The main objective of having any business is to be profitable. But many businesses are not achieving the profits they are capable of. There are various reasons this happens:

  • Over investing in certain marketing strategies
  • Miscalculations of profit margins
  • Not adapting to industry changes
  • Mixing personal and business bank accounts
  • Poor pricing
  • Etc…

Do any of these resonate with you?

Maybe they don’t, but you still have the ability to make your business more profitable… And, I am going to share 6 ways to do so!

#1 Way To Make Your Business More Profitable: Jack Prices Up By 2%

You have a product that solves problems! Sales have been steady, but costs have risen. It only makes good sense to raise prices slightly.

The majority of consumers will not even notice, while another percentage will understand.

Yes, you may have 1 or 2 who will complain, but a simple explanation of cost increases will suffice. And 2% really is but a “drop in the bucket.” Let’s say your product is priced at $79. Now the price will be $80.58.

It is not drastic, but adds a slight bigger profit margin.

#2 Way To Make Your Business More Profitable: Know Your ROI On Resources

Let’s say you are testing a new automated software, or you hired a new salesperson… Are you keeping track of your ROI?

ROI stands for Return On Investment.

While there is normally a slight period the ROI will be low or non-existent, within just a few weeks up to 2 months, you should be gaining and not losing profits.

Keep track of your ROI to know what you should keep and what should go.

#3 Way To Make Your Business More Profitable: Approach Your Inactive Customer Base

How many customers have you not seen in some time?

Do you have a system that periodically approaches those previous customers.

Yes, it is important to gain new customers, but it is your previous customers that are your “bread & butter.” Don’t let your bread get moldy.

#4 Way To Make Your Business More Profitable: Try Outsourcing Some Of Your Business Monotonous Tasks

More and more business owners have discovered that having full-time employees, or even themselves doing some of the monotonous business tasks:

  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Some accounting
  • Etc…

can be an expense that is not needed.

Outsourcing is normally the answer.

But that freelance agent is more expensive than my $12 an hour employee…”

Really now?

Did you add in that you bought the employee’s tools, you pay that person’s

  • vacation
  • insurance
  • heat and cooling
  • breaks
  • etc…

Overall, it can be a lot cheaper using an outsourced agent than an employee when you add all the factors together.

#5 Way To Make Your Business More Profitable: Faster Turn Around Time

Without dropping quality, speeding up your turn around time will raise profit margins… That is a fact.

Are you consistently looking for ways to speed it up:

  • Automation?
  • Elimination of steps?
  • Linking people, departments and vendors?
  • Etc…
#6 Way To Make Your Business More Profitable: Negotiation

One great example is the monstrous Walmart… They are always negotiating with suppliers and vendors to drop prices which therefore creates a larger profit margin… You should do the same!

It IS okay to negotiate.


These are just 6 ways… There are many more.

And, I have a free training course called 7 Days To Profitability… And you can get yours today… JUST CLICK HERE… And we will begin driving your businesses

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There are people daily who are seeking to become entrepreneurs. They look at their savings and possibilities of financial funding to start their own business and they realize that financing may be impossible. So these entrepreneurs look at a way to start a business with little funding. They look at network marketing but with so many companies, choosing the right network marketing company is the most important starting point.

Here are 8 pieces of advice I will give you in choosing the right network marketing company.

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #1: Research

So many people just “jump” at the first network marketing company that comes along. It is important that you “dig in” and find out more details about the company. You will want to know:

  • How long have they been in business. Keep in mind that many new businesses fail.
  • The leadership. Do the leaders have a strong background in network marketing and business?
  • Look for any possible lawsuits or legal inconsistencies.
  • It is also wise to take a look online at reviews. Do keep in mind that every company will have some negative reviews. But you need to weight the positives and negatives.
Choosing the right network marketing company advice #2: Are the products or services unique?

If you are trying to sell products or services that are essentially the same as 10 other MLM companies, do you think you will be successful?

Believe me, it is much easier to sell an item if it is somewhat unique.

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #3: Do you have passion?

It is very important that you have a strong passion for the products or services you are offering. You need to use them yourself and have a love for them.

Just consider this – would a 50 year old man who has never allowed lipstick on his lips (well, except when his wife kissed him) do well selling Mary Kay lipsticks?

He may sell a few, but without that love and passion for the product, I doubt he will drive one of those pink Cadillacs.

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #4: How far can you reach?

One of the key factors in building a huge network marketing business is recruiting team members. It comes down to building a strong downline.

It is important that you understand just how far you can go for team members. Is it only in the U.S.? Can you attract people from Canada, Mexico, South America, etc…? MLM is huge in places like India and Australia, so you need to completely understand how far you can reach and if the company has plans of expanding.

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #5: Does the company compensation plan meet your expectations?

I cannot count the number of people who have joined multilevel marketing systems without understanding the compensation plan. It only makes good sense that you understand how you will make money before you dive into a home based business.

If you are applying for a normal job, you will ask how much your salary will be. It just makes good sense that you do the same before starting a network marketing business.

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #6: Will your sponsor be a strong support?

If we were to interview 100 people who quit their network marketing company within 3-6 months from joining, I would predict 60 of them would claim they quit because their sponsor did not help them or answer their questions.

