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Online escort app Smooci.com have a special offer for readers of this blog – half price premium membership. Buy any membership then email contact@smooci.com mentioning Nomad Philippines, and they’ll double it, e.g. buy 30 days for $24.99 and they’ll make it 60 days.

The longest membership option for hardcore expat mongers is $99.99 – that would be boosted to two years.

New Manila escort girl

Latest Smooci Updates

Smooci have come a long way since they first launched. If you’re unfamiliar with the Uber of working girls, check out my review here of ordering a Bangkok call girl to my place in 2017.

Fast forward to 2019 and now Smooci is available in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong & Berlin, with plans to add Pattaya, London, Amsterdam & Barcelona this year.

Singapore escort girl

Message Escorts as a Premium Member

Premium members can now live chat with girls before committing to a booking, to see if they’ll agree to a lower rate, special requests, etc.

That’s now been added for premium members. Be warned that in most cases chat messages will go to the escort agency too, but the reply will come from the individual escort girl.

Other Premium Features
  • Book for 1 hour, 1 shot, which is cheaper. Standard members have to book 2+ hours. That ‘short time’ saving pays for the cost of premium membership by itself
  • Search all offline escorts not just currently online ones, to find hotter escorts that standard members won’t see. Set notifications for when they come online
  • Book up to 24 hours in advance, not the standard 4 hours – helps to make sure the escort you want won’t be booked when you’re in town
  • Get access to reviews of escort girls that previous clients submitted. Find out what her personality was like in the bedroom, if she still looks like her photos, etc.

One hour, one pop with Karla is 4500 pesos

Click ‘Premium clients’ on Smooci.com to learn more.

Age Verification

Smooci have also now added an age verification system which allows the escort girls to verify their age, checked against their government ID. All girls are 18+.

Twitter Updates

They also have a nice Twitter feed which keeps you up to date with all the newly added girls and some comments from clients

Hot Streak! #Bangkok #Escort, Plang (5 stars) “Very very charming lady….” Book Plang: https://t.co/299M60Sd5W pic.twitter.com/zmJd0ru8AZ

— Smooci (@smooci) February 6, 2019

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Another guest post from US expat RealGuy, since his last post he got married to his Filipina girlfriend, and released an ebook. This is a free chapter from it.

1 – Prostitutes

There are many types of prostitutes – freelancers (street girls, disco girls, etc.), escort girls, massage girls, and GROs – guest relations officers, any girl working in a club or bar to keep male customers company (bargirl, gogo girl, karaoke girl, etc.)

While it’s possible that many of these women are doing this out of necessity, many of them are there because they want the fast-paced lifestyle without putting in a lot of work. Many of them have the point of view that money is everything, and this will affect how they view relationships.

These women view relationships as a business, and do not see their boyfriends as someone they love, but rather someone they can extract money from. Their time will cost you. As such, many of these women will never really love you, and many of them have considerable emotional baggage after years of their lifestyle.

I have never heard a good story about guys who tried to wife up women from the bar. On the contrary, many of the worst stories regarding relationship in Southeast Asia revolve around guys trying to reform former bargirls.

  • Recommendation: Avoid for dating. Only for fun

2- Semi Pros

While not outright prostitutes, many of these women also view relationships as a business, or a means to an end. Semi hookers sometimes ask for money after sex depending on whether they like the guy or not, or if they want extra money or gifts. Not dissimilar to a golddigger in the West.

For short term flings, they could ask an overinflated amount for taxi money, while for longer term flings, they can ask a whole lot more.

Many of them will make up stories to get money out of a guy. These stories can range from anything to their dog being sick, having to pay for a funeral, and the tried and true relative in the hospital.

Many guys end up getting involved with these women, only to find out later that a lot of what they’ve been told is just outright lies to extract money from them. A lot of the older guys who are out of shape will chase younger girls from poor families, only to end up in a situation like this, then later complain about them.

These girls aren’t always bad people and are often doing whatever they can to help support their extended families. They see dating as a job, especially when it involves men they’re not attracted to. But when there’s a clear mismatch in attraction, the relationship might be transactional in nature.

