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How to Maximize A NEW NEVER BEFORE SEE technology to grow your network marketing team - YouTube

Before we even start, let me say that I understand the headline “New Technology Guaranteed to Grow Your Marketing Team” sounds like a total fluffy, BS Spiel that the network marketing profession has been bombarded with over the past 15-20 years.

The odds are high, that if you are reading this you know me, or know of me. You may have heard one of our podcasts or perhaps you are a regular reader of our articles here at MLM Help.   If you are familiar with the content we provide then you know that no one has a higher disdain for the hype and false information that has taken over this profession over the past fifteen or twenty years.

What I am going to share with you on this page TAKES MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET.  However I know in my heart and soul this is the answer (at this time and place in history) to pull this profession out of the state of dissipation it has fallen in and return organizations and companies to a state of growth.

When I say it takes money out of my pocket I mean there are other courses and products we offer through Network Marketing Support Services Inc. that make us much more profit.  Yes I am involved with the Network Marketing Magazine and the software developers on this project and have a very small financial interest.  When I say this project has been a labor of love for the industry, it has been.  Yes, I believe it will quickly become the recognized platform that all serious teams engage with. Many of our members believe  it is inevitable.  However if that never happens, the impact this platform has already had for so many distributors from multiple companies around the world has made the time, research, and countless hours  I have personally put into the 27% Success System, one of the most gratifying experiences in my business career.

If you are a newbie that is more interested in making money now than building a long-term solid business and legacy income, don’t read another word on this page.   I think you would find the podcast episode here:  TRIPPING OVER FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE TO GET TO DOLLARS  more valuable and thought provoking.

The information on this page is for:

1) Serious, career minded, distributors that want to maximize the time and personal efforts of their team members and in so doing, their personal income.

2) Newbies that are willing to work and understand to maximize your upside potential with the network marketing business model, NEW SKILL SETS & MINDSETS are REQUIRED. (I realize people don’t like to hear this, but it the truth)

3)  Those who still have the possibilities of building a duplicating team and creating the residual income stream that the network marketing business model offers, running in their blood, but have never been able to quite get over the hump and move their business forward.  The information on this page, is for you, IF you are willing to erase much of the false philosophies and unproductive habits you have become comfortable with. You cannot approach this business as you always have, and must be willing to expand your comfort zone.

4) Company owners and corporate officers who understand that maybe there is a reason Fortune 500 corporations are using this platform?  Possibly this is not just another spiel, and maybe this gamification platform is the future & best way on the planet to support our entrepreneur minded team members right now.

The only way possible to get a real understanding of the power of this platform is to experience it for yourself.
Let me say that again, because you can’t miss this statement.  THE ONLY WAY TO GET A REAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE POWER OF THIS PLATFORM IS TO EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF.  I understand you are busy, we all are, but there is nothing you can do over the next few minutes that will have a more positive impact on growth of your network marketing business than take the 97 cent test drive YOURSELF.


If you are a company owner, or team leader, imagine if all of these people expressing their unsolicited, heart felt feelings about this platform were on your team.

Network Marketing Team Building - YouTube

It is hard do explain the power of this platform.  We try to relate this to something we are familiar with, and this type of Gamification platform has never been available to the network marketing business model until NOW! The best way to attempt to explain it is that we “Cultivate the Environment for Success” with the Engagement platform that focuses on Wisdom of the Ages Success Mindsets and ALSO the proven sequential development of the skill sets that are required for team members to maximize their success with the network marketing business model.

1 5min Intro GM - YouTube

Thank you for taking the time review this material.  Now it is time that you receive your payout for the time you have invested.  Please don’t procrastinate, you can access this system right now for only 97 cents the first month.

Just click here.   

The 27% Success System is now included with your membership to the Network Marketing Magazine. You will also receive free access to my Network Marketing A-Z course which currently sells for $497.00 at The Network Marketing Magazine.  You also receive Full access to every edition of The Network Marketing Magazine, with 13 years of monthly editions which includes countless articles and videos. This content is not from a bunch of guru wannabe’s but from the top thought leaders of the past decade in the personal development and network marketing industry. 

The Network Marketing Magazine is a wealth of information unparalleled in any other online magazine dedicated to the Network Marketing industry.  An unheard of 91% of the distributors who take the 97 cent test drive remain members.  These serious, career minded distributors will tell you it is THE BEST INVESTMENT they have made in their career, that is moving them forward and making them money.   If for some reason you don’t feel the same way, let me know!  Send an email to Dale  @ MLM Help.com and let me know!  I will personally send you a $5.00 bill just for giving us a chance to make THE DIFFERENCE in the growth of this business.

Is that fair?

Ask any of our members who engage with this platform and they will tell you the future of network marketing training is The Network Marketing Magazines 27% Success Club.  IT IS INEVITABLE!  The time has come, the history of this profession has led all of us to this point and time, please make the best business decision you have ever made and click here now to access the platform.

Dedicated to Your Success,

PS  I warned you in the beginning this was going to sound like
Marketing Spiel.

* 97 Cent Trial
* Free $497 A-Z Course
* 5X Your Money Back Guarantee  etc. etc.

