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Not many boot companies can credibly claim operation over 100 years, not to mention also being employee owned as well.

This is the type of organization that is Thorogood Shoes which is operated in Wisconsin, USA. Since 1892, Thorogood has been making excellent footwear that does what it’s demands dictate with durability.

Through many decades of trial, error and success, Thorogood Shoes has stuck around through wars, industry hurdles and eventually became an employee owned operation in 2000.

There are over 125 styles of Thorogood Shoes to choose from. From styles that are specifically made in the USA, designed to work professionally or recreationally. Even versions built for military and defense use are covered with style. Need a steel toe, fire resistance, or even a lifestyle look? Thorogood has your back.

In fact, Thorogood has had American backs since 1917 when they became a producer of boots for the US Army for the first world war. Taking it a step further while they reach a 50 year mile-stone, the company completed transitioned to full military production in 1942. World War II would no go without seeing Thorogood Shoes on the battlefield as they earned a patriotic reputation for quality.

From workers to soldiers, hikers to fashion models- Thorogood Shoes makes something for everyone that is high quality, stylish and will stand the test of time. Union labor goes into every pair that is made with care and designed to be comfortable. If you are in the market for a new pair of boots, do not overlook Thorogood for your next addition.

Quick Highlights:

Thorogood 1957 Series Flyway USA Waterproof 8″ Briar Pitstop Boots

– Made in the USA (Union made)
– Breathable X-Stream Waterproof membrane
– Antique Goodyear welt construction
– Cushioned removable footbed (Ultimate Shock Absorption)
– Indy 6 Outsole
– Composite shank
– 8″ Height

Thorogood Logger Series 9″ Brown Crazyhorse Waterproof Boots

– Studhorse Medium Brown
– Steel Safety Toe
– Vibram Rubber Midsole
– Removable Ultra Shock Absorption Footbed
– Steel Shank
– Waterproof Membrane with Aztec Lining
– Vibram Outsole with Re-Inforced Tip Stitch
– Goodyear Storm Welt Construction
– Made in the USA (Union made)
– 9″ Height

Men’s Thorogood Logger Series 9″ Brown Crazyhorse Waterproof Boots With Vibram Outsole Review

When it comes to rugged work boots, Thorgood’s latest Logger Series boots are as rock-solid as it gets. To soften up the sturdy leather construction, I roamed the floors of Outdoor Retailer hoping to put a good amount of mileage on them. With the boots broken in a bit, I decided to give them a try on outdoors across Colorado’s rocky mountain terrain.

With my STIHL chainsaw in hand and hundreds of pine trees to clear through for wildfire mitigation, I spent a few days with these 9” waterproof boots on my feet. The result? Nothing short of top-notch performance. While processing logs, liming branches, and running the chipper, Thorgood’s Logger Series boots felt remarkable to wear.

The Vibram outsole offered plenty of grip across mud, scatter pine, wood chips, loose dirt, large boulders, and so on. Regardless of where I put my feet, they felt planted firmly. Aside from the exceptional level of contact on the ground, I found the reinforced tip stitch to be another nice durable touch. The steel safety toe added some peace of mind, while the waterproof membrane with Aztec lining lived up my expectations. Now, if you’ve ever lived in the mountainous areas of Colorado you’ll know one thing is true: It’s hard to predict the weather. Not to mention, rain can come out of nowhere and last for an hour before it’s magically gone. Even though a few downpours, these boots managed to keep my feet plenty dry and comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, the removable, Ultra Shock Absorption Footbed performed like a dream. Let’s face it, walking over jagged rocks and branches isn’t like stepping over a field of clouds regardless of what you wear. However, the unique Thorogood footbed did make the process of doing so far more enjoyable. After being on my feet for hours on end, my legs and feet felt terrific. Of course, my arms were fatigued considerably from lugging around the chainsaw all day.

In terms of construction, the American Heritage Logger in Brown Crazyhorse (804-3555), features the type of durability and ruggedness you’d expect from a boot that’s made in the USA. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of testing countless pieces of footwear, but few ever match the remarkable build quality of anything American made. Factor in the Storm Welt construction, electrical hazard resistance, waterproof nature, steel toe, Vibram Tacoma outsole, and timeless leather detail among many other features, and you’ve got one bad to the bone work boot.

Men’s Thorogood 1957 Series Flyway USA Waterproof 8″ Briar Pitstop Boots Review

Meet one of my favorite hunting boots: The 1957 Series Flyway USA Waterproof 8” Briar Pitstop from Thorogood. While on the hunt for the perfect bird this year, I had a chance to give these boots a tryout. And with turkeys migrating across my land by the near hundreds every year, I have some prime opportunities to take advantage of. After throwing on my hunting gear, grabbing my compound bow, and putting a pair of these boots on, I made my way into the dense pine trees.

As I made my way across the mountainous terrain, these boots handled everything I could throw at them with ease. Mud, rock, loose dirt, you name it; the 813-4141 boot model was truly made to tackle the harsh outdoors. One step into the removable ultimate shock absorption footbed alongside one look of at the Indy 6 outsole and Antique Goodyear Welt construction, and you’ll instantly know these boots are made for years and years of durability and comfort.

In terms of how they felt, blister-free, dry, and remarkable sum it up pretty well in three words or less. The X-Stream Waterproof membrane worked its magic, while still offering a plenty breathable level of performance. All said and done, if you are looking for an ultimate upland boot, well, you’ve found it. With feet that feel great at the end of the day, a rugged build quality, and plenty of features to make the hunting experience more enjoyable, I love venturing out into the woods with a pair of the 1957 series boots on!




The post Thorogood Logger Plus 1957 Series Waterproof USA Made Boots Review appeared first on Next Luxury.

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As if to symbolize the strength of Hults Bruk standing the test of time for over 300 years, hammers forged the beginning.

In 1697 these hammers began striking and continue to do so through to today, crafting fine tools and excellent quality goods that last.

The location is north of Norrkoping, Sweeden. Over time the company would be owned by different people such as wealthy silent owners and families for almost half its life. Traditional manufacturing methods were utilized until the 1870’s. American production methods became recognized as the best of the best and Hults Bruk transitioned to this new modern method.

Even though Hults Bruk produces some of the best quality hand tools and axes available today, this is done by hand and through the labor of just over 20 people. These select few professionals are the ones who create over 100,000 forgings a year. That is some serious work.

Even on the Hults Bruk website there are tutorials on how to care for and maintain user’s tools. It should be noted that with proper care, use and storage these may be family heirlooms that are able to be passed down. This longevity can be attributed to excellent manufacturing and production standards.

Today, you can even rehandle an axe that is past it’s former prime. These tools can be completely refinished and reconditioned so they can be used to complete tasks. If you are looking for a great quality tool that will stand the test of time, look no further than Hults Bruk and get to work.

