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Ah yes, the quintessential standard ponytail. A classic ponytail seems to be in every Millenials repertoire ready to save the day when it gets hot, when you’re working out or just because you need your hair out of your face to focus. A gorgeous, full ponytail is STUNNING on a night out and now you can rock the ponytail you see on the red carpet with our gorgeous Invisi-Ponytail Extension.

A Glam Seamless ponytail extension turns your everyday ponytail into a lavish, thick ponytail that even Ariana Grande would be jealous of! Our clip-in ponytail extension upgrades your very own ponytail adding length, density, and volume all in one quick extension. You can get a dazzling red carpet worthy ponytail without any heat, absolutely no tools and all without setting foot in a salon! 

So what is it?

The Glam Seamless Invisi-Ponytail is a wrap around ponytail extension that also includes a velcro finishing piece. The construction of the extension makes it so there is one cohesive weft with a comb attached that is inserted into the middle of your own ponytail. You then take the extra finishing piece (with velcro!) and wrap it around and then you're done! 

How do you install?

Follow along with our video tutorial! 

Glam Seamless Invisi-Ponytail - Vimeo

You start by pulling your own hair into a ponytail first. Make sure your ponytail is nice and sleek by using a boar bristle brush and using a medium to firm hold hairspray. If you have baby hairs that need to be styled, it is best to use a lightweight pomade instead of gel as the gel can leave a residue once dried. Once your ponytail is just the way you want it you are ready to install your ponytail extension.

You slide the comb into the middle of your own ponytail. If you feel that you need extra support use a bobby pin or two. Then you take the finisher piece and wrap it around the extension and your own ponytail. You can secure the finisher piece with additional bobby pins. Voila! You are ready to paint the town red!

Help! How can I pick my color!?

Color matching is always the first step when choosing extensions! With the right color your extensions will be seamless. If you have multicolor hair we do carry ponytails with balayages and highlights! Make sure to match the ponytail color to your root! 

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions are made on our own color scale and if you want the most accurate color match possible its best to match to a real swatch. You can borrow our

color ring and get a sample swatch of all our solid colors. Once you know what color suits you the best you can send it back and get a store credit to use towards your extensions! If you’re only stuck between a few colors and you know you can't wait for your store credit - check out our 2 piece sample swatch! These are real human hair swatches that you can see in person to match to your own hair. 

If you feel that maybe you would feel better with a second pair of eyes check out our Salon Directory where all certified Glam Seamless stylists are listed. Glam Seamless certified stylists have received their color ring and would love to help you out. 

Love your ponytail? Make sure it lasts as long as possible!

Ponytail extensions need to be maintained just as you would your own hair. While you are wearing your pony throughout the day there will be multiple factors that will affect your extension and it is best to make sure you do everything you can to prevent issues from arising.

We love that you wear your pony everywhere you go! Your hair rests against your clothes, gets caught in your bag strap, is subject to sudden gusts of wind and dances with you! With all that being said, life throws a lot of friction on your ponytail and if you want to keep it looking as snatched as it did on day 1 make sure you brush it. It's best to brush it right before you install and as soon as you remove it. In order to prevent this from becoming a constant issue, it is best to use a leave in treatment on the extensions. The leave-in treatment helps keep the hair hydrated and healthy preventing brittle ends and breakage and overall helping to maintain the manageability of your hair. 

The best practice with hair extensions to deeply hydrate the hair on a weekly basis. Hair damage happens at the molecular level and once it's damaged its nearly impossible to mend it - as such everyone should take as much preventative care as possible. Your own scalp provides a natural oil to your hair that serves as a way to moisturize the hair and seal the moisture into your strands. As extensions are not attached to your scalp they don’t benefit from this and require a weekly outside source of moisture. We have a phenomenal argan oil treatment that would work wonders! 

When using extensions it is always recommended to use a heat protectant to make sure that when you’re styling or even going outside that the hair is preserved from heat and the sun. Extensions can be affected by UV rays which will cause the hair to fade from sun exposure as well as dry out the strands. Remember that the extra sun, sea and pool water from summertime fun can accelerate hair damage and it's important to protect against these seasonal factors as well. A weekly hair mask or an oil treatment will work best to keep the hair hydrated and smooth. Please make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly after these treatments so that there is no residue to make the hair feel heavy or retain a film or texture on the strands.

Have more questions about Glam Seamless Hair Extensions? Our Support Team consists of experts who would love to chat with you! (No, really. They’re hairstylists. They actually love to chat!) You can reach Support at (888) 401-6161 or support@glamseamless.com

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Hair color fads change with the seasons making it impossible to keep up with trends and keeping your own hair happy and healthy. So, how are celebrities making these changes week to week or even daily? They always look flawless and we want to know their secret! The best-kept secret in the industry is WIGS! Our favorite superstars wear them regularly to make every event look flawless. There’s no limit to what color, length, and style you can wear and take off with ease. 

