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I'm very much involved, in the comments pages of The Times and the Sunday Times.

Every now and then, you come across a very interesting comment, and it prompts you to clarify some confusion.

Someone replied to me with this comment:

"The most inhumane thing in the Middle East is Israel's treatment of Palestine."

But we were all talking about Iran, and the present tense situation in the Persian Gulf.

It seems like anything to do with Iran, automatically gets equated with other areas of the Middle East, and Iran is not seen for its own sake.

So my answer to that comment was the following:

"Yes, I am sure you're right, but that doesn't mean that you support the Ayatollah regime.

As I keep saying, over and over again, you might not like Israel policies, you might not like United States policies, but that doesn't mean that you should like the Ayatollahs' policies.

As I keep saying, the secular Iranians, are much better people to deal with, than the Ayatollahs. For some odd reason, everybody seems to think, that secular Iranian policies, are like the policies of Israel and United States. Not true."

So let's look at this in detail.

You have the Ayatollahs, who are motivated by their religious dogma, and use that moral prerogative, to do anything with a secular Iranian that they wish.

We don't need to go into the gory details. There's plenty of evidence by the United Nations human rights agencies, regarding the genocidal situation in Iran.

What is incredibly hypocritical, is that the so-called liberal forces, who toppled the Shah of Iran for human rights atrocities, are all incredibly quiet.

What is even more annoying, is that if you criticize these liberal forces, you are deemed to be worse than the Ayatollahs, and need to go to the human rights tribunal immediately.

So if you want to fight for human rights in Iran, you automatically join the liberal forces, but you are told that you have to criticise the United States and Israeli policies.

And of course, you start criticising the human rights infringements all over the world, but very conveniently forget, to include the Ayatollahs, because they are also criticising United States and Israel.

So we have pages like Lobelog, which repeatedly publish articles, which criticise the United States and Israel, but very conveniently do not criticize the Ayatollahs.

And of course, I am there every day, commenting on every article, pointing out in great detail, the hypocrisy of those articles. They know they're being hypocritical. They know that they are ignoring the Ayatollahs. They know that in criticizing the United States, they are praising the Ayatollahs. And yet they carry on.

But no one seems to talk about the secular Iranians. No one mentions, that thousands of years ago, before there was religion, secular politics, and human rights, was born in Iran.

And it did not start with Cyrus the Great, as everyone seems to believe. It began thousands of years before him, written in the Zend-Avesta. Some say that the oral tradition is timeless, and is part of a much deeper, longer universal force, that is astrological, and very spiritual. I call it Ahuramazdan. That spiritual force, is what gives me the drive to carry on. But I am not alone.

The secular Iranian policy, is being effective right now, in every heart of every Iranian, and that is what keeps the peace between us. We are naturally non-violent, and that is why we have never taken on the Ayatollah regime aggressively. That is why they are still there.

We could have easily drawn out our swords, fired our rifles, and removed them. But then we would end up with blood on our hands, and forever be like them. That peaceful authentic Iranian spirit, that Ahuramazdan force, would then leave us. It cannot live in anger.

Ultimately the Ayatollah regime, will have to self-destruct in anger. Not allowing them to get any help from abroad, will force internal disorder amongst competing factions. Like packs of hungry wolves, they will fight each other, because that is the only language they understand. Fear and Anger, not Love.

They must be fenced in and unfortunately looked upon from afar, as they crumble from within. We just have to hope, that the secular Iranians, will not be dragged down with them.

We're starting to see some of them bicker amongst each other. Some pretend to be tougher than the others, by running around the Persian Gulf, teasing giants and failing abysmally into the abyss.

One by one, the aggressive ones, will flex their muscles, by running around, attacking whoever they can pray on, just to show that they are very strong, and that they are being very exemplary heroes. Heroes of course are zeroes.

So expect little skirmishes in all the usual trouble spots along the borders of Iran, both land and sea, as this desperate horrid religious regime, tries to show, that it is a responsible, morally correct authority, over secular Iranians.

Of course secular Iranians know better than this, and they are just going to watch this lot, make utter fools of themselves. We are not going to go to another war, just to validate the moral authority of the Ayatollahs, like we did against Iraq. No United States or United Kingdom, is going to bother getting its forces tangled up with the Ayatollahs, to make the Ayatollahs look like heroes.

But the United States and the United Kingdom, are not approaching the secular Iranians wherever they are, and are not helping us in anyway.

You do not hear any news paper website, social media outlet, talk about the secular Iranians inside and outside of Iran. They do not differentiate, the secular Iranians, from the Ayatollah regime. And that is our problem.

If the world media, clearly showed, an alternative to the Ayatollah regime, then you would get a peaceful solution in Iran. But the only thing we hear, is that the Ayatollah regime, is not willing to do this or that, and that the United States is going to ratchet up sanctions another notch or two.

Why don't they ratchet up completely, so that we can see the end of the Ayatollah regime, and a beginning of a new secular regime in Iran?

After all, the Ayatollahs sanction Iranians more than anyone else.  They have done so, for more than 40 years. And yet they get away with blaming the United States, no thanks to the anti-US commentators like Lobelog.

