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Samoa has been on my bucketlist for quite some time now, and I’m beyond fulfilled after finally traveling there! Chances are if you’re reading this you already know where it is and what’s mostly there, but for generality, I’ll start from the top!

For starters, there are two “Samoa’s” and they’re separated by the International Date Line; one that’s it’s own independent country, and one that’s governed by America (obv named “American Samoa”). In this post, I am talking about independent Samoa.

So this Samoa is located across the International Date Line which is important when booking flights from the U.S. and eastward, because you gain an entire day. This is mostly only important when booking flights and attempting to schedule calls back home (if you’re a work-a-holic like me).

Anyway! It’s a Polynesian country located in the South Pacific, where all the rest of the remote, exotic, glorious islands are that I love so much. I’ll get into why I love Polynesian culture and landscape in another post, but do know that the culture on these islands is as incredible as the sights!

Like most places I venture to, I rented a car to truly and in-depthly explore the island of Upolo (one of the two main big islands), and this itinerary is created based where I went! I covered a lot of ground, some places that aren’t even listed on tours, so I hope it helps on your adventure to Samoa!

As with all of my posts, this is FREE valuable information to you, and I only make money when you click around my site, buy something from an add, and like/comment on my social media posts…so if you appreciate this info, please do one or more of the above!

Here’s some of the places included in the itinerary for your quick reference:

  • To Sua Ocean Trench
  • Togiogiga Waterfall
  • Vavau Beach
  • Sliding Rocks Waterfall
  • Lalomanu Beach
  • Turtle Snorkeling at Coconut’s
  • FiaFia Show at Sliema
  • Fuipisia Falls
  • Togiogiga Falls
  • Apia Craft and Food Market
  • Live Music and Dinner
Samoa Island Day 1

Arrive and get settled! Depending on when your flight gets in, you’ll probably want to get straight to your accommodation and settle in. I got in later — around 6pm, so definitely wanted to get to my hotel before it got dark (which it did, and which was terrifying to drive in). 

If you have some time before it starts to get dark, opt to stop by a grocery store in Apia to pick up some food and drinks for your room! Trader Jack’s has a great selection (including wine and beer), as well as some local produce markets if you’re up for it.

Spend the first evening talking to the staff members at your accommodation and getting a feel for their culture and the island, as you taste your first raw fish dish or barbecue!

Samoa Island Day 2 Sliding Rocks is closer to Apia, and one of my favorite waterfalls in Samoa!

If you’re staying in Apia, check out the daily craft and food market right in town before heading a little West to Sliding Rocks waterfall!

This was probably my favorite waterfall because of how many little pools you could swim in, and also because duh, it’s a natural waterslide!

It costs $20 tala (about $7USD) to enter and you’ll be advised to leave valuables locked in the car. Make sure there’s enough water in the falls/pools to slide into before you do it! I didn’t end up doing the big one because I didn’t think the pool below was deep enough!

Spend the rest of the day eating and hanging out in Apia and get ready for a full day of adventures tomorrow!

Samoa Island Day 3 Fuipisia Waterfall was another stunner!

Head South on the Cross Island Road, stopping at Papapateitui for a quick viewpoint. It’s said to be the “longest” waterfall in Samoa, but will look rather small because of how far away it is!

Keep going South until you reach the “Main South Coast Road” and head allllll the way East! There’s a couple beautiful waterfalls to stop at for some more great viewpoints including Fiupisia Falls and Sopo’aga Falls. Both cost between $10-20 Tala to view since they are on local’s property.

After that it’s one of the main events, the Instagram-made-Famous To Sua Ocean Trench! I put this last because usually hightide is later in the day and you definitely want to go during hightide! You can check the local hightide schedule here.

The (Insta)famous To Sua Ocean Trench! Can you see me?

To Sua translates to “Hole with Water” and was formed when a volcanic cave’s roof collapsed, and under it was water from the ocean that comes in and out through a small opening inside the cave. 

To Sua also costs $20 Tala which is one hell of a deal considering not only how beautiful it is, but also that you can swim in it and enjoy the entire park it’s located on for a few hours or more!