The truth is, when I say being involved with this platform has been
one of the most gratifying experiences of my 35+ year network
marketing career, I mean it.   The leaders that now have a clear
path to grow their team, the people that have been around this
industry a couple of years and are now for the first time sponsoring
new team members and creating customers has been emotionally
overwhelming for me.  If you are a company owner, or a newbie,
this a platform that you simply MUST EXPERIENCE!

PSS  I have been surprised at the number of people who have joined
the 27% Success System who are in between companies, or not currently
building a team.  I have heard dozens of times, “I know network marketing
is the way for me to accomplish my dreams.”  When the right opportunity
presents itself, I want to have the right mindsets and proven game plan
to take advantage of it.


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There are many important milestones in a network marketers career.  In this training I want to share the importance and significance of each milestone along your journey.

I have shared many times that many people have been around the industry 15 years, and like to talk about the fact that “they have 15 years experience” like it is a badge of honor.  It is no more a badge of honor that someone who has been a member of a civic organizations, church, or on the board of a non profit organization for fifteen years.

The real question is what kind of impact of you made in your 15 years.  Have you personally progressed?  I sincerely believe the answer to this question depends upon culture you have been involved in and exposed to.

The truth is, most people 15 years into their business have 1 mediocre year repeated 15 times.  Why? There are multiple reasons but I believe at the top of this list is a lack of understanding of milestones and the reality that the network marketing business model has become more of a social club for part-timers,  than a real business.

Leaderships primary focus seems to keep them in and autoship more than helping team members progress and systematically reach milestones and progress towards their reasons.

I hope this training webinar is valuable for you, and I hope you hit every milestone you hope to achieve. As always your comments and feedback are welcome.

The 9 Most Important Milestones in a Network Marketers Career - YouTube

Are you a podcast listener?

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I sincerely believe that most of the people that listen to our podcast,
and read our MLMHelp.com articles, think deeper than most network


I repel those who treat their business more like a social gathering than a real business.  I have said many times, if you will ever want is a part-time gig there are better options than network marketing. 

So since you are reading this, I would sincerely appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this subject.

I believe the power of network marketing is it gives average people with above average desire the opportunity to generate wealth.

So here is my question.

Is it when we don’t take the time to really get it (Internalize) that which is important,  it makes it harder in the future to recognize and internalize that which is REALLY IMPORTANT?

That is my question for you.

Not just in our business, but life?  Don’t we see this in politics, and really all aspects of life?  Some people are so self reliant and close minded they can see through a key hole with both eyes. It is though they don’t have the ability to really Internalize WISDOM OF THE AGES SUCCESS PRINCIPLES because they already have all the answers.

I know that “knowledge without action leads to self delusion.”   The network marketing profession is full of knowledgeable people that have never really conquered fear of failure and fear of rejection that hang around this industry in a state of false pride and delusion.  I know that, I think we all see that we see that every time we log into one of our social media accounts.

At some time we have all read the parable of the talents.  The dude that buried his one talent had it taken away. Those that use their talents have more added.  What about our positive, insightful thoughts?

Believe it or not, when I was younger I  sang like a song bird.  Today, I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.   Zig talked about what would happen to the use of our arm if we tied it to the side of our body for a month and didn’t use it? I think it was Zig, it may have been Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Anyway, my point being is weekly I communicate with many network marketing newbies, future leaders, those will leadership titles, real leaders and company owners.  A wide range of people.

Many seem to be happy for me to tell them the same thing over and over.  It is almost like they ARE NOT ABLE to say THIS IS IMPORTANT, and I need to make it part of my daily operation and natural thought process by internalizing this concept through repetition.

It is like people would rather waste more and more time on Fu Fu dust, than internalize that which is really important.  There are really only 7 Key areas of life. With the right focus and internalization of what is important can’t we all continue to move forward in all areas of life?

Success is living your live working towards worthy goals.

If that is what is going on, they also seem to become more hard headed and unable to hear logic and wisdom as time goes on.  Just take one night and switch your TV back and forth from CNN to FOX and you will see exactly what I am talking about.   They are talking about the exact same story but seem to struggle to come to logical conclusions because they are more concerned about political agendas.

It seems people have become more consumed with personal agenda’s, and
being entertained than focusing on the things in life that really move the needle forward.

Personal feelings about the current administration, keep these talking heads from applying logic and wisdom to any given situation.  The number of times someone has been proven wrong seems to not matter in today’s fake news and mlm guru world.

It is sad to think when we don’t take the time to really get (Internalize) that which is important that it possibly makes it harder in the future to recognize the difference between truth and fluff.

I understand that we don’t know what we don’t know.  That is one reason why I am always inviting people to call me out on anything I share on this website or in our podcast that doesn’t make logical sense, and founded in wisdom of the ages principals.

However it is all around us.   Common sense seems to be becoming less and less common.  It is becoming harder for people to think.  They seem to have decision constipation. 

They can’t buy anything they truly need unless 20 random people on social media give it 5 stars. In some cases, they ended up investing money in things they don’t wan’t for the same reason, social media stars. Really?

I know that  “Knowledge without action leads to self delusion”  (See guru 2 below)

My question is.  Is it possible that when we are exposed to logic, reason, and wisdom and don’t take the time to “capture those thoughts and internalize them” that in the future they become harder to recognize?