You DO need to look closely at your sponsor. You are going to have a relationship with that person. Treat it similar to a marriage. Will you be able to have a relationship with that person? Will they help you? Will they provide the training you need?

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #7: How can you market?

This is quite important! Some network marketing companies will not allow their representatives to market via their own websites or blogs. You need to understand all the options you have to market the products and/or business opportunity.

Choosing the right network marketing company advice #8: Are the products or services reasonably priced?

If the products are priced far above comparable products, selling them may be quite difficult. While slightly overpriced is okay, if they are way overpriced, you will feel a lot of stress from rejection from price objections. You really need to research if the products are priced in a way that will make selling them not stressful.


Just like any other traditional business you may consider starting, you would dig in deeply before investing your money into starting that business. You really need to use that same approach in a network marketing business start up. Treat it as if you were investing $50,000, $100,000 or even $500,000.

I want to give you another great resource once you have decided on that network marketing company you will join… The name of the game is recruiting and we have an app that will make recruiting much easier. So go check out Rocket Recruiting here.

Success is right there in front of you!

Thank you for visiting and may your network marketing business lead you…

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At one time, prospecting for sales and team members if you are in network marketing was primarily done via the telephone or face to face. But in recent years, there has been a major development in online prospecting. But just like any type of prospecting, there are right ways to do it, and there are wrong ways.

When I float through social media sites like

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • and others

I find that the don’ts in online prospecting are much more prevalent than the dos. So I am going to do my part in helping entrepreneurs understand the dos and don’ts of online prospecting. Follow along and learn how to prospect online. And, please share this with other entrepreneurs so we can help change the online prospecting reputation.

Online Prospecting Do: Stay Positive

The internet is full of people that we like to call trolls. They live in a negative atmosphere and they want everyone else to join them. It is important that you stay positive.

This tip goes for any type of prospecting. You cannot allow negative forces to have the power to influence your thoughts or emotions. If you do, it will affect your prospecting in terrible ways.

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” Elbert Hubbard

Online Prospecting Don’t: Prejudge

While I firmly believe that we should gear our prospecting towards our target market, we must not prejudge anyone. We cannot assume they cannot afford, or do not need or want what we have to offer.

There is a difference between qualifying and prejudging. If during qualifying stages you come to a point that you believe the prospect is not qualified instead of judging, I suggest you just get directly to the point – This is what I have, and this is what it costs…

Online Prospecting Do: Focus On Values And Benefits

One of the most common objections found is price. And entrepreneurs need to realize that the only way to overcome the price objection is with the benefits and the value.

You can halt the objection before it even comes by focusing on values and benefits in the beginning.

Online Prospecting Don’t: Use Negative Terms

When prospecting online, you can help your efforts by leaving negative terms out of your posts and content. I am breaking that rule all throughout this article, but I am not actually prospecting… I am educating.

Try to keep words like:

  • Can’t
  • Won’t
  • Shouldn’t
  • Etc…

out of your posts, and you will discover people being more positive toward you and your prospecting efforts.

Online Prospecting Do: Be Respectful

All I can say here is, consider what you say before you say it. Use respect and you will gain respect. You may not agree with the person, but do you have the right to disrespect them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone online learned to use this Golden Rule?

It is so much easier to be nice, to be respectful, to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to understand how you might help them before they ask for help, than it is to try to mend a broken customer relationship.” Mark Cuban

Online Prospecting Don’t: Talk Or Write Anything Inappropriate

This goes right along with the respect do… I say it is best to stay clear of writing or talking about your views on religion, politics and any other subject matter that could be construed as “debate” action.

Online Prospecting Do: Be Consistent

If you really want your prospecting efforts online to be successful, it takes consistency. If you post on Mon, Wed and Fri, don’t change suddenly to Thur, Sat, and Sun.

Online Prospecting Don’t: Lie

I shouldn’t even have to write this but there are still those out there that think it is okay to tell “little white lies.” No lie no matter how small is okay. If you are asked a question and you don’t know the answer, just be honest.

Sure, you may not win a sale, but you will keep your integrity.

Online Prospecting Do: Take Prospects Into Your Territory

Here is another area that entrepreneurs need to learn to use. If a prospect shows interest on social media, you should immediately invite he/she to your website or call them. I suggest taking the prospecting and recruiting efforts away from social media as quickly as possible.

Online Prospecting Don’t: Spam

This is another don’t that I believe I should not have to tell you, but many entrepreneurs still spam. You will get nowhere just “splashing” your link all over people’s social pages and such. Provide valuable information and people will want to see what you have to offer. But just “puking” your stuff will make everyone sick.

Online Prospecting Do: Be A Normal Person

Some entrepreneurs believe every post should be something about the business or opportunity. Hey, it’s okay to share that funny cat video or laughing babies.

When people realize you are just a normal person, they will take you more seriously when you do post business information.

Online Prospecting Don’t: Debate Or Argue

You may win the battle but you probably will lose the war.

Debating and arguing just drives a wedge into your possibilities of gaining other customers or recruits. Even if they believe the way you do, they will be apprehensive because you bowed down to an argumentative level.

I suggest just letting an argumentative person have their opinion and moving on to the next prospect.

Online Prospecting: Have Fun!

