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The vast majority of things are now done online. Advertising, communicating, and even business transactions. We live in a world now where the latest news and notifications are sent directly to our smartphones, and we can email on the go, at ease, no matter where in the world we are. It goes without saying, that therefore if you have a business, promoting it and conducting it online is a perfect way to get yourselves well known and to run business effectively, but what really makes the perfect website? These top tips will help you craft the ideal website for your business, whatever that may be.

Have a Strategy

Before you think about designing anything, you’ll have to consider what your online strategy will be:

– Depending on what your business is, you’ll have a different target audience so remember that it’s vitally important to cater your website to whoever this may be.

– Remember that your website needs to have a purpose. You’ll have to consider how the website will help you to reach your business goals, and whether or not it’s a profitable website directly, or whether it’s more for publication.

– Set goals. How does the website tie into the goals of your company? For example, if it’s a social media company, it would be presumable that you’d want as many users on your website as possible, so keep the end goal in sight at all times and strive for it.

– Remember that the bigger your website is, the more money that it will cost. Therefore, review your finances and decide how important the size of your website is in relation to your business.

– Decide on whether the website is interactive for users or not. A good way of using it as interactive is using your website for feedback and as a means of customer contact for queries and so on.

Plan Your Set Up

Before you begin setting up, make a plan:

– Will your website be in-house, or will you apply to contract an internet service provider to host and update your website? It really depends on the level of involvement you want in your website. If you’re not the most technical minded of people, but you really want to get your business on the web, fear not! Companies such as RankWarrior are readily available online to give some guidance and their expertise on marketing.

– If you’re planning on using your website for sales and transactions, you’ll have to ensure that your internet service provider can give a secure server that handles transactions effectively.

– You’ll also have to appoint someone to be the contact response person for your website. In short, you’ll need to appoint someone, whether that be an employee or yourself, that will be responsible for responding to emails from people who’ve visited the website. The recommended response time given is twenty-four hours or less, so to make a success of it you’ll have to ensure the person responsible for this is reliable and efficient.

Think About Your Content

Finally, one of the more exciting parts of getting your business online is actually designing and creating the website itself. It’s important however, to also think carefully about the content of your website:

– Think about how you’ll split your website up into categories and sections, and what the main ones will be. You’ll also have to consider how these then link to sub-sections, and how these will possibly link back to business products.

– Think about who your online competitors are, and try to always be one notch above, and one step ahead of them. In a way looking at your competitors can help you out. You can learn a lot about what you do and don’t want your website to look like by looking at your competitors.

– Consider the text and graphics on your website, and how you will design (or have these designed) to look attractive and unique to your own company. You’ll also need to consider whether you want photographs on your website, and what these will be of. As the company owner, do you want your photo to feature, or possibly an image of your business HQ? What about photographs of your own products? It’s advisable to hire a photographer with experience in this field to ensure that these pictures present you and your business in the best possible light.

– It’s important to consider how searchable your website is for users. If you want them to be able to access and find it easily, make sure there are key words that link to your website.

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There are many markers to assess email marketing, but not all conversion rates and ROIs hold true when it comes to reality.

Any owner of an email box may prove firsthand that there are campaigns that hit the target immediately, and there are those you do not even bother to open.

Thus, those determined to brave the waters of email marketing should know the three things a great email campaigns should do:

– Grab attention
– Keep attention
– Generate leads and sales

Nailing down this three-ingredient formula you will be halfway to meeting your marketing goals.

1. Start with Trust

Back in 1999, Seth Godin introduced the idea of permission marketing, which has shaped the concept of promotion as we know it today. Permission marketing suggests that advertising campaigns should be sent only to those who gave their consent to receive such materials. Bulk email campaigns belong to this kind of marketing and have nothing to do with spam.

– Subscription Forms and Categories
To keep your audience growing, place appropriate and eye-catching subscription forms on all available platforms, such as your site, blog and social media. With many ingenious ways to do it, the key principle you should always stick to is to clearly state the benefit your subscription can bring. For example, offer to provide potential subscribers with free content or the latest news intel.

If you plan to send content based on user interests, invite your subscribers to choose subscription categories.

– Subscription Confirmation
There are many tools to deal with spammers, including spam traps. These act like normal accounts, but in fact they are fraud email addresses which can shut down the IP that spreads unsolicited emails. As a result, messages from a blocked domain will be filtered as spam for at least a few months.