Aside from semi pros, there is also the social climber. These are the women who will use other people, especially men, to move up in social status. Often these women have no loyalty to the men they’re using, and will dump them when they find someone who can offer them more.

They also tend to have very unhealthy views about their personality identity, where they come from, and are desperately trying to prove they’re different from where they came from.

Imo, any relationship revolving around a transaction is ultimately unhealthy and when times become rough, it’ll be very difficult to maintain them. There are plenty of good girls out there who would make great partners, and there’s no need to resort to options that in the long run will usually end up in ruin.

  • Recommendation: Avoid for relationships
3 – Online Jugglers

Like the social climber, the online juggler is a girl who’s always looking for someone better. They’re the girls who, even after talking to someone for a long time, and even after getting in to relationships, never seem to want to delete their Filipino Cupid and Pinalove profiles or cut it off with the other guys in their life.

Many of them will make excuses about why they need to do this, but believe them at your peril. In Filipino culture, it’s expected that once someone is in a relationship, they should stop entertaining other suitors. Many women will break off communication with exes and other guys even before it’s established that they’re in a relationship to pressure the guy into exclusivity.

From a girl’s perspective, it must be difficult. Their fertility has a clock, and their time to lock down a partner is shorter than men’s. With every guy they’re gambling their time without knowing whether the guy will settle down and commit to them, and every failed attempt to bond with someone is more wasted time. I can see why many women would like to keep other guys in the background as “backup guys”.

Despite this, I wouldn’t take any Filipina seriously who isn’t willing to risk focusing exclusively on you. It shows insecurity, disloyalty, and an inability to devote themselves to a partner. Going down that path with a woman who does this will only lead to greater paranoia, jealousy, and drama.

  • Recommendation: Avoid

4 – Spinsters

There are a lot of women out there who seem to get into short lived but ultimately doomed relationships all the time. When asked what happened, they tend to be cryptic or exclusively blame the man for all the problems. There are a lot of these women online, but you’ll also meet them in person. On dating sites, you’ll see many women who have been on the site for years, and apparently have been unable to find a suitable partner in all that time.

This usually says one of two things. Either she has bad judgment in the partners she selected, or she’s damaged goods and her boyfriends eventually found out what they were dealing with, or both. Truth is, there are many beautiful and captivating women out there who put on a lovely façade at first, but as time goes on, they reveal more and more cracks.

Some of the most beautiful and intelligent women I’ve met seemed like the perfect woman at first blush, only to later reveal major psychological issues and baggage from the past.

Many of these women are very impulsive and erratic, or carry a psychological disorder that makes it difficult for them to keep a boyfriend tolerant and interested for long. If you end up in a relationship with a woman like this, listen to your gut. Because many of these women can be beautiful, smart, and emotionally addictive, it’s tempting to rationalize their behavior, but in the end it falls apart.

Now, just because a woman has had a hard time finding a boyfriend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider her for a relationship. We all make mistakes, and sometimes women must experience a few relationships before they know what kind of guys to avoid, and which to look for. Some women are very picky, and some have faced break ups because they weren’t willing to put out before marriage.

Many women will adjust what they’re looking for over time and how picky they are, and some of them would make great girlfriends. Either way, when getting in to a relationship with someone who has a checkered history of success in relationships, be careful, and keep your eyes open. Time is often the best judge of character and consistency. Listen to your gut and try to avoid rationalizing concerning behavior.

  • Recommendation: Date with extreme caution
5 – Hardworking Girls

In almost every Filipino family, especially the poor ones, there’s usually at least one person who is busting their ass to help everyone out. I call these girls hardworking girls because they’re usually doing whatever they can to secure a good career and support their families. It’s not uncommon for Filipino men to be lazy when it comes to supporting the family, and often women end up taking up the slack. Some women grow up being the main breadwinner in a family.

Usually these women are extremely selfless, responsible, and caring. They can make devoted, supportive partners in a relationship. Often their selflessness is exploited by their families, and it’s rare for them to hear words of appreciation. If you can help boost their self-esteem and bring them out of their family servitude, they can make great girlfriends who are forever grateful.

