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Raising family in Cozumel : A Wonderful Community for Families

Have you ever gone on a family vacation somewhere beautiful and thought, “I wish we could live here…” Many families are making that wish a reality in Cozumel.

Cozumel is a little piece of paradise nestled in the Caribbean Sea, 12 miles off the coast of Playa del Carmen. It’s an island with a population of around 100,000 people that stretches about 34 miles long and 11 miles wide. Many have found it to be the perfect place to raise their families because it’s postcard beautiful, safe, slow pace, and has a diverse and vibrant community of people from all around the world.

Could your family be the next ones to make the move? Here’s what makes Cozumel a great family destination.  

About the Island

For starters, the island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters which hold a coral reef belonging to the second largest in the world. Half of the island (the west side) is developed while the other side (the east side) is left wild and mostly untouched. The shores along the west side are mostly rocky, although you will find a few sandy beaches, mostly in the south west beach clubs.

The east side is a mix of sandy beaches and rocky coastline. You’ll come across a restaurant or beach club every couple kilometers as you drive along the oceanfront road. The Northeast side is closed off to traffic, although you can venture in with a 4WD vehicle. And, all around the island you will frequently encounter iguanas along with occasional coatis, raccoons, pigs, and many kinds of birds.

Every year you also can see the sea turtles hatch on the east side of the island!

Activites Galore

Next, what can you do with your leisure time? The hardest part is deciding where to start. Whether you want to take up a hobby or lessons, there’s plenty of options. For example, a local, Nacho Gutierrez, has been surfing for several decades and is passionate about the sport. He and his wife Katie run Cozumel Surfing where they offer lessons, board rentals, and run a clinic for local kids every Saturday.

This is just an example. Children and adults alike will find many things to get involved in such as scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, swimming, paddle boarding, music, art, cycling, karate, soccer, dance, gymnastics, aerial silks, Triathlons and more.

The island is truly like a playground. Not only can your family develop new skills, but you can also make friends in the community through shared interests.

A Safe, Family-Oriented Community

What are the people like here? Cozumel has a small town dynamic where people look out for each other. Part of that is rooted in the Mexican culture, where family comes first. Sundays and holidays you will see large groups spending time together throughout town, in the parks, and on the beaches.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find a slower pace of life where people have time to share a smile and a chat in the street. It’s small enough where you will often see someone you know when out running an errand. There are also community events throughout the year like Carnaval and IronMan, where the streets are filled with people all celebrating and having fun together.

The community is truly a melting pot with each culture bringing something great, new, and vibrant.

Making an Income

How do people make money here? There are a few common scenarios.

First, some people start businesses. There is the local community with many needs you can serve. Further, Cozumel is home to the fourth-largest port in the world, welcoming 3.5+ million annual cruise ship passengers so you can cater to tourists as well. As long as you adapt to the culture and go into it with the mindset willing to work with the system, you can become very successful.

Next, you can run a seasonal business back home. Some families come for the majority of the year and enjoy their time work-free, and then go back for a few months to make their income.

Third, you can get a work visa and work here. There are lucrative opportunities in property management, tours, etc.

Another option is to work online. Some families have businesses where they provide online marketing, design, programming, teaching, etc., and others have remote jobs for companies in the U.S., Canada or even as far as Europe.

As you can see, there are many ways to support an island life.

Access to Things You Need

What about necessities?

The main town on the island of Cozumel is called San Miguel. This is where the majority of the population lives, works, and shops. You can find pretty much everything you need from grocery stores (Chedraui, Soriana, Mega, Super Aki, Sams’ Club, and Aurora Bodega) to mechanics, florists, and seamstresses.

If you can’t find something you need or want, Playa del Carmen is a 40-minute ferry ride away and has a large variation of stores. Besides that, the infrastructure is decent enough, providing reliable water, gas, electricity, and internet service.

Let’s Talk Food!

Like to enjoy a bite out to eat? You are in for a treat. The island is full of great places that will suit any taste preference. Many expats have settled here and opened restaurants to share flavors from their homelands. Food styles include Indian, Greek, Venezuelan, Italian, Argentinian, Chinese, Japanese, and the list goes on.

Then, of course, there’s plenty of delicious Mexican food. The place you choose just depends on whether you want casual or fine dining, a beach view or the in-town feel, music and fun or a quiet little nook.

If you’re a foodie, you won’t be disappointed.

School Options

With children, parents are probably wondering, “What about education?” There are private and public schools, and some parents choose to homeschool. Three of the most popular options for expats are:

Instituto Gardner (Kindergarten to High School) (Bilingual: English and Spanish)

Colegio Julia Ambros (Kindergarten to 6th grade) (Montessori) (Spanish)

Instituto Cumbres (Kindergarten to High School) (Catholic) (Spanish)

These schools often have students from Mexico as well as from countries around the world so children will get exposed to different cultures.


