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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a huuuuuge fan of posting empowering quotes to connect with my followers and speak my truth.

>>I’ve found that the quotes I post are far more likely to be liked and shared, increasing engagement and growing my following.<<

So you can see these results too, today I’m going to give you 3 ways to use quotes to increase engagement on Instagram.

1. Ask questions or get opinions

Quote cards on Instagram work fabulously to solicit people responding to your post. For example, you could post a quote about holidays and ask people if they like Thanksgiving or Christmas more. When people have a strong opinion about something, they are likely to comment and share!

2. Share testimonials

Think about all the nice things people have said about your business via email, comments on Instagram, in Facebook groups, etc. You could screenshot that testimonial and share it on Instagram, but what would it look like if you took that quote and made it a little prettier on WordSwag or Canva? Taking 1-2 minutes to create a graphic is a better reflection of your brand and is likely to entice people to stop their scroll.

3. Promote (podcast, campaign, launch, etc)

When followers relate to a quote, it is more likely to be liked or shared. Our objective is to connect with people, so I would encourage you to create a quote graphic from your campaign or blog post that your audience would relate to, and point back to a link for them to read, listen, or sign up.

Now before I go, remember:

We have two objectives when it comes to posting a quote on Instagram:

  1. Drive engagement
  2. Reflect your brand message

>>Boo boo, I do NOT want you posting random quotes that do not make sense with your brand!<<

And please do not post quotes every single day!

My encouragement to you is to use quotes a few times every month that directly parlay into your business.

Then, your followers will get to know you, your brand, and your business and engage with the content that resonates with them the most.

That, my friend, is how to use quotes to increase engagement.

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Y’all, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

No, not THAT Kool-Aid… Although I do love me some punch on a hot day in Cali!

I’m talking about the Instagram Kool-Aid.

>>I believe Instagram is the best way for business owners to reach their customers today.<<

And I know I’m not the only one who believes this!

Millions of business owners are posting every. single. day. on Instagram to connect with their followers and find their dream customers.

And I bet you are, too.

But if you’re like me, you may have wondered: **What is the BEST time of day to post on Instagram?**

After all, a post is only effective when people SEE it, right? And if we’re posting into oblivion when our audience isn’t online, marketing on Instagram may not be the best way to reach them.

>>Friend, I’m not going to waste any time in dealin’ it to you straight: What time you should post on Instagram completely depends on your audience.<<

But before you hop off this post thinking you’re not going to get ANYthing tactical, let me tell you how to find out when the best time of day for YOU to post on Instagram.

The best way to find out when your audience is online is to TEST.

Take 5 days to test different times of the day, and keep track of the engagement you receive in correlation to the time you’ve posted.

For me, I’ve tested my engagement levels and have found that my audience is on Instagram pretty consistently between 9AM and 6PM.

Others may test and see spikes. For example, if your audience is mainly moms, you may see spikes in your engagement after they have gotten their kids to school, on their lunch break, and again after the kids have gone to bed.

We are all selling different things to different people which means our customers are scrolling on social at different times during the day.

You might be saying, “I know my audience is on at 3PM.”

I love the confidence boo boo, but have you TESTED it?

What if you posted at 3PM today, but tomorrow you change it up a little and post at 12PM? Then the next day, at 8AM and after that, 8PM?

>>I suggest testing your posting times because what got you HERE won’t get you THERE, my friend.<<

What got you to 100 followers won’t get you to 1,000.

If after you test it out, you find out that you were right all along, I will clap. that. up.

Because that means you now KNOW when you should be posting, rather than guessing.

And when we know for sure the best time of day to post on Instagram, we will build our businesses to even greater heights than ever before.

Now… Is anyone in the mood for Kool-Aid?

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This post was originally featured on the Creative Live Blog.

Watching that social media follower count is like fast-forwarding your favorite Netflix series just to watch the credits — ineffective, and a complete waste of time. Most businesses get the importance of being active on social media, but few know what’s really important when it come to social media marketing, or even how to actually create meaningful interaction.

Entrepreneur, photographer and social media guru Jasmine Star suggests social media is not all about that follower count — it’s about building engaged, interested followers, not passive scrollers. As Jasmine helps other entrepreneurs follow their dreams and leverage social media, she often sees businesses make the same avoidable mistakes over and over again. Often, those mistakes stem from a lack of understanding of how social media works and missing out on what’s really important when it comes to social media marketing.Ahead of her Social Media Bootcamp airing free June 24-26, Jasmine sat down to share some of the most common social media marketing mistakes, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.