Competitors can easily enter a spam trap address into your subscription form, and it will go straight to your list of contacts. However, such option as a double opt-in ensures that each new address gets an email with a link to confirm the subscription. This procedure is easily automated. Double opt-in keeps your contact list clean and minimizes risks of non-valid email addresses.

2. Promote Yourself

Theater begins with the cloakroom, and email marketing starts with a welcome email. There you can tell about the brand and its services or products, specify the frequency of campaigns, and learn about the subscribers preferences in case you have not done it during registration.

– Template Creation
Fortunately, you no longer need to have a Ph.D in HTML to create responsive emails as most popular bulk email marketing services offer drag-and-drop builder tools. All you need to do is to pick the right template, add necessary blocks, fill in the appropriate content, and you get a uniquely designed letter in just a few clicks.

As a rule, emails incorporate all the elements of the brand identity, from corporate colors to a logo, menu or footer.

– Email Campaign Scheduling
Welcome emails or promo series are sent automatically after registration is confirmed. To set up automatic mailings, sync your CRM or CMS to the mass email service provider.

Right after any action on your site (registration, sale, etc.), this service gets a signal and responds in the way you have set on your marketing platform. For example, it may send a welcome email. The above-mentioned drag-and-drop allows making these scenarios as easily as creating templates.

If the information you want to share is too abundant for one email, schedule a series of emails. Generally, a welcome email series consists of three to five emails that are sent every other day. However, make sure you keep the balance right. Too many emails in the incoming messages may result in unsubscription. Less can be more when it comes to communication with your readers.

3. Collect Data

Once you have nailed down the basic skills for running an effective email campaign, learn to analyze the results. Taking advantage of the examined data will elevate your status to a marketing guru.

– Analytics
There are several categories to be analyzed after every campaign:

– Open rate, OR
– Click-through rate, CTR
– Unsubscribe rate, UR

According to a common misconception, the low open rate is a result of a poor subject line that allegedly determines subscriber’s interest. However, any professional marketer would prove that interest is determined by the sender in the first place. The key is the customer engagement with the brand. If OR of several campaigns is less than 10%, consider changing the strategy.

The click-through rate reflects how good you are at meeting your audience interests. If CTR is less than 4%, it is time to change the criteria for contact segmentation. Most likely, the offer provided in emails simply does not meet your recipients’ needs.

The UR should not exceed 1-2%. The higher percentage suggests that your emails are too spammy or the contact list needs revision. It’s very helpful if your email marketing service collects feedback on/about the reasons why recipients unsubscribe. It will enable you to understand the reasons of interest loss.

– Segmentation
The list of your subscribers is rather heterogeneous. It includes loyal clients, occasional customers and active readers who have not bought anything yet. To keep your offer relevant, build an email marketing strategy for each segment.

There are many other criteria for segmentation such as gender, age, geographical location, browsing history, and an average order value. Your task is to choose the ones that are of strategic importance for your particular business.

The more data you have, the more accurately you can apply the advanced segmentation. If a customer receives information that meets their needs, the conversion rate is sure to grow.

Final Thoughts

According to Seth Godin, permission marketing should be:

– Wanted: clients know that they will receive information from the brand.
– Personalized: messages are based on the client data.
– Relevant: marketing offers are generated considering customer needs.

If your email campaign meets these criteria, your marketing is surely on the way to success.

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Every business owner must take SEO seriously, regardless of their size and industry. Choosing the right SEO firm can have a great impact on your brand. This is because it usually influences SERP rankings which will ultimately affect your revenue.

Hiring a skilled SEO Reseller is no more expensive, unlike some years ago. Small business owners can find the best fit at budget-friendly rates and get satisfactory results.

SEO optimization has gone beyond being just a tool to drive massive traffic to sites. It’s possible to leverage it to achieve long-term success in this digital age. Take note of these tips as you search for the right SEO company.

Conduct a thorough research

The first step involves searching for their information online by visiting their official website and third-party sites. Top SEO companies tend to specialize in different industries and provide a wide range of services.

Some offer other digital marketing services as well such as social media marketing or web design and development services. Several firms are emerging these days and it can be difficult to spot the legitimate ones.

You can also get in touch with other business owners in your network for real recommendations.

Schedule a consultation

Most business owners discover the best SEO companies via the internet. In fact, you can discuss your needs and ask for quotes online. Even so, schedule a one-on-one appointment to get a glimpse of what you can expect.

