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Dear Readers,

A book from heart and soul.

Buy the book at the initial low prices!

Available in both ebook and paperback format.

Link to buy the book  -:


With Regards,

Author Shipra

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Prologue-: Time was running short for Adam but he decided to fight in the basketball court, not in the hospital. Newgentown supporting don’t be a quitter spirit of every cancer patient across the globe. This is the final part of the story by our guest writer Mohamad Safieddin. You can read his bio at the end.

Don’t be a quitter

After saying goodbye to everyone, Adam’s family drove their car to the Blue County to start a new life with new people and new adventures. There, Adam tried to adapt and be part of the community. He worked hard to help the people and fulfill his goals and dreams.

The Blue County does not differ from its neighbor, the Yellow County. Similar centers, schools, hospitals, and teams exist but some of them vary in the types of services they offer.

The major difference is the committees that govern this County. In the Yellow County, where Adam came from, the committees are in the hands of the wealthy and those people with good connections. In the Blue County, however, the members of each of the committees are elected systematically and those elected are the ones who work hard and for the benefit of the county.

Their primary aim is to strengthen the effective and efficient participation of everyone and especially those who put the interest of the County before their personal interests.

The Blue County is also known for the hospitality of its people. Upon their arrival, Adam and his parents were greatly welcomed.
The system and lifestyle in the new county suited Adam, where he adapted faster than expected.The first thing he did was to volunteer at the cancer center where he was admitted for treatment.

To him, he is there to get the best treatment possible, but at the same time, he can be readily available to give the help and support that the staff and patients need.

Words about Adam’s hard work and impulsive participation in helping the ill children at the center circulated rapidly in the county. He was the inspiration and motivation they needed.

He helped some in taking their medications, played with others, drew a smile on many children’s faces, and inspired almost all of them to fight their disease and have the courage to continue their lives despite their suffering. In the new center, he did what he talked about during the Yellow County Council’s last meeting.

He arranged different kinds of trips to allow the children to participate in different kinds of activities: playing basketball, acting in a funny play, saying funny jokes, playing some music, going to the mall, having dinner together, and going to parks.

Also, Adam played a role in improving the center’s situation by fundraising campaigns, such as bake sales and dinners, where all the preparations were the result of the hard work of  Adam and the children from the center.

Parents coming to check on their children noticed and felt the difference. Their children now are active, playing, practicing their hobbies and talents, and helping one another. The center turned into a house of talents and not a center for treatment.
All these and everything that happened didn’t make Adam forget his goal of striving to introduce into the school curriculum a system that encourages others to participate in community work.

Adam took an appointment from the Blue County’s Council to present his proposal. On that day, Adam presented the same speech he did in the Yellow County. This time, however, he received a positive response whereby the members of the Council were attentive and showed interest.
Chairman of the Council: “Mr. Adam, what you are suggesting is interesting, and if implemented, then everyone will receive the help that they need. Our children, who are our future, will become helpful and supportive, and our community will get out of its individualistic mentality.”

Adam: “Thank You, Ma’am”Chairman of the Council: “We will study your proposal and will get back to you soon.”
Adam: “Thank you for your time.”After a sigh, Adam left with relief and was full of hope that his idea might finally come into fruition.
It was a sunny day when Adam met Coach Raymond. On that day, Adam and some children from the cancer center had gone to the park to play basketball. Throughout all the game, Raymond kept an eye on Adam, saying to himself, ‘this kid is amazing, good aiming and shooting especially from the 3 points line’.
Raymond was there with his son whom he was teaching how to play basketball.
Adam to Raymond (after their ball mistakenly shot towards the coach and his son): “Hi sir, can you pass us our ball please?” Raymond: “Sure.”
Raymond’s son: “Dad, dad can I play with them?” Raymond: “Well you have to ask them if you can join.”
Raymond’s son: “Sorry sir, can I play with you?”
Adam with a smile: “Yes sure.”
Raymond’s son: “But I don’t know how to play.”
Adam: “It’s ok I can teach you.”
During all this conversation, Raymond was observing Adam’s reactions and watching how Adam was teaching his son. In the end, he realized that he just found the missing player for his team.  Blue County’s school had a weak team that every opponent beat, and for that, they had recently appointed a new coach, hoping that he can really build a team that can compete for titles.
Raymond: “What is your name?”
Adam: “Adam.”
Raymond: “Well Adam, do you love basketball?”  Adam: “No.” Raymond gazed with confusion.  Adam: “I not only love it, but I also adore it! It is my passion!”
Raymond: “Do u mind passing by my office tomorrow? Oh, sorry for my disrespectful manner. I am coach Raymond by the way.”
Adam: “Nice to meet you, coach. Yes, sure. What time?”
Raymond: “Anytime.”
And that is what Adam did the next day in the afternoon. He knocked on the door and asked the coach if he could enter.
Raymond: “Yes, come in Adam and have a seat. As u can see, I am appointed the new coach of the school’s basketball team, and I want to build a new team, a team that is not like any other., a team that can compete and play with passion, a team with players who love basketball and are ready to give it their all for the County.”
Adam (with a smile on his face): “You got your first player.”
Raymond: “Yes, but I need you to help me find the others. You are a student and may know who can or can’t play, who wants or doesn’t want to play, and who loves or doesn’t love basketball.”
Adam: “It’s a tough job but I will try my best coach, yet I don’t promise you.”
Adam went out of the coach’s office with a smile on his face. He put a plan and began his search. Of course, he neither believed all of those who told him they loved basketball nor chose those who are the most popular students at the school. He went to the playground, watched students play, and assessed them day after day. In the end, Adam had his final list of potential players for the team.
Adam: “Here is the last coach of the players I see capable of making a good team.”
Raymond: “Mmmm. I don’t know them.”
Adam: “That is the point coach. These players will play for the team and not for their own benefit or for fame. They will play because they want to and love to do so.”
After the coach had his players, he embarked on the mission of building the school’s team and training the players as they don’t have much experience and the fitness needed to be on a team that competes in regional tournaments.
The training began, and the news started to fly across the school halls that a new team was founded and that the journey began. Of course, some parents brought their complaints to the attention of the sports administration office at the school and started asking for the reason behind not involving their famous sons in the school’s basketball team. But no one gave any importance to these complaints since the spirits and hopes of everyone in the county were high.
During the training sessions, Adam was the source of enthusiasm and motivation. Although it was a tough and long journey, the team grew stronger and developed the motto “Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” which Adam not only planted in their minds but also in their hearts.

