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How many baby toys do you have?

We don’t have many. As a matter of fact, all the baby toys we own fit neatly inside a soft bucket in our living room. Baby happily spills it out and fills it up over over and over allll day long. He’s a happy baby who loves simple games like that (as do most babies. Blinking lights and flashy toys are really not necessary!)

But sometimes mama just wants to get crafty and make a new toy for baby. I did that today with a grocery store bouquet of flowers and some upcycled baby food containers!

How to Make Baby Nature Blocks

First off, this is going to be the easiest toy to make! I barely need to make a”how to” section on this post. But I know how much some of you like details, so here goes:


Flowers (I used a grocery store bouquet)

Baby food containers (Gerbers plastic ones work well)

After the food containers were empty and had been washed, I just placed a few flowers and leaves inside of them and snapped the lid back on. That’s it. The hardest part of this whole activity is having flowers on hand.

The next step was introducing them to baby. He was soooo happy! He knocked over every tower I made, threw them across his mat, investigated them from all angles, banged them together, etc.

These blocks are so inviting! The way the light shone through them, the vibrant colors of the flowers, and the way the petals gently swished as he shook them made them extra intriguing for our little guy <3

I know some of you will ask how long these blocks keep for. The truth is I don’t know. We just made them yesterday, so I’ll test them out and update you all later.

Will you try making them for your little? Share a picture with me on Instagram!

Need more flower activities in your life? Then you HAVE to check out these Beautifully Simple Nature Activities!

Pin this idea so you don’t forget it!

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This post contains affiliate links

My kids are Hot Wheels FANATICS

We have Hot Wheels in the car, in my purse, in the diaper bag, in the bedroom…pretty much everywhere. We have slowly been collecting tracks for our Hot Wheels as well. One thing that got me excited was when Pley released the Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Box– I knew this was the perfect gift for my boys! We’ve now received two boxes so far and I want to review them so you can know if this is the right subscription box for your kiddos!

Hot Wheels: Challenge Accepted

Each Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Box comes with:

  • An early addition car plus other vehicles (3-4 cars in all)
  • An exclusive t-shirt
  • Hot wheels tracks
  • Special stunt track
  • Hot wheels mini magazine
  • The shipping box (which transforms for unique Hot Wheels stunts!

The cost of the box is as low as $22.99 and ships every other month.

Let’s get to the monthly box reviews:

Box One

(there were three more cars, straight tracks, and a t-shirt included in the box that were not pictured in this photo).

We were so impressed with our first box! We started by transforming the shipping box into targets that could be shot down with the stunt racks included in the box. Watch how it all went down in this video:

Box Two

After our first box I had high expectations for our second. I was not disappointed!

Once again our box came with a t-shirt, 4 cars, a mini-magazine, a stunt track, and a special convertible shipping box! See a quick peek at one of our stunts in this video:

Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Pley Box 2! - YouTube

Box 3

Will be revealed sooooon!!

Ready to sign your kids up for this box? Get it here!

The post Hot Wheels Challenge Accepted Pley Box Review appeared first on Munchkins and Moms.

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This post is sponsored by Gululu and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Water = Life

Today is Word Water Day, a day which highlights the importance of freshwater around the world. The goal of World Water Day is to keep people informed about water-related issues and help them take action in providing clean water access to everyone.

One organization that supports the goals of World Water Day is Gululu. Gululu is an interactive water bottle company that cares about water and keeping kids healthy through hydration.Gululu’s mission is easy: hydrate the kids of the world. For every bottle purchased, a child in a developing country is being provided with clean water well for life (through their partnership with Generosity.org).

For 2018 World Water Day, Gululu promotes the slogan WATER = LIFE and shares these values by offering an amazing discount on Amazon: one interactive water bottle for $99 (full price is $149)! Sale will run from March 22-29. Get one on Amazon now! 

In honor of World Water Day, I’d like to tell our story about keeping our kids hydrated

I honestly hadn’t been paying much attention to how much water my kids were taking in until one day my oldest son (six years old) had a terrible headache. The culprit? Dehydration.

You see, I thought my kids did a decent job of drinking water. They rarely drink milk and we only have juice on special occasions. Water was their first and nearly only beverage choice. Unfortunately we realized both my boys were relatively dehydrated nearly every day.

Since water makes up about 65% of their bodies, water is LIFE. It is vital for the proper functioning of their muscles, joints, and brain. Every function in their body requires it. I needed to get my boys to drink more water, but it was proving harder than I thought.

and then we found Gululu.

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle

This fun water bottle has a screen on it that features a tamagucci like pet. Kids have a choice of a few different pets which embark on underwater adventures. As kids drink water from their water bottles, their pet grows and they are rewarded with points to accessorize their new virtual friends! The gamification of the bottle and the new pet-friend encourages kids to drink water, while parents stay updated about their kids intake through the parent app!

The parent app is easy to use, too. It shows if children have met their water goals for the day and allows parents to control various settings. It also allows parents to set the water bottles on “School” and “Night” modes (which pause any game action until a specified time).

How Gululu Works

“Drinking water awakens a virtual pet
that lives inside the bottle, engaging your
child in play. Built in sensory technology
measures your child’s fluid intake and
relays the information to you through
a linked mobile app”

This smart water bottle provide feedback to parents through the app and to children through their virtual pet. It allows kids to be in control of their health and begin to develop better hydration habits at an early age!

Gululu water bottles are made to be hand washed, and since receiving them last year we have never had a problem with them. They are charged on a charging dock each night and ready to go every morning. Easy!

Do kids really drink more water with it?

I have to answer a loud, resounding yes! I have noticed that my kids tripled their daily water intake after receiving their Gululu water bottles. No sticker chart or motivational speech could even come close to the encouraging my kids to drink more water. This water bottle did it. I love that it puts them in control of their health, too. They have become much more responsible about monitoring their water intake now!

Learn more about Gululu

Learn more about Gululu water bottles on the Gululu Website.

Ready to buy one now? Read the reviews on Amazon and get it on Prime while it’s on sale!

The post Gululu- A Fun New Way to Keep Kids Hydrated! appeared first on Munchkins and Moms.

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