It worked for a really long time, but now people are protesting in the streets of Iran, against the Ayatollahs, for all the economic misery, that they are having to cope with.

So let's look at the benefits of having a secular regime in Iran. As it stands there are about four million Iranians in the United States. They are the "crème de la crème" of Iran, as it were.

For example, at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, 100,000 Jews, some of the wealthiest people in Iran, each with at least $300,000, left Iran to United States, bought properties in California, and settled there.

Then you had the Armenians, and then you had the prominent secular Iranians, who were pro monarchist, or non-political, all leave Iran and emigrate to the United States and Canada.

If you do the numbers, by today's standards, the amount of money, that is outside Iran, is close to one year's oil earnings from Iran today. So maybe we are talking $40 bln.

Just imagine what would happen, if all of that money, or even half of it, returned to Iran, in a regime change, that was smooth and non-violent.

It is laughable to think that 100,000 Jews, would return to Iran, but the opportunities are immense. Over a period of time, between the transition and the completion of regime change in Iran, you can have a situation, where a new giant economy will be born in Western Asia. Iran would be no different than anywhere else, that has been given freedom.

Iran is geographically probably the best positioned country in the world, and there is a good reason why they call it the Crossroads of Civilizations. So who would lose in a situation like this? Maybe that is the reason why we are stuck in this conundrum?

Well, in the 70's, when the Shah of Iran, had an enormous plan to make Iran great again, many Arabs, and many Jews, were frightened, that he was going to be the greatest threat. Many books were written about this new great power, that was going to dominate Western Asia, and was going to threaten the existence of Israel and the Arab world.

And so many people decided that the Shah had to go, and that a peaceful meek Muslim priest should take over. Little did they know, that this Trojan Horse, will turn out to be, the very demon, that they thought they had to be afraid of.

So is it the fear that 80 million Iranians could be a mighty force that they all fear, and wish to keep from the world forever and ever, by having the nastiest, most horrible inhumane force, prey on them 24hrs a day, in what is the longest genocide in human history?

They don't want secular Iranians to come to power. We are a mighty force, and at the moment, we are being used in the economies of United States, Canada, and the rest of the world instead of Iran.

Some of the greatest engineers, doctors, directors, sportsmen and women, are serving other countries, because they are fed up of politics and religion, and they have to get on with their lives. They are all sorry, that they can't go back to their own country, but what can they do? You have to live. So the Ayatollahs are doing a great job for Americans, in sustaining this immense brain drain on Iran.

I hope that one day, this will all sort itself out. I can only trust, that Ahuramazda has a greater plan, that will all make sense, once we reflect on it.

If we secular Iranians, can all openly state, as Darius said 2,500 years ago, "By Grace of Ahuramazda", when we start things, then we will succeed. How many say that? Do you say that? Are you an Iranian first? Be an Ahuramazdan.

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Federalism sounds like a very plausible solution to the conundrum we have in Iran.

The Ayatollahs took over Iran from the Shah in 1979, promising that their theocracy would govern Iran more legitimately.

Obviously the theocracy has not ruled Iran legitimately, and they have used and abused theocracy, to carry out inhumane actions on the Iranian population.

The theocrats operate from a central point, and regional governments have struggled to gain any kind of regional autonomy.

From ancient past, the rulers of Iran struck a balance, between universal human rights law governing the empire, to local regional freedoms of expression, wherever that may be.

We know from biblical records, that the Jews were released from captivity, because Iran had human rights and freedom of expression throughout the empire, as written in the Zend-Avesta. The Iranian spirit of individual free will and independence, was lost to dogma, that imposed its will from central government, either politically or religiously.

Ironically there are those inside the theocracy, that are using the concept of federalism, as a way to tease central government, because of the sanctions on the Ayatollahs. Division between the various camps is becoming very evident.

Ironically Iran's nationalism grows, when there is disagreement between local and central government, and the various different departments in government, no matter what kind of political regime or religious regime is in the country. This sense of independence or nationalism goes back to the ancient Zend-Avesta.

The people living in the desert, on the mountains far away from central government in Iran, are no different, than people living in those areas far away from the central government all over the world.

The strongest ethnic groups in Iran, like the Kurds, live in the mountains and have been able to keep their independence, no differently than the Scots living in the mountains, being able to keep their independence, or the Basque in Spain.

We've seen the economic and climatic pressures, have forced regional governments to become more and more independent, as central government could not reach out and help the people there, to recover from dire weather conditions.

Many people talk about a Federal Republic of Iran and think that it will break up Iran. In fact Iran has been broken up already, if you consider that all the other countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and further away, were all part of ancient Iran. That is why they all speak and write and relate to music poetry and art that we all have in common.

If all the ethnic groups in Iran, were individually independent, and yet more united along a different form of unity, based on cultural economic and historical common cultural roots, the region will be more stable, and will not be divided along religious and political lines.