Ensure that you prepare a list of questions before the initial interview. Collaborating with your team about your SEO needs can also assist you in coming up with relevant questions. This is the ideal way to avoid making any decisions under pressure.

Consider your business needs and goals

It’s imperative to define both your business and SEO goals before searching for a specialist. Some of the SEO goals that are often set by brands include reputation management, branding and improving sales or traffic.

The experts you eventually hire should show genuine interest in your goals and have the capacity to meet your business needs. More so, you must share similar interests when it comes to KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Remember to go through their portfolios and case studies.

Encourage effective communication

Effective communication is the key to getting the best SEO services. Brands usually find it difficult to achieve their SEO goals if they fail to develop a strong relationship with their service providers. It doesn’t matter if they hire an SEO expert with an impressive skill set.

Poor communication is a major red flag. Stick with the providers who can explain complex terms in a clear but simple language as they interpret the metrics. The best firms will share how they intend to help you achieve your goals and present a detailed report of each campaign.

Prioritize ethical SEO strategies

Be careful of the SEO companies that promise to double your traffic within a very short period of time. The truth is that most of them engage in outdated or black hat SEO tactics, which can be detrimental to your Google ranking.

It’s safer to choose an SEO expert who is up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithms. Such an individual will have an understanding of how SEO works and a proven track record.

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In today’s world where social media is how we all stay connected, Instagram is perhaps the most popular platform. Not only is Instagram a networking powerhouse for individuals, but it’s also an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes who want to boost sales. Connecting with customers has never been easier and with the help of Instagram strategies like choosing the right graphics and using appropriate hashtags, you can connect with thousands of new potential buyers. Your business can experience immense benefits by learning to use Instagram marketing. Here are five strategies that you can use as you explore Instagram for your business.

Build a Following

Once you have created an Instagram profile for your business, the first step to successfully using it to boost sales is to build a following. Start by thinking about your current customer base. How many of these people are already using social media? Let your current customers know that you are now active on social media. Start by contacting email subscribers and adding an Instagram badge on your website. Invite your current customers to follow you on Instagram and ask if they would share your profile with their followers to spread the word about your business.

Another smart strategy is to look for Instagram users who have an existing interest in your products or services. Start by doing a search on Instagram for other profiles that are closely related to your industry. For instance, if your company sells organic dog food, look for other Instagram profiles with large numbers of followers that have an interest in organic pet food. Once you find a popular profile or hashtag that fits your niche, start following people that follow that account. This will take some time, but it is well worth the effort.

In many cases when you follow someone on Instagram, they will follow you back. This is a quick way to build a following of people who you are fairly certain Are interested in your products and services. Once you have added many new followers driving sales through your Instagram profile will start to happen naturally.

Make a Good First Impression

Take a look at your Instagram profile from an objective standpoint. If you were an Instagram user who knew nothing about your business, would your profile leave a good impression? Carefully examine your profile picture, your recent posts, and your bio. What do these things say about your business? Do you have a link to your website included in your bio? Is it easy to gain information about your business by looking at your Instagram profile? Is your page cluttered or is it easy to view?

Carefully think through all of these things as you design your Instagram profile to ensure that you make a good first impression on potential customers who visit your Instagram page.

Post Regular Updates

If you only use Instagram a few times each year, it won’t be an effective marketing strategy for your business. It won’t even be an active profile. It’s important to keep your Instagram profile fresh so that your products and services and company name are consistently in front of your followers. Make it a habit to post new Instagram stories at least once a day.

Give special consideration to the time of day when you post to reach the largest audience. Think about what time of day your potential customers are most likely going to be using social media. Will they be using it at work? Will they be using it in the evenings? Carefully plan the timing of your posts to best reach your target audience.

Keep Your Content Relevant

When you first start trying to post to Instagram, it can be challenging to know what exactly to put on your profile. While you want to make sure that your posts are boosting sales, you don’t want your profile to appear like spam. Every post should not be sales driven. Make sure you add other content as well. Look for funny pictures or memes that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are selling organic dog food, the Internet has no shortage of funny images, videos, and memes that you can share that are relevant to pet owners.

Using quality photos with your posts will also make a difference in how you connect with your customers. You can also post photos of behind the scenes action at your business. What is a typical day like for employees at your business? Candid snapshots of your employees at work make great content for social media.