In poor families, it may difficult to break these women away from family exploitation. In the Philippines, once someone has a family of their own, their obligations to the older generation diminish. Families who are used to free money flowing in may resent you taking away their meal ticket. Even though there may be some family issues involved with dating these women, I think they can make great partners.

  • Recommendation: Date

6 – Upper Class Girls

On the other end of the financial spectrum is upper-class girls. One of the most common gripes from foreigners who date Filipinas is the expectation from their family that the foreigner give money to the family, while the family just wastes the money on pointless things. Dating upper class or “hiso” (high society) girls helps ensure you’ll typically be dealing with little or no family issues when it comes to money.

Often the families are doing quite well on their own, and if you’re someone who comes off as a well-educated professional type, it may be possible to gain acceptance in an upper class family. This will allow you to enjoy a comfortable life in the Philippines, and remove some of the pressure for finding work if you want to stay for an extended time.

Women from these families are typically more educated, intelligent, and responsible than the average Filipina. Some of the main issues guys lament about dating Filipinas aren’t an issue with them. But they may not be perfect. Many of them have grown up in a house with at least one live-in maid. Because of that, many of them have never learned or bothered to do many routine household tasks for themselves.

If you end up with a woman from this background, don’t be surprised if she turns her nose up at cooking or cleaning, or if she’s helpless doing routine tasks you grew up knowing how to do. If you’re the type who prefers to be the breadwinner, figuring out who will cook and who to do what around the house may be a point of contention. Though, there are some exceptions to the rule and you might find one who matches well with your relationship expectations.

My experience with ‘upper class’ (which can be really broad in the Philippines) women makes me think they’re not necessarily such a prize. Many of them can be entitled, indulgent, and have bad values.

  • Recommendation: Date cautiously
7 – Middle Class Girls

Between girls from poor and upper-class families are the middle class girls. They typically come from families with two hardworking, responsible parents, or where one has a good job overseas. Usually the families tend to be more conservative, so the women from these families have good values.

For many guys, Filipinas from this background may be the best option. Pinays in these families are usually hardworking, responsible, and feminine. While the family may ask for money in an emergency, or to help support someone’s education or business, often they don’t waste it like a lower-class family might. Either way, the family is typically supportive rather than a hindrance.

Guys who come from middle class western backgrounds will probably appreciate a woman who is both responsible and caring. Often these women gravitate towards jobs like teaching, nursing, or government office jobs. Because of their work ethic, it may be harder for them to find time for dating, but if you can bring them out on dates, it might lead to a rewarding relationship.

  • Recommendation: Date

Read several more free preview pages of Realguy’s ebook ‘Filipina Dating Secrets’ on Amazon

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Special pole dancing or costume shows, midnight Fri & Sat

The hottest bargirls I’ve found in Manila were at Kojax bar on Badajos Street, in the P Burgos red light district of Makati. Open Fri-Sun, and Mon-Thu the downstairs bar ‘XOXO’ is open, same owner, same girls.

Kojax & XOXO used to both be open 7 days, now they split the week. More dancers work weekends, so Kojax is better. XOXO is still good though. 2nd best gogo bar in Manila. Both open 8.30pm – 5am. Best to go early.

Kojax girls waiting for a customer

To take a dancer home from either bar costs 2900 peso barfine paid upfront in the gogo, then you pay the girl in your hotel after sex, usually 3000 pesos, 2500 possible if you negotiate or are a repeat customer.

This is different to Angeles City where you pay upfront 2500-3500, or Cebu where you pay upfront 3500-4000, and then do not pay the girl after sex. Manila is two payments, Thailand style, and is more expensive.

Main stage

Usually you’ll need to buy at least one lady drink to make the girl feel comfortable, these cost 300, 350 or 400 depending on the type. Sometimes the mamasans might insist you buy two. Plus your drink, 150-200.

So in total approx. 6500 pesos, which is 120 USD, or 4000 baht, slightly more than a Bangkok gogo bar (700 baht barfine, 2500-3000 to the girl, 170-200 per lady drink, 150 a beer).

Was hard to take pics, sorry for low quality

It’s 2-3x the cost of Angeles City gogo bars, and in Manila there are places to find cheaper prostitutes – on the street around P Burgos, Royal disco, ZZYZX disco, the EDSA gogo bars, etc.

