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I am suffering from current blogging block but this news and its developments are forcing to go back and ask one question: What kind of information the British airways got that made the airways giant decide to halt to its flights to Cairo for a whole week?

Already it will be a long night for the Egyptian government especially in the foreign ministry, tourism ministry and Civil Aviation ministry in addition to a bunch of National security agencies in the country.

Saturday evening, the British airways surprised everyone and declared that it was suspending its flights from London to Cairo for seven days.

Yes, the British airways “BA”. decided to suspend its flights from London to Cairo for seven days starting on Saturday shocking everybody including passengers who knew about the decision while waiting for their flight to Cairo.

In short statement, BA says the flights to the Egyptian Capital Cairo have been suspended for seven days as a “Precaution to allow for further assessment.” 
Now it is only for the flights from London to Cairo and vice versa for seven days, the suspension does not include cities other than Cairo.

When I checked I found that there are still flights to Sharm El-Sheikh and other Egyptian cities so the problem is in Cairo or rather Cairo International airport.

The statement did not mention what kind of assessment but many point out to the foreign security assessment of Cairo International airport.
Yet an Egyptian security source spoke with Reuters and said that “that British staff had been checking security at Cairo airport on Wednesday and Thursday”, so what the results of this assessment were not that good I guess !?

Egypt’s Ministry of civil aviation issued a statement after a couple of hours following the British airways’ decision.

“ Concerning what some foreign news websites regarding the suspension of British Airways’ flights from London to Cairo International airport for seven days. An informed official source in the ministry stated that there was currently coordination with the UK embassy in Cairo and that the embassy asserted that the suspension decision was not issued by the British transportation ministry or the Foreign or the Commonwealth office. Currently, the civil aviation ministry is checking the information with the British Airways office in Cairo.
The civil aviation ministry is currently increasing the number of seats in EgyptAir airplanes heading to London. Also, a new 787 Boeing “Dreamliner” airplane is assigned to have an extra flight to London starting from Sunday to facilitate the travel of those passengers during those 7 days”

First of all, “these” were news websites’ reports or claims as it was an actual and official statement issued by the British airways.
Second, it is a great move from the Civil aviation ministry to run extra flights to help passengers in that week. I hope those flights won’t be expensive and the passengers receive a high-quality service so EgyptAir earns new passengers.
The UK government did not issue any warning based on its evaluation on Saturday in its Egypt’s travel advice official webpage but it mentioned the British airways’ decision so the travelers would take care as its latest update.
Within a couple of hours of BA’s announcement, we found out that German airline giant Lufthansa has suspended to Cairo too and passengers knew about the decision only as they were waiting for their flight in Munich airport.
Aviation reporter Alex Mercheras tweeted that he contact Lufthansa officials and technically they told the same thing BA said: “Suspension is a precaution till further assessment” !!

Full statement from Lufthansa —regarding the suspension of #Cairo flights, which is effective today. pic.twitter.com/1dKbNDoejP
— Alex Macheras (@AlexInAir) July 20, 2019
After a couple of hours, we found out that Lufthansa that the flights would be resumed on Sunday which is a good thing.

It is a good thing because if Lufthansa continued its suspension, more airliners will follow its steps and we will find ourselves in front of a huge problem.

Nevertheless, BA has not changed its position.
Other British airliners did not change their plans and their flights continue to Cairo and other parts in Egypt.

It is not a big secret but the Egyptian tourism sector is just recovering from huge setbacks especially after the bombing of the Russian airliner in Sinai.
Such decisions from the airliners in the size of BA can bring down the whole touristic season in Egypt
The Egyptian government had high hopes that the AFCON 2019 championship would send a message to the world especially tourists to come and visit Egypt.

Unfortunately, British Airways’ decision will create more headlines than AFCON2019 success. Now people will think twice because of this one-week suspension.
Me and others are worried. Some fear that the UK got a tip for an upcoming terrorist attack. I can’t blame them.

I think we as Egyptian people and taxpayers need to know what made the BA think twice about Cairo International airport, if it failed in the latest assessment then we should know because some officials should be held accountable.
Is there something wrong in Cairo?
Hopefully, this decision won’t continue and BA returns back its flights soon to Cairo International airport.
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via Instagram https://ift.tt/2kgCiUn #seen in #Cairo in a very hot night : a #moon #eclipse taking shape currently. #Astrophotography #Mooneclipse
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Egypt and Egyptian cinema lost on Friday one of its unsung heroes: Famous film critic and historian Youssef Cherif Rizallah.

