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Beauty lies in nature’s lap. You have surely heard about it many times but now this is the time to experience it. Halong Bay is a world-famous destination in Vietnam that unveils a mystic world of more than 1600 limestone pillars in the Gulf of Tonkin. Cat Ba archipelago is one of the most pristine destinations in this karst limestone kingdom with Cat Ba Island is the largest one. An off-beat destination linked to Halong Bay tour, Cat Ba island is gradually emerging as one of the favorite spots during Vietnam tour.

So let’s make our virtual tour through the diverse shades of Cat Ba Island.

Cat Ba Island, being the largest island of the archipelago, stretches to over 100 square miles (over 350 square kilometers) in Halong Bay. About half of the island is covered by one of the biggest troves of flora and fauna and is well recognized as Cat Ba National Park. The south of the island meets the emerald waters of the East Sea, the northeast oversees the imposing beauty of the Halong Bay and the west faces the beautiful port city of Hai Phong. The jagged, craggy and jungle-clad landscape makes up this incredible island as well as the unique archipelago. If you are wondering the best time to get immersed in the unprecedented charm of Cat Ba Island, the answer is in the summer. Between April and November is the peak season of Cat Ba tourism, when a number of boats journey towards the island.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam

1.  MUST-SEE PLACES AND MUST DO ACTIVITIES IN CAT BA ISLAND TRIP 1.1. Most Gorgeous Sandy Beaches In Cat Ba Island

The beaches in Cat Ba Island is surprisingly stunning, bringing a perfect blend of fresh air and crystal clear water. Cat Ba Island is encircled by a number of beautiful beaches. Although there is an increasing number of beach resorts in this island, still the island beaches are still relatively clean with an inherent serenity sprawling everywhere. This can be your perfect spot to capture magnificent sceneries of superb mountain ranges, spotless white sand and warm jade water in your camera. If you are a sport-lover, you can have a wonderful time enjoying the fresh air of the ocean while playing volleyball, soccer or simply swimming amidst the gigantic limestone structures. On a lazy day, tourists often enjoy sunbath or have a beach picnic. As the night sets in, you can definitely relax in the cottages nearby the beaches with the sound of nature in the backdrop as the lullaby.

a.       Cat Co Beaches: Tourist’s favorite choice

Cat Ba Island offers glamorous destinations with pristine beaches and private lagoons. A lot of tourists after their Cat Ba Island trip admitted that they are attracted by the natural landscape of Cat Co Beaches. They are three small beaches- Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3 which peep through the limestone hills. From the town center, it takes just 5 minutes to walk down to Cat Co Beach 3 and so it is traveler’s first choice for a beach escape in Cat Ba Island. A narrow stretch of beach covered under the blanket of white sand, Cat Co 3 inherits an unspoiled beauty to make you get spoilt in it now and forever.

A short electric buggy ride from the town takes you to all the three beaches of Cat Co. On the way to Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2, you can appreciate the panorama of Cat Ba Island, its town as well as its rich biological system. Climb up the hill on the left before the Harbor View Hotel and then take the cliff-side walking trail, you will encounter Cat Co 1 and then reach Cat Co 2 by turning left towards Cat Co Beach Resort. The sandy shores spread out in front of the mountain. Cat Co 2 is considered an oasis with its tranquility and mystery, while Cat Co 1 is a bit wider and gorgeous. The rocky mountains ornate your one side while the other side features the narrow stretches of white sands gradually meeting its counterpart, the sparkling sea.

All these three beaches have rental services for umbrellas, loungers, chairs, and kayaks. For those who are adventurous, have kayak rental for VND 200,000 per hour (about US$ 9) at Quang Anh Shop, Xuan Hong Shop or Blue Swimmers. Enjoy kayaking and make your way to the Monkey Island and Lan Ha Bay.

b.       Tung Thu Beach: The hidden and little-known location

Tung Thu Beach once used to be a bustling destination but now it is an abandoned one. A major portion of this beach belongs to a real estate company building a new resort, although the entire site of Cat Ba Amatina is inhibited. A certain portion of the beach is marked as danger zone because of falling rocks from adjoining mountain, due to cliff erosion.

The beach is about 2 km away from Cat Ba town. As the electric buggies do not venture out there, a motorbike is the only vehicle to reach to Tung Thu Beach.

Cat Ba Beach Escape

c.       Monkey Island Beach: Peace and tranquility

While Cat Co 1, 2 and 3 beaches are some of the top choices in a traveler’s list, Monkey Island Beach is another choice for a beach getaway in Cat Ba Island. It is a small islet, 2 km away from Cat Ba town. If you want to explore Monkey Island, you can take a boat from Ben Beo Harbour. Monkey Island has a small pristine beach for luxury travelers called Pineapple Beach sprawling over 1 km in length. The tranquility of the ambiance and the crystal clear water of Pineapple Beach make this as the best beach to swim.

Experience the brilliant sunset view over the sea. The sun looks like a ball of fire, the light glimmers slowly and it is gulped gradually by the limestone creations before the darkness of night sky sets in. Additionally, the bizarre shapes of the mountains all around, the extremely cool atmosphere, the undulating waves, and the whispering blow of wind will surely gift you an unforgettable day in Monkey Island.

1.2. Other Places to Attract Tourists in Cat Ba Island

The most common activities to do on the island are swimming, snorkeling and diving. Besides, you can also enjoy your day trekking, caving, and rock-climbing at the Cat Ba National Park.

a.       Cat Ba National Park: World Heritage Site in North Vietnam

Cat Ba National Park was set up in 1986. After a re-arrangement of the park barriers in 2006, the park now contains 109 sq km of land area and more than 52 sq km of inshore waters and mangrove tidal zones. Cat Ba National Park became Vietnam’s first national park to consist of not only terrestrial ecologies but also marine ecosystems.

Out of the mammals present inside the park, the most commonly seen ones include macaques, deer, civets and several species of squirrel, together with the giant black squirrel. There are seventy species of birds spotted, along with hawks, hornbills, and cuckoos. Besides this tropical fauna, Cat Ba lies on the main migratory route for waterfowl that feed and roost on the beaches in the mangrove forests. The park recorded over 1000 species, such as 118 trees and 160 plants with medicinal value.

Cat Ba National Park

Do you enjoy fishing? If yes, you should not forget to visit Viet Hai Village. It is a small fishing village inside Cat Ba National Park, which is surrounded by high mountains and jungle. On the way through the forest path to get to this village, you can see many animals and birds as well enjoying the green nature.

If visiting Cat Ba National Park does not include in your tour, you can buy the ticket at the gate: VND 40,000 (about US$ 1.7). The 18 km hiking trail in the park takes six hours (two hours for the short hike and four hours for the more challenging hike). A guide is highly recommended to help you have the best experiences. This tour is not easy and even harder and more slippery after the rain, so you should consider carefully before trekking.

b.       Hospital Cave: a military base during US-in Vietnam war

Hospital Cave is 10 km to the north of Cat Ba town, on the way leading to the National Park. It used to be abandoned, but now it attracts more and more footfalls. Hospital Cave is an iconic witness of Vietnam-US War. During the heavy bombardment, this cave used to be a safe shelter for the North Vietnam army as well as a bomb-proof hospital for the injured.

This cave has three different levels. Through a woodland path and some unsteady steps, you will find a variety of concrete rooms in the first level. All the rooms are empty now, but each of these was used for certain purposes during war period such as surgical room, doctor offices and so on.

The second level is smaller and mostly made of natural rock. There was a swimming pool here and the natural cavern used to be the hospital. Following the way to the third level, there were offices and tiny safe homes for the Viet Cong leaders. There is a number of hidden tunnels in this cave which were once used for emergency escapes. The entrance fee is VND 40,000 VND. An extra fee includes a tour guide to instruct you since there is no information inside the cave.

c.       Cannon Fort: Explore the astounding view

Taking a 10-minute walk from Cat Ba town, Cannon Fort offers an astounding view of a bay with tiny houses and clusters of fishing boats. The surrounding is covered by rolling hills and lush greenery. During World War II, the Japanese built gun posts and tunnels there, which were later utilized by the French in Indochina War and by the Viet Cong during Vietnam War.

