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If you find a better pair of oxford shoes for the same price as the Beckett Simonon Dean Oxford, you need to let us know. We will buy a closet full of them.

Beckett Simonon specializes in offering premium fashion shoes and boots at far less than what most competitors charge, and we honestly can’t find better at the same prices. This pair of oxfords – our review pair was their Dean Oxford in brown leather – is incredible.

What sets these apart from so many others? Let’s find out…

Beckett Simonon Shoes Command One Third The Price You Normally Pay

Beckett Simonon shoes are handmade, with premium materials sourced from sustainable providers. These shoes are handmade upon ordering and sent to your door in 8 to 12 weeks from the time of your pre-order.

For this, a pair of Dean Oxford shoes from Beckett Simonon will run you $199. While that’s more than you’d pay for, say, Clarks or Skechers (ick) the thing is that most department store shoes are machine-made in China. These are made by hand, in their factories in either Bogota, Colombia or in Oporto, Portugal.

How do they do it?

Beckett-Simonon does runs of particular designs, lasting a month or two. They offer certain select designs, which you pre-order a pair of in your preferred color and size. The shoes are then handmade and shipped to your door.

They don’t carry stock and they don’t sell inventory to retailers. This keeps the cost down by only making the shoes that are ordered rather than making a whole bunch of them and then trying to figure out how to sell the darn things and driving the price up to make up the overhead.

These savings are passed on to you, which is how you can get a pair of handmade leather oxfords for $200 and free shipping.

Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords Review

So, let us commence with our Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords review.

These are classic oxford shoes, with a slight heel cap and toe cap stitching. Our review pair was in brown. Their brown leather is rich and deep, a dark brown leather. The shoe leather is full grain calfskin, which is durable so you get years of wear from it but more pliable so they are outlandishly comfortable.

The insoles are full grain leather, making it breathable with good cushioning. The soles are also leather, with a rubber heel cap to give the heel ample support.

They use the Blake stitch for the welt, a rebuildable welt construction that allows for re-soling should it be necessary. This is the standard method for most Italian and European fashion shoes, which gives the shoes lasting durability but also flexibility for comfort. While not as strong as other welt stitch methods (such as the Goodyear welt or McKay lockstitch) you actually don’t want shoes with those welt methods unless you’re actually buying work boots.

They are very comfortable to wear and walk around in.

The beauty of Oxford shoes, including Beckett Simonon Dean Oxfords, is that they go well with basically everything. Pair with slacks or khakis or even a smart pair of quality jeans for a casual look. They pair expertly with a suit as well.

You wouldn’t wear brown shoes during a black-tie event, of course…but these shoes are offered in black. (You can also order them in red/brown Bordeaux or tan if so desired.) Black Dean oxfords, however, would definitely pair with a tuxedo.

A handmade pair of oxfords for $200?! That looks this good? That feels this good? Let us know if there’s anyone else that can offer the same quality. We couldn’t find anyone else in the same class. Head over to Beckett Simonon and grab your pair of Dean Oxfords before they are gone.

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AfterDrink offers a powerful, all-natural hangover cure (or at last palliative relief) that doesn’t rely on hocus-pocus or folk remedies that don’t really work. This product uses proven ingredients to help deliver you from your queasy, headache-y and otherwise moribund state after an evening’s carousing.

Not only that, but it’s entirely plant-based, free of GMOs and artificial ingredients, unlike sugary sports drinks.

AfterDrink is a supplement, which does come in capsule form so there’s no need to worry about drinking (more) suspicious liquids. How does it work? Let’s go over that.

However, we should stress that DudeLiving in no way encourages alcohol abuse. If you are going to drink, do so moderately and responsibly. Get a cab, a ride by other means, or a hotel room if you need to. Uber exists and therefore there aren’t any excuses for committing DUI.

What Causes A Hangover, Anyway?

A hangover means you poisoned yourself. There’s really no other way to put it.

The effects of a hangover are the result of your body having ingested more alcohol than your liver could process over a particular time period. As a result, your body has to fight off the effects of excess alcohol, which takes a toll on your liver and loses micronutrients in those efforts.