Quick Highlights:

The Sarek

– 4.5 lbs. Overall weight
– 3.5 lbs. Head weight
– Long and straight 30″ handle length
– Solid Swedish steel head
– Solid American Hickory handle
– Named after the Sarek National Park
– Hand forged construction

The American Felling Axe by Dave Canterbury

– Montreal pattern axe head
– Hand forged construction
– 5 lbs. Overall weight
– 3.5 lbs Head weight
– 32″ Handle length redcuses wrist pivoting on the swing
– Solid Swedish steel head
– Handsanded linseed oil treated solid American Hickory handle
– Tempered zone designed head holds edge after numerous sharpenings
– Includes traditional leather sheath

Hults Bruk American Felling Axe by Dave Canterbury Review

When it comes to long-lasting brands, it doesn’t get much more long-lasting than Hults Bruk. Founded in eastern Sweden in 1697, this Swedish company is older than most major American cities, and has been forging high-quality axes for longer than most modern countries have even been in existence. Since the 1930’s, Hults Bruk has been using the same tried-and-true methods to create axes that are as durable and dependable as the company that built them.

The American Felling Axe by Dave Canterbury is made of hand-forged Swedish steel and American hickory wood, and is perfect for felling trees or clearing a trail. During the forging process, the head is struck repeatedly to give it a distinctive dense design, so that, despite its lightweight construction, it can easily clear even fully grown trees and logs. The Montreal pattern head of the ax is carefully designed to retain its sharp edge even without being sharpened, so that you can rely on your ax without having to constantly sharpen its blade. Sharpening the blade will restore it almost immediately to a factory-level edge, even after multiple sharpenings, without wearing down or dulling out.

The handle of the axe is made of lightweight hickory wood, treated with linseed oil and longer than the standard axe grip. This longer grip keeps the wrist from pivoting on each swing, and provides a clean, cutting stroke with each blow. The axe comes with a full user’s manual, and is stored in a traditional leather sheath, with Swedish embellishments and carefully embossed details. The total weight of the axe is only five pounds (the head weighs 3.5 pounds) , which means that this axe is light enough to carry with you into even the toughest terrains, and more than ready to pull its weight in each new situation.

Hults Bruk Sarek Splitting Axe Review

Founded more than three hundred years ago, the Hults Bruk axe company uses the same hand forging process as it has done since the late 1800’s, all as a way of providing old world quality construction while using the best components that modern technology can provide. The Sarek Splitting Axe is an example of this commitment to quality, and the time spent on each axe guarantees a high-quality tool that will provide a key part of your kit for years to come.

The head of the axe is made of hand forged Swedish steel, and weighs 3.5 pounds, which provides a lightweight tool that is still carefully designed to split logs with ease. The Montreal Pattern head features wider cheeks and a long, tempered blade edge that is struck repeatedly during the forging process in order to develop a dense, durable head that will retain its characteristic sharp edge for years to come.

The Sarek axe takes its name from one of the many national parks in Sweden, the Sarek National Park in northern Sweden, which is one of the oldest national parks in all of Europe. The unique history of the Hults Bruk company makes this name the perfect tribute to the history of the brand, and the hard working, long lasting design of the axe itself provides the perfect example of that company’s dedication to quality production.

The perfect combination of old world, hand forged Swedish axe-making and modern American technological advancements, the Hults Bruk company has made its name through its long history of professional grade tools. The Sarek Splitting axe provides a perfect example as to why this company will surely be a major name in the outdoor lifestyle community for another three hundred years to come.




The post Hults Bruk – Swedish Sarek Splitting Axe And American Felling Axe Review appeared first on Next Luxury.

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Born from necessity and utility, Leatherman was invented with a single function: to get things done.

From Tim Leatherman’s work beginning in 1975 to Leatherman’s first order from Cabela’s in 1983 and on to today’s models, Leatherman remains a true American company.

Gaining quick recognition and fame, Leatherman is now a household name in the outdoor industry. There is nothing that could be reasonably confused with the name as it is ubiquitously known. After over 1 million units sold in the first decade, it becomes easier to understand why this company gained so much popularity so quickly.

The Pocket Survival Tool was the first model. This had 13 tools in it which all folded up in an excellent, durable package. Demand for Leatherman tools was overwhelming at times.

Forged from the factory in Portland, OR, the instruments Leatherman produces are tested in the elements first hand. Leatherman tools perform in all environments including- cold weather/winter, hot weather/dessert, or tropical locations.

There are times where a Leatherman tool has helped to save lives, perform essential repairs in the field, or remove a hot cooking pot. Uses for a daily carry multitool are unlimited.

Carry one for a day, and you will likely be surprised at how many times it is used. Definitely useful to have in any car or emergency kit, a Leatherman is an awesome gift for those you care for. Well worth it carries weight, a Leatherman tool may save your life or at the very least your day.

Quick Highlights:

– American made (Portland, Oregon)
– 420HC Stainless Steel construction
– One-hand operable features
– All locking features
– Magnetic opening and closing
– Frustration-free tool access
– Removeable pocket clip
– 4.25 in Closed length
– 7.6 oz (215.46 g) Weight
– 2.76 in Blade length

Included tools: Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Replaceable Wire Cutters, Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters, Electrical Crimper, Wire Stripper, 420HC Combo Knife, Spring-action Scissors, Package Opener, Awl, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Wood/Metal File, Phillips Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Small Screwdriver, Extra-small Screwdriver, and Pry Tool, Ruler (1.41 in)

Leatherman Free P2 Multi-Tool Review

When it comes to multi-tools, the Leatherman FREE P2 is in a class of its own. Beyond the Leatherman name which comes with a long-standing history of quality and craftsmanship, you’ll find remarkably top-notch modern functionality. It’s the result of years and years of testing, engineering, and customer feedback.

After getting my hands on their new FREE P2 multi-tool, I was beyond impressed. With a 420HC stainless steel construction, the FREE P2 feels incredibly rock solid, yet, surprisingly lightweight at just 7.6 oz. Given the 19 tools packed inside of this multi-tool and the versatility of having each on hand, the size/weight to tool ratio works wonderfully well when it comes to ease of carrying.

In terms of operation, the P2 is simply put, out of this world. The FREE technology is buttery smooth and feels exceptionally well refined and engineered. While out in the field, I have no problems at all operating the P2 with just a single hand. Not to mention, the “click into place” tools all snapped precisely and securely with barely any effort on my end.

Personally, I found the design of how each tool operated to be as frustration-free as it gets. In return, the FREE in the FREE P2 is a rather fitting name when you think about it.

For tools, you’ll find need nose and regular pliers, which I’ve come to demand in virtually any multi-tool I own. If you’re wondering why well, the answer is simple: When cooking outdoors with titanium pots over either wood-burning or fuel fires, things get hot. Of course, the integrated handles on most pots are just not up to the task when handling more substantial meals; hence, why I can appreciate built-in pliers so much.

In addition to the above, you’ll also find a really nice set of regular and hard-wire cutters, a 420HC combo blade with some serious cutting action, spring-action scissors with plenty of bite, screwdrivers (Philips, medium, small and extra small), a package opener for those insanely annoying plastic cases, a mini pry tool which makes opening things like paint cans a breeze, an awl, wire stripper, electrical crimper, and more. Of course, you’ll also find the essentials too like a can opener and bottle opener.

