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The Story of Meg and Her Quest to be a Goddess
Written for me by Chandler White

Chapter One: The Awakening
For as long as she could remember, Meg always knew that she was special. It wasn’t a sense of arrogance or selfishness, just an amazing internal confidence that told her she had a destiny which would change the world forever, an extraordinary mental visualization for an 8 year old girl. She was a beautiful and intelligent young lady, with long, flowing black hair, a brilliant smile that was perfect beyond her years, and lovely facial features which gave many obvious and unmistakable signs that she would grow into a stunningly beautiful woman in time. She had listened and smiled politely when every person she met told her she was pretty, but she knew that wasn’t what would forge her destiny. It was something much bigger and more
important, something that would shake the world to its foundations someday. Meg did not fully understand this feeling and had no idea what it meant, but she knew it was real and not just childhood imagination.

All doubts about that destiny would go away in an instant one fateful day, however. Meg was living out an ordinary summer vacation day for an 8 year old, dealing with the boredom of being dragged through the supermarket with her Mom. As the two shoppers passed the magazine counter, that boredom instantly melted away into excitement and wonder. Meg’s eye was intently drawn to that month’s copy of Women’s Physique World magazine, which featured a photo of a top pro female bodybuilder wearing her skimpiest posing suit under the headline “Woman of Power.” Meg was fascinated by every aspect of this photo and headline. The beauty and confidence of the bodybuilders smile, the perfect mountain peak shape of her flexed biceps, the rippling, corded striations of her pectorals, the hard as steel 8 pack washboard abs, and the endless rippling definition of her quads. Meg wondered what it would be like to possess this body; how fast could she run, how high could she jump, how much could she lift? She thought about how fun it would be to beat up all the boys in the neighborhood who had teased her as well!

The amazing woman in the string bikini gave Meg butterflies, but what fascinated her just as much was the large, bold faced word in the headline that seemed to be calling out to her and echoing through her mind endlessly: POWER. Her still developing mind had some idea of what this word meant, but she was not sure how to apply it. Did it mean strength? Did it mean the ability to make people do what she wanted them to do? Did it imply the ability to do superhuman things like she had seen on television in Wonder Woman? Meg wasn’t sure, butshe had to know. Her first step was to beg her Mom to buy the magazine for her, in spite of being told no. Meg’s persistence won out and she got her new prize. After supper that night, Meg locked herself in her room and studied the magazine for hours.

Meg was a highly intelligent student with good reading skills, thus she was able to read most of the words, though there were some she didn’t understand. That was secondary to the visual splendor she found within the pages, however. The beautiful photos of these incredible women fascinated her to no end. The workout photos of the ladies lifting heavy weights excited her, she longed to be that strong herself. Even though she was fascinated by the photographs, Meg kept turning back to the cover and staring at that one word over and over, POWER. She  sat the magazine aside, lay down on her bed, closed her eyes, and said it to herself. She was fascinated with the sound of the word, in love with the excitement it created inside of her, making her stomach flutter each time. She then called out this magic word out loud, at first slowly and softly but then faster and louder each time. “Power..Power..Power..POWER!!!!”

That was the moment something truly extraordinary happened. Meg felt herself falling into a trance, as though her mind was leaving her body. An extraordinary picture began to take shape in her mind. It wasn’t a daydream or fantasy, because she was not consciously creating it, the image just appeared without her controlling it. It wasn’t a dream because she was still wide awake. It was what she would come to call a Vision, a combination of fantasy and destiny that would become her greatest obsession and greatest source of pleasure in life. In this first Vision, Meg saw herself not as a little girl, but as a fully grown, beautiful young woman at the peak of her physical beauty, around 22 years old. She was not an ordinary woman, but a magnificently muscular Amazon who looked like she was bursting with strength, energy, and Power. Meg was onstage at a competition with a huge crowd cheering her every move, wearing a gold medal around her neck with a sword trophy just like the one she had seen in the magazine that night lying at her bare, tan feet. Meg was a champion, the sexiest and most powerful woman in the world, with a body that could easily defeat even the most powerful and beautiful women she had studied so well that night.

