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Gorgeous newspaper faux chenille

 It takes a lot to winkle me out of my life on the edge of the world. I thought long and hard about leaving for a few days to teach in Inverness, but thought it might be fun so I put Poppy into my wonderful dog minders and off I tootled.
I'm SO glad I did.

The C.A.T. group have been meeting for many years and because of this they are a fabulous group to work with. They are an absolute joy. Great fun but they also work hard.
 The group working away on the first morning painting up their Bondaweb.

The 2 day workshop we decided on was a combination of A New Starting Point and Newspaper Faux Chenille. They wanted to have some fun, not worry what anything looked like. This took the pressure off and the group enjoyed playing and going with the process.

 Starting lay up the 'backgrounds' and 'prettys'.

 A New Starting Point involves working with painted newspapers, old maps, books . . . The process is to make 'backgrounds' that then become 'prettys'.
Four layers of tearing and layering is a good start, but you can try more.
The full process is too long to put on here but is covered in my 4th book, Reclaimed Textiles.

Some of the beautiful layered prettys'.

Once the layered surfaces are ready for stitch the samples were ironed onto F220 iron interfacing. A soft interfacing that is strong enough to support the newspaper so it doesn't tear when you stitch it.

 Yes - there are sequins on this piece - and yes - they do look good!!
The beginnings of a stunning stitched piece.

Playing with stitch, you don't need heavy threads to see them.

On day 2 we got on with the newspaper faux chenille. As we were already working with newspaper and other papers, it seemed a good idea to include this

 How you layer your papers, and whether you paint them makes a big difference to the finished effect.

 Adding polyester organza in between your layers of paper can make a fabulously fluffy effect once the sample is distressed.

To finish off your samples they can be stuck to a canvas.

 Part of the very lovely C.A.T. group with some of their samples.

I would like to thank the group for such a brilliant couple of days and for looking after me so very well. I am looking forward to seeing you all at Festival of Quilts in August and back in Inverness next year. A very special thanks to Rosemary for being that extra special hostess. And to Innis for the entertaining banter!


If you like the idea of either or both of these workshops they are avialble online. This month there is a 10% discount. Here are the codes . . 

Newspaper Faux Chenille -  https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/23327/enroll?price_point=24432&url_hash=7390ad5cff31637539ca1a&coupon_code=May2019

If you are intersted in any of the online workshops, or my teaching in Ireland have a look here. http://www.sonas-studio.com/

If you would like to enrol on any course in May, do email me for the 10% discount code for the course/workshop you are intersted in. info@kimthittichai.com


While we are on the subject of the online workshops, The Journey is now live and we have our first Journey and one of the great isolated designs from it.
We have had several people sign up but most will start a bit later in the month. They wanted to make sure they go the discount. There is no rush as all the online courses are avialble to view until I stop trading as Kim Thttichai Online. And I don't intend to stop for a long time!!

 The first Journey on the new online course.

An isolated design from the Journey.

I am very excited about this new course, it will be wonderful to see what everyone gets up to. You can work on your on all my workshops, but it is good fun to share what you do and discuss it.

The Journey is not discounted as it is a brand new course.


I hate having my photo being taken. This was at the end of the last busy day of the workshop, I was very tired - but you can see I am very happy. I had a great time with this group. Plus I think moving to Ireland and getting a dog has done me the world of good. Life is simpler, you appreciate the little things much more. Being warm, having good friends around you, living in a stunning part of the world and breathing all the wonderful fresh air. 
Photos can be a good marker!!

A tired and very happy Kim.

x x x

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 A section across 3 Journey exercises.

It's been a while . . Life can sometimes come along and swoop you away!

The studio at home in Ireland is almost finished and will be ready to teach in when my courses start. 

 The back wall of the studio
Left hand side . . 

View from the door - as you can see, plenty of room for 
tables and chairs for teaching my workshops.

There has been a slight delay in opening the studio as we had a big storm here last night and I now have a hole in the roof!! That should be sorted this week.

I am very excited to have somewhere to create larger work. I have 2 local exhibitions coming up and would like to make something new and exciting.


A new online workshop. 