They aren’t wearing just any cheap wigs. In order to have the most luxe and beautiful hair, it is always best to invest in high-quality human hair wigs. The higher the quality of the hair the longer the hair will last and you will be able to use it as often as you like. High-quality hair allows for complete styling freedom, including color changes! Just bear in mind that additional chemical processing will require consistent maintenance and care. Including using shampoo and conditioners that are color-safe, sulfate and paraben-free along with using leave-in treatments, hair masks, and thermal protection - just like you would for your own hair!

Wig Benefits 

Limitless Possibilities!

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a wig is that it is the best way to change your hair to any look that you want without having to apply heat or chemicals. With the variety of wigs available, you can have pin-straight platinum blonde hair today and then be a curly redhead tomorrow and never have to step into a salon! Wigs keep your hair healthy and they allow for limitless versatility to change up your look. Move over Kylie Jenner! This easy way of changing your look ensures your always slayin the gram. If you’re planning a vacation and don’t want to have to worry about doing your hair, pack a wig or two!

Time Saver!

The era of DIY is upon us and we all want to look fabulous in a New York minute! A wig will do that for you!  The best thing about wigs is that they are easy to put on and remove without the need of a stylist. This will be a HUGE money saver as you can be your very own stylist!

Wigs can be pre-styled by placing them on a mannequin head and pinning them down so that you can blow-dry, straighten, curl and style the hair how you want it to look for the night. Once the hair has been set to the look you want you’re ready to seize the day. Please make sure to use the proper styling products so that your look will last from day to night!

How to choose your wig?

So, how do you know what kind of wigs are right for you? With so many on the market, the options can be overwhelming. When deciding where to get a wig to fit your needs, you need to look no further than Glam Seamless! We carry multiple options for our customers including human hair as well as synthetic! Our wigs are top of the line and offer versatility for all of our customers depending on the kind that you need.

Monofilament Wigs

Celebrities love to wear human hair wigs to events because it gives them the ease of changing their look while being completely undetectable. How is it that they wear wigs and no one can tell? It’s the Monofilament technology! This monofilament technology looks like a real scalp on the entire top of the hairline so that you can’t tell that it’s a wig at all. These kind of wigs are popular with Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Sia, Lady Gaga and even Dolly Parton! The part line blends with the color of your scalp so that it doesn’t have that faux flesh color that doesn’t match everyone. These wigs have surged in popularity as the lace front style wigs can be difficult to blend if you don’t have the right concealer to help it blend into scalp and hairline.

Synthetic Wigs

Our synthetic wigs are heat resistant and can be styled with hot tools as long as you stay at 280° F and lower! Please always keep in mind that synthetic hair is delicate and since it is not human hair you must be careful with using heat. 

Silk Top

If monofilament, synthetic and u-part are not what you’re after we do have a luxury wig that is our Silk Top. Silk Top wigs are designed with the highest quality silk lace, giving the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. This also allows for ventilation and an undetectable appearance as if it’s been your hair all along. Of all the wigs this method is the most seamless as it is formulated to look as if it is growing from your scalp so that you don’t have to pluck hairs to make it more natural-looking. Since the hair is injected through the material and knotted it creates a completely invisible look. For those who want to live in their wig, this is the one for you!



So how do you install and style your own wig?! The best thing to do is place the wig on a mannequin head and style to suit your needs. You can even choose to pre-style before the event and have a stress-less event. 

When you are ready to install make sure you slip your hair into a wig cap. There are multiple styles of wig caps one that is just a stocking and others that are netted. We suggest the netted kind as the open netting allows for better breathability of your scalp, making the overall wear of the wig more comfortable. Once all of your hair is tucked away you are ready to slide on your wig! All of our wigs have adjustable straps making sure it can easily fit a multitude of heads. 

U-Part Wigs

As wigs continue to grow in the market, the U-Part wig has become a very popular product. They are called U-Part wigs due to how they are made, with a U partition structure. At Glam Seamless Hair Extensions all of our U-parts are made with 100% ethically sourced real human hair allowing a flawless and seamless installation. 


Glam Seamless U-Part Wig - Vimeo


In order to install your Glam Seamless U-Part Wig you section a U-section from the hairline to the crown of your head. Once this is sectioned off you are ready to clip in the wig. Our U-part wigs are secured to a lace base with clips providing the most secure fit! Once the wig is secure, you can then release the section you pulled before and lay it over the top of the wig. You can then use your own hair to blend away the seam and have a flawless finish. 

If you need any help and are in the New York City area feel free to visit our salon and we will be happy to customize, style and fit your wig for you!. 

