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If your law firm marketing plan doesn’t include tracking phone calls, you’re missing out on a ton of benefits.  In order to optimize your firms success, lower costs, run better campaigns, and grow your firm, call tracking needs to be a part of your strategy.

Let’s highlight the top reasons your law firm needs to track phone calls Measure Law Firm Marketing Campaign Effectiveness & Get True ROI

When most people build a landing page and send Adwords or Facebook traffic to it, they’re only thinking about form submissions.  Those are incredibly easy to track, so most people stop there.  I can tell you right now, when you’re running a marketing campaign for your law firm you will get more phone calls than form submissions.

If your phone number isn’t prominently displayed on the page you will lose dozens of leads.

Not only will you miss potential leads you’ll have no idea what the true ROI of your campaign is.  Tracking numbers aren’t just for landing pages either.  They can (and should be) used on mailers, billboards and tv & radio commercials.  Without a proper tracking number you have no clue if potential clients are calling because of a Google search or targeted marketing.

Call Recording for Law Firms

Ever hear something like this, “This call will be recorded & monitored for training purposes”? While that may be true, recording conversations is also a great tool for marketing.

Are your employees properly qualifying leads?  What time of day brings phone calls with the best potential? How can you improve turning leads into clients?

All of these questions can easily be answered if you’re using a call tracking service.

Keyword Tracking

Let’s say someone calls your law firm and your receptionist asks how they found you; their response is Google.  Great, now what?  With call tracking not only will you know what search engine they used, you’ll know the keyword they typed into the search engine to find you.  When you’re running paid ads this is incredibly valuable.

Let’s say your a divorce lawyer running PPC ads.  You take a look at your call data and see that a majority of the calls your firm is getting say something like, ‘divorce lawyers for women’ or ‘best divorce lawyer for women’ or ‘divorce lawyers near me for women’.

Nearly every call generated from your ad & landing page has the word “women” in it.  How valuable would that information be?  Obviously your ad and landing page is appealing to women.  Now you can start shifting budget from keywords that aren’t converting, and it put it towards keywords that are.

You’ll continue to spend the same amount of money, but now you’ve easily increased the amount of leads.

Remember, in order to double your leads, you need to either double your traffic or double your conversion rate….and traffic costs money.  By simply putting your money towards keywords that convert,  you’ll increase your leads without increasing the costs. Right there the phone tracking has paid for itself.

Law Firm Call Management

This may not be true for all call tracking software, but the one we use and recommend goes way beyond call & keyword tracking.  We can setup all sorts of extras like call forwarding & scheduling, interactive menus (press 1 for DUI, 2 for Divorce) and more!

Never miss a call again, even if you’re out of the office.

If you’re a small firm or a solo-practice this is a great way to present a bigger image and it can even act as a receptionist for a fraction of the cost.

Call Tracking for Law Firms

Call tracking boasts many powerful features that can help bring in more leads, turn those leads into clients and decrease spend.  This can also be done for a few dollars a month, and it’s incredibly easy to implement.  It’s time to start making phone tracking part of your law firm marketing plan.

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We’ve all seen it online or heard it in an ad…”call today for a free consultation”.  Everyone from the solo-attorneys to the huge law firm practices have been offering ‘free consultations’ for years.

Law Firm Calls-to-Action

In the marketing world a ‘free consultation’ is called a call-to-action (CTA).  It’s the thing you’re trying to get potential clients to act on.

Whether you’re currently offering free consultations and they’re working, or you’re trying to come up with your own unique CTA, you should keep reading.

Right now you may be asking yourself, why should I keep reading if my free consultation is working? You should keep reading for 2 reasons.

  1.  We have a better CTA that can convert up to 20% more leads…and
  2. You should always be split testing your marketing efforts anyway

This is a great way to convert more leads without spending any money, and it’s also a great split test.

But the best part about making the change is that we’ve done the work for you.

Over the years we’ve worked with dozens of attorneys and law firms and we’ve split tested nearly every conceivable item on a landing page.  Learn from our mistakes and take advantage of the knowledge we already have and design better CTAs.

What’s a better CTA for law firms?