If you have fun, you will have better success. If it is stressful and boring, why do it? Life is short, so just have fun prospecting and I know you will be a huge success.


I hope these dos and don’ts help you understand online prospecting. If we all follow these “rules” the attitude toward prospecting online will have a better reputation.

I know that recruiting is a huge objective for many of you and this is why you need to understand how to prospect online properly.

While you are on that recruiting mission, I believe you will find Rocket Recruiting a great application to meet your goals. It is a no resistance recruiting method that works. Go check it out here.

Thank you for stopping by today… Will you share this with others so we can stop the bad prospecting and bring in the good?

Have a great day and

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As entrepreneurs, prospecting is a key function of our chosen career path. After all, the ultimate desire is sales. Who do those sales come from? People who at one time were prospects.

      • People
      • Prospects
      • Leads
      • Sales

As an entrepreneur who has been involved with many network marketing organizations, I know the basic principal for new network marketers is to make a list of every person they know. That includes family, friends, neighbors, etc… This is called their warm market, and the idea is to prospect each of these people.

The warm market prospecting system does work but…

How long will you have a warm market to work with? At some point, that list will go dry.

And, I am speaking to entrepreneurs here; not strictly network marketers. Let’s say your entrepreneurial business is coaching weight loss. Unless your whole list of family and friends is obese, which I highly doubt, your warm market list will go dry quite quick.

You need other ways to prospect so you can gain leads and turn leads into sales. Now you could:

  • Go door to door
  • Cold call people on their telephones
  • Advertise in publications

And all these methods are great and you should use them if you can but with technology, the top prospecting method is now online.

There are right ways and wrong ways for prospecting online

No one likes spam, even the people that are sending spam. I am not going to even delve into the wrong ways of prospecting online in today’s post; instead I am going to provide you with some simple tips for prospecting online the right way.

Determine your target market

First and foremost, you really need to know your target market. These are people who have a need for your product or service. Target markets can be large or small. If you have a line of weight loss products, your target market will probably be smaller than the entrepreneur who offers custom smart phone covers.

Make a list of keywords and phrases

Now that you know your target market, either open your notepad or get a pen and paper and start writing keywords and phrases that are within your business and products. For example, weight loss:

  • lose weight fast
  • safe weight loss
  • take fat off
  • etc…

and smart phone covers:

  • android phone covers
  • smart phone protectors
  • iPhone covers
  • etc…
Develop a website/blog

When you have a blog, you can put yourself in the role of expert in your particular niche. Using the keywords you found above, you will want to write posts that are not necessarily meant to sell, but to educate. As you educate your visitors, you then show them ways you can help them solve their problems by sharing your products along with possible affiliate products.

Prospecting on social media

Here is the primary location for online prospecting. And, it is also on social media that many entrepreneurs prospect improperly and get a spammer tag. Depending on the social media outlet, there are wrong and right ways:

  • Facebook – The best method for prospecting on Facebook is to create an entrepreneur page (business page) that briefly explains your business. As people see your business, they will press like or follow and you can start building a relationship with those people.
  • Twitter – On Twitter, those keywords and phrases can come in quite handy. Do a search in Twitter and see which people are tweeting about similar subject matter. You can then share your blog posts tagging those people with something like, “You may want to read this.”

With all social media, the idea is to slowly share your ideas along with others, build relationships and ask questions. Help them solve problems using your products or services.

Create a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter

By building a subscription list, you can draw prospects to sign up by offering a free ebook, white paper or something similar that is geared toward your area of expertise.

Having a method of subscribing on each social media page along with your blog, you will build a list quickly. This list are all prospects because they willingly gave you their contact information.

Now you can use a software to send periodic newsletters that educate and also shares your products and services. There are various newsletter programs such as Aweber and Mailchimp.

Forums and question sites

One of the best prospecting online methods is simply finding forum and question sites that fit into your area of expertise. One great one is Quora.com. Just do a search of questions using your keywords or phrases and you can use your expert advice to help solve their problem. You can also use your keywords and add forums behind it in search engines to find people talking about your area of expertise.

Start building relationships and you can discover prospects, turn them into leads and leads into sales.

I always suggest that you use a signature with all of these that links back to your website/blog.


Running ad campaigns is a top way of online prospecting. You can run pay-per-click ads through Google Adwords and there are a few others. You could run Facebook or Twitter ads.

Just a simple message of “Get a FREE eBook on losing weight safely,” or “7 Steps to Protect Your Smartphone,” will entice prospects to click and be led to your capture page where they enter their personal information turning that prospect into a lead.

Just be sure that the free item you are sending gets delivered quickly and has value.

Online Prospecting Conclusion

By following the advice above, I know your prospecting goals will come to life. And as you see, much of the prospecting online is geared toward sending people to your website.

So to help you even further, I created a checklist to make your website CRAZY PROFITABLE.

You can get that checklist by clicking here.

Now get out and start prospecting! Build relationships and the profits will roll in.

Have a great day and please hit the share buttons below and let others have this information too.

Thank you!

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Growth in your business somewhat relies on who you know and how you grow personally.

Networking with other entrepreneurs is a good way to learn new strategies, attain assistance in your start up or even just have support. You may be able to discover partners, investors or even customers or recruits.