Engage your customers with questions. Try using the Typeform Quiz Maker to interact with followers in a meaningful way and gain important insights. Find out what your target audience is looking for with these fun little quizzes and you can create a sales funnel that is sure to boost your bottom line.

Most importantly, avoid using too many posts that customers will view as promotional. Studies say that 46% of users claim they will unfollow a profile on social media if it is constantly posting sales.

Try a Live Video

Did you know that Instagram offers a feature where you can broadcast live for your followers? Video streaming is a great way to connect with your customers in real time and interact with them through comments. There are dozens of ways that you can use live streams to promote your business on Instagram. You could offer a quick tour of your facility, do a live product demonstration, or even host a question and answer session where you can address frequently asked questions from your audience. This is a great way to build new followers and attract attention to your business.

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Make a good first impression, regularly post great content, and engage with your target audience. It won’t take long before you notice an upswing in your sales with incoming traffic from your Instagram account.

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Egifts are literally taking the market by storm—giving people an easy time when it comes to sending gifts at last minute. Imagine it’s Christmas and you don’t have the time to send a gift to your relative. It can be distressing, right? Well, that’s where egifts come in. With egift—you have the convenience to send a gift to your relative without much hassle. So, why send your relative an egift as opposed to other gifts? Well, the reasons are endless. Keep reading to find out.

Unlike money, egift cards aren’t easily lost. So, if you are generally concerned about the idea of losing your money—then you might have to consider going for egifts. Unlike physical gifts that must be registered to be considered safe, egifts are not replaceable—making them highly secure.

Saves Time and Effort
With an egift card, you only need a simple instruction and your gift is sent. This not only reduces the effort spent but also saves a lot of time. Egift cards eliminate lengthy instructions—including procurement, packaging as well as handling costs.

Egift cards let customers issue gifts in a convenient manner. You can issue them at any time and your relative can get them instantly. So, irrespective of your relative’s location, egift cards can be one of the most convenient ways of sending your gifts.

Greater Control
Egift cards give you greater control. It gives you the power to control how you the money on the card is spent. Also, they let your relative determine how he/she wants to spend the gift card.

Easy Access
Your relative will have easy access since he/she only need to swipe it to access the funds. This not only saves time but also gives him/her the flexibility needed during festive seasons.

If your relative is a teen, you can easily monitor his/her spending with egift cards. For instance, you can restrict how money is spent and the locations to be spent. This improves tracking on your relatives’ spending habits.

Key Takeaway
In a nutshell, egift cards are super convenient. You can deliver them directly to your relative’s email address. You don’t need that hectic shopping and expensive wrappings. The best part, a personalized message can be included and you can deliver them on a last-minute basis.

The Bottom-Line

Giving gifts is a common adventure. However, if you are that type of person who always gets caught up with time—giving your relatives gifts can be a challenge. No time to ship them. Not knowing when it will arrive. Maybe you want to include money inside and you aren’t sure if it will arrive at your relatives.

If you find yourself in such situations, don’t worry. You have a solution in egift cards. With egift cards—you don’t have to worry about time, content, and even those expensive postage fees. You do it online and you are good to go. Think egift cards and have the convenience you need when it comes to sending something to your relative.

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In this digital age, companies need to upgrade their visibility in order to stand out from the competition. This includes having a logo that portrays the right visual communication.

A logo is so much more than a company’s visual brand; it is the foundation upon which the brand identity is built.

You want a logo that is creative, unique, and one that conveys the true essence of your company. The most important aspect of your logo is the impressions it triggers and how your target audience interacts with it.

So, how do you find the perfect creative designer for your logo?

The sheer number of designers on the internet is staggering. Dare to search for a creative designer online; you will have thousands of offers flying at you for weeks!

Rather than go through the motions, it’s better to know what you want upfront and go for it.

What to Look for When Hiring a Creative Logo Designer

1. An Impressive Portfolio
For designers, a portfolio is the equivalent of a resume; except better, because designs don’t lie.

You can gauge the level of experience and creativity from a designer’s portfolio. And since each designer tends to have their own specific style, you can tell right away if their style is the right feel for your vision.

However, don’t just rely on portfolios. Ask the designer out-of-the-box questions to determine how they think on the fly.

For instance, ask them to explain the inspiration behind some of the logos in their portfolio. You could also show them a competitor’s draft and ask them to critique it citing the things they would do differently.

2. Relevant Industry Experience
I found that finding a creative designer with relevant industry experience ultimately saves a lot of time.

