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Lately, I’ve had a few people ask me about my interpretation of the left-hand vs right-hand distinction in the occult. And so I figured this would be a good thing to write about because it’s such a nebulous and sometimes confusing topic. Though I’m not the end-all, be-all authority on this topic, I have a decent amount of things to say about it. So, I hope this article clears up some of the confusion about the topic.

Left-Hand vs Right-Hand Path: What’s the Difference?

For me, the left-hand vs right-hand distinction is ultimately about what resonates with you and what you need in life. It depends on who you ask, but I’m impartial to a position like that of Michael Aquino. (Though he’s far from the only one that holds this position. Even Nietzsche argues this position without labelling it as such in The Birth of Tragedy: the Apollonian is the LHP and the Dionysian is the RHP.)

Michael Aquino argues that you can be LHP/Set-creative or RHP/neteru-harmonious. In other words, you can be harmonious with the demiurge or nature (neteru are the principles of nature, Aquino argues this to be something like the gods as Platonic forms) or whatever you want to refer to the natural world as, or you can seek to be a full creator, i.e. to become a god of sorts (this is what E.A. Koetting is getting at with Become a Living God). It’s like becoming one with reality vs. creating your own path. For Aquino, this is a big issue after death because then “the Gift”, i.e “awareness of isolate self-consciousness” can be fully actualized in a way it cannot on this plane of existence (Aquino, MindStar 2016, 74). But it also has a lot to do with how you live your life today because someone looking to be Set-creative will likely be branching out on their own and looking to explore things regardless of moral traditions, orthodoxy, and mores of the time.

I find this to be accurate across traditions because if you look into the opposing traditions, you’ll see this repeated. For instance, the qabalah is a path to become one with “God”; the qliphoth is a path to become separate from this universe and to deify in “universe b”. (Though, ironically, many scholars of the qliphoth would argue that it’s universe a. I think a case can be made that it’s either, but the stronger case is that the qliphoth is universe a. I really need to write a few articles on the qliphoth…)

And for clarity, the right-hand path is that one focused on orthodoxy, tradition, and oneness with the spirit of the world. Most Christians, Wiccans, neo-pagans, Buddhists, and the like consider themselves RHP. This is why they often act as if they’re the holy side, but any scholar of history can tell you that some of the worst atrocities in history were caused by upholding the status quo. And in a rather literal sense, RHP is the path of conservatism. So, this is something to think about: if you’re interested in personal enlightenment, you’re at least left-leaning.

Not surprisingly, this is also relatively similar to politics in a literal (not just labelling) perspective: those that are conservative seek to uphold orthodoxy and those that are “adversarial” seek to live how they believe one should. (This is one more reason to distrust the Democrat vs Republican divide as when thought of this way, many conservatives live on either side of the division as do many “adversarial lights”). And thus, there are likely many more people on the LHP than think they are. (I’ve always believed “lightwork” or helping others to ascend or heal to be a LHP endeavor for this reason.)

But this is really the position in the Western esoteric tradition. From an Indian perspective, their origin, it’s a little different.

Left-Hand vs Right-Hand From an Indian Perspective
Keep in mind they’re reversed for us. Kali is stage left, Shiva stage right.

In the Indian esoteric traditions (where this distinction comes from), to be righthand path is to be orthodox to be lefthand path is to be heterodox/contrarian. This is a simplification of the idea, but mostly encompasses it. To follow the Vāmamārga is to seek Vāmācāra or the attainment or enlightenment that comes from the left-hand path. It’s unknown exactly why it’s left, but one theory is that because Dakṣiṇa (which means “south”), the right-hand path, would be to the right if one were facing the sunrise/east. Ironically vāma means, “pleasant, agreeable, loveable” as well as left.

Though, there is some debate whether or not the word should be vāmā, which means, “woman”. This would make quite a lot of sense in regard to LHP traditions in the West as so much of the left-hand path is about women, women’s empowerment, “dark moon” deities, and the power of sexual intercourse. Likewise, I think you can see the seeds of the adversary, which is a staple of LHP occultism in the Western tradition. (Interesting brief article about this on Wikipedia.)

The Advesary and the Left-Hand Path

The “adversarial current” is a moniker people often use for the left-hand path. Likely because the adversary is prevalent in pretty much every discussion of the LHP. Many magickians have argued that “the devil” is a description for the adversary, which has a few forms including the trickster.

So, this would make Loki and Prometheus too demonic, devilish characters. Both of them would play games and lie to the other gods. And Prometheus was punished for giving us fire and the ability to wield it. This was the role of the Watchers/Nephilim too: they were teachers. And this was one of the things that made them fallen. (Though, of course, it depends on who you read as other sources say they’re the offspring of angels and humans, etc.) Odysseus too, a human trickster, could be considered a paradigm example of a left-hand path practitioner.

So, suffice it to say that the left-hand path is about being adversarial. This doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily in a fight with others, but rather that you don’t really fit the existing paradigms well. And that you’re into carving your own path. This is like I was saying above about being Set-creative on this plane too…

Aquino writes, “The LHP is based upon the principle of isolate-self consciousness – “the Gift of Set” (awareness of self-isolate consciousness) – and its exploration, exercise, and maximization. It seeks to evolve the initiated human form from self-aware animal to a god. … Every individual exercise of will, of choice, of discretion, and above-all of creation is a manifestation of the Gift. Any thought, expression, or action which is not the product of objective universe-stimulated instinct flexes the Gift” (Aquino 2016, 164-5).

In other words, to be on the LHP is to be aware that your consciousness is an isolate being that has an existence beyond the world at large and to act in ways that are beyond the teachings of the objective world itself is to use this gift. To make this point banal, Set is the neteru that helps you to realize your own individuality. His nature is that of the separateness itself.

The Left-Hand vs Right-Hand in Jewish Mysticism

In Jewish mysticism, particularly qabalah, the right-hand pillar is the pillar of mercy, the left is the pillar of judgement/severity (meaning to interpret and to sever from, not about rudeness, harshness, or intensity). The right-hand is about forgiveness and becoming one with the world, the lefthand is about freedom, separation, selfhood.

This is pretty much the same as the above, but there’s one interesting addition. The middle pillar between the two is compassion, which is what would happen when one is balanced: to be able to judge/notice separation and be solitary, yet to forgive and accept things as they are would be the path of compassion in a rather literal sense. To find balance is to be centered. Maybe there’s a value to both?

Right-Hand vs Left-Hand and What You Need

I also think there’s another concern: what you need. If you’re a rather selfish person or someone who’s focused on selfhood, then RHP is a good way to go because it’s the balance you need to be centered. This is likely why many people in AA find the Christian God to be such a needed attribute in their lives.

However, if you’re a rather giving, selfless person, LHP is a good way to go because it will help you to focus on selfhood rather than constantly surrendering self to the world (again, helping you to find a center). While I’ve always been somewhat drawn to LHP and demonic symbolism, I find myself in the latter camp. I made the conscious decision to go LHP after considering the ways that my life was limited by my own lack of agency. Though I was willful, I often surrendered my will to “the greater good” or overly gave to others thinking it my place in life.

Is Left-Hand Path Magick Just For Adepts?

No, left-hand path magick is not just for adepts and anyone could start on the LHP if they wished. However, LHP is generally more open to advanced practitioners in my opinion. If you don’t understand the Western occult tradition, LHP will only speak to you so much. Not to say that one couldn’t start there; however, without a basis in the traditional teachings and the Abrahamic traditions, there’s so much missed symbolism.

For instance, the qliphoth has been revolutionary to me; however, would it have spoken to me so much if I hadn’t studied the qabalah and the bible quite a bit? Probably not. While I do think it’s getting at spiritual entities that predate Judaism, Judaism is one take on the religions of the Ancient Near East, which is the seat of culture and in many ways the first recorded understandings of religion humans have. So, whether or not you agree with the them, there is something primordial to the Judaic teachings. (Full of blinds, I’d say.)

Left or Right: Must You Choose a Side?

A lot of people think you need to choose a side. I don’t think it’s necessary to choose unless you want to and often a middle path is probably the better answer. Balance is key to many things in life. Though, ultimately, you’ve probably already made a “decision” of sorts based on how you practice and how orthodox you are…

I think of myself as a heavy left leaning centrist. If forced to choose, I’d say I’m LHP, but if I’m honest, I’d recognize that I’m not a full creator on this plane and thus am limited by the tenets of the objective universe and because of this, I’m mostly unable to actualize full Set-consciousness on this plane.

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Frater Lucath Occultist by Fraterlucath - 3w ago

As you’ve probably discovered if you read this blog regularly, I’m a big fan of transparency and experimenting with magick. These are also the major reasons that I wanted to blog about magick. So, in that vein, this is a follow-up to a previous post that I did about sigil magick.

How Sigil Magick Works

Back in February 2019, I wrote a blog post here called Sigil Magick For The Chaos Mage. In that post, I discuss how to use sigil magick in the Chaos Magick tradition, mostly through the work of Austin Osman Spare. This post covers the basic process: create a desired outcome, write said desired outcome down, remove any repeating letters, use the letters to create a picture, then, charge the picture with (sexual) energy. (Sexual energy is frankly the easiest and most written about, but not the only way to charge a sigil.) It’s one of the most simple and powerful ways to practice magick.

In that post, I also created and charged a sigil to gain 100 readers a month. (You can see it above in this article.) I made this sigil as an example, but also to genuinely help my blog to succeed as well. Many authors think you should get rid of your sigils immediately after doing sigil magick, but I’m with Taylor Ellwood on this, and think that there’s often good reasons to keep them around. The major thing is to make sure that you’ve lost attachment to the need to make the sigil work. It’s kind of like the a watched pot never boils homily… Non-attachment, non-disinterest is the key.