Recently I had a listener of our podcasts send me an audio clip of a very popular network marketing guru where he was basically bragging about the fact that he never listen to Jim Rohn or many motivational speakers when he was building his team.   The question they asked me was is this as horrifying to you as it is me?

Of course I wasn’t surprised but that made it no less horrifying.

The same day I received another email from someone talking about another very popular trainner telling me  “He sure knows how to talk the talk, & he wants all of us to think he walked the walked. However those that know his track record understand all he ever did was climb in other people’s back pocket”

At least GURU TWO listened and internalized wisdom.  The fact he was never able to implement that wisdom in the market place and move forward on his own is another issue.  My perception of him from the beginning was he was a pocket jumper, and over the years his track record has proven that to be the case.

I had a company owner tell me this week.  The conscientious is he was an ok builder, but he is a great trainer.  My response was simply, I don’t agree with the conscientious.  He climbed in the back pocket of __________ and he has become a great seminar promoter.  The ability to promote seminars, has nothing to do with the ability to teach someone how to sequentially build a team.


He never took the time to internalize wisdom.  Anyone who has taken the time to internalize wisdom of the ages principles can listen to this guy for 10 minutes and it becomes immediately obvious that he never has.  Maybe he was the #1 earner of a pyramid scheme he calls a network marketing company before becoming a full time consultant and trainer.  The truth is his money comes from telling people what they want to hear, so he can sell them what he wants to sell them.  He has spent very little time on mindset, his focus is marketing, and for people to maximize their upside potential with this profession skill set and mindset is more important than marketing.

The obvious question for these gurus is name one person that you personally recruited and helped get to full time income status.    You can talk about all the gurus you hang out with now, but who did you personally recruit and help get to that level, isn’t that the real question?  Especially if you are getting advice on how to rank up in your company?

He is all about selling what he wants to sell.

I believe that the network marketing profession has been sold so much Fu Fu dust since 2000 that many are not able to recognize the difference between spiel and wisdom as I talk about in detail in the free training course here:  http://www.MLMScam2.com

Honestly,  even though I have been actively involved in this profession all my adult life, I had no idea how far off course everything had become until I decided to engage emotionally back in August of 2015 when we started our podcast.

Later tonight I am conducting an interview on our podcast with Will Zanders, who recently became the top earner in his company.  It will be one, you don’t want to miss. 

He is a MLM Training Club & 27% Success Club member that I know has taken the time to make wisdom of the age’s principles part of who he is.

I know the majority of the people reading this article are doing the same thing.  You, like Will are doing all you can to avoid the Fu Fu dust and implement proven wisdom of the ages mindsets and duplicable systems into your organizations.
The number of people in this profession that who are internalizing wisdom daily and making it part of their personal thought process, and then overcoming there fears and systematizing the growth of their team is growing.  

I believe that over time Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth prevail as I talk about in the training at TAKE BACK THE INDUSTRY.

I applaud all of you who have caught the vision of returning this profession to its roots on which it was founded upon.  If we continue to take responsibility &  build people, people will build the business.

I respect your thoughts and opinions, so what do you think?

Is it possible when we don’t take the time to really internalize and focus on that which is important,  do you feel it makes it harder in the future to recognize and internalize that which is REALLY IMPORTANT?

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I am not a believer in MLM Crowd Funding
Programs for multiple reasons.

The bottom line is recruiting,  marketing products
and services is a lot of work and the same work, no
matter the program.

My hope is that readers of this website will attempt to
spend their valuable time with a real company
that has a chance to be the next billion dollar

It seems like a new crowd funding MLM program is hitting
the market daily.  In my opinion they are all Money Games
using the buzz term “ crowd funding”.

Real Business Owners will go to:

Kickstarter or Indiegogo and those in need help
with personal  challenges gofundme.com

Crowd funding with network marketing type comp
plans will attract the money game crowd.

Someone came up with a software to combine
MLM with  what they call “Crowd Funding” and at least ½
dozen programs have come and gone or stalled over the
past year or so.  Youtube is littered with these programs.

This is what MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson feels.

If customers aren’t using the crowdfunding platform, or
worse yet, there isn’t even an option for customers to use
the platform without joining the business, then there’s a small
likelihood the business is anything other than a money transfer.

For most MLMs wrapped around the crowdfunding model,  
it takes more than just selling an alleged product or service to
be considered a legitimate company. If the product or service
doesn’t have legitimate value, then it’s not a product or service
at all; and when commissions aren’t based upon any legitimate
product or service, the business is a pyramid scheme, period.

Honestly these deals  go against everything I believe
in.  At some point we all have to quit chasing the dollar
and dig in and go to work with a real company that has
valuable products or service to share with end users IE



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Many are saying the future of network marketing is Apps.  I feel a few people will make a decent income promoting apps, while apps are the future, I don’t believe they are the future of network marketing.

I have always believed you can see the future by understanding the past.

The real product in network marketing is people.  Your long term income is in direct proportion to the number of LEADERS that you DEVELOP on your team.

Anyone remember I Living App that was launched in 2013? It was going to be the next big thing.