My design exercise The Journey has been the most popular workshop I have taught and it is now available online. I have been asked so often to offer it online for those of you who cant get to a workshop with me. It was part of a longer course that I am now breaking up into modules. I have been listening to you.
So - if you fancy taking a journey of inspiration with me - now is the time. All my online workshops will be available to view for as long as I am trading. The workshops are hosted on Ruzuku and can be viewed at any time. Ruzuku is a secure website that keep all the money transfer safe and protects my videos. 
Once you enrol you will create a password and you will be off and running.  

    The course includes 12 videos around 10 - 15 minutes long.

You can work by yourself - or upload images of your work and chat to other students on the course. Please note this is not a competition to see who paints best. It really doesn't matter what your work looks like - you will be taking sections of it.  This is covered on the videos. Don't worry about being able to 'paint' - I can't either, as you will see!

Welcome and Introduction
  • Welcome to the course
  • Materials list – Creating Original Designs
  • Materials list – From Design to Print
Creating Original Designs
  1. The Journey
  2. The Journey – from start to finish
  3. Design exercise – Expanding
  4. Design exercise – Flipping out
  5. Isolating designs
  6. Transferring designs
From Design to Print
  1. Making printing blocks
  2. Printing your designs
  3. Over printing – using your second block
  4. Roller printing and using a dye colour wash
  5. Extension activities – using your baby wipes and your string blocks and prints . . .
  6. Using print in your work
This is the link you need to enrol.

Here are a few images of The Journey.

On Jersey at The Harbour Gallery.
What is everyone taking photos of?

Their Journeys all lined up . . 

I think this was in Wooler in the UK?

Don't these look fab . . ?

I think this was Wooler too, they all worked so hard.

This was in India.

The designs for these printing blocks were made in Australia a few years ago.

 . . and these.
Once you have made your printing blocks from your designs, you will enjoy printing on any kind of fabric and paper. Old books are a favourite.


Then the printed papers can be used to create more surfaces to print onto.

The orange design was created by doing the Journey exercise.

The possibilities are endless when you create your own designs. Is it time you created something different?
Here is the link -
I also have a new look website while I am giving you links.
 x x x

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 A section of one of the Journeys half way through.

 Right - now where was I??? The Journey in Jaipur . . .

It might seem rather a long way to travel to do a design exercise, But I am sure you can imagine the incredible inspiration that we were surrounded by, before we even left the hotel! Your head just spins with all the shapes,lines and forms.

 A beautiful lock on a door at the Amer Fort Palace.

 Part of a fence in the paper factory we visited.

One of the many stunning domed buildings in the Maharani's Garden in Jaipur.

If you look back trough the last 2 posts you will some of the inspiration for these Journey exercises. 
We painted the first part of the Journeys in a local workshop that had plenty of space for the long pieces of paper we needed. It was cool and not too bright in the workshop, great for relaxing and concentrating on the designs.

 The group getting on with creating their Journeys.

 Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I have been teaching this design exercise for 20 or so years now. What started as something I developed to help students to create original designs when I first taught my course Experimental Textiles. I have now taught it in Australia, New Zealand the UK and Jersey. To hundreds of students. And now I have taught it in India. You just never know where your teaching will take you.

I teach the exercise exactly the same way every time I teach it, and every student creates something different. It never ceases to fascinate me.

 Wonderful work.

We got as far as we could in the 2 hours and the Journeys were hung side by side, This is always an exciting moment.

 The journeys hanging side by side . .

 And then the photo cropped down.
This exercise need to be in black and white.
If you introduce colour, you would be distracted from the design.

 I have probably taught hundreds of groups of students, and of course, they are all special. But once in a while you work with a particularly splendid group of individuals. This was such a group. They supported and helped each other along the way.  There were no prima donna's!!! The group got on so very well. This of course made my job as the tour leader much easier.

 This is my gorgeous group.
Back row -Wendy, Angie, Sara, Kath, Lesley, Karen, Maggie, Jan.
Front row - Sabine, Dian, Jenny, June, Angela and Helen.
Joyce and Sheila were missing action, but they caught up the next day.

Here are a few sections I took of the Journeys when they were hanging up.

 Great lines and shapes.

 We finished off the Journeys in the hotel garden the next day. There was time to add some more delicate (fiddly) lines to fill in a few spaces.

 As you can imagine it was delightful working in the garden with all the delights of the hotel grounds to enjoy.

 There are some very fine chandeliers in the dining room of the hotel

 The desserts were a feast for the eyes . .
Such wonderful repeat shapes. 

One of the small lounges in the hotel.

