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My baobei turned 1! 

Wow. It's hard to believe how my tiny baby went from 2.7kg to 10kg now. :') 

We hosted a party to celebrate our milestone together with our family and friends. For guide on how to plan a baby's full month / birthday celebration, click here!

Thanks to PartyEverAfter, our dessert table was beautifully set up! It's the perfect spot for photo taking! 

Jaylene's 100th day celebration setup was from PartyEverAfter too! They are the greatest helpers for events! 

I love the dessert table that PartyEverAfter put up for us! 

How much my baby has grown. T.T

We were all saying that Jaylene is the roundest at 8 months old! 

This little girl is always clapping at the wrong timing. :D

Our desserts were from River Ash Bakery.

I adore this cake so much! 

The sweet treats weren't just pretty, they tasted yummy too! 

It's the first time when most of my desserts were wipe out! I didn't get to try most of the desserts in fact, only the birthday cake! Shows how much my guests love the desserts from River Ash Bakery! 

I didn't intend to let Jaylene taste the cake. But cheeky girl grabbed the cake when I wasn't looking and licked right over from her fingers! 

Our lunch was settled by Neo Garden Catering. Look at the gorgeous setup! My guests were really impressed by the beautiful thematic decoration! 

Always our trusted caterer from special occasions! For Jaylene's full month and 100th day celebration, we had our food catered by Neo Garden too! 

Be a Neo Bao Bao like Jaylene, you can quote “NBB15” to enjoy 15% off buffet catering for baby full month / 100 days celebration!

Additionally, after joining the Neo Bao Bao club, you get to enjoy 20% off subsequent buffets for your child’s birthday until your child turns 6! Quote “NGCBABY” for it!

Also, dont miss Neo Garden Catering's “March 1 for 1 Special”! Order a regular buffet and add-on side order of $50 (additional dish/items) and receive a FREE mini buffet (worth $200)! 

This is one attractive deal!

If you ask me what's good on the menu, it is definitely the curry chicken! It's one dish that we'll always have whenever we are having buffet catering from Neo Garden! 

To keep energetic kids well occupied, we rented a bouncy castle from Jumppy.

Wow. The kids went crazy in there! I have a few who didn't want to go home because they wanted to play in the bouncy castle! 

Jaylene had a good time crawling in the bouncy castle too!

Including trying to eat some of the colourful balls too. >.<

Last by not least, thank you Bespoke Photography for capturing all the precious memories for us from the party! :')

They are the who who took Jaylene's cake smash photoshoot too! I really like their professionalism so I engaged them again for the party! ^^

Dear Jaylene, 

this will be 2nd and last birthday party (first was full month party) that daddy and mummy will throw for you. You got to plan your 21st by yourself! :P


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Jaylene is turning 1 soon! I cannot speak enough of how time passes just so quickly! It felt like yesterday when I first held her in my arms. :') 

To celebrate this occasion we decided to do a cake smash + family photoshoot with Bespoke Photography

We had it in a studio and I'm really happy that the place is really clean! Haha! You know as a mother, cleanliness is one thing you'll be very particular with since the baby is always on the floor. 

Hey, baby. Where is the neck? 

I love how unflattering this photo is! Jaylene looks like a little furball! 

Like what I've expected, Jaylene didn't like the new environment. She starting crying the moment I put her down or left her alone. So we had warm her up a little. 

Some tips for mummies, bring her favourite toys, sing her favourite song, play peekaboo, do anything to make her smile! 

We started the shoot by taking photos with Jaylene. As you can see, it wasn't easy to make this ice princess smile! Haha!

Thank goodness our photographer was very nice and patience! He tried really hard to play peekaboo with Jaylene to make her smile too! Haha! Such a boss baby, Jaylene!

Hello, baobei. What are you thinking about? 

I like the ones that were shoot with my husband! I take credit for being a clown behind the camera to make Jaylene smile! 


Don't they look so alike here?

Love love this family shoot of us! 

Before Jaylene got distracted, again! Haha!

This naughty girl started to play with her birthday hat!

Love this too!

Finally she is ready for the finale! Cake smash!

I didn't have to worry about her not wanting to touch the cake, the moment she sees it, she crawls right for it!

Having fun there~

Made a strawberry shortcake for her.



The cue that she had enough. 

Our photographer prompted us to get into the frame to play with her! Hahaha!

Like it a not, daddy and mummy are going to plant you with many many kisses! 


Very thankful to have this photoshoot with Bespoke Photography. It was a really relax and causal session. Highly recommended if you're looking for family photoshoot!