Paired with this American made multi-tool, Leatherman has also included a really sharp gray ballistic nylon sheath for ease of carrying. A high-grade metal rivet snap closure offers plenty of peace of mind for secure storage.



The post Leatherman Free P2 Review – Stainless Steel One-Hand Opening Multi-Tool appeared first on Next Luxury.

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As a visionary, Robert Seals knew something needed to change with the materials commonly used in making water bottles.

Ahead of this now known learning curve, Robert opted for stainless as a healthier alternative.

Born in Chico, California, Klean Kanteen has been improving overall human and environmental health, one water bottle at a time.

After Seals’ time at the helm, the Cresswells would drive Klean Kanteen into the future from 2005 to the present. Making great vessels for carrying essential fluids has been what they do best.

Aside from human health benefits, there is also a more substantial reduction in single-use containers to be considered. Americans are estimated to use over 100 disposable containers a year for drinking water. A single person would avoid wasting tens of thousands through the use of a Klean Kanteen over a lifetime.

Klean Kanteen holds a membership in 1% For The Planet as well and is a Certified B Corporation. With genuine authenticity and style, Klean Kanteen walks the walk, and they talk the talk.

If you are involved or have been inside any aspect of the outdoors industry in the last 10-20 years, then you have probably seen them somewhere. Klean Kanteen offers more than water bottles. Growlers, tumblers, single-wall, double-wall, insulated bottles, and cups can be found available in many colors and capacities.

We had the opportunity to try some of these excellent containers for ourselves and really enjoyed them. Built to last, these are the type of container that with care will last indefinitely.

Quick Highlights:

Insulated Food Canisters

– 18/8 Stainless steel construction won’t rust or shatter
– BPA and toxin-free
– Electropolished stainless steel interior doesn’t impart flavors
– Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation
– Leak-proof lids made of eco-friendly insulated recycled corrugated cardboard
– Lids hermetically sealed to keep out moisture
– Tare It Up bulk ready and grease pencil friendly
– Rounded interior corners make clean up an easy task
– Available in 8oz and 16oz variations plus insulated and non-insulated
– Keeps contents hot for 8 hours and cold for 22 hours (16oz)
– Keeps contents hot for 5 hours and cold for 10 hours (8oz)

Klean Kanteen Insulated Food Canisters Review

Beyond the attractive 18/8 food-grade stainless steel construction, Klean Kanteen’s insulated food canisters feature a brilliant eco-friendly design. If you were to cut one of the lids in half, you’d find recycled corrugated cardboard inside being used as insulation.

Not only is it comparable performance wise to traditional foam, but it’s also hermetically sealed to keep out moisture.

Packed with recycled insulation, these leak-proof canisters manage to keep your frozen and hot meals at the ideal temperature for hours and hours. My first experience using one was after a long hike here in Boulder, Colorado. I had packed the smaller 8oz canister with some piping hot beef stew and left it in the car. After hiking for a few hours and returning hungry, I twisted off the lid to the food canister, and my meal was still plenty warm to eat. Since then, I’ve managed to cook and store all sorts of meals and snacks in these rock-solid food canisters.

Each Klean Kanteen insulated food canister features their unique Tare It Up bulk ready and grease pencil friendly design element. Of course, their also BPA free, and feature rounded inner corners which make cleaning them out an absolute breeze.

Paired with the Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation, the leak-proof lids performed up to my standards; offering a 100% leak-proof design. And while I’m one to appreciate no leaks, what I really came to love was the durable 18/8 stainless steel construction.

These food canisters are quite simply put, bomb-proof. In other words, they were made for the harsher conditions of the great outdoors. I love knowing that won’t crack or shatter if I drop them against a hard boulder or jagged-edged rock.

With 8 and 16 oz. variations, not to mention, insulated and non-insulated versions, Klean Kanteen has definitely won my heart over when it comes to their top-notch outdoor and travel gear.



The post Klean Kanteen Insulated Food Canisters Review – Stainless Steel Tare It Up Storage appeared first on Next Luxury.

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Quickly approaching 100 years ago, the Great Northwest was a different picture compared to the current day.

This vast, beautiful region of our great country (Tacoma, WA to be exact) would be home to Rite in the Rain. 1916 was the year J. L. Darling would start producing a product we know and love today.

If you have ever seen a picture of the Great Northwest, you know this is a very wet region of the world. As a logger, Darling understood the value in a weather-resistant paper for use in the logging industry. In his home with his wife, they would begin hand making all-weather paper.

Rite in the Rain paper is recyclable, shell materials are recyclable, and the wire ring used in some of their products can be separated and recycled. In addition to recyclability, the paper sourced is SFI certified to ensure environmental friendliness.

Not only are these products environmentally friendly, but they are also of high grade. ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (R2002) specifications are some of the standards used to grade archival paper. Rite in the Rain qualifies as archival quality paper and will endure several hundred years spanning multiple generations. It will outlive you under regular conditions and circumstances.

As products with high durability are attractive to us, we had to test a few of Rite in the Rain’s latest. Predictably we were impressed, and everything held up in the field. If you need or want to retain information on paper you need to look at Rite in the Rain for the best.

Quick Highlights:

Maxi Field Planner Starter Kit

– Available with MultiCam, tan or black Cordura fabric covers
– Ring binder
– Writing Guard
– Ruler
– 8.5” x 11” dimensions
– Zippered interior mesh pocket
– Multiple internal pen slot compartments
– Exterior carry handle
– Zippered exterior compartment on front
– Hook and loop Velcro strip on the front

Large Bound Book

– 6 3/8” x 8 ½” sheet dimensions (perforated)
– 6 ¾” x 8 ¾” overall dimensions
– Fabrikoid cover material
– Sewn bound binding
– 160 pages total with 32# grey colored papers
– 80 sheets total (perforated)
– Glue designed to survive Mother Nature’s elements

Trekker Pen

– Pressured black ink cartridge
– Writes on wet paper
– Writes upside down
– Performs in temperatures from -30F to 250F
– 4-inches long
– Lanyard attachment ring
– Comfortable rubber grips
– Removable top cap

Pocket Top Spiral Kit

– Cover color offered in tan, MultiCam and black Cordura fabrics
– Top spiral binding
– 100 pages (Top spiral notebook, 50 sheets)
– Tan paper color
– Kit includes No. 97 All-Weather Tactical Clicker Pen, No. C935 Cordura fabric cover, and No. 935T Tactical Pocket Notebook (3” x 5”)
– Universal Pattern for notes to scaled drawings
– All-Weather pens function in temperatures from -30F to 250F, on wet paper and while upside down.
– Cordura fabric cover feature rugged zipper closure and hold four writing utensils

Rite in the Rain Maxi Field Planner Starter Kit Review

Do you need a ringed binder that you can use to plan your schedule for the day, the week, or the month?

Keeping track of your schedule can be very difficult, especially when you work in a very busy industry that requires you to have several appointments or meetings in a given day to keep track of. This Maxi planner starter kit is ideal for this type of situation because it is a considerable option that gives you plenty of space to write your appointments down as well as any notes that you need to keep track of.

