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9584 Words

I’m a little behind in both making this post and my word count.

April hasn’t been a great month again – for writing or personally, though I wrote more than in March (about 3k more). I made good headway on my novel – I think I know where I’m going with the next bit, I’m having some connection problems though. Not from scene to scene but moving the plot along somewhat without getting bogged down in segues. I wrote some good poems (and some shit ones) for NaPoWriMo but definitely not 30. Fourteen in total.

I also wrote a pairing I’ve never written before – Janeway/Torres. We’ve been watching Voyager again and though I mostly ship Janeway/Chakotay, I predominantly write femslash or non-binary characters nowadays.

I am way behind on my total word count for the year though, by about 15k words but I’m not going to worry too much about catching up until I know my writing head is back in place.

This Months Work



  • Blog Post for QLF
  • Penna and Bailey Novel

Next month I want to finish two fics I’ve been writing and go back to my Queer lady in the lake story. Plus I signed up for a Dragon Age femslash fic exchange and I got my assignments through for that. Plus there’s always plenty of things to do on writing.com, that’s where I got the prompt for Regicide.

I am hopeful. Despite everything I always start the month hopeful.

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There are lots of things to worry about when you send a kid to nursery. Will they get along with the staff, the other children, the change in routine? Will they miss us. Will they miss us at all or too much?

Will they learn anything or will it just be a break?

Will they get picked on?

The last one is actually one of my big fears, and it’s compounded by the fact that we’re two mums in a rural area. We’re not the only two-mum families, though I think we might the only one in the village. I’m not so worried about that until he gets to school but it is a worry. Cause kids are little shits to each other.

Plus I got picked on for the same thing in primary school.

My two big fears about Snappy going to nursery are him changing and heteronormativity/cisnormativity.

I’ll start with the easy one first.


I’m worried he’ll change. He’s such a sweet kid, a good kid too. He’s generally whiny when he’s tired and he doesn’t always want to eat his dinner but he’s a really good kid. And he’s really funny. His personality is very well defined and I really don’t want that to change, want him to change.

Hugging bollards…

He’s really funny. Right now he’s calling bethend by her given name instead of mummy and it’s really funny. Well, I think it’s really funny – my wife less so. He’s also insisting on getting us to call people on his ‘rock phone’ (a stone he found on the beach at the weekend).

He likes to list things, at seven am the other morning he sat on the sofa listing all the people he knew who had noses. So everyone he knows. He likes to make lego vehicles and then have bethend take pictures of them for his nainy and papa.

He is very loving too. He will tell you that hugs and kisses make you feel better, he pats you on the chest when you cough (or sneeze, or something when you burp). He’s really shy, but he talks about the people he loves a lot. If he likes you, loves you, he probably won’t show it to you but he’ll tell the two of his mummies about you non-stop.

I don’t want any of that to go away. I know, I know, he will change, it’s inevitable but sometimes I wish he didn’t have to. He drives me nuts, he can be annoying as all hell, but I love him just like this. This is is peak goober.

On offering of tiny pebbles tgo the toldder gods.

This is a little harder to explain and for some people to take.

I am trying to raise my son genderfully. For him to be able to be himself regardless of the gender he is. At two he isn’t really any gender, we’ve assigned him a male name and male pronouns based on his sex. Whatever he is though he’ll figure out along the way and have the freedom to figure it out.

I am very aware that this is very much based and biased by my own sense of gender as a genderfluid person and growing up struggling with my gender (I did not really struggle with my sexual orientation). I am often distrustful of cishet people and their dealings with anything LGBTQIA+. Even the allies.

I do not want him to have to conform to cishet constraints. He’ll have to conform enough as it is if he’s anything like me or my wife. We’ve spent the better part of our lives trying to fit it. But I don’t want the same for him.

I don’t want him to suffer for being different, it’s a very fine line to walk, but I feel like it’s unfair for my kid to be bullied by kids whose parents are pricks. But it’s even the allies who cause issues, will cause him problems.

I want him to be happy, comfortable, himself. That’s all we want but some people forget that often means stepping outside of their outdated stereotypical gender roles. And it’s actually a little easier for afab kids, but as soon as an amab kid wants to wear a tutu or be feminine, people baulk. The same people who will stand there and insist their daughters can be anything they want, wear anything they want, do anything that boys do.

