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The TLV Adventure In The City That Never Sleeps

In the heart of Israel, by the sea, you will find a modern/ contemporary city which celebrates art, culture and innovation. There is something to see and experience in Tel Aviv  for everyone – various events and attractions, of all kinds, take place year-round.

The 24/7 Experience

In the culinary aspect?
The Israeli food in general and Tel Aviv’s in particular, offers culinary art from all around the world expressed by top chef restaurants and great street-food stands. These and more are considered to be one of the best cuisines in the middle east.

Tel Aviv also prides itself as the center of innovation of Israel – a Hi-Tech nation. There are numerous Hi-Tech companies and start-ups located in Tel Aviv, which demonstrate the essence of the Israeli spirit – creativity and progress. As a young nation, Israel has made a long way from its early days, of survival and construction, to a well-developed and sophisticated country. With this, Israel and Tel Aviv in it, honors its past and works hard to commemorate it and preserve old buildings. While visiting Tel Aviv, you will be able to see how the old and the new flourish side by side.

The new Touring & Training – Adventure TLV, will give you the opportunity to enjoy all this and much more! In five dynamic days, you will visit the must-see attractions and sites of Tel Aviv – the wonderful beaches of Tel Aviv, authentic markets, ancient Jaffa and its port, Rabin Square and much more.

We also visit the “Center for Israeli Innovation” which tells the story of the Start-Up Nation and spreads the Israeli narrative of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The Center sparks its visitors’ entrepreneurial spirit through an interactive display of over 100 leading Israeli companies.

Most importantly – throughout the whole T&T, you will enjoy the abundant, delicious local food, which can be found all over Tel Aviv!

The T&T TLV is focusing on Tel Aviv, naturally, but not just – we will also visit Jerusalem and its most famous sites, including the Old City of Jerusalem and the well-known holy places.

And this is just a taste of the incredible experience waiting for you – see you May, for a fun 5 days in Tel Aviv!

This September, between 19-23, we invite you to discover Tel Aviv – the most vibrant and exciting city in Israel and the whole region!

For more information & registration on the upcoming “Touring & Training – TLV Adventure” , click here >>

See you soon in Tel Aviv!

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How Much Can You Achieve in 6 Days?

A Summary of the Expert Camp in Poland – January 2019

By Eyal Yanilov

Well, 50+ years ago Israel had a war that lasted 6 days.

We conquered over 3 times the size of our country, and we still have some issues since then. Thus, we know – much can be achieved in 6 days, if you focus your resources, work hard and smart. From the early days of Krav Maga, short courses were common and needed, especially in the military.

Devotion And Effort Pays Off

We do shorter training camps for experts, especially in central and east Europe, to accommodate the needs and resources of our instructors and students there. This January, in the city or Katowice, south of Poland, we conducted such a camp.

We had close to 40 participants from G4 up to Expert 3, most came from Poland, but not exclusively, and some were also tested. 

Commonly we train 8 hours per day, focusing on the technical curriculum, as well as the mental capabilities, fighting skills and tactics. We devout time to working to cultivate the warrior within in each trainee, focusing on returning and continuing attackers, dealing with multiple opponents, fighting with equipment, courage and fighting spirit and much more.

Ilya Dunsky and Mateusz Sog (GIT members) did an excellent work with the E1 candidates and I was training with the E2 and above. Obviously, part of the training that we conducted was for everyone together. This was intended to perform repetitions of E1 material and below, but also to introduce higher level material to everyone. This included VIP protection, hostage rescue, fighting with a weapon in the hand, neutralizing high risk threats of firearms and more.

Overall, I had great satisfaction seeing the progression of the guys and to witness how they absorb the values of KMG and why we do what we do. Indeed it is about controlling ourselves at a higher level; assist others to improve their lives and feel confident and able; improve our lives by refining the way we think, act and work with our minds, and definitely get improve our skills of how to defend and protect ourselves and others.

I trust I will see you in the near future, in other KMG activities or the Master Camps in Israel!

All the best


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The GIC Journey

Jan Tevini | E Level 4


Are you a dedicated Krav Maga Global practitioner and wish to become a certified instructor? Do you love Krav Maga and seek to experience the reward of enlightening and inspiring students?

