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Running a business is always challenging, especially if you have to wear different hats in the organization from accounting to management and marketing. For small business owners, it is common to serve multiple managerial positions in the business. This is because you don’t always have the luxury to delegate work to different departments. The tasks simply are not impactful enough to justify hiring more employees. Your business card may read CEO, but at any given time you may be required to be a marketing consultant or accountant. Fulfilling multiple roles can quickly become overwhelming, and it may be challenging to keep up.

Unfortunately, the success of your business depends on how well you wear these different hats. If you fall short in one department, then the whole business is negatively affected. Included below are some guidelines that you can use to ensure your small business remains successful while you are busy fulfilling these tasks.

1. Organize your work responsibilities.

The first step to staying on top of all of your obligations is organizing them. Identify the different roles that you play in your business and organize them appropriately. Consider using the Evernote app to stay organized. Evernote lets you add relevant to any note for easy access. Different digital notes and notebooks can be created for each responsibility, allowing small business owners to keep their multitasking from turning into chaos. Once all of your responsibilities are laid out, you can then focus on setting goals for each aspect of your business and work towards these goals.

2. Find help to avoid overextending yourself.

As a small business owner, it may be difficult to hire employees because resources are tight. However, performing every business task on your own is difficult and you will quickly burn out. While hiring staff means additional costs for your small business, they can increase efficiency and will alleviate your stress. Having at least one staff member will ensure that you concentrate on the bigger picture and not always be stuck in the day-to-day management of the business. Look for one employee that can wear other hats when you are not capable of doing so.

3. Identify your responsibilities.

Most small businesses fail because owners do not know what they are supposed to do and when. When you start a business, you may not anticipate all of the bookkeeping jobs that come with it such as accounting. It is essential to identify all of the responsibilities that you are required to fulfill when drafting out your business model. By doing so, you can identify strengths and weaknesses. For example, you may not be good at handling finances, but are good at marketing. Once you have identified this, you can establish strategies that help you strengthen your weaker areas. In a few years, you will be more proficient at these weak spots than when you first started.

4. Make long-term plans.

Although working on everyday business tasks is important, it is essential to also dedicate time to the company. You may get caught up in accomplishing your daily tasks and forget why you started the business and what you want to achieve from it in the long run. You should always set long-term goals for your business as well as short-term ones to ensure that you stay on track.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to wear different hats in the business and still run a successful empire. You can follow these guidelines to ensure your small business succeeds.

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Content is perhaps the most important aspect of an SEO strategy. Great content offers you excellent ROI and in the long run, it’s worth every second and penny that you put in. What’s more, evergreen and killer content can help you generate revenue online.

But unfortunately, the majority of businesses write content just so that they’re posting on a regular basis. Perhaps, they’ve heard that a business pushing out content regularly gets better traffic and rankings.

Nowadays, anybody can mass-produce a blog after a blog post, draw up infographics, as well as make plenty of podcasts easily and upload them afterward. However, it is worth remembering that writing content without predictable and planned ways is just a waste of time and may divert big amounts of important resources.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to experience the above-mentioned scenarios, then keep on reading. In this guide, we will show you almost everything that you need to know with regards to producing killer content for SEO.

How to Produce Killer Content for SEO?

There is no magic trick for producing killer content that will rank on Google’s first page. It means you need to work hard and be patient.

Nevertheless, below is a step-by-step guide which surely helps you in creating killer SEO content.

Step 1: Understand the Structure of Great and Killer Content

Here’s the structure that most bloggers and content creators usually use.

  • Eye-catching headline

Often the very first thing readers will see is your headline. That is why it should be eye-catching and interesting so that people will read it. Avoid making headlines that are boring.

Actually, there are some headline tools that you can use which can help you in making interesting headlines, Co-Schedule headline analyzer for an example.

  • Catchy Images

One way to split up the text in a blog post is by adding some catchy pictures. But as a reminder, make sure to check the images’ copyrights before posting.

  • Introduction

Another way to make people read your content is to make a good introduction. In this section, you need to convey to individuals why they should read your content. Furthermore, do not overwrite your intro. Take note a punchy introduction is much more effective. Either way, I will show you how to make a good introduction later on.

  • Lead In

After your introduction, lay down your main points. For instance, if you’re making a list style, you can make use of a line like “The main points for this post are”.

  • Deliver the main points

When delivering your main points you can actually use bulleted lists to break down them. Or use a heading above your paragraphs.

  • Conclusion

Keep in mind that the content you’re producing is not a college essay. So, rather than repeating the same points, simply make a closing paragraph that summarizes the whole content.

Step 2: Understand the Process of Blog Post On-Page SEO

According to Search Engine Journal, 70% – 80% of people neglect paid search results and focus on organic results. However, when it’s done right, on-page SEO will improve your search results. In fact, a B2C company found a 42.4% revenue increase when they sent organic visitors to their website.

On the other hand, the process of structuring the content, laying out the page, and optimizing the different page elements are what on-page SEO is about. However, the main goal of on-page SEO is to drive traffic from Google and other search engines and help your page rank even higher.