First, relevant industry experience eliminates the learning curve. An industry-experienced designer will save you the inevitable back and forth typical with newbies.

Second, without the learning curve, you are likely to receive the completed logo sooner. This is because rather than explain the basics of your business, you can get right into your vision and expectations.

Third, different audiences respond differently to certain colour palettes and design standards. A creative logo designer with experience in your field already understands your audience and how best to connect.

3. Creativity
At the core of every good logo is creativity. And we all know there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” that can’t be taught.

You want a trained-eye that can turn any vision into a simple, visually captivating logo that is both meaningful and unique to your company.

Ask the designer to send multiple drafts of the direction they are envisioning for your logo. No matter how experienced a creative designer is, if they lack creativity, they will be pitching non-starters. A great option to get a creative logo is to run a logo contest. LogoMyWay allows you to fill out a contest brief and view logo submissions in real-time from designers all over the world.

A great logo is elegant in its simplicity. A complicated logo that is clogged with design concepts is both confusing and messy.

4. Personality Traits
The process of creating a logo is a hands-on endeavour. As the client, you understand your company best and the trajectory you want your logo to take.

For this reason, you need a good listener. You want a creative logo designer who is agreeable, passionate, and easy to work with.

Some character traits become clear from a few emails. However, it is wise to schedule a video call or a face-to-face meeting. This way, you can discern their demeanour and determine if they are pleasant to work with.

5. The Price

Every business wants to save a buck wherever they can. And obviously you want to get the best value for your money.

However, this does not mean going for the cheapest option. Professional creative logo designers cost a pretty penny.

Always ask for a budget estimate. Afterward, you can compare the credible creative logo designers versus their cost and make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

A logo is your company’s first attempt to stand out from the crowd. You want your clients to recognize and connect to your company’s vision right from the start. We hope our pointers will aid you in finding the right creative logo designer for your company.

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What does the Conversion Rate mean?

In the broadest sense, the conversion rate is the percentage of users that take the desired action. Depending on your goal, the desired action could represent visitors that subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, or buy your product. Therefore, if you had 100 visitors during your daily campaign where you aimed to convert visitors into followers, and 20 of those 100 visitors started following you, then your conversion rate is 20 percent.

How to Improve Conversion Rate on Your Website

There are various methods in which you can improve the results of your conversion strategy. The universal first step should be the use of an seo analyzer tool because being visible on Google is the best way to get organic visitors, and it tells you a lot about your website performance.

More in-depth methods may differ simply because not all industries or different segments of the same industry have the exact target audience. Some gamers prefer First person shooters, while others like to play sports games, which keeps them within the same industry but not attracted to the same content.

You can use the data that you already have in order to define your target audience and their behavior on your website. Google Analytics is the most basic tool that you can use in order to acquire information that will help you boost your conversion rate. You can see which pages are keeping the visitors interested the most, which aren’t interesting to your target audience.

Another good way to improve your conversion rate is to optimize your conversion funnel. If you don’t know what this means, here’s an explanation:

· Your target audience shares the same interest, which is your product or service. In order to turn them into customers, you should let them know about your brand in the first place. Therefore, the first segment would be raising awareness through social media, content marketing, or some other strategy.

· Raising interest in your product or service is most effective with an amazing content marketing. You should create all sorts of content that would build up the interest with your target audience. That’s the second segment of your conversion funnel.

· The third step is pretty much like the second, and it’s all about making people WANT what you have to offer. This is the evaluation phase of the buying process, which means you shout emphasize the advantages of your brand in comparison to other options on the market.

· The final stage is to make sure the people buy from you. Sure, you can lead your visitor up until the point where they place your product in the shopping cart but never finalize the purchase. Your mission is to optimize the final stage of the funnel by analyzing what keeps the audience from finalizing the purchase.

Way back in 2012 Google conducted a study that showed the connection between the website design and the audience reaction to it. According to Google, your web design solution is important for your conversion rate.

Optimize your pages’ design:

Optimizing your page design holds multiple benefits for your business, most importantly, according to Stanford scholars, it builds trust. The first impression is important for the bounce rate, which is the number of time people stay on a page before leaving it. Furthermore, the layout of your page can facilitate or make the navigation through your website a real challenge. The visitors should have access to content that’s most attractive to them, use all of the features without any issues, and finally be able to buy your product or service in the easiest way possible.

