the blood to run down their throats. They could then swallow it and it could cause vomiting.*

Now, with that public service announcement out of the way here is what you should do to stop a nose bleed.

Stay Calm

The first thing you need to remember is to stay calm. Your child likely will already be upset about the situation, and they probably aren’t going to be happy about what they have to go through to get the bleeding to stop. If you don’t present a calm appearance to your child then there is no way that they will be.

Act in control (even if you don’t feel that way) to calm your child’s nerves. Move swiftly, but surely, and talk to your child in a calm and soothing voice. You might have to put a little authority into your voice to get through to your child. Just try to do it in a calm way.

Stop the Flow

To stop the blood flow have your child lean slightly forward and then pinch the soft part of their nose shut with your thumb and fore finger. Your child will need to breath through their mouth during this part.

Younger children can get scared at this point because they worry about not being able to breath. Instruct them to breath through their mouth and talk them through what is happening.

If possible keep the nose pinched shut for 10 minutes. If you child can’t last that long then just do it for as long as you can. Nick can never handle 10 minutes straight, so we often have to take a moment to stop and then try again. If you have to stop make sure to hold a tissue near their nose to catch any dripping blood.

If your child’s nose is still bleeding after the first 10 minutes than reapply pressure and check again in another 10 minutes.

Add Ice

While you’re pinching the nose shut you can hold an ice pack to the nose and cheeks (if your child will stand for it). The cold will constrict the blood vessels and help stop the bleeding.

Keep the Blood from Coming Back

Once the nose bleed has stopped there are some things you can do to keep the blood from coming back. The main thing is to make sure that you child doesn’t blow their nose for awhile. WebMD says that after a nose bleed you shouldn’t blow your nose for 12 hours. That certainly is easier said than done though. Just get your child to go for as long as they can without blowing.

You can also put some Vaseline on the inside of their nose. This helps to remoisten the membranes in the nose. Not all kids like this though, so don’t be surprised if they get upset over the thought.

How to Prevent Nose Bleeds?

So now you know how to stop a nose bleed, but it’s even better to prevent one from happening in the first place. Nose bleeds are mostly caused by the membranes in the nose drying up. This often happens due to dry air conditions, or from over use as can happen at the end of a cold.

Use Vaseline

As I mentioned above you can add moisture back into the nose with Vaseline. All you need to do is get a little Vaseline on your finger tip and rub it inside the nose right at the opening. Then you just leave it there. It’ll eventually just dissolve or will come out when your little one wipes their nose. I always do this if I notice the start of a nose bleed, but you can do it if you think conditions are right for causing a bloody nose.

Use a Humidifier

The easiest way to keep the membranes in the nose from drying out is by keeping the air moist. Nick and I both have humidifiers in our rooms. They’re great not only for helping with nose bleeds, but they help keep our skin from drying out to help prevent eczema as well.

The one we have for Nick’s room is a Crane USA Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier for Kids. These humidifiers are made to look like animals and are simply adorable! Nick’s is a dog, but that look isn’t one that is actively sold any more. You can often find them for around $30 which is a great price. If you see one under $25 grab it. That’s a really great deal.


See a Doctor

While I personally wouldn’t do this as a first step, if your child is having heavy nose bleeds consistently than you probably should talk about it with their pediatrician. In some cases they can cauterize the nose to keep the bloody noses from even occurring. They actually had to do this for one of my younger cousins and it completely stopped her nose bleeds.

In other cases consistent bloody noses can be a sign of something more serious. It your child is getting heavy nose bleeds often it certainly is worth a trip to the doctor to make sure everything is alright.

Nose bleeds in kids are anything but fun. They can be upsetting for both parent and child, but they usually are something that some at home first aid treatment can help.

Related Health and Wellness Posts Disclaimer: All content on this Web site, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Use of this site and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.

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Do you have a child that is at the age that they are about to start loosing teeth? Make things easy for the Tooth Fairy and put those lost teeth in this adorable Tooth Fairy bag.

Easy DIY Tooth Fairy Bag

I would love to know who’s idea it was, way back when, to have children stick their itty-bitty teeth under a pillow, and to then make adults go hunting for them. Seriously, who can find those things?

My mother was lucky because she never had to do that with me. Before I lost my first tooth one of my older cousins gave me a Tooth Fairy bag that they had used. What a brilliant idea!

My mother really made things easy by telling me to put it on my nightstand instead of under my pillow. She never had to go hunting for that little tooth, and she also didn’t have to worry about possibly waking me up.

Several months ago it became obvious to me that we needed to start getting ready for Nick’s first tooth to come out. I went to my mom’s hoping to find that Tooth Fairy bag that I had used, but search as we did we couldn’t find it. I knew I wanted Nick to have a bag, so I set about making one on my own.

Nick’s Tooth Fairy bag actually got finished on the day he lost his first tooth! I was easily able to tell him to put the bag on his nightstand because the puff paint was hardly dry and I was worried it wasn’t quite dry enough to be slept on. Nick loved getting to use his Tooth Fairy bag, and I loved how easy it made things for me!

Supplies Need to Make a Tooth Fairy Bag

I would like to note that I hand sewed this bag. I do not own a sewing machine, and sewing by hand is just something I do. If you have a sewing machine you can certainly use that to make this. You’ll probably get it done even faster than I did if you do.