How about healthcare? Can you get checkups for the kids, dental exams, access to optometrists, orthodontists, medications, and emergency care? Yes, healthcare in Cozumel is available, high-quality, and affordable. There are many doctor and dentist offices around town where you can walk-in or call and schedule an appointment. In fact, some people travel here just for the medical care!

If you or your child is sick, it will cost in the ballpark of 400 pesos (about 21 USD) to see the doctor. If you need medication, he or she will write you a prescription and you can usually go next door to the pharmacy to pick it up. Need braces or glasses? Don’t worry, those services are available, too.

picture courtesy of CMC Costamed

While foreign insurance will not always work here, care is very affordable in most cases. Further, you may also be able to get insurance through the Instituto Medicina de Seguro Social (IMSS) or Mexican Social Security if you are a legal resident. Of course a there is also private medical insurance.  It covers routine care, medicines, tests, and surgery for a low annual fee. Below, you will find a list of dentists and hospitals on the island for your reference.

picture courtesy of pediatrican at CMC CostaMed



  Cost of Living

It is affordable to live in Cozumel when comparing it to the U.S. and Canada. See estimations here. You could rent a local style apartment in the ballpark of $300 per month, a high-end luxury condo for $2,500 per month, or something in between.
Note that costs do fluctuate with the tourist season so you can find better deals in the off-season from May to October.
Further, the costs to buy are affordable. (of course, I can help you find a great deal!)

An Overall Wonderful Place to Raise a Family

Cozumel is a really great place to live because there is enough going on to support life with a family, but not too much to lose sight of what’s important.
You’re never far from a breathtaking view or the calming sounds of the ocean.

You can spend your mornings handling business (like work and school) and your afternoons swinging in a hammock or going for a swim. Every evening you can unwind and watch the sunset. Even take off on a boat to El Cielo for the afternoon to swim with starfish in the clearest, most beautiful water you’ve ever seen.

Cozumel is a beautiful and wonderful place, and my love for it only grows with time. I am thankful to share this beautiful island and all its treasures with my son as he grows. For those of you looking for a place to make the most out of life as you raise your children, I encourage you to come check out all Cozumel has to offer.

For those already here, be sure to share your favorite things about Cozumel life below!

pictures courtesy of MiknDrik Photography and proud parents!

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Karen Cozumel Realtor by Karen Bloemhoff - 2M ago
Rally Maya Mexico 2018 Kicks Off in Cozumel! The 5th running of the Regularity-Tour Rally is coming to Cozumel May 23!

What is the Rally Maya Mexico?

It’s a nine-day event, running May 23 to June 1, that blends archaeology, gastronomy, sport, social responsibility, a rolling museum, and a cultural and road tour.

Up to 100 classic cars will compete in a 1200-kilometer (500-mile) regularity rally. The rally will be broken up into five stages over five days, starting in Cozumel and continuing to Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Merida, and Cancun.

Highlights of the route include the San Gervasio Archaeological Zone, the Tulum Ruins, Chichen Itza, the ruins at Yaxauah, and a scenic route of cenotes. Additionally, there will be an exhibition and parade in Cozumel, cultural and touristic activities in Merida, and an awards ceremony in Cancun.

All of the cars must be over 40 years old (up to 1975 models are eligible), and there will be several categories including 1915-1931,1932-1949, 1950-1964, and 1965-1975. It will be quite the sight to see!

Benefits a Good Cause

The Rally will certainly be fun and interesting, but it also aims to give back which makes it even better! Proceeds will help to supply wheelchairs and health information to isolated communities, and will support medical treatment for children suffering from hearing problems and Type I Diabetes.

Cozumel Rally Maya Mexico 2018 Events

When will the rally be in Cozumel?

May 23

All of the cars will be displayed in Andres Quintana Roo Park.

May 24

There will be a parade.

May 25

The rally will begin with the starting flag at Andres Quintana Roo Park. Cars will drive to the San Gervasio Archaeological Zone, Punta Sur Lighthouse, El Cedral, and Chankanaab.

May 26

Cars will leave the island and head to Valladolid.

Rally Maya Mexico 2018 full course

And, here is the full 2018 course.

Stage 1
ZA San Gervasio
South Point
El Cedral


Stage 2
Punta Venado
ZA Tulum
Punta Laguna

Stage 3
San Felipe
Chichen Itza

Stage 4
Chichen Itza
Yucatan Convention Center XXI Century

Stage 5
Chichen Itza International Airport (Kaua)
Hotel Nizuc
Grand Oasis Cancun

What is a regularity rally?

A regularity rally is not a race of speed. The object is to drive each segment of the course within a specified amount of time and at a specified average speed. Participants will compete in teams consisting of a driver and a co-pilot.

Each team usually starts at a time specific to them. Meanwhile, marshals man the route in positions usually unknown to the drivers and record the time as each car passes them. Other features may be present in the rally such as points where teams have to record their own times and where they have to stop and wait for an exact time to depart.

The difference between a team’s actual times and the target times, whether early or late, determine penalties. The team with the lowest amount of penalties wins.

Come out and join in the fun!

