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Following is a list of 21 ways to show your man that you love him.

You love your man so very much that no matter how many times you say it out loud in a lifetime, it will never be enough. That is why you need more than just one way to express the overflowing love that you have for him.

There are so many things you could say out loud to your man expressing your love, and those may be the most sweetest things to say, but sometimes love demands more from you. Love demands expression in all forms possible, and commitment to keep doing those little things every now and then for your partner. Love demands more than just verbal and sexual ways of communication even though they are very enticing.

All of the little ways mentioned below are sweet and would definitely show your man that you love him and he means a lot to you. Apart from all this, the important thing to remember is to do these little things without any expectations. You are just doing little things that if done for you, would make you feel loved and you know your partner would like.

So let’s get started :- 1. Give him a back massage

Anybody would love a good massage to start the weekend after a hectic work week. Don’t wait for him to ask for it, just do it because you know he would like it.

2. Cook for him

Surprise him by making his favorite dinner recipe every once in a while. Sharing food, making food , or even buying food is the ultimate form of love. Cheer him up on a bad day by making a comfort meal. Nothing else can ever beat that. If you aren’t much of a cook, you can follow some good food blogs for easy recipes.

Ps. –Swayampurna Mishra’s blog is one such blog you could look up to for some cooking inspiration. http://lapetitchef.in/

3. Help him do a tedious job

Extremely annoying and mundane tasks like unpacking after a trip, sorting out the mail, organizing the desk or the closet , or even running errands.

4. Kiss and hug him hello and goodbye every single time

Well, it might not be possible if you don’t live together yet, but being there for him right before leaving or returning from something important, does make a difference. A quick hug could mean so much. It shows your man that you love him because you are there for him, supporting him on good days and bad.

5. Listen

Just listen to him even when he talks about even the most absurd things on planet mars. Maybe he is talking about something at work which for some reason is completely irrelevant to you, but when you really listen to him it shows that you care. It tells him that even the most unimportant of things are worthy of your attention because they are in some way affecting him. It goes on to show your man that you love him, no matter what.

6. Make sure he knows that you remember him

Every time you grab a glass of water for yourself, get one for him too or maybe text him a stay hydrated reminder if he is away. It’s just small acts that matter the most.

7. Appreciate

If he is ‘the man’, he is surely doing little things for you every single day out of love. Make sure you notice those little things he does everyday and appreciate his love, care and help. Let him know that you are grateful to have him in your life.

8. Pick up his favorite snack

While shopping for groceries, make sure you pick up his favorite snack before he runs out of it. It shows your man that you don’t only know what he likes, but also remember when to refill. It clearly means that his needs are important to you and you like fulfilling them as and when you can.

9. Leave him little letters (or even emails) of encouragement

Even if you live together, writing letters is the most beautiful and classic way of expressing love. Every once in a while, when you feel proud of him for doing something at work, in general, write him a letter of appreciation and encouragement. It would surely be a good addition to his day.

10. Include him in your big plans, and decisions

Even if you are already sure of what to do and how to go about it, when you ask for his opinion and consider it seriously, it makes him feel important. Infact, it is also a good practice for your relationship. Even though you are capable of taking your own life decisions, your partner should be a part of it.

11. Remember things for him

No, I don’t mean you have to mother him and remind him of everything he needs to remember. Having a note of his schedule and future events that are important to him does not only help you in planning out activities for the both of you, but also is of great help to him. It is human tendency to forget things, and wouldn’t you be grateful if someone reminded of those things?

Have a note of the things that he needs to get done, like getting the car oil changed, buying his medications or even buying a present for his friends birthday. Remind him of these things if he forgets , or maybe go the extra mile and do it for him if you have a little spare time at hand.

12. Look at them from across a crowded room

This is the easiest and yet the most beautiful way of expressing love. At a party, in a crowded space , just looking at your man quietly from across the hall, in a very innocent and coy manner can be extremely affectionate. When your man finds out that you have been looking at him, he will certainly feel good about himself.

13. Head massages

Give him a head massage every time you feel like he is stressed out. It is one of the best ways to help him destress after a long day, and will also make him feel loved. This is one of the best remedies for a headache too.

14. Create a playlist especially for him

Select his all time favorite songs, to create a playlist that you know he is going to love. Add it to either the audio system in his car, or play it on a speaker everyday while he takes a shower. Do not tell him about it beforehand, let this be a cute little surprise for him. Also, it would be a good idea to keep updating the playlist and surprise him every now and then.