Here are a few things you can do in order to optimize your page design for maximum conversion:

Try to use various form styles
Let’s say you want people to subscribe to your newsletter so you could send them regular updates, news, reminders of upcoming sales, overall-things that might be of interest to your prospects. If you are not getting the conversion rate you desired, try changing the style of your form; customize it so that your visitors would not hesitate to fill in the required information. You can eliminate unnecessary fields, or turn some fields into a checkbox, also you can allow “auto fill” to make the process even easier.

UI/UX Design
Your website should provide the best user experience, which means it should look good to your audience, it should work smoothly, and the visitors should feel comfortable while navigating your page. We already mentioned the first impression, which is the main responsibility of user interface-oriented design. Keep your layout focused on your user, make all the features easily accessible, and content attractive and interesting.

· According to ClickTale, people use scroll with 76 percent of all websites. However, people will scroll down only if the above fold content is compelling. Therefore, improving the upper section of your content should keep the audience open to read on.

· Use visual clues to point out the important segments of your website. These visuals should engage the user in interaction such as playing a certain video or scrolling down to access more content or visit a certain page.

Stick to Hick’s Law
The choices we make are connected with the way our mind operates. According to Hick’s law, the amount of time we need in order to make a decision increases with the number of choices we have in front of us. It’s also possible for a person to give up on a purchasing decision if there are too many different choices. Therefore, when creating your menu or forming content that offers multiple choices, make sure you reduce it to an optimal amount of available options to make the visitors’ decision-making process faster and easier.

Follow the Rule of Thirds
This is an old photography rule that claims how images should be sectioned into nine parts, divided by two horizontal and vertical lines, thus creating a 3 by 3 box. The most important elements of the image should be placed along the dividing lines or their intersections for the best impact on the viewer.

Use Negative Space
Your page design should be easy on the eye and able to convey the content message clearly, visitors shouldn’t combat with focusing on any element of your website. Negative space is all the space that is not filled with content; it’s also referred to as “white space”. You can use Apple’s website as a source of inspiration for the effective use of negative space.

Use K.I.S.S.
This doesn’t mean you should paint your website black and white and play “I was made for lovin’ you” but rather keep it simple stupid, which is what the acronym stands for. Your visitors should be able to perform any activity seamlessly, without too many useless steps. Make your page intuitive, content easier to read, and keep the visuals suggestive. People should know what a certain button does without explanation.

Remember to the 8-Second Rule
This rule applies to new visitors, people who didn’t come to your page intentionally as a recurring visitor. It appears that the human attention span is just 8 seconds, which is a short time to keep a person interested. However, if you don’t wish to lose 50 percent of your audience right of the bat, then it’s best to keep your content interesting, short and sweet, and able to hook the viewer in just 8 seconds.

Use Faces
People relate to people very easy, which is why placing humans on your website triggers an emotional response with the audience. Of course, one of the most important aspects of this technique is to make sure that the images are related to your brand. Therefore, you can have people using your products or service while smiling and being happy.

Choose the Right Colors
According to research conducted at Winnipeg University, Canada, we make our decisions regarding certain products in 90 seconds. The colors impact from 60 to 90 percent of the decision-making process, which tells a lot about how color can influence the behavior of your website visitor.

Wrap Up

We’ve learned what conversion rate represents, how it can help us determine the success of our efforts, and what influences the conversion rate of a website. The improvement of the conversion strategy demands time and dedication, but it promises great results. It’s important to remember that reshaping your website design in order to maximize conversion rate should focus on your target audience, as there are no universal solutions. Be effective and authentic, maintain your brand identity, and innovate!

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A good website is very important for any kind of business, whether big or small. Now, because of this, it’s crucial that you be able to determine which web hosting company is the best for your needs. To make the decision process more manageable, there are signs of a good web hosting company that you might want to look out for when doing your research. Here are some of them:

A Good Hosting Company Has Features to Enhance the Uptime

One of the first things to check about a web hosting company is its uptime. Uptime measures the percentage of time your website is up and available to anyone who wants to visit it. One hundred percent is the end goal. A good web hosting company should give you metrics on uptime. So, the higher the percentage, the better the availability of the website, which is what you ideally aim for.

