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Thanks to Sample Store, I got to try AKI’s Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme— a natural health detox product from Taiwan!
New video on IG! Please support my best language (Chinese)! 😌
This supplement product is brought into Singapore by WORLDiBUY, a cross-border e-commerce platform from Taiwan. WORLDiBUY is working with over 25 channels globally and ship to over 100 countries, allowing you to buy products from different parts of the world anytime, anywhere!
Taiwan AKI Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme

Benefits of AKI’s Polysaccharide EnzymeBased on my findings on Google, Polysaccharide can be derived from plant food, containing dietary fiber as its major component. Therefore, just like any other detox-related products, AKI’s Polysaccharide Enzyme brings you the following benefits:
  1. Boosts metabolism rate
  2. Regulates and balance immune system
  3. Adjusts physical fitness
  4. Promotes digestion
  5. Clears stools and improves intestinal peristalsis
  6. Smooth bowel movement and improves long-term constipation
  7. Keeps body in shape
  8. Enhances skin complexion
AKI enzyme fine powder in white

How to consume AKI’s Polysaccharide EnzymeAKI’s Supercritical Complex Polysaccharide Enzyme is designed for the convenience of us consumers. It is suitable for the whole family to eat together, including children. There are total 8 sachets in a box, where each sachet contains 12.5g of enzyme powder— a very sufficient amount, unlike other commercial products of only 3g to 4g per packet.

You can intake a packet on-to-go— be it at home, in your office, at a dining place or during travel! Each day, consuming 1 to 2 packets is sufficient. You can either take it on its own or mix it with 300ml to 500ml water or juice. Just remember to drink a lot of water afterwards.

I was told that AKI’s Polysaccharide Enzyme should be taken before meals. However, I couldn't find any instruction on the best timing to intake this enzyme (before breakfast, lunch or dinner?). In the end, I decided to mix it into my daily morning water of 400ml and consume it with an empty stomach.

Upon tearing open the sachet, I was surprised to find that the white powder is so fine! The drink is colourless, taste very plain with maybe just 5% of sweetness. Somehow, the taste reminded me of the sucrose drink that many Malaysia kids used to drink during my era (I have no idea is it even a sucrose drink! It was a drink that has a very plain grape taste). If you prefer the drink to be as plain as plain water or slightly sweeter, feel free to adjust the water volume as appropriate.

For a more complete review, I consumed my second sachet by pouring the content into my mouth directly. The powder is slightly sweeter and dissolved almost immediately upon contact with my saliva. However, I would suggest equipping it with liquid since the powder comes in a squarish-rectangular packet and not a convenient long vertical packet. It is difficult to pour without making a little mess. The only time I recommend direct consumption is when you go out for a meal and is unable to finish drinking your ordered beverage before having your dinner.
Information on AKI Polysaccharide Enzyme

My ResultsThis product claims that research shows that consumer can feel the effects after 1 to 2 packet consumption. Well, just right I have consumed 2 sachets. But to be honest, I am not sure what I am suppose to expect to count as a positive effect. Maybe I can give it the credit of helping me with my intestinal peristalsis? I was having a 3-days constipation (because I accidentally skipped proper meals for 2 days) and I managed to do a smooth 'deposit' a few hours after consuming my first packet.

Anyway, I have never doubted the true value of any Taiwan products be it Taiwanese food or Taiwanese skincare. So, I believe I might be able to find out where the visible result lies after consuming more packets. But, if the main results is to reduce my waist circumferences (as shown in the demo picture), I would probably fail the test because my waist has no additional fats to lose!

Exclusive: Free samples for you!If you are tempted to try this product, you can redeem a FREE sample from Sample Store. Alternatively, you can directly purchase a box of product from either Sample Store or WORDiBUY website. Thank me later when this Taiwanese product works its miracle on you!
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As promised in my previous post, I will be keeping you guys posted on my experience with Mintox kiwi detox drink! To date, I have finished 1 box of Mintox, which is equivalent to 14 sachets. So far, I am having a very comfortable and positive experience!
Mintox detox drink
Easy to prepare Mintox detox drink
As a detox drink, Mintox is really delicious and surprisingly easy to prepare. Each day, all I have to do is to empty the sachet into a 200ml (usually I add more water) bottle with a lid. Then, with one or two simple shakes, the solution is well mixed and ready to be consumed. Mind you, many other detox drinks require a shaker ball and your full force to mix the product well. Luckily, Mintox saves me from this trouble.
Mintox drink preparation
Mintox takes effect after 8 to 10 hours of consumption
Like I have mentioned before, I realised Mintox takes effect on me after 8 to 10 hours, with best results after one night of deep sleep. Thus, I try to stay disciplined and consume this drink between 9:30pm to 11pm.

Great Sleeping Cycle
The first week of detox journey was the 'busiest' week for my intestine and anus. LOL! However, unlike a previous Singapore brand that I used to intake, Mintox did not disrupt my sleeping cycle at all. In my first week, although I did visit the toilet twice to thrice per day, the duration of the effect will only begin right from the moment I woke up until the evening before my dinner. So far, I did not face any needs of waking up in the middle of the night just to loo. Believe me, waking up in the middle of the night and having to exert strength on your butt is a super-duper tiring experience. I am extremely happy that my detox journey with Mintox keeps me FREE FROM THIS TORTURE!
Mintox powder
A flat stomach that boosts confidenceSimilar to the results of other detox drinks, Mintox also cleared my intestine such that I ended up having a completely flat stomach which I am proud of LOL! This is the only time I am fully confident in wearing body-fitting dresses and crop tops. On top of that, I can feel my legs becoming lighter. I weighed myself and found out that I have somehow reduced 0.3kg. I am now back to 40kg (I know I know, but... I was 37kg all previous years)!

Solve my constipation issue
One thing I have to emphasis is that Mintox (temporary?) cured my constipation issue! Unlike some other brands that I have tried, I do know that Mintox brings me proper poo and not diarrhoea. There is a difference, so I have to say Mintox works! I seriously felt healthier after consuming the extra dietary fibre.
Extra fibre intake, thanks to Mintox
Consume Mintox wisely on meeting days
One little tip for office ladies like me. Occasionally, I skipped Mintox at night although I know I am supposed to drink 1 sachet per night. This decision will only be made on days where I have meetings scheduled at 8am or 9am on the following working day. I didn't want to risk my stomach churning in the middle of a serious meeting and have all directors waiting for me while I excused myself to the washroom. However, unlike the other detox brands that I have tried, do note that you can actually withstand the urge to loo with Mintox (I had to dash to the washroom when I tried other brands...). I simply did not like anything to disturb me when I had to stay focus in meetings.

