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Here’s the scoop: If I had known this ONE psychic development secret, I wouldn’t have almost quit becoming an intuitive reader a million times and stressed out over EVERYTHING. (Seriously, so much stress.)

Yep, the secret is that big.

Nope, it’s not super complicated.

The thing is, no one is talking about this psychic development secret.

It’s all but forgotten in a sea of Zener cards, third eye exercises, and guided meditations. It’s pushed aside to make way for chakra clearing and aura cleansing.

Don’t get me wrong, those things are all important and have their place. But without this secret, you’re going to be building your psychic muscles on gooey-soft ground.

Curiosity peaked? Great! :)

Okay, the secret is:

Developing psychic ability is SO MUCH EASIER when you are relaxed and having FUN with it.

It really does make all the difference in the world… and I have proof. :)

It’s ALL About Energy…

In high school, I had a science teacher named Mr. Spirlet. And while I haaated high school, I simply couldn’t help but smile in Mr. S’ class.

Just a few minutes after we all sat down, he would have us cracking up with stories of how his son overdosed on candy and ran around the house on a sugar high.

Soon, the bright spot in my day would be opening his classroom door to hear more of his stories and antics. I started to look forward to his class. The crazy part? Out of the high school that I hated, science was my LEAST favorite subject.

But because Mr. S always made our learning environment relaxed and fun, I retained SO much info from his class… like the Coriolis Effect and how soap works by making water wetter. I mean seriously, who knew?!

And make no mistake about it: Mr. S didn’t make science a joke.

It wasn’t just his silly stories that kept me interested in his class. So, what was it?

Here’s a hint: I retained so much information from science because the ENERGY in Mr. S’s classroom was super high.

Here’s How This Whole Psychic Development Secret Works

That high energetic vibe allowed me to open my mind and let my guard down… which is just what you need to do to develop your psychic abilities.

That’s not to say that psychic development will come just by you popping on some spoof videos about metaphysics and turning the whole thing into a joke. No way! 

Your intuitive gifts are sacred and should be treated with gratitude, honor, and respect.

Remember, these are beautiful spiritual gifts you are developing here… not some hokey parlor trick.

But when you allow yourself to RELAX and have FUN along your journey, a magical thing happens:

Relaxation + Fun = High Vibe

High Vibe =

Developing your psychic and/or mediumship abilities becomes much easier!

And super good news? A high energetic vibration makes developing your intuitive gifts easier, but it also:

  • Makes it easier to trust the psychic vibes that you are getting (instead of questioning if you’re making all of this stuff up in your head! Been there, done that!).
  • Allows information to flow more smoothly when you are giving a psychic or mediumship reading.
  • Makes the connection with your Spirit Guides stronger.
  • Makes your connection with your Higher Self super strong.
  • Helps you become a natural anti-drama magnet!
  • Helps you to stress and worry less.
  • Makes life more joyful!

And who can complain with those results? :)

How Fun Helps You Develop Psychic Ability

If you read my blog posts compared to some others out there, you’ll notice I have a pretty relaxed tone.

I tell you about my journey — messy parts and all. I tell you about my pet. And, I talk to you like we’re BFF’s chatting over a latte at Starbucks.

That’s because I want you to have FUN while you’re here!

Being relaxed and letting your guard down allows you to feel happy and upbeat, which raises your energetic vibe and makes it EASIER to connect to psychic energy.

How Psychic Energy Works

Psychic and spirit energy vibrate at a naturally high frequency…

When I was a kid, my grandmother had Pinwheels in her garden. I would sit near the garden on a windy day and watch the Pinwheel spin around and around (it didn’t take much to entertain me as a kid, what can I say? lol).

Spirit and psychic energy are like a Pinwheel on a windy day.

When there is no wind, you can see the individual colors on the blades of the Pinwheel. But when the wind picks up, it starts spinning so fast that all of the colors blend together!

As humans, our energy is pretty dense (think of your body as a Pinwheel that’s NOT in motion). That means our vibrational frequency is slow.

Now think about Spirit and psychic energy… it’s light and airy (there’s no body to weigh it down, plus, it’s loving and drama-free!). Therefore, it vibrates at a high, fast frequency.

So in order to connect, we need to INCREASE our vibration.

In other words:

The reason that developing psychic ability is so much easier when you are relaxed and having fun with it is because that approach inherently raises your vibration.

See the snowball effect forming?

Psychic development can come naturally when you allow yourself to enjoy the journey and not stress.

When you have fun along your journey, and your abilities start to develop, you’ll have a higher vibration.

Plus, the confidence built from that not only empowers YOU, but future clients if you choose to be an intuitive reader or medium.

Psychic Secret Takeaways

Living life in a high vibe, joyful way will help you KNOW that you are connected on a deeper, spiritual level to your higher self/soul and spirit guides. That alone gives you the proper perspective when doing spiritual work.

Even though this is serious business, allowing yourself to relax and enjoy your journey puts you in the energetic state you need to be in to naturally develop your psychic abilities.

Well, there you have it! That is the one of the best kept secrets of the psychic development world!

So go ahead and pop on your favorite tune, take a walk outside, and enjoy yourself on this journey. :)

Next read: 9 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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I get emails almost every day from people who are scared because they don’t know what they’re tapping into or “allowing in” with their psychic abilities.

Before they pick up a pack of Zener cards and start working on opening their third eye, they want to know where psychic information comes from… and who can blame them?!

Hollywood movies and dark corners of the web are well known for pumping out less than reputable information — especially when it comes to metaphysics.

So if you’ve been on the fence about developing your psychic abilities due to fears of “psychic attacks” and scary or mean spirits, stick around!

Let’s tackle one of my most frequently asked questions: where does psychic information come from?

Where Does Psychic Information Come From?

Here’s the scoop: No matter what psychic abilities you have, the information comes from the same sources… your Higher Self and spiritual team (we’ll get to that in a minute).

It’s kinda like the same friend calling you, texting you, and FaceTiming you. :)

In Hollywood, having visions and hearing voices (which is totally NOT how clairaudience works, BTW) often has a scary or ominous message attached to it. Those storylines sell tickets, but are not any more factual than medical or crime dramas (CPR is wayyy harder than that, Dr. Gray).

But if you only take away one thing from this post, let it be this:

Psychic information will never intentionally scare you. Your entire spiritual team always works for your highest and best good and is sending you information to help you.

So how does your spiritual team get you these messages? The answer is through your “clairs”:

  • Clairvoyance – psychic seeing (you SEE an image in your mind’s eye)
  • Clairsentience – psychic feeling and sensing (you get a feeling or sense about something/someone)
  • Clairaudience – psychic hearing (a word or phrase pops into your head)
  • Claircognizance – psychic knowing (you have an Inner knowing about something)

So, who is this lovely and super helpful spiritual team? The ones in charge of sending the psychic information you receive? Let’s meet them now!

Your Spiritual Team 1. Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the version of you know that knows exactly why you’re on this earth. It’s your soul – your “spiritual self” which has been around for many lifetimes… like probably centuries (so it’s supa’ wise).

Your HS is especially responsible for sending psychic messages that pertain to yourself or someone you love. This is called intuition (which we all have).

Because our Higher Self guides us for our best and highest good, those psychic messages can be things like:

  • Start that business you want.
  • Don’t trust that guy!
  • Grab an umbrella before you head out!

It’s basically the spiritual side of you guiding you. :)

2. Spirit Guides

You’ve probably heard talk of Spirit Guides before. Think of these guides as a team of trusted advisors.

You know how you know EXACTLY which friends and family members to call together when you need advice? These Spirit Guides are like the spiritual version of your trusted counsel.

Some Spirit Guides are deemed to help you in certain areas of your life (like one of mine is there to help guide me with my children, and one is around specifically to help with my readings).

They pass you psychic information however they can reach you.

If you doubt them or don’t hear them, they might try to get you the message another way. For instance, the first time I met my guides I didn’t think they were real. Then, someone in my psychic development class saw MY guides during an exercise and validated what I had originally saw!