1. Putting more importance on followers, rather than customers.

One of the questions Jasmine is most frequently asked is how to build that follower count. But the second question is often how to get more sales from social media. The two questions point to an often misunderstood aspect of social media marketing on just how important followers are. In response, Jasmine asks this question: Are your current followers your customers?

If the answer is no, then it’s time to take a look at who your ideal audience is and develop a plan to find them. On social media, people follow accounts for a specific reason — perhaps it’s humor, or recipes, how-tos, inspiration, or entertainment. Businesses need to determine both who their audience is and what they want to be known or followed for, then blend the two together to create posts that will encourage not just empty follower counts, but the right followers.

2. Not giving out the engagement that you want to get.

Many businesses launch a social media page and start putting content out there — but fail to interact back with their followers and potential followers. Jasmine calls social media the cocktail hour of the internet — you can’t stand in the middle of the room shouting to empty space and expect something in return. Instead, she suggests creating the type of interaction that you’d like to get on your social media page.

For example, if you would like to get one comment on your Instagram photo, comment on five other images on Instagram. And not the two and three-word emoji responses, or people will just think that you’re a bot. While the approach takes some time, creating the interaction that you want is the best way to build engagement on social media.

3. Writing boring captions or hiding the hook.

On social media, you have maybe one or two lines to stop readers from scrolling. That’s not much time to grab attention, which is why Jasmine suggests writing captions that start with a hook, something to grab attention in those first lines. Follow that hook up with insight, keeping in mind what you want your page to be known for and followed for. Finally, include a call to action, or an invitation for followers to do something like visit a website or sign up for an email newsletter.

4. Believing that great social media accounts should be perfect, with thousands of followers.

Afraid to share that post because you’ll be judged in some way, or it’s not quite perfect? Jasmine says small businesses need to let go of perfection — no one is perfect — and stop using it as an excuse not to create social media content.

In the same way, businesses shouldn’t believe thae myth that you need millions of followers to be effective on social media — because 100 engaged, interested followers are worth more than 100,000 passive followers that will most likely just scroll right on by your posts.

5. Failing to plan your content.

Are you a when-I-have-time type of sharer? One of the biggest social media marketing mistakes businesses make when it comes to social media is failing to plan. Building a strategy and planning content ahead of time will not only keep your profiles from going dark for days or even weeks at a time but will help you reach the right people, with the right messages, more often.

During Social Media Bootcamp airing on June 24, Jasmine leads entrepreneurs through identifying an audience, pinpointing a focus, building a plan, and transforming social media strategy for platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others. During the three-day boot camp,  you’ll meet two real-world businesses and see how they transformed their social media accounts in just 30 days — and learn to do the same to turn your social media efforts around.

Transform your social media marketing in 30 days with Jasmine Star’s new Social Media boot camp. RSVP for your reminder to tune in free June 24-26.

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You typed furiously for 25 minutes, crafting the perfectly worded caption.

  • Add a couple emojis…
  • Throw in a few hashtags…
  • Pair it with that picture you took in San Francisco…
  • Reread it one last time…

*Oh, THIS is going to be good.* POST.

Now we wait.

And wait…

…and wait.

Nothing. Just 1, 2, maybe 3 likes.

>>No one is commenting about your brilliant, poetic genius. You slaved over this caption, and now you hear *crickets*?!<<

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone my friend. There are so many people who feel this way!

It took me years to discover the psychology of how to create captions for people to show up that I teach in Social Curator.

Today, I’m going to teach you my proven caption formula to drive engagement on Instagram.

1. Hook

This is an enticing one-liner to draw someone in right from the beginning and make them click “read more.”

2. Body

Next, include 2-3 pieces of advice, inspiration, or education that would be valuable to your dream customer.

3. Call to Action:

Here is the most important part of the formula that *everyone* forgets. At the end, invite your audience to sign up for something, tag a friend, double tap, list their favorite donut, etc.

Friend, if you don’t invite people to engage, they won’t.

Think about how many people create captions that are simply statements:

  • Loving this summer weather!
  • At the coffee shop today, I can’t wait for you to see what I’m working on!
  • Hanging in Lake Tahoe this weekend, I love my family!

And then they wonder why people are not commenting.