Nevertheless, when you’re performing on-page optimization, make sure to keep an eye on the following elements:

  • Title tag
  • Content
  • Meta tag
  • Image alt text
  • URL
Step 3: Make Content Your Content Crammed With Value

If you want your content to deliver value, you need to make them real. Remember that most readers are sick of reading generic posts. And they are looking for something relevant and beneficial.

In order to make sure they’re addressing the right topics, successful writers use the ‘Editorial Calendar’ – a tool that lets them produce killer content even if they haven’t been blogging for long.

Plus, your content must be high-quality. In fact, according to a report by Social Media Examiners, more than 50% of all salespersons agree that useful and unique content is known as the most important kind.

Of course, the more actionable and unique your content is, the more traffic will be pulled in.

Remember that ranking in search engines won’t happen all of a sudden. With consistent effort and time, you will notice jumps in your rankings.

When writing killer content for SEO, you need to have a plan and written strategy. Nevertheless, make sure to use it consistently. You can also learn from other writers’ post to increase your referral traffic and organic search.

Step 4: Captivate Your Audience Using the AIDA Model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

AIDA is actually an in-effect model for creating killer, engaging, and persuasive content. In fact, such content has higher chances to reach the top 10 search engine ranking of Google.

Step 5: Build Inbound Links To Your Content

Did you know links are the backbone of search engine optimization? In fact, it supports every optimization strategy and tactic. Meaning that, you can’t avoid it. Especially if you’re producing killer content for SEO.

Most bloggers and content creators are face a hard time building or earning links to their content.

When useful content and correct links meet, the outcome is a considerable boost is search rankings.

Even though you are not having a hard time creating and publishing content on a regular basis, getting other writers to link to such content is not easy, though worthwhile.

That said, here are some ways to brush up your content so you can land more of such high quality links to your content.

Additional Tips for Writing Killer Content for SEO
  • Place your keyword in H1, H2, and H3 tags

When Google is crawling your content, it’s actually determining the most crucial point you are making. So the question is, what exactly is Google looking at? As we all know, one main attribute that Google examines is the header tags. By simply placing your keyword in header tags, Google will determine that the key phrase you’ve chosen is the main topic of your post.

  • Update the alternative text tag on the pictures to incorporate your keyword

If you add pictures in your content (which is highly recommended), make sure to include your target keyword in the image’s alt text tag.

  • Include the keyword in the URL

When writing content for SEO, always include your keyword in the URL. And if your keyword contains two or more words, then avoid using the stop words (a, an, the, of, etc.).

On the other hand, including your target keyword close to the front of the URL will help you boost its SEO.

Here is an example:

Your Target Keyword: SEO content

Bad Usage: abc.com/seo/your-guide-to-the-seo-content

Good Usage: abc.com/seo/ SEO-content-guide

  • Don’t forget your meta description

When it comes to SEO, Meta descriptions are super crucial. A Meta description is a bunch of lines someone has on hand when he/she decides to open your content in the search engines, which may affect the CTR or click-through rates. As a matter of fact, higher CTR equates to higher SEO rank.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to mention the keyword you’re targeting in your Meta description.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

No matter how great and engaging your content is, if you do keyword stuffing, it will become worthless.

In the past couple of years, SEO used to be a game of trying to manipulate Google by means of stuffing as numerous keywords as possible, whether they have a sense or not. As a matter of fact, it really worked.

Fast forward to today – content marketers, as well as SEOs, distinguish that you have to make high-quality content which answers people’s question when searching on Google. That’s what genuine search engine optimization is about – optimizing for the audience and not for the search engines.

If you’re optimizing your content and using relevant keywords, Google will reward your content by boosting its ranking.

But how will you know if you are stuffing keywords or not? Well, it’s pretty easy. After writing your content, look for the content using search-&-find. So if your content or post lights up like Christmas lights, you have probably used your keyword excessively. 

  • Look for the right technology

With regards to optimizing your content, there are myriads of technologies that you can use to scan your content. For WordPress users, Yoast is the most recommended plug-in.

This plug-in ensures that your content is fully optimized for search. But if you are working in Google docs or in some different CMS, you can look for a plug-in online and download it.

Example of a Yoast Plug-In:

Nevertheless, the Yoast plug-in shows you many colors to tell you how well you have performed the needed actions to reach great SEO content.

  1. Green – Good
  2. Orange – OK
  3. Red – Needs Improvement
  • Create at least 2000 words content

Do you know that longer content usually ranks better in search engines? In fact, according to a 2017 study, the average word count for content is 1142. According to Buffer, your content must contain 1600 words or more.

Nevertheless, according to a detailed study performed by SerpIQ, the highest ranking page is usually longer. Though there are some exceptions that must be taken into consideration.

How to Optimize Your Killer Content for Your Users?

Ensuring that your content is easy to read is very important if you want to rank on Google’s top rankings.

To help you make this kind of content, we will show you how to optimize the blogs that you are making.