The team was now ready to compete in the upcoming tournament.

The format of the tournament is simple.

There are 10 teams competing. Each team plays 18 games, 2 against each of the other teams. Of these 18 games, 9 are played on the team’s field and 9 on the opponents’ field. Then according to the table’s order, the top 4 teams which got the most number of points enter the playoffs.

The 1st among these 4 plays against the 4th and the 2nd against the 3rd and the winners of each game compete for the trophy. So far in the history of the tournament, the Yellow County’s school team has mostly won in the previous tournaments.
Although the Blue County school team did not have much time to prepare for the new season, the coach was optimistic and believed that his team can finish in the top 4.

The tournament kicked off two weeks after the team has started its preparations.

The team lost its opening game. However, week after week, game after game, the popularity of the team increased, reaching the game of the season that would identify the standing of the team in the semi-finals. The audience is frantic and so excited. In that game, the Blue County’s team which is now in the 5th place is going to compete with the team that is in the 4th place. All that the team wants is to win the game to secure a place in the semi-finals.
The1st and the 2nd quarters ended dramatically with the Blue County’s team 11 points behind. This difference increased to 15 points at the end of the 3rd quarter. At that moment, many people thought that the dream was over, and it is time to face the reality that Blue County’s team will never reach what is called the semis or the final.
However, in the 4thquarter, it was different; a different team with a different spirit was playing on the field. The team converted the loss of 15 points to a win with a score difference of 20 points.

It was Adam, as always, who fired the players during the timeouts, charged them with the ecstasy needed to go back to the game full of energy and enthusiasm.  That night was historic. All the people went celebrating “We reached the semis… We can do this… We can win it”.  As always, at the end of every game, Adam went back to the center to sleep beside his ill friends, not knowing, if tomorrow will ever come. Since the start of the tournament and week after week, the team got stronger, gaining its strength from the spirit of its players and their hard work.

However, this had exhausted one of its key players, Adam. His condition got worse after each week and after every game. He had to rest. Instead, he exhausted himself for a higher cause and a mission he believed he had to accomplish. He believed that he cannot turn his back on the people who welcomed him and his family with warm hearts and made them part of their community and families.

He refused to be the one who broke down their dreams after being the one who took part in creating these dreams and making these good people believe in their potential again. Another good news came the next day, as the Yellow County team lost its game and fell from being in the 1st place to end up in the 2nd place. This meant that the expected crucial game between the two counties will not take place unless both counties win their respective games in the semifinals and end up playing together in the final game.
The two weeks passed, and the smell of victory rose the day of the semifinal game, the night where the team will continue writing history or where dreams will fade away. Everybody got prepared, and as usual, the audience answered the call of the players and the coach for a huge presence in the field. Back in the locker rooms, this time was different. It was not a speech of enthusiasm that fueled the players.

All Adam said is that how proud he was to be the head of this team and of what they all have accomplished together. Under the applause and encouragement of the teams’ lovers, the game kicked off.
The Blue County’s team showed the hard, nice, and strong game during the 1sttwo quarters, whereby the opponents started to get discouraged and just could not believe that a team that was of no potential threat to them in the previous years heading to the final now. The 1sthalf (2 quarters) ended with the Blue County’s team leading the game.
Raymond (enthusing his players): “We should not lose our concentration, only minutes separates us from the final, let’s keep it up the same way we started.”
The 3rdquarter started to like its precedents, a good start.
However, when the time reached the end of the quarter, the unexpected happened! Adam fell on the floor not baring the pain of his kidneys. The game stopped with all the audience and players standing speechless and motionless.
The paramedics took Adam out of the field where everyone was stunned.  “Is he going to be ok, is he dead, what happened”, and many other questions ran through the people’s minds.  The opponents thought that the 4thquarter will be a piece of cake with the Blue County’s loss of one of its key players. Coach Raymond called for a timeout.  Raymond: “Come on boys! It’s our time! It’s the time when we write our history! Let us do this for Adam!”Words that proved the opponents’ thoughts wrong.
Commentator (shouting): “Yes they did it! They won! They are going to the final!” The Blue County’s team won headed to the final to play against the Yellow County’s team.

Days past and nothing could have stopped the celebrations, except for the news of Adam entering the hospital due to an ailment only days before the final game. Many people of the BlueCounty gathered outside the hospital and under his room’s window,  lighting candles, praying, and hoping that he gets better soon. Raymond: “How is he doctor?” Doctor: “Not much, he can’t continue playing.

He is exhausting himself, and that is bad for his health.” Lying down in his bed, Adam started talking to his parents. Adam: “I can’t continue. This is it. It ends here. My condition is getting worse.” Father: “It’s ok son, you did your best. We are proud of you.” Suddenly the door opened and all the kids from the center he volunteered in came to visit him, a gesture that brought tears to his eyes.

Adam could not accept the kids to see him in that condition. The person who inspired them taught them how to be strong, and how to face their pains and fears, is the one lying down not knowing what to do. One kid: “Are you going to play in the final?” Adam: “No dear, I can’t.” Kid: “But you told us to stand strong and overcome the obstacles no matter what they were, and to fulfill our dreams despite everything.”

Adam could not respond to the kid’s statement. However, this conversation was interrupted by an unexpected guest, John. John who had no hope and was dying, came back on a wheelchair to check on Adam. John: “Hey man”.  Adam could not reply as he was in shock. Adam:” John you are still alive!

