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Cult black metal band Enthroned have released the third and final song from their upcoming record ”Cold Black Suns”. The new album will be released via Season of Mist Records on June 7th.

The band states this about the new song:

“Stone by stone we reveal the temple that is “Cold Black Suns”. “Vapula Omega”, the third facet of the prism, is the scrying mirror that shows the face one does not want to see within our modern culture, where labour and careers are being worshipped as the icons of old. With this one, we want to show that Satanism and demonology also have their place in our contemporary culture.”

Enthroned will celebrate the release of ”Cold Black Suns” on Thronefest in Belgium in June.

Enthroned is surely a name black metal fans are no strangers to. Over the course of the last 25 years, they have pushed the boundaries of black metal and the deepness of the Left Hand Path philosophy further within. The quintet has channeled that dedication into their newest record. ‘Cold Black Suns’ is a dark and crushing black metal album where cold riffing, blood chilling atmospheres, and ritualistic drumming are keys to forging their most mature and accomplished opus to date.

The band, who crawled out of the black lands of Belgium in 1993, inked their first contract less than a year after its formation, and recorded debut album ”Prophecies of Pagan Fire”,which is now considered an all-time classic in the genre.

By then known as The Blackened Horde to fans and the scene at large, recruited guitarist Nornagest and within 2 years entered Hautregard Studios to give birth to their second album. After the recording, tragedy struck and founding member and drummer Cernunnos (1997) took his own life.

The band went on to record the album using Cernunnos’s drum tracks from rehearsal recordings which were recorded by long time friend Da Cardoen, from the Belgian band Asphyxia. ”Towards the Skull-throne of Satan” was thus born. Since then, Enthroned went on to tour the world and have released a total of 10 full-lengths, one live album, and a hearty handful of splits and EPs.

Now, as the band celebrates 26 years as one of black metal’s premier outfits, they are ready to unleash number 11 onto the masses. ”Cold Black Suns” is an icy, brutal offering from the band that will see a worldwide release on June 7, 2019 via Season of Mist Records, making it their debut to the label. This is the band’s first album in five years, following up 2014’s critically acclaimed ”Sovereigns”.

”Cold Black Suns” is one of 2019’s most anticipated releases and is certain to hold up to the hype that surrounds it, delivering an evolved and crushing offering from Belgium’s own black metal legends.

Festival and show dates:
02 Jun 19 Kharkiv (UA) Art Plant Mechanica
08 Jun 19 Kuurne (BE) Throne Fest 2019 (Exact date tba)
20 Jul 19 Volyne (CZ) ETEF

01. Ophiusa (03:42)
02. Hosanna Satana (02:16)
03. Oneiros (06:26)
04. Vapula Omega (04:55)
05. Silent Redemption (06:07)
06. Aghoria (04:14)
07. Beyond Humane Greed (05:01)
08. Smoking Mirror (07:07)
09. Son of Man (09:08)

Nornagest: Vocals
Neraath: Guitars, noise and effects
Shāgāl: Guitars
Norgaath: Bass
Menthor: Drums

Europe – District 19 – info@district-19.com
Rest of the world – Area 42 – area42.agency@gmail.com



Check out the official music video for the song called “Vapula Omega” here, enjoy it:

Enthroned - Vapula Omega (Official Track Premiere) - YouTube

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In this interview with Rob from  Swiss band Xaon at Belgrade/Bozidarac on March 29th. Journalist Vladimir Cincovic from Demon Reports team was talking about their new release ”Solipsis” influence for it, and the concept of it, which cover they will record if they had a change to record it, about the new upcoming release in 2020, also what is the most important thing while creating music, more exclusive details here:

ONE ON ONE WITH DEMON: Rob (Xaon) - YouTube

Interviewed by: Vladimir Cincovic

My name is Vladimir Cincović. This magazine was created out of love for music. Support the magazine Demon Reports, We need your support.

The post ONE ON ONE WITH DEMON: Rob (Xaon) appeared first on Demon Reports.