  1. Avoid writing long sentences
  2. Use some headings to break your content in several parts. As it turns out, it is vital for long content
  3. Use tables
  4. Add more infographics, visuals, embed videos, podcasts, and maps
  5. Incorporate margins between sentences particularly in the first portion of your content

The above-mentioned tips will surely help you in optimizing your killer content.

How to Make A Good Introduction?

Having a good intro is just a part of producing killer content as it draws people further to your post. Usually, it states a point that hooks people and makes them want to check more out.

Either way, here’s how to make a good introduction for your killer content.

  • Inform and warm up your readers what they will obtain if they read your content.
  • Restate the solution or problem that was presented in your headline so that you will be able to show to your readers that you understand them.
  • Create a thesis or provide a statement which summarizes what your content is all about.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of a great introduction is to fuel the interest of readers. Though you should not spend a lot of time on your intro you should be offensive here as well. Similar to your headline, your content’s intro will determine the performance of the content to a bigger extent.


Content is indeed one of the most crucial ranking factors for search engines, particularly for Google. However, killer content work in SEO these days. So if you want to rank high, then you need to produce unique and great content and following this guide is all that you’ll need.

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The Big Data age is finally here. Information is currently available in unbelievable proportions measured in what is globally known as zettabytes (ZB). One zettabyte represents a billion terabytes. The incredible thing is that the information proportion is still growing exceptionally.  In fact, the IDC revealed that global data would increase from 23ZB in 2017 to 174 Zettabytes by 2025.

Depending on the type of your organization or the industry you are in, you could be having massive volumes of internal and external data readily available for creating viable projections, mining, and applying predictive analytics.

Using data gives entities the power to boost the customer experience, effectively direct operations, and enhance income streams. Generally, the health of your organization improves significantly when data is assessed accurately. Furthermore, big data is an essential and powerful risk management tool.

Consider the various human interactions that generate data, including vendor transactions, financial interactions, app experiences, emails, webpage views, and social media posts. These interactions offer an excellent opportunity to obtain organizational risk insight, which facilitates the reduction and assessment of threats.

Once your business uses big data in managing risk, you will get a comprehensive overview that assists you in structuring your financial revenue streams. This means that in case you are utilizing big data in managing risk, you may not be utilizing all that information to benefit your company.

How to Boost Risk Management Using Big Data

To comprehend how you can utilize big data in organizational risk management, it is vital to assess the critical risk management principles.

Risk is virtually part of every company’s decision. Avoiding risk is difficult, particularly when a business is seeking to diversify products, achieve a new goal, or grow. Nonetheless, the decision-making process regularly involves uncertain results. ISO 31000 defines risk as to the impact that uncertainty has on objectives.

The answer to dealing with all that uncertainty lies in risk management. The main risk management elements are prioritization, evaluation, and identification of risks, and not to mention, the steps involved in reducing the negative risk aspects such as controlling and monitoring. Each of these aspects in risk management boasts a direct correlation specifically to the use of big data.

The sizeable historical data stores and real-time big data analytics deliver a considerable system for extracting useful information instantly. When integrated with robust analytics that analyzes potential risks, companies can reduce uncertain objectives while increasing their clarity in making decisions.

Big data can be applied across different industries as opposed to just the fintech industry, which for a long time has been using data systems in weighing risks and evaluating opportunities.

The application of big data in managing risk can prove useful in various industries including e-commerce, manufacturing, retail and healthcare and can be used in a wide array of corporate threats, including regulatory risk and business impacts.

Big Data Applications in Specific Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management: Third-party associations can generate regulatory problems, as well as pose a threat to your company’s operations and reputation. Vendor risk management helps you in evaluating the severity of risks, selecting vendors, and creating internal controls for mitigating risk.

Money laundering and Fraud prevention: predictive analytics give a comprehensive and precise technique of preventing and mitigating suspicious/fraudulent activity, which is necessary in a period where money laundering actors are applying sophisticated methods. Numerous significant data risk mitigation and management methods are used by governments and global lending entities, including unit price, text, unit weight analytics, web, and trade partners’ relationship profiles that are useful in identifying shell companies.

Spotting Churn: Churn is a significant organizational risk. Losing customers affects the bottom line considerably. In a white paper, Fred Reichheld claimed that customers enable a business to generate more profit every year they stick with a given company. For instance, a 5% rise in the retention of customers in the financial services industry produces a profit increment of over 25%.

Credit Management: Credit management risk can be reduced by assessing the data relating to both historical and recent expenditure, not to mention the patterns of repayment. New sources of big data, including customer interactions with banking or financial institutions, mobile airtime purchases, and social media behavior boost the ability to analyze credit risks.

Manufacturing sector-related operational risk: big data can provide various parameters that help in assessing supplier dependability and quality levels. Sensor technology data can also assist in detecting costly production defects early enough.

Real Estate: Even though location is highly vital, determining the ideal spot can be a risky process. Starbucks is among the well-known leaders in the application of big data to grow. The company utilizes a predictive tech platform that assesses various demographics, including average income, maps, and traffic patterns in the recommended location, effects on the other stores around, and identifies the profit and feasibility potential of new store openings and real estate purchases.