But they said…”  John (interrupting Adam): “Yea yea, I was on the brink of death, but I didn’t die. I didn’t give up. Just like you told me!” Adam: “I… I don’t know what to say.”  Adam was speechless all the time John talked to him. John:

“You didn’t answer the kid’s question. Are you going to play?” Adam: “No.” John: “You are not the Adam I know. You are not the guy who told me to never to give up, to never to quit, to fight back and be a fighter and not a quitter. Where did that Adam go? After all that you have done, you are now saying you can’t?! Did you look outside your window? Come and look.” Adam approached the window where the people cheered and applauded for him. Tears ran out of his eyes. He could not believes what he was seeing.

Almost all the citizens of the County were standing under his window. John: “Look at them! They love you, they believe in you, they have faith in you, and you are their hope. There will be no team without you, and you are saying that you can’t play! Do you want to quit now? At this time? Hell no! You are not the Adam that I know.” Adam: “But the team can’t depend on one player. I am just a player who’s going to expire soon.”

John: “Yes, for sure a team can’t revolve around one player. However, how will the others play while they are distracted? How will they play when all they are thinking about is the man who raised, helped, and inspired everyone? How will they play when they see that man thinking, talking, and behaving contrary to what they have been used to seeing?”

Adam’s teammates and the coach were in sorrow.  When the doctor was on his way out of the hospital, everyone gathered around him to get reassured about one of their heroes. Doctor: “He will be fine.” Citizen: “Will Adam be able to play in the final?” The doctor left with no answer.

Raymond: “Hey kid! You frightened us. Don’t you do this again!” The coach tried to calm things down. Adam: “What did the doctor tell you? Am I going to play?” Coach: “No kid you can’t. You have to get some rest now. You did your job. It’s time for you to relax. We will announce the news tomorrow at a press conference. Do you want to be there?” Adam nodded with a yes.

That night was tough on Adam who could not sleep and could not stops thinking of John and his words, the people he saw, and all those who visited him. Adam left the hospital where all the people gathered to greet him for his courage. He saw the love and warmth of the people who came here to give him some hope, even though they were passing through hard times.

Raymond: “We are holding this press conference after many rumors around the participation and the health condition of Adam. Tomorrow the game will be close, tough, and strong. We will play with passion, strength, motivation, and determination that Adam taught us during every game and in our everyday life. As you all heard, Adam’s condition got worse during the season and because of that Adam will…”. The coach was going to announce Adam’s nonparticipation in the final when Adam interrupted with a shocking move. Adam (continuing the coach’s sentence):”…play in the game tomorrow.” Questions were raised by the reporters but Adam left the press conference leaving everyone in utter shock. The coach followed Adam to outside the room.

Raymond: “What are you doing? You can’t play! You are just not well!” Adam: “I will play coach. It can’t end this way. I will not let a disease step in our way. Through all my life I urged children to face their fears and illnesses and not to be afraid of death, and if they were going to die, I have always encouraged them to die as fighters. Now you want me to do the opposite! I will not let those people down.” Reporter: “Coach, tell us about your opinion of what we heard a while ago.” Coach of the Yellow County: “Well it’s a surprise. But the result tomorrow will not be. We will win as we always do. What we saw today proved to us that the disease affected him (Adam) not only physically but also mentally. We defeated that team at the beginning of the season and we will do that again. In the end, lambs can’t harm wolves.” The coach ended his talk with a smile. The day of the final game came to be sunny and everyone started preparing themselves for the game. This game will decide whether or not the dreams of the Blue County will come true.

The basketball field is full inside-out. All the restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs are full too. Everyone is waiting for the start of the game.

The wait ended with the first whistle of the referee who signaled for the start of the game. It started tense between the players. Attack for an attack.Point for a point.

The score was so close and always in a tie. The 1sttwo quarters ended in a tie. Through all the game, eyes were set on Adam who made an exceptional decision in playing despite his bad health condition.

However, he was playing the best game of the season.  In the dressing room, although the Blue County’s team was doing a great job, complaints started to arise. One player said that the opponents were fast, another said that they were strong, a 3rdcomplained about the opponent’s good preparation for the game, and a 4thabout their good knowledge about this kind of situation.

The coach tried to calm his players and raise their spirits without success.  Raymond: “Come on guys! We are creating history here. You don’t want to stop now! We are so close. Let us put our hands together and do this.” All put their hands except Adam. Raymond: “Adam why aren’t you putting your hand with us?” Adam: “Well coach, I don’t put my hand with quitters. I don’t put my hand with naggers. You all are complaining and forgot about the role that you have played so far in the tournament.

We are up to their level, fast like them, strong like them, and tough like them. You forgot all these things and you are complaining!

We are physically well prepared like the other team. However, we are different and special. How? We have the passion, the determination, and the will to win. We worked hard, we faced the toughest obstacles, and we defied the odds and reached this stage where no one believed we could. Do you want to go out there fearing them? while all through the game you were dominating them! Are you quitters?”  All:

“No.” Adam: “Are you lambs as they described us?”  All (shouting): “No.” Adam: “‘Rise and rise again until lambs become lions’… Now you will be lambs or lions? fighters or losers? Are you ready to finish what we started?”  All (shouting): “Yes”.  Adam: “Let’s go out there and finish this chapter of our history!”  All (screaming): “Yea!!” The team screamed and gathered to motivate themselves with the word “Lions” on the count of 3. Adam and his teammates continued the game with a high level of discipline and determination.

They locked the middle of the court, beleaguered their opponents in their own half court, and started pressuring them. Attack after attack the Blue County’s team dominated their opponents and controlled the game.  Mark (Commentator 1): “The ball reaches Adam, who shoots from the 3 points line! Ohhh it is out! Maybe luck wanted to stand with the Yellow County a little bit.” Zack (Commentator 2): “Well Mark doesn’t forget that this is a huge game Adam is playing! Despite his illness and all the pain, he is in, and he is here with his friend’s side by side.

He said yesterday in the press conference he is here for the people who stood by him, believed in the team, and supported them all the way till now. He can’t turn his back on them, he said ‘we gave our people something to dream of’...

