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In our modern life, electricity has become an indispensable part of our daily activities. Everything we do depends on power in one way or another way, so it’s easy to understand how frustrating it can be when the power goes off.

Whether it is at home or during your camping trip at night, a proper light source is the first thing you’ll need to secure in the event of a blackout. Therefore, keeping a LED lantern can be extremely useful in such situations.

The only question that should be asked is: how do we find the best LED lantern for power outages? In the next part of our post, we will walk you through how to find the best LED lantern for both your outdoor and home emergencies. We will also give you our top picks for the best LED lanterns that even the most pickiest users will approve.

How To Choose The Best LED Lantern For Power Outages

Having a LED lantern is a brilliant idea to cope with power outages. But not everyone knows how to choose the best one among the hundreds of lanterns available out there. Don’t be fooled by the fancy looks of the lantern or the sweet promises of the manufacturers.

A truly great LED lantern is not necessarily the most expensive or the most beautiful one but rather a well-functional one. But how do you spot the best LED lantern?

There are certain factors that you will need to consider to find the best LED lantern for power outages. A good LED lantern is an essential household item that should be included in every family’s emergency kit. We have summarized below the essential factors that will help you spot the best LED lanterns among the rest. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Brightness level

The first and also the most important factor for a LED lantern is how bright it is. You would not want to end up wasting tons of money for a LED lantern that gives off the weak and dim light, would you?

The level of brightness can be determined by the number of lumens put off, so you may notice that every LED lantern specification always includes the number of lumens, for example, 140 or 190 lumens.

The higher the lumens, the brighter the light will get. Generally speaking, 250 lumens is more than enough light to read or find your way around while less than 80 lumens of light can be too dark to function.

2. Runtime

Another important factor to consider is how long the lantern can run on its fully charged batteries. Nobody knows how long the power outage is going to last, so it’s best to opt for the LED lanterns that can run for at least 20 hours continually. Try to find a LED lantern that can run as long as you’ll need.

3. Adjustability

The third thing to consider is whether a lantern offers adjustable modes of light or not. Preferably, a good LED lantern should allow you to change the lighting intensity from low to high depending on your wish.

By being able to adjust the light, you will be able to save more power and get the lantern running for longer than expected. Rest assured that most good - quality LED lanterns offer adjustable light to suit different activities by users, so make sure to test all of the light modes before you buy.

4. Price

A decent LED lantern should not cost you more than 50 bucks. In fact, there are many good LED lanterns at very affordable prices. For around 20 bucks, you can get a pretty good deal already. The more features the lantern offers, the higher the cost will get.

Some high quality LED lanterns include plenty of fancy features such as carrying handles and hooks, remote controls, fancy designs or extreme water resistance. These features are not a must, however, depending on your need and budget, you can select the one with the features you’d love.

Best LED Lanterns For Power Outages 2018 Reviews

Below is our list of the top 5 LED lanterns that offer great values and functions. If you are looking to buy a LED lantern quickly, then feel free to choose from our recommended lanterns below, and you won’t be disappointed.

This amazing portable LED lantern is so much more than just a light source. It is a fantastic lantern that can also act as a flashlight when you go trekking or camping or even when a hurricane hits and there’s a blackout.

The lantern is incredibly lightweight with a carrying strap for maximum portability. It also comes with pre-installed six 1.5V AA batteries and a user manual. In the flashlight mode, you can expect it to last for 20 hours of continuous use or 12 hours in the lantern mode. Isn’t that impressive?


  • The lantern is safe to use without getting heated after prolonged usage
  • The lantern offers great value for the price with long bright light and powerful batteries
  • The lantern is very user-friendly, even kids can handle it
  • thumbs-up
    It is also very lightweight and can be turned into a flashlight in an instant


  • There is no light shield to direct light in the direction you want
  • The lantern doesn’t do well in unfavorable weather conditions such as rain as the moisture can creep inside the bottom of the lantern and cause corrosion to the batteries.
  • The lantern offers bright light for indoor use but not wide enough for outdoor use at night

Coleman is a prominent brand in creating high-quality outdoor gears and LED lanterns are no exception. This MicroPacker Compact Battery Lantern manufactured by Coleman is a remarkable lantern that features a lightweight design yet a powerful capacity.

This lantern can easily be converted into a flashlight with a snap and what’s more terrific is how powerful and durable this lantern is. It offers up to 92 hours of continuous light and is expected to last a lifetime.


  • The lantern is super lightweight and compact, and you can easily carry it with you anywhere you plan to hike
  • The lantern runtime is very long in comparison with other models
  • The lantern offers incredibly bright light, and the light direction can be adjusted
  • thumbs-up
    The lantern lifespan is impressive as it promises to last a lifetime


  • The lantern is a bit pricier compared to other lantern models
  • This lantern is not moisture-proof, which means it does not come with any rubber lining around its battery input to prevent moist from corroding the batteries

If the above Coleman MicroPacker Lantern is too small for your need, then we have a bigger one for you here, and it’s none other than the Coleman Quad LED lantern Special Edition.

This Coleman lantern model retains most of the prominent features expected of Coleman products including high-quality materials and strong performance.

This lantern consists of 4 individual light panels and works on 8 D-Cell batteries. The lantern’s runtime is quite satisfactory for any camper or hiker, with the maximum runtime of 75 hours. The LEDs are extremely durable while completely safe to touch.

What’s cool about this lantern is you can take the panel lights off the base to use individually. So practically it’s buy-one-get-four, which is a pretty good deal, isn’t it?


  • The lantern generously offers bright and comfortable light
  • The lantern features four separate and detachable lights, which further enhances its lighting power, so it’s a fantastic option for power outages as well as night outdoor use
  • The lantern is quite durable and can survive bad weather
  • thumbs-up
    The lantern is water resistant, so no more worries about moisture or battery corrosion with this one


  • This lantern is quite heavy and bulky to carry, so if you are looking for a compact lantern, opt for another one
  • Despite having four separate light panels, the lantern only has one On-off switch, and sadly there is no way to adjust the light brightness
  • It can be tricky to recharge all of the lantern batteries
  • thumbs-down
    The lantern base is large yet tight, which makes it challenging to install and replace batteries

The Rayovac Sportsman LED lantern is another impressive LED lantern that every camper will love. It offers fantastic brightness with 240 lumens, and its brightness level can be adjusted into three modes: low, high and strobe.

The lantern employs 3-D batteries which offer up..

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Camping in the rain can be a misery to some people as things will be wet and dirty and possibly dangerous. However, if you look at everything in a positive way, camping in the heavy rain could be so much fun and romantic at the same time.

For me, there is nothing better than staying in the tent with my loved one on a rainy day, leaning against each other, watching and listening to raindrops falling on the roof and enjoying our private moments.

In case you are planning to have an unforgettable camping date with your special someone in the rain, all you need to do is finding a good – quality tent. If you still don’t have any ideas on how to choose to the best tent for heavy rain, this article will answer all your queries.

How To Choose The Best Tent For Heavy Rain

A camping tent is invariably the most important item on anybody’s camping gear list, but choosing the best tent for heavy rain is quite different from looking to buy a regular camping tent. There are numerous factors that you should take into considerations when shopping for the right tent for rain.

1. Tent materials

The first factor to consider is apparently the material of your tent because the key purpose of a tent is to shield you away from the rain. And thus a tent with a strong waterproof coating will practically be a gem.

You may argue that most tents are made from waterproof fabrics, but to cope with the heavy rain, you’ll need to go with tents that offer high waterproof ratings, which can easily be checked by looking at the fabric specs and coatings.