15. Take special care of him when he is unwell

This one goes without saying, you are going to take care of him in times of need. While you do that, remember to give his those extra cuddles. He doesn’t just need his medicines, and blankets, he also needs you around him for comfort and warmth. Those would really mean the world to him.

16. Show interest in his hobby

Even if you knew nothing about it at first, and maybe you detest it even now. The fact is that your man has a lot of interest in this sport, or activity. Encourage him to take time out for his hobby because it makes him happy. Try to share his excitement, and get him a tool or something for this thing. He will certainly appreciate this gesture because it goes on to show your man that you love him.

17. Let him have some guy time

Of course there are things that he enjoys doing with you, but there are other things that he has always enjoyed with his buddies. Let him have a late night or two with the boys, or even a weekend. This one is a bonus for you too, you can use that time to do something you enjoy doing alone or with your gang. You both need your separate time just as much as you need to be together. So, let him have that time while you enjoy yours.

18. Send him a sweet treat

Well, your man might not have a sweet tooth, but he wouldn’t mind a little sweet snack delivered to his office. There will always be days where you fight over petty issues and don’t have the time to make up. Send in a little something to make up for it, your bae would be cheered up.

19. Give him the remote

There are so many decisions that you would have to make as a couple, and you are going to argue about each one of those. One of the choices that you would have to make almost everyday is, what to watch. Once in a while, just give the remote to him, and let him solely decide what to watch, and watch it with him. You can also let him decide what to eat, because it is about letting him making the decision than the decision itself. Do this without any arguments or intrusions whatsoever. It is something really small, but letting him control something is another quirky way to show your man that you love him.

20. Text him you are at wor

Every time something reminds you of him, send him a sweet text. Don’t just restrict your texting to the mundane everyday tasks or things, spice it up a notch just like new found lovers. Don’t do that all day, but every once in a while, let him know that you are thinking of him and that you love him.

21. Make some good cinnamon flavored coffee

Cinnamon is surely the smell of love because you just need a little bit to make the place smelling heavenly. A good hot drink at a time when he really needs it, is very comforting. Let him wake up to it on a lazy winter morning or give it to him while he is working late at night. You just need to put in a little effort and this will surely make him feel loved.

The list mentioned above will surely show your man that you love him. Although, your man might be just as unique in his liking, so make sure to personalize these recommendations according to your partners personal preferences, because nobody knows him better than you do. 

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It is not unknown that art has stress relieving effects, but most adults still shy away from practising many art forms. They either think of art as a practice better suited for kids, or are just too busy to take time out for it.

However, now that people have started taking mental health seriously, art is finding its way back into their routines as a therapeutic practice. Art is now being used professionally to treat people struggling with mental illnesses. It is also a great way to de-stress and can keep you mentally healthy. Moreover, it is something that might bring back childhood memories which is bound to make you happier. It will also help you to relax and express any of your pent up emotions.

The only thing that is holding us back is the stigma around practising art as an adult.

Amongst many other stigmas in society, this one also really needs to be done with. If as working adults, we can take time out every single day to go the the gym, jog around the park or do hardcore workouts to be physically healthy, then we can definitely take some time out for our own mental well being as well.

Why don’t we start today, with just a few things that we already have, and give about 20 minutes everyday to see the difference.

Remember, all of the activities mentioned below require almost no artistic abilities, and the goal is relieving stress, not making an instagram worthy masterpiece. So do not worry about perfecting the art, go with the flow and make a mess if you feel like it.

Here is a list of 6 stress relieving art therapy activities that you can try at home today :- 1. Zentangle art-

For those of you who don’t know, zentangles were designed to be a meditative art form. They comprise of small repetitive patterns which are used to fill up a larger space.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Now draw any shape you like on it,a rectangle, a square, a circle, a star or even a combination of these. Next, fill up those spaces in and out of the boundary of these shapes with small repetitive patterns.

Experiment with triangles, lines, waves, sea shells , circles , spirals and everything else you would fancy.

While you continuously draw these patterns, it would grab all of your attention and would serve as a good distraction from the negative thoughts at the end of the day. At last, you would have a page full of art and a mind, less stressed.

2. Mandala art –

It would be a sin if we do not include making mandalas in a list of therapeutic activities.

