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Clairvoyant exercises and tips. Popping your third eye open and developing clairvoyance doesn’t have to be easier said than done. In fact, since this is one of my most requested topics, I put together this mega “cheat sheet” to get your intuitive ball rolling (yes, I was that kid in class with a notebook full of study guides, why do you ask?)

I recommend products in this post that I love. If you purchase a product through one of my links, I will earn a small commission (which I’ll totally blow on a caramel latte) Thank you! :)

Clairvoyant Exercises and Cheat Sheet

So without further ado, here’s the lowdown (i.e., a big, fun list) on all the clairvoyant exercises and tips that I teach my students:

1. Visualization exercise. Visualization exercises will help strengthen and fine tune your third eye muscles. You can do this exercise with almost anything, but I LOVE using flowers (they’re pretty and if you use real ones, they smell good!) Simply place a flower in front of you and study it for a little while. Now, close your eyes and imagine the flower in as much detail as you can. Let the color, shape, size, etc. flood your mind. Practicing this clairvoyant exercise will help you become a stronger and more accurate psychic. Woo-hoo!

2. Day dream. Head back to your childhood days and let your logical mind check out for awhile! Relax, close your eyes, and focus on your third eye area (the area in between your eyebrows). Then, ask your Spirit Guides to show you beautiful, peaceful images. Don’t try to control what you see, or think too much about what they’re showing you. Just let your mind wander and allow your Guides to connect with you through your clairvoyance.

3. Chat up your Spirit Guides. Obviously it’s easier to ask your Spirit Guides to show you some beautiful images if you’re on a talking basis. :) If you haven’t chatted with your Guides yet, don’t worry. It’s much easier than you think. In fact, this is the one of the most effortless (yet powerful!) clairvoyant exercises you’ll ever learn.

All you need to do is simply start checking in with your Spirit Guides throughout the day. If you need help making a decision or intuitive guidance, check in with your spiritual BFF’s! (Don’t worry, they can totally hear you.) Then, take notice of any intuitive nudges you feel or images that come to mind through your clairvoyance.

  • Tip: For help getting a dialogue started with your Guides, and how to learn their names, read this post.

4. Set an intention. Those Spirit Guides you’re now getting acquainted with will help you through all of your clairvoyant exercises. Super comforting, right? :) Your intuitive gifts, including clairvoyance (and clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance) are how your Guides communicate with you, and they’ve got lots to let you in on. So if you’re feeling stuck, or aren’t sure what to do first, don’t be shy about asking them for help. All you need to do is set the intention that you want Divine guidance from your Spirit Guides in your life and voila! Once you’ve set the intention, be on the lookout for signs, they’ll be everywhere!

5. Practice seeing auras. It’s true… ANYONE can learn to see an aura (the energy around living things)! So it goes without saying that this is a great clairvoyance exercise! To get started seeing auras, have a friend stand in front of a plain colored wall. Step back about eight feet (you don’t need to break out a tape measure, just stand far enough back that you can see her cute shoes and head without looking up or down.) Then, focus on your friend’s forehead (the third eye area). Imagine you are looking through her, at the wall behind. You will start to notice the aura layer around the head. That’s it! Easy peasy!

6. Add meditation to your daily routine. Mediation is one of the most important clairvoyant exercises you’ll practice. It’s also super cool because it provides a link from YOU to your Higher Self (your “spiritual” self — who knows all the juicy details about why you’re here!) Plus, it grounds you and raises your energetic vibe, which allows you to access all the psychic goodness in the universe!

7. Don’t forget to journal. Once you connect with your Higher Self and Spiritual team, I can just about promise that you’ll have a few things you want to jot down. I’ve said before that journaling is the peanut butter to meditation’s chocolate, and I’m not wavering on my stance. Plus, it helps get you in touch with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

8. Practice giving readings often. Here’s the thing… you can read about psychic development and intuitive readings all day long, but at some point you have to actually get out there and give some readings. Yes, it’s a little scary at first, but giving readings to family members, friends, and friends of friends is one of the best clairvoyant exercises you can do. Just be sure to get their permission first. :)

9. Get yourself a fluorite crystal. Fluorite crystal does double-duty by activating your third eye and providing you with psychic protection at the same time. (Plus, it’s gorgeous!) To get all the benefits of fluorite, meditate with it nearby, wear it as jewelry, or sleep with it near your pillow. For a list of 14 of the most fab crystals to develop clairvoyance, check out this post.

10. Use rosemary essential oil on your third eye chakra. I’m a big believer in using the natural power of essential oils for just about everything, including psychic development. For opening clairvoyance, take a small drop of rosemary essential oil and carefully rub it on your third eye chakra (the area between your eyebrows). Be super careful not to get any in your eyes, okay? Now, set the intention that you want to develop clairvoyance and you’re good to go!

Tip: Meditate with some rosemary essential oil running in your diffuser (or on your third eye) for a powerful clairvoyant meditation!

11. Eat high-vibrational foods. It’s true, the food you eat affects your vibration! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to start pretending to like leafy greens or beets. However, adding high vibration foods to your diet, such as fresh fruits and even dark, organic chocolate (yes, really!) does help raise your energetic vibe and strengthen your aura. Plus, it helps you feel better physically which will make it way easier to develop your psychic abilities.

Want to know more about psychic dieting? Look no further:

10. Practice telepathy. This is so much fun, and it develops mental telepathy and psychic sight! In your mind, hold the image of a friend. See her freckles, smile, and messy bun. Then, imagine energetically asking her to contact you!

11. Activate your third eye. Your third eye (where you receive and see clairvoyant visions) is like a muscle — the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Activating or “waking up” your psychic eye is super easy. Place your index finger on your third eye. Gently tap the area a few times and imagine it opening. Tip: It’s normal to feel a tingly sensation between your eyebrows during this exercise. It just means that your clairvoyance is opening up!

12. Join a spiritual development circle or take a class. This tip was critical for me when I first started developing my psychic abilities. In fact, during one the classes I got validation about my Spirit Guides that changed EVERYTHING. Learning from a trusted mentor will give you a safe, loving environment in which to develop your psychic abilities and mediumship.