A better CTA for your law firm marketing is a “Strategy Session”.  On your website, in your marketing materials, and when you answer the phone, simply substitute ‘free consultation’ with ‘strategy session’.

Essentially these will be the same thing, but to a potential client (who is dealing with a major life changing event) a strategy sessions sounds much more enticing.

Here’s the difference in a potential clients mind:

With a free consultation they  lay-out the details of their case, a lawyer will evaluate it to see if there’s money to be made, and then they’ll most likely turn you down.

I’m not saying that’s how it is, but that’s how a lot of potenital clients see it.  In their eyes they’ve seen and heard the “free consultation” spiel for years.   They know it has no value; it’s what every law firm offers.

A “Strategy Session” is different.

“Call today or Fill out the form to Book Your Stratgey Session”

Sounds better doesn’t it?  It will to potential clients.

This is what potential clients think…”Yes, this lawyer cares.  I’m going to call or schedule an appointment and we’re going to go over a strategy so I get custody, or win the divorce, or beat this traffic ticket”.

What should you do in this strategy session?

Just because you’ve gotten a lead doesn’t mean you can rest easy.  Now it’s time to turn that lead into a client and you do that by offering value.  Here’s what your strategy session should include:

  • A detailed summary of the potential clients case
  • Different options they have (pleading guilty, making a deal, avoiding court, etc)
  • Possible Outcomes (if you do A, B will Happen; If you do X, Y will happen)
  • Your Recommendation

That’s it!  You have to remember to include any disclaimers and to not offer guarantees, but that’s it.  Provide the strategy session on branded letterhead and give it to the potential client.

Changing your offer from ‘free consultation’ to ‘Strategy Session’ will get you more leads; And when you provide something as valuable as the written strategy session document you will get more clients.

I forget the exact stat but it’s something crazy like, 97% of people search for an attorney online, and of those 97%, 80 hire the first attorney they contact.  You have to separate yourself from the pack, stand-out, offer value and close more clients.

If you’re willing to step it up a little bit, and provide real value to potential clients, I guarantee that you’ll get more business for your law firm.  You can finally have the practice you’ve always wanted.  No more begging for referrals and taking any case that comes along.

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In our last blog post we discussed the importance of Bing for your law firm marketing strategy based mainly on the cost and amount of searches.  It’s safe to say that there are thousands, if not millions of people in your area searching for the services you offer.

In order for those people to find your law firm there are several things you can do right now to increase your online presence.  Most of these do not take a lot of time, and quite often they are free.  There’s no reason that your law firm shouldn’t be taking advantage of them.

Directory Listings for Law Firms

Directories, like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, AVVO, and literally thousands of others, are an SEO tactic your law firm needs to start implementing.  Directories are great because they have a two-fold impact.

  1. Increase Exposure – the more directories you get listed on the more exposure you’ll get.  Claiming profiles on Google and Bing are no-brainers.  Other directories like Yelp and AVVO also have their advantages.  Thousands of people search these everyday and they are looking for services your firm offers.
  2. Increase Rankings – directory listings are, and continue to be, a strategy that SEO experts use to get websites ranked higher in search engines.  So as you get listed in these different directories you are increasing your exposure and also helping your rankings.  Win-win!
Law Firm On-Page SEO

Many people don’t understand, or don’t think that they’ll be able to implement on-page SEO, but that shouldn’t be the case.  If your law firm is on WordPress (or something similar) on-page SEO is a breeze.  I’ve implemented on-page SEO for dozens of websites across all different platforms.  Some are easier than others to implement, but I can tell you from experience that it can be done on any website.  I’m no programmer or developer, so give it a try because it will pay huge dividends.

If your website is already up and running there are a few things you should focus on.   It’s probably too late to change URLs and you may not have the technical ability to make your website faster, but you want to make sure you have the proper keywords in the title-tag & meta-description.

These will be the 2 most important areas for on-page SEO on your website.

We could really dive deep into on-page SEO, but there are plenty of articles that do that already.  Plus, we know you’re busy.  So if you only have time to do a little bit, make sure to do the title-tag & meta-description.

