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In a recent survey, 94% of respondents said they knew they had become an adult once they had confronted their own mortality.

If you’ve been feeling that you are being less than grown up around your money, then looking at the financial situation around your demise could be the jolt you need to fast forward your financial freedom plans!

I know, I know it’s not the jolliest of topics but let’s bear in mind the good old Dr Stephen Covey habit “Begin with the end in mind”!

In the recording below I’m being interviewed below by Ade Oduyemi from Maximum Inheritance Specialists about the money mindset you need to ensure you get your financial freedom sooner rather than later.

Check out the interview below if you want to press play on your financial future.


2.20 Why we need balance and focus

4.50 How to achieve money confidence

8.00 Ditching the budget plan

9.10 How to achieve REAL financial freedom and build wealth

12.05 How to increase your income

14.00 The value of money

18.22 The influence of your money story on financial freedom

26.00 What does retirement mean?

30.10  Influence of pocket money

36.00 The ultimate luxury

42.00 And if I were Queen for a day…..

Do enjoy!

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I’m just going to jump ( well clamber up it feels more like nowadays!) onto my soapbox a minute here.

I’m come out first and say I’m not a bra-burning feminist but I do think that women have a unique set of challenges when it comes to money and money mindset.  (and sure as eggs men have their own particular hang-ups too, but that’s for another day).

So what’s on my soapbox, on my wick today..   It’s THIS.  The air freshener, the chocolate bar, the tampons… we as women have had years of not being encouraged to step up into our true financial power.  One of my money mentors Denise Duffield Thomas couldn’t explain it better than in this video…

Redefining Luxury: How To Live A First Class (Guilt-Free) Life - YouTube

I give you permission today to really think about what it is that you truly want in your life.  I mean really, really.  No fluffing around here, let’s get it out on the table (or into your fave notebook/journal for this kind of thing) and put it all down.

Now, this doesn’t have to be the stereotypical Rolls Royce and Champagne list, it is whatever makes your life first class for you.   And that is unique to everyone.

Start with thinking about your home, your environment, your clothes, your self-care, your personal development, your business, your time, your relationships, your family.

Pick ONE thing to upgrade right now.   Go do it!

If you are ready to uplevel your income and redefine what your first class life means to you then grab my daily checklist to upgrading your life and bank balance right here.

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There she is laying on the floor again.  At least she has learned through trial and error to fling herself in a certain way so her head doesn’t bounce on the floor now – style and effect are high on the list of my daughter’s tantrum performances….

Sound familiar? Whatever age your children are I’m sure they have they own style of getting annoyed, showing frustrations, and sometimes just being downright unreasonable!  When this is linked to money, it can be an even bigger source of conflict between you and them, for it’s never just about the money is it?

Sometimes they become ongoing arguments, which neither of you seems to be able to move on from, they feel like they are still brewing, ready to boil over at any moment.

You want to give them control but on the other hand find their impulsiveness frustrating, even downright scary sometimes.

You feel the conflict in your heart.

You & I know we are all doing the best we can but really like me, I’m sure you wish kids came with a manual!

The Way You Do Money

The way you “do” money in your household can give you all that sanity break you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter if your child is 2 or going on 22 then learning about money in a positive way has effects way beyond knowing that 100 pennies make a pound.

In a recent poll I held on LinkedIn I asked what age people started giving pocket money and it ranged from 2 to latter Secondary School.  There was a particularly lovely story about giving up dummies in exchange for a train set from one lady, that shows you are never too young to start seeing the comparative value of things.

I’d like to give you the confidence to use pocket money as the fantastic learning tool it can be.  A tool to give independence, curiosity, and value to both you and your child or teenager.   There’s a number of techniques that Parenting Success Coach, Louise Hoffman Brooks shares that do just that.  For that’s what we all want isn’t it for our kids for them to grow up with a good sense of money behind them?

Here are some questions to get you started thinking…

  • Do you think its never too young to start bringing in some money concepts?
  • What age would you start pocket money?
  • Would you put any constrictions on how the money was spent?
  • Or what about no pocket money at all and just buying things or giving money as needed?

What about your money story?

