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I received my microwave the next day as was agreed. Very happy with it, easy to use and easy to clean and blends in with my other white staff in the kitchen. I would definitely recommend it to other people.

Only bought this 5months ago and going rusty. Had a full refund with no quibble.

Stainless steel interior was the main reason for purchase. Basic manual controls but does the job and look good.

The size was good looked much bigger inside quite deceiving. I would have given it 5 star but trying to put a minute on was really fiddly it’s a shame the numbers weren’t spaced out more. Not the best manual microwave but it will do.

Good value for money can’t fault this product fast delivery service.

Value for moneystainless steel interior to be recommended.

Bought for the stainless steel interior as the old microwave had rusted. Had it a few months now, easy to use and no rust.

Love it has a stainless steel interior so easy to use and gives perfect results.

But nice to keep clean and works fine, looks quite retro.

This is a manual non-digital microwave, very easy to use with just timer and temperature controls. Hopefully it will last longer with fewer parts to go wrong.

Not my first but not used one for12years this microwave is handy very small great for just 1 person a bit slow i had to cook food longer but saying that some instructions on food is never right i did warm up some water a few times there is slight odor also says in manual a bit buggy on the bell noise. Here are the rough dimensions: d32xw43xh26.

This microwave is simple to use, has a stainless steel interior and looks good too.

This microwave has changed my life. Every day is a joy with this. Whether i use it or not, the thought of it sitting on my work surface back home is like just great. Does it fit in my kitchen – yes. Does it make my food hot – yes. Reviewing products like this is absolutely pointless. Here are the specifications for the Tower T24017 Manual Solo Microwave:

  • Create delicious meals with this 800 W manual microwave with a 20 Litre capacity, suitable for a standard dinner plate
  • Six power levels including a defrost setting offers variety for your cooking requirements
  • 30 minutes manual timer and two rotary dials, for easy and convenient operation
  • Built-in vents help reduce condensation and a removable glass turntable for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel interior eliminates rusting and provides even heat distribution; 3 years guarantee

I bought tower pressure cooker and now microwave very good quality and easy to use.

Easy to clean looks great in my kitchen and the inside does not rust.

Very pleased indeed would recommend.

Did a lot of research on this. After looking at combination grills i decided instead on a simple to use microwave, on the basis that there is less to break down as per reviews. Also wanted a smaller unit, that can still hold a larger plate and something that wasnt just another digital box but retro. Also wanted a stainless steel interior to minimise cleaning and surface deterioration/flaking – which i’d read is a problem with some other interiors after a while. Gave 4 stars as less than 5 minutes is very tricky to get on an analogue dial.

Small on the outside but big on the inside. Delivery very quick and the stainless steel inside is just what i wanted to keep it clean and prevent it from rotting.

Basic microwave,with no frills, it is a bit old fashioned with a dial for the timer, which makes it difficult to put in any time less than single minutes, 3. 30 minutes for example or 30 seconds is impossible.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Basic model
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Stainless steel microwave

Lovely microwave perfect for my needs.

This microwave is so simple & easy to use.

Easy clean interior, quite large capacity yet overall compact size. Short time runs a little tricky to get spot on.

Does the job, but the time controls are not very exact.

Arrived in good time, nice looking microwave oven, good value.

Bought this item for a friend of mine who absolutely loves it .

Looks great performs well and i love the stainless steel interior.

Smart easy to use and clean microwave.

Shame it hasn’t got a 30 sec button.

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Spend many weeks at sea so for my cabin i use a chord d/a converter along with sennheiser 650 this is too bulky for the gym so was looking for something to plug into a ipod. After reading reviews here on amazon sent for a pair knowing music fidelity make some decent hifi equipment. The build quality of the mf 100 is exceptional. Connected them to a computer and left them to run in for four days. After which i had my first listen – mmmm very bright sounding is the best way i can sum these up , however you can play around with your mp3 eq i prefer a flat eq. My wife has aka k451 which are cheaper and have a sound on another level to these mf100’s so much more balanced in sound that also kicks a punch.

I have used/ owned some worthy headphones in the past from sony, sennheiser and bose however; these are the ones i have become already affectionate about. I highly recommend burning them in for 24/48 hrs and then pow. The bass comes through in a lovely full and taut way, without the awful distortion prevalent in cans now. The sound stage is really fleshed out with the mid-range particularly comprehensive and clear. High notes are also pure and voices sing out literally. I have noticed the need to raise the volume to drive them especially on public transport but get them home and minimal effort is needed. In summary a gorgeously made and looking pair of cans from a reputed firm and delivering music at a sonic level way above their current price on amazon.

These headphones sound great until you get to the upper mids which are significantly elevated. For some kinds of musical this allows them to sound detailed but for the most part it is uncomfortable. I decided to keep them because i need the portability mainly but also because i can get a satisfactory tonal balance by tweaking the eq (3. 5khz to 10khz pushed down a bit). They do hurt your ears after a while but that is to be expected. So overall, a good price but don’t expect miracles.

First, a confession: i’m a headphone geek. I own several pairs of high-end cans, and i’ve sampled (and rejected) many more pairs from other top manufacturers. I’ve also been blessed with above-average hearing, so i trust my ears. I believe i know the difference between ‘good’ and ‘exceptional’. The musical fidelity mf100 aren’t exceptional. But they are very, very good – especially at this steal of a price. You won’t think so if you’re of the beats persuasion (a lover of over-extended bass and hollow midrange). But if you have anywhere near decent hi-fi equipment at home, and speakers that do it justice, you’ll quickly understand why these headphones are worth more than their very reasonable price tag might suggest. The mf100 cans come from a hi-fi maker of some considerable pedigree. These guys know how stuff should sound.

First and foremost – simply wonderful sound quality. I had a pair of mf speakers years ago which were superb, and these are equally excellent. Bass is not overdone, but is present in a realistic way), and very comfortable to wear. Over-ear design is great at keeping external sounds out and (i believe) internal sounds inthoroughly recommended.

Arrived quickly and was a good price. My original pair wee working well but the headband snapped so i am beng extra careful with these.

A bit tight on the head, and borderline too bright/tiring, but these are exceptional for the price (were £120 but now £45), and i mean for the original price. They are not bass light, but do not have the artificial bass lift so many other phones have, so the ‘beats’ generation might take a while to appreciate them. They are very different from the smooth, recessed sounding, headphones that dominate at present. They might be too much for some, but after a year or so of ownership they come out more often than my grados do (probably being semi closed helps). I would recommend these but with a bit of caution if you can’t handle the top end.

Absolutely superb headphone at an awesome price, the sound is pin sharp with lashings of bass when needed a true hifi product, well put together as well. I read some other reviews on these headphones about them being of a bright balance but on good quality equipment they excell. Heartily recommended buy these with confidence.

  • Outstanding for the price
  • “Musical Fidelity” indeed!
  • Nice, but needs running in
Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones (Black)

The MF-100’s were designed to make a beautiful lifelike sound. You can hear the artist’s creation as it was intended to be. They are light, comfortable and durable. Long listening sessions are a pleasure. Musical Fidelity’s award winning design team identified and focused on several critical areas to achieve our aims of natural lifelike sound, lightness and comfort (wearability), and durability. Musical Fidelity has a long history of making superlative sounding products at affordable prices. From the beginning the MF-100’s were designed to be true to Musical Fidelity’s heritage. Our commitment is to music and value for money.

Buy on Amazon

Straight from the box, these on-ear headphones sound a bit harsh, but i gave them several hours of nonstop play and the sound improved a lot. So if you’ve just unboxed yours, you haven’t made a duff purchase. The sound quality will remain very detailed, but running them in will smooth the treble and improve the bass quality. The fitted lead is long enough for portable listening, but if you use them at home, you may need to buy an extension cable. I would also definitely advise that you replace the leather pads with the suede/alcantara ones supplied in the box as an option, as they feel much more comfortable. The phones themselves can be a fairly tight fit for some heads, but overall, i am very pleased with them.

Got these at a bargain price of £39. I had been looking for some decent cans for a few months and after testing out many types i settled on these. They seem much more rounded and musical than all the others including akg, grado and phillips, in fact the only others i thought superior were the beyer t90s but they were very uncomfortable. Originally retailing at £120 these are an absolute steal for the price i payed on here, 2 friends also bought them on my recommendation and both think they are top notch. Very good build quality, light and comfortable they now live on my raspberry pi / rune audio set up and i cannot see me changing any time soon.

I ordered these for me son who was looking for headphones that didn’t let in noise. He is very happy with them so i would recommend them.

Amazing headphones for this offer of under £45. A high end headphone that integrates highs, midrange and bass perfectly. This headphone has a relatively fast and taut sound, with a very nice tone. If you like a warm, dark, or bass extreme headphone these are not for you. If you like great musicality, realistic bass, fast rhythm and great tonality these are the ones. Good width of sound-stage but not so good three dimensionally compared to the excellent mf200’s. Very well made, a mixture of a strong plastic headband, and metal holding the earcups to the headband. Very nice faux leather pads, which are replaceable. A spare set of earpads are included.

A bit too bright out of the box, so ran them at high volume from tuner for 3 days. Much better & a really good pair of phones for all sources. You can stretch the headband to suit, as they’re tight from new & changing the pads to the suede-type ones supplied helped the treble as well. To all those who have struggled changing the earpads, i found this by trial & error. Locate the retaining skirt of the earpad in the groove on the metal plate of the headphone & just twist forward thru 360 degrees & it will locate into its slot immediately. Now totally happy with these.

The sound generated by these headphones is fantastic, regardless of genre. I’ve rinsed metal, classical, opera, jazz, blues, hip-hop, reggae, dubstep, electro and various forms of rock through these and they all sounded great. I feel there’s a slight treble bias here – and the upper midrange could be a little stronger – but despite this apparent unbalance, oddly enough the overall effect is superb. And just because the trebles sparkle does not mean that the bass suffers. Where there is strong bass in the music you are listening to, the headphones are able to give plenty of it. Listen to bob marley’s ‘catch a fire’ or massive attack’s ‘mezzanine’ albums and there is loads of bottom end. Overall though, these are not what you’d call a ‘warm’ sounding headphone. They are, however, incredibly detailed. One point made by other reviewers here is that these are a ‘neutral’ headphone, reproducing an accurate sound – thus allowing you to listen to the music as it was meant to be heard. The headphones do not add bass automatically to your music, and on that basis, the mf100s are not for lovers of forward-sounding beats-type headphones, but have a very wide soundstage and are great for nerdy-type reference: you’ll hear far more clearly if a recording has been over-compressed during mastering, or alternately if the music has been afforded a wide dynamic range and sufficient breathing space.