13. Meditate with a crystal on your third eye. It doesn’t get any easier than this! Get a pillow and lay comfortably. Place any of the following crystals on your third eye while you meditate or envision your clairvoyance strengthening:

  • Amethyst
  • Labradorite
  • Aquamarine
  • Opal
  • Fluorite
  • Tektite
  • Celestite
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Moonstone
  • Sugilite
  • Ulexite

14. Zener cards. Using a pack of Zener cards (like the ones they used in Ghost Busters with the circles, stars, and wavy lines), practice sending telepathic images to and from a friend. It’s super fun! Here’s a blog post on how to do a clairvoyant exercise with Zener cards.

15. Keep a dream journal. Clairvoyant images and messages can often come through in our dreams. For this reason, keeping a dream journal and pen near your bed can be super handy. After a while, you might to notice that you are seeing patterns or symbols in your dreams!

16. Get to know other psychics and mediums. Being a psychic or medium is a unique path. There’s a certain set of challenges and obstacles that face us that the rest of the world simply won’t get. That makes it really nice to have the support of others who are just like you! Plus, they can let you in on their tips and serve as great practice partners.

17. Learn to turn your gifts “on”. Once you start to developing clairvoyance, you’ll want to learn how to control it. This way you’re not “on” all the time and receiving intuitive images all day long. So, prior to using any of the clairvoyant exercises in this post, imagine lighting a candle in your mind. Then, invite your Spirit Guides and Angels in, and get the feeling of turning your gifts on. The candle visualization lets your spiritual helpers know that you are ready to receive intuitive and Spirit communication.

18. Learn to turn your gifts “off”. Obviously the next tip is to learn to turn your clairvoyancy OFF when you are done practicing. So once you’ve wrapped up, imagine blowing out the candle in your mind. Then, be sure to thank your spiritual helpers for their Divine support. This will help you control your gifts when you’re not working with Spirit or giving a reading.

19. Release expectations. Take the pressure off of yourself and forget everything you’ve ever seen about psychic abilities in the movies. (Whew, right?!) Instead, be open to the way in which clairvoyance comes to you. It might be a vision that plays out like a movie in your mind, a still image, something symbolic, or something totally unique to you!

20. Focus on your third eye. Even though this is the last of the clairvoyant exercises, it’s one of the most important! Your third eye is where your clairvoyance will stem from. As your psychic abilities increase, remember to allow and trust the intuitive images and visions that come to your mind. Do meditations that activate your abilities, place crystals on your third eye, and even give it some taps. :) Finally, use the tips on this page and your clairvoyance will open up super easily!

Clairvoyance Takeaways

The clairvoyant exercises and tips in this post will help you develop psychic vision with confidence. Yay!

Your first clairvoyance priorities are to connect with your Spirit Guides, raise your energetic vibration (which happens naturally during meditation and journaling), and focusing on opening your third eye! Also, once you’ve started to develop your abilities, be sure to learn how to turn them “on” and “off”. Lastly, don’t forget to scope out a psychic development class (online or off) so that you can practice your abilities and connect with others like you!

For more intuitive goodness, you can sign up for weekly psychic development tips and a free copy of my eBook now. Woo-hoo!

*I recommend products in this post that I love. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I will earn a small commission (which I’ll totally blow on a caramel latte) Thank you! :)

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Ever secretly wonder if you’re clairvoyant? Believe it or not, you probably are! :) We are all born with intuitive gifts, and some of those come very naturally to us, just like any other gift!

All you need to do is read through the clairvoyance signs below. If some of the signs resonate with you, that means it will be easy for you to develop your clairvoyant ability (I’ll link the perfect blog post to get you started below). Exciting, right?!

Don’t forget to hover over the image and save it to Pinterest :)

So, how many of the clairvoyant signs resonated with you? (Remember, you don’t have to have all the signs on the list… you’ll know in your heart if you feel connected with these signs.)

Now that you know you’re clairvoyant, kick up your feet, get cozy, and spend some time learning the basics of psychic seeing. I’ve got the perfect beginner post to get you started right here. :)

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Let’s talk about beginner psychic development tips, shall we? When I first started in my psychic journey in 2000, I had a toddler, a newborn, and a husband that traveled all over the country for work. I hardly had time to shower, let alone develop my psychic abilities.

That means I had to get creative and figure out ways to blend my psychic development into my day.

Some of my mentoring students asked me to compile a list of what I used to do, and I decided to share it here as well! Can you say “easy peasy?” :)

Embrace the following mantra and the beginner psychic development tips in this post will lay a solid foundation for your gifts!

Being psychic isn’t about DOING. It’s a state of BEING.

Beginner Psychic Development Tips

Here’s the deal…

You want to be so in tune with your abilities that Divine guidance, sensing things about people, hearing clairaudient impressions, and having a sense of Inner knowing feels totally natural.

The truth is, we often make psychic development a lot harder than it should be. There are effortless ways to blend development into your day!

In fact, this a super effective way to develop your gifts because you’re integrating them right into your life from the get-go. These methods get you used to using and trusting your abilities every day. Yay!

Now, let’s dive into some beginner psychic development tips that you can blend into your day — and support our mantra that being psychic is a state of being. :)

7 Beginner Psychic Development Tips 1. Make Use of Wait Time

Sitting in the doctors office waiting room? In the car waiting for the kids to get out of school? Ditch the iPhone games and use “wait time” to develop your psychic hearing (clairaudience) instead.

It’s easy! Here’s what to do:

  • Sit comfortably and take some deep breaths.
  • In your mind, let your Spirit Guides know that you want to increase your psychic hearing (BTW, it’s totally fine if you don’t know who your Guides are. They know you, so don’t worry. :))
  • Now, tune in to all of the soft sounds around you. What do you hear? Rain pelting the window? Someone’s cell phone buzzing?

Simply taking the time to relax and listen (even in a noisy environment when conditions aren’t quiet) is a super powerful way to start developing your psychic hearing.

In time, as you learn to relax and allow sound in, you’ll start noticing that that you are hearing all sorts of psychic goodness — like messages from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

PLUS, because you’re developing your gifts in all sorts of different environments, using your clairaudience will start to feel totally natural. Woo-hoo!

