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Allison and Brian are a terrific couple and I enjoyed getting to know them and collaborating with them to make their ceremony fulfill all their dreams and expectations. We met and began planning back in August of 2018 and finally their wedding day of June 29th, 2019 arrived. It was a hot, beautiful day in North Carolina! 
All Saints Chapel was ready and the couple and their families were out taking First Look photos with their photographer Delia Rati of Imagination2Infinity.
The altar chest was filled with greenery and floating candles. The simplicity is elegant and all that is needed at this sweet chapel of stained glass windows and beautiful woodwork.
The pedestal table near the altar chest was the place for their Memory Box filled with memorabilia they had collected since their first date on July 4th 2017. They had it engraved with their names and the wedding date. They wrote love-letters to each other the night before the rehearsal and sealed them without sharing to be opened and enjoyed on their first wedding anniversary.
These are our "chapel attendants!" They helped me hook my mic into their body pack and Kevin McVerry with Performance DJ stationed in the loft manning the house sound system did a sound check with me. (After the ceremony the guests are invited downstairs for refreshments while the chapel area is flipped for the reception with a great dance floor and music by the DJ. Cateringworks provided the food and the wedding cake.)
Downstairs in the bridal suite the three flower girls were having fun waiting for the wedding to begin. Dave caught a staged photo of them doing the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" poses someone had put them up to!
When it was time to begin and everyone was all lined up in the back of the chapel, I walked in, welcomed everyone and made the "unplugged announcement." Then Brian and his brother Scott (best man) entered from the door at the left of the altar and took their places. Allison's sister, Karen, then came down the aisle and took her place.
 The three sweet little flower girls are ready to begin their trek down the aisle now! 
 Caroline (with the chapel) shooed them in the right direction and they began dropping the petals. 
 What a great job they did! The aisle is well sprinkled with the petals for the entrance of the bride! 
The chapel doors opened and I invited the guests to stand for our beautiful bride escorted in by her stepfather, Dan.
 Brian eagerly awaits Allison as they make their way to the altar steps. 
After the traditional presentation of the bride, the wedding party and I stepped up onto the altar for the ceremony. 
We began with words thanking the guests for being with us followed by a prayer and remembrance of loved ones no longer with us.
A sweet surprise tribute to their parents came next as I stepped forward to speak to them on behalf of our couple.
 Then it was my great pleasure to tell our guests the story of how Brian and Allison met and got to this day. 
 There was quite a bit of humor sprinkled into the story and the guests loved laughing together. 
 They read their vows to each other where they were printed facing them in my ceremony book. 
 Then it was time to exchange the rings. Brian goes first and repeated his words after me line by line. 
 Then it is Allison's turn to place the ring on Brian's finger and say the same words to him. 
I handed them their love-letters to place in the box as I told the guests about the Memory Box. They returned to their places in front of me and we closed with a blessing.
 I placed my hand on theirs and pronounced them married! Time for the kiss! 
 They were happy to comply!! First married kiss! 
Karen handed Allison her bouquet and I introduced them to their guests for the first time as husband and wife and they made their way down the aisle amid cheers and applause!
Allison and Brian! What a great wedding! I am so happy to have joined you in marriage and loved working with you on the ceremony. And, thank you for your speedy and kind review of my services (below) on The Knot and Google Business as well as a generous gratuity! I wish you much happiness and the best always!

"Kayelily made our wedding ceremony as special as it could have possibly been. As soon as we hired Kayelily, she sent us lots of resources and questionnaires for crafting a ceremony, and we were able to work together to create exactly what we wanted. She told our story beautifully, had us laughing and crying, and she gave us and our guests a memorable experience. You can't go wrong by hiring Kayelily."

Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Heidi and Keith chose for their wedding, the unique venue of The Rickhouse. It is a whiskey distillery located downtown Durham. Their decor vendors Get Lit and Springwell Gardens worked to enhance its natural lighting and industrial features into a magical setting for their wedding.