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Prologue-: This story of a true winner is a heart wrenching fictional tale by our guest writer Mohamad Safieddine.

He was sick but was their cure. He was suffering but was their relief. He was desperate but was their salvation.

It is not about a disease, but about confronting it. It is not about helping sick children, but about rescuing the future. It is not about winning or losing, but about how to show commitment.

It is not about a game, but about life. It is not about giving it a try, but about giving it one’s maximum. It is not only about facing one’s fears and problems, but also about deciding one’s fate.

Decide whether one would live and die as a quitter or a fighter. It is about having a lot of perseverance and never giving up to keep on pushing until the impossible happens.

“Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions” – Robin Hood (The Movie)

“Adam are you ok?” the teacher asked him. Moments later, she began to scream “Adam wake up, can you hear me, Adam!!!” slapping him gently after he faded out and fell off his chair.”Call 911″ She asked a student.

He was rushed to the hospital and that was the turning point in his and his parents’ life. They were told that they will soon lose their only son.

But did they?

His name is Adam. He is known for his brilliance, well manners, sweetheart, determination, motivation, and helpfulness.

Adam is one of the clever students in his school, to the extent that some students make fun of him and call him “the nerd”. Mostly it was Antony and his gang who used to bother him since they considered themselves the coolest students at the school. This was basically because Antony’s father is the head coach of the basketball team in the school and his mother is that of the cheerleaders and a member of the County Council. Antony and his gang enjoyed doing their cynical works, but Adam looked at these as silly and childish things which he would not bother to respond to. They once printed flyers having the title “we introduce to you the nerd” where they had a puta photoshopped picture, showing Adam eating a book. On another occasion, they tripped him in the hallway.

For Adam, helping people is one of his favorite hobbies along with playing basketball.

He is a volunteer at the cancer center, where he tries to draw a smile on the face of the children in need and motivate and support them, with the hope of making them forget their illness and helping them feel that they are not different from others. He lives a routine life of going to school in the morning, visiting the cancer center at noon, and in the weekend going to the park to play basketball.

Adam lives in a middle-class family, with a skilled sales broker mother, and a successful businessman father.

Stemming from his love to help people and his feeling that all people should be treated equally, Adam always had an idea of how to make helping people in need a habit among school students. That is, he thought that this idea should be part of the school curriculum where students should fulfill a specified number of community work hours. However, this idea was rejected, as many parents thought that their angels are better than children having cancer or any kind of disability. He tried to introduce his idea to the County Council using his father’s connections.

Chairman of the Council: “So Mr. Adam, what you are saying is that we should adjust our curriculum so it includes community work hours?”

Adam: “Yes, sir. You see, most students here don’t value the fact that they have everything available. All they think about is dating the most beautiful girls, wearing the most expensive clothes, showing off about what they have, and being ‘cool’. Whereas out there, there are a lot of children who are in need of help, some have cancer and some are disabled, and none of the students here help them.

These children are the future and they need our help.” Adam talked like a chief casting a speech.

However, before he continued, the Chairman of the Council interrupted: “they have centers, nurses and doctors to take care of them.” Adam: “But they don’t play, laugh or have fun with them. We, on the other hand, are around their age or older, and can do that, which can relieve them more than any kind of medication. This will also give the students at school the chance to help people instead of bullying them.

I am talking about helping these children psychologically and morally. Students can help through fundraising, entertaining, arranging trips, and playing with the children.

This will help them forget their pain, where painting that single smile on each child’s face can reduce and even erase the cruel impact of the disease or disability.”

Adam went out of the meeting knowing that his message was clearly heard and that no one will take action, because the members of the Committee are the parents of some of the students he mentioned, where prestige matters the most to them.

Father: “It’s ok son, you did ok, and nice words by the way”

Adam: “Thanks, dad. I know that to reach a goal you have to fight for it and work hard, and no matter how strong they are, I made myself clear. I will not surrender.”

His father walked beside him surprised by his son’s passion to defend the cause he believed in.

Although he has the spirit with the mixture of determination and motivation, Adam could not invest and put them into action on the basketball field. This was because the school’s basketball team consisted of the well-known players with the highly connected parents in the county, which left no place for Adam or any other skilled student. The only place where he could release his skills and live and enjoy his moments was in the park, where he always takes the children from the cancer center on a trip to have fun.

One day, while Adam was in the hallway getting his books from the locker, his phone rang.

His face got pale, his eyes filled with tears, his tongue tied up and he could barely talk, and his hands started shivering; it was the center calls.

One of the silly students: “What’s wrong Adam? Your boyfriend left you? Oh poor Adam, everyone hates you, hahaha.”

And all the students laughed.

After school, Adam rushed to the center. The students who laughed at him secretly followed him to check on his destination and to know the issue behind his distress.

No words could describe their faces when they first saw Adam entering the cancer center. At that point, they all knew where he goes every day after school. After seeing him crying, they asked about the problem and were told that Adam’s friend John, whom he was helping and taking care of, is getting worse and had a heart attack, where doctors think that he has a very short time to live.

Nurse: “John is Adam’s best friend. Two years ago John was diagnosed with a severe lung cancer which was in its final stages. Doctors had said that John would die in a month. His parents brought him here with no hope of cure and abandoned him. John was always alone crying, neither eating nor drinking and waiting for his moment to come. At that time, Adam began to pass by more often and one day he met John. Trying to make him eat something, he failed. He kept trying and failing all the time. Once, he came at night and read John a story, his story. A story of a lonely boy with no friends. Through all the events of the story, he was trying to make him laugh.”

Anthony interrupted: “And he failed”.

Nurse: “No, John smiled and ever since, Adam comes and reads a story to John. Day by day, this allowed John to return back to normal life like any child.

Once John asked Adam:  ‘Why are you doing this, helping me? I will die very soon.’

Adam replied: “We are all going to die in the end.

Adam (after a pause):  Am I right?”

John nodded by yes.

Adam: “But there are people who die surrendering to their problems and some die after facing them and trying to overcome them.

