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WOW! I just signed up for the Marriott Credit Card because I’m going to be traveling a lot for business. Now you can too! CLICK HERE! This might be the best hotel card on the market right now. When you sign up, you must spend$3,000 to get the 75,000 points. I don’t know about you, but I can spend that in probably two months. 75k points can get you easily three nights and maybe even 5, depending on where you stay.

Also, with the Marriott Credit Card, you can get one free night a year. When you join the Marriott Credit Card program, you also receive immediate Elite Silver Status which has an entire list of perks. If you send me an email, I can forward you a code where if you sign up, we both get more perks!

Exclusive Silver Elite Benefits
Earn 10% Bonus Points on Stays
Receive Priority Late Checkout

Access a Dedicated Elite Reservation Line

Silver Elite Members Receive All of the Following Benefits
10% Bonus Points on Stays
Earn 10% more points than Members on every eligible hotel purchase, including on room rate and other incidentals that can be charged to your room, such as dining and spa.

Priority Late Checkout
Sleep in or stay a little longer. (Based on availability.)

Dedicated Elite Reservation Line
Get fast, personal service 24/7 for all your hotel booking needs.

Ultimate Reservation Guarantee
If we can’t honor your reservation for any reason, we guarantee that we’ll pay for you to stay nearby and compensate you for the inconvenience. Learn more about compensation rates.

Free Wi-Fi
Enjoy complimentary in-room Internet access when you book through any of our websites or apps.

Exclusive Member Rates
Just book direct on our websites or our apps.

Mobile Key
Use our apps to check in and out, or use your phone as your room key.

No Blackout Dates
Redeem your points for Free Night Awards at any of our more than 6,700 hotels and resorts worldwide, for any day of the year, even holidays. If you have the points and we have a standard room, it’s yours.

Cash + Points
Book and pay for your room by combining cash and points — stay for as little as $55 and 3,500 points. Learn More

Instant Redemption
During your stay at any of our participating hotels, instantly redeem points for cocktails, meals, spa experiences and more — anything you can charge to your hotel room. Learn More

Getting away is easier and more affordable with PointSavers. Now you can save points on redemptions at top destinations around the world.

In addition to all of these great perk, you have access to so many hotels. See the list below. To sign up for the Marriott Credit Card, CLICK HERE!

St. Regis EDITION Hotels
36 hotels; 8,100 rooms 4 hotels; 819 rooms
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts W Hotels
3 hotels; 202 rooms 46 hotels; 13,000 rooms
JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts
UPPER UPSCALE 77 hotels; 34,000 rooms
Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts
103 hotels; 27,000 rooms 99 hotels; 18,900 rooms
Renaissance Hotels
160 hotels; 51,593 rooms UPSCALE
Westin Hotels & Resorts AC Hotels by Marriott
209 hotels; 78,300 rooms 83 hotels; 10,462 rooms
Tribute Portfolio Element
6 hotels; 2,900 rooms 20 hotels; 3,000 rooms
Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Gaylord Hotels
446 hotels; 156,400 rooms 5 hotels; 8,098 rooms
Marriott Hotels SpringHill Suites
526 hotels; 187,277 rooms 336 hotels; 39,750 rooms
Autograph Collection Courtyard by Marriott
95 hotels; 22,808 rooms 1,037 hotels; 153,417 rooms
Design Hotels Residence Inn by Marriott
290 hotels; 23,000 rooms 697 hotels; 80,100 rooms
Marriott Executive Apartments
28 hotels; 4,181 rooms SELECT SERVICE
Delta Hotels & Resorts Aloft
36 hotels; 9,400 rooms 104 hotels; 17,400 rooms
Four Points by Sheraton
MIDSCALE 210 hotels; 36,800 rooms
Fairfield Inn & Suites
768 hotels; 70,072 rooms TIMESHARES
Moxy Hotels Marriott Vacation Club
1 hotel; 162 rooms 58 properties; 12,807 rooms
Protea Hotels by Marriott
102 hotels; 9,609 rooms
TownePlace Suites
270 hotels; 27,128 rooms
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking… “You’re too young to be burnt out”, “Wait until you’re 40, 50 or 60, kid”. You’re right, and that’s okay. I’ll be the first to admit that I shouldn’t have been feeling that way. There are so many of you out there going through so much more than me. I empathize with you. As you’re reading this, start internalizing your feelings and think back to a time when you were energized by your career.  When you were excited to sit down at your computer, or when you looked forward to going into the office.