Is your technique  good but you feel slightly insecure when it comes to speaking in front of an audience?

As instructors, we are not only role models of Krav Maga techniques, we are life coaches with a much influence on our students. Students see us as leaders – commanders of the class, therefore, it is our responsibility to strive to improve and be the best KMG instructors and demonstrate a high level of  ”performance, personality and value“ while conveying KMG knowledge.

The Path Is What Matters The Most

Participants of KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC) are very diverse: some are already advanced practitioners of Krav Maga, some have a history of martial arts training, some are already instructors in different fields of physical education and most are in different positions in their career and life in general. No matter the individual’s starting position and level, it is every Global & International Team (GIT) member’s goal to lead each and every one in a path of a successful GIC.

Indeed That final test consists of two equally important parts – the technical test and the teaching test – both subjects are discussed thoroughly during the instructors course. Alongside long hours of teaching, giving examples and lectures by the GIT member, it is also up to the participants to take an active part in the course themselves -by planning and executing their own warm-ups, lesson plans and more.

This process begins in the first days of the instructor’s education and usually every participant should have the chance to deliver a full group warm-up during GIC’s first part, along with teaching techniques to small groups consisting of one to four (and sometimes six) trainees at a time.

Thorough feedback by the GIT will assist not only the group’s leader, but the whole group – and greatly improve their competence.

The Path Is What Matters The Most

The supreme discipline of a KMG instructor is instructing or teaching, but what does it mean?

In fact, there is not a single answer to this question. KMG’s combined way of teaching principles, knowledge cultivating years of experience to & from our students and instructors is unique, highly advanced and multidimensional. During the final days of the course everyone has to prove that he or she is able to successfully conduct a class with eloquence and professionalism. In order to achieve this goal, one has to undergo the transition from a student to an instructor.

No matter the individual’s starting position and level..”
Jan Tevini | Expert Level 4

When you graduate the GIC, you are at the doorstep of a new era. From that point on, you should work the floor or mat to gain as much instruction experience and continue improving  your own capabilities and knowledge of the system  –  as well as methods to teach it. With time you will  become very capable, proficient and confident in standing as a leader on the floor and making change in people.

This is a must as you are teaching life-saving skills, not just sport. With time your trainees will receive from you the four parts of KMG instructor pillars of teaching: Self-defense, Combat and fighting skills, VIP and 3rd party protection as well as Combat Mindset & Mental Conditioning .

So, be patient with yourself and excited of the future, you are in the beginning of a wonderful personal journey.

See you in one of the upcoming GIC courses!

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Touring & Training – Israel Adventure Testimonial by Jens Cristian Andersen

I have participated in several Touring & Training events (the latest one was on May 2018) – These are by far the best tours I have been on! For me, T&T is an amazing journey packed with exploring and adventures combined with excellent training. It is truly amazing to travel and explore Israel for 10-11 days, and when it is combined with daily Krav-Maga-sessions it is a “dream-package”.

The guided tours through a number of historic and ancient places are conducted by the very best of professional tour guides; the logistic is fantastic and the service which is provided by KMGHQ staff and their crew are excellent. Their hospitality is superb!

Krav-Maga-sessions are led by the best instructors there are – Master Eyal Yanilov, GIT Ilya Dunsky and others. The sessions are almost always outdoor-sessions, in different environments such as – the beach, narrow alleys, in parks, inside vehicles, in water, in bars, in ancient sites and many more. This, combined with the excellent instructors, provides the ultimate Krav-Maga experience. It’s awesome! KMG HQ has designed the Krav-Maga-sessions according to themes that are very actual for everyday situations and emphasize this in their teaching and training.

On the tour to the beautiful holy places and sites of Israel we meet people from all around the world, experience the Israeli culture and amazing cuisine and non the less expanding our KMG-family, by creating special bonds. This is amazing and wonderful. I got a lot of new friends through these tours, great friends.

The Touring & Training program is incredible and I definitely recommend everyone to participate – T&T gives you memories for a lifetime!