If disorganization is a flaw of yours this binder has plenty of pockets that you can use for your other things as well. Inside the binder, there is space for your pens, pencils, notes, and more. There is even a ruler that is attached to the binder so that you can easily keep track of it. This can be unattached and used at any time, but it is secured in the binder so that you do not misplace it easily.

The binder is designed to fit standard 8 ½- by 11-inch paper, so if you need to add more to the binder than comes with it, you will have that option. There is also a handle on the spine of the binder that is designed to make it easier for you to carry without a backpack.

The material that the binder is crafted from is very durable so that it is safe from the rain and does not get damaged when it is dropped. It is a zippable binder that will keep all of your work papers safe and secure. There is also a mesh zipper on the inside that you can use to secure your belongings if you prefer.

Rite in the Rain Large Bound Book Review

Hikers, campers, researchers working outdoors, and journalists benefit from Rite in the Rain’s All-Weather large bound blank book.

The roomy 6 3/8″ x 8 1/2″ perforated pages provide plenty of notetaking space. This blank book easily fits in a backpack or messenger bag and weighs just under one pound.

The cover of Fabrikoid provides stain resistance and water resistance. Its thick spine provides room for labeling each book by subject or dates used.

Each blank book contains 80 sheets of gray archival quality paper for a total of 160 pages with a sewn binding. It provides a functional way to take notes in the rain or near water spray. Use it when on a boat or by the ocean, to keep writing despite the water.

Rite in the Rain Trekker Pen Review

When you need a pen that writes in the rain, the Rite in the Rain trekker pen gives a lightweight writing instrument that stands up to rough weather. Its pressurized ink cartridge lets you put black ink on wet, greasy or muddy paper without smears or clumps.

It also writes upside down and under water up to a 35 foot depth. It even writes in extreme temperatures from -30F to 250F. When you need a pencil instead of a pen, this all-weather metal pen does the trick. To achieve this, you do have to use the Rite in the Rain proprietary ink for refills which cost about $7 to $8 for a .16 ounce ballpoint insert.

Its ink will not evaporate, leak or explode in your purse, knapsack or pocket. Unlike the mini pens that accompany small, handheld notebooks, this full-size, four inch pen includes an attachment ring to conveniently clip it to a lanyard or keychain. Its rubber grips let you write for long periods in comfort.

Rite in the Rain Pocket Top Spiral Kit Review

The Pocket Top-Spiral Kit provides you with three important pieces of equipment: a tough 3″ x 5″ spiral bound notebook for making field notes, a multi-colored camo design CORDURA fabric cover and an all-weather tactical black clicker pen. This tan memo pad lets you slip it in the pocket of your camos or jeans for easy travel.

Its color blends with beach, desert or forest camouflage so you can take notes on your hunting ground or operations while staying out of sight. Its paper matches the cover, also tan. The long-lasting cover of MultiCam CORDURA fabric protects your notes and drawings. Each blank book contains 50 sheets of tan archival quality paper for a total of 100 pages providing plenty of room for notes.

Pages use the Universal Pattern you can use this text for notes and scaled drawings. Useful reference material is also printed on the back and inside cover. The flat black metal barrel pen in the kit writes on wet paper and upside down. It even writes in extreme temperatures from -30F to 250F. Take notes in black ink that is easy to read in most lighting conditions.

The CORDURA fabric cover fits over the notebook and zips shut with a rugged zipper that withstands the elements. The cover provides extra space for up to four writing utensils.






The post Rite in the Rain – Maxi Field Planner, Bound Book, Trekker Pen, and Pocket Top Spiral Review appeared first on Next Luxury.

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The people at ZØRE intimately understand the importance of firearms and firearm safety. Jerusalem, Israel dictates that they keep arms close for defense, even and especially in the household.

This is exactly what drove them to develop ZØRE X.

With weapons training and Special Forces experience, ZØRE was able to combine combat backgrounds with a desire for family safety. What came next is something which every gun owner should consider. ZØRE X is a revolutionary firearm locking mechanism that renders the weapon inoperable without the code.

The beauty of the ZØRE X is that one may keep firearms secure, yet quickly accessible if need be. As of December 2018, ZØRE has shipped out over 10,000 units and counting. They also provide discounts to LEO, military, and veterans through a program online.

In addition to ZØRE X, ZØRE also makes a magnetic mount for the lock which allows you to store the secured weapon worry-free.

If you do still worry and require further assurance, the ZØRE app should alleviate additional concerns with tampering alerts when you are away with ZØRE BRIDGE. This connects your lock to wifi via Bluetooth. You also can unlock the ZØRE X with this app remotely. There is a training feature to help you in developing safe and speedy unlocking procedures.

We had a chance to see how the 9mm 9×19 ZØRE X Core Series Gun Lock works first hand and were highly impressed. The fit and finish were second to none, read below for more info and excellent pictures of ZØRE X features in detail.

Quick Highlights:

– Electro-mechanical lock
– Patent pending cartridge sits inside of the chamber without applying pressure
– Locking cartridge expands 10x the force applied to it
– Prevents unauthorized use while ensuring immediate usability by owner
– Caliber-specific: available in 9×19 (0.40 and 0.45 variations upcoming)
– California DOJ approved (Firearm Safety Device per Penal Code section 23655)
– 2-year warranty included
– Light 4.7 oz. (135g) weight.
– AISI 4340, ST.S 17-4 PH, H900 Silicone, Nylon 6./6 FG, and Peek materials
– Replaceable CR2 3.0V battery
– 3500 locking and unlocking battery life (2-3 years of standard usage)
– Revolutionary RAPIDial for fast unlocking even with zero visibility
– RAPIDial allows for up to 20 digits with up to 9 clicks each digit
– Ejects lock and chambers round when the weapon is charged (locked to loaded design)


– Protective rubber coating
– Simple installation process
– Slim and discrete design
– Powerful magnetic
– Perfect for under the desk, in the car, by the bed and more

Zore X Core Series Gun Lock 9MM 9X19 Review

While not everyone feels comfortable with guns, there is one thing we can all agree on: Not everyone should handle them.

For instance, younger kids who are by alone themselves or perhaps the person who just broke in and hauled away the contents of your safe.

With that said, having a way to protect not only yourself but also your family might be crucial. Let’s face it, no one wants to put anyone they love at risk, and we can’t always be there to keep an eye on our firearms (unless we’re carrying one of course).

In reality, being a good gun owner means being a responsible one. Being responsible goes beyond just the rules of safety everyone knows, it also included locking up your firearms to prevent children and other unauthorized users from gaining access to your gun.

Of course, depending on where you live, you might not even have a choice. Luckily, the ZORE X is California DOJ-approved. The safety device meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and is reliable when it comes to security.

For peace of mind, ZORE has the answer with their latest X Core Series gun lock. And while most of us cringe at anything that involves restrictive technology, you’ll be surprised by just how exceptionally well ZORE’s equipment works. After having a chance to try one out and seeing how blazing fast it is to rip off, not to mention, how insanely easy it is to operate, I’m beyond impressed.