The same goes for your spiritual guides as for your Higher Self — their help is ALWAYS for your highest and best good.

3. Spiritual Team

Your spirit team is an extended version of your Spiritual Guides. 

While your Guides are assigned to help you with certain areas of your life, while your spiritual team includes super high spirit guides, such as Ascended Masters. It includes the “biggies”, like Jesus, Buddha, and your loved ones in heaven.

When you’re first starting out, you may not be able who is passing you psychic information — your Spirit Guide, an Ascended Master (a.k.a. “biggie guide”), or your late Aunt Jen. But as you continue down the path of your psychic development, you will be learn to sense who is sending you the message, and why.

Your spiritual team has the highest and best intentions for you — just like your Higher Self and Guides.

They may give you “higher purpose” guidance like, move closer to home, connect with that person, or try to have a baby one more time.

4. Angels

Angels can offer psychic information just like your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, and the rest of your spiritual team. While we often think of angels as just floating around in Heaven, they are also incredibly wise Divine presences.

Angels often use an indirect route to provide you with the insight or knowledge you need – even when you don’t know you need it. They can give you angelic wisdom straight from a loving source – themselves!

You may notice seeing “Angel Numbers” a lot when you’re trying to make a decision (like 111, 333, or 555).

Angels love offering support, and can always be reached for clarification or Divine intuition. But once you ask for that, but sure to keep a lookout for signs that they’re around!

Psychic Information Takeaways

Our trusted Higher Self and spiritual team of Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones in heaven are the ones who send us information through our intuition and psychic gifts, so there is no need to be worried about who is “coming through.” :)

This psychic information is meant to serve you and not frighten you.

Once you start developing your psychic abilities, you will be able to sense who is giving you the psychic message — a Spirit Guide, your Higher Self, or your dearly departed grandpa.

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Developing clairsentience doesn’t have to be a super daunting or time intensive process. Contraire! Get started today with these fun and amazingly simple ways to develop your abilities.

Oh, and one of these psychic development tips even gives you a chance to party. ;)

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentient people receive intuitive messages and psychic impressions through sensing, emotional feelings or physical feelings.

They can sense things about people (“something is up with those two, I can feel it!”), places, and things!

If you’re a clairsentient psychic you might…

  • Sense your BFF’s excitement before she says a word.
  • Warn your sister that her date has “less than noble” intentions.
  • Call your grandma – just when she realized she needed a favor.
  • Get a great feeling from your new boss just a few seconds after she arrives.
  • Avoid the 5 o’clock news because you feel the emotions of the people in every bad situation.

Basically, if your friends have always described you as having “spidey” senses or described you as being “too emotional” (Ugh! You just can’t forget about that heart wrenching scene from Pursuit of Happyness), you’re probably a clairsentient psychic!

When it comes to developing clairsentience, all those feelings can make it tough to know where to start.

After all, how do you tell what’s a feeling and what’s psychic message? (Hint hint – if you’re asking that, it’s probably a message!)

Don’t worry… these two bite-sized ways to develop your clairsentience are a great starting point, and they’re super easy to add to your daily life.

Seriously – you’ll be amazed at how #2 immediately boosts your clairsentient confidence!

2 Amazingly Simple Ways of Developing Clairsentience 1. Get social and sense energy!

The next time you go to a party or a family gathering, try to sense the energy in the room.

When you first walk in, ask yourself:

  • What does the energy feel like?
  • Is it light, heavy, happy, or excited?

As the next guests arrive, check in with the energy again:

  • What does it feel like now?
  • Is the energy still light? Or is it heavier?
  • Can you totally sense the drama when that one couple walks in?

As the evening goes on, check in and take notice of how the energy feels/changes every half hour or so.

Pro Tip: In order to get the most out of this tip, make sure to arrive to the party on time (my constant struggle!) That way, you can feel the energy before everyone arrives, and after.

BTW: You can also practice this exercise at work! Just get there a little early and notice the energy of the office before everyone gets there.

2. Mind your language

Words are soooo powerful. What you say really matters — especially when you’re developing your clairsentience!

Clairsentience can feel super subtle, so it’s easy to interpret a psychic message as just a “thought” at first.

To avoid discounting your awesome psychic ability, get into the habit of swapping out the words “I think” for “I feel”.

Are you having an “Aha” moment right now? I KNOW, right?!

For instance, rather than saying, “I think my new coworker is really nice.” try, “I have a great feeling about my new coworker!”

Or instead of staying, “I think that guy is up to no good,” try, “I have a feeling that we should avoid that guy!”

This simple shift VALIDATES your ability and opens you up to receive more messages. Plus, it strengthens your clairsentience even more.

That’s it! Fun and amazingly simple, right?!

If you’re looking for more ways to get in touch with your intuitive senses and feelings, check out these 6 Ways to Develop Clairsentience (that actually work!)

The post Developing Clairsentience Has Never Been Easier Than This! appeared first on Intuitive Souls Blog.

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Guess what?! Clairsentient anxiety? Not that uncommon. Yep, really! In fact, I know a thing (or 10) about it myself.

See, somewhere between the clairsentient realization that, “OMG that’s why I’m constantly feeling drained in large groups”, and, “Maybe now I can dodge bad dates before they happen!” you may also have thoughts like:

  • How can I stop the emotions of other people from affecting me?
  • What if I can never concentrate in a staff meeting again?
  • How can I stop feeling so drained?
  • Why does my BFF’s family drama impact me SO much?

But don’t worry. I didn’t write this post to simply tell you that there’s no hope for clairsentient anxiety! The truth is, there are ways to deal with the bombarded feeling you may have right now. 

How to Calm Clairsentient Anxiety 1. Deflect the emotions

The next time you’re with someone who is emitting a lot of emotions, imagine that there are mirrors all around you facing outward.

This tactic deflects energy away from you and back to the person… kinda like Wonder Woman’s bracelets!

And don’t worry – this doesn’t harm anyone – it simply keeps you from letting the negative vibes of others bring you down.

I love this method of dealing with clairsentient anxiety because it’s simple to do when you’re around someone you just can’t step away from (like your boss).

2. Take control of your aura

Our aura (the energy surrounding our body) is a direct reflection of the emotions that we feel.

If you feel fab, you’ll have a bright, gorgeous aura. If you feel negative emotions, those feelings will be reflected in your aura, too.

And in our crazy, stressful lives, our auras can be guilty of pulling overtime!

So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or bombarded, take a deep breath and try to get a physical sense of where your aura is.

Does it feel HUGE like it’s filling the entire room?

If so, imagine slowly and gently bringing your energy in closer and closer to your body. (Just imagine rolling your energy up – the same way you see towels rolled up in big, fancy houses).

Keeping your energy feeling closer to your body will calm clairsentient anxiety. This way, your “feelers” aren’t out on a mission to sense everything.

Helpful aura posts: 3. Take a grown-up time out

Sometimes you just need a breather! If you’ve had a stressful day or just CAN. NOT. listen to your sister’s drama for one more minute, make taking a break a priority. Honor what you feel and practice self care.

Some of my favorite ways to do this are:

  • Taking a bubble bath (bonus points if you take an aura cleansing bath!)
  • Coloring (adult coloring books are the best thing since bath bombs)
  • Binge watch House of Cards
  • Journaling

Tip: Before I do anything, I pop in some lavender essential oil in my diffuser — it’s sooo calming!

4. Meditate

Duh. I know I say it in every blog post, but it WILL help calm your clairsentient anxiety… seriously!

But don’t leave your overwhelmed brain to its own devices. Take this opportunity to try a guided meditation.

I’ve used the apps Headspace and Calm for guided meditations, but you can use any method you want! The important thing is that you allow your brain to come out of the day-to-day grind, and reconnect with your Higher Self.

Meditation helps you step out of spinning thoughts and start releasing the anxiety.

5. Practice grounding

For us clairsentient folks, energy overwhelm can kick in pretty easily. And before you know it – there goes the neighborhood… Everything seems like a bigger deal than it really is, and you can wind up feeling flighty and spaced out.

But don’t worry. Grounding techniques can bring you back to the present, and help you feel refocused, calm, and clear.