More and more large and wonderful events are coming to Cozumel, and this new one is more than welcome in our little paradise! I love that Rally Maya has chosen to start this year’s rally on our beautiful island and that there will be opening events for us all to enjoy.  Further, it’s wonderful that the event aims to help people in need.

If you will be here between May 23rd to the 26th, come out to see all the beautiful cars in-person and experience this unique event!

And, if you need a place to stay when coming to visit Cozumel, check out our gorgeous rentals to find your place to stay when enjoying this NEW event in Cozumel 

Photo credits: Rally Maya website

Have a look at this GREAT VIDEO of this event coming to OUR paradise!

The post Rally Maya Mexico 2018 appeared first on Karen Cozumel Realtor.

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Karen Cozumel Realtor by Karen Bloemhoff - 3M ago
Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Cozumel

Cozumel, Mexico is on many people’s radar when they are considering where to retire, and for good reason!
It’s a beautiful Caribbean island just 12 miles off the shore of Playa del Carmen and an hour South of Cancun by car. While being so close to these bigger cities, Cozumel and its population of about 100,000 people feels worlds away.

As soon as you walk along the Malecon, have a bite to eat, and chat with a few locals, I challenge you not to fall in love! We call it the “Cozumel fever” and it makes you never want to leave.
Why is this place so appealing?
While there are many reasons, I have narrowed it down to these top 10:

1 – The Weather

Dreaming of a place you can wear shorts and a t-shirt all year? Cozumel is it! January is the coldest month with an average low of 66.9°F and an average high of 83.5°F. The hottest month is August when the low is 74.3°F and the high is 91.4°F. So temperatures stay pleasant and comfortable!

We do have a rainy season from May to October (precipitation levels range from 4 to 10 inches per month), which keeps the island green and lively.
But even when it rains, it’s still warm!

Source: The National Climatic Data Center

2 – Affordable Living

You can stretch your income further here than in many cities in the U.S. and Canada. While it is a town that thrives on tourism and has tourist prices for some things, you can quickly learn how and where to get local prices. Plus, local cards are available so you can get discounts on the ferry, at several parks, and at some beach clubs and restaurants.

When it comes to the cost to rent or buy a home, we can help you to find the perfect fit that matches your preferences and budget.
Further, property taxes are very low which helps to cut costs (i.e., a 3-bedroom home would have approx. $400 per year in property taxes). And services like water, gas, and electricty (if you do NOT use your air conditioner 24/7) are very affordable.

3 – Good Healthcare

The island is also home to great English-speaking hospitals, medical specialists, and dental care. Many tourists come here specifically for the affordable medical services as they can offer a comparable quality of care at a fraction of the cost.

courtesy of Costamed

4 – Lots of Restaurants

Cozumel is a foodie’s dream destination!! It’s hard to believe how many great restaurants are tucked into this ten by 30-mile piece of land, with most of them in the main town of San Miguel.

Expat entrepreneurs come from all over the world (Greece, India, the U.S., Italy, Indonesia, Argentina, and more) and they bring their cooking styles and flavors with them.

picture courtesy of Buccanos

And then, of course, there’s the irresistible local Mexican food! From taco carts to fine dining, it’s all good in its own right and can suit any budget. Pick up an empanada, churro, or torta while driving through town, or stop in a restaurant for a hearty plate of nachos, tacos with an array of salsas, lobster tail, or chicken mole.

Is your mouth-watering yet? It will take you years to try all of the restaurant on the island, and the journey will be a tasty one! Oh, and there are delivery services so any dish you want can be brought to your doorstep.

5 – Friendly Community

How about the people? Cozumel is a very warm and friendly place where English is commonly spoken. Uncharacteristic of a tourist hotspot, it still has a small town charm to it. A large part of that comes from the locals who are very family-oriented. Further, many of the expats make lifelong friends that become like family. And everyone comes together for community events such as the IronMan triathlon, Day of the Dead, and Carnival.
There’s a feeling of looking out for each other that you don’t get in many bigger cities.

 6 – Easy Access for Family Visits

Next, Cozumel isn’t far from the U.S. or Canada, which makes family visits more convenient. That’s a good thing too because the island is great for entertaining guests! After they come once, they’ll want to come again and again. It’s also in a good location for traveling to other countries.  

Note: There is an international airport on the island, small planes go between the Cancun and Cozumel airports, and a ferry goes between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen after which you can take ground transportation to the Cancun airport.

7 – Beautiful Beaches

Looking for a place to put your feet in the sand? There are many beautiful beaches to choose from!

On the West side, you’ll find a number of beach clubs where you can spend the day lounging in a chair, snorkeling, and ordering food and drinks. (See Buccanos, Mr. Sanchos or Paradise for example).
Or, if you prefer open public beaches, you can pack up your towels, snacks, drinks, and chairs and head to the East side. Be sure to check out Chen Rio and San Martin.