Maybe you attend trade shows and other events locally to meet other entrepreneurs, but we now have the world at our fingertips.

You can network with entrepreneurs all over the world. But you just need to know where on the internet those entrepreneurs are “hanging out.”

In today’s post, I am going to share a huge range of social networks and groups on well known networks where you can associate with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Social Networks And Groups – Google+ Partner Up

This Google+ group has over 19,000 members. The goal is to help each other with small business needs and issues.

You can join here: https://plus.google.com/communities/105088976956808519330

Social Networks And Groups – Data.Com Connect

Set up primarily like a forum, this network has entrepreneurs sharing questions and answers on topics in the areas of sales and marketing.

I suggest you check out this community at: https://community.data.com/

Social Networks And Groups – Linkedin Executive Suite

Anthony Vlahos started this group designed to put many together to share best tips and strategies for managing your business. This group has well over 300,000 members, so you are networking with a wide range of entrepreneurs.

You can ask to join at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1426/profile

Social Networks And Groups – Facebook Entrepreneur Hustle

With 20,000+ members, Entrepreneur Hustle is a great Facebook group designed by Danny Veiga.

Just ask questions about taking action and many experienced entrepreneurs will be there to answer and help you.

You can join Entrepreneur Hustle at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dannyveigahustlegroup/

Social Networks And Groups – Linkedin Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs | Small Business Startup Community

This Linkedin entrepreneur group was started by Steven Burda who is a entrepreneurial master in the Philadelphia area.

The group has over 21,000 members and continues to grow.

Just ask to join at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/39824/profile

Social Networks And Groups – TheFunded

Finding funding sources for your startup can be a daunting task.

This network puts entrepreneurs together to rate and discuss various investors.

I highly recommend this site if you are seeking startup funding…


Social Networks And Groups – Ryze

The founding investor for Napster, Dr. Adrian Scott started Ryze as a means for entrepreneurs to come together in one location.

There is only one problem… This can become an addicting network and you must have self control and know when to get back to work.

You can join Ryze at https://www.ryze.com/

Social Networks And Groups – Meetup

This well designed network website allows you to meetup with other entrepreneurs within your general local area.

Find out what is happening and where… I know you will love it!

Check out Meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/

Social Networks And Groups – Linkedin A STARTUP SPECIALISTS GROUP Online Global Network for Entrepreneurs, Startups

This group was started by Ravi Kikan and has over 250,000 members. Get advice and offer suggestions for startups.

Working together, entrepreneurs can help each other have success.

You can ask to join at: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/56766/profile

Social Networks And Groups – Facebook Savvy Business Owners

This is a female only entrepreneur group… Sorry guys.

There are over 12,000 members led by Heather Crabtree.

I recommend you females consider this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SavvyBusinessOwners/

Social Networks And Groups – Linkedin Digital Marketing

Completely dedicated to discussing marketing strategies and tips in the digital world, this linkedin group will soon reach 1,000,000 members.

I do recommend that you join so you can get tips on your digital marketing methods.


Social Networks And Groups – UpSpring

Just creating a business profile on UpSpring can give you greater visibility. It is a wonderful method to engage with other entrepreneurs, prospects and customers.

It is free to list on this network, so it only makes good sense to have your business there.


Social Networks And Groups – Linkedin Leadership Think Tank

With nearly 230,000 members, this Linkedin group is focused on leadership concepts, strategies and practices.

Do not overlook this group if you are a solopreneur… Leadership is still important.

You can ask to join at: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/39683/profile


This is just a few of many…

Not long ago, I wrote about IBO ToolBox… If you haven’t yet joined that community, I also recommend it.

Get involved with these communities. You can learn and also help other entrepreneurs. It is a win-win.

By the way, while not a social network, Rocket Recruiting is a system designed to make your recruiting process fun and easy. Check it out here.

Do you have any groups you would suggest?

Just leave your comments below and please share this post with others.

Thank you and we will see you on your path

To The Top!

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Everyday and night, humans are tasked with making decisions…

  • Coffee or tea?
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Should I sleep in?

While these all seem like unimportant decisions, they are decisions that must be made none-the-less. And if you choose not to decide, you are still making a decision.

I hope I am not sounding like Sigmund Freud.

So, now that we know each and every one of us must make decisions, let’s look at entrepreneurs.

Like I said, the choices in the bullet points at the start of this post will not greatly affect other people, your finances or your health for the biggest part.

But entrepreneurs must make decisions that can carry lasting consequences.

In today’s post, I am going to share a wide variety of tips that can help you make the best choices when faced with complex issues.

These tips are in no particular order, so I suggest you print or write them to help you when you are in periods of decision making stress.

Decisions Tip #1: There Will Never Be A Perfect Time

I believe we all have had those times when we “postpone” a decision because we assume there will be a better time to make it.

If you are putting it off to get more information, that is one thing. But if you are postponing the decision because Jack has the flu, Sally is having marital problems or any other issue like those, you are not being a good leader.

Decisions Tip #2: Put Your Ego In The Closet

When you weigh potential outcomes as a result of the decision you are about to make, you may discover the answer goes against something you stated to your teammates just 2 months prior.

We will never settle for less than 1,800 square feet of manufacturing space!”