With that said, is your company leveraging predictive analytics and big data in managing risk as well as minimizing your uncertain organizational outcomes?  Bear in mind that the risk management applications, such as big data, are limitless and ever growing.

Author Bio

Ken Lynch is an enterprise software startup veteran, who has always been fascinated about what drives workers to work and how to make work more engaging. Ken founded Reciprocity to pursue just that. He has propelled Reciprocity’s success with this mission-based goal of engaging employees with the governance, risk, and compliance goals of their company in order to create more socially minded corporate citizens. Ken earned his BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. Learn more at ReciprocityLabs.com.

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Attending a trade show as a vendor provides you the chance to meet and great a month’s worth or prospects in just a day. With so many eyes falling on your booth and seeing what your company has to offer, trade conventions provide you with the opportunity to add a large number of new customers. Success at a trade show doesn’t happen by accident, however. If you’re looking to do better than just getting by at your next trade show, these tips will position you to land clients like you never have before.

Find the Right Show

The best presentation in the world won’t do you any good if you’re giving it at the wrong convention. While it can be tempting to opt for a highly focused trade show, and such events have their benefits, if you are being forced to choose between a small, niche show or a larger event with significantly more traffic, the latter is often the better option. More eyes means more potential customers, and you’ll get the chance to meet with potential clients who may never have thought they needed a company like yours until they met you and as such would have skipped the niche show.

Set a Budget

It can be easy for the costs of your trade show experience to spiral out of control if you aren’t careful. If the show is not local your starting costs will be high just for transportation and lodging, so you should be sure that there is no wasteful spending occurring on top of the essentials. Create estimates for the new business you expect to garner from the show and make sure that your budget is set at a number which can be justified by those new clients.

Order Your Supplies

On a busy showroom floor, it can be a challenge just getting customers to stop by and hear what you have to say. An eye-catching booth layout is essential, so plan out your booth in advance and acquire everything you need for it with enough lead time to account for delays. If you are going to have promotional items, which is recommended, make sure that you order enough for the entire event. Finally, make sure that you order heavy duty shipping cases to transport your gear safely to the venue and avoid the nightmare of finding that key elements of your set-up were damaged in transit.

Practice Before You Go

Time is of the essence at a trade show. Your potential clients will be stopping by many booths each day and so time wasted at your booth will hang in their mind negatively as time they could have spent seeing other potential products and companies. This is why it is essential to practice your pitch until it feels as natural as can be. With each run, you’ll identify strong and weak elements of the pitch until you finally find your way to a streamlined version which gets your information across as quickly and as easily understood as possible.

Promote in the Run-Up

The best way to make sure that you have a steady stream of visitors is to get attendees looking forward to your booth before the event even begins. The easiest way to drive interest is to promote your appearance across social media in the days and weeks before the event, as well as while it is underway. Make use of location tagging and industry-relevant hashtags to get the right users looking at your posts.

A successful trade show provides a platform for your company to take off to another level. If you land several long term clients the costs of the trade show will be paid back many times over. If you follow these tips you can attend your next show knowing that you’ve done everything you can to maximize your chances of having that level of success.

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When coworkers at a company are failing to communicate or work together it can have disastrous effects on the bottom line. Open lines of communication and strong relationships between employees are essential parts of success. When a company is struggling to remain cohesive, team building activities are a fun solution which brings the whole group together all while having a great time. When you’re able to combine a great time with effective methods of increasing your company’s productivity going forward you simply can not beat that experience. If you’re in the market for a fun company activity, consider these seven outstanding options.

1)     Lip Sync Battle

Sometimes the best team building activities are as simple as getting everyone together in order to have a great time, and there are few times as great as a lip sync battle. A lip syncing competition is about more than just mouthing the words, however. The best teams put on an entire choreographed show to accompany their songs. Your employees will love watching their friends and coworkers cut loose.

2)     Game Night

Board games are a hobby on the rise and there’s never been a better time to get into it as more and more outstanding games are printed every year. The days of hours-long frustration marathons over the Monopoly board are in the past. Modern games offer diverse experiences so there’s something for everyone. Gather your employees together and let them work on their problem solving and critical thinking skills all while having fun and building bonds.

3)     River Rafting

Sometimes what your company needs is a day outside of the confines of your walls, and floating down a river together is a fun and healthy way to do just that. Whether you opt for an exciting ride in rafts through rapids or a lazy day of floating a gentle river in tubes, your employees will love the opportunity to get their feet wet and unwind on the flowing water.

4)     Office Cook-Off

A love of cooking is common among people of all genders, ages and social classes, which means no matter what your industry, there’s a good chance you have several employees who love to cook and bake. Schedule a party for the whole company and offer the opportunity for employees to compete in a cooking competition. Those who love cooking can show off what they’ve got, while everyone will love the chance to enjoy delicious food and get to know their coworkers in a more relaxed setting than a normal workday. 