Often times though we can also get tripped up by our own money stories, those past down to us like the fables of our ancestors, almost written in stone.  Money doesn’t grow on trees you know, no we can’t afford that, a penny saved is a penny earned, you can’t take it with you, the best things in life are free….   All these sayings and ways your parents and wider social aspects were with money have rubbed off on you and can be influencing the way you and your children do money both now and in later life.  Some of these are subconscious and unknown to us but block us receiving money well. It pays to check that you are operating from the best place when it comes to money too.

Check out this FB LIVE for the 3 surprising questions you can ask about pocket money.

Discover the 3 surprising questions you need to ask about Pocket Money - YouTube

What do you want for your children?

To understand money?  Do you want them to feel beholden by it?  Or scared of it?  Or working to the bone for the last penny? To think about money differently to you?

Or to be comfortable at attracting it in and spending and saving it wisely?

The Secrets of Sucess With Pocket Money Workshop

If you do then join us for a 2-hour workshop where we uncover the secrets to success with pocket money.  Run jointly by myself, your Money Mindset Coach and Louise Hoffman Brooks, Parenting Success Coach we will give you all the tools you need to make pocket money a smooth sailing experience.  Whether you have yet to start or are in the midst of giving pocket money already then this is for you.

Register now for the IN-PERSON workshop in Addlestone, Surrey on 29th June OR if you are not local, or it’s more convenient, register your interest for the VIRTUAL workshop, date to be confirmed.

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How would it feel if when the next time you are asked your prices you did a little happy dance inside and the words came flowing confidently out of your mouth?

The ideal situation, right?

In a few moments, I will show you exactly how you can start to move toward this ideal situation but before I do so let me ask you these three crucial questions.

  • Are you absolutely done with giving away too much of your service for free?
  • Would you do anything to get rid of that feeling you are in a race to the bottom and it’s all about price?
  • Does the thought of another moment wondering how you might afford everything you desire this year (from a decent holiday to your kid’s shoes) make you want to tear your hair out?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in the right place today, and you are not alone.  I’ve had my fair share of money wobbles too, I started having to talk about price back in 2000 so have had LOTS of practice, and have battled my money mindset demons, to stand side by side in happy confidence when talking money.   I want to share the exact same 5 steps with you that you can use to feel confident about you, money and your business too.


I’m going to start with something you wouldn’t expect on a discussion about price.   The income you want.

Let me ask you this – Is it ok to want?

I asked this question on my Linked In recently and it now has over 2,000 views at last count, and numerous comments so it clearly hit a nerve.

Let’s ask this question again to you – is it ok for you to want?

At this point really consider your first answer, thought, feeling or physical reaction to this question

Because that is really telling about your mindset in this area.  And your mindset is the first key to confident pricing and talking confidently about money.  Confident money talks = you HELPing more people and growing your bank balance.  A WIN: WIN!

Does the question “is it ok for you to want?”,  bring up any money memories? – they will be important for they have given you the guidance (supportive or not) for how you are with money now.


Let’s work out what that really means.

There’s the want of the lottery winner lifestyle.

There’s the want of being able to remove those niggles that would make our life easier. (A cleaner, a social media assistant for example)

And there’s the want of wanting to do more, be more, learn more, to give more.

And isn’t that ok?

It’s that word “want”.

It’s become to mean greedy, selfish, entitled even.

I look at my life with my strong, rather dashing, husband and my cheeky grinned little girl…

….I could let my thoughts run away and say “you got it good Caroline, this is all your going to get.”

For we don’t want to jinx the goodness we already have – do we?

But I want more. I unashamedly want to grow me, my business and my impact on my family and my world.

And I’ll support anyone who would like to find the way to wanting more; positively.

For any word is neutral until we hang our beliefs on it.

It might feel counter-intuitive to start with what you want when it comes to pricing and money – surely it should be about your client’s affordability or the what the market can take?

BUT actual CONFIDENT pricing comes from within.  So tell me…

What is the biggest want you have, that you have been holding back on?


Because I strongly believe that more money gives you more choice.

And how much you choose to receive gives you choices.