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Danish melodic metal band Meridian premieres the lyric video for the song “Circle The Drain” from their new album “Margin Of Error”, via Mighty Music Records.

What can be said about this song, it’s all about the 80’s heavy metal speed influence. The lyric video is also very well made, and goes along with the story. Vocals are as always unique and unusual, and they made this song sound even more like a true glorious 80’s heavy metal song. The lyrics are about life, and dark side of life, also about the fight and tough moments in life, and also that the life is sometimes a journey and battlefield, that we must all confront. Solos are just perfect, with the virtuoso touch by their solo guitarist, giving that groove flavor to the song, which made it just so magical and unique, not to mention it’s just pure melodic devastation, for which the band is known.

It’s interesting that on this song it can be heard the influences of Iron Maiden, probably so that the song can sound in the 80’s manner the most. Destruction and domination of speed heavy metal devours and dominates all.

Statement of the band about the song and the music video:

“Circle The Drain” is an upbeat, high octane, punchy song about… Death! Addressing the fact that we’re all “Riding on the mechanical bull of life” and offers a reminder to live life to the max, before we’re getting knocked off and flushed out. The song was one of the last ones written for the album, created during one of the last recording sessions. Marco wrote the riffs. Lars came up with the melody and Klaus wrote the words. The song has already proven itself as a kick-ass live song and will probably be a mainstay in the set-list for the time to come.

“Margin Of Error” is the bands third album. It’s recorded at Death Island Studio, produced by
guitarist Marco Angioni, and includes the three songs “Fragments Of A Life”, “Second Best”
and “The Devil Inside Us All”.Musically the album displays a varied landscape of melodic hard-rock, hard hitting metal anthems and slow-paced heavy monsters. Songs with strong melodies and memorable choruses you can sing along to. It’s the most coherent and well crafted collection of songs from a band that’s better than ever.

Meridian is heading out on the road in 2019 to support the album.“Margin Of Error” is out now on CD, LP and digital.

“Margin Of Error” is recorded at Death Island Studios.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Angioni.

Cover artwork and band photo by Lena Angioni.

Circle The Drain video edited by Mikkel Bruun and Peter Bruun.

Lars Märker – vocals, Martin J. Andersen – guitars,

Marco Angioni – guitars,

Peter Bruun – bass,

Klaus Agerbo – drums


Website: www.meridianband.dk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/meridian.metal
Website of the label: www.mightymusic.dk/albums/meridian

Check out the premiere and stream for the official lyric video for the song called “Circle The Drain” here, enjoy it:

Meridian - Circle The Drain (Official lyric video) - YouTube

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Justify Rebellion premieres the music video for the song “Act The Fool”, via Mighty Music Records.

The band released their full-length album last year called “Unleashing the Beast”, and now they are back with a mind-blowing song and music video. This song is something different from what the fans, and listeners are used too from this band like their heavy/trash metal destruction and domination, but it’s a good change, with a impressing story.

If someone likes a great kick-ass music, this is the jam for them. This song is a mix of punk, metal, and rock music. Trough out it, it can be heard some amazing riffs, that are in a technical term of playing, perfectly balanced, with a modern production to it, and of course the song is a modern fusion of many alternative genres. Video itself is quite interesting, at the begging of the video, the band can be seen in the circus, it’s a great theme for the song, as it goes with the title of the song just perfectly, there are dancers that are clowns, which made the video more cheerful and interesting, as a background story for the song.

About the vocals and the song in general is that, it has that punk vibe, with some cool riffs and solos, and cheerful chorus, metal crushing riffs, but the lyrics are about the people from all over in 2016 the world that disgusted themselves as killer clowns for the purpose of intimidating each other in the streets, an episode where society was exposed to a creepy trend, so at this point the cheerful chorus add that creepy touch to the song in the great way, also at some point of the song there is a surprise, which listeners will love the most, there is a metal part, with crushing riffs, and outstanding vocals of Nicklas Sonne Vocalist from the band Defecto totally presented the song in a different perspective in a musical way, but tell the dark side of the story like it is in the lyrics of the song, also the main Vocalist Lucas Raunterbeg presented the song in a perfect way as well, with his punk-rock attitude and vocals, adding the influence of punk-rock which is most present in the song. He did a great job, also his attitude gave the song it’s greatness.

