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Looking for Great Wolf Lodge PA location savings?? You’re in the right spot! I consider myself and my blog an expert spot on all things Great Wolf Lodge, so of course finding a Groupon for Great Wolf Lodge is always near the top of my list.

In this post you can expect to find Great Wolf Lodge PA deals, information on a Groupon Great Wolf Lodge PA Day Pass as well as things like what is on the Great Wolf Lodge PA schedule.

The Great Wolf Lodge in Poconos is Awesome! Everything and Anything to Know.

The first time we ever visited a Great Wolf Lodge we had no idea what to expect (none!)

Picture this: Mom of two little kids ages 3 and 6, packed up for a couple day getaway with literally (what felt like!) everything we own in tow.

I had floaties, towels, scuba gear, sunscreen, snacks stacked upon snacks. Everything a mama would need for 12 lunches.

Yes, folks. I brought my “a” game because I wasn’t going to spend one extra dollar than I had already spent on the sleeping arrangements.

I was like a prepared Girl Scout.

You guys. I didn’t need half of this. It was a waste of space – both physically and mentally.

So, let’s not let you make that same mistake, shall we?

Find out how I find my Great Wolf Lodge deals! So, Kate: What do I need to pack for Great Wolf Lodge?


I know that the sugary, convenient breakfasts are not the best for our kids (or us!) but when we got to a Great Wolf Lodge my kids always know that they can count on me to bring my junk food game.

Pop Tarts for breakfast are a rarity around here, so that’s a super fun surprise and it’s easy. And, they cost a whopping $2, rather than $11-$15 per person for the (albeit awesome) breakfast buffet. Win-win.


Think popcorn, crackers, and more dry, easy-to-eat-on-the-go foods. You’ll want these for quick fixes between meals and the popcorn is fun to pop and bring down to story time in the lobby at 8pm.

** Pro tip: Have older kids? Skip storytime and let them ride the rides with bare lines until the waterpark closes at 8pm. Some locations keep the water park open until 9 even!

Food for lunches:

This of course depends on how long you’re staying. But, I do recommend packing some peanut butter/jelly or deli meat and buns or something similar.

Since the pools open at 9, it’s likely that you’ll have breakfast and then a quick lunch and get back to the slides. After all — you want to be at the pools while everyone else (who didn’t bring stuff for a quick lunch!) is waiting for their food to arrive at the restaurant, right? Right.

Cute pajamas:

If you have younger kids (I’d say 9 and younger) storytime is a must. When you check in your hostess will tell you everything going on during your visit, but every Great Wolf Lodge has a storytime at 8pm.

And, your little one will be extra proud when they have the cutest pjs. Remember, they’ll likely be wet from getting done with the pool, so no jammies that are too clingy.


Well, duh


Most Great Wolf Lodges have outdoor pools, so if the weather is going to be nice and the location does have an outdoor pool, pack the sunscreen.

Slip on shoes:

You’ll spend a lot of time in the halls and back and forth from the pools so bring along a pair of sandals or flip flops for the entire family. You’ll be glad you did.

Regular Shoes: 

Some locations have a ropes course and a rock wall that you can only do if you have regular shoes, so don’t forget to pack those!

Sound machine or small fan:

No matter what hotel you’re staying at, I’d always recommend you bring along something for white noise. You never know how noisy the halls will be, so bring along something to make sleeping easier. Although, after all of that swimming in the water park all day, you’ll likely be pretty zonked anyways.

And, what should I leave at home when we head to Great Wolf Lodge?

Towels & Life Jackets:

Every Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park provides towels and life jackets so do not bring those. There’s on suitcase you can leave at home.

When you get into the indoor pool area you’ll see the rolling carts chock full of white towels. Use as many as you want. But, they’ll ask that you please don’t remove these towels from the pool areas. Just leave them in the big bins that are specifically for used towels. Easy peasy.

As far as the life jackets go, there are sizes available from small toddler to adult. They’re also located on a rack inside of the pool area and are usually pretty organized. I’ve never seen a Great Wolf Lodge waterpark run out of lifejackets.

Are the rooms in Great Wolf Lodge noisy?

No, but like I mentioned, anything can happen, so do bring something for white noise. Or download a white-noise app on your phone.

What is a paw pass at the Great Wolf Lodge?