In case you are wondering what waterproof ratings mean, the water-resistant levels of your tent material are known as Hydrostatic Head, and it is measured in mm. Ideally, a good waterproof coated tent should have a minimum hydrostatic head level of 3000mm.

Apart from the level of waterproofness, you would also need to look at the type of fabric your tent is made of. To endure the rainy weather, your top choices are nylon and polyester fabrics.

2. Tent types and designs

Most experienced campers will recommend that you get the 3 or 4 season tents as they are usually well-built to be used all year round under most circumstances. But that’s not enough.

A good tent for heavy rain should be a double-walled tent, or in other words, the tent should include an outer fly and an inner fly to keep you from getting wet.

3. Ventilation

As everyone knows, humidity and moisture are friends of rains. When camping in the heavy rain, various people have a tendency of sealing up the tent, closing all vents and doors. By stopping all air circulation, moisture is completely strapped inside which leads to condensation within the tent.

Always pick up tents which provide sufficient ventilation features such as ventilation ports, mesh inner walls or fly straps.

4. Budget

Budget is yet another important factor we think about when buying a tent in particular and buying everything in general. The price of a tent is ranging from $90 to $450, depending on how roomy and well – built it is. Before heading to the store and picking up a tent, you should consider your demand of usage and how much money you should spend on it.

For example, if you need a 2 – person tent, spending around $100 for a tent is reasonable. In case you want a larger tent for a family camping trip, $200 will be the amount of money you expect to pay.

5. Footprints and seams

Apart from the above factors, there are two more things that you should not overlook when buying a good tent for heavy rain, namely the footprints and the seams. The seams of your tent should be sealed to prevent leaking while footprints refer to the extra protective layer between the tent floor and the wet ground.

With footprints, you’ll enjoy one more layer or protection from the dirty wet grounds. So watch out for these features before you make up your mind!

Best Tent For Heavy Rain 2018 Reviews

** Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can click links above to see current prices and read customer's review on Amazon.

When it comes to camping gears, Coleman never disappoints. And this Coleman 4-person tent is no exception. If you are looking for a nice tent that gives you comfortable shelter from the pouring rain, then this one is for you.

This Coleman 4 person tent is claimed as applying dark room technology with an ability to block 90% of sunlight to help reducing heat in a tent. Furthermore, thanks to the weather Tec system, users can enjoy themselves without having to worry about getting wet.

Unlike other tents, this Coleman tent is particularly easy to set up due to its continuous pole sleeve, snag-free suspension and patented pin and ring system. Last but not least, it provides a ground vent and large windows for great ventilation.


  • It is super convenient to store, pack up and carry
  • It is easy to set up (only takes 10 minutes) and lightweight (it weighs only 3 pounds)
  • It has 3 sizes to choose: 4 – person, 6 – person and 10 – person type
  • thumbs-up
    It is spacious so you could easily move around


  • This tent doesn’t come with any footprints
  • This tent won’t be able to withstand heavy rain
  • The tent poles are quite flimsy
  • thumbs-down
    There is no zip cover for the tent’s screen window, and the zippers get stuck frequently

Coleman is my all–time favorite tent manufacturer. However, when making this list, I’m not biased this brand and also this Coleman Evanston Screened Tent. Rated highly on Amazon and got a thousand reviews from users somehow could prove how preferred it is.

The Coleman Evanston Screened Tent possesses a roomy interior. It could be full of 2 queen – size airbeds so you could freely stretch out without interfering with the others. Moreover, window awnings are also its key feature. They help to enhance ventilation without letting the rain in.

Storage pockets are small items, but they are a plus point of this brilliant tent. You could keep your necessities, items safely. What makes this Coleman suitable for heavy rain is that it has protected seams which increase weather resistance and wind – strong frame and zipper protection.


  • It is commodious, so it’s highly suitable for family getaways (it can accommodate 8 people)
  • It can be set up quite quickly by 2 people (about 15 minutes)
  • Its price is affordable and quite cheap for an 8-person tent
  • thumbs-up
    It is sturdy and well-built


  • The fabric is not very long lasting - it may rip after several uses, especially around the four corners
  • The poles to the rain fly are not very sturdy
  • The tent doesn’t provide full waterproofness and water may get filtered through this tent

If you are looking for a smart tent to get outdoors, Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent isn’t a bad idea. It will be a best friend for campers as it is long – lasting and well – designed. The Teton manufacturer equips 150D Oxford footprint to keep your tent in superlative condition no matter what surface you’re sleeping on.

It is a micro – mesh tent which was ideally designed for maximum ventilation. Clip on rainfly for weather protection and privacy will clear away all condensation.


  • It has 4 sizes for us to pick up, so you don’t have to worry whether this tent brand fits your demand or not
  • It is portable, lightweight and easy to set up; it just requires 1 person to set up
  • It is lightweight (only from 3 to 8 lbs) compared to its competitors


  • The tent is rather big and heavy and not very suitable for backpacking
  • The rain fly doesn’t fully fit in with the tent
  • The rain fly doesn’t have any wear protection, which makes it more vulnerable to getting worn and torn
  • thumbs-down
    Leaking may occur through the seams
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One of the best things about any beach trip during summer is that you get to enjoy the ocean breeze, the white sandy beach, and the crystal clear waters. However, there’s one universal concern for beach lovers everywhere: that’s the constant sunshine that may not be as pleasant as you think.

As you all know too well, the UV radiation from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin, and perpetual sun exposure can be unquestionably harmful.

So next time you head to the beach, consider bringing along a sunshade to enjoy your beach trip fully. But how do you choose the best sunshades for beach? Our buyer’s guide below will walk you through essential tips on choosing the best sunshades out there while offering expert-picked recommendations for the best sunshades for the beach so that you can quickly decide for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Sunshades For Beach

When it comes to camping by the beach, nothing can come in handier than a sun shelter. If you are still new to the whole concept of sunshades or sun shelters, don’t worry. Think of a sunshade as a beach tent that you put up when you go camping on the beach.

The key purpose of a sunshade is to keep you away from getting sunburnt or having your skin damaged by constant sun exposure. Thus, a sunshade is a pretty useful item for any beach trip.

Some people may argue that a sunshade is not always necessary, as you can always put on sunscreen to prevent damage from the sun. However, even the best sunscreens won’t be about to protect you for long, and after a couple of hours the sunscreen effect will wear off, and you’ll risk having your skin burned and fried under the sun.

So, the only question that is left to ask is, how do you choose the best sunshades among a bunch of available sunshades on sale out there? There are a couple of factors you must keep in mind when looking for the right sunshade for your trip. Depending on your needs and resources, you can base your buying decision on the factors below.

1. Types of sunshades

When it comes to sunshades for the beach, you may be surprised to learn that there’s more than just one type. In fact, there are 3 types of sunshades, namely the beach tent style, the cabana-style and the umbrella-style sun shelters.

The name of each type more or less describes the looks and style of the sunshade, and depending on what you plan to do and who you travel with, you can choose the suitable style that best meets your needs.

For example, for a large group of people, a cabana-style sun shelter is a great idea. If you want better coverage or if you camp with children, you may want to consider buying a beach tent style sunshade. The umbrella style sunshade, on the other hand, offers minimum coverage and is only suitable for a single person.

2. Sun protection

The most important use of a sun shelter is to protect you from the sun. Therefore, you should first check the materials of any sunshades for their UV protection capacity. Will the sunshade be able to block the harmful sunrays?

There are a couple of sunshades that come with highly transparent and see-through materials, which makes it uncomfortable to sit under the sunshade. High-quality sunshades will offer sun protection of up to SPF 50++, so any sunshade with such indicators is a decent choice.