I don’t want my kid to be ruined by cishet people. I want him to be exactly who he is. And if he turns out to be cishet himself too then that’s fine.

And I get that most of you reading this are probably cishet, and this isn’t really meant as an insult. But there is more to the world than just cisgender heterosexuals, even if we are surrounded, outnumbered, whatever, you can just pretend your way is the only way anymore. Not just for the sake of my kid but for the sake of yours too.

Nursery, School, University.

This got a little away from me. But my points are valid.

Snappy has been at nursery a few weeks now, and I got his primary school place through just a few days ago for 2020. I think, to be honest, that’s where the real problems will start.

And I’m already worrying about him going to University.

For a quick list of some of the terms used – check out my lexicon.

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Queer Little Family by Bread - 1M ago

I’ve been too harsh little one,
too harsh
and I don’t mean it
but I stick with it
sleepily in the dead of night
at the very edge of my limits
and when you have none,
but that’s not your fault
I’m so sorry little one
so sorry,
and I snap instead of soothe
when you can’t understand
and it’s not your fault, little one
not your fault.
When what you want, may be what you need,
it’s just a shame I’m never sure
from one night to the next
but that’s not your fault
so please don’t take it
as gospel or given.
I’ve been too harsh, little one
I’m too harsh.
You forgive me everyday
or forget, who’s to say,
greet me with the love she says I deserve
even when I push too hard
and am too harsh.


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I must be dreaming, because I swear section 28 was repealed but it feels like we’ve gone back in time.

Four schools in Birmingham have stopped teaching children that LGBTQ people exist. Hundreds of homophobic parents are protesting outside one school instead of letting their children just have an education – any flipping education at this point – and even MPs like Andrea Leadsom are agreeing with these homophobes.

And make no mistake, these parents are homophobic. These lessons are age appropriate and covers every aspect of diversity – including race and religion. If I went down to my kids school and protesting cause my kid was being taught about religion I would be a bigot. This is not different.

When I was a kid, me and my sister were picked on in school cause my mum was perceived to be a lesbian. Teaching kids that parents like mine exist, parents like me exist, helps prevent kids from being bullied. Teaching kids about diversity helps stop kids being bullied cause they are gay or black or a Muslim.

You’d think people would be in favour of something like that.

We Exist

Not teaching kids that LGBTQ people exist and have relationships doesn’t make us go away. I’m not going to suddenly disappear cause they refuse to let their kids know I’m in a same-sex relationship. I’m not suddenly going to be straight or cis because they don’t want their kid to face reality and not turn into the bigot they obviously are.

The knowledge of LGBTQ people isn’t going to turn anyone gay either. If I thought for one second I could turn people queer I would quit my job and travel the country throwing glitter on people going “poof, now you’re gay,” before skipping off in my rainbow onesie like some demented pride pixie. You can’t turn people LGBTQ anymore than you can turn them black.

The idea that parents should be able to choose if and when they are taught about LGBTQ people is a fine line, but you if you wouldn’t say the same thing about race or religion then it’s a homophobic argument. Avoiding the topic doesn’t make it go away and kids will come into contact with LGBTQ everyday everywhere. Parents, teachers, doctors, family…friends.

We’re not hiding anymore, we’re not going away and we’re not going to take any more of this abuse.

An Open Letter.

To the parents protesting outside Parkfield school and Andrea Leadsom, below is my letter to you. It’s not as good as some of the others out there but it is succinct.

Fuck you. And fuck your homophobia.


A bisexual genderfluid parent

Linkin Park - Headstrong (Official Music Video w/ Lyrics) - YouTube
a song for you. Links

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I grew up in front of a television. I grew up being told my eyes would go square if I sat so close but mostly I was left to it. I read a lot too, both my parents read to me extensively until I could read myself but I watched a lot of television too.

Snappy doesn’t watch a lot of kids television. He does watch television but he doesn’t actually watch many kids shows. We’re not really doing the whole monitoring screen time or anything like that, just making sure he doesn’t watch too much. He’s watched more over the winter but as soon as the sun is out he’s back in the garden.