8 – Interesting Culture

The local culture is a mix of traditional ancient Mayan, modern Mexican, and modern Caribbean with influences from the island’s millions of yearly visitors.
You’ll experience it when tasting the local food, living amongst local families, partaking in holiday celebrations, visiting island attractions (such as the San Gervasio ruins and Kun Che park), and shopping for souvenirs (stone carvings, painted wooden masks, handmade leather bags, pottery, terracotta figurines, hammocks). Have fun learning about a different and beautiful way of life!

9 – The Arts

Something about being near the ocean seems to bring out the artistic side in people, and Cozumel is no exception. The island and its surrounding areas are home to many very talented artists; notably musicians and painters.
As you roam the streets of the island, you will come across eye-catching murals painted on the sides of walls and buildings.

There are also many amazing local artists I have featured here on my blog which you can hire to create pieces for your home such as Peter Terrin, Pedro Fonseco, and Carina Barbachano.
And keep an eye out for art exhibitions as we have those regularly!

As for the music lovers out there, you can find live music throughout town every night of the week, whether it’s at a restaurant, at a bar, or in the city square.

10 – Recreational and Sporting Activities

Lastly, how can you spend your free time here? Many people are attracted to the beautiful turquoise water surrounding the island.

With water temperatures ranging from 79°F (26°C ) to 84°F (29°C), you can comfortably swim year round. And, Cozumel’s Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world, so snorkeling and scuba diving are a big deal around here! 

Picture courtesy of Benny Campos 

 Additionally, many locals enjoy cycling, golf, tennis, cooking classes, dance classes, yoga, paddleboarding, fishing, surfing, sailing, triathlons and much more.

Enjoy Retirement in Cozumel; You Deserve It!

It’s no wonder why so many people are choosing Cozumel as their retirement landing spot. It has everything you need and more, from the must-haves like a good infrastructure, affordability, healthcare, and safety, to the fun stuff like an interesting culture, a wide range of restaurants, friendly people from all over the world, and lots to do.

Throughout all these years selling real estate here, I’ve watched a vibrant retirement community blossom; one where people are active in TONS of activities that keep them young and happy. The island is a place to truly make the most of your life and I personally hope my future retirement in Cozumel looks like what I see around me daily of the retirees already here!

To learn more about how to make this dream a reality, reach out to my team at Cedral Caribe Realtors and I.

We help people join the Cozumel community every day, and I have gone through the process of buying and building myself!
I will help to answer any questions you have and can also get started on the process of finding your perfect home.

Drop me a line today to get started!

Have you felt the magic Cozumel has to offer? Share your favorite thing about the island below!

Pictures Cozumel Courtesy of Mik n Drik Photograpy

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Art Cozumel Mexico
Part 3 – Artist Pedro Fonseca

Welcome to part three of my series: Art in Your New Home in Cozumel, Mexico!
Each month I select a talented artist from our local area and share their work with my readers.
For February, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Pedro Fonseca! His unique mix of styles and passion for painting come together to make truly unique, inspiring pieces.

Fonseca’s work is said to have the “Direct appeal of poster art with the boundary-breaking freedom of abstract expressionism.”

Meet Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca is originally from Puebla but fell in love with Quintana Roo and made it his home. His love for art can be traced back to when he used to draw superhero cartoons in his school notebooks and create storyboards without words.
When he grew older, he underwent training for graphic design but realized his passion was for painting. He told his wife he just wanted to paint and she said “Okay, paint! Paint to be happy.”

He decided to paint faces, from everyday people to icons who have had a positive impact on humanity. In each of his paintings, he tries to show the nicest possible side of the person, while expressing joy, brightness, and happiness. He desires to share the way he sees life through his work.

When it comes to his style, Fonseca defines his as a mix of post-modernism with a pop art style. He learned the theoretical models of fine art in his early education but is mainly self-taught and has an intuitive understanding of the abstract technique. Further, he says that Jackson Pollack, a post-modernist New York artist who bases all his work on a technique called dripping, has been very influential to him. You will notice common themes in Fonseca’s work include faces, nice fonts, glowing colors, and splatters.

Without further adieu, here is a collection of his work!

Pedro Fonseca’s Work

Exhibitions around the world

Pedro Fonseca’s work is currently featured around the world. It has been in exhibitions all over Mexico as well as in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and Basel. In 2018, he will be featured in Brussels and Turkey!
You can also find it online.

Brighten Up Your Cozumel Home

We are lucky to have so many amazingly talented people living in and around Cozumel, and Pedro Fonseca is one who stands out. His work would be a lovely addition to any Cozumel home.
Further, you can hire him to paint you a custom portrait of you, your family member, or a pet in his signature style!
My husband is turning 50 this month, and my son and I are getting him a custom painting from Pedro as a special gift.

We can’t wait to add it to our home!

I hope you have enjoyed Pedro’s work and stay tuned as I might share pictures of my husband’s special gift soon!

The post Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico – Pedro Fonseca appeared first on Karen Cozumel Realtor.

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Karen Cozumel Realtor by Karen Bloemhoff - 5M ago

Long term Rental Cozumel: where to start?