Put it this way: your liver has the ability to filter out about 1 drink per hour, definable as 1 oz of liquor, a 5 to 7-ounce glass of wine or 1 pint of regular strength beer. If you have eight drinks, it will take eight hours from the time you ingested your last drink to completely filter out. If that last drink happens at 2 am, and you wake up at 7 am…you’re going to feel the effects because your body hasn’t filtered it all out yet.

To build on that, this is partially why Gatorade, Powerade or similar sports drinks are part of popular hangover “cures.” You’re replenishing electrolytes (in particular potassium) and other micronutrients (such as B12 and others) by having that ice-cold orange (ish) beverage.

This is also why some people take a multivitamin before and after drinking.

What AfterDrink does is give you those nutrients that you need to feel better and recover. In fact, it works as a supplement on its own!

The AfterDrink Hangover Cure

So, AfterDrink is much like a multivitamin in that it has a powerful combination of compounds that boost liver function, immune function and brain function by delivering large doses of the micronutrients that are beneficial to those systems.

No drinks necessary, except a glass of water.

You take three pills before bed, and three upon waking, both with a full glass of water.

AfterDrink features a powerful antioxidant blend, which helps your liver filter out free radicals…like alcohol as well as that meatball sub and fries or pizza that you had with it. All compounds are plant-sourced, GMO-free, and AfterDrink is manufactured in an FDA-certified facility. There are no stimulants and no filler material besides a little rice flour as a binder.

The pills are plant cellulose cases, which are packed full.

AfterDrink Ingredients

There’s a slew of vitamins, including vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, biotin, zinc, selenium, manganese, and co-enzyme Q10. Taurine, L-Theanine (the powerful ingredient of green tea) alpha lipolic acid, choline, and acetyl l-cysteine amino acids are also included to fight free radicals and help boost brain function.

Botanical extracts are also included, which include tumeric, ginger root, chamomile, milk thistle, and others. Tumeric and milk thistle contain compounds that are beneficial for liver function, and chamomile has long been used to soothe nerves and settle stomachs.

The most interesting ingredient is Dihydromyricetin, which is a herbal ingredient that increases your livers ability to break dwon alcholo, reduces liver damage and much more, check out the ultimate guide on Dihydromyricetin for more info.

In short, you take in the nutrients that help your body fight off the effects of illness or another malady, such as mild poisoning which is what a hangover is, shortening your recovery time. While an epic, five-alarm, “how did I get to Las Vegas” hangover will only fade with time, AfterDrink should definitely get you up and moving more quickly if you overdid it a little the night before. Definately recomended, head over to https://www.afterdrink.com/ and wake up better in the morning.

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Think of the Bat Cave, but it’s filled with all of the things you love. A man cave is more than just a personal lair filled to the brim with Kung Fu movie posters and empty pizza boxes. It’s your own little getaway from the drudgery of life. After all, we all sometimes need to retreat to our basest needs, however mundane. Sure, going on a wilderness walk is a healthier way to get our mind off of things, but really, there are times we just feel like being lazy.

Before Building Your Man Cave

If there’s one thing you need in a man cave, it’s utmost comfort. You want it to be a place where you can be in your element. Everything, from the choice of lighting down to the finer details, has to be considered for the very purpose of providing you with a place to relax.

You don’t have to stress yourself out in making the ultimate man cave. You only need to know the principles at work. Whether you are a gamer, a graphic designer, or just a casual foodie who binge-watches anime movies on Netflix, here are a few things you need to consider when creating your very own man cave.

Find the ideal location

First and foremost, location is everything. You need to find a space where you can truly isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Your bedroom is an obvious choice, but there are also great places where you can set up your man cave. In fact, anything that provides ample space for all your stuff can pass as a potential man cave.

A storage room that’s barely occupied or a backyard shed are just some of the best places to convert into your very own man cave. Still, the size of the place itself should depend on the things you want to include in your man cave, which leads us to #2.

What do you want to do in your man cave?

Your man cave has to be created for a particular purpose. Usually, you might be thinking along the lines of a home entertainment room complete with a large flat screen TV, a video game console, and shelves stacked with comic books and DVD collections. Then again, the amount of stuff you need should be relative to the size of the man cave itself.

So, if you’re planning to set up inside an empty closet, you won’t get to bring as much as stuff you want. On the other hand, a basement man cave gives you the liberty to set up couches, shelves, and larger home entertainment systems.