I will post more on how the group developed their designs and introduced colour next week. 
The holiday was through Colouricious Holidays and the hotel was the Alsisar Haveli.


A reminder for those of you closer to Ireland, booking for my classes at The Quilters Guild Annual Conference in Maynooth, County Kildare, closes tomorrow, the 28th. 

There are still a couple of places on All that Glitters, my newspaper based book cover and Look, Draw, Print, Stitch.  Have a look here if you are interested. It's going to be a great weekend. Conference classes


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A wonderful labyrinth block print - in GOLD!

So - onward with our wonderful trip to discover all things design based and just so exciting in Jaipur with Colouricious Holidays
Our second day started with a trip to a brilliant factory that specialises in printing with metallic paint - no surely not Kim . . something shiny!!?

It is a great factory, very well organised, and helping to bring back hand printed fabrics into the high streets all over the world. Next time we go I would love to hear the owner talk about how he started the factory, developed it and how he is, almost single handedly, changing the the image of hand block printing in Jaipur. He is employing more and more block printers who in turn need more and more blocks. It is all very exiting. I wouldn't be surprised when we go back in 2 years if he is on factory number 2.

 Joyce had her own young man to help her match up her repeats.

You can hear the buzz of very happy ladies printing with the metallic paint.
Even as early as the second day new friendships were being formed.

 The concentration . . you can almost hear Kath thinking . .

 June thoroughly enjoyed her printing session. 
Look at the shine on that print.

 Even though everyone was concentrating they all had a great time.
It was a very relaxed yet informative session.

 Just 4 of the all blocks we used.
Plus - we were all presented with block of our name.
How lovely was that?

 This end of the table had a riot of a time. Maggie, Angela and Lesley got on really well right from the start.

 There are always loads of different shapes and colours to see around these printing factories - wonderful.

 After the metallic printing it was back on the coach to visit The Blue Pottery and have a wander the village of Sanganeer where some of the block carvers work.

 It's not often you see a cobra.

Having a wander around the village we saw lots of inspiration for design.

 I loved this railing, wonderful positive and negative space.

 The position of this young man within the space of the shop.
Love the straight lines contrasted by the strings of packets.

 A fabulous little building quite separate from the rest of the street.

 The Blue Pottery - lives up to its name. Using local soil and quartz to make the clay for the pots with their special glazes.

 Just beautiful tiles, vases, elephants, bowls, buttons, beads . .

 The next stop was a paper making factory and retail shop. My goodness it was fabulous. We saw how the paper was in made in large vats and then went to see a group of ladies making up paper carrier bags.

 A cross section of a stack of handmade paper - gorgeous.

 The ladies making up the paper carrier bags.

 A bit of retail therapy - very reasonable . .

While I am writing these blog posts, there will be at least 2 more about this trip, I am building ideas of how to develop this trip for my next trip out to Jaipur in January 2021. I am making notes . . . I am hoping that by the time I have posted the last blog post next week, we will have the next holiday up on the Colouricious website.

I would like to stress that apart from 2 sisters that traveled together and 2 friends who had been to Jaipur before, everyone was traveling on their own and knew no one else. That included me!! We had the best time together.

I will post more in a few days. 
The Journeys are AMAZING!!!

x x x

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The 2 sisters, June and Joyce, on their elephant at the Amer Fort Palace.

 Having met the group at Heathrow we flew to Mumbai airport then onto Jaipur.
 Mumbai is a beautiful modern airport, the roof is just FANTASTIC. Seeing it was a great start to our design based course.

 The Jaipur Journey Colouricious Holiday was planned by Jamie and myself to be quite different to any previous Colouricious holiday. Jamie and I had handpicked each venue that we visited. All were chosen for their particular design and or colour inspiration, as you will see. This was not the usual block printing holiday, though we did have one or two sessions that were great fun. I wanted time for the group to absorb and just be . . .  in these beautiful places. Have time to draw what they see and take photos. 

Our first day had two quite contrasting venues. The Amer Fort Palace which is very ornate and highly decorative. Contrasted with a visit to Jantar Mantar which is full of very simple massive shapes and lines.

 The Amer Fort Palace is the most remarkable series of buildings. A must every time you visit Jaipur. This was my third visit and I saw so many new aspects to this stunning place. You could never be bored in such a beautiful and inspirational palace.

