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Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Kunyit & Durian Cendol Among Delights That Draw Customers  
The best recipes are sometimes not found in a cookbook or a video but passed down from one generation to another. For Joyce Chong, one of the best-sellers at her cafe, KakatooGo is a recipe passed down by her great grandmother to her.   

Positioning itself incongruously amid a slew of casual fast-food joints, cafes and predominantly Western-inspired eateries is KakatooGo, a welcome local addition to Chinatown located along Jalan Sultan and adjacent to the famous Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur.    

243, Jalan Sultan
50000 Kuala Lumpur
(Next To The 5th Element Hotel)
Tel: 03 2022 1102
Opening Hours: 8am-9pm (Daily)

KakatooGo, a halal-certified F&B outlet is one of the latest cafes that serve authentic Nyonya Kampung cuisine strategically located right in the heart of the city. The cafe pays homage to the family's Peranakan roots with a genuine treasure trove of heirloom recipes. 

This compact cafe is a great pit-stop for your traditional Malaysian and Nyonya food. KakatooGo offers an extensive menu of noodles, rice, finger bites, Nyonya kuih and beverages at affordable prices.  

You can enjoy a range of mouth-watering dishes at this casual cafe, from flavourful Kampung Nasi Kerabu to colourful desserts. There's plenty to salivate over at KakatooGo, so I would heartily recommend that you skip a meal or two to accommodate as much food as possible when you are here.

Oh yes, bring a friend or two, so you guys can order more food to go on sharing basis. This is also a good place to play tourist - bring your Mat Salleh's friends to savour some spicy Curry Kapitan Chicken or Kampung Nasi Kerabu while delighting their tastebuds with the Durian cendol!

To begin with, start with something light like homemade Nyonya Acar, Kerabu Mango, Nyonya  Fruits Rojak and  Sotong with Kangkong

Nyonya Acar
RM 6.90

If you like something sweet, spicy and sour, then this light and refreshing Nyonya Acar is just the perfect pick-me-up dish to try in KakatooGo.

Made from a plethora of vegetables such as cabbage, long beans, chilli, cucumber and carrots among others, this dish requires lots of hard work and the secret lies with a good homemade chilli paste. I have high expectation every time when tasting any vegetable acar.

This is because my late aunt, Fei Yee (Fat Aunty) used to make awesome acar and she sells them at the morning market in Happy Garden. I find theirs a bit on the dry side as I like mine spicier with more sauce soaking in the ingredients. Anyhow, do give this a try if you have not tasted acar before!

Kerabu Mango 
RM 6.90

If you're after something light and energising, try the Kerabu Mango at RM 6.90 for a small portion. 

An invigorating salad filled with young mango, onions, chillies, toasted sesame seeds and roasted peanuts that bursting with sour-spicy flavours upon the first bite. Loved it!  

Nyonya Fruits Rojak
RM 9.90
RM 13.90 (With Sotong)

Nyonya Fruits Rojak is made up of fruits like pineapple, turnip, cucumber, raw mango and crunchy fried keropok tossed in a house-made shrimp paste, toasted sesame seeds and roasted peanuts.

The thick black sauce has a unique flavour and it tastes quite different from the regular ones we tried from the regular fruit rojak at pasar malam or street hawkers. 

Sotong with Kangkong
RM 13.90

Sotong with Kangkong is a popular street food you can find in town. The dish is simple and easy to make with blanched brown cuttlefish and kangkung but the secret lies in the sauce.

It hits all the right spot with its housemade sauce that goes well with the crunchy kangkung and firm brown sotong.  

If you're looking for some crispy bites, do try out the Cucur Udang or the Pai Tee. Both are great appetizers to start your meal before the mains at KakatooGo.

Cucur Udang 
RM3.50/ per piece

Pai Tee
RM 6.90/ 4 pcs

Kampung Nasi Kerabu
RM 17

A must-have item at KakatooGo is their Kampung Nasi Kerabu. This fragrant and full of texture delicious dish is a visually appealing rice dish served with a variety of aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables, condiments and choice of protein. 

Perhaps the most striking feature of this dish is the blue rice, naturally coloured with butterfly pea flower or 'Bunga Telang' in Malay. 

Most Striking Feature ~ Blue rice 
Butterfly pea flower or 'Bunga Telang' Rice

At KakatooGo, their Nyonya Nasi Kerabu comes with blue rice,  deep-fried spiced chicken drum stick, herbs salad, salted egg, acar, grated coconut (serunding kelapa) and fish crackers, topped with thick sweet and spicy coconut sauce.

Baba Fried Chicken
Juicy & Tender Deep-Fried Spiced Chicken Drum Stick

Quite an elaborate dish, rich in taste with wonderful coconut flavour and fresh herbs. The key to a great nasi kerabu is the sum of all things, you need to fold in everything, break the keropok and mix it all up, sauce, salad and all. Enjoy ya!