Jens Christian Andersen – Bergen Norway

Want to experience the “Touring & Training – Israel Adventure 2019” yourselves?
Click here >>

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Do You Want to Master Your Striking? By Tommy Blom, E5

Over the years as a senior instructor, a fighter and a global Instructor team member (GIT), I have seen that the physical and motoric skills of our students are not enough. This, together with a fast pace increase of our organization, reaching all around the world and the fast-growing student and Instructor base number in both trainings and gradings, has brought with itself a challenge which is to upgrade our KMG community’s striking quality and combat abilities.

The goal of the NEW Striking Course is to create a focused striking training program that will help the KMG community improve their striking and motoric skills globally. All of us which have been so many years training with KMG, know that Krav Maga in essence is first and foremost a striking, kicking and defensive-offensive system. In so many of our self defense and personal protection techniques and tactics the striking is an irreplaceable component. This makes powerful striking skills and movement a foundation for the whole system. In other words, if after being attacked or grabbed you made a good defense or release, (when moving away or de-escalating is not an option) you need to strike or kick hard and effectively to prevent the aggressor from continuing with his dangerous actions, that is the essence of it all.  If your strikes are not efficient, if your attacking actions look bad, all you do looks bad and practically not successful.

The course is built as a three-day workshop that is targeted to all P2 levels and up trainees and obviously for instructors. The aim for making it open for all is that we want to reach and improve all members of our KMG community, students and instructors alike. It can also be introduced as an Instructor training/update or seminars. As our experience in the last year with Rune’s Ground Fighting Course, if you want to get better in something focus on it!  

The course will cover topics as: Brain/Body connection; Upper/lower body coordination; Footwork and stances; Striking (upper and lower body); Power generation; Focus mitts work – to improve skills, reactions and decision making; Using focus mitts to coach the partner – for striking as well as for improving skills in basic and advanced KMG techniques; Body hardening; and develop and improve correct breathing during striking.

The course components will be theory and active training. Theory components include: Human movement & power generation through torque; Tension and relaxation; Understanding kinetic chain and bio-mechanics;

For those of us that join the training, the required training gear is: KMG uniform, groin protection & mouth Gourd, MMA gloves, Boxing Gloves, shin guards. Focus Mitts will be available on site.

I wish you great and joyful training.

Master your striking skills!!!

The Striking Course will be held in Tenacity Tactical Strength Gym in Gothenburg Sweden, 15-17 March!

Price for 3 training days:

Eearly Bird special discount 295 Euros for KMG Members Only

Register Now >>

Kida, Tommy!

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Defending Complex Knife Attacks – Running Open Seminars by Master Eyal Yanilov

In Israel we have had our share of knife attacks, mainly because of the rising of terrorist acts, but not just. Homicide and street violence in Israel are not that common, when you compare it to other countries.

It is generally a safe country, but we still had to fight a lot, especially in the last 8-9 decades due to wars operations and other threats. So now we are exporting KMG our unique Krav Maga System, to thousands of students all around the world. KMG’s system is a constant evolution of what we know, experienced and constantly evolve through case studies all around the world.

When analyzing attacks and threats with sharp objects, inspecting these kinds of attacks, we see different manners how the knife, or sharp object, is being used. When we look at more complex attacks, we see that the attacker sometimes is using his other hand to grab the victim’s clothing, or hand, or pull or push, while stabbing with the hand holding the knife.

This is an example of a load, inflicted and applied by the aggressor which the defender must deal with. Practically this is a physical, technical and obviously mental load that we must cope with, in progressive training and overcome. Only through escalating the complexity of the situation, we become better and readier to function in adverse, realistic conditions when violence and difficulties are on the rise. This was the subject of Master Eyal’s open seminars in the last few months, as well as one of the topics in our 2018 Yearly GIT Instructors Training in Israel.

The idea in this is – first, to focus on improving and mastering the defenses against knife attacks at close and medium range, then introduce the prevention of the grab or the hold that the aggressor aims to do with his other hand.

Later, we learn and practice to deal with a situation when the prevention failed, the aggressor managed to grab us and now he is pulling or pushing while stabbing or cutting us with a knife. The principles of the technical and tactical solutions are as follows: Constantly defending against the repeated knife attacks (that is the aggressor’s common mode of operation), counterattack forcefully and repeatedly when there is no limitation on the counter attacking hand, control the aggressor’s attacking arm (when possible), move out of the channel of attack and attacker, use powerful kicks, release the grabbing (in some specific way) and obviously apply the appropriate finishing mode to wrap up and resolve the situation.

