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Growing older and getting fatter… It’s seems to be the path that most men over 50 are heading down…

The majority of guys in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond – just give up on their health and fitness. Chances are you’ve been on “diets” and lost a bunch of weight, only to re-gain it all back again a few months later. So why even bother trying again when it’s only going to set you up for another disappointment?

That was the case for Trevor James, a 58 year old man from England. As the years went on his waistline grew bigger and bigger. He had to buy new pants and shirts every year because he old ones no longer fit. It kept going until his weight topped out at an embarrassing 255 pounds.

Feeling fat, old, and scared for his health – he decided enough was enough and he needed to make a change. Not just for himself, but to be the man he needed to be for his wife and daughter.

Within 2 years of making that decision, Trevor turned his life around, lost 74 pounds, and is now in the best shape of his life at 58 years young!

Trevor and I were recently chatting about his transformation and how he was able to get lean and jacked with visible 6-pack abs in his 50’s. He was kind enough to let me share his story below. Hopefully it will help inspire someone who’s in a similar situation right now to make a change before it’s too late.

Getting Fit Over 50
– How Trevor Lost 74 Pounds and Got 6-Pack Abs at Age 58…

My name is Trevor James and I am 58 years old. 2 years ago I weighed more than 115Kg (255Lbs). Today I weigh just 82Kg (181Lbs), and now I want to tell you all about it.

I’ve always tried to look after my body and health by doing some form of exercise (karate, cardio, gym exercise, swimming, running, etc) or eating what was always considered the “healthy” foods, so I became a little confused when I started gaining more and more weight as I grew older. I guess we all do that as we age – or so we are led to believe.

As an English teacher I spend most of my day sitting down with students on a 1-2-1 basis discussing the rules, grammar, and pronunciation of the language. So, my movements become rather restrictive, my activity levels reduced, and metabolism slowed down. Up goes the weight even though my eating habits remained the same with the occasional snack – or two – adding to the pressure.

I think, that in reality nothing spectacular ever happened to cause my weight gain, other than just living the “normal” life we all live. So it did not come as any surprise when I noticed my big fat gut in 2017 while on a premature honeymoon before marrying my beautiful young wife. My weight had gone up to almost 116Kg (255 pounds), a disastrous and rather risky level of weight gain. It had happened gradually over the years, so there is no real one blame. I knew I was putting on weight as every year and needed to buy larger size clothes, T-shirts from M to XXL, trousers from 34″ to 38″, and the like.

I was good at hiding it because of my height 188cm (6’2″) so I could carry on my days in a bright and cheerful way; however, I knew it was getting me down. I was trying to lose it by the normal “healthy foods”… But it wasn’t working. I tried diets, but they always failed because I was starving myself and when the diet ended, I’d put it all back on again. I wasn’t happy inside because of my weight and wanted to find an option to lose it – FOREVER.

I have a young wife and a younger daughter (she will be 5 in September, this year – 2019) and I did not like the thought of taking her to school being fat and looking old. I hated more the fact that she would have this fat old man that was old enough to be her granddad take her to school, and what she might have to put up with from the name-calling her peers would throw at her. She had a right, like every other child, to be proud of her daddy. I owed it to her, and my wife, to be in good health and in good shape – but here I was fat, old, and becoming very concerned about my weight and the medical problems that would fail me later (and more probably not that much later either).

I was looking on the internet for ideas to permanently lose weight and keep it off, and I came across some very interesting discoveries. There were a lot of people making some rather diverse suggestions about the foods that I regularly ate (potatoes, pastas, grains, sweetcorn, and the like) and occasionally ate (chips, beef burgers, pizza, sauces, juices, etc.) and how they greatly affected my weight.

Then I came across this guy (Lee Hayward) – a professional coach in the body-building world making suggestions about how to lose fat, build muscle and get back in shape. And decided to follow his program after agreeing that there were issues with my diet and exercise. For me it meant changing the main focus of my diet and exercise once and for all. I took it slow, made changes and progress gradually, and one year later I was down nearly 20kg (44 pounds).

Another six months and I was at my leanest weight – 82Kg (181 pounds) – beaming with confidence!

I continued to follow along with Lee’s coaching and use his exercise routines at the gym. I read his courses and used his advice, along with some other material I have researched – I have also put much of what I have studied into a program ready to go out to the public on how I transformed my body.

These changes were not easy, but they have been remarkably great and fun. I have seen changes in my body that I never knew could happen. I have watched my 6-pack reappear after over 30 years – wondering where the hell my abs have been all this time; I have seen an amazing alteration regarding my health and energy levels. Before I couldn’t run a few hundred meters without some pain in my back, hips, or legs. Now I run 30 Kilometers every week in addition to doing cycling and gym workouts. I have so much energy that I feel like a 20-year-old young stallion let loose with everything for me.