Bespoke Photography does newborn, maternity, birthday and more shoots! Do check here for their rates

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Jaylene started on solids 5 days before turning 6 months old! 

I shared her weaning journey on my Instagram and I promised I'll answer some of the commonly asked questions. So here you go! ^^

Oh ya, bare in mind that I'm no professional. Whatever I'm sharing is based on the information I've gathered from online reading and as shared by mummy friends. So take my words with a pinch of salt. Correct me if I'm wrong too! After all, I'm still learning as a first time mom. :) 

1. How do I determine that Jaylene is ready for solid? 

Usually weaning for baby is at 6 months old. There are quite a number of checklist you can find online. So these are what you can look out for!
  1. Can sit up with support, and also holds head up well.
  2. Can keep food in the mouth rather than let it dribble out.
  3. Birth weight has doubled.
  4. Shows plenty of interest in what you’re eating.
The last point is especially true for Jaylene. She is putting everything into her mouth and when we are eating, she will open her mouth to want to taste our food too! Haha! 

2. What have I fed her so first? What is suitable as baby's first food?

I started Jaylene with carrot for 3 days. Always feed baby a new food for 3 days to observe for any allergy or reaction to the food. For the same reason, feed baby early in the day as well so that if there's any adverse effect, you'll be able to observe it through the day. 

Be prepared that baby wouldn't be able to appreciate the food at the start. So don't need to prepare a lot of puree. Our aim at the start is to expose baby to new flavour, not really to replace her meal with the puree. Breastmilk or formula milk is still the primary food source! 

So anyway, Jaylene wasn't able to swallow well initially. Solid is still very foreign to her. So she kept pushing the food out instead. Do note that it is common for baby to gag too as she doesn't know how to swallow the food. As long as she doesn't choke on the food, it is fine. But the good thing is Jaylene doesn't reject the food at all. She will open her mouth whenever the spoon comes! In fact a little impatient if I'm slow at sending food into her mouth. Haha!

So we had carrot, red apple, sweet potato and now she is currently on avocado! 

By the 5th day she was eating like a pro! The guide says first two weeks, just feed baby 2-3 teaspoons is fine. But Jaylene is ready finishing a whole avocado. Haha! 

Just do a Google, you'll be able to find a lot of suitable first food for baby and even recipe to find it! Actually, just steaming and blending now. 

Besides what I've shared, I plan to feed her pumpkin, banana, pear, spinach, peas and broccoli in time to come! 

If you're a busy working mom, you can always get off the shelf! HiPP Organic is the world's #1 organic baby food brand! Everything is made with only the very best organic ingredients to create wholesome & nourishing food for our little one! Easily bought from major supermarkets! ^^ 

For me I'll be making most of Jaylene's meal by myself, but on days like weekends when we plan to bring her out, then I'll be feeding her HiPP organic food. 

3. How do I make Jaylene's food at home. How to store them?

Highly recommend Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender!

Meal preparation is so much easier with it because it can steam and blend everything using just this machine alone! Less washing and more time saving! ^^

If you're worried that it might be difficult to use, it's actually very simple with easy to follow guide! Best of all, it comes with a weaning guide and recipes that I've been following! 

An example is the sweet potato puree that I've made with it! Dice sweet potato into smaller pieces then set the machine to steam for 15 mins and blend for 2 mins! I do this when Jaylene is taking her first nap so that when she is up, I'll be ready to feed her. :)

We actually bought a Braun MultiQuick 5 last Christmas (because got sale! :P)

It is more pocket friendly to use a handblender to puree the food. Just steam the food over the stove then blend using the handblender. I used this for Jaylene's carrot puree. :) 

It is recommended to add some breastmilk / formula milk to the puree to give baby a familiar taste. I did that for carrot puree (Jaylene's very first food), after which I didn't add anymore breastmilk.

Because it is recommended to feed baby the same food over 3 days. Usually I'll made the food the split into 3 portions to be fed over the next 3 days. I don't store in freezer, just keep in air tight container then put in the refrigerator. It can last for 48 hours! Alternatively, you can store in freezer which can last longer. I don't really recommend storing baby food for long though. Nutritional values do diminish over time!  

4. What is Jaylene's feeding schedule like?

For the first two weeks, Jaylene is having 1 solid per day. As I mentioned it is best to feed baby early in the day, but Jaylene is a late riser. She wakes up at 10am. So by the time we have our playtime and bath time, it is time for her first nap, usually 12pm. So she will take her solid after her first nap. 

3th week onwards, I'll be increasing to giving her 2 feed per day. One after her first nap, another after her second nap. 

