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Both intestinal worms and heartworms are an ever-present threat, which can lead to life-threatening results if ignored. To keep your pet safe from worms, the best action plan is to administer vet-recommend dewormers and preventives. The following are 7 facts about worms you need to know.

Dogs with Worms Can Be Asymptomatic: In a lot of cases, the clinical signs of worms are hard to miss. Dogs with worms often exhibit symptoms such as severe diarrhea, sudden weight loss, and bloody stool. However, in some cases, symptoms are impossible to spot. Dogs continue to look healthy even though they have a severe worm infestation. This is why routine deworming schedule needs to be maintained to keep your pet safe.

Worms Can Be Passed on to Humans: Some types of intestinal worms can actually be passed from dogs to humans. For example, if accidentally ingested, roundworm eggs can affect human health. These eggs can be present in the backyard or anywhere where there is a presence of dog stool. Young kids are especially susceptible who sometimes develop the habit of eating dirt or accidentally getting dirt in their mouths. Once roundworm egg enters the system it can quickly multiply and lead to a range of different health problems which may include permanent blindness.

Ringworm is Not a Worm: Yup, ringworms are not worms at all. They are not even caused by worms in any way. In fact, they are an unofficial term for a type of fungal infection. These fungal skin infections are usually round, which is probably how they got their name.

Deworming Needs to Be Done Periodically for It to Remain Effective: Unlike some vaccines which need to be given once in a lifetime, there are no one-off dewormer. This means you need to periodically administer deworming meds to protect your pet from intestinal worms. In most cases, a single dose of preventive medication protects a dog from worms for 30 days.

Worm Medication Can Be Given Topically or Orally: When it comes deworming medications, you have two common options, oral and topical. Spot-on wormers like the popular Advantage Multi Dogs solution are available in single-dose plastic vials and tubes. This liquid medication needs to applied directly on to the skin (back of the neck so it cannot be licked off). There are also oral pills which need to be fed to the dog once every month.

Stool Sampling Is the Go-To Test to Detect Intestinal Worms: In most cases, vets would recommend a stool sample test to confirm worm infestation. Apart from spotting actual worms in the stool, vets also look out for bloody stool, which can be a sign of hookworm infestation. The collected stool is dissolved in a special solution and then studied under the microscope.

Heartworm Test Can Be Negative Even If Your Dog Has Worms: Heartworm antigen tests can detect the presence of adult heartworms. This means if your dog is bitten by a heartworm infected mosquito, it may take as much as 6 months (till the time the larvae becomes adult worms) to show up on the test. To be safe make sure to get your dog tested every 12 months.

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Losing your dog used to be a common occurrence in years gone by.  In 2019 this should not be happening.  Technology has come a long long way and finding anything these days is simple. Smart Phones and GPS products are available at fantastic prices all around the world.

We have reviewed, tried, and tested many GPS trackers for Dogs and all have extremely unique traits and features.  Recently we came across Tail It.  A Norwegian based company, Tail It have designed one of the smallest, lightest GPS Pet Trackers available in the world.  They have also created an unbelievably simple to use App that works alongside the tracker.  Tail It also state that they set the bar higher than ever when it comes to cyber security, and the GPS tracker is encrypted, the application is EU GDPR compliant


Let’s take a look at the amazing features of the Tail It GPS dog collar;

What makes this Dog Tracker stand out?

In comparison to other GPS Trackers, the Tail It Dog Tracker firstly connects directly on the dog collar. Other GPS Trackers for Dogs tend to come with their own GPS dog collar that your dog may not like.  They also can be much larger and heavier and even include an antenna making them look ugly.

Dogs do tend to go on their own little hunt, even when not out hunting.  Ralph loves to try and get out of the garden and on occasion has surprised us and escaped.  With a GPS Dog collar you will always be able to find your dog.  As the Tail It Dog Tracker is so small, it can be worn at all times without any problems.

The app that you can download for Free is readily available on IOS and ANDROID devices.

Hunting Magazine have tried and tested the Tail It GPS Tracker for dogs with outstanding reviews and results. Wet and Dry conditions, Mountain and Valleys, countryside and busy towns.  All these different tests passed with flying colours making this, to me, a stand out product.

Many trackers last a small amount of time (40 hours) before needing to be recharged or have new batteries installed.  During the tests by Hunting Magazine, they thoroughly tested the battery life.  Updating the device regularly and using the GPS Tracker for dogs, they found it lasted for approximately 11 days.

Using the Tail It GPS Tracker for dogs…

Finding your pet is simple.  Simply select “update location” on the app and you will find the current location of your pet.  This is displayed on the tracker map.  Using signals from 3 GSM Stations and also satellites for pin point accuracy. If you pet has gone outside of GPS, Tail It uses information provided through algorithms via wifi and the GSM base stations to provide a location and display this in the Tail It App.

Once you have updated the location you will instantly see where your pet is located with the amazing real time tracking of this device

Tail It Dog Tracker is also waterproof which will help with dogs that love to go through puddles or be out in the rain.  For the 11 day battery life there is a charging time required. Do not panic – in just 2 hours 30 minutes your battery will be fully charged and ready to go.

Finally, the device does require a small subscription fee to ensure the app and device works.  The more pets you have, the more devices you require.  Tail It have ensured that for people with more pets then they can save a little extra money.

Starting at just $4.99 for the first 2 devices then $2.49 for you 3rddevice and then from your 5thdevice onwards the price is $1.49 – check out the subscriptions page for more information.

Other Features 
– App Available on  iOSand Android
– Four Languages available: Norwegian, English, Finnish, Danish
– Location displayed in Google Maps via the app
– Unlimited number of devices per user.

We have also provided a video that is available on YouTube and from the Tail It Website (see below). The instructions for the dog tracker is in Norwegian, but you can see how the device is built, and how it looks inside the application.

Kompis 2 Set up video (Norsk) - YouTube
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Some people see dog toys being linked to ‘Brain Training’ as a way of promoting and selling dog toys.  However, a fundamental part of dog training is keeping your dogs brain stimulated and active.

Behaviourists and vets around the world recommend that time spent with your dog playing games and stimulating their brains will help your dog improve mentally.

To help reduce boredom in your dog and support the brain stimulation, we have put together this article to introduce some of the simple ways you can support your dog.  We also want to share with your some of the amazing dog games.

How Do I know My Dog Is Not Mentally Stimulated?

Dogs will display all sorts of weird and wonderful behaviours that will start when your dog is bored.  Generally your dog might

  • Dig in the garden excessively
  • Tends to not leave your side throughout the day
  • Constant barking whilst you’re not at home
  • Rummaging through the rubbish and bins
  • Weight increasing excessively
  • Chewing everything in the house

The above behaviours are general traits that your dog will start to have when bored.  Giving them more space is not always the right action to take as they will want some kind of activity and play time.

All animals require mental stimulation every day.  Ralph gets a lot of activity time with us having 2 kids.  They love playing fetch and ball and have no started hiding treats for him to find, which is great for his senses / awareness.