As I said, it has not been easy. I had to deal with choosing to find the right foods and give up on eating snickers every week; drinking soda pop every week, juices, sauces, processed carbohydrates, etc. I had to find ways to break old habits and create new ones. I had to fight with myself and keep on when I wanted to stop. I had to challenge my desire to give-up when I knew stopping was the easiest option. I had to wake up and workout when I wanted to sleep; I had to go when I wanted to stay. I HAD TO MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES AND I HAD TO MAKE THEM RIGHT THEN!

When I look back on the path I had to take and the road along the way – I can say that it has been the toughest, and yet the most positive pathway I have ever taken. It has been one hell of a challenge, and I am not going to tell you otherwise. But, and I repeat BUT, it has been the greatest thing I have ever done. I am in my best shape physically, I am healthier, more active now then I have ever been. In the best shape I could ever hope for. Lee has been an inspiration, and I hope that I can equally pass on that inspiration in this testimony.

I have discovered that there are many reasons for giving up something, and usually only one reason to continue, but it is that one reason that can lead you to make the change, so why give up on your goal?

There are two things I have learnt in order to become successful in everything in life:
1. Keep on doing it, regardless of the challenges;
2. Never give up!

Now, you can be old, fat, boring, and grey in your mid to late fifties and beyond, or you can start making little changes and challenging yourself everyday and be the best version of you. I go to my local gym and see men and women half my age looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. It makes me feel great inside and I love it!

I’ve heard people suggesting I use chemicals, and I do: I use them to clean my toilet. I eat clean healthy food (I keep the junk foods to a bare minimum and sometimes not at all). I walk tall and proud knowing that my family love the way I have changed. I am ready to take my daughter to school; holding her hand and telling the teachers that I am her daddy!

We can all make changes. We all need to make changes. Why not make the changes that benefit you and your loved ones? SURELY YOU ALL DESERVE BETTER?

Thank you, a million times, Lee. I hope you continue to inspire others as you did to me. I hope I can enhance that inspiration in what I have written to let people all over the world in their 50s know that they do not have to give in and get fat. By making simple and positive changes – and keeping consistent – they can be the best they have ever been – EVER!

Trevor James

In just 2 years Trevor went from fat, depressed, worried for his health, and afraid of being a burden and embarrassment to his family… To now living life to the fullest as a healthy, lean and ripped 58 year old. He’s a better husband, better father, and better person all around – because he choose to make his health and fitness a priority.

If you would like some help to re-gain control over your weight, health, and fitness – just let me know and we can schedule a time to chat and come up with a realistic action plan that’s right for you… Click Here to book a Free 10-minute Strategy Session Call.

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Do you ever feel that you’re too old to workout?

Is there any point to even trying to get back in shape when you’re already “Over The Hill?”

Unfortunately, as men get older – into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond – most just give up on their health and fitness. When it should be the complete opposite, during the 2nd half of life your health and fitness should take on a whole new level of importance.

It’s quite common to see hard working men spending their entire adult lives doing everything they can to provide for their family, put food on the table, and a roof over their heads – while neglecting their own health and fitness in the process.

I realize that putting your family above your own needs may seem like the noble thing to do. But in the greater scheme of things is this really a smart choice?

Neglecting your health and fitness will eventually come back to bite you. It’s like trying to get ahead by ignoring the maintenance on your car. Things are going to break down and fall apart if you don’t look after it. And what might have been a simple repair job, could lead to engine failure if left unfixed.

If you abuse your car, you can always get another one. But the same can’t be said for your body – you only get one – so you better look after it now while you still can.

Just think about it…
All the years of working hard to provide for your family isn’t going to mean much if you die before your time, and leave your wife without a husband, and your children without a father.

That was almost the case for Paul M., a 62-year-old English Teacher from Alberta, Canada. The stress of his work caused him to seek relief through “Comfort Food”… Rich, fatty, greasy, calorie-dense foods… And going to the gym for exercise was the last thing on his mind.

It got to the point where Paul no longer cared about how fat and unhealthy he had become. At the end of the day, he just wanted that temporary relief of eating junk food while sitting on the sofa in front of the TV.

As the years progressed Paul’s weight climbed to over 240 pounds. The extra fat around his waistline was circling his heart like a seal in shark infested waters… He was a ticking time bomb… and it almost cost him his life!

Paul and I were recently chatting about his situation and how he was able to turn his life around after a near death experience at age 62. He was kind enough to let me share his story below. Hopefully it will help inspire someone who’s in a similar situation right now to make a change before it’s too late.

Starting Again After Age 60
– Paul’s Journey Towards Living A Healthy Life…

Sirens shattered the comfortable silence of a frosty February evening of 2017.

The ambulance stopped in front of our little rental home. The EMTs clambered out, and a gurney was hurriedly pulled out, and clattered up the sidewalk into our small living room… for me!

Much of what happened after that was dim… I was dying… I thought.

This felt like the darkest experience of my life. It was, however, the catalyst that sent me scurrying down the path of health and fitness.

I was rushed to the ER of the local hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with severe chest pain. The pain intensified as the minutes passed. Eventually, I lapsed into unconsciousness for six hours.

I thought I could hear my vitals read out by the EMTs… and it burned me with shame.

