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Hi all, Karen here!  Some of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may remember seeing a few photos of this project my client and I are about to share with you!  Last year I had the joy and privilege of working on this beauty with a special family.  I will let my client share with you today, as this project has a really sweet story, and then in a follow up post, I will share more design info, tricks, and other information!

Although this was a renovation project, we only gutted one room in the house, and that was the kitchen.  All other rooms we just refinished, repainted, and redecorated!  We used a lot of  furniture the homeowner and her family already had, but dressed it up a bit! (However, Phase 2 is beginning soon, where we will remove some walls and add more space!)

So for today, let’s hear from the homeowner herself, Lauren!  Here are Lauren’s words to share — thank you Lauren, we appreciate hearing from you!

My name is Lauren Barnes and Ms. Karen has been working with me as an interior decorator for about 6 months. And as my house is getting ready to expand because we are adding onto a few areas here and there, she will continue to be our guide through the decorating and design process of my home. 


As a person with  autism, working with Westwood Avenue, I am very fortunate and blessed to be able to work and live on my own. And for the first time able to hold a job for an entire year. With the help of my amazing service dog Jules. If you have time check us out “on the Avenue with Lauren and Jules” in your local community magazine and you just might find us. 

Lauren’s work area in her new home, with the article she wrote about her service dog Jules on the front cover! You can also see a photo of the original homeowner of Lauren’s house, Ms. Helen.


Our house (Jules and I) was passed down to us by Ms. Helen, the woman who lived next to my mother (Terri) since she was 12. Terri and Ms. Helen were neighbors and the house that is next to mine is the house my Mom and her family grew up in. As Ms. Helen is now 104, she lives in a nursing home. And is proud to know that we keep her family’s home and traditions alive. 


Built somewhere in the 1930’s, if this house could talk, I am sure it would have some stories. I didn’t come along till the 1980’s, yet I do remember coming in and out of this house my entire life. And I am VERY proud to own my home and am loyal to keeping it both safe and clean. 

“New” Living Area in Lauren’s home, with refinished hardwoods, new paint, reupholstered and renewed furniture, and the fabulous original marble fireplace!

The other “more fun” living room in the back of the home (which is eventually being expanded and redone again very soon when we do “Phase 2” of this update!). We were able to use Helen’s original drapes, and we took our color scheme from them!

The more traditional Dining Room which connects the front Living Area with the Kitchen. This room also displays a mix of new pieces mixed in with existing, re-purposed pieces. The cabinet in the back showcases many art pieces Lauren’s family has made, along with some of her favorite photos.

I wouldn’t have been so proud to call this house my home without the help of Ms. Karen. When we first walked into this house, as we bought it, it still had that 100 year old woman smell, lots of weird carpeting, and odd shaped curtains that matched maybe 100 years ago but not today. Ms. Karen helped me to keep the vintage genre yet also keep the tradition of an old fashion house alive. And add a little modern for convenience only. And with a yellow kitchen who could say no? 

Seriously cute vintage-style NEW kitchen in Lauren’s house.


I look forward to the new addition of a bathroom, garage, and sunroom. And look even further forward to working with Ms. Karen on our decor!! 


Jules and I appreciate all that she has done for us to make our house a home to be proud of. And making it even more easy to work On The Avenue and be even more inspired by our home! 


Thank you Ms. Karen for loving us and turning our house into a beautiful fun loving home!! Through many hours we spent together working on the house, we will always welcome you back again and again any time. Especially as we add onto the house in the next few months! 


Love from me and Jules 

Thank you, Lauren, for your kind words!  I know you are proud of your home, as I am!  Looking forward to working with you on “Phase 2” of your new home renovation!  You guys are the best!

Readers, I would love to help you redesign, re-purpose, re-upholster, renovate, or dream of something completely new!  Email to schedule an appointment!  ~karen@homebyhattan.com

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Home By Hattan by Karen Hattan - 4d ago

Are you wishing for cooler weather?  Me too!  Makes me miss Christmas … so I’m giving you an early Christmas gift to keep our hopes alive!  Now through the end of July 2018, if you book an appointment with me (and keep it on the date selected!), you can have my services for 25% off!

25% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means my hourly rate is $75 per hour, rather than $100 per hour!

OR if you are a Real Estate Agent, I will give you 25% my Consultation rate, now through the end of July! That means the charge will be $170 for a Staging Consultation, a detailed Expert Psychological Staging Recommendations Report for your clients, and my Client Care Package, now through the end of July 2018!

So here are the “deets” (that means details):

  • Decorating/renovating/redesign type appointments booked by the end of July will be charged $75 an hour for that appointment only.
  • The appointment itself does not have to be in July, just booked by the end of July.  However, it must be held in the next 3 months (no saving it forever!).  So for example,  you can call me July 28 and book an appointment  for October 28.
  • If the appointment does not hold, the savings will not be applied to your re-booked appointment.
  • Staging Consultations also need to be booked by the end of July, and appointments held for the date scheduled.
  • The 25% off sale DOES NOT APPLY to my Decorating Package Deals.  Those are already discounted by about 17%!
  • The 25% off sale DOES NOT APPLY to my hourly rate of Photo-Prep Staging, only Consultations.
  • You have to ask for my “Christmas in July” special!