Meg was wearing a super tight, super-super skimpy contest bikini, red and covered with sparkling stones. The thought of wearing a bikini like this, standing in front of thousands of people showing off her strength while virtually naked, made her almost as excited as the sexy, rippling muscles that covered her from head to toe and the amazing strength they would certainly grant her. The top was obviously straining to contain her magnificent, super firm 38DD breasts, which were virtually spilling out of the sides. She could see her incredibly hard, silver dollar sized and 2 inch long nipples powering through the thin fabric as though it was not even there. She was flexing her pecs in an incredibly sexy fashion, making her beautiful breasts move up and down, sideways, and even both at the same time. The strings on the bikini bottom were no thicker than a string of dental floss and the back was a super thin G-string that left nothing to the imagination, exposing her perfectly round and hard as steel glutes for the entire world to admire.

Sexy as it was, the suit was secondary to the shockingly muscular and beautiful body that graced it. Meg could see herself flexing effortlessly and smiling ecstatically, celebrating her victory while looking and feeling like a combination between an Amazon warrior, a Greek Goddess, and Superwoman. She could feel the emotions that were running through the mind of the woman in the Vision just like her own. Meg felt the adrenaline surging, felt the raw Power of her body, and most surprisingly, could feel a strange, foreign sense of excitement and wetness between her legs. Her flexed, pumped biceps looked like massive mountain peaks, perfectly shaped and rippling with energy. Her stomach was a perfectly designed 8 pack of washboard abs with deep valleys in between the impossibly uniform and perfectly developed muscles. Her thighs were equally perfect and looked insanely strong, like she could crush the entire world in between them if she wanted. Deep striations ran from her inner thigh all the way all the way to the bottom of her torso, looking like strands of pure steel. Her calves were shaped like perfect diamonds and seemed strong enough that she could have crushed real diamonds into dust in between her toes. Meg found it incredibly sexy that she was posing with bare feet, as she had always thought her tiny feet, unusually small and cute for her size and age, were very pretty. The tops of her feet were deeply tanned, soft and smooth as silk, with same deep and perfect tan that covered the rest of her incredible body. The bottoms of her feet were also looked slightly tanned but a lighter flesh like color, a combination that drove her wild to think about having. Her toes were perfectly pedicured and perfectly polished with hot pink nail polish, the same as her perfectly manicured fingernails. She was the perfect muscle Goddess, a shocking combination of feminine beauty and seemingly superhuman strength.

The Vision continued for almost 20 minutes, with Meg’s point of view changing from that of herself to those in the audience. While studying herself from the audience’s perspective, she became more and more exciting, instantly memorizing every muscle, every roadmap like vein, and every detail of her tiny bikini. While viewing from her own perspective, she became excited at the awe and respect she commanded from the crowd, how they oohed and ahhed at every single move she made. She heard the gasps every time she flexed, like they could not believe what they saw. As the vision came to an end and she returned to the reality of her room and her 8 year old body, she lay in her bed and smiled like she never had in her life. Meg had just experienced her first tantalizing, fleeting, but incredible taste of Power. She knew instantly that her life would never be the same, that she was addicted to the feeling of Power she had just experienced and would do anything to feel it again, stronger and stronger. She prayed that the Vision would return and that it would someday become reality.

Chapter Two: Growing Strength
Over the next ten years, Meg grew steadily from a pretty girl to an amazing young woman. Her body developed far faster and more feminine than her peers at school. By the time she reached 15 years old she had an amazing for her age 34 C-24-36 figure that was the envy of all her friends and made the boys at her school pay immense attention to her. Meg, however, was not satisfied because her breasts and muscles did not match the amazing 38-DD and seemingly inhuman strength she always experienced in the Visions. That was part of her fantasy and her dream, nothing less would ever make her completely happy. Meg’s amazing natural feminine beauty would have granted her the ability to easily be the most popular “plastic” girl in her school, or the entire state for that matter. Being head cheerleader, winning beauty contests, prom and homecoming queen, and dates with the captain of the football team could have all been hers for the taking and she could have ruled her high school social scene like an Empress. Though that form of Power did hold appeal for her, she did not pursue it because that is not what the Visions were telling her to chase.

