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Our FFRC surgery day was successful! We were able to do 13 surgeries--5 spays and 8 males. We also did a nasal flap surgery on little Mally, one of our white Persian babies.  Thanks to Joyce D for providing a pizza lunch and to Gusti for providing drinks. 

This now makes our total for 2017 at 116--68 females and 48 males. Onward to more---tomorrow is a very busy HumaneOhio surgery day.

We also did some physicals yesterday.  
Marilyn is good--her heart is the same now as it was a month ago! 
Cutie had a yearly physical--thin, but has gained some weight--all else is good.
Wendy--good physical, thin is is gaining weight
Scotia--good physical, so very cute! Already neutered.
Hensley--he has lost weight since his dental.  He had 2 of his K9 teeth removed. It appears his upper lip is catching on the 2 remaining K9 teeth, which is why he is forever moving his tongue around. We need to remove those other 2 K9's so that doesn't happen anymore and then he can "feel" normal and will eat better.  
Jones--he has as normal of a physical as Jones can be.  We may start him on a medication as it appeared he had 2 seizures on Friday. 

Our new FFRC shirts are now up for orders!  They are the GOT CATS? design, black teeshirt. The FFRC logo is on the sleeve with our "FFRC Nation, Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation" on the back.  They are $18.  We are taking orders till 2/22. You can mail in a check with a note or send payment through PayPal.  Let us know if you need help.

We are still working on the bottles of fur for Queen Coralie and King Derecho and the sprocket pictures too.  When we groom, we normally save the fur in plastic bags, with the cats name on it. That is how we have enough fur for the little bottles. They will go out this week.

We've had 5 more adoptions! 
Brielle was adopted yesterday. She went to a home where she will have 2 laps to snuggle in anytime she wants.

Gavin also was adopted yesterday. He went to a home that I feel is wonderful. The new owners have done alot of education on CH cats, have lots of time for him and has a very sweet little girl that totally loves cats! 

Torgo and Bambi went to their new  home together this morning. Super nice people who will be a great mom/dad for these two kittens. They were so excited.

Sprite went to a temporary home. I want to explain about Sprite. This is what I told the volunteers:  She's been here a while now and is steadily improving each day. She's gained a good amount of weight and has survived this ordeal. Here's the thing---it's obvious to see that she has not been socialized much with people. And as she gets better, this is coming out more in her. I suspect this girl was out on her own, without any people much in her life. I had been letting her out in the front Thumper's Room--but that is difficult for her--she simply curls up in a ball and totally ignores us. When approached, she has such a terrified look about her. In her pen, it's a bit different as she can't get away--she allows a slow approach. There is no way she can be in the main area as we would never find her---she would hide deep wherever she could. So........as hard as this is for some to accept, she is not a very tame cat. I know we all want the good cushie indoor life for all of our cats. But, sometimes that is not the life that the cat has experiened. If she were in the main area, she would probably live her whole life here in fear and never be adopted. My friend from out of town (we've used her before) does wild kitten rescue. She will accept 2 kittens a year from other shelters/rescues and she has agreed to take Sprite on. She will be inside to start with, acclimating her to know that people an give her food, water and shelter without having to be fearful. She will be with a group of other fearful kittens and cats. And then, those that do not meet the cushie kind of cat for inside living, will go as a group to a specific farm family. These families have signed up to be selected to take on some of these wildish cats/kittens. They have an agreement to feed them twice a day, have the vet out twice a year for  "look overs" of the cats. When they first arrive at the barn, the doors are shut for several days to acclimate them to feel at home in the barn. These farm families are hand selected and so will take care of these cats that are in no way comfortable living indoors.
I hope I've explained this thoroughly enough for all to understand. This is not an easy decision for me. But, my responsibility is with the cats long term happiness, not what WE want them to be. We can't ask some of these wildish cats to be something they cannot be. This is an act of kindness and compassion and with much thought--the cat's happiness comes first, before what we wish for them.  Sprite went to the rescue on Saturday. 

We have 2 more adoptions tomorrow---our wonderful 2 Persian mamas will be starting their trip to their new home!

And yes, our numbers are indeed getting lower. We are working on adoptions.  I have been telling the volunteers to enjoy this quieter time as it won't last long. 

We have taken on another cat. Her name is Fenella. She's a beautiful long hair torti--grey/cream beauty. Connie D, our volunteer, was just leaving and saw her in the middle of the road, right in front of the driveway. I'm sure someone dropped her off.  She's a sweetie. Fenella is 1 1/2 years old with a birthday of 8/16/16.  She too was on the spay list yesterday. 

Have a wonderful upcoming week!  We will have a very busy day tomorrow. We have the check ins/check outs for Humane Ohio, 2 adoptions, a board meeting and hopefully BOXES! 
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Hoping everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Here at FFRC, we had a great time with ushering in the King and Queen!  The votes were done in the morning and the results presented at 4:00!  

King Derecho had 194 votes
Queen Coralie had 140 votes

First Runner Up Ramsay had 81 votes
First Runner Up Elsie had 77 votes

Second Runner Up Magic had 72 votes
Second Runner Up Cutie had 44 votes

Jones has the honor of Court Jester!

All in all, it was great fun. I was very happy to see so many individual votes---including many new folks!  We had a total of 1146 votes which comes to $5730. That is a whopper amount but then....the Bumper-Uppers did even more! 