A great web hosting company will throw in a few more upgrades or features complementing uptime. These are the following:

– Duplicate servers in one data center
– Duplicate servers in many data centers
– Uptime guarantee

The Web Host Can Deliver Faster Speed

One of the critical factors for websites is the load time. For websites that load slowly, there is a high chance of losing potential and existing customers. By having a slow website, the first impression that a customer gets from you is one that’s immediately negative. For example, people love Kinsta hosting for the speed it provides customers, so you should keep your website’s loading speed as a top priority.

So, the higher the speed that the web hosting company can load other websites, the better. Here are just some of the metrics or features that you have to look out for when checking on the speed:

– How the company uses cache to pre-load unchanging parts of the website
– The number of sites limited on one server
– Usage of solid state drives (SSD)

The Web Host Offers Tools and Themes for Your Web Design

Of course, you want your website to be practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Now that you are assured of the usability and technicalities of the website, you need to also make sure that the web hosting company also provides tools for design. Some web hosting companies offer site owners packages containing themes and customization tools for you to experiment on. Having a website that looks good will affect the overall sentiments of your customers as this can significantly impact their user experience. Moreover, a website that looks cluttered and unprofessional may affect the credibility of your brand.

The Hosting Provider Has Security Settings and Pre-Configured SSL Certificates

Security is everyone’s concern nowadays. When choosing a web hosting company, it’s important to look out for the security measures put in place by web hosting companies. Security plays a big role in protecting the visitors’ and customers’ data, as well as your company’s data. So, check out the security packages that are included.

Moreover, you should also see useful tools like free SSL certificates or backups. SSL certificates are the ones that encrypt the information being passed on between the server and visitor’s web browser. In addition to that, SSL certificates are also a contributing factor to your rankings in Google search results.

There Are Available Support Teams

What can go wrong will go wrong. As the saying goes, something wrong is bound to happen even though you’ve taken the necessary precautions. When this happens, you want to make sure that the web hosting company will be right there to fix your problems and help put out fires.

Make sure that the web hosting company that you will get has 24/7 support. Moreover, pay attention to the different kinds of channels where you can reach them. There may be times that a phone line won’t be available to you. Check if there are other ways you can contact them. Before you hire the hosting company, you can try to make phone calls to their support lines to see if they all work. Be sure to check how their tech support agents react to your problems, and if they are also friendly.

The Web Host Is Affordable and Doesn’t Impose Limits

A good web hosting company doesn’t overcharge you. Instead, they approach you as their partner to make your website as good as it can get. With this, a good web hosting company should not be imposing limits or quotas on the services that they provide. There must be no limit for the following:

– Storage
– Traffic
– Email and FTP accounts
– Sub domains


With this primary checklist on hand, you will be able to find a good web hosting company that exactly suits your needs and even goes beyond meeting your expectations with the added features they offer. With these signs, you will be assured that your company’s website will be in good hands.

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Earning through Shopify and drop shipping is a prevalent means of making a steady income. Without a doubt, the demand for Shopify and drop shipping mostly stems from the effectivity of these avenues in providing passive income opportunities. Because of the clamor of many to learn more about Shopify and drop shipping, a lot of experts have used this to their advantage, to write books on these matters.

You might be reading this article because you have a lot to share about Shopify and drop shipping, which may pique your interest about earning passive income through writing a book. That said, here are tips on how you can do so:

Study More About Dropshipping And Shopify

Whether or not you already know a lot about drop shipping, it is still an excellent idea for you to study more about the topic. For your book to be chosen above thousands of others, you have to stand out and you need to have substance, which you can only achieve when your knowledge about the topic at hand is just as in-depth or even beyond the knowledge possessed by others.

Moreover, for you to continue to be an effective author that earns income, you need continuity. Hence, after writing your first book, you must strive to write another one, and so on. With this, it is even more essential for you to never consider yourself an expert on drop shipping, but rather, as a student who needs to keep learning. The more you know about Shopify, the more you can write about it, and the more profitable you can become as an author.

As a bonus guide to help you out, here’s a Shopify ecommerce book summary for you to review and study on as you begin your preparations for writing your eBook.

Evaluate Your Passion Towards Shopify And Drop Shipping

You’re mistaken if you think you can get away with writing about Shopify and drop shipping when you aren’t even passionate about them. There is no way for you to succeed in anything, unless you put your whole heart into the endeavor. This must be something for you to really be passionate about, as your readers will be able to discern this through the tone that you use in your eBooks.

If you honestly feel that, at the moment, this isn’t something you are passionate about, then don’t force yourself. Perhaps you are better off delaying writing your eBook or writing about another aspect of digital marketing instead. Remember your end goal, which is still to earn passive income.