5. Review on Love Oribel's Cocoon High Chair

How pretty is the high chair right? Haha! Aesthetic is a bonus, Love Oribel's high chair is very functional too! It has a padded seat liner which makes it extra comfy for Jaylene to sit on.

Made of waterproof material, so cleaning is very easy! Comes with 3 recline positions and 6 height adjustments! It has wheels for easy manoeuvring and can be easily folded up when not in use. 

You can either use their detachable food and cup holder or large tray for feeding.

This is daddy feeding Jaylene for the first time! Even without the seat liner, Jaylene is comfortable in it as well! ^^ She usually doesn't like to be bucketed up, but so far, no complains from her! ^^ 

6. Why did I start with traditional spoon feeding instead of baby led weaning (BLW)

Yes, I do plan to let Jaylene do BLW ultimately. But not now. 

I read that BLW is best recommended for baby starting from 8 months old onwards. Because baby got to master pincer grip first. Of course you can choose to jump start with BLW. But I think you can expect most of the food to be on the floor than inside baby's mouth. Haha!

Alright, I hope I didn't miss out any question! Do follow me on my Instagram as I'll share Jaylene's weaning progress there. :)

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My little girl fell sick for the first time at 4.5 months. All thanks to mama for spreading the virus to her. T.T

So she started having blocked nose, then runny nose and was coughing with phlegm. 

You probably have heard this before, that a sick baby is a parent's worse nightmare. Her sleep was totally disrupted. I mean, even us as an adult would have problem falling asleep when having a blocked nose. So imagine a poor baby. :'( 

She had to be carried most of the time in order to sleep, finally I decided to give her a soft pillow to elevate her a little. That helps a lot! But she still gets awaken easily because of her constant cough. :/ 

We brought her to the pd the next day when we find that her cough is persistent and had phlegm. 

Good to know that when a baby coughs, it can be rather serious as the lungs may be infected if not treated probably. So if your baby is coughing, do seek professional help! You won't want baby to end up having pneumonia when the phlegm enters the lungs. 

Our pd put Jaylene on nebulizer to help her to clear the phlegms. As Jaylene was about 4 months old, hence she couldn't take any medicine. After talking to some mummies, I realised that nebulizer is in fact the commonly used method to cure persistent coughs in young babies. 

Tips shared by the nurse is that, after using the nebulizer, it is more effective if you could cup your hand, pat your child's back (at the left lung's position) and then give a shake. Repeat on right lung. This helps to loosen the phlegm! 

How phlegm would be expelled from baby's body? 
Two ways. Either they vomit out or they poop out. Too bad that baby doesn't know how to spit out the phlegm like we do. :/ Jaylene didn't vomit at all. All her phlegm was cleared through her poop. You'll notice slimy, sticky substances in the poop! That was like better than strike lottery when I see them in her poop! Haha! So get your baby to poop more by feeding more frequently! Breastmilk is a good source of antibodies by the way. ^^ 

Also, don't be surprised that it takes about a month or so for a baby to fully recover from cough and phlegm. Yes, that long. T.T 

Rule of thumb shared by pd is that as long as baby's sleep is not affected, is feeding well and does not develop fever, it is fine. Just continue life as per normal. Thank god that Jaylene recovered in two weeks time! I think because she really poops a lot. My baby can poop like 3 times a day. Haha! 

So remember, if baby is coughing. Don't take any risk, bring to the pd! 

What if baby is not coughing? What to do if baby is having blocked nose or runny nose only? 

As shared by my pd, you can try using sterimar spray, wait for 5 minutes then apply iliadin. It really helps to unblock the nose! Both can be bought from Guardian. 

On the other hand, if baby is having a lot of mucus in the nose, lollababy nasal aspirator is a must have! 

But don't say I never warn you, be prepared for a screaming baby with any of the above methods. Baby will definitely not enjoy having any foreign object in their nose. But what to do? 

Finally, wear mask if you're not well! ^^


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New washing machine in the house! 

This is the LG TWINWash that is able to wash two loads at the same time! Saving mama, me, a lot of time and energy when comes to doing laundry now. ^^ 

Honestly, when LG TWINWash first came into the market, I bought into the idea of its dual front load washer function. Especially when we were expecting baby Jaylene then. The two loads washing would be handy! However, when LG TWINWash was first launched, the size of it was humongous for a HDB, so we gave it a miss.  Hence, I am so happy now that LG has come up with more versions of TWINWash for different home sizes!

Mine is a 8/5kg Washer Dryer TWINWash and it fits perfectly in our service yard! ^^

You can refer to LG Singapore's website here for more models of the TWINWash. 

