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If your bank account won’t let you ‘shine bright like a diamond’, take heart – the silver metallic trend will make sure you’re the shiniest at the ball!  To get creative ideas on how to make high-shine metallics work for you, read on…

The Future is Metallic Silver

Although the weather in Berlin can be described temperamental at best, and plain bloody awful at its worst – we are being treated to a few sunny days. And you know what that means – our Spring pieces can start creeping to the forefront of our wardrobes.

If  you thought the silver metallic trend was reserved for the holiday party season in December. Think again. A flash of silver in an outfit is a sure way to elevate a look and as such, this glossy hue should be worn all year round.

The elite who’s who of fashion certainly think so. During the S/S ’19 season, high fashion designers like Balmain, Alberto Zambelli and Roberto Cavalli sent their models gliding down the catwalk in an assortment of glossy silver pieces.

One of my favourite recent purchases has been my gun-metal midi silver pleated skirt. This is a skirt that will see me through the seasons with ease.

As the weather now runs like the typical Berlin single guy – hot and cold, I’ll share with you how I style this skirt on the more chilly days.

Silver Metallic Pieces Work Well With Colour

Like black, it’s more daring younger sister – silver, works really well with colour. I paired my metallic pleated skirt with this darling knit jumper – how cute are its colourful statement sleeves?

The glossy palette of my skirt will also work well with paired down neutral shades like black and white. This means that I can rev this look up or tone it down depending on my mood and I love a fashion piece that keeps on giving.

Break the Accessory Rules

This tip won’t work for everybody. Minimalists may want to let their glossy pieces take center stage and wear simple jewellery to compliment their silver getup.

I on the other hand am a More is More girl through and through, so I wore lashings of jewellery with this outfit.

Keeping the futuristic vibe going, I also punctuated my silvery grey ensemble with a silver metallic winter hat and leather ankle boots with silver details.

If I was to wear this skirt at night, I would pair it with less but oversized gold accessories.  When I was younger, I was told never to mix gold and silver jewellery. But these are modern times and a gold and silver fusion is sublime!

Silver Metallic Trend Ideas

For those who like to dip their toes in trendy waters as opposed to diving in, there are other ways to give a nod to the perennial chic metallic trend. Here’s my list, can you think of any other ways to shimmer and shine?

– Silver accessories like a metallic bag or pair of shoes will compliment the right outfit to perfection

-Touches of silver to the face like high shine silver-grey eyeshadow can give you the right Studio 54 vibes

-A silver manicure or pedicure is both simple and chic

-Invest in one statement silver piece like a blazer, skirt or shorts

It’s been a while since I’ve worn a silver outfit, in fact, the last time was when I was in Lagos and I wore a pink and silver Aso Ebi for my mother’s 70th birthday party.

That’s why I’ll always be a fan of this shimmery glossy palette – there are so many ways you can spin it.

On a different note, Easter is upon us and whatever you end up doing – I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Till Soon,


Photographer – Sabrina Von Heide

Credits- Skirt, Jumper and Hat – Topshop, Earrings – Zara

The post Daytime Style – How I Rock the Silver Metallic Trend appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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If you’re a fashion blogger who promotes his/her personal style on social media, it’s likely that you’re frequently on the hunt for a good and affordable fashion photographer. Pinning down a fashion photographer is no easy feat. In this article, I share 4 ways on how to find a fashion photographer. Continue Reading…

Scrolling down your #personalstyleblogger feed on Instagram, you could almost be fooled into thinking that fashion photographers pretty much fall from the sky.

As far back as 2011, there were about 173 million blogs and a heavy chunk of that were fashion blogs. In 2019, I’m sure those numbers have more than doubled in every blogging niche.

There are thousands of fashion bloggers on Instagram and for many on a daily basis, they are belting out quality fashion pictures. These images tend to be shot in ‘Grammable’ locations, the photo quality is on point, the blogger’s clothes and posing is giving high fashion magazines like NUMERO  a run for their money.

Just how are these fashion bloggers managing it?!!

Some don’t even blog full-time and yet are able to produce great images on a regular basis. How did they find their fashion photographers?

If this question hasn’t plagued you, it certainly has bugged me. When I worked full-time as a fashion stylist, finding fashion photographers was much more straight-forward. For one thing, when I lived in London, there was great website called whoistesting.com (RIP) and it connected creatives who wanted to do a test, fashion editorial etc. When I was selected for fashion editorials that had budgets,  I could reach out to creative agencies that represented photographers, stylists and the like.

Furthermore, when I was commissioned by a magazine to produce and style a fashion editorial, in some cases, they would put forward a photographer which would cut down my leg work.

Now I blog on the side, it’ a totally different ball game. From my experience, now it’s so much harder to find a good and affordable fashion photographer. When I began looking for a fashion photographer I soon found out that the mid-level to senior ones with great editorials and commercial work under their belts were mainly interested in big budget shoots and were more keen on working with high-profile fashion influencers. That put me at the back of the line. Way back.

So How are Fashion Bloggers Getting Their Shots?