Let’s take a look at some of the brain testing toys available for your dog…

Best Brain Toys for Dogs

Amazon is full of amazing brain toys.  These can quickly test your dog to try and get the treats that are hidden.  They are designed solely stimulate your dogs brains.

Here are a few of our favourite toys that Ralph loves;

1 Foobler Treat Dispensing Ball

Foobler is a great treat dispensing toy that will test your dogs’ patience and reward accordingly.  Your dog just simply needs to push the ball around to release any treats from the relevant hole.

Ralph pushes his Foobler toy around for long periods of time, or until he knows his treats have ran out.

Check out our full Foobler Review here

2 Dog Twister

This puzzle is a fun toy that is completely unique and challenges your dog.  Hiding your treats under the compartments then challenges your dog to find out how to open them.

Challenges your dogs brain and helps reduce destructive behaviour in dogs.

3 Outward Hound Tornado Toys

A great toy that is designed to relinquish any boredom in your dog and complete exercise your dogs’ brain.  Simply hide some small treats in the toy and release your doggie.  They will instantly love the challenge this presents.

Outward Hound have a huge range of very popular dog toys that can be found here

I Have Heard People Talk About Dog Enrichment, What Is it…?

Anything you do in life that adds value can be classed as enrichment.   This can be a significant change in scenery or an increase in mental stimulation for your dog.  New Toys or social events for you and your dog can also be seen as enrichment.

Dog trainers have identified that using the same training techniques as zoo animals, they have quickly identified common traits in training dogs.  One of which is the mental stimulation required to keep dogs / animals entertained.   Understanding more around what the consequences will be when you have a bored animal will really help you understand how you can provide true, positive, enrichment.

What Can Mental Stimulation Do to My Dog?

When your dog becomes bored they can quickly become depressed.  They will then find ways to entertain themselves to get attention.  Much like children, they will become naughty and start barking, licking, chewing or even wetting in the house.

Although these behaviours can quickly fade, it is difficult to get them back out of the habit.  Start training and any mental stimulation from a young age, this will help you establish a great relationship with your dog behaviourally and physically.  Treat dispensing toys are a great way of recognising your dogs’ positive behaviours as well as stimulating the brain.

Stressful situations can also be adapted too quickly and easily.  Dog aggression is a form of anxiety and boredom.  Tapping into your dogs’ mental state and ensuring they are enriched will help them quickly adapt to stressful situations.

Alternative Solutions to Stimulating Your Dogs Brain

Training your dog at home can be simple with some general household items.  Stimulating your dogs brain without any additional costs is simple.  Here we will show you exactly what you can do to have fun with your dog and kids when at home or out and about.

Dogs tend to love showing there strength with a simple game of tug o’ war or searching for treats in a hiding game.  These are great for brain stimulation but exercise is also important.  Fetch or Hide and Seek are great outdoor games that can keep your dog entertained for hours.

Lets take a look at some simple, but very effective games you can play at home.  These are games we play with Ralph.

Hide and Seek

We get one or both of the kids to hide, with a treat.  Once they are hidden, we get them to shout out Ralphs name (well just Isaic as Elliot cannot speak yet).

Once they shout, watch as Ralph hunts them down and barks when he has found them.  Then they give him a treat to reward him.

This is simple to do inside or outside, as long as when you or your child shouts your dog can still hear you.

Treasure Hunt

We generally use Cheese for this game.  Ralph loves ham and cheese and will not stop until he has found it.  Most dogs rely on their noses and this is a great way of testing there senses.

You can also try filling there favourite toy, a kong is generally the most common, and then show them and hide it…

Once hidden, tell them to find it and bring it back to you. SIMPLE!

Cup Game

This is a common game amongst street hustlers when you hide something under a cup and once the cups have been moved around you then guess what is under it.

The dog version of this game is just the same.  3 cups, 1 treat, hide the treat under 1 cup and mix them up then wait for your dog to find it.

We also do it with our hands by just hiding the treat behind our back, switching hands and then showing Ralph our closed hands.  He will then bark at us to find his treat and is rewarded if he gets it right.

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How do you know when your dog’s nails need cutting? Many times, we don’t realise Ralphs nails need cutting until we see him constantly biting them.  Also, when walking on the carpet upstairs we can hear his nails pulling at the thread. This sometimes causes his nails to get stuck and pull which is not great when he’s running around. You may also notice a clicking noise when your dog walks on tiles or concrete.  Whatever the reason, there are several options.  The most obvious is go to a dog groomer but you may also want to learn how to trim your dogs nails that are overgrown at home.  And how to do it safely of course.

All dog groomers will give your dogs nails a trim as part of the grooming session.  Some allow you to just walk in and they will do it there and then.  If you are looking to save a few quid or your better groomers is too far too travel, then time to find out how to do it yourself.

The first time we tried to groom Ralphs nails it was extremely difficult.  He didn’t want us to touch his feet.  Wouldn’t let us near with the clippers.  Scratch and clawed at us.  It was so stressful for him and us, we gave up and took him to a groomer.  The second time we tried we decided to try and distract him with treats.  FAILED.  He was not interested.  Back to the groomers we went.  Finally, we gave it one last shot.  We used a Kong filled with peanut butter.  My girlfriend held the kong so it didn’t roll away and I clipped his nails.  VOILA!  Nicely cut nails.  No stress, no barking, no scratching and above all else, no sticking to the carpet.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, then you might want to use clippers rather than a nail grinder as this could scare your dog more than they are already.  The main point of this article is the safety aspect of trimming your dogs’ nails at home.  Overall, we want you to feel confident when wondering how to trim your dogs’ nails that are overgrown and how to do it safely.

 Best nail clippers grinders and trimmers

How to Safely Cut Your Dog’s Nails at Home1 Using the Right Equipment to Cut the Nails

Choosing the best dog nail clipping equipment is down to your overall budget and how your dog behaves.  Choosing a noisy nail grinder is not the best if your dog hates loud noises.  Also, choosing a really cheap pair of clippers may mean they don’t last too long.  You don’t want to get half way through, and they break.

Making sure you have the right equipment will ensure you are able to cut your dogs nails safely at home.  This includes;

  • ClippersDog Nail Clippers are exactly that, designed for dogs. Human nail clippers will not work on your dog, don’t try it.  Available in bright colours, sizes, and very different price range, we have reviewed the best ones here.
  • GrindersDog Nail Grinders are louder than clippers so may not be suitable for anxious dogs. If your dog doesn’t mind the grinder then they can help shape your dog’s nails.  Also, they are great to use after clippers so you can remove and sharp edges.
  • Styptic Powder – It is natural if your dogs claw bleeds a little when cutting. This can be caused by cutting slightly to short, so you have caught the nerve OR it is just a bit sensitive and lets out a little blood.  Styptic Powder will need to be put on the wounded area quickly and it will stop the bleeding.

