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Who says you can't mix dessert and milk tea? Definitely not me!

I know it sounds too good (and yummy) to be true, but at Serenitea, you definitely can. Whoever said you can't mix dessert and milk tea never had the pleasure of trying Serenitea's Cookie Brulee Series. It's their newest collection of deliciously indulgent beverages, inspired by the popular confection, Creme Brulee, and infused with everyone's favorite Choco Cookie treat. As for the taste of the two mixed together, I guess there’s something magical between the flavors that keeps me coming back for more. Seriously, mamsh! These drinks are meant to bring you back to a time when something delightful and sweet could make the world a little brighter. 

I ordered 3 out of 4 Serenitea Cookie Brulee drinks available, and set 'em out to learn something exciting and new. My husband (who took the photos) and little Yuan agreed to help.

So here's the convo with my kiddo:

Me: Yuan, you want to try this?
Yuan: Nope (pakipot lang)
Me: Look o! There's cookie crumble on top!
Yuan: Mmm.. Okay! I wanna try this! Annnnd this! And THIS!
Me: Ayan na syaaaa... :)

All for Yuan, Yuan for All!

Tbh, I love how these drinks turned an already delightful drink (the traditional milk tea) into a more delightful one! Oh, and in case you missed the poster, just ask their baristas for the Cookie Brulee Series when ordering as this is not part of the regular menu. Here's the list:

Cookie Brulee Milk Tea (P120 M / P135 L)
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea (P155 M / P170 L)
Cookie Brulee Matcha (P140 M / P155 L)
Cookie Supreme Matcha (P175 M / P195 L

The first drink I  tried was the Cookie Brulee Milk Tea. Their traditional Milk Tea just got so much better and I love the sweet and milky taste with a layer of  Choco Cookie custard! It gave a thick, velvety mouthfeel which I really like. Ordered this with 25% sugar because I'm not a huge fan of overly sweet drinks. Also, it goes perfectly well with the crispy savory fish and fries!

Next I tried  the Cookie Supreme  Milk Tea. Topped with a delicious crunchy choco cookie crumble with frost, and the perfect pinch of pearls and and creme brulee custard, this supreme-ish drink is an absolute must-try for milk tea lovers.  The verdict: The frost absolutely makes it better.

Finally, I tried the Cookie Supreme Matcha which is my fave! The Matcha is perfectly complemented by a layer of creamy and crunchy Choco Cookie custard then served with luscious chewy pearls sinker. Trust me, it's matcha-rap and has the authentic Matcha Latte goodness, like a good matcha milk tea should. Mapapakanta ka talaga ng Matcha Kasama Kita...

Here o! Looks yummy no? Well, you really can't tell just by looking at these photos, so why not head on to a Serenitea store near you?  I strongly encourage trying it now, because why not? Also, check out these giveaways that might finally convince you to try soon, if not today. 

Get a chance to win Php 1,500.00 worth of Serenitea GCs. Click this link for more deets: https://www.facebook.com/iloveserenitea/posts/10156304034312592 Contest ends, June 30, 11:59 PM. Winners will be announced on July 01, 2019.

Also, I'm giving away a Serenitea gift pack:  Serenitea tumbler worth Php800 that can keep your drink cold for 12 hours, and metal straw set worth Php250! To join, simply follow me @rockstarmomma.official and @iloveserenitea on Instagram then repost this IG post with the hashtags #RockstarmommaxSerenitea #SereniteaPH . Tag 3 friends in the IG comments section. That's it! Will announce the winner on July 8th.

Thanks to Serenitea, the most passionate champion of the environment, for encouraging all milk tea lovers to use metal straws and reusable containers. This is a small step to lessen the unnecessary use of plastics.

So, what are you waiting for? Join na and enjoy the incredible taste of the new Cookie Brulee Series. You'll be glad you did. Visit their website at http://www.iloveserenitea.com for a complete list of stores.
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Shopping for quality, reliable and affordable school shoes? Maliit na bagay. It's a piece of cake and so easy that you will barely have to think about it. NOT! I know it sounds simple, but it’s not.

As a mom, I'm always in the hunt for the best school shoes that is budget-friendly. My kids need and deserve only the best footwear to keep them healthy, happy and of course, comfortable! I believe comfort and practicality are the most important things to consider when shopping for school shoes! It’s so hard to find shoes that do their job in protecting our little ones’ feet and are stylish. The struggle is real, BUT don't fret!

Easy Soft to the rescue!

Thankfully, World Balance has a sub-brand that covers both the practical and aesthetic elements of kids' school shoes shopping. Easy Soft school shoes has Memory Foam insole for a more comfortable and active movement! It is made with Vicrotech material that is made from a plastic base, that is guaranteed to be durable, flexible, waterproof, and shock absorbing. Perfect for everyday use!