From reaching out to a bunch of bloggers and fashion influencers in my network, I found out that a lot of them get their shots by:

  • Learning how to take self portraits and/or shots of themselves by themselves
  • Asking a friend
  • Getting their partner to double as their photographer

This put me at a disadvantage, no matter how many YouTube videos exist on how to take pictures of myself by myself – I’m not going to learn how to do that anytime soon.

And the gods have not yet taken pity on my relationship status. I ain’t got no boo to take pictures of me.

I have asked a friend on a few occasions to take pictures for my blog, and for the most part he/she has been happy to do so. However, this is not an option I like to rely on. Once in a while is fine, but you are bound to put a strain on a friendship if every time your friend meets up with you for a catch up, you whip out your camera and launch into a multitude of fierrrrrrce Insta poses.

Despite these obstacles, I was determined to find a fashion photographer in Berlin to take pictures for my blog and other social media platforms. In the end, I’ve managed to find one that I work regularly with and I’m currently on the hunt to find one or two more. It was no walk in the park and I’d like to share my tips on how to find a good and affordable fashion photographer with you.

How To Find A Fashion Photographer For Your Blog, Instagram etc.
  1.  Utilise Instagram’s Search Tab Function

Doing this has worked out well for me and certainly improves one’s research skills.

In order to get the best results (for e.g. find a fashion photographer in your area), use hashtags a fashion photographer may use when posting their images. For example a London-based photographer may use hashtags like #Londonphotographer.

Avoid generic hashtags like #fashionphotographer as that will pull up thousands of photographer around the globe.

Speaking of Instagram, Follow me here.

2. Go to Fashion Events and Network

If you attend a fashion event, it’s likely to be swarming with fashion photographers who want to capture the event for their private use or for the brand behind the event. They could also be on the lookout for their next muse – which could totally be you ( ;

Want to have the photographer come to you, instead of the other way round? Then dress to impress.

I’ve been to several fashion events where photographers have approached me to take pictures and I’ve struck up a conversation with them, taken their business cards and then contacted them at a later date.

3. Visit the Instagram Pages of Fashion Bloggers in your Area

Personal style/fashion Instagrammers tend to give credit to the photographer they worked with in each post. This can be very useful if you are looking for a fashion photographer in your area.

Using Instagram’s Search tab, find out the fashion bloggers who live in your area. Then by process of elimination, hone in on the ones who have images you like. When you see an image that takes your fancy, study the credits and hashtags to see if the photographer is credited. It’s most likely that he/she used a photographer that resides in your district.

4. Join a Fashion Blogger Facebook Group

I must admit I’ve not reaped many rewards from joining Fashion Blogger Facebook groups.

However, these groups do provide an opportunity to ask questions to a large number of people who share common interests. So, it’s a good opportunity to ask the audience for fashion photographers they would suggest working with.

In case you are wondering, the most successful method I’ve found for sourcing fashion photographers for my blog has been using Instagram’s Search tab and typing in relevant hashtags. The photographer who took these images is Sabrina Von Heide and I found her via Instagram. Isn’t she great? I’ve really enjoyed working with her and creating fashion images like the ones in this post.

The list of tips I’ve given is not exhaustive. Do you have other helpful ways of finding a fashion photographer? If you have, do share in the Comment section below.

Till Soon,


Look Credits

Earrings and polo neck: Zara, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: Calzedonia, Patent boot: Vagabond, Bag: Mango

The post 4 Ways To Find A Fashion Photographer for Your Fashion Blog, Instagram Etc. appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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Brrrr, Berlin is freezing at the moment! If you think because the temperature has plummeted, your style needs to give way to more boring and functional needs – it really doesn’t. It’s possible to keep warm and still have fun with fashion in winter. Lean in and let me share some fashion insider tips…

Winter Wear – Be Warm, Look Cool

There’s a lot to combat in winter – bipolar weather, icy winds… there is no doubt that winter weather does present a challenge when it comes to looking stylish. This is because we are dealing with practical concerns. No one wants to catch pneumonia for the sake of fashion. However, winter wear can be both functional and aesthetically  pleasing.

What to Wear in Winter? Winter Wear Tips 1. Invest in a Long Winter Jacket

I’m building up quite the collection when it comes to maxi brown coats. I own them in different textures too. My cotton trench coat is one of my favourite cover ups.

The great thing about a brown winter coat made of wool is that it protects you from winter’s harsh elements. A maxi brown jacket will also make you look très chic.

The neutral nude colour makes it the addition to complete your winter outfit. Invest in one that has a belt that cinches you at the waist. This means that when you layer your winter pieces you can avoid looking like the Michelin man when you throw on your jacket.

2. Stock Up on Winter Accessories

We want winter-friendly outfits that protect us from turning into The Snowman. This is why winter accessories are the perfect go-to for keeping us warm and looking cool.

Winter time is the perfect opportunity to hone your layering skills. Cute wooly hats, cozy gloves, chunky scarfs – these winter accessories are a great way to add pizzaz to your winter wardrobe.

3. Get the Boot

Just because it’s freezing doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your love for shoes. A pair of statement boots will punctuate your winter outfit.

I’m partial to my black studded boots because they are a great blend of Western sass and rock n roll attitude.