The latter are the ones who we call fighters. Do you want to be a fighter or a quitter?”

John: ‘A fighter. But it is an incurable disease…’

Adam (interrupting): ‘Then you’re giving it excuses to beat you and you’re showing that you’re weak. You have to eat and drink well, do sports, and fight the causes of your illness. Look at me. I tried many times to make you eat and drink and I failed. But did I stop? No. I kept trying because I had faith that I will succeed. And I did eventually. That is what you should do; to believe in yourself and never quit, be the idol for others, and get better to help other children who think and feel the same way you used to do.’

And ever since, those words are locked in John’s head. Every day he went jogging, ate the healthiest food, and kept himself relaxed and in a good mood. Adam used to take him to the park with some kids from the center to play basketball. We have good and skilled players here.”

Anthony: “Adam plays basketball?”.

Nurse: “Yes, and he is one of the best 3 pointers you may find with a lot of spirit and enthusiasm.”

Those words were enough for Antony and his gang to change their perception of Adam. Adam knew they had followed him but could not let it go without any payback. The next day was different. It was not Antony or any of his friends who took the initiative, it was Adam.

Adam: “What? Don’t you have anything to say? Or what you saw yesterday isn’t cool enough or up to your standards? Why didn’t you take pictures to show them to the whole school? Don’t bother yourself I got you some” and Adam threw pictures of him in the center with the children in Antony’s face who stood motionless and speechless.

Adam: “Maybe they all see you as the coolest guy in here but, you’re just pathetic.”

Antony tried to reply but the words refused to come out of his mouth.

Week after week, Antony kept following Adam to the basketball fields and started to believe that Adam is a player that his team needs. Trying to find a way to allow Adam to get a spot in the school’s basketball team, Antony failed. First, the team is complete. Second, most of the players would not let go of their spots which they got using their patents’ connections in the Committee. Last, because of what happened the next day.

That day was the day that changed Adam’s and his family’s lives; the day that made Adam more determined and motivated, and made his family less happy, and shocked.

Like any other day, Adam went to school.

Teacher: “Adam are you ok?”.

Adam nodded with a yes. He was feeling dizzy and barely could open his eyes. It was only moments later when the teacher began to scream.

Teacher (screaming): “Adam wake up, can you hear me, Adam”.

He faded out and fell off his chair. The teacher tried to wake him up by slapping him gently and shaking his body and asked one of the students to call the nurse at school, and another one to call 911.

Adam was rushed to the hospital while everyone stood dazzled and afraid.

The school called his parents who followed him frantically to the hospital.

Mother (horrified): “Doctor please tell us what is going on? “.

Doctor: “Please calm down, everything will be ok. He is in safe hands. We are doing blood tests and some screenings.”.

Mother (crying): “Please doctor. He is our only child.”.

Doctor: “Your son is ok. It is just a small thing that we need to treat and he will be just fine.”

The doctor tried to make it sound simple and easy.

Adam woke up to find himself in a hospital room with almost everyone around.

Adam: “Where am I? What happened?”

The teacher explained to him the events.

The next day, Adam asked his parents to get him some items from home to enjoy his stays in the hospital, such as his i-pad and some stories he likes to read.

After the parents went out, the doctor came with the results of the blood tests and examinations in his hands.

Adam: “Doctor I am the patient and the ill person, not them. So be honest with me and tell me what’s the problem? Your looks, facial expressions, and hesitations are not good signs.

It seems to me that there are things you want to say but are unable to. What you’re unable to tell them you can tell them to me and I can send them the message.”

(The story of a true winner has taken a heart wrenching turn)

Doctor: “I know son but it is harsh. You’re their only child… and you turned to have… cancer.”

Adam: “Is there any treatment or cure?”

Doctor: “The treatment won’t cure you. It will just hold it back for some time. This treatment is only found in the center in the Blue County and not here. It is predicted that you have only…”

Adam (interrupting): “I don’t believe in predictions. Many people were predicted to live months and lived for years with that disease.”

When his parents returned to the hospital, the doctor was still in Adam’s room.

Adam (with a faint smile): “Mom, Dad, the doctor said that I can check out any time we want today but there will be a slight change in our life.”

His parents were gazing at each other and at Adam wondering about what their son is talking about.

Adam (continuing): “We need to move to the Blue County as my treatment is only found there.”

Mother to the doctor: “Why? You said he will be ok.”

Doctor: “Yes ma’am but he has to undergo that treatment.”

Adam’s father did not believe what he was hearing and asked the doctor to tell him about his son’s illness. The doctor, however, stood upset and did not know how to deliver the diagnosis to Adam’s parents.

Adam interfered, thanked the doctor, and asked him if he can leave him in private with his parents.

Adam: “We should go to The Blue County. They have the treatment.”

Mother: “Honey we will get the best doctors and surgeons. Don’t worry honey.”

Adam: “No best doctors or surgeons can treat me. Treatments can slow the disease but can’t cure me.”

Father: “You are talking as if you know what your disease is.”

Adam (with a sigh): “Yes, dad. I have cancer.”

It was only seconds when his mother fainted.

Adam: “Don’t worry. I will be fine. It’s just that we have to go there.”

Father: “We will son. We will!”

After checking out of the hospital, all that was on Adam’s mind was how he will stop visiting the center and its children, and how he will say goodbye to them. He kept thinking of a way to tell them about his decision.

Two days later, Adam went to the center to see the director after leaving a message with the latter’s secretary that he would like to take an urgent appointment.

Director: “Hi Adam, are you ok? Did you ask to see me? ”

Adam: “Yes, sir. Important things happened recently, and I am here to tell you that my family and I are moving.”

Director (surprised): “Why?!”If there is anything we can do, just ask.”

Adam: “I wished I could find what I need here. However, the only place that can help me is the center in the Blue County.”

The director looked at Adam surprised and dazzled.

Adam: “Yes, sir. I have cancer. After all these years helping these children, it turned to be that it is me who will be needing help. Can I ask you for a small favor? Can you please say goodbye to them on my behalf? I can’t face them or tell them.”