These are some of my go-to methods for grounding:

  • Eating some root veggies (or chocolate! Yes, seriously!)
  • Doing the dishes (the water is super calming)
  • Popping on my fav song and dancing around
  • Journaling
  • A walk outside (even better if it’s a barefoot stroll in the grass, dirt, or sand)

Walking is a great way to ground yourself and remove the stress out of a situation. Plus, it helps you expend some of the excess energy that is making you feel ungrounded.

But don’t use this tip as an excuse to go for a walk in the mall with all your gal pals. A walk to calm clairsentient anxiety should be alone (except for Fido, of course!) and in the great outdoors.

6. Surround yourself with white or pink light

Much like the outward facing mirror tip, this can be done anywhere, anytime. If you’re an empath and feeling sad when you come across someone who is down on their luck, surround yourself with white light, and extend some to them as well.

Doing this acknowledges what you (and they) are feeling, and sends the only thing you can — light and well wishes. Surrounding yourself first ensures you don’t burden yourself with their journey as you pass by.

7. Be aware of your perspective

As you’re encountering someone who needs the white (or pink) light, be mindful of your perspective.

In all honesty, being aware helped calm my clairsentient anxiety immensely.

Now, I KNOW. It can be sooo easy to wonder why you feel so sad, and hold on to someone else’s heartache throughout your whole day!

But here’s the thing: You aren’t here to save everyone from their pain.

I’ll say it again…

You aren’t here to save everyone from their pain.

Yep. So the next time you’re about to go down that emotional rabbit hole (you know, the one where you start picking up someone’s emotions and feel like you’re about to cry through a box of Kleenex), remind yourself that they are a spiritual being who is here to learn and grow.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to NOT have a heart or be cold. It’s just that you’re not going to be any help to anyone if you are feeling icky, too.

So, do something proactive instead, like sending them white or pink light, and sending loving and healing vibes their way. :) Your soul will know what to do.

Clairsentient Anxiety Takeaways

I know that some of these tips may seem like they’re designed to remove you from the situation and not help… But the thing is, you aren’t doing yourself (or the world) any good by overwhelming yourself to the point where you are in a constant state of and anxiety.

As a clairsentient, you can (and might) give and give until you have nothing left!

Like I mentioned above, you didn’t incarnate on this earth to be a slave to your psychic gifts.

You are here to help humanity and spread loving vibes into the world. In order to do that, you have to learn how to calm your clairsentient anxiety. Now go out there and take on the world! :)

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OMG, am I psychic?!  

Picture this: You and your whole family are gathered at your grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. All the cares of your crazy work week are replaced by memories and second slices of cherry pie.

Suddenly, out of the blue, you visualize her prized flower vase flying off the china cabinet shelf.


You’re busy wondering where that vision came from (and why it interrupted your lively discussion), when the whole family hears a CRASH and a subsequent, “uh-oh…”

  • Your grandma? Less than pleased.
  • Your socks? Knocked clean off.
  • Your next thought? Am I psychic?!

If those thoughts have ever raced through your mind, never fear! Here’s the full scoop on how to know if you’re psychic or not.

Am I Psychic? The Basics

If you’ve ever had an experience like the one above, you may *THINK* you are a psychic, but aren’t sure and don’t know where to go from here.

I’ve been there and I get it…

You want to answer the question am I psychic? with confidence so that you KNOW for sure and KNOW you’re not imagining it.

The word “psychic” means a lot of things to a lot of different people, so let’s start with the lowdown on REAL psychic abilities.

Unlike Hollywood psychics, real psychics aren’t stopped in their tracks by visions, found talking to themselves in a corner, or bound to only shop at stores that carry fancy turbans. 

The truth is, psychic ability is super subtle!

Plus, did you know that there are FOUR main psychic abilities? They are:

  • Clairvoyance (psychic seeing – seeing still or moving images or symbols in your mind’s eye)
  • Claircognizance (psychic knowing – knowing something without logic or facts)
  • Clairaudience (psychic hearing)
  • Clairsentience (psychic sensing – getting vibes about people, places, objects, animals – or sensing spirit)

The example described at the beginning of this post is clairvoyance.

Psychics can have one, multiple, or all of these abilities!

And most times, psychics and mediums are just like your nice next door neighbor who always brings chocolate chip cookies to the HOA meetings.

But the best part?

YOU can develop one or all of these psychic abilities.

We are all naturally intuitive, so there’s no need to second guess yourself if you’re wondering, am I psychic?

Honestly – if you’d wondered if you are psychic… YOU ARE. :)

If you want to learn more about the four types of psychic abilities, I’ve listed my beginner’s guides below. And of course, don’t forget to read on to read the signs that you’re psychic.

Am I Psychic? Signs You’re a Psychic

Ok, enough chit-chat… you came here with a pressing question… am I psychic?

And I want to stress again:

If you’ve found your way to this page and think you’re psychic, you are. After all, the Universe led you here – and the Universe is pretty spot on! 

Here are some signs that you’re psychic:
  • You are creative. Maybe you have a creative job (like music editor or graphic designer), or maybe you just have a creative hobby (yes, coloring mandalas totally counts!). Either way, you’re happiest when you’re creating something! You might notice that ideas and creativity flow through you especially when you’re feeling happy, grateful, or “high vibe”.
  • You played with “imaginary friends” as a kid. If you’ve read my free eBook, 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts, you know that imaginary friends aren’t imaginary. Au contraire! “Imaginary” friends can be angels, Spirit guides, and even departed loved ones. If you saw or talked to an imaginary friend as a child (telepathically counts), you probably a psychic and don’t even know it!
  • You need your peace and quiet. Intuitive people are often highly sensitive (both emotionally and physically). And, if you find yourself especially sensitive to noise, it’s a “symptom” that you have the psychic ability of clairaudience. For example, you might gladly trade a loud party for a quiet night with your fav book. Or your neighbor’s loud TV might get on your nerves way more than you expect. You also feel super tired and crave alone time after being with people – like at a birthday party. (BTW, this is a sign that you’re clairsentient.)
  • You see things in your peripheral vision. I’m talkin’ orbs, “sparkles”, shadows, or flashing lights. This might sound scary, but I pinky promise, it’s not. In fact, I like to call these things Spirit lights! So if you’ve whipped your head around after seeing a shadow, only to see nothing, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. You’re probably clairvoyant. :)
  • You feel things about places. Have you ever walked into a room or driven by a building you’ve never been in and…. SHAZAM!? Your body tingles, you get a shiver, or the energy seems to “palpate” with heat, cold, or heaviness. You may also find yourself saying things like, “That place has a fun vibe!” or “Yikes, this place FEELS awful.” Yep, these are more signs that you’re clairsentient!
  • You understand animals. Like, you truly “get” them. It’s almost like you can communicate with them! Your friends call you the cat whisperer (and not just because you have three).
  • You know things about people (without a logical reason). Sometimes it may feel like you have radar. It doesn’t matter what the person looks like or acts like, there’s no fooling you. That insurance sales guy? Up to no good? The homeless guy on the street? Genuinely is down on his luck and will use your money for a hot dinner. You get people’s “vibes”. If you’re had an experience like this, claircognizance is probably one of your psychic gifts.
  • You feel the presence of Spirits. Have you ever sensed that there *could* be a spirit with you, but you’re not sure? Maybe you feel like someone was watching you, but it’s just you and Fluffy hanging out, and watching The Santa Clarita Diet. An important note here is that the, “Someone’s watching me….” feeling IS NOT creepy. It’s more like your BFF is on the other side of the couch, being both grossed out and enamored with Drew Barrymore’s performance. If you’ve ever felt spirits around, read this and find out if you’re a psychic medium.
  • You have a great sense of direction. Seriously, you’re like a human GPS. Siri asks you for directions.
  • You find daydreaming easy. Have you ever been sipping a Sangria while sitting on a beach in Maui, wearing Birkenstocks, and red Foster Grant sunglasses… when you were really in ANOTHER staff meeting? If slipping into a nice daydream is easy for you, the answer to your am I a psychic question may be a resounding, YES! Daydreaming is another sign of clairvoyance.
  • You can envision/plan things in your head without a sweat. Are you the kind of person who can map out a decorating idea Joanna Gaines style… before the realtor even parks the car and shows you the house? Maybe you can easily envision how divine your office will look once the antique desk is painted black, and the old chair gets a facelift in gray velvet. Convincing your spouse to do the heavy lifting on the other hand? Not so easy… The good news is this is another sign of clairvoyance.
Yay! You’re Psychic – Now What?