Have more questions about Glam Seamless Hair Extensions? Our Support Team consists of experts who would love to chat with you! (No, really. They’re hairstylists. They actually love to chat!) You can reach Support at (888) 401-6161 or support@glamseamless.com
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Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and everyone you know is getting married! Whether you are the bride herself, the maid of honor, a bridesmaid or a loved guest you know you want to look Glamorous! You have your dress, your shoes, accessories everything is checked off - now what to do with your hair!?

If you have scoured the plains of Pinterest, flipped through all bridal magazines and you can't fathom how you are going to have cascading hair in 3 months. The answer is EXTENSIONS! Whether you are in the bridal party or the bride herself(ves) extensions are the perfect secret accessory for the most glamorous day of your life. I can promise you that almost all bridal hair images are using extension pieces! Those glamorous, intricate updos - you guessed it - EXTENSIONS! Long, romantic curls- EXTENSIONS! They are the celebrity secret for stunning, luxurious, decadent hair. With so many hair extension options and methods out there, how do you know what type of extension is best suited for the big day?

Any extension can work for anyone - but of course, there are preferences, budgets, and a plethora of other factors to consider. Keep reading to learn all about our Professional and DIY friendly options for the perfect wedding hair on any budget.

Professional Extensions

Our professional line is of the highest quality and provides an extension experience that you will have before AND after the wedding. There are two overarching categories in our professional extension line, our tape in collections and then our weft bundle collections.

These methods will likely cost more than other DIY friendly options as you do have to have a licensed professional install these extensions to ensure a safe and long lasting installation. On average either the tape in or the more traditional weft bundle extension will last 8-10 weeks per installation. It is more of an investment and a long term option for #WeddingSeason.

Tape Ins

We offer a plethora of tape in options for all concerns, volume, length, density, and texture! The amazing thing about tape ins is the ease of installation. You can usually install a full head within 90 minutes! The best part is that installations can last 2-3 MONTHS!

It’s important to talk to your stylist about what feels comfortable and what the final look for the big day is. You can absolutely use tape ins for an updo! If your goal is to achieve those perfect, renaissance curls that you’ve been pinning fervently tape ins are your best friend! Check out the work of @hairby_josephanthony below!

Traditional Weft Bundles

I’m sure you have heard of it - BRAIDLESS SEW INS! There are pros and cons to this method and a big factor in choosing this type of extension method is your hair texture you can learn all about this method here!  

Like our tape ins this method stays installed for a number of weeks. You can also use our traditional weft bundles for a DIY sleek and long ponytail. If you live for an Arianna Grande ponytail YOU need to try it! We make it even easier with a clip in Ponytail extension.

DIY Friendly Extensions

At Glam Seamless we strive to be able to provide luxury to every woman! Its why we sell the highest quality extensions possible at an affordable price point and we even offer a payment plan. Our DIY friendly options are amazing for the special day. They add the perfect amount of glamour for the special day.

Clip Ins

Our best selling clip-ins are absolutely amazing for the perfect Glam Day. The amazing thing about our clip ins is the versatility they offer. With a little practice, you can even use clips in a ponytail, in an updo or the most beautiful cascading soft waves. Check out how our very own Glam Bar in SoHo created this gorgeous updo.


You know exactly what you want for your big day. The perfect mix of industrial and boho-chic with long, luxurious hair under a dainty hairpiece. If this sounds like you? Our one-piece wonder - The Glam Band (halo) is the PERFECT extension for you. Its the instantaneous long hair of your dreams! Check out this STUNNING and simple bridal hair by @bpalestino


Shout out to the wild card bride! Maybe you're eloping in Vegas or you want to surprise all of your guests with a completely different look. Transform yourself in a flash with our clip in bangs! It is the ultimate piece in creating your alter ego.


Have more questions about Glam Seamless Hair Extensions? Our Support Team consists of experts who would love to chat with you! (No, really. They’re hairstylists. They actually love to chat!) You can reach Support at (888) 401-6161 or support@glamseamless.com

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What is Beaded Rows/Braid Less Sew In?

Traditionally extensions are installed once the person's natural hair is braided against the scalp, in the direction the extensions are being installed. This braid was the foundation for the hair weft to be installed. The next new wave of extensions were adhesive based extensions in which extensions adhered with a variety of different applications.  With the Beaded Row technique, you need neither adhesive nor braids! Not all hair can support the tension of being braided for eight weeks at a time and adhesive can be scary! Instead, opt for the Beaded Row/Braid Less sew in technique its a completely unique method of installation that creates a foundation for the extensions with microbeads or micro links.

Braid less sew ins are also called “flat tracks” or “skip tracks.” The only difference between a Beaded Row and a more traditional Braid Less Sew In is that in a Beaded Row there is an additional thread looping together all of the beads. This additional thread provides extra support for the extensions once installed. After installation the care for the extension is minimal - just follow your normal hair care routine! The Braid Less Sew In is perfect for someone who wants to try something different - one that is both adhesive and pain free! The installation will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth.