It’s safe to swim in but you need to hold onto ropes during hightide due to the strong current. You can dive/jump off the platform AT YOUR OWN RISK, but I wouldn’t advise doing it from the ladder. The ladder is sturdy but can get slippery, so be sure to go down carefully and slowly!

The park around To Sua is almost equally as gorgeous as the trench! There are several fala’s (little huts to lounge on) all around, including overlooking the dramatic cliffs and ocean. There’s also Blowing Rocks, and some lava cave pools, but you can only go down to them during low tide. 

There’s tons of cute “falas” around the park that To Sua is in, and they have stunning cliffside views!

Oh and there’s another ocean trench called “To Lo Sua” which translates to “Hole with No Water”, that you’ll see when you first enter. And also probably see why no one really talks about it. It’s still cool to see how many lush plants grow down it’s sides though!

NOTE: The grounds that To Sua are on have religious cultural significance, so you’ll be advised to dress appropriately when walking around, and to only wear swim wear in the trench or beach areas.

Samoa Islands Day 4 Vavau Beach has small islands right on its shore!

Hope you’re ready for a stunning beach day, because there are two near each other that cannot be missed! If you can, I would reserve an entire day for these beaches, and possibly even a night’s stay at one of the beach fale’s!

Head towards Vavau beach first, which is a bit hidden, so be on the lookout for a small sign and dirt road. It’s a local’s beach, so it’s not the easiest thing to find, and GPS doesn’t point in the right direction.

Hang at this epic island-beach for a while before heading to the star of the island; Lalomanu.

The crystal clear waters at Lalomanu Beach are absolutely stunning! You can see the day beach fale’s in the background

You’ll start seeing tons of beach fale’s and some restaurants, and you can pretty much stop at any since it’s a long stretch of white sandy beach. You’ll likely have to pay for parking, but they’ll probably offer you a discount if you eat at the restaurant or rent a fale.

A larger beach fale, most are 1/3 this size

The fale’s in this area are rentable by the day, or you can get an enclosed one and stay the night on the beach for super cheap!

Samoa Islands Day 5 Togiogiga is another waterfall you can swim at, and it’s free!

Check out a few more waterfalls while exploring the rest of the areas of the island you haven’t seen yet.

There’s one on the map called Falfea which we weren’t super impressed by, but we did like Togotogiga because it was another one you could swim at and even jump off of.

Parking and entry to Togotogiga was also free since it’s on the National Park lands!

Samoa Island Day 6 Coconuts is the definition of paradise!

You’ll probably be pretty adventure-ed out at this point, or at least we were! So why not spend the day in luxury with a day at Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa?

This gorgeous, luxury resort has everything you need to feel like you’re in utter paradise; from the only over-water-bungalows in Samoa, to a brand new luxury spa. Massages were actually pretty affordable there, and the new decor is utter bliss!

Once hightide rolls around, rent some snorkel gear (free for guests) and go swim with the daily sea turtle visitors! You can watch them from a deck above, and when you spot them, jump down and try to keep up with their swift gliding movements!

The food at Coconuts is also a must-try, so treat yourself to a nice dinner; hopefully on one of the nights they have live music!

Locals perform their cultural FiaFia dances and fire-dancing almost every night!

Later, take a walk down the beach to Coconuts’ neighbor hotel the Sliema for a traditional FiaFia show!

Samoa Island Day 7 Finally figured out how to fly my drone without the remote (using my phone) the last day of my trip…

Today is likely your departure day, so depending on when your flight is, you may have a chance to squeeze in some last minute fun on the way to the airport!

My flight got delayed by about four hours, so I took my time cruising along the south-west coast, and found an awesome place to stop and eat.

It was called Faimafili Village Resort, and the women who run it were just the sweetest people ever. They were so excited to have us at their open-air deck restaurant that overlooks more clear water, and the food was absolutely delicious.

Definitely try the local special shrimp! And be on the look out for a really cute kitten!

Be sure to get to the airport at least two hours before your flight, but keep in mind that delays are normal!

Here’s some more essential travel information to help you plan your trip to Samoa!

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Healthcare, it’s great if you have it, but it’s not cheap. In fact, the cost of healthcare is increasing in many countries, and especially in the US.