Buying headphones on the internet means going through lots of online reviews, which in case of the mf100 was a sort of a mixed bag. Some reviewers criticized shrill trebles and an inconvenient tight fit. In the end i went for the mf100 based on the hope that a manufacturer of premium hifi equipment would not put its name on product as mediocre as some reviewers suggested – and it turned out that this intuition was right. Great sound, but harsh trebles: there is a controversial discussion on the net about headphones “breaking in” when the moving parts get softer. I never really believed in this, but it was exactly what happened to the mf100. After about two weeks they had lost the shrill highs, but they are still extremely clear and transparent. Therfore, i absolutely cannot agree with some critique i have seen. The sound is simply excellent. I use the phones mostly for classical music with the colorfly c10 and lossless files. Instruments sound exactly as they should, the sound is transparent without getting too analytical, the soundstage is wide.

Musical fidelity have done it again. A giant killing hi-fi product that you don’t need a mortgage to own. They’re a wee bit on the bright side straight out of the box but i’ve been running them in over the last couple of days and this has settled down. They’re not for fans of beats as they’re much more even across the board. Plenty of accurate bass, lovely midrange and crystal clear treble. I listened to the b & w p5’s and i reckon these are better and at half the price. My only criticism is that they seem harder to drive than other portable headphones i have so you’ll have to turn the volume up a bit more than normal. Headphones are such a personal thing but if you’re after a proper hi-fi sound then these should be at the very top of your shortlist for auditioning. A veritable bargain in a market full of overpriced rubbish.

  • Outstanding for the price
  • “Musical Fidelity” indeed!
  • Nice, but needs running in
Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones (Black)

I was able to audition several pairs in richer sounds with my own music device. Nothing beats nice big comfy earphones for an extended listen around the home, as i find in-ear designs really uncomfortable after an hour. I tested these against the grado s80i, akg 490nc, akg550, sennheiser momentum, sennheiser hd25 spii, harman cardon cl and onkyo esfc300. I spent a good hour and a half in store going through my playlist with no sales pressure. I have disagreed with what h-ifi reviews of quite a lot of kit. Very few reviewers are completely impartial, either through commercial or editorial pressure, or simply due to their own preference for a manufacturers equipment. If you bear this in mind and rely on your own ears you cannot make the wrong choice for yourself. I found the mf100 to be the most consistently clear and balanced sounding across the same track selection for each `phone (played on my i-pod classic)freddie freeloader – miles davissession at pete’s pad – henry manciniis this love – bob marleysaturn – holst planet suitesymphony no 6 1st mov – vaughn williamsat least listening to these favourite tracks over and over meant i could never get fed up during my testingbuild quality is very good, and although the headband and earpiece housings are mostly plastic, it is of high quality with a matt rubber type finish. There is a potential weak point where the cable enters each earpiece that the assistant did point out. The momentum build quality was superior in this respect.

Bought as a gift – had no complaints, so they must be working fine.

The construction of these headphones are amazing, but i found the sound quality to be a little too harsh and it felt like it was applying to much pressure to side of my head.

After a few hours running in, for £100 they would be a good buy ,for £35 ,a steel.

Sound quality for the price is amazing. In fact, forget the ‘for the price’ qualification, they simply sound amazing. Almost as good as the oppo pm3s which are 6 x the price. The only drawback is comfort. They are incredibly tight on the head to the point where wearing glasses at the same time is painful.

I’m not sure how these stack up against other £120 on the market, but at £38 they’re a complete steal. Upgrading from a pair of sony over-ear headphones these offer immediate improvements to clarity, you can follow the different strands of the recording much more easily. The bass is tight and goes a lot lower than on my old headphones, letting you heard parts of the tune you didn’t know where there. Buy some before they go, at £38 they’re not going to be available forever.

Musical fidelity, the purveyors of high end hi-fi, have produced a pair of headphones that have all the sound and build quality, and attention to detail associated with this british company, at an affordable price.

I read a review in the times and bought on the strength of that. They are fantastic the sound quality is superb plus the build quality is exquisite.

I would recommend anyone considering these phones demo them. That way you’ll likely get to hear them when they are run in. What you’ll hear is something fast, detailed, musical and lifelike. High fidelity by definition. The bass is especially good, extended but punchy and unlike other ubiquitous fashion accessory phones does not rely on an already lightweight mid to drag its sorry ass through the song. They are slightly clampy but remain on your head well when moving around. Comfort is the reason for dropping a star but don’t let it put you off. Great phones from a great company. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded.

This is a quality product from a genuine hi-fi manufacturer. I am still “running” them in but i have not been disappointed so far and do not expect to be. The microphone option for use with mobile phones is also a nice touch.

I also have a confession to make. Before purchasing these headphones i was a bass junky and didn’t really care for much else. I’d been on a quest for many years to find the “most bass”, and i did (bluedio), it was horrible and now i’ve been having nightmares ever since. No but seriously, i loved bass but eventually i got to a stage where i felt i wanted more from music. I wanted a real pair of headphones. After reading reviews online i went for the ath-m50x’s. Unfortunately, my hearing at this stage was so bad, i was not able to tell the difference between the m50x’s and my good old trusty cx300iis (we all start somewhere). Infact if anything, quite naturally, i preferred the £20 cx300iis because they had more “bass”. After sending those back i discovered these on hukd and decided to buy them. The build quality is very good. Little tight on the head (and i have a small head). The soundstage is very big even though they are not classed as open back; i have never had the opportunity to experience this kind of sound before (the whole soundstage thing is very new to me and i really like it, its mind boggling to me how we are able to hear instruments from so many different angles). I find these to be quite accurate and the bass, this is the best bass i have ever heard from any headphones or earphones i have ever hadnote: let me explain- this does not mean they have the most bass or that they are the bassiest headphones, but more; the bass is just right, it’s not too much, it’s not over exaggerated, its perfect and because of the wide soundstage, it gives off a superb sound like i’ve never heard before. After owning these headphones for only a few weeks i realised what i had been missing for so long.

Delivery:i`m currently with prime so delivery is top notch,no complaints. Musical fidelity mf100 headphones (black):the musical fidelity mf100 headphones are only to my knowledge available inone colour which is black,it could be argued that the headband is in fact a verydark matt grey along with the speaker outer casing &,the rest of the headphonesare indeed matt black. The black headphone cable in non-removable it has a mic& just the one button function for;play,stop & forward (only) on my devices,theseall work extremely well too. When it comes to accessories you get;another set ofspeaker foams black(velvet),felt carry bag & 1/4″ adapter. The headband is of the”thin” size & has cushioning in the middle part only. Out of the box some may findthe clamping force of these rather tight but,they do loosen over a short time or,youcan put/keep the headphones over it`s own box to loosen yourself much quicker thanwaiting for father time to stretch them out further. Sound quality:my hifi power(all the amplification)is by musical fidelity so i like a “flat frequency”response on my hifi gear,this is the sound signature musical fidelity are infamousfor. What you get from a flat response is the ability to hear more of the recording &,the “differences in your music files eg;flac,mp3,cd,etc. With very little if any colouring. Some user`s are not going to like,realize,understand etc.

Great headphones with a very neutral signature. They can be a little tight over the ears with glasses on though, and the isolation certainly leaves a lot to be desired (these are not for wearing on the commute).

Great headphones took a few days to get them singing,i would rather have these than overpriced ones worn by professional footballers as they come off the team bus before a game. I have a naim system and they work great with it as well as my ipad. I find them very comfortable to wear and can’t recommend them enough great product. Natural sound as the music should be.

Quality product, very speedy delivery.

Excellent product; beautifully packaged with extra padded ear thingamejigs (so, cloth and leather affect provided). Arrived real quick and enjoying a great sound.

A steal for £45, lots of competition at the original price. Manufactured in china for musical fidelity but very well finished and sound great.

These are one of the best things i have ever bought. The build quality is superb and sound quality is equally impressive. I reach for these now as my default ‘phones before my much more expensive shures.

Features and Spesification
  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Impedance: 64ohm +/-15%
  • Sensitivity: 98dB +/-3dB
  • Rated Power: 10mW
  • Cable Length: 1.3m +/-5%
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm 4P

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First time to attend cook dishes with gadgets, brilliant fast after all. Easy to use and very clair instructions. Fit all size pots in my kitchen. Will try more different food items soon.

I have used it 4/5 times now and cannot fault it. Its so easy to use as instructions are included. Setting the temp and time could not be easier and its so quiet considering its rotating the water. I’ve done perfect beef pork and chicken so far and cannot fault this as my first purchase of a sous vide appliance. Thankyou for a brilliant device and i look forward to using it on a regular basis to aid my cooking.

Switches it self off for apparently no reason. The on /off button is a bit temperamental. A good starter kit but would recommend going for a better quality one.

Only recently received – cooked the best steak i think i have ever eaten. So simple to use – set the time – set the temperature. Starts to countdown when the water is at the correct level. Used 2 ziplock bags for the salmon, just lowered into water as i saw on a video.

 i like this product slow (sous vide maker) very much. At present, it is the cheapest one at amazon website. I have cooked slow cook chicken breast successfully with this device. This device has no function of bluetooth. In my opinion, there is no longer a need for bluetooth because we should use temperature and timer setting only during the course of cooking. The control penel of this device is a touch screen. It is easy to set the temperature and time by using fingers. Recommended !good product !.

I was a little worried about the unknown name of the manufacturer, but decided to buy it any way. This is my first sous vide cooker so i cannot compare it to others. But i’m very happy with my purchase. One of the best decisions i have made, from cooking juicy chicken breasts , soft flakey flavourful salmon to tasty beef steaks, it makes sirloin come out like fillet steak and even poaching perfect eggs in their shells every-time. This sous vide is the best kitchen gadget i have bought. Highly recommended to any home gastro chef.