Many thanks to those Bumper-Uppers---Joco, Nuthatches, Donnajb, Debbiedear, AnnieinUK, Bellabell, Contessa, Sissyjeanette, Mich & Vern and a couple anonymous friends. All these bumps made our new total $6600.  Isn't that just amazing.  Sometimes I feel so inadequate in how to say thanks. So, as part of my thanks, I will be passing out even more pets and hugs to the cats---all for you all.  Steve will be sitting down tonight and getting those bills paid! Such a good feeling. I thank each and everyone of you. 

The sprocket  pictures are being made already and the fur is being collected from Derecho and Coralie for their little bottle fillups! (we actually save much of the fur from individual cats when the grooming is done--so we have some stock already from Derecho and Coralie)  These will be arriving in the mail to all those who voted for them! Congrats! 

We had BOXES directly after the crowning of Derecho and Coralie.  Boxes just coming and coming these last two days--they filled up the PawMart room! Quite amazing.  Pleae always know I am so grateful for each and every item that is donated to FFRC.

Robert D/Dimwitt  50 Peacock Feathers, 10 laser lights, 48 rolls Northern TP, 5 rolls 2" tape, Cocktail mixer & soft touch mixer, 12 soft Bear Throws 1 for Ramsay, 1 for the Z's the others for what ever you wish---so very soft!

White Cat Frankies Family, Purple & Orange - Slide proof mat to feed kitties--Lucie will extra appreciate this here in the purple room

Justme - 5 Handmade Valentine Hearts with candy heart sayings on them--For Marilyn from her one and only Vern. (3 are for Marilyns adoption bag)

CJ500/Carla - FL  Note & 15 crocheted springs and 20 crocheted fish

Bailey, Ann & Kevin B - UK  Card & Deli Cats, 4 rolls of Meat Sticks, Catnip, 6 pouches Sheba Soup & 11 Wash Cloths

Aussiecat/Nicola J - AU w/Nellie & Murphy - Kitty Card  Handmade Greeting Cards made by mum Chris B.. 7 pkgs of 5 cards.  These are beautiful--will be in a flash sale!

Donna H w/Shadow & Starla - Kitty Card - assortment of 15 cans of food her kitties don't like. The FFRC cats will gobble them up!

Alleycat/Patricia L & Milo - Case of Weruva Kitty Gone Wild

Debbiedear - 2 Boxes Delectables

Annie & Debbie - 2 cases Fancy Feast, 4 cases Friskies, case of Neutro Kitten, Bag of Beyond, 2 pkgs Bondi Licks, 36 rolls Cottonelle TP, 2 Hello Kitty Futons one for Fun Raiser the other for FFRC .  The cats are already lounging on their futon!

Anony - Case of 24 Sparkle PT

Nona - Birdseed    We love feeding the birds!

Patty (cousin)  2 boxes of 25 Bevita & 5 pk of Clorox Wipes

Barb E - NC  - 8 Leggydews---so pretty!

pjpanda - 2 lg bags Pania Flakes

Anony - 10 bags Pania Flakes

Knittenkitten - 2 cases Solid Gold

Lostgirl - 13 lg cans Salmon

Karen C - KS  Valentine Card - Donation in memory of her Sunny & a friends kitty Smoke
Bird Wind Chimes, Bag of balls, Scratch Pad, Play Cube and Purrfect Arch, 2 Delectables, Lots n Lots of Snackers a variety, 2 bags Nine Lives

Lollymop - Big play ball makes noise, 2 cases Wellness

Burt & Merideth - 2 Bags Taste of the Wild

Deb11111 - MN  216 rolls of Cottenelle TP!!

David and Pat  photo of a Japanese Iris.

We took in another cat yesterday. She was found by Connie D, in the middle of the road right in front of the driveway. I'm quite sure someone simply dumped her off. Sure wish these things didn't happen--she could've been hit by a car. Anyway--she's a lovely cat. Young adult (no birth date yet). But her name is Fenella--a pretty name for a pretty cat.  She's a long hair torti. Dr. Darcy will see her Saturday.

This Saturday is our FFRC spay/neuter day.  We have these cats scheduled for their spays: Whitney, Annetta, Esta, Bambi, Fenella.  We also have Nrairbi coming back to have his tail tip checked--it seems to have been injured at one time.  Also one of the Persian babies will come to have her nose checked. 

We also have 10 male cats coming in from the public for neutering. 

We have more thanks to give too:
Lynne W--donation to FFRC 
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Phil & Judy L--donation to FFRC
Charlotte/need to retire--donation to FFRC

Love these Giggles video!  Another one is out and it's special for Valentine's Day! Enjoy this one--- https://youtu.be/ZZD9yXwbKGA           Directed by Derecho. Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC. 

As of the end of March, FFRC will lose the ad revenue that we received from everyone watching the ads.  We simply received a message from ustream telling us of this.  "We would like to inform you that as of 31th of March 2018, Ustream, an IBM Company, will terminate its advertising revenue-share Partner Program, ceasing the sharing of advertising revenue with its broadcasters"  This will be a loss of income to FFRC. I thank you all now for having the patience of watching all the ads on ustream for the benefit of FFRC. 

We will have a few adoptions on Sunday! More info as I know more details. Have a wonderful day! 

