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I salute and wish to say “Happy Mother’s Day to all” because of a text message I received on Mother’s Day.

The trendy custom these days (when celebrating a national holiday) is to send a text message vs. a card through the mail. Text messages that blink, sing, play melodies and even speak with GIF animation (depending on which version phone you have). 

Some may view it as “impersonal” while others defend its ability to reach many more people than traditional Hallmark cards. If you ask me – I’m just happy to hear from people #donttakemuchtomakemesmile

But this post isn’t about that.


Among the text messages was one from someone (whom I’ve never met in person) who has a dog in her family. She wanted to wish me a Happy Mother’s day, and I in return sent her a celebratory message (yes I included dancing flowers!). She responded back that she wasn’t a Mother, it was just she and her dog.

For some reason that hurt my heart. Technology can be many things but it can’t seem to decipher tone and expression with a group of words, so you are forced to use your imagination.

I imagined the worst. Late into the morning and early afternoon I wondered if she actually felt that way OR if a PCP (political correct person) told her she wasn’t a mother with only a dog and not a child. 

Thoughts of all she does for her dog – loving him, caring for him with – 

  • food
  • water
  • walks
  • toys
  • treats
  • bed
  • heat when it’s cold 
  • air conditioning when it’s hot
  • vet visits when things aren’t good

reminded me of all that I do for Harley & Jaxson. Do I know the difference between them and Tiffany & Jamie? Of course I do! 

But I see the Boys with similar needs that I fulfill, and I associate myself as their pet parent. They rely on me, and I take care of them willingly – happily, lovingly…

When one’s happiness is your happiness – that’s love. THE POST OFFICE KNOWS – 

After church, I sat down with my coffee and western omelet and started opening my Mother’s Day cards. There was one from the hubby, and one from the Boys, a few from friends, family members, and one where I didn’t recognize the handwriting.

I laughed when I opened it – it was from the Boys…

Those hand drawn paw prints are just pawdorable!

Bewildered, I stared at the envelope and immediately remembered an old movie classic – Miracle on 34th Street and thought of my friend.

A charming tale of a kindly old man who worked in a department store as Santa. He caused quite a commotion when he claimed to be the real Kris Kringle. Forced to prove his sanity, he had to convince a court judge that he actually was Santa Claus. 

In this video clip his attorney uses the U.S. Postal Service as evidence supporting his claim based on this single fact –

Miracle on 34th Street (4/5) Movie CLIP - The One and Only Santa Claus (1947) HD - YouTube

since the Post Office, a branch of the United States Government (at the time), has recognized this man (meaning Kris) to be Santa Claus, then the court will not dispute this conclusion.


I laughed out loud, because my Mother’s Day card from Harley & Jaxson came through the mail – so it must be so….

I love how my mystery mailer added an “S” to the end of the word dog…

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Mother’s Day no matter what species you parent! (says my good friend Jeanne Taylor).


I still have no idea who went out of their way to send me a card from the Boys, but trust me when I say this – 

You made my day!

GOLDEN hugs and DOODLE kisses to all the Mother’s EVERY day for ALL that you do for those with two AND four legs.

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day  

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“What do your doodles eat?” is the second most popular question I’m often asked…

I want to keep them healthy as long as I can – that’s my goal…

When asked – it usually follows behind “what kind of Doodle is that?”

Jaxson’s often mistaken for other types of dogs #thatsanotherblogpost

If you’ve spent time on our website, or communicated with me about dog food you already know I am doodlely particular with what I feed them.  

Over the years I’ve learned about the importance of a balanced diet. It was not something I understood and adopted when Harley was a puppy. Thank the Doodle for patient veterinarians – and I’ve have a few – who indulged me and my constant babbling with never ending questions about nutrition.


By the time Jaxson came along, Harley was six years old and adjusted to three different dog food products. He had dined on two kibble products, and one dehydrated human grade dog food. 

When the dreaded allergies arrived, I set out to find foods that could/would strengthen their immune systems, allowing them to fight back naturally and some day prayerfully stop the daily doses of medication.

Research, holistic veterinarians, and knowledgeable pet parent people helped get me where I am today. 

Although a part of me yearns to be able to feed raw, it is not in the cards for me. Location, accessibility, storage, and most importantly a stronger stomach will not allow me to do it. #knowyourpersonnel

But I am extremely happy with where we are, where we’ve been for close to two years, and the inward affects as well as the outward appearance they’ve experienced.