  • 2 Pieces of 6×6 Felt – We made our bag using two different colors of felt because I got this felt package from Amazon. It comes with tons of different colors, and they’re all different. You do not need to use two different colors though. I just found that package to be the best priced for what I wanted.
  • Tooth Tracer – You can print off the tracer that I made. I chose to print it on card stock paper so that it was thicker and less flimsy for tracing.
  • Puff Paint – Any puff paint, or fabric paints, will work. We loved this set of puff paint because it had glitter in the paint that made it a lot of fun.
  • Permanent Marker – You may find a pencil or pen work to trace the tooth onto the felt. I found that nothing but a permanent marker would show up on the felt that I used.
  • Needle – These are the needles that I prefer for sewing projects
  • Thread – Any color of thread will really do because your sewing will not show when you’re all done, but I like using embroidery floss like these options best.
How to Make a Tooth Fairy Bag

What I love about this craft is how easy it is. Even if sewing isn’t your thing, and you can’t imagine sewing a straight line, it’ll be fine. With the way this bag is made it’s easy to hide imperfections.

The first thing you need to do is print off the tooth tracer and cut it out.

Then you’re going to trace the tooth onto each piece of felt. Once you’ve traced it you can cut each “tooth” out. Try to cut just within your trace lines so you won’t have to worry about them showing when you’re bag is finished.

Next you’re going to sew the two teeth together. To do this place the teeth together and make sure they line up. Don’t worry if they’re not the exact same due to your cutting. I promise no one will ever know when it’s done.

You’ll start sewing in one of the top sides. Continue to sew down the length of the tooth and back up until you reach the top of the other side. Make sure not to sew up the top of the tooth. Otherwise you’ll have stitched your bag shut.

For the sewing all you need to do are simple stitches just going in one piece of felt and coming out the other side. Just keep going back and forth.

After you have finished sewing the teeth together you’ll want to invert the material to turn the bag right side out. Much like when you fix clothing that is inside out. By doing this the seams that you just created will now be on the inside of the bag so no one can see them.

The felt I used was a bit stiff, but I was still able to turn it right side out fairly easily. If the bottom of the tooth won’t turn out well just use something like a butter knife to help push them from the inside.

At this point your bag is pretty much finished! All you have left to do is decorate it. This is a great part to let the kids help. Nick had a hard time squeezing the puff paint, but he helped me decide how the decorations should look and what colors to use.

I chose to add Nick’s name to the bag, but if you want to use the same bag for multiple kids you may want the bag to say something like “My Tooth” on the front. Although you certainly don’t have to put any writing on it at all if you don’t want to.

Once you’re done decorating leave your bag to dry for the amount of time that your paint mentions. Ours needed to dry for several hours. In fact ours was dry just in time for Nick to put his tooth in the bag for the Tooth Fairy before going to bed. We still tried not to really touch the puff paint before the next morning though just to make sure it was good and dry.

That’s all there is to it! The Tooth Fairy bag really is a fun item to use, and it makes things so much easier. I have no desire to try to find a tiny tooth lost under a pillow and risk waking Nick up in the process. This adorable bag is the perfect solution.

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Does your little one have a dentist appointment coming up? The thought of going to the dentist can be frightening to kids, but you can help prepare them for their next visit with these 15 books about visiting the dentist.

15 Books about Visiting the Dentist

I’ll admit that I wasn’t very good about getting Nick to the dentist. Our dentist didn’t feel it was necessary before at least the age of 3, and Nick has always been very sensitive to loud sounds. I honestly was nervous that he’d not handle the appointment well, so he was well over 4 before I finally got up the nerve to take him.

Once I had finally made the appointment I knew that I had to start getting Nick prepared for his dentist visit. Being the language arts major that I am I have always turned to books to help prep for different life things. I did some research and found 15 great books about visiting the dentist.

I have listed them with Amazon links below so you can learn more about them to see if they’re right for your child. I hope these books help prepare your child as these books about visiting the dentist did for us.

The Berenstain Bears: Visit the Dentist – By Stan and Jan Berenstain

Sister Bear watches Dr. Bearson fill Brother Bear’s small cavity. Then it’s her turn in the chair to have a dangling baby tooth removed. An entertaining story for preschoolers of a cheerful and informative visit to a dentist.

ABC Dentist: Healthy Teeth from A to Z – By Harriet Ziefert

From Appointments, Bibs, and Cavities through X-rays and how to combat icky Yellow film on teeth, this book takes kids on a reassuring tour of a trip to the dentist’s office. Bright, friendly collage artwork pairs with informative facts on equipment and procedures. This new edition includes an addendum with activities, frequently asked questions, and suggestions for parents and teachers on how to maximize the book’s usefulness.

Curious George Visits the Dentist – By H. A. Rey

Curious George bites into a shiny apple made of wax and his tooth begins to hurt. When George shows his wiggly tooth to the man with the yellow hat, he takes George to the dentist. It’s his first time, and George is nervous, but he overcomes his fear and learns about better dental hygiene—with a little good-natured mayhem on the side!C

 With art in the style of H. A. Rey, this engaging story will show young readers that there is nothing scary about wobbly teeth and that a visit to the dentist can actually be fun! Includes activities and information about healthy teeth, plus a sheet of stickers to celebrate good brushing habits or a successful dentist visit.
Just Going to the Dentist (Little Critter) – By Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer’s very popular Little Critter is on his way to the dentist. It’s a thorough check-up, complete with dental x-rays. When Dr. Ghum insists on filling a cavity, Little Critter goes through it bravely. The visit is painless to the reader because of Little Critter’s funny, honest way of look at things — including the world of dentistry.