Cozumel is a wonderful island with many beautiful properties that you can rent while visiting on vacation. There is also a nice selection of homes continuously coming up for sale. What is a bit harder to find, however, is a long-term rental.

With the increasing popularity of vacation rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO, it is often more profitable for property owners to rent their places on a short-term basis. Plus owners want to enjoy their properties they have bought in paradise with their own family and friends of course!
Further, Cozumel is growing in popularity with new islanders coming all the time, creating a good market for sales.
As a result, long-term rentals are few and far-between, particularly during the high season (December to May) and in the last months leading up to it.
But don’t lose all hope!
With the right people on your side, you can still find some great potential options.

For all those dreaming of moving to the paradise of Cozumel and renting long-term, I want to share a story from one of my clients.

A Story About Finding a Long term Rental in Cozumel, Mexico Who Are We?

“My husband, son, and  I are from California but have been living abroad since April of 2013. We work online so decided to pack up and hit the road! Our journey started in Costa Rica where we spent two years, was followed by one year traveling around Europe, and now we have lived in the Riviera Maya for a little over a year.

Our Search for the Perfect Place in the Riviera Maya

We started in Akumal first, then moved to Playa del Carmen, but neither of them were quite what we were looking for. Too isolated, too hectic. We were considering leaving the area when our lease was up.

In the meantime, we took a trip to Cozumel for a few nights with some family that was visiting. We snorkeled, hung out around town, bought groceries, went out for live music, and that was all it took for us to catch the Cozumel fever! I couldn’t believe how different the vibe in Cozumel was, being such a short ferry ride away from Playa del Carmen. After finding out we could get a good internet connection, we started looking at rentals and schools while still on that trip! It really is a great place for us to work online, have access to everything we need, and enjoy our free time.

Trouble Finding a Long-term Rental

Over the next few weeks, we found a great school that our son loved and contacted many realtors on the island to get help finding a place to rent for six months to a year. Unfortunately, we hit many dead-ends. Most realtors weren’t returning our calls or would tell us nothing was available. I should add it was September at the time so high season was right around the corner.

Finally! We Found One!

We were getting discouraged and started considering other locations. Then, we got a glimmer of hope.
A realtor named Karen Bloemhoff posted a beautiful condo in a Cozumel Facebook group for Real estate and long-term rentals!
We messaged her right away and were able to arrange a time to see it that week.
Karen met us in the lobby with a warm smile and showed us around the place and the grounds.
It was perfect; a wonderful fit for us that ticked all the boxes and then some.

Later that afternoon we met another realtor who showed us a few places, however many were nowhere close to what we wanted. Further, several were for sale which meant we would have to move within 30 days if the house sold. The second realtor actually encouraged us to get the condo Karen showed us!

Cedral Caribe Realtors Helped Us Find Our Home in the Paradise of Cozumel

Although Karen specializes in helping people to buy and sell properties, she was able to help us find our perfect long-term rental home on the island. Now, four months later, we have begun to meet many people in the community and are considering basing our travels from here. We may just be homebuyers sometime in the future!

In closing, I’d like to say Karen does everything to a high standard. She is by the book, reliable, and has a passion for her work.
So whether you need to buy, sell, or even rent long-term, her and the team at Cedral Caribe Realtors are a great resource you can count on.”

Contact the Cedral Caribe Team to Find Your Long-term Rental

For anyone who is considering a move to Cozumel but isn’t quite ready to buy, my team and I can help! We know the properties around town and have a wide network of connections on the island. Although short-term rentals and sales are the bigger business, the low season can hit some property owners hard, making a long-term renter more attractive.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will tap into our resources to find opportunities that aren’t posted anywhere else! 

We know not everyone is ready to buy, and renting first can help you learn more about the island.
It will give you time to decide if, when, and where you want to buy, without pressure.
If you would like to see what the team at Cedral Caribe and myself can find for you, drop us a line!

The post Long term rental Cozumel appeared first on Karen Cozumel Realtor.

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Seasons Greetings to All!

As the holidays approach, I would like to genuinely thank each and every client that has become a part of the Cedral family here in Cozumel.
Having come from all around the world, it has truly been my pleasure to help each of you make the island your new home.

As your realtor, I am granted the opportunity to hear your stories, share laughs, and get to know you.
We venture out as a team and take each step of the buying process together.

I get to share more than just properties with you, but things I love about the island such as:
The local art , info about the international sports destination we now are and the way that so many families behind the facades in the street have their own unique, beautiful story.
When we find the perfect fit and I hand over the keys, there is nothing like seeing the ear-to-ear smiles as you open the door to your new life!

I truly love to witness how the passion of each new islander contributes to making Cozumel a better place.
It’s wonderful to watch your lives here grow and flourish as you join the community, find hobbies, and embrace the natural beauty surrounding us.
It reminds me of my own story, falling in love with the island and building my family here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those who have chosen my team at Cedral Caribe and I to help you find your perfect home in the paradise of Cozumel.
I am grateful so many of you have stayed in my life in one way or another!