We have learned that this progression and training methods, according to the principles, variations and increasing load of difficulties, that Master Eyal has developed and introduced in the last couple of decades, proved to be highly efficient, interesting and rewarding to KMG students and instructors all around the world.

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GIT Training & Education
December 2018 Israel

Earlier this month we hosted our Global and International Team of Instructors (GIT) in Israel, for the annual “GIT Meeting”. The five days meeting, consisted of various lectures, lessons and training sessions, both indoors and outdoors. The event was conducted by Master Eyal Yanilov & supported by CEO Yoav Gaon, alongside GIT members who shared their knowledge and a guest lecturer – Israeli actress Moran Rosenblatt.

The GIT meeting is an important event, which provides our GIT members with updated theoretical and practical information. This is crucial for their ongoing training and learning process. The meeting also provides an opportunity for GITs to get together, share ideas and update each other on professional matters and personal experiences.

Master Eyal Yanilov lectured on several theoretical and practical topics at HQ office.  At a nearby gym associated with KMG Master Eyal prepared the team on curriculum for “Instructors Updates” that will be delivered in 2019. He also led hours of expert level training sessions, lectures and sessions focused on updated techniques, checkpoints, tactics and principles. In addition, Zeev Cohen lectured on the fast learning processes and kinesthetic ways of correcting mistakes of trainees; Ilya Dunsky lectured on our new testing guide and understanding body language; Rune Lind instructed a ground fighting lesson; Jan Tevini has shared his knowledge on leadership and progression of organizations; Dr. Tal Kvores lectured on medical conditions and their influence on trainees, Lital Zastlin shared with the team, her experience in coaching of striking in the GYM.
Moran Rosenblatt (Israeli actress and winner of best actress) lead an acting workshop, for the GITs. The workshop provided our top instructors with tools how to better demonstrate situations and simulations in courses, seminars and updates they instruct, as well as speaking in front of a camera or an audience.

Moreover, these acting exercises were meant to assist with changing one’s state of mind quickly and drastically, so they can always be prepared and alert. All of this is aimed to provide better education for our instructors all around the world and share the KMG best practices & knowledge with students.

Looking forward to GIT Meeting 2019!

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Safe Transportation and CQB instructors’ course

by Krav Maga Global

When we reflect upon violent events during the last decades, in Israel and around the world, we observe many violent incidents that are taking place in and around vehicles. From road-rage to carjacking; from raping a hitchhiker to robbing or assaulting drivers; from unruly passenger on board an airliner endangering everyone, to terrorists attacking bus, subway or tram passengers, to random stabbings in a central train station.

A large number of attacks are also committed within confined spaces such as apartments, offices, shops, bars and restaurants.

The Whole Package

A complete solution when it comes to dealing with attacks inside or within proximity to vehicles or otherwise confined areas. KMG’s safe transportation training program, prepares you to various types of events: when you have to deal with violence in or around public transportation (taxi, bus, train, tram, airplane) or your private vehicle (SUV, car, bike) or when in a urban area and inside buildings (stairs, room, home, office, corridor, elevator, underground parking lot).

Obviously, we need to be knowledgeable, capable and experienced in order to deal with any kind of attack. So first, we start with the fundamentals: the how to react appropriately to an “easier attack” – when you are not physically limited and with the ability to move and act. Then, as time passes and we continue with training, we must get familiar with functioning under stress and in changing conditions. Among others, we should practice different variations of solutions against different problems, according to the principles we acquired in Krav Maga. Therefore, we practice under increasing stress, while experiencing restricted moving ability, as well as higher physical and mental loads. For example: defending knife attacks near a wall or by a table; escaping a choke while sitting on a bench in the park or behind a restaurant’s table or bar; defending a pistol threat when behind the wheel of a car or as a passenger; defending a family member when sitting in a bus, standing in a tram/subway or cramped in an airplane’s window seat; functioning correctly when our bus driver is attacked and the wheel turned towards the opposite lane, or a fellow passenger is attacked with a broken bottle; defending punches and kicks when standing near a corner of a room, when opening a door to pass from the corridor to the room, and many such situations.

