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Inspire Your Team with their Stories

A military speaker can bring authority to your corporate events. Helping to give your employees a vital lift, these speakers have overcome the odds whilst serving for the good of their country and can relay their experiences of warfare, discipline and mental strength to all manner of audiences.

The stories of these real-life heroes can prove a real inspiration to team members, guests and delegates as they deliver keynote speeches covering an array of topics. Leadership, teamwork and resilience all feature in the characteristics of great military speakers, and these attributes have so often proven the difference between life and death in battle.

Three Attributes of a Military Speaker’s Speech Emotion

Sharing stories of loss, of trauma and of staring death in the face, military personnel can engage openly on the conditions that they witnessed during their assignments. For many, this can be particularly emotive, as the speaker is able to paint a picture of life on the frontline. From the fighting, the fear and the failures to the overwhelming moments such as saving a life, succeeding and coming home – these military keynote speakers can address any crowd, making them feel the trials and tribulations of the life they have lived.


Naval Admiral William McRaven gave one of the most inspirational addresses in modern times in 2014 when he spoke at the University of Texas. He said ‘If you want to change the world- make your bed’. Through this, he alluded to the idea that one task leads to another and another. He added to this a number of other inspirational snippets.

He discussed failure, not quitting and hope, as well as the testing conditions of life in the armed forces. And he finished by saying: “If you do these things, then the next generations and the generations that follow will live in a world much better than the one we know today”. These feel-good stories can really galvanise your team and lead them to look at life in a different way.


Able to keep your guests perched on the edge of their seats, an anecdote from a member of the military can be truly engaging. Combining compelling accounts of their time in the military with decisions affecting the future of their comrades and history itself, a military speaker is well-placed to deliver speeches that can entertain any crowd with the moments of humour, camaraderie and teamwork that they shared in.

Three Topics A Military Speaker Can Speak On Mental Strength

There is an incredible mental toughness at the heart of the psychology of any person in the military, built up over time through a set of gruelling activities designed to test every aspect of their mentality. Able to provide stories of occasions when they found extra within themselves and set aside all fears to do their duty, save lives and change the world, military personnel are typically tough. By witnessing their keynote speech, an audience can understand what they had to do to survive.


Without efficient leadership, anything in the world can fall to pieces. When someone is in control of people’s lives, it is essential to think clearly and quickly. Handling lives requires compassion but also an ability to make tough decisions that ensure you are protecting as many lives as possible.

Effective leadership relies on prompt responses delivered with authority. A leader must command the respect of the people that they lead and act in the best interests of the team and the country – managing risk constantly in order to do so effectively. Leadership speakers for business share many roles with those of military speakers, and therefore will find many of the points relevant at your conference.


When the going gets tough, everybody in the world needs somebody that is looking out for them. This is even more essential within military service, where all you have is each other. The people around you are responsible for your life, and you are responsible for theirs. Developing a team ethic that routinely sees a group help each other out in testing and dangerous conditions is essential to the survival of any troop. Keeping morale high with humour, singing and speaking has proven vital to the military for many years and these top speakers can express eloquently just how important this is.

Three Great Military Speakers Phil Campion

Phil’s traits compound all of the above. His role in various high-profile combat assignments with the SAS, commanding military operations in all four corners of the world, has set him out as one of the leading authorities. Bold and fearless, his unique skill set and incredible story saw him overcome the challenges of unimaginable hostility to become one of the most insightful speakers around.

Sir Alan West

A respected tactician within the Royal Navy, Sir Alan was appointed Commander in Chief of the Royal Navy in 2002 and commanded three different vessels in his time with the navy. In the years since, Alan has served directly under the Secretary of State as a government spokesperson with security, counterterrorism and police responsibilities. His incredible experience and authority on the subjects in which he speaks make him one of the finest after dinner speakers.

Captain Robert Lawrence MC

With a truly inspirational story to tell, Robert was shot in the head on the last day of the Falklands War and undertook a number of incredibly brave expeditions, earning himself the Military Cross for his bravery. He was later the subject of a BBC film, Tumbledown, which documented the incredible true story of this military hero and inspirational speaker.

Book a Speaker Today

You can book a top military speaker for your corporate events today via Champions Motivational Speakers. Simply get in touch via our online contact form or call us directly on 01509 85 29 27.

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Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. From product launches to conferences and from team building events to training days, each event will vary slightly in its setup. No matter the event, however, corporate gatherings should provide their audience with inspiration and motivation to continue the pursuit of their business goals. Booking the right speaker can often be the perfect way of doing this. Depending on the speaker you choose, top inspirational speakers will often work with you to settle on a topic that is ideally suited to your specific audience. Here are 10 of our favourite corporate topics that can have an impact on your staff.