Nasi Kunyit With Curry Kapitan Chicken
RM 9.50

Another noteworthy dish to try and also my hubby's personal favourite is their Nasi Kunyit With Curry Kapitan Chicken. 

Featuring chunky pieces of chicken with soft potatoes swimming in a rich gravy laced with coconut milk served with nasi kunyit.

The rich, creamy curry chicken will have you instantly addicted and you just can't stop plunging into this creamy delight over and over again to eat with your turmeric glutinous rice.
Moving on to the noodles dishes, there are signature Nyonya Curry Noodles, Asam Laksa and Curry Chee Cheong Fun.  

Nyonya Curry Noodles
RM 7.50

The Nyonya Curry Noodles comes topped with fish balls, fish paste Fu chok, long beans and bean sprouts. 

The laksa broth is good - creamy and rich infused with fresh herbs and spices, mint leaves and plump yellow noodles that soak in all the goodness of the broth.   

I enjoyed the special fishballs used as it was extra firm with a good texture to it along with the thick fish paste Fu chok which was a delight to eat! 

Curry Chee Cheong Fun
RM 5.50

The Curry Chee Cheong Fun is a hit too with us that day.

This is a simple and yet delicious rice noodles serves with a wonderfully delicious concoction of housemade curry sauce with sweet sauce enhanced with the rich-tasting shrimp paste sauce (Har Ko sauce). 

A comfort food quality that you ought to try when dining there for the first time. The smooth rice noodles mixed together with the sauces proves to be an incredible marriage of flavours and textures with the topping of fragrant fried shallot and sesame seeds!  

Asam Laksa
RM 7.50

Recommended Beverages To Try

Signature Durian Cendol
RM 12.50

Make sure to leave room for desserts. Durian lovers must try the Signature Durian Cendol. This is a dreamy dessert made-in-heaven for all durian and cendol lovers.

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What Is Good Oral Hygiene? Brushing our teeth twice a day using a soft toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and mouth rinse, this is daily preventive care for healthy teeth and gums. Good oral health is important to your overall well-being.

A regular dental check-up is also equally important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy. One should have a regular dental visit at least every 6 months or once a year. Prevention is better than cure, so when was the last time you went to a dentist for a scaling and dental check?  

No 126 Jalan Jalil Perkasa 19
Bukit Jalil
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2731 7661 / 8656 7228

Recently Auntie Lilly and hubby went for our long overdue oral dental check-up at IMU Oral Health Centre at International Medical University located Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur. This centre offers dental services by dentists and their undergraduate dental students as part of their clinical training prior to being a professional dentist.   

My hubby was charged RM 15 only for a full medical check, including scaling and polishing while I paid RM 30 for scaling, polishing with root planing.  They have two sessions in a day either at 9am or the 2pm slot. Be prepared to spend at least 2 hours or more and be patient with the dental students who are still learning the ropes to treating patients. 

Students Treatments
 Weekdays Only ~ 2 Sessions A Day
03 - 8656 7228 or 2731 7617 

From my personal experience, I find them quite slow but very delicate and precise when they are treating me while cleaning my teeth. The session usually starts with a Q&A session to record your overall health history and followed by a complete dental check - conditions of each of your tooth and gums too.

Don't worry that you are treated by students as they are fully supervised by their lecturers (also a dentist too). The student will identify your oral conditions and recommended the appropriate treatments to their supervising lecturer before proceeding the treatment. Dun worry ya, you are in good hands! 

Scaling & Root Planing

In my fifties now, my teeth are ageing (with gaps in between my tooth) and I required root planing apart from the routine teeth scaling to remove the plaque and tartar. Root planing is deep cleaning done to prevent and treat gum disease like chronic periodontal disease. I google this up and it meant -  getting your roots planed, cleaned, scraped, and disinfected! Check this video out about root planing: askthedentist.com/what-is-a-root-planing 

Well, that's it... remember to go for your regular dental check for healthy teeth and gums! Auntie Lilly getting old and forgetful and has neglected my dental oral hygiene for the past one year.

Gotta get back in the track not to lose any tooth of mine, so I'm going to put a reminder in my calendar to go for a regular check once every 6 months now onwards!    

IMU Oral Health Centre for Students Treatments is open on Weekdays only with 2 sessions a day in the morning & afternoon, call for an appointment at 03 - 8656 7228 or 2731 7617. 😍

Location Of IMU Oral Health Centre at International Medical University
IMU Healthcare #IMU #IMUOralHealth #IMUOralLHealthCentre

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HARRODS is a London landmark everyone wants to visit. A popular destination for tourists, Harrods is considered the world's best department store. Located in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge London, it is spread over seven floors and 330 departments dedicated to the finest products in food, fashion, homeware and technology, Harrods has something for everyone.

Image Via www.booking.com

Harrods Ltd
87-135 Brompton Road
London SW1X 7XL

Opened in 1849, for more than 160 years, Harrods has been a luxury shopping destination for exclusive collections and excellent service for many. 


Even the butchers behind me is so well dressed in their uniform with matching hats!