It took me a few weeks to realize I had these feelings after joining Sumtotal in September of this year. Obviously, I was over-the-moon excited about joining the organization, but it’s hard to reflect about a job change when you need to go through onboarding right away. “Drinking through a firehose” is the first experience you receive when you join any organization. Introductions, meetings, getting into the software… all keep you feeling overwhelmed. It wasn’t until my wife and I were reflecting on the big job and life changes we’ve had over the past year or so to realize that I was in a rut.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the companies and people I worked with over the past two years. I enjoyed them very much. This is something different… something better. The challenge! The tasks to achieve success in enterprise sales. The types of conversations I’m having internally and externally with customers and prospects. The magnitude of knowledge I have access to as an employee and by talking with my colleagues is outstanding. I’m continuously pinching myself, thanking the man upstairs, and counting my blessings.

Here’s the part where I share with you a little information about the leadership I report to. Yes… I’m well aware they could read this. No, this isn’t my attempt to suck up or be a brownnoser. This is where you put yourself in my shoes and think about your immediate leadership. Reflect on what they do, what they don’t do and decide if you’re in the best possible position to achieve your goals. Also, if they read this; good! Everybody needs praise and reminded that they’re doing something that not a lot of people like doing; leading teams and motivating people.

It takes grit to run a team of sales professionals! Not only are they response for individuals, they’re responsible for those individuals’ quotas. You thought ‘carrying a bag’ was difficult, try carrying seven of them… try carrying 60 of them. On top of their daily job, they’ve got to manage these people, make sure they’re doing their jobs, helping them when they can, and report their wins/losses to someone else. And guess what… if something falls through the cracks, who’s ultimately responsible?

These folks I’ve been working with, do it all with grace! Sales management, training, support, legal and services… There’s no issue that can’t be resolved together. It doesn’t matter the job title or seniority of these individuals; they’re all happy to help. I’ve truly been amazed at the conversations I’ve been included throughout my short tenure.

Great Jordan… What’s your point? What does this mean for me… Great question! I’ve been reminded of what it’s like to be on a team. A team that cares. A team that motivates. A team that’s willing to join the battle and fight with you, and a team that’s willing to give its’ all even if we fail. That, right there, is why I’ve been reenergized. I’m challenged everyday and I have the support of a team that will back me up. I don’t spend Sunday nights dreading the next morning.

So… If there is ONE thing you can take away from reading this piece, I would challenge you, to ask yourself, “Are you fulfilled in your career?” That’s a loaded question, obviously. But it’s a good start. That will get the ball rolling. That will challenge you to begin re-working your goals. That will help you take the first step towards finding happiness in your work.

As I re-begin this journey to produce content, you can stay up to speed on the topics I’ll be covering on LinkedIn and my personal website www.JordanBarta.com. Topics included are; sales, social selling, motivation, goal setting and overall positive attitude. If you took away something from this article, please share that with me in the comments below. And do your network a favor by sharing, liking and commenting on this! You never know what impact you’ll have on someone else’s life!


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Wow – I recently got a bunch of folks online asking for a sample of my 30-60-90 day format. So, as promised, here it is. FIRST and FOREMOST, read through the entire thing, take what you like, remove what you don’t and MAKE IT YOUR OWN… specific for the job! I think this can be used for SDR’s, AM’s, sales folks and every customer success. Include #’s and metrics too.

Business Plan: 30/60/90 Day SAMPLE

First Month:

  • Successfully complete onboarding
  • Learn internal landscape (CSD, CSM and hierarchy of support)
  • Learn ‘Company Name software’
  • Obtain access to Salesforce (CRM) and run reports so I have a clear understanding of what data is available
  • Determine which accounts are coming up for renewal and which accounts can be sold additional solutions/features
  • Dive into ‘software being offered by the team’ and begin updating contact information
  • Interview and survey current SDR/AM/AE/sales people to determine what makes a SDR/AM/AE/sales people successful
  • Determine ‘the perfect’ day and ‘the perfect’ week (Prospecting, scheduling meetings and emails)
  • Read and study customer testimonials to leverage for future use
  • Obtain/create talk tracks for new business and current clients

Second Month:

  • Identify the top influential decision makers within accounts to prospect into
  • Connect with all clients and establish a partnership
  • Identify high value external networking groups to join
  • Determine which clients have mutual contacts within my network and determine how to leverage them
  • Determine which clients can be references
  • Leverage personal network to create mutual partnerships
  • Continue approaching accounts which can be sold for additional revenue
  • Create auto-drip email campaigns; current clients and for prospecting
  • Update create/execute weekly tasks

Third Month:

  • Continue to learn more about the product offering
  • Be comfortable enough to give a demonstration
  • Beginning writing posts on human capital management which will be shared and sent to clients/prospects
  • Expand my network leveraging LinkedIn to create additional mutual connections
  • Continue approaching accounts which can be sold for additional solutions
  • Continue prospecting and scheduling meetings

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or comment. Also, share if you find valuable!