Mandalas are ancient religious symbols, which have high value in Buddhism, Hinduism , Islam and many other religions. It is a very widely practiced art form across the world, and one of the most calming and stress relieving one at that.

Mandalas basically comprise of intricate designs made in and around concentric circles. Mandalas may not look anything like the universe but represent it in all ways. The circles are used because they represent the universe in not having a beginning or an end. The intricate details and designs inside of it shows its vast capacity.

Even though you would need a lot of practice and tutoring to learn how to make a good mandala, but you can always make one for healing. It’s the process that matters , not the outcome.

You will need a pen or two, a pencil, a paper and a compass or anything to make circles (if you are not willing to freehand it ). All you need to do is draw concentric circles and start filling in patterns inside it.

You can start by drawing a small flower at the centre and work your way up. You can even incorporate the zentangles, if you would like to.

Of course you can google some images for reference, but your mandala does not need to be in any way similar to those you find online. Just start drawing, and make it your own way.

3. Watercolour –

It is impossible to even stress upon how satisfying it is to just look at a painting being made, and making one is even more of an overwhelming experience.

If you don’t have any watercolours, just go and buy an inexpensive set, or grab your childrens paint box, or borrow from someone you know. The other thing you need is a brush which you would get with the set, and some paper. Just make sure the paper is watercolor paper or is at least thick enough to not let the paint leak through. The last thing you will need, is some water.

That is it, get watercolouring. You don’t even have to make it look like something, if you don’t want to. You can just put some plain water on the paper with the help of a brush, then add some colour to the wet area and just enjoy looking at the colours. Try mixing different colors and blending them. If the colours bleed, let them, you don’t have to have complete control.

As long as you enjoy playing with these colours, play with them however you wish to. It is incredibly stress relieving and enjoyable. Also, it requires a lot less patience than the previous two methods. (If you are doing it just for fun)

4. Art journal/ collage art –

This one is for those of you who aren’t comfortable drawing at all. All you need is an old diary/ scrapbook/ journal or even a notebook, some glue , some old magazines, newspapers, Polaroid pictures and a pair of scissors.

Cut out and collect all your favorite articles from the paper or magazine , or pictures of a celebrity you admire , your old Polaroid pictures , or anything memorable. Arrange them in an order you like and stick then on to your journal or scrapbook.

You can add some crochet lace, little hand written notes, buttons, ribbons and every other miscellaneous item you can think to decorate your journal with.

This is a fun activity, which will help in stress relieving and also in preserving your memories. It is one of the easiest ways of creating something while enjoying the process, so just get started.

5. Doodle –

To doodle means to draw lines, patterns or even caricatures without giving it a thought. This is something we all have done during those boring lectures, office meetings or those extremely long phone conversations.

This again is extremely stress relieving and easy. Even the haters of art have done it at some point in life. You don’t need anything else other than a pen or pencil and a paper.

It does not even take up a lot of time, it is super easy and quick. You can make doodles of your food while you wait for your food, or even during those boring lectures and conferences. It can mean absolutely nothing, or can narrate a story. Try making a doodle of the man/woman giving the speech in your private diary the next time you are stuck at a boring conference. It does not have to be perfect , it just has to cheer you up.

It is so much better than checking social media handles for fun.

6. Adult colouring books –

For those of you who just love to colour, this one is for you.

They have been in the market for quite a while and are supposed to be quite helpful in destressing.

These have super intricate pre-made designs, and you need to carefully colour them in. You can use pencil colours, sharpies or any other type of colors you want to use.

Just using different colours and putting in so much concentration into this can be rewarding.

These adult coloring books are working well as a stress relieving art book, and if you are willing to take up colouring as your art therapy, you should surely give it a try.

Here is pocket size one suitable for beginners- https://amzn.to/2jWusiL

Disclaimer – all of the activities mentioned above are personal suggestions. Do not consider them as professional advice. Please seek professional help if you need it.

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What home feels like, because it is so much more than just brick walls taking up space. In fact, it isn’t necessarily a space, or a building;  it can even be a person that makes you feel that way.

What home feels like is your own safe space.

A place for you to be your real, raw, vulnerable self, without any fear. This is your place filled with comfort, warmth and love, where you can confide in happily and sleep soundly. It does give you the sense of privacy and security that you need but it always becomes so much more than that.

Home feels like that protective hand of a father over you, the warm hugs on a winter morning and that little pinch of cinnamon, I add to my coffee.