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Tomorrow is the big event--the revealing of the King and Queen of FFRC.  Who will it be?  The cats are all in high anticipation. In reality, they are all kings and queens and wonderful cats! The event is at 4:00 with BOXES following that! 

We've had 3 more adoptions!
Cas and Ntima were adopted on 2/11--they went to their new home together. I've already heard from them. They had a bit of a drive home to PA but they traveled quietly. They have adjusted nicely and love running up and down the stairs!

Bloom also went to her new home. She has a little boy that ever so sweet with the kittens. I think Bloom and he will be good friends!

More adoptions still coming up--have more on hold!

We had BOXES yesterday. Know that you are very appreciated.
Denise and Elizabeth S (South Carolina) – box tops, soup labels, coupons, 5 beef sticks, 2 broths, friskies canned food

Annie and Debbi - Perches from Chewy--2 window perches, 1 padded bolster perch & 1 thermal perch--some of these are for FFRC & some for sales! Delectables, 18 sheba sticks, 
4 oz. Pania flakes

Andy and Nick (two voices radio) -  2 gallons mr clean
Patty Pk  –2 fancy feast seafood, Friskies party mix, Purina One,
Andrew – 320 paper plates 6 in
Debbiedear – 1 case salmon (12 cans)

Envelopes and Cards
Pennysmum Hawaii – donation to FFRC
Melissa L (NY) – donation to FFRC
Patty and Floyd C – donation to FFRC
Phyllis (kittiesmom) – donation to FFRC & Valentine card
Maryann (magi318) - donation to FFRC for Cutie, Coralie, Derecho, Ramsay and Spiker
Elaine and Alan In memory of little kat,  - donation for the Rainbow Bridge
Fran and Mandy – gift certificate for Olive Garden for Jacci and Steve & 4 chicken $5's
Joy and Don D (NY) – donation to FFRC and a very pretty card
KittyLover1--2 kitty beds!

Wendy is out a bit each day. We still put her in her condo pen so we can keep an eye on her eating. She is right now sleeping on top of my printer---a good spot as she can get some ear rubs!

Spite is also out of her pen a bit. She is gaining weight but hasn't decided yet if humans are safe yet. We're working on her! Annetta seems to be cuddling with her to give her comfort. 

Scotia is doing great. He's just a big boy with a soft heart! He comes out to greet us and is eating good. Won't be long until he comes up to the main area.

Update on Jones--he's doing wonderful and life is good. He never gets enough loving--always is open to those hugs and kisses that he loves to much! His urinary troubles are "on hold" right now--no problems. He's a happy boy. He thinks anyone that goes into PawMart is there just for him. He's probably right!

We have more thanks to give:
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Kristina S--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to welcome Sprite, Wendy and Scotia
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC

Esta  is sometimes in the front Thumper's Room and sometimes in the Main Area. Such a pretty flamepoint! She is on the surgery schedule for Saturday. We also have Bambi, Whitney and Annetta on the list. We will have Dr. Darcy take a look at Annetta's eyes also. 

Elsie has mastered almost everything here i the rescue center! Her ability to go wherever she wants, whenever is astounding. Maybe there's a complicated jungle gym out there for cats! She'd have a go at that and master that too, I'll bet! What a girl. 

Take care and have a great day. Tomorrow is weigh day for the surgeries that we have. Plus, we'll make a list for those that need physicals. Remember---we are also doing male cats for the public on Saturday. 

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Yesterday Steve and I went to Maumee to the cat show!  These are always just a fun little adventure to see all the many different breeds and to see if there's any fun toys we can purchase. We did bring home a few stick toys that the visitors can use to play with the cats. And we found a full-all around the neck bib for Lucie, which she used for breakfast. 

You probably already know, but Derecho would like this info to be repeated! Today starts the hunt for the Valentine's Queen and King! Here are his words and story: The inside cats want to have an election! This would be an election of the first Valentine King & Queen, amongst the inside cats. The bills are accumulating almost as fast as the snow! The kitties want to bring you a day filled with Love & Hearts. I understand they feel bad about not being able to have a job to “earn their keep”. So…..they’ve come up with this idea—a Valentine Queen and King! All week the cats have been primping and beautifying themselves! They would like our cat friends to vote---$5 a ticket. It’s simple---send a check or go to our website at fofrescue.org and click on the PayPal link. You can vote ($5 a vote) as many times as you’d like! You can put your vote(s) all on 1 cat or as many as you want. This event starts Sunday and ends at 9 am Weds. Then we (the cat’s helpers), will count the votes and determine which female and male has the highest votes. They will have a beautifully decorated Valentine photo shot done, complete with their crowns! Anyone who put a vote on the queen or/and king, will get a Sprocket picture sent to them plus a small glass bottle with fur from the queen and king (a real treasure to keep forever!). The person who has placed the most votes will get a tshirt with this special photo on it (you will be able to tell us the size). The winning royalty will be presented to our cam at 4:00 on Weds.—Valentine’s Day. Any BOXES can be opened after their presentation! So......now, we know what those rascally cats have been planning all week!  Who will be the queen and king?!!

Alert!  Alert!!  Donnajb has graciously donated a $100 gift certificate to the person who puts  in for the most overall votes (doesn't necessarily have to be the king or queen votes). This certificate can be applied to PawMart, a fun-raiser or a flash sale! 

We had BOXES Friday afternoon! A jillion thanks---and that's alot of thank yous!