It is natural to be nervous and a little scared about cutting your dogs nails for the first time.  Check out this video

How to Cut Your Dogs Nails! Simple Top Tips on How to Easily and Safely Cut Dog Nails! - YouTube
2 Paws Anatomy

Understanding dogs’ paws can help you with cutting nails.  Unlike humans, dogs have a nerve in the nail which if cut can cause serious discomfort and pain to your dog.  Also, a dog pulling its nail can cause to dislocation in the claw.  Learn how to trim your dogs nails that are overgrown safely can really help prevent any unnecessary injuries.

Lets take a quick look at a dogs paw; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paw

Here are three things to look out for

  • Dew Claws – These don’t even touch the floor and many dogs with these types of claw will have them removed.
  • Quick – Dogs that bit their nails, sometimes till it bleeds.  Nails should be cut carefully to avoid hitting the quick as this is what will make the claw bleed.
  • Nail – The end bit after the quick.  This is what needs trimming and cutting off to prevent pain and discomfort to your dog.
  • Pads – 5 pads, 1 for each claw and a bigger pad protecting the toe joints.  Generally, a dark colour they should be easy to see and find.
3 When Should You Start Nail Clipping

Grooming your dog yourself is also a form of dog training.  Starting clipping your dogs nails from a young age will help as they get older because they will have got used to it.

As they grow older and stronger, it can be extremely difficult if they are not used to it.  Training your dog early on will really help for the future.  Set their expectations.  Treat them regularly throughout.  And above all else, try and keep your own stress levels down.

Teaching your kids to have their nails cut is exactly the same as a dog training.  They eventually will accept that this is a part of its life and it is a requirement.  If they know they will be treated along the way then why wouldn’t they behave.

All forms of grooming require the same care and attention.  This will ensure the safety aspect is met because grooming a dog that doesn’t want to be there is just too difficult and un safe.

4 Grooming Tables VS Raised Surface Area

Starting on the floor is usually the first place people attempt cutting their dogs nails.  This is usually why most people quit after the first attempt.  Instead, portable dog grooming tables are a good price to ensure you have your dog at a good height.  If you don’t have the money to purchase your own grooming table then a raised surface such as dining table or a chair can help.

Many professional groomers will stand behind your dog to cut the nails – this is the most effective as you can reach all 4 paws. You could also try lying them on their sides, assuming they lay still long enough.

By using a grooming table or raised surface, you are at a great height and much more comfortable.  You will need to test different ways for your dog to be to find what is comfortable for them.  Ralph will stand up and have his nails clipped but larger dogs prefer to lie down.

5 Walking on a Hard Surface

Regular walking is a great way of keeping the grooming expenses down.  Concrete and hard grounds will help remove some of the dead nails.  Removing all of it will require some for of trimming or grinding but a good long walk will really help reduce the number of visits. Plus keeping the cost down as it can soon become expensive.

Walking is great for both of you so make sure to get on regular walks for both your benefits.  Where you may need to go every 6 weeks for a trim, with regular walking this time can be up to 13-16 weeks.

6 Free to Watch and Learn with your Vet

Vets and Groomers are always very friendly and professional.  Just simply ask if its ok to watch while you do it.  Even ask them to talk you through the process.

Ralphs groomer has really helped us establish a great routine and ensured that Ralph is very calm.  By watching and learning from a professional, we quickly gained our own confidence in trimming Ralphs nails.  We also ensured that we increased the number of walks he goes on so he doesn’t feel like we are doing it too often.

Don’t take offence if they refuse to let you watch as this is their lively hood and you are a customer.  IF every customer wanted to learn for themselves, they would go out of business.

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Medical Research is proving to be showing some ground-breaking results, none more so than CBD Oil (Cannabis).  More and more medical professionals are turning to this herb as part of their clinical trials and there is a lot to like.  Human treatments have been around for some time with some amazing results and now it seems your dogs can also reap the same outstanding benefits, and in some cases – life saving.

Firstly, let’s start with the 7 most common questions and facts that you may or may not know about CBD oil.  Also, the benefits and results that are proving to be a hit with many of the most common health issues.

Can Dogs Use CBD Oil? 7 Facts You Need to Know Before Purchasing1 Is CBD Oil a Psychoactive?

In short – NO.  CBD also known as cannabidol is one of the compound ingredients that is also found in hemp or cannabis.   Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a second element found in cannabis which is the main element for any psychoactive tendencies.  CBD oils give all the same benefits of marijuana but without THC.  This prevents your doggie / Human subjects becoming high.  THC is the intoxicant which causes such effects.  CBD oil gives you the relaxation required to help through any pains and ailments

2 Can CBD Reduce Anxiety?

Dogs, like humans, do suffer from stress and anxiety when in difficult / stressful situations.  Also, noisy environments tend to increase anxiety too.  CBD in humans has been found to reduce stress and anxiety and can really help your dog’s problems too.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Public Speaking and other stressful situations have been reduced by using CBD oil.

3 Can CBD Fight Cancer?

It has always been rumoured that CBD can battle against cancerous tumours and cells.  Tests have shown that CBD overall can fight and kill cancerous cells in the immune system.  It can prevent cancer cells from growing ultimately by blocking the cancer cells energy production.

CBD also increases the effect of your normal cancer treatment due to the overall effectiveness that CBD provides.  CBD is by no means a miracle cure to cancer, it is however a great preventative measure to help reduce the cells and growth of tumours.

4 CBD Treats Epileptic Seizures

Seizures in dogs can happen.  Generally 5% of dogs do suffer from some kind of seizure.  Dogs that regularly suffer from seizures are generally prescribed medication such as potassium bromide.  Any medication that is prescribed can help control seizures, the ingredients can become harmful to your dog’s health especially the liver.

When testing CBD with sufferers of epilepsy, 88% of patients saw a massive improvement in epileptic seizures. Children who also took CBD over the same course of time saw a decline in the number of seizures they were having.

5 Can CBD Relieve Pain?

Chronic pains such as pancreatitis and nerve related pains have been treated using CBD, specifically due to the cannabinoids in the drug.  Inflammation has also been known to reduce when using CBD which is a further benefit to reducing pain.

6 Reducing Inflammatory Bowel Disease

When testing CBD on Animals, test studies and results have shown that there has been a significant improvement in Colitis. It also helps to restore the natural movement in the gut and prevent inflammatory bowel disease.

7 Increase Your Dogs Appetite

CBD can help increase your pooch’s appetite.  Getting your dog to eat can be a struggle especially if they are suffering from Cancer.  CBD has been proven to help increase appetite as well as having a control over your dog’s tumours or cancer.

Further tests on animals has shown CBD will help reduce excess nausea which helps improve your dog’s health and keep weight on.

Top 5 CBD Oils for Dogs1 OLIG Supplements Hemp Oil

Our number one choice for Best CBD Oils for Dogs is the OLIG Hemp Oil Supplement Drops.  These hemp oil drops are perfect for calming your pet down during loud noises such as thunder and fireworks.  When dogs are in pain or an anxious situation a hug or a human interaction can sometimes be seen as a threat by your dog and change their behaviour.  WIth the OLIG Supplements Hemp Oil, you dog will feel calmed and relaxed.