 These are series of images showing a few of the amazing shapes and decoration.

 Wonderful arches and ceilings.

 A wonderful pop of colour.

 There is exquisite mirror and tile work.

 Even drain holes are interesting.

  . .  corners, easily missed.

A note about the elephants .  . on a previous visit I have visited the farm where the elephants are looked after by their human families - very well. The elephants that walk up and the road to the fort only work from 8 - 12. I have also been part of a group that paints the elephants. I still cant decide whether it is gratuitous entertainment. The elephants certainly don't suffer, are well fed and seem to be having a great time. In any group i have been in, there are several that won't go near the elephants, for whatever reason. Because of this - I don't have any elephant 'entertainment' on my holidays with Colouricious. 
Something for you to bear in mind if you are thinking of coming with me on my next trip in January 2021. You will have the choice to ride on an elephant up to the palace - or go up in a jeep.

Elephants walking up and down the road to the Amer Fort Palace. 
A wonderful sight, such beautiful animals.

There are beautiful gardens and fountains at the Amer Fort Palace. 

 It has to be done. Our very informative and humorous guide took our group photo.


In the afternoon we visited Jantar Mantar. Another must see as far as I am concerned.  It is an observatory as you have never seen before. Again, this was my third visit and I was still excited by the huge forms and shapes. The lack of colour helps not to distract you from these amazing buildings. I really love this place. Do look at the website if you would like to know a bit more. The buildings were built around 1724. Just remarkable.

 Jantar Mantar is a huge park in Jaipur. The cool, calm massive structures help rest your senses after the madness of driving around the city.
My favourite structure. Such and exquisite curve.

These deep curved instruments are just wonderful. So simple.

This was just the first day, getting the group to start thinking about line, shape and form. Such a treat. We had 3 days to get everyone thinking about design in general and of course, enjoy the stunning pink city that is Jaipur, before we started to create the Journeys. I will write more in the next couple of days.


Work is continuing in the new studio. Insulating, painting, electrics and of course . .  sorting out my STUFF.  I hope to be in there and working by the beginning of April when the season starts out here. I have had several inquiries about one to one workshops with ladies from America and Australia who will be traveling in Ireland in the summer. This is very exciting and not something I had considered. I live and learn. 

It is very cold here at the moment - but no snow.
My friend Jayne came over to smarten up and update my website with my Irish teaching and generally organise me. We are nearly there with the Scrumptious Spunbond online workshop. The inspiration book has just gone off to be printed. We hope to have it up by the end of the month. 
We had several new students enrol on various online workshops last week. I look forward to working with them. I will show you some of what they create, on here at a later date.

 Poppy loves Jayne - Jayne is still not sure.
Pops does love digging in the sand.

Jayne and Pops having a sedate wander on Carrigaholt beach while I was taking pictures of  . .  stones!!

 Yesterday I was in Cork for the AGM of the Cork Textile Network. I am a new member and am very excited to be part of such a diverse group of talented artists. You may have seen the 'Heads' exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching Shows last year on the Cork Textiles Network stand. They have now returned to Ireland and are hanging in Bishopstown Library.

 It is good to see all the heads again and back in Ireland.


That's it for now, I am going to cuddle up in front of the fire with Poppy
I hope you are enjoying the end of your weekend. Whether you're freezing cold in Europe or boiling hot in Australia, Have a good evening. 

x x x

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Look at these lovely faces. 
Little did we we know when we all met at the airport what an amazing time we would all have together.

The Jaipur Journey, 8th - 18th January in Jaipur with Colouricious Holidays.
I am going to have to write several posts in order to cover the range of activities and just great fun we had on this trip. The group got on so well together and firm friendships were made - almost from the start.

These are just a small - very small selection of images to give you a flavour of what is to come over the next week or so. I have been working with Jayne on my new look website all day so will have more time over the coming days to write some serious blog posts about my trip to Jaipur.

 The most remarkable yellow.

Stacks of embroidered shoes.

One of the gardens we visited for inspiration. Just fabulous.

This is one of my favourite images from the trip.
3 of the group having a rest out of the sun.

We visited the monkey temple and witnessed the cleansing ceremony.
You have never heard such shrieks of laughter as from the girls pouring water over each other. It was a joy, and a privilege, to watch.

The group at Amer Fort Palace.