Another cooking related option is cooking classes for team building. These classes are usually held by a professional chef and engage employees to learn to cook special dishes while networking and having fun. At the end of the class, all employees enjoy the fruits of their labour and appreciate a meal with others. Cities that are considered to be company hubs have more of these options. Cozymeal, a nationwide cooking classes marketplace, for example, offers team building cooking experiences in many of such cities such as Los Angeles and NYC.

5)     Laser Tag

One easy way to bond together as a team is to literally team up against an opposing force. When you schedule a day of laser tag for you and your employees you get to work together to take on your laser tag opponents, and unlike paintball, there are no actual projectiles being fired so you don’t have to worry about any pain if you get eliminated. 

6)     Local Tour

You may be surprised to learn how many of your employees have not seen some of the most popular tourist attractions near your office. Look into tour companies in the city your business is located in and consider booking your employees for a guided tour around the biggest landmarks. Approaching your home city with the eyes of a visiting tourist allows you and your employees to see it an entirely new way, and even take on new experiences that would normally be avoided for being too touristy. Taking a tour together allows your staff to learn about their city and build a series of memories together which helps to unite them together as a single cohesive unit.

7)     Escape Room

If your goal for your team building exercise includes helping to build valuable skills in your employees at the same time that they are simply enjoying a day of fun, then you can not beat an escape room. Each escape room presents a series of puzzles which have to be solved in order to progress and ultimately unlock the door out of the room. Most rooms will feature many wildly different puzzles, meaning a diverse series of solutions. This provides every employee a chance to shine and encourages everyone to work together and problem solve creatively.

If you’re ready to schedule your company’s next team building outing, consider one of these fun activities. Your employees will have a great time, and your bottom line will see the benefit of their time together.

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It’s a popular misconception that people who have to travel for business dislike doing so. Although there are certainly some drawbacks to having to be on the road for work, a recent survey revealed that 90 percent of people actually enjoy traveling for work, assuming that everything goes smoothly.

If your company caters to business travelers, or if even part of your market is business travelers, understanding what they want and what makes them enjoy their business trips is a key part of your success. Whether you operate a restaurant, lodging, transportation or other service that serves the business travel market, then, prioritize the following features, and you will attract more customers and keep them coming back.


Business travelers are always looking for convenience, from selecting where they want to stay to how they travel from point A to point B. Making things as simple and convenient as possible for your business customers will keep them coming back. This could mean everything from offering expedited services for business travelers (think quick service lunch menus at restaurants, for example) to providing features that business travelers demand, such as access to printers and copying services, adequate workspace, or information about local services and attractions.

Consider how this might work for a short-term rental, for instance. While many business travelers opt to stay in a hotel, if you have a short-term rental near a major business destination like a convention center, use that in your marketing. Highlight the proximity of your location to attract travelers, and then provide business friendly features such as high-speed internet, office equipment, and detailed information about the local area to make their experience as convenient as possible.


Business travelers are busy, and don’t have a long time to spend standing in line or navigating cumbersome processes. Therefore, your business needs to focus on simplicity, and streamlining the things that business travelers need to do on their trips. For example, if you offer car rentals, your car rental reservation software should make it as quick and painless as possible for travelers to reserve a car and arrange for pickup. Offering additional features, such as automatically adding receipts to expense tracking software, should be a standard offering as well. Time is money when traveling for business, and travelers don’t want to waste time on cumbersome or inefficient processes that should be simple.

Loyalty Rewards

Another of the most common requests from business travelers is to be rewarded for their loyalty. Frequent flyer miles and hotel points are some of the more sought-after rewards, but even as a small business, you can reward business traveler loyalty with reward programs. Offer discounts and perks for repeat business to show your appreciation for their continued patronage, and keep them coming back for more. The more flexible and generous the rewards, the more appealing that your business will be.


It might seem strange, but feeding business travelers is almost always appreciated. A complimentary breakfast is one of the most requested services from hotels, and if you are in the lodging business, it’s almost a requirement to stay competitive. Even if you don’t have a hotel, think about ways that you can provide some sustenance to business travelers. Providing snacks and bottled water when they pick up their car, for example, can help stave off hunger until their next meal and increase their satisfaction. Stock your short-term rental property with plenty of coffee, tea, water, and single serving snacks to help travelers who have to work late. Anything you can do to keep business travelers fed will go a long way toward keeping them happy.


It might seem obvious, but Wi-Fi is a must for business travelers. If you can, offer free, secure Wi-Fi in your business to help them stay productive on the road.

Pleasing business travelers really comes down to finding ways to make travel more convenient, less stressful, and more comfortable. Anything you can do to achieve those goals and make traveling for work more pleasant is likely to make an impression, and ensure that your company or service is the first companies turn to when making their business travel plans.

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Marketing has gone digital – with all your potential customers being constantly online, investing in digital marketing is the only way to survive and thrive. However, digital marketing might sound a bit ambiguous and volatile to a novice. You can keep following the trends endlessly, or might become stagnant by repeating the same things, over and over again, turning the digital marketing initiatives redundant as a whole. If you are just getting started, all the different digital marketing activities seem overwhelming and confusing – what to act upon first, how to get it right, and most importantly, how much money to put where, and how to measure ROI.