3. Materials

The second thing to consider is the materials of the sunshade. A good sunshade is invariably made of durable and elastic materials such as Lycra so that you can stretch out the canopy without causing unwanted damage. The poles of the sunshade should be rust-proof as well.

The fabrics should be foldable for easy storage. Ideally, look for sunshades with waterproof and wind resistant features as they will hold up better on the windy beach.

The materials of the sunshade will have a great impact on its durability and portability, so if you do not want to end up with a useless piece of junk, you’d better inspect the materials including the fabrics, the anchors, and the poles carefully.

4. Easy to assemble

The third thing for you to consider is whether the sunshade is user-friendly enough to be used. Nothing ruins a beach trip more than having to struggle with setting up your beach tent. Does the sunshade come with any instruction?

Normally, a sunshade can be set up with either sandbag anchors or rock anchors so that you can use your sunshade on a stoned beach as well. Some sunshades can take forever to assemble and disassemble, so if you are not especially good with setting things up, go for those with easy-to-understand assembling instructions.

5. Shading capacity

The capacity of the sunshade is important as well, as most sunshades come in different sizes – the standard size for one or two people and big size for more than 2 people. So depending on the number of people in your group or your trip purpose, you can choose the size of the sunshade accordingly.

Some sunshades are large enough to provide complete shelter from the sun even when you are lying down while some are not stretchy enough for one or two people. If you are going to camp by the beach with your family, you are advised to opt for the really large size of sunshade to be safe.

Best Sunshades For Beach 2018 Reviews

If you are looking for a quick buy, then you should check out our top picks below. Each sunshade included here is one of the best selling sunshades on the market, and we have thoroughly weighed all the pros and cons of each product so that you’d have an idea of what to expect.

As far as camping shelters are concerned, this sunshade from Otentik is an outstanding option. This microfiber sunshade is made from eco-friendly Italian sports fabric with a UPF of 50, which makes it super lightweight.

Whether you are planning for a party in your backyard or camping by the beach, you won’t go wrong with this exotic made-in-Israel sunshade.


  • The sunshade is lightweight and easily adjustable by moving the poles
  • The sunshade can withstand strong winds if properly set up
  • The fabric itself is well made and durable


  • The poles are flimsy and prone to rust
  • You will need to fill the bags with lots and lots of sand to put up the sunshade
  • It may take quite a long time to set up the sunshade properly

If you are looking for a relatively large sunshade that can accommodate a big group of people, then this Suricata Sunshade is a fantastic choice. The sunshade itself will shield you and your family from the sun with its UPF50 UV Protection canopy.

To make sure that the sunshade is secured to the ground, the manufacturer designs this fabulous sunshade with four poles instead of two and four sandbag anchors.

The poles are made from aluminum, which means better stability and durability. So get ready to grab your Suricata Sunshade and head to the beach and prepare yourself for a relaxing time lying on the sand without having to worry about getting sunburnt. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?


  • The Suricata Sunshade can accommodate a large group of people or offer enough shade for people lying down
  • It comes with four aluminum poles, which makes it firm and stable in moderate windy situations
  • The Suricata Sunshade is made from stretchable lycra/polyester fabric, which makes it durable yet lightweight and compact at the same time
  • thumbs-up
    The sunshade comes with a waterproof carry bag
  • thumbs-up
    The sunshade is easy to handle and set up


  • The sunshade requires frequent adjustments in the wind
  • The fabric doesn’t completely block the sun, and you’ll feel the heat under the canopy

This Neso Tent Sunshade is undoubtedly a favorite among beachgoers for many reasons. First off, the Neso Sunshade works well in protecting you from the sun with its nylon/lycra blend fabric and rust-proof aluminum poles.

The sunshade itself offers an SPF of 50+, so you won’t have to be concerned about sun exposure. Secondly, this Neso Sunshade can be anchored with either rocks or sand, which makes it easier for you to set it up and enjoy yourselves.


  • The sunshade is well made with high-quality stretchy materials and rust-proof poles
  • The sunshade is incredibly lightweight and portable
  • The sunshade stands up fairly well in windy conditions
  • thumbs-up
    It can be used on rocky beaches


  • You’ll need to look through the instructions carefully to set up the sunshade successfully
  • The sunshade needs readjustments to the wind direction to stay up in the wind
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Ask any experienced explorer out there, and he or she will confirm the fact that an outdoor watch is undoubtedly a necessary investment. An outdoor watch isn’t like any of the regular watches out there. It is specifically built to assist hikers or travelers with their journey.

Whether you are going to do some thru hiking along the Appalachian Trail or spend a few days trekking in the wild, an outdoor watch is going to be more helpful than you can imagine.

Unfortunately, some outdoor watches can cost you a fortune. If you are on a tight budget, then it can be tricky to find the best outdoor watches under 100. But rest assured that it is possible to find a cheap outdoor watch that works like a charm.

Read on to find out how you can choose the best outdoor watch under $100 and browse through our top picks for the best budget outdoor watch on the market.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Watches Under 100

An outdoor watch can be extremely helpful when you are out in the wild and away from your comfort zones. While it is a seemingly easy task to find a good outdoor watch as there are so many of them on sale out there, it is a lot trickier to find a good one for less than 100 bucks.

However, let us assure you that it is totally possible to locate a cheap outdoor watch that works flawlessly. To do so, you must first look at the aspects below.

The buying guide here is mainly for outdoor watches under $100, and it’s entirely up to you to decide which aspect matters more to you to get the right one. But if you are in a hurry to buy a good yet affordable outdoor watch quickly, you can skip this part and move onto our list of the best budget outdoor watches in the next part.

1. Materials

The first question that should pop up in your head when you look for the right outdoor watch is what type of material the watch is made out of. For a budget less than $100, you may become concerned about the poor quality of the watch materials. Are the materials durable enough given such a low price?

It’s true that the best and most durable materials for an outdoor watch such as sapphire glass are very expensive, but you can still find less expensive watches made from decent materials. Rubber and nylon fabrics are safe choices for you.

Since most cheap outdoor watches will have a crystal glass face, it’s worth investing in some sorts of the screen protector to reduce possible scratches and damage.

2. Features

Okay, this aspect is important and should never be overlooked. You should carefully examine all the functions of the outdoor watch you want to buy. Desirable functions for hikers include altimeter, barometer, thermometer and a reliable compass.

The good news is, there are quite a few cheap outdoor watches that offer all of the essential functions. But, how do you know which function is really important and which can be left out to save your money?

First of all, your watch must be able to tell accurate time. What else is a watch is for anyway? Secondly, a good outdoor watch should desirably include a reliable compass, the altimeter, and the thermometer. Though they are not strictly compulsory, it’s nice to have such features when you are outdoors, isn’t it?

3. Sturdiness and Longevity

One may assume that cheap products tend to get a short lifespan, but this is not always the case. Thus, the third aspect you should look at is the lifespan of the product. Does the manufacturer add any extra features to increase the toughness of the watch? Is it waterproof or shock-resistant? Does the manufacturer offer any warranty or replacement for parts that are malfunctioned?

4. Brand name

The final aspect you should consider is the brand name. Is the brand a reputable one? Lots of well-known brands produce affordable products to suit different customers’ budget, but there are plenty of fake and cheaply made products out there that seem like a bargain but turn out to be a waste of money.

So it’s safe to look for trusted brands instead. When it comes to outdoor watches, Lad Weather and Casio are two brands that are known for good quality products.