The largest department store in Europe with 330 departments in 1.1 million sq feet. We barely cover much in Harrods but our feet brought us to check out the food halls.


Cheese & Cheese & More Cheese!

Premium Chocolates

Food, Glorious Food 

Premium food of Cheese, wines, chocolates, fresh seafood and meat, everything is here if you have the money! 💲💲💲🤑🤑🤑.

Before I end my post here about Harrods London, let's me share with you some tips, so you can make the best out of your visit for your shopping stroll through the store. 
Information Credits To www.city-walks.info/London 

7 Tips For Your Shopping Stroll:

1. The Food Halls on the ground floor is the most popular departments at Harrods. A wide range of fine delicacies is offered in 4 huge halls. The presentation and the choice of different meals and foods is of the finest sort only. It is also possible to buy and consume several meals directly there at some small restaurants with bar stools. The halls on their own are already worth seeing because they are designed with loving attention to detail.

2. The Toy Department with 8 different coloured rooms is located on the 4th floor. All children and lovers of imaginatively designed sceneries will be satisfied. They will encounter a wide range of new modern toys from recognized brands as well as classic offers like the Harrods teddy bear. The toy department is a part of the children's section with approx. 7.400 m², which includes Sweet Street.

3. The Egyptian Escalator is pretty much in the middle of the department store and it connects 7 floors. Numerous columns, wall reliefs and sculptures in Egyptian style can be seen along the escalator. It was completed in 1992 and the total construction costs were approx. 30 million £.

4. The Fine Jewellery department is located on the ground floor and shows nobel jewellery from famous brands such as Tiffany and Cartier. The brilliant and high-class jewellery will make every woman's heart beat faster. Men will search for an emergency exit while an annual salary slides up on their wives finger.

5. The Superbrands department for ladies is located on the 1st floor and for men on the 2nd floor. In these areas, you will find the top designer fashion of such famous brands like Gucci, Prada, Valentino and Chanel. The unique presentation gives the luxury fashion the right frame.

6. The Harrods Gift Shop is located on the second floor. It is a good place to buy the typical souvenirs on your London trip. Especially the tea boxes and the cookie boxes from their own brand are very popular.

7. A picnic in the park is very much liked by Londoners and is a British tradition. The close proximity from Harrods to Hyde Park offers perfect conditions for that. Food Halls have a wide selection of delicacies from which you can choose and are perfect for a picnic shopping. The close Hyde Park has plenty of space in the green. The perfect end for an exquisite shopping stroll!

The Harrods motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique, which is Latin for "all things for all people, everywhere" ~ This speaks so true for Harrods indeed! 

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TeaPresso: Revolutionary Tea Art Inspired By Espresso 
Any Day Is A Good Day For A Good Cup Of Tea! Well, having said that, I believe you can't agree more with me. Any avid tea drinker knows that tea can be a great addition to any time of the day. You can enjoy a cup after you roll out of bed or maybe have an afternoon pick-me-up to make it through the rest of your workday.

Do you know that tea is one of the healthiest beverages around? Tea, a health-enhancing drink is regarded for thousands of years as a key to good health, happiness and wisdom.  Research has shown some teas may help with cancer, heart disease and diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol, and also bring about mental alertness. Tea has less caffeine and flavonoids, the compound in tea is good for the heart too. 

There’s a tea for every occasion. And sometimes, the fun and rewarding ritual of brewing a fresh cup of loose leaf tea are just as important as the taste. Tea is also the most popular beverage in the world after water. Basically, there's no downside to tea. 
Recently, I was totally delighted to be introduced to ARISSTO TEA ~ TeaPresso, an automatic personal brewer for avid tea-drinkers to savour the perfect tea and experience the fun of enjoying a variety of tea, together with 5,000 people, setting another precedent of a tea drinking culture at their launch in MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC).

Grand Musical Coffee Party & The Birth of ARISSTO Tea

ARISSTO Grand Musical Performance ~ This Is ARISSTO TEA

Dato' Michael Lim, Group President and Founder of NEP

Good tea is fragrant, crystal clear and without bitterness in taste. Do you know that the traditional way of boiling tea does not only require good quality tea and water but also a refine tea set? One needs to be able to control the precise temperature and brewing time. 

The colour, taste and fragrance of tea will not be good if the brewing time is too short. The tea will be bitter if it is over-brewed. Therefore, many perceive that the art of brewing tea can be complex and difficult to achieve the 'just right' effect. Thus the new generation regards traditional tea culture an outdated trend. 


ARISSTO is inspired by the high-pressure steam technology of Italy Espresso and develop TeaPresso - the revolutionary tea by merging it with the state of art Capsule technology. The new ARISSTO TeaPresso seals tea leaves into patented capsules that help preserve its freshness.

ARISSTO'S Grand Musical Coffee Party & The Birth Of ARISSTO Tea - YouTube
 As Easy As 1-2-3 To Make A Cup Of Tea With ARISSTO Tea

Insert a tea capsule into the ARISSTO Capsule Machine and with one touch of the button, all 19 bars of pressurized steam will be injected into the tea capsule to release the essence of tea leaves within 30 seconds.