I love the criss-crossed drape in the center and the strings of white cascading down the glass window into the distillery machinery.
Chalkboards by Julie greeted the guests on this beautiful day of March 23, 2019. 
When the guests were seated and we were ready for the ceremony to begin, I entered solo first to make the "unplugged" announcement asking the guests to truly be with Keith and Heidi in their hearts without the distraction of technology. Then Keith and his groomsmen made their entrance.
They took their places up front then the bridesmaids joined them one by one. 
Then the adorable ring bearer pulled the wagon of babies down the aisle. 
And lastly our beautiful bride was escorted in by her mother and father and another sweet little flower girl. 
At the end of the aisle they gave their daughter their love and support as they transferred her hand into Keith's hand and were seated.
A hearty welcome to all their guests followed by tributes to their family members.
The couple and I had written the story of how they met and fell in love and the adventures they had had since them bringing the guests up to the wedding day.
Telling the love story is my favorite part of the ceremony and it is fun for the couple to hear and watch their guests' enjoying hearing it.
A spectacular photo by our professional photographers, Elyssa and John with Kivus and Camera. In fact, they provided most of the photos for this blog post and I am so grateful. Look for their watermark-- the encircled star in the lower right-hand corner. (The photos without the watermark were taken by my husband with my camera.)
There was lots of laughter as well as tender moments.
And now the big reveal as I tell them what their partner has told me in confidence about what they love about each other, why they want to marry and what they are looking forward to in marriage.
Another humorous moment!
Following the exchange of their vows, they exchanged their rings.
Heidi and Keith chose the Anniversary Box for their unity ceremony. They wrote love letters to each other about this exciting time in their lives and sealed them without sharing. During the ceremony they put them in a special box with a favorite bottle of wine and closed it. I invited them to open the box on their first anniversary and pour each other a glass of wine and read their letters from the other. Then have a conversation about the wedding day and the year that has passed. Write new love letters and seal without sharing and place in the box with the first letters and a new bottle of wine and repeat every anniversary.
We closed with a blessing then the pronouncement of marriage. 
Their first kiss as husband and wife!
Oh happy day!!
The joyous walk back down the aisle into their new life! 
And another kiss! 
Outside after the ceremony the wedding party and parents and the Durham Bulls mascot gathered for some photos. 
The wind was making it extra fun and made for some great photos! 
Emily Thomas, owner of Emily Katherine Events, coordinated the wedding vendors and helped bring the couple's vision of their wedding day into reality!
Keith and Heidi! A fabulous wedding! Congratulations to you on your marriage. Thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in marriage!
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Isn't this simply stunning? It is the new pergola at Highgrove. The inspiration was the cathedral shapes of a pergola at Duke Gardens. This one is taken to new levels of elegance. Being used to the white gazebo type pergola at Highgrove, seeing this when I arrived for the rehearsal for Jen and Jon's wedding there on March 2nd, 2019 just took my breath away!
The seating area has been pushed back toward the lake with much more seating capacity. A nice wide aisle too.
This is the pergola in the rear of the White Garden Amphitheater in Duke Gardens--you can see the inspiration. In the novel Pillars of the Earth which I read years ago, it explains how the curved to a point arched window-shape called Lancet came about because of its strength and most Gothic cathedrals in Europe have these windows and door shapes.
Standing under the pergola and facing the house, this is the new aisle and curving stairs with retaining walls. It is beautiful!
Another fairly new addition is at the rear of the garden ballroom--a covered fireplace area where small ceremonies could be if the weather is not cooperating.
Flowers on Broad Street did all their floral arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres. 
Their Anniversary Box into which they will place a sealed-without-sharing love-letter to each other during the ceremony. 
A clever way to display the seating assignments. 
Pretty wedding cake by Sweet Memories. 
Checking in with their videographer, Jeremy with Handiwork Media in Charlotte. Here is a LINK to their wedding video. Behind me are our DJs from All Events DJs. 
As the guests arrive, they are greeted by this sign on the front porch. 
Also on the front porch guests are greeted with a server offering Welcome Champagne and strawberries! 