Lawyer Blogs

Writing a blog can be boring, time consuming, and a waste of time if it isn’t done right, so all the more reason to do it well.  We’d rather see you write one post a month that is 1200+ words and really kicks-ass, than a few boring posts that are 200-300 hundred words that don’t say much.

What makes a good blog post?  Here’s a blog post we published awhile back that covers blogging and sales, but a lot of the tenants are the same.

When you post a blog it needs to be informative, helpful, have a CTA, be the proper length, etc, but most importantly it needs to think like a customer. 

It needs to answer questions your potential clients are looking for.  If you’re a DUI attorney what would your potential clients be typing into Google?  You need to find that out and then honestly answer those questions in your blog.

How much will a DUI attorney in Nashville cost?  Will I lose my license if I get a DUI in Texas? Will I lose my job?

Some of the answers might not be what your potential client wants to hear, but you need to be honest.  If they can’t afford your services then why try to get them to contact you?  If they know they can’t afford you, they won’t waste your time or theirs.

Social Media for Lawyers

Typically when we think of social media we think of sharing some news and pictures with our friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and a few others.

In the increasingly growing world of social media there’s plenty of room for law firms to make their mark as well.  It helps build your brand and keeps your firm on people’s minds for when they need your services. Depending on what the focus of your firm’s services are, should affect which social medium you use most.

If you deal with tax law for business LinkedIn is probably best.  If you focus on bankruptcy Facebook is where you need to be.  Either way you should start small.  Find the best platform for your firm and just focus on that one for now.  Establish a presence before you move onto others.  Social media can take time so it’s best to do one well, instead of spreading yourself thin.

Online Presence for Lawyers

Creating an online presence doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming or expensive.  All of the ideas I have laid out here are 100% free!  They will take some time, but building a business and expanding the growth of your law firm isn’t easy.  If you have a staff (receptionist, marketer, para-legal, attorneys, etc) you can divide and conquer.

If you’re a solo-practioner it may take a little longer but try and set aside a little time everyday.  Take 15 minutes a day (or an hour or 2 a week) and dedicate that time towards growing your online presence.

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Google may be the king of the search engines (at the moment) with roughly 70-80% of internet searches, but that doesn’t mean that you should be ignoring Bing.  In fact, there are several reasons Bing needs to be part of your law firm marketing plan.

Depending on where you are located, the number of people searching for the services your firm offers could be in the hundreds, to the thousands.  That’s a lot of people!

Some estimates put the number of Bing searches at 122.8 million searches per day. PER DAY!!!! That is an insane amount of traffic to be ignoring.  That could be hundreds, or even thousands of people every day!  What would hundreds of new clients mean for your firm’s growth?

Advantages of Bing for Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

One of the largest advantages of targeting for Bing (both organically & for paid ads) is competition.  Less firms advertising and less firms optimizing their websites means there’s more opportunity for firms that are proactive.

I can tell you right now, many digital marketing firms ignore Bing entirely.  Google is important and that should be the main focus, but there are certain things you can do to target Bing and you should be doing them.  It may take a little more time, but it’s well worth it.

If you’re ready to start optimizing for Bing be sure to check out Neil Patel’s in depth article.

Bing is Cheaper for Law Firms

Naturally, since there is less competition the cost is lower.  Supply and demand right?  I ran a quick search to see how much each search engine estimates a term will cost.  Below are some results:

Personal injury lawyer:  Google – $102.62, Bing $8.40

DUI attorney:  Google – $68.05, Bing – $7.09

Divorce lawyer: Google $17.22, Bing $4.87

Now I can tell you right now that these numbers are just rough estimates, but you can see that there’s a huge disparity in cost.

In fact, there are many people who believe that because the cost is so much lower that Bing ads get a much higher ROI.  You’d have to do both to see if this is the case for your firm, but I bet it would be close.

Bing Ads are Easy to Get Started

If your law firm is already running Adwords it’s super easy to get started with Bing ads.  You can easily import your Adwords campaign into Bing.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  You’ll have to make some minor adjustments but the bulk of the work is already done for you.  There’s really no excuse not to.