You can reach the top by car or scooter, but hiking up is more explorative. You just have to follow the marked path of underground tunnels, caves, and narrow passages, after that walk to the “U-tunnel” and see the sleeping quarter. Cannon Fort also has a café with an impressive view of the bay from the terrace and a tiny museum to preserve the war remnants.

d.       Boat trip around the Lan Ha Bay and enjoy water sports

In Ha Long city, it’s easy enough to book a boat ride from Cat Ba Island to explore the Bay, both with a tour agent or directly at Beo Harbor, which is 2 km from the center of the town. While on the island, it’s probably a better choice than Ha Long. Moreover, this tour lets you discover the lovely Lan Ha Bay, which otherwise you won’t experience if traveling from Ha Long City, except you plan to stay at least 3 days. Lan Ha Bay has many beautiful, small, sandy beaches for you to swim such as Van Boi, Nam Cat, and Ba Trai Dao. Moreover, it is highly recommended to take a boat ride to visit Cai Beo floating village, an ancient village narrating a long history of about 4500 years old.

Floating Village in Cat Ba

You may also book two or three-day journeys across the bay for extended beach holidays in Cat Ba Island with a stop to cycle around Viet Hai Village.

Tour agent costs vary from US$10 to US$25 for a day trip, depending on your preferred route. It is recommended to reserve your boat trips through an agent. In case you need a quick excursion to the bay, buying trip at the harbor might be a bit expensive. You need to pay VND 750,000 for a two-hour excursion plus VND 20,000 to 30,000 VND to access there. However, don’t overlook that you also need to get to the pier.

If you want to read more about Cat Ba experiences, click here.

1.2. Cat Ba Island Luxury Cruises: Must not forget to experience

Coming to this stunning island, tourists not only relax on the beach and swim in the bay but also discover the mysterious nature in this mystic world of limestone mountains, caves, and grottoes. Halong Bay cruise is a lifetime experience. With the emerging popularity of Cat Ba Island, a number of yacht companies have expanded their services to Cat Ba archipelago to offer an ultimate cruising experience through Cat Ba. Here is a list of few luxury cruises:

a.       Maya Cruise: Top-notch services allow customers to have a great cruising experience

Established in 2017, Maya Cruise is considered to be the most luxurious Halong Cat Ba Cruise. This specific four-star plus cruise offers top-notch cruise services in Cat Ba, Lan Ha Bay, and Halong Bay. Minh Long Cruise Company is the second pioneering company to launch luxury vessels in Cat Ba with both uncompromising high-quality and safety standards. Having the origin from the Arabic characters, the “Maya” might be engraved as “Maja” which means the “mother”. According to Asian worshipping tradition, mother means the proliferation, protection, and accumulation for people and it is the main reason why the company takes the Maya to name for their vessel with a desire of peace and prosperity.

This fascinating vessel was made in a completely well-known and authentic shipyard in Hai Phong and designed in a combination of Vietnamese traditional style and the French architecture. This is one of few cruises operating in both Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay with full equipment, the highest protection requirements with sonar and radars. Every cabin is provided with present-day alarm devices related to a relevant monitoring machine, smoke sensor, hearth extinguishers, hydrant and hoses, life jacket and clean emergency commands. Maya Cruise takes you to visit the most famous visitor attractions of Cat Ba that cannot be ignored in North Vietnam tour program.

Address: No. 26 Tuan Chau, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province

Telephone: (+84).24) 3 .829 .4888

(+84) 936 282 388 – Hotline

(+84) 976 555 779 – Hotline

Email: sales@mayacruises.com

b.       The Au Co Luxury Cruise: Sailing down the emerald

The Au Co is the primary cruise that introduced five-star cruise concept to the waters in 2012 and leads luxury cruise line in Halong Bay. The state-of-the-art services of Au Co Cruise are available on exclusive 3 days’ journey that includes discovering legendary Halong Bay, along with nearby Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba Island.

The Au Co is a metal vessel providing facilities that guarantee a cruise with the maximum comfort. From the luxurious restaurant on board to the spa and jacuzzi, the Au Co’s passengers are provided with the equal facilities you would expect in a luxury resort. Enjoy delicious food with a waterside view from the restaurant or add a bit flavor to your journey at the terrace and sundeck bars as the sundeck BBQ is ideal for a lovely day. Relax and rejuvenate your soul in the spa, experience the open air jacuzzi or take a cup of coffee while discovering the Au Co Library is the best bet.

Address: 47 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

                No. 8, 9, 10 Tuan Chau Harbour, Ha Long City

Telephone: (+84) 933 44 6542 – Hotline

                       (+84) 203 221 3265

       (+84).24) 3944 6777

Email: sales@bhayacruises.com

c.       Emperor Cruises: Experience every momentEmperor Cruises

After successful operation in Halong Bay, Nha Trang, and Bai Tu Long Bay, Emperor Cruises introduced its cruise services in Cat Ba Archipelago. This journey includes Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Halong Bay – the Gulf of Tonkin – in a five-star cruise. Inspired by the royalty of Emperor Bao Dai, Emperor Cruises has been designed artfully with an artistic twist in every edge. Redefining the royal grandeur of emperor’s lifestyle and luxury, this cruise features 24 royal suites with luxurious decoration along with wooden floors, private balconies, and marble bathrooms.

Emperor Cruises on Halong Bay

Can Chanh Palace Royal Restaurant is the place for you to try Vietnamese gourmet cuisine with local ingredients. In addition, the Panorama Restaurant and Lounge Bar offer beverages on the sundeck like tea and coffee. Customers can have a do-nothing-day to relax on the outdoor topdeck. The elegant Hanoi Bar 1945 is the best for trying cocktails or traditionally prepared coffee. The Bao Dai Library is the cultural reflection on the boat and provides space for reading. There is also a play area for children to enter the world of joy and freedom – the Kids Club. The art gallery featuring the most treasured paintings of Vietnam culture and society is a paradise on a cruise for art lovers.

Address: No. 3, Alley 65 Van Bao Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Telephone: (+84) 914 596 396

Email: saleshanoi@emperorcuises.com

Website: https://emperorcruises.com/

Read more about Halong Bay Guide to discover its hidden treasures like Cat Ba.

2.         TRANSPORTATION IN CAT BA ISLAND 2.1. How to get to Cat Ba Island

There are several options to get to Cat Ba Island: junk boat, speedboat, ferry, and hydrofoil.

a. Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

From the capital of Vietnam, the best and fastest way is to take a bus from Luong Yen bus station. Inter Bus Lines, Cat Ba Express, and Hoang Long are main bus companies providing services directly to Cat Ba town on the island over the Cat Hai Island. It takes about 3.5 hours and costs VND 250,000-390,000 or US$10 to 17 per seat). From September 2017, travelers are able to have a direct bus from Hanoi over the longest sea-crossing bridge in Southeast Asia – Tan Vu-Lach Huyen. After that, experience a short boat transfer of your bus (about 10 minutes) from Got Port to Cai Vieng Port.

If you want to buy bus e-tickets from Hanoi to Cat Ba, click here.

We also suggest another route to Cat Ba Island. Take a train from Hanoi to Hai Phong (LP3, LP5, LP7, HP1) and then take a speedboat from Hai Phong (Pha Binh Port) to the island. The train from Hanoi to Hai Phong takes 2.5 hours and the ticket price is US$3-4 for a hard or soft seat. The railway station in Hanoi located in Gia Lam Railway Station on 481 Ngoc Lam, Long Bien District, Hanoi and Hai Phong Railway Station is on 75 Luong Khanh Thien, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong.

Speedboat from Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island takes around 1 hour. You can buy speedboat tickets individually on Baolau or buy a combo of train and boat.

a. Cat Ba Island from Halong City

Another way, only if you are in Ha Long City, you can take a ferry from Tuan Chau Island, 10 km away from Ha Long city center). But before getting to Tuan Chau, several direct flights via seaplane are suggested. Seaplane tour is a luxurious experience which attracts most of the high-end luxury travelers to enjoy a celestial aerial view of the limestone world. Hai Au Aviation offers seaplane service.

2.2. How to get around Cat Ba Island

As soon as you are in Cat Ba Island, going on foot is convenient to explore the nature and capture the moments. Motorbike taxis are available in Cat Ba town (around VND 100,000 VND or US$4 per hour). If you want independence, you can rent bike or motorbike for your own. Most hotels offer this service, both about US$5 per day. When heading out to the beaches or other places, you should pay the parking fee for security.

Sunset view from Cat Ba

3.  WHERE TO STAY IN CAT BA ISLAND? 3.1. Homestays in Cat Ba Island

According to the review on booking.com, these mentioned below are the top 5 homestays with reasonable price for backpackers. Due to their excellent services and high reputation, these are often in the state of no available rooms during peak seasons. If you want to get a foothold, you must book at least 1 month before your trip. Or else, you have to choose another option which is far from the town center or has low quality.