Buy the things you love to complete your man cave

While setting up your man cave, it’s either you have too much stuff or you lack the stuff to put in it. In the latter case, you might as well shop around for decorations that would really complete the look and feel of the room.

You might want to consider getting a pinball machine or vintage arcade video games, or even a mini bar. And of course, for your Sunday afternoon downtime, you might want to purchase a good old-fashioned water pipe. Click here to find a collection of bongs that will make for a great chill-out moment.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to build a man cave where you can just be yourself!

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There’s a reason insects are called ‘pests’. The word is defined as something extremely annoying and a great nuisance. These troublesome little critters can get a hold on your life and destroy your living space as well as your investments. Pests are known to burrow, make nests and breed rapidly.

That’s why it’s a good thing you have pest control services that you can depend on to exterminate their nests and their eggs, leaving no trace of there ever being a pest problem.

Home pest control services are just phone calls away, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If you want to save on costs and manage your assets better there are some precautions you can take for pest prevention.

The first step to getting rid of your pest problem is identifying the type of pests you’re dealing with. This could help you determine the right solution to eliminating them for good.

Types of Pests in Modern Homes

Insects in the home can cause different types of damage depending on what species of pest you’re dealing with. Damages caused by pests can cost you a lot of money. Knowing the type of bug and how to get rid of them is essential to having a healthy and happy home environment. Here are the top pests you usually find in the home.

  • Termites can eat through your wooden fixtures and destroy property foundations.
  • Cockroaches can breed an entire army and take over your kitchen, marching all over your plates and cutlery.
  • Ants multiply very quickly. They’re small but can dig up holes in your floors and walls & infest containers of food
  • Wasps build nests outside your home usually under roofs. These are dangerous especially when you’re allergic to stings.
  • Bedbugs infest your linen and suck on human blood while you’re sleeping causing itchy red bumps on your skin.
  • Fleas infest your pets’ skin. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of them as they also live in upholstery and linen.
  • Wood Lovers (Susa) attack live or dead wood, burrowing holes and destroying building foundations.
  • Pantry Beetles go into stored food that’s not sealed tightly to eat the contents and breed.
  • Garden pests destroy your garden by breeding in your flower beds and eating your plants.
  • Ticks live in long grass but can also be carried in by your animals. These are extremely harmful as they can cause tick bite fever. They cause serious harm to humans and animals.

You can see the tell-tale signs differ, so it becomes easier to determine the problem and then pick the solution.

 What’s the Solution?

The ways they infest a home may have you think that getting rid of pests has become mission impossible; However, there are actually many ways you can prevent problems from escalating.

Seal the Cracks and Holes

Insects are prone to burrowing and making holes in your floors and walls. They also enter your home this way. Prevent them from doing this: You can put a home-based pesticide inside the holes and seal them up with plaster.

Hire a Garden Service

Pests can enter the home by using the branches of trees to get through windows and to crawl up your walls. Trimming shrubbery, neatening up trees and watering your garden can prevent bugs from entering your home through windows. Keeping your flower pots away from open doors is another way you can prevent home pest infestation.

Replace Fixtures

Bugs just love rotting wood. By replacing wooden fixtures in and around your home you give pests fewer opportunities to flourish. It also prevents termites and other such bugs like Susa from burrowing & eating up the wood around your home.

Seal Food Items

To prevent pantry beetles from getting inside your cereal boxes, try sealing all your food items in compact, airtight containers. This will make it hard for insects to get into your food. If there is no food source for them, then they won’t breed in that area.

Wash Your Linen

Sometimes when we store linen for long periods of time in the cupboard they can get musty. This attracts bugs that eat through the fabric. Rather shake them out occasionally.

It’s also good to wash your linen when coming back from camping to prevent ticks and bed bugs from entering your home.

Home Pest Control Services

Insects are nightmare fuel. Real estate agents know. Home pest control is essential when you’re living in an area that is prone to insect breeding. That’s why using pest control services can put an end to all of your pesky pest woes.

 Delicate Ecosystems Require Care  

Although pest control might raise some eyebrows for the environmentalists out there, you simply need to pick a company that knows the importance of sticking to protocol. Most pest control services block off the areas where they are exterminating to stop chemicals from polluting the environment.

What Do They Offer?

Most companies offer a wide range of services not only for homeowners but for businesses too.