The Bing interface is also ridiculously similar to Adwords.  If you are used to Adwords but you’re afraid there will be a huge learning curve to Bing, this isn’t the case at all.  You can immediately log into Bing and know what you’re doing.

Oftentimes I dread having to learn a new software interface, but this isn’t one of those times.


With the varying degree of services your firm demographics will change you should be targeting, but I’d say with 99.9% certainty that they’re on Bing. They could there in huge numbers.

When you take a look at Bing demographics there are some oddities your firm can take advantage of.  Like…20% of Bing searches are in the South Atlantic.  Why?  I have no idea, but for some reason or another the south Atlantic uses Bing more than other areas of the country.  If your firm is in the South Atlantic you may be missing out more than other firms.

Another interesting tidbit is that a huge majority of Bing users (nearly 40%) make $100,000 or more.  That’s a lot of people, that make a good chunk of change that could potentially use your services.

What Should Your Law Firm Do?

Hopefully if you’ve made it this far you’re getting convinced that your law firm needs to be on Bing.

The first thing you should do is optimize your on and off-page SEO in order to target Bing.  Ranking higher in Bing organically can’t hurt.

Next you should start Bing ads.  It may be advantageous to law firms targeting higher end services in certain regions, but there’s plenty of searches out there for everyone.

Lower competition, lower cost, comparable ROI and ease of use are all reasons your law firm needs to stop ignoring Bing.

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When you running an online marketing campaign for your law firm it’s important to send qualified traffic to pages that will convert i.e landing pages.

Traffic, whether it’s organic, from social media or coming from paid sources like Google Adwords or Facebook,  needs to be sent to a page that will maximize the conversions.

We often see people sending traffic to generic pages like their homepage or contact us page, and these pages aren’t built for conversions.  If you’re ranking in search engines organically, you don’t really have a say as to where the traffic will be sent (to a certain degree, but we won’t get into that now), but if you provide links in social media, or are paying for ads, you have complete control over where the traffic will end up.

Take Advantage of this Opportunity & Send The Traffic to Landing Pages That Are Built to Convert

5 Essential Elements of Building Landing Pages That Convert

We’ve built a lot of landing pages over the years, especially for lawyers and law firms, so we’re fortunate to know what works.  After countless split tests, design tweaks, copy changes, and conversion tracking metrics, we can share the 5 essential elements of designing landing pages for your law firm.

We’ll be using this page as an example throughout the post so go ahead and open it up for reference.


#1  Clear, Concise Headline

A clear & concise headline can make a break a landing page.  You need to be able to show your USP in a few words (a headline).  A sub-head, and a little bit of copy may also be used, but most internet searches will land on your page and immediately see your headline.  You’ve got to be able to grab their attention right way and get them to act.

It’s also important to speak their language, so keep this in mind when you’re writing your copy.  If you are a personal injury attorney use words and phrases associated with personal injuries (the same goes for divorce, medical malpractice, estate planning or whatever other service you provide).  It’s important to speak the language of potential clients.

Don’t use industry jargon that no one will understand

A clear and concise headline is the perfect opportunity to say what service you are providing, why they should choose you and what benefits you have over other firms.

#2  Offer One Service & One Service Only

Let’s say your a solo attorney with a small practice and you focus on DUI’s and bankruptcy cases.  Awesome!  When you build a landing page and send traffic to it, you need to focus on one of your services.  If you want to grow your practice through DUI’s and bankruptcy that’s great but you can’t do it on the same landing page.  You need to have separate landing pages for each service.

Every landing page needs to focus on one practice area and one area only

This may mean a little bit more work, but trust us, in the long run it’s worth it.  And..it’s nearly impossible to write a clear & concise headline if you’re trying to write one for 2-3 different services.

In the example landing page above ‘medical malpractice’ is the main area of focus.  It’s ok to have a completely different sub-section that discusses the specific areas of medical malpractice but that’s it! This page should not be for medical malpractice and bankruptcy, or anything else for that matter.

#3 Phone Number (preferably tracked)

Every good landing page needs to have a phone number where you can be reached and it needs to be a displayed prominently on the page.  You may be thinking that not that many people will call so it’s no big deal if you don’t have one, but it is!