A Paw Pass that Great Wolf Lodge offers is nice, especially if this is your first time visiting that resort. Consider the Paw Pass Great Wolf Lodge’s way of saying “Here’s what you shouldn’t miss while you’re here”.

You can ask to add on a Paw Pass when you check in.

They are charged per child and will be presented on a lanyard. As your child redeems the experience, the staff member will mark off that item on the Paw Pass.

Is there such a thing as a Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Meal Plan?

Yes! The Howlin’ Hunger Package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll receive a breakfast voucher at The Loose Moose Family Kitchen restaurant with a non-alcoholic beverage, a $10 lunch credit to Buckets or Hungry As A Wolf and
the Dinner Buffet with a non-alcoholic beverage.

The meal plan is charged per person and is a great option if you don’t want to pack tuff for lunch and breakfast.

How does the Great Wolf Lodge check in work?

When you arrive at the hotel, go to the front desk and you’ll be greeted with a very friendly host/hostess. They’ll give you the lay of the land and everything you need to know.

** Pro tip: Checkin is at 3, but if you arrive early you can use the pool the entire day of checkin (and also the entire day of checkout). You won’t be able to use the room after your checkout time but there are locker rooms to change and shower in.

What are the Great Wolf Lodge pool hours?

The Pocono Mountains location pool is open 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Are there other hotels near Great Wolf Lodge Poconos Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking for water park hotels in Pocono Mountains, yes, you’ll also love a stay at the Kalahari Resort.

Find deals on Kalahari Resorts here.

Which is better Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge?

We’re a Great Wolf Lodge family

How much would one person going to Great Wolf Lodge cost?

Hotel rooms range from $125-$350 per night depending on size and the time of year you go. I’d say figure $100 per person per day all in.

What are some of the activities that you can do in the Great Wolf Lodge?

Swim, shop, crafts, bowl, rock climbing, eat, imagine – those are just a few of the things. You’re going to love it!

Are you a member of our military? There are Great Wolf Lodge discounts for military!

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Linen Pants on sale shipping for just $18.99!

I’m officially at that point in the year where I didn’t lose that “winter weight” but I’m ready to rock the Spring wardrobe. Ya’ll — the best fashion trend has made my heart SO big.

Linen pants are in and joggers are, too. I basically live in each of these (current situation: black joggers).

And, check these out! You can head here to one of my favorite online boutiques to get these Linen Pants in several colors for only $18.99 with FREE shipping.

Head here to see the entire selection.

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Check out the Cuisinart Grills, Smokers and more on sale! Hello Father’s Day, but awesome for moms who love food, too (that’s me!)

Cuisinart Grills & Smokers – Fantastic Prices!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and this sale has you covered! Today as a part of the Amazon Deal of the day you’ll score up to 30% on Cuisinart grills, smokers and accessories.

I am LOVING the deal on the Cuisinart Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker for $80 off the regular price – this is a great smoker to get started with if you’re on the fence about having a higher end smoker (that’s us, too!)

You’ll find all sorts of other barbecue related items in this sale, too. Think barbecue claws, grill covers, hamburger patty makers, tabletop grills PERFECT for apartments and much, much more.

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker, Black (Lawn & Patio)
List Price: $199.99 USD
New From: $119.17 USD In Stock

Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press, Black (Lawn & Patio)
List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $7.49 USD In Stock

Cuisinart CGC-65T Heavy-Duty Barbecue Grill Cover, 65″, Tan (Lawn & Patio)
List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $26.75 USD In Stock

Super saver shipping is free on orders over $25, a $25 book order or get free 2-day shipping on any size order with Amazon Prime. Get a free 30 day trial to Amazon Prime. Another option is to choose free no-rush shipping and get a $5.99 credit for Prime Pantry OR a $1 credit for eBooks & more, although this may vary by user so doublecheck at checkout.

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Walmart online grocery has become my way of survival in the busiest season of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I still love visiting the local grocery store, especially for meat and cheese, but hearing even one more glowing Walmart grocery pickup review had me knowing that I was missing out on a terrific service.

Save money, and time by also trying out the Walmart pick up for groceries. You’ll be going back for more, I can almost guarantee …

This is my entire Walmart store pickup review – hear what I love and what I’d change all right here.

So, you didn’t think I was going to write this entire post without offering a coupon, right? If you decide to try the Walmart pick up groceries service for the first time, you’ll save $10 off your $50 order when you make an account here and/or use Walmart Grocery pickup coupon code WOWFRESH at checkout!