Anyway, this is just my 1-week log with Mintox. I will be posting my second-week journey with Mintox soon. You can understand more about Mintox in my first post here.

If you would like a flat stomach or simply a healthier life, you can purchase Mintox from their website. They offer free delivery within West Malaysia!

For more information about MintoxFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/mintoxmalaysia/
Website: http://www.mintox.kiwi/en/index.html
Instagram: @mintoxmalaysia
Contact: +601123450201
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Detox drinks have been one of the most hyped product these days. Since I started working full-time in an enclosed office, I also jump on the bandwagon and pay attention to the results of different detox drinks. Now, I have to clarify that I didn't "spring clean" my body out of the blue. As a typical office lady, I tend to work overtime, skip up to 3 meals per day by snacking, stop exercising and eventually realise that I am facing constipation issue.

Thus, I decided to give my colon and liver some external aid in flushing away long accumulated toxic substances from my body using detoxification. As I scrolled Pinterest looking for detox drinks, I saw many cumbersome recipes that got my eyes rolling. I thought, "Erm... If I have had the time to prepare those smoothies and meals, how about going to the gym directly?" Sadly, no. My determination is weak when my energy is drained...

In the end, I bought detox drinks off the shelves. I only detoxify my body twice or thrice a year, as our body detox naturally and I don't want to train my bowel to rely on external help in order to loo. Since 2018, I have tried 3 different brands-- 1 Japan, 1 Singapore and 1 Malaysia. Sadly, the famous Japan K brand worsen my constipation, while the Singapore E brand cheaper supplier was pretty rude although there were scary results. I was searching for an alternative when I was introduced to a Malaysia brand— Mintox!
Mintox kiwi detox powder sachets (14 packets, 10g)

About MintoxMintox is a dietary and health supplement that comes in a soluble powder form. For RM138, each box contains 14 sachets of 10g. Each sachet is only 36 calories, fully vegan, 100% natural and GMP certified. Take note that Mintox should not be a substitute for our diet or exercise, nor treatment for sicknesses. In fact, its purpose is to target bowel cleanse and detoxification, which can only help to prevent diseases from occurring. There is only one flavour-- KIWI! Kiwi lovers, this nutritious drink is designed for you!

Ingredients of Mintox Detox DrinkMade of 100% natural ingredients, Mintox uses fresh Kiwi extract from New Zealand as the main substance. Together with raw peach powder, Inulin, Psyllium Husk, Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) Algae Powder and Stevia (healthier sweetener), it gently softens stools and removes harmful substances in the intestine. Unlike the other dietary supplements I have tried, Mintox has a mild formula and does not cause irritation.
Benefits of drinking Mintox. Would appreciate an English translation thou!

The Benefit of Intaking MintoxDetox drinks are said to bring many benefits to our body. By intaking Mintox, of course, we can inherit those benefits too!
  1. Promotes positive digestive system and growth of beneficial bacteria
  2. Cleanse intestinal environment
  3. Improve bowel function and prevent constipation
  4. Remove stubborn fat in the body, help with weight loss and balance body weight
  5. Controls blood sugar level and cholesterol level
  6. Indirectly improves skin condition and general health

How to Consume Mintox Detox DrinkYou can find clear instructions behind the box. For easier reference, here's a brief below:
  1. Pour 1 sachet into a mixing cup (or a bottle with cap)
  2. Add 200ml warm water
  3. Close the lid
  4. Shake well
  5. Enjoy!
During the 1-month programme, make sure to intake sufficient water per day! Personally, I drink another cup of water from the mixing cup immediately after the detox drink. One simple step helps to clean up the cup without leaving Mintox residue behind, ensure regular water intake and promote better effect!
Instructions and product details on Mintox box

When to Consume Mintox Detox DrinkFor best results, the supplier suggests 9pm to 10:30pm after dinner. I have tried consuming this drink both in the morning and at night. I find that the results are better after one night of deep sleep! Not sure if it is only me, it takes around 8-10hours for me to feel my intestine starts peristalsis. Thus, I try to drink at 9:30pm so that I will reach the office by the time I feel like visiting a washroom. Then, it's a fresh start to my day!

Who Should Try Mintox Detox DrinkOther than consumers who are allergic to kiwifruits, Mintox daily dosage is suitable for all ages, including diabetic patients, pregnant or breastfeeding women. For targeted purposes, you should try Mintox if you are:
  • Someone with a bloated stomach after meals *me, sigh*
  • Someone with bowel health problem *me too, sigh*: strains to poop (it's really dangerous, go Google), loo hard lumps or face constipation
  • Someone with diarrhoea (seriously?! One dose of Mintox can ease diarrhoea?!)
  • Someone with way too little fibre intake in his/her diet
  • Someone with inconsistent sleeping cycle or often burns the midnight oil *me again, sigh*
  • Someone experiencing a high level of stress and tension *me forever, sigh*
  • Someone who wants a healthy digestive system
  • Someone who wants to lose weight naturally

My Review and Detox Journey with MintoxI have been consuming Mintox for 1 week (since last weekend) and so far, this is the tastiest detox drink I have ever tried! Everything is happening as per expected-- I "deposited" twice or thrice daily (oh, usually once or none) without straining my butt!

There are many kinds of different opinions on detoxification online. For those who are thinking if "detox" lives up to its hype? If a detox drink really work? Is detox healthy and safe? Do stay tune with my 1-month detox journey! I will update my progress and effects on my body in my next post. Also, to compare the results with other brands I've tried!

Oh, before I forgot, I would like to give Mintox packaging a quick review too. I like that the box is of good and thick cupboard material, and therefore I truly dislike that the box doesn't come as a slider to push in and out easily, else with an indent "U" cutting on the outer box for a better grip! It is so time consuming to get the contents out from the box.

Meanwhile, you can purchase Mintox from their website. There is also free delivery within West Malaysia!

For more information about MintoxFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/mintoxmalaysia/ 
Website: http://www.mintox.kiwi/en/index.html
Instagram: @mintoxmalaysia
Contact: +601123450201
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Those who know me will definitely know that I seldom paint my nails because I am someone with zero patience on things that will keep me waiting— Did you say that I need to keep my hands still and wait for the paint to dry? No thanks! Moreover, I am extremely active with my hands. The last time I did my nails painfully using a nail kit purchased from Sephora, I chipped off the tip on more than 3 fingers after a couple of hours. So many hours of effort for nothing! Weighing between feeling pampered with lots of hassle or saving my time by not DIY, I choose the latter without much hesitation.