Enter two magical words: travel and tourism.

Consistent with the increasing costs of healthcare in the US, medical tourism has also been rising over the past few years. 

Every year millions of people travel to destinations for quality healthcare and medical procedures at a lower rate. 

It sounds almost too good to be true. But trust us, medical tourism is a legitimate business! 

The fact that you can save some money, get better treatment and relax in some amazing destinations while you recover is an added bonus. 

Are you keen to know more? Keep scrolling to check out 12 countries with the cheapest healthcare.

1. Brazil  Photo by Raphael Nogueira 

Brazil is the third most visited country for cosmetic and plastic surgery, after the US and China. 

But every year, more tourists are traveling to Brazil for cheap healthcare.

This is particularly because Brazil offers high-quality procedures at affordable rates.

In addition, you’ll be guaranteed quality service and care with 43 hospitals accredited by the JCI.

Tourists traveling to Brazil from the US for a medical procedure save around 20% on their healthcare bill.

2. Costa Rica Image by Paisajes Costa Rica

Costa Rica consistently ranks highly in the delivery of dentistry and cosmetic surgery, ahead of the US and Canada.

Recently, its reputation for delivery of other surgeries such as eye surgery and gastric banding surgery has been growing.

Patients in Costa Rica will save quite a bit of money, with the cost of healthcare services between 45% to 65% lower than in the US.

In addition to lower costs, patients will be treated to some incredible Costa Rican hospitality. This includes the positive attitudes that Costa Ricans are known for!

3. Cuba Photo by Augustin de Montesquiou 

Cuba is known for having a world-class healthcare system.

This Caribbean nation is particularly well-known for its medical services in relation to drug abuse, eye illnesses, post-accident rehab and plastic surgery.

Prepare to be treated by world-class doctors and nurses, with top quality medical equipment. You will also be spoilt by the amazing Cuban culture, hospitality and the gorgeous scenery (Cuba is well-known for its beautiful beaches).

Medical tourists in Cuba can expect to pay 60% to 80% less for treatments compared to the US.

4. India Photo by Raghu Nayyar 

In India, patients save between 65% to 90% (yes, 90!) on the cost of healthcare as compared to the US.

India is one of the most visited countries for healthcare. This is because of the incredible saving in healthcare costs combined with India’s high-quality service and cutting-edge technology.

India also offers a close to zero waiting time for surgeries, which tend to be done right after diagnosis is confirmed. 

As a patient in India, expect your medical trip to be one of quality healthcare combined with luxury.

In fact, some hospitals provide health care packages for foreign patients which include pick-ups from the airport to the hospital, free in-room Wi-Fi, and private chefs.

5. Malaysia Photo by Sadie Teper 

Malaysia is well known for its incredible food, culture and heritage sites. But did you know that it is also ranked as one of the best providers of healthcare across South-East Asia?

Malaysia has won the International Medical Travel Journal’s award for Health and Medical Tourism Destination of the Year from 2015-2017 and was highly commended for the award in 2018.

Travelers visiting Malaysia will save 65% to 80% on healthcare costs compared to the US and will receive a luxurious experience. 

Hospitals often offer patients rooms that are similar to what you would find at a five-star hotel. The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council also offers lounge and concierge services to medical tourists at both Penang international airport and Kuala Lumpur airport.

6. Mexico Photo by Jezael Melgoza

Mexico is the place to go for an amazing cultural experience, great food, epic art and advanced care in dentistry and cosmetic surgery.

That’s right, medical tourism in Mexico is growing due to its strong reputation in these two areas of healthcare.

With 7 JCI accredited hospitals and another 98 that are accredited by Mexico’s Federal Health Ministry, you know you’ll be in good hands.

US travelers can expect to save 40% to 60% on the cost of healthcare in Mexico.

7. Panama Photo by James Thomas 

Panama is a top location for many things: second-citizenship, retirement and also medical tourism!

Benefits for those from the US include a massive saving of 40% to 70% on the costs of healthcare. Some private hospitals in Panama also partner with American hospitals so you may recognize the names of them!

Medical staff in Panama are also well-trained, offer high-quality service and often speak English, which helps remove any language barriers if you don’t speak Spanish.