It was March in North Carolina which could be freezing or spring-like. Jon was so relieved that the temperatures were pleasant because he talked Jen into having a March wedding despite her being cold-natured! The guests were arriving and enjoying some champagne to warm them up!
Inside I take a few quiet moments to review the wedding ceremony script.
Their "guest book" was a globe which the guests were asked to sign. 
Britnie, our wedding coordinator with Highgrove, is getting everyone down from upstairs and lined up to process in. The guests are seated and waiting.
I processed in first and anchored the ceremony space. The grandparents were next in.
Jon escorted in his mother then joined me up front.
The mother of the bride was then escorted in and it was time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to enter.
Jon and I are watching this beautiful processional.
Isabelle, our flower girl, did a great job sprinkling the flower petals.
Please stand in honor of the bride!
Jen was escorted in by her dad and stepdad. 
Everyone seated and ready for the ceremony to begin. I welcomed everyone, said a sweet prayer and remembered their loved ones who could not be with us.
Then I got to tell their guests about the day they met and all their many adventures getting to the wedding day. It was funny. They had some good stories for me to tell.
The guests and wedding party had some good laughs as well as our bride and groom!
Then I revealed to each of them what the other had told me they love about them.
Jon reads his vows to Jen from book. They each wrote their own vows and kept them secret from the other. I monitored them to keep them about equal length. Jon included some good humor in his.
Then it was Jen's turn to say her vows to Jon. Also with some good humor! (These two match up so well!)
Our ring bearer/groomsman, brother of the groom, had a smart remark when I called for the rings! (Runs in the family!) 
Talking about the symbolism of the rings.
Jon places the ring on Jen's finger as he said "With this ring, I give you my heart."
Jen did the same.
They have placed the love-letters in the Anniversary Box to be opened on their first anniversary.
After a closing blessing, I made the pronouncement of marriage and invited them to share a kiss!
They recessed out followed by the wedding party and family for photos.
I invited the guests to go to the terrace for cocktails and celebration!
Jon and Jen! What a great wedding! I am so happy for you. It was great working with you on the ceremony and "delivering" it on your wedding day. Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage. I wish you the best always!
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Meghan and Dustin live in Colorado while he is in the military and planned their wedding from afar for December 28, 2018. The met while living in North Carolina so they chose the historic Melrose Knitting Mill for their wedding venue. Meghan's parents live in Florida and Dustin's in Wyoming.
This beautiful cake is by Simply Cakes. The caterer for Melrose Knitting Mill is Mulino's. The florist was Callie with Wylde Flowers and the photographers were from George Creative.
Our DJ was Randy Bennett with Bunn DJ Company. Randy and I have done too many wedding together to keep count. He collects cuff links and he chose these for the couple.
We are behind the drapes connecting my mic to his system.
Making sure everything is synchronized.
The ceremony area is ready. After the ceremony the guests will go downstairs for cocktail hour while the staff flips this room by spreading out all the tables hidden behind the drapes into this area, placing the chairs and creating a dance floor.
Blake Morrin with Southern Oak Events was our wedding coordinator. She had everything under control!
I am in the back room area which is the holding area for the groom and groomsmen. 
When it is time, we get lined up to enter through the drapes to the altar area. 
Their photographer, Katherine, is poised to capture the images of the bridal party and bride when they come down the aisle.
The guys and I have entered and taken our places up front.
After all the bridesmaids entered, it is time for our beautiful bride and her father to enter. 
"Who supports and blesses Meghan as she comes to join in marriage to Dustin?"
After welcoming everyone, there was a short prayer, then I stepped out to deliver the blessing to their parents. A sweet surprise moment for them.
Then it was my pleasure to tell the story of Meghan and Dustin and all their adventures that brought them to this special day.
Time for the vows! 
I asked them each a series of questions to which they replied "I do."
Then it was time for the ring exchange. 
Dustin places the ring on Meghan's finger and makes his promises to her.
Then it is Meghan's turn.