Preparing Ourselves To Everyday Situations

To tackle the above, we created the Safe Transportation and CQB instructors’ Course (TRANSIC) – to extend the knowledge, experience and educational arsenal of our instructors. The course is about how to prepare their students for such cases; and give specific highly interesting and relevant to everyday life seminars; Conducting regular training, in which the instructor adds techniques and drills to improve the student’s way of functioning in related situations (as mentioned above) adds value and a sense of ability to the students.

Generally, instructors don’t have a public vehicle available or professional CQB training facility to train in. However, it is possible, appropriate and rather easy to teach and drill the students in the gym with existing equipment: close to walls, inside and around corners, sitting on chairs, organized in rows, or behind an obstacle. Such training can be done in every gym, in a work environment, yard or a parking lot. Indeed, this sort of preparation of instructors – what and how to teach within regular class and daily training environment, is an integral part of the TRANSIC.

Safe transportation training started by identifying a need for a KMG solution on the go, meaning when you are in a transport mode. It started in the IDF, teaching female soldiers how to avoid danger or problematic hitchhiking, and how to defend themselves in case they were attacked; teaching bus drivers when terrorists were targeting buses in Israel. Recently, we have been teaching instructors and Air-Marshals, Special Forces, VIP Protection units and Bus protection undercover units. All the mentioned needed to function at a high level when confronting violence in and around vehicles, in CQB conditions and save civilians or passenger lives.

The first TRANSIC was held in Australia. Since then, we improved and changed the course to include some additional materials and the course is now offered in various countries to our KMG instructors and we commonly accept KMG students for the first few days of the course.

We also have an open seminar on safe transportation that proved to be a great success in attracting new target audiences such as kids, women and the general public. Eyal has led it with Alexei and Pavel in snowy Moscow with great success, bringing around 100 people to train with us and the feedback was that it was a great and an important experience. 

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Krav Maga For Women by Krav Maga Global

Krav Maga has been developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each type of individual, and a good example would be for women.

Krav Maga for women is characterized by its effectiveness. Size, strength and power are important realities in Self-Defense training. Most women will be confronted by threats who have a physical advantage in these 3 areas. Hence, Krav Maga is an effective response to potential – or active – violence even when the attacker has this physical advantage.

Techniques and Tactics in Krav Maga

When training a woman, one has to take into account her ability to improve and excel despite her own common misconception to fight and face physical challenges that require strength or aggressiveness.

KMG’s training methods for women are based on years of experience as well as numerous real-life situations in which women found our system to be the most effective.

Our Krav Maga for women system provides excellent self-defense skills, producing the highest rate of defense successes in facing various types of attacks. In addition to the technical and tactical training required to gain Krav Maga skills, it is also important that women acquire the appropriate mental capabilities to support their physical readiness to fight.

This includes developing an attitude that allows for determination, persistence and aggression to become a part of the woman’s natural state of mind whenever needed.

Click here to learn about the Women Instructor Course (WIC)

Why Should Women Train Krav Maga?

Physical Health

As with many types of physical self-defense training, Krav Maga will have a positive effect on overall fitness levels. The difference between Krav Maga and traditional workouts? You will never get bored. You can build:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Power
  • Core strength & toning
  • Improved coordination & balance

Physical Self-Defense

“Krav Maga training methods are based on years of experience, as well as numerous real-life situations in which women found our system to be the most effective” says Master Eyal Yanilov, Chief and Head Instructor of KMG. Krav Maga is particularly effective for women since the skills are designed to address the realities of violence when power, size and strength are factors.

Women practicing the Krav Maga Global system can learn:

Krav Maga For Women
  • Power generation
  • Hitting, kicking & other combative effective
  • Avoidance & deescalation skills
  • Effective techniques for common attacks
  • Effective techniques for escalated violence (weapon threats, abduction, etc.)
  • Defensive Tactics

Psychological Aspects

Although it varies across cultures and modern times with large feminist communities activists, women are usually taught to be kind, nurturing, helpful and polite. Even to strangers.