Under this precise timing, there would be no over-brewing which causes bitterness in the tea. With this amazing technology, you can now enjoy an exquisite cup of fragrant tea without any of the bitterness. Readily instant and is far better than brewing standard tea bags.

The tea brewing technology of TeaPresso has simplified the complex tea art with a far better result than the traditional way of brewing tea with boiling water. Every individual can be an outstanding tea master and to brew perfect tea. That's pretty cool, right?

ARISSTO Range of Signature Tea Series

The soul of ARISSTO Tea is high-quality tea leaves sourced from famous tea plantations throughout the world. ARISSTO tea experts travelled across China, India, Sri Lanka and Europe, to carefully hand-picked a selection of high-quality tea and added European fruits, flowers and herbs to create a premium tea collection that offers relaxing properties with refreshing spins.

Come and check out ARISSTO's unique blends, a series of healthy, stress-free and wellness tea such as Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Rose Black Tea and Passion Fruit Black Tea. ARISSTO shall be launching their signature Chinese tea and wellness tea series in the near future. 



Top quality, full-bodied Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka, rich in flavours that's perfect for brewing English milk tea and fruit tea.  


Taste fresh fruit flavours in the blend of full-bodied Ceylon black tea infused with natural passion fruit.  


The natural rose flavour added into pure Ceylon black tea for smoothing taste with a floral scent. Savour unique floral notes with smooth, light flavours in the blend of Ceylon black tea infused with the natural rose essence.  


A selection of top quality green tea leaves from Sri Lanka, fresh flavour with a hint of fruity notes. 


A blend of Ceylon black teas with an infusion of natural bergamot oil with the fresh and natural citrus notes.  


The tea brewed using ARISSTO's high-pressure steam technology is particularly rich in flavour. To enhance the tasting experience, you can consider adding honey, milk, ice cubes, fresh herbs and fruits into the full-bodied teas.

Be adventurous and combine your tea with other ARISSTO capsules to create a variety of tea beverages. Enjoy modern tea drinking experience and the colourful modern tea culture with ARISSTO Tea now!


Brew a black tea capsule, ARISSTO The KING and add ginger juice or ginger slices to make a cup of hot ginger tea. 


Fancy Rose Tea with honey? Just brew 1 capsule of ARISSTO THE QUEEN rose black tea, add some honey and roses for a cup of fragrant PASSION FRUIT BLACK TEA WITH HONEY   


Brew a capsule Rose black tea, ARISSTO PRINCESS with 2 milk capsules, and garnish with pretty little rose petals for a cup of smooth and fragrant Rose Tea Latte with floral notes.


Brew a capsule  Earl Grey tea, ARISSTO EARL and add a few fresh lemon slices for a cup of pleasant and unique lemon Earl Grey tea.  


Brew a black tea capsule,  ARISSTO THE KING and add mint leaves, ice cubes and syrup for a cup of refreshing iced black tea with mint. 
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Mudah.my #MasakMasakMudah Raya-Inspired Cooking Class with Adibah Noor 
Promoting Raya delicacies with local entrepreneurs: 
Malaysia’s Largest Marketplace aims to revive lost traditions through a series of local collaborations 
Recently, I was delighted to be invited to Mudah.my 'MasakMasakMudah' Raya-inspired cooking class hosted by local celebrity, popular actress and singer, Cik Adibah Noor. It was truly an amazing experience for me learning to make some Nona Manis and weave Ketupat Palas for the first time in my life! Read More here...

With Puan Maria Sanusi (Centre), Our Nona Manis Chef of The Day & Cik Intan Of Harian Metro (Left)

Dr Noriza Ishak ~ Ketupat Palas Expert

Dr Noriza Giving Us Tips How To Weave The Perfect Ketupat Case

At the event, Auntie Lilly main masak-masak ~ learning to cook two traditional delicacies - the Nona Manis & Ketupat Palas from the experts or sifus. I was really fun indeed and everyone was given an opportunity to learn first hand in making these traditional favourites.

Hubby & Me Having The First-Hand Experience In Weaving Ketupat Palas

First Step Is To Beat The Palas Leaves To Remove The Twigs 

 My Partner-In-Crime, Cik Intan Of Harian Metro Reporter Working Hand-In-Hand With Me 

 Glutinous Rice For Stuffing Into The Ketupat Palas 

The cooking class aimed to revive the spirit of preparing home-made traditional Malay delicacies during the festive season. This is part of Mudah.my Raya campaign efforts to keep local traditions alive & to support the local entrepreneurs with their online businesses to sell their goods. 😘

In support of local entrepreneurs and their mouth-watering businesses, Mudah.my hosted #MasakMasakMudah, a Raya-inspired cooking class held in conjunction with the festive season at Bijan Bar & Restaurant in town.