The  production, mixing and mastering where done by Nicklas Sonne, which shows that he is a multi-talented person ,and that he did an outstanding job for this song.

Solos at the end added the tension to the whole song, and at the end, also song got faster, then slower, and that balance made the end of the song epic and divine.

Clowns and rock music, the bound is just unbreakable. Crazy song about dark side of life, killer clowns, that will spin the listeners head around.

Check out the official premiere for the song called “Act The Fool” here, enjoy it:

Justify Rebellion - Act The Fool (Official Music Video) - YouTube

The post Justify Rebellion premieres the music video for the song “Act The Fool” (feat. Nicklas Sonne), clown madness in a form of musical mastery! appeared first on Demon Reports.

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On June 14thHate will release their 11th full-length, ”Auric Gates of Veles”, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of ”Auric Gates of Veles”, the band has now launched a video for the first single, “Sovereign Sanctity”. Produced by 9liter Filmy (9literfilmy.pl) and filmed by Blazej Jankowiak.

Front-Man ATF Sinner states this about the upcoming new release:

“Well here it is, the first visual to our new album ”The Auric Gates of Veles”, for the song, ‘Sovereign Sanctity.’ We feel the video and the song together pass a story that at once conveys our message universally and yet is full of details and symbolism that tell a deeper story. So instead of me telling you about it, I’ll present it to you all with no preface. Just a quick thanks before we start to Blazej Jankowiak and 9literfilmy for the massive work done bringing our united vision to life.”

”Auric Gates of Veles” can be pre-ordered at: metalblade.com/hate – where the record is available in the following formats:

-limited edition digipak-CD (EU exclusive – includes 2 bonus tracks)
-180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
-slate blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
-white / black marbled vinyl (Napalm exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
-black / white splatter vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
-black / white split vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
-grey / black marbled vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
* exclusive bundles with shirts, plus digital options are also available!

Since 1991, Hate have lived up to their name, responsible for some of the angriest and most ruthless death metal unleashed upon the world. With 2017’s ”Tremendum”, they took a step toward a darker, more atmospheric, black metal-oriented style and began exploring Slavonic mysticism, and new album Auric Gates Of Veles” boldly continues in that direction.

Vocalist and Guitarist ATF Sinner states this about their music and the upcoming new release:

We wanted to go deeper into the subject, both musically and lyrically,” asserts vocalist/guitarist ATF Sinner.”We also wanted to record a sharper and better defined rhythm section, a more death metal-oriented one. When it comes to guitar sound, it was meant to be a wall of sonic destruction with dark ambient elements in the background.” To say that they achieved that which they set out to create is an understatement, for Auric Gates Of Veles” is a titanic record that is both more organic and dynamic sounding, and may well be the finest of their storied career.”

With the ominous rumble that heralds the commencement of opener “Seventh Manvantara” giving way to a squall of guitars and blast-beats, it is clear that Hate are playing at the top of their game. Progressing through the rampant thrashing and wide open spaces of “The Volga’s Veins”, the haunting, crushing grooves of the title track, the equally sinister and tragic sounds of “Salve Ignis” and concluding with the raw black metal of closer “Generation Sulphur”, it is a diverse record, not content to rehash the same idea eight times. The centerpiece of the album is arguably the six and a half minute epic thunder of “Sovereign Sanctity”, which demands the full attention of the listener from start to finish.

Statement Sinner also about he new song, and the writing process of it:

“We wanted the songs to sound like anthems, and ‘Sovereign Sanctity’ is a perfect example of such a song. I think it’s also one of the best we have written in years.”

