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Alternate Career Path for Technical Writers

You will agree that there is no doubt that technical writing is a lucrative career with handsome payouts but there comes the point of saturation, from where you need to grow and extend your area of expertise.

Reality is this is not the case of only technical writers, in fact, this is the scenario in almost all the profession excluding movie and politics.

In the professional journey, you have acquired a lot of new skills like people management, facilitation of meeting, project management, listening, usability, content marketing which can help you to bag a new career which you dream to do.

Let us face it:

Generally, after around ten years of experience as a technical writer professionals start looking out for more options where they can excel in their career path.

Working as a technical writer makes them efficient enough to understand technologies as well as working in a team and managing it.

Learning never ends, and knowledge never goes in vain.

Here is something for you.

In this blog post, five best career transition position from the technical writer is discussed.

How we prepared the list and why we are saying them best?

Here is the fact:

Interviewed the technical communicators who switched career.

Salary was also one of the parameters. We make sure average salary should be equal to or more than tech writers of similar experience group.

In the first Information Developers Conclave, our theme was Transformation many ideas came from that conclave.

Before finalizing the list, we have considered the skills generally intermediate technical writers (4-18 years of experience) acquired during the job.

Listed those core competency and mapped with other career options.

Secondary skills which tech writers acquire on the jobs:

  1. Interviewing skill
  2. Information gathering skill
  3. Co-ordinating skill
  4. Meeting facilitation skill
  5. People management
  6. Domain knowledge
  7. Testing/QA
  8. Product knowledge
  9. Planning and management skill
  10. Communication skill

Have a sneak peek and decide yourself what suits you.


Program Manager:


If you are confusing a program manager with a project manager. A program manager manages a program that may include more than one project.

A program manager’s job is to plan and govern a program. He is also responsible for the successful completion of the product /outcome of the program.

The nature of his job is mostly operational so he must possess both knowledge and managerial skills. Practical experiences help him manage and understand the program.


Job Responsibility of a Program Manager:

Let’s be specific about the roles played by a program manager.

  1. He is responsible for doing daily program management from the launch to completion of any program.
  1. He is responsible for defining the rules and regulations to the span of control.
  1. He plans and keeps a check on the execution of it in a program.
  1. To manage the program budget also comes under the eye of a program manager.
  1. He also does the risk management and finds alternative solutions to it.
  1. In a program the number of the project involved are interdependent, a program manager is responsible for the coordination.
  1. A program manager also manages the resources across all the projects in a program.
  1. Initial program documentation is also managed by him.
  1. Being the program manager, he is responsible for the communication with stakeholders.


Must have skills for a program manager:

A program manager is a responsible position in an organization, so it becomes mandatory to have some necessary skills crucial for this job.

  1. He should have excellent leadership and managerial skill.
  2. As he manages resources, he should have a good knowledge of the resource allocation process.
  3. To cope up with risk management, he should have an innovative mind to find multidirectional solutions.
  4. To make a program cost-effective, he should know about budgeting.
  5. The objective of the program should be well understood by a program manager.
  6. He must have a positive approach towards the resources in a program for creating a better working environment.
  7. He also needs to be aware of the tricks and techniques of program and project management.
Salary of a Program Manager:

Seeing the responsibilities and skills required for a program manager, if you are wondering what to do, it’s time to rejoice.

The salary they draw is enough to cover up the investment they do in their profession. Take a look at the survey-

An average salary of more than 21 lakh/annum is what they draw in India.

It also varies according to the country you are working in. In the U.S the average salary of a program manager is 1, 27,445 USD.

Start working on the skills required now, if you think you can move in the direction of a technical writer to a program manager.

You can contact Alok Sharma and Madhumita Sharma for the transition to the program manager.

Business Analyst:

Next most sought career opportunity for the technical writer is – Business Analyst.

As per the name suggest they are the one who analyses a business and recommends necessary changes to make the business cost effective.

They work as a bridge between the organization and its IT needs. Not only this, but they are also involved in the documentation of processes in a business and the business model.

Analyzing a business also includes the analysis of risk and after effects of it.  This makes the job of a business analyst of great responsibility.

They determine the requirements of a project to optimize the budget and make it cost effective.

They also need to communicate the requirements, and the necessary changes recommended to the partner, stakeholder facilitator, etc.

Job Description of a business analyst:
  1. They are involved in the planning and monitoring of business to analyze it better.
  2. They find out the requirements and communicate it in a simplified and translated way for a better understanding.
  3. They analyze the risk involved and the possible solutions.
  4. They minimize the budget to increase profit.
Skills required:
  1. First and the most important skill required is a good verbal and written communication skill. It helps them to convince the organization and stakeholders to make the necessary changes for the business to run more efficiently.
  1. He should be diplomatic as he will have to convince the people involved in the business.
  1. He must have an analytical mind and a problem-solving approach.
  1. He should have the capability to understand and respond to the need of stakeholders.
  1. As he is a part of business planning, he must know the modeling techniques to create a business model.
  1. He should have leadership qualities to keep his views firmly before the partners and stakeholders.
  1. He should know about budgeting.


Now the most awaited query about business analyst- SALARY.

In India, the average salary of a business analyst is 8, 86,971 per year.  Salary depends on the experience and country you are working in.

Recommended Organization

You can join the professional association of Business analyst (IIBA).

UX Designer

UX designers are responsible for the experience of a user. They are concerned with the overall feel of the product. They lay a path to ensure a systematic flow of the product.

They observe the behavior of people by user tests because they are committed to providing a better user experience to a new user.

To provide a fantastic user experience they use few tools to create a particular design namely Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, In vision.

The end product that we get from a UX designer is Storyboards, Sitemap, wireframes of the screen, etc.

Job Description of a UX designer

Common job responsibilities are:

  1. Defining the interaction models, UI specification and user task flows.
  1. Developing and maintaining design wireframes, mockups, and similar specifications
  1. Communicating experience from initial to the last step, screen designs and interaction models with stake holders.
  1. Making the customer journey map.
Skills required for a UX designer

A set of expertise is needed to become an efficient UX designer, and few of them are already a technical writer, and it makes them easy to move in this field.

  • UX research – Research skills are mandatory because it gives us the eyes to see the things that make the user experience better.
  • UX writing- this skill is used to help customer interact with the product by guiding them through crafted UI copy.
  • Interaction design- it is the designing of interactive digital products or the model of the interaction between user and products.
  • User empathy- A product can better interact if it has a user-centered design approach. User empathy lets a UX designer look at a product from the eye of a new customer. It can help him to develop a better design.
  • Coding- coding helps to play with the computer such as creating computer software, games, apps website. It helps to design the map that a UX designer conceives in his mind.
  • Visual communication- visual communication helps to give form to our ideas that can be visualized by others too. It is a combination of visual art and technology to communicate.
  • Collaboration- UX designing is not a cup of tea for a single person. A UX designer needs to collaborate with designer and developers to create user-friendly software.
  • Wireframing- UX designer should know wireframing and UI prototyping analysis. They must know about the number percentage ratio.

An average salary nearing to 8.5lpa is good enough to move in the field of UX designing.  Again, to be noted, it is flexible with the place you are working in.

Recommended Organization

Information Developers Foundation recommends Interaction Design Foundation for UX career development and UX design course.

Scrum Master/Agile coach

No, you are not going to be a professor!

In the pursuit of making things easy and agile, to hit the goal on time, in an organization, the agile methodology was introduced.

Scrum is one of the methodologies that follow agile principles and manages the process of information exchange. They allow making changes in the team and self-organize it for better results.

Scrum means “restart the game”.

Although he is the coach to manage processes, he is not responsible for the scrum. It is the whole team and the project leader who is accountable for the result.

The scrum master is a job of great responsibility because he is a change agent.