Tip: Why not make “intuitive time” a game with your kids. Take turns tuning into sound with your kids, and sharing what you hear.

2. Ditch Commercials

Have you ever noticed than an hour long TV show is like 70% commercials? And they don’t even bother to switch them up! It’s the same thing over and over.

Instead of wasting all that time, DVR your fav shows and skip through the commercials. Then, use those 15 precious minutes to connect with your intuitive abilities instead.

When you feel tempted to pop on the TV, try some binaural beats*, journaling, or meditation instead.

* The Spiritual Awakening binaural beats that I am recommending is my absolute favorite for psychic development. If you purchase through this link, I will earn a small commission (which I will totally blow on a latte :))

3. Name Your Spirit Guide

Do you feel like you could have a warm and fuzzy relationship with someone whose name you didn’t know? I didn’t think so. :)

That’s why, starting today, you want to get to know your Spirit Guides. After all, their job is to help you achieve your best possible life, and offer you their Divine guidance — so it makes a huge difference when they feel familiar to you.

And all you need to do to start connecting with, and building a relationship with your Spirit Guides, is to know their name — but don’t stress. It’s easy to get to know your Guide!

  • Sit quietly for a few moments
  • Tune into your heart and choose a name for your Spirit Guide — yes, choose. Don’t worry! Simply allow your intuition and heart to guide you, and your Spirit Guide will be honored with whatever name you choose!
  • Then, start chit-chatting with them! I literally mean to start generally chatting with them in your day to day life. Like when you are making dinner and realize that you are out of an ingredient you need — say, Joel, can you help me? You may feel an inspired idea about a different ingredient — or decide that it’s a pizza night instead!
4. Keep Your Energetic Vibe High

Keeping your vibration high makes it easier for Spirit to connect with you, and makes it easier to develop psychic ability and trust your gifts. And it doesn’t have to be super complicated or hard.

One of my favorite ways to keep my vibe up is by listening to music (it really is good for the soul). Pop on a song you can’t seem to get through without dancing, and listen to it while cleaning up the kitchen or folding laundry. It will raise your vibe, and help you feel more spiritually connected.

5. Use Crystals

Crystals hold powerful energy… even if they’re just sitting on your bookcase! So make good use of that “passive” energy by placing them in the corner of your office, under your bed in a crystal grid, or even near your pillow. If you’re not sure which crystal to pick up, check this post out.

6. Take a Walk

My mom LOVES that her dog gives her an excuse to get out and walk a few times a day. Walks can be a great place to connect with nature and ground yourself.

They can also be a time for you to squeeze a mini meditation session in! Try concentrating on as each step as you walk. Focus on the movement of your body and say the word “step” with each step you take. It will help you embrace your intuition and psychic development.

7. Eat High-Vibrational Foods

Adding high vibration foods to your diet, such as fresh fruits and veggies will help you feel good and keep your energetic vibe nice and high. Don’t worry about totally overhauling your diet though. Just add some greens, fruits, or even dark chocolate (score!) to your day and notice the difference in how connected you feel to your psychic abilities.

Beginner Psychic Development Tips Takeaways

The truth is, developing psychic ability can be effortless, joyful, and fun! So be sure to integrate these beginner psychic development tips into your day and enjoy your journey.

Plus, taking a relaxed and effortless approach will increase your vibe and allow you to open your logical mind. Win-win!

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Developing clairaudience (psychic hearing) should feel inspiring and fun! But here’s a truth bomb for ya:

Clairaudient development can feel hard when your throat chakra is blocked.

Yep, it’s true. I’ve worked with lots of students who doubted their clairaudience… only to discover that their throat chakra was simply blocked!

I know, totally shocking, right?

That’s why today, we’re digging into the clairaudient-throat chakra connection. First, we’ll talk a little bit about chakras, and how to know when your throat chakra is closed.

Then, we’ll cover how you’ll feel once you’ve opened your throat chakra, and 9 ways to unblock it with ease!

What are Chakras?

Chakras are beautiful multi-colored balls of energy that line up from the base of our spine to the tippy top of our head. Picture them like 7 spinning pinwheels starting at the base of your spine and running all the way to the tip of your head.

The super cool thing about chakras is that each one is in charge of certain emotions, desires, and portions of our bodies depending on its location.

But chakras are a lot more than bright spinning wheels of energy.

Chakras impact the way we interact with the world, feel, and even experience our intuitive abilities!

Your Throat Chakra and Developing Clairaudience

Positioned in the back of our throat, the throat chakra is the energy center that rules creativity and communication, including the psychic ability of clairaudience.

It is associated with a gorgeous turquoise color (picture it as a gorgeous turquoise-colored spinning pinwheel of energy in your throat.

Because it’s connected to communication (and essential in clairaudient development!), a blocked throat chakra can make developing your psychic hearing feel super tough! It’s like having a stick lodged in a spinning pinwheel.

Yuck, right?!

Signs of a Blocked Throat Chakra

When your throat chakra is blocked (closed), its powerful abilities are stunted. To return it to its glorious state, you just need to open it up! It’s similar to removing a stick from a spinning pinwheel!

And don’t worry, it’s really easy to know when your throat chakra is closed. Let’s take a look…

Signs that your throat chakra is closed:
  • It’s difficult to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • You’re experiencing a creative block
  • You feel like others are steamrolling you verbally
  • You’re struggling to hear and develop your clairaudience (more on this below!)
  • You struggle to trust your Inner voice
  • It feels like the “weight of the world” is on your shoulders
  • You often feel misunderstood when you do speak out

Can you see why it’s important to have an open and balanced throat chakra when you are developing clairaudience?

I mean, individually, those signs can be hard to miss, especially if you’re around psychic vampires or people (*cough* your co-worker *cough*) who verbally dominate everyone around them.

But reading the list together can give you a major Aha moment!

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll feel like when your throat chakra is wide open and spinning brightly…

Signs that your throat chakra is open and well:
  • You feel a sense of peace standing up for yourself or speaking your truth
  • Developing your clairaudience feels natural and easy
  • You are able to listen to, and trust, your Inner voice
  • Your creativity flows freely, and you can journal, write, or express yourself artistically with no trouble (journaling can also be important and helpful in developing your psychic abilities)
  • You have a sense of renewed confidence when expressing yourself
  • You feel connected to your Higher Self, intuition, and Spirit Guides
How to Open Your Throat Chakra

Obviously, speaking your truth and rediscovering your creativity is super important. And if you’re here, developing clairaudience is super important to you, too!