1. Strategic Leadership

Having been the manager of Manchester United for many years, Sir Alex Ferguson expresses his leadership skills within his speeches.

Leadership is at the heart of any significant business success. With so many considerations to make, developing the right leadership skills can most definitely be a challenge. Every team needs a leader, however, and finding a speaker that is vastly experienced in this area is a sure-fire way of entertaining any corporate audience. Whether your ideal speaker has succeeded in the world of business, sports or entertainment, transferable leadership skills are an important asset in overcoming a wide array of obstacles.

2. Change Management

Nick Hewer is known to speak on change management when he’s at corporate events.

The world of business is subject to constant change. With new innovations seeing the light of day at a rapid pace, understanding how to manage these changes can be crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. Featuring a keynote speech that deals with the many implications of change can help employees to make better sense of their responsibilities in this area, as well as provide them with a role model worth aspiring to.

3. Technology & Innovation

Kate Darling is just one of many speakers who discuss there love for technology and innovation at corporate events.

Technology and innovation continue to fascinate professionals working in a wide array of business sectors, making it the ideal topic to cover at your next event. The sheer scope of the topic means you’ll be able to lay an emphasis on the areas of technology that are especially relevant to your business. At the same time, the growing importance of technology throughout the business world means that the topic will enjoy widespread appeal, drawing in tech enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

4. Peak Performance

Not only achieving peak performance himself but inspiring others to do it, Joe Wicks is a brilliant example of what sheer dedication can get you.

Peak performance is a particularly interesting corporate topic as it is able to draw upon the experiences of people from outside of the business world. From the greatest adventures to the world’s top Olympic athletes, peak performance plays a crucial role in propelling the careers of professionals working in many different disciplines. Featuring a top sports speaker such as Phil Tufnell or Harry Redknapp can help ensure original event entertainment that simultaneously delivers a motivational message relevant to business success.

5. Customer Relationship Management

An ambassador for creative small businesses, Holly Tucker is an expert in managing relationships with customers.

No business can exist without customers, and successfully managing customer relationships is one of the most challenging obstacles many companies face. Our extensive selection of business speakers features an array of accomplished entrepreneurs who have been able to achieve vast success in this area, helping your audience to develop stronger relationships with their customers. No matter which area of business you work in, strong customer relationship management skills are vital to the success of any modern business.

6. Entrepreneurship

As the founder of JustEat, Jesper takes audiences through his inspirational story of creating one of the UK’s most used takeaway-apps.

Entrepreneurship has long been a main driver behind the success of many of the world’s most distinguished business icons. Stimulating your audience to think outside the box and pursue innovation, entrepreneurship is a tried and tested topic at all kinds of corporate gatherings. Helping corporate audiences to recognise and unlock their business potential, booking an entrepreneurial speaker is sure to create lasting memories of the occasion.

7. Creativity in Business

An extremely creative individual, James Averdieck encourages creativity from his corporate audiences.

Creativity plays a major role in achieving business growth in the long-term. Not just applicable to those working in the creative sector, creativity is widely considered to be one of the most assets for modern professionals. Helping to drive future innovation and stimulate original thought, it is undoubtedly deserving of a place on our list. Selecting creativity as the topic for your event can help to stimulate the company’s most creative minds – and who knows where it might lead?

8. Sustainability

Andy Pag delivers brilliant after-dinner and keynote speeches around sustainability and environment.

The importance of sustainability has continued to grow at a rapid pace in recent decades, significantly impacting the ways in which corporations do business. The challenges associated with sustainability simultaneously open up a wealth of opportunities for those brave enough to meet them, and featuring a sustainability speaker as your corporate entertainment can help employees to gain the knowledge required to do just that.

9. Human Relations

Formerly at the helm for the Metropolitan Police, Lord Ian Blair is brilliant when at corporate functions.

A company’s staff is its most valuable resource. For this reason, it is incredibly important to create a work environment that helps employees tap into their full potential. With so many interests and personalities coming together on the work floor, successfully managing staff relations can be a challenge. Luckily, booking a human relations speaker will help you to provide fascinating insight that is instrumental in bringing your team together.

10. Corporate Branding

An expert in sales and marketing, one of Jordan Belfort‘s areas of expertise is corporate branding.

The way in which a business is perceived can have a significant impact on its future success. The creation of a strong brand that appeals to your target market is crucial in building loyalty with customers and employees alike. Furthermore, corporate branding can also play a role in conveying exactly what it is your business stands for. For these reasons, selecting corporate branding as the chosen topic for your event can be incredibly beneficial to both your staff and the business as a whole.

If you would like to book one of our leading motivational speakers for your corporate event, function or conference, contact the Champions Motivational agency by filling in our online contact form. Alternatively, speak to a booking agent directly on 01509 85 29 27.