Flats like these are laid-back with enough embellished details to highlight your individuality.

4. May the Glam be With You

For those of you who have a taste for the glamorous and decadent, don’t let the blistering winds knock you off your path.

Statement luxe earrings, embellished bags and chic sunnies are a quick way to take your outfit a notch.

5. Colour Pop

Yes, yes summer is over but that doesn’t mean you should stop experimenting with bold colour. I love to wear bright colours during winter because colour lifts up my spirits.

Glamour magazine insists that to avoid getting into a style rut during winter –  let your colourful prints ‘peek out underneath your bulky outerwear and knits.’

I have a thing for red at the moment and love pairing my cherry red scarf with my red look-at-me tights.

Make sure your winter wear includes punchy prints and colour to add depth to your outfit.

Winter Street Style

I’ve shared some tips on how to stay warm and look cool, however my list is not the be all and end all.

Do you  have any winter style tips you’d like to share? How do you keep warm and looking chic during winter?

Do tell I’d love to know.

Till Soon,


Photographer: Sabrina Von Heide


Coat – vintage, Scarf and earrings – Zara, Boots – Office

The post How to Look Cool and Keep Warm in Winter appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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The end of the year is nigh peeps and the party season is drawing to an end. During the Razzle Dazzle season and beyond, it’s likely you’ll be invited to a formal invite with a black tie dress code. In this article, I share 3 tips for styling your evening dress, so you are the belle of the ball! Continue Reading…

Black Tie Dress Code: What is it?

Black tie is a sophisticated dress code attached to formal events that occur in the evening.
For men, the dress code is pretty straightforward as it traditionally requires them to don a tuxedo.

A tuxedo ensemble consists of a black dinner jacket, white formal shirt, black trousers, black shoes and a black tie or bow tie

Men that wish to follow the black tie dress code to the letter punctuate their look with a black waistcoat or black cummerband.

Alas, us women, don’t have it so easy. Black tie womenswear can translate into an elegant floor-length evening gown as well as a chic cocktail dress.

To nail this dress code and rank high in the sophisticated stakes, it’s best to wear a long dress with a sleek silhouette in black or jewel-toned colours.

When it comes to fabric, invest in high-quality fabric. Think silky satin, luxurious lace, floaty chiffon…

Now you have a better understanding of what the black tie dress code translates to for women, here are some ways to style your formal evening gown.

Formal Dressing Style – 3 Tips to Upgrade Your Evening Wear Attire Black Tie Dress Code: Punctuate Your Evening Gown With a Blazer

For my formal dressing style, I paired my voluminous evening dress with a black and gold striped velvet blazer. A blazer gives your evening dress tailored appeal. It also looks more structured than an oversized scarf worn over the shoulders. It’s that perfect blend of masculinity and femininity when it comes to womenswear.

Wear your sharp blazer during the black tie dinner and then shrug it off when it’s time to burn the dance floor ( ;

Black Tie Dress Code: Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

The great thing about accessories is that with the right design and embellishment, you don’t need to break the bank whilst buying elegant looking pieces. For example, my floral embellished bag is from Zara and set me back about 40 Euros.  The size, gold details, black and red colour scheme are what makes it look elegant.

The secret is having an eye to set apart tacky from chic accessories.

Black Tie Dress Code: Hair and Makeup

When it comes to formal dressing style, hair and makeup play a huge role in ensuring your evening look is a winner!

A chic updo goes a long way. As my hairstyle suggests there are ways of taking a traditional updo and making it your own. I created my look with cornrows and hair extensions. You can do the same using different methods and hair accessories.

For makeup, avoid caking it on and garish colours. I decided to put little to no eye makeup and statement deep red lipstick. I felt I could be more low-key in this department due to my look-at-me hairstyle and accessories.

Formal Dressing Style, Final Thoughts…

To recap, when it comes to formal evening style, here are some things to avoid when adhering to a black tie dress code:

  • Bright/loud colours
  • Dresses with hems that graze your … ‘private jewel’
  • Transparent dresses that show eeeeverything
  • Too much bling/tacky embellishment

If you have an event and you don’t feel like splurging on a new dress, then remix your old one. That’s what I did for this post! All it takes is a ll’ creativity and you can breathe new life into a dress you’ve had for years.

2018 is Nearly Over…

Ladies and Gentle Ladies, 2018 is on its way out and 2019 is about to take its place.

I have mixed feelings about that…

I’ll say that 2018 was my best year in well over a decade and I’m a tad sad to see it go…

On a more uplifting note, I do plan to invest more into my blog and the ‘Gram and I look forward to the creativity  that brings.

Thank you to everyone who reads and engages with my blog via comments – you all help to keep my blog alive.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Photographer: Sabrina Von Heide


Dress: ASOS, Bag: Zara, Accessories: Gifts.

The post Black Tie Dress Code: 3 Style Tips for Your Formal Evening Dress appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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If you think wearing all black is boring, permit me to change your mind. This monochromatic hue can take on many forms: seductive, aloof, powerful, elegant, sinister… As the weather continues to plummet, more people are venturing into the dark side of their closets. Oh yes, there’s comfort to be found in black. Continue Reading to get different all black outfit ideas…

Back to All Black

Black sells. That’s #RetailFacts. According to Quartzy,

“In a recent analysis of more than 183,000 dresses retailing online in the US, retail technology firm Edited found that about 38.5% were some shade of black, making it by far the most common color available.”