Now, let’s talk about how to open your throat chakra so that you can unlock and develop your psychic hearing…

9 Ways to Open Your Throat Chakra

1. Sing it out. Try belting out your favorite tune in the car (don’t worry, no one is listening!)

2. Write yourself a letter. Get all your truth out onto paper and allow yourself to express your feelings.

3. Write someone else a letter. NO! You don’t have to send it. But speaking your truth, even on paper, will start to open your throat chakra.

4. Read out loud. It can be your go-to book, something you wrote, or the junk mail that landed in your mailbox… it doesn’t matter! It’s all about using your voice.

5. Use essential oils. I love rubbing some frankincense or ylang-ylang together on my palms and then placing my hands on my throat or over my ears for a few minutes.

6. Stretch it out. Chakras can impact our physical health too! Try some yummy neck exercises and stretches such as a head rotation.

7. Be honest! I know, this can be the hardest one of all. But try to make an effort to honestly (and lovingly) say what you’re feeling in any given moment.

8. Dive back into your hobbies. Even if you still feel blocked, try picking up a creative hobby you used to love.

9. Meditate. As you meditate, you can focus intently on your neck and throat chakra. Or, use the super simple guided meditation that I specifically created to open the throat chakra and develop clairaudince at the same time. You can grab your copy of the meditation here. [COMING SOON!]

Developing Clairaudience Through The Throat Chakra Takeaways

Your throat chakra is in charge of your communication and creativity. When it’s closed, you can feel creatively blocked or have trouble speaking your truth.

Also, struggling to develop clairaudience is another telltale sign that your throat chakra is blocked.

I developed a super fun, guided meditation just for opening your throat chakra and develop your clairaudience. Grab your copy here → [COMING SOON!]

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Let’s talk about your psychic development. You know those little “Eat me!” and “Drink me!” signs that appeared in Alice and Wonderland? Just when Alice thought she was totally stuck huge or tiny, those handy signs popped up and got her to the next step. Well, consider this post your Alice and Wonderland-esque sign…

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Not sure what to do next in your psychic development? I’ve got you covered…

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it — psychic development can feel confusing and overwhelming!

Yes, it’s true — psychic ability is a totally natural thing because we ALL have intuition and Spirit Guides who would loveeee to chat with us, but… it can still feel overwhelming.

And, you’ll find that there are different stages along your psychic development journey, and each of them has their own challenges.

This post is designed as a road map to get you to YOUR next stage. Find where you are (most people are at least ONE of these stages in their psychic development) and then follow the prompts to your next stage to get unstuck.

Can you say easy peasy? Let’s dig in!

Stage: Um, am I psychic?

I know, I KNOW.  One moment, you think you’ve got some psychic abilities, and the next, *poof*, you’re back to feeling completely uncertain.

I rode this roller coaster ride when I first started on my intuitive journey back in 2000, too! So friend, you are not alone!

But I’m here to shout out some awesome news… If you think you’re psychic, you are. Yay, pour the lattes!

Seriously, if you are feeling that you are gifted, it’s because, deep down in your soul, you KNOW that you are. It’s just that you gotta get used to the idea.

If this is the stage you’re at in your psychic development, definitely read the following two posts:

Stage: OMG, I’m psychic! Woo-hoo!

Yay! This is such an exciting moment to be in, I know!

But before you pick up your iPhone to share the news with your BFF, give the following post a read: 8 Tips for Coming Out of the Psychic Closet. It will give you some great tips for coming out of the psychic closet without stress, anxiety, and help you deal with any Negative Nancy’s.

Even though your psychic development journey is an awe-inspiring time, if your BFF shares even a tad of skepticism or confusion, it could rub off on you during this magical beginning stage. So read the above post which will share all the do’s and don’ts of your new, exciting revelation… because it IS exciting! :)

Stage: Whoa, that’s why I get can’t watch the news. I’m sensitive because of my intuitive gifts!

Holy guacamole do I get this feeling… When you realize you’re a clairsentient or empath (have the gift of psychic feeling and sensing), it ALL clicks into place…

That’s why those ASPCA commercials leave me bawling for hours after I see them… and that’s why it hurts so bad to see homeless people on the street… OH, and that’s why the thought of being in a large crowd makes me want to curl up in bed for a week!

But listen up: Being a clairsentient or empath is AMAZING. You just have to learn to turn your psychic gifts on and off and manage it, which is TOTALLY doable.

As a matter of fact, the following post is chalk full of tips that will help you turn down the volume on your clairsentient gifts:

Stage: Wait, so can I communicate with dearly departed Uncle Joe? Cool!

If you’re a psychic medium (someone who communicates with passed on souls), you know this realization is equally exciting and nerve wracking. Not because the spirits will hurt you (they NEVER will — that’s a total myth), but because it’s a whole new world of possibility, right?

If you’re stuck between “this is awesome!” and “how do I get started?,” definitely give the following post a read which will help you get unstuck in your psychic development:

Stage: How do I develop my psychic abilities?

I thought you’d never ask! This is one of my fav things to chat about because there are so many cool ways, including:

This post (that’s been shared over 6K times on Pinterest) will give you 28 FUN (seriously!) ways to get started: 28 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Stage: Which psychic abilities do I have?

This is a GREAT question! It’s super helpful to know which specific psychic gifts you have so that you can understand YOUR specific gifts and how they work. Plus, it’s so much fun to learn about your specific intuitive abilities. :)

Stage: Um, wait. I don’t want to be psychic!

First of all, take a nice, deep breath. It’s OK. Honor what you feel. In fact, I started there too!

The bottom line is, There are TONS of wonderful, capable psychics in this world that really love using their gifts. But… It’s also a-okay if you never do one single thing with yours.

If your psychic development is feeling like a bit too much right now, this post will put you at ease: But Wait! I Don’t Want to Be Psychic!

Stage: I’m afraid people will think I’m weird…

Oh man, do I get this. In fact, I wrote a book about it, which you download and read for free here: 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts.