This is a very good cooking device, this is a difference to the usual cookibg methods. This not only heats the water but mesures the temp aswell.

Really good tool to have in the kitchen.

It’s the first time i use the precision cooker to cook beef. Different taste from the traditional cooking ways: more juicy and healthy. Easy using but remeber preadd water to the container to ensure safety. Better to use vacuum bag for long cooking at relatively high temperature.

Works well but a bit fiddly to set the temp and time all in all a good piece of kit.

It definitely changes the way of cooking in my home. My child really like the teste of chicken breast cooked by this machine, even burst into crying. And to be honest, it changes my life as a housewife. With this slow cooker, i am no longer an ordinary housewife, but a housewife queen.

Here are the specifications for the KaKoKei Sous Vide Precision Cooker 1000W Thermal Immersion Circulator Accurate Temperature 99Hrs Timer:

  • COOK LIKE A PROFESSIONAL – Using our Sous Vide Immersion Cooker, you can bring restaurant quality results to your home by using the same techniques professionals use! Impress your friends and family with tasty, moist, and succulent dishes with consistent control and precision.
  • PRECISION TEPERATURE TIMER – Digital control panel precise the temperature to 0.1℃ and time to minutes. Wild range of temperature (25-95℃)and timecontrol(Max 99h59mins) allows you to cook any type of food you like and Sous vide cooking retains more nutrients and vitamins than other cooking methods. Cooking at home with sous vide ensures and increases food safety.
  • EASY TO USE – Unlike other immersion circulators which with WIFI and Bluetooth feature are thought as over-complicated and increase your cost. The machine focus on the core functionality of the sous vide cooker itself. Stainless steel sleeve makes it extremly easy to clean and dry out. No need for other fancy equipments,The Precision Cooker will cook your food to your perfect level of doneness.
  • PERFECT COOKING RESULTS – Get results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method,cooking usually requires your constant attention. Precision cooking holds food at a precise temperature so there is no worry about overcooking – the food will never get hotter than the water.
  • POWERFUL BUT QUEIT MOTOR – Put your ingredients in a sealed bag or glass jar into the pot,set time and temperature, then press start to start the process.Noo noise, no overcooking anymore, queit and best deal to bring professional cooking method home.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good product , Good quality !
  • Fantastic piece of kit
  • Great quality!!!

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Item was two days late (amazon prime) but it really is a beautiful stand; glossy & chunky. Exactly what i’d been looking for.

I ordered this as i wanted an all black unit but once built i noticed that the door runners were silver which spoils the look of it. When i asked about why this wasn’t shown on the advert photograph i was told pictures were for illustrative purposes only. Surely this can’t be right when buying online as this is the only way of choosing a product. Other than this cabinet was easy to build and is sturdy.

Excellant product easy to put together and delivery was super quick.

Prompt delivery although not next day as paid for. Easy to assemble except that one of the fittings broke and no spares supplied. Surely it would only cost pennies to provide a spare for each. Really pleased with the look of the unit and how it fits well with a 50” tv. Would have been 5 star but for minor niggles mentioned above.

A very nice cabinet and easy to put together. My only reservation is that i have to have the door open for the virgin box to connect with the remote.

Love the look and the storage even after sky box and dvd player are in. Only reason it never got 5 stars is the runners are silver. It would have been a 5 plus if they had been black.

Very easy to assemble and quick. It fits perfectly in our home thanks to the exact measurements provided. Very pleased with this cabinet, would definitely recommend.

I ordered this unit late thursday it arrive saturday. I am over the moon delighted with it. Very sturdy, easily assembled by my neighbour and matches my other black gloss furniture perfectly. Looks much more than the price tag excellent.

  • Not the same as advertisement pictures
  • Great value TV stand
  • Fab TV unit
Centurion Supports Nora Gloss Black with Gloss Black Beam-Thru Glass Sliding Doors Remote Friendly 26″-52″ LED/OLED / LCD TV Cabinet

Buy on Amazon

Love this unit just what i wanted.

Great cabinet very easy to put together fits all my units inside looks good.

  • Not the same as advertisement pictures
  • Great value TV stand
  • Fab TV unit
Centurion Supports Nora Gloss Black with Gloss Black Beam-Thru Glass Sliding Doors Remote Friendly 26″-52″ LED/OLED / LCD TV Cabinet

Features and Spesification
  • Comes with the revolutionary BEAMTHRU Remote Friendly system, to allow remote control singles to pass through the glass and operate your equipment with ease
  • Designed to hold LED, LCD, Plasma and OLED flat screen TVs from 26″ to 52″. It also has space for home cinema systems, blu-ray player, Sky/Virgin/BT receivers, digital boxes and games consoles
  • A combination safety with style, the Nora is finished in gloss black with gloss black sliding glass doors, complete with toughened safety glass shelves (to BS6206A) to relevant British standards
  • The Nora comes complete with cable management to hide unsightly wires at the rear, and clear and concise manuals for easy self-assembly
  • Dimensions: 98cm x 42.5cm x 45cm (W x D x H)

The post Centurion Supports Nora Gloss : Very happy with this cabinet, it’s just as described. appeared first on Daily Products Reviews.

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Its a good quality machine with a very good price and it gives a very tasty coffee.

I have had several high end coffee machines to try and simulate proper coffee shop coffee, but never succeeded until now. This machine is so easy to use, but you have control over just how you want your coffee, the pressure gauge might seem like a sales gimmick but it certainly is not, it tells you if you have ground your beans too fine or too course also if you have tamped it down enough. If you buy freshly roasted beans (mail order) you will have your coffee just like your favourite coffee shop. Ps i would also recommend the sage bean grinder, it makes a great companion to it.

My husband and i have wanted this machine since we first saw it being demonstrated in the oxford street branch of john lewis. We finally decided to buy the dual boiler as an early christmas present to ourselves. It is amazing, the coffee tastes so much better than anything else we have tasted. We have had 3 nespresso machines, 2 tassimo machines and a gaggia machine before but none of them come close to this one. We always used to have sugar in our coffee but no longer need it because the dual boiler is designed to ensure you never get a bitter tasting cup of coffee. I would not hesitate in recommending this machine, it heats up very quickly and is incredibly easy to keep clean. As part of the deal you also a ‘white glove service’, you simply call sage and they arrange for someone to come out and show you how to use the machine and how to get the most out of it.

This is a very good machine for a home user like me who understands and aspires towards the functionality and coffee quality that comes with high end machines like the rocket r60v. That said i only drink a few cups per day usually in the morning so i appreciate the quick heat up times and good looks. I have paired with a baratza forte grinder, my advice is to invest in a top quality grinder if you can afford to as it makes all the difference to the coffee and consistency of extraction. I found using fresh beans i couldn’t get the grind fine enough without choking up the sage grinder (which i claimed free). The pre-infusion function is good and can be used creatively to alter the extraction profile if you don’t want pre infusion; i found that the pressure was around 10/11 bar so i have used the pre-infusion to achieve 9 bar fixed and this declines through the shot to around 7 this is similar to the pressure profiling functions on high end professional machines. The measured cup doesn’t work and i have tried on three different machines you can only time shots which is fine for me but may be something other users want. I find it incredibly bizarre that sage include this but it doesn’t work??. The milk streamer is excellent a good length wand similar to what you get on the professional machines. The porta filter is solid and 58mm size again like the professional machines, it also has a preheat function to get the thing hot before loading up with coffee something usually achieved by pulling some water through.

After using a ‘rancilio sylvia’ espresso machine for a number of years i upgraded to this fantastic double boiler espresso machine,and i have no regrets. Delighted that i made the change. I can steam milk fantastically well at the same time as pulling a great shot of espresso. I could occasionally pull a good espresso with my first machine but due to my limitations and the physical limitations of the rancillio it was difficult to do it repeatedly. With the sage (breville) machine i can do a manuel pull of coffee or i can set up my personal preferences and at the press of a button can repeat pull shot after shot. This machine can be adjusted for precision time, length of shot and temperature shot is pulled at. I changed the present pre infusion time from8 seconds to 10 seconds and saw an improvement in the espresso produced with the coffee neanderthal i was using. I paired this machine with a ‘vario ‘ grinder from ‘ mahlkonig’ and find it a very easily adjustable and capable machine,a little expensive but in my opinion well wort it. Sage machine bought from bellabarrista. Uk before it was stocked by amazon. For what it is worth i have found that ‘ponticelli’ brand of fresh roast coffee,type ‘cafe superiore’ is great in this machine. Roasted in waterford city,ireland.

I have had my machine for just over a week and am still waiting for my grinder to arrive, so as yet i have only been able to use pre-ground coffee, which is far from ideal. That said, i have produced delicious, rich crema espresso’s and i am sure this will only improve over time. What i really want to say is how well designed this machine is. Everything has its place, from the magnet to neatly hold your tamper in place, to the little ’empty me’.Sign that pops up from the waste water tray when it gets full. Here is my short list of things i have found irritating in previous machines that this one has nailed:1. Solidly built, feels sturdy and reassuringly heavy. Really does look inviting on your work surface. It has little wheels that you can extend to move the whole thing effortlessly when you need to clean underneath.

I’m a real coffee snob, but with good reason. I drink about 8-10 shots a day. This machine makes really great coffee. I only drink illy dark roast and this machine makes it smooth and rich tasting with no bitterness.

Had this for about a year now and quite honestly, although it cost a lot of money, i would not be without it. People now come and visit me to have a coffee now it’s costing me a fortune in beans. It is a serious bit of kit that can make coffee just like you get in an in town coffee shop.

  • Great coffee at last
  • I can’t believe the taste
  • I just love this machine.
Sage BES920UK the Dual Boiler Espresso Machine – Silver

Colour:Silver  |  Style Name:Coffee Machine Only
Product Description, Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine, 2200 W – Silver.
Box Contains, 1 x Both single & dual wall, single & double cup filters (4 baskets) 1 x 480ml stainless steel jug, cleaning tools, cleaning disc and tablets, water filters

From the manufacturer

Award winning kitchen appliances designed to inspire people to produce perfect food and beverage results in their own homes with ease. From espresso machines to food processors, the innovation in each appliance delights. Sage makes the process a pleasure and the end result perfect, every time.