Job Responsibility of a Scrum master
  1. They help the team to finish a specific task in the given time (sprint) that is set for it.
  1. In the daily scrum, they help the team to achieve the set goal by staying focused and follow the set rules for the daily scrum on which they have agreed unanimously.
  1. They protect the team from outside distractions.
  1. He accelerates the process through his leadership and motivational skills.
Skills a Scrum master should posses
  • He should have the capability to do the resolution of conflicts within a team. For that, he should implement scrum values in a team.
  • Facilitate Agile estimation and planning meeting.
  • He should know how to coach agile practices.
  • He should know to establish a proper communication channel.
  • He should have the knack to protect his team from distractions and interference.
  • Servant Leadership skill is a must to let the team follow the scrum process.



They draw a handsome salary – an average of nearly 12lpa.  In the United States, the average salary is $88171.

Recommended Organization

For technical writers world, the first course about agile technical communicators is conducted by Information Developers Foundation. More than 500 senior technical communicators have completed the certification,

You can learn more about it.

IF you want to be Scrum Master we commend to join the course from

the iZenBridge. If you want to do the course from iZenBridge, get a discount coupon from us. You can get upto INR 2000-3000.

Automation Tester

Test automation is used to control the execution of tests and comparing the results with the expected result with the help of specific software tools. An automation tester performs these tasks.

The job description of an automation tester

An automation tester needs to co-ordinate with the team involved in the development of a product for the delivery of a stable result.

They execute test automation through Lab view, Python, hardware and software tools.

They estimate the test in coordination for work activities.

They also have to be a part of the product designing so that the end product passes the tests and meet the criteria of the desired result.

They verify bug fixes and record the test results.

An automation tester prepares a software defect tracking and passes on the entire project release itinerary to the stakeholders.

Skills needed to be an automation tester
  • As a tester, he needs to know how to deal with troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge of coding and scripting is a must.
  • Automation tester should have a broad knowledge of the development process of software like SDLC and Agile.
  • Should know the configuration management software experience.

A good experience always attracts a better salary in any field. An average salary of automation tester is given below

Sometimes they are also called senior quality assurance as they are responsible for maintaining the quality of a product by testing it.


There are more career options other than these five explained above. After an experience of about ten years, these are the major fields where a technical writer can move. All these fields need the basic skills that a technical writer possesses, and so it becomes easy to move ahead with these professions.

It is now your turn to share the profile of your friend who changed career to some other field from technical writer.

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This post is mainly to answer the most frequently asked question when I get a call from aspiring technical writers-

  • How to become a technical writer?
  • How to get into Technical Writing Industry?
  • How do you get into Technical Writing?
  • Trying to transition to Technical Writing, what do recruiters look for?
  • Technical Writing Tips
  • What is Technical Writing?

If you are a writer and dream to become a technical writer and work with the world most important technologies companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Thales, then this blog post is for you.

If you are a writing nerd like me, you must have heard about this profession.

But, if you’re part of the other 99.9% of the world who isn’t super excited about this profession,” you’ve probably missed this news.

Technical writers are the second most paid writing professionals first is, of course, ransom writers. Growth projection is 20% in India and 11% in U.S.A (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The prominence of technical writing in the IT sector can be known through this article too. Read it here

Technical writing in NEWS

As a single writer, you can build a career as a full-time technical writer from the comfort of your home after work, during your afternoons, and on your weekends.

I don’t think that I’m overly dramatic when I say that technical writing is your shot at the life of your dreams.

Trust me — I would know. Till now I have shaped up the careers of many writers through our course and many other initiatives.

I want you to have as much fun at work as these guys, and I do. So, today I’ll introduce you to this world with my technical writing guide.

Note: Even if you’re already knee deep, you can still learn a ton of new things.

If you’re interested in a particular topic, feel free to jump ahead:

  1. Overview
  2. Definition
  3. What do technical writers do?
  4. Who can become a technical writer?
  5. Where can technical communicators be placed?
  6. What are the important skills to be a successful technical writer?
  7. Resume of Technical writers
  8. What would be the average salary of technical writers?
  9. What is the career path of technical writers?
  10. How to start as a technical writer?

A perfect blend of language and technology is technical writing, wherein technology is made easy for people to understand through creating user manuals, online help, and documented for future references and proper functioning of the software. In short, it is the information development process.

Definition of Technical writer

If you’ve read my blog posts on technical writing, you already know that it’s different from other writing.

Not every technology writing is automatically technical writing.

Few definitions of technical writing are:

  1. According to Wikipedia

“Technical writing is any written form of writing or drafting technical communication used in a variety of technical and occupational fields, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, and biotechnology. It encompasses the largest sub-field within technical communication”.

  1. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics

“Putting technical information into easily understandable language is technical writing”.

  1. Technical writing is simplifying the complex.

Before taking up a career in technical writing we should know the whole scenario of technical writing as a career, and this blog post will help you in it by discussing all the major questions that whirl the mind before focusing on the definite track.

Want the drop-dead simple version of it?

Technical writing is an effort of simplifying the complexity of the product to help users to use it effectively. Technical writers can take help of words, images, infographics, GIFs, videos to do so.

It’s anything that you do to delight and helps your customer to use a product.Customer can be internal or external.

History of Technical writing

The history of technical communication goes back to the period of Aristotle around 322 BC. His works were considered as the juvenile form of technical writing, however, the first published English technical writing document was of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, a period from 1760 to 1840 the need of technical writing increased. This need was a result of requirements generated for skilled resources which could handle the machinery.  It became necessary to illustrate the workers how to use the machine in a simple language that can be understood by non-technical resources too.

Documentation became mandatory because it was becoming a napoleon task to teach each worker verbally about the functioning of heavy machines.

The need for technical writers volcanized even more during the first world war and second world war. The heavy weapons were to be used by soldiers not the technicians, so it became important to provide them the manuals to use it in the war field.

Most crucial fields like medicine, aerospace technology, military, computer technology saw advancement in that period and it accelerated the need for technical writers to explain and document the processes.

This led to gain technical writers professional acclaim, and it emerged as an official job title-TECHNICAL WRITER.

The postwar period was also not less rewarding. Writers were needed across different fields to register the processes as there was a rapid growth in the transport system, universities, libraries etc.

The computer was losing its privilege of remaining in the hands of specialist only. Universities and large businesses were keen to make use of it for optimum results.

First computation technical document was the instruction manual of BINAC computer written by Joseph D Chapline in 1949.

Opportunities for technical writer increased even more when in 1947 transistor was invented. This invention led to the expansion of the computer in the small businesses and in individual hands.

Computer becoming more common generated a pool of opportunity for technical writers as they were needed to explain the use of devices and to keep a written record of it.

In the 1980s, consumer electronic products entered the household and gave another kick to the requirement of technical writers.

In the present era, the computer has become the toy of every other hand. Digital communication has made things a lot easier than before. The writing format is also changing accordingly.

Hypertext, XML, graphics and many software tools are used by technical writers for the documentation purpose. The techniques have improved and it’s getting better day by day.

Technical writers in India

Though India has over 10,000 technical writers there was no association until 2017, to let them come under one roof for a better learning, networking, and knowledge sharing for mutual benefit. Few societies of other countries, however, worked in India.

In 2017,  Information developers Foundation was formed- first not for profit Indian society for technical communicators.

IDF has a sole motto to expand and strengthen the technical communicator community in the best possible way covering all the basic need of technical writers ie. from training to placement and from network expansion to show your presence.

What Technical writers do?

Technical writers are the person who develops the information provided in a simplified language to make it easily understandable to the people they are intended to. A technical language is difficult to understand by a common man. Technical writers convert them to make it easy for commoners to follow the instructions.

Technical writers are the optimized amalgamation of technology and English (language) to convert the complex into simple for the benefit of producer and the user both.

Contrary to popular belief, technical writers don’t just write user guides or manuals, but also contribute to the development lifecycle of the product. To understand the complete cycle of work read about Documentation development lifecycle.

Technical writers write user manuals, online help, white papers, APIs Doc, etc.

They do the documentation for a product or services for the internal user to end user of the product.

Techwriters use tools to develop the information provided in a simpler language such as RoboHelp, Framemaker, MadcapFlare, SnagIT, etc.