And so every time you undercharge, discount or barter, you are reducing your choices.

For you, for your family, and for others that you might be growing your business for (future employees for example).

We as heart-centred entrepreneurs are fabulous custodians of money.  Consider the other options for custodians of money out there……Is’nt it our time you increased your choices and your impact on the world and stepped into your worth?

Now let me point out here I am NOT saying we all need to be charging higher prices.  That is not my point at all (although do check to see if you are undercharging – the guide below will let you know that).   In any niche people have multiple ways of helping clients at different prices points, and in any niche, some people are crushing it with low-cost membership models, and others are charging 20k a day… more on that in the 5 steps but for now…

It’s time for you to decide what you really really want in life and in your business.


These are the 5 steps I’ve used to ensure that whenever I speak about my pricing and discuss money, it leads to a great conversation with a fabulous solution for all concerned.  Happy me and a happy client.

The 5 steps will change how you feel and do the money conversation so that you can help you and more clients.

  • Includes how to shift your mindset to confident
  • Includes how to price your products and services
  • Includes how to create a sustainable income

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Have you ever been so relieved that you instantly felt your shoulders fall, your whole body lighten and a little glow appear around you?


Well thank you because you have just confirmed to me that it happens to all of us.  We get wound up and stressed about things that we should have done, that we have been meaning to do, and we hold onto that in our taken for granted bodies without even realising it sometimes.

So what happened on my online workshop last night, was lots of relaxed shoulders and easy breathing as we created a path and concrete actions for more income to be created in your world for 2018.  (We sorted big dreams, created a step by step roadmap to your income goals, and I shared how to implement a new income stream within the next 24 hours!)

Also I unveiled a one of the most useful 1:1 services I have offered this year!

Check out the replay below and hurry up because this train will be leaving the station in just 36 hours!

This Choo-Choo train also takes with you the opportunity to work 1:1 with me AND have me create your bespoke income roadmap, which really will leave you floating on air for 2018!

Here’s your actions!

  1. Watch the workshop below!

Plan Your Income Streams & Smash Your Financial Goals Workshop 2018 - YouTube

2) And please then raise your hand if:

  • You want to take an anxious peak at your numbers in your business but it makes you feel vulnerable and embarrassed because you just don’t know where to start.


  • You’d rather stab yourself in the eye than deal with a spreadsheet….


  • Would like to have a highly effective bespoke step by step plan done for you so that you can be secure in knowing exactly where you will be generating your income from in 2018,  in more ways than you do currently, without adding crazily to your workload?


Then the Bespoke Smash Your Income Streams Roadmap Session is for you.

There is no other done for you service out that that has my unique blend of practical and mindset support that will get you from worrying about where you are to confident and creating for 2018.

I’ve created this 1:1 session and bespoke roadmap document (done for you) with you in the mind….  The service provider, the holistic practitioner, the consultant, the coach, the break free from the 9-5’er who is:

  1. Sick and tired of earning the same old money doing the same old thing.
  2. Wants to break free from the terror of rollercoaster income
  3. Is just done with exchanging their time for money
  4. Wants to live with the feeling that they are on the right path with the satisfying ping of money coming into their bank account and being rewarded for the gifts that they offer.

So if you are done trying to do this all yourself, or cobbling together tactics from 5 million different places then here is my very decent proposition….

Here’s how to know you are going to have multiple income streams in place for 2018 and have income as smooth as Sean Connery’s Scottish drawl.

Find out more here and book your Bespoke Smash Your Income Streams for 2018 1:1 session today.

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It’s that time of year where everything is geared toward us making the most of the fading moments of the year and barreling us fast toward Christmas.

It can be all to easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all and push our plans for our income for 2018 aside.  Maybe it feels too overwhelming, maybe it feels like you should have done it ages ago, maybe it feels like you just can’t look at any numbers.

Whatever it is I want you to leave that feeling aside for just a moment and take one minute to yourself.

Getting calm enough to plan

I came across this fabulous gallery of mindfulness pictures yesterday when I was coaching a fellow coach.  (Yes coaches need coaches – we know it works!).   All you need is one minute and you will simply feel your brain reset to calm and opens. My favourite its below.  You can choose your favourite here.