Dora Goes to the Doctor/Dora Goes to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer) – Random House

Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer gets a checkup from her doctor and dentist! This 2-in-1 storybook featuring two Dora stories is a great read for girls ages 3–7 plus it includes over 50 stickers!

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist – By Leela Hope

Walter Wolf is like any other four year old. He hates going to the dentist! Except he’s never actually gone before. But he’s heard how scary it is, full of drills aiming for his canines.

Imagine his surprise when his Mommy lets him skip the dentist appointment. But there’s a catch–to protect his teeth, he can’t have any candy! Walter discovers there are far worse things than going to the dentist after all.

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist is a light and funny tale that will charm kids aged 3-7 while teaching them there’s nothing to fear about going to the dentist.

Let’s Meet a Dentist – By Bridget Heos

Have you ever had a toothache? Or gotten your teeth cleaned? Dr. Florez could help you out! She’s a dentist, and today she has an office full of curious visitors. They try out her dentist’s chair and look at X-rays of teeth. They also learn how she helps patients keep their teeth clean and healthy. Hooray for dentists!

Dentist (First Time) – By Jess Stockham

What will happen? Will it hurt? Will you stay with me? Reading Dentist with your child is the perfect opportunity to talk about these questions, and many more! Young children’s lives are full of new experiences and these books help make them less scary. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child. Use these books as a starting point to talk to your child and help them to understand and prepare for these events, and to share any worries they may have.

Dentist Trip (Peppa Pig) – Ladybird

Peppa, George and Mr Dinosaur are going to the dentists. It’s George’s first visit and he’s a teeny bit nervous. Find out how the trip goes in this lovely little adventure.

Elmo Visits the Dentist – By P. J. Shaw

The Big Bad Wolf has a toothache, but is nervous about going to the dentist! His good friend, Elmo, decides to go with him. With the help of Miss Stella, Elmo shows Big Bad there is nothing to be afraid of!

DK Readers L1: A Trip to the Dentist – By Penny Smith

Sarah, Josh, and Rabbit are off to the dentist. Join them as they discover how to keep their teeth clean and bright. This book accurately portrays a trip to the dentist and is perfect for young children who are just learning to read.

Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth – By Lucy Cousins

Maisy’s friend Charley has a wobbly tooth! He’s going to the dentist for the first time, and he’s a little nervous. Luckily, Maisy, Tallulah, Eddie, and Cyril are happy to accompany their toothy friend to the dentist’s office, where they make some fun discoveries. Charley gets an x-ray, a smiley button, and a book to take home, but what will happen with his wobbly tooth?

What to Expect When You Go to the Dentist – By Heidi Murkoff

With the help of Angus, the lovable Answer Dog, this book explains who dentists are, what they do, why they use all those funny tools, and why regular visits to them can mean a healthier smile.

Celebrate! Going to the Dentist – By Sophia Day

From start to finish, this book focuses on what goes on during a dentist visit in hopes of calming nerves and relieving fears that children have of going to get their teeth cleaned.

Show Me Your Smile! A Visit to the Dentist (Dora the Explorer) – By Nickelodeon Publishing

It’s time for Dora the Explorer’s checkup at the dentist. Dora explores the dentist’s office, gets her teeth cleaned, and more! She even gets a special treat for being such a good patient!

These books about the visiting the dentist were so helpful for getting Nick ready for his first visit, and even visits after that. I hope some of them are able to help prep your child as well!

More Book Collections

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When it comes to cake baking you aren’t likely to find a lot of recipes without eggs. Still it is possible to make a great cake without adding any eggs to the batter. This egg-free chocolate cherry bundt cake recipe is a perfect example of that.

Egg-Free Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake Recipe

Over the years I have modified so many baked good recipes to make them egg-free. Nick loves baked goods, but when his egg allergy was at it’s peak everything containing eggs was off limits, and that included all baked goods. This meant that buying a birthday cake at the local bakery wasn’t going to work. Instead I figured out how to make egg-free cakes for us.

One year for my birthday I decided that I didn’t want a typical birthday cake. To change things up I decided to make a chocolate cherry bundt cake. It was a cake I knew we’d all like, but the original recipe called for not only one, but two eggs! I was able to easily modify the recipe though by substituting applesauce for the eggs. My modified recipe turned out just as good as the original.

Ingredients Needed for an Egg-Free Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake How to Make an Egg-Free Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake

Making the chocolate cherry cake is really quite easy. Although it does require a decent amount of baking time.

To start add the flour, sugar, oil, applesauce, vanilla, baking soda, and cinnamon together in a bowl and mix well. You should end up with a pretty crumbly looking batter when you’re done mixing.

Next stir the cherry pie filling and chocolate chips into your batter.

At this point your batter is ready to be poured into the bundt pan. Before you do that though make sure you grease and flour the bundt pan. To do that spray the pan and put some flour in the bottom of it. Then tilt the pan and tap it to move the flour around so that most of the areas are covered with flour. You can add more flour to the pan if you don’t have enough in it to cover the sides.

Once your pan is prepped you can pour the batter in. Then place it in the oven to bake at 350 for an hour.