Late Youssef Cherif Rizallah
Rizallah worked many things since his graduation from Cairo University’s Economic and Political sciences in 1966 yet he presented himself as a film critic and he was a great one in Egypt.

The 1942-born Juiset educated started his career in Egyptian State TV news rooms especially he knew French and English fluently yet his true passion was cinema and its history.

Youssef Cherif Rizkallah who descended from a Levant-family was fond of cinema, its history, film review and criticism.

In Mid-1970, he made a Cinema history and glory when he created Cine Club TV show featuring weekly a foreign film or even a rare Egyptian masterpiece like Shady Abdel Salam’s The Mummy on Egypt's State-owned Channel One.

I do not know who was the head of the Egyptian State TV then but it was one of the greatest decisions taken.
It was worth to mention that it was that time during the Sadat Era Egypt adopted the open door policies.

All Egypt had had a fixed date since 1975 on State TV to see Oscar on Channel 2 on Thursday and Cine Club show on Saturday which he created to see the best of US and sometimes European films.

Oscar was presented by Thana Mansour and Cine Club used to be presented by Doria Shafik. Both shows included a discussion to the films especially Cine Club.

Unfortunately with the spread of satellite channels , younger generations know Lebanese TV host Raya Abi Rashad more than Rizkallah because she sits with Hollywood blockbuster stars and attends the Oscars.

Truly Satellite Channels stole his thunder especially Gulf-funded channels afforded to acquire the licenses of latest US production in time the Egyptian State TV faded away in a very sad way thanks to corruption mainly and lack of imagination and innovation.

What is really sad is that I feel that Youssef Cherif Rizkallah did not receive proper recognition for his work to spread true cinema culture in Egypt when he was alive.
I think my generation was lucky to see and watch that man’s shows because they introduced us to the true soul of Cinema worldwide. We always followed his coverage to international film festivals whether in Cannes or in Venice.

I knew through him the history of Hollywood and its stars, the McCarthyism as well as the latest Hollywood production.
I remember that I used to wait all night up late to watch his Cinema X Cinema (1994-2004) on Channel 2.
He used to have this show “Star” where he hosted on air famous American stars like Meryl Streep and Egyptian film stars. “Thanks to Voice of America for reminding us with that TV show

يوسف شريف رزق الله برنامج ستار مستضيف ميريل ستريب وجميل راتب وحسين فهمى - YouTube

Aside from the TV shows, Youssef Cherif Rizkallah was one of the co-founders of Egypt’s Cairo International Film Festival and has been its “Artistic director” for 40 years.

In those 4 decades, he brought to millions of viewers in Egypt and Arab world films and film stars from all over the world with a very low budget comparing to the glitzy new Gulf film festival.

In the 40th session of Cairo International Film Festival in 2018, he was honored and I saw on Friday his speech and how he was touched to the level that he did not speak about him or his family except in the last couple of minutes.

He spoke about his team in CIFF with passion and respect.

مهرجان القاهرة السينمائي - تكريم الناقد السينمائي الكبير يوسف شريف رزق الله - YouTube
Youssef Cherif Rizkallah died in hospital. It turned out that he suffered from some kidney disease. He was married to Mervat El-Ibiary and got two sons: Karim and Ahmed.

May Allah bless your soul Mr. Cherif Rizkallah. Thank you for loving the Cinema as true art, thank you for opening a window to that art.
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On Saturday 7 July 2019, Egyptian Nubians celebrated the World Nubian Day along other Nubians across the World.

That day comes in a very interesting and critical time as for the first time since adopting the 2014 Constitution, the Egyptian government started its plan to compensate the Egyptian Nubians for the forced displacement they had to surface due to the construction of Aswan’s low and high dam last.

A Nubian Egyptian and his village as depicted by Egypt's famous painter
Hussein Bicar during the construction of the High Dam in 1960s
On Thursday 4 July, a long statement issued by a-government-assigned-committee detailed that compensation plan.
The implementation of that plan has already started on 25 June 2019 and it would continue its work for three weeks only receiving requests of compensations from the eligible citizens.