>>Those captions are nice… but what would someone say to a statement like that?<<

You need to ask your followers to take action, and they will.

Now, you might be saying: “Jasmine, I ask my followers to leave a comment and they STILL don’t.”

Then I say to you, buttercup: SHOW them what you want.

If you want a comment, go leave 10 comments.

>>Demonstrate for your followers the quality and length of comments you want by leaving thoughtful ones on their profile first.<<

*Your tribe will reciprocate once they are shown what to do.*

That, my friend, is how to drive engagement on Instagram with a proven caption formula and a dedication to building relationships on the internet.

Catch you on the ‘gram, boo boo!

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What is your number one priority?

  • Are you in a season of life that you need to pull away from your business?
  • Or are you in hustle mode, chasing after your dreams and putting that first?

Chances are you are not sure what *right* answer is.

If this was an episode of Jeopardy, the thinking music would have just come on as you and everyone else in the room came up with wildly different responses.

And this time, Alex Trebek doesn’t have the answer on the back of a cue card!

Friend, I’m about to share with you the secret to figuring out how to determine what to prioritize in your life.

*drumroll please*

>>Prioritize the thing that lights you up and makes you wildly excited.<<

  • If that is your business, you do you boo boo.
  • If your family is what matters most, you have my respect.

There’s no right or wrong answer, friend: Whatever lights you up is the thing you are called to do.

If it’s your business today and your family next week…

*I have a secret: That’s normal.*

>>We all have different seasons in life and in business and buttercup, by saying YES to one thing you’re always saying NO to something else.<<

When you say yes to going to every ballet class or softball game for your kids, that may mean taking on one less project per quarter in your business.

If taking on another client means you’re going to miss a family movie night, you’re not letting your client down…

*…You’re prioritizing what’s important to you.*

That’s ayyy-okay, boo!

>>Who are you not to keep yourself and your dreams first?<<

If you’re looking for permission, this is it: Start saying yes to the things that light you up, and start saying no to the things that don’t.

You have permission to:

  • Stop saying yes
  • Hang out with your family
  • Go all in on your dreams
  • Take a risk

As long as you’re only doing things that give you life, that is all anyone can ask of you.

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“If you don’t have haters, it means you’re not doing it right.”

I heard a comedian say that recently and I was so offended.

*Like, did he know something I didn’t?!*

But then it hit me… He was so right.

If you have big dreams, there will always be people who try to tear you down. Heck, even if you DON’T have big dreams, there will be someone judging you for that too!

>>Friend, there are always haters, but there is only one of you.<<

Today, I’m going to teach you 5 things you should know about haters so we can be like Taylor and shake.it.off!

  1. Haters aren’t successful. When was the last time you saw a successful person leaving a mean or disparaging comment on the internet? It’s so rare, because they’re too busy being successful! Any time a hater spends leaving mean comments is time they are not chasing their goal.
  2. Their perspective is a reflection of their limiting beliefs. Their opinions have nothing to do with you and everything to do with what they believe is possible for them. Don’t let their words get in the way of you living in your purpose, boo.
  3. If they could have done it better, they would have done it already. Haters have so many opinions when they aren’t even on the field getting dirty, dusty, and hit. If you want to talk to me from the bleachers when you’re not playing the game? I’m not going to hear it, and neither should you.
  4. They think you’re taking a piece of their pie. Friend, that is a limiting mindset. I don’t believe there is a pie—I’m not in competition thinking someone else is going to take a slice from me. *I believe there is enough for us all.
  5. Hurt people hurt people. When someone leaves a hurtful comment, I always know that means they’re unhappy. They’re not where they want to be in life and take it out on people chasing their dreams. I wish people well, and not let them get in my way.

Friend, successful people hear the doubt and negativity from others, turn it around and turn it into fuel for their internal fire. They do it in spite of what people think or say.

If you have ever dealt with a hater, I would love to hear how you turned it into a positive so please leave a comment below and we’ll talk it out!

>>Remember: You are destined for something great, beautiful, and strong as long as you stand in your purpose.<<

Don’t let anyone get in the way of that.

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This one is for y’all who just started a new Instagram account for your business and want to know what types of posts will attract potential customers.