Unlike other attempts that try to merge technology and firearms and fail, like the one where you must be wearing a watch in order to unlock it, ZORE’s stance on security seems top notch. Combine together the security, very reasonable price point, and all the features below and you’ll see why ZORE’s X Core series gun locks are a winner in my book.

For starters, it has a patented RapiDial that quickly unlocks if you’re in a situation where you have to act in the blink of an eye, even in zero visibility circumstances. Being able to go from locked to fully loaded immediately is effortless with the ZORE X Core.

When you need to charge the gun, it locks the slide by expanding even more, so that no one can tamper with it until you enter the code. During our tests, we tried to pry it open, shake/pull it off, and got a little creative with our attempts to prove it, but the X Core is one serious piece of security gear. Speaking of the unlocking code, resetting it is painless, and should you ever forget it, there’s a secret backup code you can refer to.

The battery lasts for 3500 locks and unlocks so it should give you two or three years of use. If you replace the battery every year, which is far earlier than it should run out, you’ll have plenty of peace of mind.

For color selection, I like that ZORE went with a mostly black design. To be honest, the ZORE X Core looks beautiful and looks great with various firearm models, regardless of their finish.

Give the functionality and security, you might be surprised to know that it only weighs 4.7 oz. In other words, it weighs next to nothing, but is as tough as nails.

After having a chance to try one out myself I’m amazed at how exceptionally well they work. For those who want to keep their firearm out and accessible, but also secure, the ZORE X Core gets the job done brilliantly.



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Originating in Carlsbad, CA, Ogio International, Inc., would become a leader in the bag and travel product industry.

Starting in 1987 the company continues to operate today the same base.

For over 30 years, Ogio has been known for innovating, designing and producing some of the most advanced designs. In 2017 the company was acquired by the Callaway Golf Company and is currently undergoing a rebranding campaign.

From backpacks to travel bags, laptop sleeves to active wear, Ogio has you covered. Products are continually being refreshed and offered in new and exciting colors. By using the latest advancements in technology, Ogio is able to remain up to date.

Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this company strives to produce products you will love and use for years. If you don’t find complete satisfaction within 100 days of purchase, return your item for a complete refund. They also offer free shipping within the lower 48, a lifetime product warranty and an awards program for products not released in mass.

Backpacks, travel gear, golf equipment, and outerwear are their main product lines at the moment. Making ran, wind and stretch jackets they are venturing into new and exciting product territory.

We recently were given a chance to see some of their latest stuff in person and were left impressed. Below, you’ll find our ALPHA All Elements Stretch Wind and Elite Rain Jackets reviews alongside more details on each piece. If you are in the market for a high-quality outerwear, then take a look at Ogio’s latest lineup.

Quick Highlights:

All Elements Stretch Wind Jacket

– Available in black, navy and olive colors
– Four-way stretch construction
– Bonded and double-sided fabric combat wind and water
– AQUATECH Waterproof fabric with seam sealed zippers
– Smooth movement and frictionless feel
– 360-degree reflectivity for enhanced visibility
– Lightweight and durable construction

All Elements Elite Rain Jacket

– AQUATech weather protection with seam-sealed fabrics and zippers
– Amplified reflective details for 360-visibility
– Comfortable, freely moving four-way-stretch fabric
– Waterproof zippered side pockets for securing precious gear

Navy Men’s OGIO ALPHA All Elements Stretch Wind Jacket Review

Gone are the days of worrying about wet and windy conditions thanks to OGIO’s latest stretch ¼ zip jacket from their new All Elements collection. Available in olive, navy and black, I decided to give one of their navy versions a try on while spending some time outdoors. Against the frigid mountain wind and a light downpour of rain, I made my way up the trail.

Given the lightweight nature of the All Elements Stretch Wind Jacket, I was surprised at just how exceptionally well it performed. Not only did the four-way stretch construction feel, but the AQUATECH waterproof fabric worked its magic beautifully. Of course, the bonded and double-sided fabric also helped to completely block out all the gusts of wind along the way too.

In terms of silent movement, I really like how OGIO managed to incorporate this technical fabric without the traditional swish noise that comes along with most other brands. Overall, it has a premium, frictionless feel to it.

For storage, the seam sealed zippers were another nice touch I found. As were the subtle but noticeable 360-degree reflectivity details.

Black Men’s OGIO ALPHA All Elements Elite Rain Jacket Review

When it comes to the OGIO All Elements Elite Rain Jacket, it’s easily one of my favorites. I’m a huge fan of full zip jackets, simply because their easy to take on and off in a flash. Not to mention, if you need more breathability, tugging the zipper down is all it takes.

While I knew how well the AQUATech weather protection fared in the rain and wind from my previous field test, I decided to try out the All Elements Elite Rain Jacket in warmer, drier conditions. Thanks to the four-way-stretch fabric, every step forward with this jacket on felt wonderful. Needless to say, it’s as comfortable as it gets.

In addition to the comfort, it’s rather nice knowing that the water and windproof tech is there too. Seam-sealed fabrics and zippers make this jacket genuinely versatile for any adventure or activity spent outdoors.

In terms of the finer details, the subtle OGIO branding pieces were nice touches as were the amplified reflective details for 360-degrees of visibility. I love the fact that I can hit the trails, go golf, or take the bike out, all while knowing I’ve got on a jacket that can effortlessly keep up.




The post OGIO ALPHA All Elements Stretch Wind and Elite Rain Jackets Review appeared first on Next Luxury.

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If any two qualities describe Blue Force Gear, they surely would be innovative gear and superior quality.

That part can be found in the BFG mission, but the company is much more than this lofty aim. 2004 would mark the beginning of Blue Force Gear.

As being one of the best tactical gear companies out there, BFG always needs to be improving its products and what it provides. As a policy, BFG will not put anything into production that isn’t an improvement of the accepted standard.

Everything that Blue Force Gear makes is made in the USA; also it is Berry Compliant. These are excellent qualities and achievements for manufacturers to obtain. Located in Pooler, GA they are passionate to serve the communities which depend on their products for life and death scenarios.

Innovation and new product development are heavy focal points of Blue Force Gear. This is evident upon review of their historical logos that have changed and been tweaked over time to what we know and recognize today.

Plate carriers, mag pouches, belts, chest rigs, EDC gear, and packs are some of the various goods professionals depend on every day. Serious people all over the globe have come to know and love BFG products for their durability, functionality and superior quality.

It wasn’t long ago we had a chance to explore some of the latest BFG products for ourselves. We described our experience and thoughts below with a lot of pictures accurately displaying the BFG quality and construction you can depend on.