Best Outdoor Watches Under $100 Reviews

The first outdoor watch on our list is a fantastic product from Lad Weather. With less than 100 bucks, this German sensor sports watch offers so much value for its price. The watch includes all essential features for a safe and smooth outdoor trip, namely the altimeter, barometer and the digital compass. It also has a built-in thermometer that offers weather forecast as well.


  • The compass offers high accuracy through two methods of calibration
  • The barometer and the altimeter produce reliable and accurate results
  • The watch is super user-friendly and easy to set up
  • thumbs-up
    The alarm works well with loud alarming sounds
  • thumbs-up
    The watch includes a backlight display, which makes it highly visible indoors and in the dark


  • The size of the watch is a bit bulky
  • The watch surface is prone to scratch
  • Regarding durability and longevity, the watch can be a bit disappointing
  • thumbs-down
    The weather forecast function is not very reliable when you move constantly

If you are looking for an affordable outdoor watch that lasts a long time, then the Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch is the right choice for you. This amazing watch is not only capable of getting you through the toughest adventures but also acting like a regular, fashionable watch for your daily life.

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch is enhanced with shock resistance that is up to ISO standard, timer and vibration features plus water resistance up to 100m.

Whether you are thinking about going camping or swimming or snorkeling, you will be amazed at how sturdy the Timex Watch is. Made with a hardened resin case and a stainless steel top ring, this watch offers quality at such a pleasant price. Sure the price is low, but the watch doesn’t feel cheap at all!


  • The watch includes a clear, large and highly visible screen, with the right balance of brightness and contrast
  • The watch’s vibration feature works flawlessly
  • The watch also includes wide straps that feel comfortable on your wrist
  • thumbs-up
    The watch is durable with both shock and water resistance features


  • Due to its large face and bulky size, it is only suitable for people with bigger hands and wrists
  • The watch’s crystal glass face is very much prone to scratch or damage without a screen protector which you would have to buy separately

Casio is one of the leading manufacturers for watches in general, and when it comes to outdoor watches under $100, Casio does offer a couple of decent yet affordable choices to choose from, and one of them is the Casio Multi-function Sport Watch with a green nylon band.

This watch offers lots of useful functions a hiker or camper would need, such as an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, stopwatch and 5 alarm options. What’s even better is that this watch is enhanced with a water resistance of up to 100 meters, which is a plus for those who swim or snorkel. Like the first two products on our list, this watch also features a digital display with a 50mm resin case.


  • The watch offers all essential functions for hiking and camping
  • The watch offers great value for a surprisingly low price
  • The size of the watch is just enough to give you comfort, unlike other bulky or large-faced watches
  • thumbs-up
    The display is nice and clear, and the crystal face is rather sturdy


  • The thermometer can be affected by your body heat, thus yielding inaccurate results
  • The watch band is not entirely secure enough your wrist when swimming
  • This watch is not very durable and long lasting so expect to have it repaired or replaced after a couple of months
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Summer is here, and it’s time to reward yourself with fun-filled holidays you deserve. Many people choose to enjoy the summer vibes by the beach while others choose to go camping or trekking. While summer is a fantastic time to go outdoors and have fun, carrying your favorite beverage cans and bottles around and keep them cool can be a real nuisance.

The good news is, wheeled coolers are readily available to fix your problem. By finding the best wheeled cooler out there, you will no longer have to worry about running out of cool beers and snacks for your trip.

There are tons of wheeled coolers on the market, but we have narrowed them down to the six best wheeled coolers below with detailed reviews plus a complete buyer’s guide for your easy reference.

Why Should You Choose A Wheeled Cooler?

If you are a frequent camper or hiker, then you may have known the importance of having a cooler to carry your drinks around during summertime. A cooler helps keep your drinks and food cold and fresh for a certain period of time, and who doesn’t want to enjoy cool beverages on a long hot summer day anyway?

But a cooler is much more useful than that. It can be used for tailgating parties, picnics or family events where foods and drinks and ice should be fresh and ready to be served.

But one major drawback of a traditional cooler is that it’s not possible to move around. That’s why coolers with wheels are manufactured to make things easy for all of us.

Being able to choose the best cooler with wheels will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Why? Because the best cooler with wheels allow you to enjoy yourselves without having to worry about your foods and drinks getting ruined under the weather.

Just think about how cool it is to be able to have a mini fridge with you during your trip, and you’ll see what we mean. So, the question is, how do you choose the best wheeled cooler?

How To Choose The Best Wheeled Coolers

Finding a decent wheeled cooler is not difficult at all, as long as you consider the factors below. The best wheeled cooler isn’t necessarily the most expensive or the biggest one, and depending on each and everyone’s need, what’s best for me does not always work for you and vice versa. But there are a few pointers you should bear in mind before you buy.

1. Capacity

Capacity here refers to the maximum storage amount of the wheeled cooler. Wheeled coolers come in many different sizes and volumes, and you must determine which size works best for you.

Some small-sized wheeled coolers can hold up to 16 beverage cans only, which is very modest in comparison to other wheeled coolers that can hold up to more than 100 beverage cans. So figure out how much you wish your cooler be able to carry and choose accordingly.

2. Size and Weight

Another point that is worth considering is the measurement and the weight of the cooler. Will it fit into the back of your truck? Will you be able to lift or pick up the cooler when it’s full? It’s wise to check these measurements beforehand to make sure you get the right one.

3. Handle and Wheel

The height and style of the cooler’s handle and wheels should not be overlooked, either. The handle will determine how you are going to roll the cooler, and some coolers offer really solid handles while others offer flimsy ones.

Additionally, you should check if the cooler has any side handle for easy lifting or pick up, as a full cooler can be extremely heavy to move without additional side handles.

The wheels are equally important. With well-built wheels, you can easily move your wheeled coolers at ease over different terrains, even the most challenging ones. Check to see if the wheels are strongly built and connected to the cooler body.

You would not want a cooler whose wheels break away from the cooler on your first try, would you? The bigger the wheels, the more portable and efficient the cooler will be.

Best Wheeled Cooler 2018 Reviews

If you are looking for an easy-to-handle yet efficient compact cooler with wheels, then the Coleman 16-quart personal wheeled cooler is a smart choice. When you first look at the Coleman wheeled cooler, it looks just like your carry-on luggage with a telescoping handle and heavy-duty rolling wheels that work on most terrains.

Made from polyethylene, the cooler includes large molded side handles for convenient transport and lifting. With the Coleman Wheeled cooler, your drinks will stay cool up to 2 days.

With its compact design and a capacity of 16-quart that can store roughly 22 cans of drinks, this wheeled cooler is an awesome choice for a short romantic camping trip for a couple or a small-group get-together.


  • The cooler offers heavy-duty smooth rolling wheels that make transportation across different terrains a lot easier
  • Despite its compact design, the capacity of the cooler is quite formidable (up to 22 cans)
  • The size is perfect for a quick getaway
  • thumbs-up
    The adjustable high handle works smoothly
  • thumbs-up
    This compact cooler is highly recommended for older people or those who can’t lift or carry heavier coolers


  • There is no additional handle apart from the telescoping handle and the molded side nubs, which limits the way the cooler can be carried or loaded in and out of vehicles
  • It is not possible to lock the handle in place, which can be quite inconvenient

In case the cooling capacity of the Coleman Wheeled Cooler still falls short of your expectation, don’t worry, we’ve got another fantastic wheeled cooler for you. Summer won’t be as hot with this Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler, whose cooling performance is quite impressive.

This cooler includes an extra lid and body insulation. Therefore, it can keep your drinks cool for up to 5 days. The cooler also includes comfort grip handles and smooth sports wheels for easy transportation.


