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Amigurumi Barmy by Liz Ward - 9M ago
Just a quick post to update a few things.

First I have been doing some more experimenting with yarn dyeing. I am loving playing with colour and making my own yarn, its all very exciting.
I decided its time to sell some of my hand dyed yarns, mainly so I can buy more yarn to dye :)
I've set up a new facebook page for my yarn story so as not to flood amigurumi Barmy with hand dyed yarn pics (its so pretty, I take so many pictures)

The new page is called AB Yarns. This is a working title and may change but for the mo it tied it to amigurumi barmy in some way.

You can find the new page here (click the link)

It'll be a nice page, I'll be uploading making videos and lots of pictures. If you like yarn and colour you'll find lots you like. I'm sure my cats will make an appearance too :)

I'll be concentrating on self striping yarn with a strong geeky theme

Doctor who scarf yarn is already defiantly going to be a thing.

Or how about self striping yarn inspired by Guardians of the galaxy :)

I'll also be creating immersion hand dyes, that build layers of colour and are just stunning

 This little beauty is Nebular

Some of these are already available in my etsy shop which now has a hand dyed yarn sections
You can find them here  (clink the link)

look at all the pretty yarn

Worry not if you are here for the crochet, there are new pattern coming very soon. I have recently released my autumn wreath pattern and Monty the mouse and there are lots more coming

Thats all for now. Thank you so much if you follow my new page it really helps me when you guys like and share my stuff xxx

Back soon, till then
Happy crafting
love Liz xxxxxxxxxxx
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Talk about life gets in the way. I am yet again late in writing this post.

I think I'll make the catch up part of this post mostly photos. If there are any questions feel free to ask here or on Instagram @lizwardcrochet if you want more info x

 Stitch therapy at The York makery is every other Tuesday. Its a social group for crafters with tutors on hand if you are stuck on a project. I try and go along to be there to help with crochet and get help with my knitting.
 New kits available in my shop
 First every sock head hat.
 Spring into wool yarn festival

 Haul from spring into wool.
 Cushion made for my new sofa, its knit in the softest silk blend yarn.
 Playing Tak in the pub.
 Knitting with Cal
 Knitting with Cassi
 Finished pair of hand knit socks with Cassi
 Cal not helping me knit a sweater
 Massive package of amigurumi came back from an exhibition in New York. I have no idea what to do with all these now :/
 Trying to get back into the swing of normal work with this tiny Thanos. Hes still not finished.
 More sock knitting with Cal
 Gave in to temptation and purchased the self striping, Mind the gap sock yarn
This was yesterday and how far I've got with these socks.
 Crochet cactus for the York makery window. I think they'll be some patterns here aswel

 My garden got a bit over grown so my sister came over to help out.

 We did that in a day. Its looking even prettier now.
 Gorgeous George working the till at the York Makery (if that isn't a reason to visit I don't know what is)
Floral window display at the York makery
 Mini Comicon in York city centre
 York Bloom festival
 First look at some new patterns This is Monty. He'll get a post just about him soonish
 Another friend back from New York
 Montage and pic of flowers in my garden
 Another new pattern I'm working on. Any ideas for what we should call this guy? I'll be having a naming quest on Instagram




Finally I'm having a Christmas crafting sale in My pattern shop
For all of July all my holiday patterns have 25% off
Now is the perfect time to start making for Christmas. Especially if you want to make a Nativity, you want to give yourself plenty of time.

So thats all for this catch up
Life is pretty good at the moment. the sun is shining and I'm enjoying being more social and working at a slower pace.
If you want more regular updates from me, you can follow me on Instagram or facebook where I post more often  @lizwardcrochet or amigurumibarmy

I'm off to finish my mind the gap socks now.
Till next time,
Happy crafting
Love Liz xxx
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Amigurumi Barmy by Liz Ward - 1y ago
I just had a look back at my last few post and I there is so much I haven't written about. Settle in this might be a long one.