Qualifications required to become a Technical Writer?

This can vary from geographies to a hiring company. Typically any graduate with a flair for writing and technology can pursue technical writing. Good English is mandatory (or the language in which you will be communicating). For a more explanatory view, a list of eligibility criteria is given below.

Few companies give preference to B.Tech/BCA/MCA/BE students.

– Recently-graduated students with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science, Technology or Commerce.
– MBA graduates can especially benefit.
– Working people who need to switch their careers because of no career growth in their present job.  A majority of this category belongs to the
– BPO sector
– Medical
– Transcription industry
– Journalism
– Technical Support

– Software Developers

– Software Quality specialists.

– Individuals who have stopped working for some time for family and relocation reasons and now wish to get back to a professional life (has
proven very beneficial for mothers who have given up their careers to start a family)
– Self-motivated individuals who believe in sharpening and updating their skills for their professional growth.
– (We have even had entrepreneurs take up this program and hugely benefit their organizations.)

Information Developers  Foundation Students Job Profiles and Qualification

Delegate’s with different jobs and qualifications join  Information Developers for the better prospects and bright professional future.

Information Developers Students profile

You can see that students from different careers and domains are joining technical writing.

Where Can Technical writers get placed?

 Technical writing is crucial for every industry that needs documentation. As perceived it is not limited to the IT industry only.

The industries that hire technical writers are

  • IT industry
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Aerospace
  • Defense sector
  • Service industry
  • Customer support etc.
Some of the companies Hiring Technical writers

From the partial list of companies hiring Information Developers student, you will get a clear idea about companies hiring technical writing. In general product, companies hire more technical writers than service companies.

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Caterpillar
  • JCB
  • HCL
  • SAP
  • HP
  • DELL
Resume of Technical writers

The first and most important thing about the technical writer or any writer resume should be error-free.All type of error like spelling, grammar, formatting, consistency, etc. Do not copy and paste and the section of the resume and do not try to fake it.

Few companies consider your resume and cover letter as a sample of your work.

  • The CV should be easy-to-read, well laid out, and not over-crowded.
  • It should be customized for the job you are applying to.
  • You should highlight the relevant skills you have for the job.
  • It should be a concise document with no grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • It should not be exaggerated and read honestly.

For more detail, you can read both blog post about resume.

10 Kick ass Resume writing tricks for technical writers


What is the average salary of a Technical Writer?

According to a survey done by Economic Times in 2017 Technical writing is among the emerging high payout jobs in India.

Check survey here

The average salary also fluctuates according to the city and country you are working.

Typically starting salary of Information Developers students are from INR 3-5 lac/annum.

In the U.S.A according to Labour of Beaureu static average hourly rate is approx $36/hour and mean annual wage is $74,445. You can read more on the website. You can also refer to the Indeed website.

Every year STC-India conducts a salary survey. You can download the detail from STC-India website.

What is the career path of a technical writer?

In the IT organizations, the career path of a technical writer is similar to other development team members.

  • Intern technical writer
  • Associate technical writer
  • Technical writer
  • Senior technical writer
  • Lead technical writer/Principal technical writer
  • Documentation manager
  • Senior Doc manager
  • Director
Similar titles for technical writers

Like any other profession, in the IT company title and designation can vary.

  • Technical Communicator
  • Technical Author
  • Technical Content writer
  • Content Developer
  • Information Developer
  • Information Architect
  • Information Engineer
  • Information Designer
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Documentation Manager
  • Career growth for technical writers

A technical writer starts off as a technical writer, become a senior or principal technical writer and after having an experience of around 10 years they move towards the management side.

They can be the scrum master, Documentation manager, or content strategist too.  They normally manage other technical writers and analyze their writings and suggest better ways from their experiences.

The highest paying advanced career path is of content strategist though the requirements are very few in the industry they are the creamy layer if calculated on the scale of earnings.

A week in the life of a Technical Writer

My week typically look like this.

  • I start my day by updating JIRA.
  • Attend daily scrum.
  • Write new features and maintain existing documentation.·
  • Work closely with developers, product architects, and product owners to create technical documentation with a high focus on clarity, completeness, accuracy, and usability.
  • Obtain product information from agile meetings, specifications, supplemental material, and discussions with project engineers.
  • Participate in peer review processes to improve documentation quality.
  • Contribute to develop and maintain existing documentation processes, standards, checklists, and templates.
  • Suggest screen labels and error messages with a focus on improving the customer experience (UX).
  • Create graphics to supplement the flow and presentation of the content.
  • Help in translation and localization processes.

You can watch the video of Amruta Randa to take a feel of typical technical writer day.

Typical Job description for technical writing

General Information

Job title: Consultant – Senior/Staff Technical Writer

Job Family: Development

Region: Global

Role: Mid –Senior Level (L2)

Number of Positions: 1

Position Summary

A mid-level position, responsible for providing front-end technical support to customers and proactively enabling customer self-service.

Job Overview 

For reference, I have taken this example from LinkedIn.

As a Technical Writer at XYZ, you will be responsible to support XYZ Global development team by working on software documentation for system administrators and users. XYZxcels in developing product related to Backup and Storage domain and the suitable Writer needs to have a good understanding of terminology and process required to understand database and back-end work in software development.

Work Experience

• Experience for Senior Staff Technical Writer: 5-9 years

• Experience for Staff

Technical Writer: 2-5 years 

Location: Noida

Mandatory Skills: 

1. Good technical understanding of SDLC and DDLC.

2. Minimum 6 months experience in using MadCap Flare tool for documentation.

3. Excellent knowledge and experience of authoring in HTML and XML editing tools.

Description of General Work:

• Working independently as well as part of a large distributed team.

• Handling one or multiple products/projects depending upon the requirement.

• Research, and write documentation for new or existing products.

• Work closely in Agile project development with development, product management, quality assurance, user experience/design, training, and support personnel.

Preferred Skills 

University degree or Technical Writing college diploma in relevant field.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

• Knowledge of how to create and use graphics in technical documentation.

• Knowledge of MS-Visio.

• Knowledge of authoring tools, such as Framemaker or RoboHelp

• Experience with bug tracking tools, such as JIRA.

• Ability to write and design minimalist information.

Experience of working in an agile development process.

Best books to learn Technical writing

Any day Microsoft Manual of Style (MSTP) is a mother of all the technical writing books. Microsoft Manual of Style and The Chicago Manual of Style is a must for you. Get MSTP now. Just click on the image and get it now I repeat if you are serious about your career.


Few more good books you can read.

Thank you to Amruta Ranade (Cockroach lab, U.S.A) and Gyanesh Talwar (Adobe) for giving a valuable recommendation on our Facebook group.


How to start as a full-time technical writer?

By now you must have a fair idea about technical writing and it is time to take action.

  1. Read the job description carefully.
  2. Do gap analysis also you can go for SWOT analysis to understand what you have and what you need to learn.
  3. Start learning. Google is your best friend start slowly and be focused.
  4. You can attend local meetups,
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Learn business communication from basic

I’ve developed and designed this guide for beginners to learn business communication step by step similar to the Definitive guide to become a content writer.

My single goal is to answer all the basic questions you (might) have regarding learning business communication skills as a beginner.

I tried to cover all the relevant topics – from the basic definitions to the type, process. ways, 7cs, and the importance of communication in this guide.

Are you ready to learn business communication?

If you are into business communication from some time reading this article will refresh your concepts and do not forget to add your valuable inputs in the comment sections which you think can add value to readers.

Let’s do it.

  1. What is business communication?
  2. Types of business communication
  3. The process of business communication
  4. Ways of business communication
  5. 7cs of effective business communication
  6. Why is it important

For any business to survive, it becomes vital to pass on the correct information within and outside the organization at every level. Here comes the role of business communication.

What is business communication?

Sharing and transferring information within the organization and outside for the organizational functioning and profit is called business communication.