Then I pronounced them husband and wife and invited them to share their first married kiss!
And out they go into the next chapter of their lives! Marriage! 
Congratulations, Meghan and Dustin!! Great wedding you pulled together. Thank you for choosing me to officiate for you! I wish you the best always.
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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I met Shiyi and Oliver in October of 2018 to talk about the ceremony they envisioned and my services as their officiant. They chose to have the Sweet and Simple Ceremony with secret paragraphs. Their wedding was set for December 22nd 2018 at Second Empire in downtown Raleigh. Kevin Seifert with Love Every Moment was our photographer and furnished all the photos for this blog post.
The ceremony was in the Atrium downstairs. It is bright and light. Oliver and I make our entrance.
The venue was all decorated for Christmas this time of year. 
After Oliver and I were in place, Shiyi's father Chen, escorted his lovely daughter down the aisle. 
They made their way down the aisle as the guests stood in their honor. Everyone was so happy!
The transfer of the bride's hand into the groom's hand with the blessing of her parents. 
And so we begin with a warm welcome to all especially their parents. 
Oliver's parents traveled from Germany and Shiyi's parents from China for this special occasion. 
They met in 2017 while working in the same lab. It was not long before they fell in love. 
Now to reveal what they told me in confidence--what they love about each other, why they want to marry and what they are looking for in marriage.
Oliver makes his vows to Shiyi.
Shiyi wipes away a little tear that escaped from Oliver's eye!
Time to exchange the rings.
Oliver places the ring on Shiyi's finger as he says "With this ring, I marry you." 
Shiyi says the same to Oliver as she places the ring on his finger.
Now for the Wine Unity ceremony.
Before the ceremony I had combined wine from each of their heritages into one container. During the ceremony I poured the blended wine into glasses for them to drink from.
And they interlocked their arms and drank the wine!
A closing blessing before the pronouncement of marriage and the invitation to kiss!
Sealed with a kiss!
Introduction of the newlyweds!
I invited the guests to stand and join me in congratulating them.
So it is done and they take the next step in their new adventure--marriage!
A change of clothes into the traditional Chinese costumes for the reception and some photos.
Shiyi and Oliver, congratulations! Great wedding for a great couple. Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage. I wish you the best always!
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Camille and Shep chose The Bradford in New Hill for their wedding venue. It is an all-in-one wedding location which is beautiful. It was built and designed by two sisters who are wedding planners (C&D Events). It is a wonderful place to get married and I love doing weddings there.
This full length mirror is actually the seating chart.
It had been raining earlier in the week and the ground had been soggy but it dried out enough to go forward with an outdoor ceremony in the side yard. These guests are finding their seats.
When most of the guests had arrived, we began the processional. After the parents were seated, Shep and I entered and took our places up front. All Events DJ provided our music for the ceremony and reception.
Our wedding planner/director was Nicole with Vision Events. She had the wedding party all lined up and ready to go.
Some guests arrived late and were allowed to find their seats before all of the wedding party entered.
When the wedding party was in place, it was time for our beautiful bride and her father to enter. There were more guests waiting to be seated after the processional.
The guests stood in honor of the bride as Camille and her father made their way down the aisle. 
Once the bride was presented, the couple turned and faced each other holding hands. Our photographer, Amanda with Rivers and Roads, comes in for a close shot.
After welcoming the guests and a prayer, I stepped out to thank the couple's parents on their behalf. Then I had the pleasure of telling the story of how Shep and Camille met and fell in love and how they got to this day.
Exchange of vows and rings. 
They stepped under the arbor to light the unity candle. 
The candles are lit and stayed lit until after the ceremony. 
After a closing blessing, I pronounced them husband and wife and invited them to kiss.
No problem here! 
It was my pleasure to present them to their guests for the first time as husband and wife! 
On their way to the next chapter in their lives together--marriage! 
Camille and Shep! Congratulations on your marriage and beautiful wedding! Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage. I wish you the best always.