In no particular order I'll catch us up.

Infinity gauntlet
 Gauntlet madness has been all consuming. My day to day work life has change so much. I now spend most morning putting together kits and packing gemstones. I have to go to the post office so often now I splashed out and got myself a bike.

Meet Lucille II. She a traditional ladies bike but she folds in half for easier storage. I hadn't been on a bike for over 20 years and so was a little nervous about going for my first tootle. After a little shacky start it turns out riding a bike is just like riding a bike, you never forget. Me and Lucille II are firm friends now and its making my trips to the post office much quicker.

After I finishing work get each day, I've been trying to take some time to relax. Something that doesn't come easily to people like me, who work for themselves. Just sitting and reading a book feels like a real indigence and my brain keeps telling me I should be doing something more important. It took a while just to learn to let myself relax and not think about work.

The upside of this is when I do come back and work I'm refreshed and excited about new projects.

I have been working on a few new things. I had decided I would make an Iron man sleeve after finishing the infinity gauntlet. I knew it would be a slightly trickier project as the design was so different. It took a lot of puzzling out but in the end I produced a pattern I was happy with. Not only does it look right it is also as simple as possible to follow for all levels of crochet skill.

Iron man sleeve

If you make both you can play fight. I am an adult honest :)

This pattern is also available as a full kit
Iron man kit
 While I've had such success with the infinity gauntlet kit, I though it was a good time to invest in setting up a few more of my best selling patterns as kits also. I've got small kits for some of the marvel character dolls and I've added this one for the sheep draught excluder

Sheep kit
This is the most expensive kit I've put together so far but there is a lot of yarn needed for this project. I know it can be difficult to get the exact yarn for this so I hope this kit does sell. It might be a bit of a treat but we need to indulge ourselves now and them.

While I'm on new things in my etsy shop I'll keep on subject and write about the other new patterns I've been working on.

First up and a bit of a departure for me is my first ever knitting pattern. I have written knitting patterns for books and magazines but this is the first one thats available only in my etsy shop.

If you are a Marvel geek like me you will have seen the new Avengers Infinity war film. I loved it. I've been to see it twice and want to go again before it leaves the cinema. I could go on and on about it but I think this post is going to be long enough already.
In it the character Wanda or Scarlett witch has a scene in Edinburgh where she wears a slouchy cabled hat. I have a friend who cosplays all of Wanda costumes and she had asked me to create her a hat just like it.
 I had a go using the blurry on location pics that came out before the film did but when I saw the actual thing I was pretty sure I knew what to tweak to make it as close to screen accurate without using the pattern it was made from.

Wanda hat
Here is the finished result. We got yarn dyed specially from Sheep on mars and she has now made the colour-way available in her etsy shop  
I am so happy with this pattern, Its is available now from my etsy shop. As with my crochet patterns I have kept the instructions simple, clear and easy to follow. There is also lots of photos.  Its a super cute hat and makes a lovely project. Its 4ply so its lightweight and can be worn in all weathers.If you are a knitter please go check it out. It does have a project page on Ravely also so join in the fun there if you want.

Next up is another Groot crochet pattern
Teenage groot

As Groot grows up in the film I wanted to make a new pattern of the teenage version. I had this written out and made in piece months ago but never got around to putting him together. In a way I'm glad this happened as when I finally when to finish this project I had some new ideas and I added in more details.
I love the way he turned out. he may have grown up a bit but he's still so cute. I know the original of this pattern was very popular so I hope this one will be to. Get your hooks out and grow up you Groot :)

Thats all the new patterns for now but I'm working on more. I'm trying to set goals so that I don't have massive gaps in releasing patterns and blogging. My aim is one new pattern a week and two blog posts a month. Here's hoping.
I'm also thinking about doing some Vloging. I already have a youtube channel and I keep getting asked to do tutorials. I'm thinking that some kind of informal crochet podcast where I share what I'm working on, with the odd tutorial thrown in for good measure might be quite fun to do. What do you think??