OK, so you probably have some thoughts racing through your head right now. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with what to do next:

  • OMG, I totally AM a psychic. I’m going to call all of my friends right now!

Yay! I know it’s super exciting! But before you speed dial your BFF Jane, give the following post a read. It will give you some great tips on coming out of the psychic closet without stress: How to Come Out of the Psychic Closet

  • Whoa, that’s why I can’t stand this open office floor plan. I get too overstimulated!

Yep, I get it. That feeling is probably because clairsentience (psychic feeling and sensing) is one of your intuitive gifts. This post has tips that will help you turn down the volume on your gifts: The Empath Survival Guide

  • Wait, so can I communicate with dearly departed Uncle Joe? Cool!

Yes, and other spirits, too! Here’s what you need to know: Becoming a Medium: 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Started

  • How do I develop my psychic abilities?

I thought you’d never ask! This post (that’s been shared over 6K times on Pinterest!) will give you 28 FUN ways to get started: 28 Ways to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

  • Which psychic abilities do I have?

This is a GREAT question and it’s super helpful to know which specific psychic gifts you have… that way you can work on developing that gift first. Why? Because it makes things a little easier. Why struggle? :) Read: Natural Psychic Ability: How to Know Which Gifts You Have

  • Um, wait. I don’t want to be psychic!

It’s OK. Honor what you feel. This post will put you at ease: But Wait! I Don’t Want to Be Psychic!

Above all…

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The psychic awakening journey should be a fun and joyful time.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or wonder why you can’t contact your great-grandma for her secret recipe on the first try. This path takes practice, but it’s soooo worth it.

Well, friend, I hope this has helped you answer the question, am I psychic?

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There is something super important that you need to do if you’re a beginner psychic…

This is a step that EVERYONE whose intuitive abilities are opening up or who wonders, “Am I psychic?”  needs to take… but almost no one does because most people don’t teach it. (*sad face*)

But don’t worry. If you’re a beginner psychic (or have been struggling with your gifts), you’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly WHAT to do and WHY this is so important. Best yet, it’s going to be enjoyable, insightful, and easy!

Let’s get started…

Why Every Beginner Psychic Needs to Do This

This tip is going to make your intuitive journey SO much more fulfilling – and easy!


Your journey is going to be WAY more fan-tabulous if you take the time to establish a relationship with your psychic gifts.

Trust me on this…

Even though I felt called to develop and use my psychic abilities, I almost quit – oh – about a million times along my journey!

And it’s not because I lacked passion. I had plenty of that. I mean, I even did a total life “recalibration”, dropping out of college (sorry, dad!) to follow my passion.

No. I almost quit because I had fear of not being good enough… or being wrong… or of people thinking I was weird…

For you, it might be something else holding you back – like fear that you don’t have any psychic abilities (which is not true and this post will prove it to ya), or some other sort of fear.

So I’m here to tell you as someone who struggled for YEARS (unnecessarily) as a beginner psychic:

The way to develop your psychic ability with Beyoncé-like confidence and embrace the spiritual journey that you’re on is to take the time to develop a relationship with your psychic gifts.

Having a relationship with your intuitive abilities is like having a GPS into your heart and soul. You’ll see what I mean when you read the next section.

Now, let’s get into the HOW. Here’s is what every beginner psychic needs to do in order to develop their gifts with joy and confidence:

Getting Cozy With Your Psychic Abilities

As I mentioned, it’s super important for psychic beginners to develop a relationship with their gifts. I mean, think about this:

Sure, you could meet a total stranger and run off and get married via Married at First Sight style. But if you’ve seen the hit TV show, you know that most of those relationships don’t turn out great!

In relationships, isn’t it better to get to know the person before rushing to the altar? You know – enjoy some of the first date conversation, “Your favorite color is periwinkle blue, mine, too!” *kismet*

It takes time to nurture that relationship, and get to know, trust, and love the person.

It’s the same with your psychic abilities.

As a beginner psychic, you need to take time to learn how your gifts work, and to trust and embrace them.

Are you having an AH-HA moment right now? I hope so. :)

Honestly, I had some amazing mentors – but I had to figure this relationship part out for myself. It took me forever. I could have been helping people with mediumship and intuitive readings years earlier than I did – and with MUCH more confidence.

So, how are you going to develop this relationship with your intuitive gifts? Here’s how:

Getting to Know and Trust Your Psychic Abilities

If you’ve been around for more than half a second, you already know about my affection for journaling.

It’s the peanut butter to my Reese’s chocolate cup because it helps provide clarity, increases psychic ability, declutters the mind, and raises your energetic vibration – just to name a few benefits. Plus, it’s relaxing (and extra fun with sparkly gel pens)!

But reading, “Sit down and journal if you want to develop psychic ability” is about as helpful as reading, “Buy some cold medicine if you want to feel better”.

There are loads of cold medicine options, just like there are loads of ways to journal!

And we don’t want to do any old journaling. We want to use SPECIFIC journaling prompts that will help you build that relationship with your psychic ability.

What to do:
  • Grab yourself a fab notebook and pretty pen. You probably wouldn’t take your first date to McDonald’s, so go ahead and splurge on a pretty notebook! :)
  • Choose a quiet time when you have 20-30 minutes without interruptions to do this exercise.
  • If you want, meditate or take a warm bath first. Totally optional, but helpful!
  • Get comfy.
  • Set the intention that this journaling exercise is for your highest and best good. If you want, invite in your Spirit Guides and/or angels.
  • Take a look at the following journaling prompts.
  • Pick one that you’d like to try. Don’t overthink it. Just go with your gut/intuition.
  • Write out the question you chose in your notebook.
  • Relax and let that sparkly pen fly!

Tip: Don’t filter anything or worry about spelling or grammar. This is for your eyes only. Also, don’t “think”, just write. Let your intuition guide you.

Journaling prompts to develop and connect with your psychic ability:
  • In my soul, why do I feel called to develop my intuitive gifts?
  • What uplifting message does my soul/Higher Self have for me about my psychic development?
  • How does my heart feel if I imagine I’m allowing my gifts to blossom?
  • What is the next step I should take in my psychic development journey?
  • When I feel doubt around my gifts, what can I do to get back into the flow of trusting again?
  • When is a time that my intuitive gifts helped me?
  • In what positive way(s) will my life be impacted if I start living the intuitive life I was meant to live?

At the end of your journaling session, thank your Spirit Guides and angels.Then, do something to ground yourself.

Repeat this exercise whenever you want or when you feel you “disconnected” from your abilities.

If you’re struggling with fear around your psychic ability, try some of these journaling prompts:
  • Where is the fear around developing my gifts coming from?
  • Am I afraid that someone will be angry, disappointed, or upset with me if they find out I’m working on psychic development? Why?
  • What specific thing(s) can I do to empower myself in this situation?
  • What other fear have I conquered that prepares me to conquer this one?
  • In what situation/area of my life do I feel powerful and confident in? How can I transfer that power into embracing my intuitive gifts?
  • How would my life look if I was living for me (and not others)?

And for more about overcoming fear around you psychic gifts, read this post.

Troubleshooting Tips: What If You Feel Stuck?