May the season bring you and your loved ones, peace, health & fulfillment to inspire you to boldly go into your chosen direction, and reach your chosen destination.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, the Merriest of New Years!

Riccardo Garcia

Cristina Romero

Karen Bloemhoff

Brokers at Cedral Caribe Realtors

Thank you Mik ‘n Drik !
Love the way seeing Cozumel through YOUR lens as well!

The post Happy holidays from your realtor in Cozumel appeared first on Karen Cozumel Realtor.

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Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico:
Part 2 – Artist Carina Barbachano

Welcome to part two of Art in Your New Home in Mexico!

As a real estate broker and aficionado of art here in Cozumel, I am bringing my two passions together in this series. Tune in each month to discover talented local artists whose artwork can warm up your new home!
This month’s featured artist is Ines Carina Barbachano Falkenberg.
Her work has a very feminine feel with several layers and it lights up any room it is in.
It truly can change my day when I see it! It just makes me feel happy.
Meet Carina and see her beautiful work displayed inside various homes.

Meet Carina Barbachano

Carina was born in the United States to her Mexican and Canadian parents. She later attended college in Merida, Yucatan where she majored in graphic design and minored in fashion.
Now, she calls Cozumel her home.
Her passion for art and creativity began when she was a child and still thrives in her today.
She is always looking for ways to grow through experimentation and inspiration.

“We are alive”

Carina paints with oil and spray paint on canvas but is not afraid to incorporate other mediums.  She considers herself more of a colorist than a figurist, which means instead of using figures to express emotions, she uses color.  

Recurring subjects in her work include the female form and nature. She highlights the duality of softness and strength that women possess and is highly inspired by the female structure. She believes every female form possesses its own beauty.

Further, nature is a great part of her life, and she feels passionate about painting flowers. She says flowers and plants remind us we are alive, and they grow back even if they are stepped on, also symbolic of a softness and strength.

Carina’s Work

Here is a peek into some of Carina’s work displayed inside homes.

See More from Carina Barbachano

If you would like to see more of Carina’s work, you can visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Also, if you missed last month’s featured artist, the amazing Peter Terrin, be sure to take a look!

Create Your Dream Home in Cozumel

I am a dedicated real estate broker here on the island of Cozumel but my work goes far beyond just helping you buy or sell a house. Along with my amazing team at Cedral Caribe Realtors,
I can help you with interior design to turn your new house into a beautiful, welcoming home.
There are many great minds and artists in our local area, and I am more than happy to introduce you to their work.

Contact me today for all of your real estate needs from finding the right house to closing the deal and creating your ideal living space in paradise!

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Looking to Sell Your Home in Cozumel? Make Sure You Pick the RIGHT Real Estate Broker with this Checklist

When you want to sell your home in Cozumel, the Real Estate Broker or Agent you choose is going to determine three important things

  1. How smooth the process is
  2. How quickly your home sells
  3. How much you get for your home

As a Cozumel Real Estate Broker who has been helping fellow islanders buy and sell homes for over a decade, I know exactly what it takes to guarantee, provide and assure a smooth experience from end-to-end.
You can also count on me to maximize the sale price for sellers while minimizing the timeline.

However, as with any financial decision, it’s wise to shop around, and I encourage you to do so!

To help you find the best real estate agent to sell your home in Cozumel, here’s a checklist of what to look for:

Selling Your Home: What to Look for in a Cozumel Real Estate Broker or Agent Checklist:  Necessary Credentials

One of the first things to ask any Real Estate Agent or Broker you are considering hiring in the state of Quintana Roo is if they are up-to-date on their credentials. Since 2014, all Real Estate Agents and Brokers have to be state-registered and certified.

You can check for yourself here by clicking on “LISTADO DE ASESORES INMOBILIARIOS ACREDITADOS EN EL ESTADO DE QUINTANA ROO.” Compliance with local laws shows not only legitimacy but also a dedication to stay at the forefront of one’s profession.

 Experienced with the Local Market

Next, the longer a real estate broker works in the local Cozumel market, the more in-depth of an understanding they gain about how to position a home here. With many years of experience, I intuitively know the main features of a home to highlight, what buyers are looking for in homes here, and what kind of buyers will most likely be interested in a particular home.

This knowledge enables me to be one step ahead! I can target listings to the right audience and streamline the process of finding a buyer.
Be sure to ask how long a real estate broker or agent has been working in Cozumel to find out if they can offer you this advantage!

 Good Record of Sales

What better way to find out how good a Real Estate Broker or Agent is than looking at their track record?
Asking how many sales an agent has made this year can give you insight into how active they are in the market and how effective they really are at selling homes.

Interview potential real estate brokers and agents. Ask them how this year has been sales-wise and when their last sale was.
If they don’t have much on record or aren’t willing to share openly about it, that’s a red flag.