In other news there is going to have to be some changes to my Esty shop. Etsy have put up their prices for us sellers and it looks like they might make it more difficult for our stuff to be seen unless we pay a premium.
I have lots of patterns and not all of them sell that great. I'm quite happy for them all to be on my shop as I love them. However with these Etsy changes I'll have to think again.
I am going to be retiring some patterns. I am also going to be making some patterns only available as part of a bundle. On the plus side I am going to be making some of the patterns I retire into free patterns on here. 
This will all be happening over the next few months so stay tuned to my facebook or Instagram if you want to stay informed all details can be found at www.lizwardcrochet.com
I will also be adding a independent shop to my own website ↑ this will exclusively have the new designs first and cheaper so add it to your favorites now.

 I'm going to be doing some more knitting projects. I'm working on my first sock pattern at the mo. Cal is trying to help.

All in all there is still loads more to catch up on but its getting close to tea time and I've a shepherds pie to get in the oven. Yum
I think I've covered the most important things, the rest is just fun stuff but I will post it all in the second part of this post next week.
Till then...
happy crochet
love Liz xxx
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Amigurumi Barmy by Liz Ward - 1y ago
Just a quick post. I know its been a while and |I will be back with a longer post soon.

I have been blown away with the popularity of my little Crochet Infinity gauntlet patterns. It has now had over 1000 downloads, which is just nuts.

I've put together a montage photo of all the pics of your Gauntlets that have been shared online.

Isn't that amazing. I love seeing them all together.

The love the internet has shown this pattern has been insane. There have been so many posts and memes and oh yeah this happened

Yes Mr Iron man himself posted about it. Crazy :)

I keep saying it'll be back to wok as normal when it calms down but its not really calming down.

Thank you to everyone who loves this pattern as much as I do. Want you own? I have the pattern, kits and the gemstones all available from my shop or via wwwlizwardcrochet.com

I'll be back soon with a new update. Till then Happy crocheting, love Liz xxx
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Amigurumi Barmy by Liz Ward - 1y ago
I have finally finished the second Avengers set. Don't they look great.
I am so pleased with how they turned out. This being a pet project, its been put off a few times when real crochet work has come along, its great that I've managed to finish them now.

As ever, I've done all the hard work so that the patterns are really easy to follow and re-create your own little member of the team.
The full set can be found here in my etsy shop

 I'm trying not to have favorites but Ant-man was a late addition to the team. I didn't think I could make his helmet look cute or be an easy to follow pattern. I was so wrong. I love how it turned out and you would n't believe how easy it is to make.

If that wasn't enough to convince you to give this pattern a try, then I'll add that you need to eat chocolates to make this. Yep, the eyes are made from the cellophane that wraps the strawberry Quality Streets choc.
Save the other cellophane wraps if you buy a box, I've got plans for the other colours on future dolls  :)

 Now I can put the first four sets of Marvel character amigurumi patterns together and don't they look amazing.

The patterns are all available here
The more you buy the cheaper they get.
Its £3 for each individual pattern. I have a few duo sets at £5 each and the sets of eight are £15, the full set of thirty-two patterns is just £30. All prices are excluding VAT
You can also use the Five patterns for £10 discount and pick your favorite team. 

I have lots more plans for these designs sets coming up. I have a batman set that I'm working on at the moment. After that it'll be Justice league and them Black Panther.
I may also do some sets that are really just me geeking out about stuff I love. I'm tempted to do a Bill and Teds bogus journey set (maybe, possibly, probably...)

 I have also released the pattern for my fancy crochet baubles. This is a two pattern pack for £2.50 its a bit of a special offer for a nice Christmas make. Available here 

You can also get any of my pattern via any of the links above or via my new website www.lizwardcrochet.com 

I know I put this on every post now but I really want to thank everyone who has been buying my patterns and leaving such lovely feedback. Every pattern you buy from me make me really giddy. I get a sound like an old fashioned cash register from my phone and I do a little cheer every time. Thank you for making me happy.