7 Real World Steps will help you get nice and cozy with your psychic development and abilities.

Stage: I’m afraid of spirits and evil stuff

With all the gory stuff Hollywood uses to sell tickets, I totally don’t blame you. In fact, it’s natural to have some fear around the subject.

I was in the same boat when I first started, and I know countless others who were too.

So before you hang up on your abilities, be sure to check this post out: Help! I’m Scared of Developing My Psychic Abilities! 4 Steps to Overcoming Fear.

Well friend, I hope this post has helped you discover the next step in YOUR psychic development!

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Clairaudient psychic ability. Let’s get back to basics for a second, shall we? If you’ve seen me chat about the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient, claircognizant) you know they’re the four main types of intuitive gifts, and how our Spirit Guides connect with us. Think of it like texting, calling, or sending a picture message to get a point across. 

The media and Hollywood have made certain psychic gifts, like clairvoyance (or clear seeing) pretty popular. But clairaudience, while just as awesome, has gotten less love.

And the thing is, there are certain KEY things that you need to know about clairaudience in order to develop it. Without this info, developing your psychic hearing is going to feel like driving a Pinto instead of a Ferrari. :) So…

Get comfy and let’s talk about the 7 things you must know in order to rock your clairaudient psychic ability. Woo-hoo!

1. What IS clairaudience?

First things first, right? Clairaudience (also called clear or psychic hearing) is the ability to receive psychic messages (also known as auditory impressions) through your mind’s ear (inner ear).

Don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds. Take a look at these clairaudient psychic ability examples:

  • Someone with clairaudience might have the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars pop into their head when they see their BFF before noticing the new sparkly ring on her finger! This would be your Spirit Guides way of getting you a message through your clairaudience of, “Girl, your friend just got engaged! Look at that bling!”
  • Or they could might meet someone new and hear, “He’s the one!” This happened to a friend of mine when she was introduced to the general manager of a company. Two years later, they were married!
2. Where do clairaudient messages come from?

All psychic messages come from our loving Spiritual team! This team consists of Spirit Guides, angels, your Higher Self (soul), and your loved ones in heaven. (If these psychic definitions are new to you, this post will help.)

Their intention for all messages from our Spiritual team is for the greater good of you, and those you love. So you never have to worry about what’s “coming through” or if it’s “safe” because true clairaudient psychic ability is loving.

3. How does clairaudience sound?

This answer might shock you! Believe it or not, clairaudience usually sounds like your own voice, like when you are thinking or reading to yourself. Yep!

The difference is that these auditory impressions aren’t coming from you… they’re coming from those awesome members of your Spiritual team.

You also need to know that clairaudience is usually heard internally (telepathically — in your head). Remember, those in your spiritual team no longer have a physical body. So they don’t need a physical “voice” anymore.

Tip: This is what confuses LOTS of people about psychic hearing. I mean, it would be super fun if clairaudience sounded like Bruno Mars, but it sounds like… YOU! Which is still pretty amazing!

4. Is clairaudience scary?

Hearing voices is thought of as a scary or bad symptom in our culture. But rest assured, clairaudient psychic ability is NOTHING like that. Most of the time clairaudient messages come through in your own voice, just like how you’re reading this amazing blog post to yourself now. :)

5. How can I know if clairaudient psychic ability is one of my gifts?

The cool thing about clairaudience (and the other clairs) is that everyone can develop it! However, here are some surefire clairaudient signs and “symptoms”:

  • You’re really sensitive to sounds
  • Listening to, guiding and uplifting others comes naturally to you
  • You’ve heard someone calling your name when no one is around
  • You NEED quiet
  • You’re an auditory learner

For the full scoop, read my post: 11 Signs You Might be Clairaudient

6. How do I develop clairaudient psychic ability?

All the clairs are fun to develop, but I always feel like clairaudience has an extra scoop of special because you can use it to have a two-way communication with your Spirit Guides (hello convenience!)!

One of my “go-to” clairaudience exercises (that totally works) is this:

Pop your go-to jam out song on, and focus your attention on just ONE instrument –guitar, violin, drum — you pick!

Sure, all of the instruments are playing simultaneously in harmony, but focus on just ONE of them until you have isolated its sound from all the rest. With practice, you can cut one sound away from all the rest. Got it? Okay now choose another instrument and give it another go.

7. How do I know if I’m having a clairaudient experience?

It can be tricky to tell if you’re having a clairaudient experience because our logical mind will try to convince us we’re just being silly or making stuff up in our head.

But the great thing is, when you know what to look for, it’s not that difficult to distinguish between clairaudience and a regular thought (remember, psychic hearing can sound like when you are thinking to yourself). Yay!

One of the best ways to tell if you’re having a clairaudient experience is to ask yourself… Did this thought seem to “pop” into my head out of nowhere?

For example, maybe you were picking up carrots at the supermarket and started humming “Happy Birthday” for no good reason — then saw a Facebook alert that it’s your cousin Sarah’s birthday. Woo-hoo!

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Developing psychic gifts is OMG-FABULOUS and I LOVE getting and answering receiving questions from our wonderful community about the topic.

Today, I’m tackling some awesome reader questions, including how to know when your gifts are fully developed and more!

Developing Psychic Gifts – Community Q&A 1. I’ve been trying to develop my psychic abilities using some of your suggestions. How do I know when my abilities are fully developed? – Maggie

This is a GREAT question and has a two-part answer:

First, your psychic abilities will always be improving… much like my husband’s newfound love of cooking (I probably need to hide the salt shaker LOL)!

Honestly — the learning never stops. But trust me, this is a GOOD thing and you wouldn’t want it any other way. :)

When I first started giving readings, I felt like my psychic gifts were developing every single day! I learned so much about giving intuitive readings and mediumship, then expanded my knowledge to the Akashic Records, meditation, chakras, crystals, and grounding.

And it’s only in the last five or so years that I’ve learned the importance of having a high-vibe and how it’s soooo important in developing your psychic gifts — and life in general! 

I’ve been on my psychic journey since 2000, and I tell ya, learning all of these things have taken my abilities to higher levels than I even thought possible! I can honestly say that I rely on my intuitive abilities as much as my five physical senses — maybe more…

Which leads us to part two of this answer…

You’ll know you’re psychic gifts are well developed when you start trusting them.