Retail expert, Kate Smith, believes that black’s popularity in stores can be attributed to the fact that many designers use black to “try to establish longevity of their ranges, and appeal to a wider customer base.”

Black goes the distance because it compliments every body type, skin tone and remains timeless. Through decades and trends, whether demand for this non-colour fades, people always go back to black.

Season after season, designers find new ways to incorporate black into their collection. On the autumn/winter 2018 runway, luxury designers presented an abundance of all black outfit ideas.

Loewe showed us how to pair a  black  button down leather dress with  black slim-fit trousers. Saint Laurent sent a model down the runway in a voluminous black cape and black stomping boots. Naomi Campbell sashayed down the catwalk in a black monogrammed Louis Vuitton trench coat and hiking boots.

There is an art form to wearing all black, if you miss the mark, an all black outfit can make you look dowdy and frumpy and where’s the fun in that? If fashion shows are anything to go by, fashionistas have sussed out how to make this non-colour their fashion uniform.

Luckily, you don’t need to work in fashion to learn the tricks of the trade. Here are my tips on the various ways you can elevate an all black outfit.

All Black Outfit Ideas

Mix Textures

This is a must when wearing an all black outfit. Mixing different black textures in your all black ensemble will ensure you look anything but like a Plain Jane. With my all black look, I paired my peekaboo black lace with a black cotton tube skirt.

Play with Proportions

This is another way to keep your all black outfit interesting. When playing with proportions,  remember to deal your cards according to your body type and highlight your favourite parts. For example, if you are petite, it’s best to stay away from a voluminous black top and slim fitting trousers. Such a look would compliment someone with long legs.

Accessories Maketh the Outfit

When it comes to jewellery, black is a great backdrop to highlight metallics. With my look, I decided to go for gold. Personally, when I wear an all black outift, I turn to statement jewellery like a look-at-me necklace. These add-ons tend to give a monochrome look depth.

Show some Skin

Yes, black can be slimming but if you wear it the wrong way it can also make you look frumpy or heavier. Wearing an all black outfit that shows some skin will make your look less stark. A nasty but classy display of skin keeps things interesting ladies ( ;

Add a Dash of Print or Colour

Injecting colour or print into your all black outfit will keep you from looking like a long-lost relative of the Addams Family. It’s also an attractive way to break up an all black outfit. I wore my black outfit with a pair of triple buckle leopard print shoes.

There are several ways to add pizzazz to an all black ensemble. My all black outfit ideas are guidelines but the list is not exhaustive.

Do you have any other tips to add? How do you like to wear black?

Body Confidence

Before I roundup this post, I wanted to say a few words about body confidence. I am not an expert in the subject and like many women, I have my body hangups.

However, I’ve realisesd that as I’ve got older I’ve given less of a f~@! about my imperfections. Also, I’ve learnt how to celebrate and accentuate the parts I like.

I know I have more legs and thighs than a bucket of KFC chicken but when I wear this figure-hugging outfit, I revel in it.

I even emphasised my shape by punctuating my outfit with my gold belt chain. Oh yes, my hips don’t lie.

I also love collecting bras with racy details and got this sensuous number from Ann Summers. It’s too good to be hidden underneath my clothes, so I rock it with peekaboo tops. I always feel like a w-o-m-a-n when I wear this bra.

What makes you body confident? Do tell I’d love to know.

Till Soon,


Photographer: Sabrina von Heide


Top: Zara, Skirt: Tobi, Shoes: Office, Belt: Peekaboo Vintage

The post All Black Outfit Ideas – How to Stand Out Wearing this Perennial Trend appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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In case you didn’t get the fashion memo, green is one of the hottest shades to rock this autumn/winter season. I couldn’t be happier because green has recently become one of my favourite colours to wear. It compliments my dark skin tone to perfection. With all the different shades of green, you are bound to find one that matches your skin tone.  In this article, I show you 3 different ways to own this trend. Continue Reading…

Green Colour Trend

When it comes to the colour green, one is really spoiled for choice.

Army green, neon green, olive green, emerald green, lime green…

Green was one of the most popular shades seen on the autumn/winter 2018 runway. Designers like Maryam Nassir Zadeh mixed bold green tones with more subtle palettes, Prada showcased neon green pieces and Chanel flirted with neon leaf prints.

Useful Tips on How to Rock This Season’s Must-Have Hue: Green Look 1: Make a Bold Statement in Bright Grass Green

Yes, ‘winter’s coming’, days are getting shorter, nights are stretching shorter (boo hoo) but that doesn’t mean we need to retire our summer brights to the back of our wardrobes.

There’s nothing like wearing mood-boosting brights to lift your spirits when the air gets decidedly chilly and the sky is heavy with grey doom and gloom.

If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m prone to wearing bold colours during the autumn/winter season, and this year is no different.