According to Ahram Online’s report about the plan, there are three categories of citizens eligible for compensation : 
  1. Nubian Egyptians who lost their homes during the construction of the Aswan Low Dam and built new homes without permits on state-owned land in the governorate of Aswan will now be granted legal ownership rights or usufruct right over these lands.
  2. Nubian Egyptians who lost their farmlands during the building of Aswan High Dam could choose between commensurate tillable lands in other areas or cash compensation worth LE 25,000 per acre.
  3. Nubian Egyptians who lost their homes during the building of the High Dam. They will be offered a choice between new houses in or outside the governorate of Aswan or a cash compensation of LE 225,000 per unit.
The government would receive the requests of compensation for three weeks from 25 June 2019 till mid-July. It will determine whether the citizens are eligible to compensation 10 days later following the admission of the request.

The citizens can appeal before another legal committee within 10 days if their requests are rejected.
The first round of compensation will be in Mid September.

Egyptian Media’s Youm 7 published a report on 27 June with the names of some of the citizens eligible to compensation after 4 hours of the launch of that plan.
Youm 7 published the names of 11,716 citizens eligible for compensation.

This committee formed on the directives of the Egyptian President included representatives from the justice ministry and other state bodies aka national security services..etc.
Now as this recent development comes I would remind of two things.
  • Article No. 236 of the 2014 Constitution which recognizes the rights of the Nubian Egyptians to return back to their original areas as follows :
The state works on developing and implementing projects to bring back the residents of Nubia to their original areas and develop them within 10 years in the manner organized by law.
  • Presidential decrees No.355 and No.444 that designated masses from the old Nubian villages that Nubian Egyptians want to return to both the army and the New Toshka development project.
Those decrees were met by rejection and protests from the Nubian Egyptian community.
Famous Nubian Egyptian writer Haggag Adol who participated in drafting the 2014 Constitution has not commented about this compensation plan.
Back to the the news archives that no one paid attention to , I found that the Egyptian General Survey Authority announced on 26 June 2019 “On the same day of the compensation plan launch” that it finished surveying and counting highly fertilized agricultural land to be given to the Nubian Egyptians as compensation if I understand correctly. 

On the other hand, 12 Egyptian human rights organizations issued a joint statement demanding the Egyptian authorities to respect article no.236 of the Constitution aka the right to return.
The human rights organizations added that the compensations were not replacing the right to return to the old villages.

Thanks to the statement, the location agricultural land which the Nubian Egyptians will get as compensation are known.
They are located in Al-Amal valley “ 12,000 acres allocated for Nubian citizens” and Khor Kandy “6,000 acres”.
Khor Kandy is one of the original areas the Nubian Egyptian community demand to return too.
Originally it was part of that Million and half Million agricultural land Megaproject but after protests by the Nubian Egyptian community, President El-Sisi declared it was excluded from the project in January 2017.

I am not a Nubian Egyptian but I feel that despite the compensation is a good step but it is not enough, we must follow the constitution and rebuild those old villages to preserve unique Egypt’s diversity before anything else.

It is important to hear the other voice instead of praises and thanks as usual in the media.
I knew about the joint statement of those human rights organizations by accident.

Thanks to the AFCON 2019 and its ongoing drama, this very important news is overshadowed.
Now Egypt is out of the tournament, I hope people pay attention to the news that really matters.
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As he was featured as one of the Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in 2019, Mohamed Salah said in his interview to the Time that “Men need to change the way how they treat women in the Middle East”.

Salah and Warda earlier "Tass"
“I support the woman more than I did before, because I feel like she deserves more than what they give her now, at the moment.” The 26-years-old world-famous player told the Time.
In that short interview, Salah admitted that “There is a little bit of pressure” on him for “being a role model”.

It is not a “little bit of pressure” but a “whole lot of pressure” actually.

Salah is not just a popular Egyptian footballer who plays in England’s Premier league, Salah is two steps away from becoming the new Egyptian idol in his time with scary popularity. 