The Dual Boiler espresso machine by Sage, BES920UK Be your own barista and create great tasting coffee to rival the best café.

The Dual Boiler is for the coffee connoisseur who prefers to control every step in the espresso process. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, allowing you to capture the delicate aromatics of the espresso in your coffee by having the espresso and milk ready at the same time.

The 4 key elements of café quality coffee:

  • Dose Amount
  • Precise Water Temperature
  • Optimal Water Pressure
  • Sufficient Steam Pressure
4 key elements of café quality coffee

1. Dose – 19-22g dose for full flavour.

Have you ever wondered why your home-made coffee never seems to taste as great as a café bought one? That’s because most other automatic machines only dose 11-13g of ground coffee, below what’s needed to create that rich, full-bodied taste you get out of bed for.

2. Temperature – Precise PID temperature control.

The difference between an ashy or balanced tasting espresso can be as little as 1°C. the Dual Boiler uses digital temperature control (PID) technology which detects and minimises any fluctuation during extraction, ensuring the temperature is kept at its optimum range, every time.

3. Pressure – Low pressure pre-infusion & 9 bar extraction pressure.

Creating a golden honey crema in your coffee relies on the right pressure at the right time. the Dual Boiler uses low pressure, pre-infusion to evenly soak and expand the ground coffee, delivering a sweet and creamy extraction.

4. Steam – Automatically steaming milk to a silky micro-foam texture.

To get that velvety texture in your milk you need the right steam pressure to draw in the air and create thousands of tiny bubbles. That’s why we created the automatic steam wand for the Dual Boiler, that turns your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, essential for Latte art.

Special features of the Dual Boiler

Smart grinder pro

A good Coffee Machine deserves a good Grinder! Marry your Dual Boiler with the Smart Grinder Pro to complete the 4 Key Elements to a Perfect cup of Coffee.

White glove service

With the White Glove Service, Sage will send one of their coffee experts to your home and set you on the path to extraordinary coffee. Set-up: Installation of the The Dual Boiler. Tune: The machine and your Grinder are tuned to ensure the right grind size and dose volumes for your chosen beans. Talk: Guide you through the cleaning process and tools. Make: Make a few cappuccinos and share a coffee with you.

Barista’s choice

The Dual Boiler is the professional Barista’s choice for their home machine. “24.5 out of 25. Ridiculously good.” Craig Simon. Australian Barista Champion.

Wide range of accessories included

  • 58mm Razor Dosing tool
  • 58mm Stainless Steel Portafilter
  • 1cup & 2cup Single and Dual wall Filter Baskets
  • Integrated Tamper
  • 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Water filter holder and water filter
Buy on Amazon

Cannot fault it, i use with the baratza forte grinder for consistent quality coffee every time. (get beans from local roasters).

If you need coffee this machine is the one you to make it with.

I have now owned this machine for 2 years. It has performed admirably producing good espresso and reasonable frothed milk. The design is pleasing to the eye and thus far reliable. This is more than can be said if heston’s variable temperature sage kettle which no longer switches off when boiling. The lid (which now has a number of cracks) when opened drips water down the handle. Poor design and poor reliability at much cost.

The dual boiler allows you to experiment with the various settings on the machine as well as the firmness of tamp and grind. Making the process of making an espresso a real pleasure. If you avoid buying over roasted beans from a supermarket and go to an independent roaster i’m sure you will have good results. And, if necessary, you will get good after sales service from sage.

It’s lived up to expectations does a great coffee.

Produces excellent espresso and textured milk every time, easy to tweak for different beans and so far very reliable , recommended.

The best machine i have had. Been running 4 years and still prefect. Never go to starbucks as mine is better. This has more than paid for the machine twice overnb: even in a flask things are better.

It arrived quickly, and looks beautiful. I have still to manage to produce of decent espresso, with a thick crema – i’m trying everything from ascertaining the provenance and roasting date of the beans, to tweaking the grind. I suppose practice makes perfect. It certainly produces nice coffee, especially with the milk frothing wand. It has developed a niggle, though, which i have reported to customer service – the default preset temperature of 93 degrees is never reached – the temperature read out displays a flashing 91 degrees, and goes no further, thus making it impossible to produce coffee, as all the controls are unavailable. The only way around this, seems to be to reduce the temperature setting to 91 degrees, or increase it to 94 degrees which rather defeats the object. I’ve tried a machine reset, but it makes no difference could it be a faulty display, temperature transmitter, or does the water really just not get hot enough?. Customer service were pretty quick with an initial response, though, so i give them their due.

  • Great coffee at last
  • I can’t believe the taste
  • I just love this machine.
Sage BES920UK the Dual Boiler Espresso Machine – Silver

Programmed in to make a coffee just how i like it. Just a press of a button now.

“i’ve now had the sage dual boiler for almost 2 years and i’m absolutely delighted with it. I’m a huge coffee fan and with this i’m consistently producing coffee that certainly rivals that of the major coffee chains and at times comes close to emulating the great coffee from my local specialist (read ‘hipster’) coffee shop – and they are huge coffee nerds. I’ve paired this with the sage grinder – with which i’m not quite so happy – there’s not quite the level of micro-adjustment on the grind that really enables you to fine tune the recipe, and it’s not as consistent as i’d like with the dosing – but then, i’m quite a perfectionist. I’ve recently had a days barista training at the marvellous prufrocks in london, and they were very complimentary about the machine as a home espresso maker. Following this, a little fine-tuning to the coffee recipe and a great improvement to the latte art, and i’m producing some stunning flat whites. (for those of you who are interested – generally looking at around 16. 5g of coffee in the basket for a 34g extraction over around 30 seconds. ) being able to change between time and volume for extraction on the machine is amazing – it’s really made a difference in consistency. Getting a mini-scale to go with this to enable calibration has really helped. This machine will encourage you to experiment with all kinds of freshly roasted specialist coffee, as it’s possible to distinguish much more difference in the espresso produced and highlight more subtle flavours.

Very easy to use and produces consistently excellent results. The white glove service was very useful, allowing us to learn how to get the best from the machine. The machine is really well thought out, easy to keep clean, has a quality appearance and feels as if it should last a long time.

Finally bit the bullet and upgraded from my old duo temp machine. It’s expensive but it produces consistently great espresso – and after the initial setting up is very easy to use and so much quicker doing extraction on the built-in timer whilst at the same time texturing the milk. Of course it’s also very beautiful and incredibly well engineered.

The best home coffe machine i have purchased i have have purchased 5 intotal over the last 20 years. ) it produces an excellemt, proefessional cup of coffee time after time.

I could not resist this machine once the price dropped and there was a free grinder on offer. It has been a revelation-so much easier to,use than my traditional italian single head machine. The little touches like water filling from the front of the machine, in-built clock to switch on the machine in the morning, 5min warm-up time. . I could go on but suffice it to say this machine is a leap forward, using electronic controls to really enhance the coffee making experience. Perhaps the italians could learn a thing or two from these aussie upstarts?.

Great coffee straight out of the box, bonus free grinder too.

I’ve had this coffee machine in my wish list for two years now and i’ve been very happy with my old coffee machine that always made a delightful coffee for the first cup but if you made two you could never be sure about the second cups taste. Well i bit the bullet and bought this one and can’t believe the flavours i can taste with the same bean and sage grinder i already had. I was so astounded that i made three coffees just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Having the pressure gauge is very handy to make sure you have your grinder set correctly. If you want a coffee that you have never tasted so good then buy this machine. (i’ve never been to a proper coffee shop though only costa and starbucks and this wipes the floor with them).

You get what you pay for and delicious coffee at that. Waiting for white glove service now, looking forward to seeing what this machine is fully capable of.

Everything you need to get the best out of coffee.

I am really happy with this machine. While it is early days and i have a lot of experimenting to do, i already feel i am able to make successful espressos, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos. The guy josh who came and did the ‘white glove’ service for me was excellent. As well as explaining how to use and look after the machine, he dialed in my grinder and showed me good techniques for filling the filter basket depending on the coffee i’m using (and getting feedback afterwards by looking at the puck), tamping, and steaming milk for both lattes and cappuccinos, even explaining a little of the science behind it. Everyday now i look forward to using my machine and i know i’m just at the beginning of a learning curve. On my experience so far, i would definitely recommend this machine. I am, of course, also very pleased to have got a good price on amazon.

Making nice latte more than coffee shop and good quality and you well never go to coffee shop again.

Features and Spesification
  • Features dedicated stainless steel boilers for steam and espresso, allowing simultaneous milk texturing and extraction consistently at 93 degrees Celsius
  • The brew temperature, pre-infusion pressure and duration are all programmable to set to your taste at the press of a button
  • An over pressure valve prevents bitter flavours in the shot and a low pressure pre-infusion allows for an even extraction and a smoother taste
  • Extraction is driven from a 15 bar Italian made pump
  • Comes with 480 ml stainless steel jug and cleaning tools

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Very pleased with this amp and certainly at the price i paid, it was a snip. So much easier to use the remote and understand the manual than my previous pioneer av receiver. Very smoothly linked in with all my other kit – tv, blu-ray etc. One word of caution: the receiver was supplied with an eu plug. There was an eu to uk adapter in the box but it was completely incompatible with the plug and was therefore completely useless. 50 to buy a correct adapter.

Good product and exelent service thanks db.

This is my first av reciever and i’m very impressed with it. I used to have the logitech z5500 as my main set up but that is nothing compared to this. I like that it has so many features, i don’t even use half of them, but they are handy to have. It is also good that is has double pre-out, this is useful to those who want a dual subwoofer set up. It is excellent with movies and vocals aren’t too harsh or anything. The only problem i did have was that the sound was a little on the bright side when playing music but that can be fixed easily if you change the individual speaker frequencies. Overall i think it’s excellent for the money so i would definitely recommend that you purchase this, it won’t disappoint.

Brilliant amp does everything it has great sound system.