This is why this bright grass green dress is my go-to when I want to wear an outfit that walks into the room before I do.

Glamour editor, Ana Colon, refers to this shade of green as ‘Kermit the Frog-esque Green’ and she has a point! This  colour definitely has a playful side and says, ”I’m the life and soul of the party’.

An eye-catching green dress like this will compliment olive and dark skin tones.

Style Tips

  • Green and gold go ever-so-well together. Look anything but like a Christmas tree by pairing your bright green dress with statement or vintage gold jewellery.
  • Go green on green by accentuating your green dress with green eye  makeup.
  • A head turning shade of green like this will compliment women with a flamboyant sense of style.
Look 2: Strike an Elegant Pose in a Dark Emerald Green

The festive season is fast approaching and with that comes a flurry of party invites. If you’re invited to an event that requires you to shimmy into an evening gown, instead of going for an obvious black number, go for a dark emerald green number instead.

Dark emerald green tones exude royalty and extravagance. In addition, wearing this fancy hue in a rich texture like silk and taffeta is likely to turn the ladies at the ball green with envy when you sashay past them.

I love this vintage green gown because when I wear it I feel like I’m playing the lead lady in an Old Hollywood movie.

Style Tips

  • According to Pantone’s colour expert, Leatrice Eiseman, when it comes to working out what shade of green best matches your skintone- if your skin has cool undertones, go for a blue-based teal. If your skin has warm undertones, moss-like shades with a yellow undertone will highlight your skin to perfection. If you are clueless as to which camp you fall under, Eisemann advises that a dark green tone is always a winner.
  • If you are more minimalist inclined, opt for a chic emerald green dress like this.
Look 3: Mix Green with a Bold Print

When it comes to bold print, a plethora of animal-inspired patterns were seen stalking down the autumn/winter  2018 runway.

Prada showcased pieces emblazoned with tiger stripes, Victoria Beckham sent her models down the runway in bold leopard print and Tom Ford experimented with mixing animal prints with rainbow brights.

Very recently,  I went to my first Oktoberfirst in Munich and for one of Europe’s largest events, I decided to buy the traditional dress –  a dirndl. I had initially wanted to purchase the more classic dirndl that favours pastel hues, sequins and the like but when my eyes settled on this green, black and leopard print dirndl, I knew it was a match made in fashion heaven!

With this dirndl, I could hit 2 proverbial birds with one stone – green and leopard print. I believe the tones work so well together.

Style Tips

  • To take a walk stylishly down the wild side whilst wearing green, make sure your jewellery doesn’t compete with your outfit. I paired my dirndl with a simple pair of black earrings, choker and demure-looking gold bracelets, so as not to draw attention away from the bold details of my dress.
  • If you love to experiment and play with fashion, you’ll have fun exploring matching green with look-at-me prints.
And Finally…

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while. If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll have a stronger insight on the different factors that have kept me away. At the moment, I’m finding it easier and quicker to keep up with all of you that way.

I’ll be writing a blog post that goes into more detail about what I’ve been working  hard on but until then I will be blogging when I can and I’m really looking forward to catching up with your posts.

I have really missed the creative outlet my blog gives me and being inspired by the work of my favourite bloggers/creatives.

It’s good to be back.

Till Soon,



Look 1

Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Zara (Seasons old I’m afraid)

Look 2

Dress: Vintage

Look 3

Dirndle: Hansis Skandal Trachten Berlin

The post Green – 3 Ways to Rock This Head-Turning Hue! appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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Burgundy red lipstick is a great alternative to classic red lipstick when you want to look more dramatic and mysterious. However, for well over a decade, I’ve adamantly refused to wear the fiery hue because I couldn’t find a shade that matched my skin tone. Turns out that all I needed was a darker and more mysterious shade of red and thanks to MAC, I’ve become addicted to their burgundy red- Sultana, Patent Polish Lip Pencil (23 Euros)– baby, I’m all grown up. Continue Reading…

‘Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people‘ Dita Von Teese

Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, women have applied a crimson shade on their lips for a bold and classic appeal.

However, I could never find the shade for me. Now don’t get me wrong, througout this time many a beauty sales girl has tried to convince me otherwise, but I never found a red shade that gave me that boost.

So for the longest time, I’ve used lip glosses.  If you believe the hype, lip glosses are often seen as lipsticks’s younger sister- the more childish one that likes to get her hands sticky and dirty

Ever since I was a child and I watched Marilyn Monroe smoulder her way through Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in red lipstick, I’ve wanted to have my very own.

In fact, growing up in Nigeria, one of my highlights was waiting till my mum left the house, running to her make up cabinet and trying on her red lipstick. Even back then, I thought red lipstick made me look a tad clownish.

Years later when I matured into adulthood and tried red shade after shade in the beauty section of department stores, I couldn’t help feeling like an extra in Spike Lee’s, Bamboozled.

I treat beauty and food the same in that I love both, but I’m all about the ‘Lazy Girls Guide To…’ when it comes to getting what I want.

This means that I could cope with the theory of finding the perfect lipstick- i.e. working out your undertone (I’m warm,thank you very much) and then finding the right shade of red to match.