I can help you select paint colors, redesign your room using what you already own, help you shop for new items, redecorate a room or the whole house, plan a renovation, help select flooring, backsplash, countertops, drapes, rugs, furniture, coordinate fabrics, etc.  Just let me know what your need is, and I will help you (or direct you to someone who can — I have “people!”).

HO HO HO!  Merry Summer!


Images from Google Images

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Hi friends, today’s blog post is from guest blogger Hazel Bridges from Aging Wellness.  She’d like to share some great advice for those who are in their “later years” and are considering moving.  This can be a tricky and uncomfortable decision, but with some homework and planning, it can be a wonderful move on your part!

Thanks, Hazel!

Image via Pixabay

Don’t Let Age Keep You from Finding the Perfect Home

Whether you want to head south for the warm weather or get closer to family, moving during your golden years helps make the most of your retirement through a better quality of life. Unfortunately, the process of pulling up roots and relocating hasn’t gotten any easier since you put that down payment on your first home, but the challenges ahead shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. Here are some tips to find the perfect place to settle into.

Learn Your Finance Options

The easiest way to pay for your new house is by selling the old one and using that cash. However, that may not be possible if you haven’t paid off your mortgage, in which case there are plenty of options for financing the move. You may qualify for a mortgage if you are still working or have sufficient income in retirement. In fact, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act prevents discrimination based on age, and several lenders have programs for seniors.

Enlist Expert Help

Find an agent who has experience working with seniors. This is no longer difficult, as the National Association of Realtors has created a Seniors Real Estate Specialist credential and a database of qualified professionals organized by zip code. Whoever you work with should provide a comparative market analysis for pricing your home, but that doesn’t excuse you from doing your own market research. If you’re moving to Nashville, Tennessee, where the average home price is $290,000, you’ll need to cover that plus the costs associated with moving.

Consider Downsizing

Downsizing provides an array of benefits. For one thing, you’ll likely pay less for a smaller home, which means more money in the savings account. But the economic benefits don’t stop there, says a financial expert writing for CNBC.com. Taxes, insurance, and utility bills are all likely to be lower, not to mention maintenance costs — you may not need any paid help at all for cleaning and basic repairs.

Research Medical Care

You’ll need easy access to a hospital as well as physical therapists and pharmacies. Research this information before signing on any dotted line if you want peace of mind in the years to come. Availability of such services was one of the criteria that Caring.com took into consideration when evaluating the best and worst states for the elderly to live. As reported by CBSNews.com, the study put South Dakota on top, followed by Iowa.

Calculate the Cost of Living

Your income as a retiree may be limited, and choosing the wrong locale may have you pinching pennies. Meanwhile, the right location means extra cash for eating at your favorite restaurants and spoiling the grandkids. There are a number of things to consider, including the median home price and the tax burden. Don’t forget to add in the prices of everyday items such as food and medicine, as well as an occasional evening out on the town.

Find Some Recreation

Bicycle paths might not be your first priority when looking for the perfect neighborhood, but they could add a lot to your quality of life as exercise is more important now than ever. Beaches and nature trails provide other excellent ways to stay in shape while getting a breath of fresh air and sunshine, while studios for yoga and meditation gain in popularity with seniors for the wide variety of health benefits they offer.

Consider a Senior Move Manager

Once you’ve found the perfect locale, it’s time to start packing. If it gets overwhelming, this is who you call for help. The National Association of Senior Move Managers offers accreditation to professional project managers that perform a wide variety of tasks from sorting through personal possessions to putting it all in boxes. Their main job, however, is to give you a helping a hand and relieve the stresses associated with relocating.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll be settled into your new location within the month and enjoying a cool drink while watching the sunset from your patio. That’s the good life, and you’ve earned it.


Thanks, Hazel, for your great advice!!  I’d like to add one little piece of how I can help make that transition … if you do find yourself downsizing, or if you find yourself helping an aging parent move into assisted living, it is important for the new living situation to FEEL like HOME.  I can help you walk through the current home, and decide which pieces will make the move with you to the new home … and once there, how to arrange the furniture, where to hang art and display family photos, and make it feel like YOURS.  Below are two cell phone shots of some furniture and art selections I helped my friend make for her mother-in-law who was transitioning to her new assisted living home.  We brought family photos, treasured art, and the right scale of furniture to make it all work, and make it feel less unfamiliar and more like home!

We chose a loveseat, chair, small table and lamp, as well as art pieces from the home, to make the new apartment feel more like HOME.

Favorite books and family photos displayed in the new apartment.

Let Home by Hattan help you create a space you love!! Love where you live!


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Last year I had the pleasure of working with Jane and Mike, a lovely couple who had recently married, and decided they needed this new chapter in the story of their lives to be an adventure they embarked on together — so they decided to move to a new town (Nashville) with a new home (new construction, no less!)  — and begin again!  Real Estate Agent (Real Estate Goddess, as we fondly call her) Jane Campbell of Keller Williams Realty helped them find their new palace, and then they hired me to help them decorate it!