In other news I when metal stamping at The York Makery
They do drop in sessions, so me and my friend Ashley- Rae went also to have a go.
You get a short tutorial and full use of all the tools and then you can make what you like.

 Its great fun, if a little loud with all that hammering.

 It was lovely to do a craft so different from what I usually do. Being a bit wonky in crochet adds to the cuteness but here I kinda need my letter to go in a straight line.
I decided to make something based on the podcast I'm listening too most at the mo My brother, my brother and me.
 I loved it and we'll be going back. The York makery are running all sorts of drop in craft sessions in the run up to Christmas so check out their website to find out more. Its a great way to make Christmas presents that are personal and pretty.

Finally I'll finish with a little pic of my Funko pop collection. Current count = 18. This is just the Thor Ragnarok ones. I should add that I have Thor but Santa has taken him and I have to wait for Christmas for him to come home. I also now, have Valkyrie, she arrived after this photo was taken.
I would like to get hold of the final hulk pop, the one without the helmet, but it was a con exclusive so I may never get it. Seeing these together really makes me what to do a Banner amigurumi doll. (That might have wait for the infinity war set )

Bit of a favor before I finish today. My Pinterset is playing up since firefox updated and I can't post pics. If anyone could post the pics from this post for me and tag me, so I can add them to my boards, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance.
Happy crocheting and collecting. Love Liz xxx
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Amigurumi Barmy by Liz Ward - 1y ago
 The latest issue of Love crochet magazine is out now. I have found my copy in Tesco. I do usually get a copy from the publishers but if I haven't got that yet and I see it, I have to get.

Its a really lovely issue this month. Full of great makes for Christmas.
I have two projects featured and they are both big ones.

 Following on from the success they had with my Autumn wreath, I was asked to create a Christmas one. I decided with this one to go for a bit more modern look. So I only covered half the wreath this time. I've used pom-poms to cover the bottom half (how much fun are pom-pom makers, someone was very clever thinking those up). It looks all snowy and white but I did use some glittery yarn so its a bit sparkly too.
The snowmen are very simple to re-create if you have tried any crochet in the round before.
The result is a lovely wreath that looks like it takes forever to make but really can be done in a couple of days.

 The next project is a Christmas stocking. I'm so happy with how this worked out. I designed a small stocking a few years ago but never thought of scaling it up. I used a chunky yarn so it actually doesn't take as long as you might think to whip these up.
The reindeer head is slightly stuffed so its not just flat on the stuffing but looks really fun.
I added a big white cuff so that names could be easily added on with felt letters or embroidery.

I can really recommend these as fun and surprisingly quick projects to get you feeling festive. I imagine they would be big hits a festive craft fairs aswell.
Let me know what you are crafting for Christmas in the comments below.

Another fun project for Christmas crafting is my Nativity set. Its now two years since I created this set and the copyright for the pattern has come back to me from the publishers. This means that you can now buy a copy of the pattern from my pattern shop and help support me continue to do the work I love.
I have had such lovely comments from you guys about how much you love this pattern. I do read every comment, every review and every message that I'm send from over all my social media and try and respond to all. It gives me a lovely warm heart to get them, and when you tell me how much you are enjoying following my patterns and creating things you never thought possible. Lots of crochet love to you all xxx

 Side bar. I'm having a little difficulty typing at the moment. Cassi seems to think my hand is her cushion and that writing a blog post should not be my main concern at the moment. If I do move my hand she looks up and me and squeaks. I'm trying just to use my fingers and my left hand so I don't disturb her. Honestly who'd have cats :)

 While we are still on Christmas projects. I have some of my lovely crochet baubles still available in my Etsy shop  (clink link). These are so pretty and colourful. I have made everyone of them and they are all unique. I don't think they'll last long once people start thinking properly about Christmas. I'm giving those who read my blog the heads up, to get in there first if you want some.
I will try and get some more made over the next few weeks as I really love making them. However, I've signed up for a chunk of crochet work for some books (I can say no more but its making my very smiley), I'm gonna be busy, so it may not be possible.

