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Any San Diego wedding photographer can show you what may look like an impressive portfolio
of their previous gigs. Some of the portfolios may even have enough “aww” factors to make you
think about hiring them on the spot to do your wedding. Should you find yourself caught in such
a moment, take a step back and give yourself time to think about it — even if you are pressed
for time.
Keep in mind that your wedding pictures and videos are the best means for you to relive such a
very important event in your life. Naturally, you want to remember the day just like how it was
and not ruin it with the narrative of an overly enthusiastic and Photoshop-happy wedding
This is not to encourage you to overthink and stress out on just one aspect of your wedding.
Rather, the simple tips below will help you in making easier but better decisions when choosing
a wedding photographer.
So how do you hire a photographer for your wedding? Here are several things to do to make the
process easier.

Consider the Theme of Your Wedding

Chances are that you have an overall theme for your wedding or at least you are thinking of
having one. Likely, your theme will have a particular look, dominant color and general feel to it.
You want to capture this in your wedding pictures. Your theme will be essential in your
discussion with your prospective wedding photographer.


Start your search online for wedding photographers and pay special attention to those with
websites. Check their portfolios and narrow your search to photographers with portfolios that
appeal to you and suit your theme best. Reach out to those photographers or studios and check
their availability. Narrow down your search further to those who can accommodate a gig on your
wedding date. If you feel lucky, try to squeeze information about their fees, and they just may
give you an estimate. Schedule an interview with those that remain on your list.

Accept Recommendations

Accept recommendations from friends and check out the photographers as well. If you have a
wedding planner, he or she will likely recommend someone with whom he or she has already
worked. Some venues also restrict wedding photographers to in-house or their affiliates. These
wedding photographers may be a good choice because they are already familiar with the style
of the planner or know their way around the venue. One disadvantage is that you may end up
with a template of both a wedding and wedding pictures.

Interview Them

This is easily the most important part of your selection process because you get to ask the
photographer how he or his team conduct themselves during weddings. Do they try to be as
unobtrusive as possible? How much time do they need from you for your pre-wedding photos?
Do they offer wedding packages? How much do they charge for such packages? Prepare a list
as many questions that you want to ask them prior to the interview. Make a list of important
information that you should share with them including the venue and the theme of your wedding.
During your interview, try to see more of the photographer’s portfolio. Since his or her portfolio
will only show the photographer's best work, try to check out full albums. You will be able to gain
more insight into his or her skill in this regard. If you see a style that you think suits your
wedding, discuss it with the photographer.
The interview should let you know which of the photographers on your short list you should hire.
It will be a good idea to sign the photographer up as early as possible to give him enough time
to make arrangements and coordinate with your wedding planner and your venue management.
Finally, better keep your wedding photographer list handy in case your first choice cancels for
some reason.

Thank you for reading!

Become a partner with us! Partnership opportunities available, here.

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Natural Hair Bride by Ro'shunda|naturalhairbride - 7M ago

A cleanse is a common practice for brides who want to look their very best for the big day. It can make your skin glow and enhance your natural beauty as well as prepare you for the reception feast. Juice cleanses are growing more popular for this purpose. However, those might not be as effective and ‘innocent’ as they seem. You need to be aware of all the risks and potential benefits to make an educated decision about this type of cleanse.

Pros: Possible Benefits of a Pre-Wedding Juice Cleanse

Please be aware that all purported benefits of a juice cleanse are exactly that. There is no sufficient scientific evidence to support claims of juice cleanse health benefits. However, one study shows an improvement in gut microbiota after a 3-day long juice diet. This means that your pre-wedding cleanse can improve your overall gut health, which will be a benefit for the reception.

Other possible benefits of a juice cleanse include:

  • Improved complexion due to an influx of antioxidants.
  • Total body detox.
  • Improved well-being and skin health due to anti-inflammatory effects of juices.
  • Fast weight loss.
Cons: Possible Health Risks of a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are highly restrictive. Therefore, the main health risks of such diets are associated with nutritional deficiencies. There is a case study of kidney problems induced by a juice cleanse. However, it should be noted that the subject of the study was on a juice diet for six weeks. This is a major factor in the damage.