“Age, 62, weight… hmm… around 240 pounds”

I had never been this heavy… but I didn’t care anymore. I was dying… I thought.

Gradually, I returned to consciousness.

An attending ER physician, an alert young woman, whose name I do not remember, reached out and took my hand. Her grip was vise-like and her gaze intense. In an even, but hard-as-granite tone, she spoke these words, now indelibly etched into my soul:

“The Universe has given you a gift. What are you going to do with it?”

Seconds flashed by; she relaxed her grip. She stood back, looked at me with profound care, and then, she walked away. I never saw her again. It left me both shaken and challenged… I had, indeed, been given a second chance.

But a second chance at what? Then it hit me: a second chance to live my life…

To – get – things – right. All of them. It was that day that my journey toward better health began.

Later that week, a colleague was not so fortunate. He too, had a cardiac event, but died in ER shortly after arriving at the hospital. That incident galvanized my resolve. But what would I do?

Several weeks later, after returning to work from sick leave, a new semester began at the learning centre where I worked. Shyly finding his way to one of our computers, an impressively muscular Iranian student sat down to work on his assignments. He struggled with his English and the software used for the course. He looked pleadingly at me for help. I sat with him, and in the days that followed, to help him.

Intensely curious, I asked him, “Mr. M, how did you get so… big?” He laughed and shared his story, a story of coming from very poor health, and how he eventually became a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. He had also come from a dark place. I also shared my story, and he was profoundly touched by what he heard. He suggested we meet after school and get started on a better path to improving my health and fitness.

We met regularly, and I learned much from him. Day by day we saw small steps of progress.

Unfortunately, the pressures of that young man’s schooling required him to leave the campus in search of an internship for his course of studies.

I was left on my own, trying to keep up my regimen, calling it my “Professional Development Project.” Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I went to our school’s weight training room to carry on with my “project.”

Eventually, I added Tuesdays to my schedule, but I really did not feel or even see as much change as I had hoped. But little by little I whittled away a few inches here and added some strength there, and in my greyer moments, I thought that such would be my path. That was until I was introduced to another man, Mr. K. who also had some language learning struggles.

During my conversation with Mr. K, the fact that I worked out in our school’s gym caught his attention. He, too, had his own regimen. His own stirring story of where he once was and where he was now caught my attention. Was this another “second chance?” He asked if he might join me on the following Friday to see what I was doing and offer me some tips.

We met; I worked out, and even though he gave a few helpful hints, I sensed he wanted to say more. “Is that what you do?” I nodded sheepishly.

“Well that stops today. Meet me Monday, and we are going to start a new program.”

The following Monday we met, and everything changed. We added different kinds of stretching, various carefully-paced exercises to improve my cardiovascular system, and a structured strength-training regimen. If I had thought that this was all to his plan, I was sadly mistaken. We sat down and worked out a nutrition plan as well. When all the pieces of his proposed training plan were laid out, the objective was clarified:

“It is a plan,” he explained with a contagious passion, “to create the best version of you.”

In 2017 I was 240+ pounds, in 2018 I was still hovering around 220 pounds – but in the six months that followed, with all that I learned from my “Coach”, I dropped to 172 pounds. I felt healthier than I had ever felt before, and saw a new-found strength in my body, top to bottom, inside and out.

Much like Mr. M, my new “Coach / Brother” Mr. K, needed some time away… and I did not know if he would ever return to keep watch over my regimen.

That was when I came upon Lee Hayward’s website. The exercises, stretching routines, and parts of the nutritional advice were remarkably similar.

I had found… a new home… and a new competent coach.

I will soon be 65 and I am taking on physical challenges I never would have dreamed possible just a few years earlier.

When colleagues see me, I keep hearing, “Age really is just a number.”

My gym-friends constantly talk to their other friends about “that grandpa who crushes it in the gym.”

I will always be grateful to these two friends. I will always be grateful to Lee’s coaching and insights, but what made the biggest difference? I did. I decided. I changed. I ate better food, went to the gym, did the reps… and it has been well worth the money and time invested.

If I can make the change, I am completely convinced anyone can… without needing a near-death experience to shock you toward that change.

The health I feel now has affected my entire world, mind, soul and body. If anyone reads this and wants to change, then this is my advice: do it. Get a coach and mentor, find some like-minded friends, eat properly, commit to going to the gym, and day by day, step by step, you will be so glad you started down the road to wellness… at last!

In just 2 years Paul went from obese, stressed, depressed, and nearly dying from cardiac arrest… To now living life to the fullest as a healthy and active 65 year old. He’s a better husband, better father, and better person all because he choose to make his health and fitness a priority.

If you would like some help to re-gain control over your weight, health, and fitness – just let me know and we can schedule a time to chat and come up with a realistic action plan that’s right for you… Click Here to book a Free 10-minute Strategy Session Call.

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We all know that in order to lose weight you must eat less calories than you burn in order to create a calorie deficit. The idea of calories in vs. calories out is as old as dirt and it’s the foundation to every single fat loss diet plan in the world.