The elements of digital marketing best suitable to a business depends on the customer personas and specific business goals. However, here are 5 tried and tested digital marketing strategies you should invest in, irrespective of the stage you’re at –

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Marketing Automation

While the first three strategies form the pillars of digital marketing, the latter are necessary value addition tactics to your digital marketing plan. Read on to know more –

  • Content Marketing

Even before the advent of digital era, content was considered “king” and it still is. In fact, digital penetration has maximized the reach and considerably reduced the distribution cost, raising the ROI exponentially. No wonder, content marketing is considered an integral part of digital strategy.

With time, content has evolved into various forms and the way people access it has changed a few times over. Yet, it has remained relevant – it has facilitated almost every other marketing strategy, be it SEO or Social Media Marketing, or Email Marketing, or CRO. Logically so, the content marketing investments lead to compounding returns. Only limitation – if you decide to invest in content marketing, start early, and be consistent; the ROI might be hard to track in early stages.

Content marketing can provide value to your business at every step of the marketing funnel – from awareness to evaluation to purchase. It goes even beyond the sales point, to engage consumers in post-sales services, thus building brand loyalty and opening up a medium to reselling and upselling, making it the best long-term strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing

If content is the “king”, social media is the “queen” of digital marketing bouquet. People are always online, but they have lesser time than ever. Social media is an effective tool to deliver your content, to engage with consumers and to drive desired results, with the short attention span consumers have.

Again, social media marketing requires low investments, and can help you connect with consumers – tune in to their opinions, deliver faster services and drive targeted traffic. Most active social media channels are SEO-integrated, and help build you higher visibility and brand authority over time.

With easy-to-use insights and analytics tool – social media marketing has evolved into a matured customer relationship medium as well.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest tactic in digital marketing strategies. So much so, that it lays the foundation of internet, along with content marketing and social media marketing. Search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) are most reliable and quickest way to find any information you may require (and even the information you don’t “necessarily” require – Let’s admit, you have searched cat videos at least once in your life.)

Whether your business is global or local, big or small – SEO is indisputably one of the best digital marketing strategies to invest in. The search algorithms are revised at regular intervals, which make SEO the best ground for a fair play. SEO might demand high investment in terms of cost and time, offering lower ROI initially; however you can start small and still reap benefits.

By implementing best SEO practices, you can create a steady stream of organic traffic, claim new opportunities, stay ahead of your competition and earn more money over the long haul.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can be considered to be a true love-child of digital marketing and user experience. As the awareness about effectiveness of digital marketing increases among business owners, the focus has shifted more towards the overall experience than individual elements of creation and distribution.

Essentially, CRO is a system of practices, implemented to turn the website traffic into sales, or to “convert” visitors into customers, or take a desired action on a webpage.

While content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO practices can drive traffic to the website, the consumer journey is still incomplete till they make a buying decision. A low conversion rate can be detected by high bounce rates, cart abandonments, high form fall-outs, and low engagement rates. To optimize the conversion rate, one needs to break down site navigation and conversion flow into logical, sequential subparts and make improvements through A/B testing to fix the flaws and deliver a seamless experience and guide visitors towards desired actions.

  • Marketing Automation

As you scale your digital marketing initiatives, it’s hard to keep track of a growing team and ensuring that best practices are being followed at every step of the process and the results you derive are optimal. That’s where marketing automation steps into the picture.

Marketing automation refers to using software to execute various digital marketing tasks (like social media publishing, email marketing, digital ads, etc.), while putting minimum to no manual efforts at all. Most of the marketing automation software available are equipped with advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Using marketing automation saves time and effort, eliminates chances of human errors, aids the sales and CRM teams, enables personalization and makes your entire marketing efforts scalable and trackable. Together, these benefits increase the ROI and generate new business opportunities.

Investing into digital marketing is no longer a choice for businesses today. But investing smartly with a tested strategy can give you more bang for your buck.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover is a dictum that is known by most but very few abide by it. And that’s also the case when it comes to business. We live in a world where we want what we are attracted to, and that includes marketing. Simply put, the companies that take time to package their products securely and attractively will always attract the most customers as opposed to one that doesn’t do so.

That said, you should always strive to be on top of your game as far as packaging is concerned, especially if you are in a sector of business marred with cutthroat competition. Below is precisely why packaging matters to an entrepreneur.

Safety attracts more customers

If the packaging is safe, then the chances are that more customers will be willing to purchase your products. Why is that so? Well, for starters, no one wants to buy a product that has a very high chance of being damaged during transportation. Also, if the packaging is of the highest quality, like the ones you can get from Bolt Boxes, then chances are that the product inside is also of the highest quality.

In other words, investing in great packaging that does not only look easy on the eyes but has all the safety guidelines checked off will most certainly sway customers to buy them more. This will most certainly be to your advantage.