Pest infestation can cause a business to shut down for a few days resulting in loss of money and productivity. To prevent your business from suffering the consequences, use these services:

  • Prevention of pest infestation
  • Pest management
  • Scheduled inspections
  • Terminating pests

Use these tips to prevent further harm to your business or home.

Handy tip: If you decide to use a home pest control service, make sure you schedule the service for regular checkups in case the infestation wasn’t fully eliminated.

Take precautions and always keep your environment clean and well ventilated. The bugs will hate you for it but your bank account won’t. Put yourself back in control of your premises.

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One of the hardest things to do is juggle work and fitness. You can have a thriving career or keep yourself in good shape, it seems, and you have to pick one.

But do you really?

There are actually ways to get better at having both. It just takes good planning, perhaps picking up some great gear – such as the right backpack – but you CAN have both.

Here are six ways to get better at juggling work and fitness.

Join A Gym Close To The Office

One of the biggest problems that people have with fitness is summoning the necessary motivation to get to the gym itself. A great solution, which seems terribly obvious but bears mentioning, is to join a gym as close to work as possible.

Not your house. You’ll be too tired once you get home…which is what you’ll tell yourself as you go home to relax instead of getting in a workout.

Instead, find a gym that’s close to the office. If it has shower facilities, you can get in your morning workout (fasted cardio for the win) and get clean before getting to your desk, or you can pop over right as you get done with your day.

Point being that this cuts your opportunities for excuses.

Hakuna Tabata

Another good way to better balance work and fitness is to embrace smarter training, and Tabata training – an approach to interval training – is great for getting in that cardio.

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata training is an interval training method, involving short spurts of maximum effort and a decent pace. Think of it like jogging two or three blocks, then sprinting for one block as hard as you can, then repeat. However, the length of the workout isn’t terribly long; instead of a 5-mile run, you’ll do 1 to 2 miles using the Tabata method.

Tabata training is a proven method for improving cardiovascular endurance, which is why a lot of serious athletes from amateurs all the way up to Olympic and other professional athletes incorporate it into their training. You also get in a good workout in less time.

Get A Better Backpack

Part of the hassle of workouts is getting all your gear together. You have your gym bag with clothes, your shoes, water bottle, music device, and headphones…a lot of gear.

Get a backpack with a shoe compartment that will hold your shoes as well as your gear. This way, you pack everything in one bag and go. Plenty of great examples exist, such as bags made by Lifeasy, Under Armour, Oakley, and Solo. These bags make hauling your gym stuff a breeze.

The added benefit is that they also work great for day trips or weekends where you might need an extra pair of shoes. Not only does it make juggling work and fitness, but they are great pieces of luggage to have as well.

Lift Smart AND Hard

Weight training is one of the best exercises you can do, along with good cardio training. A problem many people have is they wind up with long, complicated routines isolating various muscle groups that require 4 to 6 trips to the gym in a week to do all of them.

That’s idiotic.

Dorian Yates trained 4 times per week, and he spent only 45 minutes in the gym at a time..and he won 6 Mr. Olympia titles IN A ROW. He did it with by doing only a few working sets, for a reasonable number of reps (8 to 12) with maximum effort and to failure. He’d only do one lift per muscle group in most cases. His notorious leg days would leave him barely able to walk for the rest of the week, but his results speak for themselves.

Another tip? Drop the dumbbells and grab an Olympic bar. Switch to compound lifts and lift heavy. You’ll get in all the workout you need in less time and in fewer trips to the gym. Squats and dead-lifts are all the leg exercises you need.

Train To Stimulate, Not Annihilate

Another issue people have is training too hard. Not only will this lead to injury, but too much residual soreness results in excuses to not get in a workout. Doing things that hurt isn’t pleasant, and people find reasons to avoid pain if they can help it.

Therefore, pay attention to your body. You know if you’re overdoing it. You should feel a bit sore, but not so much that it compromises the quality of your life.

The 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Lee Haney (one more than Arnold Schwarzenegger) advised people to avoid overtraining as sustainable effort leads to better results in the long run. He wasn’t as big as Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman…but today, Ronnie Coleman can barely walk and Dorian Yates can’t do pushups. Lee Haney suffered no substantial injuries during his bodybuilding career and still has an active lifestyle at 60 years of age.