And sometimes, letting other people charge them with their energy is very helpful. In a certain sense, corporate logos are sigils…

Results Of My Sigil Magick

As of today (June 26th, 2019–well, the 27th now because it’s late, ha!), I’ve had 3,814 users visit my site. This is pretty great for a new site! (I’ve only been posting since January.) Here’s a picture of the stats. As you can see, I reached my goal by the end of February.

The massive spike in April is when my post on pathworking was shared by a popular magickian on a Facebook group they post on regularly… Viral content!

For clarity’s sake, this is just February’s stats (from the 5th on):

As you can see, I hit the goal that month. And really, it’s kind of a small goal when you think about it. I wasn’t really expecting to pull 1000s of new visitors every month! I really didn’t expect that many people to care about my posts or for my SEO to be very effective right away as I’ve only had moderate (read: mediocre) success with it in the past–and usually after a ton of work!

Magick + Mundane Efforts = Amazing Success!

As I’ve spoken of before (and will hammer home in some future blog posts), I think it’s imperative to pair magickal work with mundane efforts. Many budding magickians think that the spirits or the magickal ritual does all the work, but really, the work helps to foster greater possibilities for actualizing your goals. Magick mostly stacks the deck. Sometimes, it gives you a royal flush on the first hand, but often it gives you a pair of 8s when everyone else is holding a pair of 6s or an Ace high. In other words, magick helps you to increase the possibilities of getting what you want. I’m not convinced you can just have whatever you want without the mundane effort backing it, and frankly, I’ve seen little evidence to suggest that things work that way… For instance, the most financially successful magickian I can think of, EA Koetting, is also one of the most salesy people I know. He has really great content sometimes, but damn, some of his stuff is like a dark arts infomercial…

So, as I did this sigil magick for 100 readers a month working, I also focused on SEO–and just on-page SEO focused on good content centered around relevant keywords: I do not spam links to my site–to raise my site views. I have been lucky enough to have some people share my posts in big Facebook groups, but I haven’t done so myself. I do post links on Tumblr and Pinterest, but they only bring in a tiny percentage of my traffic.

And while I believe my SEO methods are very successful, before I did the sigil magick working, my traffic was just a trickle… I literally had two people visit my website in the first two months I had it up. And one of them was likely me. There’s of course a ghost town lull when you first start a site, but as you can see, the traffic pretty immediately started to grow after my sigil magick working and steadily increased from there. (The picture below ends on February 5th, the one above starts on the 5th.) The first month, literally no one saw my website.

So, if you’d like to learn more about using sigil magick, checkout this blog post I wrote about it months ago: Sigil Magick For The Chaos Mage. I highly recommend sigil magick. I have practiced it for years and seen very great results with it. Like all things in life, it’s a practice with greater successes and spectacular failures. So, remember to wed the magick to your mundane actions.

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Recently, someone asked me, “what is an evocation triangle?” It took me by surprise at first because it seems so obvious at this point, but in hindsight, I remember being confused by this when I first got involved in the occult too. What is an evocation triangle or a “triangle of art” and what’s the point? Like many things in magick, it depends on who you ask and what traditions they follow.

Because of this, I’m going to talk about the evocation triangle in general. What is the purpose of an evocation triangle? What are some popular styles of evocation triangles? Why would you want to use one? What are some other ways you could use the triangle?

Evocation Triangle = “Home” For Spirit

In the most basic sense, the evocation triangle is the place the spirit is supposed to manifest. It’s a literal or imaginary triangle plotted out into space. Often, it has some lettering in it and a central space for the spirit to appear. Some people put a crystal ball or a scrying mirror there. In many forms of ritual magick, when you evoke an entity, you demand it appears there.

Demanding the entity appear in a triangle makes the ritual simpler for some people because then, they know where to focus their attention in the evocation ritual. It makes some people feel safer as some teach that using a triangle means the spirit is only able to access a small section of your environment and you control where it is. It keeps you and the spirit separate they say. Some people believe that the triangle holds some sort of power to create a gateway to the spirit. It all really depends on your beliefs and tradition.

Contrary to the beliefs of a lot of people who practice personal spiritual paths like chaos magick or Lucifierianism, which is often approached like chaos magick just focused on the left hand path, I think you should study at least one tradition and get good at it. From there, you can explore how well it works and then have a basis to critique other systems/approaches. Chaos magick works far better and makes much more sense once you have a basis from which to explore it. [This is why I write about chaos magick as a form of meta-magick…]

Goetia Style Evocation Triangle

One of the most famous evocation triangles is the one laid out in the Ars Goetia (the book pictured to the left–the triangle is pictured below). It has three Hebrew names written in Greek transliterated into English on the outside edges (one of many pieces of proof that this text was likely written in the Middle Ages): Tetragrammaton (“consisting of four words”, i.e. YHWH or Yahweh), Anaphaxeton (a debated word which may be a name of God or the name of an angel, Anaphiel), and Primeumaton (again, could be an obscure name of God or an angel).

Inside of the triangle, the name Michael is broken into three pieces. Of course, Michael is an archangel, specifically the one who is said to defeat Satan in the Book of Revelations (again proof this was likely written in the Middle Ages, at least A.D.–even though some people make arguments that The Goetia is older, I’m highly skeptical of these arguments). In this vein, Michael would have some power to subdue demonic influences, hence his place in the triangle of art. The three segments of Michael surround an empty circle. Some people create it as a big black circle when they create their own triangles or place a black crystal ball or scrying mirror there. Many of the triangles available for sale like those on Etsy have a black circle in the triangle.

LHP Style Evocation Triangles

While there are plenty of people who practice left hand path magick (LHP) that use The Goetia style triangle, some left hand path practitioners use evocation triangles a bit differently.

Some put pagan god names around the triangle to create a similar effect to the Abrahamic names around the triangle in The Goetia. This allows them to keep the power of the triangle, but to divorce it from Abrahamic mythology.

Others use a blank triangle just as a focal point for their rituals. This allows them to know where to focus their intent and intention during a ritual. There are many LHP occultists, myself included, who believe that coercing demonic influence is disrespectful and unwarranted. Especially for those of us who take a position that “demons” are actually older world gods like those of Canaan or Babylon. For this reason, the triangle would be blank as it’s more about opening a space for the spirit, giving them an easy path into this plane, or just having a space to focus thought.

And of course, Crowley and some others have done possession rites where the person being possessed went into the triangle of manifestation. This seems to create a greater possession experience for some. Though, on the other hand, people who practice Voodoo/Voudon/Vodou/Vodun and other forms of folk magick often are able to get strong possessions without the use of a triangle. And there’s reason to argue that not using a triangle or circle could create greater possession experiences like those created by people who practice rituals in groups or during festivals like those in Bali.

Do You Need An Evocation Triangle?

Honestly, you don’t really need an evocation triangle in order to have a successful evocation. They don’t make or break the ceremony, but can be helpful–especially if you’re trying to create a semblance of tradition or make the ceremony “accurate” (to the grimoire).

I rarely use evocation triangles and when I did, I would create a triangle made of lit candles. As with pretty much everything in the occult, I experimented with triangles pretty extensively and found that they were not necessary. They have their benefits like I said above, e.g. giving you a space to evoke, focus of intention, keeping the spirit in one area, making evocations easier, etc.

You can definitely summon a spirit without them. And I find that wherever I focus my attention, the spirit usually appears.

If, however, you wish to constrain the spirit or feel the “safety” that using God’s names and angels affords, this could be a very helpful practice for you. Many people swear by it–I just haven’t seen it to be necessary. I’m also not convinced that something that powerful is forced to stay within the confines of a triangle. That seems foolish and over-simplified in my mind. Take it how you will.

A piece of unverified personal gnosis I received is that the triangle works sort of like a portal. Looking through the base is a way to improve the connection to other dimensions sort of like a Skype call into the dimension. In other words, it opens the material plane to see into/access the spiritual plane(s). So, the triangle opens up space to other dimensions, which is why it’s easier to evoke within a triangle. [Though, again, I’m not convinced it’s much easier to evoke a spirit with a triangle than without one.]

What other ways could you use a triangle?

While working with Lilith, I received another piece of unverified personal gnosis about triangles. Lilith told me that if one does magick within a triangle themselves (rather than a circle) facing out toward the base that it creates an opposite sort of doorway: one that opens the spiritual plane onto this one. This allows the spiritual to flow out into the material plane.

For this reason, I often do magick within a triangle and face toward the base. I’ve found this to be a very powerful way to do magick. Like many things, this is not the only way to do things.

There are many reasons to use a circle or no shapes at all. Depends on your needs as a magickian and what you want out of the ritual–e.g. circle for protection or to create an energy vortex; triangle to open this plane up as a doorway of sorts to another plane; and nothing to open oneself up for possession or because you just don’t fear the entities you’re working with. Each works and has its own benefits and problems.

What’s your experience with triangles of art been? Have you found them indispensable in your practice?

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This is a guide with 11 ways to troubleshoot spirit communication. A few people lately have asked me how they can develop their senses so that they can have more effect spirit communication.

The truth is that the answer to this question really depends on your goals, who you are, and what way you’re approaching magick… However, there are quite a few things you can use to troubleshoot your spirit communication no matter who you are and what tradition you practice. So, if you’ve been having trouble communicating with spirits, this guide should help you out.

In short, the real key to spirit communication is a combination of factors: being able to enter the right mental states, receptivity, having developed the sensory awareness of spirits, and knowing your own skill set and level of adepthood.

So something I’d point out first is that spirit communication is actually a rather complex spiritual process. It does take some effort and work. It’s really not the best process for beginners because it anticipates that you already know how to enter altered states and can utilize them. Beginners could of course practice these methods, but they’re going to have more difficulty.

So, if you’re having issues communicating with spirits your skill level may be part of the issue. I find that a lot of beginners want to do this, then get upset after a few failures that either they suck or magick isn’t real, but the real issue is just that it’s very difficult for most people. Some people can learn to communicate with spirits very easily, but for most it’s kind of difficult to learn… [It took me quite a long to do be able to do it in a way I was happy with.]