Revving up for planning

On the flip side when we feel think we might want to do some planning but can’t seem to get started here are six ways to psychological ways to start revving your engine!

I particularly love the Zeigarnik effect.  The idea that even if you do one tiny thing toward a project the rest will follow, based on the premise that we hate to leave things unfinished.

The Zeigarnik effect in action

Here is a tiny thing you can do to start planning your income streams for 2018 so that you can smash your financial goals.   Register for my FREE online workshop, being held on Tuesday 12th December, where we will be aligning your income streams with your biggest dreams, creating a roadmap for your income and I’ll also be sharing with you one way you can add a new income stream to within 24 hours to your life.

You can register right here.  Your brain and income will thank you for it!

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Real talk: I think you’re scared

I think you’re very scared

And I can say that to you because I have been I have been in the same club as you.

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re putting your heart and soul into your business and yet your income bounces up and down as much as kid in a candy store.

This feeling is oh so hard and I want you to know it’s your time to start on the road to feeling stress free and guilt free around money management and income in your business, even if you are feeling doubtful and I’ve got a 3 day plan for you to kick start it.

Day One – How to get rid of The Guilt

Guilt.  One of those incapacitating emotions where you’ve got it all going on the back of your head like a sledge hammer and you can’t stop thinking that you  should really be doing better with “this” by now.

One of the ways that Guilt festers and grows is by us not having knowledge within our business.

Sometimes it can be easier to bury our heads in the sand, try and forget all about it and just hope for the best.

But if we actually dare sneak a look at what is really going on in our biz (….go on, go on, go on…. I triple dare you)  we can gain knowledge and empowerment which can start to rid us of that festering guilt “mould”.

But hang fire there lovely, before you go from zero……to paralysis by analysis let’s look at some examples of where just a little more knowledge might help.

Have you ever had this situation?  Sometimes you have no idea how well a feature of your business is doing.   You haven’t looked at any stats for ages, overwhelmed with too many other things to do AND you are uncertain that anyone is looking at your social media anyway.  BUT when you take a sneak peak at your Google or Facebook analytics you find there is a blog or Facebook post of yours that people keep visiting time and time again….Hmm – what does this tell you?!

Imagine what you could instantly do once you have this knowledge?  You know what people are hungry for it – so you can do more of it.  Repurpose it onto Linked In, create a FB live or audio on it or even create a product solution around it for example.

Another example is regarding your sales stats and conversion rates.  Have you ever felt that this is an area that you become paralysed over when you think of looking at it?  Don’t be uncomfortable; you are not alone.  The reality of the figures sometimes means it’s easier not to look.   I’ll be doing another post on income mindset blocks to help you move on this, but if you feel drawn to it now, it can be a really worthwhile area to look at to lessen your guilt and maximise your knowledge of your business.

Your action.

Choose one small area of your business that you are going to look at the figures or stats for.   Choose one thing, that you think might be the most important to know more about and see what concealed secrets it has been waiting to share with you.

How to get rid of The Stress  

Stress is really closely aligned to fear and the fear that we’re not quite getting it right,  the fear that this is never going to work and the fear that we simply just not good enough.  It’s your protective mindset at work giving you sleepless nights.

What happens when fear runs the show is that you logically know what you that need to do to get that last few hundred pounds of business in AND you know you could do that by picking up the phone BUT your brave face is firmly hanging in the wardrobe today.

And therefore you go back to hoping that something will happen to bring in that money before the end of the month

I’m here to tell you the truth now.

Sorry but the fear is always going to be there.. But if you can face your fear even a tiny bit then the stress starts to diminish and the fear lessens and you move forward in your business.
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So in the words of the late great Susan Jeffers “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Your action

What does this look like in practice? Don’t do a virtually parachute jump before you’ve tried on the flying suit but imagine what would it be like if you did just had one little thing that was outside of your comfort zone today?  How fulfilled would you be at the result could that potentially give you?

For you maybe that for you is to connect with five people on Linked In or maybe it’s to pick up the phone to follow up that prospect you spoke to last week on email…or pushing yourself to do a Facebook Live even (or is that a step too far?!)