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Wow… it has been a while since I’ve written something on my site! I’ve got a good explanation for that.

  1. October 28th, 2017; I got married to my best friend!
  2. July 2017; I started my MBA and I’m almost done! I had to focus all of my energy on that because it is a huge task! Once I’m done with my MBA, I’ll get back to blogging and posting content.
  3. January 2018; I left Paychex and joined an organization called Stonegate Advisors in Newport Beach. I am a customer success manager and I very much enjoy the CSM role.

All in all, I’d say that things have been very productive! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Having switched industries, job responsibilities and overall career goals, I knew that my personal brand could take a little hiatus while I work on other avenues.

But, I’ll be back soon!

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to catch up.

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#SALESHACKERCHAT Recap With The Man, The Myth, The Legend Miles Austin!

All tools shared today can be found at http://ftf.sh/SHChat

Connect with Miles on LinkedIn, Twitter and his website; www.FillTheFunnel.com Q1:  What are the hottest trends for tools that sales professionals can utilize in 2017?
  • Hottest trends this year in sales: Video. Facebook. Bots Where should we begin?
Q2:    What social media platform delivers the best sales results?
  • Several are productive- I am having best results with Facebook
  • LinkedIn performs best in certain industries but lacks behind in capability
Q3:     What are some tools to help sales professionals with prospecting?
  • Nudge- shows contact social activity right in my Gmail client.
  • Gong provides actionable sales coaching for your calls – Very powerful.
  • Sprout Social – brings your customer social activity into one screen. A must.
  • Nimble is effective because it provides contact history along with fresh social info.
Q4:     What are some tools that can improve communication and effectiveness with customers?
  • Video is proven to be THE most effective communication method, sometimes better than F-T-F.
  • Look now to see how many unread emails are in your inbox.
  • Now look to see how many unread Facebook Messages are unread. That blue icon works for you.
  • Bots in many cases are the absolute best way to communicate.
  • Bots provide the best answers to common questions in the fastest way available.
Q5:     Are there any new presentation tools for sales presentations that sales professionals should use now?
  • Haiku Deck is a powerhouse with stunning images, AI that finds images for your content
  • Haiku Deck presentations can be given directly or exported to Power point or Video.
  • Another top presentation tool is Zoom. Fast, effective with all the visual tools
  • Every rep should have their own web meeting software – Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting.
Q6:     What types of video should sales professionals take advantage of?
  • Live video is extremely effective. Facebook live is free and can be effective.
  • Take advantage of a whole lot of goodness with Belive.tv – turns Facebook live into a powerhouse.
  • Simple, short how-to or show-me videos can be captured easily with tools like Loom, Soapbox or ViewedIt.
Q7:     Do you feel it is important for sales people to have some marketing tools?
  • Every top performer I know is using marketing tools in their daily activities.
  • Every sales person should have their own email service like Mailchimp or AWeber as a personal database.
  • I believe every sales person should have an online home base that THEY own – a website.

I will add additional tools that came up in this chat here later this morning http://ftf.sh/SHChat

Q8:     What gains have been made in the fields of bots and artificial intelligence that sales can leverage?
  • Bots are here now and having a huge impact on progressive sales teams.
  • Simple message bots for improved interaction on social are very effective.
  • check out blue lightning bolt icon in bottom right page on my website: http://fillthefunnel.com
  • I wrote an introductory post about Sales Bots last week: https://www.fillthefunnel.com/bots-for-sales/
  • Bots remove the tedious, repetitive activity from a sales pro, allowing them to do the important work.
  • Bots improve response rates to the common questions and improve customer satisfaction.

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Q1: What does it take to be a top notch performance sales professional?

A1: Hard work. Believe in your product and yourself. Discipline, a strong sales process and the desire to be the BEST.

Robbie Siegel - Top Medical Device Sales Rep on Success: "First and foremost, the hard work" - YouTube

Additional Videos:

Q2: What mindset does a top sales professional possess?