All of these can be easily booked via booking.com. All you need to do is set your check-in and check-out date and let the system do the rest for you.

a.       Cat Ba Central Homestay: Best price guarantee

Cat Ba Central Homestay is located within 1 km of Ben Beo Harbour and 1.2 km from Cannon Fort. It provides accommodations with seating area. All rooms have air conditioning and a flat-screen television. The private bathroom includes the bidet, along with free toiletries and hairdryer. This homestay offers buffet breakfast every morning.

Address: No. 6, Group 7, Cai Beo Street, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong City, Quang Ninh Province

b.       Cat Ba Sweet Potato Homestay: A strategic location

Many guests shared their experiences about Cat Ba Sweet Potato Homestay and one this is common in it is its peace and tranquility. The location is perfect to access the entire town. One pleasant thing is that the daily breakfast offers a buffet with full English/ Irish or Italian options. Bike rental is available in this homestay as well as a good restaurant.

Address: No. 478 Ha Sen Street, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong City, Quang Ninh Province

c.       Bao Long Guest House: Ideal location for backpackers

This property is a ten-minute stroll from the seaside. Located in Cat Ba, 9.7 km from Dau Be Island, Bao Long Guest House has some special facilities like a shared living room and free wifi. Bao Long Guest House is around 14.5 km from Sung Sot Cave and 14.5 km from Soi Sim Island. Vietnamese, European, Italian and Asian dishes are served at its on-site restaurant. At the guesthouse, the rooms include a closet and a flat-screen television. Rooms are facilitated with a private toilet, free toiletries, and a hairdryer. Some guest rooms offer a refrigerator. There is a 24-hour front desk with English and Vietnamese speaking representative. Ti Top Island is 14.5 km from Bao Long Guest House, while Cat Ba Ferry Station is 458 m from the homestay. The closest airport is Cat Bi International Airport, 35.4 km from the accommodation.

Address: No. 113 Nui Ngoc, Cat Ba Island, Hai..

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The romance of luxury rail travel is coming into the limelight once again. Its charm is closely associated with the nostalgia of the bygone era of slow travel. In its winding way across the heart of the country, a train journey offers the marvelous glimpses of the countryside with unparalleled scenic views of the landscape. The discerning travelers acknowledging Luxury Travel coupled with Slow Travel are preferring a luxury train as a mode of transportation over the airplane, wherever possible. This emerging interest in luxury rail holidays is extending a pull towards slow travel while spawning a new generation of audaciously designed luxury cabins for the most sophisticated travelers.

Read more about the recent trends of slow travel.

If you are planning to explore the fascinating beauty of North Vietnam from Hanoi to Sapa while getting mesmerized by the exoticism of its landscape, appeal of the indigenous culture and rural life of local people, a train to Sapa from Hanoi by Victoria Express is the best one to opt for. As the name suggests, this express train is a facsimile of ultimate luxury and grandeur on wheels. This stylish Victoria Express train to Sapa evokes a strong sense of elegance, heritage, and history. French constructed this railway track from Hanoi to Lao Cai and inaugurated in 1910. This Sapa tour Vietnam embeds a rich heritage.

Victoria Express

The train puts on its whistle at 10.00pm to set off for Lao Cai. It runs overnight for eight hours to reach Lao Cai at 6.10am. A perfect time to set off for your Sapa tour.

The Benefits of Rail Journey during Sapa Tour Vietnam

A restful overnight luxurious train journey is a delightful experience to treasure during Vietnam trip after a day’s exploration in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, witnessing the legendary Turtle Tower in the center of Hoan Kiem Lake, admiring the charms of the French colonial buildings in the alleys of Old Quarter and paying respect to Ho Chi Minh at his mausoleum. As the dawn sets in, you can sense the swift overnight transition from vibrant city life to calm and peaceful countryside. An incredible view of the mountainous landscape with green valleys and terraced rice fields peeps through in between. This picturesque setting of North Vietnam welcomes its guests at Lao Cai before an en route to Sapa shortly. The mesmerizing views are enough to boost you up for an exciting Sapa tour ahead.

Terraced Rice Fields Sapa

In luxury travel industry, luxurious rail holiday is a rising trend and is also an ecological and viable holiday option. The overnight journey by Victoria Express in North Vietnam allows the travelers to experience an ultimate royalty and grandiose. It is elegantly designed with luxury cabins, equipped with all modern amenities and services. Thanks to its upscale furnishings and elite decoration creating a royal aura. The travelers can enjoy the outdoor scenic beauty while being in the comforts and pleasure of a 5-star stay on wheels.

This speedy train journey from Hanoi to Sapa saves time, allowing the travelers to relax and enjoy their leisure time while getting refreshed for the next day adventure and sightseeing ahead.  With Luxury Travel Vietnam, this leisurely ride can be complemented with the ubiquity of today’s traveling ideas like discovering more and more beyond expectations or crossing the threshold of adventures which is diverse in mountainous terrains of Sapa and Fansipan.

What Industry Experts say about Luxury Rail Tour in Vietnam

According to industry experts, it is quite easy to convince the travelers for a luxury rail tour or rail holiday but what is important is extending them the experiences and memories that they look for in the journey. In today’s travel industry, luxury is something beyond comfort, 5-star stays and so on. It is more about personal experiences that a traveler wants to enjoy and admire. During Vietnam travel, this short yet pleasurable rail journey to Sapa allows the travelers to get familiar with Vietnam Railway Services which is very much different from most of the countries around the world.

Victoria Express Cabins

The route to Sapa is highly mountainous, so bumpy rides are quite common in case of roadways. This problem is greatly minimized in rail route, especially in case of luxury trains like Victoria Express. Contrary to other express trains, luxury rail tours like Victoria Express offers elite-class facilities. The cabins are specifically designed to ensure complete privacy of the travelers. High-end restrooms and refreshment cabins offer a perfect luxury escape from the cabins whenever needed. Luxury Rail Tour is like a 5-star stay on wheels while cherishing the passing by beauties.

Sapa Tour from Lao Cai Station, how to reach

Sapa is cuddling on the mountain lap around 35 km away from Lao Cai Station. It takes around one hour to reach Sapa city center from Lao Cai through picturesque meandering ways. Outside the Lao Cai Station, a number of buses and minibusses wait for the tourists for transfer to Sapa. Luxury Travel Vietnam arranges a private transfer for its guests at the Lao Cai Station. This comfortable luxury private transfer allows them to enjoy the early morning scenic beauty of glorious Fansipan and entire Sapa. On the way, you can stop at a few viewpoints including the famous Bac Ha Market to witness the bewitching backdrop after early sunrise.

Click here to read about Colorful Markets in Sapa

Alternative Ways for Sapa Tour from Hanoi

Sapa tour Vietnam is a very common itinerary mostly among trekkers and adventure passionates. As an alternative to train to Sapa, there are the options for buses and private cars. In case of Sapa bus, there are multiple options to choose from. However, for a 6-hours journey from Hanoi to Sapa, you cannot compromise with luxury. Travelers will come across a medley of private operators for Sapa bus. But only a handful offers air-cushioned luxury suspension reclining seats in good condition. For the bendy twisting routes of the steep mountainous terrain of Sapa, comfortable seats are very essential to avoid motion sickness.

Toilet facility is there in most of the luxury Sapa buses. Generally, the service includes neck pillow, blankets, bottled water and light snacks. Sapa buses ply both in daytime and night. As the wheels move further north from Hanoi, nature starts reflecting its varying shades, somewhere sharp edges testing your dare, sudden mist, and clouds and then again gigantic shapes appearing suddenly from behind the clouds.

On the way to Sapa

Private car is another option but undoubtedly, it charges pretty higher than Sapa bus or train. Considering the long distance travel from Hanoi to Sapa, private car transfers are also not as comfortable as train or bus. Private cars drop you at the doorstep of the hotel whereas Sapa buses make its way till Sapa city center.

About Luxury Travel

With the continuous twist and turns in the luxury travel industry, Luxury Travel Vietnam is redefining its way of approach to interpret the needs and demands of luxury travel connoisseurs on an individual basis to create tailor-made holidays according to their preferences. We take the pride of providing personal services with a professional approach. We emphasize on creating lifetime memories during your Southeast Asia holidays.

Contact us here for rail tour to North Vietnam or a complete Vietnam holiday package along with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Thailand.

The post Sapa Tour North Vietnam- The Undeniable Romance of Luxury Train Travel appeared first on Luxury Travel Blog.