Susan and Chris B and UK Cousins Mairo, Leo, Gizmo, and Sam – 2Tubs Party Mix, 1 case Meow Mix cups, 1 case (24) Friskies Pate, Cuddle Buddy green platypus for Ramsay

Robert D/Dimwitt – 25 cat cleaning teeth, pure natural catnip tooth cleaning sticks, 1 gross (144)ping pong balls

Mary S – Pom Pom Throw
Tina – 5 soft blankies
Anonymous Friend – 2 Kitty bed mats

Nuthatches for Cutie - 3 Cases Fancy Feast Appetizers, for, 2 Tubs Party Mix & 1 Tub Temptation Snackers
Nuthatches for Gavin: 2 boxes Fancy Feast Broths, 2 bags of Bonito Flakes

Billy K – 10 cans Starkist salmon, 10 cans Bumble Bee tuna. 2 24 pack Fancy Feast, 1 case of Meow Mix Cups

Susan345 – 2 resin stools-nice!
David and Pat – Davids photo on canvas (roses, mum lily and flowers)   Beautiful!
Schinn – for Jones, Valentine Day card and donation

And we have more thanks!
WarpSspeed Performance--donation to FFRC, because they enjoy watching the cats
Andrea W--donation in remembrance of sweet Ada Jane's 23rd birthday
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Timbodut--donation for a fluff for Annetta
SchleeNC--donation for Annetta

We had an adoption yesterday! John went to his new home! He's been on hold for this special family for a while but we needed to wait until their move to their new house was complete! This family loved him from the beginning! And he has a really sweet little girl to call his own! 

Sprite is doing so much better.  She is indeed shy of people, but we will work all that out later. Her abrasions are healing and she is gaining weight!  

Wendy is also finally starting to show progress. She is eating a bit on her own now. And her body temperature is steady too. She's such a pretty girl. Hoping she will be out of her condo pen soon to play with the other kittens.

We took in a new cat--a big orange fella! His name is Scotia. He's 16 months old, with a birthday of Nov. 14, 2016. He had taken up shelter on a porch of a family that wasn't too happy of having him there and let that be known. A wonderful friend saw him and brought him to FFRC. He was rather dirty and didn't mind his bubble bath at all. After removing many mats and burrs, we've realized he is such a handsome boy! Welcome, Scotia!

The surgery appointment on Friday went well.  Bloom and Brielle were spayed with no problems at all. Coralie had her dental--7 teeth were removed (6 minors & 1 major). She's doing great and can now flash her pearly whites at us.

We now have the Navien tankless water heater in place! They came yesterday and made a quick adjustment and now all is well. Hot water for everyone, every time! We love it! 

This coming Saturday is our FFRC spay/neuter day. Our list for spays/neuters is growing but we still want to be able to do some public neuters as well. 

We had a full covering of ice this morning---just to prove it's still winter time. We had quite a bit of snow on Friday but it is already compacting down.  37 days until Spring! 

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BOXES are a wonderful thing. I deeply appreciate this support.  We not only receive boxes and envelopes that help us tremendously, but they come with a sense of friendship that is truly important to me.  Box time is always an exciting time for me (and for Zelda!)  Thank you.
Elaine & Alan FL - 1  32ct case Friskies, 3 24ct cases Friskies, Case of Fancy Feast, Box of Appetizers, 40lb Dr Elsie's Littler
Denise & Elizabeth S - Spring Toys, more cat toys, 2 Boxes of Sheba, 8 boxes 24ct Fancy Feast, 2 Tubs Pary Mix Snackers
Justin  for Ramsay - case of 24 Friskies Pate
Mr & Mrs Medic 2 cases Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend - 2 gal jugs Mr. Clean
Mary D & Randi M - PA  4 cases Fancy Feast Variety
Robert D/Dimwitt -  Mr. Clean, box of toys 46 Mylar balls, 2 catnip carrots, 1 lb organic catnip, catnip seeds, 2 Self Warming cat beds, 9 pkgs Kitty Wipes
DebbieDear --4 bottles Mr Clean
Knittenkitten/Donna – grabber (the volunteers will love this)
Jme for Spiker - 6 cases Friskies, 2 boxes Fancy Feast broth, 4 cases Meow Mix cups 2 Tubs of Party Mix, assortment of toys, 1 dozen mousies.
Janna/Jazz13764 and Susan From UK-- 2 cases Fancy Feast in memory of Jordy
Suzanne and John C - FL– KItty Card with a note & Donation
Lauri from Florida – weight circles
Mr. Whiskers/Martha C – box tops, weight circles, 2 chicken $5