Here is what he prefers to watch and I’m afraid there is no Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol.

Cinderella, Cendrillon, Cenerentola

Three of his favourite DVDs are versions of Cinderella. We have the Cinderella ballet performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Bethend and I watched it the first Christmas we were together and I got her the DVD later on. It’s really funny in places and Snappy loves the dancing.

He also really likes Cendrillon, which is the French Opera version of Cinderella. He really identifies with the Prince who does not want to get dressed and go to the party. He’s watched it so much he’s about to wear the dvd out. And Opera dvds ain’t cheap.

La Cenerentola is the Italian version of Cinderella. He doesn’t watch this one as much but he does enjoy it.

Die Fledermaus Bat

This is what he calls Die Fledermaus. Essentially The bat bat. It’s German opera and we have the Glyndebourne version of it. I love it, it’s very funny, but you will have the waltz stuck in your head for days afterwards. Or maybe not that long, it’s hard to tell because he watches it every day at the moment. The Glyndebourne version was completely well received mostly due to the set design but it’s brilliant and funny and Snappy loves it.

The Tsarina’s Slippers

I don’t enjoy this as much as Snappy does, but he loves it. He watched it a lot over the Christmas period and liked to try and so some of the traditional dances in it. It’s an opera by Tchaikovsky, has a few different names and something he worked on over and over. It was his favourite, and it really annoyed him that The Nutcracker was the more popular one.

Hello The Music Man!
Ready for the parade.

He really likes Musicals, he loves music in general really and The Music Man and Hello Dolly are two of his favourites. He made his nanna and papa watch The Music Man abut four times when they came to visit in November. They were here for two weeks. I was surprised it wasn’t more. He even wanted to be dressed in the uniform they wear for the parade and Bethend made him a costume for Halloween last year.

He likes Hello Dolly too, though not quite a much and he’s seen a Guys and Dolls too but he’s not as taken with it yet.

Thunderbirds Are Go!

He really likes the Thunderbirds. Which is good, cause I really like Thunderbirds. We watch the original version by Gerry Anderson. When we were kids, we made Tracy Island from off Blue Peter and I do wonder if my dad still has it. He still had the toys and sent them for Snappy to play with; which he was made up with.

The only problem is he will talk about Thunderbirds all the time, play with the toys, even in church, but unless he;s with me he won’t watch it.

Wallace, Gromit and Shaun The Sheep
The best scene of the film.

I will preface this by saying he did make me turn off the Shaun the Sheep film and put Die Fledermaus on. He does like it, and we do have a couple of Shaun the Sheep dvds that we watch. He just likes opera more. He has a huge Gromit plush that he was calling doggie until he saw The Wrong Trousers for the first time. He also has a small Wallace, the evil penguin and a small Gromit that his great aunt sent him from the US just this month. He was made up.

Remote Control Lorries

He loves anything with wheels and he really likes lorries and so I found some lorry videos on youtube for him to watch. This lead to a discovery of videos of remote control lorries. They’re very big in Austria and Germany and there are hundreds of videos of RC conventions; roads and construction sites and all sorts, set up for enthusiasts to drive their models around on. And he will happily watch these all day if I let him.

He’s big on trains right now, and it occurred to me that they’ll be model railway trains on youtube too. So we’ve been adding those to our usual roster of videos.

Other Notable Favourites
As soon as it was dry and warm he was outside.

He also likes Bagpuss, The Mr. Men, Ponyo and The Aristocats. He doesn’t watch them as much. The opera is daily, and so watched Bagpuss at one point but he’s moved on. We try and limit the new American made Mr. Man because it’s so busy and loud and for some reason there always a rave in the middle. It’s juts too much for him, and us to be honest. The original Mr. Men are okay and we have them and the Little Miss on dvd too.

We don’t have ‘normal’ television. We only have Netflix. We don’t even have iplayer. We really don’t want him to watch things like Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol because they’re awful and kids, even toddlers, deserves well made tv shows. Also because they’re annoying as hell.

Mostly he prefers to be outside which is good, I wasn’t sure what would happen once the weather improved, but during the Spring of Deception last month, I came home every day to paused half-watched Opera and my toddler out in the garden driving his mummy crazy in the fresh air and a pair of wellies.