Other possible health risks include:

  • Rapid weight loss and regain after the cleanse.
  • Possible bacterial infection from unpasteurized juices.
  • Low blood sugar and accompanying symptoms due to the low calorie intake.

Should You Get a Pre-Wedding Juice Cleanse?

The choice is yours and there isn’t enough solid evidence to state whether you will be taking a serious risk with a pre-wedding juice cleanse. It’s true that it can have some potential benefits. However, there are far less risky ways to make your skin glow.

If weight loss is your main concern, you should start a healthy diet long before the big day. If you want to get some extra slimming in for the wedding, consider using balanced and healthy quick weight loss tips. This kind of program should take about two weeks, but it carries no risks of kidney problems or nutritional deficiencies. The best thing about a comprehensive plan is that it will allow you to keep the weight off much longer.

If You Choose a Pre-Wedding Juice Cleanse: How to Make It Safe?

In case you are determined that a pre-wedding juice cleanse is for you, it’s essential to take some important precautions. Most importantly, you have to limit the duration of the cleanse. It shouldn’t be longer than three days.

Keep your activity levels at a minimum during the cleanse to reduce the risk of accidents caused by fatigue and dizziness. Both of these might occur as a result of a significant drop in calories.

Drink natural freshly-squeezed juices only as products from the store contain too much sugar. You should also diversify your juicy menu to ensure you get a wide range of nutrients.

Drink no less than six big glasses of juice blends a day. You should get at least 1,000 calories during this program. If you feel any discomfort or extreme hunger, break out those crackers as you shouldn’t take any risks with your health.

Remember, a juice cleanse might work for some of your friends but every person is unique. If you take any medications or have chronic health conditions, you should be extremely careful with restrictive diets. Better consult your doctor before risking any kind of cleanse as you don’t want to get sick before your wedding.

Let us know in the comment section below how you plan to lose those last final pounds before your wedding day.

Be sure we are friends online  via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Thank you!


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Detoxification is an extremely popular naturopathic procedure today. Its actual medical benefits have yet to be proven (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine). However, there can be no doubt that a right detox and spa cocktail will help you look stunning. That’s exactly what you need before the wedding, but you have to be careful when designing your cleansing program. Harvard Medical School and many other reputed sources warn about the dangers of some commercial detox programs. To avoid those risks, you should limit your cleanse to some actually healthy procedures that will provide great results.

2 Steps to a Healthy Pre-Wedding Detox That Will Enhance Your Beauty

Drop the junk food and sugar (preferably months before)

It’s true that we are what we eat, so if you want your skin to be clean, healthy, and glowing with beauty, you need to eat things that promote this result. Junk food most certainly does not. In fact, it’s one of the main contributors to oily and acne-ridden skin.
Detox diets are mostly unhealthy because they are very low-calorie and often lack in essential nutrients.

However, a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will promote the body’s natural and effective detox. Therefore, the only thing you really have to do to cleanse through diet is to remove sources of nasty toxins and chemicals. This means no highly-processed foods and junk food.
Sugar is a well-known acne trigger. Say no to candy if you want to reduce the risk of a breakout on the day of your wedding.

Detox your skin and hair the weekend before the big day

Unlike unbalanced body cleanse programs, detoxifying face and hair masks and products are safe and very beneficial. Using some of these treatments over a relaxing spa weekend prior to the celebration is a great way to enhance your natural beauty.
In fact, you can start this beauty-boosting program earlier to maximize the effects of special spa treatments. For example, you can use a detox shampoo. It’s a great product that will help bring your locks to maximum health. You are sure to appreciate the extra strength and shine on the big day. And using the same product after the celebration will help restore the locks after grueling styling.
It’s the same for skin as you can use many light creams with a detox effect every day. Then a peeling and facial masks at a spa will enhance the results. But be careful to choose products that fit your skin type. Don’t forget to run an allergy test for any new cream as you don’t want your skin to be red and irritated for the wedding.