After an hour poke the cake with a toothpick to make sure that it is fully baked. If the toothpick comes out clean put the bundt pan on a safe surface and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Finally turn the pan over on a plate and remove the cake. At that point you can allow the cake to cool down the rest of the way on the plate.

I personally would wait at least 5 minutes before taking the cake out of the bundt pan. If you take it out too soon the bottom could get a bit sticky and stick to the plate you put it on. It’s not a big deal as it’s still easy to remove from the plate, but it can be a bit annoying.

When it is time to serve your cake you can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top to give it a finished look if you’d like. A sugar sifter makes this really easy, but if you don’t have one you can rub the powdered sugar between your fingers as you move your hand around.

This egg-free chocolate cherry bundt cake recipe is a top favorite of our family. It really is easy to make. It is also a nice change from the typical frosted cake recipes. I hope your family loves it as much as ours does!

Egg-Free Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake
Author: Rock-A-Bye Parents
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time:  15 mins
Cook time:  1 hour
Total time:  1 hour 15 mins
Serves: 16 Slices
  • 2 Cups of flour
  • ¾ Cup of oil
  • 2 Teaspoons of vanilla
  • 1 Teaspoon of baking soda
  • ½ Cup of applesauce (cinnamon flavor optional)
  • 1 Teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 Can of cherry pie filling 21 ounce
  • ½ Bag of chocolate chips
  • Powdered sugar
  1. Add flour, sugar, oil, applesauce, vanilla, baking soda, and cinnamon and mix well.
  2. Stir in pie filling and chocolate chips.
  3. Pour into greased and floured bundt pan. Bake for 1 hour at 350.
Egg Free Baking Resources: More Recipes without Eggs


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When it comes to graduation gifts money is what most people end up giving, but a check in a card isn’t really fun and exciting. A money pizza on the other hand is a lot of fun. Wondering how to make a money pizza? It really is quite easy.

How to Make a Money Pizza

There are so many things that graduates need as they head off to college. Instead of the typical check we used to give gift cards. Gas cards were something that we gave a lot.

We prefer giving an actual gift though, but it’s hard to know what each graduate needs. Then someone told my mom about how they made a money pizza as a gift. Ever since it has been what graduates get from us.

A money pizza is such a perfect gift because it is a gift. One that you even took time to create for the graduate. At the same time you’re still giving the graduate money that they need.

Supplies Needed for a Money Pizza Box
  • A large pizza box – You can reuse a pizza box that you have gotten pizza in as long as the box is still clean. You might want to get a new pizza box though. It never hurts to ask for one at your local pizza place (works best if you’re picking a pizza up at the same time).  They might want to know why you want it, but most places will happily give you one.  You can always help sway them by letting them know it’s free publicity because a lot of people are going to see that box!
  • Thin piece of cardboard to make into the “pizza.” You want this piece to be about as large as the width and length of the pizza box.
  • Red paper – You can use construction paper or tissue paper.
  • Money (bills and coins)- Go to the bank and take out the amount of money that you want to give the graduate.  The amount of bills you need depends on the size that you make your money pizza. You most likely will need 15 to 20 rolled up bills, but you don’t need to give all large bills.  You can have a mix of say 20s, 10s, and 5s.  Don’t forget to add the amount that the coins add up to as part of the gift amount.
  • Shredded paper – I just took paper right from the paper shredder, but you could rip paper up too.
  • Tape

How to Make a Money Pizza Gift

The first thing you need to do is cut out your thin piece of cardboard into a large circle. This is the base of your pizza. It does not need to be a perfect circle. Adding the bills will help give it a circular look. Finish by covering it with the red paper.

Now you want to roll up your bills hot dog length.  If you have a more bills to use then you have space for then you can roll two bills up together.  Once rolled up use a piece of tape to hold the roll together.

When putting the tape on the bills you want to use a smaller sized piece. You do want the piece to be big enough to hold, but if it’s too big the graduate will have to spend a lot of time taking the gift apart. You do not want the piece to be so big that one part of the piece of tape overlaps the other part.

Once your bills are rolled up yo can start adding them to the cardboard “pizza.” Start by doing the outside. You’ll need to bend them slightly to give a curved look to the pizza. Attach the bills by taping it down with rolled up pieces of tape. I find the bills stay better if you use three pieces of tape. One in the middle and then one on each end.

Depending on the exact size of your pizza you may have some of the bills overlapping. You’ll just have to play with it to find out what your money pizza needs.

After you have the outside boarders of the pizza done use the extra bill rolls to create the “slices” of the pizza. Using 6 bills to make 6 slices usually works the best.

When you have slices created it’s time to add toppings to your pizza. This is when you’ll add all of the coins that you gathered. As with the bills you’ll attach the coins with a rolled up piece of tape.

There is no specific way that you need to put the coins on. Just put some here and some there. I think it looks cool when you add all different types of coins, but you could do say all quarters if you want to.

Finally top your pizza off with “cheese” by adding the shredded paper.  This doesn’t need to be tapped down.  Just throw the paper on there. Once the cheese has been added your money pizza is ready to be placed in the pizza box and given to the graduate.

There you have it. That is how to make a money pizza. This is such an easy gift to make, and I can guarantee that it’ll be the hit of the party.