After that first night of exploration and fascination, the Visions had been coming to her non-stop, clearer and more frequent as time went by. Almost every day, sometimes multiple times, she would feel the peaceful trance come over her and feel her mind fading away into a magnificent, virtual reality like fantasy that seemed so real she could PHYSICALLY feel it. Meg checked a book out of the library about psychic powers and the ability to see the future, reasoning that the Visions had to be a form of ESP. She decided that the Visions were a look at the future she could have if she worked for it, and immediately set about developing her body physically. Her 9th birthday was just a few days after the first Vision and she shocked her parents by asking for a beginners weight set for her present. She received this gift and began exercising in her basement at night, filling the beginners weight with more sand as her strength began to grow. Slowly but surely, Meg began to see the results she wanted more than anything in the world. She would stand naked in front of her full body mirror, flexing and straining with all of her might to see the fruits of her labor. Her soft arms became more and more firm, her thin legs began to fill out, and her stomach became as firm as a granite countertop. She could feel herself growing stronger and stronger, which seemed to encourage and strengthen the Visions more and more. Meg played every youth sport that she could fit into her schedule and that her parents would allow, making her more aggressive and competitive by the day. When the traditional team sports weren’t enough to satisfy Meg, she began to participate in alternative sports that were a more stringent test of strength and endurance and individual in nature, namely triathlons and competitive cycling. She excelled at these two sports and won many competitions for her age group. This also triggered an unexpected side effect: as her competitive nature and success in these two individual sports grew, her actions and attitudes within the Visions became more aggressive and they began to expand in scope.

The early Visions consisted only of images of Meg as a champion bodybuilder, either onstage or in the gym working out. She clearly had far above average strength, but was still within human parameters. Around her 12th birthday, Meg had her first Vision in which she possessed superhuman strength. In this Vision, she was also, for the first time, totally nude, not even the tiniest string bikini to hide her womanly body from the world. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Meg was running through a lush, green forest at incredible superhuman speed, more than 100 miles per hour. Her body was, impossibly, even more lean, muscular and bulging with Power than in all of the Visions before. Her legs were moving so fast that they were nothing more than two sexy, deeply tan blurs as she ran, the ground trembling at the impact of her petite little feet. Her endurance was obviously endless, as she had been running for miles at 100 mph and was not even out of breath. In fact, she felt like she could run forever and go even faster. With what Meg would soon realize to be orgasmic waves of pleasure surging through her naked body from head to toe, she called upon her equally unlimited reserves of strength to run ever faster. “...faster, faster, FASTER!!” she screamed in a booming voice. “...more Power, more Power, MORE POWER!!!” she screamed with amazing pleasure. Her speed increased to 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 mph in a matter of seconds.