If you’re:

  • Drawing a blank. Sitting in your comfy corner, pen in hand, and still drawing a blank? Don’t force it! Even the most seasoned journalers will tell you to take a break if the words just aren’t coming. There’s no harm in taking some time off and returning in a few hours.
  • Stressed about daily obligations? Enlist the help of your trusty smart phone and set a timer. That way, you won’t be wondering if you’re going to be late picking up your kids from school mid-juicy journal thought.
  • Feeling totally blocked? Pop some peppermint, lemon, or wild orange in your essential oils diffuser! Those oils promote creativity and offer energy… they’re some of my favorite journaling buddies (minus my pens, of course).
  • Can’t quiet your mind? Try a quick meditation before you pick up a pen. Meditation will quiet your mind and allow you to focus on your journal prompt and get the most from your session. Plus, you may come out of your meditation with a few nuggets you want to write down!
  • Don’t be a perfectionist. For the love of all things green, don’t freak out if the words don’t flow the first time. Remember, we’re building a relationship here, not rushing to the altar. :) This, like all psychic development, will become easier with time. Baby steps, okay? (You can also read: I Want to Develop My Psychic Abilities But I Feel Stuck!)
Beginner Psychic Journaling Tips

Here’s the thing: I’ve used all of these journaling prompts and could give you sample answers for each prompt, but that wouldn’t serve your highest and best good. The best advice I can give you is NOT to worry about being right or wrong in what you journal. This is a great exercise in trust, too! :)

After you select a prompt that speaks to you, sit down in a cozy spot and pull out your journal and pen. Just relax, and let the words flow from your mind to the paper — you’re the only person that will ever read this. Don’t stress about sounding whiny or anxious. Just let what’s in your heart and soul out!

I LOVE helping beginner psychics embrace and develop their gifts. I’m so excited for the insights you are going to uncover with this psychic development exercise! 

Next read: First Signs of Your Psychic Ability

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We are going to get into the nitty gritty of clove essential oil, but let’s start with the obvious… clove, like a most essential oils, smells divine.

If you’ve ever opened a bottle of of clove spice while baking (maybe some Pinterest approved lemon clove cookies!), then you know what I’m talking about.

But clove is more than just a lovely smell. It’s packed with spiritual power that makes it the perfect addition to your intuitive or spiritual journey!

In fact, clove has been used for THOUSANDS of years (seriously, it’s documented) by people all over the world to help support them both spiritually and emotionally… So there must be something to it, right?

Let’s chat about why you might want to add clove essential oil to your EO collection if your having a spiritual awakening.

Disclosure: Clove oil is a powerhouse. Before the days of epidurals, clove buds were steeped in wine to ease the pain of childbirth. Yep, that’s power! And since clove oil is SO strong – and obvi, I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internetseek the advice of a health or holistic practitioner before using clove essential oil or any essential oil. 

5 Spiritual Uses for Clove Essential Oil

If you’re ready to add some serious amp to your intuitive game, reach for clove essential oil next time you’re filling up your diffuser.

If clove essential oil had a “message” for us, it would be:

Move forward, make stuff happen, and achieve as much as your spirit can!

This “superhero” oil reminds us to live each day to the fullest, not dwell on the negativity of the past, and focus on joy.

It’s a great spiritual awakening oil!

Clove oil is also said to boost courage, which can be helpful if you’re having hesitation or fear around developing your psychic gifts.

It gives us the confidence we need to step outside of our comfort zones. And like they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

Take a peek at how clove essential oil can rock your world:

1. Emotional Clarity:

You know those days where nothing seems to lift your spirits?

Everything is frustrating, even though the birds are singing, the sun is out, and there’s a new episode of Riverdale on tonight, you’re deep in bah humbug land… Look no further than your new BFF clove oil.

Clove is said to provide clarity to emotional distress and help you figure out why your spirit is hesitant to be lifted.

P.S. To hit your “AH-HA” moment, journal while some clove essential oil is running in your diffuser!

2. Personal Boundaries:

We’re all inclined to say, “Sure!” when we really mean, “I’d rather get a cavity filled!” from time to time.

Once again, clove oil is here to save the day. To strengthen personal boundaries, diffuse clove oil or dilute it and massage over your heart chakra.

Now, let someone ask you if you can bake those bake-sale cookies (again!).

3. Deeper Meditation:

If your grocery list, to-do sticky notes, and email inbox simply will not leave you alone during your meditation time, pop open your clove essential oil bottle. Diffusing clove during your meditation will not only encourage a deeper connection with your Higher Self, it will help clear your mind and allow you to recenter and focus.

For meditation help:

4. Open Blocked Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras:

Your chakras are gorgeous energy centers (that are “invisible” spinning wheels of color) that run the length of your spine. When one (or more) are closed, you can experience shyness, anxiety, the feeling of being a “pushover”, an inability to self express, and a whole host of unpleasant feelings.


To use clove to open your blocked chakras, diffuse it, or mix it with a carrier oil and apply a little on your heart or solar plexus chakra.

Do this during a meditation or journaling time, and set your intention to open the blocked chakra. Picture the chakras location, and imagine it opening up.

Visualize being able to express yourself clearly, connect with others, and communicate with confidence.

5. Provide Psychic Protection:

Empaths can get drained by other’s low vibes and trials if we don’t practice good energetic self care.

Every morning, I surround myself (and my family) with white light to help keep a high energetic vibe and not absorb negative energies. But some days are harder than others. If there’s a lot of despair in the news, or someone in our close circle is dealing with a traumatic situation, I break out the big boss: clove essential oil.

In cases like this, I like to use a little bit of the oil mixed with unscented organic lotion and rub it on my skin. 

You can also do this with a necklace or bracelet built for essential oil carrying. That way, you benefit from the clove oil’s benefits all day! Yay!

As you surround yourself with light, allow the clove to kick negative and unwanted energies to the curb.

BTW: When my kids were little and had nightmares, I’d open a bottle of clove oil and hold it about 6-inches from their nose and let them take a little whiff. This was their “brave” oil.

How to Use Clove Oil
  • Diffuse – This is my favorite way to use essential oils. All you do is add 4 – 6 drops of clove oil to an essential oil diffuser with some water (your diffuser will have instructions). The smell of clove will fill the room and you’ll benefit from its properties.
  • Massage onto the skin. I use a little bit and ALWAYS dilute it in a carrier oil. Then, I massage the oil over one of my chakras (I simply trust my intuition to tell me which chakra). (Carrier oils can be: Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, argan, avocado, emu, jojoba oil, or unscented lotion. Use organic, cold-pressed oils for maximum purity).
Compatible Oils with Clove Essential Oil

Every oil has a Ryan Reynolds to it’s Blake Lively. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, try mixing clove essential oil with any of these lovely counterparts and diffuse:

  • Cinnamon oil
  • Lаvеndеr (a staple for any essential oil lover!)
  • Lеmоn (OMG this smells so good)
  • Grapefruit
  • Rоmаn сhаmоmilе
  • Palmarosa
  • Sandalwood
  • Ginger
  • Orange
  • Vanilla
  • Rose
  • Clary sage
  • Bergamo
  • Ylаng уlаng

Keep in mind that the only way to ensure you get all the AWESOME benefits of clove essential oil is to only use 100% pure thеrареutiс grade oil. :)

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Clairsentient exercises. You know that one lifesaver friend in school who would always make a study guide “cheat sheet” with ALL the things you needed for exams… right before finals?

Well, that friend was me – LOL… So, consider me your Clairsentient Exercises and Tips 101 BFF. :)

Here’s a quick “cheat sheet” (it’s a big, fun list) of all the clairsentient exercises and tips that I teach my students:

1. Chit-chat with your Spirit Guides. This is the one of the most effortless clairsentient exercises you’ll ever get! Talking to your Spirit Guides throughout the day allows you to incorporate your psychic journey with everyday life. If you’re not sure of your Spirit Guide’s name, just pick a name you like (honestly, they won’t be offended). It will make all of your chats more fun – I promise!

2. Pray in the shower. If this list has you wondering which of the clairsentient exercises to try first, look no further! Instead of running down your grocery list, use shower time to develop your intuitive senses. Praying while using water is a spiritual, cleansing, and relaxing daily practice. You can also use this time to talk to your Spirit Guides or think about all of the things you are grateful for. This tactic can raise your vibration, which naturally and effortlessly tunes you into your psychic abilities!