Regardless if you’re eating 6 meals per day, 1 meal per day, keto, paleo, vegan, carnivore, or if you’re following Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Mediterranean Diet, DASH Diet, Gluten Free, or any other diet plan… If you don’t create a calorie deficit – by either eating less and / or burning more – you are not going to lose weight – Period.

Counting Calories does work when you do it properly and consistently. You just have to figure out your numbers and have the discipline to stick to them.

But that’s where the problem lies…
Because most people suck at discipline when it comes to dieting.

If you purposely stop eating before you are full, it goes against your body’s natural appetite sensations. For example, most people feel hungry when reducing calories. And vice versa for people who are purposely trying to bulk up and gain weight, they feel stuffed when increasing calories. This makes it physically difficult to stick to any set diet plan over the long term.

But there is a sneaky trick that you can use to manipulate your appetite – and thus manipulate your caloric intake – without feeling hungry. You’ll actually be able to leave the table feeling comfortably satisfied after each meal, which is what your body wants to do naturally.

It all comes down to how you plan your meals. You see we don’t just eat calories and macro nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats). We eat meals that consist of real foods.

And what do we enjoy the most about eating? The taste of the foods we eat, specifically the variety of different tastes. In fact, our appetite can be triggered or suppressed just by changing the taste of the foods you eat, regardless of calorie consumption or food volume.

There’s Always Room For Dessert…

Let me give you an example that you’ll be able to relate to…

Think of the last time you ate a big home cooked family dinner (i.e. Christmas, Thanks Giving, 4th of July, etc.) You snacked on the appetizers, stuffed yourself on the main course, went back for second helpings, and then sat back feeling like you couldn’t possibly eat another bite.

Then a few minutes later you hear someone say…
“Who’d Like Some Dessert?”

For some crazy reason, even though just minutes earlier you just felt too full to eat another bite of the main course foods (i.e. meat, potatoes, veggies, etc.). Your appetite has all of a sudden been triggered again to desire some sweet tasting food with the dessert.

This situation happens all the time, we always have room for dessert, regardless of how much food we’ve eaten during the main meal. You can literally go from feeling full, to feeling hungry again with the introduction of a new taste of food.

The 5 Basic Tastes…

Sweetness – Sweetness is regarded as a pleasurable sensation and is produced by the presence of sugars. This can include natural sugars from fruit, honey, and maple syrup as well as processed foods that are high in sugar.

Sourness – Sourness is the taste that detects acidity. Sour fruit such as lemon, grapefruit, and limes. The taste of wine and beer. As well as the taste of fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut.

Saltiness – Saltiness is a taste produced primarily by the presence of sodium (i.e. salt).

Bitterness – Bitterness is the most sensitive of the tastes, and many perceive it as unpleasant, sharp, or disagreeable, but it is sometimes desirable and intentionally added to food. Examples include; coffee, dark chocolate, olives, citrus peel, and alcohol.

Savoriness – Savory, or savoriness is an appetite taste and is occasionally described by its Japanese name, umami or meaty. This is the taste of meat, fish, chicken, etc. The amino acid glutamic acid is responsible for savoriness.

There are a host of other various flavors and taste sensations as well, such as; spiciness or hotness, coolness, fatty, starchy, temperature, etc. These things all affect the flavor and taste of the food you eat.

Your Appetite Is Based On Taste – Not Fullness…

Your appetite, isn’t based on eating a certain number of calories or a certain food volume, but rather from the taste of the foods you eat. When you feel “full” after eating, what’s really happening is you have satisfied your desire to eat the taste of that particular food. But if you introduce a new taste, you stimulate your appetite all over again.

This is why you can eat until you’re “stuffed” with chicken, rice, and broccoli – but then easily find room to eat a piece of pie or bowl of ice cream for dessert. Or sit down in front of the TV after dinner and eat a bag of salty potato chips.

Now that you’re more aware of how the taste of food can simulate or suppress your appetite. You can make better food choices to help meet your dietary goals for calories, protein, carbs, and fat intake.

Eating For Fat Loss – Losing Weight…

If your goal is fat loss and reducing calories. Then plan your meals with fewer food choices. Rather than having a buffet style meal where you can pick and choose from multiple different foods and tastes, each of which will stimulate your appetite more and more. Keep your meal menu simple. One source of protein, one source of complex carbs, and one source of vegetable.

Now you can vary your foods with different meals. For example, one meal may include chicken, rice, and broccoli. Another meal may include steak, garden salad, and sweet potato. And another meal may include some sweet tasting foods such as a fruit smoothie with protein powder. But separate them and don’t combine too many different flavor foods into one meal. This will satisfy your appetite more with less food, because you can only eat so much of one type of food before you get “full” from the taste and texture of that food.

Eating For Gaining Weight – Bulking Up…

If your goal is to gain muscular bodyweight and increase your calories. Than you should take the opposite approach and include a wide variety of different foods with your meals. This will make it easier to increase your calorie consumption without feeling overfull and stuffed.