Your Landing Page is More Likely to Receive Phone Calls than Form Submissions

We also highly recommend using a phone tracking service like CallRail (this is NOT an affiliate link. This is just who we use and recommend).  This way you can track down to the day and time when you are receiving calls.  All of this data is important to help determine when  conversions are coming in.  The more you know the more finely tuned you can campaign gets.  And finely tuned means saving money, so it’s well worth the cost.

#4 Form and Button

This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often we’ve seen some landing pages that didn’t have a form clearly visible.  This is also one of the main reasons you send traffic to landing pages and not your website.

Website pages for the most part are not designed to convert…landing pages are.

I also made it a point to include “button” in this essential element.  You’ll notice the button on the example page says, ‘Get Help Now’.  You need to avoid generic button text like ‘Submit”.  We could write a thesis on calls-to-action and button text, but for now simply jazz up your text.  If you’d like to dive in deeper check out this article.

#5 Testimonials

Testimonials do a number of things.  They show prospects that you’re capable of helping them.  They help gain trust, and when it’s on a landing page they’ve been shown to help increase conversion rates by as much as 10%.

If you’re a new law firm and you don’t have any testimonial I would recommend asking for them immediately.  Start gathering them asap.  Even if you’re new maybe you’ve helped out a friend or family member pro bono;  That’ll work too.  You don’t need to lie (and you shouldn’t) and you can even launch your page without them, but be mindful on adding them once you have them.

Landing Page Design Bonus Tip

Take a look at the example page and let me know if you notice something.  See it?  Actually that was kind of a trick question because what I’m referring to is NOT on the landing page.

Notice that there is no navigation, no social media profile links, no blog posts, etc.  There are only calls to action.

Either fill out the form or call me! 

We are looking for conversions, not social media followers.  There’s a time and a place for all those things..it’s called your website.

Landing pages are designed to convert

The example page we shared has a phone number at the top, a form, and several CTA buttons throughout the page.  Now a lawyers page might need disclaimers and privacy policy’s as required by law and to not violate any bar standards, but that’s it. Do what’s required by law of course, but nothing more.

Keep it simple, and keep it converting.

Landing pages can be a powerful tool in your online marketing plan but they must be used and designed properly.  The good thing though, is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer or coder to make these changes or to implement them when you build your own.

Take advantage of the years of experience we have building landing pages, and the countless hours of design and testing we’ve done, and make sure your landing pages have these 5 essential elements.

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Do you ever feel like your marketing company is lagging behind?

You’ve got the website; you have some leads. Your marketing partner says they’re working hard—but what’s actually happening behind the scenes?

We’ve seen way too many clients who have trusted their law firm marketing plan in the hands of people who appear competent and say all the right things, but just use sales tactics to hook you into giving them money every month while delivering sub-par results.

Did you know that the vast majority of people—96% to be exact—are searching for a law firm just like yours, right now, online?

70% of these people will go with the first law firm they speak to.

It’s absolutely essential that your law firm marketing plan includes getting found by the right clients through search engines.

Here’s how our Legal Leads System can double your leads for a fraction of the cost of huge marketing companies.

We Provide Unparalleled Service

We know you’ve probably been burned by a marketing company that took huge amounts of money and offered you little in return. We’re here to change all that.

Our services come in at less than half of what big law firm marketing companies charge and we’ll get you high value leads that turn into real clients.

Here’s how we do it.

We offer flexibility in the form of short-term contracts.

One of the things these companies get you to do is sign a long-term contract so you’re stuck with them. They then continue to take your money and often don’t deliver the results you need to grow your firm.

We build and host your website, but don’t claim ownership.

We’d never try to hold your website hostage just so you can keep paying us for services. Your website is yours and yours alone. Our services stand on their own value. We make you proud to have an attractive, well-maintained website with us.

We never work with your competitors.

Traditional legal marketing firms have no qualms about working with the attorneys you’re competing with. In fact, they know they can’t give you the top results when they’re also providing results to your competitors. No one gets the “best” results when marketing is done this way.

At GoBeyond, one of our core values from the beginning has been never working with your competitors. This means we operate under a first come, first serve basis where we can only work with one firm per region. You can check with us to see if we have availability in your area.