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Home renovations can be on the expensive side, especially when you have a growing family. However, since you, as a parent, want to create a safe, comfortable and positive environment for your children, you need to undertake a renovating endeavour from time to time. Fortunately, there are more than a few budget-friendly renovation ideas that will help you provide your family with a cosy and welcoming home.

Paint it Up

Repainting your home is one of the simplest and most affordable solutions that will undoubtedly introduce a sense of novelty to your family space. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to create a more inspiring and stimulating environment for your children. You can use their favourite colours for their bedrooms while introducing a warm, neutral palette to your living room for welcoming appeal. The bathroom and kitchen can also benefit from a fresh coat of paint, especially if you go with timeless shades such as black, white, grey and earthy tones. For a wow effect, you can create accent walls using conspicuous shades or paint different patterns. Finally, you can even repaint your old flooring and give it a beautiful new flair.

Reuse and Repurpose

One of the basic principles of renovating on a budget is using what you already have in a new and exciting way. Reinventing old pieces will save you a lot of money while creating a new atmosphere in your home. For instance, if you’ve always wanted a headboard for your comfy master bed, you can simply use old wooden doors for a rustic vibe. You can also transform old chairs into an outdoor bench for your family or use wood stumps as stylish side tables. If you have some old wooden wardrobe that you don’t like anymore, you can disassemble it and use the wood for floating shelves. There are plenty of other creative ideas that will allow you to give your old pieces a new purpose and save a fortune.

Go Solar

Installing solar panels might be a bit expensive at first, but it will certainly increase your savings in the long run. This is an investment worth making because it will reduce your energy consumption and cut your electricity bill. If you go with a reliable 5kWp solar system, a powerful solution that will definitely meet the needs of an average household, you can save up to $1800 every year. Eventually, this will amount to quite a sum, offering you a high return on your investment. Green improvements are one of the most profitable investments you can make that will not only increase the value of your home, but that will also protect the environment and teach your family to be eco-friendlier.

Experiment with Wallpaper

When designing your home, you need to create a playful look that will keep your children inspired while also reflecting your own personal style. Although creating a balance can be difficult, it certainly isn’t impossible. For instance, wallpaper is a versatile and cost-effective solution that will allow you to style up your home. You can experiment with different patterns and texture for enticing appeal. In your kids’ rooms, you can use a playful and colourful wallpaper design that will transform their space into a stimulating environment. In other areas of your home, you can use wallpaper with a metallic finish for a luxurious look or botanical motifs for a nature-inspired design. In addition, if you opt for removable wallpapers, you can easily replace them when you and your family grow tired of them.

Choose Minor Updates

Simple changes can completely transform your space at a budget-friendly price. In addition, sometimes minor improvements are even more affordable than major remodels. For instance, instead of wasting a fortune on a complete kitchen makeover, you can simply replace the hardware or repaint the cabinets. The same goes for the bathroom – adding a new shower curtain, updating storage units and replacing old faucets can create a lovely new look. Keep in mind that one of the most effective ways to cut your costs on home renovations is to do one thing at a time. Thus, you should update room by room instead of doing everything at once.

Create an Outdoor Space

Encouraging your children to spend time outside is essential for their development and well-being. Therefore, you should provide them with a comfy outdoor space where you can spend time together. This can be completely cost-free if you use what you already have. Use some indoor furniture to create a seating area, add some lovely plants and stylish accessories, and your family outdoor space is ready.

With these simple and affordable renovation ideas, you can design a more comfortable and inspiring home for your family without breaking the bank.

More Homemaking Tips and Ideas

About the Guest Author: Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator  blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.




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While looking for Disney World planning tips you have probably found that there are a lot of dining options at Walt Disney World. If you’re looking for a buffet that is sure to please then you’ll want to checkout Trail’s End Restaurant!

Trail’s End Restaurant in Walt Disney World

Tucked in the back of Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Trail’s End Restaurant is an amazing buffet that many big Disney fans don’t even know of.

Trail’s End has a rustic flare that is fitting of it’s Fort Wilderness location. Inside there are high beamed ceilings. Hanging on the walls you’ll find such things as snowshoes, wagon wheels, and mounted animals. The space is large, but it has the feeling of being in a tavern on the prairie.

To keep with the feel food is served on skillets. Drinks are brought to diners in mason jars, and the plates on the buffet are an old fashioned pewter.

Trail’s End restaurant serves an all-you-care to enjoy countrified buffet full of American favorites. The buffet is served for breakfast and dinner, as well as brunch on select days.

We have been huge fans of Trail’s End buffet for a long time. Besides the amazing food, the buffet prices are lower than you’ll see at many other buffets around Walt Disney World.

Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet is full of choices sure to please everyone in your party. It is served Monday through Friday from 7:30 until noon.

The cost of the buffet varies by season An adult meal ranges from $17.99 to $22.00. A child’s meal is for kids ages 3 to 9 and the price ranges from $9.99 to $12.00. Kids under 3 dine for free.

Buffet options are always subject to change, but as of this posting the breakfast buffet includes:

  • Fresh Baked Pastries (If the sticky buns are out get one. They are amazing!)
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • Breakfast Pizza
  • Breakfast Hash
  • Assorted Mickey Waffles
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
  • Pulled Pork Benedict
  • Specialty Country Pork Dish
  • Bread Pudding
  • French Toast Custard Pudding
  • Cheese Grits
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt Parfait Station
  • Vegetable Frittata
  • Warm Apple Compote
  • Assorted Cereals
Dinner Buffet

The dinner buffet is full of good old fashioned country cooking. We normally do breakfast or brunch, but I’ve done dinner at Trail’s End before and it’s really good!