Training Krav Maga helps pushing past social stereotypes away when is necessary to prevent or perform protection:

  • Understand the freeze/fight/flight situations
  • Find the required level of aggression in a violent encounter
  • Emotional perseverance (“fight to achieve goal”)
  • Use effective decision making under stress
  • Trust your natural instincts VS social “rules”
  • Use the power of your instincts to effectively protect your children/loved ones
  • Carry your body in a way that communicates with personal authority (not appealing to attackers)
  • Live in confidence and not in fear

Most physical training boosts confidence. This confidence is gained in controlled environments, such as; gyms, training centers, with gentle training partners.

Controlled environments are important for safety. You will find Krav Maga Global training centers adhere to the highest safety standards as we always take this one step further: Addressing the psychological reality of violent encounters.

Why is this important? Confidence is important. False confidence is dangerous.

All our practitioners are introduced to the realities of violence and the necessity of accurately assessing the situation.

Join “KMG Women’s Division” group on Facebook! Master Camps in Israel, For Women

The upcoming Master Camps in Israel event, is one of Krav Maga Global’s main event taking place in Israel during the month of June, which sets its participants; men, women, students & instructors, in the global Krav Maga standards under the guidance of Master Eyal Yanilov and the KMG Global Team of Instructors.

Each year, women’s attendance to the Master Camps in Israel is significantly increasing. This year we’ve reached an amazing record of almost 28% women who attended the event.

Gladly we can say that, this trend is on the rise since 2012 and keeps counting!

Krav Maga for women - YouTube

Difficulty levels vary between each camp (P, G & E), but women had already proven major strength, agility, fighting spirit and composure.

Krav Maga Global’s Master Camps event is open for registration for both men & women >> Register Now!

KMG Women’s Division

KMG has build a large global self-defense community dedicated to the advancement of Krav Maga for women practitioners & instructors all over the world:

  • An open International Women’s Self Defense Facebook Group
  • A Krav Maga Global U.S. Facebook Group

    KMG Women’s Division

  • Research and development in areas of physiology and bio-mechanics.
  • Research and development around changing patterns of violence
  • Consciousness of cultural differences necessary for relevant technical & tactical skills
  • Women’s only training camps
  • Training for male instructors as it relates to female students

Have a question or just want to contact or share with us? Write us to >> womendivision@krav-maga.com

Female Instructors

If you are interested in becoming part of our elite group of female instructors, you will find an open and gender appropriate environment in our General Instructor Courses. However, gender appropriate does not mean adjusted expectations. Our female instructors are held to the same rigorous standards as our male instructors and as a result, are the some of the best in the world.

Women in Leadership

We recognize the importance of women in leadership roles in Krav Maga Global. Krav Maga for women cannot be developed taught and researched by primarily male instructors and practitioners. The raining of Krav Maga for women is directed by, and advised by a team of highly qualified female instructors.

Krav Maga Global’s Women Instructor Course (WIC)

Our research has culminated in an advanced instructor certification course for men and women who are certified instructors in Krav Maga Global. The Women’s Instructor Course (WIC) offers a basic understanding in how we teach women and how to best create women’s-only lessons and seminars.

Additionally, the WIC offers instructors a unique perspective on the reality of women’s experiences in daily life. The course also addresses types of violence specific to women and the psychological reality of sexual violence.

With a basic understanding in how we teach Krav Maga for women, we also have to train our instructors on how to best create lessons and seminars best suited for women. The WIC is created for instructors that want to expand their knowledge and learn how to best approach technical aspects adapted to women.

Join the Krav Maga Global’s women community, affect and be heard – because we need women empowerment in our lives!

See you soon in one of our events!


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Why The Israel Adventure?
Participants’ Journey by Samantha Hahn and Lisa Coady

The decision to go Touring & Training – Israel Adventure may be a strange concept for many people, especially for those without a link to Krav Maga. Interestingly for Israelis, Krav Maga seemed a strange reason to go to Israel.  

For us however, the idea of 10 days training in the holy land where Krav Maga was born, was reasonable enough.

We were completely prepared. We had researched Israel over the net, googled the places where we were going to visit in, read the Lonely Planet’s guide, and some other great blogs about visiting Israel back and forth, and only packed what was absolutely necessary. Almost.