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We have compiled a top 10 list of the most inspiring health speakers of the modern day. Focussing on various topics from stress management and nutrition to fitness and mental health, these names will offer appropriate insight and motivation at corporate events and conferences. Here are our picks:

Joe Wicks

A major authority on fitness and health, Joe Wicks is the lifestyle guru that has shaken up the lives of many. From school children to bodybuilders and stay-at-home mums, Joe Wicks is the man transforming the bodies and lives of millions. Widely recognisable, if you are looking to inspire your team, a team talk from Joe is a must.

Rebecca Adlington OBE

Serial Olympic swimming champion and popular personality, Rebecca Adlington OBE has become one of the most influential women in the UK. Speaking on a wealth of topics from motivation and peak performance to health and wellbeing, Rebecca is one of the most engaging health and wellness motivational speakers around

Kate Allatt

A motivational keynote speaker perfect for conferences, Kate Allatt is one of the most inspiring health authorities of today. Having won the Extraordinary Woman award in 2011, her passionate research and advocacy of various stroke charities, following her own stroke, has made her a sought-after speaker on health, disease and strokes.

Carole Spiers

Helping to facilitate major change in leaders, Carole Spiers is a professional speaker dedicated to understanding and managing stress. Her counselling and workshops on stress management, wellbeing and public speaking have had a vast impact on the wellbeing of many business people and employees. Carole is a charismatic, shrewd and intriguing keynote speaker in the field of health.

Jo Fairley

A leading name in the production of organic and natural food, Jo Fairley is an experienced entrepreneur, owning the likes of the Fairtrade chocolate brand, Green & Blacks, Judges Bakery and The Wellington Centre (wellbeing centre). Having been showered in accolades for her efforts, Jo has become a favourite speaker in areas of business, ethical consumerism, social responsibility and health.

Bradley Simmonds

A social media phenomenon, Bradley Simmonds has honed a method that has inspired many. His ‘Get it Done’ motto forms the basis of his no-nonsense approach to fitness and nutrition. Inspiring results for his legions of followers, Bradley is a great advocate for fitness, young people, health and is an important speaker in the field of health.

Will Young

Having struggled with addiction and PTSD for much of his life, Will Young is able to articulate his struggles in an intriguing manner, giving inspiration to many in the process. After coming into the limelight in 2002 on television talent contest, Pop Idol, Will has been an ever-presence in the media and is one of the most popular health motivational speakers.

Dame Kelly Holmes

One of the leading lights in athletics, Dame Kelly Holmes made her name as one of the finest middle-distance runners in British Olympic history. She helped inspire a generation when she took two gold medals at the summer Olympics, Athens in 2004, finishing the year as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Since retiring Kelly has worked tirelessly to support disadvantaged young people and aspiring athletes in the UK. As well being able to speak about her training regime and nutrition, she is able to speak on mental health and wellbeing.

Robbie Savage

An open, entertaining and knowledgeable after dinner speaker, Robbie Savage can speak on the themes and mentality that made him one of football’s most well-known players. The former Welsh captain has also helped raise awareness of mental health having opened up about his own anxiety – encouraging others to seek support.

Louis Smith MBE

Britain’s top gymnast, Louis Smith MBE is a former Olympic star who has been open with the media about his struggles with depression and ADHD, in hope of inspiring others to get support. In a 2016 LadBible picture, ‘Dealing with Depression’ he uncovered his problems and has become an advocate for mental health and a source of inspiration for many.

Book a Health Speaker

With thousands of top health speakers to choose from, Champions Motivational can help pair you with the right one for your event entertainment.

Whether you want someone to motivate or inspire your team, someone to express insight on nutrition and peak performance in sports and business or speak on mental health, our expert team are on hand to help broker the best deals, for the best health speakers for you.

To book a speaker or to talk to one of our team, get in touch today via our online form or call us via 01509 85 29 27.

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Performing to your maximum ability is a crucial skill in any line of work, but one that is sometimes hard to achieve. Whether it is a lack of motivation, self-belief or any other reason, there are several factors that can impact on peak performance.

If this is the case and you or someone within your organisation is not performing to their full potential, then they may need a boost. One way to do this is to book a motivational speaker who is able to inspire audiences to be the best they can be.

Here at Champions Motivational Speakers we have an array of accomplished and iconic personalities on our roster who are all able to discuss the topic of peak performance. We have compiled a list of our best peak performance speakers who can make an impact at every event they attend.

Charles Van Commenee

Well known for getting the best out of athletes, Charles Van Commenee is one of the best motivational speakers in the world. The former head coach of Team GB at the 2012 Olympics, Charles comes with years of experience of supporting those around him.