Of course, I have heard about instant manicure using nail stickers. However, I have never tried nor bothered to research how those long stickers can adhere to my short nails. It was until recently, Nailsicle introduces me to their nail wrap that claimed to be easy to apply and the adhesive is long-lasting up to 2 weeks. The simple application procedures spark my interest. So, I thought "Why not? Wraps don't damage my natural nails and I can skip the drying time!" I decided to give myself another chance to DIY and received 3 sets of nail wraps for review.
Nailsicle-- Singapore wearable nail wrap company

About NailsicleNailsicle is a nail wrap company launches in 2018. The team behind Nailsicle is a group of passionate modern women who aims to bring convenience and confidence to other ladies by showing their personality through fingertips, at the minimum cost and time spent. Usability and convenience are core principles when the team researched and designed their products. Each design is delicately crafted on the drawing board before printed out as a wearable art on the fingers. Their works are inspired by fashion-infused design philosophy.

My First Impression on Nailsicle Nail WrapsI received 3 sets of nail wraps:
  1. The Other Leopards
  2. Bouquets To Self
  3. Pop Scents
All my selections come in different themes that give off different vibes and personalities. I purposely choose those that look easier to coordinate with both office wears and casual outfits.

Upon receiving the package, I was quite surprised by the large set. Nailsicle offers a full pedicure for both nails and toes which is more than many competitors! Each sheet has 20 nail wraps in 10 sizes with different width. There are actually 2 pairs of different wraps that can fit big toes!
A large set of manicure nail arts

Nailsicle claims that all nail wraps are made from layers of real nail polish suitable for all nail types. Also, each wrap contains a specially formulated adhesive that can last up to 14 days. All of these characteristics results in a professional-look homemade manicure that won't chip or crack easily.

The wrap themselves are sandwiched in between 2 layers of hard plastics before being sealed by another outer layer of plastic. Once the wrap is exposed in the air, they gave off a very faint odour which faded within minutes. Personally, I also find that the nail stickers are water resistant. There is no need for me to apply any top coat or perform any enhancements other than trimming them.

How to Wear Nailsicle's Nail WrapsAs I am a newbie to the nail wrapping process, I follow the official application instructions as printed on the back of every package. Optionally, you can also follow the clear procedures on Nailsicle website.
Official Nailsicle instructions behind each package

First, I ran my finger along the different wraps to find the best size that fits my nails. Then I use my fingers to peel it off the sheet carefully. If you are worried that you might destroy the wrap by chipping or peeling it, I would recommend you to use a plastic tweezers to minimise the damage. Personally, I spent so much concentration to control my strength and not leaving any fingerprints on the stickers. Luckily, the whole process went smoothly once I got the hang of it.
[Updated] Supplier notes: Our nail wraps are purposely built to be peeled off by bare hands. There is no need to use tweezers or other tools to extract them from the base layer. We have also tested the adhesive layer and can confirm that it is strong enough to hold the nail wraps even if there are unintentional fingerprint stains (or the occasional debris), which is a common occurrence when peeling them off, but we can guarantee that it would not affect the adhesion of the nail wraps.

As I have short nails, I didn't want to waste the remaining 60% of the wrap. Thus, before pasting the wrap on my nails, I use a scissors to slice each piece into 2 and cover them on the same nails on both hands instead. If air bubbles arise during the application or there is a need to reposition the wrap, simply peel them off your nails and reattach them again. For Nailsicle nail wraps (not sure for other offerings in the market), doing so will not damage the adhesive layer! Anyway, to minimize the need of re-sticking and smoothing out air bubbles, I suggest you to position the wrap accurately before pressing down from the bottom to the top.

Next, you are supposed to file the excess in a downward motion. However, I find this procedure still too time-consuming for me (or it is my nail file is not sharp enough?). I decided to use the nail cutter to cut away all the excess instead. Within 2 minutes, I got all the stickers trimmed nicely and smoothly. But for best results, it is always recommended to follow the official steps by filing away the excess rather than cutting them. Do take note that all the corners must be removed, else the wraps will start to come loose at the edges.

The nail wraps are good to go from the moment they’re stuck down. No additional waiting time required! As a beginner, the whole process of applying nail wraps on 10 fingers took me less than 5 minutes! I am sold-- I will go for nail wraps whenever I feel like dressing myself up for an event!
Nailsicle offers nail wraps of different themes and feels for different personalities

Finally, I also tried to apply what I have learnt from the Youtube videos-- I gave my fingers a 5 seconds final blast with my hairdryer. This action is said to heat up the wraps so that they become floppy and easier to be stretched to the side. After the slight heat up process, I apply some pressure on each finger to bind the wraps tighter with my nail base. You can try blasting with the hairdryer again when there are air bubbles or when the edges come loose in between time to re-bond the adhesion.
[Updated]: Apparently, not all nail wraps benefit from heat treatment prior to or after application! Only certain nail wraps use heat to activate their adhesive— this does not include Nailsicle nail wraps! In fact, the supplier was shocked that my nail wraps weren't destroyed in the process, as I would degrade the adhesion quality (opps)! Take note that the adhesive of Nailsicle nail wraps are designed to work in room temperature and can last 14 days without the need for any external prolonging methods. So, no heat treatment for Nailsicle nail wraps, okay?

If you have old wraps on your nails, remove the leftover using either nail polish remover or some oil with some cotton wool before you apply a new wrap. Of course, you could also peel them off, starting by curling up from the sides. But this action comes with a risk that your nails might be damaged if you have dry nails. Using oil will help to keep your nails hydrated.

To achieve a long-wearing results, I learnt from Google research that preparation is way important than the actual manicure itself. I have summarised my learning below:
  1. Nails should be clean and oil-free. Personally, I soap-washed and dried my hands before I started my manicure.
  2. Cuticles should be pushed back and no invisible cuticle should be present. I ignored this because I have no cuticle pusher.
  3. Avoid skin contact with a nail wrap to prevent debris and oil from destroying the adhesiveness of the wrap. I ignored this too because I couldn't find my plastic tweezers. Luckily, Nailsicle nail wraps are designed to maintain its adhesion quality even with unintentional fingerprint stains or debris.
  4. Choose a smaller nail wrap size than one that is bigger than your finger. This is to avoid the nail wraps from coming into contact with the cuticles, ensuring the best adhesion quality to last 14 days.

My Review on Nailsicle's Nail WrapsWhile I was selecting the nail wraps, I was already thinking about how good if Nailsicle can bring in a more variety of choices, such as french tips, floral, lace, patterns, glossy, matte, metallic, glitter... I don't mind plain designs with a subtle 'pop'-- very minimalistic, professional suitable for work that requires client-facing, yet classy at the same time!

Like I have mentioned at the top, I love the large set offered. However, although all the sizes of my nails are catered for, the template for the thumbs did not fit my nails precisely. This is because I have thumbs with a flat end, but the template comes with a round end instead. It is a nitty gritty thing, really, because I can always trim to fit the shape, just that it will require additional time and effort. If Nailsicle version 2.0 can make the ends for the thumbs to be less rounded, the templates will be perfect!