  • The cooler is incredibly sturdy and durable
  • The wheels are wide and can roll across different terrains well
  • The cooler includes side handles for easier lifting and carrying around
  • thumbs-up
    The cooler can cool off drinks up to 5 days in a row


  • There is no drainage outlet to get rid of water from the melting ice
  • The cooler is a mid-sized one, but only has a capacity of 40 quart
  • Hinges are not as durable as other parts of the cooler
  • thumbs-down
    The cooling power is not as good as it claims to be under the hot weather

If you are a fan of Coleman coolers but are not happy with the storage capacity of the Coleman personal wheeled cooler, why not upgrading to this Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme series wheeled cooler? This amazing cooler can hold up to 84 cans of drinks, which is perfect for a picnic or a camping trip with a large group of people or tailgating parties.

Regarding design, the Coleman Xtreme Series Cooler resembles the Coleman Personal Wheeled Cooler in quite a few ways. It features a long, telescopic handle and heavy-duty rolling wheels.

Plus, it offers extra insulation through its lid and walls, which claims to keep everything cool and prevent your ice from melting for up to 5 days. Better yet, the cooler has four..

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A camping trip without a good camping chair is like a ship without a sail, especially for those with a bad back. If you are looking for a camping chair for a bad back, we have both the good and bad news for you.

The good news is, there are plenty of camping chairs available in the market that come in various types and sizes. The bad news is, it can be a real challenge to choose the best camping chair for bad back given the high number of chairs and brands available.

The truth is not all camping chairs are created equal, and when it comes to relieving your back pain, it is crucial to buy the right chair rather than the most expensive or the most beautiful one.

To save you from having to go through such a hassle of finding the best one, we have prepared a thorough camping chair buying guide below and also reviewed the top five camping chairs for a bad back for your easy reference. Let’s start, shall we?

How To Choose The Best Camping Chair For A Bad Back

Having a bad back can be genuinely painful when it comes to outdoor activities. Nobody wants to experience back pain, but with people spending more and more time sitting, back pain has been increasingly common among folks around us, both young and old.

But you should not let your back pain prevent you from having a good time camping or trekking. In fact, you can still totally enjoy yourself with a bad back as long as you allow your back to relax in a suitable chair.

There are several factors you’ll need to consider to choose the best camping chair for a bad back. Please bear in mind that a good camping chair for a bad back is not like the conventional camping chair. Check out the factors below before you decide on the right chair for you and your back.

1. Check The Chair Materials and Construction

The very first thing you need to check is the chair material. Is the material strong and sturdy enough to support your weight? Does the chair give off a flimsy feeling when you sit on? A person with back pain can’t afford sitting in a chair that is easy to break or fall apart.

The chair legs should be made of aluminum or other high-quality materials while the fabric should be durable and water resistant.

The back of the chair should include closed cell padding for reliable support and extra comfort. Otherwise, your back won’t get enough support, and you are likely to experience stress or pain after certain periods of sitting.

Ideally, the padding is made of foam materials or memory foam, which helps support and ease your back from pain. In other words, the key to a good chair for a bad back is a sturdy frame and padded support.

2. Footrest and Armrest

Another factor that you should not overlook is whether the chair comes with a footrest or armrest or both. The footrest and armrest can truly add to the comfort and further support your posture when you sit. Without any footrest and armrest, you’ll find it impossible to relax with back pain.

There are chairs that even come with a headrest for better support, but it is totally optional and up to your interests and preferences.

3. Buy A Chair That Fits

Nothing can hurt your back more than an unfit chair. Therefore, you should determine the maximum weight capacity of the chair before you buy. Or if you plan to sit together with someone else, go for the chair with the corresponding weight capacity.

Also, take your height into consideration when purchasing a camping chair for your bad back. There are a couple of chairs that come with adjustable options, which allows you to adjust to your liking flexibly.

Best Camping Chairs For Bad Back 2018 Reviews

Camping chairs that are made specifically for the bad back are not easy to locate. Even with our buying guide above, it may take you a while to find the best camping chair that your back deserves.

If you are looking for a perfect camping chair for a bad back but are in a hurry, browse through our top picks of the best camping chairs for bad back plus thorough reviews below and your back will thank you for a great deal.

The next chair on our list is yet another product from ALPS – the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. The name itself is already an implication of how sturdy this chair can be. If you are still not happy with the weight capacity of the ALPS mountaineering camp chair, you should definitely check this one out.

The ALPS King Kong Chair can support up to 800 pounds and is made to last for a long time. One outstanding feature of the chair is its powder-coated steel frame and a set of adjustable armrests so you won’t have to experience the flimsy feelings when sitting in this chair. The chair itself can conveniently fit into a shoulder carry bag, which makes it easy to carry around.


  • The ALPS King Kong chair is made of durable materials, making it a strong and reliable outdoor chair
  • The weight capacity is very high compared to other fellow chairs
  • The chair is unbelievably roomy and comfy – you can sit as a couple in the chair without any risk of falling off
  • thumbs-up
    The chair is taller than most other chairs, which adds to the level of comfort
  • thumbs-up
    It is well-designed with lots of storage pockets and easy to assemble


  • The chair can cause discomfort to your legs if you sit for an extended period of time
  • The seat fabric is vulnerable to damage when exposed outdoors
  • The armrest has sharp metal ends that can damage the fabric
  • thumbs-down
    The containers are not big enough for users’ stuff except for drinks
  • thumbs-down
    The armrests are a bit low while the frame on the edge of the chair lacks padding, which can put pressure against the back of your thighs

This spacious padded hard arm camping chair offers fantastic support through its sturdy steel frame and plush quilted seat that is made from 600D brushed polyester. The chair also comes with steel armrests and large storage pockets for convenient storage.

The weight limit for this folding padded hard armchair is quite standard – 300 pounds, which is roomy enough to chill and camp. Accessories include a carry bag for easier transportation.


  • The chair is well-built and sturdy while being incredibly lightweight, which makes it more portable than others
  • The material is soft and of good quality, which maximizes users’ comfort, particularly for your back
  • The chair offers cushioned seat and back, which prevents insects or mosquitos from bugging underneath the chair
  • thumbs-up
    The chair doesn’t cause any soreness or discomfort even after prolonged sitting


  • The padded seat may cause sweating or trap heat under the warm or humid weather
  • Chair rivets and connectors can get loose after extended use
  • The chair is not suitable to use by the beach or in hot and humid environments due to its bulky size and materials

If you are not on a tight budget, then this rhino rack camping chair might just be the perfect camping chair for you and your back. Claimed to be the most comfortable camping chair available, the rhino chair is amazingly lightweight yet superbly supportive and comfortable.

It features a high back design and heavy duty solid arms plus two storage holders where you can casually slip in your cell phone or a can of soda. One interesting feature of this chair is how its carry bag is zipped into the top to act as a pillow. All in all, it is safe to say that this Rhino Rack Chair is a fantastic heavy duty outdoor chair.


  • The chair is exceptionally comfortable for people with back pain with lots of support and a well-placed headrest
  • The chair can support up to 310 pounds
  • The chair can be handled smoothly without any creek or friction sounds
  • thumbs-up
    The product is well-designed to provide optimal support for your back and..
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Camping with your beloved friends and family around breathtaking landscapes seems to be an once in a lifetime experience that everyone should have once.

If you’ve never ever got tired of going camping like me and are looking for a beautiful destination for the next camping, please take a glance at our article to know top 6 well-known campgrounds in Arizona where are prime destinations for all travelers.

Arizona is highly suitable for outdoors lovers. Let’s check out 6 famous campsites in Arizona below and pick up a suitable spot for your upcoming trip.