Use your free $10 coupon here!

Don’t worry though, I’m going to give you everything you need to decide if online Walmart grocery is for you and your family (spoiler alert: if you work, have kids or love your free time, it is!)

OK, we should start with how to use the service?

If you’re like me you get a tad bit nervous trying new things. But, once you see that something is beneficial, saves you money, and saves you precious time I ca almost guarantee that you’ll be all over ordering groceries online as well.

To use the Walmart Grocery Service use these steps, I’ll go into more detail later:

1. Sign up for an account here
2. Search for and add groceries to your order
3. Head to checkout
4. Find your nearest pickup location
5. Choose the one hour window that you can arrive at Walmart to pick up your order
6. Choose your payment method
7. Submit your order
8. Show up at the time you selected for your groceries to be loaded into your car

That’s literally it! That’s all there is to using the service.

Three Benefits of Using Walmart’s Grocery Service:

1. Time

When I use the grocery pickup service that Walmart provides I not only save time by not spending 90 minutes in the store that I don’t have, but I also save time by not going to store after store because I forgot to add something to my list. This is because I add things to my Walmart Grocery app as the week goes on. Shampoo (check), toilet paper (check), hair ties (check), ranch dressing (check). You know, the things that you only need every once in awhile, but when you need them, you really need them.

Sure, accidents happen and every once in awhile I’ll forget to add something that I need for dinner tonight, but that is few and far between.

2. Money

Because you can swipe to delete items from your Walmart Grocery cart, it’s easy to remove things on your last review of your order before you hit ‘submit’. You know, for those things that you wanted but didn’t need (insert a fancy new hairbrush or dish towels).

3. Remain on Schedule

I know this might sound silly. But whenever I head to a supercenter (any of them) I inevitably see someone I know. And, this leads to conversation, and sometimes, I end up killing 15-30 minutes chatting about the weather and kids and, and … this … and that.

Nothing against my daughter’s kindergarten teachers nieces cousins interesting life story, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, by using the online grocery Walmart service I stay on schedule and can still check off all of those items on my list.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and chatting and all things me time, but not many things feel as great as checking off that to-do list, right??

How do you use Walmart pickup?

Let’s go more into depth on the 8 steps of using the Walmart Grocery Pickup service so that it’s not totally foreign when you’re ready to try it.

1. Sign up for an account

Note that when you sign up for an account you must be using the Walmart Grocery app rather than the Walmart.com app that you’re likely used to.

Head here to make a Walmart Grocery account. This is different than a Walmart.com account.

If you use your phone a lot, which is my favorite way to use the service, get the ios app here LINK and the android app here.

Enter the email address you use for your personal stuff and make a password that you’ll remember.

This is the email that Walmart will send you emails to to notify you when your order’s been submitted, when your order is ready and likely most importantly any substitutions that they’ve chosen for you.

After you use the service you’ll get your own referral code and you can get $10 any time one of your friends tries the service with your code. (There’s a limit to 20 referrals a year.)

** Use a good email, because you’ll want to have an open line of communication. I like to review any substitutions before I arrive to pickup my order so I know for sure if they’re going to work. Once I was substituted a 48 oz. bag of caramel m&m’s for the 12 oz. that I had paid for – as you can imagine, that was the best sub ever, because when they sub an item (if Walmart is out or can’t find an equal item) they’ll just go up a size (or four in this case. I was doing the happy dance when I got that sub!

But, then there was the time where they subbed my whole wheat artisan bread with a loaf of Great Value wheat bread. Wasn’t gonna fly with my family, so I had to turn it down. In this case, they leave the item out of your car and take it off your receipt. It stinks, but thankfully this doesn’t happen often and I think that Walmart has really worked out the kinks in their sub list, so that is few and far between.

Just recently I ordered two tubes of cinnamon rolls and ended up getting subbed for two 2-packs of cinnamon rolls. That was extra awesome.

2. Search for and add groceries to your order

When you search for ‘buns’ using the magnifying glass you’re going to get a whole slew of items. It’s bewhove of you to narrow down your search to not be bombarded. Try searching for more specific things like “hot dog buns” or “hamburger buns” or “brat buns” to get your best options available.