But now you have been offered a huge tax break on a building that has 1,100 square feet. Plus, the location is great in relation to your suppliers.

It only makes good sense, but it also means you will have to put your ego on hold when you announce the decision at the meeting scheduled at 2.

Decisions Tip #3: Get Feedback From All Who Have Vested Interest In The Decision

If it is possible, you should attempt to get feedback from any, and all who will be affected by the final decision.

In some cases, this is not possible because some decisions must be made on spur of the moment.

It is important that when asking their feedback, you need to explain you value their feedback but the final decision will be yours to make and it may not agree with their thoughts.

Decisions Tip #4: Make A Daily List And Prioritize

Just like a daily business plan, you should have a daily decision plan.

I suggest you list the decisions you know you will have to make each day. Now prioritize those decisions.

I suggest you get that most important one made early. Some call this “eating the frog.” By doing so, you will discover the other decisions will be easier.

Decisions Tip #5: Trust Your Instincts

As a person who loves to analyze all the possibilities, I have discovered that I sometimes decide to go against my first instinct.

And it usually comes out bad!

If you follow your instincts… NOT YOUR EMOTIONS, you will have great results the biggest percentage of the time.

Decisions Tip #6: One Decision Does Not Solve The Complete Problem

Far too often, we can assume that one decision is going to solve a problem. Normally, it is a series of decisions working in tandem that solve the problem.

I have found that if we do not focus on the problem but focus on the basic decision we must make, the end result, after making all the decisions is – problem solved!

Decisions Tip #7: Consider Decision Making Technology

Some decisions require a large amount of data. Having someone go through data and attempt to separate the important from the unimportant.

There is a wide variety of software that has been developed to aide you in decision making. 3 well-known and trusted examples are:

  1. 1000 Minds
  2. Expert Choice
  3. and Decision Lens
Decisions Tip #8: Consider The Worst

Most of you know that I live a completely positive life. But when it comes to any decisions, yes we look at the positives, but the wise entrepreneur always considers the worst possible outcome of that decision.

Is it worth the risk?


You need to understand that you WILL make some bad decisions. Accept that and when you do, just admit it and make revisions to mend the situation. You will gain more respect if you make a bad decision and admit it than you will by making no decision.

To gain success as an entrepreneur, you will have to make some tough decisions.

But guess what?

I have a simple decision for you now. You see, awhile back, I developed the Home Business Success Kit. It is 3 tools in one to help you grow your business.

Your decision is, “Do I want Eric’s help?”

You can get that Success Kit here.

If you have any comments or questions, please share them below. Thank you and let’s take your business…

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As entrepreneurs, we are taught that mistakes and failures are a part of the learning and growing process.

But I do believe that if you can learn from other people’s mistakes without having to commit them yourself, you are 1 step closer to success.

Besides, some mistakes can damage your business for a long period of time. The majority of mistakes that fall into that category are within the marketing phase.

Some examples that immediately come to mind are:

  • The U.S. and Ghana were against each other in the World Cup. Delta Airlines wanted to recognize each team and posted images of the Statue of Liberty and a giraffe. The problem is: there are no giraffes in Ghana.
  • Or when Pepsi expanded into China they used the slogan: Pepsi Brings You Back To Life. That doesn’t seem bad but when translated it says: Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Out Of Their Graves.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you 7 marketing mistakes you DO NOT want to make.

Marketing Mistake #1: Targeting Everyone

If you are attempting to market to everyone, you are usually marketing to nobody. The fact is, you have to send a message to a certain target group in your marketing efforts. If you are trying to reach everyone with that message, it will be to generic and dull. No one will remember it.

Marketing Mistake #2: Giving Up On Marketing Campaigns Too Early

All marketing efforts will take some time to see results. Do not get caught in the thought that immediate magic will happen. You need to give it a chance. Yes, there may be costs involved, so make sure you have a budget large enough to rum the campaign at least 3 months.

Marketing Mistake #3: Too Many Marketing Chiefs

Having too many people involved in the marketing decisions can turn your marketing efforts into a chaotic mess. It is best to keep all marketing decisions to just a few key people.

Marketing Mistake #4: Focusing On You Instead Of The Customer

While it may be okay to tell how you or you business won an award, the focus always needs to shift back to the customer and the problems you are solving for them.

Yes you won an award… For solving ? issues and making life better for a certain group of people.

Marketing Mistake #5: Too Much Social Media Presence

Some entrepreneurs assume they should immediately create brand pages at every social media location.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google +
  • Etc…

It isn’t bad if you can manage those pages, but the issue usually entails not enough time and help to do so. If you are not regularly posting, followers will lose trust and will assume that if you cannot keep pace with your social media, how will you provide good customer service.

I suggest picking one social site and getting complete control of it before starting another.

Marketing Mistake #6: Not Having A Website

Statistics show that nearly 60% of consumers search online for their needs before they visit any store. That even includes local.

The investment into a website just makes good business sense. I would also add that having a blog and educating consumers on related topics will also help you grow into a trusted brand.

Use content to create a buzz and add a call to action and watch your sales grow.

Marketing Mistake #7: Not Networking

Some of you may ask, “What does networking have to do with marketing?”

More than you realize!

Hub-bubbing with other professionals in similar areas will create a system where they will refer you to their clients and you can refer them to your customers.

