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You have heard it again and again from your nutritionist or your doctor friend that you should be taking foods rich in fiber and water. But fiber is not your thing, right? If anything, they are not tasty, and neither are they posh. So you are wondering what are the reasons behind why you should be taking foods rich in cellulose. In this post, we explore the various benefits of foods rich in cellulose. But before that, I think it would be important if we first enlisted the different forms of fiber foods which fall under two broad categories: either soluble or insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water forming a gel like material. It helps fight blood cholesterol as well as high glucose levels. It can be found in beans, oranges, carrots and apples.

Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and helps in alleviating constipation. You can find it in whole grain wheat, bran, nuts and vegetables.

You need to take diet rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Having enlisted the two forms of fiber foods, we can now jump into the benefits of taking these foods:

  1. According to the Mayo clinic, a reputable medical blog, high fiber food normalize your bowel movements. When you have taken a dietary fiber, you find that your stool is bulky and at the same time smooth therefore being able to move smoothly out of your rectum. However when you have no fiber diet, you tend to have a loose, watery stool.
  2. Fiber foods help you avoid constipation and related hemorrhoids that could come about when you exert too much pressure on your rectal muscles in a bid to force out immobile stool. People with hemorrhoids feel sharp pains due to the swellings on their anal parts and this can only be relieved when they take sitz baths according to Hosiped.
  3. When you eat cellulose high foods, you tend to not feel hungry and therefore your weight gets controlled. On the other hand, people who do not take them tend to feel hungry so end up overeating and therefore gaining insane weight over a short time.
  4. Fiber helps you live longer—This comes about because when you take cellulose rich foods, you avoid getting cardiovascular diseases as well as many forms of cancer. You are therefore likely to live longer than someone who is not taking foods rich in cellulose.
  5. Here is to healthier and stronger bones— According to eatingwell, some forms of soluble fibers known as prebiotics that are found in soybeans, wheat and oats increase the bioavailability of minerals such as calcium therefore making your bones dense and healthy.

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Challenges that every obese person faces

Obese people face a litany of challenges. They will for example have trouble taking the stairs because at the end of it, they will be panting so hard as though their lungs are about to explode. Obese guys always find it hard to get chic girls to date since they are seen as social outcasts. And so are the obese girls shunned away by the hunk dudes in the village.

Low Self esteem

When you are obese and young, you will always be self-conscious about your weight. Every cloth you wear is plus size since you cannot fit in the small and medium tee shirts that all the other slim guys are flaunting about with.

You will be socially aloof since you simply do not want to spend time with other people who might laugh at you because of your sheer weight and body volume. Most of the times, you do not want to attend family or social gatherings where you might be paraded as the most obese guy in the family with some of the inconsiderate folks making fun of you.

Lack of fitting clothes

When asked about why she made a point to lose weight, celebrity Mellissa Mccarthy said that it was because there were no fancy dresses that she would find fit for her. All the fancy dresses were for the hip and petite girls which she wasn’t. So she had to ultimately look elsewhere for bigger, plus size clothes which were not as attractive to the eye.

Love handles that are not any lovely to your better half

Girls have it rough when they have this set of large muffins clinging tightly on their waists. Their boyfriends and spouses are not going to take it lying down and will often make a point of telling them that they do not look any pretty. And if there is one hurting thing that your better half can ever tell you, it is that you are not pretty looking. It does take a long time to heal from that.

So you will run to the gym, run about helter- skelter looking for some equipment to help you reduce your love handles as well as looking for the best meal plans that are going to help you lose weight.

Urinary incontinence

Research shows that people who are morbidly obese are highly likely to be battling with urinary incontinence. The extra weight on their waists pushes the bladder so that it spills out whatever content is in it without first sending a message to your central nervous system that you really need to go and pee. And man, is incontinence embarrassing!

It robs you off your self-worth and you have to go about smelling like a hog with clear signs that you have wet your pants or dress which everyone around can see. If you do not want to battle with this, you will have to buy some incontinent products and ask that they are delivered to you discreetly lest your neighbors know that you are using adult urine diapers.

Trouble wiping their butts after emptying their bowels

Related to incontinence, obese people have another bathroom problem they have to battle with; trouble wiping their butts. This is because they are unable to reach their bum after a number two. They therefore have to use some wiping aids that of course come at an extra cost. If they do not use these aids, they risk getting out of the toilet stinking and with their underwears all browny due to the fecal debris.