Dr Noriza Ishak ~ Ketupat Palas Expert

To facilitate the cooking class, Mudah.my partnered with two local vendors, Puan Maria Sanusi and Dr Noriza Ishak, who are regular users on the platform. The event is part of Mudah.my’s series of ongoing collaborations with the local community to reinvigorate and spur public participation in fading local traditions.

Nona Manis Made By Us

During the cooking session, the entrepreneurs, who served as the cooking instructors, revealed the secrets behind two traditional delicacies – the nona manis and ketupat palas. The forgotten nona manis, a bite-sized steamed pandan-flavoured kuih with a creamy coconut centre, was featured to revive its popularity, while the Ketupat Palas, distinct from the standard ketupat, was taught to encourage the public to take a hands-on approach to weave the glutinous diamond-shaped delicacy. 

 #MasakMasakMudah Hosted By Cik Adibah Noor 

Making Nona Manis With Cik Intan, Harian Metro

Hosted by Adibah Noor, the cooking class aimed to revive the spirit of preparing home-made traditional Malay delicacies during the festive season. As a renowned household name with a passion for food, Adibah also shared a few special cooking tips and lent encouraging words during the cooking process. 

 Gaurav Bhasin, CEO, Mudah.my

Gaurav Bhasin, CEO, Mudah.my, commented: “Today, our Masak-Masak Mudah event is not only a Raya celebration. It’s an occasion to showcase our support for local sellers and to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship. We’re particularly proud of vendors on our site, and through events like this, we hope to further encourage local sellers to capitalise on our platform to expand their customer base.” 

As part of Mudah.my’s Raya campaign during the festive season, the platform had also conducted a pantun contest called #PantunRayaMudah recently. The contest was held in collaboration with students from University Technology MARA (UiTM) and was part of Mudah.my’s efforts to actively engage the youth through various on-going campaigns. The winners were announced during the first week of Raya. 

The #MasakMasakMudah event ended with a scrumptious buffet spread at Bijan Bar & Restaurant where guests get to enjoy a variety of Raya's special dishes.  

Selfie With Kak Saba Of Nona Manis Vendor

To support local entrepreneurs and their online business, users can visit their Mudah.my ad through the following links: Nona Manis (@Kak Saba) and Ketupat Palas (@Noriza Ishak).

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Whetting Pork Lovers' Appetite With Home-Style Dishes

Attention All Pork Lovers! If you enjoyed pork dishes cooked in any style, then you are in for a treat with the pork-licious menu by D' MUNCH KITCHEN 豬多飽 at Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur. Good makan places around the Klang Valley are sometimes accidental discoveries for foodies like us.

G-05 Petalz Residences 
Residency Rimbunan
No. 2, Jalan 1/132A
Off Jalan Klang Lama
Kampung Pasir
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 - 683 0699
Opening Hours
Tues - Sat (5pm to 2am)
Sun (12:30pm to 9:30pm) 
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/dmunchkitchen

With a pork-loving family in tow, Auntie Lilly decided to check out this newly opened month old eatery, d' Munch Kitchen located Petalz Residences, along the Old Klang Road for dinner that night. 

With a strictly ALL-PORK MENU to choose from while offering an array of porky home-style recipes from mains, noodles, rice and soups dishes together with herbal teas to alcoholic beverages to whet your appetite.

Dinner at D'Munch Kitchen was absolutely amazing, just like a gastronomy journey for me back to the authentic taste of home. I was overwhelmed with the wonderful memories of my late mom, my mother-in-law and even my aunt's cooking when dining there. Dishes served here is cooked with passion and love, very home-style bringing back memories of all those comforts and hearty food that we grew up eating.

The decor of the restaurant is one of the simple and straight forward with no frills setup but what excites me is the way the dishes are cooked using pork meat in so many styles as you read this blog post. The noteworthy dishes to try has to be the PORK CURRY, VINEGAR PORK LEG, PEANUT PORK and MUI CHOY PORK SLICED. Reasonably priced from RM 8/dish onwards.  

Shot Taken From The Mezzanine Floor

We tried several dishes to go with rice at one go, but I shall sum them up in the order of my top favourites based on personal preference and taste. Here goes: 

  d' Pork Curry 
RM 18

The Pork Curry was such a memorable dish and I had to say that this is one of the best-tasting pork curries I ever tasted. You see, there are not many restaurants that serve pork curry as mostly are inclined to serving the crowd favourite of chicken curry.

Using only fresh herbs and spices such as galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger and shallots just to mention a few, the pork curry is stewed to perfection with the rich curry sauce penetrating fully into the tender pork. 

We ordered seconds for this yummy dish alone as both of my hubby and son just cannot stop themselves from slurping or mopping up the delicious curry gravy with their multiple bowls of rice and mantao.  

d' Vinegar Pork Leg 
RM 15

The Vinegar Pork Leg was my personal favourite, in fact. This hearty pork dish reminds me of my late aunt's cooking. It's a must-eat dish specially prepared for new mothers during their confinement and I remembered my aunt would get busy buying the sweet vinegar, sour vinegar and premium Bentong old ginger with the lean pork just for me. 