Best part? It's super affordable and available in-stores and online for only P499.75, with EU sizes 30 to 35.

Thanks to Easy Soft! My kids are ready for the new school year, and I hope your kids are too. If you haven't gotten a pair or two, then here are a few tips that can help you on how to choose the best pair:
  • Buy the best school shoes your budget can afford. The best and most affordable school shoes that you can find, momsh!
But wait, is there really such a thing? Hmm..  Yassss! Akala mo lang wala, pero meron! Meron! :)

I used to clear of super cheap footwear because I’ve always been told (by my mom, of course) that I should buy expensive shoes for them to last. But the truth is the last three pairs of expensive shoes I bought for my daughter have all fallen apart as quickly as the cheaper ones that are less than half the price. I dread to think how much I have spent to get a good pair of shoes and they are never less than Php1000 a pair.

So, I'm really amazed by the fact that a pair of Easy Soft shoes costs P499.75 only. Compared to the price of other brands, I’d say they are more affordable and twice as cool. And that, my friend, is how you balance getting the best shoes for your child while not ruining your back-to-school budget.
  • Buy a size bigger. Half or one size up will do.
Children grow fast and their feet are still growing, so make sure their shoes have an allowance. Shoes that are too tight or loose can cause pain, discomfort and blisters.
  • Buy shoes at the end of the day.
It's best to go during late afternoon, as children's feet get a little more swollen by the end of the day. That way, you'll get shoes fitted when your kid's feet are at their biggest.

  •  Choose shoes that are Kid-Approved. Something your kid will love and be proud to wear. 
Children want to look good especially on their first day of school. That is why Easy Soft adds fun to their new collection of basic black and fashionable school shoes that can make every student stand out. Plus, aside from looking cute and stylish, it's important to note that the durability. They will be using these shoes for the rest of the year so it has to be comfortable and durable.

These shoes look as good as the first day my daughter put them on. She absolutely loves them, and says she can run and jump in them and still comfortable wearing them in the classroom all day too.  I checked the material and I bet this pair of shoes will last for more than a year and hopefully, she will be able to pass it to her younger cousins. Oh, and if your daughter is the type whose shoes are prone to slipping off, opt for strapped shoes such as these cute Mary Janes.

  • Buy shoes that are Kid-tested. Take your kids with you when shopping, and get them to try the shoes on WITH socks before buying them. Get them to walk around and try them on to make sure their pair fits properly.

  • It's super important to look after little one’s feet and get them properly measured. Because, why take chances on something so precious? Kawawa naman sila if they get sore feet. They are doing a lot more than you or I would in a normal day and their shoe needs to support that. So don’t just take a few steps and decide. Make them walk, run, skip, jump, kick, to test the shoes for fit, support and comfort.

    • Check your kid's school requirements or uniform policies on what school shoes to wear.
    Some schools may have specific requirements when it comes to P.E. shoes, while some are not strict when it comes to color and style. Good thing Easy Soft has so many styles and designs that you can choose from.

    • Buy waterproof school shoes because the rainy days are here!
    It’s so stressful when the kids’ shoes get wet in the rain because they can get really grumpy! So it’s good to have waterproof shoes to keep their feet warm and dry.

    • Lastly, save yourself the struggle, take out all the stress, and go straight to the store (ahem! World Balance! Ahem!) where you can find quality and affordable shoes. This will definitely help you save time and money on buying school shoes with their huge range of Back to School footwear.

    So there you have it! Hope this helps when it comes to picking out the right footwear for your kids. So, yeah... I'm not saying that you should visit the nearest World Balance store now, but parang ganon na nga, mamsh. :)

    Make your little tots #SchoolYearReady with Easy Soft school shoes. Check out the new School Collection and its wide array of styles in-stores and online.

    LAZADA: https://bit.ly/2scPigV
    ZALORA: https://bit.ly/2BXTpx7
    SHOPEE: https://bit.ly/2mAgxfO

    Click on the link to find a World Balance store near you: https://goo.gl/JMliMQ

    But wait, there's more...

    I'm giving away Php5,000 worth of Easy Soft shoes from World Balance! One winner from Facebook and 1 winner from Instagram!

    Treat your kiddo to a great pair of shoes by following these steps:

    1. Follow @rockstarmomma.official @estraclothing and @worldbalanceph on Instagram.
    2. Like Rockstarmomma https://www.facebook.com/r0ckstarmomma/
    Estra Clothing https://www.facebook.com/estraclothing/
    and Easy Soft https://www.facebook.com/easysoftshoes/  on Facebook.
    3. Like and repost this photo with hashtags #SchoolYearReady #RockstarmommaxEasySoft
    4. Comment why you like to win, and tag 3 friends in the comments section.
    5. Leave a comment on below.