Jane and Mike had plenty of furniture and household items, for sure, but all these pieces were from their former lives and former marriages — and former decades!  We are talking floral sofa y’all!  They were ready to update and start off in their new home with some new decor and things they got to buy TOGETHER.

Here’s where we began in their new home:

BEFORE You can see that this main living space is actually 3 rooms in one — living, kitchen, and informal dining. Jane and Mike wanted to start here.

Jane’s floral sofa and other pieces just didn’t fit this new house — in style or in size.

After visiting with Jane in her home, and taking a look at her Houzz Ideabook photos (pictures she had saved of rooms and items she liked), we established the vision for the new look she and Mike were desiring:

  • updated, streamlined, more contemporary style
  • neutral colors in furniture
  • bring in color through artwork (they already had a favorite artist in mind!)
  • comfortable
  • fits the open space floor plan
  • touches of industrial rustic style pieces mixed in with her contemporary pieces, to add a little character (as opposed to traditional style or overly formal pieces)
  • all 3 rooms in this large open space had to flow and “play well together”

These are always my first steps in undertaking a design project.  I get to know the “story” of the folks that live in the home, and through visiting and looking at “inspiration pictures,” and through my Discovery Interview, together we identify what that particular client likes and dislikes.  This helps us establish a vision for what the space needs to feel like, look like, and how it is to function.

So after Jane’s likes and dislikes were identified, and her vision was defined, the next step was bringing that reality piece to the vision.  This involves that dreaded “m word,” Math.  (…Which Jane is actually very good at, as she is an accountant!! …)   We talked about how much money she had to invest in her home project, and we figured out what pieces would actually fit in this particular space.  We measured the rooms, and played with different furniture configurations.  I went back to the computer, and drew up this floor plan as a possibility, using the measurements and the scale of the room and scale of furniture:

One of the options we came up with to furnish Jane and Mike’s open floor plan, based on the dimensions of the room and the dimensions of the furniture pieces we could use. The black box floating in the middle of the room behind the sofa is the kitchen island, for reference. The kitchen cabinets are behind it, and there is a fireplace on the other end of the room, so the furniture is arranged to face the fireplace with TV.

We weren’t sure we loved the two chairs placed in the entrance to the room. So we ended up choosing a sofa with chaise lounge extending on the side where the two chairs are in the plan.  This way the entrance to the room was not blocked by the back of a chair.  The two chairs were moved to the opposite wall in front of the windows (and they swivel!), and then we placed a stationary comfy chair in the corner near the fireplace, to anchor the room.  This gives  plenty of seating, and the comfort and function they requested as well.

The walls were already painted a soft neutral color which were not being changed, and that wall color played into our options of colors to put on the furniture.  Knowing Jane wanted a neutral color palette, I sent her this Vision Board that had her wall colors and let her see what some different colors and styles of sofas would look like in her space.  I did not dictate “get a dark gray sofa,” but rather guided her towards colors that would work and not work.

Using this Vision Board, we decided we did NOT want the dark gray, but rather a stone colored sofa or a medium-to-light gray sofa.

With colors in mind and in hand (always bring your wall color with you, as well as any fabrics or hard finishes that are staying in the room, when you go shopping), and with the knowledge of what sizes would work in the space and what we wanted, and a realistic budget in place,  we FINALLY went shopping in a store!  I recommend never going shopping for big ticket items without doing your homework first!

After establishing the vision, the investment needed to fulfill this vision, and the measurements/scale/colors, THEN the fun part — shopping! — can begin.

I directed this client to Bliss Home Store in Nashville, because Bliss carries furniture and accessories that fit her desired style.  We spent some time picking out furniture and choosing fabrics that coordinated well with one another, and made sure our choices embodied the “vision” we had established. Here are our selections from our shopping day!

The sofa with chaise was covered in the darker solid fabric. The two swivel chairs were covered in the light gray and ivory geometric patterned fabric, and the corner chair got the fun circles! The yummy stone color in the middle is the softest leather, and it covered two large ottomans with hidden casters for rolling. The ottomans we used as the coffee table. The wood piece was what we chose for the furniture legs.


Neutral colors, but not boring.  Just enough pattern and texture to be interesting, happy, and give Jane the contemporary look she was going for (without being too crazy trendy)!

Then came the hard parts:  paying for it and waiting for it.

Guys, good design takes time!  And it takes money and forethought.  I will be doing a post on this in the future, but just to give you a little taste:

Most clients come to me wanting these three things:  the most perfect fabulous things, for a steal of a price, and they want it quick.

Unfortunately, it is incredibly rare to get all three of these wishes granted at once.  You must often sacrifice one for the other two. There is lots of research about this, not just in my profession, but in most professions (even in the food industry, think about it!).

Sometimes I get lucky at Home Goods and I hit the jackpot with a really nice piece of furniture or art for a great price and we take it home that day.  But I have never been able to completely furnish and decorate a home in one trip to Home Goods!  Time, money, and quality.