Seriously, this is super important (and it’s something I didn’t know in the beginning), so you might want to write it on a sticky note where you can see it every day.

Trusting and feeling confident about your abilities is a clear-cut indicator that you’re abilities are well developed. Why? (Oh, I thought you’d never ask :))

Because… you can only feel trust and confident about your abilities when you have developed a RELATIONSHIP with them. That means you understand your psychic “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance), and how your particular gifts work for you.

Bottom line: Developing psychic gifts is a lifelong journey of learning and growing. And that’s the fun part, I promise!

2. I’m clairaudient and I’m hearing too much. It’s keeping me awake at night. How can I control this so I can sleep? – Rob

Don’t worry, this is actually totally normal and can be fixed! First, let’s talk about why it’s happening…

When you’re relaxed or sleeping, your frontal lobe (the logical part of your brain) is at ease. That means it’s way easier for you to connect with your psychic abilities.

Now, to fix it so you can get some sleep, it’s time to start working with your Spirit Guides. They are the ones that can really help you control your gifts (think of them as that guy at that really exclusive club who decides who gets in and who doesn’t. Your Spirit Guides can help you CONTROL the clairaudient impressions that are keeping you awake).

So, when my clairaudience used to be a little too much, I would ask my Spirit Guides to please “turn down the volume.”

Just like with Maggie’s question above, it can be super helpful to build a relationship with your Guides first (are you seeing a pattern here? :)), which you can do during meditation by setting the intention that you want to connect with your Guides.

Then whenever it’s too much ask them to ‘turn down’ or ‘turn off’ the volume. Yep, it really is that easy! :)

3. I would like your advice on something that has been happening to me since I was young. I’ve always said things I can’t explain or I always find people who need me the most. But as of late it has become a very tiring thing. – Colleen

Ah, yes. This is the empath (also known as clairsentient or psychic feeling) tale that’s as old as time… How do you handle feeling EVERYTHING?

These overwhelming feelings can be especially rough for empaths who haven’t learned how to “shut down” and control their clairsentient ability when they need some “me time.” But don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you can start to enjoy your gift again and stop feeling drained or tired.

Just like my answer above, I would recommend connecting with your Spirit Guides ASAP. They will help you understand and control your ability.

It’s also important that you take note of who in your life makes you feel exhausted (we call these people psychic vampires, but they’re not cool vampires like a Twilight kind of way — instead they “suck” your energy instead of your blood.)

Steer-clear of these people as much as possible (you know who they are) and start surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people. Raising your energetic vibration can help with this a LOT, because that whole thing about how like attracts like is true.

If you’re still struggling, remember that you didn’t incarnate on this earth to be a slave to your psychic gifts. You’re here to help humanity and spread loving vibes into the world! But in order to do that, you have to learn the empathic survival skills.

4. May I ask how to develop my psychic clairs better? – Hanna

Yes! This is a fab question because developing your clairs (inner feeling, inner seeing, inner hearing, and inner knowing) is the KEY to developing psychic gifts. Plus, it’s super fun!

I did a full series on each of the psychic clairs which includes tips, tricks, signs that you have each ability, and how to know you’re really experiencing each gift. Find them here:

5. I don’t know what to say when I sage my house. I don’t like the word “smudging.” Are there any other words you can think of that I can use? – Robyn

Absolutely! Try calling it space cleaning, saging, purifying, clearing, bringing in good energy, or “positive vibes only”. 

The most important part of this whole process is the intention. So don’t worry so much about what you call it, just focus on the sage sprucing up your energetic space.

For an affirmation, you can use something as simple as, “Fill this home with light, love, and joy” or “Bless and purify this home and all who enter.”

Well, friends, that’s all I have for you today about developing psychic gifts. If you’re question wasn’t answered this round, you can submit a question through my contact form here. To read past community questions, check out these posts (I mean, why stop now, you’re already comfy and cozy, right?:))

The post Developing Psychic Gifts – Community Q&A appeared first on Intuitive Souls Blog.

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Crystals to develop clairvoyance. Ready to pop your third eye wide open and start developing your clairvoyant (psychic seeing) gifts?

Sure, you could go Ghost Busters style and pull out a pack of Zener cards (which totally works, BTW!), but one of my favorite ways to increase psychic visions is to hunt down some gorgeous crystals and start working with them.

It’s easy, relaxing, and fun!

14 Top-Notch Crystals to Develop Clairvoyance

All of the sparkly crystals on this list assist in opening, activating, and developing your psychic clairvoyance in their own way. Below you’ll find the full scoop on each of them, and how to use them to support your psychic seeing. 

So, which crystal is best for you? Use your intuition to decide! :)

Seriously, choose the stone that you feel the most connected with. If you really can’t decide, Ulexite is a wonderful crystal to develop clairvoyance! WON-DER-FUL!

Here’s the full scoop on each of them:

1. Amethyst

This fabulous purple, high vibe crystal works with you on a mental level and assists in developing psychic gifts, intuition, and spiritual wisdom. Score!

2. Labradorite

Picture a blue/green/grey marble stone so pretty that you want to cover your kitchen counters with it, and you have labradorite! This stone is known to enhance intuitive wisdom, channeling, clairvoyance, and visualizing.

3. Aquamarine

Yep! This light blue crystal is the same color as Sara Paxton’s hair in the movie. On top of being gorgeous, it calms the mind, opens clairvoyance and strengthens higher plane communication and intuitive abilities.

4. Opal

You can’t go wrong with this classic crystal that does DOUBLE duty. It enhances intuitive awareness and psychic visions, making it an awesome choice to activate clairvoyance AND clairsentience!

5. Herkimer Diamond

If you’re looking to develop clairvoyance in your sleep, look no further! This crystal is excellent for dream recall, enhancing clairvoyance, and deepening meditation. Can you say, “Om”?

6. Fluorite

This marbled looking gem is well known for heightening your natural intuitive gifts and supporting your spiritual awakening (yes, cool!). It’s also great for protecting your energy on a psychic level. Oh, and Fluorite has a knack for activating the third eye – which is great for developing clairvoyance!