This is a great representation of their diet staples…

This is most of it – not completely all of it.

When it comes to food, they eat Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Tripe and Lamb. This is 96% meat, organs and New Zealand Mussels. The scoop you see is similar to approx. 1/3 cup. They both eat two scoops twice a day (Harley’s scoops are smaller than Jaxsons)…

The little scoop was the hardest to get used to – I thought they were starving…

Every morning I sprinkle about an 1/8th of a spoonful of Plaque Off powder over their food. This natural compound of only seaweed is ingested and works systemically. It comes out through the saliva and works to break down the bacterial biofilm that forms on the teeth and gums. It’s proven to reduce plaque and tartar on both teeth and gums, depending on composition, diet and how long it has been there. Human grade and human tested, it also works to prevent bad breath, plaque and tartar from returning…

These two here are like my Super Heroes!

Three times a week I also add Ultra Oil to their breakfast. Ultra old combines three Omega oils (3,6 &9) for skin, coat and allergies. An excellent choice of healthy fats with the right antioxidants to rid their bodies of toxins and waste…

Harley loves to smell this bottle!

Fresh produce often accompanies meals. It’s also a stand alone treat. On any given weekend afternoon we will share a smoothie while sitting on the front porch. They slurp, I sip!…

Fruit never goes bad in our house.

Like Doodle Dad and I, they too have their personal favorites when it comes to fruit. Jaxson keeps it simple – he loves everything! Harley flips over strawberries but only likes his bananas dehydrated like chips with a little coconut oil brushed on top. #notheyarenotspoiled #atall

This particular photo show the fruits I happened to have in the house the day of the picture. There are other fruits high on their list, just not in the fridge. These – I will say are the most popular. 


When I switched to Ziwi Peak, Doodle Doc asked me to incorporate green veggies in their diet. She wanted more fiber and suggested broccoli or cauliflower. She urged me to steam them first because she said it would be easier for them to digest. Three times a week I add 1/4th cup to their dinner…

Super foods for Super Doods!

Trader Joes sells a crunchy dehydrated broccoli floret snack that are great as a travel snack. They love the taste, the crunch – and it’s healthy.

Olewo Carrots are phenomenal. At least once a week I whip some up for digestive support, skin and coat, gut health and it’s highly effective as a diarrhea remedy!

Our newest treasure are dehydrated green beans! These travel to work with them because they’re healthy should a patient wish to “give them a treat” – #happenseveryday


Yes, they do eat dog snacks too!!!

Right now – their favorite is Rocco and Roxie’s Liver Treats. Nothing but beef liver, slow smoked for 15 hours. Super crunchy texture that my Boys seem to favor.

I do purchase natural goodies from Woof Gang Bakery – this month it’s been Chicken Jerky Strips from Polkadog Bakery. Made from one ingredient – chicken breast – dehydrated in Boston to the pawfect balance of meaty and crunchy. Can you say #cockaDOODLEdoo!


This month I am testing the “dietary waters” by adding hard boiled eggs a few times a week…

So far – so good. Eggs are a hit!

Eggs contain many essential amino acids and fatty acids. Hard boiled eggs make excellent treats or dietary supplements as well as being a healthy and nutritious snack. I didn’t know until recently they can even help settle upset stomachs. #whoknew


If you’re still wondering about the bag of Sharp Cheddar Cheese in the group photo, let me tell you about that item.

It serves absoDOODLEtutely no nutritional value at all! Harley loves a sprinkling of it over his food for breakfast. If I don’t use it, he slaps his dish and lays down until I produce it. #nonotspoiledatall

So tell me – what do you feed your dogs?

Kindness is free – sprinkle that stuff everywhere

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What an honor to witness a patient ring that cancer bell!

Talk about a celebratory moment!

For cancer patients, family members, friends and their healthcare team, the “ringing of the bell” is a significant moment. It’s a precious point in time that signals the end of active treatment and the beginning of a life free of cancer.

So if/when a friend asks you to “join” them on that glorious day after all their chemo treatments are over – your station in this person’s life has truly been elevated…

What a proud (and rightly so) moment for someone so special to so many.

But when that same friend wants you to “Uber your pet” to participate in the ringing of said bell – there is no describing it #beyondpriceless

Friends – that’s what they are… THE BEGINNING – 

Harley’s first assignment as a therapy dog involved three floors in the Children’s Hospital.