We’re Professionals

Our team at GoBeyond is small, so we’re able to give you the friendly and personalized service you expect from your marketing team, but don’t let our size fool you—we’re seasoned professionals that work hard to provide you with the best law firm marketing plan.

The Legal Leads System we’ve developed has consistently brought in high value clients and predictable leads. Isn’t it time you saw the right kind of results for your money?

Stop getting ripped off by huge law firm marketing agencies. When you work with the team of experts at GoBeyond, we provide you with the best method for delivering the right results, all for a fraction of the cost.

We offer a better way for you to get the right kind of clients and cases. Our law firm marketing plan is effective and reliable, so we don’t need to snag you with a long-term contract. Our methods actually work.

GoBeyond provides value to your firm in the form of consistent leads generated successfully from your law firm marketing plan.

Here’s What We Deliver

When you’re ready to grow your firm and see your lead generation double, set up a strategy session with us. We consistently deliver:

  • An outstanding promise to never work with your competitors
  • Available month-to-month contracts
  • Customer service that’s personalized, friendly, and timely
  • A website that’s owned and controlled by you
  • Website maintenance in just hours, never days
  • Cutting-edge SEO and marketing solutions
  • Secure and prompt website hosting
  • Unique content

Our full service digital marketing package with the Legal Leads System focuses on what actually works instead of charging you for services that aren’t effective. We incorporate best practices to keep your lead generation predictable and secure.

We deliver a personalized, affordable approach to your law firm marketing plan that actually gets results. Our data-driven firm is committed to giving you the absolute best leads. We never settle for second best when it comes to our clients.

From advertising to conversion tracking and web design, we offer a truly competitive approach that takes you light years ahead of the competition and grows your firm through your personalized marketing plan. No more networking events or begging for referrals.

Ready to See Results?

If you’re questioning the results you’re seeing from your current marketing company, it’s time to consider real change.

Take a look at what some of our clients have said about us:

 “I’m thrilled to work with the GoBeyond Team. They removed my “golden handcuffs” and rebuilt the website in just 2 weeks. Now I feel like my marketing team really has my back.”

-Sabrina Winters, Attorney-at-Law, PLLC

Our Legal Leads system is here to provide you with the leads you need to take your law firm to the next level. We do this by attracting the clients and cases you want and providing you with consistent hits on these leads.

 “GoBeyond made it easy. And now that I’ve switched to them, I have the peace of mind of knowing my website is safe and in good hands. They’re real pros.”

-Haley Harden, Harden Law, PLLC

Switching to a small, professional, and ethical firm with GoBeyond gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t to succeed. We work with clients who’ve seen how meager leads can be with large firms and are ready for something different.

“Within a couple of months of switching to GoBeyond, we saw a 6x increase in web leads. Our calls to the office almost doubled and our cost per lead dropped by 90%. GoBeyond gets results.”

-Matthew Marcellino, Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC

Are you ready to be the next testimonial? We invite you to schedule a strategy session with us to see just how much your law firm marketing plan can improve.

Providing you with the best results means exclusivity. It means transparency. It means actual, reliable lead generation. It means the best service at an affordable rate.

Let us show you how we work to create long-term, effective lead generation and guaranteed results for your law firm!

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Are you underwhelmed with the amount of leads being brought in with your current law firm marketing strategy?

Did you know that 96% of people looking for legal advice use a search engine, and over 70% of clients hire the first attorney they contact?

Getting found and contacted through search engines, needs to be a critical component of not just your online marketing, but part of your overall marketing strategy.

A few years ago we had a client who contacted us after being fed up with the law firm marketing company she was using. Essentially they were holding her website hostage and she didn’t know what to do. If she stopped paying ridiculous monthly fees, even though she was not getting the leads she deserved, her website would be taken down.

We were shocked when we found out that she wasn’t exaggerating.  We quickly built her a new website that she owned and has access to 24/7.  The website has best-in-class website hosting, was optimized for organic SEO with its own unique content, and once we started her marketing plan, we vowed not to work with any of competitors;  something you don’t get when you work with the other guys.