7. Emerald

You won’t want to miss this gorgeous green stone. Not only does it bring inner clarity and wisdom, it opens clairvoyance and inspires inner knowings.

8. Tektite

Well, the porous black/brown appearance of this stone may not be as eye catching as some of the others on the list, but Tektite is SO helpful for opening the third eye, communicating with your Spirit Guides, and providing spiritual growth.

9. Celestite

Celestite is great if you feel a special connection with Angels. Of course, it’s also great for clairvoyance communication (including with your angels!), and deepening your trust and connection with the universe.

10. Moonstone

We’ve all heard of the power of the moon, right? This powerful stone is strongly connected to the moon and your intuition. It’s also super useful in developing clairvoyance and embracing  your psychic gifts and abilities. (BTW – if you’re nervous about developing your psychic abilities, you’re not alone! Check this post out.)

11. Tiger’s Eye

Known for building psychic abilities and bringing spiritual energies of the light to earth, this silky stone is the perfect addition to any crystal collection!

12. Ulexite

Though not super popular, Ulexite is a great crystal to develop clairvoyance. It helps with visualization which is oh-so-important for clear psychic seeing! It also enhances inner clarity and spiritual focus. And you just can’t complain with those results!

13. Sugilite

This rare, purple crystal is a fusion Amethyst and Garnet (so you know it’s gorgeous!) and promotes clairvoyant abilities and spiritual awareness.

14. Moldavite

Despite it’s moldy name, this green stone is actually soooo pretty and increases connections with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides (who are so excited for you to develop your clairvoyance!).

How to Use Crystals to Develop Clairvoyance

Okay, so you picked your fav clairvoyance-developing crystal from the list and are ready to dig in, right? Try a few of these tips (or all of them) and see which you like best!

1. Use your crystals during meditation

Meditating connects you with your Higher Self, kicks negative energy to the curb, and it raises our vibe (which is key to connecting with our psychic gifts).

Plus, it invites a sense of peace and groundedness that attracts positive energy!

2. Make a Crystal Grid

I love crystal grids because they’re so versatile plus… they give me an excuse to use multiple crystals!

You can place a crystal grid under your bed, set one up where you meditate, or even in your office (like one of my biz friends die).

So, what the heck are crystal grids?

They are a collection of crystals that have been energetically linked to accomplish a specific intention (i.e. developing clairvoyance). And, BTW, if you place one under your bed, you’ll also have better dream recall, which is so fun when you’re working on your psychic abilities!

3. Wear Your Crystals for Developing Clairvoyance

You don’t need an excuse to add some gorgeous crystal jewelry to your collection, but I’m going to give you one anyway! Add any of the crystals above to necklaces or earrings and develop your clairvoyance while looking as stylish as ever. I used to have a moonstone ring and I LOVED it. Crystal jewelry is a fun and nearly passive way to deepen your abilities. Wear it while you’re meditating or to add a little glam to your errands. :)

Ok! If you’re ready to get started, here is my favorite place to get crystals.* The energy and quality of these stones is AH-MAZING!

And to read more about clairvoyance (psychic seeing) head over here.

*If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may earn a small commission, which I’ll use to treat myself to a caramel latte :) 

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How to make a crystal grid for psychic development. A crystal grid is the PERFECT way to harness the powers and benefits of individual crystals.

Plus, when placed in the right spot, it can be a nearly effortless way to increase your psychic development (hello convenience!)

How to Make a Crystal Grid for Psychic Development

You don’t have to go far to convince me to use crystals in more ways. Not only are they gorgeous to look at (seriously, have you seen amethyst crystals?!), but they are also chock full o’ benefits.

Certain crystals can…

So regardless of if you’re just dabbling in the world of crystals, or have been a long-time resident, making a crystal grid should be at the tippy top of your to-do list… Especially when it comes to psychic development.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is when you place a group of crystals in a pattern with the intention of accomplishing a certain goal.

Every individual crystal brings a unique benefit to the table. So a crystal grid harnesses allllll those benefits “two-is-better-than-one” style. :) The union of already powerful gems is the key.

In this post, we’re chatting about using a crystal grid for psychic development. But they can also be used for warding off nightmares, increasing sleep, boosting spiritual connections, and more.

How to Make Your Psychic Crystal Grid (6 so-easy steps)

The most important thing in crystal grid making (and psychic development as a whole) is following your intuition.

So, as you’re making your crystal grid, be sure to LISTEN your intuition when it comes to the stones, layout, and location.

A crystal grid is super personal — so make yours custom fit to you and your intentions!

Crystal grid for psychic development steps: 1. Determine your layout

Using the intention of increasing psychic development, start to envision your crystal grid. What kind of layout do you see? Is it a spiral? A medallion? Or maybe it’s a geometric shape! Allow your mind to wander here, and go with what feels right.

2. Find your crystals

Once you’ve settled on your layout, you’ll need to figure out which crystals to include. While every part of this process is fun — this is my fav.

Some metaphysical shops (online and not) offer crystal grid kits that include a variety of stones. You can go that route, or simply choose crystals based on your intention and intuition.

If you’re buying crystals online, visit a reputable shop with great energy… like my favorite, Energy Muse.

If you want to choose your own crystals, head over to a local metaphysical shop and walk around the store. Certain crystals will likely stick out to you, so go with those. (If you want to read about crystals known to increase psychic development, check this out.)

Here are some specific psychic development crystals that you might like:
  • Clairsentience development (psychic sensing/feeling): Pink opal
  • Clairaudience development (psychic hearing): Selenite

BTW: You’ll want to pick up one quartz crystal point for the end of your intuitive grid. :)

3. Decide on location

Now that you have your layout and crystals, it’s time to think about where you want your crystal grid to live. While you can build the grid on a moveable platform (like a piece of fabric or cardboard), I like building them directly on the ground. I find it increases the connection to the earth.

For psychic development, try placing your crystal grid under your bed. Receiving the crystal grid’s energy while you sleep will increase your psychic development, intuition, and dreams! You can also try placing a crystal grid near where you meditate for a deeper connection.

4. Cleanse

Before you start laying your crystal grid down, cleanse the area and crystals with sage or rose essential oil. This gives you a fresh platform to build on and ensures there’s no residual energy on the crystals.