 Speaks Spanish

Fluently speaking and understanding the local language is imperative to ensuring your deal goes smoothly. A Real Estate Broker or Agent needs to be able to check your contracts and ensure everything is accurate. Further, they need to be able to read up on the latest regulations and tax effects to stay current in the profession.

 Reputable Online Presence

These days, online presence matters. It shows an agent’s level of investment in their work, and it’s also the medium through which your home will be listed for sale. The more expansive of a presence your agent has, the more exposure they will be able to give your listing.
When comparing Real Estate Brokers and Agents, check their website, blog, and social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Note how often they post and interact with the online community.
Are they posting listings? Are those listings getting attention?

I know for a fact that ALL Cedral Brokers TODAY are on top of that game in the local real estate market!
Nobody in the local real estate business has Cedral’s online presence.
You want to enlist the help of a professional who’s known online and whose voice is an authority on real estate in Cozumel.

 Creates Attractive and Enticing Listings

A large part of a successful sale is a great listing. Yours needs to stand out which requires using the latest tactics. Check into an agent’s current listings and see how they look. Do they paint the homes in an attractive light? Are there great descriptions, photos, slideshows, or video tours?
Keep in mind; your listing will be done in a similar manner to what you find.

 More Than Just a Sales Promoter

Lastly, look for a Broker or an agent that will do more than just promote your home. Find out if they have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire process. When I represent a client, I ensure I protect their interests, offer them tips, and communicate effectively all along the way.
Further, I ask what their priorities are and take strategic action accordingly.
Find out what level of support a Real Estate Broker or Agent can provide. A great way to do so is by reading their reviews from past clients.

What You Get When You Hire Me to Sell Your Home

As a Broker with 12 years of experience in Real Estate on the island, I can guarantee you top-notch service.
I tick all the boxes on the checklist above and am good at what I do; my only goal is YOUR success!
From contacting me about selling your home to closing the sale, I will be by your side.

You can read some of my past reviews here, and see a video review here!

I work with a dedicated sales team at Cedral Caribe Realtors that is state-licensed and federally-certified. We will ensure your sale is maximized without hassles.
We also just started with a 1 year internship program for new Cedral Caribe Realtor agents. Yes, we are growing!

Ready to sell your Cozumel Property fail safe and hassle free?

Of course I have a lot more “boxes” to tick, but I do not want to give it away to everyone to just copy and paste.
Contact me for an appointment and I will be happy to help!

High Season 2017/2018 HAS already started

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Hiring a Buyer’s Agent in Cozumel

Are you considering purchasing a home on the beautiful island of Cozumel? I did the same just over a decade ago and it was the best move I have made!

The first step is to find a real estate agent that will show you the ropes. I recommend you interview multiple local agents, including myself. Then, choose the person you trust most to represent your best interests investing abroad!

Why consider hiring me as your buyer’s agent?
Here are 5 reasons!

1. I am fully certified and licensed
When purchasing property in Mexico, you need to know about the Mexican law enacted in 2014 regarding real estate activities.
It is now mandatory for real estate service practitioners in Mexico to become state-registered and certified
(which is a great thing!)
All real estate agents on the island are required to provide services that meet the professional standards of practice.

If you hire me, you can rest assured I am up-to-date on all of my registrations, certifications, and licenses. When considering others, you can check the most recent list of certified agents and agencies by clicking here and then clicking on “LISTADO DE ASESORES INMOBILIARIOS ACREDITADOS EN EL ESTADO DE QUINTANA ROO.”

2.  I’ll look out for YOUR best interests

A buyer’s agent looks out for the interests of the buyer, and I will do just that.
You can count on me to:

  • Keep you updated on everything you need to know about the purchase-no information will be withheld!
    I sell based on all facts laid out on the table. I will tell you the good & the bad.
  • Remain loyal to your needs and interests- it’s all about YOUR best interests, not mine.
  • Negotiate the best price and deal for you.
  • Show you the whole spectrum of listings so you can make well-informed decisions
    (not just my agency’s listing)
  • Communicate regularly before you even step foot on the island! (Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Email, Phone, etc.)
  • Arrange for house tours and home inspections with a licensed architect
  • Keep all of your matters confidential
  • Give you all insider insight gained from living and working on the island
  • Assist you through the closing and all the paperwork
  • After you have bought, I will stick around for ALL relocation service questions you have.
  • And more…

Take it from someone who almost lost their dream of living in paradise here  in Cozumel due to dealing with the wrong real estate practitioner; you want the right agent on your side! I will walk with you step-by-step, so you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.

My goal is to honestly help you find the best home for you.
This approach has earned me the most referrals on the island today!

3. I’ll do the work for you

While very exciting, buying a home can be stressful. But not with an expert! I will ask you all the right questions to identify your needs and wants in your Cozumel home, then will use my resources to find homes that match your criteria. Before you even get to the island, you will know all your options! I do the work for you so you can focus on the other parts of your move.

Go and make new friends and unforgettable memories!

Once you decide which properties you want to see, I will line up the tours for you. During the walk-through, I’ll disclose everything you need to know about the property; both good and bad.