    That's it! FOLLOW ALL the steps & PLEASE comment only "once" to make your entry valid. Deadline of entries is on July 13, 11pm. The brand will choose the winners and will announce them on Facebook on July 14. Good luck!

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    So, what’s happening this weekend?

    The Philippines will once again be in the global maker map as The Mind Museum organizes the Manila Mini Maker Faire for the 3rd year. Best part? This is a FREE event for the public. So don't forget to save the date!

    When: June 22-23, 2019
    Where: The Mind Museum Canopy Plaza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

    A Maker Faire is “a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. It’s a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is often invisible in our communities, taking place in shops, garages and on kitchen tables. Maker Faire makes visible these projects and ideas that we don’t encounter every day.” 

    The Manila Mini Maker Faire 2019 will have over 150 Makers from all over the Philippines, including Visayas and Mindanao, as well as from around Asia. This year, projects will highlight environmentally sustainable projects but will also include so much more. Some of these include solar-powered waste collectors, motorcycles retrofitted with electric engines, and products fashioned out of ocean plastic!

    What can you expect from the Manila Mini Maker Faire?

    ● Meet over 150 Makers from all over the Philippines, including Visayas and Mindanao as well as from around Asia.
    ● Expect a good mix of science, tech, craft, and art Maker categories, from groups who make drones,
    upcycled furniture, electronic beat boxes, paper crafts, robots, 3D printed projects, and more.
    ● This year’s Faire highlights environmentally sustainable projects such as solar-powered waste collectors, motorcycles retrofitted with electric engines, products fashioned out of ocean plastic, and so much more!
    ● Attendees can also sign up for a variety of free and ticketed workshops such as Bokashi mudball making, robotics, paper engineering, 3D design, eco art organic painting, and more.

    This year’s MMMF also aims to establish a stronger maker community through networking and collaboration with makers from different parts of the country. There will be a Maker’s Networking Night to give an extraordinary chance for participants to interact with their fellow makers.

    The Manila Mini Maker Faire and the Maker are the perfect melting pot of science, engineering, art, performance, entrepreneurship, and craft. These fields aren’t limited to the experts and specialists, but to children and indigenous people as well! A large number of our makers are students, mothers, indigenous communities, and all sorts of people of different backgrounds and walks of life. Basing innovation around local communities ensures real-world problems are solved and addressed.

    The Manila Mini Maker Faire is co-presented by 3M Philippines, and supported by Norde International Distributors, Eastern Telecommunications Philippines, Inc., FLUOR Philippines, Karatula Marketing and PCBWay.  For more info, visit: http://manila.makerfaire.com/

    Official Social Media Pages:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makerfairemanila/
    Instagram: @makerfairemanila
    Twitter: @makerfaireMNL
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    Yesterday, I found my old  PT license I.D from 16 years ago. Yes, 16 po. I feel so old. :)

    It's been 10 years since I've stopped working as a physical therapist. Since becoming a mother, I have had the pleasure of being a stay at home mom, working part time mom (work from home as a freelance writer/medical indexer/medical transcriptionist/virtual assistant) and working full time mom. And this is what working 48 hours looks like.

    No more stress and hassle from the heavy traffic when going to work. Best part? I have no BOSS... except for my BOSS baby! Unfortunately, I don't get an awful lot done when he's in his demanding and "bossy" mode.

    Some days that means working on a project or editing a video at 2am, in bed with my sleeping toddler in one arm as I type with the other. That's how much I love my job as a mom and my kids who are the most important parts of my entire "mom life" and I don't want to miss a second of it.

    I remember earlier this year someone asked me about my "job" and why I'm not working and wasting my education. That was when I felt degraded. Triggered ako, momsh, because she's a mom too! Why? Because no one has the right to judge another mother.

    Because being a mom is a serious business. This is why I don't like the term “working mom” because every mom, whether they are working inside or outside of the home, is works pretty damn hard for their family.

    Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean I'm lazy or wasting my education, and being a mom who works outside the home doesn’t mean that their children aren’t their priority.  Nope, I DO NOT (all caps para intense) just stay home with my kids while I lounge in the living room or in bed on Facebook or whatever.  I'm working from home but I don’t feel like I'm a better person who work harder than those who work in the office, nor do I feel like they work harder than me!

    No one asks a SAHM, “Why did you study for 5 years if you don’t plan on practicing it?” And no one asks a working mom, “Why did you have children if you don’t plan on staying at home with them?”

    Well, that's because YOU get to decide how you're going to live your life. And guess what? This is how I decided to live mine and I don't feel like I'm wasting my life, education, or talents at all. It took me a while to work this all out, but in the end, I'm happy where I am.