3. Simply ask for it. Yep, it’s that simple. Your spirit team wants to help you develop your clairsentience. So don’t be shy about asking for help. Plus, asking your spiritual helpers (guides, angels) for a message helps develop two-way communication with them gives you practice receiving intuitive messages. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for guidance and signs after you ask, they’ll be everywhere!

4. Use rose or lavender essential oil on your heart chakra. You know I’m an essential oil fan, and that doesn’t stop at psychic development tips! The next time you’re on the go, mix 1 part rose oil into 4 parts unscented organic lotion (or a carrier oil of your choice). Then, rub it on your heart chakra area and set your intention to open your clairsentience. Plus, rose smells amazing!

5. Use rose or lavender essential oil on your solar plexus chakra. Use the same recipe above, but instead of using the oil on your heart chakra, rub it over your solar plexus (the area around your navel). As you’re doing this, don’t forget to set your intention of developing your clairsentience.

Opening the solar plexus chakra is wonderful for strengthening clairsentience, since this is where your gut feelings come from (like how you knew you shouldn’t have trusted that insurance salesman).

6. Meditate daily (for at least 10 – 15 minutes). I know, I harp on meditation a lot. But the truth is, your clairsentience will skyrocket once you consistently get down on your floor pillow and get your “Om” on.

Meditation will allow you to be in a relaxed state, which raises your energetic vibe. You’ll begin to feel more connected to your Higher Self, Spirit, and the energy of others. (If you’re feeling stuck, try a guided meditation!)

Raising your vibration is super important when you want to develop your psychic abilities. This is because Spirit energy vibrates at a much higher frequency than our energy (our bodies are dense and therefore, vibrate at a slower energetic frequency). So if you want to tune into higher, spiritual frequencies, you gotta get your vibe up.

7. Play high vibe music while you clean. The next time you’re dreading breaking out the steam mop, pop on your fav Fleetwood Mac tune! Your jam actually raises your vibration, which makes it way easier for the universe to give you other high vibrating things (like your psychic development).

8. Tune-in to your pet. This is one of the most fun clairsentient exercises ever! When your pet is calm, join them on the couch and try intuitively picking up on how they feel. Try to sense their energy and FEEL how they feel. This will help develop your psychic senses and give you some bonding time with your fur baby.

9. Journal it out. Journaling is the peanut butter to meditation’s chocolate. It helps get you in touch with your Higher Self (soul) and spirit guides (the ones who help you develop your clairsentience) If you’re wondering what to write about, try this: Think of a situation you need guidance on and journal about it. Get into all the nitty-gritty details. While you write, allow yourself to relax and let yourself be Divinely guided!

10. Eat high-vibrational foods. No, this doesn’t have to include kale! But adding high vibration foods to your diet, such as fresh fruits and veggies does help your body feel good. Plus, it helps you feel better physically which will make it way easier to develop your psychic abilities.

Want to know more about how a psychic diet can help? Check out these out:

11. “Read” an old photo. Want powerful clairsentient exercises that work super well? Well, look no further! Ask a friend to show you a picture of someone they know very well, but you’ve never met (like their favorite aunt Susan). Once they dig up a photo, focus on the person’s eyes. Try to sense how they were feeling when the picture was taken. Were they happy? Sad? Anxious? Think about if you would trust that person or tell your friend to trust that person. When you’re done, ask your friend for feedback about the person in the photo.

12. Do psychometry. Fun fact: your favorite fluffy blanket, treasured family ring, and well loved childhood doll have all absorbed some of your energy! Our energy transfers to the things we own (and love). In fact, the more we use/wear/treasure the object, the more energy is there.

To practice this exercise, invite your friend over again and ask them to bring a personal item. It can be something that was handed down through their family, or a cute purse they picked up at Goodwill yesterday. Hold the object for a few minutes, and sense what kind of energy it’s giving off. Is it positive or negative? Allow yourself to feel the energy of the person who owns or owned the object.

Tip: You can also do this practice on your own by visiting a thrift shop. Pick up a few items that you sense have a strong energy, and try to imagine their previous owners. Here are the full details on How to do Psychometry (psychic readings via touch).

13. Invest in a Fluorite crystal. Not only ultra-gorgeous, fluorite can help protect your energy from those psychic vampires in your life (someone who feels like they suck your energy and totally exhausts you). Those with clairsentience are susceptible to Negative Nancys because of their ability to feel so much.

So if you want to practice your clairsentience without being a sponge for negative energy, try wearing some fluorite jewelry or keeping some fluorite in your pocket (I do this while I sage my home)! Fluorite is well known for its ability to offer energetic protection and sanctuary from negative and stale energies.

BTW, Fluorite is also said to: 

14. Get cozy with a crystal near your pillow. This tip helps develop clairsentience and can help ward off negative vibes! These are some crystals I recommend for clairsentient and psychic development (including fluorite!).

15. Take advantage of essential oils. Get your clairsentient juices flowing first thing by plugging your diffuser when you wake up! That way even while you’re packing lunches and tossing a second load of laundry in the dryer, you’re breathing in all that essential oil goodness! Here are 11 essential oils to boost psychic ability.

16. Trust the process. I’m here to tell ya from first hand experience… some days you will feel like you’re on top of the clairsentient-moon… and other days you’ll feel like your gifts suck. On those days, take a break from your clairsentient exercises! Take a bubble bath or sip some herbal tea while you read or watch TV. Stepping back when you feel less-than-excited about your gifts will help keep the journey fresh and fun – which will keep you confident in opening your psychic abilities. Don’t force it. It really is a journey. :)

17. Recognize (and embrace) your abilities. This may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked at how often it’s overlooked! So here’s the deal: The next time that you feel like you’re having a clairsentient moment (an intuitive feeling or sense about a person, place, object, animal, situation, or spirit – whew!) – go with it! Call your aunt Jane and see what’s going on, veto your daughter’s sleepover plans, and pass on that sushi menu. Learning to recognize AND ACT ON an intuitive message is one of THE best clairsentience exercises that you can do!

18. Play hide and seek. Go back to your elementary school days and hunt down items with a lot of energy on them (keys, lipstick, anything you use often). Have your kids or a friend hide your item while you are outside. Then, when you come back in, SENSE where the object is. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my lipstick (or whatever the object is) high or low?
  • Do I feel like it’s hidden under something? Or placed on top of something?
  • Does it feel like my lipstick is in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc?

19. Play the color game – feel a color. I love all of the tips on this list, but I admit, this is my favorite of all of the clairsentient exercises that I teach. Why? Because you can get results right away! Seriously, you’ll be developing your clairsentience every time you do this!

  • All you need to do is think about your favorite color.
  • Or, if you need some color inspiration, grab some colored pencils or flowers.
  • Now, focus on your color (or the color of the pencil/flower).
  • Look at the color, then take a breath and allow yourself to FEEL.
  • What emotion does this color evoke in you? Joy? Love? Excited? Gratitude? You get the idea! :)
  • That, friend, is how you feel a color! I know… super fun!

Well, there you have it! That’s the round up of all the clairsentient exercises and tips you need to get started and continue developing your psychic sensing.

One Final Psychic Development Tip

I know there’s a lot of info here. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. To get started, I suggest you pick ONE thing from this list and try it for a few days. Don’t stress – just pick whatever seems like the most fun for you!

And if you want to switch it up and try something new the next day, go for it! Like I always say, psychic development should always be fun! It will raise your vibe and make you a much more enlightened and confident intuitive!

For more clairsentience goodness:

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Help! I’m scared of my psychic abilities! How can I stop being afraid? *aw, sad emoji*

I get this question a lot – and I love answering it and then seeing a smile spread over people’s face. :)

Let’s start by getting back to basics for a second.

We chat a lot of about developing psychic ability, but there’s a critical step you need to take before whipping out your Zener cards…  getting rid of that nasty fear!

No matter how jazzed you are about opening your third eye and finally getting in touch with your Higher Self (whoo-hoo!), it’s natural to have some fear around the subject.

With love, I repeat: It’s natural… yep, totally normal to say I’m scared of my psychic abilities!