Before we have LG TWINWash, Jaylene's clothing were all hand-washed because we don't want to mix her delicate clothes with ours and it doesn't make sense to wash her tiny and few clothing in a big washer either. Definitely not energy, water or cost saving at all!

Now with our LG TWINWash , we can wash both the adults' and baby's laundry at the same time! 

The "main washer" washes our big load laundry that requires faster and deeper cleaning. It is very user friendly, just turn the knob to your desired washing function! 

Some of the key features of the main washer include: 
TurboWash™ which can finish the big load laundry in under 1 hour.
- TrueSteam™ technology which activates Allergy Care and Steam Refresh, reducing 99.9% allergens. Getting rid of house dust and mites for your family's hygiene care. 
- 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which mimics hand washing action, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.
- SmartThinQ™ technology which allows you to operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. 

Now the exciting Mini Washer! It is a separate washer to takes care of small loads that require special care. Such as our sport wear, underwear, and baby clothing! 

It is really straight forward to use to mini washer. We have been using it to take care of Jaylene's daily laundry! The size is just right her for small load. Definitely much more energy saving and cost effective! 

Notice the blue rubbery thing? Unlike the main washer, the mini washer doesn't come with a detergent dispenser. Hence this smart introduction of the washable detergent holder! 

In case you're worried about safety with children at home, especially curious toddlers. LG TWINWash comes with safety "child lock" function! But for now, I'm going to employ my little girl to do her own laundry under my supervision. :P

Overall, LG TWINWash has saved us so much laundry time! Trust me, being a first time mum and the primary caregiver to a clingy baby, the last thing you want to worry about is laundry! Now, I get all my laundry washed and clean using the dual washer. I have more time to entertain Jaylene and can even steal some pockets of "me time" in between! Besides being cost effective and time saving, it is an added bonus when LG TWINWash is so quiet in it's performance! Cheers to less vibration and noise to wake a napping baby up! ^^


 ***This post is brought to you together with LG Singapore 
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Happy 100th Day my sweet little pie! 

It feels like yesterday when I've just given birth to this little one? Look how big she has grown! :O

As much as I love her small she was at her infancy stage, baby Jaylene is so interactive now! The way she communicates with us, in her baby language, is like she also really trying to respond to us! Haha! She is also very smiley and her smiles never fail to brighten up my day. :') 

Anyway, back to the 100th day celebration, initially we didn't plan to have one since we've done a full month party for her. (You can read on it here with some tips to planning one!) So anyway, while thinking on how to celebrate Mother's Day, we realised that her 100th Day is nearby too! So we decided to do a double celebration. Just with both sides of the family. ^^ 

Look at this gorgeous setup! Baby J was so attracted to it that we have left it on the wall since then!

We didn't hire any vendor for the decoration setup this time round as it was a very last minute decision and we wanted to keep it simple too. Thankfully at the same time, the good people from PartyEverAfter asked if we were keen to receive a themed party box from them! Yay! 

Basically they carry quite a number of party essentials like themed party boxes and party props for you. Great for DIY party or have a tight budget in hand! :) 

We had the "Oh My Pink!" party box and look how Instagram-worthy our bare wall became! Would have looked better if not for the air con. 

My sweet little girl. 
She looked so tiny on her daddy's shoulder! 

No dessert table this time round, obviously we can't finish all the desserts. 

So I put together an appetiser cum desserts table!

We had a sushi platter from Sakae Sushi, cake from Prima Deli, egg tarts from Fancy Delight and soy ice cream from Mr Bean.

Looks presentable still, right? Haha!

Anyway, if you have not tried Fancy Delight's assorted egg tarts, I recommend you to! I love them! Wish they have an outlet nearer to me. 

For the main menu, it's none other than our trusted caterer, Neo Garden!

Baby J was very sweet, so fell asleep during lunch time and woke up only after our lunch! We got to enjoy the yummy food in peace! Haha! Not trying to say she's naughty. :P 

Because there's only 10 of us, so it doesn't make sense for us to order a buffet spread that requires min 30 pax usually. So we are glad that Neo Garden's mini buffet allows for smaller group catering! It's great for family styled parties or cozy gatherings like ours. ^^  

Food is packed in microwavable containers and comes with disposable cutleries and napkins! Super fuss free! All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the food! ^^

You can visit Neo Garden's website to find out more about their mini buffet menu. :)

Happy 100th day, my bao bei. 

She legit looks like she is ready to cut the cake! Haha!

Looking for gold on the floor.