    So, to moms who stay at home and moms who work outside the home… you are all doing wonderful and doing important work. Stop the judging and mind your own business aka motherhood.

    Now that my kids are getting older, I'm constantly wondering where my money went, and I want to secure the future financial needs of my kids. I'm glad a friend introduced me to online stock trading and it feels like a natural and great investment. I realized that it's better nga naman to invest in stocks than nasa savings account lang ang extra money ko. It's better to spend money building assets than buying things that don't matter. That's what they call Passive income. Stocks investing is a form of passive income, and it's a habit you can easily integrate in your busy lifestyle.

    So, why not grow your hard-earned money in one of the fastest, most accessible & secure way while balancing your day job, side hustles and social life?

    Investing in Stocks is one of the FASTEST, MOST ACCESSIBLE ways to grow your money and beat inflation.

    I attended 2TradeAsia's Seminar led by some of the smartest traders/investors and they shared a few tips for newbies like me on how I can figure out what stocks to buy, when to buy, etc. Just the basics of Online Stock Trading which is also a great overview of the things I need to know before I invest in stocks. Here’s what I learned from the seminar:
    • Trade whenever, wherever with a super simple and user-friendly platform.  
    I used to work in a call center before and I was so used to working a corporate schedule and was stuck in the mindset that in order to do this whole "business" or trade-ish thing, you had to work like 100 hours per week forever. And tbh, it didn’t seem like financial freedom to me.

    Thankfully, there's 2TradeAsia, the first online trading company in the Philippines. It just takes a few minutes of your time each day for you to trade stocks using your phone with 2TradeAsia's mobile app that is available for download in both Android and iOS.

    What I really like about their app is that it is super easy to navigate, and you can see everything in one go. Loaded with features that will surely suit your on-the-go trading needs, you can trade, view your portfolio, check charts and a whole lot more.

    The best thing about online stock trading is the freedom to work almost anywhere at your own pace. Maybe no one will pay you to travel. But you can certainly work and earn money while you travel! You just take your laptop and keep moving.  Because of online trading via 2Trade Asia, you can trade whenever and wherever and you have the ability to invest at the tip of you finger tips.

    Incorporated in early 2000, 2TradeAsia.com is a pioneer in online stock trading with a mission to develop an innovative and efficient online investment solution in the country.  It's true that Stocks Investing demands responsibility, but it shouldn’t have to be difficult.

    2TradeAsia is an investment platform with innovative trading features and provides the following online services:

    - Internet-based stock market trading
    - Real-time ticker and quotes
    - Philippine and international news, relevant & up-to-date research
    - Daily, weekly and quarterly market commentary and outlook
    - Corporate features
    - Portfolio and account management reasoning causes many people to shy away from the stock market
    - Daily snapcharts or chart analysis reports.

    You can also check what stocks are the most active, top gainers and worst losers. There's also a LIST of Top 100 Stockholders.
    • Stock investing is not as hard or complicated as what most people think it is. 
    Investing in stocks simply means you're buying ownership in companies listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Once a part-owner, you are entitled to:

    Vote in shareholder meetings
    Receive a portion of the company's earnings, called Dividends
    Sell your shares to somebody else at a higher price, called Capital Gains

    2TradeAsia has made stock investing easier. To give you a better idea of how it works, 2TradeAsia is a lot like a middle man that allows you to have access to buy all the 270+ stocks in the PSE. It's an online platform that gives you all the right tools that you need, so you can actually start investing online. Best part? It allows common people to buy shares from big companies. By investing in stocks, you buy a share of a company thereby making yourself a partner with the owners of the businesses.
    • The stock market is not just for the rich.  
    Yep. You do not need millions of pesos for you to be able to start investing in the stock market. That's one of the biggest misconceptions about stock investing. You can start small, with as low as Php5,000 as initial investment.
    • Trading and investing on stock market does not equate to gambling. 
    Some people say investing on the stock market is gambling, that is why many people tend to shy away from it. But it's not gambling. Investing in stocks should not be confused with gambling's zero-sum game. When it comes to stocks investing, it's a win-win because you get to choose which companies to invest in, and those that are really making money in a sustainable way.
    • The stock market is not just for the analysts and experts. 
    You don’t have to be the smartest or the quickest to make money work for you. I thought it's something that's super hard to understand, especially when I'm looking at the mind-boggling charts, but it's actually simple. You' learn along the way. Attending seminars about trading and investing helps too, because that's how you learn and remember, a little knowledge is better than none. If you really want to invest in Stock market, you have to study, do a research, and check if the company has increasing growth and if it can actually make more money in the future.