Cultural roots are much stronger and deeper than other roots. Political and religious republics have failed. New culturally united states are the way for the future. All the existing countries and local governments, will be all part of a much larger entity. Much like EU history, it will probably all start off, as an economic union of sorts, and eventually become part of a much larger union.

What are now local governments, will have more power to raise and spend taxes, and have their own police forces, independent of present day national entities. We will have more capitals and more countries, that will be part of what I would call a Cultural Union of Independent States, or United States of Iran.

Giving each region more power, means Tehran, like those capitals countries in Europe, will have more power to do what is needed in their local area, that is beneficial to their culture.

Ultimately both the old capital and new capitals will benefit, as less people migrate to the old capital for education and work. More people will remain where they are born and improve their local areas. As it stands, central government is taking all the benefits from the local areas, and draining them of people and resources. Balance needs to be restored or it will happen by civil unrest and war, as we have seen recently all over Iran.

With the impending conflict in the Persian Gulf, it really does not take too much imagination to think that a massive power like USA, can take the southern provinces of Iran, give them protection and help them become independent, just like the Russians did with the northern areas of Iran.

What Tehran must do, is to give the local governments more power, to be able to be defend themselves more, so that they can choose whether they wish to be closer to Tehran, or move towards another country, as the northern parts of Iran did, when they became part of USSR.

Previously we had western and eastern areas of old Iran lost to the Ottomans and British India. So from the ancient Iranian perspective, Iran has been shrinking, because Tehran has tried to become more and more authoritative and failed. The last time central government in Tehran asserted itself and united a very large Iran was in the 16th century. After that Iran shrank.

Iran was the world's first Empire when it was decentralised, with three regions over the Iranian plateau. There were three capitals, Persepolis, Susa and Ecbatana. Archaeologists have shown that three languages were used in all official global communications in cuneiform, Elamite, Mede and Persian.

We knew then, 2500 years ago or much older, what a union of cultural states meant. So this is the oldest and best form of unity. In fact the founding fathers of USA, read Cyropaedia and used it to write their constitution.

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How many times have we been here before? A US President makes threats to the Ayatollahs, ratchets up the sanctions, and nothing happens?

Guess what, it has just happened. This time, President Trump wants to have no oil exported out of Iran.

If you hate Trump, then you must be careful not to like the Ayatollahs instead.

The new mindset is that, they are all bonkers. The Ayatollahs love the US, to blame for all their shortcomings, and President Trump is perfect for the job.

In the meantime, Iranians are stuck with an inhumane regime, and a world that will side with the Ayatollahs, just because they do not like the US. How can we desperate Iranians survive, with dire economic and environmental conditions?

The blame game is not going to work. I listened to a very popular radio station called Rangarang a week ago. It is a talk show, so as you would expect, I had a massive row with all of them, as I spoke for an hour about ancient Ahuramazdan astrological interpretation of Iranian history, hoping to inspire them, to no avail. It was the usual clash I have with all Iranians, who blame others and have a mountain of conspiracy theories. This lot are very much like Nazi's in the days, when they blamed the Jews for everything happening in Germany. They state that the Ayatollahs are all agents of Israel etc etc, yawn. They have quite a following, as they quote Ferdowsi and the Shahnameh at great length, to prove their point. So you can expect them getting a bit ruffled, getting a loud mouth like me telling them off, as I do. But the person running his show, must be all too pleased with all the increase in his audience, after his clash with me. I think I did him a great favour. I don't think his show could take more of me, after I called them all Neonazi's. He was very cross. Ah well he asked for it. You can't use Ahuramazdan principles to push ideas like that, and get away with it. You are skating on very thin ice. Anyway they were so pissed off, that they were quoting me for a week. I think I touched a raw nerve. But they got a lot of audience. I will charge them next time.

As you can see from the above experience, we Iranians just have zero tolerance for any conversation. We are full of crazy ideas and conspiracy theories. Even if you approach another Iranian with good polite conversation, it will end up as a clash, and no one the wiser. It happens to all cultures and that is the horrid state of affairs in Iran. But the world media needs drama like this to make money, and the clash we are about to witness is historical.

To have the US tightening the screws on the Ayatollahs, raises the temperature and forces issues. We will obviously have some loud mouths in the Ayatollah regime's IRGC, come out and make all sorts of threats, like closing the Straits of Hormuz. How many times a year do we hear that, and the oil price jumps five percent? Then it all calms down, as the oil production is increased, and the price crashes ten percent and stays there for a while.

Right now it is a bit different. The IRGC have been clearly declared as terrorists. So if they attack anyone in the Persian Gulf or The Straits of Hormuz, they will have crossed the red line, and the US forces will clash with them. That is good. At that point they will be neutralized, and in desperation, dump oil in the black market. I expect oil to fall to 30 US dollars on WTI, if Persian Gulf becomes safe.

IRGC have shown how pathetic they are after the floods we had recently. They could not cope. They are so disorganized, that people were making fun of them. In fact the only reason that they are overrated, is that the Israelis make them appear much more threatening than they are. And that is because they want to keep the fund raising for the extreme right wing in Israel well funded. Peaceful sensible IRGC they do not want.