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Luxury Travel Ltd., the pioneer of luxury travel services in Vietnam proudly announces that it has received 2018 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. It is the fourth consecutive year that the company has won this recognition. The company is very proud of this achievement, because, according to the TripAdvisor website, only 10% of the businesses listed receive this prestigious award.

Luxury Travel Ltd. was founded in 2004 by Mr. Pham Ha, a passionate traveler, and an entrepreneur. As an enthusiast of art, writing, history, and culture, Mr. Pham Ha believes in designing tailor-made tours with an immersive approach to experiencing new destinations. They were the very first luxury tour operator and DMC in Vietnam. They operate with confidence from their 14 years of experiences and solid partnerships fulfilling the most sophisticated clients.

This privileged accolade from TripAdvisor, which honors performance in hospitality and excellence, is given only to businesses that achieve outstanding traveler reviews, have responsive owners and provide a positive traveler experience. The company has received this award proving that it has dedicated and integrated services for its traveler.

In one of their recent TripAdvisor Reviews, Lavalefav from Italy mentioned, “Luxury Travel has created a perfect trip for us, meeting all of our needs. I would especially like to thank Ahn and his priceless patience: while we were in Monkey Island, we realized that this stage was not for us and we asked her to change our itinerary. Available and capable, within 2 hours everything was resolved and planned! Fantastic! In addition, the guides and drivers with whom we spent most of the holiday were welcoming and gave us lots of advice on how to live Vietnam as a Vietnamese and not as a tourist, which for us was absolutely a precious value. We can not wait to come back and organize another spectacular trip!”

Mr. Pham Ha, Founder CEO of Luxury Travel Vietnam said, “It is our pride to get such a prestigious acknowledgment from TripAdvisor. This accolade is actually an encouragement for us to keep up our team spirit while augmenting our personalized travel services and high-end products to our travelers to Indochina and Southeast Asia. We believe in the happiness in the entire voyage, not only in the destination. So we emphasize on personalized services from the beginning since the inquiry is received till we bid goodbye with a hope to welcome our clients again by acknowledging and responding to their valuable reviews. We celebrate this prestigious moment by thanking all our valuable clients whose valuable reviews and ratings have helped us to achieve this position and recognition.”

About Luxury Travel Ltd.

Luxury Travel Ltd. was founded with the idea of creating a travel company with an emphasis on ultra-luxurious experiences. The company were the very first luxury tour operator and DMC in Vietnam with the head office in Hanoi. As the first high-end tour operator in the luxury tourism industry in Vietnam, the company strives to provide top-notch luxury services in Vietnam and rest of Indochina that can complement the travel desires of the most discerning travelers of today’s date. For more information about Luxury Travel Ltd, its products, and services, you can contact us here.

The post Luxury Travel has won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018 appeared first on Luxury Travel Blog.

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Luxury Travel Ltd., a multi-award winning and well recognized DMC in Vietnam, announces to participate in Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in four European nations- Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Czech from June 20, 2018 to June 27, 2018. Founder CEO, Mr. Pham Ha will be representing Luxury Travel, Emperor Cruises, and Heritage Cruises at this event.

In association with TMG and Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) is organizing this event to introduce Vietnam tourism in Austria, Czech, Hungary, and Switzerland. This is a great initiative by VNAT to promote Vietnam as the most preferred travel destination in Southeast Asia for European travelers. Vietnam Tourism Roadshow brings together industry leaders and entrepreneurs to build a strong community of trading partners across borders. This show aims at providing a platform for developing alliances and do business between stakeholders in tourism from Europe and Vietnam.

The show will be the perfect occasion for Luxury Travel to talk about its upscale products and services in Vietnam. With more than 15 years of experiences in Indochina and Southeast Asia tourism, Luxury Travel Ltd. excels in delivering personalized services and authentic travel experiences to travelers in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and, Myanmar. Luxury Travel offers experiential packages, targeting both leisure and MICE markets and Signature Tours with exclusivity, ultra sophistication and, privacy to reward the travelers with unforgettable memories.

Last year, in 2017, Vietnam received 12.9 million foreign visitors among which 1.8 million was only from Europe. According to industry expert and the man behind Luxury Travel Ltd., Mr. Ha, “We have experienced a significant increase in the number of European tourists in recent years. This reflects the market potential but we need to emphasize more on this growing importance to expand the tourism market beyond the western European territories. So we hope that this Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in selected European nations will empower and foster new business partnerships leading to measurable impacts on Vietnam tourism.”

Luxury Travel Ltd. invites all current, new and prospective professionals in the travel industry to join and meet Mr. Ha in this show and have a good networking session over trade talk.  For those attending the show, Luxury Travel is also inviting everyone for Mega FAM Trip 2018 to discover the Far East while exploring further business opportunities.

The details of Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in Europe are as follows:

Zurich, Switzerland

Date: June 20, 2018

Time: 17.15 onwards

Venue: Swissotel Zürich

Address: Schulstrasse 44, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria

Date: June 22, 2018

Time: 15.45 onwards

Venue: ‘Landtagssaal’ Palais Niederösterreich

Address: Herrengasse 13, 1010 Wien, Austria

Budapest, Hungary

Date: June 25, 2018

Time: 17.15 onwards

Venue: Radisson Blu Béke Hotel

Address: Budapest, Teréz krt. 43, 1067 Hungary

Prague, Czech

Date: June 27, 2018

Time: 17.15 onwards

Venue: Villa Pellé

Add: Pelléova 10, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech

Interested professionals looking forward to meet Mr. Ha in Vietnam Tourism Roadshow or need to know more about Luxury Travel team, make an appointment here.

About Luxury Travel Ltd.

Luxury Travel is a specialist in extending tailor-made holidays for leisure and business travelers with a touch of personalization through professional approach. The company offers its services with a strong dedication, sincerity and empathy with an aim to touching hearts of the travelers in Southeast Asia. If you want to know more about an experienced local tour operator/DMC in Southeast Asia, contact Luxury Travel.

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Halong Bay is a floating world with a completely different ecological system of its own that deserves your admiration. Cuddling in the northeastern territory of Vietnam near the Chinese border, Halong Bay is a UNESCO recognized World Natural Heritage Site that welcomes millions and millions of tourists every year from all across the globe.

Why? Okay, let’s go through a brief overview of Halong Bay to see why it is so admiring.

Halong Bay features a cluster of more than 1600 limestone pillars and small primeval islands jutting out of the emerald waters of Gulf of Tonkin. This spectacular seascape is a result of karst evolution, some 300 million years ago. Its mystical allure and magical beauty are highly admirable. So many tourists fly to Vietnam just to experience Halong Bay. The tour can be for a day or two or maybe a complete offbeat exploration. Halong Bay is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Halong bay tour is a must to enjoy itinerary in Vietnam. Its ethereal beauty has made it the number one tourist destination in any Vietnam tour. Many of these limestone mountains are hollows forming around 100 caves in this region. Only a few of these are open for tourists as the rest are still unexplored.

Halong Bay, your must-see destination in Vietnam

Have you ever visited a diamond craftsman center where uneven diamond pieces remain scattered everywhere on his work table? You will experience exactly the same view in your Halong Bay tour, where miles and miles of Gulf of Tonkin offers the beauty of scattered limestone caves, islands, and grottoes. Absolutely flawless and pure, these jungle clad structures soaring out of the water offers a picture-perfect view that gradually disappears towards the horizon leaving behind just the impression of the alpine outline. As the dusk sets in, the last daylight hides behind the gigantic karst limestones. The most amazing charm of Halong Bay starts reflecting its beauty to gift you a once-in-a-lifetime sunset view and evening experience on the sundeck. Just to experience this after-sunset beauty, many tourists prefer Halong Bay overnight cruise.

Halong Bay Sunset

Besides its captivating view from the top of Poem Mountain (Nui Bai Tho- Vietnamese name), Cannon Fort or Titop Island, you can actually experience the mountains and caves by exploring them physically and witnessing the magnificence of naturally formed stalagmites and stalactites during your Halong Bay tour. According to researchers, these limestone structures have formed as a result of 3000 years of chemical reactions between limestone sedimentary rocks and water.

So, it is 100% natural. And when it took so many years to get into its present shapes, won’t you feel, it is worthy to experience such a natural yet dynamic location on earth?