Director (giving Adam a hug sorrowfully): “Don’t worry kid. Keep your positive energy always around you dear. I wish you the best of luck.”.

Adam returned to his house to pack his things and prepare for the move which was scheduled after a couple of days.

On the day Adam and his parents were putting their belongings into their car, the center’s bus stopped in front of their house and almost all the children and nurses descended from it.

All of them came to say goodbye to Adam. At that moment, Adam could not hide his tears. This was the first time they saw him crying. Stay tuned to newgentown to read this story of a true winner further.

Pic Courtesy:Designed by Sergey_kandakov (www.freepik.com).

The post Basketball vs. Cancer! (A story of a true winner)!Part-I appeared first on NewGenTown.

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True Story of medical negligence!

A person usually enters in a hospital with either a family member or a friend.

This picture has changed drastically in present scenario. Where increasing number of singles stays away from the families mainly because of studies and work.

Thus, the trend of entering in a hospital alone without the company of any well wisher is a new change.

At imes its consequences could be disastrous, if the fact a patient is a patient being avoided.

Such a tragic incident recently happened, when a 32 year old news anchor, rushed to a known hospital in Noida, after feeling pain in his chest.

It was not rarest of rare case, but certainly the rare as he was a heart patient. He had a heart attack before as well.

As he was staying alone in Noida, thus after feeling pain in his chest he rushed to the hospital seeking medical help.

But from those he was seeking help; those Doctors/nurses/hospital staff sent him to a medical store. Which was within the campus to buy the medicines/injections, without realising/analysing that he is a serious heart patient.

The next thing which world got to know and became a news that, “A 32 year old news anchor died because of heart attack at the medical store of a known hospital’s campus”.

Further a newspaper reported, that the hospital gave a statement “that they diagnosed him and in initial diagnosis, at times heart attack is difficult to diagnose”. which seems a very callous statement and the whole incident raise certain questions.
  • If the proper medical check up of the patient was done???
  • If his medical history was asked?? If not then why not??
  • If he was alone, why he was sent to buy his own medicines/injections, why there was not an attendant or any other concerned from the hospital staff to help the patient in that situation???
  • If the hospital considers patients only an object or they try to understand and really help them as well???

Putting my pen down here with these questions, for readers to think and put forward their views.

Disclaimer-: This true story of medical negligence has been exactly reported from a true incident in Noida, India.

To read other thought provoking stories, follow newgentown, to read one such story, click on the below link-:


The post A Death (True Story of medical negligence!) appeared first on NewGenTown.

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Prologue-: A  true story defining Arrange marriage vs Choices of Today’s Women rather today’s independent women.

The month was either January or February 2018. I received a call from somebody known, who is much senior to me in age but quite curious and progressive in his thought process. He called me and after normal initial communication. He said, “What’s today’s girl or women want in terms of marriage”.

What is the choice of today’s Independent women? I want to know your perspective about it.

I asked him “Why suddenly he is asking such a question?” Then he said, his maternal uncle’s daughter, who is doing really well in her career, has been rejecting all the guys, her parents have been choosing for her.

I replied to him, she might like someone, or she is in a relationship. He said he and his maternal uncle had a communication about it with her. She has nobody in her life.

Her younger brother also got married this year, thus her parents are too concerned.

As you can relate with her and has been going through similar kind of scenario in your life. I want to understand this from you.

I gave a thought to it for a second before replying to him.

I think the only thing, which stops today’s girl or a woman to choose a guy for her, she doesn’t relate with the guys with whom they met or interacted yet.

It is just about the right person, nothing else.

Might the previous generation, also faced the same scenario but they might be not as independent and strong as today’s female. Thus, they were not able to go by their choices or decisions.

They were adhering to family and society.

He said ‘Alright, but what makes you say no to the guys, with whom you met?’

I replied- Not just one but many reasons!

  1. Showing off Money -: Either by parents or the guy, with the thought that an independent working girl has some money crunch back home, thus she needs to work hard to earn money, in a new city.

They should know, it’s not money its independence and a career.

  1. Food Concerns -: Directing the communication to food directly or indirectly, if you are asking a question to the women, you are seeking marriage with. For us, marriage is not equal to cooking, for guys it’s still but all the cooking they expect from the female partner. Amazingly, they look for a working, earning girl with the qualities of a good chef. Basically, as the time passed, and girls got smarter the guys got smartest, they look for one short solution, when it comes to marriage. (Especially in the arranged marriage system).

Thus, the ideal scenario fulfilling a guy’s expectation is. “She will come and stay with my family, she will take care of me and my family. She will go out and earn for herself and my family. She will cook or take care of the kitchen completely and feed us”.

Sorry, we are not looking for adopting a guy and his family, we are looking for a companion and the family, who can treat us equally, fairly and of course lovingly as we deserve to be.

  1. Focusing just on Salaries/Packages/Earnings -: I agree, marriage has been a deal to crack since generations and a diplomatic courtship for kings. But, let the things change. Let people live their personal lives at least for the sake of true care, concern, and there is a lot of diplomacy in the outside world, people being judged and respected equivalent to their heavy pockets.

Kindly leave the marriages to be sensible.

  1. Old Model of Arrange Marriage.-:

    It’s just not possible to decide in one telephonic communication and one meeting about a lifelong courtship. An Organization takes more rounds to hire a candidate. If you are letting people to meet and communicate more than once, dear family, friends or relatives, kindly do not build dreams of marriage. Do not take away the right to say NO. Otherwise, it will lead to a complete no to arrange marriage model itself.

 Thus, we are basically looking for a mature, sensible and caring friend. Who should know, that he is having the edge of patriarchy! Thus, should not try to take the extra edge in the lifelong courtship called marriage and will put equal efforts to make the marriage work as we do.

Disclaimer-: Arrange marriage vs Choices of Today’s Women, has been written, based on the true experiences of my friends and me.