In general I do prefer Angeles City. However some of the hottest Filipinas I have ever seen with were working at Kojax, so I begrudgingly paid the $120 at Kojax / XOXO, ten times.

Tell the staff which girl you want to sit and drink with

Four times I was able to get the girl’s contact info and avoid the barfine. They’re not allowed to be seen doing this so be discreet. I should’ve tried this more often, the barfine is a ripoff.

One time staff were watching so my girl went to the CR, wrote her number on a piece of paper, hid it in her bra, then slipped it to me mid lap-dance. Another girl spelt out her Facebook name for me to memorize.

Leaving with the girl after paying 2900 barfine

The third girl memorized my room number in the condotel opposite Kojax (Bel Air Soho Suites, some of the bargirls live there) and came knocking after work.

Some girls will be scared to get fired, but if you reassure them no one will find out, it’s doable because greedy Manila bars don’t usually give the girls any cut of the barfine.

A skinny Kojax girl

Their daily salary is low too, as is the cut from each lady drink, many Filipina bargirls barely breakeven on the taxi fares to and from work if they aren’t barfined. They depend on customers to barfine them for sex.

So with a sneakout you end up only paying 3000 ($60) plus drinks. The fourth girl I did this with needed extra convincing, she did it when I said I’d give her half the savings from not paying the barfine, so 4500.

A slim Kojax girl

Even if you have to barfine the first time, most girls will be ok to meet you privately after that. One Kojax girl would come to my room before work or on her off days for 1500-2000.

Filipina bargirls will sometimes stay with you long time for the same price, so you can have sex 2+ times, whereas Thai bargirls charge more for that. They’re also happy to bareback even more than Thailand.

Happy to pose for pics

I find around 30% of Manila gogo girls are happy to hang out and bang again, especially if you stay in a nice Airbnb ($35 off link) e.g. Gramercy, and 80% are ok with not using a condom. 40% / 90% in Angeles City.

So when you factor in that you might be able to bang more than once, probably rawdog, and can set up cheaper follow up meets, the high Manila mongering prices start to look better.

Threesome, 2500 each, no condom with each

Filipinas are also usually good in bed, I was never disappointed with a Kojax girl even the times it was one shot with condom. All do DFK and BBBJ.

I was never robbed in my apartment or anything like that. The only scams come from the gogo bar staff – sometimes they’re slow to bring back change, add a drink to the bill, etc.

Kojax bar entrance up a staircase, above XOXO bar

It’s easy to hook up with Filipinas for free on online dating sites like Filipino Cupid and Pinalove or apps like Tinder etc., I use those too, but I find the hottest girls in the Philippines are often working girls, or not single.

Apart from Kojax and XOXO, other P Burgos gogo bars worth checking out Plan B, and Tickles – there you can get a blowjob in the bar in a back room. Ringside bar for boxing shows.

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Regular readers will know I’ve been impressed by the Smooci escort booking site and have done reviews of their initial Bangkok launch and the more recent launch in Manila. They’re also now in Singapore.

The Smooci team have been kind enough to give me an exclusive interview to get a bit deeper into what Smooci is.

– Could you do a quick pitch on what Smooci is, to someone who has never heard of it before?

Sure, Smooci is an Escort booking site, like a next generation Escort directory. Clients make real time searches and get live results of girls who are ready to respond and meet.

Before ordering an escort girl, clients can see genuine ratings and reviews. I believe we are the only site with fully verified reviews, all from clients who had confirmed bookings with the escort.

When the client finds the girl they like they can confirm the booking with a few clicks, and the request goes to the Escort’s app. She then has 10 mins to accept but most requests are accepted within 3 mins.

Once a booking is confirmed the client is told when the escort is on her way to meet, giving the client a GPS link to track their date to their door, Uber/Grab style.

The client also gets a review link once the booking is complete, allowing the client to leave a star rating, write a review of their meeting, and vote whether the photos were accurate.

Smooci seemed to come out of nowhere. How did the idea come up and how did you get started?