Eat To Live

Another good tip is to eat well. Stay away from bad carbs. Lay off the fast food. This is where a good backpack comes in handy; you can pack your gym clothes, shoes AND a few containers for food.

Eating healthy not only leads to a better quality of life and a longer life but also helps with recovery if you’re eating quality proteins. Burgers and fries? Not so much!

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If you’re looking for a watch with classic style that won’t break the bank, the Ambassador Heritage 1959 watch is probably one of the best you’re likely to find. This watch has timeless features for men’s watches, an understated but tasteful appearance but also doesn’t command a ridiculous price tag, either.

Ambassador Watches: Retro But Timeless

Ambassador watches were inspired, according to the story on the Ambassador Watch website, was inspired by an encounter the founder had with an actual ambassador from a foreign country in Budapest. The man was impeccably dressed, bearded and groomed, smoked a pipe, and was apparently quite the bon vivant at conversation.

One of the things the company founder noticed was a beautiful watch on the man’s wrist, which inspired him to create timepieces that were inspired by watch design of the mid-20th century, but that had a timeless appeal. The encounter with an actual diplomat inspired the name of the company.

Now, whether the story is true or not doesn’t matter. The thing is that Ambassador watches have that classic retro-inspired look, but with modern touches for better function. The watches use a time-tested operating system – the Miyota quartz movement with one complication for the day of the month – and durable construction for a long service life.

The company makes three watch faces, the 1863, the 1921 and the 1959, each inspired by aesthetics from those time periods. Each also features Ambassador’s novel strap release system, a sliding latch that allows quick changes of watch straps without needing tools as well as a more secure connection. You choose the face you want along with the strap.

Ambassador Heritage 1959 Watch Review

The Ambassador Heritage 1959 watch has a silver/white face, with rose gold-covered batons for hours, black dots for minutes, and a rose gold “A” at the 12 o’clock position. The hands – hours, minutes, seconds – are also rose gold, and the name of the watch “Ambassador 1959” is printed in black letters in the upper half of the watch face.

The watch face is textured, with concentric circles radiating outward from center.

The round case is 9mm 316-L surgical-grade steel, triple-coated in rose gold to ensure a long life of the finish. There’s a single dial for setting the time, and the back of the watch case bears the Ambassador name and winged logo. The case is 40mm in diameter, and has a dial of sapphire glass. The bezel is very slight, so it has a sleek appearance, and the watch features shorter strap lugs for a sleek feel as well.

The standard strap is black leather, with two keepers and a rose gold-coated buckle. However, with Ambassador’s quick-change strap system, you can purchase additional straps to alternate and accessorize if need be. The strap release is located on the back of the strap, so you have to turn the watch over to see them, but you can easily slide them and unlock the strap lug.

Additional watch strap choices for the Ambassador Heritage 1959 include brown and burgundy leather in addition to black, and a gold mesh strap if you prefer the appearance of a gold watch. Additional straps are just $29, should you wish to buy one.

Overall, this is a timeless and classic watch design, with retro-inspired styling. However, it has modern design touches and materials. Why does this matter?

Surgical-grade steel is some of the highest quality, as impurities cannot be present in the metal. The hardier coating also ensures the finish won’t flake away. The watch is water resistant to 3 atmospheres or 90 meters (or 99 feet) of water, so it’s very well-built. The watch also comes with a three-year warranty.

The Miyota movement, also known as the Japanese quartz movement, darn near put the Swiss watch industry out of business. Swiss watches are known for the utmost in precision and finery, but the craft requires the utmost in skilled hands. As a result, also a higher price tag.

The Miyota movement is functional first and foremost, precise but simplified and only doing what it needed to do. It requires less energy to work as well. Early Japanese watches from the 1960s and 1970s were known for being as well-made as Swiss watches, but not being as precise though they have caught up in terms of precision.

It’s like cars; a Toyota is not necessarily as well-built as a BMW and lacks the finery that upscale cars are known for. However, a Supra will keep up with a 3-series on the track and spend less time in the shop. Eventually, however, Lexus came along and has every bit the refinement and power.

This has the benefit of lowering cost without sacrificing quality of timekeeping.