One in particular quickly became Harley’s favorite – “Pediatric Procedures.” Many children frequent this unit for out-patient procedures. As they bide their time, Harley visits and receives excellent back and belly rubs. And if that isn’t enough of a reason to keep coming – the nurses station holds a cabinet full of dog treats for the pet therapy teams.

But I believe in addition to the children and the bacon – for Harley – it was also about one nurse in particular.


Yes – they are both smiling… 2019 –

This relationship (Jennifer and Harley) began in the Spring of 2016. We were a brand new eager pet therapy team wanting to bring smiles to hospitalized children.

Jennifer was the first nurse we met.

By 2017, our move downtown and the initial renovation surge caused gaps in our volunteer commitment. Yet when they saw one another it was as if time stood still.

When I assumed the role as Pet Therapy Coordinator in 2018, it provided more opportunities for the two of them to see one another. Harley is her “go-to” pup when she needs canine assistance with her patients.

He has ridden on gurneys for her as the patient is being transported into the procedure room. She will do anything to make those children feel better, and Harley will do just about anything for her.

In January of this year, I never gave Jennifer’s shorter hair style any thought. I had no idea she was battling cancer. 

Always there, always cheerful, helpful, and happy – I never knew.

Late February I overheard a co-worker talking and I was able to grasp portions of their conversation.

I heard three words – 

  • Ped’s Procedure
  • Jennifer
  • Cancer

That’s when I knew.


Cancer, Water and Goldendoodles is the name of another blog post I wrote years ago when my own daughter battled cancer – twice.

I remembered how important “normalcy” was to Tiffany. She never wanted the people around her to alter/adjust the manner in which they interacted because she was sick.

This remained in the forefront of my mind the first day I saw her AFTER I found out about her current journey. 

Taking her lead, when I saw her – it was business as usual. We never spoke about it. My hugs were tighter and longer and I truly believe she felt my love. I made it a habit to mention her often in my prayers.


For years I’ve avoided Instagram. #anotherpost However, embracing Instagram made it possible for me to keep up with Jennifer’s journey. #converteduser

Treatment 11 in the books today. One more chemo treatment left and then I get to ring the bell signifying completion.

This was a portion of Jennifer’s Instagram posts

Here is our Instagram conversation that followed…

“lindysgreen” is the “Head Chief Treat Nurse” in the unit!

Collar Harley flattered – he was thrilled to see her…

Once in a lifetime – Jennifer’s the patient not the nurse!

Jennifer’s family were anxious to meet him…

My heart melted to learn the family knew all about Harley.

And the Ped’s Procedure team kept their promise and wore pink for her that day too…

These are Harley & Jaxson’s work family – they’ve got lot’s of Aunties… IT’S A BEAUTIFUL SOUND – 

When the last IV bag was completely empty – it was time to ring that bell!

Talk about a beautiful sound! The best ten seconds ever…


So incredibly proud of Harley, he was such an attentive and obedient dog that day (he has his moments!). He was super affectionate to everyone.

And as loud as that bell was – Harley remained by Jennifer’s side the entire time.

There’s a new chapter for the two of them to write together!

He’s missed not seeing her, but that’s behind them now – nothing but GOLDEN hugs, DOODLE kisses and bacon for these two…

What a way to start a new journey…

The best therapist has four paws and a tail

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The PetWeighter pet bowl might be the answer to your prayers if your dog dances around the floor with either his water bowl or food dish…

Now that the bowls are out – guess who’s looking for food?

A moving bowl full of water (or food) can be frustrating – but with the PetWeighter – your “weight is over!” #punintended

For years the Boys have been dining from elevated dishes which don’t really move much. I prefer elevated dishes, for many reasons, but usually the ones I like come in “sets” making it impossible to move one without the other.  

For instance – I like to have a water dish on the porch for them when we take a break to “people watch” …

Nothing like a lil’ people watching when the weather’s warm!

On those occasions – I have two choices –

  • Take the entire trio w/stand out there or,
  • Take only the stainless steel bowl with me

Of course I opt for the latter and that’s when the water sloshes all over the place, and/or with a little help from Jaxson – it starts sliding right through the rod iron railing – landing upside down in the azalea bush #truestories


The PetWeighter pet bowl has several features that I like. 

It’s –

Sturdy and secure – when it locks onto the base it’s easy to remove. If you fill the base with either water or sand it can weigh up to 13kg (about 28 lbs). The opening is wide enough to add ice if you’d like to keep the water in the bowl chilled…

I don’t have sand lying around the house – but I do have water!