We came at it from a tech angle. Our experience is in software and apps, and we had previously worked closely with a well-known food delivery company.

We were asked to help a Bangkok escort agency with their management system. They had a lot of girls and were struggling to keep organized. We created an app platform for them and management dashboard.

The new system showed them when a girl was available and where she was, with live schedules and locations, meaning if a client called about a girl they could accurately say when she would be available.

One of the benefits was that when the client called saying his date was late they could live track her and give accurate updates. Within a few months the agency had almost doubled in size, word had got out.

Other agencies were interested, and we saw the potential to create a new Escort directory, helping every agency organize and sharing the extra control directly with the client.

So we did just that, launching in BKK in 2016. By 2017 Smooci was the biggest Thailand Escort site.

– With the sudden closure of backpage and craigslist’s personals section, it seems your major competition was taken out almost overnight. How has that affected Smooci and your plans to grow?

The closure of backpage wasn’t a huge surprise, they’d been having problems for a while, mainly because their platform was so open and unregulated.

Stories of underage sex and human trafficking on backpage had been around for years, and they’d had serious warnings from the FBI.

We had a real dilemma when first starting this project, we were a little nervous and apprehensive entering the industry, but decided that we could do something positive, creating something that increases fairness and safety for both the clients and the escorts- that is at the core of the Smooci concept.

We work closely with industry specialist lawyers to ensure we are making positive moves.

– A lot of clients will be nervous about using the credit cards or putting their personal info into Smooci, what could you say to reassure them that this is all safe?

Data security is very much in the news at the moment. Facebook has been in the spotlight for their failures, and the new GDPR regulations are pushing everyone to start taking greater responsibility of their client’s data and data security. Again, it’s something which has been at the core of our concept since we began.

Regarding payments, when a client purchases a premium membership this is done through a secure third party, and when a payment is complete we are only informed of the last 4 digits of the card used to make the payment the email address, which then allows us to create the account.

No other card info is given to us or stored on our system. We also don’t use auto-rebilling. This is something I’ve always hated, and I don’t think it’s fair when subscriptions to memberships renew as a default. We are confident clients will like our product and keep renewing their membership manually.

In terms of how we treat client data, we strictly don’t share any info with any third party, other than the escort or agency the booking is with, giving them the minimum info they need to confirm the booking.

– What other problems have you encountered while entering the Escort industry?

We quickly realized what the main scams and problems were. Bait and switch, false ages, heavily photo shopped pictures, these were industry wide problems, and things we knew we had to try tackle.

The ability to show verified comments goes a long way to exposing any escorts not playing fairly, while a client flagging system allows the Escorts to notify us if they have a problem client, and if a client gets several flags a warning is sent to the Escort whenever that client makes a booking.

The photo voting means a client gets to vote whether the photos are accurate or not, after a booking is complete. It’s somewhat subjective but if a photo gets a high number of negative votes the system automatically removes it, and if a photo gets almost exclusively positive votes it is marked as being verified.

We will also be adding age verification soon. This will be optional but it will allow escorts to request their age to be verified. They send us their ID and their age is highlighted as verified on their profile.

– Do you have any other cool updates coming up?

We have three big updates coming up. Incalls will give the ability to book Escorts offering incall, with verified locations and the ability for their client to track the route to the Escort. This is perhaps more immediately relevant to the Hong Kong and Singapore markets, but it sets us up ready to launch in Europe.

Another is online notifications. This allows premium members to also search offline Escorts and click to be notified when that Escort next comes online.

The last is a safety feature which chases up escorts who don’t respond after a booking is complete. It then tries to contact the escort 2 hours and 12 hours after a booking, and then we manually contact them if they still haven’t responded to the booking being over if no response 24 hours after a booking has ended.

We also give the escorts the option to add a security contact who we can contact at this point.

– The Manila launch has gone well, I’ve used Manila Courtesans agency before which you work with. Do you have plans to launch in more cities like Cebu or Angeles?

We’ve talked about the possibility of launching in Cebu. It’s not high on our hit list, but if Manila keeps growing and we get more interested there, I could see us launching in Cebu by this Summer.