Involved in coaching from a young age, one of his first roles was heading up the javelin team in his homeland of the Netherlands. From here he dedicated himself to supporting athletes taking up a senior role within British Athletics in 2001. His coaching ability saw the likes of Denise Lewis OBE and Kelly Sotherton win medals at huge sporting occasions.

At all of his speaking occasions Charles is able to use the same techniques to inspire audiences as he did in a sporting environment.

Sir Clive Woodward

One of the greatest sporting achievements in England’s history saw England win the 2003 Rugby World Cup for the first time. Sir Clive Woodward was the man who masterminded the win, coaching the side to this historic victory. Managing at the very highest level of the game is not an easy task and Sir Clive had to use his very best motivational techniques to get every drop of talent out of his players.

Not only is he able to give audiences fascinating anecdotes from his time in the game, but Sir Clive can also help people reach their potential in all areas of life, using the same motivational tactics he did in his sporting career.

Stuart Pearce

When you think of England and Nottingham Forest footballing legend Stuart Pearce, perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is that fist pumping celebration after scoring in the penalty shootout win over Spain at Euro 96.

This celebration was so rumbustious as it came six years after his last penalty in a shootout, against West Germany at Italia 90, was missed. Having the nerve to step up and take one despite this previous negative experience shows exactly what can of character ‘Psycho’ has, something that makes him a great motivational speaker.

Never giving any less than 100% in every match he played, at all of his motivational speaking events he is able to share these experiences with audiences, encouraging them to perform to their best.

If you would like to book any of our expert peak performance speakers, or any of our remarkable motivational speakers for your next event, get in touch with Champions Motivational Speakers today by calling 01509 85 29 27 or complete our online form.

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The UK is home to some of the world’s greatest female entrepreneurs, many of whom also make for fantastic after dinner speakers. In what is traditionally a male dominated industry, many of these entrepreneurs have had to fight to make it and therefore make for extremely inspirational motivational speakers.

Here at Champions Motivational Speakers we have a whole host of superb female entrepreneurs on our roster who are suitable for a wide range of events. Below is just a selection of the wonderful female entrepreneurs that we can offer:

Karren Brady CBE

Known as the first lady of football, Karren Brady CBE has worked in the beautiful game for over 20 years. Joining Birmingham City as managing director in 1993, she encountered plenty of sexism during her time in the role, something she often discusses at her speaking events.

Despite this she flourished in the role and in 2010 moved to West Ham where she has overseen many changes at the club including their move to the prestigious Olympic Stadium which increased their capacity to 57,000. A strong campaigner for women in business, at all of her speaking events she is able to discuss this topic which is close to her heart, encouraging women to pursue a business career.

Claire Brumby

Finding a gap in the market to launch a business is always a difficult thing to do, this is also something that entrepreneur Claire Brumby knows all about. The founder of award winning Scrubbys Vegetable Crisps, Claire is one of the most renowned retail speakers in the industry.

Founded in 2007 as a healthy alternative to normal crisps, the company has gone on to be commonplace on the shelves of some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. The company now has over 40 different products in its range and at all of her events Claire is able to discuss how she took her product from just a concept to a market leader.

Also juggling her home life alongside her business, Claire makes an impact at every event before and after work.

Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden's Top 10 Rules For Success (@DeborahMeaden) - YouTube

Best known for her role as one of the dragons on the popular Dragons’ Den, Deborah Meaden is an entrepreneur who has ran her own multimillion-pound holiday business. After leaving school at 16 with minimal qualifications, she studied business at university before working for a glass and ceramics company in Italy.

Knowing that resilience, and the ability to overcome adversity is vital in business, the first company Deborah was in charge of failed after just 18 months. This negative experience did not affect her passion for business and she has gone on to become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country. At all of her speaking events she is able to highlight these experiences and discuss how she managed to overcome them.

Holly Tucker MBE

Responsible for co-creating popular online marketplace, Not on the High Street, Holly Tucker MBE displayed her entrepreneurial talent from a young age. Running a school tuck shop in her youth, it wasn’t long until she was making waves in the real world of business.

As well as helping co-found Not on the High Street, Holly also runs a business consultancy and advice platform where she shares her tips on how to succeed in the demanding industry, something she can also share at her speaking events. Another thing that makes her extremely inspirational is the fact that throughout her life she has suffered with dyslexia. Where this condition may have seen her struggle, she has not let it hold her back. At all of her motivational speaking events, Holly can give fantastic advice about how to not let these things prevent you from doing what you love.

Here at the Champions Motivational Speakers agency, we have a whole host of leading female entrepreneurs available to book for corporate events, functions and conferences. To book him, call a booking agent today.

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