I was also expecting the package to come with a simple nail kit containing at least a nail file, since everyone might not have one. Personally, I dig my room to find out that leftover file from my previous DIY kit (although I didn't use it in the end).

Having said all these, Nailsicle nail wraps really do work as they claimed-- easy to apply and long-lasting. There is 1 exception case where I was itchy handed, so I kept fidgeting with an edge that I missed trimming nicely. Hence, that poor piece got peeled off by me forcefully after day 1 since I have accidentally destroyed it. Otherwise, it is more than 7 days now yet the other nail wraps are still keeping intact on my nail base firmly. None have the sign of falling off anytime soon— Nailsicle nail wraps are much more durable and resistant than they might look. Pretty flawless nails actually!
[Updated]: The first wrap (index finger) that came loose without external force was on Day10. Soon, the wraps on my middle fingers and ring fingers started to lose their adhesiveness from Day12 while I was bathing, which I peeled them off eventually after a few days (they tend to stick back after I bathed, so I couldn't find out which sticker came loose). Finally, I have to exclaim that the wraps on my little fingers and thumbs lasted more than 14 days!
My first attempt with Nailsicle nail wraps

Nevertheless, Nailsicle nail wraps are the first nail designs that lasted so long on my fingers! My past experiences with nail polishes were disasters-- somehow, I managed to peel them off bits by bits. Yes, I know, this is a user problem! Other than that 1 exception, I have failed to fidget with any other nail wraps on my fingers-- they are that adhesive! Hence they have successfully lasted to date. This is a big thing to celebrate! Well-done to myself.

Will I repurchase Nailsicle's Nail Wraps?A wearable nail art of 2 weeks is worth my money-- just the right duration before I get bored with the design. So yes! I think I will purchase a Nailsicle package if
  1. I found the design and theme I love
  2. I have an occasion where I would love to dress up (dates, events, parties, holidays...)

More Information on Nailsicle
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As an office lady who stays in an enclosed aircon room, sitting in front of my computer for more than 18 hours per day, my skin condition has slowly deteriorated and eventually got classified under the hopeless troubled sensitive skin category. Since then, I have learnt my lesson and have been putting in extra effort into my skincare routine.

My Skincare RoutineOver the years, my routine has gotten more and more tedious. This is the first time I am sharing my full daily skincare routine.
  • AM: water cleanser → toner → essence/serum → daily sheet mask (when I have time) → moisturiser → thicker moisturising cream with SPF → makeup routine
  • PM: makeup remover → oil cleanser → water cleanser → exfoliator (once biweekly when my skin condition is not red and sensitive) → toner → ampoule/essence/serum (apply whichever that is more lightweight first) → sheet mask (based on skin condition at that point of time) → eye cream (when I remember) → moisturiser → night cream/sleeping mask (toggle between these 2 types)

My favourite step in my skincare routine is undoubtedly the ampoule/essence/serum step! This is the time when I experiment with different products to find one which brings me the most visible positive results at the shortest time possible. Needless to say, I am exceptionally excited when I receive the Antioxidant Serum by Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle.
Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle's Antioxidant Serum
About Sanny & Joleen LifestyleSanny & Joleen Lifestyle is a lifestyle brand established since 2014 who strives to bring one's lifestyle need by providing simple and basic products. Their skincare line uses natural ingredients to nourish healthy skin. Their fashion line promotes bags and wallets. I guess these are the minimum requirement of a simplistic woman? This brand is currently expanding its market to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Ingredients of Antioxidant SerumWithin all my years experimenting with skincare, I have grown to know that my extremely sensitive skin loves products with a high concentration of antioxidant. Antioxidants help to calm irritation, prevent breakouts and even lock in skin moisture. A rich antioxidant product can even slow down the skin ageing process by stimulating collagen to improve skin elasticity.

That say, Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle's Antioxidant Serum uses a premium Vitamin E Tocotrienol extracted from palm oil. This Antioxidant Serum possesses 40-60 times higher antioxidant potency as compared to alpha-tocopherol that is commonly used in drug stores Vitamin E products. I guess this is why Antioxidant Serum's emulsion is extremely thick and in a creamy white colour, but not translucent as expectation.

Other than Tocotrienol, you can find some other good ingredients such as panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), calendula oil, olive oil, tangerine fruit peel extract and benzoyl acid in this serum. So many kinds of vitamins in 1 little bottle!
Simple packaging
My Review after using Antioxidant SerumThe Antioxidant Serum comes in simple packaging— just a sticker containing the serum name, brand and ingredients, adhere on a 10ml bottle with a dropper. This is a rare design in the market these days as it looks like a testing product right out from the chemistry lab. However, this little "testing" product surpass my expectation!

I have been using Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle's Antioxidant Serum for the past 7 days— twice daily, 3 drops in the day and 4 to 5 drop at night. Initially, I only use it in my night skincare routine. However, after noticing the immediate slight lightening of acne scars overnight, I decided to include it into my morning routine too. I am thankful that I made this decision as I recently found out that using this serum at a different time of the day gets different benefits! This serum is designed to protect against UV rays in the day and to repair skin cells at night. How cool is this?
Thick and creamy texture
Since the formula is free from mineral oil, alcohol, sulphates, paraben, fragrance and other harsh chemicals, it is very gentle on my sensitive skin. I am surprised that serum with such thick consistency can be absorbed so quickly and easily into my skin, resulting in a slightly cooling, non-oily and non-greasy protection layer!

After 1 week of trial, I have nothing but compliments to say! My skin has visibly lesser uneven red patches, smoother skin surface and my overall complexion looks more radiant than usual. This is so far one of the best serum I have tried in my recent years, and I am tempted to try out their full skincare set! I am hoping that my skin will become healthy and youthful again when I finish this bottle.

Where to get Antioxidant Serum?Most recent good quality products that I have tried are from Malaysia, which makes me proud of being a Malaysian. I have to admit that this little bottle of serum is a bit pricey, but it is worth the investment. I have learnt in a hard way that sticking to one expensive product that works is always better than trying out 100 cheaper products that worsen your skin condition.

Sanny & Joleen Lifestyle's Antioxidant Serum comes in 2 sizes— Usual price: 30ml for RM97 and 10ml for RM49. You can get them from any of the stores here or purchase online here (free shipping in Malaysia). BUT, you are in luck! They are having a pre-Raya bundle promotion from 15 May to 22 May 2019, up to 70% off!
Sanny & Joleen Pre-Raya deal, up to 70% off!