How to create a consistency in your income to alleviate both guilt and stress

When I say consistency for some reason I think of gloopy yellow custard – maybe a childhood fear from school dinners!.. BUT what I am talking about here is the smooth Sean Connery drawl of consistency in the income in your business.

Consistent income makes for a stress free and guilt free income management and money management within your business.  Imagine having reliable income and being able to plan in advance in your business and personal life, saying yes to the conference, saying yes to a holiday next year…saying yes to paying yourself a regular “salary”.

One of the ways of creating more consistency so that you alleviate the stress and guilt and become more carefree is to have multiple income streams.   It’s true that a typical millionaire has seven streams of income but the typical small business owner may only have one or two.

Even if you feel at this time you have no time, I urge you to stop running around doing potentially fruitless tasks (see point 1 re knowledge) and know you can be motivated to open up your mind to additional income.

Your action

To get started in this area and see how hopeful it can be, do a little bit of research.  Good old Google is a good place to start.  What are other people in your industry doing?  Check out some of your colleagues on Linked In – what are they offering?  Head over to Amazon – what books are there on your subject that are hot right now? These are the topics that people want to know about and if you focused on could bring you in additional income.

Feel inspired – go create!

In Summary – Let’s be confident and go do!

  1. Choose a small facet of your business that you would like to have more knowledge on numbers wise and be bold and find out the answers
  2. Find something that scares you – and be daring and face the fear and do it anyway.
  3. Move forward to more self sufficiency and Google etc for other income stream ideas in your industry

Next steps

If you want to be a cut above in creating consistent income in your business then I’d love to share with you my number one smoothing tool (a bit like an icing smoothing paddle for your business!) This something I have used daily for the last nine years and really helps me create reliable income in my business.  It includes solid working examples for coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners and service based providers to help you seize the start your super smooth income.

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Anything to do with money can be downright scary.

You’ve seen some success in your business, people are raving about what you do, but financially it’s feeling like a bit of a let down..

The actual practical nuts and bolts of your business and personal finances are leaving you feeling like you are wearing boxing gloves to thread a needle.

And then when you dare think of where you want to be financially your money mindset crushes you down and income generation seems like a pushing a ten ton elephant up a hill.

Throw into the mix that you have this nagging feeling it’s time to look yourself in the eye about it all…but don’t want to do it alone.

……so where do you start with choosing a money coach?

Quick start guide

There are 3 steps to choosing a coach, and this doesn’t just apply to money coaching but to other areas you might seek a coach for.  After all coaching is one of the way to get where you want to be faster and with more ease.  (Don’t just take my word for it – the International Coaching Federation Global Coaching Client Study (conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers) found that 86% of coachees made their investment back)

BUT…how do you know if they are any good?  Are they going to teach you something you don’t know already?  Indeed will they teach at all (some coaching styles are such that you seek your own answers).  There are also some really good marketers out there – but are they good coaches?…

I’m going to outline the 3 steps here and talk about them in more detail.

The 3 steps

  • What do you want to get out of your coaching?
  • Research potential coaches
  • Then take them for a test drive
The full details

Step 1 – What do you want out of coaching?

This really is the most important place to start.  It’s like going to the supermarket without a list otherwise – you can get enticed by the end of aisle special offers and realise you have come out with nothing for dinner!

Ask yourself this one question to find out what it is that is really important to you.

Ask yourself how your life looks after coaching

Then brainstorm the answers to these questions:

How could your coach best support you?

Are you looking for training, mentoring or coaching?

What sort of style/manner should they have?

How do you want to be held accountable?

What sort of technical knowledge should they have (if any)?

What timescales are you looking at?  Number of sessions? Format? Price?

Are there any specific things you want to learn?

So how does it work in the real world?

When a client comes to me it might be that they generally are looking to feel better around money, they want to earn more, feel less guilt around spending and saving and have some systems to manage it all in place that don’t feel like hard work.  They are looking for someone to support and facilitate the change they want to bring about.