So, be in no doubt: this is an affordable luxury watch. It’s restrained, though; classy, elegant and timeless while having a retro appearance. You could picture Don Draper or George Clooney wearing one. It would go just as well with jeans and a smart button-up shirt as it would with a three-piece suit or even a tuxedo.

And at only $199? That’s a steal. There are Fossil watches that cost close to that and don’t even compare in terms of build quality and appearance. Not only is this a great men’s watch, it’s almost too good to pass up.

If you’re looking for a classic, stylish timepiece we thoroughly recommend it. Check out the Heritage 1959 over at ambassadorwatches.com

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If you’re looking for a book on what it takes to find a meaningful long lasting relationship, then go no further in this “Relationship. Are You Sure You Want One?” book review. This book is not for people looking for a guide on how to un-muddy the murky waters of dating and trying to find a partner.

Instead, the book is actually not so much about relationships and dating as much as looking at yourself first. The thesis of the book is that while having a primary romantic relationship is, of course, a necessary thing and a good goal, merely having one isn’t going to be as fulfilling as it could be (or as you imagine it) without first learning how to be fulfilled with yourself.

After all, another person isn’t going to make you happy or make you fulfilled unless you are happy and you are fulfilled with yourself. If you are happy and fulfilled, and seeking the best you there is, having a relationship with another person is going to be able to enhance those things…if, that is, YOU are willing to commit to one.

About The Authors Of “Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One?”

The authors of “Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One“? are Brendon Watt and Simone Milasas, and they present the book from male (Watt’s) and female (Milasas’s) perspectives.

Brendon Watt is the CFO of Access Consciousness Australia, the Australian branch of the Access Consciousness personal development philosophy that has worldwide distribution. He also engages in speaking engagements worldwide with a focus on parenting and personal development.
Find more at www.brendonwatt.com. Follow Brendon.

Simone Milasas also works for Access Consciousness, as a global coordinator. She is also a published author, having authored three books prior to this one. You can find Simone every week on her podcast, The Art & Industry of Business. Learn more about Simone at https://www.simonemilasas.com & Follow Simone.

Both have international backgrounds in public speaking as well as personal development and business development consulting, so they are well aware of what it takes for people to succeed in business and in life. Their focus, for this book, turned to the problem of success in personal relationships and what was clear was that the ideas of what makes a successful relationship are almost all wrong.

“Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One?”

The thesis of the book is not so much to talk you out of wanting a relationship, but rather trying to get you to set yourself up for a more successful relationship by focusing on yourself first. It does so by presenting both male and female perspectives, so both genders are represented.

A romantic relationship isn’t an end in and of itself. It isn’t even a means. Instead, it’s two lives running parallel to each other and it takes a lot for them to run right.

Instead of hackneyed tropes from religious texts or psychobabble, the authors instead invite you to examine everything you think about relationships from the ground up. Why do you want one? Is it because you want a life partner that will enhance your human experience and share in your life? Or are you after one because it’s the done thing?

One aspect of relationships that it addresses are unrealistic expectations.

If you aren’t “whole” without a relationship, you won’t be whole with one. You aren’t completed just because you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. People are obsessed with the idea of relationships rather than reality. You don’t become “perfect” because of some man or woman, and no man or woman is going to make you into a better person.

People are inherently imperfect and so, of course, are our relationships. You can become better, but only by making yourself that way.

To have a better relationship, you need to have a better relationship with yourself. You have to feel fulfilled to BE fulfilled; you have to feel happy to BE happy. If you want a great relationship, you have to set about creating the things that you want.

Someone else is not going to give you those things. Also, you are not “lesser than” another person; another person is not a “better” half than you. You have a value that you bring to a relationship.

Instead, great relationships are greater than the sum of their parts, but it requires both people to willingly buy into it. To do so, you need to let go of judgment and a host of other negative emotions and open yourself up to being completely intimate with the other person for the good of the team.

The authors contend that, among other things, healthy intimacy includes the following attributes:

  • Gratitude
  • Allowance
  • Trust
  • Vulnerability
  • Honor

In other words, you have to be thankful, you have to give other people the freedom to be imperfect, you have to trust the other person, you must be vulnerable enough to share your deepest thoughts and feelings as well as honor theirs. Which is scary! But unless you’re open to it, you won’t have a relationship that is as good as it could be.