So we have potential for serious rage and clashes in the area. Potential, is the operative word. But I don't think much will happen. Everyone will back off and we will be in this never ending nothing happens mode forever. Nobody wants too low a price of oil to effect high US costs and too high a price for it to be inflationary.

The good news is that there will be an end game, now that the IRGC are labelled as terrorists, if things do get out of hand. Some say, let's have the US clash with the Ayatollahs and dislodge them. It will take a week, and they can sort them out in one swift action. Others say, we need millions to march in the streets peacefully, and get a revolution that way. Worse comes to worse, there will be international intervention to support the marches. Will any of those scenarios ever happen?

None of those scenarios will happen, because the people with clout over the US, the Ayatollahs and just about anyone, are the Chinese. They are the buyers. The oil goes from Iran, straight to China. Many companies are involved, and that energy needs to go to China, to factories that make all the stuff you are buying, from your iPhone to you name it. It’s all made by Iranian oil. Okay I may be exaggerating, but you get my point.

No US, no IRGC commander, is going to stop that, there is too much at stake. But some extremists say, the Chinese want a war between the Ayatollahs and the Saudis. That would make oil so expensive to allow the Chinese develop oil in more expensive areas in the world, or to help them develop their landline pipeline and communication lines to the ports in Indian Ocean. Some say that the clash will force a naval corridor to be built along the Persian Gulf protecting the Arabs, as the Persian Gulf will be split North and South. All of this will enable the Chinese, to get a lot of oil from both the Ayatollahs and the Arabs, very cheaply to run their slavery, as they are doing so at the moment, to continue to make cheap stuff for US consumers, not caring one iota about the plight of 80 million Iranians.

This crazy scenario will happen over a long period, not next week. We have to think that President Trump needs a big clash to look important and get the votes for his next election. The Chinese will bank roll the Democrats who are very soft on them. Expect the Democrats to come out with ideas about approaching the Ayatollahs as Obama did. The impending US foreign policy debate will be based on the new clash in the Strait of Hormuz, and what the US Navy did. I will not give the whole story away. Many have written about it so you can guess most of it anyway.

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It is so frustrating. Algeria and Sudan can topple their horrible regimes, and yet we Iranians can't?

Why is it that, with all the economic and natural disasters, the people of Iran, do not rise up?

What is it in the Iranian DNA, that prevents us to get up and unite, and get rid of this horrible regime?

No other country, in recent history, has taken so much pain, and not had something happen.

The answer is simple. Iranians are very civilized. We value peace above everything else. We have seen madness take over the streets. We have seen the mad regime use terror and anger, and we do not want to use aggression to fight them.

Is that just a convenient excuse?  No it is not.

I have been listening to many Iranian radio stations on the internet. We have an Iranian station in almost all the major countries of the world. People are always calling in. All are very aware of all the political arguments. There is very little your average Iranian is not politically clued up about, because at some point his own parents were hit by the Ayatollahs.

We Iranians do not need sophisticated political or religious analysts. What we all know, is that the Ayatollahs are there by force, and they will not go peacefully. But what makes Iranians different, is that they have all sworn to love Iran first. We all read the Zend-Avesta, Shahnameh, Hafez, Saadi, Molana. They have taught us, to love to love and take care of our culture peacefully. Iranians will not create a war that the Ayatollahs want.

The cynicism I get from foreigners, is that you Iranians do not want to fight for your freedom. We are told that you can be aggressive for freedom. But they cannot understand, that that was what the theocrats said they can do, when they took over Iran. They fought for their theocracy. So the moral argument, is that Iranians cannot have blood on their hands like the Ayatollahs.

We know that the Ayatollahs know, that they are a dwindling crowd. Their own children are modern, and do not follow their own dogma. Their own ranks are fighting amongst each other. They have few international friends. We know, that all the greatest dictatorships fell apart from within. They only survived when they had a strong opposition to deal with. So we will not give them that hate.

It is then annoying to see that both the US and Ayatollahs have made themselves war ready, after classifying each other as terrorists. It means that there are clear lines drawn in the sand, that will trigger an escalation of matters if a horrible event takes place. For example we are hearing of missile attacks to IRGC units in Syria and IRGC proxies carrying out attacks. As yet nothing very big has happened, but you can sense that the IRGC is being watched so closely, that it feels cornered and retaliatory already. There are many aliens who would benefit from any new war.

In Iran, people have been very hostile to the IRGC, especially in light of the their ineffective and inefficient response in the flooded areas. But the people of Iran have had to become resourceful to fight the floods, in light of the fact that foreign help has been prohibited. They have not become vindictive towards IRGC.

With all the political pressure, and now natural disasters, Iran is still surviving. It is testament to it being the oldest civilization on Earth. Mother Iran is very strong, and it has taken a lot worse, and risen to new heights in its very old history. Iranians have survived terrible temperatures, devastating earthquakes and worse flooding. The people of Iran are incredibly strong and resilient. We will not lose our civility.