1. Seventh Manvantara
2. Triskhelion
3. The Volga’s Veins
4. Sovereign Sanctity
5. Path to Arkhen
6. Auric Gates of Veles
7. Salve Ignis
8. Generation Sulphur
9. In the Shrine of Veles (Pre-Production) *ltd. digi bonus track
10. Path to Arkhen (Pre-Production) *ltd. digi bonus track

Starting next week, Hate will be touring across North America with Belphegor, Dark Funeral, and Incantation as part of the annual “Devastation on the Nation” trek, before appearing at various European festivals this summer. See below for all dates!

“Devastation on the Nation” tour dates with Belphegor, Dark Funeral, Incantation:

May 17 – San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
May 18 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro
May 19 – Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
May 20 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
May 21 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
May 23 – Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall
May 24 – Denver, CO – Roxy Theatre
May 25 – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
May 26 – Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall
May 28 – Cleveland, OH – The Phantasy
May 29 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Place
May 30 – Ottawa, ON – Maverick’s
May 31 – Quebec City, QC – Imperial Bell
June 1 – Boston, MA – Middle East
June 2 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bazaar
June 4 – Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
June 5 – Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel
June 6 – Atlanta, GA – The Loft at Center Stage
June 7 – Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
June 8 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco
June 9 – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
June 10 – Austin, TX – Come and Take it Live
June 11 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar and Grill
June 13 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
June 14 – Mesa, AZ – Club Red
June 15 – Los Angeles, CA – 1720

Festival dates:
July 19 – Nova Bana, Slovakia – Gothoom Open Air Fest
Aug. 3 – Saint-maurice-de-gourdans, France – Sylak Open Air
Aug. 15 – Barther, Germany – Barther Open Air Fest
Aug. 18 – Saint Nolff, France – Motocultor Fest
Aug. 24 – Susice, Czech Republic – Metal Madness
Aug. 31 – Leipzig, Germany – Torture the Masses Fest

ATF Sinner – vocals, guitars
Pavulon – drums
Domin – guitar
Tiermes – bass (session)


Check out the music video for the song called “Sovereign Sanctity” here, enjoy it:

HATE "Sovereign Sanctity" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

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Sólstafir  are now premiering a stunning new video for the song called “Bláfjall”, taken from their latest released full-length ”Berdreyminn”. The video is available at Classic Rock website HERE.

The band states this about the new song and video:
“Here it is, our 3rd video by the almighty Bowen Staines. After we did our last video with Bowen, “Lágnætti” we talked about for years to make another video together. As usual, adventures are like magnets when we join up forces, and this one was no different. We are super proud of the result, and yet again, Bowen shows that he is the master of this game. Enjoy Bláfjall.”
Director Bowen Staines states about the filming process of the video:

“‘Bláfjall’ was produced and filmed in Iceland from August – October 2018, and edited until April 2019 at the Don’t Panic Films studio in Massachusetts. While originally shot in 4K, the finished product was then scanned in its entirety onto 35mm film. ‘Bláfjall’ tells the story of a mind overtaken with grief, and the mental gymnastics often employed to circumvent grief in order to avoid confronting it.

Everyone has their secret sorrows which the world knows not; wounds that never show on the body. In ”Bláfjall”, these wounds take the form of memories relived in the present, yet altered by the knowledge of what will come in the future. If grief were sentient, it would attack these memories with the voracity of a virus slowly destroying a computer hard drive, or an illness ravaging a body.

Pre-production for ”Bláfjall” started almost two years ago, and the first day of principal photography began in Hvalfjörður, Southwest Iceland. Predictably, it was so windy (a 115kg dolly track blew over), that I had to rewrite that day’s five-page shotlist in the trunk of Addis’s Jeep.

The rest of the video came together wonderfully, thanks to our cast of Flosi Þorgeirsson (HAM, Glerakur), Bella Morgan, Palli Banine, and Minerva Geirdal. The only other notable thing that happened during this production were the days leading up to crashing that infamous Mercedes.

The car was an automatic, and the transmission slipped like butter. The momentum from the slightest forward acceleration, say, at a stoplight, would send the gearshift flying back into first gear, and the engine redlining; there is no sound quite like doing 40 on the highway in first gear. I was heading to pick up Flosi in Reykjavík, when suddenly I was doing 60kph in reverse while still going forwards, with the whole car transforming into an industrial noise album.