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Reecha and Heath's wedding was originally scheduled for September 15th 2018 but Hurricane Florence blew in and changed their plans. They postponed to December 8th. The weather was cold and snow and ice predicted for later in the evening but the wedding was on no matter what! 
They chose the beautiful Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, NC for their venue. 
A view of the gazebo where weddings in good weather are held. 
Inside the ballroom, I check out the sand ceremony set up and make sure it is ready. 
The cake was ready! And beautiful. By Edible Art. 
Heath and Reecha have known each other since middle school and went to high school together. They never dated but had a little crush on each other but nothing came of it. They graduated, went their separate ways to live their lives and raise their families. These are their high school photos for the 1980s!
Everyone was getting dressed and hanging out in the lodge. The guys were downstairs playing pool and snacking while the women were upstairs getting ready.
The place was beautifully decked out for Christmas. Would you believe I've done a wedding in this room many years ago?
Meanwhile back in the ballroom, the guests are assembling for the ceremony. Reecha's heritage is Indian and there are many guests dressed up in the traditional garments of this culture.
(Our wedding director for this wedding was Jennifer with Vision Events. The photographer was Brandon with Southern Love Studios. Our DJ was Randy Bennett with BunnDJ Co. The videographer was Elijah with Morgan Scott Films and the florist was Specialties Florals and Events. Rose Hill does their own catering.
The wedding party and I processed in then it was time for Reecha and her father to enter!
Purple was their color. Everyone is standing for the bride. 
They make their way down the aisle and I asked her father Ravi who blesses and supports Reecha as she comes to join in marriage to Heath. He of course answered that he and her mother did and everyone was seated.
We began the ceremony with a warm welcome to all followed by a prayer and remembrance of loved ones no longer with us.
A special surprise tribute to their parents was next.
Then I turned to their children who were in the wedding party and told them how important they are in the marriage we celebrate today.
The story--fast forward more than 20 years from high school graduation. Heath, single again, began browsing around on Facebook and found Reecha's page. He looked around to see how her life had gone since high school. He loved looking at photos of her and her kids.  He sent her a Friend request and wished her a Happy Mother's Day for the next two years. She friended him back but it took her 2 years to start a conversation. They found themselves in similar situations and the Facetiming, texting,  messaging commenced. Four months later they met in person. It was instant attraction and the feeling of being home again. But, he lived in Florida and Reecha in Raleigh so they endured a 4½ year long-distance relationship. He proposed on her birthday in 2017 and the wedding planning began in earnest!
I asked them each to tell me in confidence what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. During the ceremony I revealed to the other what their beloved has told me.
Time for their vows and the exchange of rings. 
Heath places the ring on Reecha's finger.
They each poured in their sand then each of their children came forward and poured in their container of sand creating one big happy family.
A closing blessing then I pronounced them married and invited them to share their first kiss as husband and wife.
Sealed with a kiss! 
Married at last! 
So happy for them! 
My friends Rubin and Pam were their guests. I had no idea that they had known them since high school! 
The sand sculpture in a glass brick with all their names on it. 
Our cute little flower girls who finally can dance and sing without being shushed as they were during the ceremony! So adorable!
Reecha and Heath! Congratulations! It was a long time coming and I am so thrilled to have joined you in matrimony! I wish you and your family all the best forever!
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Kelsey and Daniel love Christmastime so they picked a wedding date of December 8th, 2018 and chose Market Hall in downtown Raleigh for their venue. 
The day was cold and snow was predicted later on but for their wedding, the bad weather held off! 
The wall was draped and of course a Christmas tree was their "altar." Next to the tree is my little table with a bell on it which would be part of the ceremony.
Whitney Davis with C&D Events was our wedding director. She had everything under control!
Our team of photographers with Cor Photography are ready for the processional.
The bridesmaids waiting for the groom and groomsmen to enter and take their places. 
After the entrance of the parents, Daniel and I and his guys entered and took our places up front.
The bridesmaids joined us. Large wedding party too. 
Kelsey was escorted in by her dad, Mike. 