Many eateries do serve this but most of them were not up to the mark, lacking in the richness in the black thick broth with the balance flavours of sourness and sweet within the dish. Some are too watery - could be stingy with not using the right kind of premium black vinegar.

Well, d' Munch Kitchen's pork vinegar dish hits all the right spots and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish to the last drop of the sauce. Serving portion for all the dishes is good for sharing for 2 to 3 persons. 

d' Peanut Pork 
RM 23

Moving on next, another winner in its own right ~ Peanut Pork. Oink-oink, to all the pork lovers out there - come check out the pork cooked with peanuts. The combination of it all was nothing less than addictive with a fair portion of pork belly braised over long hours with the soft peanuts. 

You'll enjoy the melt-in-the-mouth equal layering of fat and lean pork belly soaking in the flavourful sauce with the big peanuts. Again, this is a unique dish and not available in many restaurants and dishes like these are only cooked at home - family dishes.

d' Mui Choy Pork Sliced 
RM 8

Any Mui Choy Chee Yok lovers here? Wow, this is one of the dishes I love most eating it from my mom's kitchen and also one of the dishes I failed miserably to master it to the taste of my late mom's cooking.

Goodness Of Home At D' Munch Kitchen 豬多飽 - YouTube
Served Piping Hot In Claypot

Here's one of the nostalgic Hakka dish I craved and missed most. Simply memorable family favourites cooked by my late mom. This is a traditional dish you can find in most Hakka families dinner table. 

Both sweet and salty preserved vegetable or also known as 'Mui Choy' is braised with pork slices and ginger till soft. Maybe an easy dish to prepare with simple ingredients but it's takes years of experience with love and passion to get the taste right! 

d' Pork Innard Soup 
RM 16

If you are looking for a soup dish, then you might want to try their Pork Innard Soup. Featuring a sourish preserved vegetable soup base, the 'Ham choy' is cooked with a combination of mixtures of fork-tender pork belly with skin, pig intestines and chewy pig tongue.      

d' Munch Braised 
RM 15

If the soup dish does not appeal to you, then get your fix of the pig 'spare parts' from this Braised Pork dish. Mixtures of pork belly with skin and pig intestines braised in dark thick sauce with boiled egg and tofu to soak up the flavours.  

d' Munch Vege 
RM 8

d' Hong Kong Choy Sum
RM 8

Apart from the pork dishes, you can also have some greens to go with the dishes. Choose the daily available vegetables of the day or better still, opt for the crunchy Hong Kong Choy Sum. 

d' Braised Pork Rice 
RM 8

There are also some dishes perfect for the single diner or for those looking for a quick and simple but tasty pork meal to fill the tummy. Diners can check out this Braised Pork Rice for RM 8 only.

Simply a hearty yummy dish with warm white rice served topped generously with braised minced pork with lots of pork lard (Chee Yar Char), Hong Kong Choy Sum and sunny side up. Fan of fragrant sinfully delicious pork lard will love this!
 d' Porky Noodle 
RM 10.90

Noodles lovers can try the Porky Noodle ~ Flavourful pork broth is served with your choice of noodles (Mee Hoon, Mee, Koay Teow or Mee Sua (add RM 1). The broth was made tastier and flavourful with the additional fresh pork slices, meatballs and internal organs of the pig, also not forgetting the crispy pork lards floating on the bowl!    

Golden Mantao (6pcs) RM5

These soft and fluffy buns are great dishes to eat all the above-mentioned dishes. Summer Mantao (4pcs) RM 5 is the non-fried version of the buns while Golden Mantao is the deep-fried side dishes

Overall, d' Munch Kitchen proves itself a good to go eatery for its variety of home-style dishes to suit everyone varies taste buds. Prices are reasonable considering they used premium ingredients to all their pork dishes. Truly an authentic fare at affordable prices, tasty right down to the last bite for me and my family that night!

Herbal Tea Of The Day - RM 1.50 Per Bowl

Do drop by at d' Munch Kitchen 豬多飽 if you are around the area, I'm sure you will not be disappointed at this..
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RMHC Malaysia organises gotong-royong event to welcome family members of pediatric patients 
KUBANG KERIAN, 23 June 2019 - Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC Malaysia) and McDonald's Malaysia in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital (Hospital USM) held a gotong-royong event in conjunction with the opening of Ronald McDonald House in Hospital USM in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to welcome the family of pediatric patients receiving treatment there as well as surrounding hospitals. 

The opening of this Ronald McDonald House makes it the second of its kind in Malaysia, following the first at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur back in 1999. 