The day we filmed the crash, we’d spent hours lining the car up, bracing the steering wheel properly, and closing the roads. It looked like it was dead-on, and then it wasn’t. It missed the other car by centimeters, veered off the road, hit an embankment on the side of a someone’s driveway, cleared the entire driveway, went through a fence, and crashed into a rock in front of a horse stable. The next try was dead-on.

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to everyone who was involved with the making of Sólstafir’s ‘Bláfjall’. To the guys in the band: thank you for trusting me so unconditionally, and allowing me to tell this story with your music. As always, it is a true pleasure to create with you.

We hope that you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.
Takk fyrir okkur.”


1. Silfur-Refur (6:54)
2. Ísafold (4:59)
3. Hula (7:07)
4. Nárós (7:23)
5. Hvít Sæng (7:22)
6. Dýrafjörður (7:32)
7. Ambátt (8:08)
8. Bláfjall (8:00)
Video credits:
Don’t Panic Iceland: Bowen Staines
Show dates:
20 Jul 19 Laukaa (FI) John Smith
10 Aug 19 Schlotheim (DE) Party.San 2019

Music will always be inspired by the environment in which it is created. With its incredible array of highly diverse landscapes ranging from white glaciers via volcanic bizarreness, moss-green bubble-fields, deep fjords, and frost-cracked mountains to black beaches, Iceland has shaped a host of astonishingly original and fiercely individual bands such as Sigur Rós, Björk, and Sólstafir.

 Sólstafir embodies the ever-turning wheel of seasons with their shifting light, darkness, and colors, extreme Northern climate, the stark contrasts, the closeness of beauty and deadly forces of nature, the impressive sceneries that have the bones of ancient gods enshrined in them like hardly any other band in every aspect of their existence.

Sólstafir are not like any other band. Their latest album, ”Berdreyminn” underscores this statement. As its title “a dreamer of forthcoming events” aptly describes, the four Icelanders have taken their already impressive evolution one step further. The band has continued to amalgamate haunting melodies, psychedelic phases, as well as strong undercurrents of classic rock and hard rock with echoes of their metal past. Yet Sólstafir’s focus is not on style but pure emotion. ”Berdreyminn” is eclectic by a conscious choice to make feelings audible and transform taste as well as texture to sound. Genre borders are not broken but simply ignored. Musical influences are gathered from a wide range of sources, re-arranged, and woven into new patterns.  Melancholy, longing, anger, joy, pleasure, pain, and other emotions are fulling this album.

Despite leaning clearly towards an expression that can be described as the rock today,  Sólstafir have their roots in metal as their debut full-length ”Í Blóði og Anda” (2002), which translates as “In Blood and Spirit” still witnesses. Instead of today’s Icelandic gravel-throated siren chants, Frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason spat forth vitriolic crusty vocals and all strings were forged with black metal. Already their next albums ”Masterpiece of Bitterness” (2005) and ”Köld” (2009) marked stations of a continuous evolution.  Sólstafir went further along their solitary path and obviously left any categorizing box with the ground-breaking follow-ups ”Svartir Sandar”(2011) and ”Ótta” (2014), which received high critical acclaim and attracted new fans in equal measure while managing the difficult feat of keeping most of their earlier following too.

 Sólstafir have set sails to new horizons with ”Berdreyminn”. Yet the Icelanders brought their home with them and the silhouette of their vessels remains easily recognizable. Welcome aboard on a new adventurous musical journey into uncharted territories.