Home feels like another living, breathing member of the family.

It demands love, care and attention from time to time. You need to take care of it with love and affection, and it will give you what you need. It beckons to you every now and then, for a new look, a little leakage fix, and for the teeny-tiny moderation that it wants. 

It is very reflective in nature, it will give back only what it receives. If you stuff it with waste, and treat it carelessly;  you cannot expect it to radiate positive vibes. It has to be fed with love for it to be loving and welcoming.

Home is just like a part of you.

You don’t just exist in this space, you live in it. You paint it in your own colors and add elements to every corner of the place in accordance to your personality and taste. Consciously or unconsciously you keep adding your personality into the house, it changes and evolves with you, it catches your vibe and after all, home becomes a reflection of who you are.

Home feels like healing.

Like the bandage to a wound and medicine to an illness. The only place where even broken hearts and souls can be mended is at home. This is where you learn that things can break, but you can always create art with broken pieces.

This is where you unwind and open up your wounds, where you can cry your heart out, talk about the best and worst of experiences and walk out feeling calmer, composed and free.

Home feels like taking in all of your favorite scents together, overwhelming but beautiful.

Sometimes, on hurried Monday mornings, home can smell like a burnt toast devoured without complaints. It also smells of comfort food, rustic authentic wooden furniture, and sometimes even dirty diapers. With time, it takes up the smell of people living in the house,. Just like two old lovers who start smelling like each other, your home starts smelling of you. 

Home feels like love.

A place where you make love, you brew love, you grow love and you keep on creating more of it. A love devoid of insecurities, anxiety, and any other complexities; in which you feel secure and are proud to have. A love which makes you feel thankful every single day.

What home feels like is a lover, or maybe it’s the other way round; a lover starts to feel like home.

Picture credits- Pixabay

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Amongst all the love stories ever written, these are 3 unconventional must-read books about love.

There are many stories of love that have been written and rewritten a number of times. There are many classics, all time favorites, heart-wrenching love stories that have had our hearts since forever. Only some love stories have the ability to stand out, make you fall for it even if it is uncomfortably so.

Disclaimer: Coincidentally, all the three books mentioned below belong to the pre-feminism era. All of these contain some content that might be very intriguing to anybody who believes in equality. These books are commendable despite that.

1.Love in the time of cholera

Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez is a story of love that gets as absurd as it can.

It is the story of Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, who fall in love at a young age. Soon, Fermina realizes that this is nothing but an infatuation of her immature age, and decides to marry another man of her father’s choice – Dr. Juvenal Urbino. A heart broken Florentino still does not lose hope. He decides to wait patiently until Fermina is single again, so that he can reclaim his love for her. He gets an opportunity 50 years later, when Fermina’s husband Dr. Urbino dies.

“He waited for this day as no one else could have waited for anything or anyone in this world “

It sounds like an unadulterated story of unconditional love, but that is exactly what it is not. It is filled with extramarital affairs, a culture that finds rape completely normal, and even child abuse in the name of parental care.

The beauty of this book is that even after fifty three years, seven months and eleven days and nights have been narrated with a considerable amount of filth in it, you would still crave for a love like this. It has been written so beautifully that you would long for this lunatic obsessive unfaithful love story to have a closure and a beautiful one at that.

“It was as if they had leapt over the ardous calvary of conjugal life and gone straight to the heart of love. They were together in silence like an old married couple wary of life, beyond the pitfalls of passion, beyond the brutal mockery of hope and the phantoms of disillusion: beyond love. For they had lived together long enough to know that love was always love, anytime and anyplace, but it was more solid the closer it came to death.”

The author with ease compares a fatal disease – cholera to love, uses the times of cholera as a background for a beautiful love story to flourish, even gives the book an intriguing name and it all somehow makes sense. The book deals with themes of death and decay of humans and of nature, which is a delight to read.

Read it for the beautiful writing that makes it one of the must-read books about love.

2. The boat wreck

The boat-wreck is an English translation of Rahindranath Tagore’s ‘naukadoobi‘ by Arunava Sinha.

It is more a tale of destiny than of love. It revolves around 4 characters, ( Ramesh, Kamala, Nalinaksha and Hemnalini ) and the relationships that they come to share with each other, all owed to destiny.

The story is set in the early 19 hundereds and gives us a glimpse of the then Indian society.