If you plan on making your detox cosmetics yourself, use simple natural recipes:

1 teaspoon ground coffee + 1 teaspoon raw cocoa powder + Greek yogurt.
Use as much yogurt as you need to prepare enough mix to cover your face and neck. This mask is not only great for detox, it also smells heavenly and will help you relax. Wash off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

2 tablespoons of freshly-squeezed tomato juice + 1 tablespoon of honey.
This face detox mask is great for those with acne-prone and inflamed skin. Wash it off after 25 minutes.

1 tablespoon Greek yogurt + 1 tablespoon honey + 1 teaspoon lemon juice + a handful of mashed strawberries.
Use this mask to rejuvenate tired and dull skin.

¼ cup apple cider vinegar + 2 cups water.
Rinse your hair with this mix twice a week to make it shinier and repair damage from styling products.

1 tablespoon honey + 3 tablespoons water + essential oils (your choice).
Use it as a shampoo one wash before the big day. This will cleanse and detox your locks and scalp.

Let us know how you detox your body , below.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share with a bride to be in your life.


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Natural Hair Bride by Ro'shunda|naturalhairbride - 8M ago

Your wedding day is a special day that you’ve probably been preparing for since you were 5
years old and had dreams of having a fairy-tale wedding. Now, as a bride, it will be your special
day, and all eyes will be on you. It’s easy to feel like the pressure is overwhelming and to let the
fear of messing up the best day of your life scare you into inaction. However, with proper
planning, you can make it a day to remember for both you and your guests. IWED Global | The Institute of Wedding and Event Design recommends some helpful tips to nail your wedding

1. Start the Planning Process Early

This is something many couples get wrong. They think that because they’ve planned to have
their wedding in about 2 years, they can wait for 2 years before they begin the planning process.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The earlier you begin to plan for your wedding, the easier
things are going to get as the wedding draws closer. You will also find such things as securing a
venue much easier because you get to make reservations for the most competitive wedding
venues early enough. Starting the planning process early enough makes sure you’re on top of
things. When starting out, don’t forget to focus on what’s most important. This includes such
things as an approximation of the guest list numbers, wedding budget and insurance in case
things go haywire.

2. Create a Select Guest List

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to start your wedding plans early. Once you’ve
got the guest list sorted out, you’re then free to go and sort out such things as the wedding
venue based on factors like the cost per head for your defined guest list. The best venues will
likely have the greatest cost per head, so you might have to be selective with whom you want to
invite to your wedding. This can be a very difficult decision, and there will be some tough
decisions to make, but you and your spouse-to-be should come together to make the decisions.
It’s your special day, so you should get to decide.

3. Get the Budget Right

Don't spend a dime for your wedding until you have come up with a realistic budget that won’t
overstretch your finances. You should also remember to factor in every little thing that will cost
money. It’s a common mistake to focus on the large expenditures and forget those minor
expenses that tend to add up. You should also factor some amount into your budget for
miscellaneous and unforeseen expenses, such as alterations, beauty expenses, gifts and so on.

4. Always Have Contingencies

This is one of those things you naturally don’t want to think about. However, as much as we
might not want them to, things can and do sometimes go wrong. It could be the catering, the
weather or the venue. Whatever it is, make sure you have contingencies for the major parts of
the wedding, so nothing catches you off-guard.

5. Choose Bridesmaids Carefully

Your bridesmaids will probably offer you the greatest support throughout the planning process,
so make sure you choose long-term best friends or your closest relatives. Don’t go for recent
friends or family members you rarely see. These could potentially let you down. Also, you want
to look back at your wedding photos and be happy in the fact that you are still in touch with most
of your bridesmaids.

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I absolutely love when you all reach out to NHB via Instagram! This is where I met the beautiful Andrea and she shared her stunning wedding day photos with us.  I can almost feel her excitement as she shared how Troy proposed during a quick getaway to Richmond VA.