Quick Highlights:

BFG Wallet

– Available in black, MultiCam, grey wolf and OD green
– ULTRAcomp construction (high-performance laminate)
– Will never fade, crack or wear down like traditional wallet materials
– BFG-Blue Nylon Tex 70 thread
– Precision laser cut
– Full-length bill pocket fits most currencies from dollars to euros
– Four internal card slot holds four cards each
– Large pocket under left side card slots offer additional storage
– Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty

Tracer Pack

– Offered in black, MultiCam, grey wolf and OD green variations
– 2.5 lbs. weight
– Optional enhanced modular Dapper pouch system
– Fully MOLLE compatible panel on pack exterior
– MOLLEminus panel covertly blends into the pack
– Interior pocket loop lined for patches, Dapper Loops, and smaller Dappers.
– Tweave 4-way stretch fabric construction on side water bottle pockets
– Top zippered pocket
– Integrated padded and loop lined 15-inch laptop sleeve
– ULTRAcomp high-performance laminate on pack bottom
– Rubber grip top water hole
– Internal frame construction
– 36-liter cargo capacity (2064 cu inches)
– 17 -19 inches torso fit; 28- 44 inches waist/hips fit
– INVISTA Solution Dyed CORDURA fabric construction
– HDPE frame sheet material
– Four exterior pockets plus main compartment
– Hydration compatible
– 19.5” x 12.25” x 12.5” dimensions

Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

– Belt or MOLLE attachment options
– Offered in black, MultiCam, coyote brown, grey wolf and OD green
– Available with Advanced Trauma Kit, Basic Kit, or with no contents
– Deployment by one hand or a single finger
– BLIP featured pull tabs
– Exterior laser cut cross with numerous signal indicators
– Black or highly reflective glow-in-the-dark insert options
– 89g weight. (No contents)
– 6” x 3.5” x 2.5” dimensions
– 500D Solution Dyed CORDURA fabric
– ULTRAcomp laminate
– Ten-Speed military-grade elastic
– TEX 70 bonded nylon thread

– Advanced Kit Supplies: QuickClot Combat Gauze, HyFin Vent Chest Seal (2 seals included), Cleer Medical Trauma Bandage 4” Flat Pack, Decompression needle, Six 2” x9” Frog Tape, Size 28 Nasopharyngeal Airway, Heavy Duty Medical Gloves in tan (1 pair)

Belt Mounted Dump Pouch

– Offered in black, MultiCam, coyote brown, and grey wolf colors
– Stays folded under Ten-Speed elastic when not in use
– Ultra-compact design
– Single pull deploys generously sized bag
– Holds up to 10 M4 magazines
– Belt-mounted stow pouch profile eliminates potential snag hazards
– Single-handed cinch cord closure operation to secure contents
– Fits belts 1.25” horizontally and up to 2” wide vertically
– 3” x 3.5” x 1” dimensions
– Approx. 3.5 liters
– 70D Ripstop nylon construction
– ULTRAcomp high-performance laminate
– Ten-Speed Mil grade elastic
– TEX 70 bonded nylon thread
– Hook and loop belt mounted attachment closure

BFG Wallet Review

Blue Force Gear believes that every item you carry matters, whether it’s the bag on your back or wallet in your pocket. And in they put this theory to the test in the latter regard, producing a signature wallet that continues to garner rave reviews.

Blue Force Gear knew they would have to design a wallet worthy of the hundreds of thousands of loyal travelers, outdoorsmen, athletes, and military men who have come to rely on the Blue Force name in their most rigorous endeavors. Slim, lightweight, and providing ample space for all your essentials, the BFG wallet is crafted entirely from the Blue Force proprietary ULTRAcomp laminate, which means no fading, cracking, or wearing down like the average wallet.

The full-length bill pocket accommodates all currencies, while 4 card slots allow for additional ID, receipt, and emergency contact storage. Accented by the iconic Blue Force Gear blue nylon thread, everyone will be sure to recognize your top-tier taste.

It’s often said that one’s true style lies in the details, and Blue Force Gear’s classic wallet speaks volumes of this theory. Perfect for daily use, this is a wallet to accompany you through city and mountain scape alike. No matter where life takes you, you deserve to know your valuables are safe, and the BFG name stands ready to rise to the occasion.

Tracer Pack Review

The latest in their world famous D.A.P Pack line, the Tracer Pack is the ideal EDC (every day carry) choice for the man whose lifestyle sees him through all manner of terrain. As well-suited to the office or campus as it is on a mountain climb, the Tracer Pack features ample storage and organization components in an easy-to-carry streamline design.

The Tracer Pack allows for all your essentials, and can even be enhanced with their special Dapper pouch for extra space. Slightly larger than the Blue Force Jedburgh pack while keeping with the same styling philosophy, the Tracer Pack provides two Tweave water bottle pockets and a TSA-friendly zippered top pocket for quick access.

Its convenient structuring means less fumbling and searching through your items, while the Tracer Pack’s main padded compartment keeps your valuable gadgets safe and secure. (Additional pouches can also be procured.)

With a double layer of ULTRAcomp laminate to protect against water and the standard wear-and-tear, this is a pack that defies all lifestyle conditions.
Since 2004, the team behind Blue Force Gear have proven themselves pioneers in the sporting and outdoor innovation. In their own words, “We design by a code of advancement – if we can’t make something better than what is currently available, we don’t make it.

By continually innovating, our products will always be different.” This philosophy continues to produce some of the world’s most dependable–and depended upon–gear, whether it’s on the home front or world at large.

Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Review

Winner of the the 2018 NRA Golden Bullseye Award for Accessory of The Year, the Blue Force Gear micro trauma kit is the smallest version of BFG’s Trauma Kit NOW!

Designed for small-scale emergencies on the day to day, the BFG micro trauma kit was created with hunters, members of law enforcement, and responsible citizens in mind.

Emergency supplies can be deployed by activating the BLIP featured pull tabs, with the micro trauma kit’s two main components consisting of outer MOLE or Belt mounted pouch, and a removable insert that secures and organized medical supplies. The outside pouch boasts a laser cut cross with a variety of signal indicators, with users able to choose which indicator works best for the situation, if needed at all.

BFG micro trauma kits are available in two categories, advanced or basic. While the basic kit includes emergency trauma dressing, medical grade easy tape, tourniquet, and heavy duty gloves, the advanced kit contains all of the above plus a HyFin vent chest seal, bandaging, and nasopharyngeal airway.

No matter your profession or lifestyle, you can never be too prepared for what comes your way. Blue Force Gear was built on a mission to provide only the best in safety and survival gear, and their micro trauma kits ensure that you have as much control as possible over the unforeseen.

Belt Mounted Dump Pouch Review

Redefining the signature BFG Ten-Speed ultralight dump pouch for even more portable purposes, Blue Force Gear introduces the belt mounted dump pouch. Impossibly light and conveniently concealed under its Ten-Speed elastic when not in use, the gear dump belt pouch can be deployed with a simple pull of the lower tab.

Unlike bulky bags that can snag or weigh one down, the dump belt pouch stays secure and out of the way until you need it. The BFG dump belt pouch beautifully doubles as a traditional magazine dump pouch or temporary supplemental storage for extra items, with the rip stop nylon bag ideal for collecting foraged goods.

Blue Force Gear has set the standard in military grade outdoor gear, and designs solely with the individual in mind. Wherever the unbeaten path takes you, creations like the BFG dump belt pouch keep you moving unhindered and always prepared.