Angeles City we have heard about but I’m not sure it’s a city which would benefit from our system. From what I understand it’s very much a bar scene in a condensed area. But if demand is there we are open to it.

– What other expansions do you have coming up? I notice Pattaya is mentioned as ‘coming soon’.

We’ve wanted to launch in Pattaya for a long time, we’ve had a lot of requests for their, from both clients and escorts, but we want to first get established on 3-4 other countries before becoming too big in Thailand.

Our next big target is Hong Kong. We are waiting for the incall ability to be complete first before we attempt to launch in HK and then start to tackle Singapore, which we did a soft launch in last month.

– What kind of things can the customer put in the ‘special requests’ box? And what’s the craziest thing anyone’s ever written there?

The special requests box is only limited by the client’s imagination. Usually it’s used to ask for uniforms, lingerie or toys, but it is sometimes used for more kinky requests.

We can’t share any of the details with you as we have to be completely respectful of the clients privacy. But you can check out the client comments on the escort profiles, there are some really interesting reads and it can be quite addictive just reading through the comments.

– What does the future hold for Smooci? Are looking to take over Southeast Asia? Even beyond that?

We are ambitious. We have had a lot of interest from Europe and Japan, and we would definitely like to start expanding out there before the end of the year.

But right now we still have unfinished business in Southeast Asia, and would like to complete the SEA circuit – Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong are in our sights at the moment.

Thanks for your time and for bringing us Smooci. I think this is going to be a huge success in Philippines and beyond, please try to get it out to more cities! Good luck.

Visit Smooci.com

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Craigslist personals and Backpage.com have sadly been closed down due to a new sex trafficking bill being passed, but escort site Smooci.com is expanding.

I previously tried out Smooci in Bangkok, Thailand and wrote a review. Now the ‘Uber for prostitutes’ app / mobile-friendly website has cum to Manila, Philippines (and recently Singapore).

You can now order a Filipina escort straight to your room, with GPS tracking and knowing in advance what the girl can do – select from filters including anal sex, rimming, couples, lesbian action, and more.

They’re working with trusted Manila escort agencies such as Manila Courtesans which I also tried out and wrote a review on. Some of their escorts will have special discount prices on Smooci.

So far there aren’t many girls on Smooci Manila (I see 23 girls and 1 ladyboy) but more will be added over time as more escort agencies get involved and freelancers take notice – Smooci lets them join up too.

Prices range from about 4000 – 8000 pesos ($75-$150) which is high but you get 2 shots (sex twice) and 2 hours with the girl, plus save on cab fares and lady drinks.

Cost of Sex in Manila

I prefer Angeles City but if I go mongering in Manila it’s usually at Kojax gogo bar (aka ‘XOXO’ half the week), in the P Burgos Street red light district, Makati. That’s where I’ve always found the hottest Manila girls.

There the barfine is 2900 pesos, the tip to the girl after sex is 3000, and lady drinks are 300 – 400 depending on the drink, of which hopefully she only has one before I take her.

In total about 6500 pesos, and usually it’s just one shot before the girl leaves. Other gogos charge more, weirdly ones with worse quality girls – Plan B started charging 3500 barfine, Ringside charges 3900.

Rogue’s charges 1600 for some dancers, but others are 3200 barfine. Confusing.

Streetwalkers and ‘massage girls’ don’t have a barfine but usually want 500 for their ‘manager’ / ‘shop’, on top of the 2500 – 3000 cost of sex for the better looking ones.

Nightclub freelancers at Royal and ZZYZX are around the same, 2500 – 3000 ($50 – $60).

Overall Manila is a bit expensive so the Smooci prices aren’t bad considering you get 2 shots and 2 hours. Plus kinky stuff like anal, threesomes etc. is hard to find with Filipinas, but most of the Smooci girls do it.

It’s early days yet, hopefully a lot more Manila girls get added to Smooci and the prices come down a bit, but this is good news. I had a good experience with Smooci in BKK.

I like that they now added a premium feature where you can read verified customer reviews to find out if the girl looks like her pictures, and how good her various services are.

Eventually Smooci plan to expand to Pattaya, Hong Kong, Macau and Kuala Lumpur, already having become the biggest Bangkok escort site.

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