In a business, information is passed on every level for the proper functioning of organization. Any misleading, confusing, or ambiguous message can cause damage to the whole system and affect the profit and harmony of the system.

A good business communication is the spine of any business.

Communication is not unidirectional in a business. It happens between the employee and the boss, one business to other business, business to stakeholders, business to banks, business to customer or consumer, interdepartmental etc. It is a vital part of the administrative regulation.

A business communication should be good enough to pass on the right information to the right place at the right time to the right person to optimize the desired profit.

Let’s understand it in detail.

Types of business communication Business to Business communication:

Understand it with an example.

Raju owns an online garment shop. To ship his goods from the warehouse to the customer he takes the service of a courier facility. Now the communication between these two is between two businesses.

This type of business to business communication is necessary to strengthen the ground of any business.

It is very necessary for ‘Raju’ to pass on the correct information to the courier facility for the timely delivery of the bought product on the correct address provided by the customer.

If the communication is clear these two businesses can mutually benefit each other and grow over a period strengthening each other.

Business to Employee:

This kind of communication is done in a downward direction. Top management communicates to its subordinate in a downward hierarchy.

Company’s goals and important changes are conveyed through this communication. These are more of a directive kind of communication where what to follow is conveyed.

A clear communication motivates the employee and brings in clarity to take a move towards achieving the goal.

Employee to Business:

This type of communication moves in the upward direction that is from employee to the top management.

These are more of the informative kind where reports are forwarded and the problems hindering the move are conveyed to the top management.

The requirements to achieve the goal are put before the top management.

An effective communication let the top management realize the situation better and accordingly they act for the solution.


This kind of communication can be called as lateral communication. It happens among employees.  It can be between same or different departments. It can be regarding the processes, the plan of action etc.

Apart from that communication with the vendors, stakeholders also come under the business communication category. 

The process of business communication 

After the formation of the message and until it is decoded by the receiver, barriers to communication are there, called noise.

It is the hindrance that hampers the communication process to complete successfully. Due to this sometimes the message is not received or interpreted wrongly.

Let’s discuss the process little descriptively.

The process of Business Communication Sender:

He conceives an idea that he wants to share with the receiver. He is the generator of the message. He is the initiator of the communication process.


Transformation of the information into the message is called encoding. It is giving a form to the idea one wants to pass on to others. It can be done through numeric, alphabets, signs, symbols, or a combination to give the idea a proper form that can be understood by the receiver.

Encoding should be done carefully so that all the information fed is correct and exactly conveys the original idea to be sent. While encoding one should also keep in mind who is the receiver, it helps in choosing the correct format, tone, and understanding level of the content of the message.

Encoding of the message has a great impact of the encoder that is the sender’s background, his skill set, language proficiency, knowledge, and understanding.


It is the proper body of message prepared after the encoding process. It is the actual form in which the message will move further in the communication process. It can be verbal, written or symbolic.


For any message to move from sender to receiver a proper medium is necessary, it is called a channel.

The message can be sent through SMS, call, mail, video, audio, conferencing, courier, fax, etc.

A proper channel helps send the message unaltered to the receiver. Barriers to the communication may create a problem sometimes in form of network issues, natural calamities, accidental damage etc.


He is the person intended to receive the message. He receives the message and tries to understand the message in its original spirit.


The receiver now decodes the message to understand the instruction or information shared by the sender. The process of apprehending the message is called decoding.

It also depends upon the background, knowledge, and skill of the receiver.


It is a very important part of communication because it makes sure whether the message was received or not. It also helps to know whether the message was apprehended in its original sense and understood by the receiver in the same way the sender wanted to convey.

When we are aware of the process of communication, it becomes necessary to know the types of communication that occur in business.

Ways of communication

How we communicate is also an important factor to determine how effective the communication is. It can be verbal, written and symbolic.


Any oral communication comes under the verbal communication.  In businesses, meetings are an example of verbal communication.

Barriers to this kind of communication can be the missing part of set instructions, as it is not documented.

Over the time confusion may creep in as there is no record of the message conveyed or the information passed on.

Apart from this, it is the easiest way of communication, less time consuming and we can pass information in real time.  We can immediately get the feedback too.


Written communication is the interaction between written words. It can be in the form of

  1. circulars
  2. mails
  3. letter
  4. proposals
  5. brochure
  6. reports
  7. bulletin
  8. instant messages
  9. telegram
  10. fax etc

In this type of communication, we need not call or travel to meet face to face to communicate, so it is cost effective. Through an e-mail, we can communicate to any corner of the world.

It can be kept as a proof in case of any dispute.

There is no chance of forgetting the instructions as we can always refer to what has been conveyed.

Written communication can be easily done in case of a communication between one and many.

Though having lots of benefits there are few loopholes in this method too. There is a scope of a security breach and privacy leak because everything is on paper.

In a high-security organization, it becomes crucial to maintain the safety of files and documents and maintain an antitheft framework.


These kinds of communication are done through signs and symbols and are limited to highly confidential data. It needs decoding and difficult to understand.

For a high-quality conversation, we should adhere to some principles called the seven C’s of communication.

Learn business communication 7 C’s

This 7 C’s of communication is the key to have an effective communication be it a normal or business communication.

7 Cs of Business Communication

Let’s discuss in brief the points mentioned in the above picture.

  • Completeness:

A complete message leaves no room for assumptions and hence saves it from the possible distortion of the message due to ambiguity.

  • Concreteness:

Clear, specific and supported with facts communication is a concrete communication. A concrete communication let not the confusion creep in.

  • Conciseness:

A communication that has no extra words making it verbose comes under the category of good communication. A lengthy talk or document creates boredom and people try to skip it reading or prefer to screen it only. This may let the important information filter out leaving the purpose of communication unsolved. A brief but full of facts message grab attention and is easy to comprehend.

  • Courtesy:

Courtesy in a communication adds value to the communication as it becomes easy to connect. It gives positivity, builds goodwill and creates interest in any communication.

  • Clarity:

Clarity is one of the most important factors of any communication. If there is clarity, the communication becomes interesting and there is no chance of assumptions. Clarity should be in the speaker or senders thought as well, because then only he can convey the message in the best possible manner so that it can be perceived as received and in its original spirit.


  • Consideration:

For being considerate in your communication it is necessary to know your audience. When we empathize we connect better and the message conveyed is perceived in its true senses.

By knowing the level of the audience, its background, and skills we can customize the tone, language, and choices of words in the message.

A message customized as per the receiver is well perceived and reciprocated.

It also boosts the morale in any business as the message does not surpass over the mind. It is easy to understand and generates confidence among the employees.

  • Correctness:

Correct information is always well received and understood. It negates any chance of ambiguity and confusion.

Correction should not be limited to grammar only.

A good communication must have verifiable data and facts in the communication. Correct message generates interest and makes it easier for the receiver to perceive what has been instructed or informed.

To know more about seven C’s of a good communication go through our blog “Unraveling secrets of good communication”.

Why is business communication important?


A good communication is the spine of any business. A business revolves around communicating in a multi-directional way.

A communication can be a pyramid (Management to the employee), inverted pyramid (employee to management), lateral (interdepartmental), business to business or business to stakeholders etc.

In that case, a good communication helps to grow a business as it creates a goodwill, builds a relationship and creates harmony among the employees.

An organization that has a good communication framework benefits in a lot more ways than can we think.

It generates confidence in its employees and they feel free to share if any innovative idea comes into their mind.

To every problem, a solution can come from anyone without fear of getting rejected right away.

This makes the company filter out the right ideas for the benefit of business. Confident employees work enthusiastically and increase the productivity.

A good communication also optimizes the efficiency of organizational human resources and the harmony makes it a better place to work.

To conclude it can be said that a better communication is the best way to optimize the organizational functioning and maximize the output.

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How to Become a Content Writer? WHY DID WE WRITE THIS GUIDE?

To become a content writer- This is a landmark and comprehensive guide for the professionals and students who want to start career as a content writer.