Her stunning twa was tapered beautifully with a pop of color. Andrea chose to style her curls with Mixed Chicks Cleansing Co-Wash and Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard. 

Now, let’s go ahead and indulge in Andrea and Troy gorgeous wedding photos, below. Photos by Merkle Photography

P.S. If you are engaged or know someone engaged, we have the perfect way to start your NaturalHairBride journey. Grab our  NHB Box with FREE shipping as a gift for yourself or someone you love, today: bit.ly/2IZH1o0

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Weddings are beautiful affairs for which some brides (and even grooms) go above and beyond
to perfect. It’s a celebration of union and the binding of two people who are ready to share life’s
joys and pains together. While these events are mostly a labor of love, why not go the extra mile
of inviting loved ones and friends with a heartfelt and handmade wedding invitation cards?

Hand-making wedding invitation cards is a sure way of giving them your own distinctive design,
flair, and touch. The first step to making these are getting high-quality paper and envelopes.
Now that you know where to get your materials, it’s time to DIY.
Add a Touch of Lace
Lace makes everything elegant! They are great for last-minute DIY ideas and even for those
who are working on a budget. There are a number of ways to incorporate lace into the wedding
invitation cards, but remember to use it sparingly to keep it simple.

If you plan to use one card only, use lace as a decorative edge trim. Simply glue a piece of lace
onto the side where you want it to be, then once it’s dry, trim it to keep it neat.
Lace can also take the place of card envelopes. Measure some lace around the square of the
card, then glue the fabric together to make your own invitation slip.

Custom Watercolor Illustration
With watercolor illustration, you have free reign to put any design on cards using only some
brush and paint. Make sure to use high-quality wedding stationery that is thicker if you plan to
hand-paint every wedding invitation card. Otherwise, thinner paper can be used if you choose to
reprint a single design onto all invitation cards.

Mix and Match Paper Pads
Assorted paper pads are the easiest way to make a lot of invitations in a short time. There are
bundles of scrapbook paper pads that you can mix and match to use for invitations. The
patterned papers are good as backdrops for the text layer where the details are written on the
invitation. Make sure to put a layer of solid-colored paper in between to give it some borders.

Paper Punch Decors
Paper punches come in many sizes and decorative shapes, which make them a unique way to
decorate wedding invitation cards. Punch colored papers to use as decors in contrast to the
color of the invitations. Keep in mind that there is always negative space when pieces are being
punched out of a paper, and these can be used as a way to style your cards.
Other ways include creating embellishments by combining paper punch pieces, and then
another is to add decorative accents with edging scissors and border paper punchers.

Wedding Stickers
There are two ways to do this: create custom wedding stickers or use generic wedding stickers
to decorate wedding invitation cards. For custom stickers, couples can opt to print the stickers
with a photo of them or their initials and the wedding date. It can be used in many ways,
including sealing handmade paper cards, placing them in loot bags, and more.
Using generic wedding stickers is more budget-friendly and more time-consuming. DIYers can
place stickers uniformly or randomly as they please. The good news is there are thousands of
generic wedding sticker designs out in the market.

But Wait, There’s More!
There are a hundred more ways to utilize and decorate handmade paper wedding invitations,
and the only thing that limits creativity is the imagination. If you’re resourceful enough to find
affordable craft materials, that will make it even easier for you to create your invites. After all,
some brides DIY their cards because they truly enjoy doing it, while some do it to save money.
Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend to make the perfect
wedding. Sometimes, having two people in love and committed is enough. Share your DIY
wedding-invitation ideas in the comments section below.

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NaturalHairBride hosted their first bridal event of the year, Petals & Lace: A DIY Floral Crown Workshop held in Chicago on Thursday May 24, 2018 at Honey Bridal Boutique.