It does pay to attend trade shows, seminars and other events and get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Don’t make the mistakes

Marketing is one of your most important areas and if you make a mistake, it CAN cost you dearly. Always step into the eyes and ears of the consumer and use empathy before you run that marketing campaign.

My goal is to help all entrepreneurs find their successful path. I hope this post helps you understand why marketing is so important.

To help you further, I want to offer you a free copy of my book, To The Top! It is a guide to creating prosperity to have a successful business and a wonderful life. Just click here and get your copy today.

If you have any questions about this topic or any feedback on today’s post, just leave your comment below.

Thank you for visiting.

To The Top!

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As an entrepreneur, your goal is to gain customers and possibly recruits. You can go about it the old-fashioned way… High pressure. Or you can use the best way, attraction. You can try to “jam” your product, service or opportunity down the person’s throat or you can use a system that attracts people to you and your products.

Which way will you choose?

I hope you say attraction because the days of high pressure sales were gone with those pesky aluminum siding salesmen.

Who coined “attraction marketing?”

Mike Dillard began using the term attraction marketing primarily for network marketers. The basic principles of attraction marketing have been used for years. Some age old attraction marketing were:

  • Billboards
  • Ads at the drive-in movies
  • Magazine ads
  • Etc…

The idea is to entice customers to call you instead of you calling on them. But many network marketers were taught to knock on doors, windows, call on the phone, etc… Using any type of attraction marketing in the early days of MLM were considered taboo.

But times have changed

It is less stressful and actually more time efficient to use the attract method to draw in customers and recruits. So I am going to share 8 methods to do just that.

#1: Attract Your Target Customers Or Target Recruits

If you are using marketing methods that are trying to reach every person there is, odds are you are not reaching any people. It is wiser to identify the best targets and use your marketing efforts to attract them.

#2: Attract By Using A Unique And Crazy Marketing Ploy

What if your business sold a weight loss plan and you had some freelancers dress as a fat person and skinny person that looked alike? They hand out fliers with other before and after images and offer a small discount for signing up with the flier.

There are many crazy things you could do; it just takes creativity.

#3: Attract Them To A Sizzle Line

Using a “sizzle line” is a wise approach.

A sizzle line is a phone number with a pre-recorded message similar to an elevator pitch. It essentially will help automate your business. You obviously will not have the time to answer every call that comes in and you can set the sizzle line up to guide your customers or recruits through a recorded process.

Here is a great article explaining sizzle lines in better detail.

#4: FREE Attracts

If used properly, giving something away for free can attract some great long-term customers or recruits.

On this website, I give out an 8 point checklist on Creating A Crazy Profitable Website. That free checklist has so much value that people who have received it have purchased other products.

Just make sure your free item has great value and your prospects will be attracted to your other items.

#5: Become The Expert

Customers and recruits are attracted to experts. They want to know that you have the answer to their problems.

It is important that you learn everything you can about your business; about your niche; about your products or services.

#6: Attract With A Mobile App

Mobile is the primary method people are using to surf the internet. Using your creativity, develop an app that is attractive, fun and exciting. Maybe the person can spin a slot reel to win a percentage off. Maybe you reward them for taking a picture of them using your product.

Just be creative and you will be amazed as to how many customers or recruits you can attract with an app.

#7: Attract By Posting In Social Media

Sharing not only your blog posts, but also other articles from industry professionals can attract customers and recruits to you on social media.

I suggest becoming a member of:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Google+ Communities
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Pinterest
  • Etc…
#8: Attract By Volunteering

When people know that you are helping with programs such as:

  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Clothing For Orphans
  • or even local volunteer projects

The attraction to find out more about you and your products will be tremendous.


These are just 8 simple methods to attract customers or recruits. Believe me, there are many more… In time, I will share some other attraction methods on upcoming posts.

What methods do you use?

Do you have any questions?

If you are getting started with your home based business or if you have had a home business for some time but it is not performing as well as you know it could, I would love to help you.

For a limited time, I will give you special discounted access to the Home Business Success Kit. Just click that link and get 3 tools that will help you climb…

To The Top!

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First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” Elliott Abrams

What Elliott said is oh so true in many ways. Entrepreneurs must have an ability to impress clients quickly. There are several methods that immediately come to mind to gain a great first impression:

  • Dress sharp
  • Be prepared
  • and shall I say, breath mints?

Now I do believe that an entrepreneur can mend that initial 2 minute impression if the client may have had a negative feeling, but I suggest that you do your best to give the client a great impression immediately on first contact.

Over my years as an entrepreneur, I know that I have made some errors on the first impressions clients had. I have learned to reflect on these and understand what I could have done differently. So I am going to share with you some huge discoveries I have made.

Here are 9 ways to impress clients.

#1: Impress Clients By Being A Human

There is a fine-line between being business and casual. I truly believe that you must also “read” the client immediately to determine their “line” on this. But during your conversation, it is good if you step out of the “business box” for a brief moment and ask about his/her family, lifestyle, sports, etc…

Just be a human but I suggest staying clear of politics and religion.

#2: Impress Clients By Researching And Solving

I have discovered this an amazing way to have a client impressed. Before meeting with them, review their website and any other information you have on the potential client. Find just one small issue you know can be solved immediately.