Why would someone want a Braid Less Sew In?

A Braid Less Sew In is perfect for individuals whose hair does not stay well in long term braids or who hate the residue left over from other adhesive extension methods. This method is ideal for those ladies who love a glam top knot or ponytail once properly installed the extensions won’t show at all - not even with an Arianna Grande-esque ponytail!  The Beaded Row and the Braid Less Sew In methods are completely adhesive free which makes moving them up or removal almost effortless. Additionally, these methods allow for the installation of an extension with the least amount of contact points with the clients own head/hair. The minimal contact points allow easy access to the scalp. As such a client can easily wash and condition without issue. Some feel that the Braid Less Sew In is the healthiest method for installing extensions due to the minimal contact points.

Since there is no adhesive or tape involved there are no limitations on what products can be used on the hair or scalp. With the expertise of your stylist, you can easily dye or tone your hair and extensions together in the same visit! There is no need to visit the salon multiple times to get the hair you’ve always wanted.  So reach for that Seriously Smooth oil lady! As long as your still using your favorite Glam Seamless hair extensions you can easily use any hot tool in your arsenal and stay perfectly glam for as long as you want.


Who is a good candidate for this method?

An ideal candidate will have at least 6 inches of hair or more and will not have any signs of consistent traction, alopecia or tension related concerns.

How do you apply it?

Application of a Beaded Row or Braid Less Sew In is super easy just remember practice makes perfect! Below is a list of tools needed and the basic procedure for a braid less sew in. Follow along with our video tutorial here!


Tools Needed:



The first thing you need to do is start with super clean sections. There is nothing more important than making sure that your part is as clean as possible and flyaway free! Some stylists start with a horseshoe-shaped section at the crown and others choose to start at the nape of the neck. You may also choose to lightly spritz your sectioning with hairspray and sectioning clips to really keep all flyaways down.  



Start by taking your Glam Seamless Looper and preloading it with five microbeads. Our microbeads have a silicone coating on the interior to prevent any excess slippage. 

  • You want to install beads a half inch apart from each other - as this will serve as your foundation for the extensions.
  • You will take the looper and slide the bead onto the hair section.
  • You want to have enough hair to provide a base but also enough room for the curved needle to slide through.
    • IF there is too much resistance getting the hair onto the looper it is an indication that there is too much hair in your section.
  • You then want to take your pliers and slide the bead up toward the scalp to be a snug fit but not uncomfortable. Press down firmly enough to secure the bead but not so tight that your needle won’t pass through.
    • Remember to clamp in the direction of the hair growth! You don’t want to tighten the plier while holding the hair up - but rather - whilst holding the section of hair down.
  • The Beaded Row technique will also have thread looping each bead together. You will need to string the thread through the beads like a clothesline. This is to reduce the risk of beads sliding down by providing extra support. This would be ideal if a client has very fine/thin hair. Once this is done you will be ready to sew in your weft.


Sew In

Once you go all the way around the horseshoe you are done creating the base and you are ready to sew in your weft. You will need your C shaped or curved needle to install the extensions onto the foundation you have just created.

  • Measure and cut the hair weft as needed.
    • Remember hand tied wefts will unravel when cut and you will have to reseal those ends. Luckily - all Glam Seamless wets are machine tied and are ready for installation!
  • Use duck clips to help keep the weft exactly where you need. If you are lucky enough to have an assistant have your assistant hold the weft in place.
  • You want to triple, Yes I said TRIPLE stitch the very first section of hair onto that first bead.
    • This bead has the most wear and tear over time and is where you will find most extensions start to lift. It's super important to thoroughly tie the weft onto the FIRST and LAST bead of a section to ensure a FLAT lay. Ensuring that the extension stays as FLAT as possible is KEY to a long lasting installation!
  • Continue stitching until through the weft and bead until you are at your last bead.
  • Remember to TRIPLE stitch the last corner bead to increase the longevity of the installation.


And that’s it! You are done installing. Feel free to trim and style your client's hair as needed.


Its been two months! How can I reinstall this?

The best part about this type of installation is that the reinstall is INCREDIBLY FAST! As a stylist, you NEED to offer this type of installation due to the ease of the reinstall. All you have to do is find the extension, unclamp the beads and slide them up. Once you have retightened the beads you are done!


How can Glam Seamless support you in this?

We offer all of the tools you will need to install this method and they are ready to ship and be at your door ASAP! We have partnership options available for anyone interested, here!

Still not sure what extension method is best for you?
Don't be afraid to drop us a line! Our customer care representatives are here to help they are available Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST at 888.601.4141. We are available via chat, email and across all social media platforms!


Cordero, Lorena D, and Ti-Aajia Palmer. “Lunch Break.” Glam Seamless Hair Extensions, Glam Seamless, Accessed 9 May 2019.