Slowly – is how your dog will eat because the anti-gulp feature encourages reduction in speed when eating…

Jax will pose for liver treats all day long!

Elevated Feeding Position – may help improve digestion as well as making it easier on their joints. 

Hygienic – because it was designed by healthcare engineers with hygiene in mind, the bowls have no cracks or crevices that will attract dirt. The bowls are made from food grade, high-strength plastic. The base is made from crack resistant plastic and both pieces are dishwasher safe!

PET WEIGHTER 006 - YouTube

Available online – these bowls are competitively priced. $29.99 each on Amazon for the large bowl –

  • Height – 21 cm 
  • Depth – 65mm
  • Capacity – 2 Litres

Thanks to PetWeigher, you can win a set right here…

Good Luck – paws crossed your the winner! a Rafflecopter giveaway ONE MORE THING – 

I received two sets in exchange for an honest review – so honest I shall be. Once I realized how dry my porch floor remained using the PetWeighter – I decided to switch one from water in the base to sand.  

I had a tough time getting ALL the water out of the base. I shook as much as I could. But to get it bone dry, I would have had to leave it open and let the water evaporate. Fortunately for me – I had another plan.

Since I intend to use three bowls in the house with sand in the base. The fourth one I will use for drinking water on the porch, so I will continue with water – only because I can add ice during the warmer months to keep the water a little colder than usual.

In my opinion this is certainly NOT a deal breaker – but I would suggest going with straight sand in the base and be done with it. So enter the give-away and enjoy pet bowls that don’t move!

Tomorrow – try to be the person your dog thinks you are 

In full disclosure: Groovy Goldendoodles is not being compensated for this review. We were asked to to use the PetWeighter Pet Bowl  in exchange for an honest review. Groovy Goldendoodles only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All opinions are my own, swayed only by Harley & Jax’s lip smacking and tail wagging approval. PetWeighter is not responsible for the content of this post.

Affiliate link disclosure: Cathy C. Bennett is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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Jaxson is my Mercury Retrograde Pet. This is the only feasible explanation to his bizard behavior since March 6th.

It was the first week of of the month and you would have thought Jaxson was auditioning to be the poster pup for disobedience. As the young people say –

He had become – EXTRA.

Transition? As in stubborn, and down right demon doodle defiant.

For him to follow a basic command, I had to turn into a hip hop rap artist shouting his name so many times I started singing it with a funky beat.


In 2019, Mercury will be in retrograde three times –

  • March 5 to 28
  • July 7 to August 2
  • October 31 to November 20 

Initially, I didn’t make the connection. It started to make sense later that afternoon when another therapy dog came into the hospital and I noticed her pet parent wore the same look of frustration…

Borden the Labradoodle Therapy Dood

Borden is usually a very quiet dog, but this day he was like an overtired toddler. He cried, whined and would not stop.

Susan and I commiserated but as she left the office she said –

Something must be in the air to make these guys so crazy.

And that’s when it hit me! Was mercury in retrograde?


Last week at work, he was determined to get us both suspended, (w/o pay no doubt) for bad behavior!

Usually when I slip out to retrieve paper from the copier, grab a bottle of water, or speak to a co-worker a few feet away from me, I can leave the gate open because he knows I’m coming back…

Our “gated community” at work!

Not Thursday! 

On Thursday he’d bolt every time like a runaway. When I used my “Doodle Mom” voice (yes I have one) he would lay there and whimper…

Harley’s in the back – distancing himself from Jax’s peculiar behavior

I went to the bathroom once and came back to hear him barking at a volunteer. That’s not cool for a therapy dog.

Could the astrologers be on to something?


Three times a year, it appears as if the planet Mercury is going backwards (or moving in the opposite direction to Earth).

But this backwards movement is an illusion – 

Similar to the one you experience when you’re in a car on the highway moving faster than a train alongside of you. The train appears to be moving backward, but it’s just moving more slowly than you are.

Mother Nature Network

Because astrologers believe this has an effect on us earthlings, Mercury retrograde is blamed for everything from miscommunication, travel and learning.

Yet there is no science to back that up. #justputtingitoutthere


While Jaxson acts like he’s lost his ever-loving Doodle mind, it is fascinating to watch Harley prance through life like “business as usual.” 