He reads a book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***” and the book is still best selling in Egypt with its versions, the English and the Arabic
He wears a “Never Give up” T-shirt in a Liverpool football match and up till now the T-shirt is another best selling T-shirt in Egypt’s local markets.
He becomes the face of a public anti-drug campaign and the hotlines of the campaign were full of calls from people asking for help to get rid of addiction within days of launching the ad.
That’s why his role in the infamous and current WardaGate is something big and many people including yours truly are angry and disappointed about how he dealt with the matter.
WardaGate Two weeks ago, Egypt’s National Team winger Amr Warda was announced to be excluded from the team’s camp hours before the game against DR Congo in the 2019 African Cup of Nations.
According to the official of the Egyptian FA, the 25-year-old was excluded for disciplinary reasons without any official further details.
استبعاد عمرو وردة من معسكر المنتخب #ThePharaohs pic.twitter.com/IHMZNgXQw8
— Egypt National Football Team (@Pharaohs) June 26, 2019

"EFA president Hany Abo Rida decided to exclude Warda from the camp after discussion with the team's technical and managerial staff and the decision was made to keep ensure discipline and concentration in the team" the statement read.

Greece’s PAOK winger, who played as a second-half substitute in the opener, came under fire hours after the Zimbabwe win over accusations of inappropriate behavior on social media.
Four women accused Warda of online sexual harassment over that week.

In statements to local Egyptian media, Warda said that he was innocent of those charges and that those allegations were fabricated and intended to destroy his career.
The thing is that it was not the first time those accusations.

Warda’s troubles started at an early time.

He was expelled from Egypt's U20 football team's training camp in Tunisia in 2013 before the start of the 2013 African U-20 Championship in Algeria in March of that year.
He was expelled also for disciplinary reasons related to sexual harassment problems.
The team’s Coach then Rabieh Yassin refused and is still refusing to speak about the incident or the player especially in the shadow of the recent events.

During the game with Congo on 26 June 2019, footballer Ahmed El-Mohamedy made a-22-sign using his hands as he was celebrating his first goal in the game.

Baher El-Mohamedy celebrated the goal by raising Warda’s 22 Jersey.
The message was clear, some of Warda’s co-footballers are angry that he was excluded.
It was a bad message.
It was just the start.
At 1:53 AM, we found Mohamed Salah tweeting the following on his official Twitter account

Women must be treated with the utmost respect. “No” means “no”. Those things are and must remain sacred. I also believe that many who make mistakes can change for the better and shouldn’t be sent straight to the guillotine, which is the easiest way out.
— Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) June 26, 2019
We need to believe in second chances... we need to guide and educate. Shunning is not the answer.
— Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) June 26, 2019
Seriously speaking !!! Shunning is not the answer !!
No one wants to send Amr Warda to the guillotine, I feel this young man needs real help to save him before anyone else.
Needless to say that word “Guillotine” made many people including myself suspect that Mohamed Salah was not the one who wrote it in English.
The fingers are pointing to his agent and lawyer Columbian Ramy Abbas Issa who is actually Pro-Trump and anti-political correctness according to his Twitter profile’s Biography.
He got very interesting views about women’s rights already.

On 28 June 2019, we found this news on the official Facebook page of the EFA and Twitter account.

According to the news, Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhy held an informal meeting with the footballers 27 June night where he told them to do their best to please millions of Egyptians..bla bla bla then next paragraph :

“ Head of EFA Hany Abo Rida praised the spirit of solidarity between the footballers and their wish that their colleague Amr Warda would be pardoned and to be unexpended while they are committed to the decisions of the EFA.
Abu Rida decided to reduce the suspension of Amr Warda so he would be suspended till the end of the first round.”

In other words, Amr Warda got a suspension for 48 hours only.
It did not stop here.
Afternoon on the same day at about 1:36 PM, the EFA published a detailed report that “friendly meeting” between the minister, Abu Rida and the players.
بعد عقد جلسة مع اللاعبين المهندس@AbouRidaHany قرر تخفيض عقوبة الإيقاف على اللاعب عمرو وردة حتى نهاية الدور الأول للبطولة فقط .
وأكد أبو ريدة للاعبين على مطلبه ومطلب الجميع منهم أن يستمر هذا التكاتف بينهم وينعكس على آدائهم في الملعب لإسعاد جماهيرهم وشعب مصر
— Egypt National Football Team (@Pharaohs) June 28, 2019
There was another tweet that was deleted later on that day but thanks God for the Internet and online archives.

Top Egyptian football news website Filgoal that got a copy of that tweet and the full story in a news report published at 4:03 PM.
The news headline says “ Salah and El-Mohamedy defend Warda { He is a victim of an evil plot} !!
The story is based on a statement published by the EFA social media accounts before deleting it.