Azmir Jaafar, President of RMHC and Managing Director and Local Operating Partner of McDonald's Malaysia said, "The Ronald McDonald House was opened due to the necessity at HUSM which is a referral hospital receiving more than 20,000 patients annually. This facility is important because it not only provides the amenities and accommodation to alleviate the burden of the patient's family, but it also provides some of these families with emotional strength coming from the support of other families who are also accompanying their sick children receiving treatment. " 

YBhg. Professor Datuk Dr Asma Ismail, Universiti Sains Malaysia vice-chancellor said, "With the presence of Ronald McDonald House at Hospital USM campus, it will be possible for family members to stay with their children throughout their treatment at the hospital. This is important because indirectly, it will encourage the recovery of the pediatric patients at a faster pace due to the physical and emotional support from family members. " 

Also present at the Ronald McDonald House Opening Ceremony was YBhg. Professor Dato' Dr Ahmad Sukari Halim, Health Campus Director/Director of USM Hospital. 

With a construction cost of RM4 million, Ronald McDonald House at Hospital USM is equipped with 18 bedrooms as well as a dining room, lounge, kitchen, laundry room, games room, and other facilities for occupants. Apart from that, this house is made more special with the Ronald McDonald Sensory Room which provides special multi-sensory equipment donated to Hospital USM to assist with the development of special needs children. 

The Ronald McDonald House was made possible with contributions from RMHC Malaysia, McDonald's Malaysia, business partners, and McDonald's customers who contribute through the RMHC coin box located in over 275 McDonald's restaurants nationwide. 

Members of the public who wish to know more about the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Hospital USM, Kelantan or wish to contribute via cash donations or volunteering can contact RMH PPUKM, Kuala Lumpur branch at 03-91735994 for more information.
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Launches Its First Drive-Thru In The Klang Valley At Sunway Mentari Petaling Jaya
TEXAS CHICKEN MALAYSIA - One of the region's largest quick-service chicken restaurant chains ups its ante with the launch of its FIRST DRIVE-THRU OUTLET in the Klang Valley at Sunway Mentari in Petaling Jaya. Bringing guests the added ease and convenience to access their Texas Chicken Malaysia's meals while on wheels.   


Sharing a strategic location adjacent to a bustling petrol station, Texas Chicken Malaysia's brand new outlet at Shell Sunway Mentari is ready to fulfil the expectations and lifestyle needs of today's consumers. 

With its range of delicious and high-quality products, which are also certified HALAL by JAKIM, now customers are able to enjoy their favourite meals all day long at this 24-hour restaurant, whether through Dine-In, Take-Away or Drive-Thru! 

I was delighted to be invited to their recent grand opening of Texas Chicken Malaysia's first drive-thru outlet in Klang Valley and were also given a quick tour of their kitchen. We were brief by Texas Chicken training manager, Cik Sarina Mamat, as she explained to media on the preparation and cooking process, runs in the kitchen. No photos were allowed, hence I cannot share any photos here.   

The event was made even merrier with the exciting performance of a group of talented drummers who dance and drum in harmony as they entertained everyone with the super catchy orchestrated sound of the drumming for the grand launch at the event.

TEXAS CHICKEN MALAYSIA First Drive-Thru Outlet In Klang Valley - YouTube
Watch  the video of these amazingly talented drummers

Dato' Jaya Tan, Chairman Of Envictus International Holdings Bhd

Speaking at the grand opening that day, Dato' Jaya Tan, Chairman Of Envictus International Holdings Bhd, said, "We are truly excited to celebrate this new milestone in our company's journey. After six years since the opening of our first restaurant in Malaysia, we hope to elevate the dining experience of our customers by offering more drive-thru restaurants for convenience. This also underscores our commitment to growing our business in Malaysia, which will naturally contribute to the national economy and create more job opportunities for the locals."

Dato' Jaya Tan & The VVIPs At The Flag Off  

TEXAS CHICKEN MALAYSIA First Drive-Thru Outlet In Klang Valley - YouTube
TEXAS CHICKEN MALAYSIA First Drive-Thru Outlet In Klang Valley. It's crunch time at Texas Chicken as they launch their new outlet in Sunway Mentari - 1st in Klang Valley. 

Dato' Jaya Tan added, "Today, over 90% of Malaysian's household own a car, thus it's a natural progression for the Texas Chicken family to expand our horizons further. With people's hectic lifestyle in this day and age, we fully understand that consumers are constantly on-the-go and are looking for faster service and a hassle-free experience to help them get through the day. Hence, we are confident that our new outlet will be wee-received by consumers, especially those who are craving for our juicy chickens and delicious biscuits".  

TEXAS CHICKEN MALAYSIA First Drive-Thru Outlet In Klang Valley - YouTube
Texas Chicken Sunway Mentari stands at 3,500 square feet with a seating capacity of 146. It's vibrant interior decor and comfortable seating areas are designed to cater to the community of students, working adults and families. They also offer FREE SOFT DRINKS REFILL, which served to provide extra value to its customers! 