However, due to the plethora of red shades available for dark skin, I became easily ovewhelmed in finding the perfect red lipstick. After all, some of the crimson shades worth mentioning include- Cherry Red, Burgundy Red, Orange Red, Bright Red…and then there you have to decide if you want a matte or glossy finish.

I can liken it to the feeling you get when you are hungry, find a restaurant and then get offered a menu that reads like a Masters dissertation.

Another reason, why I gave red lipsticks the cold shoulder was I thought that against my dark skin tone, the shade over emphasized the fullness of my lips and I couldn’t find any hue that flattered me- and yes, that included the MACs iconic, Ruby Woo. So in my 20s, I leaned towards more brown or nude shades…I found them more subtle… slimming in a way.

Now I embrace my plump lips and love the lascivious feeling I get when I apply this burgundy red shade. When I wear this vampy hue, my lips read, ‘Yes, I’ve got big lips and HHHWhatT?!!’

4 Reasons Why MACs, Sultana, Patent Polish Lip Pencil Rocks It’s berry tones

This lip pencil is described as ‘dark grape’ on MACs website, other labels that come to mind are wine red, burgundy red… Call it what you will, this hydrating lip pencil gives you an instant glamour boost.

The ‘sheen of a gloss’

MACs describes one of this lip pencil’s benefits as having the ‘sheen of a gloss’ and I concur. I’ve worn lip glosses for most of my life, so MACs, Sultana Patentpolish makes a good compromise.

Easy Application

One of the reasons I’ve not been a fan of lipsticks is because I struggled with applying them on my lips, you see the lip texture on my top lip is different from my bottom lip. So I was relieved to find that this chubby pencil’s rounded tip glided softly and luxuriously across both my top and bottom lip- even in my pesky inner lips.

I believe girls with fuller lips are more likely to appreciate the pencils’ rounded tip because it follows the lip’s natural curve effortlessy.

Staying Power

In my opinon, this bad boy goes the distance and I’ve tried and tested it on many a clubbing night where my lips have been at the mercy of drinks, sweat, kissing (on the cheek!) And when the lip pencil does wear off, it doesn’t dry out your lips which is always a plus.

What’s your favourite shade of red? Fill me in, in the comment section below.

Today I chose to pair my burgundy red lip pencil with my look-at-me Ankara print skirt and yellow lace blouse.

There’s a special kind of joy I get when I wear my Ankara prints in Europe in the summer. If you follow my blog, you’ll have seen my Ankara collection extends from clothes to accessories.

I think my dark grape lip hue really sets of the joi de vivre-esque colours of my outfit, don’t you ( ; ?

Till next time,


Photographer: L Z


Lip Pencil- MAC, Sultanta, Patent Polish Lip Pencil, Earrings- Gift, Bracelet and rings- I Am, Skirt and turban- Custom Made, Shoes- Office























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Have you ever reached a bleak point in your life when it seems impossible to see the wood for the trees? Are you This time last year, the hills were definitely not alive with the sound of music. I had encountered an experience that left me at one of my lowest points. To get me out of my funk, my brother recommended that I go on vacation. In the end, I settled on Athens, Greece. I saw the trip as a place to go for a short while to fall in love with life again. No pressure, right?! Continue Reading to get tips on how to recharge during vacation…

Vacation Therapy: How to Recharge during Vacation

The streets of Koukaki, Athens

Koukaki, Athens

Koukaki, Athens

Ms Kat et moi in Koukaki, Athens

When booking my trip to Athens, I saw the journey as taking a positive step towards healing my spirit and mind. I was aware that a 4-day trip wouldn’t miraculously solve all my problems.

However, I wanted to be proactive in improving the relationship I had with myself.

In addition, due to a series of unfortunate events in Berlin, my life had shrunk to a dark and narrow short corridor where all I could do was pace back and forth reliving the things that had gone wrong time and again.

The health experts at Very Well Mind believe that,

A good vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us get back to feeling our best.

Everyone has a different way of how they like to take a step back and recharge during vacation.

For some to feel rejuvenated, taking on new physical challenges is a must and for others switching off from the digital wold does the trick.

This is what worked for me. July is a peak season to travel, so if you are looking for ways to heal your spirit and mind during your next vacation, I hope my tips inspire you.

Stay With a Positive and Inspiring Friend

The Theatre of Dionysus Eleutherueus

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

Modern Athens: Concrete Jungle

I was in Athens for only four days, so I barely scratched the beautiful city’s surface.

However, my trip was made all the more special because of the good friend I stayed with. Let’s call her Madame Kat.

I met Kat during my Berlin glory days when I’d come to Sin City to party. Ms Kat is a talented photographer and the epitome of an artist. She lived in Berlin and we became fast friends.

Fast forward a few years and as I was moving to Berlin to start my new life, Ms Kat was gearing to leave Berlin and return back to Athens. According to her, she had enjoyed her Berlin ride but was eager to come of the Ferris wheel.

When I met up with Ms Kat in Athens last year, I was amazed at how she had done a 360. First of all she had given up alcohol and was in a healthy and loving relationship (which had never been the case in Berlin!).