Create Your Title Strategically

Think of this section in the same manner as you would when writing headings on your website for your Shopify or drop shipping business. You have to be brief but concise, catchy, but complete. This principle should also apply to your eBook title. After you have completed the contents of your eBook, one of the last, but most important steps that you will undertake is in the drafting of your title. You cannot just do this haphazardly.

An excellent tip that can come in handy is putting yourself in the shoes of the reader. When choosing between various titles, how can you capture their attention? Be creative, and keep readers curious about what it is your eBook has to offer.

Format Your eBook

The format is just as important as the content of your book. No matter how excellent your content is, you won’t get other readers to purchase more of your eBooks if your formatting is terrible. Remember that you are already writing about something technical to begin with. Drop shipping and Shopify are two concepts that aren’t easy to study or read about. Hence, you have to make the process of reading as easy as it should be for your readers. Keep your book easy on the eyes.

Here are some tips for you to remember:

– Always double check the format, as Word documents may come off as different on eBook formats, such as Kindle
– Double check the page numbers
– Highlight chapter headings and breakers in text boxes
– Create a break between paragraphs, chapters, and subheadings

Put In Attractive Graphics

Shopify and drop shipping are very interesting concepts to learn about. Why? Almost everyone will want to get a head start on these platforms for earning an income because of their reputed profitability. But as much as many are interested in reading and learning about these, most eBook readers also hate monotony. As Shopify and drop shipping are very technical to learn about, keep your readers interested by putting in the appropriate graphics. With this, you can also better explain concepts that need visual accompaniment.

Another bonus tip is to make it a point to include headshots in your graphics, whether of you, members of your team, or any other professional for that matter, especially if you’re including a section for testimonials. Headshots have the effect of making your content look and feel more professional, hence creating a deeper trust with your readers.


If you are one of those who have dreamed about writing a book but don’t know where to start, now you have these tips to guide you in the process of doing so. Writing an eBook is already an excellent means to earn a passive income, more so with an in-demand topic such as Shopify and drop shipping. You can now start earning passive income for as long as you leave your eBooks online for others to purchase and read.

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Nothing beats swimming pools in enhancing your backyard. It ensures that you have the utmost fun while on your compound with family and friends. A pool is also a great way of designing the dream resort style backyard. However, before you get the right contractor to install a swimming pool, you first need to decide what kind of swimming pool you need. For the entire swimming pool building, including materials and consultation, you will need a reliable pool builder. They are important people, and it is vital that you find a reliable one and one who is experienced. There are several contractors today claiming to be the best in swimming pool construction, and hiring the most qualified will get you good results. But first, here are some of hiring the right pool builder.

Best material
Hiring the right pool builder will ensure that you obtain quality material for your swimming pool installation. Such builders have long been exposed to various suppliers of pool materials, and they know which one will last for long and which won’t. They have a wealth of experience in pool installation, so they are better placed to advise you on the best material there is in the market. Therefore, you have to get a pool building company and better still find the right one.

It’s time-saving
A professional pool builder saves you time that you would otherwise have used to visit shops looking for pool building materials. They will ease your hassles, and in case you need to have some places repaired, you can still call them to fix it.

Saves cost
They do this by buying the building material from their trusted suppliers at a lower price than if it were you buying them. In the same breath, they will help you choose the best quality of building materials and avoid the fake or substandard ones.

High-quality work
Building a swimming pool is not one of your favourite, do it yourself chores, especially if you do not have any previous knowledge. Therefore the chances are high that you will mess up. A professional pool building contractor’s chances of messing up the project are zero. In case you are worrying that the one you choose will make a mistake, it is better to ask for their portfolio beforehand, to see their completed work. It is only here that you can get to see some of their past work and determine whether they are the kind of professionals you need for your project. These people, too, as said earlier, will have the right material equipment and building tools necessary to build a pool correctly.

Since you don’t have prior experience in building swimming pools, you don’t have the required tools needed, or better still if you have them, they may not be as better as those owned by a company for this specific task.

They will apply the right chemical levels
Chemicals used in a swimming pool are very important and are vital in cleansing your pool. These chemicals usually help in fighting bacteria as well as harmful diseases that get into the pool water over time. Hire a professional to come and test your water from time to time.


Always insist on finding the right contractor based on their experience, training, license and insurance status.

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