Sunday I dropped them off for a bath. As I’m trying to pay for services rendered, Jaxson’s sampling the treat table like he’s at a buffet at the Golden Corral…


When I searched for answers about Mercury retrograde and the affects on pets, I found this and thought it was worth sharing – 

Mercury retrograde is also a time when many pets go missing, often due to gates or doors being left open by distracted owners. If your pet seems confused, don’t be alarmed. It’s totally normal during Mercury retrograde.


Well, I really don’t know. LOL

From all that I’ve read – whatever strange/unusual behavior your pet may exhibit during this timeframe will go away when this ends on the 28th. 

If not, the bakery/grooming salon we go to may not allow us to come back.

Are your pets displaying any odd behavior lately?

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I know first hand the powerful presence a dog can bring to those suffering with medical issues. It’s something I witness everyday…

Harley loves the little patients – and they love him…

We can probably all agree there’s something “magical” about a dog. Movies, video’s, even photos of dogs can generate a smile or a giggle from almost every and anybody. Dogs transcend race, religious affiliation, political beliefs and age. #thatspowerful

They are the pawfect antidote in just about every setting.


Not quite sure when the “sharing is caring” slogan started, but for this post – it is so fitting.

As the pet therapy coordinator for a huge hospital, I receive many requests. The majority of them will be for patient visitation and/or canine assistance. The dogs are called for a variety of procedures. 

At the end of each day, before shutting off my computer, I purposely check my email one last time. On this day, I never expected a request like this –

Good Morning Cathy,

My name is Becca Wassel, a nurse in the Peds Procedure Area at MUSC. We love seeing all your furry friends come visit our kiddos! Have you read the below news story?

I thought it could be so sweet if Emma was able to get a note or some of the picture cards from our therapy dogs!



I sat back in my chair and opened the link. 


A 7 year-old girl named Emma requested for dog owners around the word to send her loving messages from their pups. abcnews

And she’s receiving responses by the thousands…

Photo Courtesy Geoff Mertens

Diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in Jan, she’s undergoing radiation. The one thing that brings Emma joy is seeing dogs…

Photo Courtesy Geoff Mertens

I read her story, watched the video and wondered how to get involved,.

Our Therapy Dog teams have trading cards and all the patients love to collect them…

I have no doubt if I send an email to the other therapy teams, they will rise to the occasion and send a trading card and/or photo (along with a little note) to Emma.

That’s the type of humans they are #thebest


They call it a “light bulb” moment for a reason, because all of a sudden (out of nowhere) you have a revelation. And this was mine –

Reach out to pet bloggers, pet blogging readers, and social media pet enthusiasts. Share this story with our online pet community – ask everyone to share, send a card and create a smile!

A small gesture on my part that would mean so much more to the recipient – just tugs at me to participate. The Boys and I plan to mail our letter, along with their pet therapy trading cards and a photo this week…

Photo Courtesy Geoff Mertens

If your dog would like to send Emma a letter kindly write here: Emma Mertens P.O. Box 230 Hartland, WI 53029

Harley, Jaxson, and I say “thank you” in advance if after reading this post, time will allow you to send a letter and create a smile.

And if you can, please share this story on your social media page. Let’s see if we can help send a letter to create a smile.

No act of kindness – no matter how small – is ever wasted

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Is all this technology too much for our pets?

Technology – good for us, but is it good for our pets?

Have you ever given it much thought? 

Are the secret flickers and noises that home technology transmit affecting our beloved four legged family members?

Did you know 20 percent of dogs suffer from noise phobias?

I used to associate noise phobias to thunderstorms, fireworks, or something new and startling that hadn’t been introduced properly – like a vacuum cleaner.

That was until most recently.


The reason this topic became of interest to me was because of a Grandfather Clock we purchased decades ago while stationed in Germany…

He has no issues with this clock as long as the pendulum is still.

During the first year of Jaxson’s life it was never used because – well who remembers – I just know it stood in a corner and we never swayed the pendulum. #humanlazyness

Fast forward to SC – after a several months in storage, it’s now in the house. However, the pendulum still doesn’t move because when the clock chimes on the hour – Jaxson cries. #likeanewborn

He’s not trying to howl with the sound of the chimes, he’s actually crying as if something is hurting him. Stupid me, I even changed the melody thinking he didn’t like my first choice.

He still cried.

I then became very interested in different sounds – especially high pitched sounds, and how they reacted.