Aðalbjörn Tryggvason: guitar, vocals
Svavar Austmann: bass
Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson: guitar
Hallgrímur Jón Hallgrímsson: drums, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
Brass, strings, and piano across the tracks

Recording: Sundlaugin Studio (IS), Birgir Jón Birgisson & Jaime Gomez Arellano

Mixing: Orgone Studio (UK), Jaime Gomez Arellano

Mastering: Sterling Mastering (US), Ted Jensen

Cover art: Adam Burke

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Digibox with extras
Wooden Box (2 vinyl LP + 7″ vinyl + CD + bonus CD and extras)
Gatefold double-LP in various colors






Check out the premiere of the music video for the song “Bláfjall” here, enjoy it:

Sólstafir - Bláfjall (official music video) - YouTube

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Here are some photos of heavy metal band Attic, Swedish metal band Valkyrja, and Swedish titans of black metal Marduk in Belgrade/Serbia at Dom Omladine on April 24th. Check out the crazy atmosphere from the concert, here:


Photos by:

Vladimir Cincovic

My name is Vladimir Cincović. This magazine was created out of love for music. Support the magazine Demon Reports, We need your support.

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Abnormality released their third full-length on May 10th called ”Sociopathic Constructs, via Metal Blade Records.

The previous songs “Curb Stomp” and “A Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event” can be viewed now at: metalblade.com/abnormality ,where the album can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
–root beer marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–turquoise marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
–amber / red marbled vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
* exclusive bundles with shirts, plus digital options are also available!

The album was tracked primarily at The Brick HitHouse in Hyannis, Massachusetts with producers Peter Rutcho (Revocation, Ravage) and Shane Frisby (Becoming The Archetype, Bury Your Dead) with vocals produced by Zdenek Sikyr at Studio Hostivar (Cult of Fire, Master’s Hammer) in Prague. Having worked with Rutcho since 2010, it was a painless, professional process, the band also bringing in Chaney Crabb of Entheos to add a guest vocal to the devastating “Penance”.

Sundaramurthy states this about the new release:

“‘Sociopathic Constructs’ is the result of tons of hard work and shows the progress we have made as a band since ”Mechanisms” (2016).We feel the time is now for such an album, the brutality perfectly reflects the darkness, violence, and harsh reality of our world.”

Sociopathic Constructs serves to further cement Abnormality‘s place at the cutting edge of savage ultra-technical death metal. With this release, the quintet have stepped up their game across the board, making for a record that is as violent, complex and thought provoking as any you will hear in 2019, and the band were not afraid to explore and mix things up.

Statement of the Guitarist Jeremy Henry about the new song:

“I think this record we felt free enough to just go where we wanted to within a song. We had no qualms with switching styles and approaches from riff to riff. To have a whole section grinding away and then just switch gears, hit the brakes and drop a slow, old school Morbid Angel warship groove in there. We felt free to follow our instincts, and just let our influences shine through.”

1. Monarch Alpha
2. Penance
3. Kakistocracy
4. Transmogrification of the Echoborgs
5. A Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event
6. Aeturnum
7. Dying Breed
8. A Seething Perversion
9. Curb Stomp

”Aggressive Misanthropy Across Europe 2019”
with Gorgasm and Cenotaph tour dates:

July 6 – Obscene Extreme Festival – Trutnov, Czech Republic @ Battlefield
July – 7 Graz, Austria @ Club Q
July 8 – Zagreb, Croatia @ AKC Attack
July 9 – Bologna, Italy @ Freakout Club
July 10 – Torino, Italy @ Ziggy Club
July 11 – Milano, Italy @ Circolo Svolta
July 12 – Montpellier, France @ Secret Place
July 13 – Move Your Fucking Brain Fest – Barcelona, Spain @ Death Field
July 14 – Lorraine, France @ No Man’s Land
July 15 – Charleroi, Belgium @ MCP Apache
July 16 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Ebrietas
July 17 – Vienna, Austria @ Viper Room
July 18 – Budapest, Hungary @ Durer Kert
July 19 – Death Metal Supremacy No 6 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania @ Flying Circus


Check out the song called “Monarch Alpha” here, enjoy it:

Abnormality "Monarch Alpha" (OFFICIAL) - YouTube

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Norwegian extreme metal formation Gaahls Wyrd have announced the “GastiR – Ghosts Invited European Tour 2019”. The band will play a selected number of festivals during the Summer, before embarking on a European tour with Mayhem and synthwave act Gost.

The journey will start on October 31st, in Nijmegen (NL) and continues through France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, before the final curtain on November 30th in Stockholm (SE).