And that is the irony of Iranians. We are so strong, that we can tolerate the Ayatollahs’ extreme pressures. Iranians are too formidable. And that is why we will change Iran non-violently. That is what our ancient culture demands of us. Iranians are civilized. We will not resort to violence, even if it means it is for freedom. If you are peaceful, your foe will feel uncivilised and disintegrate. It is made of fear and that fear is its undoing. And the Ayatollahs are unraveling on their own, as Iranians are loving each other even more every day.

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Every year, around this time, the Iranic people of West Asia, get ready to celebrate the birthday of life, as the beginning of their new year.

It is accurate to the second, and it connects the Earth to the Cosmos. 300 million people will stand absolutely still, for the Vernal Equinox. I call it Knowrooz, as it has more meaning, and I do not like the word "no" in the word Noruz.

In these trying times for the Iranian people, we sometimes need to get a bit of an Ego lift. Our calendar is the best in the world. Our mathematics is second to none. Here is why.

Humans actually noticed the seasons, and began measuring time, once they entered the Iranian Plateau, after leaving Africa 20,000 years ago.

So the first question I get from others is:

"Ali, why did the Iranians get to perfect the calendar?" "Why didn't the Africans do it?".

The answer is that, in Africa it is one season all the time. In the Iranian plateau, you get the four seasons. Anywhere else you get mostly either hot or cold.

The next question is:

"How do you know that humans came from Africa?"

The answer is found, by studying the history of chromosones in the Genome Project. The Europeans, wanted to know where they all came from, and ended up studying Haplogroups going back through Iran, before tracing them to East Africa. No I am not just saying this because I am an Iranian.

Remember Salman Parsi, an Iranian Apostate Prince, burnt all our libraries. What little is known of ancient Iran, has been written by our enemies. But we do have a couple of old books.

We are told that Iranians came from the North of Iran. That is true. But it is not the first migration. It is the second migration, just before the last ice-age.

Briefly the humans went from Africa to Iran, and then went further North East and West, some 20,000 years ago. The skin pigmentation changed to absorb more Vitamin D. So the blond haired fair skinned people are the oldest humans.

After literally thousands of years, we know from the Genome Project, that the stories in the oldest book in the world, The Zend- Avesta, are very true and very precious, but more specifically scientific. Iran has its own word and letter in cuneiform for God called Ahuramazda. It is then appropriate to say we Iranians are Ahuramazdans.

Ironically, the influence of the younger Abrahamic religions, meant that even the most faithful of Ahuramazdans, only read the bits of The Zend-Avesta, written by Zoroaster himself. It is called the Gathas. So Zoroastrians are different to Ahuramazdans.

Zoroastrians do not look at the dualist cosmology of ancient Iran. They do not look at the Astrology and exact meaning of the different constellations and the cosmos. The Zend-Avesta contains clear texts for respecting the different astrological energies as the Earth makes its journey in space. This is especially so for the spring Equinox.

Zoroastrians just look at the Gathas. They think other parts of the Zend-Avesta, to be fairy tales and irrelevant. As an Ahuramazdan, I can catagorically state that they aren't irrelevant. It so happens, that parts of the Vendidad, relate to the coming of the Ice Age, as discovered by geologists and the migrations of the Iranians, as discovered by the Genome Project. But when Zoroastrians migrated to India in 900 AD they had no knowledge of genetics and could not understand the other parts of the Avesta and ignored it.

Back to the present. Here are some even more interesting facts. Iranians or Ahuramazdans, believe in a union of cosmos and nature on Earth. We represent the three forms of life: animals, plants and humans, and that everything is made of four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. That makes seven.

Each of the seven were seen to be everlasting and holy. In modern Persian we say "Hameesheh" or "Amesha", means forever, and the word for "Holy" is "Sepanta". Ahuramazdans write it as Amesha Sepanta. The word Haft Seen, comes from the seven Amesha Sepanta shortened to seven Sepanta or seven S's.

Of course these days people most people are completely clueless about all this, and just think you put seven S sounding objects on the table.

The philosophy that was the backbone of three three hundred years Empires has been reduced to such trivia. The First Point of Aries was selected because the Empire stretched from China to Morocco. Astronomically the light from Sun, is evenly distributed as the Earth is not tilted towards or away from the Sun.

As an Iranian, I feel proud that some compatriot worked out the maths, and for thousands of years, we handed these stories orally without any mistakes, no matter who was ruling Iran friend or foe. For a great detailed video on all this watch this one done by Aryan Navabi, showing the sky at night from Tehran. It is long, and the bit about Knowrooz or Equinox is at 2:30 mins. You will see the figure 8 and when the exact moment for Knowrooz.

Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought - YouTube

Below are the exact times of Knowrooz in the years to come, as the people in Iran are always off by 30 seconds or so too soon. As an astrologer we calculate the ingress of Planets and Moon all the time. I use the best and most accurate software called WinStar.

Wednesday 20 March 2019 09:59:01 PM GMT
Friday 20 March 2020 03:50:15 AM GMT
Sunday 20 March 2021 09:38:05 AM GMT
Sunday 20 March 2022 03:34:03 PM GMT
Monday 20 March 2023 09:25:06 PM GMT

Read this Zoroastrian Prayer, Ashem Vohu at the exact time.