Lets take a look at some of the features and benefits of this amazing product;

  • Natural Supplement OLIG Supplements have ensured that the Hemp Oil is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids.  It is made completely from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Calming Effect – Helpes reduce any stress, anxiety and behavioural issues such as constant barking or aggressive behaviour.
  • Healthy Skin and Coat – As dogs get older they can start to get stiff joints and struggle to walk or play.  The formula in the OLIG Supplements Hemp Oil not only eases any pains and stiffness but improves the health of your dogs skin and coat.  Making your dog look like a new revitalised dog again.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – One of the best parts of this oil is the anti-inflammatory properties.  Much better than any of the prescribed Joint Pain Supplements, the OLIG Supplements Hemp Oil relieves any joint paints in dogs and increases energy levels.

This product is extremely simple to use and require just 1 or 2 drops per day twice a day.  Simply shake the bottle gently, place a dorp of the hemp oil directly in the mouth (increase to 2 drops if necessary), added the drops to the dog food if you find this easier.  The oil has a nutty flavour too it which makes the taste much more delicious for your doggie.

2 Pet Recovery Natural Hemp Oil with Zero THC

Second we have the Pet Recovery Natural Health oil which comes completely free of THC.  This solution is recommended by veterinarians and is suitable for both dogs and cats. It’s formulated with non-GMO ingredients, granting a safer alternative to chemical solutions. With its zero THC content, it safely enhances your pet’s brain functions without inducing adverse psychoactive reactions.

Lets take a further look at some of the overall features and benefits of the Pet Recovery Hemp Oil;

  • Full Spectrum – Like the OLIG Supplements, the Pet Recovery Oil comes rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  It is also a saferalternative to your normal chemical substances due to having Zero THC.
  • Organic and Natural Ingredients – Natural ingredients that are organically grown makes this product recommended by vets for cats and dogs.
  • Improves Health – Pet Recovery Hemp Oil helps keep your dogs skin and coat healthy, eases any digestion problems your dog may have and also rapidly improves your dogs mobility by enhancing the flexibility of your dogs muscles and joints.
  • Easy to Use – This easy to use product comes complete with a dropper that you can put directly into your dogs mouth or over the food.

3 RoyalPetsHouse 5% Hemp oil for Dogs

Next up is the Royal Pets House Hemp Oil which is suitable for not just your dog but cats and other smalls animals like Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.  Royal Pets House Hemp Oil is also  suitable for Vegans as it is GMO Free.

Lets take a look at the key benefits and features of the Royal Pets House Hemp Oil for Dogs;

  • Health Improvements – As with all CBD / HEMP Oils, Royal Pets House helps with many different problems within your dog.  Anxiety, Pain, Joints, Mobility, Immune System, Loud Noises such as Thunder and Fireworks, Stress, SKin Irritations and many more.  PLUS you get the added benefit of a nice shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Organic – Provides a 100% natural, organic, cold pressed oil to help naturally calm your dog.  Seperation and travel fear PLUS aggression and constant barking are just some of the problems this product cures.
  • Complete Extract – Produced from the highest quality hemp this oil is free from GMO, colours, pesticides or additives.
  • Other Features – Vets have been providing this product due to the inclusion of all the essentials such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamins A and D and it also provides a natural calming effect to your dog.

Hemp is one of the most nutritionally natural food on earth, an amino- and vitamin-rich protein with whole spectrum extract, linolenic acid, stearic acid, fatty acid, linolenic acid. Free of any additives – only 100% natural hemp oil. Your pet deserves to enjoy a comfortable, happy life. Avoid the hassle of forcing pills down your companion with these easy-to-use liquid drops. Add to food, or use dropper oraly to help your pet live a long, healthy and active life.  Complete with no side effects, why would you not use CBD Oils?

With the dropper the Oil is simple to administer.  Just a quick shake of the bottle and then follow the instructions, whether its orally or in the foods.

  • less then 2kg – 1 drop twice per day
  • 5-20lb or 2.3-9kg – 2 drops twice per day
  • 21-50lb or 9-23kg – 5 drops twice per day
  • 50lb+ or 23kg+ – 7 drops twice per day
4 Serenity Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats (500mg)

Serenity Hemp Oil is next on our list and another amazing CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats.  Following the same pattern as our previous reviews, the Serenity Oil isa trusted product provide a whole host of health benefits for your dogs.

Lets take a look at what Serenity Hemp Oil has to offer;

  • Healing Naturally – improves your pets skin and coat, helps with swelling, pain & stiffness allowing them to walk, run and be a pet again.  Made from the best quality organic ingredients.
  • USA Made – Completely safeguard by the highest manufacturing standards Serenity hemp oil is free of GMO, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Vet Recommended – helps relieve stress, separation anxiety, travel issues, constant barking, natural aggressive behavior and fear of storms and anxiety related conditions.  It also includes some of the highest anti-inflammotory properties for joint and pain relief.

Users of the Serenity Hemp Oil have noticed significant improvements in their dogs with some reporting that prior to using oil, their dog would have a terrible reaction to a thunderstorm but once using Serenity Oil they have already noticed a difference and safe to say that it worked.  Others have reported that their dogs suffered from arthritis and a floating knee cap.  Surgery was advised as the only option but after using serenity oil their dogs are now limp-free.

5 La Luna Pets4oz Hemp Oil for Pets- Organic Hemp Extract for Dogs

The hemp extract oil also includes MCT oil, which promotes healthy heart and organ function, improves the immune system, digestion and balances the hormone levels. This amazing combination will also help your pets’ skin be healthy and itch-free, and its coat shiny!

All the ingredients are Lab Tested, non GMO, and our hemp oil formula has been grown and Made with in Colorado, USA.  100% organic and full of all the essentials your dog needs Omega 3 & 6, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients

Simple to Use;

Drop hemp oil onto wet/dry food
Drop hemp oil drops directly into your pets mouth
Apply hemp oil to your pets favorite treat
Mix with tuna or chicken juice
Place in empty food bowl

Help recover your doggies health and great looks by using La Luna Pets CBD Oil now.

Now lets take a look at what CBD treats are available for your dog;

Top 3 CBD Treats for Dogs1 PremiumCare Calming Treats for Dogs

2 VET VIRTUE – Calming Treats for Dogs

3 Pawlife Calming Treats for Dogs

Is CBD Oil Safe For My Dog?

Many people have a fear of CBD.  Studies and results have shown that the benefits far out way the detriments.  Not only that but the biggest and most exciting of them all is that CBD is Safe.  It can even be used over long periods of time at high dosage and still be safe.  If your dog is currently on some form of medication then always check with your vet before treating with CBD.

Currently hemp based CBD oil is legal in all 50 states because it contains no THC.  This makes the drug very safe and very legal to use on humans and dogs.

Overall, hemp based CBD oils can be an extremely healthy alternative to standard prescription drugs and in some cases lifesaving.  Over the last 3 years, CBD oil has become more and more popular amongst humans and dog owners as a health benefit with reduced side-effects and a much longer list of benefits.