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First up February was not as prolific a month as January was. And that’s okay. I did not expect to do as well as I did last month, I did not expect to keep up the pace if only because my depression means that even the things I love will get discarded or ignored, even if just for a little while.

The aesthetic I made for my urban fairy story Escaping Reality

Plus it doesn’t matter how much you write, or how fast, only that you write. That writing advice you hear bandied around so much “write everyday.”? It’s ablist bullshit and does not take into account the myriad of situations writer’s are in.

So this months word count is 15608 taking my total to 42,149..

I took a few days off, miss my target most days and cried everyday for three days straight. Usually before ten am.

What did I write though?

February’s Work
This month was very red.
  • Escaping Reality – An urban fairy fic – Rachel is stuck in a deadend job when she reconnects with a childhood friend. Part one is already up on my Patreon.
  • Twitter Hashtags for LGBTQIA+ Writers – on my new blog (cause I need more things to work on).
  • The Talk – Dragon Age Fanfiction – Isabela/Bethany – Rated Adult.
  • Endurance – Dragon Age Fanfiction for the Purimgifts Exchange.
  • Pyre – Urban Fairy Flash Fiction for the Purimgifts Exchange.
  • In Which – a poem for LGBTQ History Month.
  • Two unfinished fanfictions.
  • Started a new WIP – Queer Lady in the lake story.

You can sign up to my patreon for a dollar a month and read all my original fiction and more.

Poem: Coping Mechanism

I wrote this poem a few months ago but I wanted to share it with you as I felt like I needed to do this last night.

At my worst moments now
I do not wander into wasteland
I curl up, and around, purity
something so fragile I would weep
to lose its innocence
and I know it will happen
but for now, we sleep,
these quieter moments
between tears and laughter
I treasure the most
because I cannot love him more
than I already do
but I appreciate every second
that he makes me feel better.
It’s more than the world
has ever given me
perhaps more than I deserve
and that’s okay, he doesn’t mind
he loves me anyway.


Here’s to March’s word count…

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Snappy starts nursery this week. Just two afternoons a week, enough to get him out of Bethends hair and into the hair of someone else for a few hours. I mean, just enough to socialise him and prepare him for school. Definitely what I mean.

I was thinking about writing a post about my fears about sending him to nursery but another, bigger issue has come to light.

There is not enough room on the form in the section entitled “Anything else we need to know.”

Yes, yes there is.

So here it is, things I think the nursery needs to know that I didn’t get to put on the form.

Designated Fun Zone

Please only prescribe to the correct fun during imaginative play. Don’t get clever with it. If we’re going to the shop to buy yogies (yogurt) we’re going to the shop to buy bloddy yogies. Snappy does not and will not deviate. We’ve tried. You have the option to chose which yogie you want to buy, but boy howdy are you going to buy yogie.

Somestimes you will get a present. You should open it. It will either be a green present or a yogie. Either way you will open it.

Do not touch his carefully parked cars and if the lorry is sad, do not suggest ways in which the lorry could be happy. If he is lonely, he’s staying lonely. That’s just the way it is. Apparently.

Also, you are not allowed to join in. Do not have the fun. There is no fun for you the designated fun zone.


He will rat you out. And other children. And his mummies. And also the cats. Even if the cats have been asleep for the past two hours, he will walk up to them, shake his finger at them, and tell them they’ve been naughty.

We’re also three weeks into push-gate. In which another much younger child pushed Snappy at playgroup. He has not stopped talking about it. Every day. for three weeks.

Apparently Snappy is taking names.

Dress Down Day Life

He watches opera. Probably unusual for a toddler but he likes it. He watches Cendrillion two or three times a day week and sympathises with the Prince who doesn’t want to get dressed to go to the party.

Snappy definitely does not want to get dressed. To be honest, neither do I, but if I can’t go to work in my pyjamas then he can’t go to nursery in his. These clothes are a compromise/fight/crying mess. Please delete as appropriate.

Little Miss Repetition

I hope you like Mr. Men books. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Drama Goober

Snappy is already in dance class, but given his personality, we’re definitly thinking theatre is in this child’s future. The facial expressions alone would win him awards. If they gave awards to toddlers for their work in driving their mothers bonkers that is.