Halong Bay Tour- Top Attractions in Halong

With thousands of wind-and-water eroded mountains and caves, Halong Bay Vietnam stands almighty in the South China Sea. Halong Bay is the central area of the entire karst zone. It is encircled by Bai Tu Long Bay in the northeast and Cat Ba archipelago in the southwest. Amongst these thousands, explorers have named many mountains and caves but many are still waiting for the first human visit. Halong Bay is very much extensive and diversified in terms of beauty and adventure. You can spend the entire duration of your Vietnam trip for a week or fortnight on Halong Bay tours if you want to explore it explicitly.

So check out this list where you can actually go and experience the purest forms of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay

Vietnam tour is never considered as complete without visiting Halong Bay. A natural wonder, a UNESCO heritage site and on top of everything, the most stunning natural landscape in Southeast Asia that is sure to enthrall you. Halong Bay is an extensive region in Gulf of Tonkin with numerous limestone structures, very few of which are named. So check out some of the important sightseeing destinations in Halong Bay which you can never afford to miss while on Halong Bay tour.

Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot cave or Surprise cave is named so because of the bizarre stalactite structures that had been formed for million years inside the cave to surprise every man who visits here for the first time. This cave is located on Bo Hon Island. The way towards the cave is quite steep and dark because of thick plantation and foliage, however, once entered, it is a distinctive world.  The cave features two chambers, the first one looks like a wide theatre hall while the inner one seems like a centuries-old desolate castle with unusual stalactite formations resembling a number of animals, army general with troops etc. The second chamber is so wide that it can accommodate more than a thousand people at a time.

As you head towards the deepest point of the cave, you will discover a fascinating world with a clear pool, surrounded by a number of trees. This part is often known as the royal garden by the locals as you will see a lot of birds flying from one branch to another and if you are lucky enough, you can also meet a group of monkeys enjoying fresh garden fruits.

Thien Cung Cave

The other name of this cave is Heaven cave and you can analyze the name from different angles once you visit here. You will also love to describe Thien Cung Cave as a natural art museum as well. The stalagmites and stalactites artfully formed different shapes and figures to represent different phases of human life, animals and as a whole a complete legendary tale. This cave is very closely related to Vietnamese mythological legend that narrates a sad love story which begins with a happy wedding but ends with a separation where 100 children of the couple are also divided equally between the parents. The mother donated one of her breasts to feed the children with their father. This relates to the naturally formed fountain inside this cave and a small stream. This is probably the most spectacular cave in Halong Bay, mostly because of its artistic formations.

Fighting Cock Islet

Immerse yourself in the magic of limestone architecture while you are on your Halong Bay tour. You will gladly accept the name of this island as it actually resembles the scene of two fighting cocks, ready to start their battle. If you pass by this Trong Mai or Fighting Cock Islet during sunset, you will enjoy the celestial view of the rocks turning red because of setting sun reflection, which is somewhat similar to cock’s comb and there this islet gets its name.

Fighting Cock Halong Bay

Cua Van Floating Village

A unique world of its own where people born and their entire lives on the water. Cua Van is a floating village with a community of around 170 families, mostly living on fishing. Small kids here in this village learn how to row a boat or swim in the sea water before they even turn 5 years old. There is only one primary school in this village and all these homes and schools are built on water. In recent times, a few families are actively involved in the tourism industry and offer floating homestays to tourists. So if you really want to live like a local in this Cua Van Floating Village during your Halong Bay tour, you can opt for a homestay in this small floating world.

Cat Ba Island

The biggest island in Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island is the center of attraction for tourists in Cat Ba archipelago. The highest point of this island rises up to 331m above sea level. The entire island is dotted with a number of lakes, waterfalls, and grottoes. Comparatively less crowded than Halong Bay, but in the recent years, the island witnessed a lot of footprints as most of the luxury travelers of today’s date look for off-beat destinations and Cat Ba is one of such off-beat part of Halong Bay that offers a lot apart from cruising, swimming and relaxing on its exotic beaches. Cat Ba cruise is an extended part of your Halong Bay tour.

Cat Ba Island

Cannon Fort

A piece of human-made ancient history lies in the heart of this less-explored wild island. Cannon Fort is situated in the heart of Cat Ba Town which was developed by the Japanese during World War II but, later used by the French and Vietnamese as well. It’s highly thrilling to explore the underground tunnels and well-designed gun emplacements.  There is a small museum to narrate the historic stories and evidence.

Oh, not to forget, you are in Cat Ba right now! Enjoy the view of the island and karst-punctuated sea all around from the top of the Cannon Fort.

Cat Ba National Park

Time to explore Jurassic Park of your imagination. Featuring a wide range of flora and fauna including the most endangered primate on earth, golden-headed langur, Cat Ba National Park is a home to 32 species of mammals, 70 species of birds and many other animals. If you are an avid trekker, nothing can stop you from spending a day hiking through the majestic landscape of this Cat Ba National Park while enjoying the beauty of sub-tropical vegetation along with prolific mangrove plantations around the freshwater Ech Lake.

Hospital Cave

Situated on the way to Cat Ba National Park, Hospital Cave is a natural cave which was tactfully designed and utilized by Viet Cong soldiers as a bomb-proof safe hospital zone. This 3-story hospital within the cave was designed during American War between 1963 and 1965 to house 17 cabins, one operating theatre, and a huge natural cavern. In today’s date, this historic site is being presented beautifully with mannequins to narrate the historic tale to the tourists.

Cat Ba Beaches

Besides these three important attractions, Cat Ba Island also presents a number of idyllic beaches like Cat Co 1, 2 and 3, Tung Thu and Pineapple Cat Beach on Monkey Island, which is a small island, just 2 km away from Cat Ba. Pineapple Beach stretches for 1 km only but is one of the best beaches in Halong. This beach is still very less explored and hence its tranquil and peaceful ambiance is mostly enjoyed by high-end luxury travelers to whom experience is more valued than anything else.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Unleash your inner Robin Hood and set off for Bai Tu Long Bay which is a less traveled destination in this entire karst limestone region. Bai Tu Long Bay covers 3/4th part of entire Halong Bay and even today, a larger part of it is still unexplored. Luxury cruises do offer this off-the-beaten trip to Bai Tu Long Bay to create unique experiences for its sophisticated travelers. Being a less traveled destination, most parts of this area still inherits its primeval look with pristine natural beauty.

So if you are at Bai Tu Long Bay, you can actually explore a number of destinations, both natural and cultural and every experience is worth to be well-treasured.

Emperor Cruises at Bai Tu Long Bay

Quan Lan Island

With a few simple hotels having basic lifestyle amenities to make you experience a day very close to nature, complementing ancient human lifestyle, Quan Lan Island presents the most beautiful Minh Chau Beach extending for over 1 km. Crystal clear azure sea with sparkling waves adds an exciting spree to the most popular watersports here like kayaking and surfing. If you are bored with a lot of beach fun and looking for a switchover, make a trip to 200-year-old Quan Lan Pagoda that worships, Buddha, God Lieu Hanh along with the shrine of two other local men who had great contributions towards building this temple and saving the island from invaders.

Co To Island

The outermost circle of Bai Tu Long Bay presents the remotest inhabited island in Halong Bay, the Co To Island. This is the only island in this entire zone that houses the maximum number of beautiful beaches. Unlike other islands in this bay, this island mostly enjoys domestic tourists. Still, an unknown destination for foreign tourists, Co To Island can be your off-the-beaten-track in Halong Bay tour in Vietnam.

Bai Tu Long National Park

A home to many genres of flora and fauna, Bai Tu Long National Park is less polluted and in its original form. If you are in Bai Tu Long Bay trip, ensure that you pay a visit to this natural habitat center where nature has a lot to showcase in its purest form. Enjoy the wilderness amidst the assortment of tropical flora and fauna.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Get off from your luxury junk and board the bamboo boats to drift through Vung Vieng Fishing Village slowly and experience the local lifestyle. This village is a home to 30 families only and they live their daily lives in floating homes. It is a unique experience that you will miss otherwise.

Ngoc Vung Island

If you love the romance in nature, a visit to a small island in Van Don archipelago, Ngoc Vung Island is a must. It takes around 5 hours from Halong harbor to reach this beautiful island where mountain bikes wait for the tourists to explore the quirky landscape of the island. The mountainous line merges the blue sea in a picturesque way offering you a picture-perfect view to get it framed in your memory forever.

Van Don Island

The largest as well as the most inhabited island of Bai Tu Long Bay and Van Don archipelago, Van Don Island has a number of beautiful beaches along with a small town to offer you a city life kind of feel.