With all the information, you will be able to make an informed decision without worrying about any surprises down the road. We will be fellow islanders, and I want you to come back to me with all your future real estate needs!

My motto is: “Every buyer is a future seller.”
Of course when you buy, I even prepare you for a future sale with financial strategy pointers.

4.  I will help you negotiate the best price on your home

When it comes to price negotiations, it pays to have someone your side.

I go to the negotiation table with knowledge of the prices in the market and many years of experience. As a result, I can tip the scales in favor of the buyers.

All of this and you don’t have to pay me out-of-pocket. If you end up finding the right home for you and make the purchase, the seller pays the commission for the buyer and listing agent when the deal closes.

I’ll help you from start to finish to get your Cozumel home at a good price!

5. You’ll have a Cozumel expert on your side

A buyer’s agent should not only have your back, but they should also be an expert about Cozumel.

I have lived and worked in Cozumel for more than 12 years, speak the country’s legal language and know Cozumel’s neighborhoods like the back of my hand.

If a property has red flags like street flooding, paper drama, or poor infrastructure, I will tell you about it.  I know my market and am basically a walking real estate encyclopedia!

Need to be near a beach or maybe a school? Near good diving and snorkeling? Near the center of town? Do you want to rent out to tourists to make a return on your investment? I’ll show you the best options.

I am also educated and experienced with foreign investments and relocation services so can help you move through obstacles that come with the territory.

I am the BEST buyer’s agent for foreigners looking to invest in Cozumel!

I am proud to be part of a group of real estate professionals in the state that belongs to this new generation selling real estate in Mexico, which seems to be growing each day!

Of course, all of our team members at Cedral Caribe Realtors, which include Riccardo Garcia, Cristina Romero, and myself, follow state rules in Mexico and firmly believe in 100% transparency.

Additionally, we have notaries and lawyers that we have done business with for many years who have the SAME vision of professionalism as us.

You can count on us for an honest, diligent, no-nonsense approach and the BEST service. As a team, we will make your dream of island life a reality!

See for yourself some of the reviews and feedback we have received only this year:
Reviews from clients who did it before you!

Why wait?

Contact me today!

Real estate is not just a job for me, it is a passion, a way of life and I absolutely enjoy doing it for you and with you I truly LOVE my work.

I can even say that I am already retired in paradise.

A 24/7 retirement!

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Visa buying property in Cozumel Mexico – what is needed?

When we show real estate on our beautiful island I always get the question: “Do I need a special visa buying property in Mexico?”
Anyone, even someone in Mexico on a Tourist Visa, may buy property in Mexico. The notary will ask you on the day of closing to show your valid visa in Mexico. This can be a tourist visa or any of the tempory/pernanent residents visa.
I do strongly advise you to get a visa after you obtain property in Mexico for several reasons.
I would be happy to explain you why, please contact me for this specific question.

Visa in Cozumel Mexico 

Temporary visits to Mexico are allowed for up to 180 days. Multiple entries to the country will provide each entry with the same allowance of up to 180 days per entry.
If you plan to stay longer than 180 days, you can apply for temporary resident (up to 4 years) or permanent resident visa (indefinite time). Under temporary resident visa (allowing stays in the country up to 4 years) or permanent resident visa (allowing stays in the country for indefinite time), work permit can be granted, provided that the required formalities are met.

The paramount formality consists in the acceptance of the obligation to become a registered tax payer in Mexico, and well, to pay taxes. Even if no actual income or profit is gained, by becoming a registered taxpayer you acquire the obligation to file monthly and yearly returns showing zero income.

Temporary or permanent residency under retiree or non-working status will release you of all tax paying obligations, but will restrict you from being able to work, while requiring you to evidence financial capacity to support yourself financially without work/income while in Mexico.

Needless to say, working on a tourist Visa, or on a non-working permanent/temporary resident visa is illegal and suitable for deportation, which seldom happens. In most cases authority reprimands and let go. Repeat violators are the ones put in a plane and deported back home, on perfectly legal grounds, due to re-incidence in violation of immigration law.

Ask a professional specialized in this specific topic

My best advice is to search and find professional consultation with an immigration specialist/laywer.
Ask your Cedral Caribe REALTORS broker, who to work with.
We will be happy to provide you with several options for you to choose among regarding the Visa to best suit your needs, in combination with our professional consultation regarding real estate tax strategic planning for either buying or selling real estate assets in Mexico.

Get professional consult based on your actual needs, and then make an informed decision.

Social media, your cab driver, friend-of-a-friend, dive master, favorite beach waiter, etc. are not among the best places to find out what is best for your particular needs, because good intentions to provide advise does not necessarily equate to accurate advise.

Always ask a professional in every field!


This article written by Ricardo Garcia – Real Estate Broker Federal License 5978642 – Broker State Registration GACR6509I0IBAFS001000105. This article may be copied or re-posted provided that the content is not altered and source is credited appropriately.

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