She was also moving into a gorgeous new flat with her partner and still doing what she loved: photography.

At her very core, she was still Ms Kat, but it was clear to see she was in a much healthier and happier place. That was beyond inspiring to me.

I love it when friends have a good effect on you. When I was staying in Ms Kat’s place, I found that I began to imitate some of her good habits. I tried to eat healthier, I made more of an effort to tidy after myself…

When I came to Athens, I felt fragile and I have to say, Ms Kat took care of me. This is something I don’t have in Berlin. In Berlin, I live alone and as much as I love that, it’s nice to have someone fuss over you.

Do What You Love

Ms Kat @ Acropolis (Shot taken by me)


I am Woman

Beauty in Ruins

Ms Kat is a photographer and I love photography. Over the years, we’ve taken so many pictures of each other.

In Berlin, I have a few contacts to some really good photographers. However, I don’t have a good friend who is a photographer.

So when I was in Athens, I could fully enjoy sharing one of my passions with another like-minded person.

I am also a vintage lover, not just with fashion but when it comes to antiques and decor.

Ms Kat dropped me off in a vintage furniture shop and I had a ball rummaging through their stuff, I even managed to pick up a small souvenir.

Go With the Flow

Acropolis Garden

Taking a Moment

Ms Kat

My trip to Athens was the first time I travelled somewhere and didn’t have a concrete plan of what I’d do when I got there.

In fact, when I entered my taxi at the airport and we were zooming down to my hotel, I began to panick. All I could think was: Biki, what the H.E.L.L are you doing here??!!

Of course with a city like Athens, the sightseeing options are endless but I had done no research before I boarded the plane.

My attitude was, I was going to take each day as it came. I didn’t want to think, plan etc.

Part of this was because, I knew when I came back to Berlin, I would need to take some pretty big steps to get my life in order.

And Now for Style

Go-to Summer Maxi Dress

Flowers n’ Afros

The maxi dress I’m wearing is over ten years old. When I purchased it, I wore it once or twice and then laid it to rest at the back of my closet.

As I was rummaging in my closet for what to pack to Greece, I caught sight of it and dragged it from the darkness into the light.

It was a great choice. The floaty chiffon material meant that I could move around easily. I also love its vintage appeal.

What do you think of my floral hair accessory? If you follow my blog, you’ll know I’m always on the look out for statement hair accessories that add pizzazz to my short Afro.

I think cute pieces like this compliment TWA’s and short hairstyles in general.

In the End…

Sunsets in Athens

What a View

When I was in Athens, I didn’t forget about my troubles. They manifested into an invisible load I carried on my back 24/7. However, when I was in Athens I found that I could carry my baggage better and sometimes, I didn’t feel its weight.

I did come back to Berlin happier and with a stronger plan on how to turn things around. Did I fully succeed? It’s too early to tell. This is why I plan to book another trip to Athens this year, ha!

How about y’all? What steps do you take to recharge when you are on vacation?

And of course, you can’t go to Athens without hitting the beach, but more on that in my next post ( ;

Till Soon,


The post Postcards from Greece: How I Recharged During my Vacation in Athens appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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My FashionS/ash Life by Myfashionslashlife - 1y ago

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been having a good week. Here in Berlin the temperature’s getting hotter and I’m totally here for it! This post is the penultimate installment of my Lagos trip and I’m finally sharing the Aso Ebi styles at my mother’s 70th birthday. The colour code was pink and siler. Take note, we didn’t come to play, we came to slay. Continue Reading…

Aso Ebi Styles

Traditional African Clothing: What is Aso Ebi?

When it comes to traditional African clothing, the Aso Ebi style is just one piece of the puzzle.

Aso Ebi means ‘cloth of the family’. It is a term used  to refer to a uniform style worn by family members or anyone who wishes to wear the style (that was invited for the occassion). The style is often worn at social events like weddings. It symbolises support, unity and is used to identify guests as part of a group during an event.

Popular Aso Ebi fabrics include lace and Ankara.

Aso Ebi is not just reserved for Nigerians but is a style practiced in other West African countries. However, the name often changes to suit the country.

What are the typical pieces in an Aso Ebi outfit?

This diagram breaks down an Aso Ebi outfit ever so well:

The diagram shows a lady wearing:

  1. Gele: the headtie
  2. Buba: a blouse
  3. Pele: the shawl that goes round the waist
  4. Iborun: scarf/shawl
  5. Iro: the wrapper/large piece of fabric worn as a wrap-around skirt

I wore four out of the five pieces: the gele, buba, iborun and iro. The fabric of my iro and buba is grey lace embellished with faux pearls.

My gele and pele are handwoven Aso Oke’s. Aso Oke is hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of western Nigeria.

I chose to accessorize my pink and silver outfit with gold jewellery and a pink pedi ( :

Aso Ebi Styles: Old Vs New

Aso Ebi styles come in different colours and silhouettes.

My mother let us have full control in how we wanted our Aso Ebi’s to be designed. Whilst my sister opted for the more modern style Aso Ebi, I in true vintage form went for the old-fashion style (much to my ma’s horror).