Lan Ha Bay

Very close to Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay is relatively smaller in size as compared to its famous neighbors like Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bays. But this place is far more magical than the formers with a series of idyllic beaches, caves, and mountains. Here you can actually enjoy the spirit of an adventurer or explorer. Owing to its beautiful stretches of emerald water, Lan Ha Bay is also popular as a paradise for kayaking. Compared to other popular destinations in Halong Bay tour, Lan Ha Bay is still less popular among tourists and offers an unspoiled beauty to enjoy your closeness to nature and its wonderful creations.

In short, experience a super energetic tour in Lan Ha Bay that is sure to pump your adrenaline.

Getting around Halong Bay

Be it a traditional route to Halong or the off-the-beaten way, luxury travelers always look for customized trips that let you explore and experience each of the destinations in a unique and personalized way, that no one has ever experienced. Luxury Travel can be described as valued experiences that are unlike the mass travelers and so often, leading a simple lifestyle in one of the isolated islands of Halong Bay is also considered a luxury.

But how to travel Hanoi to Halong and experience the karst landscape?

There are three most special modes of transport for you to let you plunge into the splendor of the karst edifices of Halong. Halong Bay is 180 km away from Hanoi and so road transport takes nearly three and a half hours to reach the harbor, but when it is flights to Halong, time shortens into just 45 minutes.

Which one will you prefer to experience Halong Bay- Seaplane Tour, Helicopter Tour or Luxury Cruise? 1.    Halong Bay Seaplane Tour

Save time and energy for the next episodes in Halong where there is a lot waiting for your exploration. You will be enjoying a luxury limousine transport to Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi from your hotel in Hanoi and there you will be boarding the largest single-engine floatplane that can fly on any waterway as well as speed up on any runway. Yes, it is the Cessna Caravan C208 which is the most reliable, fuel-efficient and safest seaplane, the world has ever seen.

Just 45 minutes fly to reach Halong and there the first glimpse of the bird’s eye view of the karst punctuated Halong Bay is sure to mesmerize you. Enjoy and capture the thrilling moments as and when your seaplane glides down amidst the limestone mountains during your Halong Bay seaplane tour to splash the jade sea water of the bay and again fly high. Halong Bay seaplane tour is an entirely new level of luxury and experience.

Halong Bay Seaplane Tour

Sophisticated planning and intricate design of this seaplane allow excellent tourism sightseeing. Its large windows offer an unparalleled view of the surrounding. This is a 12-seater plane which offers all its passenger seats next to the large windows. Two pilots will make you experience Halong like a bird before landing and getting into your luxury junk for next phases of Halong exploration. Hai Vu Aviation offers this service. You have the option to choose the return trip to Hanoi by seaplane or luxury limousines. Halong Bay seaplane tour is a must try to explore this UNESCO World Natural Heritage from a completely new angle.

If you want to read more about Halong Bay seaplane tour experiences, click here.

2.    Halong Bay Helicopter Tour 

Experience the mystic of limestone clusters by Charter Helicopter that allows you to enjoy the aerial view of extensive Halong Bay, which is otherwise not possible through cruising experience. A luxury transfer to Gia Lam airbase from your hotel in Hanoi city center will not take more than 20 minutes. Your charter helicopter to Halong will be waiting for you there which will take around 45 minutes to offer you the magical glimpses of the protruding limestone cliffs and mountains sprouting out of the sea water in Gulf of Tonkin. This Halong Bay helicopter tour is the quintessence of your entire Halong experience. Its up and down route through varied altitudes amidst the natural wonders will make you enjoy a cinematic yet exhilarating experience.

This MI8 helicopter offers two kinds of accommodations- 5-seater and 12-seater, depending on the size of the group you are accompanying. Both the helicopters offer all window seats to enjoy an unprecedented aerial view of Halong. This magical experience will be followed by another exciting cruising experience through the entire region and of course, you can customize your Halong Bay cruise tour depending on the destinations mentioned above. The helicopter tour will end at Halong Heliport on General Giap’s Hill from where your cruising experience will begin. You are free to select your return trip to Hanoi by either the same airway or road transport.

Compared to Halong Bay helicopter tour, the seaplane Halong tour adds a different dimension to your experience. Unlike the helicopter, it will make you glide through water surface while the splashing the sea water. However, both the tours have its unique aspect and are undoubtedly the best Halong Bay tours you will ever experience.

3.    Halong Bay Luxury Cruises

Helicopter and seaplane tours to Halong Bay are always recommended because no other means of transport can offer you such a heavenly aerial view. But ultimately you have to set off for your real adventure on a luxury junk to cruise through the mountains and caves and grottoes. There are a number of Halong Bay luxury cruises like Grayline, Indochina Sails Junk, Red Dragon, Premium Valentine and many more to list down. But for best Halong Bay cruise experience, Emperor Cruises is incomparable. The artful design and enhanced craftsmanship of Emperor Cruises reflect the richness of ultimate luxury and royalty to make you feel like an emperor amidst the prehistoric natural wonders. Besides the grandeur of its interior décor, an onboard art museum,  royal hospitality is their key feature that they extend towards every guest.

Enjoy every bit of Halong while you are onboard at Emperor Cruises and their in-house staff will take care of the rest. Emperor Cruises Halong not only offers you the conventional Halong tour but also takes you off the route to explore the untouched beauty of this region.

So in Halong, you can actually fly like a bird or glide down to board a cruise. Be a fictional adventurer of your dreams from the pages of your childhood book.

View of Halong from Emperor Cruises

Click to read more about Top 3 Vietnam Cruise Experiences

Halong Bay Day Trip or an Overnight Cruise, how long do you want to stay

Hopefully, you won’t spend your entire vacation to Vietnam tour in Halong Bay, unless you are very much obsessed with the enigmatic allure of Halong Bay. So on an average, travelers generally go for a Halong Bay overnight cruise, which sometimes extends to 2-3 days. Halong Bay day trips are also quite..

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Last year, we represented Vietnam in major Travel Trade shows around Asia and Europe. In 2017 we attended Fitur in Spain, ITB in Berlin, PATA in Macao and WTM in London. We have invited partners for a FAM Trip scheduled for this year, to showcase to them all the attractive places and experiences that Vietnam can offer for all kinds of luxury travelers.

Read more about Who Are The Luxury Travelers Of Today.

So after the latest show, ITB Berlin, where we showcased our new product projects for the year ahead, we wanted to give more insights on what to expect from our product experiences crafted this year and how do we innovate.

In Vietnam in 2017, the Government issued an action plan to develop tourism as a spearhead economic sector, including creating favorable conditions for travel operators. And this year, we’ve seen new projects being fomented by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as well.

Vietnam has a large variety of destinations which make it a very attractive country with natural sites like the Mekong Delta or Halong Bay, historical sites like Hue or seaside destinations such as Mui Ne and Nha Trang. But, apart from visiting beautiful landscapes, foreign tourists coming to Vietnam want to learn more about Vietnamese culture, hoping to meet and experience the locals living. And as travel tendencies change, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism need to follow it closely.

One region got special attention so far.

The Fast Development of Hai Phong

Hai Phong port and the region close to Cat Ba Island have enjoyed an improvement in its connectivity attracting more visitors. Hai Phong has gained positive achievements in tourism development thanks to its potentials and favorable traffic infrastructure. Indeed, Hai Phong city has invested and brought into use an international wharf. And it has been developing deeply the Cat Bai Island into a national tourism destination with smart and environmentally-friendly ecotourism models. By 2030, Hai Phong aims to become a national tourism hub and compete with both regional and international major sites. We, at Luxury travel, had already foreseen the major gem that Cat Ba Island and Hai Phong represent so we have been developing our brand new 5-star Luxury All-Inclusive Emperor Cruises in Halong Bay according to that. Our newest Cat Ba Archipelago cruise offers the chance to cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin (Lan Ha Bay- Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay).

The After ITB Berlin

Luxury Travel completed a very successful showcase of its product at this year’s ITB Berlin. That is when we revealed our new plans and product for the next year (to be launched in 2018-2019). Among them are the expansion of their luxury cruises, Emperor, a whole new cruise experience in the Red River and a never seen before dining experience with real Hanoians near the Westlake area. As the industry keeps asking for more specialization, our product team is constantly trying to look for the new little services or additions that will make the difference when someone chooses to travel to Southeast Asia and especially to Vietnam our where we are had based. The members of the Luxury Travel panel discussion at the Marketing and Distribution Day at the ITB Berlin debated changing attitudes towards a luxury lifestyle. A luxury lifestyle was now less defined by an ostentatious show of material wealth, but instead of seclusion and a high level of personalized service. The panel members included Al Merschen, principal of Myriad Marketing/MMGY Global, and, Arnaud Girodon, general manager of The Datai Langkawi.