The reason for this article is I have had multiple emails asking me about  TYPR which I have not researched in any detail because I don’t need to.  If you have not heard about it, basically  my perception is it is an Uber/Lyft knock off.  I have no details, but theoretically it is a good idea.  But ideas don’t mean didly, it is all about the implementation of ideas.  Ideas are a dime-a-dozen.

If you were a satisfied Uber user, and you shared the Uber app with others and received a small override, that sounds doable.

The longer I live the more I believe most wannprenuers / entrepreneurs  have the vision of a bowling ball.  (Little to None)

I have always believed and always will believe that success requires hard work, personal education and if you can get in front of a trend you are ahead of the game.   “The trend is your friend”

Here are a couple of rules I believe.

  • The more credible the company, the longer they have been in business, the less of an upside potential exist with that company. I believe that with the right skill set training, mindset training and work ethic, a full time income can be built with any company in the market.

$100,000 a year is possible but the same work may create a $1,000,000.00 income if you are in front of a trend.  Does that make sense?  For some people long term security is an important motivator and I understand and appreciate that.   I recently saw a video where a guy that started about the same time I did, has now joined Shaklee.  Yes I took a double take, but I understand.

Ground floor opportunities in general usually have more challenges.

  • Rarely category creators enter the market that have mass market potential. Example:  In the mid 90”s Jeff Olson & Eric Worre started The People’s Network.  They offered Satellite services and a paid personal development channel that offered programs from some of the top personal development, and niche business speakers of the time.   The challenge……there was no Mass Appeal.  The people that would love the programming rarely stopped to watch TV and the people that could benefit from the programming the most would rather be watching Two Broke Girls or some other brainless, worthless TV Show.   If and when you run across a category creator you should take a deep look, if you are looking.

  • What is the existing and upside potential of the product from a consumer standpoint?
  • 100% of zero is zero. No matter the company, not matter the products, the work is the same.   You must create customers, recruit, and build a team.

    Off the top of my head, here are a few companies that I consider to be category creators when
    they launched.

    Melaleuca  (First autoship company)
    Logaberger Baskets

    MPB Grocery Delivery
    Herbalife  (First network marketing company to use Infomercials)

Regarding TYRP or any opportunity now, or in the future regarding transportation, I would not suggest clients get involved with.  My question is always, where will this be in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years? Here is what many experts are saying.   If you want to make quick cash at this moment and time, Uber itself is a great option.  I don’t suggest attempting to build a long term residual income around the transportation industry as it exist today, here is why.



A gasoline engine has 20,000 individual parts.  An electrical motor has 20.  Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are only repaired by dealers.  It takes only 10 minutes to remove and replace an electric motor.  Faulty electric motors are not repaired in the dealership but are sent to a regional repair shop that repairs them with robots.  Your electric motor malfunction light goes on, so you drive up to what looks like a Jiffy-auto wash, and your car is towed through while you have a cup of coffee and out comes your car with a new electric motor!


Parking meters will be replaced by meters that dispense electricity.  Companies will install electrical recharging stations; in fact, they’ve already started.  You can find them at select Dunkin Donuts locations right now. Most (the smart) major auto manufacturers have already designated money to start building new plants that only build electric cars.

Coal industries will go away. Gasoline/oil companies will go away.  Drilling for oil will stop. So say goodbye to OPEC!  Homes will produce and store more electrical energy during the day and then they use and will sell it back to the grid.  The grid stores it and dispenses it to industries that are high electricity users.  Has anybody seen the Tesla roof?

A baby of today will only see personal cars in museums. The FUTURE is approaching faster than most of us can handle. In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide.  Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. Who would have thought of that ever happening? 

Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later, you would never take pictures on film again?  With today’s smart phones, who even has a digital camera these days?  What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 5-10 years and, most people don’t see it coming. Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975.  The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore’s law.  So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a time, before it became way superior and became mainstream in only a few short years. 

It will now happen again (but much faster) with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Forget the book, “Future Shock”, welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Software has disrupted and will continue to disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years. UBER is just a software tool, they don’t own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world!   Ask any taxi driver if they saw that coming. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties.  Ask Hilton Hotels if they saw that coming. Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world.  This year, a computer beat the best Go-player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with GO  (Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. … The players take turns placing the stones on the vacant intersections (“points”) of a board) In the USA, young lawyers already don’t get jobs.  Because of  IBM’s Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for right now, the basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans.  So, if you study law, stop immediately.  There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future, (what a thought!) only omniscient specialists will remain.

Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, its 4 times more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans.  By 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.


In 2018 the first self-driving cars and semi-trucks arrived.   In the next 2 years, the entire industry will start to be disrupted.  You won’t want to own a car anymore as you will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination.  You will not need to park it you will only pay for the driven distance and you can be productive while driving.  The very young children of today will never get a driver’s license and will never own a car.  Uber itself is building their own electric car company.

This will change our cities, because we will need 90-95% fewer cars.  We can transform former parking spaces into parks. 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide including distracted or drunk driving.  We now have one accident every 60,000 miles; with autonomous driving that will drop to 1 accident in 6 million miles.  That will save a million lives plus worldwide each year. It is highly likely that many traditional car companies that don’t adapt quickly will become bankrupt. 