How Do I Choose the Best CBD Oil For My Dog?

Choosing the best CBD oil for your dog may seem simple, but there are several things you need to look for.  Remembering that not all CBD oils are the same.

Let’s take a look at the main features you need to look out for when choosing CBD Oil…

  • Organic: Make sure that your CBD oil is Organic.  If your CBD is not organic then it will contain traces of fungicides and other pesticides and solvents.
  • Price: Choosing the more expensive CBD oil definitely comes with the better quality and a better purity of CBD.  Choosing a cheap CBD Oil comes with risk and less benefits.  Furthermore, your CBD oil should always have a high amount of CBD, the higher the better.  This will also be free of additives.
  • Analyse: Check that the product has no THC, or at the least a very little amount.  You can also ask the manufacturer for more information / analysis on the CBD product.  The manufacturer can provide a certificate for you to show the detail analysis they have completed.
  • Tinctures: Buying CBD comes in many different forms.  For dogs it can be bought in treats which might be easier to feed to your dog.  You can also buy a tincture which helps you drip feed your dog, either into its food / straight into its mouth.  Tinctures are the most popular so you can choose how much or how little CBD oil to give your dog(s).

Once you start to use CBD oil you should slowly introduce your dog.  If you make the decision to use CBD then remember that is YOUR choice.  Many people will say it is not great to use this on your dogs but the research and tests state otherwise.  All the results show full benefit of using CBD and tests are ongoing.

Considerations When Using CBD in Dogs

Using the correct dosage is one of the main considerations you should make when using CBD.  Depending on what CBD product you use will depend on the dosage included.  CBD comes in several forms, oil, capsules and Treats.  We will provide information on the best CBD products in each of these categories later on in this article.

Dependent on the quality of the CBD product depends on whether you receive a free dosage chart.  Furthermore, if you have a cat, the dosage will be different.  As dogs is our speciality, this is where we will be making our own recommendations.

Your dog might need a reduced amount of CBD.  This all depends on your dog’s medical condition.

Using the Correct Dosage

Depending on which product you purchase or the quality of the product, depends on how much CBD should be administered. The general dosage amount is around 2 drops approx. 4 times a..

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Like many dog owners, taking your dog on a journey in the car is part of every day life.  But, some dogs can have a small fear of the car and become travel sick or anxious.  In any scenario, owning one of the best dog rear car seat covers or a dog car hammock will help you protect your car seats.  Most of the car seat covers also protect your dog panels from scratches too.  Whilst we review the best dog rear car seat covers we will explain the different types of covers available too.  We will also provide you the best dog car hammocks available to help you choose wisely.

ImageProductDescriptionPriceBuy Now
4Knines Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with HammockBest Car Seat Cover and Hammock for comfort and durability£££££
Plush Paws Dog Seat CoverAnother amazing car seat cover and hammock for the rear of your car££££
Petego Car ProtectorExtremely Comfortable rear car seat cover for your dog££££
NAC&ZAC Deluxe Pet Seat CoverComfortable and Waterproof car seat cover that helps your dog relax on a long journey£££
AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Seat CoverCheaper than All the dog seat covers£
4Knines Fitted Non-Slip Cover4Knines is back with an amazing front seat cover. Stylish and comfortable.£££££
BarksBar Seat CoverGreat Price, Non Slip and Waterproof front seat cover.£££
NAC&ZAC Waterproof Dog Car Door CoverNAC&ZAC are undeniably the best dog car door covers available.££
Quick Picks

Some people like to quickly pick the best products without any considerations and thought OR without reading a lot of information that tells them, “This is the BEST.” So, below is a quick selection of the BEST Dog Car Hammocks and BEST Dog Rear Car Seat Covers:

Best Dog Car Hammock Cover

Covering the back seat of the car with a high quality, comfortable dog hammock the 4Knines Dog Car Hammock Waterproof Cover is amazing.  This protector keeps your car neat and tidy but also provide a comfortable place to lie down.

Best Front Seat Dog Cover

Driving your car with the dog in the front seat is not recommended, but is not illegal.  They can be some what of a distraction, especially if your dog becomes a little hyper in the car.  The 4Knines Fitted Seat Cover will protect your seats and again provide extreme comfort for your dog.  Most dogs also love riding ‘shotgun’ with their owners.

Best Dog Car Door Cover

Finding a great protector for your door interiors can be very difficult.  Some of the cheaper car door covers can easily rip and tear which then causes scratches to the cars interior.  Owning a Krunco Waterproof Dog Car Door Cover by NAC&ZAC will really help keep your car interior, whether plastic, leather or material looking fresh and free from scuffs and scratches.

Whilst the above is a quick guide to what best products are available.  Read on for more details on the best dog rear car seat covers and hammocks.

What Car Seat Cover Should I Choose?

Choosing a car seat cover to comfort your dog can become expensive, especially if you are buying cheaper ones that can rip easily.  Mostly you should choose a cover depending on how your dog likes to travel or how you want to transport your dog.  You should also choose a cover that will support short and long journeys.

Some dogs love to just relax in the car and will just sit in the back which can just require a blanket.  If your dog is like Ralph though, a blanket may get chewed up and become useless. Blankets will not protect your car interior especially if your dog likes to jump about or fidget or even look out the window.

Seat Covers can offer comfort for your dog which is great however the main use of any dog rear car seat cover OR hammock is to protect all of your car from any scratching, scuffing or damage.

Owning any high quality dog rear car seat covers will protect your car seats from scratches, rips and damage but also provides a great place of comfort on your journey.  Owning a smaller dog like Ralph, we don’t need to get a full cover however for a larger dog the a full over (where possibl) is a great idea for maximum protection.  Most full covers also come with a ‘hammock’ style support also making this doubly protective as the back of your front seats then become protected.

Front seat covers allow protection of the passenger seat whilst your pooch is riding shotgun.  Ideal for smaller and medium sized dogs that fit nicely into the passenger seat.  Giving them this additional comfort will ensure they stay still and don’t distract you while driving.  Dogs who do distract you while driving should be simple placed in the back of the car.

Dog Car Door Covers do just that, protect your car doors.  Dogs that like to chew, scratch or even just move about a lot tend to scratch the side of the car.  Also when they try to look out the window.  Purchasing a door cover can really help protect against some of those annoying, ugly looking, scratch marks that can be expensive to get repair.

Now, let’s take a look at the best dog rear car seat covers and dog car hammocks that can help you look after your dogs’ comfort on any car journey.

Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Hammocks1 4Knines Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with Hammock

When reviewing the best dog rear car seat covers we could not stay away from the 4Knines Cover and Hammock.  This car seat cover does everything.  Providing a large amount of protection as it covers the whole of the back seat.  It is also extremely well made so it looks great in the back of any car as it is quilted.

Having a non-slip rubber backing helps support a lively dog as it will prevent the cover from slipping down the seat.