Dinner is served from 4:30 until 9:30 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday. It is served from 4:30 until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The cost of the buffet varies by season. An adult meal ranges from $26.99 to $32.62. A child’s meal is for kids ages 3 to 9 and the price ranges from $15.99 to $18.90. Kids under 3 dine for free.

Dinner options are always subject to change, but as of this posting the current menu items are:

  • Assorted Salads
  • Salad Bar
  • Soup of the Day
  • Chili
  • Peel-n-Eat Shrimp
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Smoked Pork Ribs
  • Fried Chicken
  • Assorted Pasta and Sauces
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Hand-Carved Roasted Meats
  • Fresh Catch of the Day
  • Salmon
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Homemade Fruit Cobbler
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Sundae Bar
  • Pecan Bars
  • Assorted Brownies
  • Assorted Cookies.
Brunch Buffet

The brunch buffet option was added to Trail’s End Restaurant a year or so ago. We normally eat at Trail’s End on Sunday mornings, so we get to enjoy the brunch. It really is good. The brunch has become a popular option, so you really want to make sure you have reservations before going. Brunch is offered on both Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

The cost for brunch varies by season. An adult meal ranges from $23.00 to $25.00. A child’s meal is for ages 3 to 9 and costs $13.00 to $15.00. Kids under 3 dine for free.

Menus are always subject to change, but as of this posting the menu items for brunch are:

Breakfast Offerings

  • Mickey Waffles
  • Belgian Waffles
  • Omelets and Eggs to Order
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Grits
  • Vegetable Frittata
  • Sausage and Bacon
  • Hash Brown Potatoes
  • Canadian Bacon Benedict
  • Pulled Pork Benedict
  • Assorted Melons, Strawberries, and Citrus
  • Yogurt
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Assorted Pastries (Grab a sticky bun. They’re amazing!)

Lunch Offerings

  • Pasta
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Fried Chicken
  • Baked Macaroni and Cheese
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  • Shrimp
  • Assorted Salads
  • Chili
  • Cornbread Muffins

Dessert Offerings

  • Bread Pudding
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Cookies
  • Apple Cobbler
Thoughts on Trail’s End Restaurant

Dining costs at Walt Disney World can easily add up, and if you’ve read my post on how to save on dining costs then you’ll know that one way to save is by avoiding buffets. Still, Trail’s End is a restaurant that we never miss going to.

We love to take one day of our Disney vacation to go to Fort Wilderness, and part of that is to eat at Trail’s End! The food is so good, and their prices are quite decent (for Disney that is).

Last year we had brunch reservations around 11:30. We were all so full from all of the amazing food that none of us were even hungry for dinner hours later.

If you want to escape the busy theme parks and try something else that Walt Disney World has to offer then I highly suggest heading over to Fort Wilderness and eating at Trail’s End. It doesn’t disappoint!

Reservations are highly recommended and can be made as early as 180 days out. You can make the reservations online or by calling 407-WDW-DINE. The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at this restaurant. 

Resources for your Walt Disney World Vacation: More Disney World Vacation Planning Tips

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to plan your Walt Disney World vacation? Would you like to have someone make your reservations and help give you guidance? As an agent with DreamFinder Travel I can do just that for you! Plus my services are completely FREE! Request a no obligation vacation quote today and let’s start planning your magical vacation

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In the summer there’s nothing like a cool sweet treat at the end of the day. One dessert that can totally hit the spot is a yummy berry yogurt parfait. They’re so cool and refreshing, and the honey I add to mine give them just the right amount of sweetness.

Patriotic Berry Yogurt Parfait with Honey

I really can’t take much credit for this recipe because it’s actually only a slight modification of the parfaits we made at my old job. I used to help run a snack stand at a golf course and one of the things we’d make to serve every day was a blueberry yogurt parfait. They were always a big hit with our golfers.

With the 4th of July just around the corner I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit though and give these parfaits a patriotic look by using strawberries as well to give the yogurt parfait a red, white and blue look. I must say that I’m really happy with how they turned out, and they taste as good, or even better, than they look!

What really makes these parfaits so great though is the added honey. It actually serves two different purposes. First it gives an extra sweetness to the parfait which is really yummy. The second purpose though is that it creates a moisture barrier between the yogurt and the berries. This helps the parfait have a longer shelf life which means that if you are serving them for a party you could make them the day before and they would still be good on the next day for the party. This also allows you to make a few at a time and keep them ready to eat for a few days.

Here’s What is Needed to Make a Berry Yogurt Parfait with Honey How to Make a Berry Yogurt Parfait with Honey

These parfaits are really easy to make. I like to make several at a time. I do the same step for each parfait cup before moving on to the next step. Although that might come from years of making them in bulk.

I recommend using an ice cream scoop (one that has a push handle) to scoop and add the yogurt to the glasses. It makes it easy and less messy. Just one of those tricks we figured out while making them over and over at the snack stand.

The first thing you’ll need to do is cut a strawberry up into bite size pieces. You’ll then place these in the bottom of the glass to start the parfait. I found that one-third to one-half of a large strawberry was enough, but it really depends on the size of the strawberry.