More Information on Sanny & Joleen LifestyleWebsite: https://sannyjoleen.com
Whatsapp: +60182594403
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On the 23rd of April, Althea officially launches their second collection line— A'Bloom collection! This product line includes 4 types of sheet masks, a blackhead remover stick and makeup blender in 2 sizes. Everything does not contain any harmful ingredients and is cruelty-free!
Althea Exclusive— A'Bloom Collection, Korea Brand!
Upon unboxing, the first product that caught my attention is the Baby Meringue Puff (SGD$4 for 3 pieces per set)! Seriously, with the selected pink pastel tones and the size of the icing on a cake, they look like sugar cookies instead of makeup tools. Aww... I can imagine those cute expression emojis on each puff, simply way too adorable!

Cuteness aside, each blender is 30*28mm in size so I highly recommend them for detailed applications such as blusher, concealer and contours. Since I am used to using gigantic blenders, the grip is slightly difficult for my butterfingers. However, they did their job well and is great for travel. Coming in 3 pieces per set, I find it reasonable since I replace my blender every 2 to 3 months to prevent bacteria buildup. Personally, I throw one baby puff into my makeup pouch for a quick touch-up on the go. I like that my fingers are no longer stained when I apply concealer.
A'Bloom 3-in-1 Baby Meringue Puff & 1 Giant Meringue Puff
Lying beside the Baby Meringue Puff is a bigger Giant Meringue Puff (SGD$3 per piece). At 48*46mm, the puff size is perfect for wider-coverage applications such as foundation, BB cream and cushions. After soaking in water, the damp Giant Meringue Puff grows 1.5 times bigger and becomes an extremely soft marshmallow! This is so far the softest beauty blender I have ever used, which means less effort is needed to cover tricky areas using the pointed tip. I am very pleased with the even coverage on my face. The only downside is that more products are absorbed and wasted when this puff becomes wet.

Both the blenders are made of high-density latex-free foam, suitable for people with latex allergies. Since their dry state is already pretty soft and bouncy, therefore these puffs can be used for both wet or dry makeups. I choose to use them in their wet states for a more time-saving application and a dewy finish. Then, I will apply one of the Althea Petal Velvet Finishing Powder using water-dunking Jamsu, a famous Korea makeup hack for a long-lasting matte skin. If you use beauty blenders daily just as I do, you will appreciate these 2 puffs! They are super affordable for their blending results.

Next, I got curious with the A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster. I have never bought or tried any impurities removal sticks despite seeing many versions on Althea. As the name suggests, the BHA Blackhead Blaster is a skin exfoliator designed to banish blackheads, whiteheads and dead skins. I am willing to give it a try because this product is made of natural extracts from charcoal, tea tree leaf oil, apricot seed and white willow bark.
A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster
To use, after cleansing your face, simply roll up like how you use lipstick and apply the black stick on your targetted area. The aim is to gently massage your pores in circular motions to unclog impurities. Then, wash off with lukewarm water. I have only tried it on my T-zone area and my chin to prevent excessive micro scrubbing from irritating my skin, causing a potential breakout. After my trial, I noticed a smoother skin but most blackheads still remains. The improvement is that blackhead extraction becomes much easier after exfoliation.

As I have extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin, my beautician has advised me not to use any AHA or BHA products. Therefore, I decided to stop using this product temporary until my skin condition improves. If you have normal or combination skin, this product should work if you use it 2 or 3 times per week on alternate days (I find daily too dehydrating). For better results, I would recommend steaming your face using hot water steam or using a warm towel to open up the pores before exfoliation or extraction.

Finally, I get my hands on A’bloom Sheet Masks! Althea offers 4 different formulas to cater to our different needs. Each mask is suitable for all skin types but will work best for targetted skin type respectively.

  1. Avo-Cuddle-Me Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet – Best for dry skin. Rich in antioxidant from avocado extracts to strengthen our skin barrier, hibiscus extracts to delay ageing and prevent wrinkles.
  2. AC-Me-Peach Anti Blemish Peach Mask Sheet – Best for oily skin, sensitive skin and troubled skin. Rich in Vitamin A from peach extracts and tea tree oil. Helps in regulating skin oil production, balancing moisture, soothing red skin and purifying pores.
  3. Water-Me-Long Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet – Best for combination skin. Rich in 92% water from watermelon extracts to hydrate and moisturise skin, lavender extracts to calm skin, and basil leaf extracts for anti-inflammatory and removes impurities.
  4. Sparkle-Me-Bright Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet – Best for combination skin. Rich in double doses of Vitamin C from lemon and lime extracts for skin brightening, Niacinamide to lighten dark spots and Camellia extract to lock in skin moisture.

All the masks are made of a slimy thin piece of fibres which adhere well on my skin. The only downside is that the mask is so soft therefore I find quite difficult to unfold without tearing it accidentally, resulting in folds and lumps on my face. There are 25 grams of essences in each packet, with just a little extra to wipe on my neck and arms. When the mask is slightly dry after 20 minutes, I removed the mask, massaged the remaining essence before using Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pad to wipe off any leftover unabsorbed serum. Then, I aired my face for 5 minutes before applying a thin layer of my sleeping mask.

For SGD0.60 per A'Bloom mask, this is truly a cheap deal as the other Korea sheet masks of similar quality are priced SGD1.60 and above (I am not comparing to the SGD1.20 masks as they are not good). So far, the only masks that I have tried cheaper than SGD0.60 are from China, which ingredients are definitely not as natural as A'Bloom.

In fact, I was so excited to try out the mask that I forgot I have not taken any photos. In the end, I repurchased another 80 A'Bloom masks (10 sheets per set for a cheaper deal) from Althea just to replace that 1 used AC-Me-Peach Anti Blemish Peach Mask Sheet. LOL! No regrets thou because the price is worth the quality they are offering and I apply a mask around 3 times per week (I still couldn't stick to my daily masking schedule). I bought 40 Avocado and 40 Peach as I always notice a visible improvement to my skin complexion when I use products with a high concentration of antioxidant and Vitamin A. Your skin might work differently from mine.

All Althea A'Bloom products are now available at Althea. As a fortunate early reviewer of these products, I can guarantee that A'Bloom collection will provide you with the basic skincare you need WITHOUT breaking your bank. Get up to SGD$7 off when you sign up and checkout using my referral link (a win-win situation, help me out so I can do more reviews)!
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Recently, my brother arrives in Singapore and starts a tenant-landlord relationship with the house owner. A few days before the rent day, the landlord would wait for him in the living room just to remind him to pay his rent in cash on the promised date. Each time, my brother has to queue at the ATM just to withdraw the rental fee. Supposed he never pays his rent on time, the housing agent who signed the contract with both parties would come into the picture. And, the process repeats itself each month...