Brand recognition relies heavily on packaging

We live at a time where making an impression online (and for the right reasons) is just as important as doing the same offline. One way of creating buzz on social media is by having attractive packaging. When your target group sees what you have to offer and fall in love with it, then the chances are that you’re off to a good start. And it all starts with the packaging.

For this to happen, you’ll start by studying your target group as well as the contemporary trends. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be required to get your hands on some gifted designers to make your packaging something that will attract clients with the least amount of effort (and money).

Beautiful packaging cuts down marketing costs

Still, on buzz generation, it is essential for you to note that the best way of marketing is through word of mouth. Therefore, creating a package that is so attractive to the point of sparking conversions should always be your number one priority. Why is that so? Well, for starters, the people who talk will not ask to be paid. Secondly, an attractive package that is always on peoples’ minds will always have a way of selling itself because the urge to try out your product will come quite naturally.

You’ll stand out with ease

Once again, the market today is the most competitive the world has ever seen. Therefore, any advantage that you can get over your competitors ought to be used to the best of your abilities. First things first, the target group will always compare your product to those being advertised by your closest competitors because they are always spoiled for choice. Therefore, any edge you get over your competitor will mean a huge profit margin for you and your business.

As reiterated above, packaging and labeling are fundamental aspects of any business and should, therefore, be taken with a pinch of salt. Sometimes investing in good packaging comes at an extra cost. If the latter is the case, then it would be in your best interest to always remember that the investments you are making at the moment will always pay off in the future.

Since most entrepreneurs have no idea about how to design the perfectly safe, easy-on-the-eyes packaging, they should always seek the services of accomplished graphic designers to help with the packaging. They should also make a point of finding the right boxes which they will use to carry their products.

These boxes ought to be very safe and long lasting. If you have no idea where to find an excellent graphic designer to help you out, then it would be in your best interest to use the Internet to find them. You’ll always find the best freelancers willing to work for you at an affordable rate.

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Utilizing Strategies That Can Generate Excellent Leads – How Effective Techniques Can Benefit a Business

If an entrepreneur wants to generate leads, marketers can examine the needs of customers, test an effective contact form, use tools that could study important statistics, attract customers who may offer referrals and create localized webpages that feature excellent reviews. When advertisers implement these strategies, the experts can increase conversion rates, augment a website’s traffic and boost the subtotals of many orders.

Increasing Traffic and Generating Extra Leads

In order to boost a website’s traffic, experienced marketers may create innumerable backlinks, customize meta descriptions that feature various keywords and share a website’s links. When you develop new backlinks, you should establish the links on sites that feature relevant content and important keywords. Additionally, you can incorporate relevant anchor texts into the fresh backlinks. These techniques may boost a website’s rankings in the search engines, and the strategies could also augment a site’s conversion rates and optimize the authority of each backlink.

Examining the Benefits of Content Marketing

Generally, content marketing can tremendously increase a website’s traffic, boost sales, improve the experiences of buyers and augment the number of customers who frequently visit a website. In order to generate many new leads, you may add informative content to your websites, and certain articles can examine the benefits of many services, relevant updates, the experiences of other buyers and a description of your company. Content marketing may swiftly augment the amount of guests who share a website’s links. Consequently, the effective strategy can attract many new visitors who are ready to try a company’s services.

Developing a Website That Is Ideal for Customers

When a business customizes new strategies that could generate leads, marketers should create a website that features organized guides, easy-to-use navigation and many internal links that could optimize a site’s rankings. The website can also contain a site map, and once a marketer creates this section, search engines may swiftly index new webpages and increase the rankings of the updated website.

Ideally, a company can also develop localized webpages, which may describe a geographic area and the opinions of local customers. The localized webpages can also offer temporary discounts for individuals who reside in certain geographic regions, and various reports have indicated that localized sections may boost a website’s conversion rates by more than 38 percent. Moreover, the custom webpages could substantially increase the revenue that each customer generates, and the localized sections may encourage many guests to frequently visit the website.

Creating Incentives

By offering important incentives, a business can tremendously increase the number of visitors that turn into fresh leads. According to various studies, incentives may augment a company’s sales by more than 50 percent. The technique can also increase the number of customers who share a website’s links on numerous social media networks.

Considering the Needs of Each Buyer

When an entrepreneur customizes a strategy that could generate new leads, the business can research the interests of various customers, ideal solutions that may benefit clients and numerous suggestions. These techniques will allow a company to offer comprehensive solutions that meet each customer’s needs, and various surveys have indicated that these strategies can eventually double a website’s conversion rates.

Contacting Customers and Offering New Information

If an individual has not chosen a company’s services, the business can regularly send emails that describe custom solutions, offer free trials, compare various services, feature custom messages and advertise upgraded services. In order to generate extra leads, a business may offer small rewards for guests who send responses, or the company could send informative guides to customers who try certain services.

Utilizing Techniques That Involve Split Testing

Split testing enables marketers to swiftly examine the effectiveness of numerous strategies, and study the profitability of various advertisements, websites that feature unique designs, several infographics and videos that advertise numerous services. Additionally, you could easily examine the conversion rates that each webpage generates, and subsequently, you may customize certain incentives, add summaries that describe informative articles, integrate new links and offer useful tools that could optimize conversion rates.