Pay attention to the quantity that you’re adding to your cart as well. I have done this more than once so it’s worth mentioning. Read the weight/item on each item. For example, if you see a ‘bunch’ of bananas, and you add ‘1’ to your cart, you’ll literally get one banana. So, I’ll usually do ‘8’ or ’10’ or whatever I need for bananas.

This small annoyance is never enough to make me not do online grocery shopping though!

3. Head to checkout

Press the cart with your total in the upper righthand corner and head to checkout where you can review your order, change amounts and even delete items.

4. Find your nearest pickup location

Make sure that your order is coming into the correct Walmart. I don’t know what would happen if it didn’t but I don’t think I’d want to find out.

5. Choose the one hour window that you can arrive at Walmart to pick up your order

When you order the day before you’ll have several one hour pick up times available starting (usually) at 7am and ending at 9pm.

You’ll want to plan on arriving at the pickup doors in a pickup spot (they’re numbered on one of the sides of your Walmart store within that timeframe.

6. Choose your payment method

You won’t be charged until your order has been picked up. To be honest I don’t know what happens if you don’t pickup the order that you submitted, but I do know that that wouldn’t be cool. If you absolutely cannot get there to pickup your groceries I would find the phone number of Walmart and ask for the grocery pickup department and let them know.

7. Submit your order

You’ll get an email confirming your order as well as a time that you can add groceries to your order and still have them added to this order. If you can no longer add them to this order, then you’ll see your item added to a new, empty cart.

** I recommend you add your phone number to the check out screen so that you get a text alert when your order is ready.

8. Show up at the time you selected for your groceries to be loaded into your car

When you get an email/text that says that your order is ready for pickup, be sure to checkin. The Walmart grocery app will use your location to determine when to bring your groceries to your cart.

The app will use your location so be sure not to close the app on your way there.

How long does Walmart grocery pickup take?

From the time that you arrive in your pickup spot to the time that your groceries are loaded into your car, to pick up groceries at Walmart you’ll be out about 10 minutes, tops. That’s a HUGE time savings!

Do all Walmarts have grocery pickup?

Most, if not all do! You can see all of the grocery pickup locations here.

What are all the confirmed locations for free grocery pickup at Walmart?

You can see all of the confirmed locations here.

Are the Walmart grocery delivery reviews good too?

There is a $7-$8 fee to take advantage of the Walmart grocery delivery service, and I’m uber frugal so I’ve always used the free pickup service.

I have neighbors who use Walmart grocery delivery and they love it though!

Does Walmarts grocery pick up service include a higher individual item price?

You pay not a penny more to take advantage of these services from Walmart, and contrary to what may be popular belief there is no fee or additional charge added on to the price of groceries.

Are Walmart groceries good?

I love Walmart’s groceries! I do have to admit however that I still get 95% of our meat from the local grocery store just because their meat is really, really good and so economically priced as well.

How does Walmarts grocery pickup make money?

If you don’t have time to shop you might choose to just go to the local grocery around the corner. But, offering this service inevitably gives Walmart more of your money.

And, that’s how they benefit from offering this service.

How do I pickup my Walmart grocery order?

Just pull up to the side of your Walmart that has grocery pickup signs pointing to it. You can’t miss it.

What do you think of Walmart grocery pickup service?

I LOVE the Walmart grocery pickup service. I especially love the fact that I can get my laundry detergent, deodorant, etc. added onto my order. I really only have to go in to my store to get greeting cards. How could I not love that??

Are you supposed to tip the Walmart grocery pick up person?

There is no need to tip the grocery pick up person that brings your groceries out to the car. They’re paid hourly.

Can Walmart pickup be used for non grocery items like clothing?

Not clothing, but like I mentioned, anything in the beauty area: Q-tips, shampoo, conditioner, saving cream, makeup, lotion, sunscreen.

These things are all fair game.

Try Walmart’s Grocery pickup service here.

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Sanuk Sandals Mens, Womens and Kids up to 60% Off!

You guys – these sandals look SO comfy and I can’t wait to score a pair at these stellar prices! Head on over here where for a limited time only you’ll score Sanuk sandals for the entire family for up to 60% off.

There are kids styles starting at only $9.99, and loads of Men’s Sanuk sandals as well as Women’s Sanuk sandals to choose from.

As you can see there’s a lot of traffic on the site, so you’ll want to hurry to get the best selection.

TIP: Use the dropdown menu to see which styles are available in your size at this very moment.