He also has every injury and malady know to humans. Especially if you happen to have also mentioned you have said malady. He does have scabs on both knees, tiny ones, he will mention it. He’s actually fine. He probably does not need “medicine”.

He also does a great impression of his aunty -“Poppy, get your shoes, Poppy!” It’s uncanny.

Musical Breathing

As with all toddlers, be suspicious if silence. He rarely naps and even asleep there are noises.

As well as the talking, there is also humming and single, banging of things onto other things (a classic) and my favourite (except at 6am) musical breathing.

I don’t know how he does it, it’s not humming, it’s something closer to whistling. But breathing. Mostly it’s a morning thing but just so you know cause some mornings I think I’m dreaming.

Help Help Help

There will be hindering helping. This will include everything from going to the toilet to feeding the cats. The level of help varies from complete disasters like “why has my carpet been replaced with flour” to “a few extra biscuits won’t hurt”.

It is very hard to disuaed him from helping until you actully want him to help.

You Will Have a Bit

Pro: Snappy does share. Con: You WILL have a bit. Whether you like it or not. He cannot be disuaded from this either. One of two things will happen if you refuse.

  1. You say no, he says “it’s very nice” in his stupidly adorable voice and you give in and eat or drink whatever the hell he’s offering. I’ve gotten very good at taking tiny sips and bites. He knows when you’re pretending. He knows.
  2. You say not, are strong in the face of adorable toddler and then sya no again and then he shoves it your mouth.

Don’t say you weren’t prepared.

That’s Not How It Works

This one is me, sorry.

In trying to explain why he has to do something or why he can’t do something, I’ve been using the phrase “that’s not how it works.” It has backfired. When he is explaining something he now tells you “that’s how it works.”

He uses this phrase for everything from why he has to watch another opera DVD, to why he doesn’t need to get dressed. He is too clever for his own good our own good.


Suspicious Minds

Snappy is very stubborn – it’s genetic – and extremely suspsicious of all ateempts to get him to anything. Even stuff he wants to do. If he knows you want him to do something, he will dig his metaphorical goober heels in.

This includes everything from eating bananas you’ve already peeled (a banana he asked for) to wearing clothes (see above).

He cannot be forced either. You just kinda have to keep moving forward and never always negotiate with toddlers.

Good Luck?

He started this week, so we’ll see how it goes. He’s going to love it, eventually. I’m not sure about everything else. The prevailing feeling in my household most days is that we love our kid but he’s bloody annoying.

Not in a mean way, but in adorable way.

And that is much, much worse.

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So, I mentioned my pledge to write 200,000 words in January with Get Your Words Out. I’m doing weekly word count updates on my writing blog, but here I’ll stick to monthly word counts.

Here’s what counts towards my word counts

  • blog posts (here and on my writing site)
  • fanfiction
  • original short stories
  • my novel (when I start it – I’m still planning)
  • poetry

Get Your Words Out has a list of what counts. This is what I’m including (withing those guidelines).

200,000 words a year works out at 548 a day, which isn’t that much and somewhere around 17,000 words a month and let me tell you, I hit that target on the 20th of the month. I am way ahead right now and it’s been really nice because it’s meant that I could take a day off here and there to do other things online and read or just not write when I’ve been feeling too depressed or too tired.

The month of January

I like writing though, I really do and it’s only the depression that’s ever held me back. I get Writer’s Apathy, rather than Writer’s block. During the week I write as soon as Snappy has gone to bed, because as you can see, toddlers aren’t always conducive to writing. Or anything productive really. At the weekend I tend not to write any more than I do during the week, there are other things to be done and a toddler to spend time with.

I’m using an awesome spreadsheet to track everything that was made by Tryslora. I’ve tweaked the colours but it’s really good for seeing the numbers change and go up and allows for multiple projects. It colours it red and green depending on if you’ve hit your target for the say or not and as you can see a lot of it is green.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this pace up. I think if anything it will slow as the weather improves but either way, as soon as Snappy goes to bed I still have a lot of time to write before I go to bed. It’s just the way of the writer mum.