Fortunately, my client Jane was an accountant for an Interior Designer in her former life, so she knew all this!! She understood that in order to get her choices of fabrics on good quality pieces, she would need to pay more than Walmart prices, and she knew she would have to order them and wait a bit before they were delivered.  Yay for Jane!!

And here is how they looked when they finally arrived!

Furniture is here!! But we are not done yet!

While we were waiting for her furniture to be made and delivered, we worked on choosing some other items — we still needed lighting, some accent tables, window treatments, and a rug or two.  Plus she needed bar stools for her kitchen island, and she wanted to update her eat-in dining table and chairs.  Several more miles to go!

Here are some finishing pieces we chose to pull together for Jane and Mike’s living room area:

We chose some fun, very modern tables from Alder and Tweed, one of the companies I carry and can buy from at nearly wholesale cost!

The Laguna Accent Table by Alder and Tweed, with marble top. Can also be a useful laptop table or tray when sitting on the sofa!

Funky little accent table by Alder and Tweed.

Console table/cabinet we looked at, loved, and did not buy on our first trip to Bliss, but my client went back and bought it, and I’m so glad she did! The lamps are from Bliss Home Store as well.

We still needed a rug to tie everything together and to soften up the room.  We decided the ideal size for her rug needed to be 11×11 to fit the room best.  One of my rug companies, Chandra Rugs, can custom size most of their rugs for just a few more dollars than standard size.

After looking at some samples, we chose this gorgeous hand-tufted rug:

Zyana rug from Chandra.

Lastly, we addressed her windows and wall in the living area (she only had one wall space that was empty – the rest were windows or doors or open to other rooms). Jane and Mike had already decided at the beginning of this project that they wanted to invest in “real” art for this home, and they had their eye on the work of a certain artist, so they took a trip to New Orleans to see his art in person.  They bought several pieces from him, including this one that ended up in their foyer, which I love love love:

They bought a larger piece for their living room, to be placed in between their two windows.  Then we dressed the two windows with some custom drapes in a deep silver charcoal color.

Rug, drapes, and art in place!

Now the main living area was finally complete!

AFTER   Ta-Da! The rug really brought everything together in this living area!

“But Karen,” you may be saying, “what about the barstools, the light fixtures, and the eat-in dining area?!”

Oh yes, we updated those as well, AND we updated her formal dining room and foyer too …. BUT I think I will save those goodies for another post.  (Although if you look at these “after” photos, you can catch a glimpse of some of  the light fixtures!)

Stay tuned for more Before and After Makeover Reveals from this fun project!

And for now, I’ll leave you with these:


After. New sofa, chairs, rug, drapes, accent tables, console cabinet, and lamps.

After, by Home by Hattan.

Let me help you make your vision come to life! I have a team of experts and tradesmen and wholesale companies, to help me install, demo, build, and furnish!  Let’s create beauty together!  ~Karen@homebyhattan.com

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If you are reading this, congratulations!  You just made another trip around the sun on our big, crazy celestial ball we call Earth!  Happy New Year!

With the new year comes a slew of predictions of the “new trends” designers and other experts say we will be loving in 2018.   Here are some of the Colors of the Year, chosen by the paint companies:

Three of the Colors of the Year 2018: Sherwin Willliams Oceanside, Benjamin Moore’s Caliente, and Pantone’s Ultra Violet

Behr paint’s 2018 Color of the Year, In the Moment

Glidden Paint’s 2018 Color of the Year, Black Onyx

As your friendly neighborhood decorator, I try to stay on top of the trends and colors.  I continually read design blogs, watch which Pins are being pinned to Pinterest, peruse Houzz, watch HGTV, research sources and how-tos, subscribe to magazines, and I also get to tour lots of new builds and a few Design Houses each year!  Throw in the occasional Trade Show or Market for good measure.  So I feel fairly certain of  what is trending in both the design world, and what people are really loving these days. Real people.  Not Ralph Lauren and others who can re-decorate every 6 months, but us “normal” Tennesseans who love our sweet tea and our Predators hockey all at the same time.

I’d like to share two things I have noticed about choices and trends and what we’ll be seeing in 2018, here in Middle Tennesse:

1) No one I know is requesting Ultra Violet purple paint on their walls (Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year!)

2) White is the “new gray”

2b) No one in these parts seems ready for these saturated Colors of the Year… yet

We’ll get to that purple in a minute.

Remember when everyone felt they had to “convert” to gray in their home?  Well now the new “neutral” seems to be white. White is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  And for good reason, it is bright, white, and about as neutral as you can get!!  Designers love it, and stagers love it even more because it makes the house bright and happy.  I have just redesigned my entire office, adding in whites and creams (along with touches of blush pink and moody blue).

Snapshots of my office in the works (taken at Thanksgiving) …. I’ve been adding white and blush pink, but have kept my wooden writing desk.

If all you have is white in your entire home, I think that would get rather boring, but I have seen some really gorgeous rooms done almost entirely in various shades of white, and I find them quite relaxing, fresh, clean, happy.  Simply White was Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year, and as with most Colors of the Year, it’s taken a while to become mainstream here in the middle of America.  Plus, you sort of have to know what you’re doing to make white work in your home, and layer in color or texture somewhere, or you’ll end up with a very generic house.