 There we got to know what the players allegedly told Abu Rida and the minister in their meeting.
Mohamed Salah believes that Warda made mistake indeed and deserves punishment but his future as a footballer must be taken in consideration after the emerge of those leaks that can end his football career, he should continue to play in the national team and only suspend from play in the first round.”

This is what the statement said before it was pulled back.
That statement was published in almost all news websites in Egypt.
At 5:52 PM, the EFA published that announcement on its official social media accounts.

“Disclaimer: The EFA asserts that the players of Egypt’s National team did not release any media statements and what was published on behalf some of them on the official website of the EFA was published by mistake”

Someone was angry that what he said in the closed informal meeting was shared publicly but for the record those statements are real

And the shit hit the storm and for the first time we find hashtags attacking Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian National team who is being labeled “The harassers Team".
Even some called the public to boycott the Pharaohs’ games in the tournament. There was a lot of debate online about Egypt Vs. Uganda match.
Personally, I did not watch the game and watched the “Ancient Aliens” episode instead despite probably you know how I feel about that show.

Egypt won by two goals including one by Mo Salah.

What was said in the game is the photo showing fans supporting Amr Warda including a young teenager who held a photo featuring him and Salah.

I hope Salah is happy.
I totally understand that any suspect is innocent till proven guilty but Amr Warda did not even get a slap on the wrist.

Warda isn't the first player to be expelled for disciplinary reasons in major tournaments in recent times.

I am from the generation that still remembers how legendary coach Mahmoud El-Gohary kicked infamous Ibrahim Saeed because he was found him with some girl at the hotel where the national team hours before the Africa Cup of Nations in Mali would kick off in 2002.
Ibrahim Saeed was a better footballer that Warda 100 times.
No one dared to speak with El-Gohary or object his decision.
Yet it seems that we got a weak coach for real this time.

Back to Salah.

The real danger in what happened in Warda’s case that women will be hesitant to report sexual harassments if the man is a celebrity or a footballer.

Suspending Warda won’t end his football career, his behavior will end if he continues this way or this is what I am trying to convince myself with.

I must remind you that Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of rape and yet he is still the Ronaldo who is worshipped all over the world.

Karim Benzema is excluded from France’s National team despite his talent because of a mad blackmail plan he was involved in.

It seems to me that footballers got a pass for their behavior and that should be changed.

In a country, sexual harassment runs as an epidemic women can’t afford to see officials like in EFA and footballers like Salah to deal with the matter as something trivial.

To be precise they can't afford to see Salah act like this, EFA’s board got reportedly corruption and sexual harassments running among its members.

Again return back to the introduction I wrote about Salah and how he is regarded in Egypt. 

Mo is not another story of an Egyptian who made it abroad against all odds.

Hell, we got more Egyptians who made it abroad in ways many can argue that it is more important than Salah like starting with Dr. Farouk El-Baz , Dame Nemat Shafik , Dr. Ahmed Zewail and late Dr.Adel Mahmoud whom we only knew about his great role in fighting infectious diseases after his death, unfortunately.

Unlike those great masters in their sciences and specialists who have truly made incredible changes in the world, Mo is popular beyond them and it is not only because he is a successful and talented footballer and people worship football than science and economy.

Many young Egyptians found themselves in Salah, they found themselves in the success story of that Egyptian working class villager who became a star abroad.

If he wants truly to change how women are treated than he must start with the Egyptian National Team and the EFA.

Mohamed Salah should have known better.
A side note matter: Media covers WardaGate Interestingly, I noticed several news websites began to publish a report about Amr Warda in the past three days with a single theme to the level that makes you wonder: What is going on? We are not speaking about the political issues here, we are speaking about a footballer.

“Amr Warda’s other face: He believes Holy Quran is the reason behind his success, goes to Omara every year and he has a strange love story” was published in both Al-Dostor Newspaper on that Tuesday and on that Wednesday Sada El-Balad News website

This journalism telepathy cannot be happening here too.

It can be simple plagiarism too but in very interesting timing.

The photos of Warda reading the Holy Quran or at the Holy Land are making rounds online among his so many supporters.
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In case you do not know the Sudanese people are still protesting against the current ruling Transitional Military Council "TMC demanding a civil rule in Sudan and hundreds of thousands rocked the capital and other cities.
Protesters in Khartoum in the 30 June protests from men, women and children "AFP"
The photos speak about it themselves.