The post Blue Force Gear – BFG Wallet, Tracer Pack, Micro Trauma Kit, and Belt Dump Pouch Review appeared first on Next Luxury.

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Patriotism and love of country permeates Spartan Blades at every level.

Unapologetically American, this knife company wants to restore the pride and luster once associated with carrying well-made hand tools.

They execute carrying out this vision very well.

With a global reach, Spartan extends this invitation to the rest of the world’s cutlery enthusiasts from the Fort Bragg, NC area since 2008. Spartan Blades was founded by Mark Carey and Curtis Iovito, both military veterans.

The Special Operations Truths are the principles which bind Spartan Blades to strict standards. These truths are: 1- Humans are more important than hardware. 2- Quality is better than quantity. 3- Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced. 4- Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur. 5- Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance.

Utilizing domestically made materials, veteran labor and or other American companies, Spartan Blades keeps the focus on home. Each piece is handmade by an American using American parts and components. This has garnered them numerous awards for various designs over the last 10-11 years and they are widely known in the knife community. As the company rises, their feet remain planted firmly on the ground.

Looking at their knives first hand, one can seriously begin to appreciate the level of quality and craftsmanship involved. Everything about these pieces is gorgeous, not just beautiful. If you are even remotely interested in quality knives, you owe it to yourself to check out Spartan Blades. Check out our write up below after testing their pieces for ourselves.

Quick Highlights:

Formido Knife

Available in black and flat dark earth blade finishes
Available with nylon or Kydex sheath options (MultiCam, Black, and Flat Dark Earth)
3.875″ blade length
8.75″ overall length
3/16″ blade thickness
S35VN blade steel
59-60 HRC blade hardness
Fixed blade style
SpartaCoat, PVD, Tungsten DLC (Flat Black) or ZrN (Flat Dark Earth) coatings
0.157 lbs. weight

MOLLE Nylon Sheath

1000 Denier Cordura fabric construction
MIL-SPEC webbing with edge binding and double stitching
Form fitted Kydex and felt liner
Snap closure retention strap for knife handle
Belt loop attaches to most belt widths up to three inches
Three PALS rows with 550 paracord lace on the backside

Spartan Harsey TT Knife

Available in black or flat dark earth blade options
Handle offered in Black Lenin Micarta and Camo Lenin Micarta variations
Nylon and Kydex sheath options (black, coyote brown, MultiCam, and black)
Mid-sized fixed blade knife
Spear Point blade style with flat ground main bevel and tapered top edge
Full tang handle
3D Contoured ergonomic linen Micarta handle for comfort and control
Pommel with lanyard hole in middle of angled tip
9” Overall length
4.5” Blade length
3/16” Blade thickness
CPM S35VN blade steel
58-60 HRC Blade Hardness
PVD Tungsten DLC (Black) or ZrN (Flat Dark Earth) coatings
0.46 lbs. weight

Flat Dark Earth Spartan Blades Formido Knife Review

Here is a sharp fixed blade knife that features a remarkable construction quality, brilliant durability and a stunning final finish. This self-defense tool is less than nine inches in length and the blade is exactly 3.875 inches. The S35VN stainless steel blade is truly thin, measuring only 0.1875-inch yet with a total hardness of 59 to 60 HRC.

Whether you are looking for your first tactical knife or a replacement for your older one, you want to choose wisely. Tactical knives are crafted so they always remain on your side. Therefore, you should pick a knife that works with the rest of your rig gear. You should also determine how you plan to use it.

Formido Self-Defense Everyday Carry Knife is to provide you additional security during the times you need it – and even when you do not. It simply gives you the peace of mind you need as you perform your day to day activities.

This knife is a tanto, which is a type of blade that was originally created to pierce armor. The style is straight-backed with a SpartaCoat Physical Vapor Deposition in a Flat Dark Earth (Zirconium Nitride) shade. The other option is Matte Black.

PVD coating on the knives is applied in a special vacuum chamber that has charged metal molecules all around it. The process is exceptional indeed because of the mere science involved. In the end, you get the metal vapor deposited evenly all over the parts of this knife. PVD coating enhances the durability of the Formido Self-Defense Everyday Carry Knife while making it attractive.

The knife’s sheath can either be a Kydex or lined nylon – the choice is up to you. Plus, it gives you different color options, including Coyote Tan, Multi-Cam, and Black for the nylon sheath. You can carry this tactical fixed blade knife on your belt, pack, or vest if you have the nylon sheath and inside your waistband or horizontally with the Kydex sheath.

Black Spartan Blades Spartan Harsey TT Knife Review

The Spartan Harsey TT (Tactical Trout) is a product from Spartan Blades combined with the legend in knife-making Bill Harsey.

Expect this knife to blow you away with its stunning features. Tactical Trout is a project that took years to finish. It began in 2009 in which it was a unique concept where it comprised of a Trout fixed blade that you could use outdoors.

The design process later progressed and became tactical. If you examine the knife, you will see a robust saber grind that is made to last. Plus, it has a handle that you can compare with the H-Class Tanto, which is also a tactical knife that Bill Harsey designed.

If you are a knife junkie, the Spartan Harsey TT is certainly something to be excited about. It measures a total of nine inches with a 4.75-inch blade. The cutting edge is about 4.25 inches in length. The whole knife in its naked glory (or without the sheath) weighs 7.2 ounces.

The Tactical Trout is durable because of the materials used but it is also comfortable to handle. Many midsize knives can be a little less convenient when in the hands of the users, especially when used as a defense tool or to perform field tasks.

The knife is designed to be easy to wield and carry but still has the size and length you need to get the job done. A great thing about this knife is that its spear point outline comes with a flat ground main bevel and a tapering top grind. Such style gives it a clean cutting edge without you worrying about its tip strength. It has a genius design indeed!

Let us also not forget about the full tang and handle of this knife. These aspects are created in such a way that the user will never have to complain about balancing the knife when used because of its stability.




The post Spartan Blades Formido and Spartan Harsey TT Knives Review – USA Made appeared first on Next Luxury.

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With a name as mighty as the river it is named after, White River Knife and Tool, Inc. produces stunning, high-quality outdoor knives.

Based in Fremont, MI this is a small family owned and operated outfit.

At White River Knife and Tool, the customer experience is the central point of focus.

Using premium materials as well as a wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry, White River is able to deliver what so many knife makers cannot. When you pick up a White River knife, you can feel the quality of the high-grade materials as well as the craftsmanship behind the blade.

Not only do they utilize made in the USA materials as much as possible, but they also manufacture here with American labor. From fire starters to backpackers, anyone who is avid about the outdoors will find a place for these excellent knives. If you use micarta, G10, cork, wood or parador scales then you will not be disappointed at their product lines.

On the off-chance you are somehow dissatisfied with a White River Knife and Tool piece, they will happily exchange or repair free of charge to you. A guarantee which is not seen commonly in today’s age, this policy alone is worth the purchase price.