Beautiful white living room by Driven by Decor

All white kitchen and living area, from Decorpad

Personally, I prefer my whites with splashes of color, as in this restyle I helped a client with last year:

White sofa, creamy walls, blue and natural accents, by Home by Hattan

Or this, found in Caitlin Wilson’s home:

Onyx,  Glidden Paint by PPG’s Color of the Year, is similar in that it is trending, and is treated by designers (who know what they are doing) as a neutral.  Again, sometimes this is hard to pull off, but can create feelings of privacy or of masculinity, especially if you are over the white trend.  It can also make a striking, elegant contrast with the whites that seem to have taken over.  I like Onyx and other black-ish paint colors as accents on doors, lamp shades, metal legs on furniture, or in art pieces.  But others prefer the whole room dark and moody — check out the gorgeous dark rooms in this slideshow by HGTV “Black is the New Black“,  you may just get inspired!  (or not)

Black Onyx by Glidden Paint

So …in terms of color trends … if you turn on any makeover show, or even go to the trendy new shops and restaurants in our area, you will probably see lots of white, lots of wood, and a big resurgence of live plants!  Shiplap, macramé, greenery, rattan and raffia.  These have all been around a while in the design world, but really are just being incorporated in full force here in Tennessee.  Most of the restaurants that have opened recently go either really light (white) or moody dark (black) in their feel or their decor. Another popular look is white with black trim accents.  And they all have lots of wood.  (But funny enough, none of them go ultra-violet purple!)

Here’s one that incorporated both black and white!

Pinewood Social in Nashville, TN

HGTV’s Dream Home 2018 …. great example of white with black and rattan accents and lots of plants!  Trend City.

So now let’s discuss the purple, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet. OK, so let me get this straight … they want to paint my walls Ultra Violet?  Welllllllll ….. while we all love and miss the artist Prince, I for one do not miss him enough to paint my walls bright purple!

I find it very funny that just this week I got called in to help stage a house that has sat on the market for months, without one single showing.  Here is a picture of the main Living Room.

Guess what I told them to do?  Paint over the Ultra Violet Purple, for the love of Prince!!

(And then, of course, we need to address the 2 styles of furniture within the same room …)

Now hear me out, I actually do like the color purple.  I recently bought a dress that is solid purple, and I love it!  I really don’t have an issue with the color purple, or any of the Colors of the Year, we just need to take these as color trends, not paint trends.  And I think it may be quite a while before they make their way into home fashion.

Laurel Bern, genius Interior Designer and Blogger, put together an image with all the major paint company’s picks for the 2018 Color of the Year.  I hope she doesn’t mind if I borrow it, just so you can see all the paint colors at one time. And also because you really should subscribe to her blog, she is BRILLIANT and shares tons of information that she researches for her blog!  Here is Laurel’s image:

Interesting choices of colors, aren’t they? There’s saturated, almost primary colors, very very dark colors, and then there are muted colors and that one sandy cream thrown in there.

The only one I really love for a wall color is number 8, Behr’s In the Moment.  Ok, and maybe a navy-ish or the creamy-tan.

So what does this teach us?  Color preferences are just that, preferences.  And paint color companies pick some weird stuff sometimes.  If I came in and wanted to paint your entire room in Sherwin William’s Oceanside, I have a feeling you might balk a little.

AND you must know that turquoise/teal is one of my most favorite colors in the entire world!  I mean I have 2 turquoise chairs in my Living Room!

Snapshot of my Living Room a couple of summers ago … I love teal and turquoise! But my room isn’t covered in it.

So this also teaches us that the paint colors of the year do not have to be placed on your wall!  A better way to embrace some of the Colors of the Year is to incorporate these colors in your home accessories or furniture.  Or you can wear these colors on your body — oftentimes these colors of the year are much more popular in fashion than they are in home fashion.  You can buy some art with these colors, a fun pair of shoes, or even buy a phone case with your favorite color!!  Pantone offers a “Shop Ultra Violet” page, full of fashion and objects available in the Ultra Violet color.

My concluding thoughts on these paint company’s Colors of the Year:  I am just not seeing them anywhere around here yet.  They seem a little heavy in our part of the world that still is in love with white and gray, huh?

But if you are digging these vibrant saturated colors, we can make it work for you!  I have a few design tricks up my sleeve, and if you can trust me that the neon raspberry color you love should not be painted on a 2-story accent wall, but rather incorporated in other ways, we’ve got a room to design!

Before I end this post, I’d like to make a couple more observations and/or predictions for 2018 that seem a little more realistic.


The color green, in all its shades, is having its moment again.  Not that green has ever been out of style, really.  There are so many shades of green, from earthy sage greens to the more saturated emerald greens, kelly greens, and even yellow-y greens, that you can almost always find a green that works for you.  The saturated greens, however, are the greens in the spotlight these days.  Take a look at this chair from Anthropologie:

Velvet Julienne chair from Anthropologie

And this chair I bought a year or two ago, from World Market, that resides in the playroom because it’s so fun:

And this gorgeous office I found on Pinterest:

Image found on Pinterest, linked back to Katie Kime’s website. Green plays well with black, with white, with pink, with navy ………

And think about all the greenery we’ve been seeing lately.  These greens have been trending for a while and will continue to do so, in my opinion.  Green works well with our beloved white, black, gray, and navy.  The more earthy greens look fabulous in a room with lots of natural elements.  Go Green!