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Prologue-: This story is the second and final part of My Innocent Friend Series. This narrates the “true story of  harsh reality of life”. Which Anamika went through as the roller coaster ride of life took a downturn.

In the hospital, Anamika got back to her senses and the first name which she uttered was of Rishi.

Who unfortunately had lost his left leg by then.  As soon as Rishi got back into the senses, Anamika’s bed was dragged to Rishi’s room, so that they could meet.

They met each other with their aching heart and body. Slowly days passed, they both got healed. Rishi got back to normal routine with the help of a Prosthetic leg. Although,  Anamika and Rishi had to visit the Doctors for regular checkups. Rishi’s medical care and treatment were taken care by a Mumbai’s Doctor. Thus, He had to visit Mumbai once every six months.

During one of those visits-:

While traveling via train, he was speaking to Anamika on call. One more accident happened, this time it took away Rishi’s life. Rishi slipped and came under the train. His body got recognized with difficulty, after the accident.

This tragic incident made Anamika numb for months.

When she got back into her senses, she realized that she has received a good amount from the Insurance Company, compensation from Rishi’s company and huge compensation amount from the Railways. She has also realized that family members, which mainly included her parents, her in-laws and siblings of her husband are fighting for the money received as compensation, everybody was claiming their right to it. She had faced saddest turning points but this was the harshest as she found herself surrounded by greed, not grief.

Slowly, she got to settle down in life and started staying with her parents.

To read the first part of the “true story of harsh reality of life”, please click on the below link.

My Innocent Friend (Heart Touching True-Life Story!)

The post My Innocent Friend (True Story of Harsh Reality of Life) Part-II appeared first on NewGenTown.

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This is a true life story of my very innocent small-town friend.

For her, life was not more than studies and her two younger brothers and a younger sister.

If you can figure out a plumpy fair girl around you with big bluish green eyes and golden brown hairs, who laughs and crack jokes all the time, that is my very innocent friend Anamika.  Like every small town Parents, she was told by her parents that if she wants to make her life, she should study, and she should study hard.

She followed these words of her parents, in her childhood and in her youth. She had chosen computer applications for her graduation. By the time she had completed her graduation, her parents had searched an eligible groom for her, who was head over heels for Anamika, since he had seen her picture.

Thus, the picture-perfect love life and the married life started for Anamika and her husband Rishi.

They got married and shifted to Pune, where Rishi was working in an IT company and Anamika started working in a government bank.

Two years passed, after their lovely married life.

One Monday, they were having breakfast, in their most romantic mood, their eyes were locked in each other’s eyes.

Suddenly Rishi realized the clock is clicking 9:20 a.m. and yet Anamika’s office’s cab has not arrived.

They tried contacting the cab driver, but his contact number was not reachable. Rishi decided to drop Anamika on his bike and then to attend his office.

Thus, the lovely Anamika in her pink saree, taken the back seat on the bike and they both started heading towards her office.

They crossed their colony and then the two main street red lights and reached to the highway. They were heading smoothly, suddenly a big loaded truck gave a horn from behind, Rishi lost his balance and the next moment, became the most horrible moment of their life.

The truck crushed the Rishi’s legs and Anamika’s head. Anamika got back in her senses after about 10 days and Rishi about 15 days. And, found themselves in the hospital. But, this incident had completely changed the course of their true life story.

Stay tuned to newgentown to read this true life story further.



The post My Innocent Friend (Heart Touching True-Life Story!) appeared first on NewGenTown.

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We all have heard and realized many times that life is a roller coaster ride. Those curve balls and sudden jerks of life, when at one moment we can see everything flowing smoothly and next moment can’t see and understand where life is heading.

That journey from light to darkness and from darkness to again light.

Presenting the  ‘life is a roller coaster ride’ true story of a family.

who went through riches to rags and from love to emotional vacuum.

Mr. Verma, a reputed General Manager, of a big reputed Indian bank. Mr. Verma had a beautiful wife Radhika, a 5-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son, Jhumki and Dhruv respectively.

Life was beautiful full of luxury, love, and reputation. Mr. Verma had a good connection with the eminent personalities and celebrities of the nation, frequent parties, and foreign visits were a routine.

Radhika was a homemaker, a beautiful wife and a responsible mother of two. She used to accompany her husband in almost all his trips.

Mr. Verma was an impactful gentleman, who was full of life and used to believe living life at the present.

He used to earn the best and used to spend best for his family.

Radhika was a happy wife. She had just one disagreement with her husband, that he saves really less and his spending are too high. After a few arguments and discussions, she gave up discussing the saving issue with her husband.

Mr. Verma always has had a standard reply, I am here you need not worry about anything.

3 Years passed happily; they celebrated the birthdays of their children and two marriage anniversaries. Radhika decorated the house beautifully, a lot of important guests arrived in the evening, it was all happening and happy.

Radhika was waiting for Mr. Verma, he had some important meetings lined up, thus Radhika knew he would be a bit late.

But, the clock clicked 7:00 p.m., Mr. Verma neither arrived nor called. After about ten minutes, Radhika received a call from Mr. Verma ’s bank.

The shattering news arrived -: Mr. Verma had a heart attack, in between the meeting and within a few minutes lost complete consciousness.

He was declared dead as soon as, he was taken to the hospital.

Radhika got the biggest bump of her life. Which gave Radhika and her children biggest emotional vacuum, also had put them into serious financial trouble in about a year.

Life is a roller coaster ride; the course of action could be changed at any moment for better or worst!

Radhika joined a job, to support her kids and herself. But, conditions certainly didn’t get good as it was with Mr. Verma.

Now, Radhika has been struggling hard to get her kids to grow up and settle successfully in their professions.

The post Life is a roller coaster ride(A True Story) appeared first on NewGenTown.

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Prologue -: This story has been dedicated to all the abandoned street dogs, which help human in some or other way in their lifespan but rarely get adopted.

On a lonely lane of a residential colony, a bright black coloured female dog was sitting and shivering.

A lady (Mrs. Baweja) in a blue salwar kameez was passing by with his two children. His little kid Monu pointed his finger towards the dog and said in his stuttering voice “Mom the dog is shivering”.