The places we visited were carefully chosen by Colouricious and myself. All were sources of particular inspiration to help the group with ideas for design and shapes when they painted their Journeys, my design exercise for helping to create original designs. It is important to be able to generate your own ideas and designs. This design exercise is simple to do and creates great results - as you will see.

Part of the group painting their Jouneys.
They all looked fantastic when hung next to each other on the wall.
The Journey exercises - not the students.

The final workshop day. We had a classroom set up in the hotel gardens.
Here are the group looking at the all the work that had been created since we had arrived in Jaipur.

We stayed in the Alsisar Havelli. A beautiful heritage hotel. It is so highly decorated with stunning arches everywhere. We didn't really need to leave the hotel for more inspiration, but of course we did.

There was hand painted design on nearly every surface.

Even the desserts helped us with finding design.
Just look at the repeated shapes and spaces in between

A shot of part of the hotel at night.

I had hoped to have posted about the Jaipur trip last week but I managed to catch an nasty flu virus on the plane . . I am only just feeling as though I have an energy. So I have all the joy, colour and remembered excitement of our wonderful trip to come. Watch this space!


My dear friend Jayne who makes my videos and runs my website is here updating www.kimthittichai.com.
I am so pleased with it - I have a new look. It has all my information in one place. All my online workshops and courses and my teaching in Ireland. Have a look and see what you think.

The new look website marks the push to get the new studio finished in time for the start of the tourist season. A new look and a new studio. Whooo hoo!!! 

See you in a few days . . .

x x x

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This is 'Robbie the Skelly'.

I have just finished a 12 week course - Reading You Local Landscape. What a fabulous time we all had.
The joint initiative of Clare County Council, Clare Museum and the Limerick and Clare Education & Training Board (LCETB)
Heritage Consultant, Zena Hoctor delivered the practical course which enabled our group to identify, examine and record the heritage features of our own local area through a combination of fi­eldwork and desk research.

 Our group (on my birthday), at Kilbridget Burial Ground

 We had great fun studying the local geology, architecture, archeology, seaweed, history . . and so much more. It was a great luxury to be a student again. Our group are hoping for a follow up course and we feel we have only just begun our research. Fingers crossed. 
I shall miss the group and it would be good to be able to work together again.

 My project - A Grave Situation!

I became fascinated by the carving on grave slabs in the local burial grounds that I visited. The images can be quite varied but many follow along the same theme.
 Me wearing my 'Robbie the Skelly' T shirt, presenting my project

 Most carvings follow a symmetrical design. Very organised and clear.

 This carving was quite different to all the others I have seen so far.
Almost child like - pagan even.

 I just love the skeleton. Have a look at all those teeth!

 This is a tracing of the photograph of the carving.
 I isolated the skeleton and started to play.
Firstly I flipped and mirrored . .

 The I made a printing block from the design
The finished print is at the top of this post.

 This is our group with the tutors and representatives of the funding bodies.

We were presented with our certificates on Wednesday night at the Bellbridge Hotel in Spanish Point- if you want to see a few more images - click here. https://www.facebook.com/clarecountycouncil/photos/a.2232656727006528/2232657853673082/?type=3&theater

 My T shirt was very popular, with several guests asking if I sold them! Now there's a thought. . . Grave Inspiration!!

The evening was a great success with about 50 guests arriving to hear our presentations. I didn't get back home until midnight . . it really was great fun.


I am now planning my next project - Crowdfunding, to get my studio finished.
I am creating new work to help with the donations and will be writing some new exclusive weekends and week long courses based on the use of found plastic along with a new 3D workshop - again exclusive to the crowd funding donations.
The new Magical Hares series will be available as signed limited edition prints and cards, as well as the 4 originals.

 'When Harry met Sally'.
Number 1 in the Magical Hares series.


 A great sample from A New Starting Point.

If you fancy something to do over the holiday - we have some splendid online workshops for you. The is plenty of sparkle, texture and colour on offer and if you feel you need something more - how about working for a year with me on Experimental Textiles. Have a look at all the courses we offer here. http://sonas-studio.com/html/courses.html


And breathe . . still 10 days to go.

x x x

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My field this July - with orchids, ragged robin and buttercups, later I have swathes of montbretia and purple loosestrife.