See the entire selection here!

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If you’re on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the L’ange product videos. Their products are the best on the market and right now they’re on sale!

And, not only are the curling wands on sale, but the L’ange straighteners, the L’ange hair care products and everything available on their site is on sale too.

During this sale you’ll find:

Hair care starting at only $9 each:

Root Booster and Sea Salt Spray are my absolute favorite L’ange hair care products. The Heat Shield comes in at a close third as I do think that it helps keep my hair healthy from all of the heat that I’m subjecting it to between straightening, curling and blow drying.

 Titanium Ondule Wands ONLY $39

This is the wand I use almost every day and I absolutely love it. If you’re looking for beachy waves it just doesn’t get much better than this!

Any Aplatir Straightening Wand just $29

Use this wand for straightening your hair OR giving your hair a subtle wave. At this price you’re getting a fabulous Tourmaline-infused Ceramic flat iron at a fabulous price!

This Tourmaline-infused Ceramic flat iron boasts 400% more negative ion output than ceramic alone. That means reduced frizz and smooth, shiny looking tresses. Rounded edges and precision-floating plates create versatile styling that make creating pin-straight styles or soft waves quick, easy, and painless. Plates glide through the hair with zero snagging or damage. Awesome!

Head here to see the entire selection!

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Lashes have always been my thing. I have spent many hours and many more dollars trying to figure out how to make them look the longest and most voluminous without breaking the bank (ie: extensions).

Yes, I’ve even tried fake lashes (ugh, aren’t they so uncomfortable?!)

I have several friends committing to extensions, but guys, I just can’t get myself to do it. It might be the fear of losing my lashes (I’ve heard this happens as time goes by and extension treatments continue).

But, in reality it might just be that I am as cheap as they come? <— Probably that.

Sometimes I am frugal to a fault, but in this case … it worked out for the better. Read on to see how my lash lifting kit did for me.

I’m going to be reviewing everything in the most popular lash lift kit along with the lash lift process, prices for an at home lash lift, and how to do your own lash lift at home.

At Home Lash Lift Kit Review

First, let’s start off with some questions that I imagine you came here to get answered. Why keep you waiting, right??

How much does an eye lash lift cost in the salon?

A boatload to be frank. Eye lash lifts are in my opinion really expensive at home. Lash lift prices range from $80-$200 depending on the salon location and provider that you choose.

Whereas an eyelash lift kit that you can get online, for example this lash lift Amazon sells retails anywhere from $14.99 to $30. This is the exact lash lift kit that I have.

Can you still wear mascara with a lash lift?

Yes! Your mascara will glide right on and stay curled all day and night after your lash lift, too.

Before doing a lash lift sometimes I felt like I needed to curl my lashes when the mascara was dry to give them more lift.

This always backfired because where the curler pinched my lashes the mascara would get clumped and it never ended up looking how it should.

Post-lash lift, no curler needed. No more tools everyday! Love this!

How do lash lifts work?

A lash lift is a perm for your eyelashes. That’s the easiest and truest way to explain exactly what it is. If you consider yourself crafty, good at makeup and have good attention to detail you’re going to be able to master this process at home.

The supplies are small, and the product can be dangerous if it gets in your eyes though. With that being said, if you are not usually a do it yourself person I would recommend atleast going to the salon for your first treatment just to see how it’s done, how it feels, etc.

The products will likely be the same (although note that some salons do a keratin lash lift, and some do a lash tint as well, costing more) but for the most part, the process is the same. The results will be the same, assuming everything goes as planned at home so you can see the results and see if you like it enough to try a lashlift at home.

Or, maybe you decide you love it, but you don’t think you can do it yourself so you continue at the salon.

The latter is definitely not me. I’ve never had a lash lift done in the salon, and like I mentioned, I’m way too frugal to pay for something like that, especially when I know I can do it on my own.

What is a lash lift kit?

A lash lift kit is a perm for your eyelashes. Yes, it’s just like the perms from the 80’s. I know – you’re probably just as mindblown as I am that you can finally ditch the eyelash curler and instead have perfectly curled eyelashes when you wakeup in the morning.

And, not to mention the pool this summer, right?

How do lash lift kits work?

Lash lift kits include everything you need to do a lash lift at home. The process starts by wrapping your eyelashes around pads that are pre-shaped and attached to your eyelids. As the perming solution takes effect your eyelashes are shaped to the shape of the eyelid pads.