Harris, McKenzie. A New Painless Weave Technique: The Braidless Sew In. Rolling Out, 3 Sept. 2011, rollingout.com/2011/09/03/a-new-painless-weave-technique-the-braidless-Sew In/.

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Overwhelmed with all of our different hair textures and types?

This guide will explain the differences between the different types of hair Glam Seamless sells and what kind would be the perfect match.

From super straight to a tight curl Glam Seamless has the extensions for you!


Our REMY hair is our best selling hair texture and the most abundant texture we sell! Our REMY hair is sourced in India and when you receive it has been blowdried perfectly straight.

Our Indian sourced hair has a nice happy medium in regards to density. Meaning it can easily blend into multiple hair textures! It’s not very thick, it’s not very thin and it does have a bit of a body wave that is activated once the hair has been washed and allowed to air dry.

*Fun Fact* REMY means that all of the hair cuticles are running in the same direction.

Why does this matter?

Hair is shaped like a pinecone, with scales, if all of the hair is running in the same direction the hair stay smoother for longer. However, when hair is NOT running in the same direction it causes extra friction and breakage and your extensions won’t last as long.

In order to make sure it is all running in the same direction we source our hair in a ponytail and we ensure that all the hair we source has been done so ethically.  

Once the REMY hair gets wet and is allowed to air dry you can see the natural body wave in the strands. This hair can easily be heat styled into any texture you would like.



Our wavy hair is the same Indian sourced hair that has been chemically altered to retain a permanent wave pattern. You can easily blow dry this hair straight on low to medium heat but once it is washed and allowed to air dry it will go back to the wavy pattern you see. As it is real human hair the more heat you expose it to the more likely it will suffer heat damage.

This texture is great for those wonderful ladies who need more body than what the REMY naturally provides.

Tight Curl

Our Brand New tight curl texture!

The curl resembles a 3C curl pattern and it is out REMY hair that has been chemically altered. This hair is best used for girls who love their curly hair and wear their hair curly every day. Unlike the wavy collection, this hair should not be straightened as in order to achieve this texture it has been processed further.

Excessive heat will alter the longevity of the extensions as well as the texture.

Extra Virgin Hair

The Extra Virgin hair is sourced in Mongolia. As such, the hair is much denser and thicker which provides a far more luxurious extension. This hair is genetically thicker and stays straighter as such while it can curl it is more resistant to hold the curl.

Our extra virgin hair is the crème de la crème of all the extensions we sell.  


Still not sure what kind is best for you?

Don't be afraid to drop us a line! Our customer care representatives are here to help they are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST at 888.601.4141. We are available via chat, email and across all social media platforms!

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Extensions are absolutely amazing! They are the PERFECT accessory for any GlamGirl you may know.

Not all extension types are the perfect solution for everybody. That’s why at Glam Seamless we have five different categories of extensions. Our most popular category is our tape ins, we also have traditional bundles of hair any DIY friendly options with our Glam Bands, Clip Ins, and Wigs. 

But with so many options where can you start? Don't worry this guide will help you out!


Tape Ins

Tape Ins are our specialty, we have over 70 colors and six different categories! All tape-ins come pre-taped and ready for installation. Which ones are the ones for you? Keep reading to learn a little bit about each collection. 

REMY Collection

Uses our premium REMY hair and is sold in 20 piece packs. All of our colors are available in this collection and select colors come in a variety of lengths from 14-28 inches!

Invisi-Tape Collection

An unbelievable collection that uses Skin Weft technology. These extensions have a 3-D aspect to them with hair being physically pushed out of a mesh backing. Meaning - that once installed these extensions will blend in flawlessly and will actually look like its natural hair growing from your scalp. They are sold in 10 piece packs available in 16 or 20 inches.

Mini Tape In Collection

Teeny tiny tape ins perfect for adding highlights or pops of color! We even have them in pink, red and lilac for the perfect bold look! They come with 30 pieces at 18-20”.

Wavy Collection

EVERYTHING you love about our REMY collection with a wave! A fantastic, gorgeous wave for those who are blessed with wavy hair. Each package has 20 pieces, and its available in either 16 or 20 inches.

Ultra Seamless

The créme de la crème of all of our extensions! Our ultra seamless tape ins are the best tape ins you could buy. We use our extra virgin hair which has been slowly processed to keep the integrity of the hair. They have a matte, seamless top of the weft for an invisible look.  Unbeatable silkiness, the shiniest softest hair of your dreams. They come in 10 piece packs and are sold in lengths from 12-24 inches.

Seamless Selfies

The dream for this holiday season! They are temporary tape ins that you can use yourself. One per pack in 18” inches.