What is RentHero?
Now, imagine all these hassles being replaced with an online rental management platform. Yes, RentHero is here to streamline the traditional rental inefficiencies in Singapore! The company launched in November 2018 and make the rental process transparent and accessible at your fingertips— tenants can now make rental payment to the landlord using credit cards, earning miles as rewards! Obviously, this service comes with an additional cost.
RentHero Singapore Home Page— Pay Rent, Earn Miles

Why pay rental fee with a credit card?
Of course, you do have other options to pay your rent, such as using CardUp, iPayMy, PayAll, PayNow, PayLah, Pay Anyone, pay by cheque or pay by cash!

Each payment option comes with their own pros and cons, whereas RentHero's downside is their limitation to specialise solely on rental payments. Hence, RentHero's service is more value-for-money, only at a service fee of 2.25% per annum. There is no need for your landlord to register an account with RentHero, nor the need to even informing them of your payment arrangement. RentHero will be collecting your payment and transferring the rental fee to your landlord via bank transfer.

Currently, RentHero supports all Singapore-issued miles earning Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. Cards shown on RentHero are known to be supported, however, tenants are ultimately responsible for checking with their card-issuer on whether they will earn miles for rental payments. If you are an overseas tenant, rest assure that RentHero does have plans to allow cross border payments, including AMEX cards. You can access the site worldwide to pay rent or deposit easily with an international credit card even before setting up a local bank account.

Calculate using RentHero's Total Miles Earned CalculatorBefore you sign up for RentHero, you might be curious about the annual miles you can purchase with a little cost. Try out RentHero exclusive miles calculator here!
RentHero's Total Miles Earned Calculator

For better illustration, let us make an assumption on a typical working adult in Singapore. I will call him John.
  • John is renting a whole unit condominium at $3,700 per month— $44,400 per year
  • John is holding a miles earning card— the BOC Elite Miles offering 1.5 miles for every $1 spent (as of 2019)
  • John is using RentHero's service at an annual service rate of 2.25%— $999 per year ($44,400*2.25%)

Now, before we exclaim that the annual 2.25% is too high, let's do a detailed breakdown on John's overall rental fee. Translating all the above scenarios into a formula, we can conclude that John is actually "buying" every 1.5 miles at $2.25 (68,099/45,399 * 1.5), which is $1.25 on top of the usual $1.

Going by a healthy spending habit in Singapore, where the cost of living is higher, our rental fee would probably fall around 30% of our gross monthly salary. With this assumption in mind, John might be earning $12.3K per month, $147.6K per year (ouch, I also want this amount!). In the end, $999 is just 0.68% of his salary! Alternatively, John just need to skip an alcohol night to save an extra $83.25 per month ($999/12) to offset the service fee.

Singapore inflation rate is around 0.5%, and you will need to pay the team at RentHero for their service and server maintenance fee. Therefore, the price is actually still reasonably cheap in exchange for the extra privilege of earning 68,099 miles! Hey, be mindful that I have not calculated the breakdown of the plane tickets here.

How to make a payment with RentHero?To onboard with RentHero, simply follow the steps below:
  1. Sign up with RentHero
  2. Set your monthly rental amount in RentHero dashboard
  3. Decide on one-time payment or recurring payment (can be cancelled anytime)
  4. Submit your landlord's name, address and account details
  5. Upload your valid tenancy agreement with a clear name and identity number
  6. Register your eligible credit card or debit card details
  7. Review your scheduled monthly online rental payments (in SGD) and monthly fee (2.25%)
Schedule monthly online rental transaction with RentHero
RentHero is merely a platform with a credit card payment gateway. Thus, you can safely ensure that your personal information and credit card transactions are secured with RentHero. All RentHero transactions are encrypted by AES-256 bit, and the platform is certified by PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest approval payment gateway.

Any upcoming plans for landlords and agents?At RentHero, the team plans to extend their services to the landlords and housing agents. Keep a lookout as they create a full-stack rental management platform with maintenance services provided! Can you imagine the day when the landlord sits back with all the coordination work ongoing behind the scene, meticulously handled by RentHero? Life is chill, just wait for money to come rolling in!

What I think about RentHero concept?In a nutshell, the whole concept is an opportunity for tenants to earn bonus miles quickly through credit card payments. It is something similar to why you are willing to sign up for a telco postpaid package instead of getting a prepaid sim card— You have to pay the bill anyway, it's for the phone right? In this case, you have to pay the rental fee anyway, this is just for the business class tickets! Yes, and there is a chance you can exchange for multiple flight tickets. How exciting!

Have a suitable card but not renting a room? Psst... You can always pay for your family in advance and tell them to PayNow you back (and treat them a discounted price ticket when you have any extras)! Now, for those holding a miles earning credit card, are you willing to start using RentHero?

Have a question for RentHero?For more information, you can visit RentHero's FAQs page here. Should you face any technical issues, you can email RentHero team at hello@renthero.com.sg.
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Meditamin, a Korea healthcare brandIn my previous post, I was raving about Meditamin, a young Korea brand that produces different kinds of natural beauty supplements. I swear their Meditamin Snow Cell works magic on me within 1 week. This is the third week and I am still consuming the tablets. Anyway, in this post, I am going to review Meditamin Snow Glow sheet mask, which is the other product in Meditamin Snow series!
Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet Mask (available on Qoo10)

Meditamin Snow Glow sheet mask— Rating: 4.5/5, Worth repurchasing!Meditamin Snow Glow is a premium brightening, glowing and moisturising sheet mask which is claimed to be 15.5 times more effective and more absorptive than other usual masks! This result is made available because Meditamin did a joint development with 'Gattefosse', a 140-year-old France traditional cosmetic company. Glattefosse is well-known for its high-quality plant-based ingredients, also their technology and skills to extract the ingredients. Needless to say, Meditamin Snow Glow mask has the most optimised recipe with the most powerful ingredients!

Usually, whitening masks are not recommended for sensitive skin. This is why I am always ordering hydrating masks or soothing masks. However, Meditamin Snow Glow is an exeption— it is specially designed for sensitive skin!

Ingredients in Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet MaskThe Snow Glow mask is safety-proven and certified by ECOCERT. This product has no chemicals and no unnecessary addictives as all plant-based ingredients used have passed the EWG green level.

Meditamin gel-like essence is filled with natural and organic nutrition
Meditamin Snow Glow is filled with skin-benefiting nutrition, where the organic raw materials are imported from different countries. The ingredients list features high contents of pure Niacinamide (35,000 ppm, 3.5 times more than other brands) which is a type of Vitamin B3 well known for its whitening/brightening effect. Also, Niacinamide suppresses Melamine from entering our skin layers which causes a lot of skin problems such as dark spots, dullness and hyperpigmentation.