But without further ado, let’s get to it!

12 Ways To Troubleshoot Spirit Communication

The following are in no particular order, but all are important.

1) Are you adept at going into deep trance/altered states?

If not, practice meditation or self-hypnosis before working more on spirit communication. Liber Null has some great exercises for starting this process, but you might get just as far by practicing meditation. This can be a pain, but it’s necessary to really get any results with magick.

You really need to be able to get into and retain a deep altered state in order to perform spirit communication effectively. After awhile, it may get easier to do with less depth; however, at first, it’ll likely be a pretty deep state.

To practice, I’d recommend that you find a meditation or self-hypnosis teacher. This can be as simple as picking up Liber Null and using the exercises; getting a simple book on meditation or self-hypnosis (you can often find these easily at the library, book sales, or cheap used book stores); finding a hypnotist or meditation teacher on YouTube (there are hundreds of hypnosis videos on YouTube that could get your started); going to a local Buddhist temple or a local class (check out occult or new age shops in your area); or picking up a digital course on self-hypnosis or meditation.

2) Can you get into the Theta-Gamma Sync?

This is EA Koetting‘s term. He says that to evoke, we must get into a deep mental state, but be capable of mental activity as if we are in Theta and Gamma brainwaves simultaneously. I think he’s right about that. So, if you’re having trouble with spirit communication, the theta-gamma sync may be the missing piece.

In order to get into this state, we must first master meditation or self-hypnosis and be able to get into the deep states. From there, we need to work on getting more and more able to function in that state. Not an endorsement for drugs, but people who’ve been regular drug users may find this easier than others as it’s a state that’s pretty common to them and adept magickians, but few others. So, those with that in their past may find this state easy to get into after learning to meditate. Good news: you don’t need to have been have been a user to figure this out.

Once you can get into the state, it’s just a matter of practice. So, as soon as you can get into deep states, just start working on evocation. If you succeed great. If not, you can practice meditation while listening to binaural or isochronic tones. These can help you to direct your brainwaves a bit, but may involve you making your own. I made an isochronic tone specifically for this purpose: Mind State Training For The Occult. It’s only five minutes long, however. So, it’s focused on just helping to train your mind to go into these states. [But if enough people are interested, I may make a longer version.]

3) Have you mastered automatic writing?

If not, this is a pretty decent way to communicate with entities and involves far less work and mental gymnastics than a visual evocation. If I were to teach a total beginner to do evocation or spirit communication, I would help them get into the right states and then teach them pathworking (next item) or automatic writing depending on their skill set.

I used automatic writing for a long time as my only method of spiritual communication. I’ve since developed my skills quite a bit; however, I still use it on occasion. If you’ve like to learn more about automatic writing for demonic summoning, then checkout my post and video on the topic: Automatic Writing For Demonic Summoning.

4) Have you done pathworking?

If not, this is a great way to do rituals involving spirit communication. You basically just do a guided meditation on the topic(s) at hand and the spirit(s) communicate with you within the vision. Sometimes, it’s just symbolic and flashing images, other times, the entities will tell you things in the vision. For more information, I’ve written an article about how to use pathworking: Easiest Way To Summon A Demon — Pathworking.

Asenath Mason has some great books on this topic, but she also has some free pathworkings spelled out on her site for The Temple of Ascending Flame. I do a lot of Draconian style magick at this point and pathworking really works well for me. I wish I’d found pathworking much earlier in my studies to be honest.

5) Have you worked on the ability to visualize in your mind?

If not, this is probably a hindrance to your ability to communicate with spirits. As much as it sucks to work on because it can be very tedious, visualization is a skill worth developing. You can start by just working on imaging a ball in your mind. Once you can do that, change its color.

Don’t get hung up on not being able to do it, just allow yourself to do it. Imagine, don’t “visualize”. Sometimes, it will just vaguely feel like a thing. Go with it and keep working… It took me a really long time to be able to do this (years). So, be patient with yourself as this is either a skill you’ve developed or need to develop.

6) Have you worked on the ability to visualize things in front of you?

If not, this will likely hinder you from “seeing” the entities. At least at first, you need to sort of force the “materialization” of entities to have them “appear” before you. The camp that thinks magick is all in your head (one of the four interpretations of magick/”the psychological model”) may have a point here because magick relies heavily on your imagination. Making peace with this and that I might be deluding myself really helped me to push through. 

Once you can visualize in your mind, you can practice visualizing things in front of you. For instance, in EA Koetting’s Mastering Evocation course, he teaches you to imagine a coffee cup in the corner of a room in order to train your mind to be able to see spirits. This is a training wheels of sorts for seeing and communicating with spirits.

7) Do you practice magick regularly?

This is a major hang up for many magickians that struggle with spirit communication. As I’ve said over and over in this post, magick at this level is a skill and takes practice.

So, if you don’t practice magick at least three times a week, practice more. Evoke often. [One of the things Crowley said that I take very seriously.]

Practice will make you far better at this stuff. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle, you can be taught how to ride a bike, but you can’t really be taught how to balance on a bike. People can give you pointers, but there’s a certain point where you have to kind of figure it out. I think courses like EA’s can make this process far easier to learn, but you really need to work the skills to get anything out of them.

8) Do a pact working.

Something many people overlook when developing the ability to communicate with spirits is pact working. You can get a lot by working a pact with entities.

I don’t think you can trade your soul or anything like that, but a pact works more like a dedication that you’re going to do the work. I did a successful pact with the angel Raziel to deepen my magickal abilities (not realizing how silly that sounded until he was confused). Pacts will help you to a) do magick daily and b) to develop certain skills. I highly recommend a pact working to learn deeper skills if you’re seriously practicing magick.

9) What material substrates are you using for the spirit to appear in?

To get a visual evocation for spirit communication, generally, you need some kind of substrate for them to appear through. Like a thing for them to grasp onto in this world.

The most popular substrates are blood, fire, moving water, and incense smoke. Each works a little differently, but for the most part, you’re going to scry the spirit in the substrate (though, blood is a little more complicated/has more uses: see my post on blood magick for the left hand path magickian).

10) Can you scry?

If not, scrying might be a missing link for you with spirit communication. To see entities in smoke, fire, etc., is almost (maybe often) to scry them. A weird thing happens if you stare unblinkingly at something for awhile…

To experiment with this, take a large mirror and point it at a 45 degree angle, then stare into it. After 5-10 minutes, your vision will usually shift so that the world appears at an angle. If you look around the room, it will be tilted because your mind uses visual stimulus as part of the way that it balances you and “sees” reality around you. For instance, there have been some studies that show that acrophobia (fear of heights) is correlated with a misapprehension of your visual senses. The jury is still out on what causes that misapprehension, but what we see/experience is interrelated with many facets of ours lives and feelings.

But to bring this back to the topic at hand, when you use this mental mechanism for scrying, your eyes will kind of glitch after awhile (this is a natural reaction, FYI. It happens because your eyes need a certain amount of movement to really see…). At that point, you’ll often see the world start to “shake” or pop in and out of existence/flash, etc.

Luckily, you can scry on many surfaces. If you have an iMac, you can scry on the blacked out screen itself (usually a good idea to turn it off). You can also use a black mirror, a regular mirror, a bowl of water, fire, an egg yolk, tea leaves… pretty much anything that reflects or you can stare at is good. This can take a lot of practice, however. So, I recommend starting with something reflective. [It’s easier at least for me.]

Some people say that you want the mirror to reflect the empty ceiling, which I think is good advice; however, I find that when you’re getting started with this, it’s easiest to look into your face and watch as it begins to distort. It seems to distort into whatever you’re expecting to see. I was expecting to see demons. So, that’s what I ended up seeing: my face warping into a demon.

I’ll eventually write a longer post on scrying, but the basic process is simple: just look at the object you’re scrying into with soft focus (don’t stare at a certain part, look at all of it by focusing a little in front of it).

11) Spirit communication in dreams

Dreams are another way you can communicate with spirits. This method is a lot more complicated than the others, but I include it for completeness. I still have difficulty with this method unless I do a ritual before sleeping with the specific intent of having dream communication. Some people, however, are naturally adept at this or can lucid dream. In which case, definitely use it!

For the rest of us, what you need to do is do a ritual or a scrying session where you make a connection with a spirit. Do this pretty much right before bed. Ask for them to guide you or teach you in your dreams. Then, as you are falling asleep, imagine their sigil, remember the work you did with them earlier, and ask that they join you in your dreams. It’s really that simple; however, to do that takes a fair bit of skill. Though, it’s worth exploring as you may not know how good you are at it until you try it.

12) Are you allowing the experience to happen or are you thinking too much? Talking to yourself in your head?

Magick requires you to be totally present in the moment. If you’re second guessing yourself or talking to yourself in your head, you will likely have issues. Also, you’re not really in the right mental state. Go back and work on meditation or self-hypnosis until you’re able to silence your mental chatter. Who knows? Maybe the spirits are already communicating with you in ritual, but you cannot hear them over your internal dialogue…

Final Thoughts

Hope this list has been helpful!

Lately, many people have been asking me about getting started in the occult or how to fix problems they have. In my opinion, mind state is usually the problem. So, I’d start with the troubleshooting above focused on mind state. Once you can achieve the states, then move on to different methods for things like evocation.

Keep in mind that having a “materialization” of the spirit is a rather difficult activity, at least at first. Pathworking and automatic writing are much easier to learn–and they work just as well, if not better than a full materialization. Remember that most ancient magickians just felt the spirits and had mental communication with them. Materialization is a relatively new concept and technique. So, there’s no shame in using automatic writing or pathworking. I used automatic writing for years (and still sometimes do!) and I use pathworking more often than any other form of magick even though I can get materializations at this point in my magickal practice.