The men in the story are nothing like the typical Indian ‘macho‘ man. There is nothing stereotypically masculine about them. Especially Ramesh, his character depicts a real man, not overpoweringly strong, someone who has to obey his father, struggling to choose between his love and his uncalled for responsibilities.

The two female protagonists have contrasting characters, but both are equally lovable. One is a learned individual who holds intellectual conversations with men, enjoys embroidery and knows little about the household tasks; while the other manages the house with complete devotion and efficiency, is not very well read (barely knows how to read and write at first) yet had the courage to fight her own destiny all alone.

The bond of love shared by Hemnalini and Ramesh is something us millennials will find hard to understand, but it’s surreal and beautiful in it’s own, poised way.

Destiny plays a very unfair and complicated game in the story of these four characters, and it would have been really hard to believe, if it had not been written by the one and only Rahindranath Tagore.

Infact one of the characters Ramesh, at one instant says ” What terrible jest is fate engaged in?..this is like a novel, and that too a badly written one”. He also thinks to himself, Such contradictory matchmaking is possible only for an uncaring writer like destiny- it conjures up events that the timid novelist dare not write in his imagined stories.”

Arunava Sinha’s translation is simple, there is an ease in the language and yet the story comes across very convincing. The coincidences, the role of destiny , the timeline could have all been difficult to believe in but the characters are so convincingly written that your heart would want to believe in them.

It is also one of the most unconventional, must-read books about love and destiny, something you would not come across very often .

3. Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina begins with its most well known line, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in it’s own way”.

It is set in 19th century, Russia. Marital relationships amongst the so called civilized aristocrats of Moscow, have been discussed in this book from all perspectives possible.

Anna is married to a 20 years older senior statesman, Karenin. Their loveless marriage has never been fulfilling for the passionate Anna. She falls in love with Count Vronsky, a handsome military officer, despite her husband.

Anna wants to break off her cold marriage for love, but love has never come easy.

Thus, the book isn’t just about love, infact it’s more about the suffering that it causes to everyone.

The characters and the inter-relationships have been crafted meticulously depicting the complexity of affairs. There is a lot of dishonesty, disloyalty and hurt in all of the relationships in the book, which makes it a tragic story of love.

Even though Tolstoy decided to name the book after one of its characters – Anna; this book isn’t just about her, and in no way glorifies her.

It is also about Levin, Kitty, Vronsky, the obslonky family; controvertial idealogies of the then society, social prejudices and a lot of adultery.

Anna does not come across just as a beautiful, aristocratic woman, but also as an immature and self-centered person. Infact, none of the characters are portrayed as completely black or white, all of them are shown as is, in shades of grey.

However Levin, who is supposedly the voice of Leo himself, is the most likeable characters of all.

It isn’t like any other book, which you would want to finish in one sitting. It’s a classic which is supposed to be enjoyed, just a few chapters at a time. It isn’t like any other tragedy you would ever come across, because no one else has been able to provide such relevant perspectives, balancing the white and black areas of each character with dignity.

All of this makes Anna Karenina, one of the must-read books about love of all time.

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A tale of sunrises and sunsets;
These two phenomenons,

which occur everyday,

are beautiful and majestic,

in their own way.

It breaks my heart,

to even say it out loud,

They have lost their glory somewhere,

and it is nowhere to be found.

Summer vacations as an Indian kid meant a long staycation at your maternal grandparent’s place. Amongst other things, sunrises and sunsets have always been a huge part of my summer breaks.

On many such long summer breaks, my summer romance with the sun flourished into a serious affair.

The tale of sunrises.

When I was just 7 or 8, I used to accompany my Nanaji( grandpa) on his ‘extremely’ early morning walks along with my cousins. He used to wake up long before sunrise, and even though he didn’t wake us up, we would somehow manage to wake up before he left the house.

At that hour, the streets were light up only by the few street lights here and there. The earthy smelling ‘coolers’ (an essential in every Indian house) that were put on before bed still had enough water to last another couple of hours.

The town was still asleep, but in just a few more minutes, as we walked in those dark streets, we could see the first light of the day.

We saw the darkness of the night fade away as the rays of the sun made their way. The chirping of the birds grew stronger and louder with every passing second. The wary street dogs would also let there gaurds down as the sky changed it’s colours.

The same air that felt a little eerie just a few minutes ago, became the cool and soothing early morning breeze.

Everything around us changed, as we walked to the park.