Her quads were pumped 10x harder than steel and her arms were swinging with more force than a wrecking ball. Meg felt invincible and decided it was time to test this theory. In her path was a giant Oak tree, over 200 feet high and at least 6 feet thick. Instead of running around it, she would run through it. Meg didn't even lower her head, allowing her perfect 38-DD’s and super hard nipples to impact the Oak first. The instant her super hard body touched the tree, it exploded into a billion splinters, leaving nothing bigger than a toothpick, not even slowing her down. “Oh my God!!” Meg screamed as an incredibly powerful orgasm surged through her supercharged pussy. Cum was flowing from her like a fountain, sweet as honey, burning hot and thick. She then reached a wide, raging river which was at least a quarter of a mile across. Meg jumped with all her strength and went sailing through the air, higher and higher. Her mighty legs never stopped pumping as she soared through the air for a full mile, just like she was flying. When she reached the other side, she stopped running and looked for a new test of her Power. Seeing a large house sized boulder, she decided to lift it. The rock was huge and weighed at least 50,000 pounds, but Meg easily dug her hands underneath and lifted it over her head. As her naked and tan body basked in the warm Sun,she held the giant rock to full extension over her head. This was a mind numbingly beautiful image to Meg, seeing herself as a superhuman Goddess showing off her naked strength. She threw the boulder as hard as she could, watching it seem to sail forever into the distance, landing many miles away. Looking down, Meg saw a brutally jagged large rock which would cut any normal person to the bone in an instant. Meg placed her the bottom of her bare, sexy little foot on the rock and pressed down. The rock exploded in a millisecond, leaving nothing but an explosion of dust. Feeling another orgasm rushing through her body, Meg flexed her beautiful biceps, tossed her long black hair behind her head, looked up at the sky and instead of screaming “Oh my God”, this time she screamed “I AM God!!!”

The aftermath of this Vision was stunningly different than the ones before. As she came back to reality, this time Meg discovered that sweat was beading out of every pore in her body, she was gasping for air, her legs were trembling, and that there was a pool of hot, white liquid on the sheets in between her legs and all over her thighs. She still felt the same waves of pleasure that she had experienced in the Vision and cautiously touched her wet pussy. The feeling was remarkable, and slowly slid her finger inside herself, probing her hot, wet flesh deeper and deeper. After just a few seconds, an electric current ran through her body, from her fingers to her toes. She moaned in inexplicable pleasure and felt another rush of thick, hot cum gushing over her fingers. Meg considered this to be her first taste of true Power in the real world, as she had developed the sexual powers of a full grown woman at a shockingly young age, again far ahead of her peers. This excited her more than ever and made her sure that the images that danced inside her head during the Visions would become real.

Chapter Three: Dark Visions
Following her first orgasm, Meg noticed that her muscles began responding to training with more force and her strength seemed to grow more quickly. Standing naked in front of her mirror, she could see her body transforming from that of a cute preadolescent to a very sexy teenager day by day. Her thighs began to become more full and thick. Her arms became more shapely and toned by the day. Her lats began to develop, making her look like she had angel wings when she flexed them. Her calves lost their straight shape and began to form the unmistakable diamond shape of a bodybuilder. At her triathlon and cycling competitions, she began wearing spandex shorts that became progressively smaller and tighter, making her ass look incredible and giving her a stunning “camel toe” effect that no other girl her age could create. Meg was garnering lots of attention from the adult male competitors, which she loved.

The Visions were changing along with her body. By her 14th birthday, Meg had
developed the ability to fully control when the Visions came and if it was a new Vision or a repeat of an old one. The Visions also began to include Power beyond the superhuman strength and muscular physique that had been displayed up to now. She began to Vision herself using telekinetic power almost equal to her strength, the Power to fly, the ability to control the weather and create storms, the Power to control the wind, and most exciting to Meg, the ability to read and control the minds of others. In her Visions, Meg was becoming truly God-like, with incredible new powers appearing almost every new Vision.

In one particularly exciting Vision, Meg was dressed in a super sexy, pussy length,
sleeveless white Goddess dress with a skin tight taper at the waist, a golden tiara and golden wristbands. As in every single Vision since the first, her sexy petite feet were completely bare. The dress was perfect in so many ways; the taper showed of her perfect hourglass figure, the sleeveless design showed off her biceps and forearms, the super short length showed off her bulging quads, and the deep white color showed off her flawless tan. The dress included no panties of any type, allowing her supercharged pussy to breathe freely, become super hot and flow with cum that felt as hot as lava. Meg used her mind control powers to command a group of more than 100 people worship her. “Bow down before me and pray to me as your God!!” she had commanded the group, who immediately dropped to one knee and began speaking silently to her. Meg could hear each of their prayers by using her mind reading powers as clearly as though they were screaming out loud. Meg then used her power to fly and levitated over her worshippers, commanding each of them to kiss her sexy, petite feet and run their tongues in between each of her perfectly pedicured, hot pink polished toes. The feeling of a warm, soft tongue moving gently between her toes was overwhelmingly pleasurable, to say the least. It was an especially thrilling Vision which induced multiple orgasms in both the Vision world and the real world. Meg commanded this Vision to replay itself many times, over and over again.