Next add a scoop of yogurt on top of the strawberries. One scoop should be enough, but the amount really depends on the size of parfait glasses that you’ve chosen to use.

After that it’s time to add the honey. For this I just fill up a spoon with the honey and slowly move my hand around while it slides off of the spoon onto the yogurt. Keep moving it around (and adding more if you need to) until you have all areas of the yogurt covered. It doesn’t need to be a thick layer, just enough to fully cover the yogurt.

Once you’re done with the honey it’s time to add the blueberries. I added about half a fist full (although I have tiny fists). You want a good layer of them, but you need to make sure you have enough space for the remaining layers.

When you feel you have the right amount of blueberries it’s time to add one more layer of yogurt. You’ll want to add enough that you’re close to the top of the glass, but it’s good have it just below the top to keep it from overflowing.

Finally you’ll finish up the berry yogurt parfait by sprinkling granola all over the top and then garnishing it with more berries. I alternated between using strawberries and blueberries on top. For the strawberries I cut the top off of a medium sized strawberry and then cut it in half. For the blueberries I just placed three of them together.

That’s all there is to it! I created these berry yogurt parfaits with the idea of serving them for dessert at a 4th of July party, but they’d be great for breakfast or a snack as well. Whatever meal you eat them for they’ll be yummy!

5.0 from 1 reviews
Patriotic Berry Yogurt Parfait With Honey
Author: Rock-A-Bye Parents
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time:  10 mins
Total time:  10 mins
Serves: 4 parfaits
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Plain Yogurt or Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Granola
  • Honey
  1. Cut a large strawberry into pieces and place about half of it into the bottom of the glass.
  2. Place a scoop of yogurt on top of the strawberries.
  3. Add a spoonful of honey on top of the yogurt making sure to have it cover the entire area.
  4. Next add a small layer of blueberries on top of the honey.
  5. Add another layer of yogurt. Should be enough to almost reach the top of the glass.
  6. Top the parfait with granola and garnish it with half a strawberry or a small cluster of blueberries.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 Parfait Calories: 253 Fat: 7g Saturated fat: 2g Trans fat: 0g Carbohydrates: 42g Sugar: 31g Sodium: 189mg Fiber: 2g Protein: 14g Cholesterol: 14mg

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I would say that I am a fairly patriotic person, and I love to decorate my home for the holidays. Several years back I never decorated my home for the 4th of July though. That was until I made this patriotic tulle wreath.

DIY Patriotic Tulle Wreath

I love hanging wreaths on my front door. Creating my own patriotic wreath seemed like the best place to start for giving my home a patriotic feel.

This was the first tulle wreath on a wire frame that I ever made. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I did a little research for ideas and created my own fun technique and design.

I love how the wreath turned out. The letters were something that I decided to add just before I had fully finished the wreath. The flags didn’t seem to be enough, and I was worried that they might not look quite right by themselves. The letters really helped the flags pop visually, and I think they give the wreath a more finished look.

I have to admit that it took a lot longer to make the wreath than I had expected. It takes some time to cut up all of the tulle and to tie each piece on. It is a great mindless task though, so it was something that I could do while watching TV.

Supplies Needed to Make a Patriotic Tulle Wreath How to Make a Patriotic Tulle Wreath

While this wreath can take a bit of time to make, it is simple to do. There are actually many ways than you can go about this craft. I like to cut one round of tulle and then attach it as I go. You may find it easier to cut a lot of tulle up before attaching any of it. Whatever is easiest and fastest for you is great.

Cutting the Tulle

The first thing that I do is trim a length of tulle for my needs. If you can find 3 inch wide tulle then you can save yourself a step. Over the years I’m finding it harder to find that size in the colors that I need. Instead I buy it in a 6 inch width and cut it in half. You should be able to complete the wreath with only one spool of each color of tulle if you get a 6 inch width. If you get a 3 inch width you’ll need 2 spools of each color.

You need to cut the tulle into 12 inch length pieces. I measure it with a ruler and cut at the 12 inch mark. You do not need the cut to be perfectly straight, so don’t worry about being precise.

At this point, if you’re using a 6 inch width, you need to cut the tulle width in half to make it a 3 inch width. To do this fold the tulle up so that it is still a full 12 inches long. For those of you that know what I mean you need to do a hot dog fold. Then cut along the fold. Again you don’t need to be precise about the cut.

Now you need to cut the length in half, so a hamburger fold. Again you’ll cut the tulle right along the fold. Then fold each tulle piece width wise one more time (another hot dog fold) and cut on the fold.  When everything is done you’ll have tulle pieces that are 1.5×6.

Attaching the Tulle

Now you could continue to cut a lot of tulle up and then come back to this step once you’re done cutting. If you’re like me you can now attach the pieces that you’ve just cut up.

Attaching the tulle is pretty easy. First you need to fold a piece of your 1.5×6 tulle in half. Now you’re 1.5×6 piece should be a 1.5×3 piece. Once you have it that size you’ll put it under one of the wire rims of the wreath frame and tie the tulle in a single knot.

The wreath frame that I chose had 4 different rings. I attached the tulle pieces in a straight line, so I did four of each color (1 piece for each wire ring). Then I changed to colors for the next row. I went in the order of red, white, and blue. It doesn’t really matter which color order you use as long as you keep the same pattern.

Decorating the Wreath

Once you have finished attaching the tulle to the entire wreath it’s time to add the embellishments.