From being a student who was knocking the door of every institute in Bangalore to become a successful professional and now  mentor i and my team have tried to answer all the questions of new comer in this field of content writing. This is a living post which we keep updating.

The Definitive Guide: How to Become a Content Writer  will guide you step by step how to become a content writer. Till now more than 10000+ readers are benefited from this definitive guide.

If your questions are not answered, feel free to post it in comment section.We will answer witin 48 hours.


This guide is for students, professionals, housewife,writers in-fact for anyone who wants to to foray into the world content writers and become successful.


In this guide we have tried to capture all the question spilling out from the mind of any individual who wants to become a content writer.

You can read whatever section you are interested, it is advisable to read the complete guide it will help you to make informed and prudent decision.

  • What is content writing?
  • What are the jobs and responsibilities of content writers?
  • What is the salary of a content writer?
  • How can i become a content writer?
  • What skills and qualifications required to become a content writer?
  • Which type of companies hire content writers?
  • Can i become freelancer content writer?
What is web content writing?

Web content writing, Content writing, Internet writing, SEO writing are the term used interchangeably. They all are same.

Most of us are capable enough to express what we know and add value to the others life.

In very layman term when you share and write your expertise on the web it is called as web content writing.

Content writers help readers to take decisions, make them aware, help them to do certain task through the content.

Content writer should be good storyteller so that they can create a imaginary picture in the mind of reader.-

Let’s first have the clarity on what it is all about.

What is the typical definition of the Content writer?

Common Definition:

A person who writes search engine optimized (SEO) online content and provides relevant information about any specific topic on different websites, to meet the goals of stakeholder.

A content writer writes a content after research and designs it in a way to reach to the most relevant audience. As a content writers you writes for websites, whitepapers, blogs, and social media posts etc. Detial list is given the the Type of Content section.

It is necessary content writer should have growth and agile mindset. Market is changing dynamically and so writing style and SEO skill. You need to experiment with the contents to make it more useful and shareable ultimately viral. In short, keep learning and earning.

Viral content is outcome of good,useful, entertaining,and shareable content- Rahul Karn

In the next section we will see the different type of content.

What are the content writer’s primary jobs and responsibilities?

A content writer’s primary job is to write a compelling content that can drive relevant traffic to the website and result in increasing the visibility and finally sales.

Reader can get the correct and complete information upfront.

A content writer has to do  to collect the correct information before publishing it to the audience.

To write a perfect copy content writer job is to do extensive research on internet, interview the subject mater experts, analyse the audience and try to understand why audience is going to consume this piece of information.

After this to write a compelling,entertaining,plagiarism free authority post. Which add value to the reader.

This research also helps in collecting the necessary data that boosts the value and of content and make it trustworthy.
A content writer needs to be well aware of the topic and domain so that it can be easy to convey the in depth message.

Typical job and responsibilities of content writers

  1. Write compelling SEO friendly content using relevant keywords which can drive organic traffic and subscribers and generate intrest genuine interest in the brand.
  2. Regularly write various content types, including marketing emails, social media updates, blog posts, guest post,and white papers.
  3. Promote company content on different platform like social media, directory submission, commenting on similar post, submission on different content aggregator, press release portal etc. and helps in brand building. Although this is not always expected from content writers.
  4. In depth do editorial review of peer and give constructive feedback.
  5. Research for keywords and writing content around that keywords.
  6. Create and maintain editorial calendar.
  7. Collaborate with different stakeholder to create effective content strategies.
  8. Provide inputs for content marketing.
  9. Senior content writers also develop in house style guides.
  10. Mentor junior writers.
Content Writers Jobs Titles:
    Content Writer
    Senior Content Writer
    Lead Content Writer
    Content Strategist
    Marketing Content Writer
    Web Content Manager
    Content Development Specialist

Many content writers also change profile from content writing to technical writing. 43% of technical writing student of IDF was content writers. You can know more about technical writing on our website.

Educational Qualification to be a Content Writer

Writing is an art and art do not need college degree but unfortunately many companies only allow college graduates to apply for the role of content writers.

Mass communication,journalism,  and English graduates students are more preferred.

What skills do you need to become a content writer?

To become a content writer certain basic skills are compiled that are crucial. If you have correct skill and no formal qualification still you can make big in content writing.

List is long but we try to compile most important skills. Follow our other blog post of content writing category for more detail posts.

Skill 1-Impeccable language and writing style

You can do content writing in any language of your choice but most important skill for any writer  in any language is grammar and writing skill. It should be impeccable to be a successful content writer.

Also pay attention for any typos or poorly written sentences.  Remember that your brand has a personality of its own.  Good writer who can capture the appropriate tone and create content that will resonate with audience.

Demand of regional language content writer is all time high in India because of almost free internet. New added internet users are 90% are regional language speaker and they want to consume content in their native language.

You can learn few tools which can help you to correct your writing like Grammarly, it’s free and premium version are available.

Consider learning other tools used by content writers.

Skill 2-Choosing a niche and domain that you are comfortable in

It is always easier to gather information and data for a content that you are familiar with.
A topic where you seem to be clueless can make you more confused and you are definitely going to pass this on to the audience.
Niche and domain should be chosen carefully. This will help you in writing the relevant content with proper supporting data.

A self-understanding of the topic makes you more confident while writing and gives you the fluency you need to write. Just like writing your resume versus writing other resume.
It also increases your interest in writing the content that results in a masterpiece content.

If anyone will ask me to write about bitcoin i will have to put much more effort to write at the expert level and ultimately audience will not find my article valuable.

Skill 3-Audience analysis and making connect with words

Audience analysis is one of the important aspect of writing. Even before writing a single word you must be clear who is going to read your content and why.

Doing correct audience analysis many techniques are available to use them effectively is an important skill which you must master to become a successful content writer.

Knowing your audience helps you to connect with them. Your chosen data and examples can have a relevance if you know who is going to read it.
The terms you use in your writing is related to the audience and their intellect.
If writing for doctors you can add medical terms to connect genuinely.

Knowing the audience determines the level of your writing, tone of your writing,depth of your writing, the words you use, the examples you choose and the relevance to the topic.

If you are capable of connecting to the audience you will automatically get connected and trusted by your audiences.

Skill 3-Use of keywords is also a necessary skill for a content writer

Nobody like to write or speak in vacuum. Every writers want to be read. If you want your article is searchable most important thing you have to do is use correct keyword.

Content writer should have the basic understanding of Keyword relevancy and keyword density practice and should also be familiar with keyword placement and other SEO best practices. Like you must use your keywords in URL, headings,meta description etc but be cautious do not over do it.

Using the keywords correctly increases your web visibility.

It is very important that what you write reaches it to the correct audience when they look for it. Keywords are a very helpful tool in doing this and so it becomes critical for a content writer to identify the correct keyword and use it accordingly.

Skill 4- Writing quality and deep editing skill

A content writer should write quality and deep researched content and be consistent with the content quality this helps in brand building.
Quality content packed with useful information and correct data establishes you as a brand and authority in your domain.

It is the flawless, well structured, edited, quality content that compels the reader to wait for your next content and give your reference.
Once you establish as a brand you will fall short of projects.

Skill 5- Time Management skill

In corporate world we always trade for time and money. Writing in the given time-frame is also a skill that keeps you at the top.

When you write within the time limit it shows your commitment and command over the subject. Any employer prefers committed person as an employee.
Valuing the time will make you more wanted in the market and delivering at right time gives the perfect result. To effectively use of time you can chose to learn Pomodoro Technique, overcome procrastination etc. Good tying speed can also give you edge and help to earn few extra dollar.

Skill 6-Researching skill and proficient in use of search of engine like Google,Yahoo, and Bing

Is an important factor when it comes to content writing. When we are writing about product or feature we can interview client of subject mater expert for the inputs but when we are writing on some new or general topic then our researching skills comes handy.

A good content writer should know how to research a topic. Many free and paid tools are available to do research before writing,c content writer should know how to use them effectively, it will save lot of time.