Festival dates:
18 May 19 Hyvinkaa (FI) Steelfest
23 Jun 19 Varnai (LT) Kilkim Zaibu Festival
25 Jul 19 Tolmin (SL) Metaldays Tolmin
16 Aug 19 St Nolff (FR) Motocultor Festival
17 Aug 19 Dinkelsbuhl (DE) Summer Breeze Open Air

Gaahls Wyrd with Mayhem and Gost tour dates:
31 Oct 19 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje
01 Nov 19 Leiden (NL) Gebr de Nobel
05 Nov 19 Paris (FR) La Machine Du Moulin Rouge
06 Nov 19 Rennes (FR) L’etage
07 Nov 19 Toulouse (FR) Metronum
10 Nov 19 Lyon (FR) CCO
12 Nov 19 Milan (IT) Magazzini Generali
14 Nov 19 Vienna (AT) Szene
15 Nov 19 Prague (CZ) Meet Factory
16 Nov 19 Berlin (DE) Astrat
17 Nov 19 France (FR) Tyrant Fest
19 Nov 19 Kassel (DE) Musik Theater 130 BPM
21 Nov 19 Mannheim (DE) MS Connextion Complex
22 Nov 19 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
23 Nov 19 Oberhausen (DE) Turbinehalle
24 Nov 19 Copenhagen (DK) Pumpehuset
26 Nov 19 Tampere (FI) Pakkahuone
27 Nov 19 Helsinki (FI) Tavastia
29 Nov 19 Stockholm (SE) Fryshuset Klubben
30 Nov 19 Gothenburg (SE) Pustervik

1. Ek Erilar (05:34)
2. From The Spear (04:37)
3. Ghosts Invited (04:23)
4. Carving The Voices (07:26)
5. Veiztu Hve (06:41)
6. The Speech And The Self (05:02)
7. Through And Past And Past  (02:59)
8. Within The Voice Of Existence (05:25)
Total: 0:42:07

Since rising to prominence with his first band Trelldom, legendary singer, front man, artist and composer, Gaahl, has been one of Norway’s most talked about and respected extreme metal musicians. His work with Trelldom, Gorgoroth and God Seed has been widely regarded as some of the best the black metal scene has had to offer.

Gaahls passion and dedication to his art has earned him followers far and beyond the realms of the metal community, becoming a household name in the art scene and a he has become a well-respected alternative thinker.

In 2015 the charismatic singer assembled some of Norway’s finest metal musicians under the new moniker Gaahls Wyrd. The band consisted of Ole Walaunet (The Batallion, God Seed, Grimfist), Frode Kilvik (Krakow, Aeternus), Sir (Trelldom, Djerv, God Seed) and Bård Kolstad (Leprous, Borknagar).

The band’s first show was an appearance at the one-off festival BlekkMetal, held in Bergen, Norway the same year. The show was recorded for the live EP “Nov. 15”, released by the band in 2017. The EP was celebrated during the bands two European runs “Vardøger 2017” and “Vardøger” 2018. Bård Kolstad was replaced by Kevin Kvåle (Horizon Ablaze) in the 2nd half of 2017 and Kårstad stepped out of the band after the first leg of the “Vardøger” tour.

In mid 2018 the band teamed up with producer Iver Sandøy (Enslaved, Emmerhoff & the Melancholy Babies) to record their first full-length album “GastiR – Ghosts Invited”, set to be released by Season of Mist (World) and Indie Recordings (Norway) on May 31st.

The highly anticipated debut album from Gaahls WYRD will see the band chart territories within the extreme metal genre no one has ever walked before.