Stress and stress eating

Whenever an obese person faces rejection or disapproval from people who tell them off about their weight, the heavy person is highly likely to get stressed up, unless of course they have such a tough skin to stomach people’s abuses. And the stress makes you stress eat anything that you can land on. And this makes it even harder for you.

The post Challenges that Every Obese Person Has to Succumb appeared first on Increase Testosterone.

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Imagine being able to lose weight by just tricking your brain that you are actually very active and thus increasing your metabolic rate for quicker fat loss. Well that is what the modius headset does. Worn like a normal headset, the Modius headset was designed by Dr. Jason Mckeown who happens to be a neurosurgeon.

Buy from Amazon

The gadget is worn for one hour daily and you do not have to do anything within that one hour. What it does is that it tricks your neural system to think that you are working out and really active while you are not. After using it for six to twelve weeks, modius users have said that they saw a total weight loss of upto 15lbs.

Studies and critics

The modius company has published an article on Modulation of Body Mass Composition using Vestibular Nerve Stimulation. However until now, no peer review has been done to approve or disapprove of the gadget. Online publications such as the verge have however said that it will give you a headache rather than get you losing weight.

How modius works

Modius increases your vestibular stimulation which has been shown to increase the rate of metabolism as well as increase fat burn. It tells your hypothalamus that you are actually in strenuous activity and you should therefore be rewarded by increased fat loss and decreased appetite.

My using the gadget to get this modius headset review

Modius on This Morning | Modius Health - YouTube

I bought the modius gadget for this review article and after installing it also on my android phone, I put it like a headphone over my head. It gives you a tickling feeling and Dr. Jason explained that those were electric impulses being sent to my hypothalamus to alert it that I was doing heavy activities. On increasing these on my android phone, the feeling got too much as I had exceeded the impulses the Dr had advised. I felt dizzy and nauseous and would not do anything until I went back to the normal settings prescribed.

Buy from Amazon

I used the gadget for a record 7 weeks and well, I must say that I saw some decrease in my cravings. It somehow made me eat less and still feel good about it. I also found out that I had lost 12lbs.

  • No exercises needed just brain stimulation
  • Appetite suppression
  • Weight loss in a simple way
  • Backed by science
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

Wrap up on whether you need to use the modius headset for weight loss

While there are 16 people who the company has followed and shown to have indeed lost weight after using the gadget, me included, I think one should use their due diligence before buying the modius. For one, it is very expensive and you might not achieve the 12 week period they say you should reach before stopping. Fortunately, they can get you the full refund for your money.

The post Modius headset review: Is this the smarter way to lose weight in 2018? appeared first on Increase Testosterone.

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While looking for the best appetite suppressants at gnc, I stumbled over Vitalast brighter day appetite control which had the highest number of positive reviews both on amazon and gnc. I looked through the reviews and ratings and got a hunch that the product must be great owing to the rave reviews that it was getting. But the only way to be sure about supplements is to try them out, right? So, I went ahead and bought the product.

Product specs and ingredients

Vitalast brighter day appetite control comes in a pack with 72 capsules. You are supposed to take one capsule before lunch and another before supper meaning that the entire pack will last for 36 days. Gnc.com however advises that you take the pills for upto 12 weeks to see full results. That means that you will need to but at least 2 packs.

Vitalast brighter day is made with ashwagandha, withanolides, rhodiola rosea root, Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract and lithium orotate.

What I loved about the product

Vitalast brighter day boosted my mood such that I felt positive every day. You see when you are obese, you face all forms of challenges from people ridiculing you for being excessively fat and not fitting in. When such negative energy is directed to you, most people struggling with weight find themselves binge eating even more since their moods have gone so low that food would be the only remedy for them feel better.

Brighter day was a great appetite suppressant for me. For years, I have tried all forms of acupressure tricks like squeezing my ear lobes and tip of my nose, taking lots of water and eating slowly but all had been in vain. I still found myself eating sugary and fatty foods. Vitalast helped me fight these cravings. Though I did not feel its effect in the first few days, later on, I found that I ate less.

The capsules also helped me with fighting anxiety. Unlike other appetite suppressants, it does not have any stimulants and as such, you are assured of no restlessness or anxiety.

Vitalast brighter day is also good with stress relief. While using it, I found out that I was able to focus more on my life and ignore the negative energy of people calling me plus size, plump or fat.