Typically my clients has a mixture of training – so specific actionable steps and answers to their technical questions, but also coaching – to discover some of the deeper issues at work that have been eluding them and keeping them trapped in a cycle with money and the way they are with money and importantly how to change these.

The sessions themselves are two hours (which allows for us to get into the meat of the matter) and over Skype for location flexibility.  My clients tend to be busy people (aren’t we all!) so I help keep them accountable with an action steps email after the session, and a check in between sessions.   Sometimes we do sessions bi-weekly, sometimes monthly.

What happens…

The reason I blend training and coaching together is that my technical knowledge of personal finance is really strong.  I’ve spent 23 years (as of 2017) working in finance and a good number of those as a financial advisor both here and overseas.  Although now I am not a qualified financial advisor ( that simply means I can’t sell you any financial products! Nice ) I retain my keen interest in all things personal finance and I’ve seen hundreds of different financial situations over my time so can answer from experience and knowledge.

My style is part taskmaster, part cheerleader.  I’m an ace at seeing peoples hidden strengths and helping them use those to take the next steps.  The taskmaster part comes in because I believe that things don’t happen without action – we split those down in to the teeny tiniest of baby steps in order to get moving and I keep you accountable to it.

This is what happened to Andy after he took some of my training/coaching.

“You prompted me to think about what I’m REALLY good at and enjoy, that would be a useful service others need to generate another income stream.  I just needed the prompt and push that you gave me to do something about it!  So I joined the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and just completed the online study requirements for full membership. And I have the first two of my own clients already!  Thanks again for being so generous with your time and ideas.”
(Andrew Mitchell)

What else happens?

Then there are other clients who aren’t keen at all at looking at the practical details of money – logging into internet banking is a sweaty heart racing moment, and they run like Forrest Gump at the thought of a spreadsheet.   I take all that burden away and clients come back loving the strategic plans I put in place for them, the simple systems that allow them to take a confident driving seat when they are ready.

I’ve had other clients report back to me improved relationships with their partners – talking honestly about money and what they want in life for the first time (maybe ever).   That they have been sleeping better, have more energy and life has it’s bounce back again.

“My energy levels are higher too, and I’m more excited about life, the day to day stuff, and the future.  I felt like I was hearing advice from a great and wise friend.  I highly recommend her as a coach.”  (Maria Stephens, Corporate Manager)

But I don’t know what I want!

Don’t freak out if this is you.   Sometimes all we know is that this can’t go on the way it has been but we are so stuck we can’t work what is next.   This is where a coach can help you get unstuck and create new thinking.   Often times even just having a free clarity call with me can be enough to start getting things a little clearer for you.

Just move onto the next step for now and trust the answers will come.

Step 2 – Research coaches

Here is a list of things you could consider in your potential coach:

What are your first impressions?

What experience do they have?

What credentials do they have in place?

Where else are they on the net – publications, podcasts, newspaper articles etc?

Have you googled their name?

I trust that I come across as I am – which is friendly but firm with a raft of great ideas and experience.  I love sharing my 20 plus years of personal (some international) finance experience, as well as that of working for myself since 2008, where I have created multiple income streams, been 2nd in the world for the organisation I worked under the umbrella of (self employed).  Doing my Post-grad in personal and business coaching on top of my financial qualifications for me brought the money coaching alive. I really enjoy reaching further out with podcasts & newspaper articles.    All of this you get access to whether you work with me personally or online.

Things to look out for

As in any industry there are things that are always quite what they seem.  So here are just a few things to look out for.  Money is an abused topic – and a very emotive one!

  • Look out for Financial Advisors who call themselves a Money Coach.  This might be the right fit for you if you are looking for someone who can advise and sell your products as well but make sure that it is clear that is a possibility.  For me having no financial products to sell brings a whole level of clarity and difference to the conversation as the outcome isn’t a sale or becoming a financial advisory client.  I look to get my clients in a position of knowing if they want to outsource some of their financial management and what they want out of that relationship.
  • Look out for income coaches who are trying to sell you their one system.  There are multiple examples out there and I am all for adding a potentially passive income stream into your income generation BUT what you don’t want it just the one way of doing it – what works for someone else may not work for you.
Step 3 – Take for a test drive

Why do we still head into the shops to make a purchase?  We sometimes like to touch, feel and experience first hand what something is like – and coaching is no different.