Weft Bundles

Traditional Weft Bundles

Are you dying to try the ponytail of the stars? You know that ponytail that starts at the crown and goes on forever. Now you can! From J.lo to Ariana Grande and the Kardashians they use our bundles for the perfect ponytail. The most luxurious bundles of hair. We have over 50 colors in our bundles! They are 100% REMY, double drawn bundles of 20-inch hair. Each bundle has 100 grams of hair. These ARE perfect for your sew in or brainless sew in girl.

P.S. Here’s a link to a little tutorial! Click Here.

Invisible Weft Hair Bundles

The same invisi skin technology as our invisitapes now in a bundle! Available in our 16 top selling colors. 70 grams of 20” hair!

Extra Virgin Bundles

The ultimate hair extension. Our 32” Extra Virgin Hair bundle! This bundle is NOT for the faint of heart, it is the ultimate Glam Girls dream extension. Only available in Natural Black and Beach Blonde.

Glam Bands

Talk about InstaHair! Perfect for the mom-on-the-go (who still needs to be fierce!) A Glam Band Will add instant volume and length in one fell swoop. Available in 16 and 20 inches.

Clip Ins

Clip In Sets

Flat, undetectable clip ins. These clip ins are the best on the market they are lightweight and seamless for a barely there feel. With over 50 colors in either 16 or 20 inches.

Single Volumizers

Maybe an entire set is just too much hair! Get just the right amount of hair for you with our single pieces. Available in either a 3 inch (2-Clip piece) or 7-inch width (4-Clip piece) in out top 25 colors in either 16” or 20” inches.


Our BRAND NEW ponytails! They are the easiest way to go from a drab pony to incredibly GLAM! Unbelievably easy to use they are an absolute must for everyone!


U-Part Wigs

Seamlessly add volume and length with this undetectable hair extension piece. Our u-part wigs are premium 100% Human Hair, secured to a lace base with clips providing the most secure fit!

Human Hair Wig

Superior quality, Glam Seamless Wigs will give you years of undetectable wear. The innovative monofilament top discreetly simulates a real scalp. 


What Color?

Picking out the right color can be the trickiest part! We have a full blog post on tips and tricks to find the perfect color.


Or! You can send in three images of your or loved one's hair and our amazing team can color match them for you.



With so many options at so many lengths, how could you know what length to buy? Is your girl a Glam Girl, a Goddess or a Mermaid?


Glam Girl: 10” to 14” inches.
Goddess: 16”  to 20” inches.
Mermaid:  22” to 32” inches.


If you have any questions at all don't be afraid to reach out to us! We are available via chat, email and all social media platforms!

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Choice - it can be paralyzing or empowering! We choose what to wear, who to see, what to do and now you’ve chosen to get extensions. Maybe it's for an event; a birthday, a wedding, or it's just a treat for you. (yes, you deserve it, and yes we have payment plans!

With over 70 colors to choose from and seven collections in tape ins alone choosing your color can seem impossible. But fear not my amazing GlamFam, I promise you it is not!


Visit Us!

If you are in the metropolitan area you can actually visit the Flagship salon and we can color match you. All color consultations are free of charge and any of our stylists will be happy to assist you. It is always best to make an appointment so that we can make sure someone will be there for you.

If you’re ever stomping down Broome street just drop by! Even if its just to take a peek at our extensive color options we would love to meet you and chat hair!

Visit a Glam Salon!

Not in NYC? No problem! We have Glam Certified Stylists all over the country and even worldwide. We have a directory which lists all of our stylists with certification. Each stylist listed has a color ring and can also match you up to your perfect Glam Shade. Make sure to call ahead for an appointment with the extensions maven who will be assisting you.


Or you can do it all yourself! You can order the Color Ring and match yourself up with the perfect shade. We even have an incredible program in which you can borrow the color ring, find your absolute perfect match and then send it back. You don’t even have to pay return postage as we provide a pre-paid label. The returns department will receive it and issue you your store credit. No harm, no foul - make sure to use the store credit to purchase your new extensions. 

Okay, so you decided that the color ring was the best way to go and you have received your package - now what? You realized your roots are one color, your ends are slightly different you once had an ombre but now its grown out. What do you do?!? 

Well, let me help you out there too!

Find the colors that are closest to your ends color match. Remember! You want to match the extensions to your ends, your extensions really live past your own hair and not necessarily at the crown. Your own hair will cover the top of the extension and allow for a seamless blend.

Great so, you’ve narrowed it down to either a #2 or a #3 - which to choose?

Don't choose and get both!! 

Once the tape ins are installed and are mixed in not only with each other but with your own hair the colors melt into each other in such a beautiful way. I promise you will love what it looks like once they are all blended.

Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton never picks just one color because no one's hair is just one color. We live beautiful, rich lives in the sun and that gives us gorgeous subtle babylites throughout our entire heads. Often our ends will be lighter than our roots and that's okay! That's what makes each of us unique and beautiful.