What I did not like about it
There were some complaints that some customers on amazon and gnc did not find any results even after trying the pills. And well, I would not say that these reviews were just put there to discredit the capscules. Personally, I know that some pills will work for some people while they are just crap to others.
Wrap up on brighter day appetite control pills

If you are looking for an appetite suppressant, mood booster then brighter day should be among those products you choose to buy. Again, with all suppressants, your body might not just react to it and as such, you should not expect that it is guaranteed to work for you.

The post Brighter Day Appetite Control Gnc Review 2018 appeared first on Increase Testosterone.

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Anadrol 50 pills or anadrol 50mg pills have been very much in vogue in the bodybuilding industry. What most people do not know however is that these pills are actually oxymetholone given other fancy names.

You will also hear it being called anadroll, annadrall etc.

What use do the pills serve?

The pills have extensively been used by medics to treat anemic conditions since oxymetholone has been proved to increase the amount of red blood cells in the body. Doctors would also prescribe these pills to patients having adverse muscle wastage. This is because the pills have been found to be very beneficial in muscle growth as well as reducing muscle fatigue.

The drug has been prescribed to HIV/Aids patients who were having their muscles wasting away. Those who are underweight and wanted to gain muscles in their skinny bodies have been asked to take the drug so as to fill up their flesh.

Bodybuilding using these oxymetholone pills

Anadrol | Oxymetholone - YouTube

Owing to these two properties, these pills have been taken up by bodybuilders who want to bulk and grow crazy muscles in a matter of months. And indeed, the pills have proved very effective in this task. The problem though is that using these pills for bodybuilding is not legal at all. If you are found by the authorities using them for this purpose, you will in hot soup.

The FDA has also not approved the drugs for this purpose.

Getting the drug for bodybuilding purposes is also a tall order since they are not over the counter drugs. Access to the drug is usually shady and involves the black market transactions or getting prescriptions from sneaky doctors.

Side effects of anadroll 50 pills

While used for bodybuilding, the pills have been found to have adverse side effects such as gynecomastia (man boobs), shrunken testicles, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and stomach upsets.

The gynecomastia comes about because anadrol 50mg leads to water retention. Though you will bulk, you will find that you have developed these ugly man boobs which are a great discouragement to many men.

Shrunken testicles come about because the drug leads to over production of testosterone which is not a very good thing. You could also become more easily agitated and beard growth in women.

Long use of oxymetholone has been shown to cause heart attacks as well as addiction to usage.

Alternative to  the pills

The good news is that crazy bulk company has seen the need for bodybuilders to bulk without having all those complications. They have therefore manufactured crazy bulk anadrole which is a legal alternative to anadrol 50 pills. I personally bought the anadrol pack with 60 capsules and took them for two months and the results were amazing. Well, one still needs to exercise crazily but the awesome thing is that with the pills you are able to exercise for long hours without tire. Your muscles also take a very short time to recover after intense HIITs.

With crazy bulk anadrol,

  • You will bulk just the same way you would have done with the oxymetholone pills
  • You do not need a prescription since this is an over the counter drug
  • You do not need those painful steroidal injections since it is an oral drug,
  • You will have a boost of mood to work out and exercise crazily.
  • You will not get man boobs
  • You will not get shrunken testicles
  • You will have crazy energy to workout.
  • Your muscles will not tire easily
  • It will take less time for your muscles to recover and heal after intense training.
  • Your testosterone levels will shoot over the roof and therefore you will look much more manly and have better sex

The Alternative ingredients in crazy bulk anadrol

Crazy bulk anadrol is made with DHEA, tribulus terrestris which increase your testosterone levels

It also contains whey protein which is a building block for muscle growth.

Cons of crazy bulk anadrol

  • I found the cost to be inhibitive and bodybuilders on a budget would not be able to buy it.
  • Anadrol is only sold by crazy bulk and you will not find it at gnc or amazon.
  • I found out that the drug had some side effects such as nausea and stomach upsets after the first few days of use.
  • The drug might not be shipped to some countries that have strict pharmaceutical laws.

Word of caution

Crazy bulk anadrol should not be taken by individuals having cardiac problems, diabetes or any other medical condition. I would also ask bodybuilders to first consult their doctors before usage just in case they have an allergy for any of the ingredients.

The post Anadrol 50 Before and After: Carl after bulking with anadrol appeared first on Increase Testosterone.

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