Gaahl (Kristian Espedal)  – vocals
Lust Kilman (Ole Walaunet) – guitars
Eld (Frode Kilvik) – Bass
Spektre (Kevin Kvåle) – Drums

Luc Favie (Europe) luc@doomstarbookings.com
Torgrim Øyre (Norway) Torgrim.oyre@gmail.com



Website: http://gaahlswyrd.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaahlswyrd

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gaahlswyrd

Check the official trailer for the upcoming new release called “GastiR – Ghosts Invited” here, enjoy it:

Gaahls WYRD - GastiR - Ghosts Invited (2019) Album Teaser - YouTube

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Enigmatic dark metal outfit Deathwhite have entered the studio to record their sophomore full-length, ”Grave Image”. The music is being recorded at Cerebral Audio Productions with producer/engineer Shane Mayer, who also recorded the band’s debut ”For A Black Tomorrow” while the vocals are being tracked at Erik Rutan’s Mana Studios with Art Paiz serving as engineer. When all is said and done, ”Grave Image” will be mastered by Dan Swano,

Statement of the band about the upcoming new release:

“We have spent the better part of the last six months fine-tuning and agonizing – for lack of a better term — over the ten new compositions that will comprise ‘Grave Image.’ We have been operating with the benefit of hindsight and perhaps, best of all, more familiarity with one other, which has led to songs that are heavier and superior to our previous efforts. While this may sound like typical pre-album release fodder, we believe it to be true considering the amount of time and effort we have poured into making ‘Grave Image’ a reality. We are also operating with an expanded lineup — a second guitar player has joined the fold, thus adding a new dimension to the guitar department and subsequently enhancing the Deathwhite sound.”

We are grateful to once again be working alongside Shane Mayer for the album’s tracking — his attention to detail and meticulous nature is second-to-none. Due to new geographical realities, we will track vocals at Erik Rutan’s immaculate Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida, with engineer Art Paiz overseeing the sessions. Once recording and mixing are complete, the album will be sent across the pond to the legendary Dan Swano for mastering, a gentleman we hold in infinite regard for past musical works and production acumen.

Additionally, we are in discussions for future live shows, something we’d like to do more of during the lead-up to ”Grave Image’s” eventual release. In the meantime, we will be working towards the album’s completion as well as finalizing its cover art, of which will be revealed at a later date.”

Deathwhite released their debut album ”For A Black Tomorrow” via Season of Mist Records in 2018 which can be listened to in full here! The artwork and details of the album can be viewed below.

1. The Grace of the Dark (4:06)
2. Contrition (4:11)
3. Poisoned (4:56)
4. Just Remember (4:44)
5. Eden (4:13)
6. Dreaming the Inverse (5:01)
7. Death and the Master (6:25)
8. Prison of Thought (5:25)
9. For a Black Tomorrow (4:13)
Total playing time: 43:26

American metal is often associated with its rather brutal side in Europe and often taken to involve the terms “death” and “core” by default. With their first album ”For A Black Tomorrow”, Deathwhite masterly demonstrate that hard sounds from overseas can also be dark, emotional, and subtle. Although the Americans come with an already well matured style very much their own, some rough comparisons are offering a sketchy idea on which paths Deathwhite tread.

To say that they combine the melancholic depth of Ghost Brigade with a sense of drama that would fit Moonspell and a pinch of Amorphis for added taste is of course not fully correct, but might give suitable hints.

Formed in 2012, Deathwhite were created in part to follow on the path first explored by dark metal torchbearers such as Anathema, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost.

In 2014, the ”Ethereal” EP successfully established a template of melodic, clean vocals alongside melancholic, but heavy riffing. This debut created an early buzz within the metal underground that grew significantly with the following ”Solitary Martyr” EP (2015), which was hailed by critics as “thick with emotion” and “wonderfully engrossing”.

Backed by such praise, Deathwhite spent 2016 writing and recording their first full-length under the supervision of producer and engineer Shane Mayer. Listen and let ‘‘For A Black Tomorrow” seduce you to delve deep into its enthralling darkness!

Line-up: The band does not provide line-up information.

Guest musicians:
Joe Bonaddio: guitar solo on “Death and the Master”
Shane Mayer: guitar solo on “For a Black Tomorrow”

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold LP in various colours

Cover art: Jérôme “Pyrogas” Comentale



The post Deathwhite entered the studio to record sophomore release ”Grave Image”! appeared first on Demon Reports.

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