Examining Various Statistics and Studying the Effectiveness of Each Strategy

You can add numerous tools that will study the duration of each customer’s visit, links that guests click, the number of buyers who are using smartphones, the percentage of leads that generate revenue and the number of guests who frequently visit the website. Moreover, the tools could indicate the percentage of customers who only complete certain sections of each contact form. When you customize a contact form, you can eliminate questions that could reduce the number of leads, or you may add new features that can optimize conversion rates and revenue.

By utilizing certain tools, you could examine the number of customers who view certain articles and various advertisements. You can also determine each site’s bounce rate and the amount of visitors who share a website’s links, and while reviewing these statistics, you may study the interests of customers, informative articles that could increase traffic, the effectiveness of localized websites and your return on investment.

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For gambling lovers, the internet offers a fantastic opportunity to play one of the most the most beloved (and most exciting) casino games, poker. There are now many places where players can enjoy their favourite game online — but not all are equal in quality and entertainment value.

One of the most popular? That’s 888poker.

Operated by Gibraltar-based 888 Holdings PLC, 888poker was launched in 2002 as Pacific Poker and quickly became a valuable addition to the 888 network which includes casino and sport editions. It offers plenty of game variations such as the ever-popular Texas Hold’em, Omaha (High and Low) and 7 Card Stud Poker, as well as sit & go games and tournaments.

888poker can be played on a variety of different platforms, with both desktop and mobile options available to all its players.They have won the award for Best Poker Operator from EGR Awards – 3 years running – and currently have more than 10 million registered users.

How to play

Registering for 888poker is easy. Like other sites of its kind, you’ll have to create a username and password to sign up for a 888poker account. Once you’ve registered, you can begin playing games immediately.

888 accepts a variety of banking options to make your deposit. These include Visa, MasterCard, local debit cards, ApplePay, Wire Transfer, PayPal and more — in fact there are 40 different ways to make a deposit. Limits for most options start at $10-20.

888poker offers two bonuses as a welcome gift for new players; it’s a great opportunity for players new to 888poker – or even the game itself. The site offers $88 free with no deposit needed, starting with $2 in real money and $6 in tournament tickets. A new player will then receive $8 increments based on the bonus points the accumulate over a 90-day period.

After you’ve made your first deposit, 888poker awards you an additional bonus that will double your money, as well as giving you free tournament tickets.

Cashout options for 888poker include Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay and more. It’s important to note that cashouts can take up to a week to process, and the minimum cashout is between $10-$25. Depending on your level of ‘authentication’ (a process involving various standard ID checks, for security purposes), you can cash out between $5000-$50,000 a month.

If you enjoy the site and decide to refer a friend, 888poker will give you a $10 bonus as well as a free tournament ticket for a chance to win additional prizes.

What to play

If you’re new to the site, or poker itself, 888poker have you covered. Their free online poker offering enables you to play risk free and build some confidence. 

For poker-lovers, 888poker has several different games. The clear favourites, of course being Texas Hold’em and Omaha, as well as 7-Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo and 2-7 Open-Face Chinese Poker.

Another popular option for game play is Snap Poker — a fast-fold poker game designed exclusively for 888poker, which reduces waiting time by dealing a player new cards the minute they fold. 

There are 3 options to play – a download, an instant play room and mobile poker. Special features for the site include webcam poker tables, 3D poker tables, the ability to play up to 4 tables simultaneously and the option to show your folded cards.

Try out a tournament

888poker offers a range of online tournaments, including sit & go, multi-table, heads-up, satellites and more.

A popular option is The Typhoon — a $55 buy-in which includes 5,000 starting chips as well as a guaranteed prize pool of $4,000.

For those on a budget, The Goldfish is a great choice; a $1 buy-in which includes 5,000 chips and a prize pool of $500.

And for those online high rollers there’s The Whale. The buy-in for this tournament is $600, which gets you 10,000 and has a guaranteed prize pool of $500.

One of the benefits of the 888poker site is this variety in tournament opportunities for almost every prize point and experience level.

Join the 888poker club

The 888poker club is the site’s unique version of a VIP program – and a great opportunity for their regular members to receive a variety of perks and bonuses for continued play. It’s a tiered system with 500 levels. Users gain points, and move up levels, simply by playing games, completing challenges or betting on sports.

There are tournaments for every five to ten levels up, with prize pools as high as $10,000.

From level 5 and upwards, users get to enjoy daily free rolls. Every five levels a user climbs is rewarded with a prize scratch card, where you can win everything from tournament tickets and cash bonuses to 888poker club points and live bet bonuses.

There’s no fee or registration required for the 888poker club — simply start playing and you’re in.

It’s time to give it a go!

There are so many reasons to try out 888poker. From veteran players, to those who’ve never tried the game, 888poker offers high entertainment value for a range of budgets and interests.

With two different bonus offers available for registering, you can test out the website with real money — and once you’ve begun, you’re already on your way to winning more bonuses through the 888poker club.

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