5. Start building!

Use your freshly charged crystals to start laying out your crystal grid. As you build, be sure to keep your intention in the front of your mind. Focus on increasing psychic development the whole time you are lying your crystal grid out.

  • Lay all of your stones out, and select the outermost crystals first.
  • Working from the outside in, begin to develop your crystal grid for psychic development.
  • As you get close to completing it, select your center stone. You can choose it based on its unique energetic properties or simply use your intuition – either one!
6. Finalize your crystal grid

Some people like to write their intention down, place it in the center of their grid, and then place the center crystal on top of that. You can do this if you want, or simply place the final center crystal down!

Now that you’ve finalized your crystal grid, take your quartz crystal point and draw an invisible line between each crystal.

This energetically connects each stone to the next — making a powerful union and activating your grid. Think about this step like “connecting the dots.” :)


Now that you’ve created your crystal grid for psychic development, don’t forget to keep holding your intention in your heart. And, as you continue on your journey, take note of the boosted results!

Pro tip: If you start to feel like your crystals need some TLC, dig out some rose essential oil! It will recharge and cleanse them.

The post How to Make a Crystal Grid for Psychic Development appeared first on Intuitive Souls Blog.

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Trusting your psychic gifts. Ah, yes. We’ve all seen those over-the-top Hollywood psychic scenes…

Time stands still, objects glow, everything becomes crystal clear, and the clairvoyant proceeds with confidence into the situation. 

While that kind of drama can be exciting to watch, it can also leave you wondering if you really have psychic abilities or not. After all, you’ve never had a Mentalist moment. (BTW, neither have I ;))

Here’s the scoop: real psychic abilities are subtle… and this is one of the main reasons that people have a hard time being confident in their psychic abilities.

In reality, there’s usually no jaw-dropping realization, no flashing neon sign, and no obvious-to-the-world moment.

Best news yet? You’re probably already having psychic experiences and don’t even realize it. Woo-hoo!

So let’s have a little chat about ow to start trusting your intuitive gifts…

How to Trust Your Psychic Gifts 1. Remember: Psychic ability is natural

Repeat after me: Intuition is your birthright. We’re ALL born intuitive – you, me, your cat, and cutie pie Ed Sheeran. 

When you have a gut feeling or sense about something, that’s your psychic gifts guiding you.

Trust me, your spiritual team did not just drop you here on Earth so you can fend for yourself like you’re trying to survive The Hunger Games. 

Rather, we were all born with our own “GPS” called intuition. Our intuition is our sixth sense, and it’s just as natural as our other senses.

In reality, you’ve known about and felt your psychic gifts since before you can even remember!

That makes them natural and a part of you — not a dramatic, foreign thing and…

It means that ANYONE at all can learn how to kick it up a notch and develop their psychic ability!

Best news yet? Psychic experiences are probably happening right under your nose.

Oh and BTW, doubt and lack of trust isn’t exclusive to psychic beginners. So you are definitely not alone. :)

I struggled with doubt and confidence as a psychic reader even years into my journey. But remembering that your psychic gifts are natural is a great way to start building trust.

2. Keep a Record
  • Did you ever get a good or bad vibe when you met someone new?
  • Have you ever trusted your “gut” instinct and it turned out to be right?
  • Or maybe your nephew broke your vase when he came flying in with his big book bag and you thought to yourself… I saw that coming! 

Those things all happened because of your psychic gifts.

They weren’t a coincidence and they weren’t just by chance — even if that’s what your logical mind is trying to tell you.

So start keeping track of every time you noticed your psychic abilities kicking in. Journal about what happened, how you felt, and how the situation turned out. Then, anytime you feel doubt, revisit your journal and remind yourself, “I am totally psychic! Woo-hoo!” 

3. Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

Fun fact: We all have Spirit Guides who have agreed to help us through life. I have one that gives me advice on all things parenting, one that rocks at business, and one (or ten) that help with much needed “mom” guidance!

These Spirit Guides are so pumped for you to start using your psychic abilities because that’s how they connect with you (it’s too bad they can’t use FB Messenger).

So getting to know your Spirit Guides will not only validate your psychic gifts, it will strengthen your abilities all together!

4. Start Slow

Our intuition is always communicating with us. So if it feels too big to listen to your abilities on big things, start by tuning into your intuition on smaller things.

Did you get a gut feeling to pick this Uber driver over another one? Go with that! Does the tuna sandwich all of a sudden look delicious even though you’re normally a ham and cheese gal? Try it out! Are you feeling a nudge to chat up one of your co-workers? Head over!

By following these small nudges throughout the day, you’ll be more likely to trust your psychic gifts when larger things come along – and even use them to help others.

Plus, none of those things happen without reason, so you’ll benefit all around! Maybe that co-worker has the angle you need to bring up with your boss and finally get that promotion!

5. Release Expectations

I can’t overstate this — psychic abilities are nothing like you see on the big screen.

But on top of that, they don’t feel or look the same from person to person!

It’s kinda like a group text message. When someone responds with “K”, one person may think that’s totally rude, one person may appreciate the confirmation, and one person may wonder why they didn’t send a GIF.

The bottom line is: We all experience psychic abilities slightly different…

  • Some of us are clairvoyant (receive psychic impressions through images and visions).

So release what you’ve been expecting to happen and be open to how YOU receive psychic impressions. And remember, it’s super fun to keep a journal during this time so you can see how far you’ve come!

Trusting Your Psychic Gifts Takeaways
  • Real life psychic moments aren’t  time-stopping or Hollywood worthy. They are subtle and natural, and can even present in non-obvious ways!
  • Take time to understand how YOU respond to your psychic gifts and start trusting for small things — like which kind of sandwich to order at lunch.
  • Journal each experience to have and use that record to keep your logical mind and doubts in check the next time you feel like you’re receiving an intuitive message!

That’s all I have for you today, friends. I hope you’re pumped to start trusting your psychic gifts.

Next, read my post with 28 psychic development ideas. It’s a Pinterest favorite! :)

The post Your Psychic Gifts – 5 Tips to Trusting and Overcoming Doubt appeared first on Intuitive Souls Blog.

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