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Mind state training is one of those topics that many budding magickians overlook. Ironically, it’s probably the most important part of magickal training because mind state is a foundational skill for pretty much all occult practice.

So, I made a short video to help people to practice getting into a certain mental state (read below for instructions on how to use it):

Mind State Training For The Occult | Train Your Mind To Be A Better Magickian | Improve Occult Skill - YouTube

This video helps you to get into a mental state that E.A. Koetting refers to as the theta-gamma sync. He refers to it as this because he believes that the ideal mental state for magickal operations is both down into a trance/altered state and up into a heightened state of consciousness. And while this seems odd at first, this is actually common and attainable. It’s just not a state that most people go into on purpose.

However, the video is not going to radically change your life after one view. The point of it is to get yourself used to entering the theta-gamma sync. Once you’re able to do that, you’re able to do a lot higher level magick than you could before. The point of this video is to train your mind to more easily enter this state throughrepeat viewing and work.

How To Use This Mind State Training

To use this mind state training, all you need to do is meditate and watch the video. Your mind itself will do most of the work to match its state to that of the tones. They encourage your mind to enter certain states naturally.

But to really get started all your need to do is simply situate yourself to meditate, begin getting into the state, then turn the video on. Feel free to watch it as many times in a row as you’d like, just know that each time you watch it, it’s going to encourage your mind to return to a normal waking state before going into the theta-gamma sync.

If you practice meditation already, use your favorite method.

A Simple Meditation To Use

If you don’t practice meditation, you really need to in order to ascend–at least as a magickian. The easiest meditation to start with is called breath counting. To do this meditation, you just need to count your breaths up to four, then return to one. In other words, breathe in and out, count one. Then repeat three times. On the fifth breath, restart counting back to one.

The hardest part of this meditation, at least for me, is returning my thoughts back to one after four. Sometimes, I get too spacey and find myself counting somewhere around 15-25. Not a big deal, just catch yourself and reset back to one. As with all meditation, the point is training your mind, not to be the most amazing meditator ever.

You need to just get started and see what happens and where you’re at. Once you see where you’re at, then you can more accurately judge personal growth by looking at where you were and where you are today. It’s kind of like working out: you want to see how far you can go and take it one session at a time.

Why Do Mind State Training?

Many new magickians overlook this or think it’s a waste of time–I know I did–but the mind state training is one of the most important things you can do to further yourself as a magickian. Yes, it’s tedious at first. Yes, it takes concerted effort, but it’s also the foundational skill of occult practice.

If you cannot meditate, enter the right states, and stay there throughout the ritual, you’re not going to get very far actually practicing magick. And that’s a fact.

So, the real reason to do mind state training is that this is going to revolutionize your magickal practice day by day.

How Often Should You Do Mind State Training?

How often you do mind state training is ultimately up to you. I think you should do it at least three times a week, but preferably everyday. The strongest magickians are the ones who practice this stuff daily.

The interesting thing about magickal “power” is that it often develops very slowly at first (and even later on), but in hindsight, a massive growth curve can be seen. In other words, you’ll probably need to practice this mind state stuff for awhile before you realize the real results of it, but once you do, you’ll see it as foundational.

At this point, I’ve beat this horse to tiny pieces. So, I hope you use this audio/video to practice getting into the right mind states. If you do this for awhile, you’ll be happy you did–if you want to be a powerful magickian that is…

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If you want to know the thoughts of a real, practicing Luciferian on conspiracy theories, Satanic Ritual Abuse, leaving the Satanic Priesthood, breaking The Ten Commandments, and Dungeons and Dragons, then you’ve come to the right place. Especially if you’re a Christian. Please read to the end to get the full picture.

I’ve been a Luciferian for years now and there’s something frustrating me and I have to get it off my chest…

Ex-Satanic Priest Tell Alls!

There are people who claim to have been Satanists or Luciferians in order to further their ministries or their own personal lives or who make claims of conversion to save face. While there are a few people like this, I’m going to talk about one person who is the most egregious. He has dubious stories and as far as I can is a complete liar. This is my opinion based upon fair reading of his statements vs. what I know from my involvement in the left hand path of occultism (LHP practitioners or the LHP henceforth).

Thus, I’ll take the same defense conspiracy theorists do when they attack my spirituality: this is neither libel nor defamation as this person claims things that are incorrect. And if there is any truth to his statements, he should probably be investigated and he definitely should turn over evidence of crimes he claims to have been involved in. [He is an admitted pedophile and participant in child pornography if you take him at his word…] His statements and those of people like them are injurious to LHP practitioners and are equally guilty of defamation against us! [You’ll notice most of us write under pseudonyms because many in the public eye get regular death threats… Just look at the response Ford got from opening the Greater Church of Lucifer. Christians don’t have to live that way: they can freely practice their spirituality and crimes or personal attacks against them are seen as acts of violence.]

Many people that come to this site are already Satanists or Luciferians and may enjoy this expose as well, but I’m honestly writing for another audience today: Christians. I believe that Christians have a right to know that these people may be lying to their faces and that they should look critically at people who claim to have been Satanists or Luciferians. But as most Christians are not involved in the occult, they do not have the knowledge to really fact check people who claim to have been occultists. So, I offer this to you. I know that many Christians won’t believe me and that’s okay. But I want to lay the facts out about what doesn’t add up in these people’s stories and where they seem to be lying–particularly one person. I believe in religious freedom and though I dislike the Abrahamic tradition because it’s so hostile to LHP practices, I believe people should be free to practice whatever religion they want. And I think if you think Christianity is right for you, you should be allowed to practice it.

And you’ll notice: 1) I don’t dox this person or call for violence against him and 2) I’m just countering the things he actually said. This is because all calls for violence, doxxing, etc. are completely unwarranted. I do find the things he says troubling and highly offensive, but as someone interested in personal freedom of expression, I do not wish him harm and neither should you. I wish people like this would stop harming the left hand path traditions by furthering lies about us. And I believe a fair expose will do just that or at least let Christians know that some of these people are likely not what they claim to be.

I’d be happy to entertain any logical, reasonable rebuttals to the claims I make below. [I will not entertain threats, non-sequitors, or positions that make claims without evidence or fair argument.]

Zachary King — All Saints Ministry

The person I want to talk about is Zachary King from All Saints Ministry. [Again, I include this link and video to deepen your awareness of his claims. No harm should come to this man. Please be respectful.]

I watched this interview with Zachary King and took the claims I refute below from it:

Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House (Names Names) - YouTube

He makes several claims I find dubious, and thus, I believe that he has had no involvement in any legitimate form of the occult. He clearly has read some, but it seems more like he read Christian sources because he conflates ideas, refers to things in ways practicing occultists wouldn’t (e.g. magick with a k isn’t about black magick, but is to separate ritual from stage magic), and talks more about things out of something like a Geraldo special on the Satanic Panic than the actual practices of the occult. I will spell them out and counter them one at a time.

Ex-Satanist Priest Claims To Be A High Wizard

In the video he claims this title. And on his website it says, “From his teen years to adulthood he worked his way up to High Wizard in the coven…” I’ve never heard a serious Satanist or Luciferian or frankly any serious magickal practitioner calling themselves a high wizard. That’s so ridiculous it’s kind of funny. If you Google “high wizard” you either get pages about role playing or pages about him. If you Google “high wizard satanism” you only get articles about him.

The official Church of Satan has six membership categories: Registered Member (no degree), Active Member—Satanist (First Degree),Witch/Warlock (Second Degree), Priestess/Priest (Third Degree), Magistra/Magister (Fourth Degree), and Maga/Magus (Fifth Degree). [For more information on this go here: https://www.churchofsatan.com/hierarchy/.] Notice, there is no “high wizard” category or designation. He also claims on other sites to be part of the “World Church of Satan”, which does not exist.

And contrary to most people’s belief, the Church of Satan is an atheistic organization who uses LHP ideas and symbolism to further their own personal development. They are not in the business of practicing magick and have a naturalist philosophy of life based on dark symbolism. The theists and LeVay broke off in the 70s and the theists formed The Temple of Set. From 1974 or 1975 to the present day, The Church of Satan has been an atheistic organization. LeVay declared that he had always been Satan because Satan is a part of the human psyche in a rather Jungian archetypal kind of way. So, ironically, during the Satanic Panic, the Satanists were not really practicing magick… And probably weren’t during the time period he claims to have been practicing magick. From pictures, I estimate he is maybe 55 years old. This would make him around 10 when the Church of Satan became an atheistic organization…

No Knowledge of Saturnian Magick

Most who are familiar with magick would be familiar with Saturn and the magickal influence it holds. Saturn is the often linked with both Satan and Lucifer. It’s somewhat possible that he wouldn’t know much about this; however, he claims that being a high wizard means you know about many forms of magick. Planetary magick would be included in this list of many forms of magick…

Satanists Don’t Have Personal Books of Shadows + The Law of Three

He conflates many Wiccan ideas with LHP traditions. We don’t have a “book of shadows”. The Book of Shadows is a Wiccan thing.

He also claims that Wiccans have “the right” to smite people who they disagree with. I’ve never met a single Wiccan that believes this–and I used to practice Wicca! They have something called “The Law of Three” or “The Threefold Law” that keeps them from harming others. It states that anything you put out will be returned to you threefold. So, if you curse someone, you’ll get three times that much negative energy back. Few, if any Wiccans, curse people.

Breaking All Ten Commandments

The idea that all people on the left hand path necessarily defame Jesus or the church is kind of silly and unfounded. True, some people talk about this and there’s some stuff about saying the Lord’s Prayer backwards, but it’s not something you have to do to be an LHP practitioner. [Look at my article on The Lord’s Prayer Backwards for more information on my opinion of this.] Many of us don’t think that much about Christianity. Myself, I’m pretty much only interested in the bible through my qliphothic work because I have to work with the qaballah to do it. Otherwise, I rarely, if ever, think about Christianity.