This Months Work

January’s word count comes in at 26,541 words! So what have I written this month? Let’s have a look.

Blog Posts


  • Flights Of Fancy (urban fairy WIP)
  • Winter’s Burn – witches, lgbtq characters, set in Wales



I can’t believe I’ve written this much to be honest, it’s been a good month with only one day where I didn’t write anything because I was ill.

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I got a lot of questions and criticisms about having so many animals while bethend was pregnant. People expected me to get rid of four cats (and some chickens and a hamster) because of risk to the baby. Even though we had weighed up the risks, made a special moses basket cover and well, there are enough cats in Cats Protection without us adding to it (and two of them came from Cats Protection in the first place).

Despite all this, I never really realised the real risk of having cats and toddlers. Maybe no one really does until it’s too late and so heed my warning dear reader. Here are the real risks of having toddlers and cats.

Both Will Mug You For Food

Both cats and toddlers are in a constant state of hunger. Despite being fed regularly they always want food. And they will start asking for food. Often. All day. Every day. And then not eat their dinner. This is both cats and toddlers now. My cats will spend the day lamenting how hungry they are but will have left half a bowl of cat biscuits on the deck because there is no gravy. My son will start a banana then ask for yoghurt. And another banana. And then a biscuit. Before breakfast.

They both sneak up on you too. The only real difference is that cats can get onto counters and tables and steal food and toddlers can’t…oh wait, no, he can do that too.


Crumbs Everywhere.

It is one of the signs you have a toddler in the house, and one of the signs you have cats. Cats aren’t like dogs. Dogs will lick every last crumb off every last surface. Cats can and will too, but more often than not, they will create crumbs to come back to later.

Toddlers to the same thing. They will suddenly be eating a tortilla and well, you had tortillas last a week ago so where did this tortilla come from?

It’s best not to ask. Or think about it too much.  Same goes for toast. At least toddlers don’t kill and keep mice in places to eat later (don’t ask).

Some cats will follow toddlers around and eat their crumbs, they will, however, create crumbs too. You won’t have mice though. Cause of the cats.

At least not live ones…

You End Up Speaking To Them Both In The Same Manner

If you’ve ever had cats, you’ll know all about cat voice. It’s the voice or accent you use when talking to your cats, or about your cats. Or about anything if the madness is particularly bad. And if you’ve had cats before you’ve had babies, this will be the way you speak to your baby at first. In cat voice. You will also try and get their attention the same way as you would a cat.

I did, I couldn’t help it to be honest. I was four cats in at the point. I also have an eel accent but that’s another post.

However, once they’re toddlers and you’ve finally topped using cat voice all the time, you develop mum voice instead, the way you speak to your toddler. And then you start using it on the cats. And you start telling them off the same way or using the same simplified words you use with your toddler with your cats.

You may also start calling them by the wrong name. Cats and toddlers.

Both Will Break Things

With cats or toddlers, you can no longer have nice things.

Basically, I don’t want a secret drawer to keep important things in, I want a secret house that I will keep all my stuff and none of my cats or my toddler. Everything is either cat proofed or baby proofed with varying success. I go through a lot of bowls in particular because of the cats, and toddlers seem to favour ripping pages or covers off books. All of my games and dvds that are within reach have been opened, nothing is in the right case or boxset.

We got through a lot of glue, glueing crockery or ceramics back together, or pages back into books. Bethend has gotten quite good at it.

Some cats just lick food out of bowls until they fall off the counter, some cats are just jerks who like to knock stuff onto the floor or sit in small spaces and knock stuff off with their massive backsides. Some toddlers like to take things apart. I have a lot of car halves. Some toddlers are destructive and like wrecking stuff.

Some are both.

You can’t have nice things…

They Will Lick Anything (including each other)

I could make a whole separate blog post about all the things my son has licked. But the highlights include a bus window, me and the cats…

I don’t know at what point they decide that licking everything is the first step to investigating something, I know it’s not just my kids, and not everyone has cats so it’s not like they’re influencing them. Cats lick everything, from each to their own bums to each other’s bums. Much like toddlers, cats are gross.

The cats have licked us all at some point, Wiggles, in particular, will lick you if he even thinks you have food on you. He lurks under the table at meal times and has licked Snappys feet and legs a few times.