To sum up, “Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One?” invites you to examine what you think about relationships, and also to examine yourself. By making you work better, you’ll be better prepared to make a relationship work better.

The post “Relationship. Are You Sure You Want One?” Book Review appeared first on DudeLiving.

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Unless you live in an actual cave, chances are your man cave comes with other parts of a house. And that means, your house probably comes with a front and back yard. It can be surprising to know that there are outside parts to the man cave you reside in, but at some point, you have to face the truth.

Now unless you want your yards looking like they came straight from a horror film, you’ll need to do some regular upkeep to keep your grass looking fresh. Here are a few things you can do to take care of your landscaping like the good sir you are.

Lawn Maintenance

That lush carpet of grass may look easy to maintain, but it really depends on what kind of grass you have on your lawn. WikiLawn’s Orlando page has a ton of resource on how to take care of specific types of grass for your Florida home. But the one thing that you need to do for all kinds of grass is to cut it regularly.

Cutting grass not only helps keep your lawn looking clean, but it prevents plant disease and encourages deeper root growth when cut. Keep those gardening shears for your topiaries, and get yourself a riding lawn mower. Imagine how much of a sir you’d look like riding your lawn mower, beer in one hand and the other on the steering wheel.


There’s a reason why composting is such a popular thing among professional landscapers and gardeners, and it’s because adding organic fertilizer is really effective in making lush, healthy landscapes. And the good thing about composting is it’s so easy, practically anyone who wants to do it can do it.

To create good compost, all you need to do is take kitchen scraps like vegetable peels and eggshells, household paper waste like table napkins and paper towels, or even grass clippings from your yard. Then mix in a few worms to help speed up the decomposition process and make your compost richer in nutrients and you’re on your way to the many benefits of adding compost to your lawn!

Pressure Washing

Creating a paradise fit for a manly man isn’t just about keeping the plants alive and healthy, it’s also about making sure that the rest of the place looks as spotless as possible. Dirty driveways and patio floors can decrease the visual impact of your landscape. Get rid of that dull appearance through pressure washing.

Apart from the satisfying feeling you get as your home’s exteriors are being cleaned by a jet of high-powered water, pressure or power washing is pretty easy on the wallet and the environment since it mostly uses nothing but water and a power washing machine. If you’re not sure how to handle power washing equipment, you can always find pressure washing services online to do the job for you. Asking for help doesn’t make you any less of a man, it makes you less of a fool.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to keep your landscaping as manicured as that manly beard you’ve been sporting since it came back into style.

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Despite the ever-evolving technological world and innovations in the fashion industry, watches are an accessory that will never go out of style. In fact, the predilection toward the latest high-tech gear has made the classic look of a designer watch even more desirable.

That being said, there’s no point in investing in a high-quality watch if you’re not going to care for it properly. Here are some things you must do and avoid to care for your watch so that it lasts throughout the ages.

Know Your Piece

A lot of people, particularly first-time luxury and designer watch buyers, make the mistake of shopping a look or brand name without taking the time to understand the nuances of their timepiece. When purchasing a watch, you should learn about the movements, materials used, origins, and other spec components that may directly impact how you should care for your watch. Start by researching and browsing then comparing with your top timepieces. Take notes of what features are important and start by browsing through the brands and their features here. (Source: https://www.watchshopping.com/men-s.html).

For example, some watches have built-in magnetic resistance which makes them a bit more durable and less likely to lose time when exposed to magnetic fields. Extra care will have to be taken with those that don’t have this feature. Additionally, the materials used can impact the face durability and how often the watch should be wound. Take the time to research your watch, even if you’ve owned it for a while.

Storage Considerations

At the end of a long day, it can be tempting to throw your keys, watch, and wallet on the counter and head to the sofa to unwind. Alternatively, you might lock your watch in the glove compartment before heading into the gym and accidentally leaving it overnight. Both of these things can cause damage to your watch.

To keep a watch functioning at optimum levels, you must store it in a dry place with a consistent temperature. Leaving it in your vehicle overnight could expose it to a quick temperature fluctuation that will cause undesirable expansion that will ultimately impact the accuracy of the device. Additionally, casually dropping your watch can be detrimental to how the various components operate.

Improper Winding

It might be hard to believe as winding a watch is a simple maneuver, but there is a wrong way to do it. In fact, there are a few wrong ways to wind your watch that could ultimately impact its accuracy.