I am also seeing more and more pops of mustard-y, sunny yellow as well – not brown Dijon mustard, but a deep saturated dandelion yellow.  Look at this lovely room by Max Rollit!

Image from Laurel Bern’s blog. Love that this is an otherwise moody dark room, but then this fabulous saturated yellow sofa adds a little life!

Here’s a room I staged, gathering the homeowner’s yellow pillows and accents and moving them to the living room to give happy pops of color:

Staged by Home by Hattan

Even in my own living room with turquoise and navy and cream, I also have added touches of sunny yellow.  I think we’ll be seeing more and more of it, along with the saturated greens.  (not purple and not red …. not for a while yet)


And my final observation/prediction for 2018:  house plants!!  Not the random collection of 7 different pots and plants that don’t match sitting on a wire etagere, but more purposefully put-together containers for the plants.

Modern planters grouped together. West Elm is a great source for these. This image found on Pinterest.

Remember the HGTV 2018 Dream Home?  Lots of live plants and a huge fiddle leaf fig tree.

Notice all the live plants! Take a virtual tour of the Dream Home by clicking here.

Note:  if you have a fake ficus, throw it out now.  It’s probably covered in dust anyway.  Time to upgrade to a fiddle leaf fig tree or an olive tree, and yes, those can be fake if you want!  Pottery Barn sells a great faux fiddle leaf fig, as does Crate and Barrel.

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Hello dear friends, and Season’s Greetings to you all!

Yesterday I toured some lovely homes decorated for Christmas as part of Ravenwood High School PTA’s Holiday Tour of Homes, and it really helped get me into the Christmas decorating spirit!  The tour included 5 beautiful homes and many inspiring Christmas ideas! One of my favorite trees, simply because it was so unique and fun, was this “Movie Night Christmas Tree” that was in one of the home’s theater rooms!

Movie Night Themed Christmas Tree

And we got to visit SANTA!!!!!!!

Santa says we are on the “Nice List!” (I hope … )

Back home, as I was finishing up my own decorations, I remembered my “Twelve Days Of Christmas Decorating” blog series I posted last year.  I thought it might be fun and/or helpful to revisit some of the topics, especially as we are all working to decorate our homes this season!

But rather than post a link each day, I am going to simply list all the topics with their links within THIS blog post.  That way, if you have a particular Christmas project you are working on, or want/need inspiration, you can simply click on the titles that are of interest to you, and it will link you directly to that post!

One last little thing … if you think you might want to update or redo your own home in the future, consider asking for a Home by Hattan GIFT CERTIFICATE as a Christmas gift this year!!  Easy to give and to receive!  And I would love to help you!


Day One:  All that Glitters and Shines

Day Two:  Cozy up with Winter Fur

Fur Wreath from Pier 1

Day Three:  Hanging of the Greens

Including a step-by-step instruction for hanging garland on stair rails and how to decorate it!

Boughs of Holly

Day Four:  What Colors to Use and Where?

From Google Images

Day Five:  Ribbon

Including some ideas of new ways and places to use it, and how-tos!

Day Six:  Gift Wrap (and the rest of the Grinch’s list from image above!)

Day Seven:  Vignettes

{Side note:  this is my favorite post!  I love creating vignettes!!}

I created this symmetrical vignette on top of my bookshelf in my more formal living room. The two trees frame the vignette, with the deer head as the center or most important piece.

Day Eight:  Christmas Memories and How to Decorate with Them

{OK, maybe this one is my favorite!}

Day Nine:  Christmas Card Displays

This mom made a Christmas tree shape on a blank wall using washi tape. Then she strung small garland and hung her cards on the garland and wire! From Thyme is Honey.

Day Ten:  Christmas Lights

Clarke W. Griswald’s house from the movie National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation.” Always a favorite.

Day Eleven: Including the 5 Senses; Sights, Sounds, Smells, Textures, and Tastes of Christmas

Holiday Joy is a blend of essential oils that I love to diffuse aromatically at Christmastime … or you can use it to add scent to your pinecones and greenery! Offered by DoTerra, of which I am an Advocate (this means I can order it for you)!

Day Twelve:  The Nativity

I sure hope these posts will inspire you, help you, and give you permission to really enjoy this beautiful Season of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.  And please, feel free to reach out to me for all your decorating needs.  Love to you all, and Merry Christmas!

~ Karen@HomebyHattan.com

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Dear readers and friends,

My apologies in getting this out a month late, but, you know …. LIFE.

Anyhoo, I am very excited to share with you all the Befores and Afters of our RESA Meaningful Makeovers project, in which a group of 12 members of Greater Nashville RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) combined our efforts, talents, and money to completely redecorate a couple of the girls’ residential homes on the TN Baptist Children’s Home campus!  There were several bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, the main living room and kitchen, and the front porch that received some TLC and home decorating magic! In this post, I will share the Befores and Afters from the home I was a part of redecorating, but will share photos from the other home in a following post!