Mrs. Baweja replied, “Yes baby, it looks like Mr. Rathi’s dog Ruby, they don’t take care of her anymore”.

Monu again inquired in his stuttering voice. “Why mama?”

Mrs. Baweja replied again -: Might she has been not keeping well and they do not want to spend in her treatment. Thus, they have left her abandoned on the road.

Sonu, the elder son of Mrs.  Baweja replied this time -: We will take care of her.

Mrs. Baweja agreed to Sonu with a condition that they will keep Ruby only for few days, till the time she will not be well. As they have not enough space in their home to keep the dog.

Sonu and Monu agreed to Mom with little unhappiness. But, they were still happy that at least for few days they will have a dog at home.

Thus, they brought her home.

They fed her with milk and chapatis. Next day Sonu and Monu with their father took the dog to the hospital. The doctor told them Ruby is pregnant and suffering from a kind of minor infection. The doctor suggested a course of injections for a week after that she will be fine.

Mr. Baweja and family decided to give the treatment to the dog. After about a week, Ruby recovered and again became an active lively black dog. Kids were enjoying her company and didn’t want to lose the new member of the family. But, Mrs. Baweja was strict about the fact that they can’t keep a dog.

Ruby was again left alone on the road. She was again an abandoned street dog. But, still Baweja family used to take care of her food. And, kids used to spend some of their play time with her.

About two months passed Ruby, the abandoned street dog gave birth to four kids.

Out of which one died immediately after birth. Two were taken away by some strangers, One brown and beautiful puppy was adopted by Mrs. Baweja’s neighbor.

A month more passed and one night about 2 a.m., Mrs. Baweja heard Ruby barking continuously and in between crying. Mrs. Baweja thought to avoid initially then she couldn’t resist and checked from her window. What she saw shook her badly.

Two men with really sharp knives and a gun were trying to enter into their boundary and Ruby was trying to stop them and as Ruby was constantly behind them they had beaten Ruby to get rid of her. As she could see wounds on Ruby’s body.  Mrs. Baweja went to Mr. Baweja and Mr. Baweja called the police as soon as he got to know. Both the thieves got arrested and confessed they came to steal in two houses, one which is at the entry of colony and a yellow color house near to it. As per thieves, their windows were easily assessable to enter.

Which was an extreme coincidence as the two houses they mentioned were Mr. Baweja’s and Ruby’s real owner, Mr. Rathi. That night Ruby saved two of their masters. Later died of major wounds, which were given to her by the thieves.

Left Mr. Baweja and Mr. Rathi’s family in regret and guilt. The abandoned street dog saved two families. Stay tuned to newgentown to read more heart touching true stories!

The post Abandoned Street Dog: (True Story of Ruby)! appeared first on NewGenTown.

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Prologue -: The below interesting short story is the next part of naughtiest colleagues and hilarious mentor series. In the present part of this office comedy story, Yash and his colleagues trying to sort an issue with the Human Resource Manager, in their unique and hilarious way but they end up messing everything. Read the below story to know further.

An office Comedy Story!

Rashi informed all his colleagues that Guys, we have an office Get together next week.

And started narrating her plan -: So, the plan is for the party, we all will give compliments to Naina(HR Manager), one by one, after proper intervals and will notice her reactions.

Geeta interrupted -: What reactions?

Rashi -: her positive and negative reactions.

Mohit -: But, girls mostly react positively to the compliments.

Geeta -: So does the guys.

Rashi -: Yes, that’s the plan, if she will think Yash has been not praising her honestly, she will react differently to him.

Yash who had been listening to the plan quietly, instantly gave a reaction.

So, basically, we have to flatter Miss Naina, the HR Manager, to take out the truth.

Rashi -: Yes, we have to flatter her but not flirt; there is a sleek line in between. Be careful! Yash.

Yash -: of course Rashi, after all my increment could be in mess.

Then, Nidhi, Mohit, Geeta, and Rashi searched and thought about their lines and decided their sequence.

Also, that Yash would be the second last to compliment her.

The next week, the day of Get-together arrived. All office members started gathering in the cafeteria from 3 p.m. onwards.

Yash was damn nervous for the first time before talking to a lady. Otherwise, he is an extremely confident soul while talking to girls/ladies.

Thus, he stood outside the cafeteria in a corner to rehearse his lines.

He faced towards a wall and starts saying his lines to the wall, considering it Miss. Naina.

Being unaware that a mike has been fixed exactly above his head and some testing and repairing work has been going on it.

The mike was fixed to make announcements in the cafeteria during getting together and office parties.

Thus, this is how Yash rehearsed along with mike testing -:

Yash rehearsed his first line (Mike off).

First Line -: Miss Naina, you are looking fabulous in this dress.

He analyzed and uttered-: “No No this will not work”.

He rehearsed the second line (Mike off).

Second Line -: Miss. Naina, its true adorable, the way you handle the difficult situations on daily basis in the office.

He analyzed again and uttered, “no no this will not work”.

He rehearsed the third line. (Mike On).

Third Line -: Miss. Naina, when I say Alien, I mean the creatures with extraordinary capabilities, that’s what I meant, when I called you an Alien, outside the conference hall.

And, this third line got heard by the whole office.

Including Mr. Das, Mr. Venugopal, and Miss. Naina.

And a secret in this office comedy story came out.

Naina’s face turned red and she uttered, I didn’t know this. Mohit stood near to her, thus he heard what Naina uttered.

He rushes towards Yash and says -: What have you done dude?

Yash reacts with a blank face being clueless, as he was completely engrossed in his rehearsals.

Yash replied -: What I did?

Mohit -: The whole office heard what you said, you did not notice the mike.

Yash almost got faint as he realized, Mr, Venugopal is a very strict man and now he also knows about this.

Mohit also informed Yash, that Naina did not know earlier but now she know, by which name you call her and all.

Stay tuned to newgentown to read further, the next part of this office comedy story will be published soon.

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