Thank you everyone for reading! Baby Jaylene is still busy looking for gold on the floor. Haha! 

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While I had a confinement nanny from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency (you can read my review here), hubby and I were worried about the transition period when my confinement nanny leaves us after the 28 days of confinement and I would have to take care of baby J all by myself. Hence, after thinking through, we decided to take up Tian Wei Signature's confinement food package such that while I focus on caring for my baby, I don't have to worry about my meals too. I can have delicious and nutritional meals delivered to my doorstep! :) 

I believe Confinement Food Catering in Singapore is not uncommon and Tian Wei Signature has been rather popular among the mummies! 

While I was still pregnant, I took up the trial meal for a taste of Tian Wei Signature's confinement food. 

I think this trial meal idea is awesome! At least mummies will get a chance to taste the food first before committing to any of the packages. Imagine if I don't get to try the food first and I actually don't like it? I'll be stuck with 28 days of meals that I dislike! Not just a waste of money and resources, it also spoilt the mood as well! 

Because good food = good mood. ^^ 

This is what I received for my trial meal. A bit of everything was being presented so you get to have a taste of the wide spread of food at Tian Wei Signature. 

I like the fact that Tian Wei Signature doesn't offer traditional confinement food only, they do fusion confinement food as well! I believe this is something new for confinement food catering in Singapore?

Honestly I've heard a lot of good reviews on Tian Wei Signature's confinement food and indeed after trying, I'm a convert! The food was indeed yummy! I was worried at first that the food would be too oily (because of the heavy use of sesame oil in confinement food), but to my surprise, it was not! In fact, food was not heavily seasoned too! The food tasted very homely and I was already looking forward to the start of my confinement food delivery! 

This is how a typical meal looks like. 

1 box meat (fish, pork, chicken)
1 box vegetable
1 box rice/noodles
1 soup/dessert
2 red date herbal teas

Portion is so generous right?

Food is delivered between 10am-1pm for lunch and 4pm-7pm for dinner in a thermal bag. The bag keeps my food warm very well! Most of the time, I don't have the luxury of having my meals immediately because baby comes first. So I might be having my meals 1 or 2 hours later, but the food is still kept warm. ^^ It's a good thing that the food is packed microwave friendly, so if you prefer food to be warmer, you can always warm up using the microwave. :)

Another good thing about Tian Wei Signature is that they are very flexible with meal cancellation! Just give them a call in advance to rearrange. 

Now, let me share with you some of my favourite meals from Tian Wei! 

The braised pork trotter in black vinegar is definitely my top pick! 

Food is never too repetitive at Tian Wei Signature. Do you know that on their menu, they offer 45 different nourishing soups, 44 unique meat dishes and 42 unique vegetable dishes? This to ensure that new mummies have good nutritional diet during the confinement period with special dishes, tonics and soups formulated to improve well being and keep energy levels high!

A good thing that Tian Wei Signature is pro breastfeeding. Hence, the food prepared aims to help mummies to increase their breastmilk! Such as the well known green papaya fish soup as pictured. Other milk boosting ingredients that are used include salmon, spinach, cumin, fenugreek, quinoa, okra and tomato! You can read more about Tian Wei Signature's devotion to breastfeeding over here

Sesame Oil Chicken is like a must have confinement dish!

Red fermented wine chicken. Another confinement dish that is not commonly seen nowadays. 

I only had it once through out my entire package! Miss it so much! 

I'm not kidding when I say the portion is very generous! That's half a chicken there! Love this braised chicken with angelica & herbs too! Best of all, it helps postpartum mummies to recover better with the use of carefully selected herbs. 

This braised pork belly!! My confinement nanny show me that confinement food can be done in a yummy way and I'm glad that Tian Wei Signature impressed me as well with their confinement food! 

More of the different meals that I had. Besides different dishes and soup every day, Tian Wei Signature also strives to serve different types of rice other than plain white rice! Like mixed grains rice, brown rice, barley rice, oat rice, pumpkin seeds rice and so on! Every meal is certainly a hearty and enjoyable one! ^^

Some days, they serve non rice alternatives like this braised sesame chicken in sweet potato vermicelli. I love the sweet potato vermicelli! 

This stir fried pork liver with white bee hoon and kailan is the type that I can eat everyday without getting sick. So simple yet comforting! 

Now moving on to their fusion meals which are generally Mediterranean and Japanese inspired. 

This is the Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin. The gravy is so good! Definitely a good change from the traditional ones. :)

This is my favourite among the fusion meals. Seared salmon with cauliflower cream and tri colour grains! I love the cauliflower cream especially! It's like mashed potato, except healthier!