The thickness of the cover ensures that your dog is extremely comfortable and helps calm the most anxious of dogs.  You will also find that the 4Knines cover will protect almost any back seat of any vehicle.  There are several sizes to choose from but the Extra-Large version goes up too more than 60 inches long allowing for much larger coverage and protection.

Very simple to install and remove with the quick release buckles you can take the cover our and lean if necessary.

This is by far the best dog rear car seat cover we have found as it ticks all the boxes that your dog needs PLUS it converts into a hammock as well


Easy to Use
Fits any Car
High quality Materials
Extremely Comfortable


Can be very Large
More Expensive than Other Covers

2 Plush Paws Dog Seat Cover

Another great rear car seat cover designed for larger dogs is the Plush Paws Cover.  Like the 4Knines the car cover is made from a well quilted, padded material and has a non slip backing to prevent the cover sliding around whilst in transit.

Plush Paws have designed this cover more for larger dogs so it has been made extremely tough to help withstand dogs that don’t fully like the car journey. It will also keep your seats well protected from any damage your dog will try to cause.

Included with the Plush Paws are seatbelts to help keep your dog restrained on your journey.  The cover also converts into a full back seat hammock which will add additional protection to your car from scratches on the back of the front seats.

The silicone backing will reallyha help protect this cover when you are cleaning it as it is machine washable.  The backing helps keep the shape and by machine washing you know your getting a great clean and fresh wash each and every time.

Simple to install and remove with the side release buckles that make it quick and easy once you are finished.

If you own a large, strong, dog that enjoys being in the car then this is definitely the best dog reat car seat cover for you.  Be warned though, this does not fill the back seat of all cars so make sure you check the sizing first


Tought and Durable
Harnesses and Seat Belts for Dogs
Protects entire Seat Including Sides


Very Large
Expensive in Comparison

3 Petego Car Protector

One of the cheaper, yet effective car covers is the Petego.  Although not as tough or as padded as the previous car covers, it does however do the job and blends in well with most car interiors.

Seat belt holes are also included which will allow a human to sit in the seat with the cover on.  This is great if you’re in a rush and have to take the dog and friends with you.  Or for a Vet trip to try and calm your dog.

The straps on the Petego are also simple to use and allow the cover to turn into a hammock with ease.

Although the Petego may not withstand chewing it is, however, waterproof and tough so for those in frequent car journeys with your dog, this is for you.


Simple to Fit and Durable
Seatbelt holes
Cleans easily


No Padding
Dogs that Chew will Ruin this

4 NAC&ZAC Deluxe Pet Seat Cover

Not the most glamorous of looking car seat covers but the NAC&ZAC Deluxe is still a great fully waterproof rear car seat cover.

Made from a fleece like material the NAC&ZAC is waterproof and water resistant.  Preventing dog urine and drool from being absorbed making the car journey uncomfortable.  Your dog does also have complete comfort when lay on the NAC&ZAC Deluxe.

Quick release buckles will help you install the cover easily by attaching around the head posts.  This system helps install and remove quickly without any hassle.  Also included is a seatbelt lead attachment which will help keep your dog on the seat whilst you’re driving.

And finally, the bottom of the cover includes some non-slip buttons / dots that stops the cover sliding around the car when you are driving.  These are great for keeping your dog comfortable and safe at all times.


100% Waterproof
Extremely Comfortable
Dog Seat Belt Provided


Not Great Looking
With Quality Comes Price

5 AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Seat Cover

AmazonBasics Car Seat cover is a simple and effective cover that will be a great purchase for someone looking for minimal use.  The AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Seat Cover still has good quality but lacks functionality however, the price being half of the above car seat covers it will still do a good job.

Being 100% polyester, the AmazonBasics is fairly water proof and strong but if you dog is accident prone, then it may not fair too well.  If you also have a dirty dog or go on forrest walks then this can require too much cleaning and become a hassle.

Attaching the cover is not as simple as the other covers but it will allow a nice tight fit in smaller cars if you needed to customize it a little bit more.  You may also want to keep your car permanently protected and this is great for just leaving in the car rather than spending time removing it.

The AmazonBasics does not have a Hammock style attachment so it will just protect your back seats.


Cheaper than Any
Waterproof Polyester
Whereever the cover sits, you will be protected


Like a Bench Cover
Do NOT Machine Wash

Summary: Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Hammocks

With any dog and dog journey, you should protect your car and seats.  Second to that your dogs protection and comfort is also just as important as your own so any of the above dog rear car seat covers will take care of that.  With the right cover you will be able to look after your car and your dog whilst protecting all the upholstery and doors.  Plus, cleaning up after your dog will be much simpler too.

Our best choice by a country mile is the 4Knines as its is undoubtedly the best product on the market to protect your car by keeping the materials in pristine shape.

Best Dog Front Seat Car Covers

It is not always recommended to ride with your dog upfront however, if you choose to do so, there are front seat car covers that will protect your car.  Not all dogs are suited to sit up front, calmer, smaller dogs are ok and if you choose to let them ride up front with you, then these are the covers for you.

1 4Knines Fitted Non-Slip Cover

4Knines have provided us with the best dog rear car seat cover and hammock and now, the front seat cover.  Quality, comfortable and durable, the 4Knines seat cover is a great product that your dog will enjoy.  Also available in 3 colours to help you match your car interior.

4Knines have tried to ensure this seat caters for most cars and provides cover up to 21inches wide.  With the addition of being waterproof you cannot go wrong.

The material is padded and provides extra comfort and durability to allow for claws and drool not to cause much effect.  It can also be used for a passenger to travel when your dog is not present as the padding provides extra comfort.  It is easy to clean so no need to worry about sitting on it and being cover in dog hair, wee or even sick as a simple wipe will ensure its Safe and clean to sit on.


Top Quality Material
Simple to Install
Easy to Clean


High Price
Does not Fit Every Car

2 BarksBar  Seat Cover

Keeping to the theme of the best dog front car seat covers we have come across the BarksBar.  This car seat cover is cheaper than the 4Knines and will ensure you get your moneys worth.

Great comfort and protection is provided by the BarksBar as the material is made from high quality polyester which is also quilted.  Waterproof and simple to install, you will be able to protect your car seats simply and with little hassle to your dog.

Like most of the best front and rear car seat covers, the BarksBar has a non-slip backing to help keep the cover in one place when in use.  Furthermore, the cover is machine washable, so you will never need to worry about replacing if you clean well and correctly.


Very Good Price
Non Slip Back


Not as Padded as Others
Only in Black

Summary Best Dog Front Car Seat Covers

Allowing your dog to ride in the front of the car is not recommended however you should still make sure they are safe.  Dogs can be a huge distraction in the car when you are driving so comfort and safety is priority.  The two covers provided above will ensure just that as well as keeping your dog happy on their journey.  Choosing between the two will all come down to your budget.

Best Dog Car Door Covers

Dogs travelling in your car will always try to look out the window and watch the world go by whilst your drive.  What this does mean is while your dog is jumping up at the window, they are scratching the surface of the doors.  Dog drool, scratches and sometimes chewing will start to take its toll on the door.