For example, have a couple different sources of protein (i.e. steak and eggs), have a couple different carb sources (i.e. pasta and bread), have a couple different veggie sources (i.e. peas and carrots). Include a healthy dessert such as fruit and yogurt. You can even experiment with different seasoning, sauces, and spices to further enhance the taste and flavor of your food to make it more desirable to eat more.

By having more food variety with your meals, you’ll naturally want to eat more total food because even though you may satisfy your appetite for the taste of one particular food, you’ll stimulate your appetite again with the introduction of a taste of another food.


Simply knowing how many calories, protein, carbs, and fat to eat to meet your personal fitness goals is one thing. But finding easy and practical ways to make them fit into your daily lifestyle without having to rely on grit and will power is the key to long term dieting success.

If you don’t enjoy the way you eat and get eating satisfaction from your meals, then you’re not going to stick with it for the long term.

Anyone can muster up some discipline and will power for the short term. Just think of how many people you know personally who “went on a diet” and lost weight…

However, 6 months or a year later they are back to square one, having regained all the weight they lost, and usually a few pounds more. (If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve probably done this yourself).

Will power alone can only take you so far. Eventually you’ll run out of will power and you’ll resort back to your default habits. That’s why most people who go on a strict diet end up quitting and giving up once they reach their limit of will power and self discipline. It’s a vicious cycle that millions of people go through again and again.

But if you understand exactly how your body works, and learn how to reprogram your default eating habits, you can set yourself up to win by not only losing weight… But more importantly – keeping it off for life!

These tips here about manipulating your food choices to get more eating satisfaction from your meals is just one of many advanced strategies that you can apply to your nutrition program. If you would like some help with creating the optimal nutrition plan to make it easier to reach your muscle building and fat loss goals, than check out my Muscle After 40 Blueprint Coaching Program.

Through this program I’ll personally work with you to design the ideal nutrition and exercise plan based on your specific body type, lifestyle, food preferences, and fitness goals. And the best part is we’ll use advanced dietary strategies to make the process easier to follow and stick with so you can finally get the results you want… Whether that’s to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Improve Your Overall Health – Trim Down for a Beach Vacation – Or Go All The Way and Get Ripped For A Bodybuilding or Physique Competition.

Click on the link below for more info about the Muscle After 40 Blueprint Coaching Program.

And if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail to: lee [at] leehayward.com and we can chat.

Click Here for The Muscle After 40 Blueprint.

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If you want to continue gaining strength on the bench press, try this Dynamic Effort Bench Press workout. It’s a great way of not only building explosive power but also introducing accommodating resistance into your training.

Be careful, though!

Shoulder injuries from the bench press are very common. However, you can prevent a lot of injuries and build bulletproof shoulders by balancing your shoulder development. Most guys who do heavy pressing exercises often neglect the opposing muscles such as the rear delts.

In the workout below you’ll see how to safely increase your bench press strength and “Bulletproof Your Shoulders”.

Here’s The Complete Workout…

– Light Cardio
– Lying Arm Circles (2×20 Reps)

Bench Presses
– Resistance Band Bench Press – (8×3 Reps)
– Floor Pin-Press Lockouts – (Sets of 5 Reps until it gets hard)

Rear Delts
– Face Pulls – (3×12+ reps)
– Band Pull Aparts – (3×12+ reps)
– Reverse Pec Dec Flys – (3×12+ reps)

Back / Lats
– Wide Grip Pull-ups – (3 sets of as many reps as you can do)

Shoulder & Core Stabilization
– Kettlebell Waiter Walks – (3 laps back and forth the gym)

Watch and follow along with the full workout below…

Bench Press Over 40 (Dynamic Effort) + Build Bulletproof Shoulders! - YouTube

Note: if you can’t watch the embedded video above, Click Here to watch it on my YouTube channel.

If you would like some help with building muscle, increasing strength, losing the gut, and getting back in shape – then just send me e-mail lee [at] leehayward.com and we can chat and come up with a strategy that’s right for you, your body type, and fitness goals.

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This is the forth installment of my dumbbell workout video series covering home gym workouts that you can do with minimal equipment. I get a lot of requests for basic workouts that can be done at home using just dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. So over the next several videos and blog posts I’m going to be showing you how to stimulate muscle growth in all your major muscle groups without the need for fancy gym equipment.

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I got started working out at home with nothing more than a basic weight set. My father had one of those old York Barbell & Dumbbell sets, and I’m not talking about the iron plate weight set, but the big clumsy plastic weight plates that were filled with cement… That’s the only exercise equipment I had when I started working out, but as basic as it was – it worked – and I made good gains throughout my teenage years.

Bottom line, you can workout and make progress with the most basic of exercise equipment – if you are committed…

In this workout we’re going to focus on building Bigger Stronger TRICEPS…

When most people think of building up muscular arms, they tend to focus on the biceps. However, the triceps make up 2/3’s of your upper arm mass. So if you want to build bigger arms – you need to focus on growing the triceps just as much, if not more, than the biceps.