    There's a doubt because we think it's risky. It's partly true, but with proper education and guidance, you get to minimize that risk! It's not risky when you have a knowledge or clear understanding of what you are doing with your money. That’s why at 2TradeAsia, they provide you with the platform, research, and simple strategies that YOU CAN use to minimize the risks and create wealth.⠀

     2TradeAsia offers FREE beginner-friendly seminar to get you started with stocks investing. They teach simpler ways on how to analyze the market. They give a quick reference on what companies are good and growing, or what stocks are heavily connected to the economy. 

    To be a stock market trader or investor, you need the following:

    1. Knowledge of company you put your money to.
    2. Knowledge in stock market, reading charts (technical analysis) Read a lot about Buffet (not  the food, Buffet is one of the most successful investors of all time)
    3. Money, of course! Just remember this: always invest money you are ready to lose. Secure an emergency fund.
    4. Internet connection
    5. Mobile / laptop
    6. An online platform/broker accredited by PSE, where you can buy/sell shares of companies.

    To open a stock market online account: https://www.2tradeasia.com/ or book your seminar now by messaging them on IG @2tradeasia or Facebook.
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    What do these guys have in common?

    Good looks, yes. But also, big heart. ♥️

    And because Father's Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share a few words for all the hardworking and amazing DADs in my life. ♥️ It's a thank you really.

    Thank you, Daddy Benj. We've done a lot of things together with our kids, but nowhere has there been more learning, living and growing than when they're with you. And while there's tears from time to time, there are smiles and laughter more of the others. I've watched you as a dad to Maia and Yuan, and I'm so proud to see how you've tried and learned to be a better one.

    Because like photography, no one moment in time is ever the same. And you, as a photographer, have captured every moment in our life. The best work that you do is that you capture the right moment at the right time, just like when you make the right choice at the right time. And if you get it wrong, you just try and try again because progress, not perfection, is how you teach our kids to achieve their dreams.

    Also, thank you because I can sleep in until 9am on most days (I work on my backlogs/deadlines until 2am) Sometimes you're masungit and may topak (insert evil laugh nyahahaha) but I'm grateful and amazed of all you can do even with the lack of sleep from our toddler. hehe (More pogi points pala for daddy because he brings me coffee in bed, gets up early every single morning to take Maia to school, all the while continuing to run our business flawlessly. Iba din. Nakakaproud.)

    To my Papa Ben Hill aka "Kano" and my father-in-law, Dad Estrañero Jun Dolormente, thank you for being the kind of lasting example our Daddy Benj wants to be to his kids now, and for teaching him how to be a better man and a better father. ♥️

    And to all the DADS, stepdads, foster dads, grandpas, dads-to-be, dad figures... all the great DADS out there, remember that what you are doing is of huge significance and you're making a difference in someone's life. Your influence as a "father" can never be underestimated! You may not see it now but that is remarkable. So, thank you.

    Wishing all DADS an amazing day, and I pray you feel honored and loved not just just today but everyday, because you deserve all the best things in the world! ♥️

    Speaking of best, dads deserve the best pizza, yes?

    Yasss! This Father’s Day, it’s time to get extra cheesy for dad with Yellow Cab's Father's Day Bundle that comes with a FREE #4 Cheese Pizza! Glad to have first dibs on this tasty deal. We really enjoyed the gooey cheesy madness of #4 Cheese pizza that goes perfectly with hickory BBQ Chicken Pizza, savory Charlie Chan Pasta, and fiery Hot Chix Chicken Poppers!

    Buy the 10” BBQ Chicken Pizza, large Charlie Chan, large Hot Chix Chicken Poppers for P999 and get the 10” #4 Cheese pizza for free! It's so worth it talaga!

    Available for dine-in, take-out, delivery & curbside pick-up. Promo period is from June 12 -16, 2019 only.

    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get extra cheesy for dad, and don't forget to order ha. The earlier, the better.. Lagi kasi nasa huli ang pag-che-cheesy. Yellow Cab now. Order Online at delivery.yellowcabpizza.com.
    Happy Father's Day to all the poging dads in the world!
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    “It is not selfish to take care of yourself!”

    Being a mom is hard work. Whether you are a stay-at-home or a working mom, having to juggle multiple responsibilities and knowing that your offspring’s life highly depends on you can absolutely be dreary. Most of the time, moms need to make personal adjustments too just to cope with such situation. Once you become a mom, you tend to put your little one’s needs first before yours. And that’s where it gets a little too overwhelming.

    But when you stop caring for yourself, your ability to care for your child will also be affected. “I am a mom of four and as far as I remember, I spent most of my adulthood caring for my children,” shares Tina, a 43-year-old mom. “I start my day at 5:00am, fixing my kids’ baon and preparing them for school. Once they leave the house, I go on with my usual routine- clean the house, do the laundry, check their assignments, prepare dinner, wash the dishes and then put them to bed. Sometimes my husband jokes that I don’t time for him anymore as I am too focused on being a good mom! But funnily though, that is true. We don’t get to spend quality time anymore,” she quips. “Don’t get me wrong but I love being a mom because it is really fulfilling. It’s just that by being too focused on being a good mom, I have neglected other important things as well” she added.