My thoughts is traditional car companies will try the evolutionary approach and just build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, Google) will do the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels. Look at what Volvo is doing right now; no more internal combustion engines in their vehicles starting this year with the 2019 models, using all electric or hybrid only, with the intent of phasing out hybrid models.

Many engineers from Volkswagen and Audi; are completely terrified of Tesla and so they should be.  Look at all the companies offering all electric vehicles.  That was unheard of, only a couple of years ago. Insurance companies will have massive trouble because, without accidents, the costs will become cheaper.  Their car insurance business model will disappear. Real estate will change.  Because if you can work while you commute, people will move farther away to live in a more beautiful or affordable neighborhood.   Realtors are “middle men” that are already being phased out by multiple of internet websites and apps as most reading this realize.


Electric cars will become mainstream about 2030.  Cities will be less noisy because all new cars will run on electricity.  Cities will have much cleaner air as well. Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean. Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can now see the huge impact.   And it’s just getting ramped up. Fossil energy companies are desperately trying to limit access to the grid to prevent competition from home solar installations, but that simply cannot continue – technology will take care of that strategy.

The huge mainstream network marketing energy companies like Ambit are going to be effected.


Health: The Tricorder X price will be announced this year.  There are companies who will build a medical device (called the “Tricorder” from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample and you breath into it.  It then analyses multiple bio-markers that will identify nearly any Disease.  There are dozens of phone apps out there right now for health purposes.

When I started in the network marketing industry back in 1980 if you walked into a grocery store you could find One a Day Vitamins and Therogran M.  You needed to dust them off before you bought them because they had been sitting on the shelf for so long.

As all of you know, you walk into those same grocery stores today, they have full blown health food stores within the grocery stores.  However I believe those days are coming to an end.  This is the future of the vitamin and supplement business:  http://www.PersonalDNANutrition.com and it too is already here.

Many researches tell us that technology is moving forward so quickly that our human minds cannot keep up with it.   Many people are aggravated and frustrated.  I talk to network marketers weekly that are sick and tired or “dealing with network marketers”.  The truth is, people are people.  Many of the challenges the profession faces today is because we have brought those challenges upon ourselves as I talk about in detail in the free MLM Scam program. 

Honestly, I am more excited about the future than I can express! I know like many of you, that for the industry to move forward we have to move back to go forward.   The build people and people will build the business philosophy that the profession was founded upon will ultimately move the profession forward.

If you agree with that statement, I hope you will take the time, and view the training at www.TakeBacktheIndustry.com

Welcome to the future, it is here now!

As Always your comments and feedback are Welcome !



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Merry Christmas!

I just want to take a minute and thank all of our customers, clients, podcast listeners, MLM
Training Club, Programming Your Mind for Success, and Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy Members for making 2018 a great year for Calvert Marketing Group. 

In spite of a very disrupted fire at our office in June, we learned a lot this year.  Because of your support and feedback and we are entering 2019 with more excitement and anticipation than I can ever remember having,  going into a year in a long time.

Around this time of the year, people always asks me what they can expect in their business in 2019?  My response is the same.  It will be about the same as 2018.  The only person that can make a difference is you.  If you get better, so will your business, it is really that simple.  The challenge is people are not CLEAR on the steps they personally need to take to get better.  I hope this article will help you.

I have shared with you how I am feeling about 2019.

What about you?
  Do you know in your heart and soul that you will move your life and your business forward in 2019?  If you don’t have that assurance, I would invite you to check out.
There is nothing you can do that will have a more positive impact on your 2019 than going through this free workshop.  It comes down December 31st, so don’t even read the rest of this post until you click the link above and get registered.

Daily we have been reading testimonies like this since we opened up the free workshop the middle of December.


During the month of December I make it a point to unsubscribe to every email list that I don’t get value from.  I believe we should all eliminate as many voices from our life as possible.  If I don’t provide you real, wisdom of the ages, value then you should unsubscribe.

Those of you that have been on our email list for years, know we don’t bombard your email box.  If we send something to you , we believe it provides real value and is something we are personally using in one of our businesses.

Our commitment is to entrepreneur minded people in any niche, period. Our loyalty is not to a particular niche, business model or company, it is to you our entrepreneur minded readers.

Many of you are network marketing leaders, some market products and services through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook Market Place and other channels.  Some of you are authors and information product publishers, some are affiliate marketers, internet marketers, own mom & pop businesses, and the list goes on and on.

We respect you, we believe in you and your entrepreneurial spirit. 

However if you are a person who got bit once by the entrepreneur bug, and today have lost interest, we don’t want to waste your time and fill your inbox with insights you don’t find valuable.  Please hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email that comes from our office.  No hard feelings, we will always be here, if and when the bug bites again!


I believe the most important entrepreneurial trait you must develop at this point forward in history is FOCUS.  I am not going to go much more into that here, because I recently did an entire podcast episode on the subject of Focus that you can hear right here:


This brings me to the next topic which I have mentioned in several podcast this year, you are probably going to hear me talk more and more about, it is a concept called.