The evening started with expert florist, Xavier of Vance Floral & Vance Events, teaching guests how to create the perfect floral crown. As we twist, turned and cut our long stem roses into the perfect shape, attendees received a glass of Rose’. After floral crowns were created, models April and Patrice showcased stunning wedding gowns by Honey Bridal Boutique as Kayla of B Unique Beauty shared skin care and makeup tips for bridal perfection. We wrapped up the evening with wedding dress style tips by Ro’Shunda, creator of NaturalHairBride and Bridal Fashion Stylist.

Each bride went home with a NaturalHairBride Box filled with bridal, beauty and hair products sponsored by Essations Hair Care.

We thank our guests and our amazing partners for being apart of Petals & Lace: A DIY Floral Crown Workshop. 

Bridal Boutique: Honey Bridal | Florals: VanceFloral | MUA: B Unique Beauty | Hair Products: Essations | Stylist: BridalFashionStylist | Models: Patrice & April

Photography By: ShotBeEricI.com | IG: ShotByErici

Click to view slideshow.

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Natural Hair Bride by Ro'shunda|naturalhairbride - 1y ago
Four Groomsmen Gifts To Surprise Your Friends

Groomsmen have the honor and the shared responsibility in making their groom’s wedding day joyous. In return, grooms typically present their chosen attendants with gifts—specials ones on top of the small tokens handed out to all wedding guests—as a way of thanking them for their involvement.
You can give any kind of trinket to your groomsmen, but some items are worth more, not
necessarily in price but in sentimental value. Simple objects that suits your groomsmen’s
respective personalities can mean so much more to them than gaudy yet, somehow, generic

If you need gift ideas for your groomsmen, consider some of these examples:

Mug on a Mug

Almost everyone guzzles a hot drink in the morning or at work, whether that’s coffee, tea, or
cocoa. They’ll likely have their own cups. Usually, those cups are vanilla pieces of a basic dining set.
Here’s where you come in. Surprise your men by getting them mugs with caricatures of their
faces plastered on the side, something like the personalized ceramic mugs from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.
This works if your groomsmen love vanity or if you think they need a self-confidence boost along with their joe—to remind them that they’re special enough that you chose to have them by your side on your wedding day.

Viking Tankard

A stronger drink needs a stronger mug. For the more vigorous drinkers of your band, grace
them with a Viking Tankard made of actual ox horn (ethically sourced and GSP wildlife certified).
With such a tankard on hand, your men will feel like mighty Nordic kings and raid parties as if
they owned the place. Holding it will make them look wicked and fierce; none will want to mess with your bros once they have this epic cup.

Poker Set

A groomsman who likes hosting events and games may love a poker set. The house always
wins and giving a poker set to a buddy makes them the “house.” That’s a prestigious position
even among friends.
Furthermore, you’re enabling your buddy to host parties for other people, maybe expanding
their circle of friends and, by extension, yours too. Poker is great for parties or something your gang can do on a Friday night in the den.
Just having a poker set adds a cool factor to the recipient too, especially if you get the one with a sleek carrying case.

An Experience

Material things fade with time, but true friendship persists. Though the sentimental value of gifts may last a lifetime, the actual physical object given won’t. Thus, the most unforgettable treat you can give to your groomsmen is an experience.
For example, you know how there’s a special bond between soldiers who’ve lived through boot camp together? You can also build a similar relationship with your groomsmen squad by taking on the GORUCK Special Forces challenge. It’s a one-day course based on Special Forces training and supervised by an actual Special Forces cadre.
Memories from a unique experience like that will endure to your twilight years. When your
beards have gone gray, you and your friends will be remembering the one-day challenge fondly, like veterans of a made-up war.