    Rose, a 45-year-old working mom of 3, shares the same dilemma as Tina. “I think have mastered the art of juggling!” she jokes. “But on a serious note, nothing feels more awful than the mom guilt. When I am at work, I keep on saying to myself that I am doing so good at my job but am I being a great mom as well? Sure, my husband and I can provide all of our kids’ needs but is that enough? Do my kids know I love them? Do I spend enough quality time with them? Am I giving them attention? The pressure of being a good mom is just too much that I forget to look after myself too. I am too busy working and caring for my children that I had to put my needs aside. And honestly, that doesn’t feel ok,” she says.

    “I began contemplating and realized that with all the years that I have dedicated as a mom, it’s about time to think of myself now. With all the myriad of responsibilities that I have juggled and successfully carried out; I feel empowered. So empowered that I am ready to choose what’s best for me, aside from being a mom, of course” Tina says.

    “It is not selfish to take care of yourself!” affirms Tina. “That’s why I made a choice to try something new that I know would make me feel better about myself. After all, I know I truly deserve this.” Rose adds, “I totally agree with Tina! You can’t be a good mom if you don’t do yourself good. After providing the needs of my children, it’s about time that I give importance to myself too. It’s time to work on my best self ever because I deserve it!”

    For Tina and Rose, trying SvelT’i’s Femilift has given them a brand-new confidence in themselves. Femilift is a laser treatment that is 100% safe, and is being used globally. It is non-invasive and it only takes 30 minutes for the procedure to be done. This is for women who want to have improvement on stress urinary incontinence. It also enhances lubrication because when women age, they experience dryness and it becomes painful during sexual intercourse. For others, it is for tightening because during normal delivery in childbirth, the vagina never comes back to its pre-pregnant state. While for other women, it is for better sexual pleasure.

    “Now, I feel much better about myself and so does my husband! Thanks to SvelT’i, treatments are now available for women who are facing the same condition as mine and help them restore their confidence,” shares Tina. “Now that I feel better about myself, there is no amount of work or mommy responsibilities that I can’t do. I know that I am in my best self ever and I know I’ve got this!” muses Rose.

    Mother’s Day is only celebrated once a year but with all the hard work our moms do every day, they deserve a whole year of appreciation and gratification. Visit SvelT’i now and give your moms a treat they deserve!

    To know more about Femilift, head on now to SvelT’i or call (02)332-7546 / 0918-878-3584 or you may log on to their website, www.svelti.com.ph or follow their social media pages, FB: SvelT i and IG: @svelti_ph.
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    I am always styling my hair, and yes, I also color my hair every 8 weeks. Well, that's because I have silver strands and the reason may be partly in my genes, but of course, I can't blame my parents for that. Gray hair is a natural part of aging (Ouch! It hurts!)  and even if going gray is NOT in my genes, there's STRESS that can make hair turn gray faster and earlier.

    So let me just stress on the word "STRESS" because coloring treatments can damage your really expensive, beautiful hair, leaving it dry and dull. And that makes it even more stressful! Women with color-treated and heat-styled hair (like me!) are in need of a solution to keep their ultimately vibrant, allowing them to stand out with confidence. It's important to look for a product designed specifically to be “color safe” or for colored or chemically-treated hair.

    The one product you will want to reach for?

    The new Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive! It's the latest innovation from Cream Silk that is perfect for modern Filipinas who love to color their hair. Its Triple Complex is an advanced formula with Keratin Relaxers to tame rebellious frizz, Keratin Serum to revive chemically-treated strands, and Keratin Essence to restore extreme dullness. Combining the benefits of three keratin products in one sulfate-free conditioner, it allows  hair color to stay on for longer, by replenishing nutrients lost from coloring – ultimately leaving your locks soft and vibrant.

    Ms. Pia Wurtzbach graced the event as the face of Cream Silk's newest product. She encouraged Filipinas to embrace their hair color and bring out their ultimate vibrance.

    Cream Silk staged the Vibrance Studio, a content hub featuring four immersive rooms themed after the most well-loved hair colors of Filipinas. Painted with soft champagnes and amber tones, the Blonde Room featured a prosecco bar, where guest could enjoy a glass before going around the whole Vibrance Studio.

    The Red Room was all about making a bold statement with chic fashionable pieces, while the Brown Room was a nail lounge, where guest add pops of color to their nails to complete their looks.