He answered my question, placed Kelsey's hand in Daniel's, then joined the guests who were taking their seats.
Kelsey and Daniel turned and faced each other holding hands. I welcomed everyone, opened with a prayer and remembered those no longer with us. I stepped out front to address their parents and thank them on behalf of our couple. Then shared a reading from First Corinthians.
Then it was time to tell the story of our couple's love--from the day they met to their wedding day.
It was a 6 year journey from then to now with lots of adventures and fun. 
Telling the story of how Daniel proposed in Charleston SC on October 20th, 2017. 
And now they get to hear what they love about each other as they confided to me during the ceremony creation process.
They exchanged vows and sealed them with their rings.
I had found the Celtic Bell Ceremony earlier in the year and thought it would be really appropriate for their Christmas-themed wedding so I adapted it as follows:
Kelsey and Daniel’s favorite season of the year is Christmas and so it was an obvious choice to have their wedding this time of year.  At Christmas we hear the joyful sounds of bells ringing and well-wishing.  Bells have long been associated with weddings as their joyous tones announce good tidings and are said to bring good luck. Bells are also commonly used to get attention, as a signal or an announcement of a significant event. Kelsey and Daniel have chosen to include the Celtic Bell ceremony that reminds us not only of the happiness they share today but also of the practice of compromise inherent in strong marriages.  
Daniel and Kelsey, on behalf of all gathered here, I ring this bell in celebration of your marriage which begins today. (officiant rings bell) I give this bell to you now and ask you to give the bell a hardy ring while thinking lovely thoughts about each other and happy thoughts of your future life together. (couple rings bell)
Keep this bell in your home to remind you of your wedding day. When arguments arise, put this bell to its best use as an attention-getter. One of you should ring the bell to call a truce. The familiar sound it makes should remind you of your wedding vows and conjure up the happiest memories from this day and help you resolve your differences with love and compassion.
I pronounced them married and invited them to share their first kiss as husband and wife.
The deed is done! Time to celebrate!
Kelsey and Daniel--great wedding! So happy you chose me to join you in marriage! Thanks for being a great couple and working with me to create the ceremony you dreamed of. I wish you all the best always! 

Raleigh Wedding Blog
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When Nicole and Brian and I met in March of 2018 to plan their wedding ceremony for November 9th of 2018, they lived in Long Beach, New York but planned to relocate to Raleigh near Nicole's family the summer of 2018. So they planned their wedding in Raleigh at the elegant Garden on Millbrook
When I arrived the tables were all set up for the reception. I love the lush green ferns on each table which were arranged by Brian's sister, Ashley. She did all the florals.
 From the DJ's station across the black shiny dance floor you can see the beauty of this venue. 
 Our bride and her attendants were relaxing before the ceremony while the guys were somewhere else. 
Their wedding was at 6:30 PM so we knew it would be dark. But this is what Nicole and Brian wanted so that is what we did. The lights were on and the arch in place. These are our photographers--Annie Watts and her second shooter.
 Straightening Brian's handkerchief. 
Ben Felton with East Coast Entertainment was our DJ. Little did we know when we posed for this photo the difficulties with the sound that were to come! We did a sound check and everything worked perfectly.
Marc who is the event manager at The Garden at Millbrook and I have worked together many many times. Always a pleasure to work with Marc. I can count on him to have everything organized and ready to go!
 Before the ceremony I found a quiet spot to go over the ceremony script one more time. 
 Marc is getting the guys lined up. The guests are all seated and we are almost ready to begin.
 Talking with Chris before we make our entrance into the garden. He is so ready to get married!
 This was the largest wedding party of any wedding I've ever done. Fourteen attendants on each side!
It was raining for our rehearsal so we rehearsed the night before inside. But the guys needed a little adjusting in their formation for everyone to see. So, I made a bold step and went over and helped them get into place.
 Gesturing to them to evenly space themselves. 
The fourteen bridesmaids and the flower girl processed in and took their places. Then Nicole was escorted in by her parents.