I did a webinar training on this topic, it is probably available at www.MLMSuccessWebinars.com .   What does JITL ?   There is an old Chinese Proverb that says:

“When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Arrive”Click To Tweet

I recently read that the average American is exposed to 5,000 different ads a day.

If you spend anytime online, those numbers are probably even higher.  As it relates to the entrepreneur markets it is the same thing over and over.  


The headline sucks us in, we think they seem sincere, and we buy the fu fu dust expecting to easily add six figures to our bottom line in no time at all.  Remember what Jim Rohn told us “Never mistake sincerity with truth, because some people are sincerely wrong”

AT SOME POINT YOU HAVE TO REALIZE IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.  If there were a secret software is making them millions, why are they trying to sell it to you for $197.00?

I believe your gut instincts are normally right, but there are many people in the market place who have one goal.  Extract as much money from newbies as possible.  They are awesome at telling ½ truths and tugging on people’s emotional triggers.  They believe sell to everybody at all cost, even if they don’t really need what they are selling.

This is why I am constantly trying to remind our readers to look behind the curtain, and never purchase anything from anyone who doesn’t have a documented track record of success. 

With all that said, I believe you learn how to be product in a business sequentially, piece by piece, concept by concept.   You cannot teach Algebra to someone who hasn’t learned basic addition yet.

The entrepreneurial world is full of people that want to be Noble Prize Mathematicians who have never learned how to multiply 5X5.  During this holiday break it may be a good time to review the 5 Core Fundamentals of network marketing and ask yourself, how many of these have you MASTERED?

Mastering these fundamentals will take you as far as you desire to go in the network marketing  business model.  Most people find themselves fifteen years down the road in network marketing with one mediocre year repeated fifteen times.

Their impatience put them into a pattern of constantly looking for the magic product, company, or hack that would make them successful and never accepting the fact the real answer was starring them back in the mirror.

It absolutely starts with getting your mind right, and removing the limiting beliefs you have about yourself. The good news is this removal process can be done!  This is one of the reasons I only open up the Programming Your Mind for Success workshop once a year.  Otherwise, I would be talking about mindset science and programming all the time.

There is no part of developing a network marketing team that I cannot guide you through.  However I cannot give you the proper mindsets, or do the work for you. You must do that, and do that consistently and patiently knowing that when you are ready to move to the next level the information and support will be here for you.   You can always click the ASK DALE button in the top right hand corner of this website and I will respond.   You can’t learn everything you need in a few months, so don’t try.   Find ONE MENTOR, and plug into their systems, and MASTER THEM based upon your personal strengths, and talents.

Systems can be duplicated, personality cannot be!

So one more time I would ask.  As you move into 2019  What is the one thing that can help you move your life and business forward more than any other?

I have asked myself that question, and I have my answer.  Do you?

Whatever it is, focus there, stay there and MASTER that aspect of the business before you give too much attention to other skill sets and mindsets training.  Find a mentor that can help you, and get totally plugged in.   If you are really not sure how to answer that question then my suggestion is that you WATCH THIS TRAINING ASAP: 27% Success System.

I promise this platform will give you the foundational knowledge you need to become all you can become, I can’t recommend this highly enough, especially if you feel confused and have no idea where you need to start in 2019 and what skill set our mindset you should be mastering.

Last thought.   AMAZON GIFT CARDS

This time of the year those of us that people say are hard to buy for end up with Amazon Gifts Cards.   It is a sad but true fact that a high number of gift cards that are purchased are never used.

So if you end up with an Amazon gift card or two this year.  Ask yourself what is the one skill set or mindset I need to master this year to move my life and my business forward?   There is a good chance you will find a book or course on Amazon by clicking here that will help you.

If you are not crystal clear about your answer my suggestions are simple.
If you have self-limiting belief and doubt holding you back, or have a team that needs help with doubt this is your answer:   PROGRAMMING YOUR MIND WORKSHOP

If you are not sure what the One Thing you need to Master in 2019
this book will help:

If you know where you need to focus, you will probably find a book or course that will help you by clicking here.

I just want to encourage you to GET SERIOUS.  Life is not a practice session this is the real thing.  You must Run When You Can Run!

I talked to two friends this week, both younger than me that are going through some serious, major health challenges.

Wistful Regret is the scariest state any of us can end up in.   Make the very best of 2019 and we will always be here to support and encourage entrepreneurs every way we can.  If you are not familiar with the concept of “Wistful Regret” you can listen to the podast  here.

NO FLUFF Session 76: Wistful Regret

I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and yours. Expect great blessing to flow your way.

You are appreciated by Dawn and I and our staff at Calvert Marketing Group more than we 
can communicate in words.  If we have never met personally, I hope our paths will cross 
this year!

Dedicated to Your Success!

PS  You can stay in the loop daily at our Facebook business 
page here:  www.Facebook.com/DaleCalvertPage  Stop by
and say hi!


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My position on trying to build your Network Marketing business
focusing 100% on offline or online techniques is very well

The old school new school war was created by attraction marketers
so they could sell unsuspecting network marketing newbies what
they wanted to sell them.