8. Singapore Photo by Rika z 

The World Health Organization ranks Singapore as the top provider of healthcare out of all Asian countries.

In addition to this, in 2014, Bloomberg ranked Singapore as one of the top three countries with the most efficient healthcare systems in the world!

Of course, with Singapore being one of the most developed countries in the world, medical tourists are guaranteed incredible facilities, medical services and specialists.

That’s not even the best part. Singapore’s healthcare system also offers bang for your buck. In Singapore, a patient will pay 25% to 40% less than what they would pay for medical services in the US.

9. South Korea Photo by Cait Ellis 

If you want access to advanced healthcare service, well trained staff as well as state of the art technology, South Korea is where you want to be!

Medical tourism is booming in South Korea, particularly thanks to the insurance coverage offered to medical tourists. In addition, many hospitals provide spacious rooms with two beds for patients who bring a travel companion with them.

By traveling to South Korea, you would save 30% to 45% in health costs, compared to the US.

10. Taiwan Photo by Kaizer Bienes 

Taiwan is slowly but surely becoming a hub for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions and cardiac diseases, thanks to medical advances in recent years.

In fact, the National Taiwan University (NTU) undertook the first kidney transplant in Asia! 

Not only was it revolutionary in undertaking the procedure, but the NTU also offers high-quality and affordable treatments for medical tourists.

Patients generally save between 40% to 50% in healthcare cost in Taiwan compared to the cost of similar services in the US.

11. Thailand Photo by Robin Noguier 

Welcome to the home of beautiful food and culture, exotic beaches and next-level hospitality

In the world of medical tourism, Thailand is particularly known for cosmetic and dermatological procedures as well as advanced dental work.

Patients also receive an amazing..

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True travelers will know that flip flops are cute, but not always the most dependable type of travel sandals. But what if there were a sandal that mixed a stylish thong with a comfortable sole, and secure grip, for the ultimate fashionably functional flip flop?

The good news is that such a sandal exists! Cue The Nimahtravel sandals from Bionica Footwear! I received tons of comments and questions about these trendy sandals while traveling around in the Philippines in regard to where I found a sandal that was cute, comfortable, and water-friendly!

It’s really hard to find a thong-sandal that both looks stylish and provides the support and comfort you need when traveling, but these shoes have it all! Here’s a few reasons why I love them!

Stylish Patterns That Compliment Any Outfit

The colorful, trendy boho patterns on the thong of the Nimah sandals are always in when you’re traveling. They scream, “I love going to cultural, tropical, chill places!”, and can fit with or add to any outfit! 

The various colors in the design make them pop with anything you wear and will leave people wondering where you got them! I also love the two-strap design that offers a more unique look than just one thick strap! Speaking of which…

Comfortable, Supportive, Non-Flip-Flopping-Straps

Typical flip flops will smack against the bottom of your foot due to the flimsiness of the straps and thinness of the soles, but the Nimah travel sandals will not! That’s because the sturdiness of the straps fit snugly on your feet, without moving around and causing any discomfort or annoying “flip flop” sounds.

The thong part of the sandal is wrapped in a soft material that won’t irritate the space between your toes, even when it gets wet (Note: Depends on your toe-sensitivity)! Since there’s no flipping and flopping motion, and the straps stay with your feet as you walk, climb, or run, there’s less of a chance for that annoying rubbing between your toes or top of your foot!

Easy to Slip On, But Actually Stay On

When I think of typical flip flops, I imagine them getting flung around when I try to put them on or take them off. What’s great about the Nimah travel sandals is that they’re easy to slip on with their thong-design, but actually stay on because of the non-slip grip material of the soles and stability of the straps.

Your feet will literally stay in these sandals ten times better than a typical sandal, saving you stress, discomfort, and annoyance! They even stayed on when I wore them in the water at the beach and at a waterfall! Which brings me to my next point…

Water Resistant and Non-Slip

You know that squeaky sound you hear with regular rubber flip slops? Or perhaps that never-fully-dried feeling of cloth, straw, or leather-soled sandals? None of that exists with the Nimah travel sandal! 