Luxury Travel has been excelling in high-quality travel services with an emphasis on authentic luxury travel experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and, Myanmar. Luxury lifestyle attitudes are changing:

A huge part of the travel experience is getting to know local traditions, history, and culture. And happily, you can actually get in touch with all three aspects of a national identity just by eating.

Eat Like A Local in Hanoi

Whether it is by the highly structured ceremonial of Vietnam’s tea welcome drink, or by paying a visit to a sacred temple and a Buddhist pagoda. The most memorable travel experience goes through an immersion into the living environment of locals: having a simple chat with a monk, a visit to a local market or to Vietnam’s hawker stalls, just sampling a country’s cuisine in the way the locals enjoy it. That is what turns your local experience into a memorable one. And that is how we created our brand new Eat Like Locals by the Secret Hideaway in Westlake exclusively to satisfy our high-end customers looking for some authenticity in their Holidays in Vietnam.

Red River Heritage Cruises

Travel is all about places, experiences, and memories. We are now committed to keeping providing the authentic cruising experiences for our sophisticated guests on an incredible voyage of discovery from the highlands to Hanoi and the Gulf of Tonkin. The Red River in Hanoi is rich in mythology and history. Not only it helps the country feed itself but it has also served in its historical independence struggles. Originating in China, the Red River flows past Hanoi and several provinces in the north of Vietnam before emptying into the Gulf of Tonkin. That is why our New Heritage Cruises tours will take you very soon to the cultural heritage of Vietnam with the very first boutique cruises on the Red River.

Our experience and knowledge make us think outside of the box and bring to our customers always more unique experiences.

For more information about our Vietnam tours, contact our team of experts here.

Luxury Travel provides “wow” services to the most sophisticated luxury travelers. They offer privately guided and fully bespoke holidays coupled with personalized customer service. Their Ultra Luxury experiences come with all tailor-made services serving individual and business travelers as well as MICE. If you are looking for an experienced local tour operator/DMC in Southeast Asia, contact Luxury Travel.

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When planning your Cambodia Tour, the unmissable place to visit is, of course, the Angkor Wat Complex. But many people tend to not give its right worth to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh and today we want to tell you why you should make some time on your itinerary and add at least a 1 or 2 days trip to Phnom Penh.

Read about Which Island In Cambodia Best Suits You to combine your itinerary with a beach break.

When in Phnom Penh, the capital, you will get to uncover the dark history of Cambodia and immerse yourself in the markets, monuments and cultural performances of today. Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s busy capital, sits at the junction of the Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers. It used to be the hub for the Khmer Empire and the French colonialists. One of its characteristics and the most pleasant place is the walkable riverfront, lined with parks, restaurants, and bars.

We have made a list of attractions for you to have the complete Khmer experience when visiting Phnom Penh.

Interesting Things To Do In Cambodia’s Capital Of Phnom Penh Visit the Beautiful Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

This place is right in the heart of Phnom Penh and it is definitely a must-see-place. The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda complex is the official residence of the Cambodian royalty. Though several parts of the site are off limits to visitors, you can still get a good sense of the opulence and grandeur of the complex. The Silver Pagoda reveals many religious relics, including a highly revered Emerald Buddha. Several other buildings show interesting displays, including one dedicated to chariots and carriages, another of ancient pottery, and one with traditional clothing and artifacts. Our tip is to watch the sunset there, for a beautiful scene.

Pay Your Respects At Choeung Ek Genocidal Centre

The Killing Fields of Cheung Ek is situated 15 kilometers south-west of Phnom Penh and were first made famous by the film of the same name. It was a place where more than 17,000 civilians were killed and buried in mass graves; many of them transported here after detention and torture in Toul Sleng. This place is a chilling reminder of the brutalities of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. It is good to mention that this place might not be suitable for children of very sensitive people. But it is a very historic and profound place to relive history.

Visit The Picturesque Wat Phnom Temple On Top Of A Hill

The Wat Phnom temple is located on a grassy ar

tificial hill. It was built in 1372 and stands 27 meters (88.5 ft) above the ground. The temple contains various religious items, with both Cambodian Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism reflected in the style of the statues, artwork, and designs. There’s a lovely short walking trail next to the temple and pretty gardens at the bottom. Don’t miss the large clock at street level. Inside are bright modern murals that just about glow in the dark, depicting the lives of the Buddha and other stories.

The Wat Phnom is a beautiful Buddhist temple worth the climbing as once there you won’t feel that you are in Phnom Penh as the temple is very quiet and peaceful.

Stroll Along The Riverside By The Tonle Sap

Phnom Penh’s riverside area is a lively hangout area where you can spot locals, expats and tourists alike. At daytime, the riverside is a pleasant place for a stroll in the sunshine. And when evening falls, the area takes on even more energy as more people arrive, street vendors set up their food carts, and many people go out to eat or have a drink around here. Numerous bars and restaurants line the street alongside the river and you have a great choice for local and foreigner food.

Shop at Central Market and the Russian Market

If you are keen on markets, in Phnom Penh these two are the biggest. The Central Market is housed in an interesting Art Deco building and it is one of Phnom Penh’s main bustling markets. There, you can find clothing, footwear, jewelry but also things like fish and dried goods or household utensils.

The Russian market, on the other hand, is a great market to visit if you like shopping as they sell almost anything you can think of. But people don’t come exclusively for buying, but also to taste good Khmer specialties in the food stalls!

Check our Cambodia Travel Guide to have some more inspiration on what to eat in Cambodia.

Tuk-Tuk Ride Along the City’s Top Places

A tuk-tuk ride along the city’s most famous monuments is a great way of seeing the capital if you don´t have a lot of time there. Enjoying a tuk-tuk ride is also a must-have experience when in Cambodia. There are many monuments and statues around Phnom Penh´s wide streets and roundabouts. Among there is the pagoda-like independence Monument celebrating their independence from French colonial rule or the statue of King Father Norodom Sihanouk that pays homage to the country’s former king.

If you wish to book a tuk-tuk tour with us, contact our team here.

Watch a traditional dance show at the Cambodian Living Arts

Performed in a small theatre within the grounds of the National Museum, the Cambodian Living Arts’ dance show is a performance that showcases traditional Cambodian dance, with music and typical costumes. The show is beautifully represented, a little humorous, moving, and very esthetic. Just about right for a perfect night in Phnom Penh.

We hope you have enough information to be convinced of the variety of activities and the beauty of Phnom Penh’s monuments and riverside, as well as all of the authentic discoveries you can find when visiting Cambodia’s capital.

Serving today’s most sophisticated travelers, Luxury Travel Vietnam is exceptional in designing tailor-made tours, providing unique travel experiences and luxury travel products in Southeast Asia since 2004. The company’s depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill clients’ expectations. Plan your Cambodia tour packages with us today!

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Luxury Travel announces Best Metropole Hanoi and Emperor Cruises Summer Deal for sophisticated travelers.

A new tour has been announced by Luxury Travel, Vietnam’s first tour operator in the luxury niche that will delight the best of the best appreciators. Luxury Travel specializes in high-end services and accommodations and always recommends to his customers going to Hanoi to stay at the Metropole Sofitel Hanoi, one emblematic luxury hotel in the heart of the French Quarter and the Opera.

Metropole Hanoi

In this Luxury Summer Escape All Included tour, they want to introduce the customers to the best of Hanoi and Northern Vietnam in a 5- days package tour of Hanoi and Halong Bay, two unmissable places to visit when coming to Vietnam.

This packed tour of Vietnam will give you the chance to swim and go kayaking in Bai Tu Long Bay, a less frequented place by tourists while also enjoying the best that Hanoi has to offer topped with a luxurious stay at the heart of the city. They guarantee you will have incredible stay at the Sofitel Legend Metropole- in the elegance of Hanoi’s most storied 5-star hotel. You will be in the heart of the French Quarter, with the Hanoi Opera just around the corner and many places to leisure around in the afternoon before an evening dinner.

The highlights of this tour lie in the high-end accommodations and transport they have arranged for customers. First, at the emblematic 5-star Metropole Hotel of Hanoi and then, aboard the only 5-star All-inclusive cruise in Halong Bay, with your own butler service. The Emperor Cruises founder, Mr. Pham Ha explains that this cooperation idea came from the idea of bringing this summer, to the customers who wish to see Vietnam in a limited time, what Northern Vietnam has to offer in terms of best service and fabulous surroundings. The Wow effect they have been promoting for years now, it’s clearly shown in this 5 days package.