It’s really as easy as that!

Are Lash Lift kits safe?

I still have my eyesight, but I was very, very careful. Again, if you’re not handy and detail oriented, I would opt for a lash lift in the salon instead of doing your own eye lash lift at home.

What’s the best professional lash lift kit?

I loved the iconsign lash lift products that I used for my lash lift. There are so many brands (see them all here). I do recommend swapping out the lash glue for the Kiss or Duo brands as the one that comes in the kit isn’t quite as tacky as you want it to be.

The lash glue is one of the key pieces to getting the right curl of your eyelashes so if your lashes aren’t sticking to the pads with the glue, then you won’t get a curl, no matter what you do.

What stores sell lash lift kits?

Lash Lift Kits on Amazon
Lash Lift Kit Walmart options
Lash Lift Kit Ulta options

I don’t think you need to get your lash lift kit in store. The options online at Amazon especially are awesome.

Do lash lift kits work?

Yes, at home lash lift kits work! Check out my before and after below. I have not had to use a lash curler (at all!) and my lashes feel great. They’re not brittle, mascara slides right on and comes off perfectly. When I wake up in the morning my lashes are curled and when I take my makeup off at night they’re still curled as well.

Is the iconsign a good do it yourself lash lift kit?

I love it and it’s SO affordable. I think I will get six to eight uses out of this one kit.

How long is lash lift good for?

The average person sheds 4-5 lashes a day, so at five weeks 30 to 40 percent of those lashes will have been shed with new ones growing in their place. This means that you’ll want to do your lash lift every four to six weeks, but not more often than every four weeks.

Before my lash lift (no mascara):

After my lash lift (no mascara):

Here’s my attempt at an online lash lift class:

Now that we’ve gotten the most popular lash lift questions out of the way, I’m going to tell you exactly how I did my lash lift at home.

How I did my own lash lift at home (my tips and trials):

1. I did my lash lift at night

Everyone was in bed. Yes, even my husband was in bed. I didn’t need anyone giving me a hard time. As you scroll down and see my pictures you’ll understand why. Ha!

I also didn’t want anyone to interrupt me.

One more reason I did the lash perming kit at night – I knew that the next day I wouldn’t need to get my eyelashes wet. You should not get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours after doing your eye lash. I started my lash lift at 8pm on a Tuesday night and I didn’t get my lashes wet with water until 730am Thursday morning so my eyelashes weren’t touched for about 36 hours.

2. I used ClingWrap instead of Saran Wrap.
And it worked! I didn’t have Saran Wrap, and I imagined that the point of it was to keep the solutions from drying out. Atleast that’s what I’m telling myself.

3. The process took one hour.
Well, an hour and a half if you count the 30 minutes going to and from the mirror staring at my handiwork before I went to bed. I was amazed and part waiting for my eyelashes to do something unexpected (spoiler alert: they didn’t, they just stayed curled!)

L’Oreal® Paris Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara that I am currently using (and what I used when I took these pictures)

Onto the steps that I personally took (with great success!): Gather your supplies:
  • Lash Lift Kit
  • Eyeshadow Brush (or other small brush you can use with this kit for good)
  • Better quality eyelash glue
  • Eye makeup remover cotton rounds
  • Hair tie/wrap to keep your hair away from your eyes
  • 3×3 squares of Cling Wrap or Saran Wrap
Clean your eyes

Use the cotton rounds and the cleanser solution to clean off not only your eyelashes, but also the area around your eyelashes including your eyelids.

Cut the ends of the eyelash pads to fit your eyelids

Careful not to cut too much because you need your eyelashes to curl up over the silicone eyelash pad.

Attach the lift pads to your eyelid

Using eyelash glue cover the backside of the eyelid pads.Wait about 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky, close your eyelid and stick the pad to your eyelid with the bumped out part parallel to your eyelash line.

Put a layer of lash glue on the bump of the lift pad

Let the glue sit for 10-15 seconds. Sorry for the really fuzzy photo, I couldn’t really see what I was doing. 

Attach lashes to lift pad

Using the sticks with the pads on the ends, a Q-tip with the cotton tip removed or an eyeshadow brush (that you don’t need to use again for eyeshadow) brush the lashes up onto the silicone pad. Since the glue is still wet, but tacky, the lashes should stick right on.