“Mr Jones, when I reviewed your website, I notice that your call-to-action boxes have coloration that is not considered ‘click-enhancing’ according to statistics. Have you had a good response in your CTAs? (wait for answer) I can easily mend that for you.”

Just knowing you did your research and have the initiative to find and solve one small issue WILL impress clients.

#3: Impress Clients By Having An Agenda

When you are meeting with a client, it is important that you draw up an agenda. Before starting the meeting, share the agenda with the client. This will show the client you are fully prepared to ask and answer questions, along with covering every avenue so they will have satisfaction with your products or services.

#4: Impress Clients By Being Impressed With The Client

What I mean by this is compliment them. While I told you earlier to discover a small issue and solve it, also find areas where you can give them sincere compliments. Showing you are impressed with them will impress them with you.

#5: Impress Clients With Your Language

I do believe you should use technical jargon lightly when meeting with potential clients. But there are certain words in the English language that do create a great impression of the entrepreneur speaking them. Consider words like:

  • Collaborate
  • Objectives
  • Value and benefits
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Scalability
  • Social reach
  • Opportunities
  • Result tracking
  • Etc…

Using language that shows you have the client’s best interests at heart does impress them.

#6: Impress Clients By Knowing Their Competition

The wise entrepreneur does research on the potential client’s competition too. Knowing how the competitors are marketing will allow you to use patterns in the meeting where you will tell the client something like:

“Mr Jones, I see that (competitor) is using this approach and, in my opinion, if we were to counter with this strategy, you could convert (competitor’s) business to your profits.”

Believe me… That will impress a potential client every time.

#7: Impress Clients With Active Listening

When I say active listening, it means having a pen and notepad in your hand and using it. I suggest that as the client is speaking, you repeat key words and phrases back to show them you understand and at the same time, take notes.

Another important aspect of active listening is listening to what the client is not actually saying with their body language or eye movements. If they are saying something but you notice apprehension, you can lighten it up by just saying something like, “I know this is important, so I will keep you “in the loop” every step of the way.”

Reassuring words are always impressive.

#8: Impress Clients By Telling Them Your Strategy

Here is another area where entrepreneurs tend to neglect potential clients. It just makes common sense that you share with the client your strategy. They must know your plan of action. While it may be put together in your head, you must realize that the client cannot see that… So explain to them your strategy and allow them to give their feedback.

#9: Impress Clients With Action

All the prior tips were just words and we all know that action speaks much louder than words. So get to work on whatever the client needs and show them results.

If you do this, your client will not only be impressed, he/she will probably send other clients your way.

When deeds speak, words are nothing.” Pierre Joseph Proudhon


I will end this post with one more nugget of truth… There will be some clients that are unimpressed. And if you look closely, they are that way with everyone. So don’t worry if you cannot impress every potential client you meet. Just try to do it better on the next round.

I hope this post helps you interact with potential clients in a more successful manner. If you have any questions, just ask them below and I will provide an answer.

Also I need to ask… Are you getting objections you just can’t handle? Every objection is an equation waiting to be solved. I really suggest that you get this report on solving the top objections. It will help you overcome and win in the objection jungle.

Thank you for stopping by today and will you hit the share buttons and let your friends and family see this too?

To The Top!

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Let’s face it, network marketing is hard work right? In this article if you continue reading I’m going to share with you a few tips and strategies on how to actually achieve a full time income in network marketing.

Besides being a full time serial entrepreneur in a variety of sectors and landing clients like Boeing (among others), I’ve been tremendously blessed to have built some incredible relationships in the network marketing profession.

And I can say with absolute sincerity, I love network marketing.

It enamored me so much that I decided to learn everything I could about it and serve it the best way I knew how…by developing working systems that make the lives of network marketing professionals much, much easier.

If this is your first time to my site, let me tell you a tiny bit about myself…

My name is Eric Tippetts (as you can no doubt see above) and I’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the profession. Some of my business partners and close friends include amazing people like Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Jim Bunch, among many others.

I don’t say that to brag, but simply to make you aware that I’ve definitely built some incredible relationships and learned some intimate details about how things REALLY function in the field of network marketing.

For example, I know you’re most likely here because you’re struggling in one of the following areas: lead generation, duplication, or mindset (fear, doubt, etc.).

I also know that 90% of the people visiting this page DESPERATELY want to win in this profession, which touches my heart.

It’s honestly why I do what I do. I don’t have to do it (technically I’m retired). I love to do it. The same reason Tony Robbins, Pitbull, and Sir Richard Branson speak on behalf of the profession.

But enough about me, I’m sure you want to know exactly how it is this content is going to help you grow your business.

So let’s dive in and get into the nuts and bolts of this subject.

Below I’m going to share 3 tips to help you become a much more seasoned network marketer, and if you decide you like what you read you’ll have the option to signup for a FREE limited time webinar that will show you how to not only succeed but take it to the next level and reach that magic unicorn most people in our profession know exists, but rarely ever see: top earner status.

I’ve learned some of the strategies I’m going to share with you from my good friend Ray Higdon, who in some private phone calls and sit down meetings revealed them to me and opened my eyes.

I asked him if it was cool to share them with you exclusively and he agreed to let me do it, so I’m excited to help you get where you’re looking to go!