I have documented this in multiple of articles on this blog over the

Network Marketing Disruption   http://mlmhelp.com/disrupt

Is there a difference between becoming a Top Producer in your company and a Top Leader? Most say no, of course not. They are wrong, let’s prove it. That is why the majority of six-figure earners ultimately fail and leave the profession.    http://mlmhelp.com/difference

Why Searching for Network Marketing Tips, MLM Nuggets, and Tricks will Delay Your Success by Years

Why Blogging is a waste of time for 99% of Network Marketers     http://mlmhelp.com/blogginghoax 

You need to get out there and build your brand to build a Network Marketing Team … REALLY?

There is no doubt that something is in the air from what you
guys are telling, me daily.

Those who at one time were telling everyone “If you want to position 
yourself as a network marketing professional, you must have a blog &
blog everyday” are now backing off their stance.

From what I am hearing a lot of those hard core attraction marketers
who pulled the wool over the eyes of newbies in the profession for years,
are now trying to teach local lead generation, and may more concepts
and methods that they have never implemented, and at one time
they were calling “old school”.

Here is the main point I need to share with you.  The last six months I
am having honest conversations with many “leaders” that quite frankly
I never expected I would have in my lifetime.

Good people that realize they are victims of the culture in which they
came up in in the profession. 3%ers who have been able to develop a
huge following and great income on social media, but understanding that
what they have the talent to do 97% of the people on their team just
don’t have those skills, and NEVER WILL.

The conversations have been honest, and refreshing.  I was thinking this
afternoon, if that many people have the guts to reach out to me, for
consulting and coaching through the situation they are in, how many
more would benefit from taking this situation HEAD on.

Not to mention the people I connect with daily who bought the flawed
INVEST, LEARN, TEACH concept (literally) and are ready to throw in
the towel and forget trying build a network marketing team.

I have followed Kyle for awhile.  A young mind that has as much insight
and wisdom as he does can only come from one place.  To my knowledge
he has never been involved in network marketing, but I I feel confident the
ten minutes he shares on the video below, will be the first step to recovery
for those who have been taught to fake it till they make it. 

I needed to get this  video out there for network marketers who drank the
attraction marketing Koolaide and are now waking up and seeing the writing
on wall. They are starting to think about their legacy and their track record understanding the terrible training philosophies they have passed on
and culture they have fallen in to is all being documented.

I hope this video makes an impact on those who need to hear it the most,
please share this post, and as always your feedback is appreciated.


Faking Success, Killing Ego, and Asking for Help | The Kyle Dendy Show - YouTube

Why you are already successful - YouTube

PS If you have not seen this webinar replay it is
worth a look!    www.TakeBacktheIndustry.com 



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The Formula To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think - YouTube

I guess I was born with entrepreneurial DNA. I can’t remember a time in my life where I was not in business. From finding, cleaning, and turning in pop bottles for the 2 cent deposit when I was five years old to being a principle in a 100 million dollar company with nearly 80 staff members and over 60,000 independent contractors.

At this point in my journey I would say without question, the reason most people that think they want to become entrepreneur’s fail is ……….


As I write this article. I realize that there are some people who have no fear, who also fail. Not because they are afraid to take action, but because they don’t think.

Honestly most entrepreneurs have a READY – F I R E — AIME mentality. They take action after action with rarely aiming (thinking) until after the fact.

Action takers are always the money makers! If you take consistent, daily, INTELLIGENT actions over time, they will move your business and your life forward you will succeed.

In the network marketing profession there are two other factors that most never consider. The first is the timing of your opportunity and or product. I believe that it is possible to start today as an Amway distributor (arguably the most credible company in the industry) and build to a full time income.

I am not saying that is an intelligent decision, I am just saying I believe it is possible. What I know for sure is ……………..

“The more credible the company, the less of an opportunity exists with that company”

The work is the same, no matter what opportunity you are working. However the value of timing and being in front of a trend, should not be over looked. If the majority of the market has heard about your product and opportunity and THINK they know what it is about you will experience challenges, that you won’t experience with a younger company. I am not saying those challenges cannot be overcome, just that they are real.

Unfortunately in today’s market when someone hears MLM or Network Marketing they may have the same feelings. When you don’t take care of the goose that is laying the golden egg, that always happens as I share in the free MLM SCAM 2 course.

The second factor that most don’t ever think about is the culture you are part of or the mentorship you are receiving or not receiving.

Great leaders are first great students and remain students throughout their lifetime. When you are green you grow, when you ripe you rot!

There are many reasons the network marketing profession is not at the TOP of the entrepreneurial revolution that is happening around the world. I personally believe the number one reason is as an industry we have listened to the wrong people. The industry has been over run with what I call self-proclaimed Fu Fu Dust gurus. Those that tell the market what they WANT TO HEAR, so they can sell them what they want to sell them.

The most important questions to ask yourself is:

1) Who is this person?

2) What is there track record for developing full-time leaders?

3) Why should I be listening to them?

The great news for all serious, career minded network marketing distributors is fear of failure and fear of rejection can be overcome intentionally and by design. I have been sharing with people, exactly how I got over the hump for years. I have watched the daily process work for everyone, who puts this Programming Your Mind for Success system into action.

The other reality is the right culture and mentorship is available, if you know what you are really looking for. Unfortunately, many times those cultures or what many refer to as communities will be found outside of your company.