And to say that you have broken all 10 commandments or that we have to is the most unfair bias. To be fair, many people, even Christians, break two and three and LHP practitioners necessarily break the first one. [It’s nice that a religion can make its fundamental rule that to believe anything else is a grave sin…] But anyone who’s a “Satanist” is in the vein of Anton LeVay and would for the most part not do 4-10 either. For instance, #6 of the 11 Satanic Rules of Earth is “Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.” This specifically tells Satanists not to break commandments 6-10. [#5 in the case of self-defense is open for discussion, just as it would be in the Abrahamic traditions.] The Satanic Rules of Earth also have rules against harming children. They even only allow for harming animals for food or if attacked.

And Luciferians believe in personal enlightenment above all else. We’re basically trying to become ascended masters. You don’t do that by getting fixated on childish things or just being anti-Christian for giggles. And that he claims to have done an abortion in a bathroom for murder is also a ridiculous claim as pretty much only the Catholics claim that abortion is murder and also how and why was a 15 year old doing abortions in bathrooms? [He’s guilty of performing medicine without a license.]

Dungeons And Dragons Is NOT Satanic

He claims that he learned spells from playing Dungeons and Dragons and that they contain real spells… This claim is pretty unreasonable and is part of the Satanic Panic fury of the 80s and 90s. His views on this matter are most likely taken from watching the TV specials like the 60 Minutes piece, Geraldo’s show, Oprah, Sally Jessy, or and of the other show or reading the books Dark Dungeons or The Catechism of the New Age: A Response to Dungeons and Dragons. Wikipedia has an excellent article on this issue: Dungeons And Dragons Controversies. I’ve occasionally played other RPGs, but I’ve actually never played D&D. So, I don’t have much to personally say about this other than many LHP practitioners never played D&D. Some have. It’s kind of like saying Harry Potter is responsible for people getting into the occult.

Satanic Ritual Abuse And His Alleged Involvement In Sexual Abuse of Children and Child Pornography

King claims that he was molested by a female school teacher. Later, he discovered that she was part of the Satanic coven he said he was a part of. He claims she got him to have sex with other children to appease her and to make child pornography until he was about 15 and was thus too old to appear childlike.

#9 of the Satanic Rules of the Earth is “Do not harm little children.” I know of no member of the Church of Satan who has been convicted of child molestation. [There are several Christians who were harmed by the Satanic Panic and were charged falsely–some serving many years before being released.] Few people involved in the LHP have few sex charges unlike many other religions. While there are some pedophiles in the LHP (they are in every walk of life), they are few and far in between and the community doesn’t come to their aid or hide it like some other groups do. For instance, Ryan Flemming was sent to prison for having sex with an underaged girl. No one in the community protected him or says he’s innocent.

Most of us are solo practitioners or are in small groups and there’s next to no active worldwide leadership. There’s no way that there could be that much abuse and it would stay secret because there’s no infrastructure to keep it quiet. If the people who claimed Satanic Ritual Abuse is real were accurate, there would be cases worldwide of this happening.

It’s crazy how these rumors go around, yet there’s no credible evidence of it happening even though in the same time period (the 80s to now), there have been a tremendous amount of cases of sexual trafficking and abuse discovered. Just look at the fallout of NXIVM right now… It’s coming out that that group was involved in sex trafficking, slavery, and branding people! They’re not an LHP group of course, but just for reference. And they were brought to justice! Ironically, the Satanic Panic is responsible for many of the hotlines and mandated reporter policies that are now in effect. So, that’s a silver lining on a dark period of religious persecution: it has helped many children escape abuse, though not in the ways people thought.

In reality most cases cited as SRA sadly have an element of either facilitated communication (a discredited form of therapy where a therapist basically channels the words of a nonverbal client) or the use of dangerous styles of regression therapy–not all are dangerous, but some can implant false memories in clients’ minds. I’ve never come across a case that’s not from one of those or from someone schizophrenic or with Dissociative Identity Disorder–and because delusions are parts of those disorders, it’s dangerous to take the things they say on face value without exploring it further. Like the testimony of Paul Bonacci, a man who has been discredited by local police and the FBI, but claims to be part of a Satanic Ritual Abuse group and to be DID; however, both claims are dubious and he’s a convicted child molester himself… The Grey Faction has a ton of information about these types of therapies on their site: The Grey Faction. I would encourage you to look into their research and explore their claims for yourself. You’ll see some really disturbing things and can make up your own mind.

And if there were strippers and prostitutes all the time at Bohemian Grove, there would be a whole network of people that could speak about these kinds of things, but they don’t.

Why Does He Protect Pedophiles?

Final point on King and people like him: it’s crazy how these people “get out” of these evil activities yet do not work to get these people they supposedly know who are doing awful things convicted for these disgusting crimes. If King is telling the truth, he is knowingly protecting child molesters and child pornographers through his silence. He claims to know these people personally, yet has done nothing to stop it. That’s pretty disgusting if you ask me (and is likely a criminal offense). He also claims he had to go into hiding to be protected from the Illuminati. Yet, he’s a public figure who says the state he lives in and gives public talks regularly…

He has given a rebuttal to another article here: King’s Rebuttal. If you read the rebuttal, you’ll see that he doesn’t counter my critiques of things said in this video. He also contradicts himself in other videos. Sometimes, he claims to have become a high wizard in college, but here he clearly claims it happened in childhood.

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Looking for the perfect guide for summoning demons for beginners? Then, you’ll want to check out Mastering Evocation by EA Koetting. It’s like a how to summon demons for dummies guide, but in video format.

My Experience With Mastering Evocation By EA Koetting

As a kid, I did some evocation work with pagan deities. I had some success just kinda feeling them, but I was never really satisfied with that. So, when I first began the practice of summoning demons, I wanted to be more successful with it.

I scoured the internet and tried a ton of methodologies, but really just couldn’t get over the hurdle of getting the summoning to “work”. I wanted to be able to see the spirit and actually communicate with it, not just sorta feel like it was there. So, I looked and looked. I read a ton of things. I did everything I could not to buy EA Koetting’s program: I even watched all the videos on his YouTube channel!

Eventually, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to succeed unless I just let myself get the program. So, I finally did. And frankly, I loved it. It answered all of my questions and got me going down the path of evocation. I finally could see (with my astral vision) the entities I was summoning.

Will You Really Be Able To Summon Demons After Going Through The Mastering Evocation Course?

Short answer: yes. This course is really like a how to summon demons for dummies class. It spells out everything you need to know to have successful evocations. Long answer: evocation is a skill set you have to master. EA Koetting spells out literally all you need to know to actually master evocation in his course, but it really depends on your work ethic and how much time you spend working on the material. Just like reading a self-help book on how to have better relationships isn’t going to do much for you, if you don’t actually practice what EA teaches, you likely won’t get very far with the material. BUT if you do practice it, you will be able to evoke demons or angels or even the spirits of the dead quickly.

Sure, you could likely learn all of the stuff Koetting teaches in his course just studying the grimoires and books and websites, but it’s not guaranteed. Nor is it certain that you’ll come across the right material or not be led astray… Ironically for me, I was just missing one key piece that I hadn’t found anywhere else that stopped me from being able to evoke spirits and really communicate with them. And I’m rather erudite. So, it wasn’t for lack of study!

His course takes you by the hand and leads you from having next to no magickal experience to being a full fledged evocation master in just a few hours of video. You’ll probably have to watch some of the videos a few times and you’ll definitely have to work with the material for a few weeks or months (depending on your time availability).

In the Mastering Evocation Course, EA teaches you everything you need including what supplies you need to summon demons (or other entities); the theory behind his methods of evocation; how to evoke using fire, blood, water, or incense (he doesn’t spell this out, but it’s fire, earth, water, air); how to work with possession; how to do exorcisms; how to summon the dead; the mental states necessary for evocation–and some powerful exercises to get your mind into those states; and how to use evocation for divination. So, if you really want to master these skills, you’ll want the Mastering Evocation program.

The one negative thing I’d say about this program and all of the programs by EA that I have is that they are kind of slow burn at the beginning. I mean that they start out with him giving background information and his personal story. So, the nice thing is that the first two or three videos in each of his courses really only need to be watched once! The remaining videos have the meat of the course and really need multiple views. [As I’m working through his Mastering Soul Travel Course, I’ve watched videos four and five about 10 times a piece! The exercises he leads you through are exactly what you need to really master the skills of the occult.]

Isn’t EA Koetting Super Hypey And Salesy?

Some people gripe that EA is too sales focused and that he over hypes things. While I agree that he’s kind of sales focused and maybe uses a bit too heavy handed NLP, I disagree that he overhypes things. His material is awesome once you give it a chance. Initially, I was a bit skeptical too, which is one reason I did everything I could to not buy EA’s Mastering Evocation Course. I found out about him through people mocking him and calling him a charlatan. Ironically, it was fellow occultists, not atheists or Christians. And I’m glad these people attacked him: I’d probably never have heard of him otherwise!

These same type of people often think that spiritual information should just be given away for free. Many of them pirate things rather than actually paying for the information. They forget that the people writing books or teaching these courses often put a lot of time and effort into the material. They also forget that temple memberships are often very expensive. Training with private teachers is often very expensive. And frankly, your time is very expensive. You can always make more money, but it’s very difficult to make more time. Reducing your learning curve is a smart choice. Can’t You Just Learn Evocation On Your Own?

Sure. You can learn anything on your own. The real questions to ask are how long will it take? What guarantee do you have that you’ll really master it? What will you miss out on in the meantime?

If you want to work on it yourself, there are many places to look for information. For instance, I have a couple of detailed guides on my site that can get you started (how to summon a demon, pathworking to summon a demon, automatic writing to summon a demon, preparatory immersion for demonic summoning, easiest demons to summon, blood magick for the left hand path).