My husband adores the television. Cable means more to him than me. #owningthisfact

To feed this obsession, he’s made provisions for the ginormous screen, complete with surround sound and way too many speakers…

Bigger doesn’t always make it better…

An action movie was his Saturday night movie choice and at one point the sound was deafening. This warranted a discussion using the Boys as an example. I asked him –

how do you think this sounds to them? 


The researchers hypothesize that when a dog suffering from pain gets startled or tenses up from a loud or sudden noise, it aggravates their pain. This causes a learned association between loud sounds and pain to develop, which can easily generalize to all kinds of situations where the dog has experienced noise.

American Kennel Club

Independence Day or the cannon from the Citadel football games (that’s a whole other story #geez) I cannot control, but things in my home, perhaps I can.

The Boys sense of hearing is totally different from mine. Did you know that something as simple as a smoke detector emitting a constant high-pitched noise can torment our pets? #whoknew

What we call “ultrasound” is just sound, but our gadgets aren’t designed with that in mind. Meant to appeal to human buyers, consumer electronics eliminate only the high-pitched noise that we hear. Our household pets can be left with an unconsidered residual.

There’s a substantial difference between humans and pets…

While experts are still trying to figure out exactly how these noises may affect them. One study has already proven that noise can alter the heart, sleep and endocrine cycles in animals.


Since Jaxson nor Harley can tell me what may or may not be bothering them, it’s very difficult to determine the severity (if any) of the problem(s) with ultrasonic emissions on our electronic devices.

The worst offenders however, are the hardest to control –

  • LED bulbs in a table lamp
  • 42-inch LCD televisions on the wall

The unheard noise our pets may be dealing with all the time is the unseen light flicker from the LED light. They flicker on and off all the time (whether they are dimmed or bright). We probably don’t detect it, but to your pet it’s a disco ball that never stops.

But I did read about a few strategies to help reduce some of these sounds and flickers.

  • Unplug certain devices when not in use if possible.
  • Create a quiet room in the home with no electronics or LED lights.
  • Shop for LED lights with low flicker ratings.

As the renovations continue – we are now working upstairs in the bedrooms. We decided a while ago NOT to use the master bedroom closet for its intended use (this too is another story!)

I plan to remove the doors and add shelves to house our books. We both love to read. The closet is already framed, and would require minimal creativity, time, and money.

After reading about the potential problems technology may be causing our pets, I was elated when I found this picture on Facebook and thought about my book shelf closet…

And YES – I certainly do plan on hanging a few family photos LOL

So, we will now split the closet in half – top with shelves for books, bottom for the Boys to have a quiet place. The length and depth of the closet is pawfect for their huge beds. This should work especially well during football season when the Citadel shoots off the cannon (don’t worry I will share this story soon) at their home games.


Many items in our homes are necessities. As smart home technology continues to offer opportunities to enhance and advance our existence, let us be mindful to consider our pets as well. 

I for one am going to start thinking more and more about them, as I continue to DIY this house of mine. 

How about you? Any tips to share with the rest of us? Please do!

In a world where you can be anything – be kind

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February 20th was National Love Your Pet Day…

Apparently on this pawticular holiday (creator still unknown) pet parents all over the country were asked to give their four legged loved ones extra love and attention. I can’t even imagine how that could be possible in our house, given the royalty status both Doods already hold.

As it is – people are whispering behind my back about how spoiled the Boys are! #folksbetalkingaboutme


However, reading all the tributes and love stories about people and their pets did make me wonder – 

in this special relationship between the Boys and I, who’s REALLY reaping the benefits?

Hands (and paws) down I would have to say it is I. 

Harley and Jaxson have no idea how much they’ve enriched my life. Nothing that lives and breathes can love, play, protect and soothe like a pet. 

Therefore, regardless of this holiday called National Love Your Pet Day, I shall attempt to describe how EVERYDAY I have nothing but love for my homies who have taught me so much.


A day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings. Take a deep breath and relax.

Watching Jaxson wander off and perch himself somewhere for a spell has inspired “me time.” During the latter part of the day (generally on Sunday’s) I find myself sitting still, doing nothing, and purposefully – very slowly mapping out my strategy for the week/day ahead.

I don’t write anything down, there’s no pressure. Just a mental stroll through the next few days acknowledging what needs to get done and how I plan to accomplish it. I’m having great success.


Monday’s are for fresh starts.