Original Prayer

Ashem Vohu Vashistem asti
Ushtã asti, Ushtã ahmãi,
Hyat ashãi Vahishtãi ashem.

English Translation

Righteousness is the best good (and it) is happiness. Happiness (is) to him, who (is) righteous for the sake of the best righteousness.

More at:


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It is a very peculiar New Year's Day for Iranians this year. The time is 01:29am Tehran time on Thursday 21st. But what is very peculiar is that there is a Full Moon very close to it.

For years I have waited to see a big change in Iran. I know that in Astrology, a Full Moon on your birthday, signifies a change of circumstances. Usually I point to a move in residence, or new love, or even a marriage.

It is not a New Moon, where you need to reassert your identity. In a Full Moon you need to find a new balance in your life.

Here we are talking about a national ceremony. Iranians have, if nothing else from the past, managed to keep one celebration intact. Knowrooz as I spell it, because I just do not like the word "No", has remained to celebrate newness.

All human beings agree, that springtime is when mother nature puts on new clothes. That is why this celebration has lasted so long. No religious concept has managed to obliterate it. And it is as old as civilization itself anywhere in the world.

To make it even more interesting, Iranians prepare themselves for the new beginning, by getting rid of all the old stuff in the year that is ending. It culminates, in a massive fire festival, as people gather and jump over fires burning their impure aura. They pray to Ahuramazda as they release their fear in exchange for fresh fire. We do that on the last Wednesday of Spring, or as we call it, Chahar Shanbeh Soori. This year that too is as close as you can get to the actual Knowrooz as you can get. So that makes it very special indeed.

So all in all we are going to have two amazing days of what is a double whammy in Iran. Prepare for it and enjoy.

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They talk of morality. They feel good criticizing the US criticizing the Ayatollahs.

Every day, I am surfing the web, and jumping in on comments, when people criticize the US, or anyone else, for hitting the Ayatollahs. I then get told, that I am pro-Trump. I ask them why they do not criticize the Ayatollahs? The answer of course, is that they do not want to say what the US is saying.

It seems then, that the Ayatollahs get away with any criticism, just because the US is doing the criticizing. It is even worse if Israel is making the same criticism.

If you have a conversation with someone about human rights in Iran, you almost instantly get the comment:

“Well Saudi Arabia has no democracy, and so you Iranians are much better off with the Ayatollah Democracy.”

How do you answer that?

At that point, we Iranians have no moral argument to present to the world, as the inhumane Ayatollahs carry on.

And it is with this huge dilemma, that it is extremely hard to convince the Europeans, not to do business with the Ayatollahs. They are anti-US sanctions, and pro-Ayatollah.

That brings me to the use of the word “Iran”. Almost everyone says “Iran”, when they are talking about the Ayatollahs in Iran. Forty years ago, I decided that you do not obfuscate the two. Dealing with the Ayatollahs, is different to dealing with Iran. Please use the word “Iran” carefully.

Obviously the Europeans have decided that dealings with ordinary Iranians, is the same as dealing with the Ayatollahs. They accept the Ayatollahs as legitimate. So are we to conclude that the Europeans are as immoral as the Chinese, who are propping up the Ayatollahs.

You can spot the pro-Ayatollah writers. They treat the Ayatollahs in the same way, as they treat ordinary innocent secular Iranians. Even the anti-Ayatollah writers, will inadvertently use the word “Iran”, when talking about Iran and Iranians sufferings. They do not say “Ayatollah regime” committed such crimes, as they did when they were describing the Soviet crimes in Afghanistan.

Obviously the Ayatollah regime wants to seem legitimate. It pretends to be acting on behalf of 80 million Iranians, even though it has the worst human rights record in modern history. One of the best ways it keeps itself legitimate, is to get the world powers involved top level global discussions on subjects like nuclear power.

One of the main reasons why the Ayatollahs are around, is that they have used the oil income to develop the nuclear industry. They use it to keep the world powers guessing, in a form of asymmetric psychological media campaign.

The anti-US and Ayatollahs supporters, are very good at making the world get their blessing nowadays, as the world sees hardliners like Trump and Bolton, as extreme and unfair. Anything the US says is scorned at, even though there is very detailed evidence of Ayatollah criminal activity in Iran.

So who is there in the world right now, for all to respect, who would declare that the Ayatollahs are truly amoral and need to go?

I have shown the no one in the US is respected. Would the Pope get the respect? Would Putin or any East Asian leader? Would a Nobel Peace Prize writer get the respect?

There are many humanitarian organisations, who have stated clearly that the Ayatollahs have to go? But none of this matters. If it did, the Europeans would not be doing business with the Ayatollahs. I really do not want to appear negative, but that is the hard reality we face.

So how can we change that? Any war on the Ayatollahs would only be seen as US beneficial. The war will not be seen as beneficial to the people of Iran. Now, if suddenly the Ayatollahs attacked one of the neighboring countries, like Saddam did, then the world will suddenly have reason to believe that the Ayatollahs need to go.