That’s why we always suggest mixing two or three colors to get the perfect amount of dimension! Even what may look like to be a rich solid brunette is actually a subtle mix of tones for whispers of dimension. 

We all know plus size icon Ashley Graham, a trailblazer In her own right, a stunning brunette. At first glance, one would say she has brown hair but it’s not just brown hair it's multidimensional and warm a mix of our dark brown, chocolate browns, and bronzed brown.


She mixes in Brown Sugar Swirl with Our Dark Brown to make the dimension soft and subtle.


Chemical Free Color 

Mixing in colors is also a brilliant way of adding brightness or face-framing highlights - without harmful chemical processing on your own hair. 

We have solid color options but we also have rooted, highlighted, ombreyed and now even balayged colors!

Don't be afraid to mix them together! Mixing in an ombre with a highlight might seem odd at first but once installed they create this gorgeous brightening effect that kisses you with light. Most recently Denise Bidot a model with Nuestra Belleza Latina stopped by our Flagship salon and did just that! She mixed in the Brown Sugar Swirl highlight and the Honey Dipped Ombre and her hair was unbelievable!

By mixing in a color that is already highlighted or two-toned with a solid that is closer to your own color you can add subtle dimension while still blending into your own hair. This is a great way to get the color you always wanted but maybe your colorist never quite got right. With tape ins, you don’t have to worry about over processing your own hair as no chemicals need to touch your locks. It really is the perfect solution!

Have more questions about your perfect color match? Email us! We ask for at least three images of your hair in sunlight and one of our customer support representatives will provide what we think is your best color match.

Send our inbox some love at support@glamseamless.com or call us at 888.401.6161 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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You can’t talk about beauty without talk of the Kardashians. Over their past 10 years in the spotlight we’ve watched as they’ve laughed, cried, launched businesses, started families and become A-list celebrities. But ultimately there’s one thing this iconic group of women constantly give us, it’s MAJOR looks. Looking that fabulous all the time isn’t easy…and girl don’t we know it. Spoiler alert: you don’t achieve that level of glam without a little bit of help!

So what’s the Kardashian secret for long, voluminous, sexy hair? Khloe revealed that she’s been wearing hair extensions for 15 years! Similarly, Kim revealed that her ever-changing dramatic hair looks are dependent on one item…you guessed it- her hair extensions. If you’ve decided you’re fed up with your thin, damaged hair or are just ready to change up your look it’s time you try extensions yourself! 


For Khloe’s ultra voluminous wavy hair have your hairstylist apply our 22 inch Remy Tape In extensions!


For Kim’s snatched ponytail look take our Traditional Hair Weft and wrap it into your ponytail!


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There’s hair and then there’s celebrity hair. They have non-stop schedules and yet their locks always look luscious. What’s their secret? The main difference between the two is that the latter typically includes a team of hairstylists, a suitcase full of high-end products and time…lots of time. We gawk at it, we envy it but how do we actually get it?

The hair of our dreams takes a village…or in this case- it takes one man. Happen to catch one of Jennifer Lopez’s over the top looks during her Las Vegas residency? One of the many Instagram posts from the Kardashian/ Jenner clan? What about Ariana Grande’s new Reebok campaign? If so, I know what you’re thinking…HOW?! The man behind these iconic looks is none other than Glam Seamless’ newest Global Artistic Director, Chris Appleton. From snatched high ponytails to voluminous beach waves, every style Chris creates has become the next “it” thing.

Chris on the set of the KKW Beauty Shoot.

Chris styling Ariana Grande’s hair on the set of her Reebok campaign shoot.

It goes without saying that Chris’ impressive list of clients only use the highest quality products and expect a luxury experience all around. So when we decided to bring on a new artistic director there was no question that Chris was the perfect fit with the Glam Seamless brand! We know what you’re thinking- with so many hair extension brands on the market what was it that sold Chris on a partnership with us? Chris stresses that the key aspect of obtaining celebrity-like hair is the quality of the extensions you’re using. Thats why Chris loves Glam Seamless hair! “It’s long lasting. It sits better on the head and creates a nice head shape. For example, with Clip-Ins, Glam Seamless has a weft that sits super flat on the head. Also, the quality of the hair is just so beautiful. It’s natural, it’s soft. It’s not overly soft. It’s just the right texture so it blends into your hair and the color options are amazing.”

For those of you at home who are unhappy with your current hair or just want a fun change- it’s time to put your hair through some serious rehab. Make sure you’re following us through our new partnership for exciting new content including in-depth, detailed how-to’s and styling secrets from Chris himself!

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Get the "Ariana" ponytail look using Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts. Celebrities always use hair extensions to achieve their great look. Now you can too! Get the new fall 2018 hair look.