With an increasing number of devices going into the tv i was running out of sockets. This unit now has the one hdmi cable going to the tv (looks much better on the wall) and i have inputs for the cable box, android tv box, wii, chromecast and bluray player. There is even one spare but it also has am/fm radio, bluetooth and a net section which comprises of tune-in radio, deezer, airplay etc. Tune-in is very useful for internet radio, you can connect your account and also save favourites. The chromecast built-in feature came with a firmware update and so far i have managed to cast audio directly from my pc with is useful, maybe this might eventually incorporate video. The mcacc speaker setup feature is great and doesn’t take long, basically this sets up all your levels automatically using a plug-in microphone in just a few minutes. 2 capable but i only have one sub plugged in which is enough for the size of my room. The sound is very good through my diamonds although i would love to hear it through a decent pair of floorstanders, maybe once the kids have grown up a bit and we take back the room.

Not a bad amp for a simple installation. It copes fine with 4k/hdr etc. I use it in a lounge with some old bose speakers and a dali centre speaker. It’s fine but seems to need turning up very high to get some decent volume out of it. There’s no comparison to my old onkyo txnr905 (in 7. 1 in a dedicated room) but i guess i’ve been spoilt in that sense. I’d probably try a yamaha or onkyo next time. This will likely last years though.

This has a few more bells and whistles. Good sound and easy to set up.

Great hub for all your media devices. If your looking to connect all of your devices in one place and maybe want to add some separate speakers this is the system for you.

  • Full of features, great connectivity and above all great sound
  • Not a bad amp for a simple installation
  • Excellent amp for the price
Pioneer VSX-831-B 5.2 Network AV Receiver with Bluetooth – Black

Product Description, Enjoy spectacular images on your home theatre with Ultra HD (4K/60p/4:4:4) upscaling/pass-through, with HDCP 2.2 and support for the latest video standards HDR and BT.2020. Listen to Hi-Res Audio via USB or network. In addition to internet radio and various network streaming services, with Google Cast built-in you can use your mobile device to cast your favourite music to your receiver.Ultra HD (4K/60p/4:4:4/24-bit) Upscaling/Pass-Through with HDCP 2.2The feature lets you take advantage of the highest-quality video source for viewing on a 4K TV. With support for HDCP 2.2, you can enjoy premium content such as 4K videos with digital copy protection on a compatible display. * Supports up to 4K/60p/4:4:4/24-bit with HDCP 2.2 on HDMI IN (1/2/3), and HDMI OUT.Next Generation Video Standard ReadyThe VSX-831 is ready for the next generation video standard HDR (High Dynamic Range) and BT.2020, which were adopted by Ultra HD Blu-ray. HDR is a technology that drastically expands the brightness peak, providing a higher contrast between light and dark images, which creates even more life-like pictures. BT.2020 is a new colour-recording technology allowing a much wider gamut than the current BT.709 standard, enabling vividly rich coloration.Google CastThe VSX-831 has Google Cast, the same technology behind Chromecast built in, so you can use your mobile device to cast your favourite music, radio, or podcasts to your speaker. Works with iOS, Android, and Chrome web browser. Discover Cast-enabled apps at g.co/cast/audioapps. * Google Cast will be available via firmware update in Summer 2016.MCACC Auto Room TuningCreate the optimum acoustic environment with Pioneer’s MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System), developed with the expertise of professional recording studios. With the custom microphone, the system automatically compensates for differences in speaker size, level and distance, and equalizes response.Synchronized Sound with Phase ControlAs an innovative solution for the phase lag between the subwoofer and the main channel speakers caused by the network filter, Phase Control compensates the delayed bass to improve sound synchronization.Internet Radio & Online MusicEnjoy a limitless flow of music, sports, talk, and news entertainment from internet radio stations and online music services, including Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, TIDAL, and Deezer. * Tidal and Deezer will be available via firmware update in Summer 2016.New User-friendly GUIThe newly developed GUI offers smooth operation with advanced features and design. You can easily set up the AV receiver straight out of the box by following the step-by-step guidance. The network setup and MCACC menus are also available on the GUI.Built-in Dual Band Wi-FiEnjoy network features such as Hi-Res Audio streaming via wireless LAN connection. The built-in Wi-Fi is dual band, supporting both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency channels. By using the 5 GHz band, you can enjoy steady and uninterrupted streaming of large Hi-Res Audio files.Built-in Bluetooth Wireless TechnologyWith the built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology (ver. 2.1 + EDR), you can easily stream songs from compatible devices. The VSX-831 features A2DP and AVRCP profiles, with support for SBC and AAC codecs.
Box Contains, VSX-831-BRemote ControlAAA Batteries x 2Indoor FM AntennaAM Loop AntennaSpeaker Set-up MicrophoneInstructions

Buy on Amazon

Very easy to use with tonnes of features. The 4k upscaling actually makes a difference with resolutions less than 4k. I was surprised to see a difference. 1 setup with dali pico speakers and a cambridge sub. I don’t think i’ll need to go to the cinema ever again with this setup now.

I previously had the £299 package. One input wasent 4k hd pass throught and i just bought a new 4k ultra hd tv. So when you buy something new you want it to work. Amazon refuned me this item and so i bought this new bad boy machine. Its £299 just for the reciever but what a reciever it is. When i place my panasonic blu ray player it upscales pefectley, the apple tv upscales perfectley, virgin no but hey ho. My next purchase will be a proper 4k blu ray player panasonic dmp-ub900ebk 4k to complete the set up. The mic that came with the receiver was so clever and in minutes it had completed its set up.

Got it 1 day before scheduled and it works great.

I bought a ps4 pro and a new tv so needed an amp that could handle hdr and 4k, this does both perfectly well. I also like being able to send spotify to the unit. The box came with a sticker on saying that google cast and dts:x were still to come in a firmware update. Replaced my old budget sony 7. 1 unit for less than i paid for the sony 5 years ago.

Very pleased with this purchase. Sounds good and set up fairly easy. Apart from the headphone socket there is no other audio out. My only other moan is chromecast is not available on the unit even though it claims to support it.

I bought this to replace a faulty vsx930 which i had to return as just after two months it developed an sr surround right channel issue. 2 sound and dolby atmos but i really did not need these features so opted to replace for the vsx831, the new version of the vsx830. I have been using vsx831 for a couple of weeks now and have put it through it’s paces. Compared to the next model up the sound is the same and even though the 930 has a hi/res high resolution sticker on it, i cannot hear any difference compared to the 831. The 831 is virtually the same. I noticed there is no physical stop button and display button on the remote compared to the 930 but there is a display brightness button on the receiver. I do prefer the 830 remote to the the 930 though, feels better and the volume level buttons are much bigger. The usb i am using is a 32gb sandisk and it plays most formats including flac with no issues. The pass through feature only upscaled 1080p to 4k even though the 930 upscaled from 480 upwards.

  • Full of features, great connectivity and above all great sound
  • Not a bad amp for a simple installation
  • Excellent amp for the price
Pioneer VSX-831-B 5.2 Network AV Receiver with Bluetooth – Black Features and Spesification
  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with 130 Watts per channel output
  • Integrated audio services include Spotify, AirPlay and TuneIn Radio
  • Ultra HD (4K/60p/4:4:4) pass-through with HDCP 2.2
  • 6 HDMI Inputs, 1 Output. Front USB Input
  • Future audio streaming services – Googlecast, TIDAL, Deezer – via firmware update

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Brilliant, fast and effective. I bought this frother to replace a different design which had the stirrer motor built into the lid and it had seized up. (it was a morphy richards and the fact it’s discontinued is telling). There’s little chance of that here as the motor is sealed in the jug. After a couple of years use i am more than satisfied this was the better choice. A friend has had their’s for five years. An obvious bonus of the jug and handle is that it’s easy to pour – i never used the lid as i’ve never seen it froth over. Also obvious is that you do have to clean it.

Good points: fast, froths well, cuts out at correct temperature. Bad points: does not switch off like a kettle, if you don’t switch off manually, it starts up again when you put it back on its base. Max capacity is only enough for one mug. Must be scoured out after every use as milk burns on bottom, would be better with non-stick coating. Sticking-out handle gets in way on worktop, would be better with conventional jug handle. There must be better milk frothers than this, check them out.

Lovely item and fast post thanks.

I must have tried eight or nine milk frothers in search of the perfect one. This is not actually perfect, but it’s one of the nearest things to it. It does do what it says and does froth milk well enough for a pretty good cappucino.

Very effective, especially when not using too much milk. Better than previous milk frothers i’ve used.

This is great for being able to froth enough milk for me and my friends to enjoy a frothy coffee all in one go. It is also good for doing hot chocolates for the kids (2 of them). However it is a little fiddly to clean.

Very pleased with the milk frother, it turns an ordinary drink into a real treat.

Ordered this milk frother and to be honest i didn’t thing it would be much good but it is terrific . Makes wonderful frothy milk and is super easy to clean, as long as you remember to rinse out the jug before you put the milk in and leave about a tablespoon of water in the bottom, then the milk does not stick or burn. I have had no problems following this method and of course do not fill above the max line, which is printed inside the jug. It heats up the milk to the perfect drinking temperature, which stops the milk from loosing any flavour. You can also order spare impellers should you ever need to. To sum up a great little device that makes the creamiest frothy milk.

Fabulous it does 2 lattes or cappuccinos at a time.

This is the third one of these milk frothers we had had. The good news is they froth the milk up really well even skimmed milk. The bad news is they are not made to last, if you get 12 months out of them they are doing well.

Works great, does exactly what it says it should, easy to clean, quick to heat and froth milk. Its perfect for hot chocolate/coffee.

It makes very good hot frothy milk for capucino and hot chocolate. However as milk is heated up from the base hence the base must be scrubbed thoroughly after each use. Considering we used it quite rarely, after 1 year it stopped working.

Use it with my tassimo instead of using the milk pods , better taste and cheaper in the long run. Here are the specifications for the Judge Milk Frother 750 ml:

  • Cordless stainless steel body
  • Handy lid keeps milk warm
  • Simple one touch operation to heat and froth milk

Great frother but not the greatest design to keep clean as there is a small gap between the element and sides of the unit.

Creates hot milk with plenty of froth very speedily – and is easy to clean.