North Phoenix Campground

If you are longing for camping in RV campgrounds, North Phoenix Campground is a perfect destination that you should check out. It is one of the best RV campgrounds in Arizona.

Phoenix is the fifth most populated cosmopolitan desert city which is filled with charming vistas and hospitable inhabitants. In addition, due to being received more sun than other cities in the US, the North Phoenix Campground is an excellent destination for RV campers.

Located less than 16 miles from downtown Arizona and surrounded by impressive beauty, it attracts million travelers each year. This park offers all types of activities like camping, hiking, relaxing, shopping and swimming.

What is more, it is a pet-friendly campsite, hence, you don’t have to leave your four-legged members alone. In addition, the staff here is pretty nice and supportive.

Cholla Campground, Tonto National Forest

Source: Roosevelt Lake - Cholla Campground - campsite 8 by Al_HikesAZ - Under Creative Commons license

Located in the north of Globe, Cholla Campground is one of the best campgrounds in Arizona. It possesses a treasure that all travelers are looking for – hot showers. Additionally, it opens during the winter months.

While other places like Arizona, Flagstaff and Prescott’s mountains having freezing temperatures as well as snow, Cholla Campground is basking in the bright and warm sunlight and pleasant weather.

Possessing more than 200 campgrounds, however, it never feels so crowded. Plus, there are loads of water sports available.

Rancho Sedona RV Park

Hey RVers, if you are in a huge need of finding a beautiful spot for camping, Rancho Sedona RV Park will never let you down. This awesome oasis is hidden by the shade of sycamore and cottonwood trees in Oak Creek Village. Oak Creek impresses visitors with its breathtaking and wild highways surrounded by the big red rock buttes.

Sedona RV Park offers various activities for visitors such as camping, mountain biking, fishing, and hiking so you will never ever run out of things to do. For adventure enthusiasts, Sedona also provides helicopter and hot air balloon rides which definitely satisfy their hobbies. For those who like enjoying and relaxing, this RV park has loads of shops and spa.

In addition, you could always keep in touch with your friends, go online to share your memories on social media channels and stay updated with the latest news as Sedona’s facilities include free Wi-fi, digital cable, and full hookups.

Christopher Creek Campground
Christopher Creek group campground June 2017 - YouTube

With a 5640 ft elevation compared to sea level, Christopher Creek Campground’s truly fresh air and vibrant landscape are an enjoyment to behold. Furthermore, Christopher Creek also has a load of brown trout, brook, and rainbow for visiting fishermen. Christopher Creek is a perfect combination of forested surroundings and cool waters from the creek.

The campsite also has three enormous swimming holes, extremely suitable for splashing around when the sun starts shining. The site is placed along the Mogollon Rim – an out-of-the-world cliff with striking and picturesque canyons and buttes.

For those who are too fed up with cooking campfire breakfast on a multi-day camping journey. Here is good news. There area number of fine restaurants situated nearby where you could grab a bite. Moreover, the family campground has 43 sites surrounding the creek’s both sides.

When you set foot on Christopher Creek, don’t forget to check out the most well-known recreational lakes in Arizona, so-called Woods Canyon Lake where offers various options for nature trail as well as boating.

Fool Hollow Lake

The weekend is coming, and you still don’t have any ideas for weekend getaways. Camping in Arizona near water is a great option for those who fancy outdoor activities. Give Fool Hollow Lake a try, and you’ll never regret.

The Fool Hollow Lake is situated in the Apache – Sitgreaves National Forest where is highly suitable for camping, trekking, and bird – watching, you could see a bunch of animals such as bald eagles, blue herons or ospreys.

If you have a reference for hands-on activities, going boating seems to be suitable for you. Plus, the campground provides a wide range of fun games for children with a horseshoe pit and two playgrounds.

Grand Canyon Camper Village

Grand Canyon Village is one of the top visited private campgrounds in Arizona. Privately owned by Grand Canyon, it is a convenient campsite for tents, trailers, and motorhomes. Especially, it opens all year and provides full service.

Personally, I think the Grand Canyon Campground staff is quite enthusiastic and happy to assist customers. The campsite also provides RV ground with full hookups, small but well-designed souvenirs, coin-operated laundry, restroom and shower facilities.


It’s never too late to set up a camping day, spend your precious time with those who are important to you and really get away from the heavy workload, the hustle and bustle of the city life, refresh your mind and get ready to a new week. Hopefully, after reading my article, you could pick out some campgrounds which meet your requirements and liking.

Please press the like button if you found this article constructive and don’t hesitate to comment down below your questions, I’ll reply as soon as possible. And stay stunned as I will come back with loads of interesting and helpful articles relating to camping for beginners guideline and tips.

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If you’re looking for some of the best and most beautiful hikes on the planet, we’d refer you to this video we put up a little while back. It’s an alluring video showcasing gorgeous hikes from all over the world, from the American Southwest to the Alps to Tasmania.

But if you’re looking for some more general advice for a potential hiking vacation, it can help to narrow down your locations rather than targeting specific trails. So in this brief article we’re going to look at a part of the world that, somewhat surprisingly, didn’t come up very much in the aforementioned video: the European continent.

There are plenty of incredible places to hike, trek (and camp) throughout Europe. But this is our list of the very best countries for hiking.


Switzerland may be the only country on this list that is actually known more for its stunning scenery than anything else. In particular, it’s the country most closely associated with the Alps, where there are, naturally, several incredible trails.

Some of these stretch into neighboring countries as well, but the chance to hike through the Alps is one that shouldn’t be passed up if you’re in Switzerland and you enjoy outdoor activity.

Tour du Mont Blanc might be the most famous hiking trail in all of Europe. It covers roughly 110 miles through France, Switzerland, and Italy, and provides some of the most sensational views you can find anywhere on Earth.


When you really think about it, Sweden isn’t known for a whole lot. It’s typically viewed as a happy country, and at the time of this writing is making a run at the World Cup. It’s also become a noteworthy country in the development of Europe’s online gaming industry.

For that matter, beyond online and mobile casinos, Sweden has a nice in-person casino scene also. But aside from factors like these, Sweden is also mentioned frequently as one of the best European countries for hiking.

The hiking destinations are primarily in the North of the country (with the cities and seaside towns in the South). Most notably, the Kungsleden Trail is renowned for its expansive tundras, low bodies of water, and surrounding mountains.


Like Sweden, Norway isn’t known for too many things around the world, though again it’s recognized often as a particularly happy country.

Also like Sweden, Norway offers some tremendous arctic hikes in its northern regions. The North Cape, which actually takes you along the northern reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, can be one of the more beautiful natural experiences in Europe.


For whatever reason Scotland doesn’t get too much attention for its hikes, even though its defining factor for a lot of international visitors is natural beauty. Scotland is known for its lochs, its broad, open expanses, rocky coastlines, and even world-class golf courses. However, one hike at least lands it squarely on this list.

The West Highland Way made it onto a definitive list of the 20 best hikes in Europe, even as high as number four on the list - and with good reason. It’s a seven-day hike through the Scottish Highlands, past all of the lochs, hills, woods, and glens that make the Scottish country so famous.


It’s fair to say that of all the countries mentioned on this list, France is the most popular for tourism in general. The sites of Paris are renowned, the cuisine throughout the country is a major draw, the Mediterranean coastline is about as picturesque as it gets, and even smaller things like the national sports scene or specifically the Tour de France can be a draw.

However, France is also a wonderful place for outdoors types, even beyond the aforementioned Tour du Mont Blanc. France also has parts of famous trails like Camino de Santiago Trail, the GR20, and the Walker’s Haute Route.