We stopped at every temple gate down the street to bow our heads with respect, even when they were closed this early in the morning. About half way to the park as the sun was now out, the only places that opened up catered to the early morning walkers. These were small tapris serving chai and poha to the forever hungry Indian gut, a delightful sight in a small town. We just kept walking towards the park and past those stalls with Nanaji and his group. ( One doesn’t get to eat before one exercises )

Basically, we set out in complete darkness, would walk towards the rising sun for real and till the time we reached the park, the sun used to shine in it’s full glory. That was it, just a few days every year, stepping out before sunrise, being able to watch the sun rise and walk towards it, that was all it took for me to be able to love this experience.

Filling me up with warmth and hope, sunrises had my heart!

Sunsets are a different story, the one where we returned from a different park.

After spending the late afternoons playing in the colony garden, I used to accompany my brother to one end of the colony, where we used to climb up the wall and sit there watching the sunset.

There was a small lake nearby and the sun would often set right in the middle of it with it’s almost sanguine reflection. The sky would turn a blush orangish red and the stark white birds would all fly back home together.

It felt like all the hustle and bustle of the day had just stopped for the time being as if making a reverence to the setting sun. Just faint sounds of, the kulfiwala’s bell trying to sell the last kulfis of the day, the sizzle of the chatwala’s tawa as he sets up his stall, worried moms calling their children to head back home and rebellious kids on their bicycles murmuring something in the background.

That was all what we could hear in the quiet and serene corner of a fairly crowded city. Just the perfect location to observe how the sky changes its colour, from an azure blue with hues of purple to different shades of crimson and then slowly fading to a plain dark field allowing the stars to shine through.

Extremely majestic, every single day.

Of late, things have been different.

Sunrises and sunsets are hardly ever enjoyed! I do not remember waking up before sunrise if it wasn’t to catch a flight or a train. While, sunsets are now reserved for sunset points and sometimes, just sometimes, to be enjoyed on my way back home.

It has now come to a point that, I do not even know with what audacity have I been claiming to love the sun since forever.

Life is moving fast, and priorities are changing with it. Evenings are spent watching Netflix rather than sunsets and mornings are spent lazying around in bed. Those things have their own pleasure and value, for sure , but those are certainly making us compromise on some amazing natural phenomenons every single day.

There are just a limited number of sunsets and sunrises each one of us have, and most days we waste one of each.

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Dear bub,

I choose you; out of all the people in the world, I choose you. I choose to give away all my love to you, to trust you with my heart and be your companion in every aspect of life till the end of my days.

I choose to love you today and I promise to do the same every single day. No exceptions, No conditions and no expectations.

I know that it is not going to be as easy as it sounds, but I am committed to making this choice every single day of my life.

On the days you make me feel special, I am going to choose you; and on the days we drive each other crazy, I am going to choose to love you even more.

I will keep choosing to love you on the days we make passionate love and on days our bodies are too weak for that. On days you pull me closer into your depths, I will succumb; and when you try to push me out with rage I will hold on to you until you melt.

I have chosen you along with all the chaos in your life and all the complications that this relationship can possibly bring to us; but most of all I choose to love you for you. The ‘you’ that you were before you met me, the ‘you’ that you are today and the ‘you’ that you are going to be with time, I choose to love each of these versions of ‘you’.

If I could, I would have chosen to be there with you ever since your first breath until my last. That was never a choice I was given, but I cannot afford to lose this opportunity now. So here I am choosing to love you today, tomorrow and every single day till the end of my days.



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We live in a world where everything is just too wide of the mark to be corrected in time, and therefore the least we could do is try to be more kind.

We can never know what someone is going through, and how our words and gestures can have an effect on them. Everyone is struggling with something or the other, so let’s make an effort to be more kind and not make their life harder.

Globally, we are struggling to fight climate change. We are hustling everyday to find better ways of, waste management, sustainable development, and amongst other things,somehow sleeping peacefully alongside a snoring partner.

As different nations, we compete with each other by participating in the race of becoming a super power. We invest our time and money in nuclear weapons, which although are necessary for defense and keeping unwanted intruders at bay, but during difficult times do we just have to prove our nationalism by warmongering on social media?
Of course there are other issues such as sexual assault, unemployment, hunger,poverty, poor quality of life, educational rights, unequal distribution of wealth and slow internet; but the political systems have their priorities straight.