Other natural ingredients used are:
  1. Kiwi water by Gattefosse: replacing chemical water with a superfood extract water, for boosting hydration and soften the glow from within
  2. Cryptomeria Japonica bud extract (10,000 ppm) by Gattefosse: for restructuring youth and smoothing the skin texture
  3. Evodia Rutaecarpa fruit extract (10,000 ppm) by Gattefosse: one of the strongest anti-oxidant for strengthening skin barrier and brightening

My experience using Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet MaskAs I apply mask frequently and always explore new mask brands, hence Meditamin Snow Glow did not give me a strong first impression before I used it. When I opened the package, I was happy to find zero scents and fragrance, which is great for sensitive skin. My second thought was "oh, the essence for this mask has a surprisingly high consistency, as thick as the texture of a gel. Let's see how it goes!".

Meditamin chooses to use a thin layer of microfiber sheet to maximise the product absorption rate into our skin. The microfiber sheet is incredibly soft and fits around my face perfectly. Although the mask is absolutely drenched in essence, the product still stayed put on my face without dripping throughout the masking session. There is still tons of essence left in the pack thus I reapplied a second layer on my face, the leftover on my neck, hands and even legs. Alternatively, you can store the rest of the product in the fridge for another day.
Meditamin microfiber sheet mask
The whole masking session was soothing and cooling on my skin. Once I removed the mask after 20 minutes, I continue to pat in the remaining essence on my face and neck. It took a while for everything to be fully absorbed and no longer has a semi-tacky finish. 

My results after using Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet MaskBy then, only I looked into the mirror. I was seriously overjoyed to notice an obvious improvement on my dehydrated skin– my skin is actually glowing from within!

My skin felt extremely plumped from absorption, firm and became incredibly moisturised. Not only my dull skin tone has evened out to a noticeably brighter shade, but even my dark eyes circles have lightened! My enlarged pores have minimised, most red patches on my face have disappeared, including my acne scars!

To others, acne scars, skin blemishes and dark spots might be something that will fade and disappear in a short period of time. Yet, only I know that the scars on my face usually takes at least 3 months to start fading slowly and painfully, and this is the speed when I have upgraded my skincare products to all with pure ingredients and of better quality. Now, Meditamin Snow Glow managed to fade my insecurities in just one session. This is why I fall in love with Meditamin Snow Glow immediately!
Best mask I've ever tried in my life— Meditamin Snow Glow, so far number 1 in the year 2019
So far, out of the countless hydrating mask that I have tried, Meditamin Snow Glow is the best hydrating mask that successfully boosts up my dehydrated skin with the most visible effects. My skin complexion stays radiant for the rest of the night, even the day after! The result is very similar to B.Liv mask, which I have claimed to be the best sheet mask in 2017. But, Snow Glow is more affordable.

I suggest using this mask 3 times a week together with Meditamin Snow Cell supplement to achieve the best combination results. This mask is now at the top of my wishlist and I will definitely repurchase when I run out of masks (I recently purchased another 50 masks, imported from Korea). It makes me sad that I am about to use up all my five pieces of Meditamin masks soon!

More about MeditaminWebsite (Korea text): http://meditamin.com
Shop in Singapore: https://www.qoo10.sg/shop/theslimplanet (Meditamin Snow Glow)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meditamin_kr/
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It is such a painful truth that our skin elasticity decreases as we age, making us look old— especially when we pass the age of 20! Some choose to go for botox treatment, while some start looking out for premium skincare products or beauty supplements that can make us more youthful and younger. Regardless of our choice, the price we need to pay to make our skin firm again is high, yet the results might not be promising, not immediately, not permanent and not natural.

Meditamin, a Korea healthcare brandRecently, I found a promising Korea brand that gives me the best skin that I always wish for! Before they contacted me for a product review, I have not heard about Meditamin. Apparently, Meditamin is a young Korea brand that produces different kinds of natural beauty supplements. To date, they have successfully launched Meditamin Snow series, which are the items I have been testing out the past two weeks.
Meditamin Snow Cell ($46, Qoo10)
Producing high content and no chemical additives supplementsAs a background context, The sincere workers at Meditamin wants to give their customers the best Vitamins without chemical additives. The engineers work hard for years and finally cut down all unnecessary intermediate processing. Meditamin named their process the "Slow Capsule Filling Method"— a 2-step process that requires more than tenfold of times than the usual more than 3 steps process. Every tablet is produced directly from raw material mixing to tabletting or capsule filling. After much time-consumed, the extra cost spent and effort used, only 4,000 to 5,000 (instead of 40,000 to 50,000) tablets or capsules are produced per hour. Each of these tablets has the best of both worlds— high content and no chemical additives! Can you feel the sincerity from their production line? I can.

Meditamin Snow Cell beauty supplement— Rating: 4.8/5, Definitely repurchase!Meditamin Snow Cell is a beauty supplement designed to boost inner beauty and improve hyperpigmentation problem. This product contains 168 capsules which are sufficient for a 28 days supply. To consume, simply intake 2 to 3 tablets, twice a day with a cup of plain water. Mind you, the tablets turn pretty sour upon contact with my tongue. Therefore, I always swallow the pills quickly.
168 capsules for one month supply
Ingredients in Meditamin Snow CellThere are just too many advanced ingredients in Meditamin Snow Cell tablets! Each pill is made of 2000mg glutathione, 1000mg fermented rice bran enzyme, fish collagen (*vegan take note!), milk collagen, vitamin B (B1, B2, B6) and vitamin C ... Simply every magic ingredients that a girl needs to transform into the beauty that we dream of.

Now, Meditamin snow cell is the one and only beauty supplement that contains high contents of glutathione. Glutathione is made of three kinds of amino acid found in our liver, and also the strongest anti-oxidant to protect cell damages from toxins and free radicals. In Korea, aesthetic clinics use glutathione in their famous "white jade shot". This "glutathione shot" is so popular that celebrities are crazy over it— especially after Beyonce achieved the most successful change in skin tone and made it the "Beyonce shot"!

When I was young, my mum used to tell me to wash my face using rice extract water. And yes, my skin was brighter during those days. Now, Meditamin has successfully combined the "fermented rice bran enzyme" wrinkle care ingredient found in the famous and expensive SKII essence, along with fish collagen (no pig collagen!) to achieve a higher body absorption rate. This is no wonder Meditamin dares to guarantee that the effects are actual changes from within, permanent and not temporary! By consuming Meditamin Snow Cell, You can easily maintain a brighter, snow-white texture skin with a healthy glow.
Pretty packaging in blue
My review on Meditamin Snow CellPersonally, I have been testing this product for two weeks, and I am super impressed with the results— my face does become way brighter and firmer! Honestly, my skin texture has improved, even my enlarged pores are visibly minimised. What thrills me more is that Snow Cell is slowly curing my troubled acne skin. My skin is less sensitive and has lesser new breakouts. Even my beautician at Lynn can't find much extraction to do this round!