In the meantime, the world is turning a blind eye to the war the Ayatollahs are waging on the Iranian population, every hour of every day. No one cares, because that sort of thing is happening everywhere in the world. Iranians have to sort their own mess out, they say. No one from UN or some other global organization is going to sort it out.

And it is with that situation, that the Europeans will turn a blind eye to the horrible humanitarian disaster in Iran. They do not blame the Ayatollahs. They will set up special trading links, thinking that it will help “Iranians”, when it will help the Ayatollahs only. They do not see the Ayatollahs as an occupying force, like the Soviets were in Afghanistan.

But all Iranians see the Ayatollahs as an alien force and have prepared to overthrow them non-violently. It would have been very easy to have overthrown them violently a long time ago. But then we would have ended up being no better than them.

The war that has been waged and won, has been in the minds of Iranians. Yes many in Iran in 1978 were mesmerized by these aliens looking so innocent and theologically pure. No one doubted that they would have nothing but goodness and faith in them, so much so that the Shah of Iran was seen as horrible. The Ayatollahs were seen pure.

I was brought up in a secular family and happend to be in Princeton University at the time when Khomeini suddenly made headlines. No one thought that this old man was nothing more than a meek person who was thrown out of Iran for no good reason.

It seems funny now, forty years on, that we all thought that then, but it was that image that turned out to be a Trojan Horse from the Europeans to Iran. I do not need to dwell on what his ilk have done, and are doing, but no one ever thought that they were an alien force. They were greeted just like Troy greeted the Trojan Horse.

But we can safely say that the war against this Trojan Horse has been won. No one in Iran has the same mindset they had in 1979. The failure of the Trojan Horse to wipe out the Iranian culture operating system (OS) with its own OS has not happened.

In my own simple way, I began fighting this Trojan Horse with the use of the word “Dorood”. I do not say the “S” word. I say “Dorood bar shoma”. It was formally launched when I met our Empress, when my father invited her to have dinner with us in Mallorca. Everyone was standing in line to shake her hand saying the “S” word, and I felt morally obliged to say “Dorood bar shoma’. My dad had anticipated this, and everyone waited when she approached me. And I said, “Dorood bar shoma”. She paused, eyes still and focused, and her smile widened, and said in Persian that it is better than the “S” word. Later that evening I sat next to her and we shared our thoughts of what ancient Iranian morality was.

Many Iranians in power before 1979 really did not have a sense of ancient Ahuramazdan morality. That is where the Trojan Horse was very cunningly able to rule. If you talked of Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, most Iranians in 1979 did not really know what it meant. Most would get the phrase wrong. They did not know why the order is important. They did not know that even though it appears very simple it is the most powerful phrase in humanity. If I ever meet an extraterrestrial being in my life, my first sentence would be Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. No one in the Iranian Opposition used it in 1979.

But look now in 2019. Everyone in Iran uses it. A new OS has been formed in the Iranian mindset. That is then the war that we have won. It is with that perspective, or should I say Persepective, that we go forward and will continue to win. It has been a blessing in disguise.

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Iranian Free Will

It is sad, so sad, that we Iranians, just cannot do, what every human being on Earth has managed to do. Why is it, that we cannot just talk to each other, about having a peaceful union? Surely if we Iranians, talked about peace and love amongst each other, we can overcome anything, especially anything that wants to take away our Iranian Free Will.


So have you looked around you, to see if you and your fellow neighbour get along? You probably know that you care for each other. Now, why not think that the whole of Iran can agree the same way? We can then peacefully unite. That unity is a mighty force. A unity based on peace, that would be able to oppose hatred.

Hate Ideal

There are in Iran people who promote hate. They will tell you about a certain ideal, that you have to believe in. You will ignore your Free Will, and be forced to submit to what they call ‘Ideal’. They will tell you, to forget your Iranian side, and follow them. But you can spot them, and ask them a few questions they cannot answer. Your chance to sort your own problems yourself has arrived. You do not need anyone else.

Passive Resistance

The world cannot sort out Iran’s problems. The world will defend itself, but it cannot change Iran. People like you and the people of Iran, showed passive resistance by ignoring the Ayatollahs, with the low turnout in the Ayatollahs' elections. So you hit the Ayatollahs, and they are worried. They are feeling provoked, but it needs to get worse. You need to talk more.

Iranian First

The people of Iran, must talk more about the Iranian Spirit of Peace and Human Rights, as it exists in our oldest books such as Zend Avesta and Hafez. We are all children of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. We are no different than Ferdowsi. We feel the Iranian Peace in our hearts. We love to be Iranian first.

Economic Engine

To be an Iranian first, is to not foul Iran’s Holy Land with blood. So we Iranians cannot wage war, but we can talk about stopping the economic engine of Iran. Yes you can talk to your neighbour, and tell him how you can beat the Ayatollah Empire, talking about a Non Violent Resistance (NVR).