This was just the first of what Meg began calling her Dark Visions, ones in which the lines between right and wrong disappeared and she seemed to succumb to the fun and pleasures of using her powers for control over, and even enslavement and torture, of others. The Dark Visions were becoming more graphic and more violent every day, as though the dark side of Meg’s nature was taking control of them. This did not bother Meg in the least, as she could feel herself growing stronger and more beautiful in the real world after each one. Soon every Vision became a Dark Vision and she enjoyed it more and more. It was obvious to her now that the Visions were creating Power for her in in the real world as well.

Chapter Four: The Power is Real!
Meg’s physique had developed to the point that while just 15, she felt strong and muscular enough to enter the teen category at an amateur natural bodybuilding contest. Meg was disappointed when the event organizers would not allow her to pose in the bright red G-string bikini which she had brought to her first show because it expressly violated by the rules of attire. Meg remembered the mind control powers from her Visions and decided it was time to make that Power real. Completely clearing her mind and focusing all of her mental energy directly onto the head judge, Meg looked straight into his eyes and began saying to herself over and over “You will allow me to wear my G-string. I COMMAND you to do so!” Meg could feel her psychic power..REAL POWER!!.. surging as the judges face went totally blank and his eyes glazed over. After almost two full minutes of silence, the judge came back to consciousness and said “I will allow you to wear your G-string.” Meg was orgasmic with excitement and began jumping up and down uncontrollably. She had used her Power in THE REAL WORLD!! As a result Meg’s pussy was dripping wet when she walked onstage, pulsating and surging with orgasmic strength that felt just as good as the aftermath of a Vision. Meg flexed her growing, now baseball sized biceps, proudly flexed the tiny ripples growing every day in her quads, flexed her emerging six pack abs, and shook her tight little ass with every ounce of strength she possessed and it felt incredible. Meg couldn't believe how good it felt to show off her strength in her G-string, and of course was thrilled to be posing with her perfectly tanned sexy bare feet on display. Though she did not win the contest, it was still an amazing experience, so good that Meg had to find a quiet corner backstage before callbacks and masturbate. Cum was dripping out the sides of the red G-string when she ran back to the stage and the large wet spot was unmistakable, but she didn’t care. Meg had made her biggest dreams so far come true, she was a female bodybuilder onstage in a G-string, she had real muscles and had used her first real superhuman Power! Meg felt like a Goddess and was convinced her full Powers from the Visions would soon appear in the real world. It was real and she was going to have it all: her dream muscular body, unlimited superhuman strength, the power to control minds, and all the other Powers from her Visions. It had taken almost eight years and all of her energy, but it was just a matter of time now. Meg was going to be a Goddess of indescribable Power and nothing in the universe could stop her from taking anything she wanted.

Chapter Five: So Close to Reality
Once Meg has used real mind control Power at the bodybuilding contest, the visions became even more dark and violent. They showed ever increasing, uncontrollable Power that thrilled Meg to no end. Her morality and hesitation to use her emerging Power for destructive purposes was dwindling by the day. Her new Visions included using the wind to destroy entire cities, creating storms over the ocean to sink warships, and ripping down buildings with her telekinetic Power. One Dark Vision about her psychic Power particularly thrilled Meg. She was flying in her white Goddess dress over a busy modern city filled with skyscrapers. She stopped in mid air, and used her psychic Power to take control of the minds of everyone on the top 50 floors of the..
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