Right lets forget about Christmas for a while and talk about the most exciting event at the moment. Guys... Thor Ragnarok is finally out :)
I have been so excited about this film since I saw the trailer nearly a year ago. I love the marvel films and I knew this was gonna be a good one.

So I took myself here on opening day. It was a very wet afternoon but it seemed perfect for a trip to the cinema. I had a great time. The film is amazing and you don't have to be a massive geek like me to enjoy it. It fab, its fun, its beautiful.. I love it.

 Of course I was going to make a set of my character dolls for the movie.
I've talked before about how much I love this doll design. It is so great to customize to make into the different characters. I planned to make a set of the main four characters but after seeing the film and loving it so much I had to make a full set of eight.

The full set is available from my etsy pattern shop (click link) and for a limited time it also comes with the Doctor Strange pattern. If you've seen the film or the trailer you'll understand why :)

This set was a joy to create. Although I did have moments of stupidity. Heimdall the character in the photo below has gold eyes. I don't want to admit how long it took me to work out how to make this work. I Finally came up with an idea, I knew I has some white paint and I though I could get them white, then colour them in with my artist markers.
 It was only when I looked in my box of paints and I...have...gold....paint :/ I felt very silly.

 Korg is one of the charterers that steals evry scene he's in, in the film. It was mainly wanting to create a doll of him that pushed me into making a full set of eight. He's a stone warrior so I wanted the texture of his head to look different. My mind drifted off on an idea how to do this while I was watching the film and I missed a critical moment of the plot. It was worth it though, this guy looks just great. I'll be going to see the film again soon so I'll see anything I missed.

 I am going to be working on more of these sets. I have the second avengers set, Justice league and Batman coming up. The best place to keep up to date if you are interested is on my Instagram - I'm lizwardcrochet  (click link) you can follow me on there if you click the link. Its where I post the most often now, so you can keep up to date and join in the fun.

I also share more of my geeky side on Instagram, including my steadily growing collection of geekery, collectable figurines and Funko pops.
I have a long shelf and many fandoms I follow. Collecting these is great fun.

Finally I have had a little change of craft. I've been asked to design a knitting pattern. Not something I do very often but I practically bit their hand off when I found out it would be creating something with this wonderful super-super chunky yarn.
The balls of yarn are huge. Cassi thought all her Christmas's had come at once.

 The massive knitting needle needed provide you with a full body exercise as you knit. I honestly felt like a borrower as I was knitting with this yarn. I'm a tall lass so I do enjoy feeling small every now and then, this was some much fun.
 Those who know how much I love to play with scale in my crochet work will already know how much this'll appeal to me .Its really very additive once you get started. The finished look of the knit is stunning and its so soft and warm and everything good.
I've order some more of the yarn to have more of a play with.
So that was October.
Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog and supports my little crafty business.
Its only cause of you buying my patterns, commenting and sharing my photos that I can keep doing what I love everyday.
Happy crocheting. Love Liz xxx
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Amigurumi Barmy by Liz Ward - 1y ago
 Hi guys.
Sorry I've not posted for a while, I've had a lot on.
First up I need to postpone the giveaway. So few people have entered it and I can't make You tube content at the mo. I hope I'm not upsetting too many people. I will be doing it again at some point and if you have entered you will be automatically put in for that one. Stay tuned to this page for more details.

Here's what I've been up to.
My work is in a couple of magazines this month. You can fine my hedgehog wreath in Love Crochet magazine.