A2: “It starts with taking ownership of your results,” having a huge desire to be the best. Making quota is not the goal.

Josh Mueller of Cutco & Vast Action: "It starts with taking ownership of your results" - YouTube

Additional Videos:


Q3: How should sales professionals organize their day?

A3: In a word: Thoughtfully. The best are extremely mindful of their time and are zealots about protecting selling time.

How Debe Rapson plans her sales week and the selling day - YouTube

Additional Videos:

Q4: How do top sales professionals learn and develop themselves?

A4: Think well beyond sales. Learn business, negotiation, even improv. Then seek out and learn from those at the top.

Colin Specter - Seek out and learn from the best to improve sales results - YouTube

Additional Videos:


Q5: What tools and technologies are most common among top sales professionals

A5: The best SDRs consistently use @SalesLoft and @ViewedIt. Beyond that it’s the basics: Calendar and task management.

Top BDR Reid Oliver: "video has been a game change for me," he gets 5-7X more clicks on sales emails - YouTube


Q6: Is moving from sales rep to sales manager/leader the best career path? Why or why not?

A6: Obviously it depends. 2 guests went from sales leadership to top seller. One 8X in a row, the other 1 of 150 in 2 yrs.

Robbie Siegel from VP of Sales to #1 individual contributor - YouTube

Additional Videos:

Q7: What should sales professionals practice when they first begin their career?

A7: Learn how to be great at discovery. @drapson is the master of this. 2 great long clips here: http://j.mp/2rwMvgq

Debe Rapson - Sales Discovery - YouTube

Additional Videos:


Q8: What Is The Best Sales Methodology In Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness?

A8: This is the hardest question. Most use a combination of strategies. Challenger and Sandler are the most common mentions

A8: “If your process includes genuinely doing what’s in the best interest of your customer. You’re not going to fail.”

Robbie Siegel - Medical Device Sales - Genuinely doing what's in the best interest of your customers - YouTube

Additional Videos:


Q9: What top 5 take-aways have you received from hosting the Sales Success Stories Podcast?

A9-1: There’s no better source for learning how to be great in sales than those who are already there NOW. #Top1 #SalesHackerChat


A9-2: It’s not about being better than everybody else. It’s about being better than yourself. This is a consistent theme. #SalesHackerChat


A9-3: You MUST believe in your company and your solution or you won’t ever achieve what you’re capable of achieving. #SalesHackerChat


A9-4: Leverage your own strengths and find your own way. There is no formula other than to be the best version of yourself #SalesHackerChat

A9-5: Find great mentors, grow and then give back. Pay it forward to the rest of the sales community. #SalesHackerChat Thank you all!


All of the clips Scott used today are available here: http://top1.fm/clips #SalesHackerChat

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Q1: How has social selling changed sales?

Can we please stop saying that? It hasn’t. It has enabled us to connect with so many more people, but that’s about changing scale, not changing sales.

Q2: How Do Sales Professionals Begin to Grow Their Personal Brand?

You mean after you realize you need to? Have an opinion. Make it known. Have something to say. Write it down and press ‘publish’. Start by paying attention. Notice things. Then think. Then write. The writing part is crucial. The writing turns into videos, podcasts, ebooks, etc. Maybe that’s a #saleshackerchat for another time?

Q3: What ways are sales professionals selling incorrectly today?

Sales pros are thinking quantity over quality and efficiency over effectiveness. I have no shame https://www.jeffbajorek.com/2017/03/your-automation-is-missing-the-point/ . The most important sales tool you have is your brain, and you’re trying to remove it from the process. Everything is a template, a script, an algorithm. Nobody’s having any fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong #saleshackerchat

Q4: What steps can sales professionals take to change their poor selling habits?

Rethink the way you sell! Understand what you’re trying to accomplish and why. If you were the customer, would that technique/tactic make you act?  If you were the customer, would those words influence you? It’s not about what you’re selling, why would anybody buy it?

Q5: What is The Top Sales Activity that will Ensure A Consistent Sales Pipleline?

prospecting, duh! Don’t forget about your current customers. They’re your best advocates. Create an attraction. It’s more than just inbound, be someone that people want to associate with. Be a resource, and constantly be thinking in the best interests of your customers. This will help you hone your messaging too, it’s not just about attracting new leads

Q6: How can sales professionals become more productive?

Understand what you’re trying to accomplish and why. Have very clear priorities and set boundaries

priorities -> focus -> discipline -> effectiveness -> success -> freedom

Connect with Jeff on Twitter @JeffBajorek

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Q1: What Can Sales Management Do To Be More Effective?