These are some of the battles we are all fighting; but on a deeper and more intimate level; we all are fighting our own battles. Whether it is financial, mental, physical, psychological or an emotional problem; we are all dealing with more than one of these.

All of these things combined together is too much for any one of us to handle. We all take this frustration out in some way or the other.

More often than not, we let it out on our significant others. We do this because we love them, we can be our real selves in front of them and open up completely.

They don’t judge us, no matter how much we bitch about our bosses, our work or anything else for that matter, even if we are being inappropriate. They just let us be for the time being , because they understand where all of this is coming from.

They might let it go when we sometimes shout and argue over frugal matters, or behave unreasonably, because they mostly know our side of the story and can understand our situation.

It is a completely normal process, we all need to talk about things, maybe even shout and scream or behave unreasonably every once in a while.

Having said that, it is also important that we be more kind and compassionate towards our significant others. Just like us, they also need to vent out their fears, worries and insecurities.

Therefore, it is essential that we take turns in being the understanding one in the relationship. This may help in keeping the relationship healthy.

Other than our significant others, we also tend to let our frustrations out on the people we don’t even know. On people who we believe are in some sense less powerful than us at the moment.

From the food delivery guy who couldn’t get the directions at once, to the airport manager who was not even solely responsible for our flight being late; we have all, at some point, behaved unreasonably with them.

When we are paying for a service, we are certainly entitled to a service worth our money.

As consumers we also have the right to complaint if something goes wrong, but do we just have to do it this way?

Can we all not be just a little more kind to each other?

  • Why do we not understand that the customer care executive we are screaming at over the phone is not the one responsible for the glitch in our service? The person on the phone is just there to communicate our problems to the service provider. This individual is working night shifts and doing the job rather perfectly well, while we are loosing our minds over the TV that is not working.
  • The food delivery guy who could not follow the directions over the phone, might be new to the city and struggling with a number of things. He is just trying to do his job, and the least we could do is try and cut him some slack.
  • The airport manager was not even informed that the flight could be late , how do we expect his customer service staff to give us an answer when they don’t have one.
  • Sometimes, what someone else is going through is far beyond our imagination. Your house help might be facing domestic violence while you were getting annoyed because she didn’t show up for a few days.

The examples are endless, but the conclusion is the same.

  • It is easy to get annoyed or frustrated because of a delay in service, or when the service is not up to the mark; but it is difficult to be kind and gentle with your complaint.
  • It is easy to loose our cool over a person who is trying to do his/her job, but it is difficult to understand that they are not solely responsible.
  • It is easy to disrespect but difficult to apologize.

So, let us make an effort, to understand what is their side of the story and try to be more kind.

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Dear bub,

You know that there is this little artist inside of me that pops up every now and then. That ‘tiny little’ artist wants to paint you. This little monster of an artist does not even know how to, but all it wants from the core of it’s heart is to paint ‘you’.

It wants to take every shade of blue and play with it, to mix and match, and spill and brush, to shade it with my own hands; until the canvas looks like you, too beautiful and blue, too heavenly to be true.

I told you once that it is you that I want to paint; no ifs, buts and whys were used; you just said, ‘paint me blue’.

I never thought that I’d agree to you, blue wasn’t really on my list before to be true. Here I am now, admitting to you that there is no other colour better than blue.

You are the anger and the red,
Sometimes, you are this hot headed big mess;
You are also the pleasant warmth of sunshine
And the scorching heat of summer;
So, all I know that for sure is true,
You could really use some blue.

All these things that trouble you,
And fill you up with rage;
These little demons of vermilion that surround you ,
I would gladly wipe them off of you,
And paint you a very calm blue.

The blue that still is a storm inside,
Nothing like the fire that burns a little every second it ignites;
The blue that is strong enough to cut the mountains, yet calm enough to soothe all of your senses;
The blue of the never-ending skies where you would soar up high,
And of the deep oceans where the heart goes to take a sigh,
From the blue of me to the blue of you ,
I’d paint you every shade of blue.

Someday I surely would paint you, and you know that I’d paint you blue.

That day I want you to know that every possible distance between us has been travelled; the journey from you, and me to us is now complete.

I would know that for sure because we would be so entangled into each other that even when I’d bleed on the canvas, I’d bleed of you. Every single time, that I hold the brush, I would bleed nothing else but a beautiful blue and with that I would ‘paint you blue’.

With love,


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