In this home gym tricep workout you’ll learn how to train all aspects of your triceps for complete muscle development to help fill out those shirt sleeves with solid muscular mass!

Watch The Full Dumbbell Triceps Workout Video Below…

Home Gym Dumbbell Tricep Workout - best tricep workout with dumbbells - YouTube

If you can’t play the embedded video here on my blog, you can watch it directly on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Here’s an overview of the home gym dumbbell tricep workout outlined exercise by exercise…

Warm Up:
Before you do any weight training workout, always start with a proper warm up. If you want to follow along with a complete total body warm up routine, check out my Warm Up Routine Video

Lying Tricep Extensions – aka – Rolling Dumbbell Extensions…
This one is a killer mass building tricep exercise. It’s an assistant powerlifting move that I learned about from watching the old Westside Barbell VHS tapes with Louis Simmons… Most of you reading this probably don’t remember VHS tapes – so I’m really dating myself here… This exercise is an explosive power variation of the lying tricep extension that will allow you to handle heavier weights and build strength and mass throughout the triceps.

Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions…
The overhead dumbbell extension is a strict and isolated tricep exercise. It’s good for developing the long head of the triceps because it works the triceps through a fully stretched position. The majority of the tension will be in the muscles when your arms are in the bottom position and the triceps are stretched.

Dumbbell Tricep Kick Backs…
The dumbbell kick back is an underrated exercise, a lot of guys don’t do it because you can’t lift much weight with it, but this one is a killer move for working the triceps in the peak contraction position. You’ll have to work hard and squeeze your triceps to hold the dumbbell in that top position. From a bodybuilding point of view, this exercise will help give your triceps more shape and hardness when doing a side tricep pose.

Finishing Exercise… Tricep Bench Dips…
The exercises we’ve done up until this point will work all aspects of your triceps for complete muscle development. But if you’d like to do more, you can do a bodyweight tricep exercise with the tricep bench dip. For this one I like to perform higher reps and just pump out until failure. This will pump a lot of blood into the tricep muscles and give you a killer arm pump.

That’s it, if you do this workout your triceps will be feeling big, pumped, jacked, and your arms will stretch out your shirt sleeves a little bit more

Give it a try for yourself and leave me a comment letting me know how you like the home gym dumbbell tricep workout.

The next workout will be a complete home gym dumbbell shoulder workout!

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This is the second workout in my new video series covering home gym dumbbell workouts. I get a lot of requests for simple workouts that can be done at home using very basic equipment. That’s why over the next several videos and blog posts I’m going to be showing you how to work all your major muscle groups at home with nothing more than dumbbell exercises and body weight exercises.

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I used to workout in our basement with one of those old York Barbell & Dumbbell sets, and I’m not talking about the iron plate weight set, but the big clumsy plastic weight plates that were filled with cement… If you’ve been around the weight training game for a while, you may remember them. I’m not sure if they still make those plastic cement filled weights anymore because they were so awkward… But that’s how I got started.

Bottom line, you can workout and make progress with the most basic of exercise equipment – if you are committed…

In this workout we’re going to focus on building up the BACK…

The back is one of the most critical areas for a strong powerful physique. Many beginners overlook the importance of back training in their workouts as they tend to focus more on the show off muscles like the chest and arms. While having a well developed chest and arms are important to a complete physique. They are only a small part of the big picture. The back is one of the most crucial muscle groups in the upper body for all around functional strength and building an impressive muscular physique.

In fact the saying in bodybuilding competitions for decades has been that “the contest is won from the back”. And with very few exceptions most bodybuilding contests are won by the competitor with the best back development.

A good back has 3 main qualities: thickness, width, and v-shape.

In this home gym back workout you learn how to train for all these things so you can build a well developed back!

Watch The Full Dumbbell Back Workout Video Below…

Home Gym Dumbbell Back Workout - best exercises for back at home - YouTube

If you can’t play the embedded video here on my blog, you can watch it directly on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Here’s an overview of the home gym dumbbell back workout outlined exercise by exercise…

Warm Up:
Before you do any weight training workout, always start with a proper warm up. If you want to follow along with a complete total body warm up routine, check out my Warm Up Routine Video

Chest Supported Dumbbell Rows:
This is a great exercise to isolate the back muscles and pre-fatigue them with a strict rowing movement, before we get into doing the rest of the back workout. A lot of guys have trouble getting that mind muscle connection when training back, but this exercise will pump up the lats so you can feel your back muscles working.

Chest Supported Reverse Dumbbell Fly:
The dumbbell back fly will work the rear delts, traps, and upper back muscles. By doing this exercise laying face down on an exercise bench you’ll eliminate swinging, cheating, and momentum – making it a strict upper back exercise. Keep the weight light and really focus on squeezing your upper back and holding the peak contraction with each rep.

Pull Ups:
The pull up is one of the best back exercises you can do for building a v-shaped back. For this one you’ll need to rig up some sort of pull up bar or get one of those door way pull up bars. Focus on using a full range of motion, letting your arms extend and stretch out your back muscles at the bottom of each rep, then pull yourself up as high as you can for a full peak contraction throughout the lats.