Remember to Be a Good Friend
Though most of these ideas seem to enable bad habits, do note that, on their own, these
treasures are meant to amuse people as hobbies. If you know one of your groomsmen has a
gambling or a drinking problem, then you may not want to give them a poker set or a tankard. You should only do that if you know they are responsible with their drinks and dice.
Also, though there are female and LGBT groomsmen, majority are men. Thus, most
groomsmen gifts sold in wedding sites are geared toward that demographic. That is not to say that some of these gift ideas won’t apply to women and LGBT people. They can, so long as you think they’ll like it too or it fits their character.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to follow-us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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How To Get Your Girl’s Ring Size Without Her Knowing

You’ve found the perfect partner for you, and now you’re ready to pop the question. But wait,
you haven’t bought a ring yet. Getting your girl’s ring size is the first big step to finding the perfect engagement ring,  following the budget planning and jeweler research. The problem is
you have to keep everything under wraps to not ruin the surprise. Fortunately, there are several ways to do that.

Borrow One of Her Rings
While this method may sound easy, it actually calls for a few days or a week of observation
before a successful execution. If your girl is incredibly fond of her accessories, she likely
keeps track of them all the time. It can be easy to spot a missing piece when all the other pieces are neatly organized.
The key to this tactic is to get the timing right. Make sure that she’s out for a whole day so you have enough time to get the borrowed ring to the jeweler and return it without her noticing. Does she have an out of town trip planned anytime soon? Capitalize on that moment to successfully and secretly get her ring size.

Sometimes the right timing just doesn’t arrive no matter how long you wait. When that happens, you should create your own opportunity to get her out of the house for a whole day. Treat her to a spa day or ask a friend to take her shopping. If that fails, you can just secretly take the ring, measure it yourself, and trace its both the inner and outer outline on a paper.
If this method fails, you can try other strategies to get her ring size. Engagement rings aren’t
cheap, and getting one resized may cause extra. You save money by getting the right size.
Consider buying conflict-free discount diamond ring so you can spend more on giving your
girlfriend an unforgettable proposal.

Ask Her Family or Friends
Since you’re keeping it secret from the direct source (i.e., your girlfriend), you have to find
reliable alternative sources to get the information you need. You partner’s mom, sister, or best
friends may have the insight on her ring size. If you haven’t gotten around to it, this is the perfect time to talk to her parents about marriage.
The best way to keep a secret is to tell nobody. But if you really must, be careful to whom you’ll confide in. Choose the family member or friend who’s the most discreet and her most frequent shopping partner. Chances are, she’s told them her ring size before. Keep the details sparse when you explain to her family or friends so there will still be an element of surprise if things don’t go as planned.

Capitalize on Sleeping Time
If your girlfriend is a heavy sleeper, then you’re in luck. You shouldn’t have much problem
getting her ring size while she sleeps. It sounds creepy and stalkerish, but it’s all for a good
cause. Just make sure she’s in deep slumber before you commence the operation. The only
real challenge in this method is keeping your plan secret before and after its implementation.
First, ensure you secure the ring sizer in somewhere your girlfriend wouldn’t see but relatively
easy for you to get. You wouldn’t want to wake her up while looking for it. Then check if she’s
truly sleeping before using the ring sizer and getting her ring size.
Jot down the measurement as a precaution. Put it in your phone, text it to your friend. Come
next morning, make sure you erase all your traces and behave the same as usual so she
doesn’t get suspicious.
In the event that she does wake up, prepare a plausible excuse. You’ve come this far; you can’t afford to mess up now. Enlist the Help of Friends

Have one of your friends (or hers) ask your girlfriend for help with shopping for a ring for their
partner, who has more or less the same ring size as her. They can say it’s for their partner’s
birthday, their anniversary, or a Christmas present. Make sure the reason actually fits the
occasion in case your girlfriend hears from the partner.If a partner is out of the picture, they can say it’s a present for their mother or a close female relative.
Remember to choose a friend who’s very discreet, good at acting, and close to your girlfriend.
She might get suspicious if one of your friends, who she’s not familiar with, randomly asks her
for help to shop for rings.

Final Thoughts
Secretly getting your girlfriend’s ring size is one of the most challenging parts of planning the proposal. The circumstances may not allow you to do some of the options above. If you can’t
get her exact ring size, get a bigger ring. It’s easier to size down than size up. Just ask your
jeweler ahead of time if the ring is resizable.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to follow-us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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