Red snapper with lemon beurre blanc baked pumpkin and buttered corn cob served with fruits and wild grains pilaf. I love this combination too! My eyes lit up whenever I see pumpkin! Haha! The fruits and wild grains pilaf was flavourful!

Yes, you get spaghetti too! How awesome is that? ^^

Overall, I'm really glad that I had Tian Wei Signature to deliver my meals to me even after my confinement. Good to know that confinement meals can be taken up to 4 months postpartum! It helps mummies to recuperate better with the balanced and wholesome meals prepared. :) 

So if you're looking for confinement food catering in Singapore, Tian Wei Signature is a good choice! If I have a second baby, I won't hesitate to sign up for their confinement package again, even after my confinement! They are quite flexible with their packages. You can find out more from their website here. :)

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Hi everyone! First time that I'm so efficient in my posting. Haha! Because I'm really excited to share with everyone on my experience at Baby Slings & Carriers! Hopefully this post will help more mummies out there who are in search of the right carrier for you and your baby! Daddies included too. ^^

Baby Slings & Carriers was in fact introduced to me by a few mummy followers on Instagram when I shared that I was having problem with baby wearing.  Anyway, that is Pearline, the super friendly lady boss at Baby Slings & Carriers! 

A bit of background about Baby Slings & Carriers first. 

Baby Slings & Carriers was born because they saw the need for a comprehensive website that helps a new parent to select the right baby wearing tool while caring for a new baby! If you were to hop over to their website, you can see for yourself that their website is indeed comprehensive. Just look at the extensive types of carriers that they carry alone!

To be honest, while scrolling through the website, I already feel lost! There are just too many brands of carriers out there (don't even talk about slings and etc) and all of them sounds like a great carrier! So which to choose? 

If you can relate to me, then you'll be glad that Baby Slings & Carriers actually offers personalised carrier fitting service at the a low of $20 only! I went for the session and personally find that what you'll gain is definitely more than the $20 spent! 

At Baby Slings & Carriers, you can find yourself a wide range of  carriers in store and you get to try on them to have a first hand feel. Moreover, it's under the supervision of professionals like Pearline and her team! They will be able to guide you in your baby wearing, especially if you're a FTM like myself and they give you an unbiased view of how each carrier feels like on you! 

For me, Pearline introduced 3 carriers that could be suitable for me. 

First was Emeibaby Carrier. I love the feeling immediately when I wear baby J in it! My back was very well supported and the weight was well distributed around my hips. It simply feels so easy to be carrying my not so light, baby, in this carrier. 

So I got to know that Emeibaby Carrier combines the versatility of woven baby wraps and ring slings with the ease of use and support of ergonomic backpack carriers. The result is a baby carrier that offers the baby wearer the advantages of all three! 

Also, if you're petite in frame like me, Emeibaby is a great choice! 

This is hubby wearing the same carrier and he was extremely awkward in it. Haha! Pearline explained that it was because Emeibaby is designed to fit a woman's waist more than a man. Hence, he wouldn't feel as comfortable in it. 

The second one that I tried was Manduca Baby Carrier.

This is also a great choice for petite mummies! In fact, I actually love the support of Manduca carrier more than Emeibaby. However, aesthetically wise, Manduca can't compare at all. Haha! 

Hubby tried on it too. Again, he doesn't feel the same level of comfort as I do. 

So this was when Pearline educated us on the reason why there are so many brands of carriers out in the market. Which brand has their targeted audience. Like this Manduca carrier wouldn't be suitable for a huge frame man like my husband. He said that he felt restricted and in fact it was a strain on his back when he carried baby J. 

Hence, Pearline introduced hubby Boba 4G Baby Carrier! 

Looking at the outlook of the carrier, you already can tell that it is made from taller and bigger build wearers like my husband. In fact, it is a very popular brand among the "angmohs". 

Hubby was finally happy with a carrier! He was like finally one that he felt comfortable in! Haha!

So this was the Boba Carrier that he settled for. 

So daddies, if you are keen of baby wearing but aren't confident in wearing baby by yourself, Pearline and her team is here to help! 

For myself, I decided to try on Tula as well. Since I've heard so many good reviews of it! 

Verdict? While the support on my back was fantastic. It didn't feel as great around my hips and baby J certainly didn't sit as comfortably as compared to Emeibaby and Manduca. 