Car covers are a great innovative idea and thankfully car door covers are also available to help protect your door interior.

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Dog shock collars are seen as a quick and effective way to train your dog from mis-behaving.  However, the delivery of a tiny amount of electric shock into your dogs body makes it one of the most controversial.  Being a more experienced dog owner and being fully committed to training your dog makes a dog shock collar much more valuable.  But, if you do not know the full implications of what negative impacts a dog shock collar can have on your dog then you should use a dog shock collar as a last resort.

Having thoroughly researched dog training equipment including vibrating dog collars, automatic dog feeders and dog clickers, dog shock collars has always been one that required much more detailed investigation due to the nature of these devices.

Firstly, we would like to start with our Top 5 best dog shock collars

Top 5 Best Dog Shock Collars – Reviews and Buyers Guide1 PET998DRB by Pettrainer

Affordable, adjustable and lightweight, the Petrainer dog shock collar is our first choice for best dog shock collars.  When trying your dog to be more obedient and improve its general behaviour, the Petrainer provides a fantastic amount of support and control.  As well as being able to support your dog training, you can also adjust the settings so that the level of shock given to your dog is reduced depending on how intense your dog training is to be.  If you are using the Petrainer at night you need not worry as it comes complete with a light mode to help keep your dog visible in poor light conditions.  Dog trainers around the world recommend the Petrainer due to the overall look, feel and features including; Waterproof, lightweight design and the simplicity of the remote control.

Customers who have bought the Petrainer have been delighted with the 5 year warrant it comes with. Being lower priced than its main competitors the Petrainer is an unbelievable training shock collar

Key Features:

  • 100 stimulation modes
  • tone or beep, vibration, and static modes
  • Power saving feature
  • low-light mode
  • effective up too 330 yards
  • Recommended for dogs weighing at least 15 pounds
  • 5 years warranty

Great Value for Money
Wide Transmitter Range
Excellent range of options


only a 5 year warranty
May not fit dogs with larger neck – over 22inches

2 Petronics Training Collar

Next on our list of best dog shock collars is the Petronics.  Pricing wise, this collar is a fantastic bargain for many customers and comes with similar features to other dog shock collars reviewed on this list.  Petronics also come with a great reputation.  Keeping everything simple, the receiver is designed like a standard 2-way radio albeit a lot smaller.

One amazing feature of the Petronics dog shock collar is the four training modes and up to 100 fully customizable for supporting your corrective training.  Suitable for smaller dogs the Petronics is a great piece of kit that can help you control your dog from 330 yards away.  With the amazing price and the included light mode the Petronics is a very competitive dog shock collar.

 Key Features:

  • Light, tone, vibration, and shock modes
  • 100 levels of stimulation
  • Effective range up too 330 yards
  • Recommended up to 100 pounds
  • 5 year guarantee

Easy to Use
Greater control
Elegant Design and Adjustable Collar
Waterproof and Cost effective


only a 5 year warranty

3 IPets Waterproof Shock Collar

Reviews for the best dog shock collars led us to the Ipets Waterproof Dog shock Collar. We struggled with positioning on this one as it is an amazing product however, the price and missing light feature are the only reasons we have put this in third place.  The features are very similar to the Petrainer and looks are slightly different but overall it does exactly what you need a dog shock collar to do, just at a more expensive price.  Three training and intensity levels can be set depending on your doggies ability which helps increase the level of training your dog needs/requires.  The collar itself is much lighter than the Petrainer and the missing light feature is a great shame due to the increased price tag the Ipets comes with.

Complete with a 5 year guarantee which is great if you are less than satisfied with your product or faults start to occur.

Key Features:

  • 3 training modes with 100 levels of customization
  • Static shock, beep, and vibration modes
  • Maximum effective range: 900 feet
  • Recommended for dogs weighing 10 to 100 pounds
  • 5 year warranty: full refund or unit replacement

Different Buttons for Different Training Stimulus
Customisable settings
Fast Charging
Transmits up to 900 feet


only a 5 year warranty
No Light option

4 PetTech Training Active Collar

PetTech have designed a dog shock collar that works for novice or expert dog trainers.  Although some collars do have a longer range, the PetTech has a nice 1200 feet / 400 yard range.  Most customers are drawn to the lifetime guarantee that the PetTech comes with in comparison to 5 years other models provide.  One stand-out feature of the PetTech is the customer service provided at a one on one level. This helps even the more novice of dog trainers develop into a champion trainer.  This level of customer service from any company generally increases the price of its products and that is no different with the PetTech.

Keeping up with previous models reviewed, the PetTech has 100 different electrical or vibration options and 4 completely customisable training modes.  The static mode available should only be used in extreme circumstances such as emergency situations around traffic / busy roads and if becoming a danger to itself or others around.  Battery life is also a major plus with PetTech device as the power supply has an automatic power protection.  If you are concerned about the price of the product then please remember that you are getting unbelievable customer service and a lifetime warranty along with 400 yard signal and 100 different options including a backlight for improvements to your visibility.

If you want to become a better dog trainer or even just have a better trained dog then this is a great piece of kit with unbelievable support.

Key Features:

  • 4 training modes: light, tone, vibration, and static
  • Battery saving auto-power protect feature
  • Maximum effective range: 1,200 feet
  • Recommended for dogs weighing 10 to 100 pounds
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee or full refund

Great Range than other models reviewed
100 Customisable settings
Fast Charging longer lasting battery
one on one Dog training advice with experts


more expensive

5 SportDog SD-425 Field Trainer

The more expensive dog shock collar that is available on the market is the SportDog Field Trainer.  After reviewing the SportDog and trying to understand why it is priced so high, we have identified that actually, the features are all similar, if not the same, as the previous reviewed models other than a 500 yard range.  Outdoor dogs tend to love diving into puddles and rivers and getting dirty however the SportDog is submersible up to 25 feet making it a much more convenient dog shock collar.

SportDog have also ensured that this device can control up to 3 dogs simultaneously other than the standard 2 dogs.  You do need to buy extra collars which are also available from Amazon.

Battery life isn’t great on the SportDog.  Although it is rechargeable, the life of the battery is only up to 70 hours where as most other brands last up to 20 days.  Overall a great purchase but at a significant cost.  There are other cheaper models available that do the same.

Key Features:

  • 7-level static stimulation with additional burst or continuous modes
  • With shock, tone, and vibration stimulation
  • Fully waterproof up to 25 feet
  • Battery lasts 50-70 hours after 2-hour charging
  • Maximum effective range: 500 yards
  • Recommended for dogs weighing at least 8 pounds

Wide transmition for greater control
Fully Customisable settings
Submersible in 25m deep water
complete with training DVD


Battery life is short
Only 7 levels of correction
Expensive compared to others

Buying a Dog Shock Collar: Must Have Features

That’s cruel, are you really buying that? Should you be using that? There must be a better way.  Just some of the comments and questions you may hear when purchasing a dog shock collar.  Before you even spend your money, there are thing you must do as a dog owner beforehand.  One of the main things to understand is what is the dog shock collar used for but also how do they work.  Once you fully understand the requirements for you and your dog and just how to use them effectively then you should start considering spending the money.  So, let us try and help you with that decision.