Thats not mine, thats Lucy's from Attic 24. My editor sent me this picture as inspiration for my design. She though it was mine as she recognized the hedgehogs. That is of course because Lucy used my hedgehog pattern in her wreath design.
I figured it was fine just to use the same hedgehogs again. It is mine after all. We were hoping to get three in there but they didn't fit. I also wanted to incorporate toadstools and acorns.
I had some flower and leaves patterns that I've created already in my locker and I used these as bases to design larger flowers to fill out the wreath.
I felt that if I added sunflowers it would be too close to the look of Lucy's wreath. I created the orange flowers inspired by dahlias. They look complicated but actually they are very simple and quick to make.
I thought this project would take weeks to put together but actually I managed to simplify the elements so it can be created in a couple of evenings.

I'm very happy with the finished result. I'm looking forward to getting it back from the publishers so I can have it on my wall throughout Autumn. I'm inspired to make more of these through out next year.

 Next up is Lets Get crafting magazine. This month I've come up with some decorative crochet baubles. I know its getting to that time of year again when we start crocheting for Christmas.
I'm really happy with these designs. They are fun and easy to make. I'm slightly addicted to making them myself. It great for using up scraps of left over yarn. I like trying out new colour combos. I've made loads, so many that I'm gonna start selling the pre-made ones in my etsy shop
They'll be £15 for a set of three. I'll be listing them from Sunday 24th September but I have an album of them on my Facebook page where you can reserve them first.
Heres some pic of just some of the ones I've made so far.

 Peacock colours.
 Coral, mint green and grey. I love these.
 Jewel colours mustard, purple and bottle green.

 Thats just a taster I have made loads of these. I now know the pattern by heart and have worked out some variations. Its so nice to make something pretty, relax with my cats on my knee and switch off my brain for a bit.

Aww they look so cute when they aren't fighting...  It never lasts long.

I have a few other patterns coming out for Christmas. I'm getting these together now. I know I've mentioned to extension for the nativity, that may not happen, fully this year. Its not really coming together and I'm running out of time.

I do have this pattern for a full size tasseled Stocking ready. It'll be coming out next week. Its made with a chunky yarn. If you want, you'll have plenty of time to hook up these for the whole family and fill them with more crocheted goodies, before Santa sets off on his travels.

 Next up - I have released the second of the next set of Marvel characters. Bucky is ready and you can grab the pattern and make him now. Also available as a two pack with Captain America.

More of these coming very soon.

 Couple of little things to finish on.
If I haven't already mentioned The kingkiller books by Pat Rothfuss are some of my favorite books. I re-read them every year and recommend them to everyone who loves a good read.
One friend loved the books so much she made me this wonderful Tak board as a thank-you gift when she left the place we worked together.
If you don't know Tak is one of the games played in the books and is now a real thing. I am really looking forward to giving it a go. I have not played yet but if anyone out there is in York and up for a game give me a shout.

As you may have guessed, I have a thing about paying homage to things I really love. They have given me so much I feel the need to give something back. This is one of the reason I started making my film character dolls. I have also made pieces to celebrate my favorite podcasts and other geeky fandoms. I'm currently working on a new set of hand-warmers that celebrate Lore podcast to replace the ones I made last year for 99pi. You can see the pic on my Twitter @lizwardcrochet

I am a massive fan on My brother, my brother and me podcast
It gives me so much joy every week. I unashamedly will sit on the bus listening, crying and shaking with laughter, and getting weird looks from the other commuters. I am currently going through the whole back catalog of shows. Only 7 years worth, shouldn't take me too long.
I love these guys so much I wanted to create something to show my adoration.
It was a bit of whim to make the dolls of themselves but I think they turned out great.
If you are also a fan of the show let me know what you think.
Lovely, lovely brothers xxx

Right thats it for this week/month. You can keep up to date with things more regularly on my Instagram, twitter, facebook and new website www.lizwardcrochet.com 
Happy crocheting
love Liz xxx
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