Since the straps are secure, and the footbed is high quality rubber material, there’s no chance for that annoying squeaky noise. And since the footbed is all rubber, it makes it all waterproof! The straps are quick drying as well even though the patterned part is made of stitching.

Comfortable and Safe for Any Terrain (Besides Snow)

As someone who is very guilty of hiking mountains in flip-flops and never wearing shoes in water or while chasing waterfalls, I can confidently say that these Nimah travel sandals are a game changer for comfort.

Someone literally noticed me hopping along the sharp, rocky shore of an island in Philippines, and asked about my shoes, because you could tell I couldn’t feel the discomfort beneath my soles. Since both safety and comfort are crucial for us explorers, these travel sandals are basically a necessity. 

So if you’re tired of typical flimsy flip flops, and looking for some travel sandals that fit all the necessary travel requirements, check out the Nimah’s on Bionica.com!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Bionica Footwear, however all writing, photos, and opinions are my own.

The post These Travel Sandals Are the Definition of Fashionably Functional appeared first on My Life's a Movie.

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Picture this: you work hard to save up a whole bunch of money to go traveling for a while. You embark on your travels, wallet full of money and luggage in hand, excited for the adventures that lie ahead. 

But, a few weeks in to your trip you realize there’s a problem. You are burning through your money like there’s no tomorrow! You start wondering what you should do, because you have to fund the rest of your travels somehow.

I’m going to have to cut my travels short, you say to yourself. But, before you pack your bags and head back home, why not check out some of these excellent money saving tips for traveling.

These tips will ensure you get the best bang for your buck, helping you to have a better (and longer) holiday.

Keep scrolling for more!

1. Be Flexible 

Did you know that traveling during certain times of the week, month or year are more expensive than others? Did you also know that some destinations will be more expensive than others depending on the time of year it is too?

Being flexible on the days and dates you travel, as well as where you travel to, could save you a whole lot of money while traveling. 

To figure out where you should go, and when, all you need to do is play Alyssa’s favorite game: Flight Roulette. Basically you use Skyscanner’s flexible option. Select ‘everywhere’ as your destination and ‘entire month’ as your date. Then, pick the destination and dates that will save you the most money!

2. Avoid Peak Season

Yep, prices skyrocket alongside the number of tourists during peak season!

Consistent with being flexible on your dates, avoiding peak season will save you so much money while traveling. 

Not only will flights be cheaper, but you’ll also find that things like accomodation and even activities will have less of an impact on your wallet.

You’ll also save a lot of time, because there’ll be way less queues for you to stand in for minutes (or hours) on end.

3. Sign Up To Frequent Flyer Programs

Why? Because you’ll accumulate points that you can put towards flights or upgrades!

Plus you’ll likely find out about deals your airline is promoting before anyone else.

Pro tip: you could sign up to multiple frequent flyer programs. While you might accrue points more slowly, you’ll have greater access to deals on offer across multiple airlines.

4. Use Your Airpoints

Yes, accumulating airpoints and having insider access to airline deals is great, but you should actually make the most of these things!

Using points to purchase flights will mean you can put your money towards other things on your travels – winning!

There are several credit cards that allow you to rack up points through purchases — Alyssa swears by Chase Sapphire Reserve, which also includes Global Entry, and most importantly…a free Priority Pass for airport lounge access!

5. Sort Out Your Airport Arrangements Ahead Of Time

This is particularly relevant if you’re driving to and parking at the airport while you’re away, or if you’re planning on taking a Uber to the airport. 

Be sure to check out all the options for airport parking so you pick the one that offers the best value for money. Alyssa loves using Spot Hero for the cheapest, and easiest-to-book parking spots!

If you’re taking an Uber to the airport, book one in advance to try and avoid surcharge prices (and the stress of not knowing if there’ll be one available when you need it).

To get extra value for money, use Uber Pool – you might even meet a new travel buddy or two doing this!

6. Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

You’re going on holiday, which means you’ll need at least five outfit changes per day, right? Just kidding! 

While it can be tempting to pack a ton of outfits while traveling “just in case” you need them, the reality is you’ll only need the same few pieces of clothing for most of your travels.

Don’t believe us? Check out these epic packing tips from Alyssa. Given she only uses a carry-on for most of her travels, we trust she knows what she’s talking about! 