So, you’ve decided you want to take your look up a notch. Or you have a girls night out, a romantic date at a chic restaurant, or you have an important business meeting and you want a powerful hairstyle to show who’s boss. A ponytail can revolutionize your look and give you that confidence you need to take on whatever task is at hand. Using the Glam Seamless hair wefts you can transform your look. Our hair wefts can be sewn in, used as a ponytail, or create your own custom clips!

There are so many different styles of ponytails one could wear, but the most iconic one in today’s culture is the “Ariana” ponytail – and we know you know what ponytail we’re talking about. Ariana’s long high pony is iconic and you can get the same look using Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts. Here’s how to get the look:

1. Purchase Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts

The 32 inch extensions are the ones that will give you the luxurious, long, flowy ponytail that Ariana (and you) wears so well. This length will ensure your pony can sit high on your scalp and effortlessly flow down your back. This length will also allow you to get that perfect “hair flip” photo for Instagram. 

2. Prepare your hair and the hair extensions

Glam Seamless weft extensions are incredibly easy to apply and are multi functional. There is no need for tools, chemical, or special techniques. You’ve got a whole new vibe to your look. Unravel the weft hair extensions and lay them out the long way. You will need to put your own hair in a high tight ponytail first. 

3. Wrap the weft around, starting with one end So now your extensions are laid out and you’re ready for your Ari pony. You will wrap and bobby pin the ponytail in. Take the end of a weft, and pin the end in to your own ponytail with a bobby pin. As you wrap the weft around, every 2-3 inches as a bobby pin to secure the weft around your own ponytail. Keep wrapping and pinning until the hair the entire weft is wrapped around. Secure the end of the weft to your own ponytail. Then wrap a piece of the extension around the top of the pony to hide the weft! 

4. Grab a comb Ariana’s Grandy pony is always sleek and slick. The combination of tightly pulled back hair along the scalp and then a free-flowing, relaxed pony is what is so iconic about this hairstyle. Grab a comb and the Glam Gold Style Brush and make sure all the hair along your scalp is going in the same direction, has no fly-aways, and has no bumps. Add some hairspray before you comb if needed, and definitely add some hairspray after, too. 

Also, make sure the hair along the back of your scalp and neck is all pulled up into the pony too. All your hair should look and feel like it is tightly up against your scalp. Use bobby pins if needed! 

5. Drop the comb, grab a hair tie! First, make sure you grab a hair tie that is the same color as your hair. Or use one of our invisi-pony rings.  Along with the Glam Seamless hair extensions that will give you seamless longer hair, you want the entire look to be seamless. A hair tie that is a different color than your own hair will look abrupt and might ruin the seamless Ariana Ponytail look you are trying to achieve. 

Wrap the hair tie around your pulled back hair. Making sure you do not adjust the positioning, keep the ponytail position high on your head! 

Wrap the hair tie 2-3 times depending on your hair thickness. 

Allow the rest of your hair to fall effortlessly.

6. Finishing touches! Grab the comb and the hairspray one more time and fix any hair pieces that are uneven, popping out, or need adjusting. At this point you should have hair that is high up, tight and sleek against your scalp with a pony tail that is able to fall effortlessly in the direction that gravity pulls it. 

Give your head a nice shake and allow that hair to FLOW!

And there you have it! You have achieved the Ariana Ponytail. You look so good! And it was all achieved with the Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts.

But maybe we want to take your pony up one more notch? Here’s a bonus tip: 

7. Bonus tip. Get an even sleeker look!

Take a half inch of hair from your pulled-up pony and wrap it around the hair tie using our Style Brush and Hairspray. With the 32 inch wefts, you should be able to wrap the half inched diameter piece of hair around your ponytail 5-6 times. Secure the end of the hair with a bobby pin and hairspray into place. This technique will give you ponytail another addition of seamlessness. Picture it: hair tightly pulled back into a long flowing ponytail with an intriguing and next-level wrap around addition. 

And that's it! You achieved the Ariana Ponytail using Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts. It looks SO good on you!  We have this available in color 1b and color 613 should you need a to color the hair. 

With these extensions, all your worries about the length, quality, thickness, or texture of your hair can are put to rest. 

Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts are suggested because the length is guaranteed to make you achieve a pony tail that sits high on your head which then will effortlessly flow down your back with perfect texture and thickness. 

Glam Seamless Extensions are made with 100% human hair, are fully double drawn (to give you a full look from root to tip), and our color range is unbeatable.

Also, you won’t have to worry about your extensions leaving sticky residues in your hair and you won’t have to worry about others noticing you have extensions in your hair because, well, these extensions are Seamless. 

Have more questions about Glam Seamless Hair Extensions? Our Support Team consists of experts who would love to chat with you! (No, really. They’re hairstylists. They actually love to chat!) 

You can reach Support at (888) 401-6161 or support@glamseamless.com

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