We also have more thanks to give:
Josette M from France--donation to help with Annetta's eye care
Melissa M from OH--donation to FFRC
Anne L--donation to help where needed
Six more days to Valentine's Day! I'm betting your cat would love a special treat! The cats here at FFRC have all been primping and grooming and being extra nice.  There's something going on---I can feel it but the cats are closed-lipped and only softly meowing information between themselves.  Derecho did ask for my presence at a meeting on Saturday---hoping he's going to fill me in on the what's going on! 
Wendy is doing just "ok".  She is not gaining weight and is a bit depressed.  We have her in the top two condo pens in the Purple Room.  Sprite has gained some ounces and is now eating better. As she is becoming stronger, it's obvious that she has not been handled as a kitten. She's somewhat ok of being picked up but can definitely tell that she is just tolerating it.  We are working hard on both of these kittens. 
There are just 40 days until spring. There is no time to waste to getting cats spayed and neutered. This week when we did the 35 cats that went to Humane Ohio, the majority of the female cats were already pregnant or in heat.  We had a person come to the door the other day and said she had 4 cats that she's been feeding all winter. I asked if they were spayed or neutered. She said no........they are not her cats. My reply, as usual---if you are feeding them, they are YOUR cats. No one else is going to step up and say that they will spay/neuter these cats.  And if you think 4 cats are alot, wait until mid summer when that number will very probably be in the 20's.  And remember--those cats born in the spring will have fall babies. That's a prime example of how quickly cat numbers can get out of control.  We are begging people--please, grab a cat and get it neutered/spayed. It WILL make a difference. 
FFRC will be raising the adoption fee to $100 from $90.  We have a minimum of $350 in each and every cat that comes in. In case you do not know, our adoption fee covers a bath, capstar on arrival, 4-5 pyrantel wormings, 7 day dose of Panacur worming and a tapewormer, which is a separate medication. It also covers not one test for leukemia, FIV, heartworm, but a second test 4 weeks later. They also receive 2-3 distemper vaccines, 1 bordetella vaccine and oftentimes 2 leukemia vaccines. Our vet gives a physical on each cat and of course, they are spayed/neutered before being adopted. Flea prevention is applied monthly and if they have earmites, we aggressively work on that. If they come in with a medical issue, we also cover that. And of course, they receive lots of love and attention! 
These CH cats are so very smart. They have an extra smartness about them! Many of them have figured out how to extend their front paws and pull those tasty snackers right to them! And most of them know, if they should need a partial bath, how to hang on to the corner of the sink while we do the scrubbing. They also know those rugs and yoga pads are there to help them. And a little cute look or a pat,pat on the leg means they want some "uppies".  
We do have some cats on hold--Nsuku and Julianne will be going together to a home! Brielle and Bloom both have homes (separately) but are waiting on their spays. Cas and Ntima will also be going to a new home together. John has a strong hold on him. 
Tomorrow, Brielle, Bloom and Coralie will be going to the vets. Brielle and Bloom will be spayed and Coralie will have a dental. 
Take care and enjoy this wonderful day! 

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Mama Calico Cat is doing good and holding her own! She so loves her Firehouse home. It's snug, warm and plenty of food, water and cushie beds.  We will continue on with her being where she wants to be---right there on the farmyard but will keep track of how she is doing.

Gene was indeed adopted to the family that has already adopted from FFRC before! He now has Olle the Hooligan, Screech, Icky (Ichabod) as his brothers. What an awesome group of cats! Gene is doing very well, just like we knew he would. Sure miss that rascal though! 

This morning we had an adoption! Our wonderful Maya.  A couple came last week specifically to see her with hopes of adopting her. Maya is our torti moderate CH kitty. It was clear immediately that Maya thought these people should adopt her! They came this morning to make it official. When Maya saw them again, she was so excited. It was wonderful to see this!

We have thanks to give---we had BOXES yesterday.
Annie G & Debbie M--3 bags of Precious litter
Mandy T - UK   3 pretty paw print blankies
Caitlin Ot - 1,000 Potty bags
Lannml 4 jars of Udder Balm, for cracked and dry skin
Dimwit - 3 catmint mousies
Pennysmumhawaii/Janice & Randy T - HI   48 kitty adoption folders
Barb E - NC   Kitty Card:  4 kitty blankets and 5 fleece adoption bags
Our White Cat Frankie & Family - Purple collapsible stool with pokie dots
From Ganache & his mom Warped:  18 Biggies and 24 Warpies --sure will help our supply!
Tom C - IL  Donation
Suzie M - OH  Kitty card  Donation in memory of Angel and in honor of Luke & Leia 
Lollymop - CA  Kitty card with note & a donation
Tori & Chris (caretakers of Jordy's colony) Donation in memory of Jordy & his brother Spikey
Jeanne S - FL   Donation to Feliz Navidad
David H - PA  Donation for FFRC
Joanne D - MO   Donation in memory of Geoffrey L, our mod Purplecats husband
Rausch Family - Donation

David & Patti-- 16x20 painting on Canvas of a rose and an iris by David for Fun Raiser   David took the picture which was then put on canvas--so beautiful

Madisonpepper  - Monthly Cat Box:  Make-up brushes with kitty handles, kitty nail decals, kitty nail file, Fluffy Cat Blanket (claimed by Spiker), 2 kitty toys given to Ramsay & Alma

Only 8 more days until Valentine's Day! Such excitement is building to a tremendous level! I came out last night and just sat on the step to watch the cats and kittens. There were clusters of discussions going on.  I couldn't hear what they were meowing about but words such as Valentine, crown, having clean ears, how to bat their eyes.  I even saw some practicing some kind of swaying walk.  I just am not sure what has gotten into them but something is going on for sure! I've threatened to withhold their catnip if they don't let me in on it.  As soon as I know, I'll fill you in on the details!