3 Tips To Crush it In Network Marketing Tip #1: Become an educator, not a salesperson.

Believe it or not, this tip applies to every profession that involves sales.

An old friend of mine, Zig Ziglar, once said to me that it’s better to educate, not sell people. You see, by educating people something magical happens you may not realize. You tap into the incredible power of the Law of Reciprocity.

See, by giving knowledge (and by its nature, power) to people, they naturally feel obligated to give something back. It’s a wonderful concept that works time and time again.

Here’s how it might sound. Let’s say your network marketing product is a health product that helps people lose weight.

The typical approach a new network marketer might take is to say something like this: “Eric, you gotta check out this amazing product, Tummy Blaster 10X, it melts belly fat right off…I’ve already lost 20lbs! I’m super excited, want to check it out and maybe buy some from me?”

Now if you’re guilty of this don’t get too worried, it happens to the best of us in the beginning.

But it didn’t sound very good did it?

It basically sounds like you’re begging me to buy it right?

Well in human nature, when you beg people they tend to withdraw. When you TELL them to do something, they naturally resist. It’s an unfortunate problem built into our egos, but the beauty of it is if you figure it out from a selling standpoint you can leverage this knowledge to crush it in network marketing.

Sellucation is what I like to call it, and overcomes this. It’s the combination of selling through education. And if done right, it also creates massive CURIOSITY.

Here’s how it would sound if you used education to sell in the same scenario: “Eric, how’re things going.” PAUSE FOR RESPONSE. “Fantastic buddy, you know, I read something online today that was kind of startling…did you know over 70% of Americans are overweight and that being overweight is the #1 leading cause of cancer?” PAUSE FOR RESPONSE. “Yeah, crazy right? I had no clue…I guess I’m lucky I found a way to beat the obesity epidemic without crash dieting and exercise. So what’d you do today buddy, how was work?”

You see what I did?

I mentioned that I had personally found a way to beat it. I didn’t beg, didn’t sell, didn’t even ask him if he wanted to look at information.

Why not?

He’s not qualified yet. But if he gives you the response you’re looking for, he’ll qualify, or SELL, himself.

A typical response from a friend at this point might be something like: “wait wait wait, what did you say, you’re using something to shed fat that requires no exercise, how much weight did you lose?”


Now you’re in the pulling mode, not pushy salesman mode. That’s the sweet spot. Ultimately, the goal would be to ask the following question in this scenario: “It sounds like you’re curious, I can shoot you a link when I get home and you can check everything out, it’s pretty nuts man.” Then your friend says…”cool, sounds good.” And that’s it!

You’ve successfully invited someone you knew to take a look at some information on your product, without selling them! This leads us right into tip number two.

Tip #2: Make sure you are leveraging tools and systems, not relying on skill.

Tools and systems are instrumental in your ability to succeed as a network marketer. Imagine how difficult this profession would be if you had to sit down with someone 5-10 times before enrolling them in your business.

And what if you had to explain EVERYTHING?

Wouldn’t that be an awful experience.

I can tell you first hand it would feel like an interrogation. Every piece of information would raise a new question from your prospect and you’d have to answer everything.

Why do that?

Plus, most of your people won’t, and I repeat WON’T duplicate that.

It’s important that you leverage a tool or a system to do the heavy lifting for you. The simplest, most repeatable process wins, every time.

If the system can explain everything in video format, it’s a win.

If the system can follow up with your lead, it’s a win.

If it can collect a decision from your prospect after they go through your videos and learn everything about your company…win again.

Success comes from systems that train and duplicate people, not you trying to be everything to everyone.

Tip #3: Ensure the duplication is proven.

Let’s face it, every corner you turn online now you’re going to run into a self-proclaimed guru telling you they have the perfect system.

They’ll hit you with plenty of shiny sales copy and advertising to persuade you that all you have to do is sit back in your pjs, click a mouse a few teams, and watch your team explode to 10,000 plus people.

Here’s the deal.

Make sure that whatever it is the owner is selling, that it works.

How do you check that?

By looking at statistics and measuring REAL RESULTS.

Once you can do that, and talk to a living, breathing human being that’s actually sponsored people into their business using the system without mastering a bunch of complex skills then you should be set.

In other words, don’t be scared to interview users, check out forums, and talk to folks that are using the system and getting real results with it.

Ok, did you find value in those tips? I hope so, because 99% of network marketers out there don’t understand these proven concepts, and their instrumental in your success.

So check this out…if you liked this article I’m going to do you one more solid.

I’m hosting a FREE webinar that will reveal 4 more tips on how to seriously grow your business, and in this webinar I’m also going to take you behind the scenes in a seriously cool tool we poured tens of thousands of dollars into in order to help you build your business.

The results we’re getting are insane. Remember what I said about statistics?

Well, 93% of our active users sign up a new rep in 7 days using this tool.

So go ahead and click this link to check out the registration page, before we take it down. We aren’t going to leave it up long, simply because we have a special exclusive offer from none other than Ray Higdon on there and we promised we wouldn’t run it forever.

Look forward to seeing you on the webinar, thanks for dropping by, and best wishes in your business, I know you’re going to crush it in 2017!

To The Top

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