No matter what happened before Jax went to sleep, once he’s up, it’s a new day! So for me, I’ve adopted that principle on Mondays. I’d like to say I think about it every morning, but that would be a #tailwaggingtale

Embracing this practice on Monday seems to last most of the week, and when it doesn’t – there’s always another Sunday coming around.


Don’t wait for the pawfect moment, TAKE the moment and MAKE it pawfect.

Moments worth remembering are always going to include someone else. Generally it’s when your actions are spontaneous and you live in that moment! During volunteer orientation last month, Jax walked up to a stranger (who was sitting alone) and insisted on getting in his face. It was the first time this volunteer smiled, and he continued to smile the rest of the afternoon.


Throw kindness around like confetti.

Too often we tend to become so complacent with our own lives that we rarely see the opportunity to spread a little joy around. Our dogs however, take advantage of every single opportunity and I love being in the mix.

Volunteering out at the airport we met a super excited bride to be. She was meeting her bridal party in Charleston for a weekend bash before her May wedding in California. Her plane arrived first and she hung out with Harley and I until the others landed. After the loud salutations complete with screams, hugs and laughter – she insisted on introducing them all to Harley.

I have met many people in Harley’s presence – and I’ve enjoyed all the encounters!


Some say Thursday – we say Friday Eve.

Life doesn’t need to be serious all-the-time. The Boys are masters at making sure I remember and maintain the right amount of balance each and every day.

I’m learning that it’s not only me who catches the positive vibes either – my co-workers get a little silly in his presence also.


there’s only one legitimate synonym for Friday – #boomshakalaka

“Giving it all you’ve got” seems to be Jaxson’s mantra. He’s at work with me on Friday, so as we close out the week – I do my best to follow suit. Just like Monday is for new starts, Friday is for those “in your face” big finishes.


A good day to just have a good day.

Chores have always monopolized my Saturdays. They still do, but thanks to the Boys, I’ve learned between laundry, dusting, and grocery shopping it’s okay to stop and carry a big stick if I choose to. Everything else will still be there when I’m finished playing with that stick. #canigetanamen


“Someday” isn’t one of them, so live each day like it’s the best day of your life, then smile at the memory when today becomes yesterday. #blessed

Have your pets taught you valuable lessons? 

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I am smiling even as I type the words “canine allergen breakthrough” because finally we can see the light at the end of this miserable environmental allergy tunnel…

Lord knows I have written many times about Harley and his battle with hot spots, support powder, itchy paw products, and even switching food brands


I’d heard about holistic veterinarian health care for several years but never considered it for the Boys. 

Holistic Veterinarian Medicine is – 

A veterinarian who specializes in one or more alternative or complementary treatments which incorporates (but is not limited to) acupuncture, botanical medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, massage therapy, and nutraceuticals. 

Charleston SC continues to maintain her place as one of the top ten pet friendliest cities in the country. What they fail to mention in their description, is the awful environmental allergens that plaque this gorgeous port city.

There are so many activities you can enjoy with your pet in tow, it’s a pet parents paradise…

However there is a price to pay for many dogs in the form of allergies due to said climate.

For more than a year I worked with a conventional vet but eventually I began to realize we were only dealing with the affects of the allergies. We were merely tackling the external symptoms.

While I knew in my heart it was time to try a holistic approach – I still wanted both. A vet who practiced both Western (conventional) and Eastern (holistic) medicine.

In November 2017, I found who I was looking for, and I scheduled an appointment for Harley with Sun Dog Cat Moon.

After a week of antibiotics and a daily regiment of apoquel once a day, Harley began having itch, bite and nibble free days again. 

Twelve months later, Harley developed an ear infection, which cleared up with medication but I noticed he would rub the bottom of his chin on anything with texture. His bed, the side of a fabric upholstered furniture, even his own paw.

When I looked at it, the area was raw. 

Back to the vet we went.


We tried several antibiotics for only seven days, along with an all natural topical ointment, and probiotics.

Nothing seemed to help.

Typically with skin issues – there are certain “go-to” antibiotics a veterinarian will use, but every once in a while – a nasty bacteria shows up that is resistant to the current/more popular antibiotics.

Apparently this one on Harley’s bottom lip area was the nastiest of nasty.

It was time to “up our game” and pay to have it cultured. 

What does that mean?

They swab the area, and send the sample to a lab for several days. There the bacteria is tested by allowing it to grow in two distinct and different conditions – 

  • Anaerobic culture – bacteria without oxygen
  • Aerobic culture – bacteria exposed to oxygen

The results come back with a laundry list of antibiotics recommended to treat the bacteria found on the samples but more importantly – it will also show which ones Harleys body is resistant to.