And we have more thanks to give!
Shirley H--donation to FFRC
Aneta R--donation to FFRC
Emily T--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC

Have you checked out the website lately?  It's always changing a little bit, as things change here. And now we have a whole new entry. Go to fofrescue.org and click on Rainbow Bridge in the gold bar.  It's a way to celebrate the life of your beloved cat.  If you're looking for a way to celebrate the life of a beloved cat, please consider making a donation of your choice to FFRC in their memory.  Your donation will help the cats and kittens at FFRC.  You can do this thru email, a check or money order. Feel free to come up with a special thought about your special cat that has passed. You can even email me at ffrcmoss@gmail.com with the thought you'd like to submit, along with the picture of your cat.  And while you're in the website, check out Derecho's Chat!

We took on a new cat. She's a female, about 9 months old. She was found outside, very very cold with not a speck of energy left in her---this was shown by her "faceplant", not able to even lift her head. Her name is Sprite. She's about 9 months old but came in only weighing 2.15---very emaciated/dehydrated.  After giving fluids for 1 1/2 days, she was finally able to lap up some gruel by herself. At that point we were also able to draw blood for her leukemia/fiv/heartworm test--which was negative. Sprite today weighs 3.04 so she is starting to gain a bit of weight (from the fluids).  

Today is a HumaneOhio surgery day! One of my favorite kind of days! I was a bit worried because of the snowfall last night. But...........we had 36 cats arrive. We checked in 20 females and 16 males. This makes our 2017 total at 103. This breaks down to 63 females and 40 males. The cats will be returning to FFRC late afternoon for the owners to pick up. 

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Many thanks for helping with our Flash Sale on Thursday.  GIANT thanks to those who donated the items for the sale and to those that put their names on the items! And of course, big thanks to the mods for the video of the items and for letting our viewers know about it. We had lots of items that we've never had before. Every single item sold!  FFRC made $1,486.  This will go towards our operational needs--everything is higher in the winter. And an extra grateful thanks to Mich for coming to FFRC to make this sale successful. Her added touches are always fun! 

Valentine's Day is only 11 days away. There's been a lot of scurrying about amongst the cats. Something is up, but not sure yet what. I do think they have something up their sleeve/furry arms. I've seen extra grooming going on.  There were several cats making sure their nails were trimmed properly. Collars were even buffed. And then....I saw some cats making heart designs out of their dry food kibbles. Something for sure is going on.  When I figure it out, you'll be sure to know!

We have some thanks to give! 
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation for Victor, Jackson & friends & in memory of Leonard & Markus.
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho, Lucie and Shirley Mae
Lucy P from UK--donation in memory of Jordy & Terri's cat Lady

I'm so excited!  Knueve & Sons will be coming on Monday to install the new Navien tankless water heater.  This is one of our 2018 goals. Because of the big washer, we frequently run out of hot water.  And none of us like that! It will no longer be a problem with this heater as it heats on demand.  The total cost is $3,052.00.  They have already reduced the cost by $300 because of tax season. We have almost $700 saved towards it--some of which is the overflow from Kitty Christmas and some from the change bank at  Megan's Goin' Postal that she sets out on the counter! Steve and I will put in our share on this amount as this heater will also heat the water for the house.  

We have some dates coming up.
Monday, 2/5--Knueve tank day
Tuesday, 2/6--HumaneOhio spay/neuter day
Friday, 2/9---one spay will go to vet's plus Coralie for her dental
Saturday, 2/17--FFRC surgery day
Monday, 2/19--HumaneOhiio spay/neuter day plus the Advisory Meeting

And then..........good educational time coming up!  There are 6 of us going to the Midwest Veterinary Conference. We'll be leaving Thursday afternoon and coming back Sunday afternoon. It's in Columbus, Ohio. There's many many classes in animal behavior, holistic medicine, shelter/rescue animal, technician, public health, management, etc.  Days of learning! 

I do believe our Gene will be going to his new home this afternoon. He will be another of those that will be super missed. He has such a presence here in the rescue center.  Our two Persian mamas will also be adopted sometime soon. And, they get to go to the same home! There are some of the other kittens also on hold--just waiting for their time to go home. 

Weights were done this week. Everyone weighed (kittens) have gained weight with the exception of one and that was very minor.  And good news! Zelda is holding steady at a good weight! She is actually down 1 whole pound since a year ago--simply by decreasing her snackers. Coralie is doing much better and has gained back a couple of those lost ounces--so happy about that. Paddy Purr who has always been thinner than Cakes has gained 3 ounces.  Derecho is also maintaining his weight. Since 8/14, he has stayed right in the same weight spot! Way to go, Derecho! 

We have all been in awe of Eddie White. For years he made the front Thumper's Room his homeland. Once in a while he would venture up front but would always go back to "his" room. And then he took up the long shelf under the window as his home, in the front Thumper's Room. He found out he didn't need to ever go off that shelf--he had his special bed, food, water and litterbox all right there---so what was the need to leave his shelf?  And then about 3 weeks ago, he came up into the main area and hasn't gone back! He now has anchored the Kitty Kabana Room and the purple office as his. It is so wonderful. He kneads on the rug on my desk, he naps with the kittens, he plays laser light, he gets on the shelf to look out the window. After all this time, he has decided to join us and we are thrilled! 

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Wow, did we have BOXES last night!  Many many thanks. An awesome box time!