Filtering out the correct data and information from the web is an art. We should go through the relevant and authentic platforms to collect the materials to feed the content. The research adds quality as well as quantity to your content.

Is becoming a content writer difficult?

Maybe not!
If you are going through a proper training and equipped with all the necessary skillset, it is not difficult. A good grammar is mandatory.
Write good, research good, use the keywords, connect with the audience, write relevant content, feed data, refer examples and place it at right place- and there you go.

Information Developers Foundation provides most advance content writing course. You can enroll for it.

Are businesses actually hiring content writers?

India is cost effective center for most of the MNCs. We curate best content at best price. Since Google start giving emphasis over long and good content most of the content work is coming to India. Worldwide also demand of content professionals are increasing.

Also, content marketing is becoming more popular because of low cost and high return. Now the attention of public is on smartphone they consume content from smartphone rather than TV so for advertiser it is sensible to spend more on content marketing rather than any other medium.

Content strategist is one of the hot job in US with salary of $73,000.

In the digitalised world most of us all are dependent on the web for any solution. The web is full of content and so there is always a requirement of content writers.
Businesses need them to reach people and spread awareness. Not only online but offline businesses too need content writers for the documentation, advertisement, product reviews etc.

What is the average content writer salary?

The earnings can be pretty high if you are good at what you do.
The salary also depends on your brand value you have created. A quality content and the number of projects you take determine your earnings.

Let us see what different job websites are showing:

Images are taken from Payscale, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Don’t stick to this data only. There are various ways for a content writer to make money if you are good at marketing.
A good content writer can earn through blogging and be a social media influencer too.
A good content if monetized in a systematic way can get you heavy rewards.

Companies hiring content writers

Content writers are mainly hired by all the companies. Content writers also work for the media agencies and PR houses.

In the above image you can see the name of top companies hiring content writers with numbers on LinkedIn, actual number will be much more than this.

How to find job as a content writer?

Now, you know about the educational background,skills,jobs and responsibilities of content writer. Try to find out where you are lacking and start working on that. Once you are confident stat with the following basic steps:

Step1- Create a kick ass resume

Make sure to write a error free resume. No formatting or grammar error will be tolerated from a writer. Exclude useless information like objective, useless personal details etc. Use keywords in resume also.

Do not forget your resume and emails are sample of your work.


We highly recommend to take a premium membership of Naukri.com to get job opening.

Step2- Create a work sample

It is very common in interview to ask for work sample. If you have a blog or any publishes article consider to give it link in resume. If your work was confidential then try to make a sample work separately.

As a content writer it is good practice to maintain a blog. Consider to start your blog today. You can also guest post on this blog,  it will give you great viewership,backlink to your website, establish your authority on the subject which will give positive signal to your employer.

Consider writing now.

Step3- Join professional course

Learning is a continuous process. It’s simple.you can learn by yourself all the skills listed above free from the internet. Else,
Join a most comprehensive course designed by our panel headed by Rahul Karn from IDF.
I might seem to be advertising but it is the best way to be a content writer if you want to take it as a profession.

You may be a good writer, but if taking it as a profession, you must be aware of the terminologies that determine a good content writer.
SEO, readability, parallelism, long tail keywords, plagiarism etc. are the words you should be well aware of.

Remember, you are not the only one writing contents, and to stand apart and compete you should know the knack of getting traffic.
Through a course, you will be aware of the necessary composition of a content, the tone, the trigger points of reader that compel them to read your content and take necessary action, the use of keywords, how to take up a project etc.
A proper training helps in diving deep into this profession getting you the desired result.

Above all you will have community and member on which you can bank any time.

Step 4- Join Social media group and follow authentic Influencers:

Join some good social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Try to not spend much time and avoid any kind of argument or else it will be more damaging.

Follow Rahul Karn on twitter.

Starting as a freelancer Content writer

Content writing is one of the most available freelancing work on most of the site like upwork or freelancing.com. You can register and start getting work.

Initially you may get low hanging fruits at the cost of peanuts  but eventually you can do decent earning and live a boss free life without any hassle. Initially, time and cost estimation can be nightmare but you will learn and master it in after couple of projects.

You can also direct approach companies with your own content writing freelancing resume to get freelance work and you can start. Freelancing has it’s own challenges and pitfall.


I hope all your confusions regarding WHY & HOW  TO CHOOSE CONTENT WRITING AS A CAREER? is clear now.

You can follow your passion of writing and work from your dream location. Do you really want more than this

What are you doing then.. pick your pen and let it earn money for you?

If still in confusion feel free to call me  +91 7840841999.

Do not forget to share with your friends who want to become a content writers. Probably it will change somebody life.

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 Learn to love yourself?

Am I enough for myself? Or am I enough for the family? Or anyone?

I don’t know about guys but as a girl after a certain age, we get insecurities on every relatable topic.

Someday I find myself criticizing myself more than I deserve and end up feeling intensely low to the ground. It crushes me every bit of positive thought which eventually leads to depression.

Is it the age effect or its that you are not content with what you have?

A study has proven that depression kicks in twice in women than in a man. But we are not here to talk about depression, it’s only the after effect. The main topic is how much content are you for yourself.

People start respecting you when you respect yourself. As a woman, I feel the first and foremost reason is believing in yourself. As an individual, you should at least believe in yourself. When you know that you could be able to do something without being assisted or judged, believe in that. If you are not going to believe in yourself don’t expect somebody else to do so. Start believing and see the wonders.

The second,

Speak for yourself.

I was in my first job, I was foreign to the word “racism” and its effect, but never have I imagined that the discrimination still exists.

At first, it all seemed funny for their childish mentality, but gradually it grew into something that was not at all tolerable, at least for me. Have you ever imagined how many reasons can a person point out for the sake of racism, can you? Well, I can, when you are targeted for something so inhuman it’s for who you are in whole. What you eat, the way you eat, where you eat, with whom you eat, every possible question related to it.

I was a coward to not act anything and keep shut. This is the hardest regret I will engrave in my heart till I stop breathing. Have I spoke up for myself, everything would have been different.

I would not have any regret. Speaking for yourself when needed is a brave act to let those people know that you won’t tolerate the shit they are about to puke out.

There are numerous points but keeping it short and brief is cool. Less boring perhaps.

The last point I wanted to let you know is where ever you are, whatever job you do, how much busy your schedules are, taking care of yourself is a priority.

Go read a good book, eat good food, listen to good music, taking a long hot bath is some from many ways to treat yourself.

Don’t mess yourself up for anyone. Taking care of yourself is a therapy you are giving to yourself.

Why cry over a short relationship which never meant to happen, don’t feel disappointed when you can’t make things happen your way.

Initially, whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Give yourself a break when things don’t work out. Breath. Store energy. Start again.

As a saying goes,

Life is short to be unhappy.

Feeling content with yourself is not realized by many as overcoming the complications of insecurity, low esteem, lack of confidence, the list goes on, is undoubtedly hard but if you dare to live differently than its worth a try.

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Instagram TV  (IGTV)- New entrant with a bang
Instagram TV  (IGTV)- New entrant with a bang. Yes, I mean it- Rahul Karn

Gone are the days when to watch the videos we had Television, after evolution we had access to videos on desktop and laptop. But the new generation is ahead of these means of watching experiences.

The future of video is mobile.

There was a 40% downshift from the traditional watching experience on TV after it became easy to access it on phone.
Information developers Foundation Blog posts are read more on mobile than laptop screens. In last 12 months viewership of our blog on mobile increased by 28% and this trend will continue.

This was not the case in 2008.

Instagram’s new video platform Instagram TV is making news these days and the social media is going crazy about it. One billion Instagrammers are reaching out to explore the latest buzz, for a better mobile video experience.

Visit Rahul Karn Instagram TV Channel.

With any new advent comes a series of FAQs and here we are going to discuss most of the facts as per the latest update of Instagram and IGTV.

What is Instagram TV (IGTV)?

Instagram Television is a new feature on Instagram and a standalone app for giving their viewers a mobile video experience.