 The bride was presented, my question answered, then all the guests were seated. 
 Nicole and Chris turned and faced each other while our Maid of Honor, Lindsay, straightened Nicole's train.
This photo gives you an idea of how large this wedding party was! 
I began speaking but the sound was cutting in and out. Ben handed me a handheld mic but that did not work either. We do not know to this day why the sound cut out.
I then spoke as loudly as I could so the guests could hear me. I am sure the wedding party and at least the first row did. There is just no solution when this happens and I've learned to go with the flow.
And the ceremony continued with the story of how they met and fell in love. It is a good story with lots of humor. I love hearing all the laughter.
After telling their story and revealing to them what they had each told me in confidence they loved about their partner, it was time for the vows which they read to each other from my book. Brian went first.
 Then Nicole read her vows to Brian. 
 I wish I could remember what was so funny when Nicole said her vows but everyone cracked up! 
 And we continued........
 Then I called for the rings and explained their symbolism.
 Brian said his words to Nicole line by line after me as he placed the ring on her finger.
 Then Nicole put the ring on Brian's finger and said her words to him. 
 A closing blessing for our couple!
 I placed my hand on theirs and pronounced them husband and wife and invited Brian to kiss the bride! 
 Sealed with a kiss! 
 Our happy married couple! 
 The flash of the photographer's camera synced with Dave's camera and we got the full effect of the flash! 
Brian and Nicole! What a wonderful wedding despite the glitches. You rolled with the punches and had a wonderful memorable day that you will never forget! Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage! I wish you love and happiness forever!
Raleigh Wedding Blog
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Amber and Chris are such a well-matched couple and were such a joy to work with to create their wonderful wedding ceremony. Like many modern couples, they were matched up online just before Chris was ready to give up. They hit it off right away and soon became inseparable. He proposed and they spent two years planning their wedding. 
They chose Highgrove Estates in Fuqua-Varina as their wedding venue. The date was November 3rd, 2018. It was a beautiful day for a wedding!
Amanda with Highgrove was their wedding director and coordinated all the activities of the wedding day. Love working with Amanda. She is so organized!
I also love working with Vic who owns All Events DJ company. I got miked up and we did a sound check before the guests were seated.
 A peek inside the garden ballroom showed it was ready for the reception. Highgrove does their own catering and their food is delicious! 
A view from the fireplace looking out toward the terrace where the guests gather for cocktail hour after the ceremony.
The guests were seated now and our photographer Kathleen with Amelya Jayne Photography was in place for the processional. Meanwhile Amanda is getting us all lined up inside the house to process in.
I went in first and took my place followed by the parents and wedding party.
Then it was time for our beautiful bride. Flowers on Broad Street provided the gorgeous sunflower bouquets and the other florals for the wedding and wedding party.
Amber's dad, was "parked" at the bottom of the steps and joined Amber for the walk down the aisle. 
Everyone is standing in honor of the bride and her dad. 
So the bride was "presented" and the guests seated. And the ceremony began with a warm welcome to all followed by a prayer and a family blessing.
The fall colors are peeking through the lush greens of the trees on this side of the lake and also in the background on the other side of Lake Laurel.
I stepped out from behind the couple to address the guests and tell the story of how Chris and Amber met and their journey from that day to their wedding day.
Then it was time to reveal to each of them what their beloved had told me in confidence about what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage.
Amber takes a look at the guests who were laughing after I told Chris that Amber loves him (among many other things) for being such a smart ass, because she is too! 
Then it is time for the vows. 
They wrote their own vows which included some more humor! 
Time to exchange rings. 
They read their promises of marriage to each other from my book then put the rings on. 
After a closing blessing, I pronounced them married and invited Chris to kiss his bride!
Chris went in for the kiss! 
Amber and Chris, now married and so happy! 
After inviting the guests to exit to the terrace, I went inside to congratulate the couple and get a photo with them.
The wedding party and family were inside celebrating what a great wedding it was! 
Amber and Chris, congratulations! Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage. I loved working with you and wish you the best always!!
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