If you can’t do pull ups with your bodyweight, than check out my video showing How To Do Pull Ups For Beginners.

One Arm Dumbbell Row:
This move is similar to the chest supported db row we did earlier, but because we’re doing this with one arm at a time you’ll be stronger and be able to lift more weight per arm. And doing the exercise standing will help you to generate more power as well. So it’s more of a power rowing move, rather than a strict isolated rowing move. This will help to add mass to your back.

Dumbbell Deadlifts:
No back workout would be complete without a deadlift variation. Deadlifts work the entire back of the body, from your traps, rhomboids, lats, spinal erectors, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. With the dumbbell deadlift you won’t be able to lift as heavy as you can with a barbell deadlift, so you’ll need to do higher reps, and that’s why I’m saving this one for the end of the back workout.

Optional Finishing Exercise… Superman Back Extensions:
The exercises we’ve done up until this point will work all aspects of your back for complete muscle development. But if you’d like to do more, you can do some extra high rep sets of Superman Back Extensions to work the entire posterior chain. This is a great exercise that will strengthen your core and lower back.

That’s it, if you do this your back muscles will be feeling pumped and your lats will be wide and swole. Give it a try for yourself and leave me a comment letting me know how you like the home gym dumbbell back workout.

The next workout will be a complete home gym dumbbell bicep workout!

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I get a lot of requests for home gym dumbbell workouts, so over the next several videos and blog posts I’m going to be showing you how to work all your major muscle groups at home with nothing more than dumbbell exercises and body weight exercises.

Back in 1990 I started working out in our basement with an old cement filled York Barbell & Dumbbell set. I even made my own bench and squat rack out of wood, using scrap 2×4 lumber. It was a very crude home gym to say the least, but that’s how I got started.

Despite what some people may say, you can actually make good progress with the most basic of exercise equipment – if you are committed…

Watch The Full Dumbbell Chest Workout Video Below…

Home Gym Dumbbell Chest Workout - best exercises for chest at home - YouTube

If you can’t play the embedded video here on my blog, you can watch it directly on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Here’s an overview of the home gym dumbbell chest workout outlined exercise by exercise…

Warm Up:
We’re going to start off the workout with some arm circles forwards and backwards to limber up the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, and torso.

If you want to follow along with a complete total body warm up routine, check out my Warm Up Routine Video

Push Ups:
Next we’re going to do a couple sets of push ups to pump up the pecs, get some blood flowing, and to pre-exhaust them before we get into the actual dumbbell chest exercises.

Dumbbell Bench Press:
The first actual dumbbell exercise of the chest workout is the dumbbell bench press. This is a good mass building move for the pecs. For this one do at least 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Start off light and increase the weight with each set.

Incline Bench Dumbbell Fly:
The next exercise in our dumbbell chest workout is the incline bench dumbbell fly. This is a great stretching exercise for the chest. Perform at least 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Starting with a light warm up weight and increase the weight for each set.

Cross Bench Dumbbell Pull Over:
After the db flys, we’re going to do dumbbell pull overs to help expand the chest and rib cage. This is much more than a ‘chest exercise’, it’s an entire torso exercise that will stretch out the muscles of the lats, pecs, serratus, abdominals, etc. Starting with a light weight, do 3 sets of 10-15 reps, increasing the weight with each set.

Close Grip Dumbbell Bench Press:
This next exercise is a unique one that’s going to target the inner chest area. Hold the dumbbells parallel and together while doing the dumbbell bench press. This variation is a lot harder than a normal bench press with your hands spaced wider, so you’ll have to lighten the weights accordingly. Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps to finish off the chest workout and pump up the inner pecs.

Optional Finishing Exercise… More Push Ups!
The exercises we’ve done up until this point will work all aspects of your chest for complete muscle development. But if you still have something left in the tank and want to push your limits. You can do some extra high rep sets of push ups. Just rep’em out to failure. You can do different push up variations – such as incline push ups with your feet elevated, dumbbell push ups / push up handles for a deeper stretch in the bottom, close grip push ups, wide grip push ups, etc.

That’s it, if you do this your pecs will be feeling pumped and swole. Give it a try for yourself and leave me a comment letting me know how you like the chest workout.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more home gym dumbbell workouts coming soon…

The next workout will be a complete home gym dumbbell back workout!

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Welcome to 2019, each new year brings about a chance for a fresh start…

Are you excited about making the most of the year ahead?

I hope so… you should be!

But I’ve got to ask you a question…

How was the past year for you? Did it turn out to be as productive as you hoped it would be?

If so, and you accomplished everything that you set out to do, then good for you!

But if you’re like most people, that probably isn’t the case, you may have fell short of reaching your goals in one or more areas…

Maybe it was with your fitness goals, career goals, income goals, personal goals, or whatever.

What often happens for a lot of people is they maybe successful and do really well in one area of their life, but than fall short in another area.