To start you’ll need to paint the wooden letters. I recommend taking the time to paint the top of the letters as well as the sides. Otherwise you’ll see wood unless you’re directly in front of the wreath.

While the letters were drying I attached the flags. The flags are actually very easy to attach. All you need to do is stick them through the tulle. You may need to play around with it a bit to get them in the exact spot that you want.

Once the painted the letters are dry you can finish the wreath by attaching the letters with hot glue. I would lay them down on the wreath and play with the spacing you would like before you attach any of the letters. Then just lift them up, add some hot glue, and put them right back where you had them.

Once the glue is dry you’re patriotic tulle wreath is all done and you can proudly hang it on your front door. I usually put mine up before Memorial Day and leave it up until sometime after Labor Day. I like this wreath so much that I always hate to take it down.

More Patriotic Crafts and Recipes Hang Your Patriotic Tulle Wreath

Now that you have your wonderful wreath do you need a way to hang it? Check out these different options from Amazon!

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Keeping kids’ bedrooms in order can be a challenge for even the most organized families. Little ones are rarely naturally neat and, just like adults, need to learn organization skills and methods for maintaining a tidy environment. Smart kids room storage ideas are ones that respect children’s perspective and priorities, and are appropriate to their height and developing motor skills.

5 Smart Kids Room Storage Ideas

Taking inspiration from Elizabeth’s experience at the buttoned up boot camp, here are some clever and budget-friendly kids room storage ideas for creating order out of chaos in your children’s bedrooms.

1. Closet control

Children grow quickly and need a variety of clothing for all their different activities. Without some sort of organizing system, bedroom closets can quickly become a chaotic mess of jumbled and outgrown clothes making it difficult to locate that favorite sweater that must be worn to Grandma’s house today, or the lucky stripy socks that are the only possible choice for the first day of kindergarten.

Avoid tears and tantrums by installing a closet organizer system. Better Homes and Gardens suggest choosing a wire closet organizer. The beauty of these systems is that the components can be repositioned as your child grows and their needs change.

Children enjoy categorizing so organize clothing by type e.g. socks, hats, pajamas, or consider structuring by use e.g. nightwear, messy play, school clothes, and so on. Help your kids by labeling each drawer with a picture of what should be inside.

It will be easier for your children to keep their drawers tidy if they just contain a few choices and only what they need right now. So it’s a good idea to remove any outgrown clothing every three months or so, and to store seasonally specific clothing on higher shelves and rotate as needed.

2. Smart ways with storybooks

Younger children recognize favorite stories by the shape, size, color, and picture on the front of a book rather than by reading the words on the spine. Books stored in a conventional bookcase make it hard for children to find the book they want and can lead to heaps of books on the floor every time they are searching for their choice.

A better way to store books for younger kids is to display them in shallow racks with the covers facing out so that they can easily see and grab the one that they want. A great suggestion from diyncrafts.com is to attach plastic rain gutters to the wall to create simple and effective racks for storybooks. Another space-saving option suggested by Goodshomedesign.com is to attach budget-friendly simple spice racks as book display shelves on the sides of cupboards or chests.

3. Divide and conquer

Legos and other construction systems, toy cars, farm animals, tea sets, and so on can quickly become scattered around a room and jumbled up in larger containers making them difficult to play with.  The key to controlling these types of toys is to provide a dedicated and labeled container for each type of item.

Clear plastic shoe boxes make great containers, or you can wash out and reuse large plastic coffee canisters or similar recycled food storage options. Involve your child in sorting their toys into the right boxes and they’ll quickly learn what goes where.

This approach also helps with ongoing tidying-up as you can insist that the beads are put away in their container before the box holding the building blocks is brought out to play with.

4. Keep toys fresh

Do you remember how exciting it was as a child to unexpectedly come across an almost-forgotten toy? Instead of being dull and boring, it promised to deliver hours of playtime fun simply because it was unfamiliar.

You can deliberately recreate this effect by putting some of your child’s larger toys away into the basement or garage and rotating them with the toys that are available in your child’s bedroom.

Keeping the toy selection limited avoids overwhelming children with choices, keeps clutter in the bedroom to manageable levels, and maximizes the appeal of toys by keeping them fresh.

5. Get creative

There’s no need to invest in expensive storage options designed specifically for kids. Many standard household storage options can be repurposed to serve equally well in a child’s room.

For example, over-the-door shoe storage hangers work really well for Barbie dolls, simply pop one doll in each compartment and avoid hours of brushing out tangled Barbie hair.

Similarly, gallon-sized freezer bags are great for dolls’ clothes. Work with your child to put together matching outfits and store each one in a separate bag.

A standard metal garbage bin can be painted a bright color and used in your child’s bedroom to store stuffed animals, while you can attach wheels to old drawers and use them for under-bed storage.

Almost any household storage option can be repurposed in this way for your child’s room, with just a little imagination and a few simple adjustments.

Hopefully you’re now ready with some smart kids room storage ideas. It would be great to hear about how you get on in the comments section below. Please feel free to include your own imaginative ideas and to share this post if you enjoyed reading it.

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About the author: Nadya Jones is a blogger and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Allen Roth HQ, a blog about home design and improvements. With her husband Brett, she writes tips and tricks they learned while renovating their house in Raleigh, North Carolina. Nadya handles the interior design. Brett implements her ideas in a cost-efficient way. Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest.

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