Now the question is, “what’s new”?

Earlier Instagram had a video feature like Facebook but was limited to 60 seconds only. You can join our premium facbook group.

In IGTV this limitation has been weeded out. Now one can upload the video of up to 10 minutes and for larger accounts, it is up to 60 minutes.

Though Instagram TV is willing to remove this limitation in future.

It is designed to give the mobile video experience to viewers and ultimately driving most of the mobile data traffic towards the mobile video. Recent researches show that by 2021, 78% of the mobile data will be consumed by mobile videos.

Instagram TV  is for vertical videos and this gives an added advantage of shooting videos from the phone and upload it without any hassle on IGTV.

This feature promotes the mobile-only experience because you need not tilt your phone for a full-screen vision, and it is definitely going to restrict the traditional TV experience to an extent.

The difference from other video platforms:

A genuine question that comes to mind is- what makes Instagram TV different from others?

It is not like Netflix but more like YouTube. You can upload video, view it, comment on it, like it, and share it through IGTV direct.

Now, the difference lies here.

  • It is only for vertical video. That means if you have to post any other video you will have to remain with the preferred aspect ratio or edit it.
  • This app gives mobile-only experience. You can record from your phone and upload it. No need for a professional camera.
  • At present no ads are displayed in between the videos.
  • There is no feature to monetize it for now.
  • Though videos can be uploaded as long as 1 hour but watching TV shows on it is still far to go.
  • IGTV focuses on following your favorite vloggers, and influencers.

Upon opening the IGTV app a video automatically plays just like TV but the sound is muted.

Future of Instagram TV

IGTV though started as any other video platform with few differences but in future, it may
• Appear as a career opportunity for those who make their living through videos.
• It may add the monetization feature for profit. (Are you interested in how to monetize your online assets? Read this blog).
• Be a strong competitor to YouTube though it is not right now.

How to create IGTV channel

Creating a channel on  Instagram is quite easy for those who are active social media users, but for a newbie, the steps are discussed below.
Before uploading a video you need to create a channel.

For this, you have to download the standalone app from Google play store on your iOS or Android.

If Instagram is already installed you can click the IGTV icon on the Instagram app.

1st step:

We can sign in with our Instagram account credentials. It automatically syncs with the account and you are in to explore.

2nd step:

Click the gear icon of settings on the middle of the screen towards the right.
Click the create channel button.

It’s as simple as that. You are on to upload videos now.

To upload the videos you can go through these simple steps.

1. Click your Avtar from the main channel.

2. On the top right corner click the add (+) icon.

3. You will be given a choice to browse through your camera roll.

4. Choose a vertical video for the best IGTV experience as it is meant for that only.

5. You have to choose a title and description for the selected video. Write a relevant topic for the video, because in the latest update we don’t have a search option for particular videos. We can only search channels.

6. You can also add clickable links to the description of the video that can take the user out from IGTV to your referred webpage.

7. Add a cover photo. You can choose it from the video too. Remember the cover photo needs to be vertical.

8. Now its time to post your video. Click post and you are there.

9. You can now answer to the comments on your video and view the analytics to keep a track on you video performance.

Click on the three dots (…) besides the like, comment icon and click view insights.

Here you have a list of received likes, comments, and views.

You also have the access to see the audience retention rate.

It gives you the data about how long your videos have been watched. How many people left it midway, and what is the average engagement on your post.

How Instagram TV works?

You can watch videos in the Instagram app, clicking the Instagram TV  icon on someone’s Instagram profile, and in the standalone app of IGTV.
When a new video is posted by someone you follow, you get a notification on the native app.

Till now there are four categories for watching videos.

For You:
Based on your interest and searches Instagram curates a list of videos you may like to view. These may include videos of the person you follow and the kind of videos you generally search for.

It is the collection of videos from your followings. You can get all the videos of people you are following. By just swiping you can go to the next channel and enjoy the viewing experience.

This section is the collection of all the trending videos on IGTV app. Most popular videos are displayed here and are not limited to your interest and followings.

Continue watching:
Here is the list of videos you left halfway after viewing. You can resume your video, as Instagram helps you remember where you left.


Instagram TV is still in its infancy so there is a scope of improvement. According to the current features what may fall apart to affect its popularity is described below.

Vertical only videos-

IGTV has restricted itself for vertical videos only and that makes tough to upload whatever video we want to publish.
For publishing content that has been shot from a camera or in horizontal mode, a lot of editing is required.

A video uploader should now have to learn video editing too.
But the rotation of the video or the edited version would not give the best experience that we are looking for. For videos, we will have to maintain the aspect ratio of 16:9.

This feature can reduce the popularity of IGTV among social media users as they would not be able to share the same media on different platforms. An extra effort for IGTV upload will not be entertained by most of the social media users.

No monetization-

Earning money is always a driving factor for the mass popularity. Unlike YouTube, it is not giving the monetizing opportunity to channel creators.
Maybe in future IGTV adds this to help those who are feeding on video uploads but for now, it is unable to attract the public who are making a living out of it.

No search bar-

IGTV doesn’t have a search bar to search a particular video with its name or hashtags. Only channels can be searched and surfed by swiping. This makes it tedious sometimes for those who are bored of swiping and searching for the relevant video they are looking for.

Till now you can create only one channel per Instagram account.

Let us know about your experience with Instagram TV in the comment section. Do not forget to watch interesting videos on our YouTube Channel

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Learn Content Strategy How one content can change your life- you can learn from the life of dancing uncle.

Repeatedly I kept saying and believing that one original and valuable content can change the fate of any brand. Keep publishing content every day on all the relevant platforms where the attention of your readers is. Currently, it is the social media.- Rahul Karn

Content marketing is undoubtedly a thing to learn, but it is not limited to the content training provided. One can learn from many things being vigilant, just keep your eyes open.

These days the viral sensation “Dancing Uncle” left so many things for us to learn about online marketing that applies to content marketing as well.

Let’s analyze the content strategy and how we can apply it to market the content.

1.Google page one is not everything

Never bother about how Google ranks you. Stop constantly struggling to be on the top in the search results.

Focus on making group of loyal customer base and serve them.

Let’s correlate it with the example of Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava the Dancing uncle. He never ever thought before dancing that his dancing will become viral.

He danced the way he is doing it from the beginning.
That is the originality of content without the pressure of being on the top.

He tapped his own audience who liked the dance form of 90’s era.
While doing content marketing identify the audience for whom you have written the content.

A film actor is not going to read the medical journal, then why to bother about the irrelevant traffic.
Tap your own audience and advertise there. It will get you more returns.
Enjoy your writing, and it will reflect in your content.

Still, many businesses are not online but they are doing great, make your loyal audience, customers, readers solve their problem listen to them. They will read you, buy your product even if you are not on the first page of google.

You may take an example from this post.


To reach the top is easy, but to remain there is a difficult task. Consistency is the thing that helps you stay at the top.

After a video became hit, Dancing uncle didn’t stop. He kept posting his videos regularly on social media.
He opened his own Twitter account to reach his audience and continuously posted new dance video.

Many blogs start with a bang but after few months or years slowly frequency of posting decline and finally owner abandon the blog.

Consistency is the key.

Content also needs the same strategy not only in writing but also in distributing the content. Explore and discover maximum platforms you can, where your audience lands on. Post your content regularly on different relevant sites.

It will not let the audience forget you and increase your trust factor.
Keep updating your posts it will add newness to the content.

3.Pick the best opportunity

As a content writer, you have the options to cash your content but choosing the best opens new door for you.

The right platform can give you multiple benefits than to post your content on irrelevant platforms, where your content can be treated as garbage.
Take a look at our example ‘Dancing Uncle’ now.

He had lots of offer but he chose “Dus ka Dum”, a show with a superstar Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s Reality show.
It gave him a bigger audience that included show viewers, Salman’s fans, Madhuri’s fans, dance lovers, and of course a way to reach every household just by doing one show.