From Khartoum by Reuters, the temperature degree in the city was 39℃
Thousands protest in the heart of Khartoum on 30 June 2019 by Reuters 
This photo was taken for protesters marching on one of
Khartoum's bridges on Sunday reminded people with the famous
28 January 2011 crossing of Kasr Al-Nil bridge in Egypt 
At least four people were killed in the peaceful protests by the hands of the security forces including a young man from Atbara called Khaled Said.
Late Sudanese Khaled Said from Atbara 
Yes, we share the same river and we got our own Khaled Said in Egypt and Sudan. I pray that their revolution does not share the same fate our revolution.

The TMC says that the protesters were shot by unknown snippers. I have heard about that before.

The 30 June 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Omar al-Bashir’s coup in 1989.

It is worth to mention that most of the Sudanese regions still suffer from the lack of internet.
Those war criminals in TMC do not know that you do not actually need the internet to start a revolution. They do not read history.

In case you do not know, the Sudanese people represented by the Declaration of Freedom and Change and Sudanese Professions demand an immediate handover of power to a civilian government with no preconditions or delay as well as justice for the victims that fell on the hands of the militias in the past weeks.

On arrival, protestors shall remain and demand:
(1) justice for those who have lost their lives in this glorious revolution; and
(2) immediate handover of power to a civilian government without any preconditions or procrastination. #StandWithSudan 3/3
— تجمع المهنيين السودانيين (@AssociationSd) June 30, 2019

On 3 June 2019, the Sudanese TMC committed a terrifying massacre that the Sudanese can’t forget or forgive yet the world does not care anymore of peaceful protesters being killed for their quest to democracy and freedom.
On Saturday, I read statements from TMC’s infamous war criminal Lt.General Mohamed Hamdan aka Hamditi threatening the protesters on 30 June 2019.
By the way, do you know that Hamditi hired a Canadian-based-PR company for $6 Million to lobby for him in Washington?
Now you know.
Back to the developments in our dear Southern country
On Sunday I am reading that the TMC is ready for talks once again.

There is an initiative proposed by Ethiopia and the African Union that was presented to both the TMC and protesters powers on Friday.
According to Reuters, the proposal speaks about a supervisory council to oversee the transitional period made from 7 civilians, 7 military and one independent member.

رئيسة وزراء مدنية ولا مابنرجع#مليونية٣٠يونيو
شارع المطار pic.twitter.com/a91bx47jX6
— וכםב (@ahmadza249) June 30, 2019
“A Civilian Cabinet Now and we won’t back off” chant those women protesters in Sudan on Sunday.
The thing is that the people are furious from the military for real after that awful massacre earlier this month. They have not forgotten already, till last week the bodies of the protests thrown into the Nile are still found here and there.  

الهتاف يعلو ليصل السماء " الدم قصاد الدم مابنقبل الدية " #مليونيه30يونيو pic.twitter.com/tRs7ioqNdG
— ‎ترامـــازول (@TramaZool9) June 30, 2019
“Blood for blood, we won’t accept compensation” chant the protesters in Khartoum, Sudan on Sunday.

Ethiopia-AU mediation is more welcomed in Sudan by revolutionary forces than the League of Arab states’ meditation. 
Egypt chairs the African Union this year.

Personally and for the sake of the Egyptian national security, I believe Egypt should stand with the Sudanese people’s demands and stop supporting those corrupted military war criminals who are also supported by Islamist powers.

Already there is a huge misunderstanding in Egypt that the Sudanese army is radical-Islamist-free which is untrue.

The Sudanese state installed by Omar al-Bashir is a mix of Islamists and military in the worst form of that unholy marriage.
This state is still alive and kicking.
I am also glad that the Sudanese people are learning from our mistakes back in Egypt.

Kudos for the hundreds of thousands who were not intimidated by Hamditi and kudos for the message they have sent on Sunday to the TMC and the whole world " We are here to stay".
May God bless the people of Sudan.
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Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

An overview of buildings in Cairo from River Nile and the broken Nile fountain appears in the photo

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Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

An overview of buildings on River Nile's bank, the buildings appearing in photos are Cairo Opera House , Revolution Council Museum , Egyptian state Television and Radio building and Nile Fountain.

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Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

An overview of Cairo and Giza from Nile River , Egypt

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Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

A young Egyptian snapping a photo using his mobile phone while on his left hand an oil painting for Khedive Ismail in the "Feature of era" exhibition at Aisha Fahmy Palace in Cairo "Centre of Arts"

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