The Best

NVR has saved so many countries, and it will save Iran. Yes it will, but I need you to talk about it. Please show the world that your Spirit does not believe in dying or killing. Tell me you Love Life. Tell me you wish the best for your mind; that you wish the best in your bonds; that you wish the best in your actions.

Anger Management

With this positive attitude, you will put Iran’s Spirit first, and wish no harm. You will convince even the most angry Ayatollah, that you can take his anger. Remember how the Hindus took the anger of the British and they left. Gandhi provoked the British aliens peacefully. We Iranians can do the same.


We Iranians face the horror of an alien war on our Holy Land. Think that the land you walk on is precious. Feel that it was once the most civilized land on Earth. The soil was never wasted or ruined with death or pollution. Respect for our mother Earth made it the wealthiest land on Earth. Look at Damavand, and know that it gave strength to both Rostam’s arms and Hafez’s mind. You feel the same. You are Iranian.

First version published 2007.

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Around this time every year, the days get shorter and the nights get longer, if you are living in Americas, Europe, and all the way across to Iran. Thousands of years ago, the Iranian Plateau, was occupied by human beings leaving Africa. The Iranian Plateau, was the first place that had a cool climate, with good water. Human written civilization began in the Iranian Plateau. So many different archaeological discoveries have all pointed to very ancient settlements.

All the people in the Iranian people saw the four seasons for the first time. Iran is a very mountainous country and astrologers would measure the movement of the moon and the sun from the mountains. Ancient mathematicians from Iran to India discovered the zero and managed to predict the daylight and year cycles, for the first time. They showed the light.

Iranian astrological calendar values all the Astrological signs. Our months begin with Farvardin, which is Aries for the beginning of spring. We have the four seasons in Iran. Iranians love the seasons and our ancient cosmology is very down to earth. Ancient philosophy of Iran is deeply rooted in mother nature. Every season is anticipated and celebrated. Guidance is given.

This celebration has been going on for thousands of years. Some of these old celebrations have remained, albeit changed. All farmers all over the world, and especially when they migrated from Iranian Plateau to Europe, needed to know when sunlight dropped and when it was going to go up. They used the guidance.

But it is not just a farmer's or a pagan's need to know the seasons. Astrologers knew what happens to the public mood, as the Earth is at its fastest, as it approaches the winter solstice. The celebration of Yalda, is deeply rooted in waiting for that day that is no longer short, and the day that is longer for the first time in the year in Iran. It is the first hope.

Defeating darkness became a ritual in Iran. People saw it as a way to overcome the darkness in their own life. They would gather themselves and had massive celebration to bring on the first longer day. The first day of hope. This huge festival is the precursor to what the Christians call Christmas.

Many Christians do not know the roots of the Christmas before Christmas were. As a British-Iranian, every year I come across die-hard Christians, who will not accept the concept of Christmas before Christmas.

“Oh Ali, here you go again. Everything starts in Iran - even Christmas.”

Wait it gets worse.

“Oh for goodness sake you are a Muslim, how can you have anything to say about Christmas?”

What can you say to answer these two kinds of comments? If you are an Astrologer, like me, then you have a different perspective and everything falls in place, and I don't care if they mistakenly call me a Muslim. But most people are not Astrologers. What do you teach a ten year old at school facing such peer pressure?

If you tell a Christian that Jesus Christ was born and survived because of Iranian Magi or Astrologers, they will scoff at you. It is a tough sell. If you say it, you will be pointed out as odd.

It is difficult to even speak to well learned Christian priests. They will not welcome any concept relating to astrology. I find myself struggling with explaining the mathematics or the astronomy. They confuse it with magic or tarot.

For those reasons and much more, Yalda has become just a fun night. The real essence has never been explained. Ironically even the western astrologers do not mention Yalda. No one in Iran mentions the astrology of Yalda. I feel then as a lone warrior beating my small drum.

Every year I write a piece trying to explain the detail astronomy. But this year I wanted to share the deep agony I feel, as I think how we are going to make it through this very dark moment in Iran's history. The longest night of the year this year, has even more pain to bear, than many years in Iran's history.

All Iranians will hold on to our ancient heritage on next Friday night that is the last day of Autumn. All of Iran will be opening their Hafez oracle to wish for better times. Their wishes and prayers are even more this year, as the treacherous Ayatollahs keep on plundering and destroying Iran.

The people of Iran are only strong, because we have endured these dark nights, more than all other countries. We have the oldest civilization in the world. The written language began in the Iranian Plateau. We have prayed, had faith, and loved life, and wrote about it first. All Iranians know that they have a magnificent heritage. We will continue to look back, and reflect of other harsh times, and how our ancestors survived.

We need to see Yalda, as a moment when we become more resolved in our determination to keep calm and collected, against the most vile regime in our history. We have seen the fear, and have flushed out the fear. This dark night will show us how awful it is. It needs to. Only when you accept your limits will you accept the new light.

Jesus Christ was born on Solstice day, on the birthday of light, to come and save human beings from all their pain and suffering. This hope is rooted in the ancient cosmology of Iran.

Happy Yalda to all on 22nd December 2018.

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