I cannot lie – I was soooo not happy about giving the vet $280.00 to culture this bacteria. But we had exhausted all other options. So I told her let’s do this and I brown bagged it to work that pay period. #byanymeansnecessary

I held my breath – waiting to exhale once the results came back. 

According to the swab – there are 16 antibiotics that would work with this particular bacteria. However, Harley is resistant to 12 of them.

Yes, 12!!!!

Of the four remaining, three were recommended. Of those three – the vet made the final selection.

He will remain on this antibiotic for 14 days. He also has an ointment that must be applied three times a day to help with external healing. We are currently on day five.


I consider this a breakthrough thus far because for the first time we know what we’re dealing with. #thankyouJesus

Today I noticed he has practically stopped rubbing his face on things all together. This is new – which I see as a good sign. 

Of course I’ll keep you posted as we continue this never ending battle. I’m keeping a journal of the months when he’s at his worst. So far the fall seems to be the toughest months. This is when we experience lots of rain, wet leaves, and damp grass. #ugh

I will say this though, none of what’s going on seems to dampen his spirits. He’s still oodles of doodle love…

Dogs are bundles of love, wrapped in fur 

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Invisible dog fences offend me. My emotions seem to get the best of me every time I see one. It requires so much restraint not to knock on the front door, introduce myself and ask them to help me understand “why” they chose an invisible dog fence. #savemeLord

While this post isn’t necessarily about the controversy of the electronic shock or e-collars, I can’t imagine how anyone accepts this definition –

The static correction is a mild, harmless electric stimulation to get an animal’s attention. It doesn’t harm the animal. Instead, animals experience a light tingling feeling on their skin that serves to startle them and interrupt their behavior.

AND believes that this is “okay.” 



But this particular post is about my fear for the dog “behind” the fence. It’s the bigger issue that concerns consumes me.

Our evening route to the park begins the same, which takes me pass a particular house along the way.

An open driveway with a “piece” of fence in a portion of the front yard is the only barrier between the sidewalk and the homeowners property…

A 7 or 8 lb ball of fur stands alone in the driveway most of the time. He barks as we approach and will bounce as close to us as he can until he is reminded by a tingle around his neck that he’s come too close to the “invisible line”…


For the past 15 months, I have passed this house at least 5 days a week.

With the exception of inclement weather, this dog is outside in the late afternoon. He seems well cared for, groomed, clean and looks like he’s fed on a regular basis. But for some reason, his owner just tosses him outside for fresh air and to fend for himself.

Can you even begin to imagine what a horrible scene it would be if an aggressive dog (unaccompanied by a human) took our same route?

On many occasions, I have purposely stalled, allowing this little munchkin to continuously bark, giving the owner(s) ample time to check on him.

This has always been my original “master” plan to meet and introduce myself. Never, I mean NEVER have I seen even a curtain sway from their front window.

So Cujo could very easily, kill and drag this mini carcass away like a scene from National Geographic’s Wild Kingdom and they would never know what happened.

Not to mention someone could stroll into the driveway, remove the collar, and carry him off somewhere.

By the time I return from my walk, I enter my house fussing and cussing about it. And Lee always tells me the same thing –

Girl don’t you ring those people’s bell.

What’s a girl to do?


The negative findings associated with the electronic collar are self explanatory. Opinions continue to vary since folks are still purchasing them. Obviously there’s a population who don’t believe the “tingle” a dog receives is that bad. #wannawearthecollar

But that’s not my reason for writing this post. I wonder if this group of believers realize the danger they put their dogs in because they want to contain their dogs on the premises.

If your determined to use an invisible dog fence, at least –

  • keep your door and/or window treatments open to have visibility on your pet.
  • check from time to time especially if you hear your dog barking repeatedly.
  • sit or stand outside with your dog if you’re unable to walk him/her and so he/she can use the bathroom.
  • be proactive and prepared with a plan should an aggressive dog crosses into your yard #eventuallyitwillhappen

Everyday we walk by, we stand there causing as much ruckus as we can in hopes of meeting the humans who live in the house donttellLee

I’m running out of options…

…I’m just gonna have to knock on this door. #Icanfeelit

Any words of advice when they open that door?

Dogs can’t speak for themselves, be their voice

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