Other tips for avoiding excess baggage fees include weighing your bags before you get to the airport. And, if you’re taking a heavy coat or sweater, wear this on the plane instead of packing it into your bag.

7. Take The Road Less Traveled

There’s something magical about visiting the places that everyone goes to. You know, places like Rome, Paris and New York. These places are amazing to visit and see – that’s why everyone goes there!

Of course, with tourist heavy destinations comes tourist prices. Even going into a franchise or chain store, you may find that prices are slightly higher than they are in places that aren’t as tourist dense. 

The money-saving solution? Visit places that are not as popular, but equally as magical. Hello Reggio Emilia, Rouen and Philadelphia!

8. Don’t Stay In The City Centre

Well, this is kind of obvious – if you’re staying in the city centre, you will be paying city prices!

Instead, opt to stay in an Air BnB, hotel, hostel or homestay that’s close to the city. Convenient, but also much friendlier on your wallet.

Pro-tip: use a website like booking.com to compare prices across different accomodation, and to see which places offer package deals and discounts, so you can get the best value for money. 

9. Eat Like A Local

Trying out different local cuisines is one of the amazing reasons to travel, obviously.

If you’re wanting to really try out incredible local cuisines and save some money, eat where the locals do!

Not only is the food likely to be more authentic and tasty, but you are also less likely to be charged pesky tourist prices. 

Pro-tip: if your accomodation includes a breakfast deal, make the most of this before you head out for the day. You’ll be less likely to want to buy expensive snacks while you’re out and about, leaving extra space in your stomach for some delicious local cuisines.

10. Shop Like A Local

Because you’ll avoid all the touristy souvenirs!

Shopping at local markets and shops will mean you’re more likely to get your hands on unique local products and the prices won’t include

If the local culture allows it, you can try get more bang for your buck by bargaining on prices too. Shopping locally is also a great way to travel sustainably!

11. Walk Around

It’s a great way to take in local sights!

Instead of spending your money on buses, trains, trams or cabs, opt to walk around your destination as much as possible. 

Your wallet and overall health will thank you!

If walking around isn’t an option, look into the travel options that the locals use. Often train and bus services offer day, week or month passes which are better value for money compared to paying for each trip on its own.

12. Do Your Research

This is a huge way to save money while traveling.

Knowing where you will be going and what you will be doing ahead of time means you can book things in advance.

This means you’ll avoid having to pay extra for things because you are booking last minute, or at a peak time.

Look up options for a cheap mobile data plan, get a local SIM card, or use free WiFi at your destinations too, so you can research on the go without spending a fortune. 

13. Work While Traveling

Technically this isn’t saving money while traveling, but you would be making money while traveling.

Plus, if you follow the other 12 tips in this article, then you would be saving money while making money at the same time. So that’s a bit of a win-win. 

Not sure how to make money..

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If you’re a big fan of water activities like chasing waterfalls and trekking islands, I have the best sport sandals to recommend to you! They’re called the Nahla Sandal by Bionica Footwear, and they’ll make you wonder why you ever went barefoot or wore tacky water-shoes!

The nude and light pink color on the Nahla shoes I have make it look like I’m not even wearing shoes at all!

That’s kind of what it feels like too in regards to comfort!

Here’s a few more features about these awesome sport sandals that I know you’ll love!

Quick Drying Water-Friendly Footbed

No squishy, uncomfortably wet feet with these babies! The Nahla sandals have a rubber footbed that makes them water-friendly and impossible to stay wet for very long! They’re quick drying or can easily be wiped down with a towel if you have one!

This makes them the perfect sport sandals for doing things like waterfall hikes, where you want to wear the shoes in the water for protection, but don’t want to continue the hike with wet shoes!

They also make for the perfect beach sandal, especially in rocky waters! Then when you’re done with your water activities, you won’t have to worry about having wet shoes in the car since they dry off right away!

Lightweight, Flexible Soles that Move Where You Do

You’ll feel like you’re walking on air with the lightweight, flexible soles of the Nahla sport sandals! Specially designed to go wherever you go, whether it’s the road, or the water!