    Lastly, the Multitone Room, featured shades of iridescent and shinny tinsels to create an ombre effect, served as a powder room where guests leveled up their glam. At every station, guests were able to express themselves and stand out in whatever hair color they were sporting.

    “Today’s modern Filipina is all about self-expression and believes that hair color is a platform to do just that. With this in mind, Cream Silk developed its latest innovation suited for color-loving Filipinas. We are determined to empower Modern Filipinas by making sure that in any hair color and on any stage, they can stay at their ultimate vibrance’, says Carlos Corrales, Cream Silk Philippines’ Senior Brand Manager.

    With Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive, you can stand out in any hair color on any stage, and bring out your ultimate vibrance.

    The new Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive is available in all leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide for P5 for 10ml, P149 for 170ml and P250 for 340ml.

    For more information, visit www.facebook.com/creamsilkph/.

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    A toddler, just like my baby boy Yuan, is the equivalent of a Twister (the movie) – sudden and sometimes fierce, unable to sit still for even a second. Kaloka, di ba? Can't believe my little baby Yuan is now on full toddler mode.

    Life is a bit more challenging now that my little tot is always on the move. One minute he is enjoying his snacks in a playground, the next he's whimpering, whining, and then running around and playing in the dirt. All that running means that a toddler's skin is now exposed to new irritants which is why they need thorough cleaning. It's easy for us moms to use regular bar soap but their skin is still too sensitive to withstand products that are made for adults. What they need is a product that effectively cleanses, but is still gentle enough for toddlers’ delicate skin.

    Thankfully, choosing the right soap for our toddlers is easier now because Cetaphil extended their Cetaphil Baby range with the recent launch of the new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar. I use it with other products such as the Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion to form the perfect skincare routine for my toddler.

    The whimsical playroom-themed venue at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel served as a fun haven for toddlers as the moms joined the program hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart. Renowned dermatologist and blooming mom-to-be Dr. Mara Padilla Evangelista-Huber shared her expertise, discussing pediatric skincare and sharing how to give the healthy start that toddler skin deserves.

    Celebrity moms Mariel Padilla and Andi Manzano-Reyes also shared the challenges of raising toddlers, as the audience fawned at the adorable Isabella Padilla and Olivia Reyes in attendance. Both babies use Cetaphil Baby products in their bath time regimen—the new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar lets them enjoy the same gentle cleansing in a bath bar format for toddlers.

    Also in attendance were editors Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Georgia del Rosario, actress Helga Krapf, author Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza, designer Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles, entrepreneur Rene Rose Rodrigo, photographer Sheila Catilo, and many of society’s career moms and their babies.

    “Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar is our way of growing with the babies who started with our signature brand of gentle cleansing,” says Abe Mationg, Brand Manager of Cetaphil Baby. “We want to give every toddler the right foundation for a healthy skin to ensure that it is protected, now and in the future.”

    After all the skin talk, the moms, together with their kids, enjoyed the rest of their night and treated themselves to sumptuous food and delightful conversations with other mothers. The moms also bonded over their common stories, exchanging mommy tips throughout the night’s affair. 

    The event also became an impromptu play date for all the youngsters present for the launch, hanging out by the play areas with the new set of friends they made by the end of the night.

    The night ended on a high for the mommies and their kids, taking home with them the new Cetaphil Baby Gentle Cleansing Bar and a lot of new knowledge about taking care of their toddler’s skin.

    To learn more, follow @CetaphilPhilippines on Facebook and @CetaphilBabyPH on Instagram.

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    Yasss! Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo is Shopee’s new Brand Ambassador!

    So lucky to be invited to Shopee x POP Studio PH's launch last May 31, 2019, at New Frontier Theater!  Super enjoyed the concert and unveiling for Shopee's new TV commercial for the biggest 6.6 - 7.7 SALE. Shopee also welcomed Sarah Geronimo as the newest brand ambassador and launched her makeup line.

    I enjoyed all the amazing performances by artists Marion Aunor, After 5, J-Queens, Nitro, Janine Tenoso, and others. See more photos on my Facebook page HERE.

    Annnnd I've got good news for y'all!

    Here's a special discount code on my blog so you can get Php 150 OFF if you want to buy products from Sarah G's make-up line:  SHPOP150

    *Php 100 off for minimum spend of Php 300, sitewide. Til June 7. In app. For first 1000 users.

    Also, Shopee announced the Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Lowest Price Sale, happening from June 3 to July 7.

    On June 1, Filipinos can stay tuned for the first-ever television commercial of Shopee with Sarah Geronimo.

    Martin Yu, Associate Director, Shopee Philippines, said, “We are very happy with how Shopee performed in 2019 and to ramp up our efforts, we are following this up with a big campaign featuring our new brand ambassador, Sarah Geronimo. We believe that Sarah’s approachable and bubbly personality is a perfect representation of the Shopee brand and we are thrilled to have her become part of the family. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Lowest Price Sale.”