The GR10, a more ambitious, 500-mile hike, is also entirely in France, and helps visitors explore the Pyrenees Mountains.

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Discovering the world is a hot – trend concept which lures loads of adventurous and dynamic youngsters. Nowadays, the young generation prefers traveling around the world and discovering the unique beauty and attractiveness of countries they went through.

While traveling, owning good – quality sandals is the main concern of various people. Hence, today I write down this article to provide you with two potential candidates that will definitely meet your all requirements for a long trip, they are Chaco vs Teva.

Chaco vs Teva – Quick Comparison Table





Quite heavy


Best For

Trails and go hiking, play water games, kayaking. Awesome for rocky terrain.

Suitable for flat terrain


Has thick soles

Has thin soles

Break – In Period

Approximately 1 month or even longer

One week


More expensive


All You Need To Know About Chacos

A low – quality pair of shoes will definitely drive you crazy and harm your foot when you have to go backpacking during a long day trip. Let take a glance at my featured product today – Chaco sandals.

What is the Chaco?

Chaco is a well – known footwear brand which provides an assortment of first-rate accessories and footwear for outdoor-minded people. Its highlight product is adjustable Z-strap sandals – also called as “Chacos”.

The Iconic Z sandal was produced in 1989, through nearly 30 years of appearance in the market, it gradually wins customers’ heart and possesses a solid position in adventure lovers’ minds.

Currently, Chaco sandals are available in 3 distinct editions: Classic Z, Cloud Z, and Volv Z.

Unlike other sandal brands which have manufacturers in Africa and Asia countries in the purpose of declining production cost, Chacos are only manufactured in the US so you could set your mind at peace as the quality is 100% guaranteed.

In general, Chaco is a great sandal brand as they allow customers to customize the strap’s color and deliver premium quality. However, the price is fairly high (ranging from $100 to $140).


Figure out what kind of sandals to wear when trekking or hiking is always a frustrating step for everyone. But since I have Chaco, I don’t have to worry anymore. Its design is suitable for my liking.

What I like about Chaco is that it provides a variety of styles to fit everyone’s demand and each version was produced for a particular purpose. For instance, the Z sandal collection has 3 editions: the Classic Z, the Cloud Z, and the Volv Z.

Specifically, the classics have a simple and super durable design; you could easily see them in every store as they are the most common sandals. Their biggest disadvantage is their heavyweight. To overcome this drawback, the Chaco launched the Volv Z models which are 20% lighter compared to the old version.

The Volv Z is a better option if you don’t take part in adventurous activities as they are less durable compared to the Classics. The last one which is my favorite model is the Cloud Z. If you are too tired of feeling extreme pain after hiking when making use of other poor – quality sandals, just give this one a try, and I’m pretty sure that they will comfort you immediately.

In general, I think the durable sole and the thick are common features of all Chaco footwear as they are designed to conquer harsh terrains.

All Chaco sandals own a specific strap pattern. There are loads of strap style options for you to choose from the single to double strap models. In addition, for the supreme durability, Chaco straps pass through the sandals’ sole in a constant loop. Even though this feature is pretty peculiar to some, it delivers great adjustability.


Chaco footwear is made with good – quality materials that could stay good for years of use and Chaco sandals are unexceptional. All pair of Chacos was designed greatly to provide customers with comfortable and light steps. Hence, Chacos are usually chosen for hiking through lumpy terrains.

With the non – slip footbeds, Chacos are always the best choice for water sports and activities. Last but not least, Chacos could morph and give you a unique footbed. In spite of the pretty long break – in period, your sandals will absolutely end up with complete comfort and long durability. In addition, Chacos are not equipped Velcro system which could wear out anytime.

What is more, Chacos offer excellent customer service; I bet that you would love their repair policy. In case your sandals are broken, you could take them to the nearest store and get repaired without additional cost.

Pros & Cons



Possess long durability and deliver comfort to users


Excellent alignment, highly suitable for all-day wear, brilliant arch support

Long break-in period

Super durable due to Polyurethane – made footbed

Quite expensive

Soles are perfectly designed for the sake of good grip and traction

Slow drying

Amazing for water

Provide your personal footbed that could mold your foot

Adjustable straps

Thick soles

Good customer service and repair policy


1. Are chacos good for hike in?

They are extremely perfect for hiking as their design is specially made for the hiking lovers. Their long durability, excellent alignment, and the arch support will definitely pamper your foot and give your foot a sense of comfort and relax. I made use of them several times to go thru – hiking with my friends and I don’t feel pain or weary.

2. Are chacos true to size?

According to my experience, they provide proper sizes as other high – end products in the market. In my first only order, I’m fairly afraid that it couldn’t fit my size as several reviewers mentioned. However, I ordered a size 9.5, and it fit well.

3. Are chacos worth it?

Personally, I think they are worth purchasing as they are undoubtedly the most comfortable sandals that I have experienced in years. In addition, their design fits my liking, and the price is fairly lovely. If I’m in need of new sandals, I will definitely go for Chaco.

All You Need To Know About Tevas

If you are in a huge need of a fine pair of sandal for your daily walking, I would love to recommend Tevas – a super lightweight and high – quality sandal brand in the market.

What is a Teva?

Teva is a well – known footwear brand that provides a variety of products such as casual shoes, flip flops, fashionable sandals for women, men and kids. It is a beloved brand for outdoor lovers, travelers, and adventures all around the world.

Currently, they have several sandal collections named Hurricane, Terra, Kayenta, ALP, Sirra, Verra and Kayenta. In general, they provide a bunch of models with various colors and designs so the customers could easily choose the one fit their taste. Also, the price of Teva sandals is ranging from 70$ to 110$ which could fit everyone’s pocket.


I made use of Chaco before Teva. Hence, I think Teva possesses a more typical design compared to Chaco. They are casual looking as they come with thin soles and Velcro straps. If you are keen on convenience, I guess that you’ll be appealed immediately by Teva’s sandal designs.

Teva provides all types of footwear that you could make use for water activities and basic outdoor use. Moreover, they also offer more casual products including flip flops and shoes.

In my point of view, Teva Hurricane and Teva Original sandal are two bright stars of this brand in sandal category.


I have 2 pairs of Teva sandals that I make use for camping, walking around the park near my house and short day hikes. I love to use them for water activities as they dry out pretty quick.

For me, Tevas are only suitable for casual hiker due to their thin soles, lightweight design, and low durability. If you walk through bumpy terrain, your feet will absolutely feel the rocks beneath.

Unlike Chaco, Tevas only take up a few days to break – in. Furthermore, I also love it's easy – to – remove straps. Plus, Tevas’ footbed is much softer than other competitors which makes them a proper sandal for those who are backpacking for a quite long day. However, in case you don’t wear socks, they could give you blood blister during your hike.

Finally yet importantly, adjusting Tevas straps is not as time – consuming as adjusting Chaco straps.

Pros & Cons



Adjustable straps

Not durable compared to other competitors

Good grip on the sole

Sizing seems an annoying thing for some people

Super fast drying straps

The footbed’s elevated edges cause uncomfortable

Lightweight compared to other brands in the market

Fewer odor thanks to the antimicrobial footbed

Little setup required

Lovely price


1. Are all Tevas waterproof?

I’m not really sure whether all tevas are waterproof. But here are the best waterproof Tevas sandals: Hurricane XLT 2, Tera FI 4, Terra – Float Universal Lite and Sirra. If you are looking for a waterproof pair of sandals to use for water sports, these products above will never let you down.