Lannml - 2 boxes Fancy Feast Broth

Carrie & Ken - Card - Butterfly toy replacement, Yeoooow Banana, pkg of AAA Batteries, Bag of Delectables & Donation

Lollymop - Pretty Stein with Derecho on it for Jacci

DebbieM & Annie G - Box of Fancy Feast Broths, 2 Kong Kitty Toys
bag of Greenies, 10 bags of Delectable Snackers

Anony - 3-Compressed Catnip balls

Ronnie & Marie - 3 Boxes Fancy Feast Broths, 50 cans Tuna & 9 Lysol wipes

Jeannette P - Meyers Clean Day: Variety of fragrances Lotion 4 bottles, Soap 15 Bottles
2 soft throws  Case of Kitty Gone Wild Weruva

Deborah S/onecraftyone - FL  Card w/note - Sweatshirt with Applique Tree & Kitty

Leggygal - CA - Box full of Adoption Bags   yeah!

Plee - Paw Points, Weight Circles, Box of Postie Notes, 3 boxes Kleenex, 2018 Calendar
Small Afghan, 6 envelopes of Fancy Feast Broths, Beef Sticks

LJ323 - 3 pr of Snow Gators, 36 Scotch Brite sponge scrubbers, Box of Exam Gloves, Bag of Fruit Gems, 5 crocheted hats for Flash Sale, 2 Pillow cases, Tie Dye Cat toy, 6 cans Chicken

Kathy 831 - mop head, 12 jars organic babyfood

Yvonne - 4-15 lb bags Purina One, Box of Lindt Chocolates  yum!

BillieK - 2 pks of Fancy Feast Broths, For Janie: Jar of Milk Bone snackers, 2 cases Dog Food

Nona - For The Birds :  3 bags of Mealworms, 20lbs Bird Food, Lg Bag Sunflower Seeds

John & Patty B  2 Chicken $5 and a framed saying "We can love all of them and still have more room to give."  Jacci Moss

Andrea - CA  Very Pretty Purple & Blue Lapgans for Miss Eldora, 7 crocheted kitty blankets & Shower Curtain with rings, for Flash Sale, Pretty Purple afghan for Fun Raiser, Wash Cloths, Bag full of Ring Toys, can of Sardines which was used at breakfast!

K Bak - 3 self-warming kitty beds, 2 tubs Temptation snackers

There's a few CH cats that line up every morning for "lappie time" at the desk.  That would be Lucie, Spiker and Vernon. And then there's also Magic, Zelda and Coralie waiting for their extra time of pettings!  Eddie White and Paddy Purr and sometimes Paddy Cake are the warmer-uppers on the desk. Truly, a great way to work! 

Today at 2:30ish is our Feb. Flash Sale! Mich will be here showing you lots of items that are new for a Flash Sale! 

It's coming!  Spring time!  47 more days! Cats are already coming into heat. Cats are already pregnant in some cases. Please......spay and neuter now before we have to spay/neuter the kittens. So much easier to do a female cat than all of her offspring too.  And did you know that kittens born in the spring can have babies themselves in the fall? Cats are pregnant 63-67 days---time to get those spays/neuters done!

Tomorrow Bloom will go to the vets office for her spay.  Yes! That means she has a home!

And we have more thanks to give!
Eugenia S from Russia--donation in memory of little Jordy
Sean & Ann & Lynne (Anne's mom)--donation in honor of Miss Muffin
Fran D--donation in honor of Mama Calico Cat and donation in memory of sweet Jordy
Teri T--donation in memory of Jordy
Conii G--donation to help with Jordy's medical costs
Linda B from PA--donation in memory of Jordy
David & Christine & kitties--donation for the care of the cats

Farrah has her collar back on and boy, is she happy!  We had to take it off for a while due to a skin irritation. All is good now and she's so pretty in pink.

The farmyard animals are doing good.  We've had a few day of thawing temps which mean mud.  I think we have the best horse ever that likes mud--it's Maverick. He can get himself covered in mud just with the smallest puddle. It's his favorite activity! The chickens, geese, ducks and peacocks are all doing good.  The male peacock feathers are almost fully out now. 

Take care and enjoy this wonderful day. 

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Jordy--a cat with great love inside him that still showed, even after such a tragedy that he suffered.  A cat that we shall miss. He passed yesterday afternoon, peacefully while being told he was loved.  This is what I love about cats---even those that have been abused, tossed, starved and neglected have that capacity to still love. And that's what Jordy did.  He chirped at us, purred and loved to push his head into our hands for some good petting.  Jordy's pancreatitis was being treated when he then went into liver failure. We will all remember him by his sweetness, his gentleness and the way he showed love to us. 

"The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief. But the pain of grief is only a shadow when compared with the pain of never risking love."--Hilary Stanton Zunin.  Such very very wise words. I will remember these words.

Mama Calico Cat is back at her much loved Firehouse and is happy! She is doing good and is in a stable spot right now. She ate a good breakfast today.

The mama Persians, Julianne and Nsuku loves playing with the laser light. They skitter and run after it! So cute. They are doing so good together now and feel a sisterhood between them! Joyful even whacked the red light as it went by.

Mark your calendar for Thursday at 2:30 ish. We are having a Mich Flash Sale. Many of the items are those not seen before.  We are working on trying to get a different time zone Sale so we can reach everyone!