The lightweight feature is especially beneficial in water, since you don’t want any heaviness weighing you down! In fact! Since they’re so lightweight, they actually float in most water! That makes them ideal if you want to actually float, and also because if you happen to lose one, they’ll just float to the surface!

But they won’t just slip off because…

Secure, Adjustable, Comfortable Sport Sandals Straps

I can confidently say that there is no way these sandals are slipping off when you go swimming! (When worn correctly of course). I swam in both a waterfall, and the ocean, and felt like the Nahla sandals were securely on the entire time!

The adjustable strap allows you to tighten them to your foot’s size, and secure them on with a loop and velcro closure. This feature also makes them super comfortable and guarantees a perfect fit!

So if you’re in the market for some fashionably functional sport sandals, definitely check out these Nahla Sandals by Bionica!

Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Bionica Footwear, however all words and opinions are my own.

The post The Best Sport Sandals for Water Activities appeared first on My Life's a Movie.

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Image via Visit New Orleans on Instagram

Music festivals are the epitome of summer because the sun is shining, great music is blasting and you’re rocking some pretty epic outfits.

Of course, nothing screams summer music festival more than the one and only Coachella.

The California sun is shining down on you and some of the world’s best artists are performing and attending. Did someone say Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande?! (They’re performing at Coachella this year, fyi).

You might think that Coachella is the only US music festival worth attending. And with the amount of publicity and star power it gets, we don’t blame you. But we’re here to tell you all about a whole bunch of other great US music festivals. 

These festivals epitomise carefree and fun summer days. Plus, the music is just as awesome as at Coachella! So, we present 11 awesome US music festivals (other than Coachella) that you have to attend! 

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Image via Visit New Orleans on Instagram

25 – 28 April & 2 – 5 May 2019, Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans

Welcome to the home of the blues, R&B, gospel and so many other amazing types of southern-style tunes.

Established in 1970, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is a major drawcard for tourists and locals alike.

Not a fan of Jazz? Don’t let the name fool you. The festival is a melting pot of southern style music and local food. You’ll be feasting on crawfish beignets, po’boys, cajun jambalaya, jalapeño bread and red beans and rice.

The 2019 Jazz and Music Festival includes some big names including Earth, Wind & Fire, Ciara and Alanis Morissette.

Electric Daisy Carnival Image via Electric Daisy Carnival on Instagram

May 17 – 19 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, where else would you want to be to party it up at a festival?!

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) offers an escape from reality with its electronic music. In addition to its flagship Vegas show, EDC has also shared its magical experience in the UK, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Expect to find a wonderland full of music (obvs), colorful glow-in-the-dark enviroments, neon decor, and walkabout performers.

This year’s lineup includes David Guetta, Dead MAu5 and A$AP Rocky.

The Governors Ball Music Festival Image via The Governors Ball on Instagram

31 May – 2 June 2019, Randall’s Island Park, New York City

The Governors Ball – it sounds so fancy!

Located on Randall’s Island near Manhattan, this festival guarantees an epic NYC experience.

Offering a fun mix of pop, folk, rock and hip-hop music, you’ll be dancing your way through the festival like there’s no tomorrow. This will be balanced out by the incredible NYC eats that you’ll have access to (like seriously good food!)

The Governors Ball 2019 will include amazing artists like The Strokes, Nas, SZA, Lil Wayne, Major Lazer and Lily Allen.

Hot 97 Summer Jam Image via Michael Weinstein Photo on Instagram

9 June 2019, East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Hot 97 Summer Jam is an annual hip-hop festival where up and comers get to share the stage with some of hip-hop’s biggest names.

Fun fact: the festival is known for performers bringing out huge special guests.

You’ll see some big names like Cardi B, Meek Mill, and Migos up on stage in 2019.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Image via I Am Bonnaroo on Instagram

13 – 16 June 2019, Great Stage Park, Tennessee

Bonnaroo is a four-day festival that originally focused on folk rock and jam bands when it was established in 2002.

But it has now expanded to include a diverse array of musical styles. This includes indie rock, classic rock, hip hop, jazz and country music. As well as gospel, reggae, pop, electronic, and other alternative music. 

In addition to a great selection of music, the festival hosts comedy shows, a silent disco and a Christmas club barn!