I have seen Snappy lick a cat. He regretted it, but he definitely licked Stink.

I have no words.

The Real Risk

So the real risks of having kids and cats are basically double the number of bodily fluids and food in crumb form. Don’t worry, it might not get better but you will get used to it.

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Queer Little Family by Bread - 4M ago

So, the hiatus went on a little longer than expected but as part of my pledge to write 200,000 words in 2019, I’m back. More on that pledge later.

2018 hasn’t been a great year. Between work and my mental health, it’s been rough. We had big plans at the beginning of the year and few have come to fruition for various reasons. We found and lost a donor, had some attempts at getting pregnant that came to nothing and now we have to start to process over again. That was a rough couple of months and not something I’ve talked about much.

Bethend has found the year particulary hard too, with disapointments, mental health, dealing with me, my work issues and being a mum has meant it’s a taxing year. Through in some health problems at the end and well, we’re all a little run down.


Some good things did happen in 2018

This years Christmas photo by Elizabeth Edward Photography.

Snappy has had a great year. He’s speaking in full demands sentences, recognising letters, counting to ten. He has almost all of his teeth and the last four – his canines – are coming through finally. His potty training is coming along and he’s really social now when he goes to playgroup.

He also figured out how to put the television on, a dvd into the PS4 and that if he presses enough buttons on the controller it will play too. This is less of a milestone and more of ‘oh boy are we in trouble’.

He’s also discovered the word “why”.

My in-laws visited for two weeks for Thanksgiving. They got to experience the full toddler experience. Several viewings of the Music Man, operas, Cinderella ballet and Snappy riding around and around on his bike in the nude screaming. I had to work most of the time they were here but we did manage to go to Chester so the Zoo and see the light festival there which was fantastic.

My current job is fantastic but still leaves me a little up in the air. Hopefully, I’ll get a contract until March and then after that it depends on the budget. This is what happens when you work for a charity. I’m hopeful though, I get on well with my boss, it’s good work, I’m home by six every evening and I don’t work weekends.

It’s left me a lot of time to spend working on my mental health, my relationship with my son and my writing. All of these things have improved. I’ve changed my medication over – though the week I spent between them was bad. I cried every single day. My boss was very understand and as soon as I started the new meds I felt better. In generally my mental health is getting back to normal (my normal).

Writing in 2019

In July I started writing again. Dragon Age fanfiction again, and just that at first and then I started branching back out into original fiction again. Other than the blog, I hadn’t written any fiction since July 2017 (I checked). By December 31st I’d written 103,887 words in six months.

I redid my writing website and I also built up my Patreon a little, so now I have six patrons. My focus is fantasy, science-fiction and fanfiction, with wlw (women who love women) and non-binary characters. I hope to grow it even more in 2019. In December I did a Trope Advent Calendar and posted something every day, the smallest fic around 500 words the largest around 5000. I hope to do similar things in the coming year. Feel free to check it out and sign up for $1 a month.

I also discovered a website called Get Your Words Out. It’s a word count and habit pledge site. I put together a spreadsheet of all the fiction I wrote in 2018 and as I mentioned I wrote 103,887 words. That doesn’t even count the blog posts I wrote last year. So I’ve pledged to write 200,000 words in 2019. That will include all my fiction and blog posts, Apparently, I can count poetry as well but we’ll see.

I plan to write and finish a novel this year and I think the pledge will, help with that. It works out at 548 words a day, and well, this blog posts is already 716 words long. It will also get me writing in the blog again.

QLF in 2019

I’m going to make a conscious effort to update the blog regulary once more. What I won’t be doing is promoting it as heavily. It taks time away from writing and I don’t always see benefit from it. Emotionally at least. I just want to write and get back to the roots of blogging and not blogging as it is now, a business.A competition.

So I will write, and take part in things like KCACOLS because there is some real benefit in communicating and supporting other blogs but threads and promotion and guest posts I probably won’t be bothering with as much.If you want to keep up with the blog it’s easy to do – you can like us on facebook , or follow us twitter or instagram account.

Support us via Ko-Fi or our store.

The post Into 2019 appeared first on Queer Little Family.

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