Different people may experience different levels of fear, but you may ultimately wonder:

  • What will people think of me?
  • Will my friends think I’ve gone crazy?
  • Do I actually have psychic abilities?
  • Maybe it’s all fake…
  • What if a bad spirit attaches itself to me or my family?

If these concerns sound like you, don’t worry! I was in the same boat when I first started (yes, really), so I know a thing or 100 about being afraid of your psychic gifts.

Let’s talk now about how to stop Googling I’m scared of my psychic abilities and start embracing and actually enjoying *gasp!* your psychic awakening

4 Steps for Overcoming Being Scared of Your Psychic Abilities 1. Recognize that the fear is human – NOT of Spirit

Before you conquer this pesky fear, you have to realize where it’s coming from

Did you know that we ALL have a spiritual team? These guys and gals are like our spiritual family. They include our Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, teachers (like Buddha, Jesus, or the other “biggies”), angels, and loved ones in heaven.

Soooo… what I need you to remember is:

Your spiritual team is completely ALL loving and they want nothing but the tippy-top best for you.

When you’re ready, your spirit team (seriously, they are like your spiritual cheerleaders), are ready and able to help you develop your psychic gifts. Doing so will bring you closer to them and your Higher Self (also known as your soul)…

PLUS, it will help you become more intuitive which makes life much more awesome!

What I’m saying is that this fear is actually a human fear. It’s fear of the unknown!

Think first day of a new job jitters… You’re excited to dive in, but what if they drop a project on your desk that you can’t handle? Or what if no one sits with you at lunch? What if you just can’t figure out how to work the coffee machine?

All those worries slowly ease as you realize you’re prepared for those projects, meet your new work BFF, and notice it’s the same Keurig machine that your last office had.

Understanding where your fear is coming from will give you the confidence to move forward and not take it as a sign from above to stop.

When I first started down this path, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. After all, this was not the life I envisioned for myself or my family! I craved stability, and this was far from it.

But with some help from my mentors, I realized that the fear was coming from my ego (my human side and not my spiritual side where our psychic gifts reside), and I was able to overcome it. Trust me, you can, too!

2. Decide who you’re really afraid of (and why)

Do you remember the first time you did something waaaay outside of your comfort zone?

Maybe your best high school bud convinced you that purple highlights were all the rage, or you applied a whole bottle of Sun-In to your ponytail. Second to “OMG I look like Avril Lavigne!” you probably thought, “What is my mom going to say?!”

The truth is, once the newness and excitement of developing psychic ability wears off, you might find yourself in the same spot… Wondering what your family will say.

But before you close this page and only chat about the weather at your next family reunion, consider why you’re really afraid of your loved one’s judgement. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Who is going to be upset or angry if they find out I’m working on psychic development?
  • What might a conversation with that person look like?
  • Why do I fear that person?

Write out all of these questions and answers out in your journal. If you’ve never journaled before, here is a post to teach you how to get started. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

When it comes down to it, our family and friends usually just want what’s best for us. Understanding that tapping into your psychic ability brings you closer to your Higher Self (AKA the part of you that knows exactly why you’re here) may help ease their mind.

Plus, don’t forget, you don’t have to broadcast the news that you’re developing your psychic ability right now. Start working on your abilities now, and approach the subject when you’re a little more confident.


One of my mentors used to say this about business, but it applies here too: “Do it scared!”

When you were laying in bed the night before elementary school started, did your parents tell you that you could stay home if you were too nervous? Did they let you hang out in bed until you were comfortable going? No way!

Everyone gets a little jittery when they start something new. If we waited until those nerves passed, we would never do ANYTHING!

Once you address where the fear is coming from, and think about the loved ones in your life finding out, picture how much better once your life will be once your psychic abilities are developed.

Imagine how your life would benefit from you taking the leap and developing your intuitive gifts.

By pushing through your fear, you will likely find that the benefits FAR outweigh your fears or reservations about awakening your psychic abilities. If it helps, make a list of all the positive ways your life will change once you finally embrace your gifts!

Once you have those concrete benefits, your nerves should ease up a little bit — but don’t rush them to go away fully!

Accepting that you may have to make a move a little bit scared allows you to accept and honor where you are right now.

Acknowledge the fear, honor the journey, focus on your heart, and take a baby step. Perhaps trying just ONE of these psychic development ideas (whichever one feels good to you), or meditating.

4. Let’s talk about “bad” spirits and energy, shall we?

Alright friend, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I KNOW (because I read the emails that come in) that a lot of people have a fear of bad spirits or bad energy – or bringing something negative into their home.

I’m here to tell you that there is no reason to fear anything negative.

Honestly, if you’re Googling, “I’m scared of my psychic abilities” because you just watched The Sixth Sense, let it go because…

In real life, mediumship and psychic ability is NOTHING like what you’ve seen in movies. A spirit won’t follow you around with an IV pole asking you to get a message to her Aunt Martha… I promise!

And you cannot bring any negative vibes into your life just because you’re psychic, gave an intuitive or mediumship reading, opened your chakras, or chatted with your Spirit Guides.

Remember, universal energy applies… like attracts like. If your freaked out by this fear, don’t just take my word for it…

Spending some time absorbing all of the goodness that psychic ability has to offer will give you a fresh and uplifting perspective!

That’s about all I have for you, friend. Now you can say, I used to be scared of my psychic abilities, but now I think they’re awesome. Boom! :)

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Truth bomb: Your psychic energy makes you more sensitive to negativity than most people.

How does this strike ya?…Picture it: 

The women next to you in the store is not having a good day. Her toddler has broken into a cereal box and redecorated the store aisle with Cheerios. The frazzled mom (hey, we’ve all been there) proceeds to yell at little Suzy — she only turned her back for a minute!

Of course, the store manager is less than thrilled with the Cheerios creation. Now he and the mom are exchanging words while Suzy cries. 

Is your stomach tight just picturing that? Are you internally cringing? I am

As intuitive souls, we’re often faced with combating negative energy…

And it can be tougher to stay away from than that chocolate cake calling your name in the fridge!

Negative energy drains us, makes us feel un-grounded, anxious, and is overall unpleasant, right? So let’s take a collective deep breath and explore some ways to kick negative energy to the curb and clean up our psychic energy!

Cleaning up your Psychic Energy

Of course in order to combat negative energy, we need to know how to recognize it when it presents it’s ugly head.

Raise your hand if you have:
  • Felt an unexplained exhaustion after going to a particular place or being with a particular person.
  • Wanted to lock yourself in a pillow fort because processing emotions seemed too tough.
  • Felt anxious or upset in a space for no particular reason.
  • Avoided certain situations or activities you used to enjoy.
  • Recently dealt with an illness.

There are lots of other symptoms of negative energy, but at the end of the day, you know yourself. You’re intuitive. So if something feels like OMG – I need an aura cleansing bath – you’re probably right.

And if you’re reading this, it’s high time to clean up your psychic energy and kick negative energy to the curb.

Below are a bunch of ways you can get your energetic fields in tip-top shape again! Try one idea, a bunch, or mix things up and combine some of these tricks of the trade.

Mostly, remember to do what YOU feel most drawn to and works best for you! :)

14 Ideas for Cleaning up Your Psychic Energy 1. Set Your Intention

This is first because intention is the foundation of any project. Setting your intention is super important as you seek to clean up your psychic energy.

It should accompany any of these other techniques, okay?

BTW, I’m a big believer in stating intentions aloud as well as writing them down. We need to manifest them to the Universe as well as ourselves.

Tip: Of course, you can THINK your intentions if you’re in public and don’t want someone to call the cops on you. (Um, there’s a lady here chanting out loud?!).

There are no particular words you need to use, just say whatever feels right to you. It can be as simple as:

“I set my intention that all negative energy and influences be cleared from this space (or cleared from my body).”

Use the words that resonate with you — there’s no wrong way to do it.

2. Get Reiki or Some Other Type of Healing Session

First things first. If you can afford to get yourself a healing session, I highly recommend it. But if you can’t, no worries. You can totally meditate instead or use one of these ideas for people who hate meditating!