There are literally hundreds of different models of shock collars available and it can be quite easy to get lost in the different variations.  One product always stands out from another and I hope I have been able to provide you enough research to make a good decision.  Some of the key features you need to look out for should you do your own research;

Different Modes:  Dog shock collars come with at least 2 or 3 signalling modes which can either be light, tone or vibrating mode.  Anyone using a dog shock collar should initially start with a lighter training mode like light or tone.  This can then be adjusted to a stronger or lighter vibration depending on the level of training you wish to deliver.  The higher number of training modes available makes the dog shock collar much more suitable as it gives you more control over your dogs disobedience.

Range Effectiveness: Ensuring your dog can be controlled wherever you are is a great attribute of any dog shock collar.  This enables you to continue training your dog off the collar at greater distances.  Ideal for training your dog on the recall ability.  A local park and field is ideal for these dog shock collars, if you are wanting to go into a larger area to train your dog you would need to look for a range of up to a mile.

Waterproof Devices: The best dog shock collars are fully waterproof.  As your dog will be out and about regular whilst you are training, some dogs love getting into rivers as well.  If your collar is not waterproof then you could end up having to spend more money on purchasing more collars.

Price:  You can find a wide range of prices of dog shock collars from very cheap to extremely expensive.  There is no true price that is a good price for a dog shock collar.  We have provided the best dog shock collars in terms of use, attributes and also  price that we could find but the range is still vast.

What is a Dog Shock Collar used for?

Over the years, dog experts and training experts have come up against challenges on the use of dog shock collars. However, people continue to search for and shop around for the best dog shock collars to use.

In the US, shock collars are looked at the same as a normal dog collar, worn around the dog’s neck and is used to prevent dogs from barking too much and help behavioural problems in dogs.

People still wonder why you would want to use a dog shock collar when you could train your dog with a lot of patience.  Below I will highlight some more uses of a dog shock collar.

Behaviour Improvements and Training

The biggest and most important use of a dog shock collar is to help support your dog behavioural training and improve your overall dogs behaviour.  Generally used when your dog is off the lead where you are allowing your dog to roam free.  The collar can prevent your dog from running into traffic, running away from you or even heading towards another dog.  You should always use commands along with the shock of the collar, this helps your dog understand that the command is a training command.  Over time your dog will listen to the command and respond.  The shock collar works at the right moment preventing aggressive behaviour and preventing the use of a Dog Muzzle.  The shock can also be controlled by yourself using the remote control that they come with.  Some Anti bark Collars come with a shock system that will work as soon as your dog starts barking.  Please bear in mind that the dog shock collar will only stop any mis-behaviour in your dog at that moment but it will not prevent it in the future (initially).

Dog Safety and Prevention

Wireless invisible dog fences can be used to prevent your dog free roaming around your property into areas you may not want them to go.  Using a dog shock collar alongside a wireless dog fence can really help support this training.  Blocking off rooms and building additional fences are a thing of the past with a wireless dog fence.

Anti-barking devices are a great way to prevent your dog from barking unnecessarily.  We have reviewed the best anti barking devices here and find that they are a great tool for keeping your dog quieter especially when you’re are trying to get baby asleep.

How Does a Dog Shock Collar Work?

Dog shock collars do exactly what the name suggests.  They send a small shock of electricity into your dog which will immediately stop them from displaying their current disobedient behaviour.  As we have already reviewed above, each dog shock collar has different levels of shock and a number of different modes.  Depending on the mode you have chosen or set for the dog shock collar depends on when the collar comes into effect.  For example, if you are to use a anti barking device then when you dog does bark, the device will quickly provide a shock to your dog, stopping them immediately.

Most dog shock collars have a unit attached to the collar and a transmitter remote for you to operate.  Should your dog decide that he wanted to ignore your command and do its own thing, you can use the transmitter and provide your dog a shock.  The shock can help your dog understand what it is doing is wrong and then correct its behaviour.  Warning though, do not over do it with the shocks.

With all the different modes available on a dog shock collar, you could also set the collar to provide a tone or vibration to your dog.  This provides a similar style of training to your dog and helps them perform although some dogs are ignorant to the tones.  Dog shock collar should be used when all the other modes have failed.

What Types of Shock Collars are Available?

Overall, there are 3 different types of dog shock collars;

Shock Training collars; These collars are what we are reviewing on this page.  Dog shock training collars that help support behaviour issues in dogs and support any type of training.

The biggest benefit to a dog shock collar for training is time.  Dog training can take a long time with conventional methods such as positive reinforcement and treats.  Even professional dog trainers can struggle with some dog training and can find the overall experience a challenge.  This all depends on the dogs behaviour as well.  Conventional training can take weeks, even months, before being partially trained.  Day to day dog owners, like myself, just don’t have enough time in the day to be able to train their dog properly.   Walking the dog daily for an hour or so sometimes just isn’t enough.  Adding training on top of this can take away important family time.

A shock collar will drastically decrease the time needed to train your dog and it can be completed indoor or outdoor using the range of up to 500 yards in some cases.  This helps for off the lead training with your dog.

Anti Bark Devices; Great devices for controlling unnecessary barking.  We have provided an extensive review on the best anti bark devices.  Dogs naturally bark, it’s the only way they can communicate.  Unnecessary barking becomes a problem and can lead to problems with the neighbours.  Shouting at your dog can become frustrating and your dog just won’t listen.  Getting up off your seat and seeing what the dog is barking it is just easier.  Anti Bark Devices and Collars are a great way to ensure you can have a much-needed lie in.

Invisible fence collars; These collars are a great way of providing clear restrictions on your garden boundaries to prevent your dog escaping.  Being able to set your parameters then works with the collar so your doggie cannot escape by sending a signal to the collar whether that be a shock or a beep, you decide.  If you dog ignores the beep, then they vibrate and if they ignore this then the collar will provide a shock to make your dog stop in its tracks.

These collars are the most expensive as you are basically replacing your garden fance with an invisible fence.

Can a Dog Shock Collar Hurt My Dog?

This is the one hundred-million-dollar question.  There is no actual evidence that the dog shock collar hurts your dog however, they are frowned upon.  They are an inhumane device due to the shock nature of the device.

Electrical shocks can eventually lead to injuries in dog and/or inflammation of tissues and this is the biggest concern why people frown upon them being used.  Unlike burns from domestic products or fire, an electrical burn cannot be located easily.  Also, the burn and damage will be much deeper in the tissue making it sensitive to touch overall but the damage will have already been done under the skin.

For these reasons, dog shock collars are deemed inhumane and are not recommended unless you are a qualified dog trainer or understand all the impacts.  Signalling modes on shock collars are a much preferred option.  Remote control vibrating dog collars are much..

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