At the price of $46, it is already a fraction of the cost to other skincare products and aesthetic treatments. That said, moving forward, I would instead invest my salary into Meditamin Snow Cell than to continue with my usual Japan K-brand famous collagen powder. This is not a difficult decision to make after seeing noticeable results and changes in just one week, without any skin irritation! I can't express my sincere gratefulness to Meditamin for contacting me this time. This brand will make my spendings more worth it, no more trials and errors! This brand is still not famous yet, but I hope they will soon, given the product quality that they offer (please remains the price that time!!!).

While taking Meditamin Snow Cell, it is normal to experience a darker urine colour as a natural symptom of vitamin B ingredient. One thing I have to admit is that although my skin is now visibly glowing, my acne scars did not lighten. Or, perhaps my skin brightens way quicker than my blemish lightening themselves. Anyway, the contrast of my skin and scars is still apparent enough to my naked eyes. I hope my blemishes will disappear after a while.

Coming up next >> Meditamin Snow Glow Sheet Mask!I will be reviewing on Meditamin Snow Glow sheet mask next. This mask is also a fantastic product, it overcomes the shortage of Meditamin Snow Cell!

More about Meditamin
Website (Korea text): http://meditamin.com
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Last month, I was really excited to change my 10-year-old worn out mattress to a new memory foam mattress. However, when my new mattress finally arrived, I realised that the bed is slightly harder than expected. I thought, "well, I would soon get used to it right?". So I slept on it for a couple of weeks only to realise that my back pain still exists, which defeats the purpose of me changing the bed. The only improvement to my sleeping experience was that the necessary no longer slanted over to one side when my double-of-my-weight boyfriend sleeps next to me.
My queen size bed
This is life. Despite the 3-digit mattress price that I've paid on top of the 75% discount, it's still tricky to find the perfect mattress— it might be just a little too firm or slightly too soft. But fret not! Just in time, I found something that can fix these nitty-gritty problems, providing me with the premium sleeping quality that I look forward to.

SleepWiz ErgoLush™ Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress TopperIntroducing you a mattress topper by SleepWizSleepWiz ErgoLush™ Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper! Now, SleepWiz does understand the pain of insomnia (which I suffered severely from) and had once introduced me their eye mask. This time, they send me their latest innovative product, a mattress topper to review.
SleepWiz ErgoLush Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Queen Size)
A mattress topper is simply a thick pad that is placed directly above your mattress to add an extra layer of comfort and protection with just a fraction of the cost.

Gel-infused memory foamWhat I especially like about ErgoLush™ mattress topper is its gel-infused memory foam. Together with the evenly spaced air ventilation holes, the thermally conductive gel provides temperature regulation and keeps sleeper's body cool at night. At the same time, ErgoLush™ mattress topper also gets the benefits of the basic open-cell memory foam that retains heat— such as relieving stress, distributing weight, reducing pressure points on the neck, back and shoulders.
Gel-infused memory foam with air vents
Suitable for all kinds of sleepersTherefore, this generous mattress topper is ideal for everyone, for all sleeping positions (back, side, stomach). This includes sleepers with higher body temperature, who sweat easily and who needs therapeutic support! As ErgoLush™ mattress topper is 2" thick, it can support heavy people too (usually 2"-4" for heavy people).
Quite a thick mattress topper
Cons: Initial chemical smellFresh from packaging, the mattress topper has an initial chemical smell. I believe this is caused by the long storage in a hot warehouse at the courier side, as my delivery took a while to arrive (Not SleepWiz's fault, their manager kept rushing the courier and gave me updates regularly, truly appreciate that). In the end, the gas smell became quite strong such that the smell dissipated only after two weekends (no one at home on weekdays) of airing under the sun. I hope SleepWiz will not be using this courier again for weekend/late delivery. Personally, I have banned this delivery company LOL.

Soft but firmWhen I first exerted pressure on the mattress, I felt that the viscoelastic of the memory foam is a bit too soft to my liking. I was worried that my bed will become slanted once again. However, upon strapping on top of my queen size mattress and lying down on it, I was impressed by the results!
Soft under high pressure, but remains firm at the other parts
Relief body aches and painsThe mattress incredibly softens in areas under high pressure, while remaining firm at others. No matter which sleeping posture I try— lying flat on my back, leaning sideways on strange angles, facing downwards on my stomach, curling up like my puppy, etc... I can still feel that my body melts into the mattress with the mattress curving itself around me, cradling my body shape! No, I am not kidding, my body weight does spread evenly and diffuses deeply along every square inch of contacted area. Honestly, I feel like a cocoon after lying on the mattress topper and wrapping myself under the quilt.
Straps to secure position
Straps to secure position on bedMoreover, the mattress is equipped with straps at all four corners to keep it in place. This simple design secures the mattress topper's position, preventing it from sliding around the bed. All pressures are well absorbed and redistributed into the mattress to ease my strained muscles. Even my heavy boyfriend's movement cannot make the bed budge towards his side. This mattress topper is indeed a life saviour to my 16-year-old painful old back (yet, I don't want to visit chiropractic).

Easy to clean and maintainBesides pricing, another benefit of a mattress topper over a mattress is that it is easier to get the prior out into the sun. Due to my skin condition, I always sun my pillow and quilt to kill the germs and bacterias, especially mites. ErgoLush™ mattress topper also comes with a removable cover with zipping for easy washing.
How it looks like after wrapping the bed sheet.
My results after using 1 weekNow, I can finally fall asleep quickly, soundly and deeply almost within split seconds. There are less need to adjust my pillow daily from horizontal to vertical or slanted, just to make my back comfortable. I feel a lot more energetic the next morning and is able to wake up automatically on time before my alarm goes off. The most enormous positive effect would be my back pain is alleviated!

FREE shipper + 3 months warranty + 7 days TRIALThe ErgoLush™ mattress topper is now available for online purchase and comes with FREE local shipping, a 3-months warranty and best of all, a 7-day FREE TRIAL for all SleepWiz™ customers! SleepWiz™ strongly believes in the quality and comfort that they offer, such that they want to guarantee your money well spent. So, give them a try, you will not regret improving your sleep quality! Psst... There is a discount going on now, ErgoLush™ mattress topper is selling at $S87.90 instead of S$170.00!

You can learn more about SleepWiz & Mattress Topper at:Website: https://mattresstopper.sg/
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