Emperor Cruises

Mr. Pham Ha adds that “This is the perfect summer getaway to enjoy aquatic activities in the off-the-beaten-track Bai Tu Long Bay and taste the delicious specialties from Hanoi. Travelers will get to have a closer look at how Hanoians live, around the bustling Old Quarter while visiting the most historical sites.” Same position as the one they promote in all of their tours, the Authentic Experience.

One of the highlights of the tour is the“choose yourself day” aboard the cruise. You can pick your own adventure, completely à la carte; Luxury Travel can tailor-make whatever you wish for with exclusive and personalized services including your own speedboat and butler.

The Emperor Cruise allows you to enjoy the utmost in luxury and top-notch service with rooms including private balconies, panoramic ocean views, and a personal butler service.

With a touch of Vietnamese art on board and delicious meals fit for an Emperor this certainly is an unforgettable experience for this summer.

Find out all about this offer and book your Luxury Summer Escape All Included.

Luxury Travel Ltd is an award-winning DMC which fills a niche in the luxury including both business and leisure travel. Luxury Travel Ltd specializes in customizing high-quality travel services. If you want to know more about an experienced local tour operator/DMC in Southeast Asia, contact Luxury Travel.

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If you are planning a Cambodia Tour soon, you should know that the incredible ancient site near Siem Reap isn’t the only city worth visiting in Cambodia. In fact, this Southeast Asian country is so full of wonders that we decided to show you other sides of it by presenting to you one off-the-beaten-path city, Battambang.

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Although Cambodia is a small country, there is pleeenty to explore. If you are looking for the perfect place that mixes ancient sites, palaces, and gorgeous beaches, then it is right in Cambodia that you will be able to find it all. The first thing you should know is that apart from Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and Sihanoukville, there is another city in Cambodia that you need to check out. It is none other than Battambang, in the northwestern part of the country.

Are you interesting in adding to your itinerary some Cambodia Beach Holiday? Read on to find out Which Island in Cambodia Best Suits You?

Where Is Battambang?

Battambang is a city on the Sangkae River in northwestern Cambodia. Battambang is known for colonial buildings such as Sala Khaet, the former Governor’s Residence. Other than that, the Battambang Provincial Museum has many interesting artifacts from local Khmer temples. And just nearby, you can go see the Phare Ponleu Selpak, a circus and performing arts school for underprivileged children. Continue to the North of the center and you will find the ruins of Ek Phnom, an 11th-century pagoda with sandstone carvings.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Battambang In Cambodia 1. See Art In Battambang At The Human Gallery

The Human Gallery gathers some of the best portraits of the humanitarian photographer Joseba Etxebarria taken during his trip around the world, as well as several postcards, prints, and books that are not for sale online. Joseba Etxebarria traveled 37,000 kilometers through 29 countries on a bicycle and took some pictures of people while he was at it. The gallery is located in Battambang, in an old house of more than one hundred years, where a relaxing space created to enjoy the photographs while listening to the history of the project of traveling on a bicycle for more than four years.

2. Visit The Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus In Battambang

Don’t miss out on Battambang’s number one attraction. Their famous Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus! The performers of this circus are students in their 6th-year professional circus program. And In the future, they will actually have the opportunity to perform in Siem Reap and tour around the world.

Each Battambang circus show includes a traditional Apsara Cambodian dance performed by the students. All the music from the circus c is performed live as well.

The internationally acclaimed circus,  forming part of Cirque Nouveau current, at the multi-arts center for Cambodian children is definitely worth to see with your friends and family.

Want to book this show on your Holiday to Cambodia? Let our agents help you here.

3. The Wat Somrong Knong Memorial in Battambang

This is a memorial in Battambang that wants to recall the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge. It is located in the pagoda Somrog Knong and what really makes the temples stand out is the artistical mixture of wood, brick, and plaster that makes it a unique construction.

The temple was seized by the Khmer Rouge in 1976 and turned into a prison. At least 10,000 people were put to death in all manner of grisly fashion here and you will get a sense of what this could have looked like just by the characters on the walls.

4. The Bamboo Train Adventure Ride

Forget the train rides you normally take. This train is totally a whole new experience for tourists and visitors. This is really a once in a lifetime ride that you can choose to have with your family. You will pass by some villages observing the countryside from the train. Since it is made from bamboo and can be assembled easily, this mode of transportation was very popular in the past. And today, it has become a major tourist attraction in Battambang. The best time to ride the train is early in the morning as it is not too hot yet.

Open from Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 5 pm

5. The Damrey Sor Pagoda (White Elephant Pagoda)

The White Elephant Pagoda in Battambang is one of the frequently accessed tourist spots that is situated in the city center area. This famous temple is located in one of the busy districts of the city which can be convenient to access making this temple one of the prime Battambang attractions. Wat Tahm-Rai-Saw is firstly known for its elaborate architectural structure.

The best time to visit the White Elephant Pagoda in Battambang is during the time of Khmer New Year festival, or Choul Chhnam. At that time, the adjacent streets are all decorated with various colorful accessories. During the Khmer New Year festival, there are lots of jubilations and celebrations that are organized in the streets close to the temple premises. One not-to-be-missed ritual of the festival is that people throw plenty of water mixed with colored powder at the gathered masses as a sign of blessing and good luck. Don’t miss out!
The Khmer New Year is around the 14th to 16th of April.

More info about the Khmer New Year here.

Sometimes travelers only come to Cambodia as a stopover tour from Vietnam or Thailand to see the Angkor Wat temples. But as you can see, Cambodia is a country rich in heritage, culture, food and much more to see than just the Angkor Wat complex in Siem Reap. And this diversity makes it an excellent destination on it’s on to spend great Holidays in Southeast Asia.

Luxury Travel takes you to discover the colors and tastes of Southeast Asia most beautiful countries. Offering off-the-beaten-path itineraries as well as luxury vacations, our local experts will advise you throughout your preparation and stay. For unique authentic experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Myanmar, let us help you here or go check our Cambodia Tour Packages.

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Luxury Travel Ltd., the pioneer of luxury travel services in Vietnam announces the launch of its newly amended website today. This revamped website has been designed for easy and smooth navigation to all information that clearly portrays the company’s vision towards luxury traveling while creating an authentic and worthwhile avenue to experience the same for the travel enthusiasts. This website talks everything in details about the five destinations that Luxury Travel Ltd. deals with along with well-planned itineraries as a reference for customizing tailor-made holiday trips.

Designed with a motto of creating a user-friendly interface, this website embeds advanced technology to be compatible with all modern gadgets, devices, and browsers. This redesigned website features a well-ordered and organized layout with advanced functionality for inquiries, bookings, and 24/7 chat support. Besides direct traveler management, this website will soon integrate to travel agent management system.

Luxury Travel Vietnam New Website Launch

Luxury Travel Ltd. focuses on merging luxury, comfort, and transparency with travel experiences across the most captivating destinations in Southeast Asia. Keeping this in mind, this new website has been refurbished with rich content which is easily accessible and can be shared by the users with others through leading social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This will help Luxury Travel Ltd., to enrich their years-long experiences with further knowledge about their travelers’ needs along with their valuable reviews.

The founder CEO of Luxury Travel Ltd., Mr. Pham Ha said, “We are extremely excited to introduce a new and futuristic look on our company website. We have added a lot of latest information to our newly designed website with a hope to cater all particular travel needs of the travelers looking for destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. The easy browsing feature to respective destinations, products, and services will surely benefit the travelers to gather enough knowledge about the destinations before planning their holidays.”

This new Luxury Travel Ltd. website will be updated on regular basis with new information about destinations, new range of products and services along with corporate achievements, events and media news. Mr. Ha also added, “Our new website is going live today, on May 3, 2018. We welcome all travel fanatics to browse through our new website at https://luxurytravelvietnam.com/ and share your feedback about it in the comment section on our Facebook page. We are looking forward to your suggestions.”

About Luxury Travel Ltd.

Luxury Travel Ltd. a multi-award winning first luxury tour operator in Vietnam. Since its inception in 2004, by one man with one idea of creating unique luxury travel experiences in Southeast Asia, the company is working hard to redefine the opportunities possible for a vacation. The company is dedicated to creating extraordinary travel experiences, exclusive for a traveler and so there are always tailor-made holidays from the company.  For more information about Luxury Travel Ltd, its products, and services, please visit https://luxurytravelvietnam.com/.

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