But you’ll probably need more skills and information than that to actually succeed. Evocation or summoning is actually a rather difficult activity (at first) that takes some time, effort, and understanding of the process that’s much too long to fully spell out even in the most detailed of blog posts. It’s also very hard to convey the mental movements you need to make to really succeed at evocation in writing. In fact, the only way to really learn them is to have someone lead you through them in person or on video.

For this reason, I strongly suggest you check out EA Koetting’s Mastering Evocation Course for yourself. You may not find it’s for you, but at least you’ll know another avenue you have if you feel you need help learning evocation.

See if it’s for you by clicking here: EA Koetting Mastering Evocation Course.

The post Summoning Demons For Beginners: Mastering Evocation By EA Koetting appeared first on Frater Lucath Occultist.

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I just posted a video explaining how to do automatic writing for demonic summoning. It’s a fairly straightforward video, but if you’re unable to watch it, feel free to read the text below the video as it’s pretty much what I say in the video (I ad-libbed some lines and added a little more information).

Automatic Writing For Demonic Summoning (ASMR - Whispering, Teaching, Talking) - YouTube

Hi there. In this video, I’m talking about how to do automatic writing for demonic summoning.

In case you don’t know, I’m Frater Lucath.

I made this video because people often seek simple ways to evoke demons and all the videos on this topic are for white magick… Nothing wrong with that, but I think many people don’t realize you can use automatic writing to summon demons.

However, you could use this process for any type of ritual with any type of entity, even an angel, god or goddess, a spirit, or even a pop culture icon. You could even use this for divination, scrying, or many other occult activities. Really, it’s up to you and your magickal tradition… But for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to assume you’re summoning demons if you’re watching this. Just bend this method to your needs…

But let’s dive into the content!

What is automatic writing?

Automatic writing is a process in which one allows their unconscious mind or another entity to write rather than making a conscious choice to write. Scientifically speaking, i’s considered a ideomotor phenomenon like the Ouija board; however, it’s a tried and true method for occult practice.

Why would you want to use automatic writing for demonic summoning?

It’s far easier than trying to see or hear demons. Both of those activities take quite a lot of skill to master and explore. And I know the efficacy of it because I began this way. Also, it makes journaling much easier as your notes are already taken care of — if you can read them that is!

You could also approach pathworking, but automatic writing isn’t much more difficult than pathworking. And it’s a lot more malleable as you don’t have to create or find a pathworking. All you have to do is get into state and let your hand write.

Before we get into the demonic summoning part, let’s start with discussing how to do automatic writing… It’s actually a rather simple process with just a few steps, but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy… There are a few areas people get messed up with…

First, you need to prepare for automatic writing. Have a pen or pencil already ready to write and something to write on ready. There’s no point in getting into state, then having to pop out to get the stuff, then going back into state… It’s a waste of time to do that. And make sure you have a goal in mind like a question or something you’d like more insight into. It’s very hard to just write about nothing.

Next, you need to get into a receptive state. This is probably the hardest part for people new to this kind of work as the state makes or breaks the experience… If you know how to do this already, then just do whatever works best for you.

If you’re new, I recommend practicing meditation or self-hypnosis before going deeper into the occult because it will speed up your learning; however, you will necessarily learn to go into those states if you keep practicing. So, either way is fine… Just know you’ll likely be less frustrated if you start with meditation or hypnosis than if you work on doing rituals as rituals take more effort…

An easy way to go into state is to watch videos on YouTube like this one in the ASMR, meditation, or hypnosis category.

But you’ll really want to learn how to do this for yourself. So, I recommend that you start with something relevant to magick and helpful for learning to scry: candle gazing.

If you’re already using candles in ritual, this is great. If not, just light a candle and stare into the flame.

Focus all of your attention on the flame. If thoughts pop up, that’s okay, just pull your attention back to the flame. Do this for 2-10 minutes until you feel kind of spacey and relaxed. You want to get really close to spacing out, but not quite space out. The longer the better, but once you’re in the right state, you can stop. Keep in mind that the deeper you go without blacking out, the better results you’ll have.

You will likely want to practice this for several days before doing automatic writing as entering these states is a skill that takes some practice.

Once you’re in the state, grab the pen or pencil, put it on the paper, focus on the question, and let your hand write. It may automatically begin right away, it may take a moment. Just retain the state and see what happens without judgement.

You may write gibberish. You may hear the words before or as you write them. You may freely write. Or you may sit there and write nothing. This is a skill and takes time to master. So, allow yourself to just see what happens without judgement.

You may even wish to practice this a few times before doing it in a ritual as you can ask your own mind questions and use automatic writing. It’s something hypnotists have used for centuries to get information from clients.

The biggest hangup people have here, or with these kinds of processes in general, is thinking. Am I doing this right? What’s supposed to happen? Why isn’t this happening? Am I really getting a message or just BSing myself? Etc. are all really unhelpful kinds of thoughts. You need to keep the meditative state and thinking will pull you out of it.

If you have issues with automatic writing, 99% of the time, this is the issue. You probably need to go deeper into state or practice meditation or hypnosis more.

Definitely be critical AFTER the working. That’s a great time for critical thinking and thought.

Now, let’s talk about how to use automatic writing for demonic summoning.

The process is very simple: get into state, evoke demon according to tradition, allow them to speak through you or even possess you if you wish, then write.

We discussed getting into state already. So, hopefully, you have that part down.

Evocation is very much dependent upon your tradition of magickal practice. I do a blend of chaos and Draconian magick usually. So, for me, it’s about lighting some candles, maybe calling the corners as demonic entities, offering a few drops of my own blood on the sigil, then gazing at the sigil and focusing on the entity I’m calling. I sometimes chant the entity’s name or say, “entity name, come”.

You may get a lot out of watching my previous video about preparatory immersion to learn more about how to prepare for summoning…

I think whatever you do is fine as long as it’s something that speaks to you and you have reason to believe will work. I don’t think you need to go to the effort most grimoires suggest. [I do have some articles about how to summon demons on my site if you’re interested in learning more…]

Gazing at the sigil is often very helpful for making a connection with the spirit.

Again, remember that you want to retain state. So, just do it, don’t contemplate it. This messes up everything… This is the reason that Masters and Johnson recommend thinking about things like baseball scores to delay orgasm in sex: analyzing what’s going on will ruin the state. You need to hush the chatter and stay focused.

Remember, all you need to do is just pull your focus back if it wanders. There is no time limit to this process, so take the time you need. It’ll get easier and faster with time.

When they arrive, you should feel it at least emotionally, but you may not—at least at first.

To allow them to write through you, you often just need to think about the question and want their insight. You can of course ask out loud if you wish.

Put the pen on the paper and just let your hand write. You may hear words in your mind or your hand may write of it’s own accord. You want the hand to write by itself to do automatic writing, but ultimately your goal should be connection and the answer. So, however it comes is fine!

But if you wish, you can allow them to possess you. It’s actually rather simple, just ask them to enter your body and write the answers. Don’t expect them to fully take over your life. This is not a Hollywood movie… In fact, you may not even notice the possession or it might feel minor. It often feels like a small bit of an opioid drug for me.

How these things manifest for you will be very personal to you and thus I cannot say definitively how it will happen. Just go with the experience. Demonic entities can “speak” to you through words, images, emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts, etc. So, just let whatever happens happen without judgement. As you progress, it’s also likely to change…

At this point, you know how to do this.

Again, I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a few things. Please share it with your friends, subscribe, and check out my blog for more information about evoking demons and other left hand path magickal topics…

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How do you know if you’ve really connected to a spirit (angel, demon, god, goddess, dead person, etc.) you’re working with (generally in evocation, but also in dreams, etc.)? How can you be sure that this is the spirit you’ve called and not another spirit or just your imagination?

The Role Of Skepticism In Magick

When you practice magick, skepticism is a good tool. What? How can a magickian say that skepticism is good?

Easily in fact. Skepticism doesn’t have to mean what most people think it does. It’s true that most skeptics in the modern day are “doubters” of anything beyond science. And some of them are pricks about it. That’s fine for them, but it’s just another form of dogma (scientism). But this fear of skepticism in the occult community is just as dogmatic. Every time I’ve invoked the phrase, “I’m a skeptic about…” people get all kinds of rude or defensive. This is not helpful, makes you look like a fool, and is a denial of the brutal facts: most people don’t believe in the “supernatural” (loosely defined: things beyond naturalism, i.e. things that cannot be empirically verified).

If you look into the etymology of skeptic, however, you’ll find it comes from the Greek work skeptikos, inquirer, doubter. And while the modern skeptic is often a hard-nosed atheist, there are two other meanings of skeptic that are very useful. First, there is the skeptic school of philosophy–mostly an ancient Greek school of thought–that denies the possibility of knowing something or sometimes anything at all! [I don’t want to give you a long philosophy lesson here, but it’s definitely worth looking into how intense these people got. Pyrrho, for instance, defined the wise person as one who doesn’t make any judgements about things, but just experiences…]

But there’s also the much better definition of skeptic: a person who questions or doubts accepted opinions. For instance, as Unamuno writes, “Skeptic does not mean him who doubts, but him who investigates or researches as opposed to him who asserts and thinks that he has found.”[Miguel de Unamuno, “Essays and Soliloquies,” 1924. Quote found in the Online Etymology Dictionary.]

In that latter definition, pretty much all occultists are skeptics!

3 Ways To Tell You’ve Made Contact With The Right Spirit

With that out of the way, we can now admit that we’re all skeptics. We’re seeking to investigate and research our claims and our gnosis. This is why many serious occultists discuss the difference between unverified personal gnosis (UPG) and verified gnosis. The question then becomes not one of faith, but one of correspondence: how do I know that my gnosis is accurate? How do I verify my gnosis? There are a few ways, but there are three that I rely on heavily: expansion of consciousness, correspondences I haven’t heard about, and things changing in your life. By the way, these go in order of certainty. Changes in your life being the most profound.