I am a very satisfied customer as the milk frothier does a wonderful job making it lovely and warm. With plenty of good froth for a yummy coffee or hot chocolate. I first saw my brother in law use his in south africa and was chuffed to see this product equally as good and quick delivery to my house. I recomemend this milk frother to anyone requiring a quick cupa at home.

Does not hold 750ml max is 300ml.

Exerlent , other than it need to have a automatics witch off, like a kettle, otherwise when you have poured the milk out and place it back on the base it starts up again and burns the frother.

Every time you warm the milk it burns the botton of the jug and it is very difficult to get it off i wouldnt recommend it and also doesnt heat up enough milk at a time ,i was thinking of sending it back.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fast and effective frother
  • Excellent while they work
  • Does the job but could be designed a lot better

This is a very good milk frother and much better than the steam ones built into cheap coffee makers. The only issue is that it catches on the bottom and needs a bit of a scrub to get it off. Have been using it every day for the last month or so and still as good as day one.

Hi, as a family we wanted to make coffee more like that from a cafe, and after looking at espresso machines it became obvious that the coffee itself was only part of it. To make latte coffee, you need hot frothy milk, and the steam pipe supplied on coffee machines seemed slow, noisy and hard work. You use it exactly like an electric kettle – pour in a cup of milk, switch it on, it purrs away quietly for a few moments, switches itself off and then you have hot frothy milk ready to use. It is really, really easy to use, makes even instant coffee into quite a good latte, and of course makes frothy hot chocolate etc as well. There are a couple of very minor down sides. You have to remember to switch it off after use, because if you don’t it switches back on itself when it has cooled down enough. And because the milk expands so much when it gets frothy, you can only do quite a small amount in one go – enough for two medium/smallish cups. If you wanted two big cups, you have to do one after the other. Nonetheless, a brilliant way to get hot frothy milk, and highly recommended.

Use this all the time, it’s excellent.

Nice to look at and works ok with two small issues:(1) it has a pouring spout on only one side. No idea why manufacturers would not have put one on both sides. I am right handed but would prefer spout on the other side. (2) more annoying, the unit heats and froths for a fixed amount of time. So, the more milk you put in the less hot it is. Wouldn’t be been better if it always heated to a fixed temperature. Again, the funny thing is the manufacturer includes a thermal switching the unit anyhow (you cannot switch it on a second time, unless you out cold milk in it), so i would have thought heating to a fixed temperature would’ve been an easy option.

Easy to use, doesn’t have loads of pieces to wash. Brilliant gadget for when you are too broke to go to starbucksor costas and you really fancy a latte.

Great for lattes very easy to use would recommend this product it is so fast in heating up milk u can use it for all kinds or milkie drinks.

I bought this product after spending a week with my friend and using her very expensive version. As i couldn’t afford £200+ we looked online and saw the judge heater and frother which had great reviews. It does everything my friends does but for a fraction of the price.Only 2 small gripes, 1 it does seem to over do the froth and 2 it burns the milk on the bottom all the reviews i read prior to buying it did say this was an issue so i was for warned. All i do is soak it for an hour then rub gently and it all comes away no problem. This product is brilliant and equals the much more expensive heaters and frothers.

This is a great product i love it , only takes a minutes or so to acheive warm frothy milk for your cup of coffee or two.

You won’t be disappointed in this product, it’s very good.

Very happy with this product, froths very well though slightly larger amounts of milk is just luke warm.

This is so good i got a second one for my friend. It makes the best hot milk for a good late. I would by this again and again.

Sturdy, quick and easy to clean.

I am going to get another one for work. Paid for itself easily within a month.

Only had it a couple of days, but used several times ,so far it’s excellent, as hot as you would buy a cappuccino in a coffee shop, doesn’t take up much room, i only use skimmed and it foams brilliant,.

Fantastic piece of gadgety kit. Have bought 2 more for friends.

I have previously had a coffee maker with a steam vent – couldnt get it to do much- and a jug a bit like this one that came with a nespresso coffee machine. I had been very happy with the jug but it stopped spinning the little whisk so i looked for a replacement. A direct replacement was £70 which i felt was rather steep. This one is about half the price but froths the milk better. I didnt want a manual type one of me heating the milk and having to keep checking the temperature etc etci fill just above the minimum line with cold semi skimmed and it gave loads more froth than my old jug. The little whisk thing in the bottom is only held on by magnetism onto a little metal blob on the base of the pan so it pulls off by its central ‘handle grip’. I have found the milk catches slightly on the base- it did on my jug – but the stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean off. It does come with rather extensive instructions for such a gadget – but just fill with milk to somewhere between the max and min levels engraved inside the pan, put on the lid, plug in and switch on at the socket and on the pan handle. The light on the on/off switch illuminates as it heats and froths. When it turns off its ready.

This product is very quick at frothing the milk,but on the down side it doesnt heat the milk enough,it is only luke warm,so i rarely use it now.

This is great but us not 750ml like it says it is 300 ml i purchased thinking ut was 750ml i cud av got the 300ml cheaper elsewhere.

I’m using it most of the time and my friends love my coffee when i make it for them and use the milk frosher i’m glad i bought it.

Bought this to compliment my philips saeco coffee machine and it does just that. Heats & froths quickly and is dead easy to clean.

Works good and looks good too.

Doesn’t seem to heat the milk up as hot as i thought it would.

Excellent item, extremely easy to use and clean , end product looks very professional and i would recommend to others.

This milk frothier can make a filter coffee or instant coffee into a latte or other milky coffee, children love the frothed milk as well.

I have quit costa coffee as the frother make great drink.

Heats 300ml of milk quickly with plenty of froth even using semi skimmed milk. Easy to clean, frother unit is magnetic just pulls out. Quick to wash easier to clean than ordinary milk saucepan. Make an expresso first with hot water and instant coffee and you have enough frothy milk for two large mugs. This is an absolute must for hot milky drinks.

Marvellous way to make frothy coffee.

Fabulous machine, makes amazing non lumpy hot chocolate and great frothy milk for lattes. Not only bought myself one but one for my friend who also loves it.

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Absolutely love it, i get my pods from tassimo as they are good with customer service i recently received a wrong item and they sent two more tl replace the wrong one also sent me a spare service disc as i had lost mine.

Awesome, i love this machinegot it in the sale for 29. 99the pods may seem expensive but compared to coffee shop prices they are a bargain, i buy in bulk to cut costs further, a 3-5 pound coffee for around 60-80p.

I have found the best way to make the best tasting coffee, without reading the instructions i eventually got it working and made a coffee and wow what a taste, have decided to order more pods.

Bought this for my husband to have at the side of his bed. Perfect christmas present at £35. Does the same job as the one downstairs except it was about £50 cheaper.Does have a smaller tank though.

So i ordered from gamernoid for a bit cheaper the corner of box is damaged (as told by manufacturers) no problem tho the machine is amazeballs i’m in love (don’t tell the wife tho).

Loving this, the latte and oreo hot chocolate are both amazing, my boyfriend also loves the expresso. Easy to use and clean but instructions have no words, only pictures so lucky is pretty easy to use.

Still sorting out different flavours and sizes of coffee as i am not a confident coffee maker. Great size for the kitchen and stays nice and clean. Great value and love the adaptability to cope with coffees, teas hot chocolate etc.

Bought this after my starbucks coffee machine broke, and it’s great. There’s a decent range of coffee available although i haven’t yet found anywhere that does just the milk pods.

My son has been wanting one for so long as its the first thing he does at mine , get tassimo. It arrived promptly and my son could not wait to unpack it. It has seen mote use in the last few months than mine has in a few years.

Amazing bought this for my fiancé for christmas and he and i both love it, and he actually enjoys making drink for me now .

Still have this little machine and i bought it 2 years ago and it is still as good as the day i bought it.

I personally don’t drink coffee, but this was got as an xmas gift for my better half- and she (and anyone else who’s tried it) love the drinks. I’ve tried the oreo one, and thought it was very nice too have a hot chocolate pack on the way now (cadburys/ milka/ suchard), and really looking forward to trying those.

First time had one of these what a treat ok dont use all the time but a daily tread of hot chocolate or latte or emericano it’s so easy to use and takes up little room too.

I’m a student and i brought this when it was close to deadlines and it got me through great, pods of coffee are a bit expensive (3. Normally 8) i brought the pods from tesco. Machine makes the drink in under 30 seconds. The reason for 4 and not 5 stars is i can drink the drink right away and its not the temp i’d like it to be, much cooler.

A great machine, our first one of this type of machine, easy to use and keep clean, it does it itself, fast and as i said, easy to use , i would recomend it to anybody.

Good machine drinks could be hotter easyenough to set up drinks taste a bit like plastic saw same product in other sites for £34. 99 just after purchase would recommend.

Great coffee maker had mine for months now makes the perfect cup of coffee, the only downer the pods are not cheap.

Bought as a present which was well recieved.

Bought this for our kitchen showroom whilst having new displays fitted – we normally use the integrated coffee machine on display, this is a cute little machine and does exactly what it says on the box. Great selection of discs came with it too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Professional quality drinks, made very easy!
  • A must for coffee drinkers
  • Love love love

Excellent product used over and over no cons for this it’s just fabulous.

Use this all the time – my son makes hot chocolate daily and i like the kenco coffee pods – no need to visit costa or starbucks as this makes nice coffee. The pods are quite cheap if buying in bulk.

Fantastic little machine and perfect for a latte. I had been wanting a tassimo for a while but couldn’t justify the price, however at £35 it’s a bargain and works a treat. Purchasing another for the in-laws.

This is the first coffee machine i have ever owned and i must say i am not disappointed. This machine is easy to use and makes a lovely cuppa. I do think the discs are a bit expensive but overall i love this little machine. Its is quiet and makes a drink in minutes. I am looking forward to trying all the different flavours that tassimo have to offer.

It is compact so doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. Ideal for just one or two people and easy to use.

Just what the coffee lover in me needed.

Enjoyable great to have , i usually use this over the weekends more than weekdays well , worth it looks lovely in the kitchen.

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Superb headphones wit ha great sound, very stylish look. The best in that price range.

It hurts your ears from the pressure after a couple of hours of continuous wearing.

Great set of comfortable headphones. Reasonable price for the sound quality as well.