We knew how to say ‘Shalom’, we knew not to talk about politics, but we were never prepared for 50 hours of intense training in 10 days awaited us.

Beach training with Master Eyal Yanilov The Presence of Master Eyal Yanilov

Almost everyone associated with Krav Maga knows that it was Master Eyal Yanilov who was Imi Sde-Or’s (Lichtenfeld) closest student, assistant and friend, and that he is responsible for reigniting Krav Maga in the modern world.

But no one knew quite what to expect.

When he walked into the room on the first day of the tour, the entire group fell silent. When he spoke, people were in awe and hung on his every word. When he joked, people were in hysterics. Not at all what we had imagined!

We worked on knife threats and attacks in public places with Master Eyal; performed beach training, a night training at Jerusalem, on top of Masada mount and much more. Alongside Eyal, we trained under KMG Expert 5 Ilya Dunsky at the Sea of Galilee, Haifa and even Jerusalem. Ilya taught us third party protection including gun defense.

When we trained with Eyal, we were privy to his personal tales, his sense of humor and his amazing ability to explain techniques and bring out the best in everyone. “We’ll make a fighter out of you, Lisa!”

Throughout the Touring & Training event, we had several instructors who all came with differing areas of expertise. This allowed us to train using a range of techniques; from basic straight punches through to VIP protection and law enforcement scenarios. Each instructor brought with them a passion and determination that resonated among the students.

The sites where we trained brought with them a rich history that added to the experience.

Training with different instructors The Patience & Its Fruits

The 10 days were spent both as expected, both in the touring & training aspects.

We were lucky enough to have had the best tour guide in the country, Avi, whose enthusiasm and passion for Israel was contagious and difficult to ignore. The one year wait for him to take a KMG tour was well worth it.

After a long day of touring Israel, it was customary to end with a rigorous training session. As night fell on the old city of Jerusalem, Albert Kagalski, KMG GIT (Global Team of instructors) Expert Level 3, taught us the difficulty of defending against knife attacks in the dark. His most memorable advice was “don’t disarm when you cannot see, it’s dangerous”. Training beneath the old city walls in Jerusalem with only the stars and the distant car lights to see by, was an experience we will never forget.

Night training under the walls of the old city of Jerusalem

Moran, our third instructor and trainer of special forces around the world, took us through a variety of scenarios in different locations. These included staged terrorist threats and knife attacks on a bus, where movement was limited, to escaping drowning attempts in the water by attackers. We defended kicks alongside the Jordanian river, and practiced disarming guns at Hamad Gadar, a hot springs park. Training on top of Ammunition Hill, where the battle for Jerusalem was won, as the sun was setting, was like a scene out of a movie.

Although Israel is a relatively small country, the diversity of the landscape is immense and very beautiful. How lucky we were to be able to train on top of Masada in the middle of the desert in the morning, and a mere few hours later, train on the hot sands on the shore of the Dead Sea. A few kilometres north, and a couple of days later, we were standing on top of a dormant volcano, overlooking Syria. Here we had a chance meeting with Yair Nafshi, one of the most revered commanders in the 1973 battle for the Golan Heights. Irrespective of political beliefs, it was hard not to be moved by this moment.

Training on top of Mt. Masada

We were able to experience the peaceful relations and beautiful mix between the Arab and Israeli cultures. This was seen in Akko, a city rebuilt by Ahmed El-Jazzar, and the amazing Bedouin culture in which hospitality is beyond any words.

Our last stop was the vibrant city of Tel Aviv where we were taught by Master Ze’ev Cohen and focused on law enforcement tactics such as the half nelson and VIP protection against physical attacks and gun threats. It was an intense end to some incredible training, and called for a well deserved rest on the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv.

Training with Master Zeev Cohen

The Touring & Training – Israel Adventure event was an experience that we will never forget, and one that we hope to repeat…perhaps at the upcoming Master Camps in Israel!

View of Jerusalem rooftops

So, why go to Israel? Well, why wouldn’t you?

Want to sign up? send a mail and we will get back to you with all the detals: contact@krav-maga.com

Samantha Hahn and Lisa Coady

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