I’ve never really heard anyone define these terms before, but I notice many magickians use them to verify their gnosis. So, if you know of anyone who’s written about these terms, please let me know! [At the moment, I believe these are things we all seem to know intuitively.]

Expansion Of Consciousness

This one is simple, but as such the one that needs the most skeptical attitude. In a nutshell, by expansion of consciousness means that your gnosis expands your awareness of a certain situation. For instance, while working with (Draconian) Arachne, I asked her about my father and the role in my life that he’d played. [Something I have been very angry and sad about most of my life.] She told me that because he was the man he was (drunk, druggie, abusive, manipulative, disinclined to working, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) and mostly absent, I had a model of manliness that I needed to work through and this meant that I could become greater than my material conditions themselves allowed. He gave me the freedom to have more ability to define myself than others. I would never have thought of this myself–especially as I’m disinclined to believe in the “everything happens for a reason” explanations of things. So, in this case, it seems that I made contact with an entity that gave me information I didn’t have and wouldn’t have come up with on my own. Though, it’s still possible that you’ve gotten the information from your unconscious or higher self with this method of verification.

Correspondences You Didn’t Know About

You probably know that I’m a big believer in preparatory immersion. As far as I can tell, it’s a good idea to discover quite a bit of information about an entity before working with them. Though, there are many spirits you can work with that have next to no writing about them. For instance, in the Ars Theurgia Goetia the lesser spirits of most entities are just listed with a sigil. They have no information about them. [Side note, but I find experimenting with these spirits to be super interesting…] And with other spirits, there is a ton of information about them.

So, with preparatory immersion, my recommendation is to leave a few stones unturned. This way when you work with the spirit, you can reflect later on the visions or information they give you and see how much it corresponds to their essence. [This is particularly helpful with pathworking, which is inclined to give the operator visions.]

Personal Experience With Lilith As An Example

For instance, when I began working with Lilith, it was at the behest of Raziel. He told me that Lilith would be more helpful with many of my goals than he was as he taught me many things, but wasn’t so inclined toward more than teaching. So, as I worked with Lilith, I found out a little about her, but not much. She too mostly taught me interesting things, particularly about triangles of manifestation as doorways, but I’ve yet to find verification for this outside of my own practice.

Yet, when I began working with her as a Draconian goddess, I didn’t do much in the way of preparatory immersion. I just worked with her–as I’d worked with her before, I assumed it was unnecessary to look much more into her and I knew the Hebrew myths about her well, but I really didn’t know much about her correspondences other than blood and sex in a loose way. In the first week I worked with her, I became more masculine and defined masculinity for myself; became less inclined toward my own and other people’s BS; her sigil became a woman free bleeding (menstruating without anything to catch it like a pad); one day the sigil opened to a crater on the dark side of the moon; another day, it turned into a pyramid with the all seeing eye behind The Ascending Flame with the red and black kundalini serpents wrapped around it; Lilith appeared to me with a snake bottom, like a snake mermaid.

So, in this way, I discovered many things about Lilith that I’ve found with more research: she’s heavily into female sexuality, and as such knows a lot about male sexuality (hence my new understandings of self as a man); she doesn’t stand for other people’s BS and will ignore practitioners she’s not interested in (gave me some of that energy); she’s a dark moon goddess, which is basically synonymous with menstrual cycles; Lilith as an astrology symbol is the dark side (back from Earth’s perspective) of the moon; two colors that correspond to her are red and black; in a certain sense she’s the feminine counterpart to Lucifer or Samael (thus, she’s the red serpent) and as the gatekeeper of the qliphothic realms, not only opens your eyes, but in a certain sense is the power behind The Ascending Flame of Lucifer; and given what I’ve said, she’s interconnected with serpents.

A little drawn out, but this is what you’re looking for: deeper information about the spirit that you haven’t received via study, but rather from work with them that you can verify with other sources. Sometimes, this information will come in dreams as well.

Things Changing/Happening In Your Life

There are a few ways this can work out.

My cat laying out a circle of socks.
Shown we have east, south,
and where I put the altar in the south-east.

First, there are weird coincidences. My cat is one of the reasons I became a theist. At first, I believed this was all psychodrama. Then, I was working a ritual with Raziel and my cat kept banging to get into the room. She walked around, then rubbed her head on Raziel’s knee and responded to him petting her (leaned her head into it, purred). That jarred me out of state to say the least. She did it again with Lilith. She also sometimes looks at things in the dark and when I look at them, sometimes I can see entities I’m working with. And one day, I was going to skip a day of a pact working. She starts making noises from the other room that almost sound like sentences (anyone with a cat knows what I’m talking about: sometimes, they like try to talk to you or just make a bunch of odd noises). I come in to see what’s the deal worrying she’s hurt. She’s walking widdershins (counterclockwise) around the inside of a circle she’s made of socks she took out of my girlfriend’s dresser (she often takes one pair out and brings it to us). She’s never done anything like that since, but it was far out to say the least.

Next, there are reactions to magickal working. For instance, when I was working with Lilith, she told me some things about my sex life. At that moment, my sleeping girlfriend moaned sexually from the other room as if she were having a sexual dream.

Sometimes, as you’re working with spirits, things in the room will shift like dishes will slide in the sink or they’ll be weird knocking in the walls or your neighbors will arrive home as the entity in question arises. These coincidences are odd at first, but as they stack up, you’ll begin to see them as a sign you’ve made contact.

Finally, there are exact responses to the work you’ve done. For instance, after working with Belial and Arachne around some issues about money, I left the ritual chamber and my girlfriend tells me about a job I’d be perfect for. And the most obvious: you get the thing you wanted their help on.

And there are of course other methods for determining if you’ve made contact with a specific demon, demoness, god, goddess, or whatever kind of spirit you’re working with, but these methods are tried and true. Of course, there is always some room for doubt, but that’s good. The skepticism will help you to have a better idea of whether or not you’re making connections. You really don’t want to believe that every single time the ritual is perfect as this can lead to sloppy mistakes and in some cases, being fooled by a different spirit.

If you have any additional methods for verifying your gnosis, feel free to leave them in comments below!

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Is it possible to practice the occult on a budget? I certainly do because I live a rather Spartan lifestyle and am able to practice easily with what I have. It also depends a lot on your tradition and what the needs of your practice are. I practice from a very minimalist perspective so take what I say and apply it how you can.

The Occult Can Be Really Expensive

Practicing the occult is one of those hobbies (practices, religions, whatever you consider it) where the expense can rack up very quickly. If you were to say buy just the basics many recommend like an altar, altar cloth, printed ritual circle, magick wand or athame, nice chalice, a ton of incense sticks, a plant or some special dirt, candles, and special salt, you could pretty easily be at a few hundred dollars or more.

This is before you get into buying specialized items you’ll need for the rituals or magick practice itself like crystal balls, tarot cards, black mirrors, statues of deities, incense, oils, coals, notebooks… Not to mention the often very pricey books–especially if you’re into demonic magick or left hand path traditions where the books are often only printed in limited quantities. Or if you’re interested in practicing more intense forms of ritual magick like Enochian Magick that “require” things like huge chunks of wax with sigils and correspondences carved into them…

My two cents: use the minimum amount of stuff you can and invest your time and money into books, reading, and actually practicing with what you have available. You can also make the tools yourself, which will deepen your connection with it, but will also cost you money and take a tremendous amount of time. I have a friend that’s a tarot reader, he recommends making your own deck–his class on this spans two years! He and I agree that practice is what’s most important, but disagree on the needed tools. I think buying a tarot deck is a worthwhile expense (click here to see how much Crowley’s Thoth Deck sells for ATM on Amazon) if you want to practice tarot, especially if you can find one cheaply. Making one is IMHO for someone wanting a way deeper connection to tarot. [You might hate tarot! What a time investment to learn a lesson…]

Practical Minimalism

Of course, there’s that dude on Facebook that tells you not to worry about the expense because “Seere or Paimon’s got you bud. You’ll have all the money you need in a jiffy!” But will you?

I’m going to recommend a different approach: practical minimalism. Especially because I know that when I was getting into magick originally, I was still in school and was practicing magick in my tiny room in my very Christian mother’s house in secret. I used candles from around the house and snagged one of my mom’s coffee cups to use as a censer. I filled it with rubbing alcohol and set it on fire to evoke spirits. [Note: this is potentially very dangerous as the vapors can be harmful if the area is not well ventilated and the coffee cup can explode, especially if overfilled or overwhelmed with spirit–I’ve experienced this several times… I’m a fearless minimalist, or just kind of foolhardy.]

The only tool I bought was a wand I bought from an occult store during lunch years into my practice. It was $17. Though it was a lot of money to me at the time (I worked, but almost all of my money went to supporting my family), I wanted it so I bought it. In hindsight, I realize this was a steal of a deal for a handmade wand and was almost twenty years ago–they are generally much more expensive. And I still use it, even though I’ve broken it and glued it back together.

So, if you’re in a similar position, the less you need the better. And the less obvious your stuff looks, the better. But even if you’re not, it makes sense to figure out the bare minimum you really need to practice. The other stuff is great (or so I can imagine), but really, most of it is just to help you connect with spirit or get into state. Ironically, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve slipped into using even less stuff and using it minimally (you’ll see just how cheap I get as you read on!).

What’s The Minimum Amount of Stuff You Can Practice Magick With?

This will depend on who you ask and your tradition, but as far as I can tell, the bare minimum you can practice with is just your mind. Magick is a heavily hypnotic activity and thus you can achieve much of it just by getting into the right states mentally.

Am I for real? Yes.

You Can Practice Magick In Your Mind?