2. Are Tevas true to size?

I think it is a bit bigger than other sandal brands’ size. My size is 9.5 and when I order the 9.5 – size Sirra sandal, my feet didn’t fit the sandal at all, and I experience the heel slippage as the Sirra is a bit larger than my feet.

3. Are Tevas good for flat feet?

Yes, Tevas are highly suitable for flat feet. There is no sharp-tongued when saying that they are better than others sandal brands for flat feet. In specific, Teva original sandal and Teva hurricane are always the best choice for your flat feet.

Chaco vs Teva: Which Is A Better Choice?

It is a quite tough question to answer as each brand has its advantages and disadvantages.

For me, Chaco and Teva are both great, but they are great for each use. So if you ask me whether buy Chaco or Teva if you are on a budget, so the answer is that it depends on which situation you use it. If you tend to use them for walking around town or go backpacking let’s opt for Tevas as it is super lightweight, comfortable and easy – to – use.

If you need a high – quality and durable pair of sandals which could conquer all uneven and lumpy terrains, Chaco will be the best. In addition, if you usually do kayaking, boating, you should go for Chacos because of their better grip.

In short, owing both Chaco and Teva is the best option (just approximately $300) as you could make use of them in different situations.


In conclusion, I’m a big fan of both Chaco and Teva due to their outstanding features they offer. Every garden has its weeds, Chaco and Teva are unexceptional. Tevas are super lightweight, budget-friendly, fast drying straps and microbial footbed. Hence, they are highly suitable for walking, camping, and short hiking.

Regarding Chaco, their undeniably long durability, fully adjustable straps and brilliant arch support will absolutely amaze you and provide you the best hiking walks ever.

Hopefully, after reading my article, you could grasp some useful information about Chaco Vs Teva and choose the most well – suited sandals which fit your demand and liking. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog to effortlessly catch up other interesting content.

And don’t forget to comment down below your thought and experience when making use of this product. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment. I highly appreciate all your comments, and I will reply as soon as possible.

The post Chaco vs Teva: Which One Should You Buy? Let’s Find Out! appeared first on Hiker Track.

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Discovering the world has never been an outdated trend for people all around the world, especially the youngsters. Nowadays, there are various types of traveling and outdoor activities to satisfy the high demand of young generations in discovering and learning about the vast outside world such as go trekking or backpacking.

If you are a first - time trekker and searching for something that meet all requirements when trekking on terrains with full of obstacles, gaiters are highly suitable for you.

If the question what are gaiters comes up to your mind immediately after I mentioned it, don’t be worried as you are not the only one who doesn’t know about gaiters. Take a look at my article, and I’ll clear you all queries on what are gaiters and how to use it.

What are gaiters?

Gaiters are quite unfamiliar to the majority of people, but they are something that mountaineers can’t live without. It isn’t sharp – tongue when saying that gaiters are true saviors of hikers which provide comfortable journey without pain sufferest.

Gaiters are coverings worn over the lower pants leg and the shoe which are used as protective equipment for trekkers and hikers.

Originally, they were made of leather, but nowadays, they are usually made of plasticized synthetic cloth including polyester. They were created in the 19th century and used for horse riding; hence, they are also called as riding gaiters.

What are gaiters used for?

Gaiters are produced to deliver additional protection and isolation for your foot when walking in extreme weather conditions such as wet and slippery hiking terrains or heavy snow.

Plus, they give you a strong sense of comfort as your feet are warm – kept and dry. Gaiters play an important role in your adventure journey as they help you to have a safe and challenging adventure rather than suffering pain.

You could use them all year round as they are extremely handy no matter the season. They are not only used in wet conditions but also used in rocky terrain to keep sand and rock from getting into your boots. In short, they protect you from debris, snow, weather, and water.

Types of gaiters

Depend on the height of gaiters; they are divided into 3 main types: over-the ankle, mid-calf and knee gaiters. Normally, travelers make use of tall gaiters for the sake of safety and convenience when walking through heavy snow or heading off the trail. And short gaiters are mostly used for thru-hiking and trail running.

- Over-the-ankle gaiters (about 6 inches): They are specially designed for summertime hiking for the purpose of keeping pebble and grit out of your boots.

- Mid-calf gaiters (8 to 12 inches): They are highly recommended when traveling in normal conditions and they can be worn in all seasons.

- Knee gaiters (15 to 18 inches): They win numerous people’s hearts as they are saviors for travelers who are struggling with rugged conditions including hiking in bad weather. In addition, they maintain warmth and protect your foot against injuries.

Gaiter features

A common pair of gaiters features 6 parts: an adjustable strap, a waterproof zipper, a breathable pocket, a shoes hook, hook & loop and a durable buckle.

- Waterproof: To meet the requirement of being active in all kinds of terrains and conditions, gaiters are usually made of water-resistant and breathable materials. From my own experience, apart from size and design, the waterproof material will be the second factor that I pay attention to.

- Lace hooks: They are added to attach your boot laces for the sake of safety and security.

- Adjust straps: They protect the lower edge of the gaiters. While basic gaiters usually come with simple lace straps, high – quality gaiters go along with leather or synthetic straps for the sake of durability.

- Entry system: Gaiters are normally secured and opened by strips of hook and loop fastener.

- Coated nylon: Basic gaiters are very lightweight as they are made of polyurethane-coated nylon

- Abrasion-resistant fabric: Several gaiters provide rugged abrasion – resistant nylon to suffer the abrasion of rocks and ice.

- Top closures: Gaiters are tightened with elasticized and toggles drawcords.

- Breathable pocket: Gaiters are usually equipped breathable pocket to comfort your foot and protect it from sweating and nasty smell.

- Waterproof zipper: Several types of gaiters are equipped zipper to adjust the gaiter size and your foot.

How to use gaiters

Step 1: Choose the appropriate length gaiters for the environmental condition and activity you tend to use them in.

Step 2: Choose the right size and eye-catching design gaiters as they come into various sizes and designs in the current market.

Step 3: The gaiters should be close-fitting around the curve of your boots and not too loose around your calf.

Step 4: Tighten the drawcord around the calf area to keep them from gliding down.

Step 5: Remember to bring along extra cord in anticipation of worn-out strap.

Should you use gaiters or not?

Despite the undeniable and clear benefits of gaiters, using gaiters or not remains controversial. Before, I used to have a crack at a huge number of trekking shoes, but I don’t really appreciate and totally like them as they have some drawbacks.

But when I was shopping online, and the gaiters advertisement came up to me, and I’m kind of curious and clicked to the product link. After reading several dissenting reviews, I decided to run the risk of buying a pair of gaiters.

And you know what? I immediately became a dedicated gaiter wearer after using it a couple of times going trekking.

They are completely awesome and possessing highly beneficial features. They are super lightweight, easy to pack, easy to use and quite cheap compared to similar products in the market. What makes them outstanding is that I wasn’t aware of how many thorns, sand, weeds, sticks, rocks and other annoyances when I wore it.

Unlike other trekking shoes which make your foot sweat and smell bad, gaiters are breathable and not stuffy. With all being said, I think it’s fair when saying it is the most worth trying product for outdoor activities lovers.


On the whole, gaiters are must-have items for wanderlusts as it is convenient, providing high and comprehensive protection. Buying a pair of gaiters is such a smart investment, and I’m pretty sure that you will never regret as its outstanding benefits and various usages compared to other sandals.

Hopefully, after reading my article, you could partly understand gaiter definition and their usages in certain situations. I bet that you could answer the question what are gaiters fluently and correctly. Thank you for spending your specious time to taking a glance at my article.

Please click the like button if you found my article easy-to-understand and constructive. Don’t forget to comment on your own experience when making use of gaiters to share with other readers.

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