It is time for me to be looking ahead, dot the i's and cross the t's on various bookings that will take me away from home. Yes - I am venturing out into the world again in 2019. It has been a wonderful year here in Ireland, a lot less traveling and a chance to settle. I had time to notice which flowers bloomed when, find more fascinating local places to visit . . and make plans . . .

I moved here 2 years ago today - on my 60th birthday. What an amazing 2 years it has been, I have made friends and settled down. Ireland feels like home now, it has taken this long. There is so much more to learn to learn about this beautiful place, I will be learning about it for the rest of my life.

The teaching here has gone well and bookings have started for next year. I love inviting students into my home for the Look, Draw, Print, Stitch weekend workshops. There is more information here if you fancy a trip out here next year. www.kimthittichai.com/html/sonas_2.html

If you fancy learning more about Tyvek and other heat distressables,
then Manipulating with Heat could be for you . .

The online teaching was quiet over the summer, I think it was just so hot nobody wanted to do anything. Enrolments have started to pick up in the last couple of weeks. If you fancy trying my techniques in the comfort of your own home then have a look here - www.sonas-studio.com/ There are several videos on each workshop. You get all the information you need, plus an inspiration book on selected workshops.

I have noticed something interesting over the past 6 months, it would seem most of the online students prefer to work on their own, not in a group. One or two have said they find it intimidating to see other students work. This seems to be particularly true on my one year course - Experimental Textiles Online. So I will be using this course as more of a mentoring course. 
The students will still work through all the workshops and develop workbooks, but I will work with them individually.
Generally the students that sign up for Experimental Textiles Online are at a stage in their creative life where they need encouragement to develop their own style and practice. When you are unsure of yourself, this can lead to feelings of not being good enough. 

 Some of the black and white design exercises from 
Experimental Textiles Online.

In future each student on Experimental Textiles Online will spend the year working with me with regular support by email and on Skype once every 2 weeks or so. If anyone is intersted in being mentored by me - then drop me a line and we can chat about it. info@kimthittichai.com

Here are a few images from when I taught ExTex (as it was fondly known) in Redditch. You can choose your final project on the online version of the course as well.

 Fabulous work by some very talented girls.

So . . .  next year - in January I will be in Jaipur, India. In April I will be in Inverness. In May I will be in Dublin. In August I will be at Festival of Quilts at the NEC, and in October I will be in New Zealand. All that alongside my teaching at home and building the new studio. It's going to be a busy year next year.
I will be working on my diary for this blog over the weekend - watch this space . . 

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 Playing with Bondaweb and stitch.
I do love seaweed.

It's been a while. I have been settling in and enjoying not traveling about too much. I have been exploring my local area, and enjoying all the colours, textures and patterns. 
It is almost 2 years since I moved to my little slice of paradise on the Loop Head peninsula. It is continuing to be a challenge to support myself out here, but plans are in place to help with that. It takes time to discover what works out here. . and what doesn't!!

 Seaweed in one of the rock pools in Ross Bay.

 Seaweed and crab shell on Glasheen beach.

I am thoroughly enjoying drawing and stitching seaweed and am now seriously into my dry stone wall series of work. 
Getting out and about in this area I keep finding new places to excite - there is an alpaca farm not far from me that spins and dyes the fleece. They are all very well looked after and are fast becoming a great attraction.

 Gorgeous alpacas.

 I am still a very keen beach cleaner on my local beaches and am continually surprised at just what is washed up. And in such large amounts. I am collecting the rubbish I find to start creating  . .  something.

 A small part of a collection of plastic from beach recently.

 Any one who has moved house will know how easy it is to misplace things. It has taken almost 2 years to find my early collection of bead bowls. I was getting quite despondent - and then - I found them, safely packed in a box . . in a bag.

One of my first bead bowls made in 1985.

I have always been interested in making textiles 3D. One of the things I do is make silk fibre bowls which are selling very well over here.  I have listed a few on my Estsy shop if you fancy having a look . . Kims Etsy Shop. 

I have been making some new bowls ready for the upcoming craft fairs.
I have added a few to my Etsy shop . . .


 My teaching -
My Look, Draw, Print, Stitch weekends have finished for this year.  To see my dates for next year - have a look here. http://kimthittichai.com/html/sonas_2.html

Tricia who came to work with me in May has now finished 3 pieces of work based on one of the designs she created on that weekend.

Aren't these fabulous?