How’s that for a one-line thesis like we learned back in high school? *hair flip*

Let me get right to it:

>>Curate your Instagram feed to be 80% of the thing you want customers to buy.<<

This means:

  • If you’re a newborn photographer, approximately 9 out of 12 posts should be of babies
  • As a lash specialist, 80% of your posts should be of lashes
  • For a brick and mortar shop, 6 out of 8 posts should be of your products

Here are a few ideas for the other 20%:

  • Showcase you as as a professional
  • Your creative approach
  • What makes you different
  • Where you’re networking
  • The events you’re attending

>>When you use Instagram strategically for your business your goal is to position you as an authority.<<

Why would they buy from you and not everyone else doing what you do?

You might say your market is saturated, there is so much competition in your industry and your area is filled with others in your line of work.

Let me deal it to you straight buttercup because I’m a straight shooter: Every market is saturated with people who have more resources, are more talented, have more connections, with a rich daddy… The list goes on and on.

>>You are not a special snowflake in your hustle to build a business.<<

So again, the question then becomes: How do YOU stand out?

You can only ask yourself this question. I know what makes ME different: I show up every day on Instagram and Facebook, go live 3 times per week and post 2 produced videos per week.

I know that I am invested in building relationships, the 1:1 connection with someone who replied to my Instagram story or asked me a question in a Facebook post.

*I care, and that’s what makes me different.*

So what kind of content you should you post on Instagram? 80% the thing you want to sell and 20% content that positions you as an authority.

But don’t forget about that human connection, boo. In an online world full of bots and automated responses, THAT is what will get you noticed.

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If you’re anything like the business owners I know, you’re probably wondering:

  • How do you show your expertise?
  • How do you show the value?
  • How do you get followers excited to know more?

Well friend, I can tell you what DOESN’T work:

  • Going on Instagram after months of inactivity to launch something
  • Not building relationships on social media before you sell
  • Only showing up on Facebook and Instagram Life when you have something to sell

>>You should not SELL to your followers… You must SHOW them.<<

And what do you show them? You, baby boo, YOU.

If you have a membership, a course, a product, a service, etc. your followers need to connect with YOU.

Because buttercup, what we sell is Google-able. *I, personally, graduated from the University of Google with flyyyying colors. My mom’s so proud!*

>>So why would someone pay you money for something they can Google?<<

Connection. Trust. You are their GUIDE.

And the only way you can prove to them that you are their guide is that you show up.

Show them your business, your team, the behind the scenes of your launch… Consistency, consistency, consistency, so that when it is time to sell, your audience already knows you are the perfect person to help them with their problem.

Warm up your audience by reminding them what you do. Give them personal insights, fun facts about your work and your expertise, and the reason you’re in business.

—>If you’re awkward on live video… Do it anyway. *I know from experience: Awkward wins on social*

—>If you want more comments… Go leave 10, thoughtful comments. *Not just emojis that make people wonder if this is a bot*  Then people will come back to your account and leave thoughtful comments on yours.

—>If you need to build trust… Have conversations. *Have real, human interaction on the internet. Imagine that!*

>>This, boss, is the warm-up sequence I use for every single launch I do that has generated hundreds of thousands of sales for my business.<<

If you want to build a business, it’s all in the warm-up. Once you’ve nailed that down, you’re ready for the next 3 parts of my Promotional Launch Plan formula, which you can find in Issue #19 of Social Curator.

I’ll see you inside, friend!

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Do you like 90s music as much as I do?

Tell me OutKast isn’t good for the soul.

*Shake it, shake shake it… Shake it like a Polaroid picture!*

Isn’t this how Instagram feels sometimes?

Like, if you could just magically shake it like a Polaroid picture on Instagram, you’d have more followers because if you had more followers, you’d automatically have way more customers, right?

>>Friend, it’s time to stop shaking and start listening.<<

You know Instagram is great and the hottest social platform but…

  • Why aren’t people talking back to you?
  • Why are you struggling getting more followers?

>>Let me tell you the secret to mine and so many Social Curators’ success on social: If you want to build real relationships on Instagram, the key is to make it personal and relevant.<<

That’s why I’ve taken my proven approach for Instagram growth so you can build an engaged audience of potential customers in only FIVE days.

Join me for the Followers to Instagram Challenge and in just five days, you’re going to learn the exact posts to share, know the right words to say and get more of the right type of followers.

Followers that turn into customers… Your business could totally explode, right?

*Cue the airhorn!*

And that’s totally what I want for you, boo boo.

The challenge is from June 3-7, 2019, so mark your calendar.

Sign up for the challenge by clicking >>HERE<< and I’ll see you inside our pop-up Facebook group!

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