So in the end, I settled for an Emeibaby Carrier! Yes, baby J approved too! ^^ 

We had our first shopping trip in it shortly after! ^^ 

Overall, I'm really glad that I went down for the personalised baby carrier fitting session with Baby Slings & Carriers. I've learnt so much for the session! Getting a baby carrier is easy, getting the right one that suits you and baby may not be that simple. Especially if you have a rather tiny or huge frame. Like it's almost impossible for hubby and I to share a carrier because I'm a mouse and he's a lion. Hahaha! Just saying about our difference in size. :P 

I'll say that a fitting will definitely make baby wearing much more comfortable and pleasant for you and baby! :) 

Also, for every carrier that you purchase with Baby Slings & Carriers, you'll get a Babywearer's Privilege Card that entitles you to 2 years of babywearing help & fitting for the carrier purchased from them! So any problem, just come back with the carrier and the privilege card! :) 

ps: If you can, try not to arrange for fitting session on Saturday. Unless you have all the time in hand. Because at Baby Slings & Carriers they really take the time to walk you through the different brands until you find one that is satisfactory. Hence, Saturday is usually quite busy. We waited a bit too. So weekdays are highly recommended if you can! :)

Location: #06-01, 39 Jalan Pemimpin, Tai Lee Building, Singapore 577182
Business hours:10 am to 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Closed on Wednesday, Sunday & Public Holidays.
Contact: 6397 6691 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat) 10am – 6pm

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Hi everyone! 

I was so happy that my confinement is finally over~ But at the same time, I do feel a bit sad to end it as well. Mainly because we had a really great relationship with our confinement nanny, Auntie Jing Jie.

Before I go on with my PEM Confinement Nanny review, let me just share why I choose to engage a confinement nanny and why I chose PEM in the end.

Why I choose to engage a confinement nanny

Well, there is really no right or wrong to engage a confinement nanny (CN). In fact, hubby and I were both quite apprehensive of it as we are both not too keen about having to live with a stranger at home. We enjoy having our little nest to ourselves and being in our own world! Haha! Perhaps in some ways, "obey" her because she's here to help me to "recover" from my labour. 

On the other hand, as first time parents, we definitely feel lost with a newborn. Especially so when we don't live with our parents. Hence, all alone. That's why CN would be a great help as you'll be able to learn tips on caring for baby from her. Also, she'll be able to cook nutritional meals for me and do some basic cleaning at home for us while I take all the rest that I can. For mummies who have just delivered, rest is certainly very important. So that extra pair of hands come in handy! 

Hmm.. my mother did volunteer to want to help me with my confinement. But I rejected her. I know for myself that I'll go crazy with her strict rules! Hahaha!

Yup. So after weighing the pros and cons, we deciding to go ahead with engaging a CN and that brings us to the next point. 

To be frank, I never know that there is such thing as a nanny agency! Well, you can think of it like a maid agency? Just that they provide confinement nanny services. In fact, PEM is rather popular among the mummies!  So once I found out that PEM existed, I never look back at engaging private CN again. ^^ 

So I basically summarized into 2 main reasons why I chose PEM Confinement Nanny Agency. 

1. One-stop centre & fuss free

After you have read and found out more about PEM through their website, you can express your interest to engage a nanny from them via their online form or phone call! They are quite prompt in their reply and shortly, a day will be scheduled for their agent to visit you at your place. 

They will explain to you clearly on the responsibilities and duties of their nannies. It is also a good time to raise any concern if you have! Like for me, I expressed my concern over following traditional confinement rules. Hahaha! Sorry, I cannot not bathe. Basically communicate and address as much of your concerns and requirements for the nanny as possible, but please by reasonable too! They will try to match the most desirable one as possible. ^^

Once, you have delivered, give them a call and they will schedule their CN to be with you when you're home! I love how fuss-free they have made it! 

2. Well-trained nanny and flexibility to change

At PEM, every nanny has to undergo an exclusive and stringent training to ensure that they are qualified to take care of not just the newborn baby, but the mother and the family members as well. Head over to PEM's website to find out more about their training areas. On the other hand, I really can't say the same for all private nannies? :/ 

Yes, if for some reason you're just unable to get along with your CN, you can request for a change! This is like the main reason why I had to go with PEM! The sense of security I would say. 

Oh yes, it is an added bonus that PEM is the largest Confinement Nanny Agency in Singapore! This added more assurance for hubby and I. ^^

Now, we move on to the review of the CN that was assigned to me by PEM.

After seeing how my CN works day in day out, I have greater respect for all CN. It's no easy job at all!