Jaipur January.
I shall be getting about around the world in 2019. In January I shall be teaching on a holiday I am leading in Jaipur. I believe there is one place left.
In April I will be teaching in Inverness and in May I will be teaching in Dublin.  
I will be home during the summer teaching in my studio, then I will be off to teach in New Zealand in October.

My online courses are still available here - http://www.sonas-studio.com/

I have been mentoring several students/artists unofficially for a while now and I think it is time to tighten things up. From now on I will teaching my online version of Experimental Textiles as a one to one mentoring course that will last a year. If anyone is interested - do please email me. 

So -  that is what has been happening . . . 
Yesterday I went out on the Dolphinwatch - a fantastic trip that involves, dolphins, wild goats, all manner of sea birds and amazing rock strata.

I managed to one image of a dolphin jumping.

If you are ever traveling in this area it always worth checking if the conditions are right for a trip on the Dolphinwatch.

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One of Denise's prints

I taught the August session of Look. Draw. Stitch. this weekend. Three lovely students, we had a great time and what fabulous work they produced. I have had to really sort through all the images I took. It has been difficult to choose.

I run the Look. Draw. Stitch. weekends from January to November. So far this year we have ranged from one student to four. Next year when I move into the studio I hope to have six every month. Anyone can come - whether you have worked with me before - or not. Most students just come once, others come a couple of times a year. This weekend we had Susan from Australia. Denise from New Zealand and Rosie from West Clare! Usually students are from the UK or Ireland but these 2 antipodean ladies planned my workshop into their holiday in Ireland - good forward planning.

 We started the weekend with a bit of drawing, nothing too terrifying. I have plenty of interesting things to draw inside and outside the house. We are never short of inspiration.

After we have drawn for a while the students then take a couple of sections from their drawings and make tracing from them.

Rosie, Denise and Susan working on their drawings and tracings.

 This are Susan's traced designs and the printing blocks she made from her designs.

 Denise making a block from one of her designs.

 Rosie making one of her printing blocks.

 Rosie's first prints.

 Everyone getting down to trying out their first prints, getting to know their blocks.

 One of Rosie's designs.
The positive and the negative parts of the deign make the blocks.

We use baby wipes to clean the blocks - and end up with more gorgeous prints to work with.

 Rosie enjoyed playing with this block.

 The first prints from Susan's first block.

  . .  and playing with her second design.

 Susan decided to work with the baby wipes she had cleaned her blocks with. 
Aren't they beautiful colours?
 We played with the prints. Cutting out section and and adding different backgrounds.

 Rosie starting to stitch into one of her samples.

 Two of Denise's prints.

 On Saturday is was plenty warm enough to st outside and enjoy the sunshine 
. . . and the view.

 To give you some idea of the process we cover on the weekend - I am using Denise's work as an example.

 Denise's drawing.

  . . her traced section of the drawing.
The middle right design was used to make the following blocks and prints.

Cutting the self adhesive foam (yellow) and sticking onto the foam board.

 Four blocks - Denise made the first blocks then flipped the design to make two more blocks - mirror images.

 Denise over printing her blocks.

 Three of the combination that you can achieve with these blocks.

 The next piece of work was printed with the other deign that Denise had worked on  - the bottom right of her tracing page.

 Cuttign out parts fo the design to show a different background - in this case, we chose a heavy linen in a toning brown.

 Denise starting to stitch her print.

A bit more stitch - more to come. 

It really was a fabulous weekend, all the hard work paid off. Well done those girls, and thank you.

The next Look. Draw. Stitch. weekend is September 22nd and 23rd or October 20th and 21st. There are still places if you want to come and play at my home in Ireland. 
Just email me for a booking form. 


4 of the Journeys from the current Experimental Textiles Online course which started in January this year. 

The second course of Experimental Textiles Online will start enrolling tomorrow.
This is a one year course with regular feed back from me until August 2019.
Interested? Click here . .

The course begins at the end of September. Once you enrol you will be able to view the introduction video and the materials list video. It is wonderful to now be able to teach this course online, reaching out across  the world.

If you would like to develop your own style of work - then this is the course for you. If you would like to speak to me about the course, then do please email me with your phone number and I will will ring you at a time that suits - or we can Skype. The course is a big investment in your time, and money, so I would want to make sure the course is for you . . . 


Hello Jill - not long now.
Hi Diana, so glad you enjoyed the show.
Hello Tod - will speak soon

x x x x
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