The first faux pas is winding the watch while it’s on your wrist. This action can cause misalignment by jolting the crown. As such, it’s better to take it off each time you need to wind or set your watch. Consider making this action a part of your morning routine before you put it on. As winding your watch frequently is important, this routine will improve the longevity of your timepiece.

Another winding error is setting a watch with a date tracker in the dramatically named “Danger Zone.” During the six-hour window surrounding midnight, from 9 pm to 3 am, your watch is slowly and steadily working on changing the date internally. Those little clicks as one-day changes to the next are meant to ensure that everything stays in alignment. By forcing the date change during those hours, it will cause misalignment and inaccuracy over time.

Exposure to Magnetic Fields

Few people know that watches (with the exception of those with built-in barriers) are sensitive to magnets. Even fewer people know what is meant by a magnetic field in regards to watch care. Electronic devices like radios, speakers, and even cell phones generate magnetic fields that can slowly and subtly impact your watch.

That’s not to say that you can’t talk on your phone while wearing your watch. Just be mindful of where you set it down. If you usually set your watch and phone on your nightstand while you sleep, consider setting the watch elsewhere.

Over Polishing

Putting a lot of effort and time into caring for your timepiece is admirable, but it can also cause damage. Every time you apply polish or cleaning solution to your watch, it could potentially weaken the materials.

It’s inevitable that your watch will acquire a few scuffs and bruises along the way; good watches are built to withstand those. Rather than buffing out scuffs, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Constantly using jewelry cleaner or polish can slowly dissolve the gold or metal. This is especially true if you have a vintage timepiece, as they’ve often experienced more breakdown over the years and lack some of the innovative coating procedures that are now used.

When cleaning or polishing, be sure to use a soft cloth rather than something abrasive. While using a scrubber pad might bring out a beautiful shine, it will create small scratches in the metal and crystal.

For your timepiece to remain truly timeless, it’s essential that you devote some time and attention to caring for your watch. It doesn’t have to be an all-consuming project; just try to be mindful of how you’re using it.

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When we travel, we get to see sights that we can only imagine or dream about back home. We will see breathtaking mountain ranges. We get to enjoy the far reaches of the serene seas. We also take in the nicely orchestrated views of monuments, buildings, and other man-made marvels that have cultural or religious significance.

More than just fond memories, we will surely want to take home photos and videos of the places that we visit, especially if the chances of us going back there are really low. Rarely do travelers go back to the same place twice, right?

Taking photos using your mobile phone’s camera is great. After all, the smartphones of today are in a race to make the most satisfying front and back cams, and some brands have actually succeeded in producing a system that takes photos as clearly as a professional DSLR camera.

However, there are some memorable scenes that are best captured by something that flies, pretty much like a drone. Our discussion of some such scenes here might entice you to get a drone for yourself. For reviews of some of the most enticing drones available on the market today, you can visit Dronethusiast.com.

Chilling on luxury yachts or fishing boats

If you are a dude who has been spending most of his time in tall apartment buildings in busy cities, the waters of the sea–especially those that you will see in Bali–will surely take your breath away. Their blue vastness is just so awe-inspiring.

When you finally go boating to explore more of the sea, you surely would want to get as much of the whole picture as possible. Photos taken through hand-held devices can only capture so much. A drone, however, can fly high and take cool shots of the vastness that you are in. It provides a unique perspective that could once only be attained when you are aboard a helicopter.

When you are in the middle of a festival

If you’ve been to the Philippines from January up to May, you will really understand why it’s called the land of a thousand festivals. Towns and cities during those times commemorate religious feasts that usually culminate in a festive celebration that is not only colorful but also storied and well-attended. The true essence of a festival will surely be appreciated if you are given a bird’s-eye view of everything. You will see just how many people are celebrating with you. You will also see how the bright hues of the festive dancers’ costumes blend as they form a unique hodgepodge of people and merriment.

When you’re riding an ATV in rough or sandy terrain

If you are somewhat adventurous, then riding an ATV will really be something that will excite you. Usually, ATV rides are offered in places that are rough and deserted (or at least they appear so); pretty much like those that you see in some parts of Dubai. If you want to document just how challenging your terrain is, then you might really want to consider flying high with drones and cameras.

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