If you’re a newbie to meditation, the following post will help:

And if you’re like, yes! sign me up for Reiki right now… here’s the scoop:

Reiki is a healing technique that minimizes stress and promotes good energy. It is administered by touch and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

Of course, there are multiple other modalities out there that accomplish the same goal. Do what feels best for YOU. Here are some ideas:

  • Massage
  • Theta healing
  • Hynotherapy
  • Cranial sacral therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Polarity therapy 
  • Acupuncture

I’ve had ALL of these with great success! Bonus: Whether you meditate or have a Reiki session, you may learn something while clearing up your psychic energy. (Look at you, multitasking queen!)

3. Banish Drama From Your Life

Listen up — it is high time to serve drama an eviction notice. It steals your positive psychic energy and leaves you feeling stressed, anxious, and negative. Sounds like a blast, right? *insert strong sarcastic tone here*

But how are you supposed to banish drama for good?! Great question, friend. Check this out.

4. Get in Touch with Your Intuition

Your intuition is your Higher Self/soul. AKA — it’s super duper important.

And, it will always guide you in the right direction. After all it IS a part of you… Have you ever felt as though a person/place/situation was just wrong? Oh yeah, that was your Higher Self giving you a nudge through your intuition.

Getting in touch with your Higher Self and learning to trust your intuition can make life SO much more joyful – which is a natural repellent for negativity! Boom.

5. Be Joyful

Actually, let’s chat a little more about Joy. Because yes, it’s that important.

First things first… How can you serve others and live an intuitive life if you’re miserable? I’m not saying that you have to be Sally Sunshine every day, but as an intuitive soul, you want your overall vibe to be high…

This will help keep your psychic energy healthy… Seriously, joy is like “an apple a day” for your soul!

Have you ever heard that the best cure is prevention? By raising our energetic vibration we’re able to defend against negative energy! Again, there’s not really a right or wrong way to do this.

The principles of maintaining a high vibration are pretty simple:

  • Surround yourself in beauty (whatever that means to you)
  • Seek joy
  • Smile
  • Engage with people and things you love

Doesn’t sound so rough, right?

Doing what makes you happy and healthy is guaranteed to keep your good vibrations circulating, so there are lots of positive psychic energy around you and your home. 

Trust me, this works. I’ve spent the last 10 years or so learning how to be joyful! You and I both know it can be hard to feel happy in this crazy world we live in, but living a happy life (even with challenges and obstacles) IS possible.

The way I learned to live a joyful life was through the teachings of Esther Hicks. I can’t recommend enough the book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. In my opinion, this book should be required reading for EVERY human being on Earth.

Not only did Ask and It Is Given change my life, it saved me.

I also highly recommend The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course CD Program. Personally, I own almost ALL of Esther Hicks teachings, but this CD set is one of my absolute favorites! I listen to it every day for a positive energy pick-me-up!

6. Use Aromatherapy

I used to diffuse essential oils instead of candles, just for fun. Then I learned from an aromatherapy guru that this stuff is actually linked to your brain! It’s incredibly powerful.

Have you even smelled something that took you right back to a specific time or place? The feelings came with it, right? We use this concept to promote relaxation and clear that negative energy away.

Some of the best oils to use for eliminating negative energy and raising your psychic energy are:

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Rose
  • Patchouli

You can also try essential oil blends, which are a lot of fun to experiment with. (One of my fav’s is 3 drops of lavender and 3 drops of peppermint in my diffuser.).

There are all types of difusers, including ones for your home, car, and even necklace diffusers!

Related: Essential Oil Benefits and How to Use Them

7. Use Crystals

This is by far one of my favorite ways to ward off negative energy! The cool thing about crystals is that they can both preventative and healing.

If you keep the right crystals on you, especially if you know you’re going to be around negative energy, you can avoid a bog down all together…

And after you’ve been exposed to negative energy, they can help clear it up.

Plus… aren’t they sooo pretty?!

My favorite is black tourmaline — I actually carry it in my pocket if I know I’m going to be out and about all day! It protects me from feeling drained as I’m with all types of people.

Others that work as well are:


8. Surround Yourself with White Light Every Day

I’ve been surrounding myself and my family (including our kitty, Gus!) with white light for years! I do it every morning and it feels like an energy cleanse!

To clean up your psychic energy, surround yourself with white light every day, too. It’s like a suit of armor for the soul! All you need to do is imagine yourself being surrounded by white light… head to toe.

I like to do it first thing in the morning when I wake up – or I imagine that the water in my shower is cleansing white light pouring down on me. Then, I hold the image of each of my family members in my mind and imagine wrapping them in white light, too!

9. Imagine Yourself Surrounded by Mirrors

I’m rubber, you’re glue… whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you! Do you remember saying that as a kid? I do!

The “grown up” version of “I’m rubber, you’re glue” is to imagine that there is a big mirror in front of you facing outward. And bam! Any negativity bounces right off it and and “returns to sender!”

10. Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

These are not just for yoga studios anymore! I have one in almost every room of my house and have never looked back — they’re fantastic.

I especially recommend using them wherever you have electronic devices. They’re soothing, dispel any negative energy, and their soft glow is incredibly comforting.

If I’m feeling particularly bogged down, I will go sit by my lamp and meditate for a few minutes.

Basically, positive ions are created in different ways, including electromagnetic (EM) radiation from our electronic devices. Positively-charged ions sap our energy, leaving us feeling drained. They leak negative energy. (Please don’t ask me to explain this in detail — my last science class was in the 90’s. lol)

Since salt is a natural conduit, the lamp grabs ahold of these positive ions and changes them into negative ions, which emit positive energy. :)

11. Burn or Spray Sage

This may be one of the first things you think of when talking about clearing negative energy. It’s a widely popular tradition — for good reason!

Sage has been used by native cultures for eons to cleanse negative energy from spaces and people.

This is one of my favorite ways to cleanse because it smells great and the ritual of walking around the house with a sage smudge stick (or spray) while invoking a cleansing mantra feels so powerful!

Related: How to Cleanse Your House with Sage.

My sage recommendations:

  • My personal favorite, by a landslide is this sage spray! Look — I am in LOVE with this stuff. OMG it’s seriously so easy — just spritz it around your house or car and voila! Done!
  • If you prefer to burn sage, these are my favorite white sage sticks (which have over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon).
12. Burn 9 white candles

Yes, specifically 9. And yes, specifically white. Look, I know this sounds a little kooky, but I learned it in a feng shui class once.

  • Take 9 tea light size candles and place them on a fire-proof surface (I use a large plate).
  • Light each candle and let them all burn out on their own (it takes about 4-5 hours).
  • This supposedly clears the energy of the 9 areas of your home according to feng shui.

P.S. Please don’t leave home while the candles are burning. :)

13. Play High Vibrational Music

It’s no secret that dancing around to your favorite song can boost your mood. But yes, it can also cleanse negative energy! Now that’s what I call a win-win.

Music is a natural, easy solution for negative vibes because it raises our energetic vibration. It changes the frequencies in the air, which uplifts our mood – making us less susceptible to low energies. There’s no right or wrong way to do this — just play something you enjoy. Now, get out there and shake that thing!

14. Cleanse Your Aura

Your aura is a direct reflection of your psychic energy. If you are feeling poo-poo, it’s going to be reflected in your aura. That’s why you’ll see loving people with a muddy or black aura sometimes.

One of the most fun ways to cleanse your aura is to take an aura cleansing bath. A soak in the tub with some salts and a little essential oil is a great recipe for healthy psychic energy!

Clearing Your Psychic Energy Takeaways

As you encounter negative energies throughout your day, select any way to cleanse that seems right to you!

I use essential oils, salt lamps, high vibrational music, and crystals around my home every day. It keeps my space protected and cleansed.

But, I recommend tapping into your intuition and letting it tell you what techniques to use. You might use just one, or you might combine a few of them, depending on the energy you are working with or what your intuition is telling you!

The post The Mega Guide to Clearing Your Psychic Energy (and Eliminating Negativity!) appeared first on Intuitive Souls Blog.

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