And that’s when a light bulb went off...The Predicable Leads System, that we’ve been implementing successfully for dozens of other clients, was the perfect solution for attorney marketing.

How can you expect to get quality leads when the internet marketing company you’re working with is also working with your competitors?  In order to keep everyone happy they have to dole out the leads to all their clients, and that’s not right.  Would you ever try both sides of a case?  Of course not!  But why is ok for your marketing company?

Before we jump into the Predictable lead system lets take a look at what’s wrong with traditional legal marketing.

Traditional Legal Marketing Long term contracts

Instead of actually getting results traditional legal marketing firms just want to lock you into a long-term contract.  Once they have you signed up for a year, or sometimes as long as 5 years, they know there’s nothing you can do.  As a lawyer you also know that you’d be in breach of contract.  So there they go….simply collecting your money for the next few years, while delivering sub-par results.

Website Held Hostage

Like we mentioned before, holding your website hostage is another shady tactic used by traditional legal marketing firms. Cancel service and your website gets taken down…and there’s nothing you can do about it.  And once again, instead of actually doing quality work, they can sit back and relax knowing that your website is their sole negotiating tactic in lieu of results.

Delayed Website Maintenance

Another favorite tactic of traditional legal marketing firms is taking forever to make even the smallest changes to a website.  When you ask for a minor change there is absolutely no reason why it should take days, and sometimes even weeks or months.  I can’t really explain why they do this; perhaps they think that the longer you wait, the busier they’ll seem to be.  “Well that took forever, they must be working real hard on my lead generation”.

Working with Your Competitors

Last, but certainly not least, is working with your competitors.  Quite frankly they should be ashamed of themselves.  They know that there’s absolutely no way they can get you quality results while working with your competitors.  How could this even be possible?  It’s not possible and they know it…they just don’t care.

Law Firm Marketing with GoBeyond SEO & the Predictable Leads System

I could list a counterpoint to all of the things that traditional legal marketing companies do wrong, but we already know what those would be.

Instead, I’ll sum up the Predictable Leads System in three words…Freedom, Flexibility & Service.

We’ll never lock you into long-term contracts, nickel and dime you or use your website as leverage.

Law Firm Marketing with the Predictable Leads System provides results. 

We want to keep your business because you are overly satisfied with the results, not because of some lengthy contract and threats.  That’s no way to do business.

We offer a better way for busy attorneys to get clients and cases.  When we build you a website you own it, we’d never take it down and we’d never just send some files on a disk.  What good is that?  You’re an attorney, not a web developer.

What You Get With Our Legal Marketing System
  • Web & Landing Page Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Exclusivity – we will not work with your competitors
  • Managed Advertising Campaigns
  • Fast, Friendly & Responsive Customer Service
  • Safe & Secure Website Hosting
  • Easy Contracts- built to continually earn your business
  • Unique Content
  • Conversion Tracking

Something else you’ll get with our law firm marketing, that you’d never get with a traditional legal marketing company is…..GUARANTEED RESULTS!  If you choose the full-service digital marketing package, aka the Predictable Leads System, we’ll guarantee to double your leads in 90 days or we’ll pay you $2500.*

Has your current legal marketing company ever guaranteed that?  Of course not.  They’d rather build a cookie-cutter campaign and get results that are “just enough”.  With GoBeyond SEO “just enough” is never enough.

But what’s the catch?

There’s always a catch right?  Well, since we won’t work with your competitors, the Predictable Leads System fills up on a first-come, first-served basis.  We can’t in good conscience work with 2 lawyers who provide the same services in the same city.

Stop wasting your time with companies that work with your competitors and see if we have availability in your area.

If you’d like to act fast you can also schedule a strategy session with us right here.

For your practice to thrive you need consistent lead flow. At GoBeyond SEO, that’s exactly what we deliver. We build you a website you’re proud to own and our comprehensive marketing campaigns deliver high quality leads that turn into high value cases.  You simply can’t get that when you work with companies that “try both sides of a case”.

*Baseline leads need to be agreed upon before campaigns begin. Guarantee is 90 days from campaign launch date, not signing date. Leads are defined as first time phone calls and website form submissions.

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