Apply perm solution to lashes

Being very careful, use a brush to apply the perm solution to the lashes evenly, making sure to get a layer on each of the lashes.

I used this brush that I bought separately:

Sit or lay and cover eyes 8-12 minutes

If your hair curls easily, do 8, if your hair doesn’t hold a curl, do closer to 12. I did 12.

Apply fixation solution – wait 8-12 minutes

Using the brush, get a layer of fixation solution over each lash. Cover again and wait 8-12 minutes.

Clean Lashes

You’re almost done! Use the cleanser and a Q-tip to remove glue and perm solution from the lashes. You will need to spend a little time on this as you don’t want much glue left on your lashes.

Give your eyelashes some nutrition

Using the  brushes that come with the lash lift kit, an eyeshadow brush or a brush nutrition on the eyelashes.

Use the Q-tip with cleanser or brush to sneak under the eyelid pads and gently remove that as well.

After removing the eyelid pads you can brush nutrition on your eyelashes using the mascara wands as well. Too much nutrients never hurt.

Me on the Sunday after doing the lash lift kit at home (still using no eyelash curler before my mascara!) I LOVE the results!!!!!

Additional lash lift kit tips:
  • ** I recommend using an eyelash serum every night to keep your lashes strong.
  • ** Do NOT wash your eyelashes off with water, it will remove the perm solution. I did wash around my eyes with a washcloth, soap and water (but very carefully!)

24-48 hours later wash your face, eyelashes, etc. and enjoy!

What do you think? Are you going to try doing your own lash lift at home? Have you tried it? Have you had it done? I’d love to hear!

P.S. To save money I also do my own shellac nails at home!

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The Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is on sale!

Woohoo! Are you looking for a smaller Instant Pot to take to work or are you feeding one or two people? This is the Instant Pot deal for you if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions!

You can see this deal here.

More about the 3-Quart Instant Pot:

  • All the features of the Instant Pot Duo 60, now available in a 3 Qt compact format.
  • The perfect companion to your existing Instant Pot, use it for side dishes, vegetables or other accompaniments such as rice.
  • Generous capacity, great for smaller families or where space is at a premium. In a dorm, RV or boat. The Instant Pot duo mini emits no steam, heat or cooking smells.
  • Features fully automatic pressure cook programs, 3 slow cook heat settings, saute, rice cooking, steamer, yogurt making, delay start and auto keep warm
  • 700W power to enable it to reach pressure quickly.
  • All Stainless Steel internal components including lid and inner cooking pot.
  • Lid and cooking pot dishwasher safe
  • Head here where you’ll see this deal.
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The padded bralette is a MUST for any gal ages teen and up – and I love that right now we can get this super popular wireless bra in several colors and sizes.

This Padded Bralette is a Top Seller (HURRY!)

Hurry over here where for a limited time only you’ll score the uber popular lace padded bralette at a heck of a price! This product is one that I will gladly buy in every color as I know that I’ll wear them.

And, the fact that you can use bralettes to change up the look of any outfit is a definite added plus!

Shipping will be $3.99 for the first bralette, but only 99¢ for any additional, making these as low as $13.98 each!

Some common questions I see about padded bralettes: Is the bralette padding worth it?

I 100% believe that the bralette padding is worth it! If the bralette has no padding I will always put a bra under it, or wear a strapless bra under it. The padding in the bralette keeps things where they kind of should be.

Where to Buy Padded Bralettes?

I always buy my padded bralettes on Jane or Groopdealz is another place that has good prices on bralettes.

How to Make Padded Bralettes

If a bralette isn’t padded already I will generally use bra cups or bra pads inside the cup of the bralette, but I’m generally pretty over the top making sure that I don’t show too much.

What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?

A bra clasps in the back and has two separate cups. A bralette you’ll find is more of a one piece, even looking much like the top of a swimsuit.

Do you wear a bra under a bralette?

I sometimes do wear a bra under a bralette if the outfit calls for everything to be “in place”. Some outfits require that more than others.

Find this deal on bralettes here.

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My family just adores Great Wolf Lodge and the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City has a special place in my heart as that’s the first Great Wolf Lodge that we ever went to. It is also (so far!) our kids favorite location. But, finding Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City deals is clutch – and we’ve never paid full price, there is always a deal going on if you know where to look.