I asked my mum what some of the differences were between the more old-fashioned Aso Ebi’s and the modern looks. She told me that the old styles carry blouses with simple round necklines and big sleeves.

In contrast, contemporary Aso Ebi’s have more elaborate necklines. Furthermore, the necklines can be designed in any way the wearer wants. Also, the sleeves have a lot more pizzazz (as you can see from my sister’s pimped out sleeves).

My sister’s wrapper was more fitted than mine and designed to look more like a skirt. My wrap-around material was fashioned into more of a blatant wrapper.

I will try this more trend-focused style one day: the diva in me demands it!

Now can we just pause on how gorge my oldest sister looked? My sister owns her own medical practice and has three children. She is wife, mother, sister, DR and so much more and she juggles her duties and responsibilities like no other.

And when it’s time to slay, you best believe she comes alllll the way through. I find her beyond inspiring.

Aso Ebi: Advanced Style

My ma wore a coral pink wrapper and silver blouse, she didn’t follow the theme strictly as she was the celebrant.

This is what being happy at 70 looks like Peeps ( ;

I took this picture during my mother’s Thanksgiving mass in church. I like the contrast in style and colour between what my ma is wearing and one of our guests.

Aso Ebi Style: Pink and Silver

During my mother’s event, I was torn between wanting to savour the event and capture the event via pictures and videos.

But I had to give myself a stern talking to. Yes, there were so many Instagram moments during my ma’s 70th bash but I wasn’t going to stress myself with trying to capture each one. At best, I just had to store and cherish the memories in my mind.

Do you ever get like that? You’re at an event or holiday and you feel overwhelmed with all the moments you feel you have/need to photograph, film, etc? Ya know coz if it didn’t happen on social media, it kinda never did?

…another image I love because it shows how differently you can wear the Pink and Silver theme.

I am so happy I was able to get the below shot. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen video clips of the traditional dancing that went down at my ma’s 70th. This image is of me and the dancers from my mother’s Ishan tribe.

In my last and final breakdown of my time in Lagos, I go into my ma’s actual event, so stay tuned!

How would you have worn this Aso Ebi, pink and silver theme? Would you have chosen pink or silver as your dominant colour? Gold, silver, multicoloured beads or gems: what would have been your jewellery of choice?

Do tell, I’d love to know!


The post Aso Ebi Styles: Pink and Silver appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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The sun is shining in Berlin and I couldn’t be happier! It gives me an opportunity to sashay shantay in my spring/summer clothes. Today, I want to get into fashion inspiration. Who inspires you? I was in Lagos recently and during that time my mother’s wardrobe- rich with African designs- inspired me. Continue Reading…

African Fashion Inspiration

When I was in Lagos in April, so many things inspired me. This caused me to not only dress differently, but it also changed me emotionally. I was more confident.

My morning ritual was to go to my mother’s walk-in closet, peruse her various African-inspired garments and choose my #OutfitOfTheDay.

This purple print dress was one of my favourites.

Last week, I discussed what African fashion style meant to me. I like to blend Western and African pieces. I believe this makes the outfit look more wearable and contemporary.

I flirted with the idea of borrowing this dress from my mama indefinitely. In the end, I didn’t because I had to get real. The dress did not fit with the life I have in either Berlin or London.

I used to be a firm believer of dressing for the life I aspired to have rather than the life I was living. The problem with this is you tend to accumulate pieces that take up wardrobe space and pretty much nothing else.

At least, this has been the case for me, more or less.

Inspiring Stores in Lagos

I had very little time when I was in Lagos to hop, skip and jump around. Despite my time schedule, I made sure I made a quick trip to one of my favourite stores, Quinessence. It’s your one-stop destination for African-inspired art, sculptures, clothes, accessories, furniture and more.

When I’m in Quitessence, I’m in my happy place. I adore the layout of the store.

Their artwork isn’t too shabby either. These are some of their eye candy I went ga-ga for:

These 2 pieces were created by the same artist, Chika. I want to marry him. Our house would be like an art museum. The End.

Who Inspires You?

In my last post, I showcased an outfit I bought in my favourite design store in Lagos, Grey Velvet:

Top: Frankie & Co. | Skirt: Frankie & Co.

I got the loveliest surprise when my designer friend – Eric Farr- posted this sketch on his social media pages with the following words,

‘When you see something on a fellow blogger and get inspired to sketch out a couple of looks that you need to add to your capsule collection, you just ride the wave of inspiration!!!! Girl, that pic with the top and skirt, set something fierce off in me today!!! Need to take this further!!!!’

His lovely words made my day and in turn inspired the theme of this post.

And that my peeps is the power of inspiration. It’s like a powerful fluid force that goes back and forth.

One More Dress From Mama

I couldn’t round this post off without showing you another dress of my mother’s. I felt like a Nigerian Princes in this print number. It made me float not walk.

Me with my two Berlin mates who came to Lagos ( :

And Finally…

Do tell me what inspires your style, interior design and creativity? Which cities, Instagram Feeds, cultures…I’d love to know.

Till Soon,


The post African Fashion Inspiration: Nigerian Contemporary Style appeared first on MyFashionS/ashLife - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Biki John.

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