You can experience coaches style, ways of working in a number of different ways before you commit:

Have you taken a look at the free content they offer?  Tools, blog posts, cheat sheets etc

Are there any videos you can view to give you a flavour of what they are like?

Could you listen to a podcast of theirs next time you are out running/driving/doing the washing up?

Do they have an active Facebook Group?

Lastly if you are seriously thinking of working with them 1:1 then it is essential to have a free clarity call before you commit to paid sessions.

I have all of these so people can get a taste of me before they buy.

What to expect from a free clarity call

What you want to get from a clarity call is a sense that you and the coach would be able to work together and that they can help you get further than you would on your own, easier and quicker!   There should be great rapport but also focus. An outline of the solutions as they see it too.  Ask yourself do they resonate with you?  You might feel that push of  coming out of your comfort zone – that doesn’t mean not to work with them, in fact it means you probably should – coaching can be challenging.

What next

Ultimately imagine how it would feel to be working with that person.  If you have done all your groundwork you can now trust your judgement.  Enjoy your coaching journey and the transformation it can bring to your life.

If you have any questions jump onto the work with me page to schedule a call or email me directly.

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When I came across Dorothy at The Sane Mom I thought whoa there….I’m needing some of that…!  Parenthood is certainly one of my biggest challenges – it’s a ball but it’s a juggling act sometimes too.   Just having a chat with Dorothy brought a little zone of calm into my life PLUS she loves a cup of tea so is always going to warm my British heart when we get onto that subject…

So if you want to know the how you should be talking to your kiddies about money (even the little munchkins) AND you want some money and relationship tips too head over to The Sane Mom and catch my podcast now.

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Here is one thing I know with absolute surety – we all have money blocks that we have to remove to bring in more income.

Knowing this is exactly what helped me to get where I am today.

I’m Caroline & I am a Money Mindset & Income Coach.

I’ll warn you – I’m the Jekyll and Hyde you need. Part cheerleader (you won’t find someone so encouraging and supportive as me).  Part taskmaster – you got to have the actions and the accountability for those to get dreams into reality.

I work with professionals and small business owners using my 5 step process so that you upgrade your life to first class, up-level your income and become money confident.

It’s like nothing else you have come across.. 

It’s not financial advice

It’s not debt counselling

It’s money coaching – a way of looking at your relationship to money to increase your income, upgrade your life and be money confident

It’s Ok I know you want more of it,( money that is), you want your life to feel amazing, and you want to get rid of that fog in your brain around money once and for all.

That’s where I come in as your Money Mindset & Income Coach.

It works by providing you not only practical money hacks, and actionable income upgrades, but very importantly sorting out your relationship with money once and for all.

I’ll let you into a secret – That’s the missing piece of the jigsaw you’ve been looking for all this time.

Let’s put it all on the table.   I’ve got 20 years experience in money with companies like Santander and Barclays.   I’ve been a qualified financial advisor both in the UK and overseas.  I’m a total geek when it comes to consuming anything and everything about money mindset and how to get to the next level.

I’ve been featured in The National, Athena, The genisuses of wealth and The Grid Dubai to name a few.

After selling my financial advisory business I’d built from scratch, I decided to use my money expertise in a different way.  I’d always loved the money journey with my clients, and discovered without products and selling we could have an truly honest conversation about money and what you want it to do for you in life.

I took a post-grad in business and personal coaching and combined that with my love of the money journey to bring to you my 5 step process to creating your money blueprint for a wealthy you.

So here I am, your Money Mindset & Income Coach, providing you the tools to take that next step in upgrading your life, up-leveling your income and being money confident.

Now I’d love to give you the first steps.

The best way to do that right now is to register for the FREE 5 day training coming up and to LIKE my Facebook page – where I share daily actions for wealth and do regular Facebook LIVES on clearing your money blocks and implementing easy money systems, so that you can live your richer life, (yes feel that sand between your toes), earn more (without working too hard!) and be money confident.  (Shake that money thang – you got it!)

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