I believe that history will document the strongest community in the profession can be found here, for multiple reasons that I talk about in the webinar. I have said many times.  The network marketing business model is the most challenging in the world, because you are building a volunteer army.  However it is also the most rewarding!  

We have made it much harder than it actually is, because we have ignored wisdom of the ages Success principles and systematic training of our teams.
As always, your questions, comments and feedback are welcome.
Dedicated to Your Success


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At the time of this writing, Dawn and I just got back from a long weekend in Seattle Washington, where we celebrated our wedding anniversary and her birthday.  I spoke at a marketing event on Saturday where  we had the opportunity to meet many of the readers of this blog, and our MLM Training Club members for the first time. The opportunity to meet our podcast listeners and blog subscribers is always a highlight for me.

We got back on Monday, and Dawn had major eye surgery on Tuesday.  So my right hand is going to be out of the loop and not be able to drive or do a whole lot for a few weeks.  I could describe this year in many ways, disruptive would definitely be one of the adjectives.

With that said …………

As many of you know in August of 2015 I made the decision to
focus as much of my time and energy supporting  the distributors within the network marketing business model as I can while maintaining my other business obligations.

I believe the profession has gotten so far away from its foundational roots, that we must
create cultures where you build people. Many of you understand if you build people, people will build the business.

The profession has become a huge social club, where people like to hang out calling each
other leaders and entrepreneurs. Let’s face it there is not a lot of real business and new leaders being developed.  As I have said many times, all the profession has really accomplished over the past 15 years is recruiting each other into our social clubs.

I will be the first to admit it, it has been a challenge for me to stay focused on this mission.  However more and more I am encouraged by you.  Those who have grabbed the torch to “take back the profession” from the Fu Fu Dust spreaders and those that  tell newbies exactly what they want to hear so they can sell them what they want to sell them.

In 2019 I expect my life to be more in a flow.  Dawn will be fully recovered from her surgery, we will be totally moved back into our Kentucky office, and we will persist.  I have always believed you have to run when you can run, because we can’t always run.

I just wanted to take a few minutes today and confirm that disruption is exactly what the network marketing profession needs.  Personal disruption is not fun or easy, but we are all going to experience personal disruptions over our lifetime. 

I know those of you that follow my business Facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/DaleCalvertPage   probably saw the video we featured with Larry Thompson, talking about the industry must go back to the future.  The profession must return to its roots in order to move forward.   I am excited that many strong leaders are coming to this conclusion at this point and time in the history of our industry.

So those of you that have seen through the attraction marketing Fu Fu dust, I just want to encourage you.   Continue the disruption, Webster defines it as:

Business . a radical change in an industry, business strategy, etc., especially involving the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market:

If you think about it, a disruption is exactly what got us in the situation we are in now.  Marketers who had never really built a team,  sharing shortcuts and false promises so they could sell what they wanted to sell.

When a movement gets away from it core fundamentals there is always unintended consequencesClick To Tweet

When I see those of you that have picked up the torch, and calling out the Fu Fu Dust, it gives me the motivation to keep pushing on.  Again Thank You!

I have never personally met Mr. Arnold, he is a listener of our podcasts and we have communicated via email a couple of times.  He was on the board of the MLMIA in Canada if I recall correctly. Before leaving for Seattle, I saw his comments below on another blog in response to an article that had been written.

I had to share them with all of you.  Yes, I know some of you will think I wrote this, but I didn’t. Truth is truth, and I guess that is really the point I am attempting to communicate through this website.  I feel you will find his comments valuable, and as always your feedback is appreciated.

Peter Arnold

The Network Marketing industry, over the last couple of decades, has been “broken”. Too many good Associates have QUIT! The “retention” rates in companies has been terrible, as the article states. (So called) Team “leaders” have been sending CONFLICTING information about “how” to correctly build successful Home Businesses – some say do it “this” way – others say do it “that” way — it’s CONFUSING. Sadly, this industry has simply been “recruiting each other” — using a ton of “regurgitated crap” for training. We don’t want this. We need to learn to – teach Joe – how to teach Bob – to teach Jim (teachers, teaching teachers, to teach). SUCCESS – in Network Marketing – is totally “different” from success in any OTHER business / career / profession / industry — since Network Marketing is a VOLUNTARY Army – and one that “must” get the proper training, first! Bottom Line – As it is right now, this industry badly needs DISRUPTION from the “piece- meal” — “disjointed” — “scattered advice” out there, which is mostly stressing FB Ads / Blogs / Social Media / ‘Fakin it till you make it’, on YouTube / Webinars / Zooms — and all of the other Attraction Marketing “hacks” – which will NOT be able to be done by the vast majority of Reps. Such teaching has caused a rapid DECLINE in industry growth. Only about 3% “will” already possess the personalities and skills needed (although these are “not” duplicatable) — but for ANY movement to return to real G-R-O-W-T-H — it will take LEADERS (who are “developed” from within) – those who have returned to their foundational ROOTS – embracing the CORE PRINCIPLES in the Network Marketing industry — who will work harder on THEMSELVES than they do on their BUSINESS.
Can you say

Let the disruption continue!
“Build People and People Will Build the Business”

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