For example;
In the bodybuilding and fitness industry, I know of a lot of top level bodybuilders and fitness models who are in great shape physically – but then struggle financially.

And then on the opposite end of the spectrum, I know of successful businessmen and CEO’s who are doing very well financially – but neglect their health and fitness.

Or sometimes you’ll see people who are in great shape physically, doing well financially, and from the outside may seem to have it all… But they maybe neglecting their family and personal relationships in the process.

It’s rare for someone to be successful in ALL the key areas of life (i.e. physically, financially, and relationships) but that’s what you should strive for if you want to be truly happy.

Becoming The Best Version Of YOU In ALL Areas…

Now, you and I usually talk a lot about building muscle, losing fat, and getting in shape physically through fitness and nutrition – which is great…

But let’s face it.

Most of us want to be successful in ALL areas of our lives.

We don’t just want to look good – right?

Like I mentioned above, the problem with a lot of guys who prioritize their fitness, is they often don’t have the other areas of their lives taken care of.

Especially the area of managing their money… This is a touchy subject for a lot of people, and they don’t like to talk about it.

However, without having the money part of your life taken care of, it’s hard to keep a relationship together. It’s hard to be able to give your family and friends the opportunities they deserve. It’s hard to do what YOU truly want to do in life.

Heck, it’s even hard to take care of your fitness because gym memberships, food, supplements, workout gear, and all that stuff costs money…

That’s why to help you become the best version of yourself in all areas of life – including money – I’m doing a special 2-Hour Masterclass Training with my good friend and mentor Dan Lok (a.k.a. The King Of High-Ticket Sales)

If you don’t know Dan Lok, he is a well-known businessman. He’s got over a million subscribers on YouTube. And more importantly, Dan has an amazing track record for helping regular people develop high income skills so they can become successful financially.

Just recently Dan invited me out to his high rise penthouse in Vancouver, Canada. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Where we shot a series of YouTube videos together.

In these videos we cover the mindset and attitudes that super successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have about money, that go totally against the grain from the way most of us were raised and taught about money.

So Lee if you want to learn how to master your money, generate more income, and learn how to become more valuable in the marketplace by developing your high income skills… You’ll definitely want to join us on this Free 2-Hour Masterclass Training.

You can click here to get all the details of the special training.

If you’re thinking about ways to leave your job. Or you want to add additional streams of income. Or you own a business and you want to make more profit with higher-ticket offers, this is it.

This is going to be completely different than anything you’ve seen before.

Click Here to Register for our Free 2-Hour Masterclass Training.

all the best,
Lee Hayward

Dan Lok is the author of the best selling book F.U. Money.

Which is a step-by-step money-making blueprint. Ultimately, this book will help you master the area of money so you can get what you want out of life. Some people are calling it “the best book about money since Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

If you go on Amazon right now, you can buy F.U. Money for $25 bucks. Or you can get a free copy when you register for our Special Masterclass Training together. The book goes well with the training you’ll see.

Click Here to Register for the Masterclass Training and get a FREE Copy of Dan’s Best Selling Book F.U. Money.

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Cardio or Weights for Fat Loss…

Should you do cardio when you want to lose weight and get lean? Well it depends on your individual situation and body type.

You’re going to hear mixed reviews and opinions on whether or not you should do cardio for fat loss. Some trainers say cardio is a waste of time and that you should only focus on strength training workouts. While other trainers recommend doing cardio on a regular basis.

Now if you’re familiar with my approach to fitness and nutrition, you know that I don’t like to give one size fits all “cookie cutter” answers. Instead I like to zoom out, look at the bigger picture, discuss the pros and cons, and let you decide for yourself what the best approach is for you and your fitness goals.

Watch the video below to learn the truth about cardio and fat loss…

Do You Need CARDIO To Lose Fat? (the truth) - YouTube

Q: Do You Need Cardio In Order To Lose Fat?

A: NO, you don’t need to cardio in order to lose fat.

You can lose weight and get lean from diet alone. If you consistently eat a caloric deficit, you’ll lose fat regardless if you are doing cardio or not.

However, cardio can help speed the process along and it also has numerous health and mental benefits as well. I discuss these in more detail in this video here:

Walking - The Best Natural Remedy for Depression - YouTube

Here are some general guidelines that you can go by to know if you “need” to do cardio or not.


If you are skinny-fat and just want to lose your belly while building lean muscle without actually “losing weight”, than you may not need to do cardio. Just following a proper diet and doing regular weight training workouts maybe enough in this situation.


If you are overweight and want to lose 30, 40, 50, or more pounds of body weight, than I definitely recommend that you include cardio as part of your fitness program. It will help you lose fat faster and improve your overall health, fitness, and work capacity in the process.

If you’d like some help with losing fat and getting in shape with a proven training and nutrition system. Just click on the link below and we can hop on the phone for a quick chat to discuss an action plan that’s right for you.

Book a Free 20 Minute Coaching Call with me and we’ll see if you’re a good fit for my one-on-one customized fitness and nutrition coaching program. Click Here To Book Your Call.

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