Many thanks to you all:
Timbodut--donation in memory of Jordan and in honor of Annetta
Todd B from FL--donation for Jordy and Ramsay
Nicola J from Australia--donation in memory of Jordy & to help others
Marilyn/madisonpepper--In memory of Jordy & blankies for Annetta & Esta
Amy C--donation in memory of Jordy

And many thanks too for BOXES from yesterday.
Becky/Snickers&Inkysmom -25 Adoption Folders, 2 feather kitty toys, 15 pkg. Sheba sticks
Lannml - 2 Yoga Mats
Wilma & Marco Magneti? - Sending Greetings from Italy
Barb E - Kitty Card 8 Kitty Blankets for FFRC Kitties
Mandy T - UK 3 pk of Lysol, 1100 9" plates
Lurkey Lou -  6 Boxes Fancy Feast Broth
John B - TX - 6 Lavendar Bath Sheets
Cathy B/MissKittysmom & Miss Kitty - TN  Kitty Card w/note  
Susan C - OH  Donation
Elliesue/Ellen H - NY   Card & Donation for Jordy's medical
Dianna C - OH  Donation
PennysmumHawaii/Randy P - HI   Donation for FFRC
Barb - Sponsorship for Spiker
 Tom her husband - OH - Donations in memory of Barb Kajfafz  
Robyn P - 2 beautiful Afghans for a Fun Raiser
Judy & Dave W  3 containers of Litter, Box of Revolution & canned food
Jordan & Jude B - Christmas Card
Laura - PA & Kitties Kitty Card  w/Note   Weight Circles, 2 sheets of stamps
Clark, Jesse and The Rest - Happy 15th Birthday Jan 15, 2003 Sevaun Chicken $5
Elaine & Alan - FL   Beautiful hand colored card by Elaine - Donation in memory of Little Kat
Rausch Family - TX  Kitty Card 

Patty & Floyd C & Miss Cookie, Little Bit, Scottie, Reeses Cup and all our feral kitties - TN  
Kitty Card w/note Donation for Jordy 

Bank of America Employees donation thru their Giving Campaign  $49.92 and Mich will donate 8 cents to $50.00!!

IowaCatladyMarie w/ Jabberwocky, Phoenix, Zeba, Robi, Walter Payton, Singer & Yoga
A Miss Pete Card Donation in memory of Vincent

Our two new girls are doing good.  Esta Sparkles enjoys roaming around and is eating good. She welcomes petting and sweet talk.  Annetta is trying to adjust. It's hard for her since she cannot see anything. But she is strong and determined and is happy. We are treating both eyes for infection. They are both down on the floor in the front Thumper's Room.

For those that enjoy Cat Shows, there's the TICA one February 10-11 at the Lucas County Recreation Center in Maumee, OH.  They have a 500 cat limit, so there will be lots of cats to see. Normally, there's many vendors there too showing their cat items for sale. 

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Yesterday, we had our Annual Volunteer Meeting. We had good attendance and went over many things in relation to the functions of FFRC.  Plus, everyone brought yummy goodies to share! That's always nice. The volunteers of FFRC always amaze me with their time that they give, their compassion and their friendship to both cats and the other volunteers. 

Mama Calico Cat is back outside--just where she wants to be. We are checking on her everyday to make sure she is feeling good.  It wasn't fair of us to insist she stay inside, when her heart belongs outside. She loves her Firehouse and friends. We're keeping a good eye on her.

Here's Giggle #18.  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions. Directed by  Derecho.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.    https://youtu.be/tRGmrSErAlQ

We have great thanks to give!
Ehpower--to help with Jordys care
BillieK--to help with medical expenses for Mama Calico Cat and Jordy & in memory of Marcus
Michael W--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC 
Joe & Martha from Bryan--15 suet cakes for bird feeding
Josette from France--donation in memory of Marcus, to be used to help Jordy & any others
Nan K--donation to FFRC 
Sara F--donation for whatever FFRC needs & in honor of Jordy & Jones & in memory of Zoolove, VIncent, Marcus, Sea Turtle and others

The Cat Show on Saturday was very nice. Many different breeds to see. We watched some of the judging and really enjoyed looking at all the cats. I have to say though---these FFRC cats are still the best!

Update on Jordy. I need to let you know that our Jordy is not doing well at all.  In addition to his pancreas being affected, he is now in liver failure. He's comfortable and is enjoying being loved on. Our vet has said that they do not believe there is anything further they can do to turn him around that hasn't been done already.  This is a real heartbreak for us all.  Jordy is so loved and has had such an injustice done to him. When these things happen, we want ever so much for things to go well. We will care for him and still hope for a miracle. 

We have taken on two new cats.
ANNETTA--this sweetheart is an old girl--a calico. Right now, I do not have a birthday on her as once they are progressed in age, it's hard to tell.  We will get her a birthday though sometime. She was brought in on 1/28, simply found on her own by a lady. She is blind. Her left eye is punctured and needs to be removed. Her left eye is severely scarred and has no sight. She was so very hungry. And there were active fleas on her. Annetta also has barely any teeth left. But she sure can eat. She's a doll who just loves to be loved on and told she is beautiful.

ESTA SPARKLES--this flamepoint cat was brought here to FFRC. She's been outside since at least Christmas. We have her at 2 1/2 years. with her birthday as 7/12/15.  She was so dirty--did two bubble baths on her. Esta had many mats but they are now combed out. What another sweetie--friendly and a purr-er.  We added the name Sparkles because a little girl that knows Esta liked that name. 
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