I’ll start with the rooms I helped design and work to complete, along with the very lovely and talented Shelley McCoy (Shelley McCoy Artful Homes).

Shelley and I were asked to improve the front porch, where the family truly lives, eats, plays, and does homework together!  Here’s the Before:

Porch Before

You can see in the photo above, their only table was a small round table that could seat 5, but there can be up to 12 people living in the home!  The House Parents needed a larger table, so everyone could sit together.  The space felt a little dark and dingy as well … so we helped them out with that!


Porch After

We replaced the round table with a larger table that has a homework-friendly table-top, and we bought them a bench for seating along the backside, so several kid-sized bottoms can all fit along that side!  Now it can comfortably sit 7 or 8, and there is still room to pull up a chair or 2 if needed.  Right now, there are only 8 people in the home, so the House Parents were thrilled!  We cleaned up their grill for them (cleaned the whole porch actually!), bought them cheery new cushions, pillows, candles, lanterns, and flowers and 2 extra wicker chairs.  I scored big time on this outdoor rug, picking it up from a Buy, Sell, Trade site for a great price!  Shelley up-cycled the metal flower artwork she already owned and just repainted it with colors from our rug, and now it hangs happily over the wicker bench!  We also added a light kit to the existing ceiling fan, to bring in more light to the space, but we kept the fan spinning for comfort and enjoyment.

We were thrilled with the porch, and the family was as well!

I would like to give a big shout-out to a few others who helped us with this porch, one of whom is my handsome, helpful, TALL husband who installed the light kit onto the fan for us!  He also got roped in to painting the edges in our bedroom and bathroom — lucky guy!  THANKS MARKIE!  Here he is, with paint bucket and brush in action:

Also stepping out to help were these lovely ladies, who simply volunteered just because they wanted to be of service!  They cleaned and scrubbed the porch like nobody’s business!  Thank you to Claire Carrico, Nicole Boyd, and Shelia Story!

Me and my Volunteer Worker Bees, Nicole, Sheila, and Claire. Thanks for having a servant’s heart!

And now onto our next project, a teen girl’s bedroom and adjoining bath.  Here is the chaotic room before:

Teen Bedroom Before

And After:

Teen Bedroom After

Kristie Barnett, a.k.a. The Decorologist, chose the soothing color scheme for the whole house, and our bedroom was chosen to be painted Sherwin William’s Malted Milk, what I would consider to be a warm pink.

Sherwin Williams Malted Milk 6057

We used the existing room’s headboards, the bookcase, and the mirror from the old dresser, but most everything else was new (or new to the room!).  The dresser that was in the room before was a wonderful size, but the drawers didn’t operate and it … well, it didn’t work … so we bought a new dresser by Ashley Signature, and just reused the old dresser’s mirror by painting it white.  We bought a chest from ReStore, which had 2 large drawers for more storage, and painted it a cheery green that coordinated with the new comforters.  We used that painted piece as the night stand.  We painted another smaller cabinet that was placed on the far side of the beds in the same cheery green.

{Sorry for the drapes being closed … the sun was streaming in during photographing, so to get the best pictures, we needed to close the drapes.}

Speaking of drapes, my bestie Lisa Uiberall helped with the drapes for this project!  She picked up an extra set that was needed, and helped my husband Mark install the rods.  Lisa also painted the white bookcase for us!  Thank you, Lisa!

Here are a few more fun pics of the room.

Shelley made the little yarn decor pieces over the beds, following an inspirational Instragram post by Sabrina Soto ( @sabrina_soto). The artwork over the green nightstand is Shelley’s work as well!

Here’s a shot of Shelley and I figuring out where to hang some of our fun stuff for the room:

And here’s some of our “fun stuff”:

YES, these inspirational quotes are also LIGHT BOXES, which lit up with the touch of a button …. You Go Girl … Dream Big! Choose Happy!

When is this room ever going to be this clean again? When PIGS FLY! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! I have two teenagers living in my own home, so I speak from experience!)

OK, enough about our rooms!!

(You can tell we had fun, though, can’t you?!)

There were other rooms in the house receiving INCREDIBLE makeovers as well!!  Here are the beautiful results in other areas of the house …


I mean, who WOULDN’T want this room?!  The headboards came with USB ports, for all your electronic needs.  A teenager’s dream, this room was completely furnished and decorated by Anthea and Cory Click of Fresh Perspectives.

One more look:

Down the hall a ways …. another beautiful room ….

Glamorous and calm and sweet … ahhhhhhhhh.


This fantastic room was designed and completed by Carol Lindsay of Mint Home Staging and Jamie Watford of JW Nash & Co.   Classy and sweet, simply lovely.

So sweet!

Next door is one more gorgeous bedroom!  Take a look:

Sophisticated and fun all at the same time!

This room was completely transformed with lots of hard work and vision by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist, and  Elizabeth Scruggs of Superior Construction and Design.

Don’t you just LOVE what they did to this chest of drawers!? So creative and pretty!