If you are looking for an outstanding quality blade, then look no further. We had a great time field testing and reviewing some of their latest and greatest models. Check out our thoughts and details photos of these amazing knives below. These are some very sharp knives!

Quick Highlights:

M1 Backpacker Pro

– Available with pre-fastened orange and black textured G10 handles
– Removable stainless steel bolt hardware
– Includes kydex sheath with belt loop attachement
– 3.2 oz. knife weight
– 7” overall length
– 0.130” blade thickness
– 3” blade length
– 58-60 HRC
– CPM S35VN blade steel
– Rear loop for attaching lanyard
– Made in the USA
– Drop point blade with stonewash finish

Small Game

– Black and Maple Richlite, Red and Black Richlite, and Black and Olive Drab Linen Micarta handle varations
– 2.62” blade length
– 7.25” overall length
– 0.130” blade thickness
– Leather sheath included
– 2.75 oz. weight
– 58-60 HRC
– CPM S35VN blade steel
– Made in the USA
– Drop point blade with stonewash finish
– Designed by Owen Baker Jr. from BAKR-BLT Design
– Index finger choil
– Rear lanyard hole

Ursus 45

– Handle options include Black and Olive Drab Linen, Natural Canvas, Black Canvas, and Olive Drab Canvas Micarta.
– 4.5” blade length
– 9.5” overall length
– 0.158” blade thickness
– CPM S35VN blade steel for exceptional sharpness and retention
– 58-60 HRC
– 8.3 oz. weight
– Comes with leather sheath and fire-starting Ferro rod
– 4.375” cutting edge
– Drop point blade style
– Stonewash blade finish
– Made in the USA
– Contoured handle for ergonomic and controllable grip
– Rear loop for attaching lanyard

Natural Canvas Micarta White River Knife & Tool Ursus 45 Knife Review

The White River Knife & Tool Ursus 45 is one bad to the bone, workhorse of a knife. If you love camping, backpacking, and testing your skills out in the wild, well, you’ve found one of the best bushcraft knives out there to own.

Here are some of the many things you can use it for:

Cut up large branches into perfect wood for the fire. Build your own shelter if needed. The Ursus 45 helps with bringing down palm leaves, shaping sticks, and cutting rope.

Let your artistic side come out and carve something out of wood while you wait for the fish to bite. Or while you wait for the unsuspecting rabbit because the fish didn’t bite and you’re starving. Regardless of what you use it for, this trusted friend is always willing to help get you out of tight spots when you’re roughing it in the wilderness.

You’ll feel like Clint Eastwood as you put it into its incredibly durable leather sheath. I love that the sheath offers more than just protection. On the side you’ll find an included ferro rod with its own integrated housing on the leather sheath.

An ergonomic handle design makes the knife very comfortable to use. No sore hands after one task completed. Personally, I’ve found the profile of the handle to be exceptionally comfortable, even after putting the knife up to some serious abuse.

For the blade steel, White River Knife and Tool has chosen to go with CPM S35VN. For the tasks at hand, this is my go-to favorite. With a blade length of 4 ½ inches and an overall length of 9 ½ inches, you’ll feel confident in its durability and effectiveness.

The Ursus 45 boasts a .158 thickness. If you know about knives, you’ll understand how important it is to have a blade that doesn’t bend or loosen because it doesn’t have the sturdy toughness needed to do the job. This blade’s hardness is 58 to 60 HRC. It cuts through the toughest bark, just about anything short of rock without injuring your Ursus 45.

Enjoy one of five Colors for the handle that best matches your wardrobe or tastes: Black and Olive Drab Linen Micarta that goes with your camouflage attire. Natural Canvas Micarta that also blends in nicely with nature. Black Canvas Micarta for the bold, fierce, classic look. Olive Drab Canvas Micarta, as peaceful as the trees surrounding you.

No need to hesitate to own your own Ursus 45. White River is so confident you’ll love the knife that you can send it back if you don’t like it, or pay nothing for any repair needed. With the remarkable level of craftsmanship, beautifully durable/sharp blade, and American made quality, the Ursus 45 is simply put, one of those pieces of gear that you’ll want to treasure for life.

Black & Maple Richlite White River Knife & Tool Small Game Knife Review

For those that like to go on adventures and live off the land, the White River Knife & Tool Small Game knife is an essential tool to pack. Enjoy these features and jobs it can do:

Use it to filet the fish you catch.

When you need to dress small game like rabbit and squirrels, this knife gives you excellent maneuverability to prepare your delicious dinner by the campfire. Don’t be afraid to use it for larger game, either. It can do the job remarkably well.

For the delicate work involved in dressing wild game, it has a lighter thickness of .130 inches and a blade length of 2.62 inches. Overall, it’s 7.25 inches and easy to manage.

You can use it to cut some sturdy branches or rope when you need extra assurance your tent isn’t going to blow away during the unexpected strong winds rolling in. Larger than a pocket knife, it’s easier to handle in the hands for any task without having to tug and work harder to complete it. That means fewer accidents, too.

Designer Owen Baker Jr. designed the small game knife as part of the Bakr-Bilt series. If you’re not familiar, he’s a retired Air Force flight colonel who has been perfecting the art of crafting impeccable knives for close to twenty years.

In addition, the the White River Knife & Tool Small Game knife itself, you’ll also find a beautifully well-made leather sheath for storage and ease of carry.

Choose from these attractive color schemes for your handles: Black & Maple Richlite with a stunning natural, forest inspired appearance. Red & Black Richlite which features a daring and confident look. Black and Olive Drab Linen Micarta for a natural, yet bolder style.

Orange Textured G10 White River Knife & Tool M1 Backpacker Pro Knife Review

Meet the White River Knife and Tool M1 Backpacker Pro, or as I like to call it, the most versatile knife you’ll ever own. From hunting to survival, the M1 Backpacker Pro packs a serious punch when it comes to performance; all in a remarkably small profile.

With an overall length of seven-inches and a three-inch CPM S35VN (58-60 HTC) blade construction, this fixed blade knife features the perfect size and strength for just about any activity you can imagine. I took mine camping, hiking, used it as an EDC knife, and practiced a handful of survival scenario tasks. No matter what I threw at this knife, it managed to impress me over and over again continually.

Even in wet environments, I found myself loving the super grippy nature of the textured G10 handle scales. Speaking of which, the handles come in two options: orange textured G10 or black. Regardless of which you choose, both come pre-fastened with long-lasting, stainless steel bolt hardware.

You’ll also find a high finger choil that offers an ample amount of comfort while working through various cutting tasks. Other highlights include the stonewashed blade finish with a razor-sharp leather honed edge.

To carry the White River Knife and Tool M1 Backpacker Pro around everywhere, you’ll also find an included Kydex sheath which features a handy belt loop attachment.

If you’re looking for a compact fixed blade knife that you can add onto your pack, or put into your pocket/belt, the M1 Backpacker Pro will definitely keep up with any adventure you can throw at it.





The post White River Knife And Tool Ursus 45, M1 Backpacker Pro, and Small Game Knife Review appeared first on Next Luxury.

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