Be a leader instead of a manager. Correct before you correct and focus on process over outcomes. We need to find ways to help each rep level up…don’t manage skill gaps, find the next level with each rep for the win. Skill gap focus is too negative. Nobody wants to hear what they suck at. Managers push the “more” button. Leaders push the “HOW” button. Most important leadership skill is to share how. Outcomes are driven by sales stages. Stages driven by activities. Activities driven by skills. Most leaders don’t know the skill to success structure or how to coach to it. Those that do…CRUSH.

Q2: What Are Some Of The Biggest Coaching Mistakes? And How Can We Prevent Them?

The How button comes from understanding the process. Can you “Model Awesomeness?” When a leader understands skill to success model, HOW process becomes simpler. Every rep wants to win…just show them how. #1 coaching mistake is taking over a deal and emasculating the rep. This is a crutch…not a coach. Doesn’t scale. #2 Mistake, no consistency. If you don’t have consistency or cadence, you don’t have coaching. Don’t start/stop! #3 mistake is confusing a pipeline review for a coaching conversation. Coaching needs to develop skills/activities. #4 Mistake: Dictating terms, not collaborating. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal. People on pedestals are easy targets. Mistake #5: Focusing on weaknesses of the past rather than the promise of the future. Be in the inspiration business.

Q3: What Type of Training Creates The Best Results?

Q3 is hard. Everyone learns in different ways. I like the SHOW/SHARE/SEE approach. Training should be about modeling what awesome looks like. Biggest training gap for sales is the difficulty in practicing. So I prefer action-oriented, hands on training vs theoretical stuff. Sales is an action, full contact sport.

Q4: What Quality Do Most Sales Professionals Lack That Prevents Success?

Biggest obstacle I’ve seen is the focus on outcomes. Too many managers focus on working harder instead of smarter. Process beats outcomes every time. Can’t force someone to buy. Process is predictive. Outcomes is looking backwards. If process is good, success is inevitable. If process is weak, success is unsustainable. Choose process and get #predictive!

Q5: What Performance-Based Metrics Generate The Best Results For Sales Teams?

Process tells you when to be patient and when to change things up. Most predictive metric are those related to sales velocity. Speed is the #1 predictor. Measure speed in times from start to close, as well as by stage. It will tell you almost immediately what skills to build. 2nd most important are competencies around opportunity starts. Start enough and handle efficiently and things are good. Track PUSHES. If a deal pushes once, just change the close date. One the 2nd push, circle the wagons. I’ve found pushes are the best indicator of how well a deal is behaving. Bring in resources early if a deal stalls. Best coaches focus on opportunity origination and sales velocity. Get those right and the job gets a lot easier.

Q6: How Has Data Changed The Future Of Sales and Sales Coaching?

Data allows us to be predictive. Don’t just gather mountains of data. Answer the “So What” questions. If data doesn’t help you predict, then it is INTERESTING BUT WORTHLESS. We need to use data to help our reps identify where their next level opportunities are in personal development. This is where the big opportunities are. Not using data to manage opportunities, but to manage personal growth. We use data to help determine the future value of a rep…Not just the close date of a deal. Use data to create “What If” scenarios around activity mgt and skill development.

Q7: What Advice Would You Give Sales People Just Starting Their Sales Career?

Advice to new reps…find strong mentors early in your career. Learn your industry well…we need to educate buyers. Don’t focus on the product…products have no value. They only derive value.
earn to speak the language of value. Final piece of advice: If process is strong, success is inevitable. If process is weak, success is unsustainable. Process is about experiences you create, not words that you say. Sales pitches are forgotten quickly but experiences make you legendary…choose to be legendary…

Q8: What Is The Greatest Issue Facing the Sales Profession Today?

Greatest Issue for sales profession is staying relevant as customer changes quickly. Focus on how they buy & stay relevant. Sales orgs need to understand the industry better than anyone else. We HAVE to be engineers of value. Embrace Change! And things are moving so fast that many reps/orgs don’t stay current or care about it until they get behind. Press Pause! Don’t be so focused on outcomes that you don’t stay current in the changing environment until you’re playing from behind.

Q9: How Should Sales Professionals Utilize Their Leaders Best?

If your leader doesn’t bring coaching to you, reach out and ask for it. Leaders should help reproduce skills in each rep. Take advantage of this. Own your personal development plan.

Follow Rob on Twitter @RobJeppsen

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