Today I’m telling all about the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas location, all about the water park, the hotel, the room, Great Wolf Lodge deals and so much more!

Finding Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City Deals + Rooms, Reviews and More

It’s no secret that we just love Great Wolf Lodge resorts. Our family loves the accessibility and (possibly my favorite thing) would be the fact that once you get checked in to the water park hotel you never have to leave which is especially nice when the weather is unfavorable.

The first time we ever went to Great Wolf Lodge we found a Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City Groupon perfect for giving us some additional savings which is always nice.

But, how do you go about finding deals on the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City Kansas location when it’s not on Groupon? This article is all about this location and what you can do to be sure that you don’t ever pay full price either!

Is there is a Groupon Kansas City page that includes Great Wolf Lodge?

There sure is and I highly recommend bookmarking the Great Wolf Lodge Groupon page.

Anytime you want to do a quick search to see if Great Wolf Lodge is on Groupon, this is the place to look.

Although, that’s not the end all be all. There are more places to hunt down a deal on your Great Wolf Lodge stay – let’s visit those options.

What is the best way to find Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City deals?

I mentioned above that my favorite way to find Great Wolf Lodge deals is on Groupon here. There are two other ways that I frequently save on our Great Wolf Lodge stays.

The first is by checking another popular daily deals site; Living Social (bookmark here).

The final way that I have to get a discounted Great Wolf Lodge overnight stay is by checking the Great Wolf Lodge website directly. Finding discounts here is not common, however, once you have completed your first stay at Great Wolf Lodge you’ll find that you’ll be added to their email list getting member only email offers.

These are usually good, but I find the Groupon deals to be the best money saving offer.

One more way to save that doesn’t apply to my family, but may very well apply to yours is the Great Wolf Lodge discounts for military that you can get. Every little bit helps, right??

How often can I find a Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City Groupon?

I have been following Great Wolf Lodge for a long time and see Great Wolf Lodge on the daily deal sites about once per quarter on average. If you don’t see a deal and you have time to book before you’re planning on going, I recommend bookmarking the Kansas Great Wolf Lodge Groupon page here and checking back for deals as you remember – or set a reminder on your calendar.

Is there such a thing as a Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City coupon?

Great Wolf Lodge KC coupons just don’t come around often – unless of course you’re a recurring customer and then they’ll be thrilled to get you back over and over again.

There’s no doubt that the Great Wolf Lodge pricing can be hefty without a coupon though, so be sure to use a coupon no matter the case.

Can you buy a Great Wolf Lodge KC Day Pass?

Great Wolf Lodge Day Passes are not a thing. There s a way to add on up to two guests to your room for a small fee, but otherwise, you cannot only buy passes for the water park. I love that about Great Wolf Lodge though!

Are the rooms in Great Wolf Lodge noisy?

In my experience, Great Wolf Lodge rooms aren’t necessarily noisy. Will your room at Great Wolf Lodge be noisier than say the Ritz Carlton? Probably :). We always travel with a fan for white noise just in case there’s a kids birthday party that wakes up a wee bit too early.

This is the fan that I recommend everyone own atleast one of.

What are some of the activities that you can do in the Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge is like the McDonald’s Play Space on steroids. There are crafts, storytime, stuffed animal stations, candy stores, interactive games and of course a kickin’ waterpark. Some locations even have rock climbing walls and rope courses.

This is why I recommend getting a Paw Pass on your first Great Wolf Lodge visit especially if you’re going to a new location.

What is a Paw Pass at the Great Wolf Lodge?

A Paw Pass is a pass that you buy at checkin or when you book your stay. The Paw Pass is a waterproof pass on a lanyard. Each location is just a little different,, but the Paw Pass is the same no matter where you go – just with possibly different activities listed. Depending on the location, the Paw Pass lists 8-12 things on the back to be marked off once completed by the Great Wolf Lodge staff.

Some things are unlimited and some activities are a one time only deal. Be sure to clarify with the staff at checkin to inquire about any activities that you aren’t sure about.

What are the best indoor water parks in the Kansas City area?

Our favorite water park in the Kansas City are is for sure Great Wolf Lodge. But, if you want to check out other water parks, this is a great resource.

Which is better: Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge?

Again, if you ask the Sorensen clan, we’re team Great Wolf Lodge, but I’m sure there are Kalahari families as well. Check out the Kalahari resort deals here.

Any tips that we left off or questions? Please leave them below!

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