My CN, Auntie Jing Jie (PEM #519), I'm really thankful to have her with us! When I was still in hospital, I was so worried that I might not be able to have a CN assigned to me on time because baby came earlier than expected and it was during CNY peak period. But I guess God has it planned out for us. We were blessed that Auntie Jing Jie was able to take up our assignment and we had a great 28 days together.

Summary of what my CN does in a day

1. Brew red date tea
2. Prepare and cook breakfast for mumy
3. Prepare confinement herbal bath for mummy
4. Bathe baby
5. Washing and cleaning of dishes
6. Prepare and cook lunch for mummy

7. Washing and cleaning of dishes
8. Prepare tea for mummy
9. Do laundry
10. Wipe baby
11. Prepare and cook dinner

12. Washing and cleaning of dishes
13. Cleaning of kitchen
14. Vacuuming of house (mopping on alternative days)
15. Hand wash baby's clothes, bathe

On top of all these, she has to take care of baby's needs whenever she cries. Even if it's in the middle of the night. Furthermore, my CN doesn't take naps at all! I really don't know where she gets her energy from, she always looks so alert and refresh!

Caring for baby

For me, nothing is more important than how my baby is being taken care of.

Auntie Jing Jie may appear to be stern but she is actually very friendly and funny! I love to watch the way she plays and "baby-talk" with my baby. ^^ She loves and sayang baby J a lot too, seeing some of their interactions really warm my heart. :') It's a pity that baby J is too young to be able to remember her nanny who have taken such good care of her.

There was one particular incident that I remembered deeply. It was just the 2nd day that Auntie Jing Jie was with us and we had to bring baby J back to check her jaundice level. I couldn't bear seeing the process of my baby being pricked for the blood test. T.T
On the other hand, Auntie Jing Jie swiftly held onto baby J when she was being prickled. She kept talking and sayang-ing her. It was like magic! Baby J only cried when the needle was being poked in, after which she didn't cry at all with Auntie Jing Jie being there with her!

It touched my heart to see Auntie Jing Jie showing so much love to my baby. :') I'm so glad to have her there with us, otherwise baby J would be screaming her lungs out like the other babies who were there to do the test. :'(

I've certainly learnt a lot from observing how Auntie Jing Jie handles baby J. She is also very helpful to share with us tips on how to take care of our baby. Most importantly, she is patient to guide us. Oh yes, Auntie Jing Jie is pro-breastfeeding as well! First few days I was so lost at breastfeeding, but with Auntie Jing Jie's guidance, I got better. She also made me soups that help to boost my breastmilk during the first week. Thereafter, she stopped because I was over supplying. Also, my letdown is very "fast n furious", so Auntie Jing Jie gave me suggestions on how to prevent baby J from choking over my breast milk.  These are some of the things that I wouldn't be able to handle if not for Auntie Jing Jie's help.

Tidiness and cleanliness

Auntie Jing Jie is so neat and organised!

She spent a great amount of time during the first few days to get familiarized with the orientation in the house. Especially the kitchen and baby's room. Also, she seek our permission to reorganize some of stuff in our house, like the refrigerator, cooking condiments, pots and pans and etc. To which we were really glad that she did it that way because the house certainly looks more organised and neater! Haha! 

Baby's room as well. Auntie helped me to fold and reorganise Baby J's clothes, which were overflowing! Haha!

Even though Auntie has left, we are still keeping to the way she has helped us to arrange and tidy up. 


Another thing to be thankful about is Auntie Jing Jie's culinary skill! The food that she cooked was AMAZING~

If you are following me on my Instagram, you would have an eye feast of my daily meals prepare by Auntie Jing Jie! Throughout my 28 days of confinement, I never had a single meal which is repeated! I really don't how Auntie Jing Jie does it!

I would wish to post every single food that she has cooked, but I think my page will die from the loading. Haha! So I'm just going to share a few of my favourites of the favouritesss. Haha!

Impressive Taiwanese style mee sua. 

My favourite red glutinous rice wine (红糟鸡)!

Stir fried mee sua (which even my mum asked her for recipe!) and stir fried udon. 

Stir fried mee tai bak and char kway teow. 

Even simple looking soup noodles like these also tasted extraordinary because auntie took the pain to boil her own soup broth!

Tomato chicken, sesame oil chicken. The latter is a confinement must have food!

The bak ku teh that she cooks!! 


Another confinement must have is vinegar pork trotter! I drank up the vinegar gravy too.

Auntie's lor bak is so good too! On her last day she made another pot for me to freeze up so that I can enjoy another time too. :')

Pork ribs in different style! Is she not creative or what?


I'm not a big fan of fish, but I love every fish dishes that auntie has made!

Never know there are so many ways to cook fish too! 

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