Spiciest Offering At Texas Chicken ~ Ayam Lada Bersaudara   

For more information about Texas Chicken Malaysia, please visit www.texaschickenmalaysia.com 

Location Of Texas Chicken Sunway Mentari 

Do Drop A 'LIKE' & 'FOLLOW' Me At Follow Me To Eat La - Malaysian Food Blog For More Happy Eats!
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Madam Ling Fun Fest Tour & Mascot Roadshows
The brand name NAM HEONG IPOH is synonymous with the famous Ipoh delicacies which includes freshly brewed famous Ipoh White Coffee to delightfully tasty Chicken Sou, Egg Tarts and smooth Chicken Hor Fun.

Bringing the best of the best Malaysian favourites with an array of tantalising and authentic Ipoh grubs, Nam Heong Ipoh recently launches the "MADAM LING FUN FEST TOUR & MASCOT ROADSHOWS" in May 2019 this year. Read More...

NAM HEONG IPOH Madam Ling Fun Fest Tour & Mascot Roadshows 南香玲姐巡回同乐会 - YouTube

For more information on the Nam Heong Ipoh Madam Ling Fun Fest Tour 南香玲姐巡回同乐会, please visit

The nationwide roadshows are happening now, running across 13 different outlets in Malaysia from May to November 2019 - 13 weekends starting from 4 May to 17 Nov 2019. Nam Heong Ipoh's diners can participate in these full of fun and exciting games while enjoying some tasty treats from Ipoh. Check out on their store locator HERE    

 Attractive Prizes Waiting To Be Won 

Diners need only spend a minimum of RM 10 for a token to participate in the games. Hence, the more you spend, the more tokens will be given and therefore there's a better chance for you to win more prizes. Good luck and happy playing! 

 Clawing Machine 

Totally Lost To This Clawing Machine Game! 

 Throw The Ball Into Cup

Hubby Trying His Hand At This Ball In Cup Game!

Trying My Luck To Shoot The Gun Game

 Thumbs Up To A Good Shot!

There are a total of 4 games stations to win yourself some pretty awesome prizes if you are lucky!
  • Clawing Machine 1- Eligible for Grand Prizes
  • Clawing Machine 2- Eligible for Nam Heong Merchandises
  • Throw The Ball Into Cup – Nam Heong Signature Menu & Retail Items
  • Shoot The Gun – Nam Heong Signature Menu & Retail Items

Come & Meet The Cute Mascot Madam Ling 玲姐

Oh yes, apart from the games offered at the roadshows, you might get to meet the cute-looking Nam Heong Ipoh's mascot -Madam Ling 玲姐 for a selfie or two with your family or friends.

Happy Diners With Their Prizes

Let's check out the list of the great prizes that you might win: 
BeatsBeats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – The Beats Skyline Collection – Midnight Black
XiaoMIXiaomi  Folding Electric Bicycle
MacwheelMacwheel 36V 10.4AH Electric Foldable Bicycle Bike
Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Bluetooth SM-R800NZSAXME
G-ShockCasio G-Shock 35th Anniversary BIG BANG BLACK GA-735A-1AJR Limited Edition (JAPAN SET)
G-ShockCasio G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor GW-9400DCJ-1
SOLVILetTITUSClassicist Multi-Function Mechanical Leather Watch (Case Size: 34.5mm)
Tiffany & Co.Double Loving Heart Bracelet ( 7’inch)
Ipad Mini 4Gold-128gb
Nintendo SwitchAdd-on (Switch Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game)
LG TVLG Smart UHD TV-55′
Well, don't wait anymore, if you yearn for some Ipoh street food, do come by with your family and friends for some cheer and fun dining at their roadshows and win yourself some attractive prizes! 

Flash MLINGFMTEL Discount Code For 10% OFF Your Bill

Also, Auntie Lilly 'belanja' you guys - 10% DISCOUNT when dining there. Just remember to flash the screenshot with the MLINGFMTEL Discount Code to get 10% off!  

While we were at one of the roadshows at IOI City Mall, we had a feast on an escapade to Ipoh enjoying our favourite freshly brewed famous Ipoh White Coffee with egg tarts, chicken Sou,  all those familiar Ipoh delicacies to every Malaysian, young or old alike.    

You will not want to miss out the freshly brewed famous Ipoh White Coffee that is synonymous to this shop which is located at the corner shop in Ipoh Old Town. 

Sharing some of the many specialities that are offered at Nam Heong Ipoh that's worth trying while dining at Nam Heong Ipoh... Let's the feast begins now!  

Top Picks ~ Nam Heong Egg Tarts & Signature Chicken Sou

 A Hit With Egg Lovers ~ Egg On Toast 

President Toast ~ Staple To Go With Nam Heong Ipoh White Coffee 

Good Bet For Noodles Lovers ~ Nam Heong Chicken Hor Fun

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice

 Butter Chicken Rice

Signature Chicken Rice

Well, that all for now. My tummy is rumbling with all the pictures of these yummy comfort food I carving now... Remember drop by Nam Heong Ipoh from now till November 2019 and flash my Flash MLINGFMTEL Discount Code For 10% OFF Your Bill! 

Do Drop A 'LIKE' & 'FOLLOW' Me At Follow Me To Eat La - Malaysian Food Blog For More Happy Eats!

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