I need to show you one more photo from this room, because the other dresser in the room also received a little “somethin’-somethin'”!

Gold knobs! So haute couture for furniture, to go with all their fashionable jewelry! And the fun pom-pom ball! LOVE!

Just for the record, each and every bedroom came with an adjoining bathroom.  These were not ignored in our redecorating project, and also received LOTS of paint and updates and love, but I thought you might not be as excited about the bathrooms as you would the bedrooms and the living areas … and so … if you are just dying to see the bathroom makeovers, please let me know and I will share the photos with you!

And now for the largest undertaking … also completed by Kristie Barnett and Elizabeth Scruggs, the main living area!


Wait!  Oh darn it all, I don’t have a Before Picture!!  You’ll have to go Elizabeth’s post to see the Before Photos!  Sorry, folks!

But suffice it to say that I could summarize the main living area BEFORE the makeover with two words:  1) DARK, and 2) BROWN.

The lighting was dark and brown, the walls were dark and brown, the fireplace was dark and brown (almost black), the furniture was dark and brown, the bookcases were dark and brown (the backs of the bookcases were painted the same brown as the walls).  I mean seriously, y’all, I don’t know any young girls who want to live in a house that is described as dark and brown!!!! Especially girls who are coming from dark and hard places in their own lives.  They need light!  And love!  And peace!  And comfort!  And happy!  And NOT dark!  Which is the reason why we were doing this project in the first place!

And so, with the help and generous donations of Ferguson Lighting in Lebanon, TN and also Elizabeth’s favorite painters Guierllmo and Hector and Antonio, Kristie and Elizabeth whipped this area into fabulous shape!!  Here are the AFTER shots:

Kristie Barnett spent hours hand-painting the fireplace. Elizabeth tackled the bookcase and many other jobs. New rug, pillows, lights … even the ceiling got a splash of color!

Here you can see some of the beautiful light fixtures donated by Ferguson Lighting!

Bookcases painted and staged by Kristie and Elizabeth. Many more books and games are stored in the cabinets underneath.

The family kitchen also received new lighting and a..

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Hi everyone, on the blog today is Guest Blogger Stacey Bailiff, from Canvas Press, Inc.  Enjoy the article!!!

Canvas Art piece over lucite console table. Image from Pinterest

4 Effective Home Decorating and Staging Tips

Decorating a home, whether it’s a new home or a refresh to make your home feel new, or even when trying to sell a home, is a fun activity. But, like many fun things, it can also be stressful, especially when it’s on a budget, or a timeline. Here are a few tips for making decorating your home enjoyable, easy, and stress-free!

  1. Pick a neutral color and accessorize around that color, making it easier to change smaller pieces of décor more often. No one wants a completely beige or grey house, but choosing neutral wall colors or large pieces of furniture can make decorating easier. Not convinced about the bright pink pillows? Try them out! With a neutral background, picking bold or seasonal pieces, or even just something you love but you’re not sure if it will work, is much less stressful, because you can change them later if you want to! Bonus: If you buy something and don’t love it, you’re buying a throw pillow, not an entire living room set.
  2. Remember that scale is important. Sometimes, a piece of furniture is just too large, or too tall, or too wide, and it just won’t work. But if you love it, a great way to bring that piece you love into your home is to find something in a similar style. If you are set on a large dining room table, look at a drop-leaf table that can be smaller when not in use but fold out to host all those fabulous dinner parties you’re planning.
  3. Forget the rules! Sometimes a rule makes sense in theory – floor to ceiling curtains make a room look taller – but it just isn’t working in your house. That’s okay, rules were meant to be broken! Do you love no curtains at all – be you! If something doesn’t work for you, do something different, especially if it makes you happy and works in your space!
  4. Choose art wisely. Art is one of the most stressful parts of decorating. One great way to choose art wisely, making sure it fits your style, is budget-friendly, and easy to work with, is to decorate using canvas art. Canvas art – art, photos, drawings, or even a famous image printed on high-quality canvas, with gallery-style wrapping – is an easy, affordable, and stress-free way to decorate, plus it allows you to follow the first three tips with ease! Neutral background? Bring in some colorful art, like a favorite landscape or piece of modern art. Small apartment? Large blank wall in a loft? No problem! Canvas art can be customized both in the image and the size, making small corners easy to decorate while still being useful for large areas that would be too cost prohibitive or large to find an original painting for. Think you have to frame your art, but really hate framing, or have thin walls that don’t hold frames well? Canvas art is already gallery-quality, with wrap-around images and the option to have it delivered ready to hang! Plus it’s affordable and easy – and fun! – to order, so when the couch delivery is late, or the curtains just aren’t working, you can rest assured that one part of decorating is coming in under budget, without stress, and as a beautiful addition to your home.

Making a house a reflection of yourself, and of your style and life, is exciting, just like a blank canvas – full of possibility and fresh, waiting to have your personal style and interests painted on it. But it can be hard and stressful too. Take some of that stress away with these tips and suggestions, like compromising on a piece or ordering a beautiful canvas print to personalize and decorate your home, and happy designing!

Stacey Bailiff
Canvas Press

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