In fact, you can create a temple in your mind and just practice there. In which case, you don’t need anything other than time and skill at meditation. I did rituals in a mental ritual space for several years. I had all the tools there because why not, but I did the whole ritual in my mind. I had bought into the psychological model and figured psychodrama works better in your head anyway. It was in my internal temple that I first encountered my higher self, my holy guardian angel, etc. This also made pathworking when I got into higher levels of magick much easier.

So, what’s the point of all the stuff then? Again, it gets you into state, it can hold spirit or connection to spirit, and it can serve to create certain mental states in your mind–and frankly, it’s a decent business opportunity (and without all that stuff, your local magick store would be hard-pressed to stay in business making .35 profits every time you buy 1 ounce of dragon’s blood resin).

In Liber Null, Peter Carroll describes different types of “physiological gnosis” (trance states) and how they can be created. One excitatory mode is “sensory overload”. I’d argue that the magick using long drawn out rituals, incantations, and tons of stuff are one way to create sensory overload. [I think Carroll argues this too, but I cannot find a quote.] The opposite, inhibitory mode of this is sensory deprivation. And many people like sensory deprivation for magick or psychonaut experiences because deprivation can lead to visions rather easily.

Why Do You Need Magickal Supplies Anyway?

Don’t get me wrong: these items can help greatly in the right situations and you may wish to use them to deepen your connection to spirit. All of this is fine. And if you want all the stuff, then get it and use it. I’m just asking you to be honest with yourself about what you need and how much of it you need. Ultimately, this is up to you to decide. And I want you to know how little you need in the abstract to get started. Buy and use whatever you want.

And as you progress, there are helpful things to get like black mirrors for scrying and statues of deities you work with regularly because they can be very helpful as you can evoke the spirit into them as a vessel–but this is a topic for another day…

Do You Really Need An Altar? Can It Be Portable?

Altars are one of those things that seem like a need to have object. And they are nice because all your magickal stuff is in one place, your statues have a place to live, you can easily leave offerings, etc. etc.

But the fact of the matter is that most of us don’t really have a whole room to dedicate to magick. I know, it sucks; however, we have to be honest with ourselves: an altar either needs a specific place in our homes or needs to be built and broken down for each ritual. If you are lucky enough to have a room you can always leave an altar up in and practice magick in undisturbed, great! Then, you just need a wooden table or part of a desk or wherever you’re going to leave it setup and maybe an altar cloth.

If not, or if you need to hide your practice from intolerant parents or roommates, then, you’ll need something small that can be setup each time you practice. Sometimes I use an altar, but when I do, I have to use a portable one because I practice magick in the second bedroom/office I share with my atheist girlfriend and our business. She doesn’t care if I practice, but she’s also not so keen on giving me a ton of space for it in our cramped little apartment…

The Best Way To Make A Portable Altar

So, I have a neat foldable table from India a friend gave me years ago that I use for that purpose when I really need it (e.g. initiation rites or special rituals). But you could pretty easily use something like the little wooden table to the right of this paragraph. However, if you practice daily like I do, it gets really cumbersome to spend 5-10 minutes setting it up, then another 5-10 minutes breaking it down again. Especially if you live in an apartment where every thing you do can be heard by your neighbors and you practice at night–like I do.

Honestly, all you need an altar for is a space to focus on during ritual. You can do the same thing with some paper sigils on the ground in that direction or just by directing your attention in that direction. So, do you really need an altar? Only if you want one.
Where To Get Candles On The Cheap

Candles get expensive real quick especially if you buy them from an occult store or at an arts and craft store like Joann’s or Hobby Lobby. Though it feels sacrilegious or blasphemous to grab them from a very Christian company, they’re also like $5-15 a piece! There are much cheaper places to get candles.

Keep in mind that the size of the candle doesn’t really matter other than that larger candles often burn for longer periods of time. Sometimes, however, their wicks end in the middle of the candle.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores often have old and new, partially used or unused candles. You’ll have to make your own decision about whether or not to use used candles, but this is a viable option. Be careful though as you’ll often spend just as much on them there as you would buying new ones. You really need to be on your game to grab them on the cheap. However, depending on the area you’re in, you may find packs of them at a Goodwill Outlet store. In my area, the outlet often has packs of 4-10 for $1.99.

Dollar Stores For Candles and Occult Merchandise

First, a dollar store. Just keep in mind that the quality of dollar store candles varies wildly. Sometimes, some candles in the same box will burn more quickly than the others. But when you get four for a dollar, it’s kind of a moot point.

You can get lots of your occult merch here if you’re willing to make some compromises or get things that are almost right. Candle holders, or things to sit candles on so they don’t melt onto the floor, for instance are often very cheap here.

Ethnic Stores Or Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores, but especially those that cater to immigrants like bigger carnicerias (i.e. those that aren’t just a butcher shop) or that carry foreign items often have great prices on candles. But most grocery stores have them, particularly in the Mexican or Hispanic sections. They are often saint candles, but most have very tall candles in glass without saints on them for $1-3. Great buy. The Kosher section often has white candles very cheaply as well. They’re generally made with religious practice in mind, if the energy and intent put into your materials matters to you. And sometimes, you can even find them dedicated to Santa Muerte–this really depends on the local climate and time of year (August through November), however. I buy candles from these sections often–especially black candles, which are notoriously hard to find–especially for $2 like this candle I have.

Buy Candles In Bulk

If you’re going to practice regularly, you’re going to burn through candles pretty quick–literally. You can buy candles in pretty good bulk online for a pretty cheap price. This box of 40 candles specifically for magick will run you far less than the $2-10 a piece your local occult store will sell them for (no hate: they gotta make a profit). Check the current price on Amazon here.

How To Make Your Own Black Mirror

If you’ve got the money for it, a black obsidian scrying mirror like this eight inch one (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a pretty worthwhile investment as you’ll likely use it rather often if you get into demonic magick; however, you’ll probably want a pretty large one because the larger it is (within reason), the easier it’ll be to scry in. And the larger it is, the more expensive it is…

The Picture Frame Magick Mirror

But you can pretty easily make your own black scrying mirror with a picture frame and some black spray paint. Your convenient local dollar store or discount store will likely have a frame for a few bucks. [The diploma size is good.] You can also grab picture frames rather cheaply from thrift stores. There’s a section for them with a lot of them in most thrift stores. All you need to do is (carefully) take out the glass and spray paint it with high gloss black paint (in a well-ventilated area like outside).

Only the high gloss will be shiny enough, so make sure it’s high gloss. To make the coat even, start on the outside of the glass and spray evenly across in a smooth, fluid motion to the other side. Go back and forth like that until the whole piece of glass is covered. Two coats will probably suffice (let it dry in between–check can for drying time). If you do multiple coats, you’ll get a thicker, uneven level of paint like mine, but it’s unnecessary. I think that makes the scrying easier, but some would disagree. It’s hard to see in the picture, especially because it has gotten a ton of wax on it from being in a box with candles. You’ll want to put it on some cardboard or (a lot of) newspaper first so that you don’t get black paint on the ground.

Ironically, most of the times I have success with scrying with it, the entity I’m working with tells me to blow out the candles.

Magick Mirrors Can Actually Just Be Any Reflective Surface

You can also use any mirror or reflective surface for scrying. Many people scry into bowls of water or bathroom mirrors. And the first place I learned to scry was on my iMac screen with the computer turned off after watching The Magick of Solomon on DVD. In it, they discuss how to scry by looking into your own face and waiting for it to distort into a demonic form as you call the spirits of the Goetia. While at this point I’d disagree with that method, it’s pretty effective for just getting the phenomenon to happen. [And if you use your iMac screen for scrying, you’ll probably want to make sure the computer is off as some say demonic energy will wreak havoc on electronics. I believe my old TV died prematurely from absorbing some of it, but it could have been because of other reasons… Safety with expensive things is never a bad idea.]

Other Ways To Save Money

I’ve already covered a ton of ways you can save money on occult materials, but if you’re really looking to practice magick frugally, then here are a few more suggestions…

Use Items Around Your House

As I mentioned earlier, use things you have around your home or things you pickup cheaply. My current censer was given to us by a friend who thought I’d like it. I melted it working with Amaymon (still living dangerously with those fire evocations), but I mostly use it for incense. When I need to recite prayers or incantations a certain number of times

Think Frugal With Supplies

A little can go a long way with occult supplies…

Best Type of Incense For Magick

Go for resin based incenses because a little goes a long way. The resin incenses last a lot longer than sticks or cones and they’re more pure so you don’t get as much junk in them like sawdust or wood. [This can help with allergies and dust.] It’s just dragon’s blood or copal or whatever. Resin incenses also last a lot longer than powdered incense, but those are sometimes resin-based. You can also buy resin incenses in bulk or get sampler packs online. These are usually pretty decently priced at local occult stores, however. Also, check out Chinese medicine shops for herbs and things like incense. The employees are often very knowledgable about herbs there.

Best Incense Coals For Magick

While there are a wide variety of coals you can use, I suggest you buy the large coals and break them into pieces as frankly you’re just going to have to extinguish most full sized coals after the ritual anyway. I buy these ones from Three Kings Brand and break them into eight pieces (this box of 200 coals will last you a long time). This does mean you have to be a little more careful with where you put the incense, but the powdery stuff at the bottom is actually much easier to use on the smaller chunks of coal. If you are using incense as the base for evocation itself (I mostly do blood magick anymore), then you may wish to use half or a whole coal to get enough incense smoke in the air. Either way, this box is quite the steal as most stores sell a package of 10 for $3-7.

I hope this article gave you many helpful hints on how to practice magick frugally. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments. I will update this article if I think of anything else, but I think I covered the bases pretty well without discussing how to make everything yourself. You can of course make your own wand, athame, or candles, but these processes are little more complicated than I can cover here.

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