Good sound ,love it, really good use if every day.

The sound signature for me is near perfect with deep impactful bass (not boomy) clear highs and mids. As a bit of a headphone nut believe me when i say i have tried all other brands in this price range. These include bowers and wilkins p3, bose soundtrue, sennheiser momentum on ear and these trump all of them. The fit is comfortable and the passive noise isolation is good for an on ear. Only downside is there is no case or carry pouch supplied but highly recommended.

I wear these every day for work. I’ve had other brands that have failed, frayed, irritated, fizzed and finally been canned. These aren’t the showiest, or most prominent of brands – and not the cheapest, but i finally took the plunge when it was on offer on amazon prime day. I has since bought two more for my parents who live in a flat and weren’t able to listen to anything properly without disturbing neighbours. Wish i’d gone over to these sooner as the quality of sound is crisp, full and undistorted. I guess it matches my taste better that the others i’ve had.

I bought these to replace a pair of apple/beats ep headphones. Sound quality: absolutely superb. Sound ok with my iphone and great with my macbook pro. With an headphone amp they sound even better. Sound isolation: open ears to isolate quite well, ok for commuting without cranking the volume to much. Build: really well made and removable cable. Mic is really good and clicks well. Packaging: b+o, so packaging is well thought out.

Great quality for the money.

  • Excellent Headphones
  • Five Stars
  • Fantastic present My husband loves them and the quality
B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H2 On-Ear Headphones – Carbon Blue

Product Description, B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2 On-Ear Headphones with In-Line Remote and Microphone – Carbon Blue.
Box Contains, BeoPlay H2 headphones;Quick Start guide

From the manufacturer

Lightweight and stylish on-ear headphones

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

Firmly grounded in Bang & Olufsen’s sound and design principles, B&O PLAY interprets the same core values for contemporary products created for a life on the move. We deliver best-in-class acoustic performance to bring you music the way the artists intended it – authentic and clean.

BeoPlay H2 – Carbon Blue B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

BeoPlay H2 is an ultra flexible, on-ear headphone featuring a superior sound experience and inline microphone and remote for hassle-free control. BeoPlay H2 is always on: fashionably, comfortably, effortlessly on, matching your identity and lifestyle.

  • Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound
  • On-trend design with adaptive headband
  • Lightweight yet durable, with lambskin ear pads
  • Detachable and interchangeable cable
  • Inline remote and microphone
BeoPlay H2 – Details

Bang & Olufsen Sound

BeoPlay H2 is tuned for life on the move. Featuring the acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, H2 is designed to bring you sound so precise and passionate you will experience all the beautiful details your music has to offer.

On-Trend Design

The wide range of colors, the detachable cable and the variety of accessories make BeoPlay H2 a perfect companion for any lifestyle – and a cool choice with any outfit.

Adaptive Headband

The headband is adaptive, which means that after you’ve worn it a couple of minutes the headband adjusts to fit the size of your head. After you take off the headphones, they return to the original size.

Lightweight and Luxurious

The composite structure is incredibly light, yet it is also extremely durable and strong. The genuine high-quality lambskin on the ear cushions guarantees optimal and luxurious comfort – so you can keep H2 on all day long.

Features On-ear, closed back Ear pad design creates passive noise cancellation Inline remote and mircrophone
Colour Options Carbon Blue, Silver Cloud, Feldspar Green Special edition Shaded Rosa, Deep Red
Dimensions (L x W x H) Fully retracted: 21.1 x 3.5 x 18 cm Fully extended: 18.5 x 3.5 x 20 cm Weight: 0.33 lbs
Sound Specs Frequency range: 20 Hz – 22 kHz Impedance: 27 Ohm Sensitivity: 99 dB at 1 kHz rel. 1 mW
Cord + Microphone Cord length: 119.9 cm Detachable cord with 3 buttons (volume and call control) Microphone: MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS)
In the Box BeoPlay H2 headphones Cable with three-button remote and microphone Quick start guide and warranty information
Accessories Sold Separately A cable with one button and a microphone (Android compatible) A cable with three buttons and a microphone (iOS compatible) A short cable for being active. A long cable when you want to relax
Buy on Amazon

Bought at the lighting price, so even better.

Fantastic presentmy husband loves them and the quality x.

Very good but unfortunately i preferred the comfort of my previous bose around ear headphones.

Sounds amazing, but it’s very uncomfortable. After half an hour with them on my ears hurt.

Quick delivery and great sound quality.

Crystal clear sound quality. Bought them as a gift for my partner but ended up cheekily buying them for myself as well.

Light weight and comfortable on the ear. Brilliant sound quality and love that it is noise cancelling. I now want to listen to all of my music again with these headphones.

Have been using them every day for last half year or so.

  • Excellent Headphones
  • Five Stars
  • Fantastic present My husband loves them and the quality
B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H2 On-Ear Headphones – Carbon Blue

Would recommend trying them with a high fidelity sound source to appreciate the quality of these. They sound pretty good with regular streaming or mp3 type music. The materials used are premium and the headphones are extremely light. These were an absolute pleasure to use. As good as they are, the wife has nicked them off me now :-).

These are great headphones, very good sound quality and stylish. Though due to their fixed and non-adjustable frame wearing glasses with them is a bit more difficult, but still okay. I’d perhaps suggest others to glasses users which are adjustable – but i still think they are great.

Lightweight but can see why others have thought they were tight. The sound quality is unreal. Had a pair of bose qcs before and these possibility exceed them at half the price.

Much like other review, the band is quite firm, so can be uncomfortable for glasses wearers.

Seller – item arrived quickly, no problems at all. Item – all around great headphones. Great sound for base and high notes. Mutes environmental sounds well. One of the nicest looking headphones around. Soft and comfy ear pads, however they do sit on your head very tightly which can make them uncomfortable over long periods of time (although this helps mute environmental sounds). Overall i would definitely recommend.

For the money, these are simply excellent. I have far more expensive cans than these that do not sound as good.

Bought as a gift based on all the reviews.

I just received these after picking a pair up in the recent prime day. I wear earbuds usually, for short periods of time, recently i’ve started finding them uncomfortable for more than an hour at a time. I was after an over ear pair of headphones for this reason. I have bought some recently, and whilst the sound was okay, left me feeling dissatisfied. I’ve read reviews of some of the best and most expensive headphones on the market, and whilst i love music, can’t justify the price to myself. Recent disappointments have made me rethink my thriftiness. When i saw these come up with over 50% i just had to buy them. I can’t say enough good things about them. So comfortable, sturdy and the sound is unbelievably good.

Headphones are very good indeed. Easily one of the best pair of headphones that i own.

I have just purchased the beoplay h2 my old and much more expensive bose nc headphones having died. This was after doing a lot of online research. The improvement in sound quality, richness and depth is amazing. I was slightly concerned about the lack of nc capability but the fit is so good that this is not an issue and the benefit of lightness more than makes up for it. To be fair, the fit does take a little getting used to since they seem tight but once on they are very comfortable. They don’t fold up for compactness when travelling – i cannot wear in-ear headphones – but this is a very minor niggle and they do not come with a case or bag. I have always considered b&o to place function secondary to expensive form and to be wary of the brand but these prove me wrong. I am no audiophile but i would challenge anyone to find a better headphone available for such a price.

Good sound, comfortable on ears for prolonged listening, but volume needs to be turned up higher than other headphones (when i listen to my ipod).

Fantastic quality, cannot fault.

I bought this on an amazon lightening deal and they are absolutely excellent. We have had them a few months and they’re still working very well. They cancel out any background noise and are without question the best headphones i’ve ever owned. They look very expensive and have been dropped a few times but are still working perfectly. I use them daily when i go jogging, can’t recommend them highly enough.

Not too bad, little uncomfortable, if i were to buy headphones again i would splash out a lot and buy something more substantial.

Great headphones with just the right balance for mids and lows to experience the real sound of music. The build quality is excellent from a brand like b&o, which i could not expect anything less. I use them daily so can’t really fault them. Sometimes after long listening sessions my ears would ‘hurt’ a bit, but it really depends how you fit them on your head. There is also an inconvenience to wear them with glasses as they are so tightly fit. I would also wish that they came with two cables for both android and iphone.

I did a lot of research before purchasing these headphones, i had a rough price in mind (around £150) and through reading many reviews and actually trying these on in store i can honestly say i have never had a more comfortable or capable pair of headphones, i use an ak jr to play cd quality or higher and these headphones nail everything perfectly. From the smiths, to muse, to chet baker i am very satisfied with my purchase. These are very well made, the headband is perfectly sprung so the leather cups fit on the ear but you don’t feel like you are wearing a head brace and the cups themselves are incredibly comfortable, even after hours, they also block out enough external noise without needing to crank it up too high and let enough sound in so you don’t not hear the ambulance. Don’t hesitate, you will be happy i am sure.

Features and Spesification
  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Honest and passionate sound experience with your portable device
  • Design that follows the latest trends in fashion and clothing
  • Incredibly lightweight headphone with genuine lambskin on the cushions
  • Detachable and interchangeable cable
  • Inline remote and microphone

The post Bang & Olufsen B&O PLAY by Beoplay H2 On-Ear Headphones – Carbon Blue : Excellent sound quality & very comfortable; Premium materials appeared first on Daily Products Reviews.

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Nice sound good to pair nice compact case.

Comes with handy soft case that holds the (folded) earphones and leads.

These are not sound-cancelling, however they do a good job of blocking out most of the ambient noise around you. The battery, charged by usb, lasts a good few hours, and doesn’t take too long to charge. What i particularly like about these headphones is the ability to be paired to (10 i think) a number of simultaneous devices, and with any two of them live at once. So, i’m currently connected to both my ipad and android phone.

Great range and sound quality and very comfortable when you are used to them.

Excellent no wires and excellent sound would recommend this item.

Good sound and materials used. This makes headphones feel good when handling and used on ears (no hollow is great). Sound is good all around so nicely balanced. I have used them while cycling and headphones stayed on nicely so fare (not the safest idea). A review metioned that they fall of when you are not stationery, definitely not the case for me so fare. To explain this bit more they have to be adjusted to your head size, with most of headphones for me this is 3 to 4 clicks or what feels most secure and confortable and avoid sharp head movements forward (done bit of testing). Great when paired with phone since wired headphones with big drive units are not great match with phone. I have all type of headphones and use them all for different purposes. So for me the purpose of this pair of headphones is to pair with phone and that advantage of compact size and enjoy the music.