    Happening from June 3 to July 7, the Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Lowest Price Sale promises five weeks of unbeatable deals with up to 90% off from leading brands including P&G Hair, Huawei, Colourette, Colgate, Silverworks, Maybelline, Unilever Personal Care, Watsons, and Olay. Users can enjoy free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend on selected brands or categories daily as well as one million Lowest Price Deals, daily 100% cashback vouchers, and ₱1 Deals.

    Bigger and better surprises in store for users

    Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Lowest Price Sale will feature 35 days of themed promotions happening from June 3 to July 7.

    Key highlights include:

    Category days such as TV, Audio, & Gaming Sale on June 28
    Mobile Sale on June 30
    Korean Skincare Sale on July 4

    Mechanic days including:

    Vouchers Sale on June 3, featuring seller, category, and sitewide vouchers up for grab
    Free Shipping Sale on June 4, featuring free shipping with ₱0 min spend across the platform
    Flash Sale on June 12, with an upsized Flash session happening 10 times across 24 hours.
    Super Brand Days from June 17 to June 21 featuring leading brands across categories including Huawei, Maybelline, Hanford, Unilever Homecare, and Unilever Personal Care.
    Exclusive deals from partners including BDO, Cebu Pacific, and the official store launch of iWant.
    For more information on the Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Lowest Price Sale, please visit https://shopee.ph/m/double-double.

    Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.
    Visit https://shopee.ph for more information.
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    Schools' back! Kids look forward to new school supplies, seeing their school friends, and fun new activities in class. While it means that their happy days of summer vacation are over, nothing beats reuniting with their old playmates and making new friends during back-to-school season.

    For the parents, it’s time to get busy again getting your children new school supplies, ironing their uniforms, and going grocery shopping each weekend for their baon. Although that might seem like a lot of work, there’s no need to fret as you may just find your kids’ newest BFF during recess. With Jack ‘n Jill’s assortment of cakes and biscuits, there’s never a dull moment for your little ones on any day of the school week. Here's a list of my kids' Top Baon Favorites Forever:

    • Magic Chips

    Get rid of the summer blues and have your kids welcome the school year with excitement through a pack of Magic Chips. This savory and crunchy baked treat has the power to transform any ordinary Monday morning into something magical and is the perfect baon to jumpstart the school year.

    • Quake Overload

    Back-to-back classes can get really tiring for the kids. However, you can instantly lift up their spirits by turning every day into a celebration of achievements - both big and small. With Quake Overload Mocha Butter’s layers of delicious butter cake, delectable mocha filling, and yummy chocolate drizzle, your kids will have the energy to go forth and conquer any challenge.

    •  Dewberry

    Hard work must always be paid off with a delicious treat. Reward your kids with this extra indulgent cream-filled cookie sandwich whenever they finish their homework early or make their own beds. Remember, it’s the little things that count. You can switch things up and surprise them by packing different flavors of Dewberry in their lunch box. They deserve it!

    • Presto Creams

    School isn’t just about learning new things. It’s also about starting new friendships and creating memorable experiences. Teach your children the value of sharing by putting an extra pack of Presto in their bags.  Since these well-loved yummy, peanut butter cream-filled cookies are best enjoyed with a buddy, your kids will easily be making new friends in no time!

    • Jack ‘n Jill Knots

    Arts and crafts is one of the best ways to bring out your child’s creative skills and resourcefulness. Inspire them to explore beyond their imagination and create their own adventures with Jack ‘n Jill Knots. These crunchy sweet-coated pretzels come in cute shapes and assorted flavors, making them the perfect snack partner to get those creative juices flowing.

    • Fun Fridays with the chocolatey Cream-O

    End the school week on a high note by treating your kids (and yourself!) to the luscious chocolate cookie sandwiches of Cream-O! A week’s worth of work and activities is enough excuse to indulge all your sweet tooth cravings. Just a bite into this biscuit will fill your Fridays with good vibes and make you and your children’s choco-loving hearts skip a beat!

    • Wafrets
    Weekends are made for spending time and hanging out with family and friends. Whether it’s in your plans to binge-watch favorite family flicks or play board games with your kids, it’s always a good idea to pair these family activities with Wafrets snacks. This winning combination of crunchy wafers and delicious cream filling will definitely make family time incredibly more enjoyable.
    Make every day of the week extra fun for your kids with Jack ‘n Jill’s biscuits and cakes. With its new My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever) Bundle, you can take your pick from the variety of baon combinations available. Get them at your nearest Puregold, Robinsons, Shopwise, Waltermart, Gaisano Grand, and NCCC branches nationwide starting this June.
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