In 2019, expect to attend performances by Odesza, Childish Gambine, Post Malone, Cardi B and Solange.

Pitchfork Music Festival Image via Victoria Sanders on Instagram

July 19 – 21 2019, Union Park, Chicago

Chicago is the place to be if you’re a music festival lover!

Celebrating 14 years on the scene this year, Pitchfork music festival presents over 40 bands over the course of three days each summer.

Bringing together jazz, rock, electronic, hip-hop, punk and just about any other genre and sub-genre you want to celebrate, pitchfork is the place to be.

The festival also includes a record fair, incredible food, amazing art and delicious beverages from local and national vendors. A bit of a cultural feast for the senses!

In 2019, you can expect performances from the likes of Charli XCX, Robyn and Pusha T.

Lollapalooza Image via lollapalooza on Instagram

August 1 – 4 2019, Grant Park, Chicago 

As the name kind of implies, Lollapalooza is an annual four-day multi-genre festival in Chicago. 

Don’t know what we mean? Check out the meaning of palooza here, we’ll wait for the penny to drop.

Fun fact: Lollapalooza was founded in 1991. In addition to the flagship Chicago festival, it now takes place in Europe and South America too. Meaning you could stop by on one of your travels, yas!

Bringing together music, dance, comedy and craft booths, there is something for everyone at this music festival. Not to mention, the incredible line up of food options from some of Chicago’s favorite restaurants. 

Also, Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande are headlining at Lollapalooza this year too, so that’ s a win.

AFROPUNK FEST   Image via ArtofIke Photographie on Instagram

24 – 25 August 2019, Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn, New York City

AFROPUNK FEST is a multi-genre music festival in Brooklyn.

Established in 2005, it was inspired by the 2003 documentary Afro-Punk which highlights black punk artists in the US.

The festival defines itself as a safe place, a blank space to freak out in, to construct a new reality, to live your life as you see sit, while making sense of the world around you. Aka, a place for you to be you, and where you are celebrated!

2019 has a great lineup, with FKA Twigs, Leon Bridges, and Hello Yello gracing the stage (among others).

Electric Zoo Image via Electric Zoo Festival on Instagram

30 August – September 1 2019, Randall’s Island Park, New York City

NYC, back at it again!

Electric Zoo is the electronic dance festival of your dreams where international DJs and live acts are brought together across four stages. Basically, this is the place to spend your Labor Day Weekend.

Established in 2009, this festival has hosted some big names. In 2019, you’ll see epic performances from the likes of Zedd, AfroJack and Cookie Monsta.

Burning Man Image via Burning Man on Instagram.

25 August – 2 September 2019, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Burning Man is more than just a music festival. It is a full-blown cultural event dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. In other words, the ultimate festival!

Established in 1986, Burning Man is a performance of music, arts and culture  driven by the attendees and influenced by ten principles.

The principles are: radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, gifting, Decommodification, participation, immediacy and leave no trace.

As the name implies, a burning of “the man” (a large wooden effigy) usually takes place on the Saturday evening of the event.

Austin City Limits Music Festival  Image via Austin Food Magazine on Instagram

October 4 – 6 and 11 – 13 2019, Zilker Park, Austin

Inspired by a music series of the same name, the two-weekend Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL), invites people of all ages, including families.

With over 125 performances across 8 stages, you are sure to have the time of your life here.

Plus there’s Tacos, brews, vegan options and more. AKA, the ACL Eats food court which offers the most delicious festival food, drinks and sweets from Austin and surrounding areas.

The 2019 lineup is yet to be announced, but if 2018 is anything to go by ACL 2019 will be a hit. 2018 included artists such as Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello and Khalid.

These 11 music festivals are all so awesome, you’re probably thinking of packing your bags and heading to all of them right?! 

Well, before you do, check out these tips for booking cheap flights. Or turn your summer of music festivals into an epic road trip

Worried about how you’ll pack all your festival outfits? Check out Alyssa’s tips for packing a summer getaway bag here.

Let us know which music festivals you’ve been to or will be going to in the comments below. And, above all, remember to have fun and stay safe!

Image via Electric Daisy Carnival on Instagram
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