I wanted the on-ear version and not the over hear version as it would make my ears too hot. I love the fact that in wireless bluetooth mode i can connect to two devices at the same time. The battery does last a good long time and the headphone wire is replaceable. The sound is great, not bass heavy as so many headphones seem to be these days.

I couldn’t be happier with these headphones. The big doubt with bluetooth headphones is always volume level and sound quality and on these both are excellent. I like to listen to some music pretty loud but i rarely use these on full volume. I have one or two much older albums which i digitised and put on itunes that pay slightly low volume from my iphone, but not many. As for quality i can hardly believe that they are bluetooth as well as so small and light. The quality – especially of new music – is excellent. Battery life seems good too although i haven’t really pushed them yet. Worth every penny and i had them shipped to hong kong too.

  • Best Headphones I have ever bought.
  • Good and comfortable, but slightly on the lower volume side
  • Bought as a present for dear husband.
Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black

Product Description, Cut the cord and set your music free with Bose SoundLink on-ear wireless headphones. The sound is powerful and clear – you can switch easily between music and calls with intuitive controls and play for hours with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. They’re also 40% lighter than comparable headphones for a comfortable fit, so it’s easier than ever for you to unplug and unwind. Enjoy detailed and balanced sound that raises the bar for Bluetooth headphones. Bose TriPort technology works with Active EQ to deliver music as dynamic as their high wired headphones. You’ll hear the deepest lows to the clearest highs, without a wire in sight and with up to 15 hours of play time, you can listen to your favourite music, watch a movie, check out videos and still have plenty of power left. Get a full charge in just 1.5 hours by plugging the included USB cable into a wall charger or any mobile device with a powered port. If the battery runs down, a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2 hours. The adjustable headband rests gently on your head and ear cups rotate for a personalized fit. Soft cushions cradle your ears and all materials are lightweight and built to last. The ear cups fold up to store in the compact carrying case and there’s an extra cable, so you can plug in and listen if the battery runs out. If you get a call while you’re listening to music or watching a video, just touch a button on the right ear cup and you’re instantly connected. Touch again to play, pause, skip and make calls. Roam up to 30 feet while connected to your smartphone and tablet at the same time. Voice prompts tell you battery life, connection status and who’s calling. Your phone conversations are clear with SoundLink on-ear headphones-even if you’re on a noisy or windy city street. Dual microphones reduce background noise to make sure your voice is heard and you’ll hear your caller’s voice clearly, because Bose technologies automatically adjust your headphones’ volume as the noise around you changes.
Legal Disclaimer, Returns accepted within 7 days at customers own costs.

From the manufacturer
Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Available in your choice of black or white.

  • Crisp powerful sound from the one of the best sounding wireless headphone.
  • Enhanced microphone system for clear calls in windy or noisy environments.
  • Up to 15 hours of playtime with rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Easy to use with state of the art interface, including voice prompts.

All Music. No Wires.

Cut the cord and set your music free with the first on-ear wireless headphones from Bose. The sound is powerful and clear, you can switch easily between music and calls with intuitive controls, and play for hours with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. They’re 40 per cent lighter than comparable headphones for a comfortable fit. So it’s easier than ever for you to unplug and unwind.

Designed for You

The adjustable headband rests gently on your head, and earcups rotate for a personalised fit. Soft cushions cradle your ears, and all materials are lightweight and built to last. The earcups fold up to store in the compact carrying case. And there’s an extra cable, so you can plug in and listen if the battery runs out.

Hear and Be Heard

Phone conversations are clear with SoundLink on-ear headphones—even if you’re on a noisy or windy city street. Dual microphones reduce background noise to make sure your voice is heard. And you’ll hear your caller’s voice clearly, because Bose technologies automatically adjust your headphones’ volume as the noise around you changes.

Power to Spare

With up to 15 hours of play time, you can listen to your favourite music, watch a movie, check out videos and still have plenty of power left. Get a full charge in just 1.5 hours by plugging the included USB cable into any mobile device with a powered port or wall charger. If the battery runs down, a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2 hours.

Fingertip Controls

Get a call while you’re listening to music or watching a video? Just touch a button on the right earcup and you’re instantly connected. Touch again to play, pause, skip and make calls. Roam up to 9 M while connected to your smartphone and tablet at the same time. Voice prompts tell you battery life, connection status and who’s calling. So you can leave your smartphone in your pocket—or all the way across the room.

Ideal Sound, Unplugged

No wire, no hassles. It’s just you and your music.

Get ready for performance that raises the bar for Bluetooth headphones. Detailed and balanced sound you can enjoy everywhere you go. Bose TriPort technology works with Active EQ to deliver music as dynamic as our best wired headphones. You’ll hear the deepest lows to the clearest highs, without a wire in sight.

Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II Bose SoundLink on-ear Bluetooth headphones
Fit Type Around-ear On-ear
Charger Included
Charging Time 3 h 1.5 h
Battery Life 15 h 15 h
Battery Type Rechargeable battery Rechargeable battery
Carry case Hard Hard
Detachable Audio Cable
Wireless Range 9 M 9 M
Noise Cancelling X X
Buy on Amazon

I bought as present for my husband. We always rely on bose and it never disappoints us.

Superb quality of sound and good build quality. Connection range is impressive too, works for long distances away from my phone on bluetooth, however would be great to have it a bit lighter in the next iteration.

This is a pretty nifty gadget. If you allow yourself to move away from celebrity gadgets (cough beats cough) you’ll be amazed what’s out there. The ear piece is prefect size. Connects to devices effortlessly (we have samsung phones and tablets)6. Charges up fast and lasts for a long time. I like the volume and control buttons situated on the right side of headphones. When phone is connected it also informs you of your notifications. I would’ve preferred the head band (?) to be a bit wider bit that’s my own personal preference not that it diminishes the sound quality in anyway.

Been using this buy from amazon since about a year. Pros1) sturdy2) unquestionable sound quality. I can hear every instrument playing the in the background of the song. I listen to old school rock and pop. I dont think its for the base lovers through. 3) inbuilt microphone which is perfect for phone conversations. 4) long lasting battery – i charge it once a week after about 2 hours of daily use. 5) quick recharge – 100% in about 30 to 40 min6) headphones, when corded, can be used in flights too. Dont have use the crappy user airplane headsets. 7) i have used it for an 8 hour flight and they get a bit uncomforable after about 6.

They even sound great when using on a plane. I haven’t a bad thing to say about these. These are cheaper now than when i bought mine a few months back but they are still worth every penny. Another perfect product from bose.

I was looking for bluetooth over ear headphones, but couldn’t find any which would be in my price range and have good reviews. I went through many recommendations and ended up with a choice between these bose ones and the philips fidelio m2bt. I must say i liked the fidelio more from the design and comfort, but i can unfortunately not judge them on sound as they can not connect to apple iphones. They have apt-x which apple doesn’t support, therefore i couldn’t even pair the headphones. These bose are very comfortable on the ear, and the sound is pleasant, not overbearing at all. The bass is very subtle, so if you are looking for heavy bass, go for beats or fidelio (if you have a compatible phone). My headset didn’t move much on my head unless i was trying to shake vigorously as if i was on a metal concert. The one thing i would say is a little disappointing is that it (a) doesn’t protect you from outside sound as much as it claims it will and (b) that the sound itself is a little on the low end. So travelling on london tubes, you struggle hearing anything even on full volume. Music is ok, but movies or tv shows are pretty difficult to follow. I will try it with the cable next time, maybe there is going to be an improvement on that.

They are easy to connect to a device, the sound quality is good and there are no annoying wires. I would definitely recommend these.

Stay charged for a very long time. Spent so much on in ear phones that don’t stay in place and go flat really quickly, these have been a treat. Added bonus of warm ears in the winter.

  • Best Headphones I have ever bought.
  • Good and comfortable, but slightly on the lower volume side
  • Bought as a present for dear husband.
Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black

Fantastic headphones just what you expect from bose.

I now feel like boss all around the house.

Brilliant clear quality sound.

They lasted about a year or two. After the soft material came off one ear cup and had to be glued on a couple of times, i ordered a newer version of the headphones.

Muffles-out, outside noise every well. Built well with ‘good’ plastics, good b/tooth connectivity and controls, can link to more than one device at a time, i. Battery life seems above previous types experienced. Saved £60 ( about i think ).

I use these every day at work, listening to music from my iphone (spotify) or laptop (iplayer) mostly. The battery quite often lasts me the whole working week (bearing in mind the time i am in meetings etc), and they charge from empty to full in a couple of hours. The sound quality is very good and the range is very wide, exactly what you would expect from someone like bose. I can’t imagine they would be very well suited to active applications (such as the gym), as the ear cushions are very slippery and the headphones have fallen off my head before whilst sat at my desk. Overall, a massive upgrade from the ones included with my mobile phone.

A bit sweaty on the ears due to the plastic cushions. Foam or something like cotton would be better.

I bought these for my husband for christmas. ,yes there expensive but so worth the money. The sound is great and you can’t hear anything else once on. He was one very happy husband. If your looking for a decent pair of wireless headphones these are the ones.

The sound quality is brilliant and the connection process is really easy. It can connect to two devices at once, but only one of them can play through them at any one time. Also, when wearing them while walking, you can hear the reverberation of footsteps right through them. By putting them over half your ear this stops, but that does reduce the quality of sound a little. If you’re using them purely when sat around they are really great, otherwise perhaps look elsewhere.

These are absolutely perfect, good sound quality and easy on the ears. Plug in or bluetooth spot on.

Bought these for y husband who just loves them, he says they are very comfortable to wear & the sound is excellent.

As you would expect from bose.

Features and Spesification
  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 40% lighter than comparable headphones
  • Adjustable headband for custom fit
  • Crisp powerful sound from the best sounding wireless headphone in its class
  • Microphone system for clear calls in windy or noisy environments
  • Up to 15 hours of playtime with rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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