He meets with the chief minister of his state, handshake with Sunil Shetty, and shake his leg with his role model Govinda.

He knocked every door by giving interviews in a newspaper. That was his strategy.
Choosing the best increases your visibility with least effort.


One of the most important factor is the perfect distribution of content.

A bad content distribution strategy is just like displaying your act on a stage with no audience.- Rahul Karn

Referring to our example we can see that Dabbu uncle can be seen on any platform.
He has not restricted his advertisement to only a few platforms. Whether you open Facebook, YouTube, Television, Newspaper, Twitter, Instagram, News portals, WhatsApp or any other media, he is there.

Proper distribution can give you more than the desired result.
Dancing uncle got the attention of celebrities, media house, met the Bollywood stars and also his idol Govinda. Proper distribution was the key that made him a viral sensation overnight.

Let your content reach the scattered audience through all the possible means.


Another important factor is patience.

Our ‘Star’ waited for 36 years and he got what he didn’t even dream of. Have patience and keep yourself motivated.

Focus on writing one great piece of content and share it, you never know it may be that one piece.

Writing viral content is not a magic but outcome of learning, experience, and experiments of years.

Excellent content with proper timing and a good distribution channel will definitely pay you. Don’t step back if you feel not getting the desired result. Keep up your work patiently with quality retention and the result will reflect on the long run.

Grab the Gyan from Dancing Uncle and other industry stalwart and wait to see your great piece of content going viral.

Your opinion matters, post your comments what you learn from our favorite uncle.

You may be also interested to know what CEO of Commit taught in few minutes. A handpicked post for you.

Till then enjoy the dance of Dancing Uncle.

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Zen and the Art of Technical Writing- K. Narssimhan

Learning is a never-ending journey. We can learn from anything, at any time, in any state of mind.

In technical writing, there is a lot more to know apart from the technical writing itself.

Good presentation skill is one of them. You can have lots of shareable bytes in your mind but how you pass it on, is a different thing.

Make your mind free of any kind of restrictions and see the difference.

Now let me introduce you to the CEO of Commit technologies Mr. K Narssimhan. He was my first employer and a mentor to me. But, the thing that makes him stand apart from others is the learning he imparts to the audience knowingly or unknowingly.

How to improve #technicalwriting skills- K.Narsi |CEO| Commit Technologies - YouTube

He was a key-note speaker in the IDF Conclave 2017. His presentation on “zen and the art of technical writing” is an epic example of learning.

Everybody must have perceived differently, I am going to tell you what I learned. It was definitely more than what he was talking about.

The noticeable thing is the presentation skill and the content on technical writing that makes it a perfect blend.

Here I will discuss the basic lessons for good presentation skill and how it can improve your presence as a technical writer.

Know your Audience

Knowing the audience makes it easy for you to explain your presentation.

If the presentation is on technical writing and you know that your audience is a technical writer, you can use the technical terms and it will go well.

But if the audience is of beginners, try to refrain from technical terms, as it will surpass the brain and the audience will start losing the concentration.

The words we choose and the examples we take to explain depends much on the quality of audience.

Know the audience and present accordingly. Your presentation skill should be different for a different audience.

Have you seen Mr. Narssimhan asking the audience how many technical writers are there?


During a presentation not only the presentation but how it is presented matters the most.

Have you seen an audience snoozing sometimes even during a very knowledge packed session?

Our anatomy is such that when our eyes tend to see in one direction without much change of movement, it suffers from inertia.

At this phase, the attention moves from listening to let our eyes only stare at the particular thing.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Narssimhan’s presentation now.

He was not glued to the dashboard only, hence not giving the chance to the hundreds of eyes on him to stare in a single direction.

Your kinetics is also an important thing that let the audience focus on you. The movement of body parts to illustrate what you are saying creates a great impact on the listeners.

Be careful, the actions should not be more than necessary else it will give the audience a reason to laugh at you. And again this will shift the focus from the content.

Engaging Session

An effective presentation skill is the one where you engage your audience.

Do not let a parallel thought run in the listener’s mind. An interactive session works miracle to connect with the audience.

Interaction compels the audience to listen carefully to what is being said because they know that they may have to contribute randomly.

A presentation becomes more interesting when inputs come from different people, with different experiences and that too in relevance to the topic.

Before drawing the conclusion, let the inflow of queries come, it will add value to your presentation.


Adding humor creates a positive aura that makes the presentation more interesting.

Even if someone in the audience loses the attention, it brings him back to the present and generates the curiosity to know what is going on.

Humour also has a great quality of making things learn easily, be it technical writing or any other stream.


Of course, it is the most vital part of any presentation. If your content is full of relevant knowledge, it will draw the attention of the seekers.

Relate the content with what you are trying to impart, the examples should be justifying, and words should be chosen carefully.

Did you draw any conclusion?

Through stories, he has conveyed what you should do as a technical writer.

He gave a beautiful example of how to motivate your team members.

Narsi explained the key to learning without prejudices, and that too through interesting stories.

You can learn technical writing when you leave the burden of what you know outside the classroom. Open your mind to let the knowledge inflow come, and stay with you.

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Recently I went through an incidence that happened for the first time in my career, which left me thinking and reviewing my own efforts to maintain the credibility of Information developers Foundation.

It all started when I was giving training on the Certified Agile Technical communicator program.

A message from one of the participant appeared as a major blow to my confidence, I had on me.

Yes, it was frustrating for me because she wanted a refund as the session was not moving in the direction as per her expectation.

“Hi Rahul, I didn’t find the session as per my expectation, hence decided not to go forward with it. How do I get my refund?”

I advised her to apply for a refund from our ticketing partner, and she did it.

On the backstage, it was time for me to analyze what went wrong.

I had my seniors as participants in the CATC program that boosted my morale up. But that was not enough to stop me thinking about the message I received.

I reviewed the efforts that I had put in, before giving the training. For a three hour class, I had worked for more than thirty hours.

I had collected all the necessary information through different means, to pass it on to the participants who had invested their time and money for this particular course.

After the office hours, I devoted my personal time to prepare and develop a course that could do justice to the training I am offering.

I had sleepless nights because teaching is not just a profession for me, it’s my passion. Having a kid at home who knows that his father’s time after the office is just for him, can’t let you work while he is awake.

My dedication, determination, devotion towards my passion all seemed to appear having loopholes.

How it happened that the session didn’t meet the expectations? I was a little bit demotivated.

Look at the bright side now.

Our ticketing partner took one day to initiate the refund.

On the first day, she had dropped the session after half an hour. Then she decided to give us a chance and attended the whole session on the second day thinking that she won’t get the refund.

And, to my surprise, she was the one enjoying the most.

Yes, that participant found the session interesting and wanted to continue for the third day as well!

Believe me, she was one of the active and interactive participants in the following session.

It gave me a lesson, that though the journey seems tough at the beginning, at the end, hard work pays.

She gave her honest feedback to us, and it has given me the confidence to come up with a more improved, and better version for the next session of CATC commencing from 6th July 2018.

I am happy to see the support of our community in our endeavor to save our society and strengthen it as a unit.

We are definitely being chased by few individuals who try to tarnish our image and malign our figure on social media, but the welfare of technical communicators society is more important for us than to waste our time proving them what we are.

We are going to launch more such engaging sessions and will make it available for seekers at the cost of restaurant bill only.

Do you want to know what we recommend?

Some more appreciation we got. Hurray!!!

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your mail. It was a nice experience and learning while taking the Certified Agile Technical Communicator program. It gave insights on the Agile Methodology/Scrum framework. It also turned out to be a nice avenue to share our project experiences among participants and taking suggestions from others. Thanks for the course.
Lalitha Janakiraman
Thanks and regards


Anu Singh It was a good session, and very insightful from a TC perspective. Thank you for planning this training and sharing your knowledge with us, Rahul!



I attended the first of its kind course designed for writers and it was very useful. I could easily relate to my work and the process followed.

Please post your comments in the comment box.

Stay awesome,

Rahul Karn

Join me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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